Thu Sep 17, 2:30 pm ET


WASHINGTON – The summer melt of Arctic sea ice wasn't quite as bad this year as the last two years. But it still ranked as the third biggest melt on record.

<<<<< 2 years ago there was open water in parts of the Artic which should have reopened and grown because new ice melts must faster

        than old more dense ice.  >>>>

The National Snow and Ice Data Center announced Thursday that the Arctic sea ice reached its annual low last week. Ice extended just shy of 2 million square miles. That's 620,000 square miles less than the 30-year average.

But there was more ice this September than the record low set in 2007 — about one-third of a million square miles more. Last year ranked No. 2.

<<<<< By these numbers there was about 1.67 mil. sq. miles back in 07, so we have a 20% increase in artic sea ice in just 2 years, global warming?  >>>>>

Arctic sea ice is important because it helps moderate warmer temperatures elsewhere. Experts blame global warming for the increased melting of sea ice and fear that eventually no sea ice will survive the summer.

<<<<< If this trend continues in just a few years we will have the largest recorded Artic Ice pack. Also 30 years is hardly a longtime we need to look

            at the last several thousand years at least. There have been great changes before and remember last winter and the record increase

            recorded, from the first article, above.