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                                               SOME of The TOP PICKS with the new ones listed below             (I have watched all of these videos)

The Star of Bethlehem Documentary            65  min.

Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer SHOCKS The World Again In The Live Show! sings Bridge over Troubled Waters,  2019

JFK Secret Societies Speech incase we forgot          19   min.

Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full)    28  min

PLANDEMIC 2 (aka INDOCTORNATION)    just scroll down for the videos    116 min.     and    22    min.

Dr._John_Coleman_-_21_Goals_of_the_Illuminati_and_The_Committee_of_300_-_Wake_Up_America_full      103   min.

ENDGAME - Blue Print for PRISONPLANET Alex Jones Classic Now Unfolding Before Our Eyes        139    min.

The History of the Illuminati in 7 Minutes, by Kristan T Harris             7    min.

PSYOP The Steal Exposing The Plan To Siege the US Capitol On Jan. 6th, 2021 What happened on 1, 6, 2021 was part of a well prepared contingency    84  min. at least watch the first 15 min.

China General: PLA Must Kill All Americans With Biological Weapons & Elite's Depopulation plan

Contraland_2020 by Veterans for Child Rescue

SeS Governing Council 500 Exposed             controlling 500 within the SES Senior Executive Service   The Untouchables

The Cremation of Care - Enhanced Footage      10 min. Pagan Sacrifice done every summer in northern CA top leaders attend

Ultimate Red Pill: Ronald Bernard Illuminati Whistle Blower Testimony Elite Satanic Rituals       3  min.

Ronald Bernard International Financier some of his story

Pedophiles Rule the World            14  min.

AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version                 hollywood pedophile documentary

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars           45 min.             for a short history lesson on money as in follow the $

911 Perpetrators Revealed             71 min.

(HIDDEN SPEECH) JFK CONNECTED THE DOTS...     6 min.  secret societies

Wake up America! - Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)       103  min.

1400 Years of The Real History of Islam in 17 minutes.    17  min.

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Climate Engineering ( Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch )

News is Propaganda - Open Your Eyes they are all readding the same script        2  min.         Who Owns The Media?    3  min.

Full BURZYNSKI Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business ...           108 min. must see

When Central Banks Rule the World by joan veon        90 min.     


One World Freedom Tower Exposed--Crowning-The-Tyrant          45 min.

BLOC HEADS: Builders of the New World Order (Full Length)         113 min.      

VIDEO - Hillary Clinton Wants to Put Americans in Camps — to Solve ‘Fun Deficit’       1   min.

2014 AARP commercial predicts MARTIAL LAW                1 1/2 min.                      

What You're Not Supposed to Know About America's Founding

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

Douglas Gabriel and Christopher Strunk - HARVESTED

Former Lover Exposes Eric Schmidt he set up dragon fly in China, the social credit system, and was

                                                      the former head of google and is helping to set it up here

On Marxism in America, the Communist China Threat, Unconventional Warfare & Hong Kong—Joshua Philipp     66  min.

Bitcoin Busted for Fraud                     22 min.

My Gift To Climate Alarmists             13  min.      

Prof. Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon       9   min.           

OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL         doc. on social engineering and rampant pedophilia over 18 mil. views since april, 2020

Meet Bill Gates         38   min.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?       11    min.  according to the World Economic Forum, their official video

Crossfire the Movie    121  min.   A look at divide and conquer in the USA

The Plot to Steal America in 2020     18  min.

CENSORED: See Oliver Stone's "Ukraine On Fire" IN FULL

What You Didn’t Know About Planet X

The Mark of the Beast: Something is Not Right: Part 4b  

Jim Caviezel | Exposing America to Adrenochrome 

 WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones


The Covid Vaccine Genocide In The Open    5  min.

EVIDENCE of Gene Shedding: The Vaxxed Are Spreading Their Bioweapon To Purebloods!     11  min.

Proof Hurricane IAN Geo-Engineered! Dane Wigington Exclusive Interview on Weather Warfare   55  min.

Report: Chinese WW III and Their Super Police Already Set Up in the West    30   min.

Murder Weapon: Covid Jab Proven to Cause Mass Death      11  min.

Darren Beattie On The DNC Pipe Bomber's Unexplainable Story     8   min.

New Left-Wing Election Integrity Partnership Is The Democrats' Path To Empower Election Fraud  7  min.

Universities Open Chemical Castration Clinics For Kids; Satanists Want To Mutilate And Sterilize Your Children    12  min.       10/7

Mel K & Patrick Byrne On One More Mission - Solutions For The Republic

SHORTAGE    19  min

Dr. Naomi Wolf On The Biden White House's Child Vaccine Crimes     5   min.


ASK DR. JANE: EXPOSED: Obvious Cognitive Decline In Vaxxed Family Members     14  min.

The CDC’s Evil Depopulation Plot: The CDC Ignored Their Own Algorithm Flagging the Vax as Deadly    13  min.

Hospital MURDERS Woman With Lethal Remdesivir: Family Forced To Watch Loved One’s Death Via FaceTime   12  min.



Plandemic Engineer Paid To Murder Millions AGAIN! Fauci’s Henchman Granted Funding For ANOTHER Bioweapon    13  min.

The Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons Say The FDA Should Be Held Accountable For Lies About Covid Treatments And Vaccines    10  min.

Vaxxed Are Non-Human, Big Pharma SLAVES?! U.S. Law: mRNA Technology Makes You The Cyborg PROPERTY Of Patent Holders!    13  min.

What NO ONE’s Telling You About Putin’s War   70  min.

Brazilian Election Results Similar To Rigged 2020 Election     20  min.                                                                   10/5

Amy Kelly: Pfizer Documents Disclose Staggering Drop In Male Fertility From The Covid Vaccine    5   min.   

BIOWEAPON POISON FDA APPROVED GENOCIDE -- Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet    47   min.


Jabbed Are No Longer HUMAN: Covid Vaxx Hijacks DNA, MUTILATING Human Genome   11  min.

ZEROTIME: New Aussie Legislation to Force Quarantine & Vaccinations, Optus "Cyber Attack" & WWIII   51   min.

Dr. Ardis Files Lawsuit For MASS EXTERMINATION: DEADLY Remdesivir Drug Aims To MURDER MILLIONS!     27   min.      10/4

Globalist Deep State Behind Nordstream 2 Pipeline Attack: Geopolitical Expert Joel Skousen

The Think Tank that Controls America | Mel K


Breaking Bombshell: MSM Caught Red-Handed Rigging News Coverage        29  min.

Mel K & Captain Seth Keshel On Election Integrity Is Everyone's Problem      30  min.


Dr. Jane Ruby: PROOF: DOD Using 100’s of Pharma To Scale Up Mass Genocide Against Americans      56  min.          10/3

Jeff Nyquist: Putin is Dangerously Close to Using Nukes (And He’s Not Bluffing)   80  min.   

Florida's Biggest Farmer Warns of Total Food Collapse, Mass Starvation Crisis     26   min.

Dr. Steven Pelech at React19's Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law Event    25  min.

Joe Allen: Humanoid Technology Has Potential To Grow Exponentially If Elon Musk Achieves Goals    2   min.

Darren Beattie: The Nordstream Pipeline Sabotage Was At The Hands of The United States     6   min.


Mel K & Warrior Lawyer Tom Renz Standing Strong In Truth For Justice                                             10/1

Joe Allen On US Government Supporting Transhumanism Research With Taxpayer Money     3   min.

Brandon Showalter On Gateway Of Disassociating Kids From Their Bodies And Transhumanism     6  min.

Truth About Shots CANNOT Be Ignored: Jabs Are Not A "Vaccine" It Is A Bioweapon Designed to KILL!    12  min.

VAXX Victims Hearts EXPLODING: Explosion in Heart Issues Cannot Be Denied, Cardiac Arrest Skyrockets    10   min.

NEW Bioweapon Tyranny: UN & Global Powers Move Forward With Covid Camps, Interrogations, and More     9   min.           9/30

This Shocked Even Me       10  min

Jabbed Are Now A New Human Species: Homo Borg Genesis    62   min.

Deadly COVID Vaccines and the Mysterious Downward Spiral    4  min.

The World Elite, Klaus Schwab, and the Secrets of Communism    48  min.

Maria Zeee Uncensored: This is How We Defeat the WHO with James Roguski    43   min.      

Mike Lindell: MAGA Voters Can Overwhelm The Machine Algorithms With A Large Enough Game Day Vote   10   min.   9/29


Who Is Running Our Country? Biden's 60 Minutes Fail Puts Mainstream Media Into A Tailspin     8  min.

Darren Beattie On Nord Stream Pipeline Apparent Sabotage And Theory On Who Is Responsible     8   min.

They Want Us Dead: Vaxx Injured Man DENIED Liver Transplant, Given Death Sentence      14   min.

Naomi Wolf Discusses Attempt Of The Global Health Community To Cover Up Their COVID Misinformation     4  min.   9/28

Joe Allen: They Are Not Bioweapons.....Not Yet  4  min.     

The Secret the Elites Don’t Want You to Know - Kay Rubacek Interview  58  min.

Executive Director Clarice Schillinger On Over 130 School Boards Flipped By Back To School USA    7  min.

Bombshell: Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes The Vaccine Depopulation Agenda And What Comes Next      41   min.

Joe Allen Explains The Globalists Methods To Achieving Immortality    8  min.

John Solomon: FBI Agent Suspended For Protecting Americans' Constitutional Rights     2   min.

Steve Cortes: America's Retirement Funds Are Being Decimated by the Biden Economy      7    min.                     9/27

Naomi Wolf Discusses The Vaccine Bioweapon And Suppression Of Harm To Women From Vaccines   13  min. 

N. Wolf On Dangers Of Vaccine And Emergency Orders Being Left In Place To Manipulate Midterms 7 min.

Dr. Jane Ruby Show: New Treatment For The Jabbed      59  min.

Dr. Wolf Celebrates The Establishment's Failure In Obtaining Mass Covid Booster Uptake By Americans   6  min.

MORE MYSTERIOUS FACTORY FIRES! - 750+ Fires As Supply Chain COLLAPSES!     15   min.

Global Corporate Fascists’ Culture Is Destruction of The Family, Nationalist Must Defend The Family    17  min.         9/26

Abomination Of Justice     4   min.

All Of The Crimes Of Barack Obama Explained In Ten Minutes   11   min.

John Solomon: Congress Secures First Hunter Biden Whistleblowers For Investigation    3  min.

Beware! The Covid Vaccines Are Killing Thousands And The Government Is Covering It Up    22   min.

We have CLEAR Evidence: INDICT Tony Fauci: PROOF Fauci Is Responsible For Remdesivir-Induced Deaths   9  min.     9/24

ASK DR. JANE: Blood Transfusions From Vaxxed Infecting Unvaxxed? Pill Medications at risk of MRNA?    12 min.

Uncensored: Executive Order 14067 & Avoiding Merging with the Beast with Clay Clark       31   min.

Joe Allen: Director of Biden Created ARPA-H Intends to Edit Human Genomes at New Agency   13   min.

Peter McCollugh On Gates Foundation Controlling COVID Response To Push Vaccines For Financial Gain   14   min.

Nigel Farage Shares Concerns of Queen Elizabeth II's Ideals Fading in Country After Passing      14  min.

Canadian Parents PROTEST Tranny Teacher: Predator Man With Fake Breasts Gets Sexual In Classroom     10 min.             9/22

Lara Logan On The Missing Children Trafficked Across Border   12  min.

BREAKING: Mike Lindell is Suing the FBI     22   min.

The Coming Deaths From the Covid-19 Shot Will Dwarf What We Have Now    90   min.

WORLD REPORT: One World Digital Currency & Servitude - The Plan Explained w/ Kent Lewiss (1of2)     48  min.

Biden Declares Pandemic Is Over Yet Democrats Continue To Push Deadly Covid-Vaccine     11   min.

FDA Approves Shot Without Testing; The American People Are Now Big Pharma's LAB RATS    9   min. e

NIH Using DEAD CORPSES To Make "Virus"; Gain Of Function Weaponized Dead Corpses To Create Deadly Skin Eating Viruses    7  min.

The Kill Shot Is Coming For Tony Fauci: Leaving a Legacy of Satanic Cruelty and Mass Murder, Accountability Closes in With Tony Lyons   12  min.

Dr. Jane Ruby Show: Killer Hospitals: The CDC Murder Program Must Be Stopped    57   min.

Anthony Fauci ABANDONED By Comrades; MASSIVE Evidence Pouring Out About Fauci's KILLER CRIMES      17    min.           9/20

Aaron Rodgers Is Wrong: VIOXX Killed 500,000       16   min.

The Impending Globalist Plan Revealed          4    min.

James Lindsay's Speech at Defeating The Great Reset Conference    44  min.

Patrick Wood and Joe Allen Explain the Intersection between Technocracy and Transhumanism    7  min.

James Lindsay Lays Out the Globalists Elite Strategy to Creating In-Group with Hegelian Dialectic   10  min.    9/19

White Clots Pulled From The Living     60  min.

FBI Sues Alex Jones To Destroy First Amendment   4  min.

Allen And Posobiec Discuss Executive Order For Genetic Engineering And Formation Of ARPA-H     9   min.

Medical Genocide Alert! Lawyers Confirm Anti-Vaxxers Targeted for Death by Remdesivir Poison    47   min.       9/17

9/11 Truth Explained In Five Minutes

Holocaust Survivor Warns Against Vax Tyranny: Only WE Can Stop THIS Genocide    55  min. 

Big Pharma: We Now have a "CHRISTIAN Vaccine"; Mass Murderers Target Christians With "NovaVax"      7  min.

Destroy Families, Steal Kids, and Reshape U.S.; Totalitarian REWRITING History, DESTROYING America   13  min.

VA Extends Benefits for Veterans; AFTER exposure by Stew Peters Network   9   min.


NanoMoment with Celeste     22  min.

DANGER: CDC Admits COVID Shots Cause Serious “Systemic Reaction” in More Than HALF of Children      15  min.

Harvard & Johns Hopkins Publish Explosive Truth: Scientific Papers PROVE C19 Vaxx Is A Death Shot     

Joe Allen On The Marriage Of Military Industrial Complex And Biomedical Establishment   6  min.

Lara Logan: Biden's Invasion at the Southern Border is Next Step to Global Government    20   min.    9/16

The Real Story of January 6 | Documentary      102  min.

Relcovax and Novavax: Who’s Pushing What?      58   min.

Mel K & Patrick Byrne On One More Mission Of Peaceful Resistance To Tyranny     60   min.

Executive Order Brings TRANSHUMANISM: Biden Ushers In New Era of Human Biology To Pervert God's Creation    13   min.    9/15

Merging Nations into Regions: Key Part of "Great Reset"     16   min.

Occult Mysteries of the Federal Reserve Bank

NZ Rispict    3  min

Doctor McCullough: “We’re In The Twilight Zone”      46  min.

Why Assume there will be Another Election? The 1934 Bankers Coup Revisited [CP Documentary]     20   min.

Worldwide Exclusive: White Clots Removed From Living 32 Year Old      56   min.

IF AMERICA FALLS, THE WORLD FALLS -- General Flynn & Clay Clark    59   min.

Joe Allen On Biden Executive Order Which Uses Taxpayer Money To Fund Genetic Engineering      10   min.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: GLOBAL Class Action Lawsuit, Blueprint For Endless Pandemics RELEASED         25  min.

J6 Prisoner TORTURED in Gulag: J6 Prisoner Sprayed In Face With Chemical Agents in DC Gitmo-Style Torture Chambers     18   min.       9/14

Biden FDA Rolls Out NEW Bioweapon Jab: Bivalent: New, Untested Covid 19 "Vaccine” Is DANGEROUS   11   min.

VA Whistleblower SPEAKS OUT: Heart issues EXPLODE In Young Veterans AFTER Vaxx Mandate       13    min.        9/13

Mel K & Author Matt Ehret Explain The Four Freedoms To Save America  

Dr. Jane Ruby Show: CDC Caught Hiding Bioweapon Baby Deaths     57  min.

Mel K & Attorney Tom Renz Shining Light On Truth & Corrupt Justice System    60  min. 

Green Energy Fuels China’s Economy, Hurts Our Planet? | China in Focus    11  min.

What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Coming Collapse (And How to Prepare) - Mike Adams Interview   60  min.     9/12

Bioweapon Cover-up EXPOSED: Israel Health Ministry LIED and Covered-Up Vax Adverse Events & Deaths  10   min.

Massage Therapist: "The Shedding is 100% REAL!" Gets Sick, Hospitalized from Vaxed Clients     55  min.

WRC 2022 - China's largest robot exhibition | Robots and technologies at the exhibition in China    12  min.

New abilities of the most realistic robot Ameca | Google Robots | Technology News   10  min.

ATTEMPTED MURDER: Mayo’s Chief Medical Officer Under Investigation for Treatment of COVID Patients     16  min.    9/9

SEE BANNED BROADCAST: New Bombshells, Justice is Coming as they Panic w/ Tom Renz    

BREAKING: Putin Cuts Gas to Europe, Mass Starvation Coming - Michael Yon Interview   94  min.

Ed Martin: The Government Is Taking Away The Rights Of Parents Over Their Kids     8   min.

UN Caves to China: Xinjiang Report a VICTORY for China      10  min.

Trudeau: Slave To Big Pharma Contracts: "Take all boosters or I may shut down Canada again"     5  min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Sociopaths Prepare to Inject Cattle and Animals with MRNA VAXX Bioweapon     13  min.

Dr. Jane Ruby Show: Mass Formation “Psychosis” Is A PSYOP Against The People    60  min.

Uncensored: WARNING! Australian Legislation -United Nations Interrogations Inside "Quarantine" Camps    27  min.      9/8

It’s Far Worse Than We Thought - Dr. Jane Ruby Interview    56  min.

Elections Expert Jovan Pulitzer on How to Stop the Fraud   10    min.

Is Biden Trying To Start a Civil War?      23   min.

Government at WAR With Farmers, Famine COMING! Globalists Move Forward With Mass Starvation Agenda     10   min.

Miranda Devine: FBI Agent Stationed in Washington DC Found to have Suppressed Hunter Biden's Business Deals   8  min.

Biden Declares WAR on MAGA & Christians: Biden Declares Conservatives As "Clear and Present Danger"         27   min.      9/7

Dr. Lee Merritt Exposes the True Destruction of the Covid

State Dept. Approves $1.1B Arms Sale to Taiwan; US Tariffs on China to Remain in Place for Now      13  min.

Oligarchs That Revolutionary Generation Fought have Returned through Silicon Valley and Wall Street     8 min.      9/6


Here’s How They’ll Try to Steal the Midterms - Gregg Phillips Interview

Mel K With Paul Manafort Geopolitical Insider Persecuted, Prosecuted But Not Silenced    40 min.

Dr. Robert Malone Opens Up on the COVID Catastrophe, Dr. Tony Fauci, World Economic Forum, The Trusted News Initiative   46  min.         9/5

Did Xi Jinping Survive a Recent Secret Communist Party Meeting?         8  min.

Taiwan’s Military Shoots Down Chinese Drone     12   min.

Jack Posobiec: Joe Biden's Independence Hall Speech is 'The Most Violent Speech in American History'  8  min.

AZ Governor Candidate Kari Lake: Katie Hobbs Along with Joe Biden is Spreading Division in America   6  min.           9/4

Justice: Parents are Done Being Lied to about their Kids' Education Material and Teaching Methods        9    min.   

Baby & Toddler Deaths Up 700% After C19 Shots Approved     58   min.

EXTENDED Interview - COVID Hacks Your Brain, Enslavement Through AI with Karen Kingston   62  min.          9/2

SHOCKING Discovery in Lawsuit: U.S. Gov KNEW Shots were Deadly; FDA Colluded with Pfizer     18   min.

RATS SCURRY AS D.O.D. APPROVED VAX BIOWEAPON TRUTH EMERGES    54   min.                                      9/1

Miranda Devine: The FBI had 'Strategy' to Suppressing Hunter Biden Laptop Story      6  min.

Whitney Webb Interview - History Of Epstein's Network, Intelligence Ties & Links To Today's Agenda    65   min.

Jab Destroys Mother’s Life, Bioweapon effects spread to daughter      11   min.

Threat to Humanity: "Internet of Things" WILL Deactivate YOU! Database for Eliminating EXPOSED    5  min.

EXPOSED: Fauci KNEW Kids Would Die Orphans Force Fed Toxic Drugs, Used As Guinea Pigs in Experiment      16    min.

Heatwave Still Roasting China, With Floods Forecast;US Warships Sail Taiwan Strait Post-Pelosi Visit    14   min.

China Canceling Debt to Africa? Another Lie.    8   min.

DIANA – Ritual Sacrifice of the New World Order     8   min.

Catherine Austin Fitts & Whitney Web ;Big Money, Creepy Technology & Cash Friday      73  min.

Diary CONFIRMS Joe Biden is a Pedophile: Major Networks & Government Officials HID The Truth      18   min.

Steve Cortes: The Biden Regime Is Pushing Inflation to Increase Increasingly, Worst is Yet to Come     14   min.                8/31

BREAKING: Top Doctor / Scientist Warns Covid Vax Contains Nanotech Matrix     40  min.

Total Proof of Genocide: 9 out of 10 Covid Deaths are Triple Vaxxed, Top Medical Journal Reports    20  min.

Dr. Carrie Madej The People Around the World Are Depending on America's Patriot Community to Defeat the WEF Agenda  49 min.

Dave Brat Discusses French’s Take On Rise Of Christian Nationalism: They’re Not Kind Enough   13  min.

Joe Allen On The Attempt To Connect Conscious Thoughts To The Cloud: The Race Towards Immortality     4   min.

The Globalist WAR on the Elements of Life     17  min.

You Can’t Hide Mass Genocide    50  min.

They Can't Hide it Anymore; 10K Publication Expose Deaths and Injuries Caused by the Bioweapon Jab!   11  min.

Mar-A-Lago Raid and Trump's 9/11; Was Trump Holding Evidence about the Release of SARs 2?    8  min.

Mel K & Author, Historian Cynthia Chung On Understating History & Global Manufactured Chaos     60  min.

Mel K On Fly Over Conservatives Deep Dive Into The Tyrannical New World Order Banking Plan  60  min.

Ashli Babbitt's Mom SPEAKS OUT: Terrorized by The US Government, What REALLY Happened on J6?    22 min.     8/30 

The Trump Vaccine        5   min.

#259: Secret Space Programs & The Giza Death Star | Dr. Joseph P. Farrell    66   min.

Trauma Physician Exposes Coordinated Medical Tyranny Op to Depopulate Humanity

Operation Warp Speed Exposed: Mark Of The Beast In Phase 1 Trials, “It Was Always About The Vaccine”   19  min.           8/29

SELECTION CODE: The Movie       61    min.  

WARNING: September Flu Shots Contain Multiple mRNAs        55   min.

Unvaxxed Children BANNED From School: DC Mayor BANS Learning From Kids Without Bioweapon Jab     11   min.

Big Tech Directly Assists Child Traffickers! Predators Targeting and Luring Children Online    10    min.

Disney's Pedo, Vaxxed Cult Exposed: Vax-Obsessed, Trans, And Gays Finally Face The Consequences     11   min.                           

Cops Remove 4-Year-Old Boy From School! Unmasked Kid Pushed Insane Covid Cult Teacher Over The Edge   

EXCLUSIVE: Green Beret Jeremy Brown, J6 Prisoner: “F* TRUMP UNLESS HE DOES THESE 3 THINGS!”    12  min.              8/27

Pentagon Whistleblower Set to Expose Secret Gain of Function Research     30  min.

Tom Fitton: Redacted Affidavits used to Raid Mar-a-Lago to be Released by Noon Tomorrow     10   min.

7 Chinese Companies Added to US Export Blacklist; Former Apple Engineer Pleads Guilty to Theft   13  min.

Gordan Chang On The Rapidly Growing Threat Of A Kinetic War In South China Sea     5  min.

Uncensored: Dr. Robert Malone - Shifting Narrative, CCP & Nanotech in the COVID Injections!      32  min.   

Fauci Can Run, But He Can't Hide: Millions Dead Due To Bioweapon Shots & Lockdowns                                      8/26

If BLM Was Honest!     6    min.

WINTER IS COMING      11   min.

Fauci to Step Down, Face Probe Over China; Japanese Lawmakers Meet Taiwan President     17   min.

Cortes: The Biden Regime is Creating a Depression that will Destroy American Citizens’ Way of Life      6   min.

Decades of Medical Tyranny Exposed, Now we Know - Takedown Underway w/ Dr. Pam Popper (1of2)   32  min.  

Decades of Medical Tyranny Exposed, Now we Know - Takedown Underway w/ Dr. Pam Popper (2of2)    34   min.

Must Watch Steve Kirsch Analysis: the Covid Hoax is Collapsing                                                                                8/25

Lab Tests Connect MRNA Vax, Industrial Metals and Blood Clots     43   min.  

The Occultist Transhumanism Virtual Nightmare Exposed!      18   min.

Edward Dowd Discusses 20% Increase In Excess Deaths In Working Age Adults After Vaccine Mandates 

What Is Executive Order 14067?  Does the Central Bank Digital Currency / Social Credit Score System Begin On December 13th 2022?

Over Half of People Scouting Whitmer’s House Worked with FBI : Darren Beattie Exposes FBI’s Massive Involvement In Governor Whitmer Kidnap Plot    7   min.     8/24

Dr. Jane Ruby Show: C19 Creating Explosion of Breast and Ovarian Cancer     56   min. 

‘Dr. Fauci Doesn’t Work for Us’: Dr. Naomi Wolf on Fauci’s Betrayal of the American People      10  min.

Gravitas: Why factories in China are shutting down     5   min.

US: China’s Growing Nuclear Arsenal a Threat; Heatwave Sparks Fires Near Near Chongqing City    15   min.

Mystery Lots Exposed: Elites Given A Placebo? 200 Expired Jab Lots With Zero Adverse Reaction      8   min.

Greatest Global Genocide In History "From Another World" - These Are Not Human Clots     10  min.  

Hundreds Of Canadian Doctors Dead: Genocide Confirmed After 4th Booster Mandated For Medical Field      9  min.

Fox News Profits While Kids Are Killed: Steve Kirsch Drops Nukes On Fox About Vax Genocide     19   min.

Mel K & Dr Bryan Ardis On Hidden Hands & Secret Societies Revealed    53  min.

Maria Zeee on Infowars with Alex Jones: Australian Lockdown Tyranny Plan to Split Country Into ‘Hunger Games Districts’ Exposed as Model for Global Takeover    30    min.     8/23

They Are Coming For YOU!        4  min.

America Is STILL Selling Military Tech to China     10   min.

Seth Keshel: The Facts, The Lies, The Coverup    4   min.   

Joe Allen: Experimental Gender Affirming Surgeries Are Being Done On Children     13    min.

WHO Pandemic Treaty Moves Forward: International Health Regulations Usher In Great Reset         8/22

Darren Beattie: 'This is a disgrace and disaster on Behalf of FBI’s Leadership'    8  min.

SHOCKING: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits    60  min.

Fibrous Body-Length Clots Embalmer: "Fibrous Clots Spread Through Entire Arteries"    7   min.

World Economic Forum Surveillance: WEF Harvesting Data From Smart Apps To Track Global Citizens  11  min.

The Globalist WAR on the Elements of Life - SHARE AND REPOST EVERYWHERE  16  min.

CIA Head Wants To Kill Republicans: National Security Threat - CIA Calls For Trump    13  min.

"They're Grooming your Children right under your Nose" Gays Against Groomers Founder Whistleblower      56   min.      8/20

Dr. Jane Ruby: Death By Hospital: Sarasota Memorial Hospital     56   min.

Edward Dowd On CDC Misdirection Of Failure Handling COVID-19     2  min

Joe Allen On Body Mutilation Surgery Performed On Children: We Are Not A Sane Society     5  min.

The 5 levels of spiritual combat w/ Excorsist Fr. Chad Ripperger      27  min.

Dr. Malone: CDC’s Misconduct Has No Oversight due to Administrative State’s Lack of Accountability   8  min.

No good deed goes unpunished     3    min.

What's happened to his nose?     2   min.

Raymond Ibrahim On The Left’s Assault And Hostility Towards Christianity      7   min.

Joe Allen On Recent Twitter Ban After Exposing Boston Children’s Hospital      6   min.

Joe Allen: People Need To Understand Mutilation Of Children’s Bodies During Reassignment Surgery      4   min.

DHS Whistleblower Exposes Democrat Plan To Put Any Who Question Federal Authority On A Terror Watch List    5  min.     8/19

NYC Protest Against Vax Mandate New York AG Fighting For Power To Kidnap Unvaxxed     7   min. 

Ask Dr. Jane: Vax Injuries, Fraudulent Antibody Tests, Medical Swabs, And More     9  min.

Marxism In U.S. Military Exposed: The Intentional Plan To Dismantle America's Armed Forces     16    min.      8/18

Naomi Wolf Breaks Down The Lies And Conflicts Of Interest Of Pfizer    12   min.

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon destroys the vaccine narrative in 3 minutes     14   min.

"Needle-less" Jabs Incoming: Moderna Set Up mRNA Facility, Vaxxas Develops "Secret" Jabs   5  min.

Ed Dowd: America Is Still Yet To See ‘Meat Of The Recession’ Due To Fed’s Weak Actions       8   min.

Naomi Wolf On Twitter Account Ban After Citing Pfizer’s Documentation On Harmful Effects On Babies      7   min.

What Is Executive Order 14067? (Part 1) | Does the Central Bank Digital Currency / Programmable Currency / Mark of the Beast / Social Credit Score System Begin On December 13th 2022?    7  min.

Top 10 Books Where The Elite Tell EVERYTHING! (GREAT RESET)     22  min.

Scientist: Wuhan Lab Researched Lethal Nipah Virus; China Tech Firms Share Algorithms with Regime          8/17

Dr. Jane Ruby Show: ACAM 2000 Is LIVE Virus That Will Start Smallpox Pandemic     52    min.

CPS Trafficking For Profit: CPS Caught For Prostitution And Death Of A 2 Year Old     18   min.

Worldwide Totalitarianism Incoming: Masks Mandates, Lockdowns & Tyranny Returns Over "New Variant"        8/16

Are 2020 Fraud Arrests Beginning? Gregg Phillips Interview (2000 Mules)       48    min.

FOC Show: Juan O Savin | Blood Lines Matter, Prince Charles, Diana, Prince William even Barack Obama    74   min.

Abused by 20 Masked Thugs, Dragged Half Naked & Beaten: Lisa Temple Update    42   min.

ACTION ALERT: American Sovereignty Threatened by NATO Incursion - YOUR ATTENTION IS URGENTLY NEEDED (1of2)   43   min.

ACTION ALERT: U.S. Sovereignty Threatened by NATO Incursion - YOUR ATTENTION IS URGENTLY NEEDED PT.2      45  min.         8/15

An FBI Agent Blows The Cover Off The Mar a Lago Raid     28  min.

David Clements Discusses The Unusual Nature Of Trump Raid Warrant    7   min.

Exclusive Report: Athletes Around World Confirmed Dead By Vaccine    9  min.

Vaccine Equity Is Racist, NWO Using Vaccine Equity For Assassination       56   min.

FDA Approves Delivery Of Monkeypox Jab: Biden Regime Changes Rules For Delivery To 1/5th Vaxx    8  min.      8/13


Dr. Malone To Those Who Got The Covid Shot… You Are Screwed!!!     3  min.

John O'Looney Funeral Director - Massive increase in deaths and miscarriages interview       50   min.

Dr. Wolf: The CDC Finally Admitted The Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Have Same Protections     8   min.

Steve Cortes: Biden’s Economy Is Hurdling Towards New Lows With Rapidly Rising Natural Gas Prices   6   min.    8/12

Oscar Ramirez: Mexican Government On ‘High Alert’ After Numerous Car Fire Bombings By Cartels   11  min.

FDA Cuts Monkeypox Shots To 1/5, NYC Monkeypox Fun Summer      55  min.

The Bioweapon Aftermath: Total Carnage: Miscarriages, Infertility, And Mass Depopulation     16  min.  

Magistrates court today - this is what i have to say     3  min.

Getting to Know the REAL Ben Franklin [Clash of the 2 Americas]     6  min.

Rainwater Everywhere On Earth Unsafe To Drink Due To ‘Forever Chemicals’     7  min.

Controlled Opposition, Jesuits and Counter-gangs: Robespierre, Trotsky, Bannon and Miles Guo       56  min.

Deborah Birx UnMasked - I Bet You Haven't Heard These Stories About The Scarf Lady    34  min.                    8/11

Todd Callender - Medical Martial Law Incoming Worldwide!     28  min.

Massage Therapist Blows Whistle: Bioweapon Shots Causing Massive Deadly Blood Clots    13  min.

Bioweapon 'Covid' Shots Tearing Lives Apart: Pfizer Shot Destroys Man's Kidneys, Leaves Him Blind    11  min.

EXCLUSIVE! Alex Jones Responds To $45M Sandy Hook Verdict And The Future Of Infowars                              8/10

FLASHBACK: Alex Jones Most Epic Rant Ever Explains Everything   4   min.

Global Citizens Enslaved By Fear Of Covid's Biggest Lies    8   min.


Shocking Footage: Chinese Military Red Alert Video Reveals Plan Of A World War     12  min.

Mel K & Celeste Solum On EMF Dangers & Mind Wars Are Real    52   min.

Graphene in Everything      62   min.

The Great Reset: Power Grid Lockdowns, Chemical Warfare And War Threaten Global Citizenry    19  min. 

Emergency Broadcast: FBI Raid Against Trump Signals Deep State Coup Has Begun: Alex Jones and Roger Stone Respond   25  min.    8/9

Sandy Hook Attorney Responds To Show Trial Allegations      20   min.

Human Cannibalism Being Pushed by the New Green Movement      4   min.

35 TRUTHS ABOUT THE EMERGING ANTI-CHRIST with Clay Clark    47   min.    8/8


Pfizer Begins Study of Deadlier Gain of Function Spike Protein     61   min.

The True Dangers of Corruption in Big Pharma and Forced Injections     49 min.

Gordon Chang Joins WarRoom To Warn Of Kinetic War With China In Taiwan      7   min.     8/6

Todd Callender - Medical Martial Law Incoming Worldwide!     55   min.

Whitney Webb Interview - The Google AI Sentience Psyop     106  min.

Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino Intentionally Bury Jan 6 Video       6   min.

URGENT: Don't Set Foot in a Hospital Until You Watch This     100  min.

“New mRNA Covid Jabs will contain 3 different Spike Proteins!” - Dr. Meryl Nass     12   min.

Catalina Stubbe: Moms4Liberty Using Values To Gain Support In Hispanic Community Leading To Midterm     10  min.        8/5

The Biggest Crime Against Humanity         

NIH & US BioSafety Labs Caught Conducting Illegal Studies    58  min.

SRA Survivor Describes Horror In Never-Before Seen Footage   15   min.

Are New Monkeypox Infections A Result Of 'Gain Of Function' Research?    11  min.

Uninformed Consent - Official Full Documentary Release - Watch Now!     129   min.

EU Clearcutting US For Fuel as Germany Turns Off The Power   4  min.

Bill Gates | February 18th 2022, Why Did Gates Say, "Oh We Will See Another Pandemic?"      1   min.

Exclusive Report Shows Live "Ribbons" Found On PCR Test Swabs From China     12    min.

How Many Times Had Bin Laden's Henchman Ayman Al Zawahiri Been Killed?      11    min.

Dead Doctors & DNA-Targeted Weapons

UN Announces Official Mark Of The Beast World ID, Launches Plan To Shut Down Majority Of Farms   20 min.    8/4

Big Tech Censors, Bans 'These Little Ones'    10   min.

Financial System - Lawless Criminal Control Syndicate – Catherine Austin Fitts    69  min.

Power, Money And The Blood Of Children Fuel Corrupt System     13   min.

Medical Experts Refute Covid Shot Propaganda of Creation Ministry     90   min.


Proof Denied: Scientists Forced to Retract C19 Causes Cancer     57  min.


Mitchell: Biden Signed Executive Order To Use Tax Payer’s Money To Fund Left-Wing Election Groups    9  min.

HIS Glory: Pastor David Scarlett ft. Dr. Naomi Wolf     51   min.

Get Ready For The Vaccine Death Apocalypse    4   min.

How The Big Banks Enslave Humanity

You're A Lab Rat in their Experiment *Confirmed* - Monkeypox Vax Warning!     41  min.       8/2

WAR OF THE WORDS: Propaganda Puppet Media Bow To Biden Regime    5   min.

WEF: "Cyber Covid" Will Kill Devices: Computers, Phone, TV Will Be Offline Until They’re Vaxxed  8    min.      8/1

The Environmentalist Trojan Horse of the Depopulation Death Cult     4   min.

Gravitas Plus: The untold truth about Humanitarian Aid   9  min.

NEW Intel from Canada with Chris Sky - MUST WATCH!!!     46   min.

Leaked Emails Show CDC-Google Collusion to Hide Vaxx Dangers     21   min.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Move To Decertify 2020 Election      10   min.


Vaxxed & Boosted Teachers Shedding Spike Proteins On Children     12    min.


Pedophile Cabal Exposed: Exclusive Release Of "These Little Ones" Trailer Takes World By Storm     11 min.     7/30

Bill Gates Is Funding Chinese Science     12   min.

Dr. Yan - CCP Weaponising "Red Code" Social Credit Scores Using Children, Monkeypox, and More    51   min.

Naomi Wolf: CDC Is Suppressing Free Speech Through Big Tech      5  min.

Mel K & Zach Vorhies On Understanding The Technocracy Agenda     65  min.

Peter Puffers Spreading Monkeypox: Butt Pirates and Bioweapon Injections Cause Outbreak       11   min.

The Crisis of Scientism — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato      27  min.         7/29

Satan Worshippers Melt Down Over Rise In Christian Nationalism     15   min.

Hospital Colludes With Predatory CPS Traffickers To Snatch Baby   11   min.

Contents Of Fibrous Clots In Vaxxed Corpse Revealed, Cancer Rates Surge Through Shedding    11  min.

The End of American Justice      5  min.

FBI Scrambles To Protect Biden Crime Family   5  min.


Medical Tyranny Lockdown 2.0: Globalists Backed UN Announce Fascist Control of Information   25    min.


THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE HIDING: THE ULTIMATE DECEPTION part 2 -- JUSTEN FAULL                             7/28

DNA The Perfect Weapon   4   min.

Dr. Tenpenny Warns Ebola/Hemorrhagic Fever as Possible Next Plandemic      32   min.

Broken Immigration System: Army Veteran's Wife, Cancer Patient Deported     15   min.

Rebekah Koffler Discusses Putin Exploiting Global Oil Supply To Line Russia’s Pockets     7   min.

Trump Impeachers, CIA Agent Infiltration: Immediate Threat: U.S. Being Compromised At Highest Levels     16   min.

Monkeypox Truth in Medicine    25   min.

Fred Galvin Discusses Betrayal Of Servicemen By Own Government And Media   19  min.

Oscar Ramirez: 'More Than 16 Caravans' Have Blown Through Mexico Coming To U.S.     5   min.

Frank Gaffney: American Money Is Being Used To Fund The CCP's Unredstricted Warfare Against U.S.    5  min.

Monkeypox: Global Health Emergency: 16,000 Cases Reported Across 70+ Countries, Up 77% In Weeks     9   min.

Dr Carrie Madej post plane crash UPDATE with the Health Ranger - HOW TO HEAL from Major Trauma  

Davos Elite Plan to "Fundamentally Change the Way Food Is Produced and Consumed"    58   min.

Secret Meeting: Massive Step Toward NWO: When The Pandemic Treaty Arrives, Goodbye Constitution                       7/27

Sinister: Global Fertilizer Bans Enacted: Its Here: Diabolical, Intentional Mass Starvation Underway     12   min.

Deadly Bioweapon Jab Effects Intensify: Fake Politicians, Lying Press Are Purposely Killing Humanity      13   min.

Monkeypox In Kids, mRNA Bioweapon Jabs: CDC Confirms First Two Cases Of Monkeypox In Children     12   min.

Global Death Surge Is Covid Jab: Scientists: "Biostructures In Vaxxed Proved Intentional"      9   min. 

Professor James Giordano | The Plandemic Explained "Creating the Worried Well." + "Aerosolized Nanobots  Able to Enter the Vascular System."        7/26



Masks are back in San Diego schools and on their way to LA County residents   18  min.

Gravitas | Chinese fighter jets enter Ladakh standoff | India responds with jets    49  min.

China Is Sending Armed Mercenaries Around the World      11   min.

Richard Hirschman - WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! Structures Killing Injected 1 Year After Shot       7/26

Ukraine - Russia War Crimes In Lysychansk Exposed (Special Report)       36  min.

The TRUTH About Darwin... and It’s Not Pretty! with Kevin McGary    11  min.

FULL INTERVIEW: Author Kevin McGary | Every Black Life Matters. The Truth about Darwin     51  min.     7/25


Hope & Tivon - Transhumanist Bioweapon & Deactivating the Bluetooth Chips      59   min.

See Klaus Schwab Announce the Great Reset Power Grid Collapse Ahead of Lockdown 2.0     19  min.

Biden Has Covid and White House Theater     22    min.

Globalist Elites Posing As "Republicans": Power Hungry Traitors Selling America To Global Cabal      14  min.

Doctor: Graphene Oxide In Patients' Blood, M.D. Sounds Alarm On Jab: Victims Suffer Massive Clotting      8   min.     7/23

"NEW Covid Drug Protocol at Hospitals are KILLING People - And they Know it!" Dr. Ardis      16   min.

Planes, Buses Caught Trafficking Kids: Vehicles filled With Illegal Alien Kids Moved Across U.S.      12   min.

Navy Sailor: The US Navy Shot Down TWA 800: Naval Servicemen Threatened, Ordered To Delete Records    15   min.

INSANITY: New Yorkers UNFAZED By Trash, Crack, Crime & Public Nudity     12  min.

Paskal: Multiple Concerns Over Chinese Purchases of US Farmland | China in Focus     17   min.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz discusses Crimes Against Humanity Tour Infiltration & her Husband's murder (2of2)      53  min.

China Wants to Attack Guam in the Pacific      9   min.

The Climate Change Transition To Mass Starvation And Death    5  min.

Is Planned Parenthood Fueling CCP Bioweapons for the USA & the World                                  7/22

Ask Dr. Jane: If The Jab Changes Your DNA, Will It Show In Your Offspring     10   min.

World at the Crossroads Emergency Report, Robert Barnes       42   min.

Uncensored: WHO Inching Further Towards Complete Medical Dictatorship with James Roguski      33  min.

American POW's Rotting In D.C Gulag: Criminal, Totalitarian Communists Jailing American Dissidents     7   min.

Secret NY Quarantine Camps Obliterated: Hero Lawyer Exposes, Destroys U.S. Concentration Camp    21  min.

Fake Elections, Fake Freedom, Full Communism: They Won't Stop Til They're Stopped       8  min.

CoVENOM-19! They’ve Used This BioWeapon For Decades

John O'Looney - Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves               7/21

Addendum: Virgin Healthcare, Stem Cells, Ocean NGOs     22  min.


Martial Law Red Alert: $5.5 Billion For Cops To Be Militarized, Prepared To Hunt Down Unvaxxed      8   min.

Gigantic Swath Of Airline Jab Lawsuits: Major Ramifications For Damages Caused By Bioweapon Shots    12   min.

Chemtrail pilot speaks out about the GENOCIDE going on above us it s nothing a bullet can t fix    12   min.

Raheem Kassam Calls Out Dr. Birx’s ‘Subterfuge’ Mentioned In New Book While Pushing Covid Measures     11   min.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz discusses Crimes Against Humanity Tour Infiltration & her Husband's murder (1of2)                           7/20

The Ocean Cleanup begins cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch     8  min.

DEATHS ON THE BEACH / Hugo Talks     6  min.

Zelenksy's Satanic Ukrainian Plutocracy: Executions Without Trial, Ousting Opposition, Funded By US    9  min.

Seth Keshel Walks Through The ‘Excess Votes’ Corraboted By Multiple 2020 Election Analyses       13   min.

CDC Caught Falsifying Jab Death Data: Over 52,000 Deaths "Reclassified" To Hide Real Effect Of Jab   11 min.

Jack Posobiec: ‘47 Lockdowns’ From Human Trafficking ‘Bail-Outs’ Caused Uvalde Police To Be Let Up    2  min.       7/19

Tunnel 600 Feet Below the Surface of Lake Mead to Drain the Last Drop      6  min.


China is BUYING American Farmland    8  min.

There is a 'deafening media silence' on global protests     13  min.

Mel K & Frontline Doctor Simone Gold Discuss The Persecution Of An American Hero   43  min.

Radical Doc Paid By Govt To Kill Kids: NIH Used Taxpayer Money To Fund Child Murder With Drugs          7/18

Gravitas Plus: Can Sri Lanka fix itself?      9  min.

Gravitas Plus: The deadly quest for Arctic dominance    8  min.

January 6th Deception Implodes    6  min.

TURNING THE TIDE Del Bigtree and the HIGHWIRE   142  min.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz discusses Crimes Against Humanity Tour Infiltration & her Husband's murder (2of2)    53  min.

White Clots Grow Mysterious Ball Sacks; America Is Flying The Deadly Skies; Spartacus Part 2     21   min.

Save the Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking   

Stolen Elections: What Solutions Are Left? Elections Are Theatre in a Fake Hijacked Political System    20  min.      7/16

Wow! DISABLE the Deadly Bioweapon Spike Protein, DISARM the Jab!    20  min.

Pilot Sent To Shrink Over Mask Refusal: Airline Forcing Pilots To See Forensic Psychologists    11   min.

Darren Beattie On AOC’s ‘Delusional View’ Of Establishment And NYT’s Ray Epps Cover-Up     16  min.

They Wont Stop Until We Are All Dead: WHO Expands Surveillance To Hunt Down The Unvaccinated    5  min.      7/15

Ask Dr. Jane: Vaxx Protein Shedding Causing Serious Illness       10  min.

How Sahara Fog Nets are Making Abundant Water in the Desert - GREENING THE DESERT PROJECT    6  min.

'Broad sense of frustration, anger, despair': Dutch farmers protest against nitrogen cuts     11   min.  

Running Out Of Political Solutions: Cabal Will Continue Onslaught Until They're Stopped     16  min.

A Dozen Sheriffs Looking At Hunter Biden: Irrefutable Evidence Must Secure Biden Indictment     26  min.     7/14

Mass Media: A History        55  min.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Forced Vaxx Is All Out War On the Human Race     40     min.

The Collapse is Near … Here’s How to Prepare (John Perez Interview)    73  min.

Summer Camp Forces Kids To Be Gay: Kissing Fondling, Touching, Grooming All Hidden From Parents   10  min.

Attempted Murder Of Kandiss Taylor: SWAT Team Converged On Taylor Home, Occupied By Children     7  min.

Real Data: Covid Shots Are Killing Kids, Covid Does Not Kill Children, Jab Causing Serious Injuires   12  min.

Celebrity Frontmen For Global Trafficking  

Georgetown Univ. Prof. on Electromagnetic Field to Induce Mental Illness, Thoughts and Ideas                                7/13

Guilty are Now Hiding Humanitarian Catastrophe – Dr. Perrie Kory   52  min.

Dr. Bryan Ardis - Four Key Supplements Discovered to Neutralize COVID-19 Venom Protein   44  min.

Jack Posobiec Calls Out Elon Musk For Criticizing Trump While Appeasing Xi Jinping     7 min.

Naomi Wolf: ‘Over 100 Deaths Of Kids Under 17’ From Covid Vax Including 55 Within 7 Days    12   min.        7/13


American Firebrand: New Super Pac Working To Elect Candidates Who Represent America First Ideals    6  min.

Casket Salesman Blows Whistle: Child Caskets Being Ordered In Bulk, Never Seen In Business Before     10  min.

Gateway Pundit Drops Bombshell Story Proving The Intelligence Community ‘Infiltrated’ The Proud Boys    6   min.

How the Sahara Desert is Turning into a Farmland Oasis - GREENING THE DESERT PROJECT        8   min.

Darren Beattie: ‘Decisive, Breach Team’ Filled With Informants Were Present Jan. 6 Before Proud Boys      3   min. 

Cabal's Biggest Secret & Scam, Everyone Needs to Know w/ Dr. Glidden                                                                      7/12

Pfizer Whistleblower Brook Jackson     64  min.

Dutch Farmers Ignite Worldwide Anti-Globalist Uprising      5  min.                    7/11

I'm Dropping Them! - Dr. Peter McCullough Turns Vaccine Skeptic     2    min.

America Under Siege - A special report about the war to take down FOOD and ENERGY    32  min.


Karen Kingston Plays Video of Prof James Giordano, Georgetown Univ, Chief of Neuroethics Program Discussing How to Hijack Leaders and Create Nanotech Cloud to Create Epidemic Strokes (Part 1)     7/9

Seth Keshel Responds To NPR: They Attack The People, Not The Facts     4  min.

Mel K & Geopolitical Expert Gary Kah On Understanding The Globalist Agenda     80   min.

Dr. Wolf: ‘Covid Not Even In Top Ten’ Of Leading Causes Of Death For Children     15   min.

Vaxx Amputee Horror: Guitarist Loses Fingers, Riddled With Blood Clots After The Bioweapon Jab    13   min.           7/8

Government Plans To Destroy The Church, Morality & Endless Disease

Guess what Trudeau's done now?    2  min.

Dr. Rima Laibow BOMBSHELL: Liquifying Human Corpses at Reeducation Camps      23   min.

Luciferian Music Industry: Moves To Purge Christian Artists From The Airwaves      11   min.

Tommy Robinson: Climate Change Is Their High Church     11  min.

HIGHLIGHTS - Pro-Vaxxers Are A Joke    10  min.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger - PART 1: WHO Pandemic Treaty - Important Update!    52  min.                      7/7

Dr. Carrie Madej Connects the Metaverse, Covid Jabs and the Globalist Depopulation Agenda

Dr. Rima Laibow - DEVASTATING! 90% of the Global Population Will Die - Globalist Agenda   62   min.

Venomous Remdesivir Proves Toxic: Man Disintegrates In Hospital Under Poisonous Protocol    12  min.

Dr. Lee Merritt: What We're Seeing With The Shots Is Of Biblical Proportions     116  min.

Beast System Begins: Chemtrails Fill The Sky, Social Credit Scores & Floods Of Biblical Proportions    7  min.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: We Must Revoke COVID-19 Injections For Children    11  min.

Ben Harnwell: “Biden Admin signs disgraceful new agreement to give Ukraine $750bn”     11  min.

Breaking: Military Jabs Extremely Toxic "Comirnaty" Serum More Potent Than Others      12  min.

CPS Gave Child To Rapist To Be Killed: US Government Largest Child Sex Trafficking Ring In The World     22  min.    7/6

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY by Alison Steinberg     2  min.

Jim Breuer “The Pandemic” Somebody Had To Say It      12   min.        7/5

Dr. Carrie Madej - Talks about the blue streetlights      15   min.

A.I. Run Factory To Process 5000 Tons of Meat Per Day - Delivered Via Trains    4  min.

Dr Robert Malone - MSM Is An Arm Of Propaganda For The Pharmaceutical Companies    6  min.       7/4

License to Kill: FDA No Longer Testing New Drugs   20  min.

Jay Dyer - NWO, The Bible, End Times, Antichrist, Babylon and Mark of the Beast     47   min.

Artificial Baby Womb Testing Complete: Transhumanists Hellbent On Destroying God's Creation  5  min.       7/2

Catherine Austin Fitts: Coup d’Etat Is A Takedown, Not A Turndown

Leaked Audio Exposes China's War Plans Against the USA

BRICS Announces New World Reserve Currency As America Commits Economic Suicide

Captain Mickey Shelton: Are We Equipped To Fight?   6   min.

Pentagon is Acting As An Enemy of War Against American Troops Karen Kingston  17   min.

Foster System Breeds Pedophilia: Taxpayer-Funded Child Sex Trafficking    11  min.

Wave Of Evidence Damns Big Pharma: Accountability Coming For Medical Cabal     14  min.

Lawmaker Becomes Prisoner Of War: Political Persecution Escalates As Committee Witness Lies   12  min.      7/1

Nurse Erin Gets Visited By FBI And Has Payment Services Shut Down    22  min.

John Solomon: The Capitol Police Knew Weeks Leading Up To Jan. 6      7   min.

Dr. Carrie Madej In ICU After Plane Crash: Outspoken Dissident Doctor Has Exposed Covid Jab Danger   11  min.

BREAKING: Biden-backed Azov Battalion Murdered Americans and Burned Them Alive     16  min.

A.I. TROJAN HORSE -- DANIEL SACHKOV        36    min.

Connecting The Dots: Dan Happel ft. Elana Freeland    51   min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Shedding TImeline In Vaxxed, Who Got MRNA Shots Vs Saline    11   min.

Uncensored: Dr Peter McCullough Under Fire! Shoots Back with the FACTS! Plus DNA Damage, SADS & More    30  min.     6/30

U.S. Laws All Secretly Changed To Enable Mass Genocide  

"We have entered the last stage of tyranny" w/ Dr. Naomi Wolf     45  min.

Dr. Umar Johnson Exposes Financial Castration Beta Tested On Black American Families     8  min.

The Great Replacement & Systemic Racism: Dr. Ben Carson Confronted On Anti-White Racism    17  min.

Government Data: There Was Never A Pandemic: 89 Page Document Proves Covid Measures Were All Fake     14   min.      6/29

Nestle CEO: Humans Do Not Have Right To Water, Should Be Privatized     7  min.

Dr. David Martin Calls For Prosecutions: Fauci Knew Remdesivir Would Kill Thousands     13   min.

Comirnaty Is Approved and Made To Take Out Military ( starts around 4 min.)     30  min.

Baby Denied Heart Transplant Due To Vaccine Status: Medical Complex Sentences Baby To Death      17   min.      6/28

Vatican Expert: We Are Facing an End Times Scenario   30  min.

China’s New Aircraft Carrier THREATENS Taiwan | Type 003 Fujian       9   min.

The Most Revolutionary Enactment in all of History is our American Birthright   5   min.

Dr. Group on Venom in The Cocktail (+ The Anti-Venom Within Your Own Body)   6   min.         6/27

U.S. FDA Is Now A Terrorist Organization   20  min.

Will Michelle Obama Be Democrat Nominee in 2024?   11  min.   

Two Year Old Abused To Death: CPS And Family Court Horror Leaves Baby Raped And Killed   15   min.

Live From The DC Gulag: America's Prisoners Of War Forgotten     13   min.

Dr. Lee Merritt - Targeted DNA Harvesting & Damage, De-Population, Globalists IMMUNE, Repairing DNA   86  min.

Do you want to know the TRUTH about January 6th that the government is hiding from you? Documentary     45   min.     6/25

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Majority Of Covid Vaccine Adverse Events Occurring In ‘Western Europe And America’     6   min.

Putin's Revenge On Satanic Cabal: Ukraine And US Suffer, Putin Builds Alliances And Ends The Dollar      11   min.

Dr. Rogers: ‘Scheme By Pfizer And Moderna’ Aims To Skip ‘Clinical Trials’ For Future Covid Vaccines     5   min.

And Now … Climate Lockdowns! — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato       21   min.      6/24

EMF Research - Biomedical Scientist Writes In    16  min.

Joe Allen: Transhumanists Want Race War Between 'Legacy Humans And Cyborgs'  

Establishment Loyalists Manipulated Into Sacrificing Their Own Children    4  min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Sperm Is The New BitCoin, Reproduction After The "Vaccine"   8   min.

Nurse Kidnapped By The State: Estate Stolen, And Threatened Into Silence     11  min.

Will the NIH Stop Funding Chinese Research?; Musk: No Problems Balancing China, Tesla, Twitter   14  min.

'Last Place To First Place': Cleta Mitchell On Hand Recount Corrections And Georgia Runoff     15   min.

Uncensored: Millions of Children Could Die if We Don't Stop This with James Roguski       28    min.

DOD and Pfizer Sending Fake Comirnaty Vials to Coast Guard     25   min.

Never Before Seen J6 Footage: Antifa Escorted In Vans, Pence Given 3 Choices By GOP, Betrayed Trump   15   min.

Yuval Noah Harari | "To Prevent the Apocalypse We Need to Impose Taxes, Change How We Eat & Travel."    6  min.

D Wigington - Vaccines in the Air & Relentless Poisoning of Humanity

U.S. AIR FORCE GENERAL NAMES THE TRAITORS & PLOT TO DESTROY AMERICA                                                      6/23

BORDER CHAOS: Illegal Takeover Of Arizona    30   min.

Intelligence Whistleblower: Government Positioning To "Take Action Against Extremists"      12   min.

Liz Yore: Pro-Choice Protestors ‘Terrorizing’ Supreme Court Justices At Personal Homes     9  min. 

Dr. Wolf: There's 'No Allignment' Between The CDC's Statements And The Truth    

David Icke Warning From 1998 Has Come To Pass      2   min.

Can you believe this Marxist stupidity? Making Our Troops Stupid: This is the Navy’s new training video for “safe space” by using “preferred” pronouns.    6/22

New Embalmer Steps Forward With Horrific Post Jab Clots   24   min.

Vaccine Carnage In The ER , a nurse speaks out     34   min.

Crippling And Killing America's Babies: 6mo Crippled, Life Destroyed By DTaP Vaccine      18   min.

Horrifying Numbers: How Many Children Die To The Vaccine For Each One We Might Save     2  min. 

Military Base Jab Vial Photos Emerge: On Base Images Of "Comirnity" Vials Raise Serious Question    8  min.          6/21

It happened again, The Summer of Cultural Enrichment    8  min  

Alex Jones Wished You A Happy Juneteenth 20+ Years Before Liberals Did      20   min.

Professor Mattias Desmet - How to Break Mass Formation Before it’s Too Late    70   min.

MUST SEE: Mortician Finds Massive Hand-Sized Clots In Cadavers After Vax                             6/20

Mel K & Author Matt Ehret Explain The Color Revolution We Are Living Through   73  min.

Human Umbilical Cord Being Injected In Kids: Tissue Scaffolding Technology in Covid Jab 10  min.

CIA Weapon: "Heart Attack Gun" Bioterrorism Using Snake And Shellfish Venom      9   min.


Caller Drops Massive TRUTH Bomb on FDA      4  min.

Riccardo Bosi - Australia: What Do We Do Now?       50    min.

Dr. Exposes Shocking Pfizer Data From Childrens' COVID Vaccine Trial      3  min.

Dr Merritt Medical Hour: Dr. Lee Merritt ft. Dr. Pete Chambers      51   min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Newly Installed Cell Towers & Radiation Poisoning, Shedding Symptom Explosion     9   min.      6/18

Uncensored - They're Coming For Your Children!!!      28   min.


Guerrilla Warfare: Rule #1      17    min.

3000 Cows Drop Dead In SW Kansas, Raises National Questions     9   min.

“Golf Ball-sized Blood Clots coming out of Women's Noses!" Study, Jab on Menstrual Cycles    12   min.

BREAKING NEWS: January 6th Committee Commits Illegal Acts That Could End The Entire Persecution        17   min.          6/17

Poisoned Human DNA To Cause Suffering For Generations    26   min.

Journalists Come Under Ukraine Artillery Fire In Donetsk Suburb      17    min.

John Walsh Connected to Trafficking: America's Most Wanted host Perpetrating Child Abduction    9  min.

Military Aircraft Dropping Out Of The Sky: Three Crashes In Past Month Killed 6 Servicemen     10  min.

Terrifying Predictions From The Technological Elite!       5   min.

Children Saved By Sex-Abused Addict: Victims Of Satanic Abuse Saved By Warrior Brides Ministry                     6/16

Shocking Discovery: Biocircuitry Found In Chemical Analysis Of Vaxxed Fibrous Clots    10   min.

WATCH: Microscopic Video Proves COVID Vax Contains Nanoparticles That Colonize In The Human Body     20  min.

Nuremberg For Crimes Against Humanity: 400 Officials Will Target Covid Criminals For Genocide     22   min.

Pandemic Of Injections & "Sudden" Deaths: Constant Boosters, Cancer Rates Predicted To Surge 50%    5  min.

Blackmail, Pedophilia, Control, Explains the Unthinkable: Treason, Mass Murder, War w/ Hagopian 2of 2        33  min.

School Announces Child Brain Microchips: Newsletter Yanked From Website After Public Outrage                                    6/15

Joe Allen: Google AI Engineer Claims AI Technology Has ‘Sentience’ Of ‘7-8 Year Old’      11   min.

Blackmail, Pedophilia, Control, Explains the Unthinkable: Treason, Mass Murder, War w/ Hagopian 1of2       46    min.        6/14


Exclusive! The Shocking Details A Retired Marine Is Now Revealing About the Afghan Withdrawal    71   min.

Payment Processor Blocks Covid Treatment: Real Medicine Fighting Covid And Snake Venom Poison Banned      15  min.

Erik Prince On ‘Warrior Culture’ In America And Current State Of Russia/Ukraine Conflict     5  min.

The Metaverse Will ‘Capture’ Children’s Development Causing Unprecedented Repercussions                        6/13

BOOM! Medical Mafia Sends Ominous Message      14   min.

What Are they Up To Now? Airports, Smallpox Shots, Bioterror Plan?

Exclusive Audio From Jeremy Brown, J6 Political Prisoner        9 min

“Rare Cancers and Hepatitis found in CHILDREN!” American Frontline Nurse shares Shocking Data     12 min.

In Memory of Ron Hatton; He Learned the Game & Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice      57     min.

Payment Processor Blocks Covid Treatment: Real Medicine Fighting Covid And Snake Venom Poison Banned       16   min.      6/12


How China Weakens the US Through Overdose Deaths | China In Focus    9   min.

Dr. Francis Boyle - Monkeypox, the WHO & Further Biological Warfare Towards Biomedical Dictatorship   28  min.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: Young, Healthy People Dropping Dead At Alarming Rate     16   min.

Mel K & Dr Jane Ruby On Medical Malpractice, Common Sense & Fighting Tyranny     52    min.

ARPA-H, New DARPA Styled Agency created to restructure Fauci's NIH - Documentary Report      16   min.

Beyond Bilderberg(er)’s Civil War — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato    25    min.         6/10    

Davos And Transhumanisn: The Globalists Evil Alliance  7 min.

Guardian Sleuth Dares To Demystify Bilderberg

Ukrainian Commander Defects To Russia (Special Report)     8   min.

Justice Denied: Lawlessness Abounds In DC         7  min.

Leo Zagami - Ex-Illuminati - Is the New World Order Failing?     77    min.

How We Can Take Back America     7   min.                                             6/9

Human DNA Has Been Poisoned     20   min.

MSM & CDC Celebrating The Slaughter of Babies and Children      16    min.

Mel K & Clay Clark Sound The Alarm Exposing The Evil Globalist Monkey Pox Plan

Horrific Discovery In Warmed Jab Vials: There's A Reason The Bioweapon Must Be Stored At -70 Degrees    22   min.     

Pelosi Family Pics Reveal Child Depravity: Never-Before-Seen Evidence Involves Very Young Kids              6     min.           6/7

Something Stinks in Pennsylvania and Georgia with Emerald Robinson    12    min.

Learn Where Bilderberg Is Meeting, What They're Discussing, And What They're Planning For You And Your Family     20   min.

Baby Cyrus' Family Sued After CPS Kidnapping: St Luke's Suing For Defamation      13    min.

Ships Held Captive In Kherson Ukraine Port. See How        24   min.

The True Evil Behind America's Mass School Shootings        4   min.

How Pro Russian Troops Live While Fighting In Ukraine        22   min.

Build Back Butter — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato      21  min.    6/3


Forgotten History: The Ludlow Massacre & the PR Machine      42    min.


BOMBSHELL: Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes The Plan to Implant Humanity with Cancer Viruses      41   min.

BREAKING: Mike Adams Lays Out the Next Phase of Global Collapse and New Lockdowns                          5/30

The Truth About Monkeypox     4   min.   

EXCLUSIVE: Texas School Safety Trainer Lays Out the Truth About the Uvalde Shooting 'Police Standdown'     36   min.

Proof: The Great Reset Plan is 100 Years Old     37  min.

Monkeypox: Was COVID Just a Test Run? (Dr. David Martin Interview)     65   min.

Active Shooting Drill Was Held at Uvalde 2 Months Before Active Shooting       11   min.

Monkey(pox) Business As Usual — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato     22   min.

Lawyer Battling Medical Tyranny Exposes Globalist Mass Murderers with their Own Words     29   min.

Martin Armstrong - Food Shortages, Economic Collapse, the Failing Great Reset & How to Prepare     52   min.

Venom Bombshell: Counterterrorism Advisor Warned FBI About Bioweapon In June 2021        16    min.

Bioweapon Shots Are A Form Of Riot Control      30    min.

Joanna Miller on the National Baby Formula Shortage    4  min.

MonkeyPox: The Cover-Up For VAIDS, Citizen Researchers Expose Government Plot To Kill En Masse     8   min.

Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake - The Truth About Monkeypox, WHO Pandemic Treaty, Fear Tactics     31   min.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Standing Between a Globalist Empire and a Free Nation                                                                        5/27

Globalists Steal Worldwide Elections: 'Free' Western Nations Falling To Commies     8   min.


Shocker: Monkeypox Is Wuhan-Made, MRNA Bioweapons Already Set To Kill Thousands    11    min.

Introducing The Reset: The Great Reset Docuseries Part 1   25 min.    

Pandemic Treaty: The Covid World Order: World Health Organization Will Be World Government     15     min.      5/25

James Roguski: Staying Vigilant Against the WHO     3   min.

Darren Beattie: Disinformation Group Meddled in AL Election     6   min.

MIND BLOWN! Gain Of Function on Pox Viruses Confirmed      34   min.

Counter BioTerrorism Expert Reveals U.S. Govt Is Gone      23  min.

$40 Billion Bribes Shield Biden Bioweapon: Hunter Biden And The Ukrainian Biolab Coverup Coverup      14   min.

Fake Pandemic Target Cities Identified: Variants And Viruses Aimed At Specific States    10     min.

Multiple Attorneys General Considering Criminal Charges Against Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci for Illegal Gain of Function Research    40   min.

The New World Order Prepares Their Final Attack    4   min.  

Data Analyst Karen Kingston Breaks Down the W.H.O. Treaty Documents                                                                                                           5/24

FDA HAS LOST ITS WAY    11  min.


BOOM! Caught Red Handed Planning Monkeypox Pandemic       43    min.  

Ed Dowd: The Four Converging Forces That Will Destroy the Economy       17    min.

Dr. Peter McCullough Exposes Bill Gates’ Plan For Next Lockdown & The Truth About Monkeypox      27    min.

WHO Update & Real Estate Corruption: More Land Grabs, Money Laundering, & Defaults Ahead        49    min.       5/23

The Communist Party BETRAYS Xi Jinping     14   min.

Karen Kingston | Biden Giving U.S. Sovereignty to W.H.O.?    39  min.

WATCH NOW 2,000 MULES: Election Fraud 2020 for free

2000 Mules Director Dinesh D’Souza says 'Our Film Proves Joe Biden is Not the President'

Watch Tommy Robinson's Documentary Exposing Britain's Islamic Rape Gangs                             5/21

An 8 minute intro then Dr. Buttar Drops the Bombshell     31   min.

Courts Overturn Covid — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato         23   min.      5/20

The Secret Game Plan For The Collapse Of America Discovered      40   min.

BREAKING: Democrats Introduce Bill To Put Americans In Quarantine Camps   40  min.

Bank of International Settlements Says its “Cryptocurrency Time” #CBDC     5   min.

City Mayors Working Directly With U.N. as U.S. Government Surrenders Authority to the W.H.O.      4  min.

Good Morning America Admits Vaccine Boosters Destroy Your Immune System    5  min.

Global Dictatorship Final Stages, Mark of the Beast and Never Running from Truth      26    min.

Nero 2.0                                    Naomi Wolf: ‘The Lies Of Pfizer’   

Antifa Teams With CPS To Target Christians: Constitution Gives Gov't No Authority To Take Children     21    min.       5/19

It's over for Azov & Ukraine at Azovstal In Mariupol?    3   min.

Joe Allen on Elon, Twitter, and the AI of the Future    9   min.


Soldier's Death Sparks Mom's Viral Tik Tok: Psychopath Experiments Killing Military     17    min.

Pandemic Treaty Will Crush Sovereignty: Elected World Governments Prepare For Global Enslavement    5   min.

I pulled some threads on Soros in Russia (USSR). I found fascinating stories & mind-blowing connections!     58   min.

How Russia Could Defeat NATO And Launch The Great Reset With Only One Nuke                                                           5/18

Dr Naomi Wolf - The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human      56    min.        5/17

Russian - Ukraine War: Civilians Under Fire Everyday (Special Report)      15   min.

See the Map Showing NATO Slowly Surrounding Russia     2   min.

Scientists Terrifying New Discovery Under Antarctica's Ice Changes Everything    11   min.

'Discolored Breast Milk': Naomi Wolf Examines The Pfizer Documents       8   min.

Former DEA agent: China destabilizes US with fentanyl; Disney CEO: Dr. Strange 2 doesn’t need China    15   min.        5/16

Lawfare with Tom Renz       26   min.

The Dr. Ardis Show: Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC ft. Janet Phelan          51  min.

SMOKING GUN: CDC Data Exposes Excessive Deaths Following Mass Covid Injections     40  min.

Pre-Kindergartners Sent Home With "How To Masturbate" Homework Assignment        20    min.

Baby Formula Shortage Connected To Gates: Bill Heavily Invested into Lab-Produced Breast Milk      5  min.

Mel K & Ex Border Hero Patrol Warrior Boots On The Ground Reporting Southern Invasion     52   min.

Stunning List Of 56 Food Processing Plants Destroyed Since January      8   min.

How The FDA Shut Down America’s Largest Baby Formula Manufacturer      12   min.

Pharma Analyst Whistleblower Karen Kingston On Government Sanctioned Mind Control                5/13


Xi Jinping’s DESPERATE Lockdown Power Grab       11   min.

Voices From The Grave with More Embalmer’s Mystery Clots      20  min.

Jab Victim Discharging "Biological Creatures" 30 Yr Old Reports HORROR After Moderna Shot     8   min.      5/12

I Read Bill Gates’ New Book (So You Don’t Have To!)     120   min.

Episode 66 - "COVID" Bioweapon Exposed with Dr Tau Braun     70   min.

Learn How Corporate DNA Harvesting Fuels the Globalist Eugenics Program       10    min.

Club Of Rome Announces Intention To Decrease World Population To One Billion      9   min.        5/11

The Ministry Of Totalitarianism      5   min.

Dr. Wolf: The Global Flow of Money that Transcends Nation-States      6   min

'42 National Emergencies': How The WHO And Globalists Are Gaining Control      5    min.

Mind Control & Psyops - They are Really Good At It, Understand How They Control You     58   min.

Propaganda: Forced Medicine & The Banking Cartel the Federal Reserve / Flouride Facts / Scientific Fraud / Collectivism * Covid Bigotry * Vaccine Prejudice     80    min.     5/10


Pfizer CEO Commits Federal Crimes Peddling Paxlovid Off-Label    19  min.

BIG: Leaked Documents Prove Biden Vaccine And China Money Scandal     4   min.

Getting Out of the Control System: Understanding It, Leaving It, Fixing It w/ Roger Sayles (1of3)       58    min.

Getting Out of the Control System: Understanding It, Leaving It, Fixing It w/ Roger Sayles (2of3)      45    min.

Getting Out of the Control System: Understanding It, Leaving It, Fixing It w/ Roger Sayles (3of3)       54    min.

EUGENICS & MEDICAL APARTHEID - Race-Specific Vaccines, Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People”           5/9

Anti-Grooming Filmmaker Tommy Robinson Given Court Dates For Exposing Hidden Culture    11   min.

SOME WARS AREN’T MEANT TO BE WON - Cancer & Cannabis | Germ Hunters | Medical Experiments”l PCR * HIV * AIDS * AZT * CIA * HELA * SV40 * 9/11    part 2

Cancer & Cannabis | Germ Hunters | Medical Experiments
PCR * HIV * AIDS * AZT * CIA * HELA * SV40 * 9/11
- See more at:
Cancer & Cannabis | Germ Hunters | Medical Experiments
PCR * HIV * AIDS * AZT * CIA * HELA * SV40 * 9/11
- See more at:
Cancer & Cannabis | Germ Hunters | Medical Experiments
PCR * HIV * AIDS * AZT * CIA * HELA * SV40 * 9/11
- See more at:
Cancer & Cannabis | Germ Hunters | Medical Experiments
PCR * HIV * AIDS * AZT * CIA * HELA * SV40 * 9/11
- See more at:


VIDEO: Bill Gates Attempts To Cover His COVID Tracks       9   min.

Video Shocks The World: Leftists Admit Abortion Is Human Sacrifice Ritual      18    min.

The Dr. Ardis Show: Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC ft. Attorney Brad Geyer           52   min.

Your Body, Their Choice — New World Next Week with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato      26    min.

This Is a Housing Crisis    97   min.

Mel K & Alex Newman On Understanding & Fighting The Global War On Our Children 4-30                    5/6


Mel K & Pharma Analyst Whistleblower Karen Kingston On Government Sanctioned Mind Control      60   min

Joe Allen On Technology Changing 'Human Evolution'     6    min.

Dane Wigington - Geoengineering, Chemtrails & The Australian Weather      80   min.

Max Igan - Smart Cities, Weather Modification, Transhumanism, Australia & the NWO            5/4

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars       6   min.

Big Pharma Set To Control Entire Food Supply     4    min.

Disney’s Darkest Secrets        44   min.

Mel K & Fearless Filmmaker Mike Smith Of Out Of Shadows On Saving Our Children 5-1-22      64   min.     5/2

Big Pharma Set To Control Entire Food Supply          4   min.


Elon Musk Buys Twitter—A Win for China?       10    min

Shanghai COVID-19 death toll raises questions; Report: China is the largest source of fake goods      15   min.

True the Vote: The Voter Insurgencies of the 2020 Election    22  min.

TX Baby Stolen in Name Of "Racism" FMR Marine & Wife Stripped Of Baby For No Vaxx

Elon Musk | "You Can Save Your Brain State and Restore That State Into a Biological Being."    7 min.                4/30

Who and What Are Powering The Global Covid Lies      20    min.

The United States 'Is At War With' Fentanyl And Must Act     12   min.

Mel K & Esteemed Journalist Tom Longo Geopolitical Update On Gold, Goats & Guns      54   min.

The Great Reset | Self-Reproducing Robots Are Here?! Tech Company Pays $200K for Your Likeness    49   min.

Dr. Lee Merritt Warns New Lockdowns Are Coming  

Pitt Study: Cobra Venom in Spike Protein, Bing LIU Had Discovered the Deadly Chinese Crait                 4/29

COVID Vaccine Deceptions      7    min.

Incoming Carbon Taxes and Worldwide Climate Lockdowns      4   min.

Chicago Prosecutors Try To Let Admitted Axe-Murderer Go Free      10    min.

Maria Zeee Uncensored: Aussie Leading COVID Hospital Whistleblower    22   min.

Vaxx Injuries on College Campuses: Students Keel Over, Mandates Remain    15   min.

Horrifying Video Shows Full Remote Control Over Nervous System Via Brain Implant     10  min.

Beware of These 4 Words!

Dr. Li-Meng Yan - Shanghai Orchestration by CCP

Satanism Goes Mainstream As Giant Moloch Statue Appears Above Adoring Crowd At Coachella Music Festival    11   min.        4/28

China’s Economy Is FAILING    11   min.

Dr. Judy Mikovits Interview - Crimes Against Humanity Tour   10  min.

Dr. Wolf: Pfizer’s Vaccine, BioNTech and China     13    min.

Kari Lake: Seeking Relief from Voting Machines in Arizona     4   min.

Latest Vaccine Death Numbers Should Shock The World; 89% New Covid Cases Fully Vaxxed     10   min.

US gave Chinese firms $1.8B in subsidies; FCC commissioner targets Apple over China App Store      20   min.       4/27

The Pfizer Investigation: COVID Vaccine Lacked Proper Quality Controls     9   min.

The Trust Game - Episode 10: “The One Ring”       119   min.

Bill Joy - Why the Future Doesn't Need Us (2000)      68   min.

Russian Soldiers In Battle And Giving Humanitarian Aid In Mariupol      38   min.      4/25

HORRIFIC: Fentanyl Turning Homeless Into Mindless Zombies     4   min.

VERY URGENT: WHO World Domination, Amendment May 2022 Vote for Tyranny & World Dictatorship     24   min.    4/24

J6 Political Prisoner Calls in From Gulag, Exposing Abuse and Neglect     12  min.


KILLERS: Media-Wide: Vaxx Injury Blackout Media & Big Tech Cover-up Pilot Cardiac Arrests    12    min.


Doctors Forced To Admit Jab Kills: Father Murdered By Booster, Blood Clots Found in Brain   9  min.

Researchers Continue to Find Venom: Additional Evidence Confirms Snake Venom Peptides in Bioweapon      8  min.           4/23

Power Grid Kill Switch Discovered       4    min.

The Megadeath Intellectuals of the Great Reset       4   min.

When is MRNA Not Really MRNA? Dr. Malone Explains Why He's Not Responsible for Shots     30  min.

BREAKING: Plan To Replace World Constitutions WHO Pandemic Treaty for Force Vaccination      10   min.

Tech Guru Will Pay Millions To Vax Pushers For Debate: No Takers       46   min.

Army Whistleblower Exposes Military Ideological Purge: "I've Never Seen Anything Like This"         12   min        4/22

Dr. Bryan Ardis - Snake Venom Theory First Hand     62  min.

The "Seth Rich Of The Pandemic" Dr. Bing Liu's Findings And The Murder Cover-Up      10   min.

Army Flight Surgeon Breaks Silence, Issues Urgent Warning: Drops Nukes On Pilot Jab Mandates      35   min.            4/21

Riccardo Bosi - The Governor General & Australia's Urgent Need for New Government      59    min.

Karen Kingston | Former Pfizer Employee and Whistle-blower      27   min.

Chechens & Russian Army Battle Azov & Ukraine on Mariupol frontline      17    min.

Election Integrity Network: Training Americans How to Participate in the Elections Process    9   min.

J6 Journalists's Life Threatened By Government: Powell Was Told To Shut Up Or Be Killed    12   min.  

Mike Adams interviews Dr. Brian Ardis  2

Back from Battling Human Trafficking in Ukraine: Jason Jones                                                           4/20

Dr. Tess Lawrie - The World is At Risk - The WHO Pandemic Treaty      51   min.

Vaxxed Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest in Cockpit: Freedom Flyers EXPOSE MASSIVE Airline Cover-up     9   min.


Russian Soldiers Evacuate Children from Dangerous Areas of Mariupol                                                           4/19

Dr. Judy Mikovits Talks With Children's Health Defense On Dr. Anthony Fauci     68  min.       4/18

Forced Lockdowns Are Coming Back To America      3  min.  

Mel K & Hero Whistleblower Veteran & Author Nurse Erin On The Hospital Killing Fields                        4/17

The Trust Game - Episode 9: “Global Financial Crisis — Reaction      64   min.


President Trump's Endorsements Matter: GOP Props up Associate of Marina Abramovic for Congress     11  min.    4/16

Battle Raging On The Azov Sea In Mariupol (Special Report Under Fire)    33  min.

Dr. Malone Lays Out Why Globalists Are The Threat To Humanity       64    min.

'War Crimes': Cernovich On America's Unjust Imprisonment Of Jan. 6 Political Prisoners      12   min.

Attorney Gains More Proof The Federal Government is Covering Up Death Shots

Patents: PROOF of Worldwide Envenomation Support Ardis COVID Claims in “Watch the Water” Expose      16   min.    4/13   

Merck’s Killer Pill Molnupira    18    min.

BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic?        21  min.

Is Planet X Headed Toward Earth?     6     min.

The Dark Side Of Disney           4   min.

The Real Agenda Behind Transgenderism       4  min.

Mel K & Canadian Patriot Author Matt Ehret On The Hidden History Of The Deep State       53   min.           4/12

Better Than God – Yuval Noah Harari   12  min.

Mel K & Fly Over Conservatives Deep Dive Into Hunter Biden & What The Laptop Tells Us (Part 2)     71  min.    4/11

BREAKING: Scientists Deliver Proof of Nano-Tech Maria Zeee Exclusive Bioweapon Evidence    12    min.

1 Million Illegals Have Crossed Into TX Since January       3    min.

Let’s Go Brandon Event: Dr. Lee Merrit and Dr. Stillwing      16   min.

Whistleblowers Confirm Nanotech and Graphene Oxide in COVID-19 Injections      18   min.

URGENT: Karen Kingston - Next Bioweapon Release, Hemorrhagic Fever & The Endgame     62  min

Liberals are Child Sex Groomers: Nose Ring Freaks Use "Teaching" as Cover for Child Rape       

Feds Can't Hide: Video Evidence Forces Jan 6 Acquittal, Proof of Orchestrated Bolshevik Overthrow      16     min.

Mel K & Fly Over Conservatives Deep Dive Into Hunter Biden & What The Laptop Tells Us (Part 1) ICYMI   92  min.

Globalists Spill the Beans at the World Government Summit — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato    30  min.        4/8



One Neighborhood Shelled Twice A Day Everyday In The Russia - Ukraine War     8   min.

PROOF: Zelenskyy's Legacy of False Flag MURDER in Ukraine     8   min.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Attacks Toddlers          15    min.

Zelensky's Azov Connections Kolomoisky And The World Stage    34  min.               4/7

Stew Peters EXPLODES After Being SWATTED, Doubles Down on Commitment to Truth         4/6

Journalist Who Exposed Biolab Attack in Ukraine Joins Infowars to Call Out Establishment Corruption Behind It    25   min.

John Solomon Breaks the News: New Durham Court Filing      6   min.

The Dr. Hotze Report: Dr. Steve Hotze ft. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche          24  min.     4/5

Exposing Zelensky's Lies     34   min.

The Missing Of Mariupol Special Report (The Search Is On) Patrick Lancaster    19   min.

Videos Prove Ukraine Has Lauched False Flags Against Russia      7   min.

Proof Of False Flag: Video Shows “Bucha Massacre” Dead Bodies Moving Around   18   min.

Proof Teens With Myocarditis Are Having Heart Attacks    20  min.

Mel K & The Amazing Dr. Zelenko On Fighting & Detoxing The Evil Medical Agenda 4-4-2

EXPOSED: Wuhan Bioweapons Lab, Biden Felonies: Dr. Martin: Biden Felony Convictions Imminent     20   min.

Dr. Ariyana Love - Bioweapons, Detoxing and Ethnic Cleansing of the Western World & Doherty Institute    37   min.     4/5 

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Issues Emergency Warning: Globalists Planning New Attack     41   min.              

U.S. Military Deaths Up 1100% And Exponentially Rising

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 2, 2022, # 347 ( Dane Wigington)           54  min.  

Dumbphone Sales Surging As Masses Ditch Smartphones — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato    28   min.   4/4

The Hunter Biden Floodgates Have Opened     5  min.

Scientific Elite Detail Plan To Kill Everyone      50   min.

Australian Senator Says Injections are Genocide    18   min.

Mel K & Trump DOD Insider & Justice Warrior Kash Patel On Current Events    33   min.

Intentional Food Shortages: Government Drains Water Reservoirs, Sells Farm Land to China       12   min. 

The New World Order is Here: Global Digital Currency / World Govt. Announced Amid Global Collapse    30   min.

BREAKING: Pfizer Hit List: Dr. Zev Zelenko Exposes Big Pharma's Plan to Eliminate Opposition                                 4/2

What You Didn’t Know About Planet X   32   min.

The Dr. Ardis Show: the Baby Cyrus abduction by CPS     46  min.

China’s Secret Plan for a Pacific Military Base     12   min.

The Trust Game - Episode 6: “One World or None”     72   min.

Lawfare with Tom Renz ft. Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC         26   min.

Hacking the Human Design: Dr. Zelenko Exposes Transhumanist Cult High Priest in Powerful Interview          3/31

Mariupol City Center: Hell On Earth (Special Report)    10  min.

Russia - Ukraine War: Soldiers Collect Civilians After Shelling Attack on Mariupol Frontline     10  min.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Issues Emergency Warning: Globalists Planning New Attack      40   min.

Vaccines 'Tracked By Machines': Joe Allen On Transhumanism's Next Steps      5   min.

Yuval Noah Harari | Who's Steering the Great Reset, Gates, Schwab, Zuckerberg & Obama? (Part 2)

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia w/ VT Editor Mike Harris (1of3)                               3/30

Yuval Noah Harari | The Mission of The Great Reset: "You Can Connect Several Brains Together"    4  min.

Prepare Yourselves: Biden Admits Intentional Shortages: Wheat, Grain Will Soon Be Dry       11   min

Hunger Games Producer Exposes All     16   min.


Royce White in the WarRoom: His History, His Truth, His Future     28   min.

Warmed Up Pfizer Vials Explode With Self Assembling Circuitry     20   min.

Dr. Peter McCollough - LIVE During His Morning Exercise Routine!     35   min.

Economist Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Warns of Imminent Collapse          

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko - NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS & How to Battle What is Coming

Heroes Taking Down Evil: Journalist April Moss Goes Nuclear, Exposes Vaxx Hospitalizations & Murder    11   min.     3/29  

Energy Weapon End Game Based on Military Transcripts w/ Celeste Solum (1of2)     57    min.

Energy Weapon End Game Based on Military Transcripts w/ Celeste Solum (2of2)          45   min.

Global Bombshell! Eugenics Op Exposed: Hospitals Caught Mass Murdering Covid Patients with Lethal Injections     20  min.     3/28

Church & School Targeted By Militants in Russia - Ukraine War     35   min.

We Are Ruled Over By Demons    5   min.

Who Was Rich Higgins? American Hero Who Exposed The Deep State Cabal     9   min.   

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia w/ VT Editor Mike Harris (2of3)      52   min.

Hidden History: World Controllers, Knights Templars, City of London, Unknown American History (1of2)      34   min.

Hidden History: World Controllers, Knights Templars, City of London, Unknown American History (2of2)         37    min.       3/25

The Nazification of the West    5   min.

Chinese Agents Are Hunting Down Dissidents in America     12   min.

Examining China's oil imports: Buying from the US; China militarizes South China Sea: US admiral    14   min.

Dr. David Martin: We Are Allowing Human Organisms To Become Bioweapon Factories       17      min.

Ricardo Bosi Says Putin Is Cutting The Head Off The Snake In Ukraine     6   min.

Military Threat From China: B2 Bombers Arrive in Australia as Premier Seeks Permanent Powers      8   min.

Lara Logan EXPLODES, Goes Full Nuclear on "Empire of Lies" Exposing Ukraine, Covid, NWO, WEF and Media      20  min.       3/24

FOC Show: Bio Weapons, Surviving COVID and Hospital Protocols, Marxist Schools, Emerald Robinson   58   min.

Logs Erased and Votes Manipulated in Mesa County, CO     13   min.

“They’re crossing a new Rubicon: targeting journalists.”     7    min.

Col Macgregor on the Grayzone "The War for all intents and purposes has been decided"    8   min.

What Happened to People Who Volunteered to Fight For Ukraine?       8    min.

1984 Doublespeak: Zelensky Threatens WW3 if NATO Does Not Start WW3     12   min.

Yuval Noah Harari | Who's Steering the Great Reset & Leading Gates, Schwab, Zuckerberg & Obama?     4   min.      3/23

Presearch Search Engine — “Solutions Watch” with J. Corbett    

Army Whistleblower Fighting The Unseen Realm     25    min.

Court Intervenes in Navy Seal Vaccine Mandate Case, Christianity Trumps Biden    11   min.

Mel K, Whistleblower Cathy O'Brien & Filmmaker Adrienne Youngblood On Trance Documentary 3-21-22    55   min.

Reporter In Ukraine Confirms Ukrainians Are Bombing Civilians And Media Is Blaming Russia                                       3/22

Will The Clinton Corruption Ever Stop?        4   min.

First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Mariupol (Special Report)    11  min.

Pentagon Biolaboratories - Investigative Documentary      27   min.

“What They Did in October of 2020 Was Treason!”       6   min.

The Rise Of Foreign Currency Challenges The Supremacy Of The Dollar     11  min.

Pfizer Documents Yield Shocking Revelations; CDC Dumps 48K Child Covid Deaths     48  min.     3/21

ENEMIES WITHIN     5  min.

The Trust Game - Episode 5: “Who Holds the Gold Makes the Rules”       65  min.

The Cures Act: Long-Calculated Plan to Mass Murder the American People     13   min.

Pfizer Data Dump Exposed: Human Safety Was Never Part of the Plan     10   min.

How Communists Are Using Ukraine To Enact Their World Takeover    40 min.

3/16/2022 Merritt Medical Hour: Dr. Lee Merritt ft. Dr. Carrie Madej     50   min.

Columnist Miranda Devine and the “Laptop from Hell”       13  min.

Plasma Infusion Trojan Horse: Whistleblower Nurse Exposes Poisoning of Pure Bloods      8   min.     3/19


Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is A Ticking Time Bomb     11   min.

Biden Attacks Russian Forces with 800 Million Dollars in Suicide Drones        14   min.

Ukraine Quietly Releases WEF Social Credit Score Program Amid Distraction Of War    20   min.

Ukraine Biolabs: Australian Doherty Institute, The Pentagon, And The Future Pandemic       8    min.

Baby Cyrus Trafficked By CPS: Stew Peters Redpills Idaho LT. Governor In Live Interview!     17    min.       3/18

Tribunals Coming For Hospital Nurses That Stayed     20   min.

The “Laptop from Hell” Vindicated by the Establishment’s Paper of Record       7    min.

Dr. Francis Boyle - Exposing Ukraine Biolabs, Australian Doherty Institute, The Pentagon, Future Pandemic     33    min.

Sen. Harley’s Deep-Dive into SCOTUS Nom. K. Jackson’s Troubling History of Leniency on Sex Crimes     6    min.          3/17


Australian Media Tries To Hide Massive Heart Attack Vaccine Damage      6   min.

Killer Nurses: We Stayed For The Paycheck      17     min.

WarRoom: Battleground - Julie Kelly Reports on the Michigan Kidnapping Trial     23   min.

Breaking: 10 Month Old Medically Kidnapped By CPS Child Trafficking Syndicate     18   min. 

BattleGround - Holly Kasun Jena Griswold Attempts to Concentrate Her Power CO Sec of State

Putin's Mission Harmful To Globalists: U.S. Deep State Running From Criminal Exposure In Ukraine        7    min.         3/16

Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine 

CRISIS in UKRAINE: What’s REALLY Going On     38  min.

Dozens Killed By Ukrainian Cluster Bomb Attack On Center Donetsk Patrick Lancaster     13  min.

Biological Weapons Expert Exposes Labs In Ukraine And China Run By U.S. Government       40  min.

Governments Plan To Reintroduce Lockdowns And Rationing By 2024       29    min.

GLOBAL EMERGENCY! Putin Asks China for Military Aid, Arrests Spy Chief in Massive Escalation    13   min.        3/15


History of Russia (PARTS 1-5) - Rurik to Revolution      46   min.

Gravitas Plus: Did NATO push Ukraine into war?     8   min.

The Trust Game: Episode 4 - "Dr. Jekyll Delivers Mr. Fed"    75  min

Lara Logan: Ukraine, Nazis, CIA, and United Nations | Flyover Conservatives      68   min.    

Witness Exposes "False Flag" Operation In Ukraine      6  min.

Covid Mandates 'Accelarated' Vaccines Deaths As Uptake Occurred     4  min.


Catherine Austin Fitts Interview - COVID Rollback Illusion, Vax Ingredients & Financial Enslavement     111   min.        3/14

Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connected To Ukraine Bio-Labs      4    min.

ARE WE DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD? Dr. McCullough?        75    min.

End Goal: Depopulation, Journalist Exposes Transgender Agenda To Sterilize Children      13   min

Leo Zagami - Ex 33rd Degree Freemason Exposes the Illuminati & NWO Agenda (Including Ukraine)  76  min.

Jan 6th Medic Speak Out: FBI Agents, Cia Operatives, Fed Plants, And Government Murder    15  min.               3/11

LIVE: Pfizer Self Assembling Parasites in Human Blood      20   min. 

Global Central Bank Head Announces Social Credit Score System   14 min. 

Karen Kingston - Injections Transforming Humans, Biden to Inject All Kids, & Ukraine Biolabs        53  min.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff - COVID-19 Vaccines are Causing Neurodegenerative Disease & VAIDS      55  min.

Receipts: Pfizer Paid FDA $2.9 Million During "Approval" Process, Pfizer Cut Checks to the FDA      22  min.           3/10

3/7/2022 Live With Dr. Jane Ruby ft. Dr. Eli English ND      53   min.

Biden And Media Exposed: FOIA Docs Shows Bioweapon Propaganda Collusion     10   min.


Dr. Lee Vliet and attorney Todd Callender provide this RED ALERT warning to parents: UNTESTED 5G WILL COOK YOU & YOUR KIDS     6   min.     3/9

THE ERRORS of GLOBALISM: Russia,  38 min.

Eggs Hatching by the Millions: Bioweapon Shots Contain Living Parasite eggs     8   min.

Bioweapon Casualties Explode: Pfizer Vaxx Leaves Woman's Face Disfigured     11   min.

Thread: The Globalists Want Everyone To Forget What Was Done In The Name Of Covid     32    min.

China Can’t Save Russia from an Economic Crisis | Ukraine Invasion Blowback      9    min.

Russia's Ruble Replaces Ukraine's Hryvna Locals Share Their thoughts After Russia Gains More Territory      4   min.    3/8

WHAT is in the COVID-19 Vaccine? With Dr. Peter McCullough      4   min.

PROPAGANDA: Ukrainian National Breaks It Down       4    min.

Sean Stone Lays Out Incredible Truth Behind Putin’s War In Ukraine     40   min.

Russia - Ukraine War: In The Trenches Of Newly Captured Ukrainian Positions      3    min.         3/7

The Trust Game: Episode 3 - "Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation...$ History 1800-1913 & the Fed"     56  min.

Ex-WHO Employee Warns Of World Government Power Grab     3   min.

DARPA's "Project DEFUSE" Bringing MORE of Fauci's Bioweapons Against Americans    16   min.  

Holocaust Survivor Speaks Out: Parallels Between Covid 19 Response and Holocaust     10   min.         3/5

Putin's Secret War: Ukrainian Bioweapon Labs Exposed      19   min.

Globalists HIde Putin's Speech From The World            20  min.

MEGA BOOM! Schwab's Global Shapers Network Exposed!     37  min.

U.S. Truckers: Destination DC, Convoy Headed To The Capitol, Ignored By Media     10  min.

Ukraine - Russia War: More Civilians Go To The Front      10   min.

The Transhumanist War Has Begun    7   min.

Covid-19 Researcher Blows The Whistle On Data Integrity Issues In Pfizer's Vaccine Trial     13   min.

Doctor Ardis: COVID Vaccines are Eugenics and Need to be Brought Before Court of Law     24    min.

Dr. David Martin - Canada, Trudeau’s Illegal Monopoly, Acuitas, CRISPR, NWO & Australia          3/4

Ask Dr. Jane: Is it Safe to Receive Blood or Plasma from the jabbed?     8   min.

CONFIRMED Vaxx Hack and Damage To Human DNA    22   min.

Learn the Truth About the Fall of the Soviet Union     43    min.

Lawyer Responds To Pfizer Admitting The Covid Vaccine Kills People    31  min.

Leo Zagami Explains What The Illuminati Want From War In Ukraine     20   min.

TO KILL & CONTROL – A Brief History of Unlawful Human Experiments   5 min.

Never Before Seen Documents: Las Vegas Shooting Documents Prove multiple shooters     7   min.     3/3

Shedding is Real But Is It Dangerous?   

Ukraine - Russia War Front In Volnovakha area Situational Report     16   min.

Former DOD Exclusive: World On The Brink Of Nuclear War     10   min.

Full Update On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine: Putin’s     45   min.

Compilation of Debunked Russia Ukraine War Footage    4  min.

On the Ground Reporter Artillery Hits Apartment Building In Center Donetsk( Ukraine & Russia War)  9  min.

NOW: Hospital Hostage Situation Hospital Uses Vaxx Status To Weigh Value Of Life     11   min.

Mel K: Joe Biden, WEF and What is REALLY Going on in Ukraine | Flyover Conservatives       68    min.

How Nixon in China Betrayed Taiwan       11   min.

Taiwan vs. Ukraine: how are they different?; Taiwan outspeeds China on Ukraine evacuation plans    11   min.      3/1

End The Pedo Bureaucracy    4   min.

Serious Global Pain as Economic Model Dies – Daniel Estulin     53   min.

Pro-Russia-Ukraine Separatist gives first hand account from Donbass region. “We are being liberated”    77   min.

Mel K Make Oklahoma Free Speech On 4th Reich NWO Social Credit Score Agenda & Fighting Back ICYMI     19   min.      2/28

World War Woke    6    min.

Did Russia Surgically Strike 8 Secret US Run Bio Labs In Ukraine?      10   min.

Pluto's Return and the Rebirth of Individual Freedom       3  min.

American Reporter in Ukraine: This Could Boil Over Into WW3      20   min.

Putin Conquers Ukraine: Clinton Mercenary State Crumbles As War At Home Builds     10    min.


China avoids calling Russia attack ‘invasion’; DOJ terminates program targeting Chinese espionage      12    min.   2/25

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - Update on Grand Jury (Nuremberg 2.0)     60   min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Excess Deaths, Fibrous Blood Clots, And The Aids Question      11   min.

Tragic: Pfizer Vaxx Permanently Disables 6 Year Old Leaving Him On 24/7 Ventilator      10  min.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming: Papadopoulos Says Durham Has Damning Receipts    15   min.      2/24

The Trust Game: Episode 1 - "Crowns and Sovereigns"      46    min.

The DC Elites Will Start Wars To End Populism     7   min.

Dr. Yan Li-Meng interviewed by the Health Ranger on China's biological warfare threats against the world     50 min.

Mel K & Canadian Patriot Author Matt Ehret On Hidden History      97   min.

Neocons Demand War With Russia, Ignore DNC Crime Syndicate      11   min.

Whistleblower Exposes CCP's Plan to Release Hemmorhagic Fever and Rule the World Through Biosecurity      2/23

The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams Ft. Karen Kingston      27   min.

Dr. Carrie Madej - Nanobots, Transhumanism, Never-Ending Vaccines, HIV, Shedding, & Detox     50   min.

Chris Sky - Canada Update, Trudeau's Illegal Monopoly, Acuitas, Trucker Convoy, Bank Accounts Frozen     29   min.          2/21


Is Xi Jinping Destroying the Chinese Communist Party?      11  min.

'You can't put the genie back in the bottle': Oliver Gale on data privacy amid tech evolution    11  min.

“Demonic” GiveSendGo Hacker Revealed To Be CIA Operative      10  min.

Retired NSA Analyst Exposes "Fusion Centers", "Radio Waves Used Against American Public"     11    min.        2/20


Weaponized Viruses Exposed: Mind-Blowing Discovery About HIV, SARS, & Marburg     11   min.

Chinese Encampments In New York: Sheriff Carpinelli talks about a strange encampment in New Paltz, New York     10  min.

Elite Capture: Discover the Globalists' Secret Weapon for Global Domination      24   min.


Freedom Lawyers Mobilize To Save America: Let's Go Brandon Rally In Florida, April 1st      14    min.


Mel & Pharma Analyst Whistleblower Karen Kingston On Medical Killing Fields & Transhumanism 2-16-22     78   min.


My interview with Dr. Byram Bridle      143    min.

Shockwave Warnings Of Hemorrhagic Fever Coming To The United States     21   min.

Trudeau's Dark Pedophilia Network Exposed: Human Trafficking, Sex Crimes, And Pedophilia    18   min.

Project Veritas Drops Bombshell: Biden Admin Plots to Enslave America With Mandatory Vaxx    16  min.

Tyrants Cook Protestors Alive Downunder: Laser Microwaves Deployed On Anti-Globalist Crusaders    8   min.     2/17

Headed for a Digital Concentration Camp -Catherine Austin Fitts    

The most realistic humanoid robot in the world | What can Ameca do?      5  min.

Ep. 1705 Spygate Erupts! - The Dan Bongino Show      48    min.

Doctor Calls Out Fellow Physicians for Being Complicit in State Sanctioned Murder for Covid Mandates       12    min.    

Baby Murder Protocol: Infants Separated From Parents, Given Remdesivir By Medical Industrial Complex     13    min.

Canada's Final Stand To Defeat Communists: Trudeau Arrests Truckers At Canadian/US Border       9    min.

Super Bowl "not black enough" for the BLM Mob? and HIV- Covid Vaccine Further explained          15    min.        2/16

Pfizer's Israeli Covenant, Whistleblower: "It's Time To Burn Pfizer To The Ground"         7    min.


Legalized Murder In Florida: Will DeSantis Veto HB7021 Which Protects Killer Hospitals      10   min.

Is Nuclear War Between Russia and the US Imminent? Joel Skousen Reports

Geoengineering Expert Dane Wigington Lays Out Shocking New Details of Globalist Weather Control Program            2/14


Cancer Exploding in the Boosted     22   min.

Australia’s BIGGEST convoy descends on the capital       2   min.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 12, 2022, ( Dane Wigington )     61   min.

Justin Trudeau Threatens To Destroy Canadian Lives If They Protest       6   min.        

Spontaneous Abortions Skyrocket: Genocidal Demons Focus On Global Depopulation     8  min.

Unveiling The Mask Of Tyranny: Mask Pushing Nazis Must Be Held Accountable For Damage     13    min.     2/12

Pfizer Suppresses Explosive Information         7    min.         6   min.

We Were Warned about Computer Driven Self-Fulfilling Prophecies    59   min.

Author of Confessions of an Illuminati Explains Transhumanism and the Threat of Nuclear War    42  min.

Urgent: Call To Action! All Americans Must Demand A Re-Hearing Immediately       20    min.

Globalists suddenly REMOVE Covid Restrictions! What’s their real Agenda? DeAnna Deep Dives     11  min.

Mel K & Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch On Weather Warfare & The NWO Agenda 2-10-22      36   min.

Covidland: The Mask       84    min.

COVIDLAND: The Lockdown World Premiere Free over 4.5 million views since October 4th                   2/11

Perth mum and daughter's dramatic cafe arrest    1  min.

Convoy Reaches Critical Moment in Canada     50   min.

Police officer Nick Motycka went viral for vid saying politicians using Ottawa cops as ‘hired goons’    13   min.

Gab Marketplace Launched: Christian Free Marketplace To Replace Demonic Regime       10    min.

Biotech Analyst Issues 5G Warning: Biden DHS Actively Working To Subvert Talk About 5G     10   min

Former Pfizer QC Chemist Exposes Big Pharma's Deadly Experiments on the Public    42    min.

Main Trends of the Future | What the World Will Be Like in 10 Years | Science and Technology    9   min.

Australians Truckers Fighting For Return To Normalcy      6   min.

Trudeau Deploys Globalist Police Force Against Historic Peaceful Protest      4  min.

Dr. Mike Yeadon - Ex-Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Exposes Deadly Vax Lots for Nuremberg 2.0       78    min.      2/10

Censored in the West: Watch Vladimir Putin Threaten Nuclear War in Europe     23      min.

Adam Soos predicted Kenney's next vaxx mandate move on Buck Sexton     8    min.

Trudeau Viciously Heckled In Parliament For Refusing To Relinquish His COVID Tyranny       12   min.

HONK HONK! Truckers Can Triumph, Freedom Fighters Ignite Worldwide Non-Compliance      24   min.

Anti-God BLM Targets Small Business, Fascist-Terror Groups Deployed By Communist        8   min. 

Border Patrol Captures Demon Possessed Child Trafficker At Southern Border     4   min.

Covid frontline doctor Dr. Ben Marble as he shares his facts on how deadly the vax that he calls "poison" is - and how it plays into the population control agenda       10   min.     2/9


Bioweapon Bonanza: Moderna Gets Full FDA Approval for SPIKEVAX     24    min.


Proof: Major Damage To Kids: Intentional Physical And Psychological Destruction      11   min.       2/8

Trudeau’s half-brother speaks out: Time to step down, Justin      59    min.

Dr. Judy Mikovits tells Dr. Steve Hotze: Fauci is chief perpetrator of plagues of corruption     48   min

Pierre Kory: 'Our Medical System Failed; Its a Corrupt System' | CLIP          10   min.

People Magazine's Aaron Parsley retracted not ONE but FOUR false claims about Project Veritas       10   min.      2/7

Novavax Joins the Bioweapon Lineup But Two Doctors Are Ready       17   min.

14 Year RN: Vaxx Killing Many, Nurse: Massive Surge In Late-Term Miscarriages      14   min.

Dr. Peter McCullough Responds To Rogan Controversy And Destroys Establishment COVID Vaxx Disinfo     65   min.    2/5

Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer: ‘Biden is Compromised’ [VIDEO]       45   min.

Air Travel Is Russian Roulette: Pilots At Risk, Flying Public In Imminent Danger     13   min.

Steel Truth: Ann Vandersteel ft. Dr. Karladine Graves & Mel K      65   min.

LIVE From the DC Gulags: Political Prisoners Go On Hunger Strike, Demand Action     16     min.

Mel K & Dr. Kelli Ward On Saving America, Arizona Audit & Election Integrity 2-3-22      32   min.

LIVE From the DC Gulags: Political Prisoners Go On Hunger Strike, Demand Action        14    min.

Attorney Tom Renz has More Incredible DoD Whistleblower Data and Bombshell Fraud Info      59    min.

Forget Impeachment, Indict Biden: Chinese Communist Assets & Criminal In White House      10     min.

Dr. Ardis: Exposing Lies… Are There Really Variants?!       55 min

Military Vax Data Rocks DC: Catastrophic Injury Toll Exposed At Sen. Johnson Hearing     13   min.             2/4

China May Harvest Top Athletes’ DNA at Olympics      6  min.

Massive Invasion Of U.S.: Exclusive Footage Of Military Invasion On Southern Border       11   min.      2/3

5G Powered Graphene Based Nano-Tech in the Pfizer Vaccine     4   min.

The Dr. Hotze Report: Dr. Steve Hotze ft. Dr. Judy Mikovits      48    min.

BREAKING: Klaus Schwab Agent In Control of Trudeau Canadian Lockdown      22  min.

Biden Admin Wipes Away All Civil, Constitutional, And Human Rights In American Hospitals     10  min.

If Texas Falls, The U.S. Is Done: Poll: West Leads Abbott By 5.5 Points In TX Race For Governor     18   min.    

FBI chief: China’s threat ‘more brazen’ than ever; COVID cases mount among Olympic athletes, staff     22   min

"Obscene, Absurd, Illogical,and Non Scientific" Doctor Describes Failed National COVID Policy 7 min.     

Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine  3 min.                                      2/2

Debunking media lies about the truckers' Freedom Convoy in Ottawa     7   min.


Border Blockade: Truckers shut down Canada-U.S. border in solidarity with Freedom Convoy   8   min. 

China's strict rules limit holiday gatherings; China angered over meeting of US, Taiwan VP     24   min.       2/1

John O-Looney - Funeral Home Whistleblower - Most Deaths are Vaccine Deaths     72   min

Hardest Hitting Moments from Ron Johnson's January 2022 Covid Panel     57  min.



Mel K & Warrior Lawyer Tom Renz On Shocking Vax Horrors Data To Senator Johnson Committee     45   min.      1/31 

The Evil Transhumanism Agenda of Klaus Schwab & Doctor Yuval Noah Harari     2  min.

Military Decimation By The Numbers: Hundreds of Thousands Permanently Disabled and Dead     19   min.

Watch President Barack Obama endorse the writing and work of Dr. Yuval Noah Harari       5    min.

Embalmers Discover Horror: Dr. Ruby Exclusive: Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clots          10   min.

"FDA approved the 1st electronic pill, sends a signal whether you took the tablet." - Pfizer CEO      4   min.       1/29

Incriminating Evidence Vaxxed Are Making Pandemic Worse     40   min.

See the Video of Klaus Schwab Admitting Great Reset World Domination Plan      9    min.

Fauci Caught Paying Off Doctors To Cover Up Wuhan Lab Leak       12   min.

Frontline Nurses Take Stand: Hero RN's Rescuing Captives Being Held For Execution    13   min.

Klaus Schwab's Social Contract: Vaccinate, Dominate, Crush & Exterminate "Useless Eaters"      11  min.     1/28

Biden Admin Launches Proxy War     4   min.

IS 5G THE ENEMY?    43   min.

Australia Police THREATEN jail unless Avi Yemini REMOVES this video    8   min.

Nobody Talking About Dead Pilots: Military Command, Media, Airline Execs Ignoring Air Terror     11   min.

Medical Treason Killing Soldiers: Intentional Harm, Death carried Out By Military Command      14  min.

FDA Broke Pfizer's EUA Shield: Liability Protection Gone, Time To Bring Down The Gavel     10   min.

Is China buying control in Latin America?; US to Retrieve Crashed Jet in South China Sea       16    min.

How The Professional Managerial Class SERVES Capitalism While Virtue Signaling Progressivism    11   min.        1/27

Dr. Reveals How Toxic Drug Was Approved For Treating COVID    4   min.

Vax Victims Overflow Morgues: Bodies Fill Morgues, Overflow Into Refrigerated Trailers      12   min.

Doctor Brought To Tears As He Recounts Watching His Patients Die When He Wasn's Allowed To Treat Them     3   min.

Dr. Provides Evidence That Black Males Are At HIgher Risk For COVID Vaccine Damage     3   min.

DOD and Fauci Caught In Massive Scandal Hiding Death And Damage From COVID Vaccines      17   min.

Biden State Department Claims 'Collapse of Western Civilization' is Russian Disinfo      5   min.

Explosive Del Bigtree Interview Lays Down Path To Victory        42   min. 

Huawei pays White House lobbyist $1M: Document; Film depicts China's rights abuses on big screen     26   min.    1/26

Why is Covid-19 Vaccination of Children an Unforgivable Sin       4  min.     

Fix 2020 - Not Just A Hashtag: Lindell's Efforts Rid Several Counties of Shady Voting Machines      14   min.

EXCLUSIVE: Quiner Doc Speaks Out, "The Most Malnourished Patient I've Ever Seen"      13   min.

Taiwan reports largest Chinese incursion in months; Australian leader's WeChat account taken over       22    min.    1/25

UK It's over.    9 min.     

Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine      3  min.

States Have Power to Crush CCP: Communist Takeover Can Be Stopped By State Executives    15   min.

No Vax? Get Taxed: Globalist Plans To Tax The Unvaccinated Starts Test Run In Quebec      10   min.

Coronavirus whistleblower - NYC nurse claims hospitals are killing patients   10   min.


The Darpa Docs We Haven't Seen: Documents - Covid is Purposefully Engineered Bioweapon

America's Food Supply Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles

The Plan to Tag Us for the New World Order Slave System- Interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Unmasked: Fauci's Death Funnel, Proof: Fauci Funded, Continues to Fund Gain of Function Research                1/21

Karen Kingston PROOF the Vaccines were Created to KILL Children!!!  part 2     39   min.

Drugged & Vaxxed Against Will: Hospital Holds 33 Year Old Paramedic Hostage     24   min.

Exclusive: First Look At Child Jab Plus Evil Monoclonal Antibody Secrets Exposed       19   min.     

How China could weaponize the Metaverse; China won't sell Olympics tickets publicly | China in Focus         15    min.         1/20

Most Of the Planet Must Die For The NWO      42   min.

The Truth About VAERS- Will We Ever Know The True Damage Of The Vaccine       11    min.   

Study: China’s real virus deaths may be 1.7 million; Report reveals Fauci’s China investments     24   min.

The Globalist Engineered Population Collapse has Entered A New Phase of Permanent Injections       52    min.


China's Covid Lockdowns Are INSANE    8  min.

Children Trained To Comply To Mark-of-the-Beast Tracking System    4    min.

Receipts: Hospitals Paid to Kill- Providers Incentivized By Feds to Murder Covid Patients      7    min.

Docs Tried to Kill Unvaxxed, Could Face Criminal Charges: Sheriff Must Decide     18  min.



Proof: Docs Know They're Killing: Fauci's Deadly Remdesivir Had 50% Kill Rate in Ebola Trial       11    min.      1/18

Breaking Bombshell: Democrats Vote For Imprisoning Unvaccinated and Taking Their Children      22     min.

VIDEO: Netherlands PM Exposed for Lying About Praising Klaus Schwab's Great Reset Takeover Plan       14   min.

'Extreme surveillance of everyone': Bob Gourley on China's investment in the metaverse           25    min.

DARPA Whistleblower Confirms Pentagon Rejected Fauci's Plan to Release Engineered COVID Pandemic       32  min.         1/17

COVID-19: FOLLOWING THE MONEY      32    min.

Xi Jinping’s MASTER PLAN for Domination       9    min.

Bank Conspiracy of 1860 culminates in GLOBAL GENOCIDE      56    min.

How to win the war against tryanny - Dr Joseph Mercola     73   min.

Kirsch: 379,000 Dead from Jab, Deadly Bioweapon Covid Shots Killing Masses     19    min.

Dr. Robert Malone: “We’ve got an approved narrative dumpster fire… it´s collapsing”    5    min.

Mel K & Justice Warrior Jovan Pulitzer On Election Fraud, Patent Insanity & Saving America      38   min.      1/15

The Decay of America    11   min.

Vaccine Compilation and Pfizer Is Lucifer?     6    min.

Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up of The Vegas Mass Shooting     136   min.

Xi’an resident feeling desperate in tight lockdown; Lithuania: Europe should stand up to China      23  min.    1/14

Biden Regime Prepares For War Against Americans    6    min.

Dr. Mike Yeadon | Session 86: The Fog Is Lifting    132   min.

Update On Australia’s COVID Tyranny: Will Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Be Competing In The Australian Open?     20    min.

Paul Schreyer: Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era?     63   min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Worldwide PCR Fraud, Blood Cell Death & Staying Healthy     12   min.    1/13

USA Today Caught Glamorizing Pedophilia Before Deleting Tweet      10    min.

Caught: Military Medical Cover-Up Whistleblower DOD With Vax Records      17     min.

Injectable Microchip Trackers: Vindicated Again: Tracking System "Will Be Used"      9    min.

Breaking: Epstein & Maxwell Are Israeli Spies, Planned Bioweapon Shots, Says Doctor     9    min.          1/12

5 Lies China Told the World     14   min.

U.S. Tyrants Push Covid Internment Camps      4 min.

Tommy Robinson a Member Of My Team ARRESTED!!!!   14   min.


Beyond The Great Reset      8    min.

China Rising: ‘Tremble and obey’, Xi Jinping’s ‘era of biding time’ is over (Part 1) 

New Details: Deadliest Vax Lots: Vial Went to All 50 States Still on Circulation     7   min.      1/11

Discover The Transhumanist Death Cult That Rules The Earth      11   min.

Clarence Thomas Warns The World: COVID VAX MAY BE DANGEROUS       10   min.


Cali Gas vs Texas Gas on the Same Day      1   min.

COVID PITCH MEETING       4    min.

'Definitely too risky': Christopher Balding on investing in China heading into 2022       24   min 

14-Year-Old Israeli American Girl Dies from COVID Vaccine - Makes a Video of Her Story Five Days Before Her Death     14    min.      1/9

Dr. Malone: The Great Reset is Being Deployed!    2    min.

"Grandpa Savage" Shocks Trannies Pushing LGBTQ Agenda & other HIGHLIGHTS     5    min.

Trump’s Jab Pushing Explained & weekly roundup: Special Report    5  min.

Evidence of Self Assembling Nano Circuitry in the Pfizer Vaccine      5  min.

Bioweapon Genie: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Warn Humanity About Killer Inoculations


GETTR Is DEAD      10    min.

Mel K & Dr. Bryan Ardis On The Truths Of Covid, Masking & Mass Formation Psychosis      49   min.

GETTR Uses Twitter Censorship Tactics, Globalist Funded Platform Bans America First Accounts      12   min.

Taiwan's army simulates urban warfare confrontation; Indonesia bans coal exports, China to suffer        24    min.      1/7

China Is Tracking You Online. Yes, You.      15    min.

Gaddafi Warned The World Of COVID During 2009 UN Speech     6      min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Imposters, Fake Variants, & Mystery Bioweapon Batches     10   min.

Army Doctor Blows the Whistle On Government Covid Crimes        42   min.

Military Insider Exposes Federal Involvement In Overseeing January 6th False Flag      37    min.      1/6

ARRESTED, Held Without Bail: Vaccine Police Founder LIVE CALL From Jail!     7  min.

Fox Censors Reporter For Calling Fauci 'Dr. Mengele'        3   min.

The Rising Up Down Under: Aussies Set Fires In Wide-Scale Revolt Against Tyranny       8    min. 

Taiwan buys Lithuanian rum that Beijing blocked; China announces plans to upgrade nuclear weapons      25   min.     1/5

BREAKING: Deadly Vax Lot Numbers IDENTIFIED, Still in Circulation!     14   min.

China Rising: ‘Tremble and obey’, Xi Jinping’s ‘era of biding time’ is over (Part 1)   51   min.

Strict lockdowns in China's Xi'an hit day 12; Tesla opens store in controversial Xinjiang region      22  min.   1/4

Mass Formation Psychosis - How They Created Supporters for Medical Tyranny     54   min.

Dr. Robert Malone Visits Infowars After Being Banned By Twitter Bombshell Interview       75   min.

Dr. Peter McCullough Live In Studio & More - “This is a Test of Scientific Integrity” Must See Comprehensive Data Transparency     97   min.

Mel K & Scientist Mike L on Hidden Science, Mass Mind Manipulation and 5G (Pt 2)    99    min.

Second call to WHO: Please, don't vaccinate against Omicron.      15    min.    

Top Pathologist Confirms COVID Vaccine Attacks The Heart  

Seven dilemmas facing the Chinese economy; Is China becoming more isolated?        24   min    1/3

WATCH: Bombshell Video That Got Dr. Malone Kicked Off Twitter    11   min.

IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE: The COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing People!      4    min. 

Officials Insisted The Vaccine Prevented Infection And Transmission        11   min.

CENSORED: Dr. Robert Malone Says The Solution To Covid Is Political, Not Scientific     5    min.

The True Covid Stats Kill The CDC Narrative

China Has a New AI Prosecutor and It's 97% Accurate!     13   min.

Report: Spy cameras, blackmail rampant in China; Japan issues arrest warrant for Chinese national        23    min.

Whistleblower: Canadian Bank Rejected Mortgage Loan Because Applicant Was Conservative    5 min.

Mel K & Scientist Mike L on Hidden Science, Mass Mind Manipulation and 5G (Pt 1) 12-30-21      87    min.

Convicted Harvard Scientist Paid by ChiComs Behind Genetic Nanotech in COVID Shots      55   min.                    12/31   




This Week with DrT - Dr Daniel Nagase      48   min.

Woman politely asks a pharmacist to show her the Moderna safety insert. When he realises it’s blank, his reaction is truly powerful       5   min.     12/30

VIDEO: Johns Hopkins Professor Sounds Alarm On Medical Martial Law     11  min.

BOMBSHELL: 20 Million Americans Sick From COVID Vax    41   min.

Salad Shots: Mad Scientists Plan to Put MRNA Vaccines in Food     5    min.


New VAERS Report Admits COVID Vaccine Is The Deadliest Ever        10   min.

Learn How Fauci Gets Away With Murder, Mad Science, And Playing God     11   min.     12/29 

Jim Breuer | Common Sense COVID Comedy     31    min.      12/28

THIS WAR IS SPIRITUAL - Mel K        45    min.

China news 2021 roundup: China's extreme virus control          22   min.

You do have to remember... the 'Vaccines' "KILL MORE THAN ((they)) SAVE..." (Dr. Steve Kirsch)     2   min.

CDC Admits Vaxxed Parents Killing Unvaxxed Kids! The Danger is Real!                                                         12/27

The Vaccine Is A Depopulation Weapon Warns Top Pfizer Scientist     32    min.

Homosexual-Owned Gateway Pundit Is Calling Everybody "Feds"     9   min.

Amendment 1 Goes to SCOTUS: Pivotal Case Will Shape America's Future     12    min.

Immediate Threat to America: National Security Compromised by Forced Injection     19    min.

China's Xi'an city under strict lockdown; Biden signs bill to ban imports from Xinjiang        22    min.

Harvard professor convicted for hiding China ties; China bans Christmas celebrations over COVID       22    min.       12/24

Convicted Harvard Scientist Paid by ChiComs Behind Genetic Nanotech in COVID Shots     55  min.

Viva Frei: January 6 An Orchestrated Event        12   min.

Frank Cavanagh & Nurse Erin: “FREE Jeremy Brown & The 1/6 Political Prisoners NOW.”       78   min.

100 Years of Conspiracy to Destroy American Freedom       9   min.

The Big Fat Omicron Hoax: The Enemy's Demonic Use of Fraud and Deception      12     min.

Martial Law Lockdown: CIA Preparing for Mass Roundup of American Citizens         25    min.

Harvard professor convicted for hiding China ties; China bans Christmas celebrations over COVID      22    min.     12/23


MIND-BLOWING!!! Patrick Byrne Drops Epic Truth Bombs!!!          65   min.

Biden Controlled Generals Call for Martial Law Ahead of Elections          15    min.

Lethal Drug Included In Over The Counter Covid Test Kits     2    min.   

Exclusive: US Air Force Military Whistleblower: "The Plan" - Full Military Purge      17    min.

Jan. 6 Major Entrapment Event And Biggest Scandal In American History       12     min.

Kenosha Remains Ground Zero: Communists Won't Leave Kids Alone       11   min.

The Banking Cartel's School For Judas Goats          5  min.

Dr. Zelenko | Exposing The Satanic Depopulation Agenda!!!                                   12/21



'Destroy the faith of the people': Kerry Gershaneck on Beijing's media warfare | China in Focus       26   min.    12/20

The Hellish Humanitarian Crisis On The Border     4   min.

Glenn Beck on Tucker Carlson Exposes NIH / Moderna Collusion Ahead of COVID Pandemic    20   min.

The Mel K Show Big Pharma Insider Michael L Dig Into the Shocking Pfizer Dump - Boom! 12-17-21      66  min.   

Special Report: Exposing the Post-Human Technological Takeover System        

Catherine Austin Fitts Interview – Global Financial Coup D’état & Technocratic Slavery That Follows                     12/18

Transhumanism Is The Issue Of Our Age - Human 2.0     5   min.

VAERS Data and What it Reveals About COVID Jab Safety- Interview with Jessica Rose, Ph.D.  88  min.

Vaxx-Injured Force Medicated: Medical Mafia Forcing Psych Meds on Vaxx Injured   7   min.

The Mel K Show with Tom Renz      39   min.       

New World Next Year 2022 with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato          34  min.          12/17

How to De-Google - #SolutionsWatch    31    min.

Time to Arrest Covid Tyrants: Notice: Public Officials Are Committing Felony Crimes     11  min.

EXCLUSIVE! Jan 6 Political Prisoner LIVE From DC Jail - Mom Fights VAXX Custody Battle  55  min.

Starbucks apologizes for China store violations; Harvard professor on trial for hiding China ties    19  min.        12/16

The Food Chain Reaction Game      4    min.

mRNA Tech Inventor: The Future of Global Totalitarianism is Here     25   min.

Athletes Collapsing Worldwide: Bioweapon Sends Top Athletes Into Cardiac Arrest      13   min.

Garland's Oath-Breaking Nazis, FBI Just Following Orders, Crushing American Families        13   min.    12/15

CNN Pedophile RIng Exposed       12   min.


NY Supreme Court Justice ‘Both The New York Times And Project Veritas Are Media Organizations'       10   min.

Whitney Webb Interview - Maxwell Trial Facade, Assange Extradition & The "Vaccine Equity" Hypocrisy     67   min.     12/14

COVID-19 Vaccine Causes AIDS Warns Dr. Zelenko       45   min.

End Game: They Want to be Gods, Psychopaths Want to Make Themselves Immortal     13    min.


Industrial Level Mind Control: Globalist Torture of Children Coverups and Depopulation                                                           12/13

Government Murder, FBI Coverups: US Government Involved In Murder of Americans      14   min.

Ask Dr. Jane: Bioweapon Shots Damaging Immunity With Each Booster     11    min.

BOMBSHELL info Ghislaine Maxwell's Deep State Sisters    64   min.       

Covid Prison Camps Not Conspiracy: Aborigines, Healthy Citizens Being Forced Into Confinement       11   min.      12/10

Funeral Director Warns The World Of Vaccine Side Effects        7     min.

Big Tech Takedown Hits Infowars Ahead of IMF Announcing Imminent Collapse      34    min.

Crimes or Cover Up Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie

Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes- Interview with Francis A. Boyle                                12/8

Senator John DeCamp Exposes Elite Pedophiles       79   min.


Deep State Pedophilia: CIA Agents Raped Kids and Covered It Up      7     min.

Murder of Children Begins: First Responders: Audio Rescue of 11 YR Old Collapse After Jab!    10   min.

MSM Frantically Hides How Omicron Is Being Spread By The Injected & Study Finds COVID/5G Correlation              12/7

You Are Being Groomed - A Warning      29   min.

Moderna Patent Uncovers Horror: Nanocensor Contained in Bioweapon      12   min.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Special Report: Exposing the Great Reset Power Structure     44    min.

mRNA inventor stands with Abp. Viganò's call for alliance against 'fundamentally evil' COVID tyranny     6    min.

German Doctor Murdered Hours After Exposing Graphine Hydroxide In Vaccines - Watch The Video Here    30    min.

The Black Magic of Philanthropy ft. Gates, Clintons, Abramovic, Gaga, W.H.O +more                                                     12/4

US Government Agent Testing: Biological, Chemical Agents Making Thousands Sick    13   min.

Whistleblower Doctor MURDERED After Exposing Graphene Oxide in Bioweapon Shots!    7   min.

EMT Warns He’s Responding To Huge Increase of Strange Symptoms     28   min.

InfoWars Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On Covid Tyranny     35   min.

U.S. Army Intel Analyst Issues Serious Warning: America Facing "Color Revolution"           12/3

This Week with Dr. T - Special Guest Dr. David Martin   50   min

US Medical Establishment Dead: Doctors Have Killed Many Patients That Could Have Lived     15   min.

Whistleblower: Researchers Are Hiding Studies That Show mRNA Vaccine Link To Heart Attacks       5   min.

Fauci's Dead Babies and Mass Graves From the Past     3   min

Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet                 12/2

Writing A New Narrative — “Solutions Watch” with James Corbett      34   min.

Docs Organize Child Trafficking: Hospitals Target Kids, Force Transgenderism        12   min.

Young Lawyer Targets Soros: Witzke Files Most Profoundly Impactful Lawsuit In Years    9   min.

Exclusive: Trump Chief 1-on-1: Part Two: 2020 Election Covid-19, Bioweapon, and China Ties   21   min.

Mass Awakening: Lara Logan says Medical Tyrants Created a Problem That Cannot Be Solved    32   min.

The Out Of Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content    12/1

Graphene Oxide Wireless Network: Bioweapon Shots Contain Wireless Nanosensor     13   min.

Bioweapon Contracts Exposed: Pfizer Making Billions Off EU Tyrannical Mandates      10  min.

Family lost everything: China's forced demolition; Baltic states officials meet Taiwan president     23   min.     11/30

The Ongoing Cover Up of the Global Elite’s Child Sex Blackmail Operation      5   min.

MUST SEE: Omicron Is A Psychological Warfare Operation - 10 Predictions About the Coming Tyranny   

‘Dark Winter’ Video Game Hints at Smallpox Bioattack     4   min.

Covid Is Not Deadly - The Variants Are On Their Way      5   min.

Omicron Variant Signals Next Phase In Globalist Bio Attack       21   min.

Mel K & Pharma Analyst & Whistleblower Karen Kingston On Terrifying AI & Rogue Science       58   min.       11/29

Ask Dr. Jane: PCR Testing Increasingly Dangerous, Useless      15     min.

Ending Covid Nightmare: Thousands of Citizens Push AGs Into Action      9    min.

Emergency! Watch General Flynn Predict Omicron Variant, New Lockdowns, And Controlled Economic Depression        15    min.    11/27

Tucker Carlson Today - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.        52   min.

Bank Account Freeze Planned: World Economic Forum Telegraphs Planned        4    min.

Dr Andy Wakefield: The Scientist Who Tried To Save The World From The Autism Epidemic And Toxic Vaccinations    65    min.

HIGHLIGHTS - Elites Celebrate As They Prepare To Usher In Next Pandemic      5    min.

Special Assignment: The War on Humanity — Biomedical tyranny across the globe      28     min.     

20 Times Increase In Cancer Since COVID Vaccine Introduced      4     min.

Watch How Movies and TV Shows Predicted the COVID Plandemic    4   min.  

China downgrades diplomatic ties with Lithuania; Workers housing collapses in China, kills 4    22    min.

Global Exclusive: General Michael T. Flynn Lays Out Plan To Save America and the World

Breaking Bombshell! Fauci and Gates Admit Covid Vaccine Does Not Work In Shocking Statements             11/26

Lara Logan San Antonio 11-21-21     38   min.

Prison Colony: Aussie's Pummeled by Full-Blown Authoritarian Rule      13    min.

O’Keefe Dissects NYT Inadvertent Error Excuse for Publishing of Veritas Attorney Privileged Docs     9   min.

Global Awakening to Medical Tyranny is Humanity's Last Chance to Safeguard Freedom      16    min.

Anti-White Terrorism: Pedophile black Israelite murders Christians     13   min.

Bioweapon Criminal Assault: Kingston calls for police to arrest San Diego mayor     11  min.

Vaxx + Murder = Dead parents: Medical murder killed mom, vaxx killed dad        13    min.      11/24

The "Monster" Media Created        5   min.

Leftist Marxism Returns For More Hypocrisy        5    min.

BREAKING - Suit To Be Filed Against CNN For Illegally Targeting Children    11  min.

Dr. Stella Immanuel: COVID is completely treatable and nobody needs to die – Brighteon.TV       50   min.

UN Docs Detail Planned Collapse of the Economy and Takeover of the Supply Chain 


Learn How Global Martial Law was Established to Create Corporate Neo-Feudalism Under Big Pharma    34  min.


UN seeks info on missing Chinese tennis star; NBA's Kanter slams CCP over forced organ harvesting    24    min.       11/20

Keep complying, idiots       2   min.

Dr. Malone vs The Delta Variant     2    min.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Australians Rise Up Against Covid Tyranny     21   min.

Freedom Isn't Free - Inside the Resistance       38   min.

US Govt. Signed Secret Treaty with Pfizer- Worldwide Medical Extermination System Now Under Corporate Command     36   min.

With the Support of the Big Banks the CCP Prepares For World Domination     4    min.



Cover-Up of Severe Vaccine Reactions and Fraudulent Clinical Trials Exposed by Whistleblowers                                         11/19

Warning! Whistleblower Nurse Reveals Medical Tracking Code To Be Used To Hunt Anti-Vaxxers     3   min.

The vaccinated are DROPPING DEAD in plain view as Fauci and the media admit total vax FAILURE… while pimping more booster shots for the gullible     90   min.

Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Warning: Vaccine Created Spike Protein is Deadly in the Human Body                              11/16


COMIRNATY CONSPIRACY: Government Caught Lying in Court About Pfizer Approved Shot     9   min.






BREAKING: NASA Doc Lays Out Population Control Plan          50 min.

Billboards Expose Dishonest Media: "Banners for Freedom” Reveal suppressed Vaxx Dangers      7    min.

Military Purge Sparks Draft Conversation: War With China Likely as US Military Depleted      12    min.


EXCLUSIVE: Law Enforcement Sources Confirm Newsom Is Recovering At Home After Mixing COVID Vaccines       20  min.       11/9

Killing The Heart Of A Nation       17    min.

Did Jan. 6 & Ray Epps Expose a Corrupt FBI? | Darren Beattie      81   min.

Indictment Of Russia Gate Conspirators Could Bring Down The Entire Deep State       150   min.

Mel K & America Project Justice Warrior Patrick Byrne On The Controlled Demolition Of USA    35   min     11/8


FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes     6   min.

Mel K Welcomes Professor & The America Project Justice League Member David Clements   47  min.

DURHAM SETS EYES ON CLINTONS: DOJ Closes in on Co-Conspirators    8   min.

The Symbolism Behind Squid Game     8    min.

Nano Particles to Contaminate Entire Food Supply Under Guise of Food Safety     2  min.     11/6


ABSOLUTE SLAVERY: Zero Carbon Agenda Deconstructed       54  min.

UN Announces Plan To Vax Children without Parents consent     10    min.

New Jersey Election Fraud EXPOSED: Numbers Switched After Midnight     9   min.      11/5

Know Thy Enemy       3    min.

West Point Cadet Speaks Out: BANNED From Military, Stands for Freedom    8   min.

Flight Surgeon: "Ground Injected Military Pilots" - Hearing You WON'T See    8   min.

Another Democrat Wins After Suspicious Behavior On Election Night      6  min.

Forcing Injections on Children is a Declaration of War by Globalist Design Ahead of the Great Reset     11/4

Meta - Is Facebook Creating a Soul Trap?      18    min.


US nuclear submarine accident in South China Sea; 32 countries may end GSP trade with China     21  min.

Mel K & Capt. Seth Keshel On The Facts & Truth About Our Elections & The State Of Our Union          31   min.

Putin: Wokeness is Creating Crimes Against Humanity, Same People Who Ran Bolsheviks are Destroying America Today    21  min.   11/3

American Identifies As MEXICAN To Avoid The Vaccine     1   min.

VAERS Reveals DEATH BY LOT NUMBER: Specific States Get Certain Vials        11   min.   

Face The UN G20 Bioweapons Climate Hell!       5     min.

Learn How to Spot Examples of Mind Control Programming       5     min.

'Clash between a brutal dictatorship and a free government': Bradley Thayer on Taiwan's importance      22   min.    11/2

BUSTED: GOP Communist Infiltrators SABOTAGE 2020 Audit in PA      12   min.      11/2

Fascism Rebranded     32   min.

Mel K Welcomes Geopolitical Expert & Author Gary Kah      63   min.

Whistleblower: Google Ushering in "Tecno-Communism", Totalitarian Control      9   min.      11/1

Fauci's Biowarfare Titanic Is Sinking      5   min.

The Breakaway Civilization is Here - Special Report       35    min.

INSANE: Schools Secretly Randomly Testing Kids With NO Symptoms       12    min.

BREAKING: FDA Approves Emergency Use For 5-11 Y/O Kids, Panel PAID by Pfizer       10   min.

EMERGENCY REPORT: Nano Particles to Contaminate Entire Food Supply Under Guise of Food Safety       2   min.

Leaked NATO Document is a Part of a Bigger Luciferian Transhumanist Plan                                                                10/30

Vaxx ANTIDOTE: Creating the REVERSAL of Damage Caused by Jab     11  min.         10/29

Dr. Zelenko Drops ATOMIC BOMB: Where Did the Influenza Go?     12   min.

Pediatric Healthcare Whistleblower: HORRIFIC REALITY We All Expected     13   min.

Medical Bombshell: Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood Creating Clots Under Microscope      50   min.     10/27

China’s Communist Party Crumbles! Factional Infighting Heats Up       12   min.  


Drs. Ardis and McCullough talk about COVID-driven fear in the medical profession – Brighteon.TV       52    min.       10/25

Mel K & Big Pharma insider Michael L On Medical Industrial Complex Breakdown & Exposure 10-21-21      59    min.     10/23

BioTech Analyst: Genetic Code Stolen, Changed With PCR Tests, Shots       17    min.

Doctor: Pulmonary Hemorrhage Killing Newborn Babies of Vaxxed Moms        5   min.

Gas explosion in China shatters city block; First Chinese spy agent extradited to US |China in Focus    20   min.      10/22

MSM Ignores These Mind-Blowing Covid Death Statistics       10    min.

Australian Caller: Things Are Getting Worse Than You Know      6    min.


Chinese Shipping Company Behind LA Port Shutdown           50   min.

Viral Video: Woman "Predicted" Covid Pandemic In 2019, Warned Of Global Tyranny & Vax Mandates     6   min.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Interview        36  min.

Report 261| Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel on The Long Arm of British Empire & How to End it     82   min.      10/21

HERO: Nurse "Smuggles" Ivermectin to Dying Patient, SAVES LIFE!     9   min.

Davos Group Pushes Vaccine Passports To Enforce Global Carbon Taxes      17   min.

Learn the Globalist Bioweapon Release Disaster Plan Before It's Too Late       20    min.                   10/20

World Economic Forum says You Will Need to Provide Blood Samples to Travel         13   min.

RECEIPTS: Patents Expose "Medical Devices" in Jab, Injectable Computing System     14   min.

HIGHLIGHTS - FEMA Staff Exempt From Covid Vax Replacing Nurses Fired For Refusal      3  min.

The AI Organization Founder: "Nano-Tech Vaccines are Extinction Agenda"  

Taiwan Govt Says More Die from COVID-19 Vaccine Than from China Virus        23    min                10/18

Republicans Attack Donald Trump For Fighting Election Fraud    4   min.

Vaccine Protesters In Italy Chant "F#%* Joe Biden"     8    min.

J6 Political Prisoner Exposes Torture, Speaks Out in EXCLUSIVE Tell-All Interview       13    min.

Mel K & Big Pharma Insider Mike L With Breaking News of Plandemic Investigations, Arrests & Energy       65 min.    10/15

KILL SHOT      4    min.

The Demonic Immortal Cell Line Jab       5  min.

You'll Be Wearing Masks For Years Says Scowling Authoritarian        3   min.

Evergrande misses bond payments again; River overflows, drowns 12 Chinese villages    22 min.    10/14

Vaccine Resistance Explodes     4  min.

Technocrat Says Pandemic Won't Be Over Until at Least 2024    1+  min.

Respiratory Therapist Blows Whistle: "I'm Watching People DIE"      15   min.     10/13

Majority Dying Had The Shot   4   min.

Why Are Vaccinated People Getting Cancer After The Jab?       7    min.

WHISTLEBLOWER: LA Port Worker Says Shortages are FAKE!     12    min.

Sources: VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required       13   min.

Dr. Zelenko Calls for Bill Gates and Fauci's Arrest  for War Crimes       

Hospital Whistleblower Warning: Medical Industrial Complex Overwriting Natural Birth Process For Profit   37   min.        10/12

W.H.O. IS TO BLAME?     119   min

Planned Global Cyber Attack     70   min.

Big Tech Stomps On the Graves of "Death Shot" Victims       5  min.

‘Fight of our lifetime’: Grant Newsham on the global impact if China declares war on Taiwan       25    min.     10/11

How psychopath Hancock orchestrated the mass use of the end-of-life drug Midazolam that killed thousands of old people and was called the ‘first wave’ of ‘Covid’ in the spring of 2020   6  min.  10/11

Billy Prempeh For Congress I Thought Black Lives Mattered    2   min.

World Economic Forum 2016 "Access People's Thoughts"     1  min.

The great Reset explain in 5 mins, the new Normal is the pandemic     5  min.


Another border face-off between India, China; Fear over Huawei, explained | China in Focus       18   min.     10/9

HORROR: Exclusive VIDEO Captures "Organism" From Vaxxed Soldier's Body      12   min.

VAXX VIALS Breaking Development: Discs Carry "Mystery Payload"      10    min.

Peter Navarro: "Decertify the Election, Put Trump Back in the White House"       17   min.

Biden remarks on US–China 'Taiwan Agreement'; Chinese whistleblower confesses to Uyghur torture    22  min.    10/8

Pfizer's Inside Man     26   min.

Immortality technology Robots & more | Technology News     10 min.

Newest Robots and Technologies of the Future       36     min.

See the Video of Bill Gates Admitting Depopulation Plans    16  min.

The Big Banks Are Guilty Of Crimes Against Humanity       4   min.

'I started to see patients being harmed:' Canadian doctor reverses support for COVID restrictions     4     min.     10/7

Cardiac Sonographer Blows Whistle: Jabs DEADLY For Young People!     10    min.

Solar Panels Plus Farming? Agrivoltaics Explained   12  min.

Fauci, Bright, and Dazek Caught Wargaming COVID VIrus and mRNA Vaccine Rollout   6  min.

Democrat Whistleblower Alleges 35,000 Fraudulent Votes In Arizona     22    min.

Vaxed Against Their Will: Nurse Whistleblowers Detail COVID Horror Stories       11   min.         10/6

DOD Docs Prove COVID Vaxx Not Safe or Effective     28    min.

Hospital Engineer Kieran Morrissey on what is Next: The Full Uncensored Interview    11  min.

RED ALERT! Pentagon A.I. Confirms COVID Vax Is Soft Kill Weapon    29   min.

German Scientists Show Magnified Images Of Massive Vaccine Damage and Unnatural Contaminants In Vaccines    160    min.     10/5

A WAR FOR THE WORLD    4  min.

The Guilty Will Be Punished!     2    min.

The Vaccines Are 1000% More Deadly Than Covid-19       4    min.

LEAKS: Communists RIGHT NEXT to Trump Colluding With Failing NYTimes        10    min.

$3.5 TRILLION Spent to DESTROY American Small Business       3    min.

Hospitals Are Killing People And Getting Paid To Do It

The Arizona Election Audit Isn’t Going Away And Dems Are Panicked

“LET’S MEET IN THE SKY!”: China Challenges US Air Superiority | China Uncensored      13    min.     10/4

Amazing Polly on Quite Frankly Sept. 28 2021       47     min.

Ask Dr. Jane: "PfizerMectin", Miscarriages, Placebo, Flu Shots, Shedding    15   min.

GA Corruption EXPOSED, RNC Covered Up MAJOR Election Fraud!     14    min.

Dr. Zev Zelenko EXCLUSIVE: Stew Peters 1-on-1 Explosive Interview Exposes COVID Lies!      54    min.

New Evidence of FBI Involvement in the 1/6 Protest -- With Darren Beattie, Who Broke the Story    84   min.     10/1

Arizona AG Launches Official Election Fraud Investigation     15    min.

Whistleblower: 50,000 Medicare Patients Died After Getting COVID Vaccine      30   min.

Matt Gaetz Destroys Milley And Austin Over Deadly Afghanistan Withdraw      5   min.

The Demonic Plan To End Humanity Revealed      42    min.

The Moment an Antifa Member is Charged With Assault With a Deadly Weapon      2  min.       9/30

Alex Jones' Legendary 9/11 Prediction from July 2001      9 min.

Sidney Powell Drops BOMB! Military Can Determine Election Outcomes       15   min.

What's behind the blackouts in China?; Heavy rain, mudslides hit several Chinese provinces     21    min.

NGO Fueled UN Declares War On America          5       min.

Acting on Audit: Fmr Green Beret, Attorney Ivan Raiklin Digs In    18   min.

Haitian Invasion: Border Crisis Escalates, Insurgency Happening NOW!      8     min.

Gov of NY Now Announces New Covid Religion, Says God Orders You to Take Experimental Shot     33   min.       9/29

Thousands Dead In NYC Within 28 Days Of COVID Vaccine        12  min

Interview With Patrick Byrne - Here's What Really Happened In Arizona This Week

Attorney: First-Hand Witness to Medical Tyranny, Saves Life of Father-In-Law    10   min.

From Zulu Warriors to Italian Truck Drivers: Whole World Wakes Up To Tyranny

Nurse Whistleblower: "I'm Watching Them Commit Murder"       17   min.

'The bigger threat is coming from China': Anders Corr on the AUKUS submarine deal | China in Focus     25   min.      9/28

Daszak's SARS Evil Explained         4     min.

Hospital Insiders Reveal Soulless COVID Protocols     28   min.

Riccardo Bosi Calls For Australia To Stand With The People And Deny The Lockdowns!    50  min.

MAXIMUM RED ALERT! Pentagon Confirms Fauci Created and Released COVID-19      59   min        9/27

Marine Officer Exposes Military Mandate: "Illegal, Immoral, Unconstitutional"       15    min.

The Tyranny Is Just Beginning      5   min.

UN Planning Permanent Lockdown, Warns Marc Morano    21   min.

Australia is the New North Korea - SHOCK VIDEO      24   min.

World Robot Expo 2021 in Beijing | Robot panda, robot Einstein, robot surgeons      7   min.

Globalists Declare War on Humanity, Launch Bioweapons, Establish Police State       20    min. 

PART 1:  Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t"           9/25

Vaccine tyranny: Done being silent.     12   min.


A WAR FOR THE WORLD    5   min.


Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay Demands a Halt to Covid-19 Death Shots     23   min.

Evergrande crisis leads to suicide attempts; Polish gene project drops Chinese BGI tech    19    min.         9/24


Epic: Veteran Calls George Bush A war Criminal To His Face       1    min.

Doctor: The Day They Approved a Poison Lethal Injection to be a Vaccine is the Day I Became Antivaxx    45   min.

Warning: Hospitals May Be Vaccinating Patients Without Consent    4   min.

Australia’s New Nuclear Submarines Target China      13   min.

China reports human case of bird flu; Cover-up of post-vaccine deaths in China? | China in Focus       23   min.    9/23

Breaking! Learn The Secret Meaning Of Dr. Anthony Fauci's Name     5   min.

James O'Keefe & HHS Insider Jodi O'Malley discuss Part 1 Facebook/Instagram Removal    10  min.

Mel & Justice Warrior Patrick Byrne On Deep State Exposure, Reconciliation & Saving The USA     71  min.    9/22

Dr. Steve Kirsch bombshell testimony at FDA vaccine hearing      2    min.

Latest Numbers for Vaccine Deaths in the Year 2021 Will Shock and Horrify You     9 min.

Covert COVID War Against Patriotic Americans And Populists Worldwide EXPOSED       25   min.

‘Assume that technology is weaponized against you’:Casey Fleming on the China threat     25   min.

BREAKING: General Milley Committed More Than Just Treason, His Seizure of Nukes was a Military Coup         9/21

The Canadian Mass Grave Hoax      32    min.


The UN Ramps Up Its Invasion        4  min.

Another HUMAN BEING turned into a VEGETABLE by the COVID vaccine     1   min.    


How Hospitals are Killing Us      123        min.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE! Feds NCIC "Terrorist List" EXPOSED!      11   min.

LEAKED Internal Memo CONFIRMS Fox News is Controlled Opposition!     8   min.

Walmart Employee Quits In Most Epic Way Possible     1     min.

Protests Erupt! Could China’s Economy Tank Over Evergrande Collapse?       10   min.        9/19

How Big Pharma Uses Fauci and the Media to Murder Americans      3   min.

Dr. Stephen Guffanti: Big Corporations in Lock-Step to Deny People Access to Ivermectin     28   min.

EXCLUSIVE: Jane Ruby Teams Up With Nashville Star For Vaccine-Warning Music Video       7   min.        9/18

FDA Did Not Give Approval For Pfizer Shot                 12    min.        9/17

Idaho doctor reports a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients       18    min.

General Milley asked to resign over China calls; China labels George Soros 'the son of Satan'       24    min.

VERITAS ATTACKED: $165K STOLEN - DoS posing as “donations” - FBI shuts down school board meeting          9/16

Two Healthcare Insiders at Aegis Living Blow Whistle on Alleged Elder Abuse and Medical Fraud    14  min.

Architect of the COVID-19 Bioattack Calls for Travel Ban for Unvaxxed Americans     17    min.

Major Food Industry Employer- Biden's Tyrannical Vaxx Mandate will be Met with 1776     28   min.

UN Graph Shows Vaccinated Dying En Masse   8   min.

Was Anti-vax Leader Assassinated?       11    min.

China’s Campaign to Divide America | China Uncensored      12   min.

Chinese warships go into US economic zone; Chinese destroyer spotted near Japan | China in Focus     22    min.

VERITAS ATTACKED: $165K STOLEN - DoS posing as “donations” - FBI shuts down school board meeting     5    min.        9/15

20 Years Later The Coroner Confirms What We Said About Shanksville      39  min.

Canada Adopts Chinese Social Credit System       2   min.

VMA’s Continue To Spiral In Satanic Trash Whorishness      5   min

SHOCK STUDY! Vaccinated 27 Times More Likely To Catch COVID     6  min.       9/14

The Doomsday Virus     35    min.

FLASHBACK: 9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover Up Wide Open    10   min. 

US-China tensions may keep rising: analyst; China seeks to challenge US dominance in space        17    min.        9/13

Biden Has Poked the Bear: Robert Barnes Lays Out Plan to Stop Biden's Medical Dictatorship     38    min. 


Dr. Zelenko: The Difference Between Australia and Us is We Have 450 Million Guns in the Hands of Citizens     45   min.       9/11

2011: CLONES AMONG US     22 min.

U.S. Officials Warn Of “Polio Like” Illness Coming In 4 Months      6   min.

Exclusive Arizona Audit Update: Senator Wendy Rogers Says She's Seen Enough To Decertify Elections   12  min.

Zach Vorhies warns of Google's plans to dominate, then DECIMATE humanity            45   min.

Landslides bury houses, residential buildings; US funded virus research in Wuhan: report   21  min.

Australia Officially Joins Dystopian World ID Social Credit Score Control Grid

Physician in Viral School Board Video Joins Infowars to Expose Medical Tyranny's Fake Science    49  min.         9/10

Never Forget How They Lie To Us         3   min.

See the Video of Fauci Admitting to Engineering 'Doomsday Virus' Through Gain-of-Function in 2012    23   min.

Ethics Professor Gives One Final Lesson Before Being Fired For Refusing The Covid Vaccine    6    min.

EXPOSED! FDA, CDC & WHO is hiding this from you? | Dr Paul Marik FLCCC      43   min.

Dr. Robert Young: What's In COVID Shots, WHY Graphene, WHO is Responsible        32     min.

China's Three Gorges Dam hits 23-year high; Gene test linked to Chinese military sold to world      20   min.      9/9

RECEIPTS! Bobby Piton Exposes Stolen Election in 20 Minutes! "Systematic Voter Fraud"  21   min.

Dr Michael McDowell: Full Explanation Of SARSCoV2 BioWeapon Agenda "In response to the vaccine" Pt.1        24   min.

COVID WAS AN INSIDE JOB        21   min.

A View From Inside Quarantine Camps For Healthy People In Australia      33    min.

Black swan visits Beijing's Tiananmen square; Lockdown policy changes spark anger with locals      22    min.   9/8

The Eugenicists WIll Lose      5   min.

Israel Is Shooting It's FOURTH SHOT!!!     14    min.

20th Anniversary Of Tyranny Draws Nigh    4    min.



NYC Is BEING CRUSHED In Order To "Build Back Better"      14    min.  


China Could “Paralyze” Taiwan’s Military     12   min.

Zombies The CRIMATE CLISIS And The DARPA Moderna Mystery Boogaloo      47   min.

CDC Suggests Ivermectin For Afghan Refugees But Not For Americans     3   min.

Federal employees within the Biden Administration are coming forward to Veritas like never before     31  sec.

US money tapped for Pacific undersea cable; Is China still Investment-worthy?      13    min

Nurse Warns America: Unvaccinated Americans Now Being Denied Healthcare!        25   min.

August 28th Emergency Broadcast! SPARS/Operation Lockstep 3 Reports

CHINA ATTACKED AMERICA: Top Chinese Whistleblower Exposes COVID-19 As An Unrestricted Warfare Bioweapon          9/4

The Mark of the Beast Has Arrived       3    min.

Aerial Photos of Covid Concentration Camps Revealed       8  min.

COMMUNISM! TSA Targets Former Green Beret Fighting For Election Integrity!             13    min.

World Health Organization Global Pandemic And ID Predicted in 2010 Lockstep Document     30   min.

Monoclonal Antibodies, Job Mandates - Expert Answers Questions in New Segment "Ask Dr. Jane"       10   min.      9/3

Child Sacrifice: COVID Kidnapping Martial Law Arrives in America     20   min.

Pregnant Nurse Reduced to Tears Over Forced Vaccine        4   min.

FDA Vaccine Official Steps Down Over Political Influence    10   min.

Taliban wants stronger China relations; Local authorities blamed for house collapse | China in Focus        20    min.           9/2

WHO Releases Plan for Global Digital Vaccine Passports Funded by Bill Gates & Rockefeller Foundation       16   min.

Microscopy Expert: Vials Contain Graphene Oxide, Parasites, Stainless Steel         12    min.

China reports 1st Anthrax death in 10 years; US expels students with Chinese military ties    23   min.

Chinese authorities force vaccines on elderly, sick; Heavy rains continue in central China       19  min.           9/1

Vaccine Passport Digital Ponzi Scheme to Lockdown Humanity Exposed      

Pfizer Demanded Military Bases As Collateral on Cost of Vaccine Deaths         3   min.      


Government Claims Climate Change And Gun Rights Are Public Health Crisis      17    min.

Kids Dead After Jab In Australia - Eye Popping Interview With Aussie Veteran   

Documents Prove CDC Hiding Vaccine Deaths and the Bioweapons Being Released On Us                 8/31

Will The FDA Destroy Our Military?      4   min.

Did They Really Just Take Her Child In Chicago?     19   min.

'Could be a major battle': Copley on Beijing's stake in Afghanistan | China in Focus        17   min.     8/30

Australian Citizen Issues Major SOS to the World      41   min.

Chinese Troops Increasing Daily Across West Coast, Reservation Land Usage w/ Kevin Annett     37    min.

DHS Insider Blows Whistle on Int'l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting 'Reasonable Fear' Loophole        17    min.      8/28

Human Sacrifice: Exposing Klaus Schwab's Engineered Failed State Collapse     19    min.     8/27

Documents Prove CDC Hiding Vaccine Deaths      27  min. 

SMOKING GUN: Fauci Admits COVID Vaccines Can Trigger Death     19    min.

Dr. Lee Merritt Exposes COVID-19 Bioweapon Agenda    61    min.

BlackRock: The Company that Owns the World       16   min.

China still main source of fentanyl in US; China already in cyberwar with the US     23   min.          8/26

The FDA broke all their own rules for ‘approval’ of Pfizer jab      22    min.

Whistleblower 45,000 Deaths From Covid Vax Is Closer To 200,000 In A Week      29   min.          8/25

The Brave New Huxley Interview Watchalong       45   min.

(VIRAL VIDEO) Dr. Sean Brooks Warns Vaccinated Will Die Soon!    3   min.

FlashPoint: The Enemy's Plan EXPOSED & UNVEILED! | Dutch Sheets, Mario Murillo and more!     15   min.          8/24

90% of the World’s Money Supply is Fake     1    min.

Tesla’s Fall From Grace in China: A Classic Bait & Switch        15    min.

BRAVE NURSE EXPOSES CDC & FAUCI LIES -- R.N. Nicole        28  min.

AN EVIL AGENDA BY BLOODLINE FAMILIES -- Dr. Christiane Northrup        38    min.               8/23

Doctor Calls for Early Outpatient Treatment over Injections     20   min.

See What COVID Vaccine Does To Your Vital Organs       17   min.

The World Economic Forum's Totally Not Creepy New Idea        4   min.

Former Army Psyops Details COVID Action Plan          25      min..

Veteran Journalist Exposes how Obama is in Control of the Taliban's Real Agenda      28    min.     57   min.     8/21

Locked Down Under! Aussies Warn America: You’re Next!        4   min.

Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin Said Something No Military Leader Should Ever Say     4   min.

China praises Taliban as 'more rational'; Chinese official breaks embezzlement record    21   min.

Julian Assange Exposing Afghan War in 2011 Resurfaces in the Wake of Biden's Pullout Disaster         7    min.     8/20

Coastlines-Under-Attack-Storm-Surges-Artificially-Created     56  min.

Europe Prepares For More Cultural Enrichment      6   min.

China holds military drills near Taiwan; US finds fake vaccination cards from China | China in Focus     24   min.

Robot basketball player | NEURALINK and TESLA news | Nano-copter, bots other technology news      14   min.        8/19

Atlas | Partners in Parkour Latest from Boston Dynamics       1    min.

Inside the lab: How does Atlas work?           5  min.

HIGHLIGHTS - Gen-Z Brags About ‘Glowing Up’ After Leaving For College      5  min.

Breaking: Lt. Col. Shaffer Breaks Down What Really Happened in Afghanistan       18    min.    

Middle East Foreign Policy Expert Breaks Down What Led To Current Situation In Afghanistan    27  min.

See the Quarantine Camps Built to Imprison Healthy People Who Refuse the Covid Injection      18     min.

Watch: Australian Health Minister Announces 24,000 Students Will Be Injected In Stadium Without Parental Supervision                  8/18

All Americans FINALLY Agree On Something! by Mark Dice       6   min.

Emergency Warning Issued By Populist Leader Chris Sky        29   min.

EXCLUSIVE: Medical Doctor Illegally Imprisoned in Florida Hospital Dungeon     21   min.

Biden's Engineered Collapse of Afghanistan Hands Taliban a Major Victory        23   min.  

Amazon suspends 50,000 Chinese sellers; Russia wraps up military exercises in China    25  min.        8/17

American Parents Declare War   5    min.

Afghanistan Falls Biden Fails      5   min.

(VIDEO) ICU NURSE: “You’re being lied to about COVID”      49      min.

They Lied: There Are Implantable Microchips That Can Be Injected With Vaccines       5   min.      8/16

The Early Treatment Revolution         6   min.


South Africa: R*pe Capital of the World         20    min.

Something is Happening at Chernobyl…         11   min.

The Fukushima Disaster - Epidemic of Ghosts        25     min.

REPORT: FDA Issues “Black Box WARNING” to Jabs, SERIOUS Heart Issues Explode in Number         21      min.  

6 US Companies owned by China that you didn’t know about; US China talk Taiwan in high level meeting       14    min.


The Total End of A Free Society      8    min.   

“Hero” Nurses Thrown Under The Bus For Refusing The Vaccine        11     min.

Compilation: Infowars Warned You of Never-Ending Lockdowns        3   min.   

Hidden History: How a Secret Peace Offer Could Have Prevented The Holocaust       11    min.

Lockdowns in China: locals cry for help; Chinese officials seal residents' doors shut        21   min.        8/13

Trust The Science!          46   min   

Whistleblowers Coming Forward In Droves About Deadly Vaccines But Scared To Tell Full Story      20   min.     8/12

BREAKING DISCOVERY! What COVID Injections Do To Your BLOOD! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings!     11   min.      

Dr.SHIVA Slams Tucker, Trump - Exposes GOV'T, Big Tech Censorship   33  min.

BOOM! Vax Passport Company's Horrifying NAZI History    

USA, Inc. Agencies Ground War Disguised as Climate Resiliency ¬¬-- and more   50  min. 

Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!      17    min.          8/11

Attacks Using GAMMA Radiation - Now and On Going      17     min.

 Children are Currency for Demonic Globalist Predators        27      min.

Dr-James-Giordano,-Targeted-Individuals-Surveillance-Neuroweapons,-Directed-Energy-Weapons       5   min.

Deborah Tavares - Local WAR MAPS Disguised as "City Evacuation Zones" after Weather Weapon "Attacks"      23    min.         8/10

America in 2021: Everything is Accelerating....      5   min.

Sanitizing 9/11 And Epstein Is Next!      20    min.

Outraged! Parents Battle School Mask Mandate     19    min.

HIGHLIGHTS - What On Earth Is Luciferase?!      3   min.

Emergency Broadcast: Infrastructure Bill Containing Martial Law Provisions Set To Pass      157   min.       8/9

Us and Them     9   min.

Watch 3D Printed Houses Rise At Incredible Speed         13   min.         8/7

Nuclear threat from South China Sea; Insider: China's planned doping violation | China in Focus      10    min.      8/7

AI robots take off, with Boston Dynamics       16   min.


Biden approves first arms sale to Taiwan; Flood-hit city faces harsh pandemic lockdown       17      min.           8/6

The Cosmic Hoax    83  min.       

Dr. Madej: Pull All Children From Public School NOW!      29   min.

What They Don't Want You To See. Boston Dynamics and AI        15  min.

Medical Whistleblower Reveals Hospitals Are Filled By Vaccine Injured        17     min.

Flooded county asks for disinfectant online; US Navy conducts biggest exercise in 40 years       22   min.       8/5

Patriot Exposes Voter Fraud In Texas        3      min.

LEAKED AUDIO FROM A POLICE BRIEFING IN AUSTRALIA - PREPARATIONS for CHANGE    at least listen to the last 4 minutes     8/4

The best robotics startups | Companies that will change the future        12    min.

How communism killed 80 million in China: Chinese Communist Party at 100 years       9    min.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ~ Interviews Dr. David Martin about Fauci, Moderna, Corruption      43   min.

China’s largest desert flooded by heavy rain; Delta strain spreads, Chinese cities shut down          26    min.            8/3

Brain Chips Receive FDA Approval Transhumanism Is Here     27   min.

Over A Decade Ago They Drilled The Knock On Your Door And Let's Take A Ride In The USA!          21     min.

GLOBAL COVER-UP: THEY'VE MURDERED THOUSANDS - TIME TO SUE FOR TRUTH -- Thomas Renz     38   min.               8/2

HIGHLIGHTS - The Coup That Wasn’t      3   min.

Vaccine Brain Fog Mirrors Symptoms of Dementia         23    min.

What-YOU-Need-to-Know---S-O-S Deborah Tavares         57   min.

The Bohemian Grove Club In Their Own Words Art And Songs       29    min.


AMERICAN GULAG         5    min.

Doctors for Ethics Bring a Halt To Vaccines      17    min.


UN Setting Up Massive Interment Camp System For The Unvaccinated        22    min.

Whistleblower Physical Therapist Warns Hospitals Filled With Sick Vaccinated!       19    min.   

Australian Prime Minister Says Its Your Fault If You Took The Vaccine And Died      5     min.

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Journalist Whitney Webb, on vaxes & the plan & players JULY 2021     60   min.         7/28

NASA Reveals New Mysterious Photos Taken by Hubble!      12     min.

60-foot-bus submerged in central China flood; Survivor recounts       25    min.

Big Tech Is Censoring Official Government Data On The COVID Vaccines     20    min         7/27

HUGE: The Massive Uprising Has Gone Global!       19   min.

Republican Leaders Announce New Lock Down Plan short MD report at 41 min.       47   min.

If you thought DAVOS Was Scary - WATCH THIS Next Level SH*T!!!      12    min.

This is the End          4   min.

NUREMBERG 2.0    5  min.

'China runs the show': Milton Ezrati on the risks of doing business with a communist regime        24   min.       7/26

Wall Street Bribery Mandates Injections        8   min.

New Evidence Is Proof: COVID Jabs Damage Blood Cells        25    min.

VAERS Confirms Covid-19 Injections Causing Massive Death/Side Effects     25  min.  

Filmmaker Who Exposed Muslim Grooming Gangs in UK Silenced by Courts        24    min.   

The Biometric ID Endgame      5   min.   

Vaccine Lawsuit Filed: Insider Blows Whistle on Coverup… Exclusive Attorney Interview      36    min.           7/24

MIT Scientist Exposes Covid-19 Hoax in Bombshell Interview - MUST SEE!      41    min.


Mark Of The Beast System Officially Announced By The U.N.          42   min.

Satanism Has Completely Taken Over the Vatican, Says Illuminati Expert        62   min.

Watch CDC Delete Thousands of COVID Vax Deaths In Real Time           5   min.

This is how Melbourne is NOT surviving its FIFTH lockdown at all           5    min.

The "Wellcome Leap" into Transhumanism - Whitney Webb on The Corbett Report    

OPEN BORDER: Video Shows U.S. Border Patrol Escort Illegal Immigrants From Haiti, West Africa Onto American Soil     2  min.       7/23

Globalist Science 1 - The Takeover After WW2         54   min.

Bill Gates Talked About Bioweapons Being Released Long Before COVID      6  min.

South African Activist Gives Update On Unrest That MSM Won't Cover           23  min.         7/21

Chinese Communist Party versus the free world: Stephen Yates | China in Focus    26   min.

Biden & Kamala Spread Vaccine Misinformation, Should Be Banned From All Social Media, Right?          1    min.      7/20

Tavistock’s Transhumanist Plan To Collapse Society         40     min.

British Scientists Propose Giving Monthly Vaccines To COVID Patients      10    min.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: UNVAXED BLOOD VS. VAXED BLOOD -- Stew Peters         21      min.         7/17

Sewer Plants - Delivering Water to your Town1            41    min.

Modern Climate Change Fear Mongering Exposed By 1970s Global Cooling Crusade      9    min.

All Your Texts Were Already Theirs But Now The Ministry Of Truth Is Stepping It Up!         19    min.       7/16

TOTAL PROOF: Democrats Stole The 2020 Election And Here’s How      10  min.

Tucker obtains whistleblower report on military flying illegal immigrants      5   min.

Proof The COVID Vax is Designed To KILL!      4   min.

South Africa Descends into Chaos - What is Really Happening?        26    min.            7/15

Did the Global Mafia Burn the Town Lytton, BC Down?           26    min.

Documents Reveal 'Vaccine Strike Force' Rural Invasion Plan       27   min.

NWO's Official Announcement By Government Shocks The Planet       30    min.

Nick Fleming Special RVGCR Intel Update 7-12-21        18    min.

Mark Levin gives stark warning to Americans about the Constitution    7  min.

The Real Illuminati And It’s System Exposed    

Chinese channel threatens Japan with nuclear war; China may be behind Cuba's internet censorship    26    min.       7/14

WHAT?! Fauci Partnered With Moderna On Vaccine | Dr. Maria Ryan     55  min.

‘The CCP Has Infiltrated Every Level of American Education’:         25    min.               7/12

Britney Spears, MK-Ultra, and the Destruction of America       5   min.

Watch Doctors Freakout When Confronted With The Facts On Childhood Vaccines        4    min.        7/11

"NOTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN" - Vax Reactions Shock Doctors       10   min.

Water-Wars---Stealing-Water-for-Profit-and-Power        87   min.

Judge Joe Brown Breaks Down Why There Is A War On Men   

Heavy storms whip multiple Chinese cities; China arbitrarily detained American entrepreneur       24   min.        7/9

EXCLUSIVE: Gab Founder Says Trump Handlers Asked Him to Censor Free Speech Site       22   min.     

How Did Alex Jones Predict Door-to-Door Mandatory Injections Under Biden?       23    min.

Chinese firm harvests genetic data from women; White House: US doesn't support Taiwan independence         23     min.       7/8

Shock Video: Democrats Pledge Allegiance to Communism           15     min.

Devastating Video: Bill Gates' Lawyer Calls for Authoritarian Dictatorship        15   min. 

Mystery Solved: Learn Why Saline is Being Substituted for Covid Vaccine       15   min.

Mike Lindell Makes Major Cyber Symposium Announcement     

Global Human Extermination Plan's Second Phase Revealed                                             7/7

Kamala is A F@#! UP         6   min.      

Tenpenny HAMMERS Jabsters! "It's A RACE Against TIME Get Right w/ God!" The Awakening Full Interview      41  min.

Deprogramming Begins! Literal Re-Education Of Trump Supporters Happening Now…Whats Next Camps?        10   min.        7/6

The Final Moves Of The NWO       4   min.

It's meant to be a WARNING...     12   min.          7/5

IMPORTANT 5-MINUTE VIDEO: The Ten Stages of Genocide      5  min.

World Economic Forum Announces Global Corporate Lockdown of Free Speech   20  min.

Lauren Boebert Attacks AOC And Biden In House Floor Speech       3    min.

CNN Head of Strategic Communications to Veritas: "Why do you guys prey on 'junior staffers'?"      2  min.   7/4

FULL INTERVIEW: Doctor Warns The World About Deadly COVID Vaccines      40   min.

Official 2011 Chinese government submission discusses ‘weaponising specific viruses to target races’    17  min.

Tucker: Democrats want to eliminate the suburbs       13     min.

If you still want to get the jab after watching this you are beyond help!       16   min.

Beijing restrictions expand ahead of anniversary; Regions across China suffer severe flooding       22    min.          7/2

The Tragedy of Utopian Thinking       6   min.

Jill Biden Says We Had A Pandemic Ready To Go     5   min.

Man sets fire in front of China's foreign ministry; 'Unprecedented' security control in Beijing       22   min.       6/30

Dangerous 'Superhero Vaccines' Being Pushed as the Future of Humanity        20   min.

Globalist Opposition Labeled 'White Supremacist Terrorism' in UN Directed Shutdown of Free Speech      14     min.

Illegal Electioneering EXPOSED in NYC’s Democratic Mayoral Primary       10  min.  

DELTA VARIANT IS HERE - Be frightened but listen to this woman who has found a solution. & AX MAN    2   min.     6/29

Pelosi and High Ranking General Exposed In January 6th Set Up

General Flynn Warns: False Flags Will Be Used to Cover Election Fraud       14    min.

Smoking Gun Proof That The Covid Pandemic Is A Scam        4    min.

ICRA 2021 - China's Largest Robot Exhibition | Hi-Tech News      10   min.  

What Is "The 2030 Spike?"            4      min.    

Inventor of mRNA Vaccine: No Forced Experimental Shots      20      min.

Interview With Election Audit Specialist Jovan Pulitzer         29   min.

If You Don’t Know Who David Chipman Is You Better Learn Fast        10   min.

John McAfee’s Final Warning To America On The Deep State      6   min.

BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW: Investigative Journalist Exposes FBI Involvement in Capitol Riot                   6/26

NO MASKS. NO VAX. JUST HEALTHY, HAPPY KIDS! -- Leila Centner         36   min.

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Head Bioethicist for Pushing Human Engineering Extermination Plan     40  min.

(Exclusive)Source: Defector Said Virus Was Part of BioWeapon Prog.|Why Biden Search for Virus Origin     19  min.

Pro-democracy newspaper forced to shut after raid; Northeast China enters flood season 1 month early       20    min.     6/24

(Part 1) Can America Rein in China? |Conversation between Simone Gao and Miles Yu    30   min.

(Part2)Strategic Clarity & Tactic Ambiguity about Taiwan | Simone Gao and Miles Yu      33    min.       6/23


CHIEF EXECUTIVE TRAITOR: KING ZUCK -- Ryan Hartwig      42   min.

China spy rumored to defect to US with virus info; Floods strike China's Yangtze river     22   min.

Spike protein is very dangerous, it's cytotoxic (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein)        15   min.      6/22

Nine Year Old Student Calls Out Libeal Bullying At School At PTA Meeting     6  min.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Nick Fuentes Expose January 6 False Flag       220 min.       several good interviews Dr, Steve P. is the last one

Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Injections, Masks & Swabs         42    min.

Are Leaders Being Threatened by the International Public Health Mafia?         42  min.


Medical Doctor Uncovers Connection Between Companies Making Magnetic Injection Particles and PCR Tests       43     min.

Pro Vax Doctor Reveals That COVID Vaccines Can Insert Nano Particles Into The Brain       9   min.

Medical Doctor Uncovers Connection Between Companies Making Magnetic Injection Particles and PCR Tests        41    min.        6/21


The American Gulag: 'We Know Their Plan' With Matt Bracken        32     min.

Local FOX Reporter Exposes Media Cover Up Of Hydroxychloroquine      25   min.

BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW: Investigative Journalist Exposes FBI Involvement in Capitol Riot      42    MIN.       6/18

News Ballot Bluffing Big Time!

HIGHLIGHTS - Dr. Carrie Madej on the covid vaccine deception       5     min.

The Disturbing Microsoft Patent For "Transhumanistic" Microchip Technology - Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny     5   min.

Satanic ceremony by Death Cult at the G7 (2021)       2   min.

(Important). MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: What You MUST KNOW Now! Mannarino       15    min.

(Part2)Strategic Clarity & Tactic Ambiguity about Taiwan | Simone Gao and Miles Yu| Zooming In China     33    min.      6/16

Reported leak at Chinese nuclear plant?; At least 25 killed in huge explosion in China     25   min.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Testifies to Ohio Congress: Protect Medical Freedom        55   min.

Antifa: History and Tactics          55   min.

Fox 26 TV Reporter Ivory Hecker Informs Network LIVE ON AIR She's Blowing The Whistle On Them      1    min.       6/15

The Truth About Transgender Treatment       63     min.      Lauren Southern

Lara Logan: How to Wade Through Disinformation & Fake News          16    min.

State Trooper Flips Pregnant Woman’s Car Over Traffic Stop | ‘This Is Where You Ended Up’       10   min.

WHO Whistleblower: U.N. Org Is A Dictatorship       19    min.

Minneapolis Riots After Wanted Felon Shoots at Cops and Gets Shot Dead | ‘Get Ready for War’         9   min.      6/14

What? 28% of the ballots cast were not counted? #WTF            52     min.

Corbett Report Extra Meet the World Economic Forum         69    min.

[Trailer] Organs on Demand: China’s Transplant Industry          1   min.

Mike Lindell Releases Hack the Vote "Absolutely 9-0"                 27       min.                  6/12

VIDEO: Hero Nurse Stands Up To Corporate Bullying Over Vaccine Mandate 11    min.

The Most Dangerous Men In America Revealed           11  min.

Leaked Security Footage Proves Antifa Started January 6th Violence           19    min.              6/11

Nobel Laureate Warns Covid Vaccine May Lead to 'Neurodegenerative Illness'           12   min.

”You’ll Own Nothing” How Financial Institutions Outbid Buyers To Rent Homes Back To Them             12    min.  

Charlotte Iserbyt - The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America           75    min

"Hell Opened Up "- USS Liberty Survivor Describes False Flag         33 min.                   6/10

America's Fate| Conversation between Simone Gao and Sec.Pompeo |Olympics| Wuhan Lab|Zooming In          32    min.      6/9

Former VP Of Pfizer Says The Government Is Lying and they want a DIGITAL I.D. System In Place      1   min.


Gain of Function Research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology—Dr. Nicole Saphier on Lab Leak Theory     10   min.

Special Investigation: Biden's Illegal Smuggling of Children Blown Wide Open                                                        6/8

537 MURDERED. 55 TONS OF STOLEN GOLD. THIS IS THE STORY OF MH370 - Boyd Anderson      120  min.

Bat Soup - Lab Leaks & Gain of Function Virus Research     57    min.

Report: Vaccine Related Deaths May Rival Recorded Covid-19 Deaths      21   min.

Trudeau Implements Full Scale ChiCom Style Takeover of Canada        16    min.

New trend in China: 'do-nothing' approach; Linkedin blocks some content access in China        24    min.    6/5

MSM Now Promoting Magnetic Vaccines that Take Over Your Body     9    min.

EXCLUSIVE: Learn Who is Behind the Bug Eating Cult         28    min.

Elon Musk Exposed        6    min.

Quarantine Stress Disorder      37 min.  

'OK Boomer' Bernie E-Girl Brags About $2 Million Apartment Paid For by SIMPS      3    min.       6/4

Manufacturing America's Downfall         11    min.

Bombshell! Source Of Magnetic COVID-19 Vaccines Discovered        11   min.

Fauci Emails: Here Are The Most Shocking Revelations        39   min.

Top Humanoid Robots | Robots 2021      8    min.

Elon Musk's factory in Russia | Flying Tesla Roadster | Military Robots | Technology News       11   min.      6/3

China: First human case of H10N3 bird flu; Severe flooding in South China's Guangdong    22  min.     6/2

Doctor Slams Covid Vaccine: 'My Patients Are Not Laboratory Rats To Be Sacrificed in a Global Vaccine Experiment!'          15    min.


HOLY COW! Now AI Can Take You OUT!       15   min.


Full Interview: World Renowned Doctor Blows Lid Off Of COVID    109   min.

Sidney Powell on Trump & Voter Fraud! Memorial Day God & Country Patriot RoundUp        20    min.       6/1

BOMBSHELL: The Secrets of Bill G. and Jeffery E. Are Getting Leaked!      16   min.

Dr. Hotze and the Health Ranger talk covid vaccines, eugenics and the diabolical agenda to injure billions       49   min.

Kyle Bass: Communist China Controls 200 Sq Miles in Texas Next to Major Air Force Base       10     min.

Owen Shroyer Crashes Death Cult Abortion Rally        25   min.

New Film 'DEEP RIG' Proves The 2020 Election Was Stolen        7     min.

Inside Communist China's Plans to Dominate the Middle East—Michael Doran | American Thought Leaders          11       min.      5/31

Doctor Warns Major Health Problems Tied To Jab          43      min.

Watch Alex Jones Predict Globalists Using A Pandemic As Pretext For Lockdown     10     min.    

Monopoly - Follow The Money   45  min. 

Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann TERMINATED Effective Immediately for Leaking Internal Documents       5    min.      5/29

Whitney Webb Explains The Epstein And Gates Relationship You Won't Hear About       79    min.          5/28

Globalist Infighting Grows in the Covid-19 Endgame as Fauci / Gates Burned    25    min.

Did You Know The Devil Is In The Details Of RNA-Sequencing?        12    min.

James O'Keefe Joins Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for Signing of Historic Big Tech Censorship Bill     2     min.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TV Anchor Blows the Whistle on The Left's Takeover of America's News      30      min.        5/27

Operation Warp Speed A TRAP for Democrats to EXTERMINATE themselves!      21    min.   

Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery via vaccines, with "magnetofection" of DNA      41    min.

MindGeek The love of money a Look at the Porn Industry        9   min.

Post-Human Sterilization Product Placement Plan Exposed        11     min.

Nobel Prize Winner Luc Warned You All Over A Year Ago And You Ignored It!         17   min.

Wuhan lab staff sickened before pandemic: report; Ultramarathon: 30% kickback for CCP official? and much more         25   min.        5/26

POWERFUL - Little Girl Stands Up For George Washington And God        2   min. 

Breaking : Discoverer OF HIV Warns COVID Vaccine Could Kill You     12   min.

Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Passport           9     min.

Young Girl Records Video From Hospital Bed After Taking COVID Vaccine        4    min

Censored 2009 Report Featured MD Whistleblower Leaking Plans For Staged Viral Release Triggering UN Takeover / Depopulation   7   min.     5/25

Top Humanoid Robots | Robots 2021         8   min.


Definitely Not a Cult          10    min.

Environmentalist Death Cult Exposed in 2010 show        56   min.

Warning: Collapse of the West is Now Upon Us        13    min.

Epstein BOMBSHELL They Tampered With The Records!!!        19    min.     5/23

Shocking TV Scene Predicts Exact COVID-19 Scenario      8     min.

The Mysterious Death of Dr Fauci’s Most Notable Critic        4    min.

HIGHLIGHTS - Know What’s Inside The Vaccines       5     min.

Biden Laptop Reveals FBI Director Gave $100K to Biden Family Trust       14     min.   

Scientists Discover Anti-Maskers Are Really Good At Science! Uh-oh.        43    min

CDC Cover Up Hiding More Than 1 Million People Will Have Adverse Effects From COVID Vaccine   

NY Officially Launches Orwellian COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Developed In China   

China slams US Navy presence in South China Sea; Australia defense spending highest since Cold War      25    min.        5/21

The Spike Protein Is The Bioweapon, And It Is Found In The Vaccines      11   min.

Jonestown And The Covid Suicide Cult      4   min.

Evidence of Self Spreading Vaccines Being Used For Depopulation

Doctor Warns The World Of Deadly Nanotechnology Inside Covid Vaccines      40  min.

72-story skyscraper shakes for no apparent reason; Apple grants access to customer data in China    26    min.        5/20

Where The AZ Votes Really Went      4   min.

Foreign Intelligence Expert Explains The War In Israel      19      min.

Chinese professor: China won 'biological warfare'; Wuhan virus lab's links to communist party        24    min.

Learn Why Bill Gates is Being Brought Down for Failing China's Takeover    11      min.

The Dangers Of Covering Democrat Riots and Living In Democrat Cities Exposed         15     min.            5/19

The Texas Senate Hearing The National Media Ignored!    16     min

Doctor: Study Proves Deadly Covid-19 Injections 100% Premeditated    30  min.

The Abuse These Women And Their Children Are Suffering Is Horrendous!    21    min.

Texas Just Proved Reality Once Again! What Is YOUR STATE WAITING FOR?     18  min. 

Election Fraud has Already Been Proven by Arizona Recount Says Respected Auditor         30   min.            5/17

The Arizona Experience From The Ground Floor With Pasta Jardula!          32      min.

Dem Operative in Lawsuit Deposition Answer for "Gotcha B*tch" Attack & Their Selective Editing     10   min.

The Magnetic Mark of the Beast       3   min.

The Rise of Anti-Personnel Directed Energy Weapons      33     min.

US Military Ads Push Wokeness While Russians Promote Soldiers    30    min.

280+ Chinese ships reported in Philippine waters; Outcry over Chinese student's puzzling death     23   min.        5/14

Rand Paul Exposes Dr Fauci's Warcrimes In Sentate Hearing     7     min.

This Isn't About A Virus    by A. Polly      51  min.

Leaked speech: China's roadmap to domination; China sanctions US, Canadian officials 

World Awakens to Joint Chicom/Gates Depopulation Operation Through Covid-19 Vaccine Attack          20    min.        5/13

FAUCI GRILLED BY RAND PAUL!!!      22   min.

Evidence of Self Spreading Vaccines Being Used For Depopulation     3    min.

Bill Gates is in Big Trouble: Insiders Admit to Creating Covid-19         30     min.

Doctor Exposes Anti-Human Endgame Behind Latest Vaccine Technology             5/12

The Age Of Bio Terror Beckons         3     min.           

Paper discussing biological warfare of ‘great interest’ to Chinese military: Intelligence chair         11      min.

Cities in China compete for vaccine numbers; Chinese rocket hits the earth at 17,000 mph           20        min.        5/11


Pharmacist Shows Blank COVID 19 Vaccine Insert     22     min.

Paramedic Whistleblower: 'I Am Watching Vaccines Killing People'        8     min. 

Saturday Emergency Report: Fauci Deliberately Released Covid-19 From Wuhan Lab        44      min.        5/10

UT Bioweapons Dept. Study: Do Not Take The Covid Shots         28     min.

G7 says no to China, stands with Taiwan; China suspends economic dialogue with Australia          24    min.        5/8

Monopoly - Follow The Money         45    min.  bitchute back-up in case youtube censors 



Dr. Mercola Predicts More Covid Deaths from Vaccine than Disease Alone      42     min. 

EU, India to combat China Belt and Road Initiative; and more            25    min.

Let the Depositions Begin! Taking the Fight to AFT in a Baseless and Maliciously Filed Lawsuit      2     min.

Rare Aldous Huxley interview from 1958 Predicts The Radicalization of Left And Its's War On Human Freedom        26    min.       5/6

Full Interview - Petr Bystron on EU-Russian relations           22   min.

Philippine minister slams China with expletive; Xi Jinping urges deterrence against the west        21     min.       5/5

The Depopulation Weapon Exposed     5   min.

Meet Carroll Quigley Bill Clinton's mentor and Historian of the Elite             51    min.

Chinese-tied firms received up to $400M US virus relief funds; Beijing mocks India's virus deaths        24   min.       5/4

How Evil Caught the World - Eugenics is Back        43      min.

Canadian agency sent viruses to Wuhan lab: probe; China, Russia sow mistrust in western vaccines        23   min.

LEGAL UPDATE: NYT FORCED by court to ANSWER Veritas's defamation allegations, STUNNING Admissions          9    min.    

Emergency Saturday Broadcast: The Next Phase Of The Great Reset Is Here     198   min.

Doctor Exposes Anti-Human Endgame Behind Latest Vaccine Technology          50   min.

The Pushback | Oracle Films | The Day the World Stood Together #DareToThink                    5/3

Fauci Behind Wuhan COVID-19 Leak - WaPost Reporter Tells Joe Rogan        10    min.

Edward Snowden: "You Don't Realise THESE APPS Are SPYING On You!"            16     min.          4/30

Mom Discovers BLM Brainwashing Anthem On Spotify Christian Children's Playlist        2    min.

There is something 'sinister in the air'      9    min.

China’s soft power has ‘collapsed globally’ due to ‘anger and hysteria’           6    min.

Big Pharma's Rape of all Mankind     4   min.

The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix     5   min.

Australia's $580m military upgrades eye Asia; U.S. commanders: declassify China files      24      min.       4/29

TV Host Says Vaccines Are Euthanization            10   min.

Hollywood Movie Star Exposes Adrenochrome & Child Sex Trafficking             4  min.                 4/28

Green Pass Shock in Copenhagen       13   min.

'Joe Biden's stupidity is now a threat to the West'         7    min.

Juan O Savin - THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS: BIDEN IS A JOKE - Part 1      42   min.

WILL VACCINATED PEOPLE *KILL* THE UNVACCINATED?? -- Juan O Savin, Part 2      44     min.            4/27

DISGUSTING! Lebron James defends a knife-wielding maniac       10    min.               4/26

Perspectives on the Pandemic | "The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine" | Episode 13 Remastered       41     min.

BOOM! Medical Journals Corrupt to the Core!         30     min.


Ominous Border Numbers Pour In        5     min.  

Transhumanism And Population Control From The Horses Mouth!     29    min.

Transhumanism And Tik Toks In 10 Min With Riss Flex!       10    min.

Amazon Drivers Sign OVER THEIR BIOMETRICS And More!     14   min.

Staged Alien Invasion is Ultimate False Flag Warns Dr. Steven Greer       43     min.

Warning! The Fake Alien Invasion Threat is Real!         4    min.

Ann Vandersteel from interviewed by the Health Ranger… hear this powerful voice of TRUTH           39   min. 4/23

Something Strange Is Happening to Women After They Get the Vaxx           7     min.

US defense leaders underscore rising nuclear threats; Xi Jinping slams US allies at economic forum       24   min.       4/22

A Small Number of Psychopaths Control Society         25     min.

James O’keefe Reveals Secret Weapon: DISTRIBUTION BY PROXY!          50     min.      4/21

Annie Jacobsen, "Operation Paperclip"           57     min.

Jay Dyer Reveals The Secrets Of The Light Bearer!           50     min.

Mad Maxine Waters Returns With a New Message          8   min.

Edward Snowden: “The Worst Conspiracies Are In Plain Sight”       19     min.          4/20

SIR - They Are Coming For You         46      min.

The U.S. Is Falling Like Rome               9:50    min              4/19

US Navy Announces New Technology That Can Change The Fabric Of Reality        4    min.

NOT KNOWING **THIS** COULD KILL YOU         16    min.

China’s Plan to Dominate Asia and Then the World         42   min.

Most Published Doctor In His Field Says NIH Total Failure In COVID-19 Response: Allowed Tens Of Thousands Die        20    min.      4/15

China’s Plan to Dominate Asia and Then the World          42   min.

A New Reality Indeed! a talk by Jonathon Salk Let's Watch!        33    min.

China sends largest air incursion into Taiwan; Lawmakers worldwide condemn attack on HK free press         21    min.       4/14

Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where It Leads        15    min.  

You Are Being Watched! Protested Lately? You Have Been Recorded by Russell Brand      18   min.

PROOF: Bill Gates Putting Implantable Chips In Vaccines       50    min.

This Lesson of History CANNOT Be Forgotten 

Dozens Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In The Dark Of Night In Texas         12   min       4/13

The Age Of Walking Mutations Is Upon Us         9    min.

EMERGENCY BROADCAST: SPARS 2025-2028 Is The Blueprint For Total Collapse of Civilization        4/12

Human Smuggler With Baby and Cartel Tatts Confronted At Airport        4   min.

The U.S. Is Falling Like Rome          9     min.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer - EXPOSING FRAUD and Restoring FAITH in Elections     116   min.

The Truth About 'Vaccine Passports' 

U.S. blacklists China supercomputing entities; Chinese media blur western brand logos on TV           24     min.       4/9

8 times more soldiers in Taiwan's military drills; Japan criticizes China over Human Rights       24    min.

Alex Jones Stops Smugglers From Illegally Transporting Children At The Border       5    min.

BREAKING: General Flynn Calls For Investigation Into SPARS Strategic Plan             33     min.    

BREAKING: AL Senate Hopeful Caught in Sordid Affair, Pelosi Renting to Pedophile Connected Group       35    min.     4/8


HIGHLIGHTS - Modern Day Witches           4     min.

Restaurant Patrons Kick COVID Health Officials Out of Restaurant         13   min.

Alex Jones Stops Smugglers From Illegally Transporting Children At The Border          5   min.

Mike Lindell Presents Scientific Proof

New York Supreme Court Judge DENIES NYT 'Motion To Dismiss' In Veritas Defamation Lawsuit              4/7

Scientific Study Reveals Psychological Purpose Behind Bill Gates’ Pink Sweaters          7    min.        4/6

Neuralink | Elon Musk's Neuralink: how it works, criticism           8    min.

China’s Profitable Business of Enslaving Africa | Documentary                  

Pro-Beijing student from Xinjiang revealed as fake; Short-term visitors to Shanghai to be reported       24   min.       4/5

‘Barely cogent’ Joe Biden starring in ‘Weekend at Bidens’: Bernardi from Sky News  AU         7   min.

Viral speech reveals China's shortcut to success; First U.S. ambassador visits Taiwan in 42 years       24    min.      4/1

"It's Worse Than We Thought" | Edward Snowden           11    min.

Ex-CIA Agent Reveals How to End Human Trafficking             81       min.

Financial Expert: Cataclysmic Economic Collapse Planned by Globalists       40   min.

Great Reset: The Leaders Colluding To Make Us Powerless           21   min.

CNN Caught In Shocking Coverup Of Hank Aaron's Death            14     min.

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrants With Envelopes Of Cash Seen At Airport Flying Around US        6    min.      3/31

Super Smart Artificial Intelligence and the Future | A New Era of Artificial Intelligence        9    min.

China’s Profitable Business of Enslaving Africa | Documentary         23    min.

THE GLOBAL SERVICE CORPORATIONS WANT YOU DEAD -- Christopher James      56    min.

Public Health Mafia Eliminating Opposition? Magufuli is not the first!        22    min.                               3/30

Biden Joins The U.N. In Calling For Global Vaccine Passports                 10     min.

Chinese brands take sides over Xinjiang cotton; China bans UK MPs over Uyghur sanctions        23     min.

Border Patrol Insider Reveals Encounters With ILLEGAL ALIEN SEX OFFENDERS Reaches FIVE YEAR HIGH        7   min    3/29

Exclusive: Alex Jones Confronts Skull and Bones On 322      20   min.

Gravitas Plus: The Belt & Road initiative          10   min.

Juan O Savin: THE RULERS OF DARKNESS HATE AMERICA       90     min.

China bans UK MPs over Uyghur sanctions; China: woman protesting H&M stopped by police         23   min.       3/27

7 EU countries summon China ambassadors; U.S. Trade groups: end Uyghur oppression in China  25  min.  3/25


EU rejects China's retaliation over Xinjiang; Japan ramps up defense amid China threat      21   min.      3/24


The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived        6    min.

EU, China impose tit-for-tat sanctions; Expert: outburst hints at Beijing's objective|China in Focus     23      min.        3/23

YouTube Bans Video Of Distinguished Doctor Claiming Ivermectin Is A Miracle Cure            3/22

BREAKING: Pentagon to Make COVID-19 Vaccine Mandatory in July    

Scientists Admit They Create Humanoids / mRNA Causes Cancer        12   min.

Agenda 2035: The Post Human World / Controlled Planetary Collapse          20     min.               3/19

Rockefeller Documents Confirm Vaccines Used to Sterilize Humans      33   min.

Banned On YouTube! Canadian Doctors Speak Out: The Facts About COVID        12    min.

Covid-19 Vaccines Turn Humans Into Virus Making Factories Warns Top Scientist      23    min.

Document released in Trump’s final days reveals ‘crucial’ COVID information         6    min.

Texas Doctor Exposes COVID-19 Vaccine As A Fraud         17   min.

This Information Could Destroy the COVID Hoax Forever         17    min.

US blasts China, North Korea rights abuses; China bans live broadcast of Academy Awards          22   min.

Medical Doctor Exposes Mass Eugenics Extermination Called 'Covid-19 Vaccine'        


Big Bank’s Globalist Death Cult Announce Plans For Global Communism           4     min.

Anthony Fauci Admits Covid Shot is New Technology Being Tested on Humans in Live Time           1  min.          3/15

U.S. Admiral: China could invade Taiwan in 6 years; China cancels film 'Nomadland' over director       22    min.

New Feature-Length Geoengineering Documentary: The Dimming

Submit to the Globalists' Medical Tyranny and Die       19      min.

Alex Jones over the Years Warns of Soft Kill Eugenics Prelude To Mega-Plague & Mass Extermination!      7    min.   

The World's a Dangerous Place        6     min.

The History of the Mafia Proves the New World Order       45    min.

11 States File Motion to Revive Trump-Era Immigration Policy; Lawmakers Call for Keystone XL Revival       54    min.    3/12

Edward Snowden 2021 Will It Be MANDATORY?| It Is HAPPENING NOW!!        10    min.

China pushes Biden to reverse Trump policy; Chinese semiconductor tycoon HSMC collapses         20     min.        3/10

I AM LEGEND Predicted COVID-19 Vaccine Mutations / Death        14    min           

It Happened: Twitter Cancels Lauren Witzke For Saying Pedophiles Are Demonic           25    min.         3/9




Mark of the Beast is Here: Tracking Bracelet Becomes Reality in Israel           29  min                                  3/8

Decoding Davos: The Global Endgame

Warning: Ben Stein Suffers SEVERE Side Effects from COVID Vaccine!      1   minWARNING: VAMPIRE SQUID CRIMINAL BANKS NOW GUTTING AMERICA

BREAKING: FBI Attempts To Recruit Former Green Beret to Infiltrate Oath Keepers, Proudboys [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]       64   min.

U.S. may ease ban on China’s main chipmaker; 50 cent army worker boasts about assisting arrests     22    min.

Climate Lockdowns To Break Us Into New Peasant Class         4   min.     

RETAIL INVESTOR LEAKS TAPE: Merrill Lynch Banker Admits Bank 'Takes Side of Institutional Investors'      10   min.       3/6

Crisis in the Christian Church: A lack of young, single men     45   min.

America is Facing Full Communist Tyranny       37    min.

BREAKING: Fauci And CDC Admit COVID Vaccine A Test, Side Effects And Efficacy Unknown    10  min.

Home Health Nurse Whistleblower: Patients are Dying After Receiving Covid Shots       11    min.

US-China battlefield moves under water: expert; Lockdown measures block sick baby from hospital       21   min.     3/5

Steve Quayle Talks Genetic Mark of the Beast        30   min.

CDC in Collusion with Vaccine Manufacturers (since 2004 at least!)       16    min.

Wuhan's controversial lab studies new deadly virus; Jack Ma loses title of 'China's richest man'      23    min.          3/4

Microsoft Forms Ministry of Truth         6  min.

Creepy Microsoft Cartoon Pushes Vaccines And Travel Passports To Go To School     2  min.

Chinese leader vows not to follow constitutionalism; Japan asks China to stop anal swab testing      20  min.

American Social Credit Score Rollout Has Begun      13     min.

Democrats Confess To Staging Jan 6th Capitol Attack

PSYOP The Steal      84  min.       

Edward Snowden 2021| The Most Vicious Honest 10 Minutes of your LIFE!       10    min.     3/3

World Shocked by Total UK Martial Law     20   min.

Trading Insider Warns a Whole New System of Control is Coming, Must Watch     42  min.

James O’Keefe Announces That Project Veritas Intends To Sue CNN!     1   min.

Gov. Kristi Noem torches Fauci during emotional CPAC speech        25     min.                    3/2

World Economic Forum leads a ‘concerted effort’ for global socialism: Bernardi       6   min.

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria        5   min.

A Powerful Discovery: Volcanoes and Life UW lecture & power point        89  min

Smoking Gun Document: Feds Order Texas to Stand Down Ahead of Energy Crisis     65  min      3/1

Globalist Weather Wars To Crush Humanity        7    min.

Big Pharma Whistleblower Reveals Dangers of Mrna Vaccine        14   min.

Gordon Chang: Will Biden Allow Investment in Companies Tied to China’s Military? | CPAC 2021    17   min.

Sophia the Robot Interviews Neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin on Consciousness          9   min.

China's 2020 grain imports break record; Beijing reacts to Biden's move to cut reliance         20   min.

China responds after conducting anal swab test on U.S. diplomats; Is CCP a trusted partner?     18    min.        2/27

Sophia the Robot's 5th Birthday Surprise           14   min.

1986: The Act- Interview with Andrew Wakefield         59  min. 

First installment of “Brainwashed America” DocuMovie available for FREE to stream     124  min.      2/26

What You Need To Know About GMOs - By Author Jeffrey Smith               6   min.

Leaked Insider Tape Reveals Salesforce’s Plan to Deplatform ‘Broader Range’ of Customers       9   min.      2/25

By God, We'll Have Our Home Again       9   min.  1st 3 min. are a song

Dear Irish People, It’s Time to Wake Up         16   min.


Watch: Joe Biden Pledges Himself to Operation Lockstep's Goal Of Cutting Off US Power        7    min.

Report: Covid-19 Vaccine Found to Cause Neurological Disorders     30  min.

Feelings Don't Care About Your Facts.         19     min.

Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Why He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines      

US State Department responds to warning from China; CCP linked firms may buy more British schools       21   min.     2/24

China pressing Biden to drop Trump policies; CCP reveals casualties in border clash with India   21   min.

Critical Thinking Is Dangerous! Read Less To Learn More! New Research by "Experts!"       27   min.

MEL K: USA SITUATION UPDATE - Part One          77    min.

MEL K: USA & GLOBAL SITUATION UPDATE - Part Two       60   min.

Dr. Carrie Madej The Gene Code Injection – An Experiment On Humanity?         33   min.     2/23

The Invisible Chains Of Lesser Magic      4   min.

ENDGAME NOW! Globalist Purge Imminent              2/22

Why The Power Was Really Turned Off In Texas: The Truth Revealed       10   min.

The Zombie Joe Show Part 3      41   min.

How Joe Biden Is Allowing China To Put The United States In Checkmate         9   min.

The Truth About Bill Gates        6  min.

“Obstetrical Violence”: How women are being traumatized by COVID policies on childbirth        20   min.

US taxpayers fund controversial Wuhan coronavirus lab; Washington's 'bargaining chip' on Beijing        22   min.      2/20

Bill Gates Launches Climate Shutdowns/Takeover of Power Grid Systems             20    min.

Time Mag, Brags Election was "Fortified" by SECRET CABAL!        31   min. 

Trump speaks against Biden's China policy; CCP intervenes in Taiwan-Germany vaccine deal        23    min.     2/19

How living in China changed my view on Trump and US politics: Californian native     27   min.

100,000 doctors & medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccine         4    min. 

58 countries sign declaration against CCP's practice; Trump transformed China policy: adviser       22   min.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Takes ‘Anti-Vax’ Stance in Violation of His Own Platform's New Policy     5  min       2/17

Election Fraud Witnesses Discuss Scandal with "Gateway Pundit" and "100% Fed Up"         35   min.

Netizens missing amid plans to mock CCP leader; US bank investment aids China's military expansion     17  min.     2/16

The Democrats Are Falling Apart         7   min.

The Great Reset is a Eugenics Depopulation Program         20     min.


China just sent a ‘chilling message’ to the rest of the world       9   min.

Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1] - Ghislaine Maxwell's TERRAMAR PROJECT      16   min.

Protesters demand an end to PCR testing at B.C. rally     15   min.

Covid 19 - World-Wide Prison and Murder by Proxy       37   min.

Papers Please! Dem Tyrants Plot Lockdown of Free Florida       100   min.

Robert Barnes: The Entire Impeachment Proceeding Is A Joke, Not A Real Trial        34   min.

The Biden Oligarchs Secretly Running America       45      min.       

RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets  

Can US form new alliance with Europe against China?; Chinese regime recruits foreign spies: expert        24   min.     2/13

Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election?         16   min.

French Leaders Warn The World Of Liberal Americans        11   min.

Investigative Journalist: Communist Chinese Agents Spying on Americans Inside US       32   min.

Maskless Grocery Store Owner Calls for Businesses to Unite Live with Alex Jones        40    min.        2/11

KIDS FOR CASH Documentary with Filmmaker Robert May         50    min.

Radio Frequencies or the Free Energy Solution for Entire Cities - Saith Technologies          2     min.


Police arrest mask-exempt man trying to buy groceries at Fortinos        13   min.

Thought Crimes, Fixed Elections, Massive Military US Buildup... Ending the Madness (1of2)           49    min.

Thought Crimes, Fixed Elections, Massive Military US Buildup... Ending the Madness (2of2)            49     min.          2/10

New Video Points Out How Votes Were Split By Algos In 2020 Election       17   min.

Kubrick and the Hollywood Illuminati       13     min.

Absolute Proof of Election Fraud

SHOCKING ADMISSION: How An Elite Cabal Rigged The 2020 Presidential Election

Biden's son still has ties with China?; 20-yr-old gets 14 yrs jail for posting about Chinese leader         21   min.         2/9

Black Community Enslaved by China CCP with AI: SLAVERY ANYWHERE, IS SLAVERY EVERYWHERE, Cyrus        19     min.      

The Hidden Costs of School Closures—Hadley Manning        32    min.

Thrive_II_-_This_Is_What_It_Takes          151   min. 

Quarantine? Or are these Canadians free? Migrant labourers, cops and more at Toronto's airport       16   min.              2/7

Council on Foreign Relations Declares America Dead      21   min.

CCP's trap led to US deficits: former WH official; $400B missing from China's exchange reserves      21    min.

Max Keiser Lays Out Your Financial Future in Powerful Censored Interview      69   min.

Breaking! Massive Cult of International Child Rapist/Torturers Exposed          21    min.               2/6

Politically Correct Military Madness Will Lead to Defeat       32   min.

Why Elitism Is a Bigger Problem Than Racism—Bob Woodson on Tackling Poverty, Drugs, & Crime        45   min.

CCP jailed billionaire Jack Ma: businessman; Chinese AI giant hit with $1.7 billion loss       21    min.

EXCLUSIVE: BLM Leader Speaks To Infowars’ Owen Shroyer         39   min.

Project Veritas Senior Journalist Christian Hartsock confronts NYT Executive Editor Dean Baquet         1+    min.

Wall Street Insider: Central Banks Shut Down Global Economy to Kill 'Money Velocity' Ahead of Great Reset        39     min.      2/5

The Greater Reset With The Conscious Resistance!        38   min.

Why Elitism Is a Bigger Problem Than Racism—Bob Woodson on Tackling Poverty, Drugs, & Crime       45    min.

WHO team visits controversial Wuhan virus lab; CCP tightens control over social media influencers      20   min.         2/4

What Happened To SARS-1?             14   min.              

Breaking! Biden Plans to Launch 5-Year Covid Lockdown          26   min.

Trump Lawyer: The Globalists Have Declared War on America       29    min.         2/3

China records 5 million fewer cell phone accounts; China issues conflicting holiday travel policies      18   min.

1932, A True History of the United States          101   min.

UK bill allowing for child spies is ‘really quite Orwellian’        7    min.


Hate Groups Down In The USA But The Threat Is So Great Troops WILL STAY IN DC?      14    min.         2/2

America Being Destroyed From Within By Globalist Agents of the Great Reset        4    min.

10 TINY Micro Robots and Nano Drones        15   min.

How Boston Dynamics created the Atlas robot | How is the world's coolest robot built?        6   min.      2/1

Kerry Announces Building Back Better Towards A Great Reset!        33    min.

GAMESTOP PEASANT REVOLT 2021 EXPLAINED: reddit vs. wall street      6    min

More evidence of 'suspicious activity' at the Wuhan Institute of Virology emerges        9   min.       1/30

Transhumanism and the Origins of Technocracy      30   min.

Boogaloo Leader Shocks Alex Jones        26    min.

Oathkeeper Founder Responds to Arrest \ DC is Now Chicom Green Zone      21    min.

Secret Service Fail At Capitol Before Inauguration      30   min.

The Super Creepy China Swab AMA     25   min.

Why Haven’t We Seen Hyperinflation?         22 min.

Electronic Ankle-Bracelets for Everyone in the UK          2    min.            1/29

What is the Great Reset? | Davos Agenda 2021   by the WEF    4   min.

Trapped residents shouting for food; Biden UN pick's China comments draw anger    20   min.

Whistle Stop Cafe's lockdown rebellion: Owner faces fines, sanctions and arrest      22    min.

Victory: Globalist Backed Italian Government Collapses          16      min.       

“They’re Dropping Like Flies” - Nursing Home Nurse Claims Vaccine Death Coverup      7    min       1/28

UPDATE: Nurse who travelled to DC for summit has been FIRED       13   min.

This Is the Racist Past of the Democratic Party They Are Hiding       9   min.

NYT Begs Court to Dismiss Veritas Defamation Lawsuit; Admits Article Inaccuracies Under Oath!        13  min.      1/27

World Now Under U.N. Martial Law As Great Reset Moves Ahead    20  min.

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)       75   min.       1/26

The Inauguration Of The Illuminati       8   min.

Rockefeller Medicine        44   min.              

China Committing Genocide in Xinjiang; Building Authoritarian Bloc—USCIRF’s Gary Bauer, James Carr       48    min.     1/25

CCP's shocking response to Trump's departure; Billionaire resurfaces after mysterious disappearance      20   min. 

Watch: Marines Refuse To Salute Joe Biden             5  min.

Biden Signs Record 30 Executive Orders, Except Not According To Government Website        7    min.          1/23

The Great Reset Explained: Corporate Communism       46    min

Commit REAL ESPIONAGE Get A PARDON! Assange Not So Much      31   min.

Insider: 100x more virus cases than reported; Chinese doctor warns of new virus mutation    22   min.

The Profitable Economics of Big Pharma           15    min.

Joel Skousen: Flee The Cities When "This" Happens        59    min.

Steve Quail: We Are Under Full Scale Communist Siege         45   min.

Patrick Byrne: 'This is a Communist Party Takeover' | Focus Talk       31   min.             1/22

Why do Chinese Billionaires Keep Disappearing?        21   min.


Silicon Valley: History’s Greatest ‘Ponzi Scheme’ (Mini Documentary)          25    min.        1/21

The Great Reset is Murderous Modern Warfare         13    min.

Brother of Antifa Capitol Riot Instigator Exposes Weaponization of Black Americans     30  min.

Busted! ANTIFA Changing Into Trump Gear At The Capital     2  min.

Unplugged- “Viva States’ Rights! Viva Florida via FUAMI!”      64   min.


RETRACTION #330: Bloomberg "Journalist" William Turton's ENDLESS Retraction by Project Veritas        7     min.       1/20

Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 - Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY         70  min.

Mike Lindell RSBN Interview On Election Fraud Banned On YouTube       25   min.

Twitter Senior Executive Vijaya Gadde Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale       7     min.    1/19

ICU nurse: "This is no way to be living"          7    min.

EXCLUSIVE: Police get REVENGE after mother's arrest goes viral        9    min.


THE STORM IS UPON US, THIS IS IT       42    min.

EU May Suspend Covid Vaccine for Triggering Mass Death      10    min.

Lana Del Rey : Chemtrails Over The Country Club Augmented   5   min.

Alex Newman - Biden Presidency Means the End of America         57   min.

The Deep State's Insurrection 'Act'     49  min.

Donald Trump Must Protect the Country or He is Committing Treason w/ General McInerny       1/16

IT Expert: Spy Thermostat In Georgia Was Sending Election      26   min.

Joe Hoft: China Dropped COVID Bomb On The World To Save Their Economy           1/15

Children Brag About and Are Praised for Turning in Their Family Friends and Wrong-Think

PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller Incites Political Violence In Radical Left-Wing Agenda     2 min.      1/13


Who Was Behind The Insurrection At The US      7    min.

Evidence Of A Setup         5  min.

The NWO Gperational  oes O     5  min.

Charlie Ward & Simon Parkes What Happened on January 6, What Happens Next, Trump Prevails    9 min        1/12

 from "Mike" ( Lindell) on the Trump Team it is about to get real    3   min.

This is the most HEARTBREAKING lockdown enforcement video so far           10    min.

Failed False Flag: High Level Military Intel Source: DC Capitol Riot Was Meant To Be Much Larger     9   min.     

Guests: General McInerney, Dr, Zelenko, Mary Fanning, Alan Jones, NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe & Live Reports From D.C. Eyewitnesses       1/11

10th January Update Current News        24    min.

Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward      9  min.

Mel K in an Explosive Interview with Charlie Ward Exposes the Truth NOT TO BE MISSED        58   min.

Joel Skousen Issues Emergency Warnings: Beware of False Flags        30   min.                                            1/10

Jovan Pulitzer Responds to GA Voting Bombshell     6    min.


Facebook CENSORED a sitting President. None of us are safe! by Candace Owens      5    min.

WATCH: Veritas Journalist Captures Exact Moment Judge ORDERS Steel Barriers Come Down In Fulton Co.    2  min.10th January Update Current News

Public Data Shows 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania Election: Data Scientists

More Hacks Where The Ballots Are Being Cast and connected to China!          28   min.                                               1/9

Why Was Capitol Security Loose on Jan 6? Trump Supporters Are Peaceful; GOP May Not Survive          35     min.

13 Ways China Targeted the 2020 Election | Declassified with Gina Shakespeare       9     min.

Nurse whistleblowers to join forces January 6 in D.C.        11   min.

The Blackmail Thing and How It Ties Into the Globalist Plans            39  min.


Watch Live! Trump Lays Out Election Fraud in Epic Speech to Patriots      77   min.        1/7


BOMBSHELL: Jan Morgan Exposes 'Bilderberg' Tom Cotton, Solidifies Arkansas Behind Trump And America         24   min.

Autonomous farm work - enter the robots        1+   min.

Top 5 Most Advanced Army Robots | Tank Robots, Robot Dogs, Unmanned Vehicles | Military Robots        7    min.

20+ The Most Incredible Inventions. Robotics Technology Trends 2020 - 2021

Boston Dynamics' new robot tricks and what's in store for the Atlas, Spot, and Handle robot in 2021?         5     min.

Dr. Corsi DEEP DIVE INTERVIEW 01-04-21: Attorney Ivan Raiklin Explains Trump's Legal Path to Victory         77    min.          1/6

CDC Death Numbers Expose Covid Hoax          15    min.

Sophia the Robot Gives a Glimpse of What's to Come in 2020           2   min.

Dr Corsi SPECIAL BROADCAST 12-28-20 Patrick Byrne on Communist Chinese Interference in 2020 Election              1/5

Smart Contact Lens: The Trillion Dollar Cyborg Revolution          10   min    

Expert: Tech can detect counterfeit ballots in hours, calls to examine all Georgia absentee ballots      48    min.      1/4

The Power of the One Who Counts Votes      11  min.

The FULL Snowden Interview                103    min.

Why Elitism Is a Bigger Problem Than Racism—Bob Woodson on Tackling Poverty, Drugs, & Crime       45    min.        1/1

Arizona FLIPPED for Trump!        8      min.

Biggest Media FAILS of the Year         10    min.

This Is Why Local Government Is So Important!        15   min.

Former Green Beret Lays Out President Trump's Paths To Victory          25     min.

Are DETENTION CENTERS Coming To NYS? Pay Close Attention                    20   min.

NEW YORK STATE MADNESS! What You NEED to KNOW                 28    min.

Revenge Of The Kraken!       51   min.

Powerful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speech On The Scourge Of Big Pharma & the NWO     17   min.            12/31

Covid-1984 And The Agendas To Come with James Perloff            42   min.  

Doctors Around The World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!        28    min.

Meet Bill Gates And The Serial Killer Within          13     min.

NEW YORK STATE MADNESS! What You NEED TO KNOW!          27      min.

A Coup in the Name of a “State of Emergency”!           great example of what to      6   min.        12/30 

George Carlin Warned Us About The COVID Panic Years Ago!        3    min.

I Betrayed the KGB and Lived to Tell the Tale              16   min.

Pro-Vaccine Youtuber Accidentally Exposes Special Vaccines For Black People        4   min. 

Insider In White House Meetings With President Exposes Deep State Traitors In Washington D.C.            12/29

Attention: COVID- Refugees in Florida!!        7    min.

The Lawsuit That Could End Covid-1984 with Dr. Pam Popper             35   min.

Exclusive: Exam Indicates Georgia Tabulating Machine Sent Results to China         25     min.

Former Law Enforcement Officer Was Ignored By GA GOP When He To Report Ballot Tampering        4     min.         12/28

Rockefeller Study Envisages Future Dictatorship Controlled By Elite      8    min.

Learn How COVID-19 Controllers Took Over The World In 2020      20   min.

Exclusive: Gen. Flynn on the Last 4 Years: ‘The American People Saved Me’ | Pt 1        40   min.

Exclusive: Gen. Michael Flynn—Will the American Republic Survive? | Pt 2 | American Thought Leaders      54    min.    12/27

Phill Kline: New Amistad Project Election Lawsuit; $500 Mil to Increase Votes in Dem Strongholds?       35    min.

Dr Corsi NEWS 12-24-20: Patrick Byrne Explains Trump Path To Victory       99     min.

Dr. Francis Boyle Darpa's Biowarfare Weapon Vaccine Will Kill People                                                               12/26

CEO of Biotech Firm Confirms mRNA Vaccine Dangerous Bioweapon         9  min.

The Last American Vagabond And The Technopoly Of Transhumanism And Eugenics In 2020       53    min.

Dr Corsi NEWS 12-23-20 Biden LOSES as States Decertify Biden Fraudulent Win             94     min.                 12/24

The Fight for the Soul of Seattle | A KOMO News Documentary        90   min.

Mike Pence Can Save America On Jan 6 If He Wants To         19     min.

‘This Is a Precipice’—Tracy Beanz on the 2020 Election, Information Warfare, & Draining the Swamp      41    min.      12/23

Jesse Morgan, a whistleblower and USPS subcontractor, says he was suspicious of his cargo load of COMPLETED ballots from New York to Pennsylvania     5    min.

Nurse Thrown Out By Murrieta For Telling The Truth About Vaccines     3   min.

Catherine Austin Fitts –Reset Means Digital Control System     47   min.

This Harvard Professor Lays It All Out PLEASE LISTEN!       21   min.

Witness At Arizona Hearing Offers Bombshell Claims About Dominion      5   min.

2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America?     93   min.                  12/22

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED          5    min.

It Keeps Happening Mark Dice        8   min.

Bill Gertz: Leaked Database Suggests Widespread CCP Infiltration; China Silences Hong Kong Activists       47   min.     12/21

Dissidents in The Age of Vaccines       44    min.

Media Blackout: Moderna's FDA Report Lists 13 Total Deaths, 6 In Vaccine Group, 7 In Placebo          13   min.

The Truth is Coming Out Mark Dice                 5   min.     

Dissidents in The Age of Vaccines        44    min. 

Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study - Interview        42    min.        12/19

Water Futures And The Control Of Everything!      24   min.

Julian Assange Spokeswoman Issues Desperate Plea          35      min.

Georgia whistleblower poll workers fired; Report reveals 6 dimensions of election irregularities  59  min.

Breaking! Nurse Witnesses Hospitals Murder Patients for Covid-19 Money             47    min.                  12/18

China's Secret Weapon Mitch McConnell Betrays America        19    min.

Nurses Just Say NO To COVID Shot          3     min.

Former Overstock CEO: The Chinese Are Using Covid-19 to Take us Out       43  min.

THIS Happened with the Rushed H1N1 Vaccine Pandemrix from the Usual Suspects         21     min.

Whistleblower Debunks Dominion CEO!        29      min.

Bioweapons Treaty Author: COVID vaccine contains HIV         21   min.

"I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS": Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 Senate hearing       10    min.      10/17

Governor Jay Inslee Is Intentionally Sabotaging Small Businesses To Introduce New Taxes      18    min.

MSNBC Admits You Will Still Be COVID Slave After Vaccine        11    min.

COVID Whistleblower Nurse Makes Call To Action For All Nurses To Rise Up      15  min.


Honest Experts Are Trying to Warn You! Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks & More    56   min.      12/16

Breaking: Dominion Software Provider Raided In Austin, TX        9    min.

Gen. Flynn: This is not about President Trump, this is about our Constitution, we want truth | NTD       15      min.

HIV In The Vaccine           5       min.

GOP electors in 5 battleground states cast votes for Trump; Trump announces Barr stepping down | NTD      57      min.         12/15

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated: The Study The CDC Refused To Do -- Interview with Dr. Weiler       48     min.

Florida Nullifies Mandated Insanity!         42      min.

Exclusive: Sidney Powell on 2020 Election Lawsuits, Supreme Court Decision & Gen. Michael Flynn Case      25   min     12/14

‘There’s An Accountability Tidal Wave Coming’—Ali Alexander, National Organizer of ‘Stop the Steal’          37     min.

Dr. Francis Boyle: 'Bioweapon' mRNA Vaccines Violate Nuremburg Ruling Against Nazi Cruelty       32    min.               12/12

PCR Inventor Says Fauci “Not a Scientist”        25     min.

The Gates Reset: Melinda Says “Conspiracy Theories” Killing People          7   min.

Steve Pieczenik: Revolution of Corruption Will Overturn Fraudulent Election         42     min.

Why Vaccine Dropped In Australia: PCR, Junk Science, HIV, AD5 Virus           7    min.             12/12

Whistleblower Nurses Watch Vaccines Kill Babies In Hospital          33     min.

Tony Shaffer on Election Anomalies: Late Night Spikes for Biden; Curated Ballots; USPS Whistleblower       43     min.

SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases          31     min.     12/11

Doctor Explains Why He Prefers Death Over The COVID-19 Vaccine          7   min.

Watch Bill Gates Push Depopulation Agenda Under A Humanitarian Mask       6   min.

Honest Experts Are Trying to Warn You! Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks & More      56    min.

SHOCKING: Jessie Morgan Reveals FBI NOT Interested In Investigating Voter Fraud!       5  min.

China’s Master Plan for World Domination (Mini Documentary)        23    min.

EXPLAIN THIS - Plans to Rebuild WTC-7 Over 1 Year Before It’s Destruction      5   min.

Intelligence Insider: Joe Biden Will Cut A Deal With Trump To Avoid Jail And Deep State Arrests Will Follow      25  min.      12/10

The Great Resistance Is A Conscious One!        40   min.

Richard Grenell: Election Fraud, Nevada Voting Machines & Trump’s 'America First' Diplomatic Success       46   min.     12/9

Update: The Rigged Election Is A Soft Coup       51  min.

Dominion software allows manual vote entry; Georgia poll watcher finds room for fraud during recount    9   min.

VIDEO EVIDENCE: Caught Red Handed, TRUMP WON Georgia | Rudy Giuliani     36    min.

Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse          26   min.

China Gloats Over America's Covid Lockdown Collapse

At least 30,000 ballots scanned numerous times in Dominion machines: contractor witness    30    min.     12/8

CNN reports Smartmatic VOTE FRAUD      3   min.

I Don't Think I Could Have Said It Better Myself!     23   min.

Dr.SHIVA Outlines Statistical Anomalies in Voting Data            7    min.

Poll Worker In Atlanta Caught Scanning Ballots Multiple Times!          9     min.

Exclusive: Military Runs Sting Operation On Deep State Criminals; Will Involve CIA, FBI and DOJ      16  min.

Sean Stone - Follow The Lineage, The New World Order Is The Great Reset, Conspiracy No More    41  min.  

Steve Pieczenik Doubles Down: Trump's Sting Operation Against Deep State Election Fraud Going Well     36  min.    12/7

Hard to Believe Organ Harvesting      54   min

The Profitable Business of Enslaving Third World Countries      12    min.


The truth - John Paul Mac Isaac the Shop owner Who Worked on Hunter Bidens Laptop      3    min.

SPECIAL EDITION RETRACTO #328: Stef Williams EPIC tweet spree retraction!       5  min

Lawsuit Reveals MRNA Vaccines Will Sterilize Women        32    min.

My Nights Spent w/ Antifa & Exposing Their Strategy (Pt.2)       9     min.

EVIDENCE SUPERCUT: Bombshell Michigan Hearing Highlights         16    min.         12/5

The Election Theft Is Coming Unraveled         30    min.

Elections Shanghaied By The Iron Triangle               7+   min.

I Just Had So Much Fun In Mask Land!  followup      7   min.

This is Too Important to Mask or Not to Mask 1       22  min.

Top Scientist Warns Covid-19 Vaccine Road 'To Your Doom'        23    min.

Breaking! Hospital Executive Says 2nd Wave Is A HOAX: 90% of COVID Beds Are Empty  11 min

Gordon Chang: China Election Interference; Paid Propaganda in US Media; China Building DNA Database            41   min.    12/4

Dr. Shiva Breaks Down Forensic Data of Mass Election Fraud     28    min.

“WE GOT IT ALL” ; Colonel Testimony Confirms Overseas Election Data Trafficking        12    min.

5 Examples of Absurd Voting Data in Biden's Favor       4    min.

‘We’re Still Living in the Coup’—Amanda Milius on “The Plot Against the President”; Twitter Ban            41      min.

AZ Hearing Highlights: Dominion Connected to web, Data Points to Fraud, Forensic Exam Can Find Out        53     min.     12/3

#CNNTapes: CNN's Jamie Gangel Details How Network Should Cover Up Trump’s Contested Election Claims   2 min.

#CNNTapes: Vice President of Global Programming Marcus Mabry SLAMS Fox News as Racist And Uninformed  1    min.

Video: Proof of Chinese Meddling in America's Presidential Election Exposed       22     min.         12/2

The Financial Coup D'Etat Hidden Behind _Covid      40   min.

The Republic Is Falling!       watch opening statement 1+ min. 

Technocracy the History and the Great Reset

Slide Show on 2020 Election and Voter Fraud Exposed        46   min

Chinese communist regime has ‘disgraced itself’ for the entire world to see    6  min.

TREASON!? Federal Judge Orders Evidence Of Election Fraud Destroyed                    12/1

Absolute Must Watch! Election Fraud In Michigan Proven      13 min.

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon         68    min.


The Candace Owens Show: Melissa Tate        39   min.

Former CEO Explains How Chinese And Communists Can Hack Our Elections       49   min.         11/30

Dominion VP is Missing        1+   min.

From Lockdown to Rebirth: What is Wuhan like in November 2020?             20    min.    11/29

MEET THE NEW BOSS            11  min.

Dr CORSI DEEP Interview 11-25-20: Robert David Steele - How the 2020 Election Ends in Trump Victory       70   min.      11/27

Republicans Prove Massive Election Fraud By Democrats       21        min.

Democrats Announce Permanent Martial Law / End of The United States        35   min.

Dr Corsi SPECIAL BROADCAST 11-24-20: 2020 Election and Voter Fraud Exposed        46   min.            11/26

Biden's Transition—To Hell!      11   min.

Even The Simpsons Tried To Warn People About It!       8    min.

The Great Reset Is Not A Conspiracy Theory! (And no one likes you, Klaus) by Amazing Polly       50   min.

Joel Skousen: President Trump Must Not Concede Fraudulent Election           28    min.

No property, no privacy: World Economic Forum essay imagines a 2030 communist shift      12   min.

Listen VERY VERY CAREFULLY TO What They Are TELLING YOU! about CV-1984 vaccines           37    min.

Dominion Voting Systems shared office is INCUBATOR for radical left-wing organizations            13   min.  

Dominion: As Shady As They Come            7     min.


4 AM BIDEN BALLOT DROP          17     min.

MORE FRAUD: Psychiatric Hospital Found To Have Largest Number Of Cluster Votes, Reveals Shock Data          12      min.

Breaking: Whistleblower Who Worked As Facebook Fact Checker Reveals Sinister Social media Plan To Accelerate The Great Reset       9    min.

Interview: Whistleblower Nurse at NYC “Epicenter” on Fraud She Recorded        18   min.

James Corbett Explains The Great Reset on The Highwire with Del Bigtree      40   min.

They think you're stupid.   12  min.

Learn Why Trump Knows He’s Already Won And Why Biden Is So Scared       15   min.        11/24

Twitter, Facebook, Google Running Information Warfare      40    min.

America Must Reject The Soros Puppet Joe Biden         10   min.

Friday Questions, and an Election Update         19   min.

Raw Data Confirms in 68 Seconds Tens of Thousands of Votes Switched        18    min.

EMERGENCY! Big Tech, Soros & Gates AUDITING ELECTION & did Mail-In Ballots!!

World Shocked After Elites Admit Covid-19 Great Reset Weapon      27   min.                   11/23

LEGAL STRATEGY: Multiple Pathways To Victory | Rudy Giuliani       36   min.

The Election Theft EXPLAINED In 4 Minutes        4  min.

NY Times Admits Massive Joe Biden Voter Fraud!        14   min.

EMERGENCY! Big Tech, Soros & Gates AUDITING ELECTION & did Mail-In Ballots!!        12    min.    11/21

Laura Loomer Analyzes the 2020 U.S. Election       62    min.

“Drop and Roll” - How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From Donald Trump          3   min.

Dominion Voting paid Georgia Secretary of State $106M; Supreme Court to decide Pennsylvania Election       16   min.

HALF of DOMINION Workforce DELETED their LinkedIn Accounts in last 48 hrs!             1   min.

Video Of Corrupt Dominion Voting Systems That Big Tech Doesn’t Want You To See           16     min.            1/20

Rowan Dean Wears A Nice Suit And Is On Tv Listen To Him!!!                23    min.

Call to Action: All Patriots Must Go To Georgia Now!        18    min.

Tabulator Testimony Shows Precinct Ballots in Wayne County Michigan Might be Counted Twice          17  min.         11/19

UN Announces Biometric Digital ID Wallet           7   min.          11/18

Biden: Senile Grandfather Of Lies             4   min.

Proud Boys Leader: We Fought Off Antifa Terorists for 12 Hrs       26   min.

Agenda 2030 To Dismantle America           5   min.

Joe Biden And The Automation Nation Of Hollowing Out The Middle Class!     49  min.

Must See Video! DC Police Estimate TRUMP March Topped 1 Million         3   min.         11/17

Martin Armstrong – The Reset is Communism       40    min.

Klaus Schwab Bill Gates Justin Trudeu And Joe Biden...Nuff Said!       22   min

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau's pricey 2016 going away party for Joe Biden          6   min.

When You See What This Police Force Hid YOU WILL BE HORRIFIED!        15   min. 

UN Global Authoritarian Lockdown: Concentration Camps Announced in Canada    15  min.

Reports of U.S. Army Raid On Server Farm In Germany That Processed American Votes            11/16

Poll Watcher Comes Forward: Michigan Numbers Don't Add Up      11  min.

TRUMPING BIDEN: Soros, Davos & the Logos            29      min.

Former Antifa Activist Reveals Their True Agenda                39    min.

Trump is Purging the Deep State Says Dr. Steve Pieczenik         40    min.

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems.        11/14

Dominion Voting Software Whistleblower Exposes Voter Fraud      30  min.

The Subversion of America & The US Election         17    min.

CDC Numbers Reveal Dying From Covid Virtually Impossible        12   min

Election Simulation Predicted Much of What We're Seeing—Chuck DeVore        57   min.

President Trump Says He Won North Carolina As Stop The Steal Caravan Heads To Raleigh        2  min.

James Carafano on the International Response to the U.S. Election; the Communist China Threat       23   min.      11/13

Rigged Election Exposed Through LAWSUITS | Rudy Giuliani       33  min.

Has China’s Communist Party Interfered in the U.S. Election?           20 min.

BEIJING BIDEN AND TRUMP'S LAST STAND AGAINST SOCIALISM by Candace Owens          33  min.       11/12

The Four Year Plan To Overthrow An Elected President          5  min.

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems.  

The Idea That Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist Is "Laughable"           7   min.

USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Gives New Interview Detailing Coercion Tactics Used By Fed Agents      7  min.

How Can Big Tech Get Away With This?         18   min.

Joe Biden COVID-19 Martial Law Plan Revealed        12    min.

What Happened in Michigan at 4am on Nov.4 ?          17   min.      11/11

U.S. elections                10   min.

The Evidence Of Fraud Ignored                  17   min.

House Dems Vote To Coverup Child Sex Trafficking          6  min                  11/10

Dr. Carrie Madej on The Atlantic Underground Podcast Show           71  min.  

Election Night Coup D'état Plot Exposed!   34 min

Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!     10   min.    11/9

Guess what?! am suing the “Fact-Checkers”            12   min.          11/7

Smoking Gun: Hunter Biden Admits He Worked Under Chinese Spy Chief      10 min.       11/6

The Candace Owens Show: Katie Hopkins       56   min.

Wuhan Mocks USA with Halloween Party of “Zombie Nurses”          16   min.           11/4

Dr. Steve Piezcenik: Fauci Has to Go To Jail for Treason          27    min.

EXCLUSIVE: Devin Nunes: The Man Behind the Explosive Memo | American Thought Leaders Special Edition    37   min.

Ballot Chaser Reveals MASSIVE Vote Fraud Effort To Elect Joe Biden; "$55,000 for 5,000 votes"                                     11/3

Niece of Osama Bin Laden Speaks Out           67    min.


US Congressional Candidate Mauro Garza had a Lot more to Say on the Phone        3 min.

Submission of France       Paul  J  Watson       8     min. 

We have received a death threat       1   min.

Silicon Valley Lords Over DC Again     15   min.

The Tucker Carlson Setup?           14   min.        

Young minorities share why they are voting for Trump (PART 1 OF 4)           4    min.       10/30

Shipp Intelligence Report - The Durham Investigation            32      min.

Tony Bobulinski blasts Joe Biden for 'blatantly lying' over business deals with China          50   min.

BUSTED: James O''Keefe confronts Mauro Garza over connection to 'Ballot Harvesting'     3  min.

Shipp Intelligence Report - The Durham Investigation           32       min.

New Audio Proves Joe Biden Lied; Implicated in Criminal Investigation               15   min.              10/29

Lindsey Williams - Things You Must Do Before November 3, 2020!         104     min.

This Stuff Is Real         30   min.

Update on the Purge - Technological Harassment      40  min.

American Republic vs CCP Documentary | ZOOMING IN SPECIAL          37     min.

Insider Economist Reveals COVID-19 Cashless Society Takeover Plan         45      min.

Former FBI Chief Tried To Warn You Of An Elite Satanic Pedophile Network But You Didn't Listen             15  min.     10/28

And Then They Came for the Books...            42       min.

Plandemic 2: Indoctornation

Exclusive: Sen. Ron Johnson on the Hunter Biden Emails, Bobulinski, ‘Russian Disinformation’           27   min.       10/25

House Of Cards: The Coming Fall Of The Biden Crime Family              31     min.

Smoking Gun Evidence: Google Engineers Admit Bias to Manipulate Election for Biden         10   min.       10/23

Confirmed: Trump Has Footage Of Hunter Biden Raping And Torturing Little Girls —

Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive | Rudy Giuliani             38    min

Watch Censored WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE Announce Lawsuit Against COVID-19 Global Lockdown   17   min.

Shadow Gate 2.0 - Full Documentary                        10/20

m o d e r n i t y 3 by Paul Joseph             12    min.

MANDATORY MASKS IN YOUR HOUSE In Oneonta NY! This Is CRAZY!      12   min.

Democrats are DEMON-RATS!             12     min.

WHISTLE BLOWN! The Future Of Censorship From An INSIDER!             34    min.     10/19

Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive | Rudy Giuliani             38    min.

Banking Insider Exposes Covid-19 Mark of the Beast Rollout                 53    min.             

LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE: Go Trump or Go Lockdown                    31    min.

'The Time to Arrest the Deep State is Now' says Intel Insider                                                 10/18

Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal, World Agenda, Leadership Structure, Rituals, Jessie Czebotar part 1         50    min.

Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal, World Agenda, Leadership, Rituals, Jessie Czebotar  part 2         48     min.

Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal, World Agenda, Leadership Structure, Rituals, Jessie Czebotar  part 3              49    min.

CIA Whistleblower Claims Biden Had Role In Seal Team Death           21    min.  

RED ALERT: Are the President's Enemies Preparing a COUP?         49   min. 

ALERT! MASSIVE Election FRAUD Uncovered! Dr. Shiva Issues Warning To President Trump        58   min.          10/14

 CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY                49    min.  

Learn How The Great COVID-19 Panic Of 2020 Has Already Killed Millions         5   min.  

Ric Grenell on why Ratcliffe released documents for Durham at this moment         7    min.

James O’Keefe Announces Defamation Lawsuit against NYT unless Retraction Made          5   min.      10/12

Canada Caught Building Quarantine Internment Camps              8     min.

Anti COVID VACCINE Doctor Reveals The Dangers To Syrian Girl            26    min.         10/9      


Fed Announces It Will Quit Printing Paper Money       6     min.

It's Your Funeral - Stand up now           34     min.

 People in the Dark Shadows       41    min. 

James O'Keefe goes NUCLEAR in debunking bogus Fox 9 report             9     min.          10/7

Watch How 'The View' Treats Conservative Black Voices | Kim Klacik       17     min.

THEY WANT A SATANIC WORLD GOVERNMENT -- Wilfred Wong         63      min.            10/6

We Are Being Lied To! Here Is How…            26     min.

Fauci, NIH & US Gov Have Multi Decade Deep Financial Ties to China Virus Research                  52     min.

Dinesh D’Souza on Trump Card Documentary & Democratic Socialism        91    min.

BLM Co-Founder’s Ties to Pro-Communist China Group       42     min.

Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on vaccines, hydrogel, and secret government programs   72  min.          10/5

10 WAYS TO DETOX FROM VACCINES FAST                 9   min.    

Julian Assange Case: Shocking and Degrading Conditions in US Prisons According to Testimony         3  min.       10/2

The Fake Covid Vaccine       32    min.

Mandated Vaccines by Martial Law, The Orderly Extermination of Humanity          9   min.

What Is Up Joe Biden's Sleeve        2   min.

How China, Russia Could Cripple US Satellites & Paralyze the US Military & Economy—Brandon Weichert            51  min.      10/1


Ilhan Omar Connected Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme Corrupts Elections: 'These Here Are All Absentee Ballots...Look...My Car Is Full..." 'Money Is The King Of Everything'

'I Will Soon Be President' Says Pelosi                 5   min.

Exclusve: James O'Keefe to Release Election Fraud Payoffs         19    min.

Ilhan Omar Connected Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme Corrupts Elections: 'These Here Are All Absentee Ballots...Look...My Car Is Full..." 'Money Is The King Of Everything'      9/29                     

Lawyers Say Assange Is Hearing Voices! Ask Me Anything!           25   min.

Dr. Francis Boyle, the Man Who First Exposed Covid-19 as Lab-Made Drops New Bombshells

Trump WAS Right--NEW FBI Texts EXPOSE Coup--New Clinton Court Fight, Voter Fraud Battles   57  min.      9/28

The Gordian Knot by Truthstream Media            60    min.  

Cuomo Just Said CHINA DID A BETTER JOB! YOU CAN"T MAKE THIS UP!      25    min.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield In Studio: Trump Must Fight Forced Covid-19 Injections      44   min.

Tik Tok Trend of Throwing Babies Embodies Aborting Leftist Values        13    min.

What Did She Not Reveal? Part 1 - China Angle         13   min.

The Candace Owens Show: Heather Mac Donald            47    min.

Non-Resident Chinese are running back to China from Malaysia        5    min.

Communist China Exploits Gaps in US Military—Rebeccah Heinrichs           51     min.            9/25

Trump Responds To Bill Gates China Talking Point!          43     min.

SIR: Patrick Wood Technocracy explained             53    min.

Military Coup: What is Planned & Names Behind the Plan - w/ Colonel Black & Harley Part 2          41       min.

RETRACTION #322: Salon's Roger Sollenberger DELETES defamatory statements against Project Veritas       3   min.

Age Restriction Is Coming! What Does It All Mean?           12    min.

Rand Paul OWNS TONY FAUCI And The Media Makes Him the Demon      23   min.

Successful Covid Doctor SILENCED by Federal Trade Commission         47   min.                  9/24   

'How The Elites Created the National Populist Revolution'           56     min.

Cuties and Useful Idiots             39    min.

Dane Wigington - Bill Gates & CV19 Tied to Destructive Climate Engineering         40    min.                 9/22

Is Kevin Spacey Untouchable?             11   min.  

Christopher Rufo on Critical Race Theory & the Trump Admin’s Recent Ban                9/21

Truth and Freedom by Dr Carrie Madej     19   min.

Learn The Globalists Playbook for the Posthuman Era     43   min.

Yuri Bezmenov Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Full Lecture)      63    min.

Many Will Die For The Covid Lie            8   min.      

BLM: Satanic Marxist Turncoats          7  min.

Dr. Francis Boyle, the Man Who First Exposed Covid-19 as Lab-Made Drops New Bombshells              43    min.   

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts             50   min.    9/20

Bill Gates Can Say Whatever He Wants It Doesn't Matter Who Says What!     20    min.

Top Hollywood Actress Exposes Growing Trend of Raping Babies   

Assange Lawyers CITE EPSTEIN To Show The TRUE CORRUPTION Of The System!          13   min.

A Coup in the Making            36   min.

Sandusky Is Trending! WHAT NO ONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU ABOUT THE SCANDAL!        17    min.          9/18

Assange Lawyers CITE EPSTEIN To Show The TRUE CORRUPTION Of The System!         13  min.     9/17

Planned Military Coup: Clear & Present Danger to our Constitutional Republic, Protect Family 1 of 2       48    min.

What Happened to Matt Drudge?               6   min.

Tom Fitton calls for a criminal investigation of the Mueller team          7    min.

Government Lawsuit: Environmental Warfare Whistleblower Testimony, Letter to Joint Chiefs of Staff        40    min.      9/15

Former JAG Officer Richard Black Warns of a Potential Military Coup       11   min.

Ritual Public Shaming Then & Now  15 min.

9/11: An Architect's Guide | Part 1: World Trade Center 7         120    min.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Exposes Who Was Really Behind 9-11        28   min.

Top Hollywood Actress Exposes Growing Trend of Raping Babies           23    min              9/13

Tyrannical Takeover by Technocrats, Thought Patterns Behind This Agenda w/ Patrick Wood (1 of 2)      51   min.

Democrats Caught Funding Secret ANTFA Terror Base In Portland         12    min.                                                           9/11

Marxianity: How the Evangelical Deep State & "Useful Idiots" Are Merging Marxism & Christianity       5    min.

Google is spying on your private conversations, manipulating search results: researcher          55   min.

How to Avoid Bank Bail-in & Protect Your Cash - John Truman Wolfe        26    min.

How news SKEWS REALITY, Seattle CHAZ/CHOP analysis of Rachel Maddow & Sean Hannity     13    min.    

Covid-Craze Grand Plan Exposed: Reviving Cold-War Institutions & Gobbling Up Little Nations       25     min.         9/9

Covid-Craze Due to An “Innocent Mistake”My A##             37    min.

I covered ANTIFA as a TV reporter, here's what news often leaves out         13    min.

What do climate change, COVID, and BLM have in common? Watch their creepy video        < 2   min.

Eisenhower's "Military-Industrial Complex" Speech Origins and Significance          3    min.

Black Reds: How Moscow Trained Black Americans For Racial Strife & a Race War (Part 1)              60     min.

Marxianity: How the Evangelical Deep State & "Useful Idiots" Are Merging Marxism & Christianity             5     min.          9/8

Exclusive: California Nurse Says Arrested ANTIFA Test Positive For Drugs          10     min. 

THE RETURN: Jonathan Cahn [End Time Prophecy]         24    min.

This Current Destruction Of America Is Decades In The Making                   30     min.             9/7


RITTENHOUSE: The Line In The Sand              5    min.

Democrats Caught Funding Secret ANTFA Terror Base In Portland        12    min.

The Tangled Web of Cover Upperers       41   min.

Carlos Zapata Issues the Left a Final Warning     20  min

Crown Behind More than You Know, Humanity Under Mass Experiment, Gesara Nesara w/Susan Bradford 1of 2       41     min.

Crown Behind More than You Know, Humanity Under Mass Experiment, Gesara Nesara w/Susan Bradford 2of2        35     min.

Creepy Bill Gates Invests $250 Million into Media So He Gets Better Coverage on His Multiple Dose Corona Vaccine he Wants to Give to Every Person on the Planet        5   min.           9/5

Only Sociopaths Reject the New Normal!        29   min.     

Veteran Carlos Zapata Returns to Expose Covid Tyranny        40   min.

The Entertainment Industry’s Satanic Roots With Sam Tripoli       42    min.

Dems And NYTimes Working To Normalize Pedophilia        5   min.

CANDACE OWENS: ON FIRE!!             9   min.

AMERICA TO BOYCOTT NFL: A Letter from an Old Soldier           5   min.

BRUTAL: Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden Should Destroy His Campaign         5   min.

m o d e r n i t y 2           14     min.

Rand Paul Calls For Investigation Of Criminal Antifa/BLM Funding        15    min

POWERFUL: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Delivers Speech In Berlin         12    min.

Founder of Black Lives Matter Admits Occultism At Center of BLM           60    min.           9/4

 Chrystia Freeland's history with George Soros             5    min.

Queen of England Sued Over COVID Measures, Judge: "Information Needs to be Heard" w/ Simon Dolan     39   min.

Corona Bioweapon? Whose Bioweapon? | George Webb           11   min.

Veteran Carlos Zapata Returns to Expose Covid Tyranny              40      min.

Lee Smith on ‘The Permanent Coup’; Clinesmith Likely Just 1st Indictment | American Thought Leaders        60   min.    9/3

Child Protective Services Practicing Eugenics, Supreme Court Challenge w/ Dwight Mitchell (2of2)   49    min.

Lee Smith on ‘The Permanent Coup’; Clinesmith Likely Just 1st Indictment | American Thought Leaders        60   min.

Queen of England Sued Over COVID Measures, Judge: "Information Needs to be Heard" w/ Simon Dolan         39   min.       9/2

What is the WHO? - Questions For Corbett        34    min.

Top US General Exposes Deep State Coup Against the President                  4    min.

Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans   15      min.


Is Lockdown 2 Just Around The Corner For New York?          21    min.

Ambassador Sam Brownback: Communist China 'Biggest Enabler of Human Rights Abuses Around the World'        24     min.

"Human 2.0"? A Wake-Up Call To The World        21    min.

Child Protective Services Practicing Eugenics, Supreme Court Challenge w/ Dwight Mitchell (1of2)         50     min.            8/30

US Invasion Using Indian Reservations, Mass Child Trauma, Chinese Ray Technology w/Dave Hodges 1of2          38   min.

US Invasion Using Indian Reservations, Mass Child Trauma, Chinese Ray Technology w/Dave Hodges 2of2          36    min.     8/28

Breaking! UN Announces Plans For Forced COVID-19 Injections Worldwide         7   min.

Was 'Russia Collusion' a Diversion From the Real Scandal?—John Solomon & Seamus Bruner Talk Spygate        60    min.         8/25

Plandemic II: ‘Indoctornation’ [FULL MOVIE]            75     min.               8/24

Communist & Islamic Axis of Joe Biden         3  min.

Warned in 2018 What's Happening in 2020. Want to Know What's Is Next?  16    min.

Franklin Cover-up Explained | Conspiracy of Silence | reallygraceful      5   min.

Conspiracy Of Silence: Banned Discovery Channel Documentary            163   min.          8/23     

New York City is a Sh*thole       13    min.


Dr. Steve Pieczenik Surprised by Barr's Attack Deep State           46       min.              8/21


Who Do You Trust by Amazing Polly                       46   min.                         8/20

500,000 Women Unable to Conceive After Vaccines             8    min.

Trudeau & Canadian Government Sued Over COVID Measures; Sets Worldwide Example w/ Rocco Galati        54     min.

"Human 2.0"? A Wake-Up Call To The World        21    min.

SHADOW GATE – FULL FILM            84     min.

The Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.      great talk and humorous        52    min.         8/19

EXPOSED!!! Google C.E.O. & Bill Gates Caught Red Handed.             9   min.

Globalist Technocrats Want Complete Human Transformation; 4th Industrial Revolution w/ Alex Newman        24   min.

SHOCKING!!! BILL GATES STATEMENTS ABOUT COVID-19 VACCINES         13   min.                      8/18

Lewis Hamilton is an Idiot        6    min.               8/17

Republican Strategist: We Are at War with China, and the Democrats are on Their Side   

DETOXING PEOPLE IN A TOXIC WORLD -- Anna Rodgers & Eddie Stone            29     min.

SHADOW GATE – FULL FILM            84   min.

Tom Fitton reacts to appeals court overturning Hillary Clinton deposition order             7     min.        8/16

Learn The Hidden Motive Behind RNA Vaccine Technology      33     min.


Terry Turchie: From the Weather Underground to Antifa      24   min.      8/14      

I LOVE MY MASK! #MaskUpAMERICA [Mirror]       2   min.

Legislation Allows Chinese Troops in Canada, Death Squads, Preserving Your Rights w/ Kevin Annett     41   min.        8/13


Covid-19: Nurse of 35 years in the Washington DC area is Warnings Black People        15     min.


Mainstream Media & Science Exposes COVID-19 As A Hoax        5   min.

Who are Traitors & Who are Patriots Will become Clearer Soon w/Bill Binney & Harley Schlanger (2of2)          31    min.     8/12

Susan Rice, Clinton Email, Benghazi Update & MORE! - Judicial Watch Weekly Update with Tom Fitton           39    min.        8/10

Oprah Says “Child Molesters Make Children Feel Good”        4    min.

THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump             25   min.


YouTube / Google Whistleblower Reveals A Dangerous Agenda!         51   min.    8/8

See The Graphs Proving Covid Numbers Hoax          10          min.      

Learn The Hidden Motive Behind RNA Vaccine Technology      33     min.      8/6

Your Awakening Stories #1              18    min.     

Maxwell Court Documents: Who is Going Down? Clinton, Dershowitz, More Names.. w/ Ryan Dawson (2of2)      45    min.             8/5

WTF? Pharmacies Refuse To Fill HCQ Prescriptions            2     min.

World Over Candace Owens with Raymond Arroyo          20   min.

Shhh! Why Is Big Tech So Afraid of This Video?               5   min.

Pelosi Publicly Backs Globalists' Engineering Collapse, Calls the People 'Collateral Damage'      8   min.           8/4

Peaceful Protesters Wage War Against Every Law Abiding Citizen In America           5 min.

Maxwell Court Documents: Who is Going Down? Clinton, Dershowitz, More Names.. w/ Ryan Dawson (1of2)       53    min.

We Won't Be Silenced! Another Doctor Speaks Out          12     min.

World Shocked By Bill Gates Statements On COVID-19 Vaccine

WANTED: Bezos, Pichai, Pool & Zuck FOR SEDITION AGAINST THE USA              30    min.

BREAKING: The 100 Day Siege Begins!               7    min.

Cathy O'Brien talk about Mind control - Cathy O'Brien nous parle du controle mental (MK-ULTRA)        15   min.           8/3

Charities and Mind Control                     42   min.

EXPOSED: WHY BILL GATES MAKE VACCINES            8 min.              7/31

Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz             78      min.

Is Big Tech Planning A Massive Purge To Coincide With The COVID Vaccine Release?            36     min.

Too Much To Hear!!!!! This Doctor Just Ended The Career of CNN Medical Experts And that of Fauci         6     min.

The Candace Owens Show: Dinesh D’Souza           32    min.

US Senate Candidate Daniel McCarthy Calls Out The COVID Numbers       24   min.

George Soros Army Crushes MLK's Legacy             4     min.

THIS IS HOW MUCH BILL GATE MAKES FROM VACCINES           7   min.                7/28

Economic ‘Takedown’ of China’s Communist Party—Solomon Yue                   50   min.

The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D'état With Patrick Wood           45      min.

R E D _ R O O M S They are NOT "urban legend". And once you KNOW, you can't un-know        10 min.    7/26


Covid 19 Is World War 4                10   min.

Is Trump Blackmailed By Bill Gates?     7    min.

How Far will the Globalists Go to Bring the United States to Its Knees? w/ Joel Skousen (2of2)         36   min.

Be aware of this!! This will change us from how we evolve         3  min.

"This will go down in history as the biggest hoax" - Shiva Ayyadurai MIT-Engineer     33   min.     7/25

Russian KGB Agent Predicts Communist Takeover Of America In 1984        6   min.

How Far will the Globalists Go to Bring the United States to Its Knees? w/ Joel Skousen (1of2)     40    min.

China providing BLM with WEAPONIZED DRONES that can kill with aerosolized fentanyl        12    min.

Trump Must Go Beyond ChiComs and Hold Fauci/Gates Accountable for Pandemic Hoax           9   min.

The COVID-19 Testing Hoax Is About To Go Mainstream          15    min.

Researcher Debunks Global Warming Hysteria            4      min.

The Psychological Operation to Dehumanize the Population Exposed         44 min.           7/24


Your Body is Their Weapon - We're all Patients Now         26     min.         7/23

We are losing our integrity, we have to change our MINDSET❗ DR RASHID BUTTAR          12    min.

TURNCOATS WANT TO DESTROY NYC & AMERICA -Gerald Celente           29    min.

Why Are Black Conservatives Called Uncle Tom?—Larry Elder Talks George Floyd Protests & New Film         51   min.         7/22

The Global Satanic Spiritual Attack               4   min. 

CDC Fatality Data Appears to be Heavily Manipulated - Lets See by Analyzing the Data             10   min.

Biden Task Force Wants To Abolish The Police       6    min.

BLM A Closer Look         4   min.

Professor Hamamoto, George Webb, and McDuff            80     min.

Lynette Zang - Pandemic Is A Great Cover For A Financial System Reset         56     min.      7/21

THE ZELENKO PROTOCOL on STEEL TRUTH             35   min.

Blake Lively Gives Emotional Speech on Child Pornography          9   min.

The President’s Executive Order on Hong Kong Normalization Is A Declaration Of War              5  min.    7/20


National Guard Servicemember Confirms Covid-19 Hoax              6  min.

My State Authorized Mandatory Vaccination... Has Yours?                9     min.

Hollywood Pedo Cult Panics as Alleged Epstein Connections Exposed         13   min.

Gordon Chang: On the Hong Kong Security Law, the India China Standoff, & Banning TikTok           42   min.        7/19

Chinese Propaganda on US Campuses; China Stealing Research—Rachelle Peterson on Confucius Institutes      40    min.      7/18

FDA Stealth Operation Quack Hack, Genesis Church Raid, Alex Jones Crosshairs w/ Maryam Heinen (2of2)       34     min.

Carine Hutsebaut, author of Child Hunters, the "Clarice Sterling" of Europe, on Killer Pedophilia

Dr. Carrie Madej,M.D. Shares Her Expertise In An Urgent Appeal Regarding CV19 Upcoming Vaccines           22     min.          7/17

FDA Stealth Operation Quack Hack, Genesis Church Raid, Alex Jones Crosshairs w/ Maryam Heinen (1of2)      33   min.

Reservations Used to Build Deep State: Crown, Rothschilds & Wall Street w/ Susan Bradford (2of2)             50   min.

Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked                     51    min.  

Carine Hutsebaut, author of Child Hunters, the "Clarice Sterling" of Europe, on Killer Pedophilia       30    min.          7/15

Obama/Biden Block Investigations Into $5.3 Billion Missing           44   min.

Letter From Flynn, Saving A Nation That Was Already Lost             29    min.


Mayor Lies About Refrigerated Trucks for Bodies, NBC Doc Admits He Lied About Having COVID         9    min          7/14

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2         48   min.

How The 'Great Reset' Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To 'Reimagine' Humanity     31    min.

Kevin Shipp – Fear Is Marxist Democrats Greatest Weapon        41    min.

Reservations Used to Build Deep State: Crown, Rothschilds      40     min.

What Is Causing the Spike in COVID-19 Cases?                22   min.

Swedish Doctor: T-cell immunity and the truth about Covid-19 in Sweden           18    min.                                   7/13

Reservations Used to Build Deep State: Crown, Rothschilds & Wall Street w/ Susan Bradford (1of2)     38   min.

Doctor Jensen Under Fire For Exposing America & Vaccine Evil Plan To Depopulate Africa    30   min.

The Left wants to abolish the Police....does the Black community? Watch and find out!            3   min             7/11

Make This GO Viral!! Doctor Jensen Being Investigated By United State Board After COVID-19 Comments   21  min.

Now Open to All: From CIA’s Khashoggi Hoax & Epstein Ties To Bushes-Clintons Joint Cabal & More!          58    min.

Dr Buttar Doctor Rashid CANCER FACTS ! CULT AGENDA 2020       13    min

A Disturbing Glimpse Into The Future: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & The 4th Industrial Revolution        7/10

Meet The 3 Men At The Heart Of The Covid 19                         34    min.

As Vaccinations Stopped, Infant Mortality Plummeted 30%                  14   min.

Medical Tyranny is Being Rolled Out in the Name of Covid-19              18    min.

Stanley Kurtz: Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Marxism Has Got to Go!       11    min.

GOD TAKES ON HOLLYWOOD with John Paul Rice Replay     41   min.    starts a couple min. in           7/9

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?       11    min.

Covid911 - INSURGENCY      10 min.

A Disturbing Glimpse Into The Future: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & The 4th Industrial Revolution        13   min.    7/7

Bill Gates funding and pushing Gene Manipulations SHOCKING        39   min.

Millie Weaver Joins Doug Hagmann - Undercover Investigation: Sunrise Movement       58   min.

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS! Dr Buttar Doctor Rashid              10  min.

George Webb Talks NSA, Jared Kushner, Israel, General Michael Flynn and More           50   min. 

Dr Rashid A Buttar WHY EVERYONE COULD TEST POSITIVE             5  min.

Breaking: States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate      17     min.               7/5

Bishop Larry Gaiters: The Coming Destruction of Black Lives Matter                     49    min.

Jay Dyer Reveals The Globalist Master Plan                    46   min.

The Coverup of the Century | Zooming In’s one-hour documentary movie | ZOOMING IN SPECIAL         56   min.     7/3

Fauci Under Fire! What You Won't See On The Idiot Box Or Trending On Twitter!      25   min.

Is This Torture?           43   min.

Globalists Admit to Great Reset and Destruction of Capitalism                          62  min.

Sidney Powell: Inside the Michael Flynn Case and DOJ                     53      min.


Dinesh D’Souza: On Statue Toppling & Socialism’s Divisive Push in USA                     45    min.     7/2

Who Cares About a Few Shot Black Children!

Covid911 - INSURGENCY          10      min.

WE ARE AT WAR: America's Bolshevik Revolution -- Wayne Jett       36   min.                 7/1

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why? The Answer May Shock You!   8  min.

Michelle Malkin Investigates: Black Lives Matter          43    min.

Learn the Leftists' Culture of Death Plans to Destroy America              26    min.         

NO GOVERNOR CAN ORDER YOU TO WEAR A MASK -- The Healthy American, Peggy               26      min.          6/30

Coup Update: 5 International Flaming Hotspots To Keep An Eye On      4   min.

It Will Happen By DECEMBER!! Dr Rashid Buttar              6    min.

SGT REPORT: THE SECOND WAVE AGENDA                   8   min           6/28 

What Americans MUST Remember Once the Dust Settles...       15    min.               

UN Declares World Government Quarantine of America               15    min.   

$40 Trillion Stolen to Destroy America: Weaken Society, Strip Wealth & Assets w/ Dr. Sarhan     51     min.         6/27

The Candace Owens Show: What Does Black America Want?         17   min.

Dr Judy Mikovits explains why 50 million Americans may die this fall about 17% of the entire population         3   min.

Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook  33   min.

The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction of America with Rosa Koire         36    min.

Another Facebook Insider Details Political Censorship; Current HR Exec 'No One Has White Man’s Back'        17    min.       6/26

Founding Member Of Black Panther Party Destroys BLM/Antifa            40   min.

GMO Mosquitos To Be Released In Florida! What Could Go Wrong?            12    min.

No Gyms No Malls No Movie Theaters! Cuomo WILL RE-IMAGINE NY WITH BILLIONAIRES!               16   min.               6/25

2021 Economic Reset Announced, Multi-Decade Plan, Destroy USA & Buy Cheap w/Harley Schlanger (1of2)       46   min.

Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments

Chemtrails: New Manhattan Project, Weather Warfare, Tesla Death Rays, Plasma w/ Peter Kirby (1of2)       44   min.

Chemtrails: New Manhattan Project, Weather Warfare, Tesla Death Rays, Plasma w/ Peter Kirby (2of2)       35     min.      6/23

The Protests In NY THE MEDIA WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT!            13  min.

What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19 Part 2 Episode 1     22   min.

What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19 Part 2 Episode 2     21  min.

What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19 Part 2 Episode 3     21    min.

From Predicting A Coup to “Preempting & Defeating” It               26      min.             6/21

The Fluoride Trials Update With Derrick Broze!       22   min.

DNC's Plan To Replace Our Police With NATO Contractors - DEFUND NATO Police        13    min.

Deep State Coup & Destruction of the US - Bolsheviks, Zionists, & the Crown w/ Susan Bradford (2of2)           43    min.      6/20

Undercover Investigation Pt. 2 - Teenage Political Extortion Ring             18 min.

Deep State Coup & Destruction of the US - Bolsheviks, Zionists, & the Crown w/ Susan Bradford (1of2)    31  min.

Kevin Shipp - Soft Civil War Happening Now       25   min.

UN/NATO And Antifa Partnering Up For Sanctuaries For US Cities?              7     min.               6/19

Who's Hand Is Behind The Antifa Coup - Same Hand As Four Years Ago      13    min.

Understanding USSR Subversion & the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc

The Far Left's 4th Gen War Against Western Civilization            27   min.

Black Lives Matter: Connection to the Nation of Islam's Racist Teaching       73   min.                 6/16

Edited Re-upload: Riots & Lockdown - 4th Generation Warfare     26   min.

Something Strange Is Happening in Seattle             12      min.

Edited Re-upload: Riots & Lockdown - 4th Generation Warfare         26  min.         6/14

Dr. Hamamoto Teaches Seattle Protesters To Think For Themselves         20    min.          6/13

Undercover Report Exposes Radical Leftists Brainwashing Children Into Cult     33  min.

Antifa Prayers For A Kent State In Seattle            28   min.

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order        22   min.

CIA Plan for Regime Change — in USA!           11   min.

British-World-Order-Controls-America.mp3       60   min.

Planned Communist Takeover, Summer of Chaos & War, China's Backdoor Military Tech-Mike Harris (2of2)         48    min.

Antifa Prayers For A Kent State In Seattle             28         min.

If Keith Ellison Checked out weapons for MB, did he check them back in for antifa?          16  min

So “They” Want Autonomous Zones & Walls? Let’s Give Them!        39  min.

RefuseFa uses ANTIFA-like tactics, Organizer Claims they Secured Money from Soros, Met with Steyer         7   min.

The Coup-Makers’ PsyOp Exposed: Meet Their “Generals”          43  min.                                                                     6/12

Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned            20   min.       

China's Backdoor Military Tech, Planned Communist Takeover, Summer of Chaos & War w/ Mike Harris      38  min.

Technofascist Takeover - 6 videos to watch and share          29   min.

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order          22 min.

Alex Jones breaks down the State Dept. Memorandum 7277: The UN Plan for Total Disarmament           22    min.     6/11

Fake Liberal Rogue Coups of Self Destruction Exposed          33   min.

The Man Who Created the Modern Elite             8  min.

Fake Liberal Rogue Coups of Self Destruction Exposed           33    min.

The INJECTION FRAUD with James Corbett and Catherine Austin Fitts. A Solari & Corbett Report fuse       57    in.

Creation of a False Epidemic, Part 6 with Jon Rappoport         95 min.   

Can We Ignore Antifa Now? Ellison, Strzok, MB, La Raza?         57   min.                        6/10

Communist China Using George Floyd Protests for Propaganda—KT McFarland | American Thought Leaders         49   min.

Can We Ignore Antifa Now? Ellison, Strzok, MB, La Raza?                 55  min.

Resist The Coup- Alert: They’re Bringing in New Riot Fronts    18   min.

Who Let The Antifa Dogs Out On Trump? The Same People Who Did The Dossier - Strzok, Ellison                 35 min.       6/9

The Coup Enters Phase 3: Co-opted Generals & Insiders            

Coup In Effect: Many Swamp Heads Rising to the Surface!        44     min.     

Dr Rashid Buttar The SHOCKING REVELATION the Media won’t talk about SHARE before they Censor this!        9  min.         6/8

Soros And The Secret Origins Of Black Lives Matter

Lynette Zang - Pandemic Is A Great Cover For A Financial System Reset           56  min.

Wokevirus  by  Paul Joseph Watson        5  min.

The Mob Attacks Press For Truth Then DAN IS ARRESTED!       11  min.

Dr. Stephen Smith: COVID-19 Patients Died Because of Bogus Lancet Study on Hydroxycholorquine      7    min.

Author Turchie: Democrat Party Using Weather Underground Strategy for Revolution in Party Platform    4  min.

Learn About The Antifa Express Before The DC Riots Today From A Special Forces/DEA Expert       18   min.      6/7

TEASER - Democrats Running Clandestine PSYOP To Overthrow Trump         7   min.

Italian Doctor Claims It No Longer Exists Clinically!            13     min.

We have UNDERCOVER FOOTAGE IT’S TIME TO MAKE THIS PUBLIC |Dr Rashid Buttar|        10  min.

DNC Coups For Four Years, Time To Light Up The Antifa Network In US - George Webb             18    min.

Ex Clandestine Spy Explains Intelligence Psyops Being Used on the American People w/ ToreSays (1of2)      31    min.

Ex Clandestine Spy Explains Intelligence Psyops Being Used on the American People w/ ToreSays (2of2)       34     min.

Soros And The Secret Origins Of Black Lives Matter          31       min.

Antifa In Name Only - Same Network, New DNC Branding                      26   min.

MISINFORMATION IS THE CAUSE OF THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC We Have Been Manipulated By Mass Media          5  min.     6/6

Clinton Seeks To Block Court Order Requiring Her To Testify

Riots as Sedition, NSA and OSA as Solution, Restoring Made in America & America the Beautiful           8  min.

OPUS 225 AgitProp and our Republic           4   min.

DNC Sponsor's Antifa, And Our Channel Breaks It Down To The Servers And Cell Phones         24   min.

Livestream With Dr. Rashid A Buttar starts at 1:45     30  min.

Riots & Lockdown - 4th Generation Warfare            22    min.                    6/3

BELLY OF THE BEAST -- Justen & Wes Faull         62    min.

CNN Compares Webb To Trump-Scarborough Affair               22  min.

Origins Of Judy Mikovits Mouse Viruses - Special Guest Bill Taylor    43   min.

PLAGUE & THE BIG PHARMA MAFIA – DR. JUDY MIKOVITS        56  min.          6/2

SpaceX DM-2 Flight Day Highlights - May 31, 2020             44    MIN.

Chinese Troop Buildup, Large #’s Missing homeless, Hidden Genocide: Canadian Reality w/ Kevin Annett       37   min.

New ODNI Chief Radcliffe Has Unique Chance To Out The Deep State With Some Simple              30    min.    

Brad Lea Interviews Dr Rashid Buttar Part 4 of 4           23   min.

Anitifa Is Just Another OTPUR Color Revolution - Arab Spring Again, In Black This Time         30    min.            6/1

Meet Bill Gates         38   min.

Covi Pass - isn’t it great?? Sarcasm off!         5   min.

Bill Gates Video Admits Implantable Microchip to Buy and Sell                      24    min.

YouTube CENSORED: DOCTORS IN BLACK / PlanDemic                       26  min.

Dr. Boyle: Covid-19 is a Bioweapon, and Proof Continues To Be Revealed       40   min.

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE -- Bob Kudla              28     min.

BOOM! Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?            22   min.        5/28

Who Controls the Gates Family?              16      min.

Was CoronaVirus A NATO ACT? Look At Previous NATO ACTs.                 10  min.

Weaponized Justice System, Blackmail: Lie or be Ruined! Fixed Jury, Treason, Coercion - Roger Stone            18   min.                  5/27

CoronaVirus Roots - 50 Years Of NATO Bioweapons Proxies         11    min.

MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

YouTube CENSORED: DOCTORS IN BLACK / PlanDemic                  26    min.                            5/26

Gates Backed Covid-19 Vaccine Reprograms Cells with Synthetic Nanotech Viruses       22   min.

Fauci Backtracks As Cuomo Doubles-Down                  5 min.                                  

Blackmail Currency, European Trafficking Routes, Sarah's Deep State Game Overview w/Ella Ster (1of2)        31    min.

Blackmail Currency, European Trafficking Routes, Sarah's Deep State Game Overview w/Ella Ster (2of2)        32    min.         5/24

YES! African Leaders Stand Up! Tanzania & Madagascar                   22      min.

Kevin Shipp - Deep State Democrats Terrified by Second Trump Term                    34   min.

Weekly Summary - George Webb           29   min.

Trump says houses of worship to be declared 'essential'          2  min.           5/23

COVID-19: Cloward-Piven 2.0         min.

EXCLUSIVE - Deep State Protection Racket Exposed!          22     min.

An E.R. Doctor Infected With Covid-19 Back At Work After Using Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak Protocol    8  min.

Gates Backed Covid-19 Vaccine Reprograms Cells with Synthetic Nanotech Viruses         22  min.     5/21

Dr. Fauci vs. Dr. Wittkowski: Endless Mitigations or Herd Immunity         10  min.            5/20

CoronaVirus Vaccine Just Last Card In Stacked Deck? Moderna Fix?           18   min.

Bill Gates' Plan To Chip the World       110   min.

Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by the Health Ranger on coronavirus plandemic      49   min.       5/19

OK, Karen!       8  min.

Judy Mikovits - Paul Cottrell Interview Summary By George Webb               16   min.

BARDA Whistle blower Links to Health Mafia             24  min.          5/18

Another Dr. Speaks out on the CV HOAX     13  min.

This Bioweapon Was Deployed By People Who Did It Before      13  min.

"This Will Affect Everyone" - Robert Kennedy Jr.              10  min.


Bring Real Russiagate Criminals to Justice, Before They Launch World War III

MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)      66   min.          

The Criminal Charges for Obama's Team. Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing on AMERICA First        37  min.      5/16

Krystal Tini Interviews Dr Buttar        15    min.

NATO Dark Hand On Trump And CoronaVirus Now Evident            39  min.

The Purpose of Disruption              30   min.

Communist Infiltration: Reeducation Camps, State Propaganda: Finding Courage Director Rubacek (1of2)        5/15

George Carlin - Germs and Immune System          6  min.

MORE Public Health Mafia Connections    22  min.

“We won't comply!” Canadians protest “TYRANT” Trudeau's gun grab       6   min.

We Were Right On Target Over Three Years Ago On The Virus Vaccine Game Of DynPort      10    min.

Dr. Steven Greer Confirms Globalist Antihuman Coup      66   min.

Bill Gates In His Own Words                  12     min.

What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19. Dropping Bombs (Ep 264) | Dr. Rashid Buttar   126    min.            5/14

Communist Infiltration: Reeducation Camps, State          33  min.

Democrats Continue To Target Flynn         12   min.

For Economic Recovery: Starve Wall Street, Rebuild the Physical Economy       12   min.

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket                    

THIS CRIMINAL SYSTEM JUST TOOK ANOTHER LIFE. Rest in peace Matt.          18     min.         5/13

This Bioweapon Was Deployed By People Who Did It Before               13  min.

Frank Gaffney: How China’s Communist Party Exploits American Pension Funds & Coronavirus Outbreak      51   min.

Kevin Shipp – Deep State & Dems Terrified of Trump Win in November          43   min. 

HR6666: The Bill Of The Beast       3  min.

World Shocked As Bill Gates Gets Sexually Excited By Global Collapse / Starvation         12    min.        5/12

It Is Not About A Virus … It Is About Control!          27      min.

Dr. Erickson Interviews Dr. Wittkowski - #ReopenUSA            20   min.            

Schmidt To Help Re-Open and Re-Imagine New York? NO THANK YOU!         19    min.

Bilderberg Steering Member Speaks About The Future Of The Internet In 2008         43   min.            5/11

Judicial Watch files lawsuit seeking Dr. Fauci, WHO records                  7   min.

Not Asking Questions About The World Biggest Crisis Ever Doesn't Make Sense     min.  12

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health           24   min.

More Doctors are Speaking Out Against Hoax Info Used for Lockdown       12     min.

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket                      39       min. 

URGENT! Full Disclosure from 'INSIDE’ Dr Rashid Buttar                5  min.                     5/10

Dr. Daniel Erickson says the lockdowns have a minimal impact on containing Coronavirus        9   min.

Beware the Contact Tracers            29   min.             5/7

Now Or Never - We Need To Focus Of Metadata, Not Ex-CIA Director Whims       15   min.

The New Economic Normal & Precious Metals w/ Bill Holter           21  min.

[IMPORTANT] "Everybody Is In The SAME Boat Right NOW!" Dr. Rashid Buttar           3   min.         5/6

CDL Truck Drivers | Prepare For National Shutdown | Counter Intel          26   min.

Moderna, DARPA, And, You. Where Fauci's Fast Track Drugs Are Going To Lead         15     min.

Fred Fleitz: “Bombshells” in Unreleased House Intel Committee Report & New Flynn Docs | Spygate      30   min.          5/5


MUST SEE: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health          24   min.            5/3

Mark of the Beast?          40   min.

Beware the Contact Tracers         29        min. 

Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai exposing big pharma, hospitals and vaccines and how to easily protect yourself from covid-19          5/1

BOMBSHELL! CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With COVID-19         5   min.

Globalists Sacrifice Third World Starving Children on the Altar of Authoritarianism               13     min.                4/29

James O'Keefe x Eric Weinstein Discuss Project Veritas Journalistic Ethics #ThePortal Highlights          26  min.

Dr SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W H O              16    min.            4/28

The "New International Economic Order." Guest: Patrick Wood, "Technocracy News."        63   min.

Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai exposing big pharmas, hospitals and vaccines          96  min.

EXCLUSIVE Dr Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses       48  min.

Two California Emergency Room Covid doctors may start revolution with calm, science/data-based questioning of extreme measures   55 min.

Gates on the Covid-19 vaccine: "You Don't Have A Choice"        2   min.

Draganfly selected to integrate breakthrough health diagnosis technology to detect & monitor COVID19       2  min.            4/27

Responding To National Review Article About CoronaVirus Early Days And Me                      37  min.

CNN Interview Annotated - Part One, Enter The Benassi's And One WHO Bioweapons Book             8  min.

How Humanity is Controlled, Kill Switches, AI; Body, Cell & Brain Frequency w/Dr. Cyrus Parsa (2of2)        42   min.      4/26

BOMBSHELL! CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With COVID-19       5  min.

Espionage Unmasked - Reality Hackers Revealed!       20  min.

How Humanity is Being Controlled, Kill Switches, AI; Body, Cell & Brain Frequency w/ Dr. Cyrus Parsa           45   min.          4/25

Whose Bioweapon Is It Anyway?                32    min.

To Serve Man - The Lie Of Philanthropy                67   min.        

Hogan Stabs Trump In The Back With Secret Flight From Inchon Opening Door To Doped Test Kits    9 min.

Combination of Hydroxychloroquine & Antibody Tests Could End Lockdown & Give Ammo to Skip Vaccines       10   min.          4/24

VIDEO: 2012 Olympics Predicted Covid-19 Pandemic       14  min.

UN Confirms Corona Lockdown Killing More Than Virus After 30 Million Now Starving      13   min.

Dem Operative in Lawsuit Deposition Answer for "Gotcha B*tch" Attack & Their Selective Editing           10    min.        4/23

NY Times Defends Satanic High Priestess In Shocking Report                8     min.

Proposed Nanotech Vaccines Will Implant Digital Chip Marked with '666'         13   min.

Historic Moment! Fox News Admits COVID-19 Is A Giant Hoax               6   min.

Follow the Money: WHO, Gates Foundation, UN, Vaccines & AIDS Slush Fund w/ Corey Lynn       47  min.

The first documentary movie on CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus      54   min.       4/22

What in the world is actually going on Document reveals plans step by step    37    min.

Paul Craig Roberts – We Need Debt Jubilee or System Collapses            41   min.

S. Korea Primate Scientist Doesn't Discount CoronaVirus Missing Link Could Be Daegu Cult Patient 31          12  min.

Follow the Money: WHO, Gates Foundation, UN, Vaccines & AIDS Slush Fund w/ Corey Lynn               47    min.            4/21

The True Agenda Of The World Health Organization             7  min.

From @_WhitneyWebb @TLAVagabond. Exposing The Real Epstein Cover Up & How Deep It Goes      72  min.                    4/19in.

MIT Scientist Exposes Bill Gates' Criminal Takeover        45  min.

Project BioShield, PREP Act: Legislation for Mass Adult Vaccination w/ Dr. Sherri Tenpenny       41   min.

Pentagon Confirmed: Wuhan Research Facility is Biowarfare Weapon Factory         39  miin.

INSANE! Wuhan Bioweapons Chief Runs Facebook Censorship          25  min.

NOBEL PRIZE WINNER On CORNAVIRUS! The Truth Always Comes Out                15 min.                 4/18

Not Fauci’s First NIAID Rodeo, Riding Off with NIH Billions         56     min.

Their Tyranny Requires Our Compliance -- Sofia Smallstorm          40   min.

China Comes Clean, Discloses USAID PREDICT Bioweapons Contract      50 min.       4/17


HUGE Epstein And Coronavirus Update With Whitney Webb!      57   min.

The 7-step Recipe For Creating Vaccine Demand             42   min.           4/16

ARE WE MICE OR MEN?           7   min.

Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Reveals “Lethal” Threat of Chinese Communist Party—Alan Leong | CCP Virus       62   min.

The REAL WAR Has ALWAYS Been The Bankers VS. Humanity     40  min.

Kevin Shipp – President Trump Will Reopen US Economy         43    min         4/14

Vaccine Pushers Admit COVID-19 Vaccine Could Kill Many People       7  min.

Coronavirus Bioweapon or an Accident of Nature??           54    min.

Fauci’s Tune Is Easy To Pick Out In Coronavirus SARS2             55  min.

How Ft. Detrick Cancelled Trump Economy - Dark Souls Surrounding Trump        11   min.

Elmhurst Hospital: MSM's "Epicenter of The Epicenter" Is Ghosttown When Citizen Media Show Up         6 min.          4/13

Lock Bill Gates Up!          12   min.

VIDEO: Watch Researcher Predict Virus/5G Crisis In 2018      41   min.

What happened to Canada's $300M pandemic stockpile? Agency admits “failure”         6 min.

Americas dark legacy with bio weapons at Fort Detrick          23    min.

Countries Agree to Ditch Dollar While Trump Moves Closer to Nationalize FED; Treasury Takeover? pt 1      37  min     4/11

Fauci’s Patents - You Guessed It - Straight Out Of HIV           14     min.           4/10

Fauci, Birx, and Redfield - Army Virus Bioweapons                   53      min.              

Dr. Shiva Joins The Brigade! What Is The Solution To The Solution To COVID1984?          61  min.

World Awakens, Zinc is the Arch Enemy of Covid-19           13   min.                 

Truth Behind The California Train Wreck             13   min.                    4/10

Countries Agree to Ditch Dollar While Trump Moves Closer to Nationalize FED;                 30   min.

SHOCKING! Historian Exposes Bill Gates' Ties To NAZIs And More    6   min.

Boom Info on Maeve Kennedy, Birx, Gates - CORRECTED            41  min.            

Coronavirus Wheeler Dealer? Another Pay To Play Scam                         16   min.            4/9

Medical Martial Law?     gw   19    min.        

Red Alert: COVID LOCKDOWN - Operation Chariot -- Brendi Wells         43   min.

Coronavirus Benassis - Both Multiplying Fast      gw         17    min.

How Coronavirus Fooled Every Body In The World - Including WHO     gw          26   min.

Look Who's Coming to the Rescue                    31    min.                 4/8

V FOR VENDETTA: The Corona-virus END GAME    13  min.

Coronavirus wheeler dealer?             21     min.

Fauci Caught Admitting He’s Responsible For For Coronavirus Outbreak           13     min.

Coronavirus And Tyranny: The Federal Reserve Is A Banking Carte         33   min.

VIDEO: Doctor Claims 5G Radiation Poisoning Could Be Causing Coronavirus           49          min.            4/7

This Video Will “Rock-The Boat” Of Coronavirus! The Statistics They Don’t Want You To See!      8   min.

Why Was Zero Hedge Banned For The Coronavirus Reporting?          20   min. 

Latest Intel: Chinese Communist Party Lies, Massive Death, Why? What's The Goal w/Mitch Gerber (pt1)      35  min.

Latest Intel: Chinese Communist Party Lies, Massive Death, Why? What's The Goal w/Mitch Gerber (pt2)       34   min.

HUGE UPDATE! Cuomo Takes Advantage With UNBELIEVABLE NEW "REFORM"            21   min.                                 4/6

American Intelligence Media a deep dive into viruses and the geopolitics involved excellent talk    70 min.

if you do not want to hear the big picture and the cure starts at 56.10+

Real World or Simulation        31   min.

More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!         13   min.

Coronavirus Shock – Give Up Or Root Cause Analysis?      50  min.

It’s Happening! Military Going After Deep State’s Cartel Piggybank         125   min.

CoronaVirus Bavari And His University Of Nebraska Joint Ventures With China            21  min.   

China Launches Biological War Against The West, More To Come        35  min.

The Endgame Is Here, Learn How The Globalists Plan To Slowly Kill You And Your Family           12    min.           4/3

Finding Patient Zero - Milan November Deaths           41    min.          4/2

Not So Trusted Voices             45   min.

CoronaVirus Epidemic of Corruption - Starting With A War Criminal At WHO Is A Bad Start               26  min.        4/1

END GAME: Psychological Operations    

Exclusive Look Inside New York and New Jersey Hospitals Battling Coronavirus     7  min.

NATO’s Dark Blueprint For Virus/Vaccine Warfare          23   min. 

WHO Is Virginia Benassi, CTO At WHO Secretariat?         7      min.

It’s Happening, Restructure Activated, [Fed] Is Now In The Economic Crosshairs        14    min.           3/31

We're Living in 12 Monkeys                   70    min.               3/30

TURNING OFF THE INTERNET Via Event 201!       36  min. 

Event 201 TURNING OFF THE INTERNET Part 2      76  min.

Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul (Official Audio)     about  JFK Assassination    16   min.               3/29

Plague of Corruption AND We Must Know There ARE REAL Solutions w/ Dr Judy Mikovitz (1of2)       31    min.

CoronaVirus Timeline - What Really Happened? Google WHOCC          27   min.

Implementation Fast Tracked - The Great Diversion & a Real Crisis w/ Harley Schlanger (2of2)       30    min.

Why I Joined Antifa, and Why I Left—Gabriel Nadales [CPAC 2020] | American                    16    min.              3/28

Fauci Ignores WHO Boss Crimes Against Humanity      19   min.

WHO's Tedros Adhanom Should be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity     14   min

Major Tech Companies Kowtow to China’s Communist Party, Just Like Huawei—Roslyn Layton    11   min.

CoronaVirus - Bioweapon Or Bat Virus?                     23      min.                          2/27

Implementation Fast Tracked - The Great Diversion & a Real Crisis w/ Harley Schlanger (1of2)     35  min.

Gen. Spalding: How China’s Communist Party Uses the Pandemic to Expand Global Influence         41   min.          3/26

Virus Task Force Boss Birx Ukraine Connections      45  min.

HUGE UPDATE! President Cuomo Was Trending Let's Break Down The MANDATES!          16  min.      3/24         

March 22nd, 2020. Barr Invokes Habeas Corpus          32   min.

Virus Task Force Boss Birx Ukraine Connections      18 min.

Idiots React to Coronavirus         13  min.

We Are Being Played       45   min.        3/23

THE AI & 5G THREAT: BIG TECH DANGERS TO HUMANITY -- Cyrus A. Parsa     54   min.

NYC Update LIVE Here We Go!         43    min.

Wuhan Blackberries? Rosenstein's Sister Again? This Blackberry Crew Keeps On Trying        22  min.    3/20

U.S. States and the China Competition: Secretary Pompeo's Remarks to the NGA     18   min.

NO TITLE REQUIRED -- Corey's Digs             48    min.

$3.5 Billion Missing, Obama Administration Covered Up | Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense Ep. 14           32    min.

Virus is Like Luminol for the Gl-o-b-alists                  17   min.

the Trump takedown connection to the Biden Burisma oligarch              15   min.

Fear Is the Mind Killer                34     min.

GLOBAL UPDATE! Amazon Just SHOCKED THE WORLD! Maybe NOW PEOPLE WILL START GETTING IT!             24   min.            3/18

KT McFarland on the Communist China Threat        27    min.

March 14, 2020 the counter narrative to Schiff’s second impeachment              44    min.

Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste, What the Central Bankers are Planning & Doing? w/ Spiro Skouras             47    min.          3/15

China expert: Chinese regime falsely telling Communist party members coronavirus is U.S. bioweapon          37   min.

Homo Sorosensus         24  min.

Sidney Powell | How to Fix Justice      66  min.

Adam Andrzejewski | The Depth of the Swamp          54  min.


Epstein Update! Can You Say COVER-UP?             15  min.

Schiff-Trump Impeachment Number Two                 12   min.                           3/13

Why Crowdstrike Recanted - Patrick Kennedy's Walk-In 811        25   min.

[CB]’s React To Markets, Trump Does What He Does Best, Goes After The Fed - Episode          3/11

Part 2: President Trump's National Biodefense Strategy             13     min.

Part 1: President Trump's National Bio Defense Strategy              14   min.

Bloomberg spending Epstein Humpty Dumpty money for super Tuesday ads            15  min.           3/4

Q is for the Queen's QinetiQ - Coronavirus Patent - Huge Discovery        53  min.

[CB]’s React To Markets, Trump Does What He Does Best, Goes After The Fed - Episode 2111a               14  min.

Courts Order [HRC] To Give Deposition, Chatter, Barr Takes Over Antitrust Probes - Episode 2111b           28    min.       3/3

The Biden Institute - Another Metadata Treasure Trove         13  min.


The Anglo-Saxon Mission from 2005 meeting in London reported in 2010                                  56 min                       3/2

Mifsud and other Dossier Source To Schiff Strzok Network

We're in a Marxist Revolution

the Buttigieg Mifsud connection           40   min.      3/1

Part 1: The Globalist's New Way Forward Act               14  min.

Part 2: The Globalist's New Way Forward Act              14  min.

Coronavirus Fallout Shows Dangers of Over-Reliance on China—Curtis Ellis | American Thought Leaders         42   min.

SMOKING GUN: China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From U.S.


Mystery Buttigieg Torpedoes From Norfolk, Home Of Libya Ops and Cassandra                 30  min.

Why, Oh Why, Is Poop So Pervasive in Pop Culture Now??           19    min.

‘Socialist’ ABC Reporter Admits Bosses Spike News Important to Voters, 'Don’t Give Trump Credit'        7    min.      2/27

The Globalist Agenda Behind The Coronavirus Panic Exposed      32  min.

Brave New World vs 1984: Huxley Tells Orwell “I Was Right”

How Obama Infiltrated The Trump Administration        29   min.

Cracking Your Skull                          33  min.                             2/26

Was Michael “Dossier” Isikoff At Christopher Steele Wedding In DC      33   min.

The Coincidences Just Keep Coming                13     min.

Behind The Scenes With Stone Defense Team               13     min.

NO EXTRADITION FOR ASSANGE! Taylor Hudak Gives Us The Latest On The Ground In London!!!           22min

[FULL VIDEO] Gordon Chang: Coronavirus in China, Its Economic Impact & Chinese Influence Operations     45  min.        2/24

Monolithic Conspiracy                46  min.

Roger stone defense – the unseen evidence            14   min.

The Deep State Is Totally Flanked!

Brave New World vs 1984: Huxley Tells Orwell “I Was Right”             36    min.               2/21

Part 1: The Rule of Law, McCabe & General Flynn           14  min.

Part 2: The Rule of Law, McCabe & General Flynn       13   min.

Mr Biden, I Think We Found Your Blackberries                 73  min.

[FULL VIDEO] Gordon Chang: Coronavirus in China, Its Economic Impact & Chinese Influence Operations      45  min.        2/20

Kevin Shipp - Brutal Deep State War Inside US Government                            34            min.

The Deep State Is Totally Flanked!              26  min.                 2/19

Schiff Strzok and Qaddafi’s Missiles              52   min.

China’s Communist Party Uses All Sectors to Wage War on the US; The US Must Respond—Casey Fleming     53  min.          2/18

Big Pharma Heresy: The Nutritional Approach To Heart Health           34   min.

The Candace Owens Show: General Steve Kwast                  51  min.

Steve Pieczenik Warns AG Barr Planning Coup Against Trump              46   min.             1/17

OPUS 209 Liars! Dont Get Me Started!                  4    min.

Roger Stone jury foreman was a far left wing activist                16  min.

Mifsud-Buttigieg Linked To Strzok Iran Talks, Libya, Syria           15    min.            2/15

Breaking Your Will          26    min.

Part 1 - Charles Woods: President Trump vs Obama & Hillary       19  min.

Part 2 - Charles Woods: President Trump vs Obama & Hillary       23   min.

Everyone Wants Assange To Testify Except The Judge?              16  min.

This Unclassified Report Is Terrifying! Hacktivists Are The New AL-CIADA!        24   min.           2/13

A Stunning Admission on the So-Called Population Crisis               39   min.

Cabal, Central Bankers Know It's the End Game, Wayne Jett (1of2)         30  min.

Cabal, Central Bankers Know It's the End Game, Wayne Jett (2of2)           22  min.

Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine: The Final Piece                                                           2/11

Trump Acquitted. Special Guest Mike Moore               21   min.

Trump Hotel where Schiff and Strzok Tried To Lure Teneo Emails To Trump        41    min          2/8

Part 1: The Fight for Freedom: General Flynn & President Trump         17  min.

Part 2: The Fight for Freedom: General Flynn & President Trump        18    min.

Craig Hemke - The Fed is Monetizing the Debt             30     min.

BREAKING: Twitter LOCKS DOWN James O’Keefe’s Account                  2  min.                           2/6

Was DNC's Acronym Voter Database That Crashed The Same As Imran Awan's?  &nb