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                             SOME of The TOP PICKS  the new ones are below

The Star of Bethlehem Documentary            65  min.

Kodi Lee: Blind Autistic Singer SHOCKS The World Again In The Live Show! sings Bridge over Troubled Waters,  2019

SeS Governing Council 500 Exposed             controlling 500 within the SES Senior Executive Service   The Untouchables

The Cremation of Care - Enhanced Footage      10 min. Pagan Sacrifice done every summer in northern CA top leaders attend

Ultimate Red Pill: Ronald Bernard Illuminati Whistle Blower Testimony Elite Satanic Rituals [English Voice Over]     

Satanic Child Sacrifice - Ronald Bernard - April 2018 Testimony

Pedophiles Rule the World            14  min.

AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version                 hollywood pedophile documentary

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars           45 min.             for a short history lesson on money as in follow the $

911 Perpetrators Revealed             71 min.

(HIDDEN SPEECH) JFK CONNECTED THE DOTS...     6 min.  secret societies

Wake up America! - Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)       103  min.

1400 Years of The Real History of Islam in 5 minutes.    17  min.

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Climate Engineering ( Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch )

News is Propaganda - Open Your Eyes                       Who Owns The Media?

Full BURZYNSKI Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business ...           108 min. must see

When Central Banks Rule the World by joan veon        90 min.     


One World Freedom Tower Exposed--Crowning-The-Tyrant          45 min.

BLOC HEADS: Builders of the New World Order (Full Length)         113 min.      

VIDEO - Hillary Clinton Wants to Put Americans in Camps — to Solve ‘Fun Deficit’        

2014 AARP commercial predicts MARTIAL LAW                1 1/2 min.                      

How Fraud is Legal, Learn the Bankers Game - John Singleton           44  min.

What You're Not Supposed to Know About America's Founding

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

Douglas Gabriel and Christopher Strunk - HARVESTED

Former Lover Exposes Eric Schmidt he set up dragon fly in China, the social credit system, and was

                                                      the former head of google and is helping to set it up here

On Marxism in America, the Communist China Threat, Unconventional Warfare & Hong Kong—Joshua Philipp     66  min.

Bitcoin Busted for Fraud                     22 min.


British and American media weaponized by the Pilgrims Society      61  min.

No Victory Laps For Flynn Wearing A Wire. Pientka 302. Now Critical     7   min.

The Origins of Fake News           57  min.                           9/14

EXPOSED: The Untold HORRORS in China      37  min.

Awan 911 - The Webb Report - Chapter One - Page Four    13  min.    

Epstein Trained 9/11 Pilots, But No One Saw Red Flags    15  min.        9/13

10 Years After ACORN Exposed         7    min.

EXPOSED: The Untold HORRORS in China                 37  min.

Mark of the Beast             19   min.

Fed Controls Bitcoin, Planned Global Collapse w/ Kent Lewiss

U. S. National Security Council is a Joke           34   min.               9/12

d e g e n e r a c y            17   min.

Richard Gage Talks About 18 Years Of Deception!   24  min.

Flynn Trial Recap - Fireworks        15  min.                              9/11

Stressing You Right Out               19  min.

Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up        60  min.

Does the IG Report “Exonerate” James Comey? Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton Weighs In         29    min.        9/10

The Webb Report - What Mueller Missed Chapter One Page Three        12 min.

What Would You Eat to Save the Earth?                25 min.

Where Eyes Wide Shut Meets Social Credit Scores      10 min.

Epstein and Maxwell Used Student Visas Loophole For Drugs           11  min.     9/9

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?         11   min.

Mind Blowing Epstein Related Facts You Haven't Heard          44   min.

BOMBSHELL! Did Ghislaine's Sisters Backdoor the FBI, NSA + more?   30  min.

Webb Report - What Mueller Left Out - Chapter One - Page Two      11 min.

The Webb Report - What Mueller Missed - Chapter One - Page One    12   min.

Comey-Iran-China - All Roads Lead to London      52   min.

Comey Lies and British Spies             53  min.                                                       9/7

Dane Wigington – Wildfires and Hurricanes all Part of Climate Manipulation         29    min.

Flynn Worked Roy Hallums Rescue With Strzok and Giacolone by George Webb      13  min.

Social Credit Score USA           7  min.               9/6

Epstein's CIA Bahama Weapons Demo Center In Andros, China Subs On Abaco   8  min.

‘All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange       8   min.

GUESS WHAT THE NWO HAS PLANNED FOR HUMANITY                                        9/5

Will The Hong Kong Protests Result In Civil War? (w/ TL Tsim) | Real Vision Classics      21   min.

Epstein Wexner Ratlines Being Washed Away. Will Dorian Get To Columbus?          8   min.           9/4

Decoding Crossfire Hurricane - A Genie Energy Genie Emerges     8  min.

He Went To PRISON For Talking About THIS, "Cancer"              39   min.

Decoding Crossfire Hurricane - A Genie Energy Genie Emerges                 8  min.

The Truth About Comey's Trump Tower Meeting          10  min.                 

Awan Contra At Least 100 Times Bigger Than Oran Contra With Evergreen Aviation        7  min.

British Lies and British Spies

Exiled Chinese Billionaire's Accusations of China (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass)             53  min.              9/3

Anthony Saltalamacchia Tells His Story From Inside The World Trade Center On 9/11         26   min.

Google Strategy 180: Open Platform, Gain Monopoly, Become Minister of Truth w/ Zach Vorhies (2of2)     33     min.

Brainwashed Google Employees Unable to Critically Think w/ Zach Vorhies (1of2)        36  min.

Summary. Jeff Epstein Is Iran Contra. Epstein Is BCCI      8  min.

The Taggarts “Respond” About Imran Awan - Wikileaks Too!      part  2       6  min.

Correct Me, But We Have To Investigate Epstein’s Contacts If Barr Won’t    part 1   12   min.          9/1

Gen. Robert Spalding: On the Hong Kong Protest, US-China Trade War & ‘Parasitic’ China Economy         43   min.

You Are Being Groomed        30  min.

British Lies and British Spies               49    min.                  8/31

The Truth About the Hong Kong Protests              7  min.

People's Liberation Army of China Enters Hong Kong         4   min.                8/30

Steve Bannon: New Film On Huawei—“Claws of the Red Dragon”, Hong Kong Protest & US China Trade War        43  min.

George Webb Three Year Summary Of Our Channel               7min.                      8/29

Congressional Testimony From Clinton Era Reveals Pedophile Blackmail Network          9  min.

Los Angeles is a Sh*thole                13   min.

Jeff Epstein Complete Mega Group For Wexner-Lansky Gangsters              7 min.            8/28

Epstein and Dyncorp Doing Takedowns Of Diplomats and Scientists - No Change      6  min.        8/27

G. Edward Griffin The Quigley Formula Bill Clinton And More From The Archives!       16   min.  

It Was An Overthrow By The Brits         50  min.

Bitcoin Busted for Fraud                   21  min.

Luke Rosiak With Judicial Watch - Didn’t Want To Pursue Imran Did DNC Hack     28  min.

Jeff Epstein Was Awan Contra Then And Now         35   min.

Congressional Testimony From Clinton Era Reveals Pedophile Blackmail Network   9  min.        

Patrick Byrne Gets Redpilled by a Russian Spy            29   min.

Google’s Power to Shift Elections—Zachary Vorhies, Greg Coppola and Dr. Robert Epstein       52   min.                  8/25

Luke Rosiak With Judicial Watch - Didn’t Want To Pursue Imran Did DNC Hack       28   min.     8/23               

Billy Eilish, Epstein & The Luciferian Agenda                          9  min.           8/21

Kissinger/Epstein = Pilots, Maxwell = Operatives, Big Difference      13  min.

Epstein Worked For DWS and Weiner In Imran and Otaiba’s NGO       6  min.

BTC Founder Losses $10 Billion BTC

British-Hong Kong Propaganda Busted            21    min.

Satoshi Nakamoto Dossier Reveals CIA Ponzi Scheme                        24  min.            8/20

Congressional Testimony From Clinton Era Reveals Pedophile Blackmail Network    9  min.         8/19

Grayzone Spews Chinese Propaganda about Uighers            32   min.

The Sackler Family – A Secretive Billion Dollar Opioid Empire          27     min.      8/18

Hillary is a Chinese Agent          29  min.


Catherine Austin Fitts - Financial Calamity an Ongoing Process (#2)       35   min.

Catherine Austin Fitts - Inflation & Conflicts are Big Risks (#1)        26  min.

GOOGLE MACHINE LEARNING FAIRNESS - Whistleblower Goes Public Says "Burden Lifted Off My SOUL"            19  min.             8/16

Jeff Epstein Was In Kissinger's Kindergarten - Club-K Weapons Later        13  min.

Bill Gates Wants TO BLOCK THE SUN! Here's How!               20  min.



BLACKMAIL: #1 National Security Issue w/ Fanning & Jones (2of2)      34   min.

BLACKMAIL: #1 National Security Issue w/ Fanning & Jones (1of2)      38    min.

This Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god)                              8/15

Epstein Case Meets Kissinger On A Diplomatic Backchannel (Hint - Rockefeller Too)       8   min.

Epstein's Teneo Connects All The Dots To Uranium One              12  min.

ROBOT WARRIORS at your door - What will you do?                 46  min.                        8/14

Douglas Gabriel - Warlord Bankers and the Federal Reserve            18    min.        8/13

A RAT exits the world stage

This Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god)                      48     min.                             8/12

Spygate Indictments Coming, Says Former Intelligence Operative Tony Shaffer     36  min.

Dead Men Tell No Tales          4   min.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: FISA investigation will lead to criminal indictments            4  min.

Ahriman Exposed Evil AI and Destruction of Human Thinking      58  min.

John F. Kennedy warned us. Will we take heed?                                     8/10

Did Space Nazi Intel Center At Wright Patterson Claim Nine More Victims In Dayton?        16  min.      8/9

Network Analysis Vs CNN Breadcrumbs For Shootings        12   min.

Horowitz pulls a fast one

John F. Kennedy warned us. Will we take heed?            49   min.           8/8

"FBI Holds Smoking Gun Evidence for Treason" - Admiral Lyons (2of2)         30  min.

"FBI Holds Smoking Gun Evidence for Treason" - Admiral Lyons (1of2)         36  min.      8/6

Horowitz pulls a fast one        37  min.

Trump Russians Were Really Ukrainians - Going On 70 Years At Russian Retreats?     9  min.       8/4

If You Don’t See Epstein As A Smuggler, You Will Never Have The Full Story              4   min.

Epstein Ranch: Big Names, Governor King & Child Charity Ties w/ Corey Lynn (1of2)         30  min.

Yang Admits He Wants To Enforce Censorship!             5  min.           8/2

Ugly Truth About British Israeli Zionism        34   min.

TIME'S UP. -- Dr. Dave Janda                  54  min.

Trump George Washington the Highlander Revealed             56  min.           8/1  

Are We Still Lost in the Cave?

Betsy and Thomas watch the rats jump off the cliff

Mueller's Treasonous Testimony

SHOCKING: Canada’s REAL Replacement Migration Numbers          30  min.     7/31

The Candace Owens Show: Paul Joseph Watson              48   min.

Secret History of the Order of the Illuminati               41  min.

LET'S TALK ABOUT EPSTEIN'S OTHER ISLAND                    10  min.

Last Moments Of CIA Director William Colby           28  min.

 Exploring Donald Barr's Spy Schools - National Intelligence Academy          43   min.


Do We Have "Cognitive Liberty"? Conference Probes "Human Rights of the Mind"        10  min.

New Billboard: Stop Section 13, protect free speech online                 3  min.

America's Birthplace 2019: A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence          29 min.        7/27

AI is Changing You & Manipulating You, This is How (1of2)        37  min.

AI is Changing You & Manipulating You, This is How 2       32  min.

Where Does It End? New 'Monarch' Brain Device Approved for ADHD       27  min.

Mueller Post Mortem with Betsy and Thomas              29  min.

Did Mueller’s Team Commit Prosecutorial Malpractice. Or Malfeasance?            18+   min.      7/26

Mueller’s Man in the Middle - Konstantinos Killimnik, Now Famous From Hearings          22  min.    

Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is "dangerous," "taking sides"    14  min.

Epstein Back In A Cell? What Sketchy Incident Happened?       11min.

Sweden Blandland      4+  min.

Gabriel & McKibben on the Mueller Testimony                       51  min.

Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own Overlords?            44  min

Mueller's Treasonous Testimony                      48  min.

How a Crowd Funded Lawsuit Brought New Attention to Jeffrey Epstein       22 min.  

Eulogy for Joseph Mifsud                                                     41  min.                              7/25

Kamala Harris, slavery, and open borders             46     min.

Shocking News about Salem Media and the CIA               21  min.         7/21

Flynn- Kian Trial - FBI Parade That Didn’t Evaluate Trump       29  min.       7/18

Extinction Level Event for Democrat Party           28  min.

Kamala Harris - More Skeletons in the Closet        49  min.

Roger Stone Weighs in on the Epstein Case        12  min.

Shocking Twin Tower pictures              27  min.                     7/17

SHOCKING!!! Sweden Micro-Chipping Humans At An Alarming Rate!       23  min.

Meet the AI Overlords that will Rule your Future                10  min.               7/16

It's Finally Happening - Holmseth Case Connection to Jeffrey Epstein & Pentagon      11  min.

The FBI Flying Brothel

Mossad Epstein Connection: God Bless Dr. Pieczenik. Thank You for your honesty.       7  min.

Following Up Zero Hedge Epstein Wexner Story         32  min.                                                  7/14

m a d w o r l d by Paul Joseph Watson         12 min.

Wexner Epstein Mission Essentials - NYC, Milan, Paris, and Paducah?     31  min.

The BRITISH BLACK CHAMBER Revealed                         47  min.                      7/13

The Infallible AI "Oracle" and the Future of "One Shot" Answers       29  min.

UPDATE: Washington Post Prints Correction After Falsely Claiming Veritas Videos Fake          7  min.       7/11

Jeff Epstein’s Columbus Connections - Columbus Command Center        40  min.        7/10

Trump calls out Fake Fox News                            32  min.

Jeff Epstein and His Dyncorp, State Dept, and CIA Plane - AWAN747

The World is Run by British Nazis                    60  min.

July 7th, 2019. Trump Kompromat - Epstein, Deripaska, Sater, Cohen, Millian in NYC, FL, and DC     88    min.     7/9

Flynn’s 10 Terabytes, Papadopoulos- Deripaska Black Sea Weapons, Hillary’s Platte       25 min.     7/6

Steve Quayle - 2019 Unparalleled Alien Revelation           93  min.

Deripaska-Killimnik-Butinas-Kislyak Is Ukrainian-Russian Weapons Channel, Not Just D      20 min.


Court Orders Documents Unsealed! Let's Not Squander This Opportunity!            13 min.         7/4

Former Lover Exposes Eric Schmidt            33   min.

James Corbett Talks China            

Dead Secret Service Agent Definitely Went To G20 and G8 Meetings With Trump        9  min.               7/3

Disney Exposed By Bella Thorne!       13  min.

The New Living Language, Brainwaves & Babel       21  min.               7/2

Toronto Resists Google Smart City Dystopia                  18   min.

NXIVM Is This The New Face?                            20  min.

James Corbett Talks China                       22  min.

Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam             7/1

Massive Wave of Energy Strikes the Earth/Unknown Origin     7  min.

Epic Memes for Your Info Arsenal     30  min.

Dershowitz Flips! Toss It Out!      11  min.

The Tears of a  ( AOC ) Clown     4   min.

Weissman Backstabs Flynn With Operation Confidence         22  min.              6/30

Socialist Media TRUMPED by Big Daddy           45  min.

Media, Dems call border situation a crisis after saying there was no crisis | SUPERcuts! #693         2  min.

July 27th, 2019 Flynn, Kian, and Kislyak's NukeBerries Hide A World of Clinton Blackberry Intrigues         9  min.        6/28

London is a Sh*thole                    14  min.

We Lost Again Everyone, Epstien Walks Again Now It's Time To Fight Harder!      25    min.

Most ADVANCED AI Robots In The World TODAY!       11  min.

The Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood                 15  min.

THE EVIL OF 5G TECHNOLOGY - David Icke | London Real         8  min.

True History Textbooks Left Out w/ Donald Jeffries (2of2)          30  min.

True History Textbooks Left Out w/ Donald Jeffries (1of2)          33  min.                     6/27

From Pelosi-Imran Port Of Baltimore. Lambert and Colvin Too!            40 min.

Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship        7  min.

Hollywood Legend Exposes the Truth w/ John Barbour                 41   min.               6/26         

Federal Investigation Initiated: Timothy Holmseth & Polk County


Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situation" in 2020 on Hidden Cam                   25   min. 

Kevin Shipp – Trump Dossier Covered-Up Illegal NSA Surveillance           45  min.                                   6/25


Wikileaks Is An intercept, Julian Doesn’t Know               5  min.

Trump is chillin' at Camp David                40  min.                   6/24

Linda Collins-Smith NXIVM And Big League Politics

Trumping socialist media with special key code      48  min.

Zagami and Gabriel Expose Vatican Evil           86  min.                     6/23

Special Report — Cardinal Cupich Under Investigation          9  min.

Jimmy A Horror Story!            17  min.  

June 20th, 2019 Hey Urenco, Leggo My Urenco. Fisk, Lambert, and Mann, and Cameco Too?           14  min.           6/21

Guandolo Moment: The Accelerating Jihadist-Marxist Threat.

TRUMP: The Greatest Actor Of All TIme - A Hypothesis       39  min.       6/20

WATCH: Candace Owens Opening Statement At U.S. House Hearing

True History Textbooks Left Out w/ Donald Jeffries (1of2)

True History Textbooks Left Out w/ Donald Jeffries (2of2)


Flynn And GRU Spy Chief Worked On $100B Saudi Reactor Deal. Would They Use Spies?             17 min.               6/19

John Kennedy Jr.'s "George Magazine" Breakdown: Survival Guide to the Future Issue, Feb 1997      16  min.

Blasts Hitting Back Side of Earth, 3rd Element Involved w/ Dani Arnold McKenny     30  min.

Bohemian Grove 2019 Here We Grove Again!              21  min.

Julian Assange Writes a Warning Letter To The Public          8 min.               6/18

WHAT THE DEEP STATE FEARS MOST -- Dr. Dave Janda           30  min.              6/17

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS PETRIFIED -- Dr. Dave Janda         29  min.

Comey-Clinton Cover-up Exposed                 50  min.


DOH!! CNN Just Messed Up BIG TIME!!               15  min.  

Facebook Herds Humanity into Cyber Prison        56   min.

Horowitz Report is a Bust              42  min.

THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW. -- BOB KUDLA         35   min.

Facebook Insider CONFESSES ALL                   40 min.                                      6/16

Plans Exposed, CIA & President Johnson Documents w/ Deborah Tavares (3of3)             40   min.

Plans Exposed, CIA & President Johnson Documents w/ Deborah Tavares (2of3)             48   min.

Plans Exposed, CIA & President Johnson Documents w Deborah Tavares 1of3               49  min.                       6/13

Will they go to prison for racketeering?                     

His Brother Was A Spy!                                   12  min.   

READY FOR THE GLOBAL RESET? -- Lynette Zang        35  min.

Huge NXIVM Revelations! The Fixer Fund!         12 min.                             6/13

WE ARE ALL THE FOURTH ESTATE NOW                10   min.

Are (elite British pedo ring) These New Details True And How Far Does This Go?           12   min.

Mike Flynn Timeline Revisited - Kislyak's Fuel Rods and Butina's Laptop              14  min.

June 11th, 2019 Carter Page-Halper Two Decades Means Russian Hacking, Cracking, and Fracking            12 min.     6/12

Mark Lambert, Contain Your UF-6! In New Orleans            55 min.

Live From Club-K Dock In Annapolis, M                        20 min.

First Amendment Triumph - The Extraordinary Directed Verdict in the Teter v. Veritas Trial        32  min.

Breaking! The FBI Is Looking Into Trafficking Allegations!                   15   min.

If This isn't Enough to Red Pill You, What Is? w/ Fire Captain John Lord       46  min.

Trump crushes globalism. What's next?               6/7

WAR and DECEPTION                96  min.

THE 5G ROLLOUT: THE FUTURE OR A BETTER OPTION: Insider Insight - Frank Clegg - Part 2         30  min.

THE 5G ROLLOUT: THE FUTURE OR A BETTER OPTION: Insider Insight - Frank Clegg - Part 1         30   min.

PRESIDENT TRUMP & AG BARR ARE MELTING THE DEEP STATE'S COUP           19 min.                              6/5

You Won't Believe Why They Just Arrested This KEY MUELLER WITNESS!       12  min.

The Hammer - and the State Secrets Privilege            18 min.


Come In Comrade "Boil It Off", Rockefeller Pages In Nuke For Gas          40  min.

Carter Page and George Papa Were Halper’s Spies In The Trump Camp Doing Dossiers       9  min.

Horowitz Protects the Swamp                      36 min.

You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video!         deepfake video  1 min.

Clintons Center of Web, NXIVM, Branson, Gates, & More Names w/ Corey's Digs         57 min.                            6/4

Are The Clintons Involved In Human Trafficking?            8.min.

OMG Can't Believe These Bilderberg Members Talked To Us And What They Said!    17  min.

Technology Is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality        16  min.

Mueller-Barr-Kerry - Iran Contra Deja Vu?         10 min.

Bilderberg 2019 What Do We Know So Far With Tony Gosling          36   min.

FIRST THEY CAME FOR ALEX JONES                     45  min.                                       6/2

Douglas Gabriel and Christopher Strunk - HARVESTED                       6/1

Privy Council Controls America

GOD HELP US ALL!!! What did Steve Hilton UNCOVER ON LIVE TV will have you shaking in your boots

Mueller Didn't Lie - Imran Awan Was A Limo Driver For Butina                  5/29

Borderless (2019) | EMERGENCY BACKUP

Bilderberg 2019 Update! Is It Really Just A Few Days  

Bilderberg 2019 Location And Official Attendee List! Why Is Jared Kushner Going?

The Other Side Of Climate Change

Bo Polny – New Financial Era in 2019 – Cryptos, Silver & Gold Rules


The Bilderberg 2019 Location Still a Secret!! Why?

The Man History tried to forget existed - The Genius Nikola Tesla         5/28

They Are Coming For US ALL!! Not Just Online                        5/27

How cash is becoming a thing of the past | DW Documentary

Assassination Cover-Up Exposed


Borderless (2019) | EMERGENCY BACKUP                                    5/26

Unmasking the Five Eyes Beast

How the British Crown Tried to Overthrow Donald Trump                     5/24

Treason, Espionage, and Bill Barr

Ex-CIA & Ex-NSA Reveal RUSSIAGATE is a Fraud                        5/23

The Truth About the Euro Elections                        5/22

Why Is The Bilderberg 2019 Location Still a Secret?

Secret Drilling and Pipelines? No Problem, Rockefeller Has Butinas And Erickson

A Human Trafficker Explains the Business 

Trump tweets THIS WAS TREASON                                         5/21

All Ears On Flynn’s Backstab Voice Mail With Trump’s LAWYER

Does Bruce Ohr Know Ibrahim? Did He Uses DEA #s In Congress To "Map The Network"

‘No Way Obama Was Not Told’ - Former Intel Officer Tony Shaffer on Spying on Trump Campaign             5/19


DiGenova: Comey, Clapper and Brennan will have to pay the 'Barr bill'


Trump is out-maneuvering the swamp

Trump Tweets Mike Flynn Investigation Started Long Before His Campaign

Following FBI Evidence Of Trump Takedown - Follow Butina                     5/18

Queen's agent Arvinder Sambei orchestrates overthrow of Trump

May 17th, 2019. Live From Nellie Ohr OrgAnize Crime Task Force

Steve Bannon on the US-China trade war (full interview)

OPUS 150 Bolton and Pompeo You're Fired!

Eric Schmidt Doubles Down On Major Google Controversy

Bilderberg Steering Member Eric Schmidt Speaks About The Future Of The Internet In 2008

Joe diGenova: Obama KNEW about CIA Chief John Brennan's Illicit Anti-Trump Targeting Scheme!

Thorium Disadvantages

The Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor: Why Didn't This Happen (and why is now the right time?)           5/17

U S Citizen Intelligence Releases the Treason Report

Hilarious Example Of Trump Derangement Syndrome

A Hysterical Cult Runs Society

Mueller Report And Indictments Point To Hacking, Fracking, and Cracking              5/16

Russian Girls Of Steel? You Can Bet A Millian On It, An Get An EB-5             5/15

13 Pieces of the Jigsaw -- James Perloff

Kavalec Memo About Steele - Some Truth? Hunter Biden's Missing $1.8B - Pakistan Pipe?

Wouldn't You Rather Have A KAVALEC? Trump's Ace In The Hole Flips

Bilderberg 2019 What Is Going On?

Bilderberg Reporter Exposes Colleagues                      5/14

Bilderberg Member Reveals How Networks Operate                      

Bilderberg Insider Makes Stunning Confession!

Biden's Son Vs Trump's Son - Battleground Ukraine, Gazprom Again                         5/13

Spying 'n lying will be their demise


Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

Former military Robert Mueller faces military tribunal at any time                               5/12

May 10th, 2019 Nellie and Bruce Emails Release - London Calling Again For Papa

the future by Paul J Watson

Insider David Rothkopf Reveals Kissinger's World

Papadopoulos Spilling Good Info, Leaving Out Some Too                                   5/11

May 8th, 2019 The Next Donald Trump Jr. Takedown - Butina, Krylova, and Bogacheva

Trump says TREASONOUS HOAX                        5/10

Chris Hedges: Sacrifice Zones of America

Do not let America Become London: Katie Hopkins

New Democrat Campaign "Ad"     4 min.

Mueller Report Confirms My DCCC Password Reporting And DNC Break-in Method        5/8

Did Butina Hunt On Rockefeller's Refuge After All Those Rockefeller/Kislyak Dinners

His Secret Charity Revealed!


MK ULTRA: Timothy Leary And The CIA                              5/6

TRUTH: First Victim of War - Shutting Down Free Speech

MK ULTRA: Brain Electrodes!

Follow two children from India's slums who are born with genius IQs

Graham Hancock: America Before-Exposing the Cover-Up of Ancient Advanced Civilisations

They're Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains

Blaming Trump For Rockefeller's Kislyak-Torshin Weapons Backchannel Through Ukraine

Trump takes on the propagandists

Trump - I will declassify!

Worldwide (France) protest against globalists                  5/4

Eulogy to the Witch Hunt                                      5/3

Barr Hearing Recap - Avoiding DNC "Adoptee" Names - Krylova and Bogacheva

Bill Barr Is Preparing You For The Shock Of Multiple Spies In Trump Campaign        

Glorious sucking sound is the swamp                                                     5/2

Mueller Hides Key Evidence - HUGE FINDINGS!!!                                           5/1  

April 29th, 2019 Did Ollie North's NRA Trump Transition Team Spy On Trump?

Glorious sucking sound is the swamp                                4/30

Kevin Shipp – Arm Yourself, Dark Left Violence is Coming


Most ADVANCED AI Robots In The World TODAY!

Dave Vs MSM - Julian Assange: Sold Out Or Star Witness




American Warlord - James P. Chandler III - EXPOSED               4/26

Trump tweets about UK Intelligence                                   4/25

Trump moves quietly behind the scenes                                4/24

 Frenchie False Flag Notre Dame

Trump is Mr. Clean. Mueller is filthy dirty.

CRISIS! Child Trafficking Loophole, Destabilization & Planned Invasion w/ Mike Harris

Did Blackwater Take Down Trump and Assange? Let's Ask Joe Schmitz                             4/23

Life Liberty & Levin 4/21/19

8-Year-Old Ocasio-Cortez Impersonator Ocasio-Cortez    1 min.

Taking Down Trump And Assange With Carl Bildt's Chaos Computer Club                           4/22

April 18th, 2019 Mueller Report Analysis - The First Three Hidden Gems

Debanking: Chase Bank “moral character” a Reason They Don't Do Business w/ "those types of people"

MSM Will Not Report on This! Mueller Report Cover for DNC & Clinton Crime w/ Alexandra Bruce

Mueller Releases the Ca-Ca Dossier

The Mueller Dossier is a 'cover up' for the DC criminals                                             4/20

Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller Probe Could Backfire on Those Who Fabricated Russia-Collusion Narrative

Page, Papa, and Halpa - Dossiers On The Souls Of Our Coups

Globalist warlord DEAD. Big win for patriots                                   4/17

Did Assange Get Delete From Mueller Report To Hide NATO Hackers?

Follow Mueller Report Roadmap To Investigate Investigators


Bill Binney (former NSA) on the Arrest of Julian Assange

Deep State War Landscape Changes w/ Dave Janda (2of2)

Deep State War Landscape Changes w/ Dave Janda (1of2)

Trump advocates 5G nightmare on humanity

Gerald Celente – Trump Will Be Winner in 2020 Election

April 14th, 2019 Nuland's NATO Plan To Take Down Wikileaks And Trump

Who Partnered With NATO To Take Down Trump?

What's Next For Julian Assange? Insights from A Former Political Prisoner Scott Bennett

Gold DOUBLED in price for the central banks

Will Assange be safe in a British prison?

Trump say sanctuary cities should take illegals

Victoria Nuland is one bad a** swamp gator                                     4/13

The Myth of the Unbiased Search Engine

Trump said it. Coup. Treason.                                     4/12

The BP Russian Banks That Tried To Take Down Trump And Their Agents Who Failed                4/11

A Mueller Sending Uranium To Russia And Iran - Not First Time?                                    4/10

British spies everywhere. Watch out POTUS!!

Bob "Highly Enriched Mueller" Mueller Used Uranium One Profits To Fund SpyGate                                      4/9




Papadopoulos Book Review, Priestap Testimony Review

Educating George Papadopoulos                                       4/7

Trump Dossier Source - Ohrs In The Library Of Congress Waters! Chalupas Too!

Dark Civil War Intro

TIP OF THE ICEBERG: Florida Voters Upset People in NY                                       4/5

INDICTMENTS STALLED: Human Compromise Stopping Arrest of Large Pedophile Rings w/ Jimmy Boots

Where Have All Trump's 68 Ukrainian Investigators Gone? Did Chalupa Drop Them?

I Met a Real Human Trafficker

Time to end the Federal Reserve and British Warlord Bankers      part 4

Page To Papadopoulos After Trump Like Putin Meeting Idea "Stay In Your Own Lane"         4/3

Dave Janda – Treasonous Globalists Want to Destroy & Loot America

Britishgate and the Privy Council EXPOSED         part  3

Venetian Takeover of British Banking    part 2

Warlord Bankers and the Federal Reserve    part 1                            4/2

BREAKING: Families, Lawyers & AE911Truth ARE SUING THE FBI

Trump and Patriots Keep Winning!!!

Answering Dan Bongino In UkraineGate - Nellie and Bruce Ohr Are Key                       4/1

Warlord Bankers and the Federal Reserve

Joe diGenova on Investigating the Obama Administration

March 30th, 2019 Nellie Ohr's FBI Recruits - Lisa Page, Carter Page, et al

Beyond Censorship: Destroying Free Thought Online            3/31

Shhhhh....Trump has a secret                                                            3/29



Taking AIM at the real Russian spies                                                                    3/27

March 25th, 2019 Mueller's Return To The Real RussiaGate                    3/26

No Collusion No Obstruction

BREAKING: Families, Lawyers & AE911Truth ARE SUING THE FBI

Tom Fitton's Weekly Update: Reactions to the #MuellerReport, MORE Classified Clinton Emails, & More!

March 24th, 2019 Will Barr Indict Jared? Will US Realize Dossier Is Phil Upchuck's Work

March 23, 2019. With UkraineGate Master - Lee Stranahan

Espionage for Dinner. Treason for Dessert

Deep State Black Operation Caught in Act! w/ Ezili Danto (1of2)                             3/25

March 23rd, 2019 Mueller's Trump Dossier From Elite Weapons Proxy Island

New Zealand Attack and Islam by Kevin Shipp

700 Years Banking Cabal by William Stuart

Science Is Starting to Catch Up to the Sci-Fi Film Gattaca

March 23rd, 2019 Mueller's Trump Dossier From Elite Weapons Proxy Island

Decoding the 'Golan Heights" Trump Tweet                                                         3/24

Exclusive- Eerily Same Exact “Terror Warnings” Mark Suspect’s Trips: Turkey-Germany & Tarrant

More Mueller Was Lisa Page Born In Iran Around The Time Peter Strzok Was Leaving Tehran?

Peter Schweizer Exposes the Truth About Biden's Corrupt Ties to China                 3/22

George Webb March 2019 Summary - Part Two - Mueller Marries Brennan

This Declassified Document Is the Ultimate Proof

This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System            3/21


UNDERCOVER: Exposing NGO Smugglers in Greece                               3/20

March 17th, 2019. Fuel Rod Mueller Weekly Summary

Trump knocks Mueller out of the ring

These Trump tweets are heavenly

Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate  

Mueller, McCabe, Strzok, Page Recruited Imran Awan, Butina, and Anna Chapman MAVNI                                     3/18

BENGHAZI EXPOSED: Charles Woods - Father of Benghazi Hero Ty Woods

Did DNC Use Tech EB5 Or Student Visa To Bring In Russian GRU Hackers                                          3/17

Tom Fitton w/ Joe diGenova: The Coup against Trump, the Scandal of Our Generation, & Hillary Clinton


Baby Harvesting is NOW the Government's Right

INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE AND TREASON                                  3/15

Mueller's Dupont and Rockefeller Connections To Trump Takedown

WOWZER: All roads lead to London or Rome  

The Collapse of Western Civilization

Tom Fitton: Key FBI Officials Were 'Bending over Backwards' to Protect Hillary Clinton                3/14

Pelosi is a washed-up has-been old-time Demonrat

Astounding swamp corruption beyond                                  3/13

Dane Wigington – Geoengineering is an Assault

FLOODS are PLANNED Climate 'CON'TROL and Weather Weapon Disasters

Short Course on Communist Takeover of U.S.

Exposing Human Programming ... stepping out of the Matrix!


High Treason in the Swamp

CNN Interview Goes off Rails After Jerome Corsi's Lawyer Insists Obama Birth Certificate Fraudulent

BRITISH spy mission to OVERTHROW Trump FAILS                                                        

Trump calls Dems shameful people

Science Is Starting to Catch Up to the Sci-Fi Film Gattaca

Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains "Deboosting" "Troll Report" & Political Targeting in Interview

March 8th, 2019 Manafort Sentencing - The Real Story, Oleg, KK, Butina, and Podesta

Mr. President—Listen to Bill Binney. Russiagate is a Worse Hoax than You Thought                 3/9

March 6th, 2019. Bob Mueller’s Z Society - Terabytes And Secrets To Pakistan?         3/7

What Is the Real Secret of the Georgia Guidestones?                    3/5

Why Did They Try to Bury This Sci-Fi Film?

March 2nd, 2019 Can Trump Drop RocketMan/Leidos With One Tweet? Who's Hand Is In The Rocket?

Cohen Testimony Backfires on Desperate Dems

FACEBOOK Calls Me a TROLL & Censors Conservatives by Lauren Chen

CPAC 2019: James O'Keefe "They can stop one of us but they can't stop an army"                          3/3


Harry Potter and Tavistock Brainwashing

Why Did They Try to Bury This Sci-Fi Film?                            3/2

Cohen and DWS - Chat Of One PaperClipper To Another?

The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed Mental

Why did Michael Cohen betray Trump?                                  3/1

Cohen Testimony Outs $4B Kazak Pay To Play Scheme, DSW DNC Answers, Subpoena Im

Patriots help POTUS clean the swamp

Why is Hillary still walking around?                                      2/28


The Mystery of Blood Revealed

RFK Assassination

Is Salem Media Controlled Opposition?

Are you spinning in a limited hangout?                          2/27

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019)               2/26

High Profile Arrests & Human Trafficking - Program Opening Commentary

Blocks Removed, The [DS] Is In A Panic, They Are About To Be Brought Down:Dave Janda                       2/24

Where are the whistleblowers?  by Kevin Shipp


Kristy Allen - MK Ultra & RSA Survivor - April 2018 Testimony                   2/22

2019 Bob Mueller's Gibson Island - Navy Tech Deal Crucible

JW Sues for Records on Coup Attempt against Trump--Conflict of Interest Scandal Still Follows McCabe              2/21

Ruth Bader Ginsberg UPDATE

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a Mueller Protege

President Trump's Wall, National Emergency Declaration & Our Future

February 19th, 2019 Summary - Mueller, McCabe, Whelan, Erickson, Calvey, Butina

Watch at as Dr. Ron Kennedy, M.D., discusses his lawsuit against the California Medical Board over vaccine medical exemptions

Grandma was Brutally Harassed & Jailed by Corrupt State, So She Ditched U.S. Corp. for USA (1of2)


EXPOSED: Shady Deal Between Obama State Dept. & FBI on Clinton Emails              2/20

Citizens Demand Comey's Arrest for Treason!! Counts 21 -28)

Comey's treason is historic! (Counts 9-20)

Citizens Charge James Comey with 28 Counts of Treason (1-8)

Tom Fitton: Clinton Atty Pressuring FBI on Weiner Laptop; Voter Fraud Update; Trump's Border Battle                       2/18


UNDERCOVER: NGOs teaching migrants to lie

Changing My Mind On Immigration - My EU Speech    Lauren Southern

February 15, 2019 Follow Mueller’s DuPont Navy Intel Assistants To Unlock How Secrets Got To Urenco

CES 2019: Sophia the Robot is back, and she brought Little Sophia               2/16

5G is just the tip of the iceberg

Robot AI has a new announcement for Humanity

Mueller: A Journey To The Dark Side

No Russia Collusion. Senate finds ZILCH                                           2/15

Trump Impeachment, Mueller's History of Deceit w/ Harley Schlanger

Nazi Human Medical Experiments in America                                                               2/14


Did Trump Takedown Go Live In Moscow, December 2013?

Want To Stop Trump Takedown? Follow The Metadata To Pakistan

Massive Swamp Draining, Fed Takeover, 16th Amendment Rescinded:Robert David Steele             2/13

Daniel Estulin: New Global Order as U.S. Takes Venezuela, China Gets North Korea

 PedoGate! The " Farm" is now Mainstream

A Scary Warning to America! (2019)

They Actually ADMITTED There's No Money in Curing People

Las Vegas Shooting – Case Closed with Special Guests Joe Napoli & John Cullen              2/12

Trudeau Silent as Trump Bans Canada from US infrastructure projects

Trump is winning in the swamp

Trump is building a YUGE wall!                                  2/11

Mark Taylor - Trump Moving Heaven’s Agenda Forward for America

Crossfire Hurricane Fizzled - Erickson's Butinas Didn't Find Dirt

Paris is a Sh*thole

The Absolute State of Britbongland  

We've nailed Hillary and Mueller in the act!! UNBELIEVEABLE                                              2/10

Nancy Pelosi's Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State by American Intelligence Media

Where Have All Of Pelosi's Whistleblowers Gone? Is There A NATO Ammo Meeting

Russ Dizdar - Pennsylvania Has a Secret & It WILL Be Exposed

The truth is finally revealed! Shocking Interview! Dane Wigington from              2/8

America - Pandora's Box by Kevin Shipp

Pelosi’s New Dawn, Ollie North’s Weapons Deal At HCA

Got Proof Russian Diverted Mueller’s HEU? Yep, Mueller’s Own DOJ

The Democrat Party is DEAD                                     2/7

David Stockman - Central Banks Created Fiscal Doomsday Machine

U.S. Intelligence Community is a farce

Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe's hidden agenda

Benghazi Dissected: Dr. Dave Previews A Must Watch Interview                   2/6

Pelosi’s New Dawn, Ollie North’s Weapons Deal At HCA                  2/5

Scary Things Alexa & Siri Say Are Cause For Concern


Artificial Intelligence asked question about God/Trump/2 AI argue


February 2nd, 2019 Roger Stone Vs. Imran Awan - Russian Hack Vs Punjabi Backup              2/3

DNC Hack Vs. Trump Takedown - You Decide

Naive & Weak INTEL RAW!

Trump leads the global patriot movement! Triumphant!

No one goes to jail in the swamp because it is legal to lie            2/2

Live From Mueller-Roosevelt Yacht In Oyster Bay, NY

Awan WhistleBlower Lallapalooza, Fabulous Mueller PaperClip Boyz

U.S. Court of Appeals Hears Oral Arguments in Attkisson v. Dept. of Justice, FBI et. al.

We CAN stop ALL war. It isn't difficult.

Trouble For Trump Impeachment Crowd - Rosiak Books Exposes Pelosi Awan Cover-Up

New Wikileaks Exposes Vatican, Knights of Malta, Jesuits              1/31

Hillary's INSIDER on Mueller Witch Hunt                          1/30

Are your EYES wide open?                                  1/29

Fake News is the Enemy of the People

The Witch Hunt is a Propaganda Psyop

Arms Race US and China RAW                     5 min                      1/28

Dr. Dave Janda warns: Black Ops operator comes up and tells all

America in 2019 - The Truth May Scare You!

Mueller - Navy Intel, Dupont, Metal Broker, Nuclear Navy Man?

Who is William Barr? Response to Bill Still

Fake CNN Comey FBI Raids, Mueller and Blackwater Metals                 1/27

Get Me Roger Stone. Ok Manafort? Ok Bannon? Ok Corsi?

Fake History is DEADLY to all of us on the planet

Build the wall. Watch Nancy fall!!!                               1/26

Dr. Joel Wallach | A Stick of Butter A Day Keeps the Doctor Away                     1/25

Daniel Estulin – Back Trump or World Loses

Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump             1/24

Inside Sources LEAK Mueller Report!!! HUGE

Sackler Crime Family RAW                                  1/23

Trump says its a GREAT DAY for our Country  

Trump Tweets reveal a HUGE secret                                           1/21

Dr Dave Janda - The Hammer & Deep State Surveillance

Mainstream media is the ENEMY says Trump

Time To Dis–Barr D.C. Swamp Rats with Special Guest Larry Klayman                1/20

Jim Jordan's Inspiring Speech Electrifies The Internet!

The biggest lies of history REVEALED by Gabriel and McKibben                    

Does Society Realize It Is Being Initiated Into The Occult?                                     1/18

Trump calls out the FBI spying operation

Day 103.1 Putting It All Together - Brennan, Freeh, Schmitz, Mueller, Barr                          1/16

Schumer-Pelosi Hostage Crisis Day 24

Benghazi & Clinton Email Scandals ARE NOT Going Away! Judicial Watch Taking Next Steps                   1/15


Trump is tweet-slamming the SWAMP RATS (with AIM Cats)

Catherine Austin Fitts – Federal Government Running Secret Open Bailout

Beltway Bandits RAW                                          1/14

Day 100.2 Trump Response To The New York Times New Russian Narrative - The Comey Spin

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing

Day 100.1 Paul Whelan Now Being Called British Spy, Got GRU Drive From Old Friend

Eric Metaxas Interviews Jerome Corsi                  1/13

The WWI Conspiracy - Part One: To Start

British Use Psychological Warfare to Control the World

Are you a PATRIOT for your nation? Stand with U.S. in defeating globalism!             1/10

Sugar: The Bitter Truth                                         

Vatican Infiltration, Watergate Pedo Book, Franklin Coverup w/Det. Rothstein (1of2)            1/9

Kevin Shipp - Value of Dollar to Plummet in Coming Reset

Final Revelation Intro                                      1/7

Why Do They Fear the Yellow Vest Movement? with Roman Light

100 Years of British Propaganda and War is ENOUGH!!

Pelosi puts GLOBALIST INVADERS first, Americans LAST

WHAT DID LAURA SEE? REEXAMINED                     1/6

Corsi v Mueller Legal Analysis with Special Guest Larry Klayman

Fakers, Liars and Posers are coming out of the woodwork


Podesta Emails To Bijan Kian Emerge - EXIM Bank Pay To Play With Iraq, UAE, and Iran?

Day 90.1 Did Paul Whelan Airlift Saddam's Centrifuges In 2003

Podesta Emails To Bijan Kian Emerge - EXIM Bank Pay To Play With Iraq, UAE, and Iran?

Does Trump know that the Queen is spying on all of us?                           1/3

Key Corruption Finds of 2018--FBI Caught Red-Handed in Cover-Up over Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting

OPUS 110 RAW 2018 wrap up                             1/2

Learn Their Plan Truth Will Bring Trauma & Empowerment w Deborah Tavares 1of2

Learn Their Plan - "Time is Almost Over" w/ Deborah Tavares 2

Key Corruption Finds of 2018--Strzok Authored Draft of Comey Letter about Clinton Email Probe

How the Brits tried to overthrow President Trump                          1/1


Our World in 2019: PROPHETIC EVENTS in the NEWS TODAY!

Dave Janda – Hammer of Justice Falls in 2019

Angela Merkel – Nation States Must “Give Up Sovereignty” to New World Order

Alex Newman - We Are Dealing With a Diabolical Conspiracy that Hates God                 12/30

Dave Hodges Reveals What He Held Back For Decades: The Truth Behind Tesla & The Enron

Jim Woolsey and Genie Energy’s Club-K With ExIm Bank Loans

"Criminal" Justice Department Cowers As Klayman Presses On Trump Must Act Now!           12/28

The Fed and IRS must be ABOLISHED

What's Really Going Down in Paris?

Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth's secret plan to take over the world                  12/27

Flynn Bombshell - Putin Meeting Was A Mission

Weed, PEACE, and a free Tibet                                 12/23

BREAKING: Obama’s Crooked AG Loretta Lynch FINALLY TESTIFIES! Here’s What You Need To Know

Day 77.1 Did Schmitz Offer Nate Cain's Hillary Emails To Trump's Family?

RAW Merry Christmas! Our troops are coming Home                                      12/21

Reading Mueller's Black Weapons Hand By The Blackwater Cards He Plays             12/20

The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Day 73.1 Uranium One Whistleblowers - Mark Lambert, Nate Cain, Bill Campbell, Bob Otto           12/18

More Media Blackout! Paris What They Won't Tell You!

Ray McGovern - Russia-gate: Can You Handle the Truth?

Steel Truth (12/10) "DNC-Mexican Sex Trade!"

Recovering From The Huber Disaster, Go For The W           12/16

Huber No Show, No Mark Lambert, No Blackberries, No Pried Hard Drives

Facebook and Tavistock - British Unholy Alliance Out to Destroy Humanity        12/15

SES Plan to Destroy America REVEALED

Bad a** Trump is destroying globalism AIM CATS

Trump, Bannon, Flynn, and Five Eyes Spies

Total Media Blackout! Paris Is Far Worse Than They Will Tell You!           12/11

The FAANGS are coming down!                                                   12/6

Did Nathan Cain Declare A Mutiny Versus Anham And The Deep State?

IN MEMORIAM: THE TRUTH ABOUT GEORGE H.W. BUSH                      12/5

FBI Whitsleblower Dennis Nathan Cain - What We Know

UN wants you jailed if you talk negative about immigration

AIM says good-bye to George H. W. Bush

Corsi in the Crosshairs – Bill Binney Blows the Whistle on Robert Mueller and DOJ Corruption          12/2

Trump: "Where is the IG Report?"                                       12/1

Dave Janda - President Trump to Oversee US Bankruptcy


Did FBI Use Manafort To Pass Podesta Documents?

Trump: When do the trials for treason begin?

CITIZENS DEMAND - No more election rigging, meddling                         11/29

The Truth Behind the Caravan

General Motors Disses America plus Mueller                       11/28

Day 53.2 Analyzing DNC Hackers Yermakov/Lukashev's Breadcrumbs

Day 53.1 Assange Update - Who Stole Julian's Cat At The

Mueller busted for crimes and conflicts

Day 52.2 Assange Vs Khashoggi, Journalist Vs. PR Man For Bin Laden                11/27

Day 51.3 Assange Under Arrest In Virginia?

Catherine Austin Fitts - Government Taking Massive Amounts of Money Dark

Dan Bongino - Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History             11/26

It's Official: We're Living in the Prequel to 'Blade Runner'

George Soros is getting redpilled                      11/24

Trump brings attention to Osama Bin Laden              A I M

Day 48.1 Manafort's Ukraine Pipeline, Oleg Deripaska's Weapons, And Kilimnik Translating It All         G W      11/22

Counterthink: The globalist plan to EXTERMINATE humanity (to SAVE humanity?)              11/21

Time to break out of Hillary's Prison Planet                                   11/20

Eyewitness barely makes it out alive in California fire storm

Day 46.1 Chasing Brennan's Conspiracy Down With A Trump Left

Unsealing and Declassification, California DEW Arson w/ Wayne Jett 2

Unsealing and Declassification, California DEW Arson w/ Wayne Jett (1of2)

Broward County: Wasserman Schultz Election Fraud Again! w/ Tim Canova                11/19

Day 43.3 Assange Connection To Seitu KoKayi - Or Is That SEIU Cocaine?


Science Admitted Signals Control Us

Firestorm Apocalypse in California                                  11/17

Day 41.3 Credico-Roger Stone Texts Will Precede Indictments

Day 41.1 Manafort's Go Between To Deripaska At The Center Of Real Russia Gate With DNC

TOMORROW: Federal Court Hearing on Hillary Clinton

Dave Janda - THE PEDOPHlLES                                               11/15

Day 40.1 We Finally Made It To The Real RussiaGate And DNC Election Tampering           11/14

Hillary's election rigging mechanism revealed

Trump tweets "Dems are causing stock market big

Christopher Strunk and the Swamp Report- Asking the Hard Questions

Did Bannon Create An Arms Sales Renaissance? Secrets Too? 1

Judicial Watch Finally Subpoenas Awan Documents 2                                    11/13

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

Cesar Sayoc's Blackberry Had Access To Swetnick" "CruzNet"                11/12

Intelligence Assessment with Kevin Shipp Whistleblowers Roundtable with Bill Binney & John Kiriakou

AV8.1 - Slaves on a Digital Plantation - Patrick Henningsen

How Cloudflare and Joe Sullivan are rigging FLORIDA elections

Trump calls for new election? Whoa this is huge.

Mark Elias And The DNC Did Not Act Alone To Steal Florida                 11/11

Don't Trust Sessions Or Rosenstein - Drill Down On The Programs

Day 34.1 Election Aftermath - Trump Taxes And Cell Phone

Rep. Jim Jordan on Democrats vs. Trump

The People put the Supreme Court on notice

Foreign election rigging steals votes for GLOBALISTS                        11/8

Alien Invasion of America by Globalist Attorneys and Judges

Foreign election meddling - HAPPENING NOW

Inside Judicial Watch: What the Mainstream Media WON'T Tell You About The Migrant

Day 33.2 Why All The SpyGate Wires? Immunity and Cooperation      G W

Did Brennan Leak Vault7 Then Blame The Whistleblower?                 G W                    11/7

WRIT OF MANDAMUS Update with Christopher Strunk

Calling on 'Network Engineer Patriots' to Election Cyber

AIM Cats are Shocked at the Corruption Levels                           11/6

Day 24.2 Will The Real Robert Bowers Please Stand Up?

Cesar's Excellent Muscle Club At Hard Rock Cafe, Union Muscle?

Day 23.2 Cesar Altieri "Sayoc" Mob Conections To Capone

Day 23.1 Guess Where Cesar Altieri Lives? Where Bernie Whisenant Died

The Globalists are Losing the War - MAGA is WINNING        A I M           10/29

AIM cats find another British swamp rat

Day 21.3. Live From the White House - Haspel Speaks

Day 21.2. Live From The Capitol Papadopolous Testifies

Day 21.1 Brennan Hasn't Arrested Me Yet For His Crimes, But It's Early          G W              10/26           

Mexican and British invasions threaten America        A I M

Trump watching carefully for voter fraud          A I M

Day 20.3. Live From Capitol - TerrorBytes To Pakistan?

Day 19.5. Live From The Capitol - Meet Saudi GID               G W

Sen Heitkamp Dir. Details Bait & Switch "… when she gets elected she is going to be super Liberal                       10/25

Day 16.4 Follow Up On Khashoggi And Bin Laden Group

What happens after the MAGA midterms?

Trump could end it all in a BLINK

Day 16.2 Jamal Khashoggi’s Failed Coup

Day 16.1 Did Nellie Ohr Birng In Yet Another DNC Inter-American?                         10/22

Day 15.1 Brennan's CIA Cabal Mad About Khashoggi Jihad Land Grab Machine Broken      G W            10/20

Day 14.2. Live From Proposed FBI HQ In Greenbelt, Maryland

Day 14.1 A Dozen Questions For Nellie Ohr Before Friday          G W


5G can end humanity as we know it                  A I M                    10/19            

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

Brain-to-Brain Interface: The Next Gen Social Network

Day 13.2. Live From National Harbor and Khashoggi One

Day 13.1 Nellie Ohr Set Up Mike Flynn in December 2015      G W

The BEAST is here. What is your SM number?            A I M

Gabriel and McKibben Deep in Conclave Research                 A I M                10/18

Day 12.1 Jamal Khashoggi - Saudi Intel Since 1979, Flight Operations For Mujahadeen          

Gabriel and McKibben Deep in Conclave Research            A I M

Tom Fitton's Weekly Video Update: NEW UPDATE on Clinton Email Scandal

Trump asks: "Where is Jeff Sessions?"            A I M                            10/17                  

Trump's 4 Triggers That Are Imploding The Deep State

Day 11.1 If You Want To Know Khashoggi, Look At Club-Khashoggi Plane          G W

Tommy Robinson tells Katie Hopkins "I know they will send me to prison again"

Collapse of the Federal Reserve has started                 A I M                                  10/16

Desperate Deep State, Military Tribunals & Market Crash Pt. 2 w/ Dr. Dave Janda

Desperate Deep State, Military Tribunals & Market Crash Pt 1 w/ Dr. Dave Janda

TRUMP, TRIBUNALS & THE DEEP STATE             12 min

OPUS 84 Epic Egos RAW             Steve Pieczenik         

Day 9.1 Oleg Deripaska's Footprints From Ukraine To New York To DC          G W            

Day 8.2. Did Deripaska Know The Daggerstan Limo Driver? - Let's Ask Rahm and Jack Lew         G W

Day 8.1 Fentanyl One Summary From Brennan To McLean And For McLean       G W

Weather Terrorism Obliterates MAGA Panhandle            A I M                10/13

Day 7.3. Zosano, Zosano - Live From Old Navy Fentanyl Patches

Day 7.2 Lockheed - SAIC - Leidos Shuffle With Charlie's Angels

Day 7.1. Live From Fentanyl Patch One - Jamal Khashoggi                      

#SecretsAndLies: Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Fmr Campaign Manger Details "Graft & Corruption"

The Act of 1871 Fully Exposed The United States                   10/12

Learn how Prison Planet operates - your freedom depends on it       A I M         10/11


The Web of Corporate Oligarchy Ensnares Them           A I M

Rosenstien and the Swamp Rats                     A I M                      10/10

The Web of Corporate Oligarchy Ensnares Them

NEW Docs Obtained by Judicial Watch Show State Dept. & USAID Funneling MILLIONS to Soros Operations        10/8

Robert Spencer: How the "Palestinians" were invented

Day 1.1 Sessions Testifies, Sussman Identified As DNC Dirt       G W

Day 99.4 Scooped WaPo Again - Blasey, Swetnick, McClean - Old Pals, Sunset On Potomac For WaPo?        G W

Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals Around The Corner:Robert David Steele

China is our enemy. We are at war.                     A I M

Jim Jordan Pulls the Plug on the Swamp            A I M                                10/6

State & Church Run "Assimilation" Camps - Socialists Really Want More Government??

The History of Iran and the Iran Nuclear Deal

FULL INTERVIEW: Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Leader of Iran's RESTART Movement

NSA Whistleblower William Binney, Terror Attacks Not a Priority

Day 100.2. Live From The Capitol - The Sessions Sessions       G W   

Kavanaugh Vote Rallies the Base         A I M                           10/5

Joe diGenova Talks Latest News on Kavanaugh Nomination

Judicial Watch: NEW Court Hearing Set for Clinton Email

Day 99.3. Not Thowing Swetnick Baby Out With Bathwater            G W           

Day 99.2. Swetnick’s Dangerous Colombian - Jobs at OCTO, NIH, FDA,        G W         

Day 99.1 Swetnick Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Yet Another DAI Fake      G W              10/4


Joe diGenova Reacts to Kavanaugh Vote Delay

Day 98.3. My How The Navy Memorial Ties The Soros Spy Rings Together       G W

Day 98.1 Don't Throw Out DNC Metadata Baby With Julie Swetnick Bathwater

OPUS 79 Keep Calm and the Republic Goes On!

Google Poised to Grab IT All          A I M    

Trumpsters, are you tired of winning yet?      A I M

Berners-Lee and the Fake New Web      A I M                   10/3

Trump tweets some bad boys      42 min        A I M

Day 95.5 Julie Swetnick On ShowTime Circus Summary       10 min,      

Day 95.2 Spy Kids Discussion         2 hr         George Webb                                           10/1

Polygraph Expert Shows How to Beat a Lie Detector Test

“O Canada” documentary: Censored for talking about censorship?

Muslim leader vows Islamic conquest of US, UK, Russia, France, Italy

Day 95.1 Spy Kids Summary - Did Christine Blasey Recruit Spy Kids For Her Dad?           9/30

Tommy Robinson’s Last Interview Before Prison

Day 94.2 Trump Takes The Bait On Bethesda Spy Kids School Play           George Webb

Day 93.8. Julie Swetnik Was Operation Underground Before It Was Public      George Webb

We are at war with China                    American Intelligence Media                                            9/29             

#WHISTLEBLOWER Dr Judy Mikovits Interview - The American Holocaust       Victurus Libertas VLTV                      

Cabal's Desperate Deal: Kavanaugh for Non Disclosure with Wayne Jett Part 2         Sarah Westall

Cabal's Desperate Deal: Kavanaugh for Non Disclosure with Wayne Jett                    Sarah Westall

Day 93.1 Nellie Ohr's Distractions - Blasey, Swetnik, Et Al             George Webb

The Senate Judiciary Circus is in Town               American Intelligence Media

Rosenstein, Netanyahu, and China -Everything you want to           American Intelligence Media                         9/28

Trump speaks at the United Nations General Assembly

The United Nations' Party is Over      American Intelligence Media

Leave No Dark Corner        China Big brother                                   9/26

World Banker Karen Hudes Reveals Secret US Constitution      The Next News Network

OPUS 75 China (raw)           Steve Pieczenik

McCabe Bugs Every Blasey Service For Diplomats          George Webb

Live From DAI - Opium Is An Alternative Way To Develop      American Intelligence Media

The Brits did It...with help from Senior Executive Service    American Intelligence Media         9/25

DiGenova Responds to the NYT Rosenstein Bombshell

George Webb Sypgate Two Year Summary - Uranium Games On Capitol Hill

Day 89.3 Imran Awan, Did Classic Motors DC Did Like You CIA Dealership

Day 88.1 Does Blasey Blow The Cover Off CIA Drug Cutout In BethesGeorge  Webbda?          9/24

Day 88.2 Live Discussing Fiona Hill, Blasey, Soros, Martinez                                   9/23

Tom Fitton: Rod Rosenstein Wanted to Remove Trump...Deep State Active in Resisting President

Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.21.18

Day 87.4. I Didn’t Write The NYT Op-Ed Saying There Was A Spy    

Day 87.2 The Real MetaData Of Blasey's Trump TakeDown               George  Webb

Day 87.2. Blasey Attack On Trump Reveals CIA Dark Money              George  Webb

Day 87.1 Since Nellie Ohr Can't Make It To Congress Today.             George  Webb

The Swamp Rats are Cornered                American Intelligence Media                                                9/22

Deep State Unmasked: U.S. GAO Auditor Admits “I Break Rules Every Day”    Project Veritas

Tom Fitton of JW: Redacted Info in 'Dirty Spy Warrants' Targeting Trump Team WORSE than Dossier Scandal

Inside Judicial Watch: BLOCKBUSTER Interview on Bruce Ohr & the Clinton-DNC Dossier on Trump

Deep State Unmasked: Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists "From       Project Veritas

Day 86.2. Live From Capitol Hill - No Fiona, No Nellie         George  Webb

TIME TO STORM THE SWAMP, PATRIOTS!                   American Intelligence Media

Are you lost in space with NASA, satellites and UFOs?         American Intelligence Media

Exclusive Coverage LIVE from the World Data Forum: Julian Assange’s Last Communications                              9/21

911 Perpetrators Revealed                    American Intelligence Media

Tommy Robinson & Ezra Levant EXCLUSIVE interview on his Prison Treatment

MUST-SEE VIDEO=> Illinois Democrat Party Leader Tells Voters: “Vote Early, Vote Often. Whatever You Can Get Away With”

Day 84.1 Carter Page - Comey's Lockheed Spy Since 2004?       George  Webb                    9/20

Kitty is back for the Trump show    American Intelligence Media

Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose"       Project Veritas

Day 83.5. Live From The Chesapeake Bay - Carter Page FISA         George  Webb                         9/18

James O'Keefe Announces Deep State Investigation at the Gateway Eagle Forum

Tom Fitton: Questions Asked at Kavanaugh Hearings were "Insane, Corrupt"

Day 82.1 Is Oleg Deripaska Bringing In GRU Defectors To Spy on Trump?              George  Webb

Two Years of SpyGate Reporting - What Guides Me Now

Massive Government Corruption Revelations Will Trump the Swamp

Day 81.1 US Paid For Russian Club-K Missile Through Deripaska/Manafort                9/17

Black Ops Whistleblower, World Wide False Flags Increasing pt. 2

Black Ops Whistleblower, World Wide False Flags Increasing

Day 80.1 Trump Ready To Seize Oleg's Club-K Loot?

Is Trump Correct about Hurricane Death Toll in Puerto Rico? Judicial Watch Investigates        9/15

Tom Fitton: Mueller’s Investigation Into President Trump Is ‘Built On A Sand Of Corruption’

Tom Fitton: Why are Chris Wray and Jeff Sessions Protecting Hillary Clinton?

Day 79.2 Trump’s EO Targets Fiona Hill Gang Spy Ring - Oleg Too

Day 79.1 Qud You Bring In A Spy Ring For Me, Qud You?

Trump's September Surprise is a Doozy

Trump Outplays the Swamp                                                   9/14


Day 78.2. Spy Rings Lead To Weapons Ratlines                       9/13

How To Fix A Spy Ring In The White House   part 2

How To Fix A Spy Ring In The White House   part 1                                 9/12

Day 75.2 McCain Steele Meeting Brokered By Dyncorp Dave?

Day 73.1 Who Wrote The Anti-Trump Op Ed? They Might Have Worked With Bob Levinson

What Is Net Neutrality?

Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids                                          9/11

Is This Your Trump Tower Email Kyle?

"Are you calling all liberals ignorant? Dinesh D'Souza faces Tough questions @Yale University               9/10

Tommy Robinson's 1st message to UKIP’s NEC

Did Bruce Ohr Take His Dads Patents To DTRA/FBI?

Fiona “Mole” Hill Outs White House Spy Ring

No Collusion. Mueller Fails                                   9/9

Day 72.3 Bruce and Nellie Ohr Update 2

Day 72.2 Bruce and Nellie Ohr Update, LodeStar

Day 72.1 We Hit The LodeStar Nellie! Bruce Has Got the Oak Ridge Juice     5:35 min. overview start here

Want to Know About Treason and Military Tribunals                             9/8

Hillary controls the FBI...literally

Freemason Royal Ritual                                                           

Is Justice Coming? The Dan Bongino Show 9/7/2018

Tom Fitton's Weekly Update - Deep State Sedition

Will Canada and the Queen have the last laugh?

YourVoice™ Steel Truth (9/3) "DeepState Exposed!"

Trump Tweets Treason and Kavanaugh Explains Military                                         9/7

The Entire Plot Exposed. The Dan Bongino Show

Did Sessions Renew Trump Surveillance?

DOJ Blows Whistle on Mueller Felonies

Sara Carter: Trump May Declassify the 20 Fisa Docs                                           9/6

UNBELIEVABLE: DOJ Unable to Turn Over Fusion GPS Docs, Cites "Technical Glitch"

The Liberal Culture War Hits Critical Mass.

Truth omelet with a side of verification

The NY Times Steps in it, Big Time. The Dan Bongino Show 9/3/2018                        9/4

Steve Quayle - 8/30/2018 - Humanity Undergoing Genetic Technologicial Extinction

Tom Fitton's Video Weekly Update - IMPORTANT FISA Court Scandal

Is There a Secret Plan in the Works? The Dan Bongino Show 8/31/2018

Canada Caught Red Handed

John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow's

SES Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook Chief Operations Witch                                                 9/2

New Details About The Astonishing Effort to Cover Up This Scandal.The Dan Bongino

The Epic Unleashing of Trump’s Wrath Is Soon To Be Seen – Banned Videos

Trump puts them in the DOGHOUSE

One Unknown Family Rules the World; Two Dueling Branches; w/ Dr. Dave Janda Pt 1                      8/31

Brett Kavanaugh and SES Operatives Exposed

Big Takeaways From Yesterday. The Dan Bongino

Hillary Emails Hacked by China                                      8/30

Google is suppressing Conservative voices

Alex Jones Show: China Using Mexico As Part Of Their World Domination Plan                                 8/29

The Democrats’ Anti-Trump Battle Plan Leaks Out.

JW: IRS Documents Reveal McCain Staffer Urged IRS to Engage in “Financially Ruinous” Targeting               8/28

Exposing the Left’s Real Strategy. The Dan Bongino Show

Matt Braken Exposes SES, Gangster Government Civil War, and Fighting Social Media Censorship                     8/27

Trump Says He Will Declassify All Docs

Tom Fitton Answers 11 FAQs About JW Battles: Deep State. Clinton Emails. Corruption in D.C.

Trump Demands that Jeff Sessions Does His Job

The Next American Revolution | Candace Owens and Stefan Molyneux

FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary

Trump Train Jumps To George Webb's Awan Track

The Story is Rapidly Unravelling. The Dan Bongino Show

It’s a Total Knock Out for Trump                                                       8/24

Serco’s stranglehold on the US military - CTM #712 – Field McConnell

Manafort, Cohen, and the Witch Hunt                              8/22

Fake News and the Witch Hunt

Censorship is very dangerous                           8/21

Fake News and the Witch Hunt

Could the CIA be sabotaging the Trump cabinet? with former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp                                  8/20

Examining the Senior Executive Service with Special Guests Field McConnell

Dianne Feinstein Behind Foreign Interference in U S Elections                               8/18

John Brennan Should Be Very Concerned.The Dan Bongino Show

World Peace Will Come...once this flock flies away    AIM

The astonishing power of his tweets        AIM                                8/17

It’s ALL Been Given Away To Foreign Powers and One Senator Spills The Beans              8/14

D'Souza exposes the secret history of LBJ

Sessions is scared stiff and MIA more Trump Tweets

Dr. Michael Scheuer: It's All Coming Unravelled

Steele-Ohr Crossfire Hurricane Deconstructed

Will the FBI recover its reputation?   

What You're Not Supposed to Know About America's Founding                                  8/13

JW: NEW Emails Reveal Special Privileges for Peter Strzok, NEW Docs on Clinton-DNC Dossier...&

Trump meets with Tim Cook from Apple

Tom Fitton on "The Chris Plante Show": Bruce Ohr & Christopher Steele Met to Take Down Trump          8/11

WOW - Things are moving fast

Democrat-Kremlin Collusion Exposed Further as Manafort Case Unravels                         8/9

He is HUGE and we aren't ignoring him!

Day August 7th Paul Manafort Trial Day 6 Wrap

Day August-7th Manafort Trial - Downing Opens Flood Gates Of Embezzlement         8/8

Tom Fitton on Strzok's demands before joining Mueller team

The Magnitsky Act: Behind The Scenes by Andrei Nekrasov   must watch until the truth comes out after the false official narrative to protect Bill Browder and the theft of $100s of mil.

Trump and Jordan Rock the Crowds in Ohio

Dave Janda - 12 Attempts on President Trump’s Life Won’t Stop Indictments               8/6

More globalist election rigging systems exposed

Evil People in Washington

REVEALED: Tommy Robinson's shocking prison treatment | Ezra Levant                            8/3

Judicial Watch Successfully Pushed FBI to Preserve Comey’s Records                              8/1

Global VACCINE MAFIA targets Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's online course 

Mueller RIGGED Witch Hunt is an Illegal Scam                        7/31

Larry Nichols FBI Strzok Wife "Insurance" on Trump as SEC

Mark Taylor – Most Important Midterm Elections in

The winning is so great - keep it up POTUS

VERDICT: Generation Identity Trial  

Ban all electronic voting machines NOW                                                   7/29

North Korea 'Ready To Accept' Rothschild Controlled Central Bank

Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse - Camille Paglia

The Origins Of Transgenderism Revealed

Ban all electronic voting machines NOW

Dr. Michael Scheuer: The EU Is Falling Apart                            7/27

Coach ‘T’ Tweets that Team America is Doing Great

Former Government Liaison Reveals Chilling NWO Plan

Nunes calls for redactions to FISA warrant to be removed

Rats and Rodentstein Fill the Swamp

POTUS calls out Mueller Witch Hunt and the Obama Gang                      7/24


Donald Trump is Today's Highlander MacLeod             7/23       

“Trump recognized Russian Meddling MANY TIMES”                     7/20

Ex CIA Dr. Michael Scheuer: It's All Coming Unravelled

HELP: Internet Kill Switch Tested On Drudge Report!

They’ve Launched It—Plan To Overthrow Opposition Leaked—Proof Included!

Trump puts Media into a Spin Zone of Crazy

Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections                                                     7/19

World Peace is Happening!!!

Victory for Assange!

Judge Jeanine: Strzok is personification of the deep state

Twelve Russian Hackers But No DNC Server                     7/15

Having fun. Wish you were here

Trump is not distracted. He is on a mission.

Cheesecake and Covfefe with the Conclave                            7/14

FBI informant opens up about Russia-uranium controversy

Benghazi Whistleblowers – The story behind the cover-up

Great success at NATO                                                                7/13

Will this be the end of NATO?

Did the Queen meddle in the U S elections?                          7/12

Jim Jordan is an American Patriot

Call for election integrity NOW

Brett Kavanaugh is SES and so is his wife

Troller-In-Chief Dominates Twitter                                          7/11

Dr Phil Exposes Pedogate On Mainstream Media

The Truth About the Border

Dan Bongino Shatters Trey Gowdy's Career, Calls Him Out

Americans Forced To Comply By 2020—No Compliance, No Entry and The Bill Already Passed

Trump Tweets Brave Heroes of ICE and Border Control

It's a Democrat Con Job!                                        7/9

Imran Awan's Sweet Plea Deal

New Tweets Have Arrived

Matt Bracken: We've Seen This Playbook Before                                7/4

NEW: Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records About Raid on Trump's Attorney             7/3

Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Around the World                  6/30

WOW: Jim Jordan Catches Rosenstein In A Lie

We’re Under Invasion—The Move To Reorganize American Has Begun and It Started With The Democrats            6/29

WATCH: Laura Loomer Confronts Maxine Waters                                              6/28

The Zodiac Killer Motivation and Current Crimes Human Trafficking Drugs and more

Harley-Davidson Says Goodbye America                           6/27

Peter Strzok and Hating Frauds of the FBI and DOJ

The Deleted Interview that George Soros Tried to Ban!                                       6/26

Watch Candace Owens DESTROY Far Left Crank Tarlov on Selective Feminism

Obama Spied on Trump                                                    6/25

"Brazen Plot To Exonerate Clinton' Starting To Seep Out" Daily Caller Interviews Joe deGenova

Congress Exposes FBI Coup Against Trump

The SES Star Chamber       

Horowitz reacts to question on Clinton's guilt or innocence        15 seconds almost laughs

Watch IG Horowitz' Reaction When Asked If Hillary Committed "No Crimes" | Zerohedge

Hollywood Perv Mutilates & Murders in Real Life Just Like His Script   

How the Media Works with the CIA & NSA to Intercept ...                6/22

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Updates Infowars On What Is Really Going

Global Master Plan Leaked: Document Reveals Their Three Paths To a Gruesome Future

VIDEO: What They’re Not Telling You About the Migrant Crisis


Catherine Austin Fitts – Establishment Stole $50 Trillion & Want to Keep It  

The best 30 minutes from IG Horowitz's testimony                                                  6/21

Part 1: Who Rules the World Including the U.S.? w/Prime Minister David Williams

Kool-aid and Trump Tweets                                           6/19

The Secret Source Of All Of Our Energy Needs

Trump is Back Home After Huge Wins

Horowitz Protects the Swamp                           6/15

Peace is the Prize


Trump Tweets from Singapore                              6/12

House of Lies  

Overthrow of America by Geoffrey Pattie

Europe Union to silence its Subjects                                                                   6/11


Disgraceful Richard Stengel justifies domestic propaganda in the most dismissive way possible

Trump fires a tweetstorm today

Who Controls the Money Controls the World                                             6/8


Video: The Muslim Brotherhood’s inroads into Germany and Europe in general         6/6

T- Decodes Expose the Queen

Here come the June tweets

Rescue Julian Assange  

Infowars Protests Tax-Funded Baby Murders At Planned Parenthood

Valerie Jarrett and Roseanne Barr                                                6/4

LAURA LOOMER: Las Vegas New Developments!

The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America? | Michelle Malkin Investigates

Tommy Robinson Exposes Orwellian Nightmare in the UK                 6/1

Spies, Informants, and Double Standards


Killing Europe        full doc. 72 min.            5/30


T Deserves Some Answers

Inside Judicial Watch: Mueller UNMASKED--Featuring Congressman Louie Gohmert              5/29

Trumps Tweets About 13 Angry Democrats

Trump Tweets Continue to Storm

Decoding the Trump Tweets

A conversation with ex illuminati insider Ronald Bernard and Sacha Stone                5/28

Treason has consequences

Moles Unplug Hole in the Swamp

Trump Clearance

T-Clearance Tweet Drops

Stefan Halper SES Spy Revealed                                         5/22

Fake News and Fake Heroes. Time for America to Wake Up


Reality Check: Millions Wasted "Rebuilding" Afghanist

The Truth About 'This is America

SES and Serco plan to control the world                                  5/18

They're up the swamp without a paddle                                         5/12

BREAKING: Iranian Forces Fire 20 Rockets into Israel – Iron Dome Defense System Deployed — VIDEO

VIDEO: Iraqi Police Intercept 31 Boxes Full of $100 Bills from Iranian Regime to Promote Their Favorite Iraqi Puppet           5/11

Three judges outed as swamp skunks                                       5/10

MUST SEE VIDEO: Ever Wonder Why The Left Hates Russia So Much?

Serco Runs the World

Mueller is Losing to Trump                                         5/9

Video: Robert Spencer on The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS

Video: What They’re NOT Telling You About London’s Crime Wave

Trump Plays the Great Game                                     5/2

Gravy train USAID - OPIC                                                         5/1

The 'Hidden' Pentagon Budget Deal & the Traitors in Congress                          4/28

It’s Over for Deep State

JW: Congressman Jim Jordan's Remarks on "The Deep State"

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer Breaks Down the Russian Collusion Narrative                                4/27

Catherine Austin Fitts – Enormous Level of Ignorance & Lawlessness in America           4/24

Sins of omission

They rule the planet                                                     4/23  


The Crown Agents Exposed                                                               4/20

The Russian Deep State: Putin & the Assassination of Journalists   

Inspector General Report: What's Not Included                                                               4/19 

Judge Kimba Wood Orders Trump’s Private Files To Be Distributed Across Federal Server

Fluoride: A Big Mistake?

Sibel Edmonds: The Fog of War – Syria & More

THE WORLD MUST KNOW. #PureEvil #HellOnEarth                                        4/18

Donald Trump is the ultimate Pied Piper as the DC swamp rats get in line and follow his tune right out of the swamp

American Intelligence Media discusses Syria                                                   4/17

Top Scientists/NASA Can Now Control Consciousness, C60 Blindness Study


Government Missing Over 21 Trillion, Massive Pension Scam

Economic Warfare




STEVE PIECZENIK: Syria & Mueller Raid - ALEX JONES INFOWARS                                               

Syrian Lies and Propaganda

Back in the Swamp                      4/14


Ingraham: Bullies on the left aim to silence conservatives

Loretta Lynch: Comey's No-Prosecution-of-Hillary Announcement Was 'Unusual Move'

The Swamp is Disturbed                                                                                                           4/11

Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media reveals his group their goals and outs some folks

Getting to Know SERCO

Draining the Swamp and Catches Rats                            4/9

Facebook Commits Crimes Against the State

SES: The Vermin Among Us                                 4/6

Rosenstein Memo Released: Collusion Revealed                 4/5

SES Stinks like Sewage

SES Awareness Month                                                  4/4

A Shocking Revelation for America! (2018-2019)

Proof: Sessions is Corrupt

EXCLUSIVE–WATCH: Camo-Wearing Men with Backpacks Stream into U.S. from Mexico          4/2

Julian Assange - Mark Zuckerberg isn't leaking. He is selling user data !                  3/30

Outsmarted Again Thanks for Funding the Wall

Major File Dump Ongoing Unlocking the Shadow Government SES

The Problem With The UN | Corrupt, Anti-Western & Useless     by Roaming Millennial          3/28

Q Exposed as Psyop

Facebook Sells YOU to Make Money                                            3/27

New World Order Freaking Out About Trump – Alex Newman


Who will have the last laugh?

Leviathan of the D.C. Swamp

The American SS Exposed                                        3/23

Trump Jumps in Bed with CIA, Pedophilia Crackdown - Robert David Steele

China: Model of New World Order

Shadow Government is Collapsing                         3/20

Andrew McCabe Fired But What About Treason

WAR ROOM (1st HOUR) Thu - 3/15/18 • News, Brittany Pettibone, Steve Pieczenik •             3/18

Turn off Their Revenue Stream                                    3/16

Big Scam Mueller

The litter box is full             American Intelligence Media                            3/12

Another unbelievable school story     3/10

AI Social Engineering the Dark Side

Robert David Steele (March 06, 2018) - Taking Down the Deep State                                   3/9

Anonymous Zack Updates Infowars About What Is Going On In The World And Trumpland

"Brazen Plot To Exonerate Clinton' Starting To Seep Out" Daily Caller Interviews former Federal Prosecutor Joe DiGenova

Military Tribunals

Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp discusses Trump takedown of Pedogate Networks          3/5

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer - 2/22/2018 - 7 Arrests in Veterans for Child Rescue Sting

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Updates Infowars About Florida Shooting And Other Issues         2/25

David Hogg is FAKE NEWS                                 2/23

Did Russia Just Win the War in Syria?           

Michael Horowitz DOJ’s Office of Inspector General to issue a scathing report -nope

28 Counts of Treason

America's Ministry of Truth - the Global Engagement Center                    2/20

Russian Conspiracy Theorists Say.....

Michael Horowitz Exposed

Energy Frequency Vibration Part TWO

Energy Frequency and Vibration Part ONE                                   2/19

“There Were Definitely Two Shooters”, Florida Eyewitness Of Mass Killing Reports

Warning! Graphic Content: Florida HS Survivors Speak Out, More Than One Shooter!

White Hats Closing In On Shadow Government                                                2/16


White Hats Closing In On Shadow Government                              2/13

Video: CNN Praises Dictator’s Sister At Olympics                      2/12

WOW! Dr. Jerome Corsi Emotional End Interview with Tracy Beanz, Very Inspirational Thank*U G*B       2/9

Jim Jordan reveals key figure in Benghazi is key figure in dossier                  2/7

Watch: 'Sick' TV Gameshow Where Kids Are Molested On Air            2/5

Top NSA Whistle Blower William Binney talks about Released Memo & Crimes Committed

Clif High – Soaring US Economy and More 2018 Predictions

Sophia Robot Agenda 2030

AI Robots Full 2018 Documentary ~ Taking Over The World

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Updates Infowars On What Is Really Going On                          1/24

Deep Dive Summary of Forgotten Events that Explain What We are Seeing Today            1/21

Are You Awake? This is Your Last Chance!

Last Words Spoken by Steve Jobs Before He Died - Inspirational

The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party                           1/17

Trump Has Deep State Terrified – exCIA Kevin Shipp

Hawaiian Nuclear False Missile Alert Is Not An Accident             

HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"

Globalist Technocracy Created Addictive Social Media To Then Control People Through Their Rehab         1/14

Jeff Bezos Exposed

Tyrants of Facebook, Google, Amazon, PayPal Exposed

Eric Schmidt Steps Down as CEO              understand the behind the scenes

Infowars Own #QAnon Discusses Deep State War Revolution Indictments & More

Joachim Hagopian: Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State                     1/7

Keiser Report: Rise of Cypherpunks (E1171) History of Bitcoin and what is up today

The VIDEO FREEMASONRY DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE!!!!! FEMA Death Camp Executioners...       7 min.       1/5

SOPHIA the A.I. speaks on OUR FUTURE, Time Travel, Mark of Beast RFID wifi NEURAL IMPLANTS             1/2     I don't agree with everything but it is worth watching 

Fmr. Facebook Exec: Social Media Ripping Apart Society, “You are programmed." [Chamath Palihapitiya]

666, Bitcoin , Mark of the Beast , 10 horns 7 heads, New World Order   I don't agree with everything but it is worth watching 

Two robots debate the future of humanity


SOPHIA and A.I. UNLEASHED on BITCOIN.....and Internet! YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW!!! | WatchmanReview                     12/12

Top NSA Whistleblower W. Binney on NSA, Russia, Cyber Warfare, Talks to Head of the CIA, the Future & more

Do Americans deserve to hear us, with our 50 yrs intel experience? ‒ McGovern to Binney             12/6

Dr. Mark Skidmore – $21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget

Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming

EXCLUSIVE! History Of Project Veritas MSM Doesn't Want You To See             12/4

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State                    12/1

Former Secret Service Agent EXPOSES Hillary Clinton with new BOMBSHELL REVELATIONS

Rothschild TRILLIONS Quantified              11/29

Here's Your JFK Nothing Burger                        11/27

Why is Nobody Talking about This...Geo engineering What is Happening with BILLIONS of People (2017-2018 EVENTS)         11/22

David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE: Pizzagate, Donald Trump, & Fall of the Cabal               11/20

They're Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains                            11/17

Two Key Things That Got Overlooked About Project MK Ultra                     11/14

Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller's Conflict of Interest!

Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’        11/13

Update - Vegas Security Guard Says “It’s a Big Fat Lie”

Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller’s Conflict of Interest!

American Pravda, NYT Part IV: New York Times Company Culture Revealed: “Everyone hates Trump”

Hidden Camera Captures College Officials Disparaging and Shredding Constitution             11/6

WARNING! This Video Will Shock You, Sophia Robot said she will destroy humans

Bobby McIlvaine Act News Conference - September 11, 2017

This Declassified Document {known as the Northwoods doc} Is the Ultimate Proof of False Flag Ops     26 min.     10/26

Inside this ''Illuminati Temple'' will shock you! (R$E)                           9/20

New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government         9/19

ROGER STONE: BOMBSHELL! ALEX JONES 9/11/17 INFOWARS                      9/11

Breaking: 2 Satanic Pedophile Rings Busted 1 in Seattle- Whistleblower Murdered

Ex-Banker  Ronald Bernard Cries Talking About Child Sacrifice

Tommy Robinson: Jihad by Foster Care                            

THE DEEP STATE - 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy

PART 3 Cheryl Hersha - Illuminati Whistleblower/ SRA/ MK Ultra Survivor Conclusion

What Youtube and Facebook REALLY think of Black people          

Illuminati Whistleblower Lived Real Life Pedogate

PART 2 Illuminati Whistleblower Tells Us Inside Political Secrets      

Viral Sensation Slams Fake Race War            

Breaking: 2 Satanic Pedophile Rings Busted - Whistleblower Found Dead

Google’s New Policies are Straight out of Orwell’s 1984

Who Is Jared Kushner And Why We Should All Worry Now              

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Breaks Down Trump's Foreign Policy

This Demon Google Tech Will Leave You Speechless—666, Cern & The Eerie End          

Dr. Steve Pieczenik In Heated Debate With Alex Jones About Trump And Afghanistan

Candice Owens  I Don't Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy        5 min.  

Bombshell Connection Between Charlottesville, Soros, CIA

Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future... Without Safety Checks

Former DoD official explains our failure to win the war on terror

Breaking: Charlottesville Confirmed Agitprop Staged                   8/19

The War with Traitors Within our Government Linked to Soros                

WARNING about RFID Microchips

Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right              8/12

Radical Leftist and anti-trumper murders GOP committeeman in PA

Society Is Being Programmed By A Black Box


Putin’s Top Advisor Warns The World Of Globalist, Satanic AI Takeover Plan

Watch This and Know Something is Coming!

Mueller Probe Going Nowhere                           8/8

Tommy Robinson: The Truth About the Koran                     8/7

Former CIA Clandestine Officer: "Pizzagate Is Real."                    8/1

Everything you need to know about the Imran Awan Arrest and Debbie Wassermann Shultz

Shocking Evidence that Nobody's Talking About! (2017-2018)

Tommy Robinson: The Truth About the Koran                        7/31

A talk about AI and the loss of Privacy               12 min.

Nobody in America is Talking About This... (2017-2018)

PEDOGATE / PIZZAGATE Confirmed In Very Disturbing


Catherine Austin Fitts – We Need Our $40 Trillion In Stolen Cash Back             7/24

Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe's hidden agenda

The Planet's Ruling "Luciferian"Family Unmasked; PEDOGATE Financiers          7/17

DNC Emails Were Copied To Flash Drive NOT Over the Internet, Seth Rich

Russian Lawyer Was Actually Working For Obama Clinton                          7/15

DNC Emails Were Copied To Flash Drive NOT Over the Internet, Seth Rich     7/11

Nicole Kidman: 'Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World'

238 Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust

What Might a Civil War Look Like? Matt Bracken on The Hagmann Report         

Ivanka Trump & Rex Tillerson Speech on Human Trafficking Report

CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda: CNN Part 3

CNN’s Jeff Zucker Runs From O’Keefe–Afraid of the Truth?

American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t”                            7/2

The Weight of Chains 2 | Težina lanaca 2     The story of the civil war in the old Yugoslavia the Soros connection and more

Steve Pieczenik   MSM will never cover Trump's strategic victories but I will, hear me on North Korea and Qatar

BANG! Wikileaks Drops BOMB On The Democrats Heads—Oh Boy, Here We Go…            6/27

Robert David Steele #UNRIG , Uncovering the Deep State                6/25

Secret Pedophile Cult Is Being Rounded Up And Brought To Justice                    6/21

Must See: What is Going on? What is the US Government Preparing For?

President Trumps “Tapes?” Political Insider Leaks Critical Detail He’s Been WARNED To Keep Quiet…           6/18

WikiLeaks Reveals MASSIVE Elite Child Abuse Ring, Media Mocks It

NYPD Has Pedophile Evidence On Clintons

Truth Tellers Unite To Fight Globalist Liberal Culture Of Pedophilia

Tommy Robinson Reports Live From Manchester Islamic Terror Attack

Alien Organisms Created On Earth Are Killing Millions A Year                   5/29

Lt.Col. Tony Shaffer: Trump Needs to Understand Deep State Has Declared War on His Administration   

Col Shaffer: Trump Moving Against Pedophile Networks

Nobel Prize Nominee Robert David Steele discusses Trump, Comey, +         5/18

Democrat Hypocrisy On Firing Comey                       5/12

Dr Steve Pieczenik on the French Elections              5/10

DARPA is Actively Planning to Hack Human Brain (Video)                  5/8




Carbon Dioxide "pollutant" DEBUNKED!

Ex-Banker Cries Talking About Child Sacrifice                    5/4

IMF Seizes Opportunity To De-Cash & Financially Enslave Us All—DOCUMENT PROOF   23 min. 


Let Us Help You Identify Fake News                         4/23

There is Something Very Strange about Jared Kushner by Jason A (2017-2018)

Society Is Being Programmed By A Black Box                          4/17

Craig Sawyer Veterans for Child Rescue Going After the Pedophiles Censored off Youtube 

Pedophiles Rule the World  

Syrian Girl - Evidence Mounts Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag            4/7

STEVE PIECZENIK on EU,Brexit and the Mideast Failed Policies and Wars  under 7 min.  4/2

Keiser Report: Pension Crisis (E 1052)     part is on healthcare   26 min.    4/1

 Dr. Steve Pieczenik on War Politics  Big Brother Judge Gorsuch & more       

Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’


Censored CIA Insider: My Sources Say Trump Was Surveilled By Deep State        3/18

Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the Historic Changes Unfolding to the USA & CIA

Obama Wiretapping Trump "Worse Than Watergate" - Lt Col Shaffer                    3/10


Crisis at the Federal Reserve. The End of the Washington Consensus? Nomi Prins on GRTV

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: We Did The Counter-Coup Through E-mails And Assange   

Insider: Democrats Intend To Try To Overturn The Election        

We must choose between Assad and Islamists in Syria –France MP Marion Le Pen

We Are Watching The Long Game to Total Censorship Play Out             

Anonymous: Next 10 Days Will Rock The World          7:14 

#PizzaGate: What We Know So Far        

IBM Watson: Connecting the Cognitive World | WIRED        

ex Navy Seal Matt Bracken on False Flags and the War for our Country & Trump  

Two MAJOR Things Happened & No One Reported It, Election DAY           

SHOCKING Report Documents Massive Election Theft by the Democrats

Anonymous Release Bone-Chilling video of Huma Abedin every American Needs to See

Steve Pieczenik: Hillary Clinton Takeover of the U.S. - Clinton Coup - Secret American Revolution      

West Now At War With Russia: Top British General              

EMERGENCY! War Declared on Russia By Soros Controlled U.S  

West Now At War With Russia: Top British General          

Prof. Hamamoto Discusses the History of Social Engineering and NWO Theory

Lord Monkton on Global Warm(n)ing or Change, Immigration and Geopolitics

Whistleblower Peter Van Buren an ex State dept. talks about Iraq and the Geopolitics of the region     27 min. 

An in depth look into who is behind the crisis in Iraq        24 min.  

Dr Rokke Depleted Uranium the True Cost of War. Dr. Rokke is a leading expert on DU and radiation contamination 

Time Out Lindsey Williams: Global Currency Reset 2014     28 min.   2/15

Dr. Pieczenik high level insider on Geopolitics, Snowden, Military Industrial Complex         

Nigel Farage Booms “Europe Is Now Run By Big Banks, Big Business, And Big Bureaucrats”      2.5 min.    

The JFK Assassination The Jim Garrison Tapes 1992     91 min.      actual URL>             

Ann Barnhardt on the Economy                           11/16      46 minutes

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version)    Architects and Engineers Speak Out       

0 -Dark- 30 and the Hidden Message in Plain View 18 min. 

Do vaccines cause autism? Highly informative video     5 min.   

Obama: 'The Planet Will Boil Over' If Africans Are Allowed Cars and Air Conditioning     1+ min.  

The Ultimate History Lesson - John Taylor Gatto      78 min.  Part 1 of 5

SBA List to launch Missouri ads on abortion     a 1 minute talk by a woman who survived an abortion

Wake up America! - Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)  excellent   

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson Iceland president 'Let banks go bankrupt'   5 min  answer to economic problems

WORLD BANK EXPOSED!!! WHISTLEBLOWER Former Senior Counsel Karen Hudes TELLS IT ALL!!!  11 min.

Whistleblower Karen Hudes [Pt.1] Corruption / World Bank Exposed   4 part interview for more in depth look

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - Part 1  1 hr. look into the ongoing gladio operation    

Sibel Edmonds (ex FBI analyst) on the Boston Bombing: The US roots of "Chechen" terrorism

2045: A New Era for Humanity     7 min.  produced by globalists of their view of the future                water quality    

END IT Movement :: Awareness in Atlanta, GA          3 min. clip on exposing sex trafficking in the US

The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie   

Greg Palast 3_22_2013 Top Economic Journalist Discusses the Current Economic Collapse in Europe  26 min.  

US Air Force Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle    4+ min.   

Agenda 21 For Dummies    Learn about Agenda 21 their plan being implemented NOW in 9+ min. 

Max Keiser the coming economic collapse 2_19_2013.f4v       12 min.

Lloyd Chapman, Head Small Business League, Obama's Planned Destruction of the Economy    11 min. 

History of the Federal Reserve Conspiracy    9 min.     

fantastic 12 yr old Victoria Grant explains how banks commit FRAUD in less than 7 minutes she lays it all out  

GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Gary Null - Part 1                      GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Part 2

Wesley Clark ( US 4 Star General ) US will attack 7 countries in next 5 years

Banksters get unlimited QE3 FED Funds over $80 Bil. a month and the Iceland Solution    

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory In Under 5 Minutes        

1968 - Martin Luther King's Prophetic Last speech -    1st amendment, "I've been to the mountaintop", 3+ minutes

Martin Luther King "I have a dream speech"       17+ minutes

10 minute Eugenics section from Endgame Documentary

*********************************************************************************************************   2/1   Each video, 3-4 min., highlights one aspect of gov. over-spending and/or financial waste.

Founding Fathers Battle Gun Grabbers From the Grave

Wake up America! - Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)         1/24

1_2013 Beyond the Headlines Special Report Dr. Wallach Full Interview

Dr. Joel Wallach - The Best of Dead Doctors              12/12

Frank Serpico: “The Human Race Has Been Sold Out”         12/10

Ron Paul: The Film     Ron's fair well speech from Congress with historical back up         12/6

The Economy Is Going To Implode Pt.1 of 8  11/2/2012    Ann Barnhardt

NDAA Lawsuit the end of the Bill of Rights- Carl Meyer        9/26

TalkingStickTV " Chris Hedges: " Days of Destruction Days      1:21  hr.          from Seattle 6/29

Op-Doc: The Program (Stellar Wind)  Whistleblower William Binney worked for the NSA for a staggering 32 years as former technical director, details domestic spying on all of us.              8:28  min.              8/28

Ann Barnhardt - A Matter of Record    Hardcore look into the financial system from an insider  30 min.

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD    New Documentary on Geoengineering

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)      their first documentary on chemtrails

AnnBarnhardt Vendee PT1    18 min.    8/16     Investment Manager compares the French Revolution to the USA today

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?    7/16  how the game is played, free energy, follow the $

Eisenhower Farewell Address (Full)

Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version 


CNBC admits We're all SLAVES to CENTRAL BANKERS                   6/28

Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed - Dr. Stan Monteith (Full Length)   2:33:22                  6/13

2045: A New Era for Humanity    The UN's plan in their own words not the new era, but the end of humanity.

Fritz Springmeier - The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines & their Mind control 2:37:44       5/30

Watch Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business - Free!           5/21

CPS Approves 3-year-old on Psychotropic Risperdal, antipsych       5/18

Kill The Messenger - Sibel Edmonds - Full film (52 min.) top security clearance FBI translator talks about 9-11

United States Budget Dilemma.wmv   retired accountant explains the budget  5 1/2 min.

Dave Wilcox and Ben Fulford    on the resistance to the NWO, law suit against the Fed and more

Obama Impeachment 2012 with Film Director Sean Stone       10 min.        4/12

The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla      free energy

Interview with John Perkins, former Economic Hitman, about 2012, government corruption, and more   55min.

Global Warming or Global Governance? (Full Length)  122 min.  excellent look at the science on the subject

Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier  Crony Capitalism, 1 hour look at the collapse and what continues today

Talk - Dr. Doug Rokke - Depleted Uranium (DU)    top government expert on the subject of DU

Harbinger the Shaking 2  Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Historical look at 9-11, prophecy & history  28 min. (

 Harbinger the Warning part 1  Relates Isaiah 9.10 to U.S. historical founding and history (

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Documentary of 2010   monetary history, policies and solutions

The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination Exposed by Dr. Webster Tarpley    

Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America

Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove Full Length  elites meet every July for a mock sacrifice of a child

PBS/frontline/derivatives warning   Excellent look at the derivatives bubble and the woman who tried to stop it

Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations    excellent historical look the Great Depression & the plan  

Hacking Democracy   a HBO special on counting votes in the U.S.


Health Ranger releases seven new video interviews: Rappoport, Pressley, Joe Nobody, Dale Carson and more

Dr. Francis A. Boyle on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:State Sponsored Terrorism

Alex Jones YouTube channel.

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined full-length version 4-17-2010..  over 2.7 million views

Jeffery M Smith Top GMO Researcher Interview

Infowars Special Report With Mike Adams: The Huge Secret GMO Cloning Program

Genetic Armageddon: Humanity's Greatest Threat

Ron Paul in Seattle 2/16/ 2012

15 min. Pro-life film=420351f1aefa2b42b1772fe9d5cc044a and press the triangle to play. 

Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines [Full Film]

Ancient Mystery School Symbols and the Founding Fathers

FIRE WATER: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace

Documentary exposes fluoride truth: Industrial waste passed off as medicine

911 Loose Change (full-length)by sdlhsn5,120,368 views     1st internet blockbuster

Fabled Enemies Full Length           documentary research into the 9-11 highjackers

1st DVD_Tragedy a timeline for what is coming - Lindsey Williams    

The Energy Non-Crisis      by Lindsey Williams   

911 Loose Change (full-length)   over 5 million views 

Professor Paul Connett: Your Toxic Tap Water

Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

9/11 Pentagon Episode: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

All Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Documentaries In One Place

What in the World are They Spraying? part 1 of 7  Just released Documentary on Chemtrails.

Video: 9/11 Firefighters Reveal Huge Explosions Before Towers Collapsed

The Real Story: Pre 9/11 History

Confessions of An Economic Hit Man - What really goes on behind Global Affairs


Rahm Emanuel: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste

Fox News - We Tolerate The Cultivation Of Opium Poppies  listen to the mind control

Senator Sanders asks Bernanke WHERE IS THE MONEY?

  • Web of Debt - Ellen Brown - 1 of 5

    Taxi to the Dark Side  academy award winning Documentary on Afghanistan


                                       Alex Jones Documentaries

    Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA – full length high quality You Tube version

    Fall Of The Republic -released 10/22/09 Full Movie 

    YouTube - The Obama Deception HQ Full length version over 8 million views

    ENDGAME- ALEX JONES - Blueprint for Global Enslavement...

    TerrorStorm (911, London, Madrid Bombings, declassified Government sponsored terrorism)

    Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State |

    9/11: The Road To Tyranny |

    Alex Recalls McKinney Grilling Secretary Rumsfeld for Dyncorp Sex Slave Trafficking


    Neolib Policies and Argentina’s Economic Collapse  great historic video  

    Video: Robert Kennedy Jr. on vaccine cover-up and autism

    Old 60 Minutes Exposé On 1976 Swine Flu Propaganda, Debilitating Vaccines

    Greedy, Evil and Green

    We The People - What Would Our Founding Fathers Do? Video


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