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Kevin Shipp – Former CIA Director Brennan Will Rat Out Trump Coup Criminals 

Fortunately for leaders that their people are unwilling to THINK.  Adolf Hitler

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

Albert Einstein once said "Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."

Bertrand Russell 1953; "Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."

Pope Benedict XVI Slams Eugenics & the NWO & says it is your DUTY to PROTEST   

Campaign to clean up Seattle & Washington's Water supply   9/25



Central Bank Issues Stunning Warning: "If The Entire System Collapses, Gold Will Be Needed To Start Over"

U.N. Cries Poor: Cash Crisis Sees Water Coolers Empty, Meetings and Foreign Travel Slashed

Meet Beijing’s Blacklisted Firms Building Future of Police State

Ukrainian lawmaker reveals Joe Biden was paid $900K in laundered “lobbying fees” while son Hunter made millions as “adviser” to corrupt gas company

STUNNING: Hunter Biden Was a Paid Consultant to MBNA Starting at Age 21 — As Joe Biden Pushed Legislation to Promote Credit Card Industry

Warren Says Inmates Are ‘Entitled’ To Free Sex Reassignment Surgery

Exclusive — My Socialist Hell: 20 Years of Decay in Venezuela ’dogs flayed in broad daylight for meat’ Americans, be forewarned!                            10/14


Whistleblower group exposes MASSIVE ‘pay-for-play’ corruption in DC involving federal contractors and sitting lawmakers (Video)

Central Banks Are Just Getting Warmed Up

Drug Prices Index Falls Fastest Since 1960s Thanks to Trump, His Economic Advisers Say

Mexican President AMLO to Pelosi: Pass USMCA Already!

FACEBOOK cryptocurrency coalition falling apart

Quarter Of Companies Allowing Employees To Work 4-Day Work Weeks

BOOM: New Ukrainian files reveal Bidens, Obama officials bilked that country for $17.5 million due to racketeering

More on the Now Infamous Eric Ciaramello: He’s Connected to the Fake Steele Dossier and the Transfer of Funds from the IMF to the Ukraine

California Democrats Pay $800K in Sexual Misconduct Cases                                                10/13


Consumer Sentiment Unexpectedly Surges Higher

The Hidden Costs of a Universal Basic Income

How Google’s Search Engine Determines Winners And Losers

Monetary Madness Puts US Dollar Holders in Jeopardy

Mainstream Economists Recognize U.S. Jobs Boom from Lasting China Tariffs

Big Bro: No Internet Surfing In China Without First Scanning Face

ESPN Shows Map of China that Includes Taiwan, Hong Kong and Parts of the South China Sea

Virginia Court Allows Nunes Suit for Defamation Against Twitter to Proceed

Wealthy Residents FLEE Calif. After Income-Tax Hike

ANCHOR BABIES: Republican Politician in Arizona Charged with Smuggling Pregnant Women Into Country

California to shut down power for up to a WEEK in multiple counties to “prevent wildfires”                  10/11


The pension apocalypse begins as GE freezes benefits for 20,000 employees

More than 2.5m+ Households Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump

SCHIFF-PELOSI CAUGHT IN UKRAINIAN ARMS SCANDAL: Giuliani Confirms TGP’s Prior Exclusive – Schiff and Pelosi’s Ukrainian Donor Was Given Lucrative Defense Contracts!

BOEING Bets Big on GALACTIC Space Trips

GREED: Sackler Family Reportedly Pocketed $13 Billion From Opioid Epidemic Before Purdue Pharma Made Bankruptcy Claim

Facebook to Pay $40 Million over Claims It Inflated Video View Counts to Advertisers

No Fair! Americans Pay Way More to Send Goods to China

MUST SEE VIDEO: Landowners and Businessmen Get Choked Up Thanking “We Build the Wall” for Protecting Their Property

Texas is hiring tech industry experts to go to battle with Google over anti-trust violations            10/9


Sweden: Around 90 Per Cent of 2015 Migrants with Residency Status Are Unemployed

Facebook Libra Currency Faces Delay as World-Wide Resistance Grows

Escape Illinois: Get The Hell Out Now, We Are

FAA Certifies UPS to Operate Nation’s First Drone-Delivery Airline

How British brands are beating the Brexit blues by luring discerning Chinese buyers – with Weibo and WeChat

Boeing max murder! Expert shows AI override proves when ‘humans’ lose control: computers kill

The Hidden Dangers in Your Phone Number       10/7


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! September Results Show 136,000 More New Jobs – Unemployment at 50 Year Low 3.5%… Trump Bests Obama by 9 Million Jobs at Same Time in Office

Black Male Unemployment Lowest Since 1973

Sackler Family Received $13 Billion In Profits From Firm That Kick-Started Opioid Crisis

Cancer industry not looking for a cure; they're too busy making money

Business to Supreme Court: Ending DACA Amnesty Will Boost Americans’ Wages

Wow! Watch #QuidProJoe Biden LOSE IT When Reporter Asks Him About Drug Addict Son’s Million Dollar Pay-for-Play Gig with Ukraine

Military Keynesianism Marches On            10/5


Middle Class Wages Jump $4,144 Under President Trump

Central Bankers Plan For Master Reset Into ‘Green Economy’

Contracts Awarded for 65 Miles of New Texas Border Walls

MUST READ: Ukraine Burisma Story is Massive – Involves BILLIONS of IMF and US Funds Looted and Lost by Bank Connected to Burisma Holdings!

Pentagon fired official trying to cut billions in waste

Fla. Senators Protest Tax-Funded Tribute to Murderous Radical ‘Ché’ Guevara

IT’S TRUE: New Evidence Shows Mueller Gang Threatened Gen. Flynn’s Son, Forced General to Sacrifice Himself or See His Son Destroyed

Schiff aide's trip to Ukraine 12 days after whistleblower filed complaint sponsored by Burisma-funded NGO

Russia’s Novaya Gazeta Drops Documents That Show Ukrainians Transferred $3.4 Million in Criminally Obtained Money to Hunter Biden’s Business Accounts

France Set to Roll Out Nationwide Facial Recognition ID Program

Company starts mass production of humanoids -- that look like you!                                 10/4



Schweizer: Biden ‘Was Steering Billions to Ukraine’ for Access, Influence

Here Are The Billions Of Loans Exposed To A Potential WeWork Bankruptcy

Americans Reject Universal Basic Income While Canada & UK Embrace It

BREAKING: Author Peter Schweizer Drops Biden Corruption Documents – Shows Hunter Involved in Sale of US Company to China with Potential Military Applications

L.A. Paid $1.3 Billion To Illegal Aliens, While Allowing Homelessness Crisis To Escalate

Census data reveal there are 22 million illegals living in America right now… and Democrats are working to make sure all of them can vote

Startup eyes launch of electric helicopter taxis

Beirut Burns: Lebanon’s Capital Erupts over Worsening Economic Crisis                                         10/1


White House Considering Delisting Chinese Companies from U.S. Exchanges

New Amazon Alexa Spy Products Include Glasses, Rings And Earbuds; Bezos Wants To Write Facial Recognition Laws

Dems Vote To Enhance Med Care for Illegals Now, Vote Down Vets Waiting 10 Years for Same Service

Why Are Scientists So Excited about a Recently Claimed Quantum Computing Milestone?

Eco-fascist Greta protects China from emissions scrutiny, playing into the hands of the communists that are polluting the planet

Intel Community Quietly Scrapped Requirement For "First-Hand Knowledge" Before CIA 'Rumorblower' Relied On Hearsay

Bombshell: Hundreds Of Documents Contradict Biden’s Account Of Why Ukrainian Prosecutor Was Fired

HUNTER BIDEN’S Ex Claims He Spent His Money on Prostitutes and Drugs – Two Months After Navy Dumped Him for Drugs He Was Put on Board of Burisma Holdings

New Calif. Law Opens Floodgates for Crooks to Get Away with Theft                                  9/28


Round 2: Mike Lee Tries to Sneak Limitless Green Cards over Finish Line

There’s No End In Sight For The “Retail Apocalypse”

China’s Factory Activity Seen Contracting for Fifth Straight Month: Reuters Poll

Sen. David Perdue OKs Silicon Valley Takeover of College Graduate Job Market

The Failure of the Welfare State: The Case of Argentina and Brazil

Michelle Malkin to CBN News: Money Trail Shows Your Tax Dollars Being Used to Usurp US Borders

George Soros Gave Radical Environmentalists Behind “Global Climate Strike” More Than $24 Million

Harris Poll: 49% Of Voters Support Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Illinois Cities Getting Crushed By Pension Costs - Just Look At Peoria!

As Fundraising Shoots Up, Lawsuits Threaten Southern Poverty Law Center

HMM: Former Mitt Romney Adviser Sits on Board of Ukrainian Gas Company That Employed Hunter Biden

Breaking: John Solomon Has Documents That Prove Joe Biden’s Extortion Prevented Ukrainian Officials from Indicting His Son Hunter Biden                        9/27


Blockbuster: New Home Sales Hit Fastest Pace Since 2007

U.S. News: Investors dismiss impeachment fears, stocks rally

Repo Madness Day 7: Banks Seek $92 Billion of Repo Funding from NY Fed

Why China’s free-trade zones are struggling to shine in Trump era

As food delivery robots invade campuses, students adjust to life with AI

Just How Feasible Is a Warp Drive?

Veterans Thriving in Strong Post-Recession Economy

Boeing creates safety committee to oversee plane design, manufacture

They Promised To Develop A Town. Instead, They Stole Millions. Now, One Is Dead And The Others Are In Legal Trouble.

‘Mini AOC’ is back and funnier than ever after Dems exploit kids over ‘climate change’ hoax (Video)

What Liberal Media Did Not Tell You: Screaming Green Teen Greta Thunberg Linked to Antifa Terrorists – Recorded Song for Antifa-Supporting Org              9/26


Schweizer Details Unprecedented Hunter Biden China Deal…

Obama, the Bidens, the Clintons, the IMF and Others Pillaged Ukraine Then Forced Its Citizens to Pay Excessive Natural Gas Prices at 50% Above Market

Repo Madness Day 6: Fed Aid Jumps to $105 Billion

The Latest Numbers Tell Us That The Global Economic Slowdown Is Accelerating Dramatically

Environmentalism Leads to Technocracy

Breakthroughs as British PM Calls for New Iran Deal; Europeans Blame Iran for Saudi Attack

Just as we suspected, climate youth puppet Greta Thunberg is controlled by George Soros

China Warns U.N. to Ignore Muslim Concentration Camps

Chinese Activist: ‘I am Starting to Feel’ That Socialism ‘Has Followed Me’ to the U.S.                              9/25


Winning: Manufacturing Sector Rebounds to 5-month High

Swamponomics: A Booming Middle Class and a Dying IPO market

The Idea of Alternative Currencies Is Going Mainstream

Bernie Video from 1987 Shows He Knows Free Health Care Will Bankrupt America

The Trump administration can end the immigration loophole fueling MS-13 in the budget

Everything About Negative Interest Rates with Bob Murphy

Simple yet surprisingly tricky: Japanese tech start-up tries to develop robots that can clean a room

EXCLUSIVE: The NSA is archiving all encrypted emails and transactions, knowing they will be able to decrypt most digital files in about 3 years, thanks to quantum computing                                                9/24


Orwellian Nightmare: Six US Cities Make List Of Most Surveilled Places In The World

Turncoat Republican Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway Bill This Week – Will Take Jobs from US Workers But He Doesn’t Care

Chick-Fil-A Sales Have Only Doubled Since The LGBT Boycotts Began In 2012

Groundbreaking $4.8M Lawsuit Threatens to Unearth SPLC's Secrets

Google’s “Quantum Supremacy” to Render All Cryptocurrency & Military Secrets Breakable

Tucker: Soros-Funded Prosecutors Letting Criminals Go Free

DHS Wants Industry to Help Improve Pay for Cyber Personnel

Arab Spring 2.0?: “Sisi Must Leave” Mass Protest Rocks Egypt’s Streets Overnight

“His Son Knows Nothing, He’s a Stiff” – President Trump Doubles Down – Blasts Joe Biden on Son’s Billion Dollar Pay-for-Play with China (VIDEO)                      9/23


WH’s Navarro: China Paying for Tariffs in Slashed Prices, Currency Value, Fleeing Supply Chain

Senator Lee’s Bill to Favor Chinese and Indian Workers Over US Workers is Blocked by Senate

US Banks Have $1.4T in Excess Reserves Yet Need Daily "Emergency" Fed Actions

Chilling Report Reveals that Just a Handful of Mega Corporations Control the Fate of the World

You Just Can’t Make This Up! Joe Biden’s $1.5 Billion China-Ukraine Bribery Scandal That Was Ignored by Media is now President Trump’s Scandal!

Putin: Globalization ‘Has Not Benefited US Middle Class’

Google has become the anti-health search engine; now censoring nearly all holistic health and nutrition websites on the planet

The Economist Calls for ‘Complete Overhaul’ of Economy to Fight Climate Change

Bankrupt Illinois Cities Forced to Cut Services to Fund Pensions

Socialists Attempt Hostile Takeover of Labor Unions

GMO mosquito experiment goes horribly wrong: Insects adapt and overcome, transforming into super “mutant” mosquitoes that could cause mass death across South America                                                        9/21


Behind the GM Strike: Economic Power Begins to Tilt Toward Labor

Never forget: The Left’s ‘climate change’ hoax is an agenda to destroy capitalism and America

Trump’s $28 Billion Bet That Rural America Will Stick With Him

Trump: Good Thing We Ended Obama's 'War on Energy,' But Dems Would Revive It

Fed Throws $75B of Liquidity Into Repo Market Again

The Rich Getting Poorer? Swiss Banks Begin Charging Wealthy Clients For Deposits

How senators invest in firms they regulate

34 Charged in a West Coast Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Scheme Totaling $258 Million

Solar and Wind Power So Cheap They’re Outgrowing Subsidies

WSJ: Amazon Changed Its Search Algorithm to Benefit Its Own Products

HHS: Number of Unaccompanied Alien Children Entering US Reaches Highest in History


US Industrial Production Jumps Sharply Higher

Trade war casualty: China’s economic growth slows further as industrial output falls to 17 1/2-year low

Whole Foods goes full mark of the beast with hand scan payment system

China’s economy strains under disappointing data

Arch-Globalist Lagarde Set to Take over European Central Bank

AI Expert Says We Are Summoning Robot “Entities” Who Will Treat Us Like Ants

Report: Trump Sides With The Union In GM Strike; White House Responds

Unmasked: Secretive Arabella Advisors Really Behind ‘Grassroots’ Protest Movement Opposing Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures                               9/18


REPORT: Over A Million Households Have Risen To Middle Class Under Trump, According To Census Data

Bill de Blasio Not Only Failed to End NYC Income Inequality, It’s Slightly Up

Yuan Extends Losses After China Macro Data Disappoints

Trump: Illegal Migration Costs Americans $300 Billion Each Year

Trump Preparing To Hit EU With Billions In Tariffs: Report

Drone Strikes in Saudi Arabia Shut Down Half of Kingdom’s Oil Production – US Blames Iran — Possible Cruise Missile Attacks

Apple is pushing nationwide 5G rollout so that customers will have to upgrade and buy new iPhones… as usual, it’s all about the money

Italy: Migrants Drift to Leftist-controlled Areas for Higher Welfare Benefits

National Nurses Union Bonds With Green New Deal Activists

BOOM: Arizona Gun Store Sells Out of AR-15’s After Offering ‘Beto Special’                            9/16


Report: Pentagon IDing Companies with Chinese Ties to Protect Defense Supply Chain

House built by robots to revolutionize construction industry

$4,155,323,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through August

Beijing exempts some U.S. agriculture products from tariffs as food inflation hits new high, squeezing Chinese consumers

REALLY? DNC Chairman Tom Perez Claims Socialism Is What Makes Capitalism Work

China Wants State-Owned Firms to Take More Control over Hong Kong

Human Trafficking is Booming in Yemen as the War Enters its Fifth Year                             9/14


Trade War Has Killed 300,000 Jobs And Cost Americans Over $1.6 Billion

China Needs Money - Evidence in Desperate FDI Actions, Not Words

The Challengers To China's Rare-Earth Monopoly

WSJ: Lenders Are Using Grades, Magazine Subscriptions to Decide on Loans

Fact Check: Trump Increased Funds for Black Colleges 17%

Treasury, Fed Evade Congressman’s Questions on Gold Manipulation

CNN Promotes Young People Living in City ‘Pods’ with Zero Privacy

McDonalds to Replace More Human Employees With Drive-Thru AI

AMAZON's WHOLE FOODS to Cut Medical Benefits for Part-Timers

Know The Constitution Or Get Ready For No Constitution

UK School Apologizes For Asking Teenagers To Write ‘Suicide Note’ As Part Of English Exercise        9/13


Winning: Black Poverty Hits Record Low

‘BONEHEADS:’ Trump Says Fed Should Get Interest Rate ‘Down to ZERO’

Huge Blow To US Farmers: China Heads To Argentina For Soy Meal In Landmark Deal

China exempts some U.S. goods from retaliatory tariffs as fresh trade talks with Trump administration approach

FLASHBACK: On This Day in 2001, Bush Officials Announced That $2.3 Trillion Went Missing at the Pentagon

Trump was right: Feds arrest former top FEMA officials, contractor for corruption tied to Puerto Rico relief effort

Booming Sochi – Debunking the $50-billion Olympic Expenditure Hoax

Boom Times Are Here: Hemp Farming Quadruples This Year!

Koch Brothers Group Fights Antitrust Investigation of Google                                     9/12


Manufacturing Job Openings Hit Record High in July

US Chamber of Commerce Sends Delegation to China to Discuss Trade — But Who Are They Helping?

High Debt Levels are Weighing on Economies

Deep State FBI Given Hard Evidence of Hillary Clinton-Linked $66 Billion Libya Scheme — Launched Junk Investigation Against Trump-Russia Hoax Instead

U.K. Employment and Earnings Rising, But E.U. Economies Continue to Falter

Chick-fil-A Lovers Sue San Antonio for Banning the Christian Restaurant

Leftist U.S. Donors Using Secretive Arabella Advisors to Push Government Control of the Internet

Labor Board Rejects Union Scheme to Organize Boeing’s South Carolina Plant

Mark Zuckerberg Refuses Invite from World Leaders To Answer Disinformation Questions: Report

Palestinian Authority raises salary of jihadi suicide belt makers who murdered 16 people                   9/11


Black Leaders Praise Trump for Historic Progress in Employment

WINNING: 6.2 Million Off Food Stamps Under Trump

Blain: Trump Picked A Great Moment To Declare Trade War Against China

Lagarde calls on European governments to launch fiscal stimulus

How our immigration laws have been destroyed and turned against American taxpayers

Illinois Hit By Record $47 Billion Loss, Ignored by Regular Media. Why?

Moving to escape taxes? Make it a clean break

Crashing Angel: Moody's Downgrades Ford, And Its $84 Billion In Debt, To Junk                             9/10


Exclusive Excerpt — Michelle Malkin: ‘Open Borders, Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?’

Former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel Calls Medicare for All ‘Reckless’ and ‘Untenable’ (VIDEO)

If elected to the White House, Democrats promise to ban combustion engines, meat products, transportation and agriculture, plunging America into famine and pestilence

Trade War Working? Tariffs Push Some Manufacturers to Exit China

Underage Migrants Cost France Two Billion Euros Per Year

Well, What Do You Know?… Scumbag LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Is Linked to Jeffrey Epstein

Italy: Police Detain 10 for Alleged Islamist Terrorism Financing                             9/9



Black Unemployment Lowest Level Recorded

We keep saying it: Trump’s tariffs hurting China more than U.S., as new farm profit figures prove

Olsen: Brexit Blockage Proves Global Elite Will Fight Tooth and Nail

Walmart's 'Woke' Capitalism                        9/7


U.S. Worker Compensation and Labor Costs Revised Higher

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Claims Her Client Wanted to Tarnish His Abortion Rulings

The Ugly Truth About The Trade War

Revealed: The US Government Is Blowing Billions Of Dollars On Pointless Crap

President Obama Weaponized Government – Phase Two Was Positioned to Monetize Government

Devin Nunes files multimillion-dollar federal racketeering lawsuit against ‘Russia dossier’ backer Fusion GPS (Video & Story) - National Sentinel



“Servant Class” Jobs to Cater For the Elite Are Booming

Walmart Sells Out to Liberal Agenda

Highly-Placed Leakers, Swamp Creatures Blast Trump-Taliban Deal

Report: Fires Globally in Decline, Amazon Not the ‘Lungs of the Earth’

No-Deal Brexit Blocked                     9/6


Winning: Imports of Chinese High Tech Goods Down 20%

Big Pharma’s BIG LIE: Most new drugs have zero new benefits, research confirms

The Left Has a $500 Million Dark Money ‘ATM Machine’ Called Arabella

Trump Hits Lebanon Bank with His Favorite Econo-Political Battering Ram

Boy Gives Up Money Saved for Disney Trip to Help Feed Dorian Evacuees

Safe, Mass Producible Truck-Sized Nuclear Reactors

The ‘freaks and misfits’ of Antifa want civil war and ‘revolution’ as more than 50 members arrested in August with five indicted on felony riot charges so farThe ‘freaks and misfits’ of Antifa want civil war and ‘revolution’ as more than 50 members arrested in August with five indicted on felony riot charges so far

China Bullies Spanish Retailer Zara Because Hong Kong Stores Didn’t Open Fast Enough on Strike Day

How China Weaponizes Mass Migration Against Hong Kong                                                 9/5


Are Central Bankers Taking Sides in the 2020 Election?  of course they are

Is New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply?

The Economic Future Of A Negative Interest Rate World

Tech Entrepreneur Explains How Wall Street Sells Us Out to China

Evil tech giants planning China-style “social score” rollout across America; red-flagged people to be denied access to restaurants and public events

China’s Tariffs on U.S. Autos Backfired, Study Finds

NEW: President Trump to Divert $3.6 Billion From Pentagon For Border Wall Funding

ROBORDER: EU and U.S. Testing Drone Swarms to Handle “Illegal Border Activity”

Seven Illegal Aliens Charged with Rape in Maryland Sanctuary County in Little Over a Month

Helmand Province: Drug Lab On A Global Scale?

FREE MONEY: California city experiments with universal basic income

STUNNING! Two US Republican Senators Perdue and Daines Travel to China to Undercut President Trump on Trade Negotiations (VIDEO)

REP. GOSAR: U.S. Visa Programs Help Foreign Workers Take Jobs from Americans

Report: California’s Middle-Class Wages Rise by 1 Percent in 40 Years                                9/4


Top Investor: Big Tech Using Smart Speakers For Surveillance

Amazon, Google Reap 15 Percent Discount to Hire Foreigners over Americans

Trump’s Tightened Labor Market Wins ‘Dream Jobs’ for Disabled Americans

US Gives Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador $556 Million in Aid a Year — In Return We Get Caravans and One-Million Illegals at Our Border Each Year

Moment of truth approaching for Trump’s trade war

As Facebook Eyes Financial Takeover, Banks Brace for U.S. Dollar’s Destabilization

Cryptology from the Crypt: How I Cracked a 70-year-old Coded Message from Beyond the Grave

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Echoes Barack Obama with Labor Day Message: ‘You Didn’t Build That by Yourself’ (VIDEO)                                9/3


Trump Places 15 Percent Tariff on $300 Billion in Chinese Goods

BRICS was created as a tool of attack: Lula

The Real "Helicopter Money": Since 2009, China Has Created $21 Trillion Of New Money, More Than Double The US

MARK OF THE BEAST: Workers in Wisconsin Wear ‘I Got Chipped’ T-Shirts Celebrating New Implants

U.S. in Danger of Chinese-Style Social Credit System

Uber, Lyft drivers a step closer to being classified as workers

Solari Report quarterly interview with The Saker: The Emerging Multipolar World – Silk Road Tug of War

Another Swedish Municipality That Took In Migrants Faces Economic Crisis

Google to Pay $150-200 Million for Violating Children’s Privacy Law

Droid Welder To Replace Humans

YouTube Says It’s “More Important Than Ever” to Be An Open Platform — 1 Day After Massive Banning Spree                                              9/1


Google to pay FTC up to $200M to settle YouTube probe: report

Japan Warns Africa over China Debt

Robot revolution: 1.5 Million jobs in the U.K. “in danger” of being taken over by robots

Will Robots Replace Human Workers? Let's Hope So.

Worker-Protection Laws Aren't Ready for an Automated Future

Mugged By Reality: Green Energy Turns Into Nightmare In Georgetown, Texas

Oklahoma court orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for helping fuel opioid epidemic

HUGE! President Trump Tells Reporters 13% of US Companies Will Be Leaving China Soon (VIDEO)

Trump Scolds General Motors for Moving Plants to China After Bailout

Jerome Powell’s Disastrous Decisions Give China the Upper Hand, Melt the US Economy, Undermine President Trump and Help the Left

US Treasury sanctions bank with aiding Hezbollah, and suspects for moving millions between Iran and Hamas

Why Agencies Aren’t Buying More Electric Vehicles

Uber Proposes Minimum Wage for Drivers to Combat California Bill Classifying Them as Employees

Amazon Fires to Olive Garden Lies: This Week in Fake News

Report: Harvard Has More Money Than Half of World’s Countries                                        8/31


Conservatives Are Being Targeted By A Complex 4th Gen Warfare Campaign

World News: Why Is The World Bank Shoveling Cash Into China’s Uyghur Concentration Camps?

Boris Goes for It: Suspends Parliament For 5 Weeks

Graham defends trade war: ‘God bless Donald Trump’ for standing up to China; ‘I don’t see another way’

Antifa is Raising Bail Money For Arrests During Straight Pride Counter Protest…That Hasn’t Happened Yet

Rich Savers Take Another Hit in Denmark as Negative Rates Spread

Joe DiGenova: IG Has Concluded All FISA Warrants Used to Spy on Trump Were ILLEGAL

Pestilence Continues to Plague the Fake News, as WaPo Newsroom Has a Roach-Infestation Problem

MSNBC Anchor Cowers Away From Lies About Trump-Russia Ties                                                    8/29     


Ex-Federal Reserve Official Bill Dudley Calls on Fed to Manipulate Economy to Stymie Trump’s Reelection

Digital Slavery: 5G, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

TSA Launches Facial Recognition Pilot at Las Vegas Airport 

Report: Silicon Valley’s tech giants are building a ‘Chinese-style social credit scoring system’ that will rob Americans of their liberties

Obama’s legacy continues to crumble: Court declares intrusive ‘Waters of the United States’ environmental rule unconstitutional

CNN hiring Andrew McCabe proves the fake news network is really just an extension of the treasonous deep state

MUST SEE: Trump Supporter Creates Interactive Trump Border Wall Map on Current Wall — 89 Miles Completed and Counting!                   8/28


HUGE! China Caves — Announces Willingness to Seek Calm End to Trade War After Markets Crash

El Paso Border Patrol: Smugglers Charge Migrants up to $9K Each

Sick of paying sky-high prices for broadband Internet? New satellite constellations will save consumers $30 billion a year

President Trump Teases ‘Very Big Trade Deal’ with the UK Following Successful Brexit

Amazon Claims It Will Stop Swiping Delivery Driver Tips

Massive Fake News Campaign Targets Brazil’s Amazon Fires

New York Times Alleges Vast Right Wing Conspiracy — After Backing Boycotts of Conservative Media     8/27


U.S. to sign new trade deal with Japan worth billions, to include farm and digital products and reductions in tariffs - National Sentinel



BREAKING: Trump Tariffs Tank Asian Equities, Chinese Yuan. China Ready To Negotiate.

Survey: Public Wants Government Websites to Be Easier to Use

'You Get Nothing' - Johnson Refuses To Pay Brexit Divorce Bill If No Deal With EU

From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship

Playing Defense Against Chinese Tech Threats ‘Will Only Get Us So Far,’ Lawmaker Says 

Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats To 'Be Ready To Throw a Punch for the Children'                               8/26


MUST READ… TRUMP IS RIGHT! China Is In Terrible Economic Condition; Cannot Afford to Lose the US Market

Trump: ‘I Have the Absolute Right’ to Order Companies Not to Do Business with China

China to Impose Tariffs on $75 Billion of U.S. Products

Not taking it lying down: Trump hits China back with MORE tariffs after Beijing’s latest tit-for-tat

…Chamber of Commerce Begs Trump to Surrender to China

China suspected of flooding U.S. universities with students to access sensitive programs in ‘academic espionage’ campaign

How Trump’s New Fed Nominee Exposed the Soviet Union’s Debt


Tom Cotton Advised Trump to Buy Greenland Months Ago

Zeppelins stopped flying after the Hindenburg disaster. Now scientists want to bring them back.

French Diplomat: No-Deal Brexit Now Central Assumption

Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, resigns after making Deep State admissions in bizarre “Spygate” scandal twist

Democrats Refuse to Condemn Antifa              8/25


Weekly Jobless Claims Fall More Than Expected

Get Woke Go Broke: Gillette Backflips After $12 Billion Toxic Masculinity Disaster — Hopes to Lure Sexist Pigs Back with New Ad Campaign

Socialized medicine in Canada: No money to keep you alive, but plenty of government funds to help you commit suicide

President Trump Wipes Out Student Loan Debt for Disabled Veterans

Democrat Rep. Caught on Camera Saying We Need Illegal Immigrants to Mow Our ‘Beautiful Lawns’

Amazon Opens Biggest Campus Yet – in India

Baby Boomers Leaving Behind Trail of Luxury Ranches

Illegals in NYC To Be Eligible for Limited Affordable Housing as Rent Skyrockets                        8/23


Trump Accuses Fed Chair of ‘Horrendous Lack of Vision’

Cargo ship busted with over a billion dollars worth of cocaine was owned by JP Morgan Chase

Govt. Delivers 100k Cheap Visa-Workers to Disney, Hilton, for Summer Work

Developed in Israel: Intel unveils first-ever AI chip

Machines on display at World Robot Conference in China can fly, swim and even do brain surgery

Autonomous Delivery Robots Coming To U.S College Campuses

Harvard ‘Tweeting Tree’ Project on Climate Change Funded by Taxpayer Dollars

COVER-UP? Jeffrey Epstein’s Visitor Records While Serving Work Release Were Mysteriously Destroyed

DNC Boss Tom Perez to Fundraise in Mexico City

Univ of Alabama Receives Millions in Taxpayer Funding for Diversity Programs                                 8/22


What Student Loans and Health Care Have in Common

Commerce Gives U.S. Companies an Extra 90 Days to Cut Ties with Huawei

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Helped China Buy Our ‘National Security’ Assets

Navarro: WSJ ’Never Saw an American Job It Didn’t Want to Offshore’

USDA Distributes Millions to Boost Energy Efficiency for Rural Farmers and Businesses

China Is Leading The Quantum Computing Revolution

Medieval Diseases Are Present In Los Angeles

Seattle Parks Becoming No-Go Areas Because of Homelessness and Trash

PRE-CRIME NATION: College Student Arrested, Stripped of Firearms for Posting Social Media Meme

Obamas' first film charts life in US factory under China bosses

SCHOOL'S BACK! $100,000 bribe got teen UCLA soccer scholarship without even playing              8/20


Data: Consumers Supporting U.S. Economy

Most New York Manufacturers Report Slight or No Tariff Price Pressures

US National Debt Spiked $363 billion in Two Weeks, $1 Trillion in 12 months. But Who Bought This Pile of Treasury Securities?

Goldman bosses charged in Malaysia bond scandal

Kochs Peddled Job-Killing Free Trade Agenda to Democrats

Suicide Bombing At Afghan Wedding; 63 Dead, Over 180 Injured                                          8/19


The DC Credit Card – A Never-Ending Story

UPS Has Secretly Been Using Self-Driving Freight Trucks For Months

Trump Administration Looking To Slash Foreign Aid Programs

$240,000 – The Amount Each American Owns of US Debt and Unfunded Obligations

Circular Investing 101: Softbank To Lend Billions To Founder, Employees To Invest In Second Fund

Why the $1.45 Trillion F-35 Still Can’t Get Off the Ground

Transhuman Quest: AI Chips Implanted In Brain

Bringing robots home eases loneliness

New Ohr Docs Document Anti-Trump Coup

Killing free speech in Canada                       8/18


Deep State Tactics 101 Part IV

Epstein Associate Glenn Dubin Has Flooded Dems With Cash

Hong Kong Activist Leader Calls For a Run on the Bank

 China: paper tiger

China softens stance on trade after threatening counter-measures

Seattle Resolves To Launch Green New Deal

INTERVIEW (Part I): Venezuelan Expat On How Socialism Destroyed His Country, And How It Could Ruin The U.S.

Machines Replace Third of Workforce at Giant Copper Mine

Mueller Dragnet Snags Ex-Clintonista, Obama Lawyer

Look Who Flew With DISGRACED Epstein on His Private Jet

FAA Approves Food Delivery Drones In North Carolina

Instead of red flag laws, why won’t lawmakers investigate psychiatric drugs and their links to violence?           8/16


FTC Chair Joe Simons Says He Is Prepared to Break Up Big Tech

Boeing 737 MAX Deliveries Crash 38%

A One Day Stock Market Plunge Of 48%! A Major Financial Crisis In Argentina Is Happening Right Now

Virtually No One In Ocasio-Cortez’s District Has Donated To Her Re-Election Campaign, Report Says

White House Touts Wage Gains for Voters

Meet the Only Woman to Win the Nobel Prize in Economics

Massive Softbank Fund Bets on Using Concrete Blocks as Batteries

Under Internet blackout, Kashmir residents can’t tell their own stories

Home Depot Co-Founder: Making Money Is a Patriotic Act

Facial-recognition technology flagged 26 California lawmakers as criminals

Six-Year-Old Saying, 'Why Don't We Just Give Everything Away For Free?' Surges To Top Of Democratic Polls     8/15


Small Business Optimism Rebounds

Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs. They’re all over 65.

$3,727,014,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through July; Treasury Runs $866,812,000,000 Deficit

No, the U.S. Economy Is Not Headed for Recession

Fears of Argentina Default Loom Large as Traders Dump Everything

Medicare Admin Admits Obamacare ’Unaffordable’

Military Spending: Ignoring the $738 Billion Elephant in the Room

Americans Apply For Jobs at Mississippi Chicken Plants After ICE Raid

Cuccinelli: Welfare Rule Meant to ‘Give Meaningful Effect’ to Standard That Has Existed for Almost 140 Years…

Apple’s new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters… AVOID all Apple products or be irradiated

Dear Democrats - This Is What Happens When You Nationalize Healthcare

So-called “manifesto” of El Paso shooter was NOT uploaded to 8chan by the alleged shooter, warns 8chan owner

Public School Cronyism is Fueling the Pension Crisis   8/14


How the Trilateral Commission Drove a Bankers’ Coup Across America

China’s central bank digital currency is ready. Here’s how it works

Seoul: Cryptocurrency Integral To Smart City Transformation

How Mastercard and Visa Are Beating the Tech Giants at Their Own Game

The Benefits of High-Tech Job Growth Don’t Trickle Down

Brick & Mortar Meltdown’s Ugly Week in Record-Ugly Year

Germany Stalls and Europe Craters

Currency War with China: 1934 and 2019

Poll: Less than half of US voters trust companies based in China, Mexico

U. Michigan’s largest donor faces community backlash after hosting Trump fundraiser

CBP seizes cocaine worth over $114 million from vessel

Minnesota Lawmakers just ORDERED the IRS to Investigate Ilhan Omar

Which Doctors Get Paid the Most?                        8/13


Trump Ending Welfare-Dependent Immigration, Saving Taxpayers Billions

Is This The Key To Commercial Nuclear Fusion?

Fed remains target as economy falls short of Trump's goals

The Government’s Challenge Is Not Attracting Top Tech Talent—It’s Keeping It

Depositors Are Next as Nordic Banks Buckle Under Negative Rates

Where Do College Graduates Go For Jobs?

Hong Kong cancels all remaining flights as 5,000 protesters occupy airport

PRAGER: America Is Drowning In The Left’s Lies About Trump                       8/12



AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka Supports Illegal Migrants Hired by Koch Foods’ Meat Packers

Massive ICE Raid in Mississippi Busted Up Child Labor Ring of Illegal Immigrants

New York City’s $15 Minimum Wage Is Now Officially a Disaster

Why Is Saudi Arabia Giving Up A Tract Of Land The Size Of Massachusetts For “The World’s First Independent International Zone”?

Prices for Goods Fell in July Despite China Tariff Hike

Watch "Blind" Robot Cheetah Climb Stairs Littered With Obstacles 

Cloudflare Provides Service to Pro-Pedo Websites After Booting 8Chan

Breaking: New Court Documents Reveal Bill Clinton Held Private Party on Epstein’s Pedophile Island

Germany Fights Global Warming, Slaps Tax On Sausage                             8/10


DOJ just approved massive merger deal that will see Sprint, T-Mobile and Dish roll out a nationwide 5G network to expose nearly EVERYONE living in any U.S. city to harmful radiation

Labor-Market Strength Continues

Food Stamp Households at Lowest Point in 9 Years

China the Currency Manipulator? What About the Fed!

Artificial justice: Estonia is building a robot judge to settle backlogged cases

AMAZON Delivery Robots Officially Hit Streets

Record-High $3.9 Billion Invested in Israeli High-Tech Companies in H1 2019

Senior U.S. Official: Israel Must Regulate Chinese Investments

Los Angeles County Deep Dives 88 Cities Into Sustainability Plan

Under Seige: E-Cig Giant Pours Cash into the Swamp

Russian research facility quietly released 100 times more radiation than the Fukushima disaster… and almost no one reported it       8/9


Smart Cities Promote Social Isolation, Not Togetherness

China Fixes Yuan Weaker Than 7 For First Time In Over 11 Years

Here Are The Signs The US Gov't Is Preparing For Farmageddon

Swedish Municipality That Took Too Many Migrants Faces Bankruptcy


Half young Americans say college no longer necessary

One-Third of Americans Believe Tech Companies Have a Negative Effect on the Country

Irish Central Bank Says More Migrants Needed to Keep Pay Down

TROUBLES: NYTIMES STOCK TUMBLES AS MUCH AS 20%                                     8/8



Economist: China Trade War Could Mean “The End of the World as We Know It”

States with Weakest Recoveries Since ‘Great Recession’ Enjoy Soaring Income Growth in Trump Economy

Sen. Braun: ‘I Do Not’ Back the Budget Deal, ‘I Ran on Fiscal Discipline’

TRUTH IS THE NEW HATE SPEECH: Facebook Blocks Gateway Pundit Article on El Paso Shooter’s Progressive Language

Conservative Engineer Fired by Google for Standing for His Rights Pleads for Donations

The Technocratic State is the Mortal Enemy of the Individual

Pentagon's Next Dystopian Surveillance Exercise Will Launch Spy Balloons Over These States

More Californians forced to live in cars, RVs

Photo of the day: Diesel-powered electric car recharging station perfectly captures stupidity of the Green New Deal                           8/7


Currency War Begins: Chinese Yuan Crashes Past 7 To New Record Low; Global Markets Tumble After Beijing Suspends US Agri Imports

Big Pharma admits Measles outbreak and subsequent media hysteria made them massive profits

Feds Probing Possible Finance Misdeeds by AOC’s Chief of Staff

Pentagon: Lasers That Beam Messages Into Your Head

Poll: Majority of Palestinians Oppose PA’s Rejection of Trump Peace Plan

Foreign Generic Drugs: A Matter of Life, or Death

Codex Alimentarius: Scott Tipps Shreds The Use Of “Scientific Consensus” At CAC42 Meeting

Japan: 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Fukushima Coast

ALERT: Free healthcare for illegals would annihilate America with an unstoppable land invasion of impoverished masses             8/5


Record 157,288,000 Employed in July

Hawley: ‘Elite Consensus’ for ‘Open Markets, Open Borders’ Disregards American Middle Class

Black Employment at Record High: 19,481,000

DSA Democrats Hold Annual Convention — Vote for Open Borders and $97 Trillion Green New Deal

Delingpole: Exposed? Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers

Harvard Scientists Funded by Bill Gates to Begin Spraying Particles Into the Sky In Experiment to Dim the Sun

Gillette CEO Says Backlash to ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad a “Price Worth Paying” Despite $8 Billion Writedown

Walmart Is Trying to Patent Its Own ‘Libra’ Like Digital Currency

Baltimore Cannot Account for Millions in Federal Funding

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Nunes was Right! In Their First Month Mueller Gang Was Already Working on Obstruction Trap!

Raw human sewage all over the beaches of California is the perfect metaphor for the failure of liberalism                            8/4


A whole lot of problems developing at Amazon’s Whole Foods Markets, including LESS local produce and MORE robots

The Doctor Monopoly is Killing American Patients

Global Smartphone Shipments Plunge Again, Huawei Displaces Apple As No.2

Koch Brothers and Left Find Unity at the Border

Lessons for America From India's War Against Muslim Illegal Migrants

Analysis: Dem Candidates Call For More Than $200 Trillion in Spending

While banning all conservatives, Twitter openly allows extremely graphic, blood-filled images depicting the murder of President Trump

Soros Pours $5.1 Million Into New 2020 PAC   8/2


Madman at the Fed Jerome Powell Cuts Interest Rates by Quarter Percent — After His Disastrous 2018 Rate Hikes

New York Area Fire Commissioners Want 9/11 Investigation into “Pre-Planted Explosives”

Turkey Threatens to Reignite European Migrant Crisis

Meet Ilhan Omar’s New 2020 Challenger: Heroic Iraq War Veteran

Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib Received $2500 Donation From Palestinian Michigan Man Who Died 10 Years Ago

Data: Virginia’s Highest Paid Government Employees Are in Higher Education            8/1


Where did the $16 Billion in US Grants Given to Baltimore in 2018 Disappear to?

Real Incomes Rises 0.3% in June, Real Spending 0.2%, Deflator 0.1%

Brookings: Global Spending On SDGs Now Exceeds $20 Trillion

Tesla Must Pay $323 Million In Taxes To Shanghai Every Year Or It Will Lose Gigafactory Land

China Covertly Subverting Trump Reelection

It’s now obvious: The taxpayers of Illinois will have their incomes confiscated to fund increases for overpaid teachers … GET OUT while you still have your wallet

28% Of Delivery Drivers Admit To Eating Customers' Food

CAPITAL ONE Breach Casts Shadow Over Cloud Security

Satellites Have Already Started Watching Your Every Movement

Exclusive — Angel Moms to Alyssa Milano: Why Don’t You ‘Fight for American Children Raped by Illegal Aliens in Our Country’              7/31


Trump Blasts Fed for ‘All the Wrong Moves,’ Calls for Big Rate Cut

USA To Borrow $1.23 Trillion in '19!

GMO: Move Over CRISPR, Here Comes LOCKR

Tulsi Gabbard Releases Video Calling for Everyone Across the Political Spectrum to Unite and Fight Big Tech’s Censorship


388,000 Slaves Were Sent to America from 1525 to 1866 — But Today There are Still 9.2 Million Slaves in Africa Alone                                     7/30


Chamber of Commerce, Soros-Funded Groups Bankroll ‘Temporary’ Amnesty for Venezuela’s Population

Trump: No Tariff Waivers for Apple, 'Make Them in the USA'


80,000 California Students Lose Financial Aid – Thanks to Teachers’ Union, State Government

Papadopoulos to Return to Greece to Retrieve $10,000 Payment from Deep State Operative — Believes Bills are Marked, Will Turn Them Over to AG Barr

Financial Crisis Yields Generation of Renters

NJ Grocer Admits Committing $750,000 Food Stamp Fraud Scheme

EXPOSED: Economist Reveals that John Maynard Keynes was a Pedophile                        7/29


For The First Time In 6 Years, No Central Bank Is Hiking

Chinese Media: Detained Muslims Grateful for $200-a-Month ‘Labor-Intensive’ Jobs

China’s Industrial Profits Decline as Economy Weakens

Forbes: Climate Change Denial Is A Cancer On U.S. Economy

California residents have bankrupted their own power company, burning it down faster than any wildfire could have hoped

The Fed's Dangerous Game: A Fourth Round of Stimulus in a Single Growth Cycle

Former Mexican Cop, Illegal Charged for Allegedly Trafficking Enough Fentanyl To Kill 10M People

DEVELOPING: Reporters Unexpectedly Summoned to Oval Office – Trump Reveals He Has Completed Asylum Agreement with Guatemala

Even after it banned vaccine awareness documentaries, Amazon was happy to sell a book by Hezbollah’s terrorist leader

"California Is Being Overrun By Rodents" – And We're Not Talking About The Politicians       7/27


Here's How Bad July Has Been at the Border. The Democrats Still Won't Propose a Solution.

Subprime 2.0: Mortgages Now Available For Borrowers Without Credit Scores

Intellectual Cover for Socialism

VA Doesn’t Really Know What It Costs To Run VistA

Gordon Chang: Trump Must ‘Kill’ Huawei to Protect America

Hedge Fund Managers Are Buying Your Credit Card, Bluetooth, & Wi-Fi Data Hand-Over-Fist

TESLA shares plunge as it reports big loss

‘Squad’ Comrade Rashida Tlaib Compares Boycott of Israel to Boycott of Nazi Germany

Lessons for America From India’s War Against Illegal Muslim Migrants

Bombshell study: ‘NO evidence’ white cops ‘show bias’ in shooting black suspects

Red Flag: Boris Scales Back Pledge to Reduce Migration

Mike Lindell of My Pillow Considering a Run Against Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District                            7/26


BOEING reports biggest-ever loss as 737 MAX grounding drags on

Could suspend production

Are Central Banks Losing Their Big Bet?

Trump and Pelosi Team up for Bigger Government, Deeper Debt

Yet another corrupt judge BLOCKS Trump from trying to break Big Pharma’s drug price monopoly

Documents Suggest Jeffrey Epstein Company Received ‘Secret Federal Reserve Bailout’

DOJ Launches Antitrust Probe into Tech Giants

Facebook to pay record $5 billion fine over privacy violations

Sanders Campaign Slapped with Federal Labor Complaint

Mayors Want New ‘Marshall Plan’ To Fight Global Warming

COMMUNISM: Cuba Running Out of Medicine

The ENTIRETY of Obamacare is on the verge of being completely shut down                   7/25


Globalization Is Destroying The ‘Great American Middle’

Update: Obama Deep State Spy Stephan Halper Was Paid Over $1.05 Million — His Work Spying on Trump Officials Went Well Into 2017

VIDEO: Now Rashida Tlaib Wants $20 Minimum Wage Because Milk Is Expensive

Big Tech Could Not Answer Antitrust Accusations in Congressional Hearings

Our Ruling Elites Have No Idea How Much We Want to See Them All in Prison Jumpsuits

Every Flaw In Markets Is Worse Under Socialism

Bernie Accidentally Admits $15 Minimum Wage Doesn’t Work, Raises Wages And Cuts Hours For Campaign

CNN's Brian Stelter Loses 42% of His Audience

Who’s Making Money From the Border Crisis? Private Prisons                        7/23


Thousands of Swedes Are Getting Microchip Implants to Replace Cash & Credit Cards

Cruz: ‘Only Fitting’ Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Pays for Border Wall

Grassley Denounces ‘EB-5’ Giveaway to China Hidden in India Outsourcing Bill

IRONY: Bernie Sanders Campaign Battles Its Own Workers Who Demand $15 Minimum Wage

Chiropractor forced to pay $100,000 in fines for sharing “anti-vaccine” content on social media

Czar: More Drugs Coming in Than Ever Before!

Commie Mayor de Blasio Goes Off After NYC Subway System Breaks Down During Heat Wave… Is Reminded His Wife Blew $850 Million on Sham Social Program                                    7/21


Philly Fed Survey: Factories Came Roaring Back in July

Boeing Takes $4.9 Billion Charge As 737 Max Fiasco Drags On, Stock Jumps

Chamber of Commerce Pushes Republicans to Accept Job-Killing ‘Compromise’ with Democrats

Defense Contractors Are Tightening Their Grip On Our Government

PROOF: Facebook Patents Shadow Banning Software After Promising Congress It Doesn’t Censor

The Race For The Moon Continues


British Govt Announces Plan For Schools To Teach Children About ‘Fake News’

China Gives Children 17,000 Smart Watches to Track Their Locations                       7/19


When Big Tech And Big Government Partner To Track Everyone Everywhere

Will The Recent Run Of Strong Data Change The Fed's Easing Plans

Amazon Faces EU Antitrust Probe, Potential for $23 Billion Fine

HAMMER: Why Is No One Discussing The Drug Trafficking Aspect Of Our Southern Border Crisis?

Trump's Drug Policies Are Saving Lives, First Drop in Overdose Deaths in Decades

Soros-backed NGO to release new stories – Here’s why they are bogus

This Isn’t Normal: 20 Earthquakes Of Magnitude 3.0 Or Greater Have Hit California Within The Last 24 Hours

Another Big Pharma giant caught in massive bribery scandal reportedly involving thousands of U.S. doctors

Google has merged with Big Pharma to become its own pharmaceutical company             7/18


Retail Sales Post a Solid Month Led by Autos and Amazon

Have President Trump’s Steel Tariffs Worked?

Bipartisan Legislation Targets Chinese Firm Huawei

How a US company risked its country’s national security selling tech to China

McConnell surrenders the most important budget fight of Trump’s presidency before it begins

No bargain for workers: Amazon employees stage strikes during 'Prime Day' sales

It’s Not Just Powell Pandering to Markets – Rate Cuts Are Necessary

California Committee Approves Measure to Create Banking Alternative for Cannabis Industry, Bypass Federal Reserve

Ready for the Green New Cronyism?

UPDATE: Watchdog Group Asks Maryland AG to Investigate Elijah Cummings and Wife for Improper Use of Charity                           7/17


Big Pharma: The Evil Empire that Saves Lives

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal

FOOD STAMP FRAUD: Former head of South Dakota food stamp program ordered to pay $750k for helping states defraud the federal SNAP program

China Thanks 37 Countries, Including Islamic States, for Praising Its Uighur Policies

Kentucky Set to Remove Up to 250,000 Inactive Voters as Part of Court Consent Judgment with Judicial Watch

Epstein Safe Had 'Piles Of Cash', Diamonds And Expired Passport Claiming Saudi Residency

CNN Death Spiral: Ratings COLLAPSE Amid Credibility Crisis

n Case You Missed It–What You Need to Know About Mueller and the Illicit Targeting of President Trump!                                7/16


Debunking Income-Inequality Research

“Where the American Dream Goes to Die”: Changes in House Prices, Rents, and Incomes since 1960 by Region & Metro

Meanwhile In China, Beijing Is Losing Control Of The Economy

De-Dollarizing the American Financial Empire

$1.5 Trillion Student Loan Debt by State: South Dakota Most Debt, Utah Least

Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Sales Collapse In 2019, No Bottom Until 1Q20?

Aston Martin CEO: Carmaker Prepared for No Deal, May’s Brexit Negotiations ‘Laughable’

A Third Of All European IG Bonds Have Negative Yields

Prosecutors: Epstein Paid $350K to ‘Silence’ Potential Witnesses

Rich People Become Poorer For The First Time In 8 Years                                   7/14


IT’S OFFICIAL: In President Trump’s First Two-and-a-Half Years He’s Already Outperformed Every President in US Stock Market History

Republican Congressmen Plan Easy Citizenship For Chinese Investors As Chinese Nationals Steal American IP

FLASHBACK: AMAZON Pays $0 in Federal Taxes on $11.2 Billion Profits

$3,355,970,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through June; Deficit Hits $747,115,000,000

Fed Chair Calls on Facebook to Halt Libra Cryptocurrency Project

CEO of Volvo Says Company is Considering Leaving Sweden Partly Due to Rise in Violent Crime

MUST WATCH: US Coast Guard Releases Video of $232 Million Cocaine Bust – Service Members Leap Onto Moving Submarine

…Project Veritas Reveals Google Effort to Take $$$ from Breitbart

More store closings coming: 12,000 by end of year?

140 Republicans Vote for Democrat Plan to Outsource Jobs…Fast-Tracks Green Cards for 300K Indian Contract-Workers…No Protections for American Graduates                       7/13



BET Founder: 'You’ve Got to Give President an A+' on Economy

Far-Left California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Bill To Give Taxpayer Funded Healthcare To Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

Trump Praises Home Depot Co-Founder In Response To Boycotts, Denounces ‘Vicious And Totally Crazed’ Leftists

Billionaire opioid kingpin convicted in massive bribery, racketeering conspiracy

1 Federal Department Now Spending $100 Billion Per Month

Release of Illegal Aliens into U.S. Cut 85 Percent Since Trump-Mexico Deal

Nuclear weapon material worth $72M seized in a car in Turkey

Jeffrey Epstein: Former Member Of The Trilateral Commission

Vehicle Sales Plunge amid India’s Shadow-Bank Debt Crisis & Contagion Fears

Nice Work, Rapinoe! US Soccer Final Viewership Down by ALMOST HALF Thanks to Trump-Bashing, Far Left National Team                  7/11


Labor Market Soaring to the Stratosphere

China's Losing Control Of Its Crushing Debt Load As Defaults And Missed Payments Skyrocket

Small-Business Owner Steps to the Podium During Trump White House Speech and Steals the Show

China Producer Prices Signal Looming Deflation Threat

Consumer Comfort at 18-Year High

Can Conservatives Make Greece Great Again?

Ship Seized In Record $1.3 Billion Cocaine Bust Belongs To JPMorgan


Report: Google Android Tracking You W/o Permission                                  7/10


When the Fed Became a Socialist Job Creator

Electronic collusion: Facebook harvests your highly sensitive personal info with help from dozens of popular apps

Democracies to lose economic dominance as 'authoritarian capitalism' rises

Lawsuit Seeks Hunter Biden State Department Records Amid Allegations Of Nepotism

CBO Destroys Democrat Dreams Of Utopia; Almost 4 Million Jobs Lost Under $15 Minimum Wage

Boeing, Airbus and Airline Overcapacity in Asia & Europe

Pharma-influenced media repeatedly attacks Miracle Mineral Solution as “toxic bleach” but never mentions how chemotherapy is derived from mustard gas

It Begins… Detroit “Afrofuture Fest” Charges White Attendees Double the Ticket Price

Now Big Ag is trying to own the REST of your food: Syngenta claims they invented non-GMO tomatoes                                   7/9


How Advanced Robotics Will Impact Job Markets

Binary Choice: No Deal Brexit, Good Deal Brexit

Is This The Huawei & Chinese Intelligence Smoking Gun? 

Dems Pay Millions to Firm Backed by Google’s Eric Schmidt 

Tech jobs soar to all-time record in Bay Area

More 737 Max Delays: Boeing's Corner Cutting Cost a Fortune and 346 Lives

In "Radical Overhaul" 20,000 Deutsche Bankers Will Be Fired As "Bad Bank" Soars To €80BN, 5x DB's Market Cap

Oops! Biden Admits Russian Election Interference is Fake News

100 GOP Reps Back Fast-Track Citizenship for Chinese Investors

LOL: Watch As Pathetic Antifa Member Tries & FAILS to Burn American Flag                 7/7


June Jobs Report Massive – 224,000 New Jobs – Unemployment at 3.7%!

…But Media Face 12,000 Job Cuts, Most Since 2009 Economic Crash

Record 157,005,000 Employed; 19th Record of Trump Era

WOW! Yesterday’s All Time Market Highs and the Best June Ever Were Predicted Six Months Ago

U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit Hits 11-Year High Through May; $137.1 Billion With China Alone

President Trump: I Will Stand Up to Big Pharma With Executive Order To Lower Drug Prices

Pre-Crime AI: ‘It Wasn’t Telling Us Anything We Didn’t know’

University rolls out new ‘ethical AI’ program

Trump outflanks Iran to the west and east

Teen Vogue Says Patriotic Anthems Are Racist, Tells Their Young Readers to Think of America’s Crimes on Fourth of July

Macron’s France to Force Social Media and Search Engines to Censor ‘Hate Speech’

Senior Kremlin Official Accuses NATO of Plotting ‘Color Revolutions’ in Russia’s Neighborhood

Erdogan mocks US, defies Trump and confirms purchase of Russian missiles

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 2                                               7/6


The Data Shows Socialists — Not Sanctions — Destroyed Venezuela's Economy

Trump Slams China, EU for ‘Pumping Money Into System’ to Rival US

New-Vehicle Sales Fall to 1999 Levels: How to Grow Revenues After 20 Years of Stagnation (Yup, You Guessed It)

No Fear: Big Tech Censors As They Aren’t Afraid of Us

America's Next Crisis: Health Gap Between Rich And Poor Widens 

Big Pharma’s Stranglehold on Media’s Vaccine Narrative Revealed                      7/5


WATCH Brexit MEP: Single Euro Currency ‘Financial Dictatorship’ Faces Collapse Without British Money

US vs. China: From Tariff War to Economic War

U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit Hits 11-Year High Through May; $137.1 Billion With China Alone

Following in Rome’s footsteps: moral decay, rising inequality


Trade Figures Show China Tariffs Working, Helping Our Allies

After Ignoring Them For Months, Boeing Pledges $100 Million For Crash Victims' Families

Report: HP, Dell, Amazon, MSFT Consider Moving Production Out of China

Media braces for brutal year for jobs

TROUBLES: CNN Death Spiral Continues    7/4


Arch-Globalist Christine Lagarde Picked to Head European Central Bank

Rep. Rose: ‘Less than 5%’ of $4.6B Funding Bill Will Help ‘Reduce the Plague of Illegal Immigration’

Almost Half of Cars Sold in Norway Are Electric

Austria becomes first EU country to ban weedkiller glyphosate

EXCLUSIVE: Google to block all anti-cancer, “anti-vax” and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels

Koch Network Stands with Silicon Valley to Protect Big Tech From Congressional Reforms

Boeing Engineer On Heroin Robbed 30 Banks In Just One Year                                  7/3


U.S. Manufacturing Held Up Better Than Expected in June

If the US Wants to Reduce Half a TRILLION in Debt Each Year – Have FED Chair Powell Reduce Rates to Obama Levels!

US Proposes An Additional $4 Billion In Tariffs On European Imports

WSJ: Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Left Company Because of Tim Cook

Google censors “white couples” from image search as part of racist, anti-white “fairness” initiative

Long Lunch Break: France Pays €1 Million a Year to ‘Ghost’ Civil Servants Who Don’t Have Jobs

Trump Meets Kim Jong Un in North Korea, Nuclear Talks Resume                                 7/2


Leftists Hound Mastercard To Put Conservatives ‘Out Of Business’

Italy vs. The Banksters

Drop in Montana Health Insurance Premiums

China Slumps Into Full-Blown Manufacturing Contraction Following "Awful" Asian PMI Prints

Is the Fed Already Behind the Curve?

House Democrats block vote on a bipartisan emergency border funding bill 81 times

U.S. Oil Production Hits 12 Million Barrels a Day for First Time

NEW THREAT: Antifa Plans Acid Attack on D.C. Free Speech Rally, Promises To Blind Attendees

CA Budget Includes Health Care for Illegals

SHOCKING: Illegal Aliens Are Reportedly Using Craigslist To Hire Smugglers (VIDEO)        7/1


Dow posts best June since 1938

Best first half of year for stocks in decades

Trump And Xi Agree To Another 'Temporary Time Out' In Trade War

“We Build the Wall” Completes First Wall Segment, Raises $700,000 This Week for Next Project — Now Focusing on Second Segment (Video)

Boeing Slammed For Hiring Cheap $9-An-Hour Contractors to Help Code 737 Software

New York Post HAMMERS Democrats After Every Candidate Promises Free Healthcare to All Illegal Aliens

Kamala Harris Is An Oligarch's Wet Dream - Strategic Culture

Boston mayor appoints director of Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosque head of Office for Immigrant Advancement

IGNORED BY LIBERAL MEDIA: US Border Patrol Releases Video of Agents Performing CPR – Saving Illegal Alien Child from Rio Grande

Alexa curses customer after he cancels AMAZON Prime                                        6/30


Soros-Backed Group Asks Mastercard to Blacklist Certain Conservatives

First Quarter GDP 3.1% as Expected: How was Totally Unexpected

PRESIDENT TRUMP Slams Fed Chair Again for Raising Rates, Stalling Economy, Crashing Market: “It’s Insane… Our Market Would Be Up 10,000 Points!” (Video)

Global Carmageddon Continues: Ford Set To Slash 12,000 Jobs Across Europe

Europe Gives Up On Sound Money, Prepares To Join The Currency War

Is There a Limit to How Big a Corporation Can Get?

British Taxpayers Furious over £2.4 Million Bill For Harry & Meghan’s New Home

10-minute, $1,800 plunge shows Bitcoin’s volatility

Report: Code Responsible for Equifax Breach Downloaded 21 Million Times Last Year

Rising Crime, Cost of Living Blamed for Record Exodus of Londoners from City

Justice Roberts Stabs Conservatives In the Back, Must Be Considered Lefty Vote Now

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 120 Others Blast Vaccinations At Statehouse                       6/28


What is the Libra Association going to do, really?

Video: President Orders Hospitals to Reveal Pricing Up Front

What the U.S. Medical System Can Learn From Estonia

Maine governor signs net neutrality bill into law

New U.S. Curbs on China Target Supercomputers

New flaw discovered on BOEING 737 Max

Apple still won’t drop Muslim Brotherhood “Euro Fatwa” App, deemed “disaster waiting to happen”

TECH TYRANNY: Apple Threatens to Kick Social Media Company ‘Parler’ Off App Store if They Don’t Ban “Offensive” (Conservative) Content

'People Are Crying When They Come Into Work:' Unions Protest OPM-GSA Merger

San Francisco takes the final steps toward becoming the first U.S. city to ban vaping product sales

Chicago PD Go Nuclear, Release Devastating Evidence In Smollett Case: Video Released Is Jussie’s END

WATCH Rep. Ilhan Omar Speechless When Confronted About Her Brother-Husband      6/27


Financial Blacklisting: Sleeping Giants, Soros Group Pressure Mastercard to Censor the Right

"It Would Be An Earthquake" - Three Chinese Banks Tumble After US Threatens To Cut Them Off From SWIFT

Chinese buyers pulling out of New York real estate

Soros-Backed Group Plans $50M Ad Campaign to Swing Trump’s Rural Voters Using Healthcare Issue

There Are Now More Than 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs Around The World

WATCH: How Dangerous Is The L.A. Homeless Problem? This Dangerous.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson DESTROYS John Bolton For His Globalist Warmongering On Iran

U.S. drone shootdown: How many Iranian weapons did Obama and Kerry finance with their “nuclear deal?”

WATCH: AOC Reveals The REAL Reason She Wants To Cancel All Student Loan Debt

2/3 of Americans With Bachelor’s Degrees Have ‘Major Regret’ About It                        6/26


TRUMP Hammers Reckless Fed Chair Jerome Powell AGAIN for Raising Rates Far Too Fast

Bank of America Admits It Benefits from the War on Cash

Trump slaps new sanctions on Iran

The Fed Fears Rising Market Interest Rates

After years of warnings, U.S. finally investigating secret foreign funding of American universities

Trump Orders Health Care Providers To Reveal Prices Before They Deliver Services

Iran Remains on Terror-Financing Blacklist, Int’l Taskforce Toughens Supervision of Banks

Americans Are Spending Billions on Bad Highway Expansions

Mastercard to unleash massive identity theft wave across America by allowing “gender fluid” individuals to use any name they want on their credit cards

Walmart Using AI-Powered Cameras In 1,000 Stores To Track Shoppers

Robot 'duck' keeps weeds out of rice paddies

THE WOLF STREET REPORT: Stealth Stimulus Has Arrived

How to Destroy a Civilization                   6/25


UPDATE: Monopoly goes cashless

Hundreds Of 737 Max Pilots Sue Boeing Over 'Unprecedented Cover-Up"

Free Money Socialism

Toys 'R' Us: The Zombie Retailer That's Back From The Dead And Opening New Stores

Devin Nunes: Court Date for $250 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter for Censoring Conservatives Is Set For End of August (VIDEO)

Job Density Is Increasing in Superstar Cities and Sprawling in Others

Well Lookie-Lookie: Latest Goofy Trump Accuser Is Linked to Activist Attorney Lisa Bloom, Is She Getting Paid Too?                           6/24


Bank of America CEO: ‘We Want a Cashless Society’

A Court Win for China Spells Trouble for U.S. Security

Dear Jay Powell (Fed Chair): It's Still The Eurodollar, Stupid!

Just like Big Tech’s war against online free speech, Big Pharma is trying to “de-platform” homeopathy and other natural remedies from retailers

2.5 M Food Stamp Households Off Benefits Under Trump

Meet the A.I. Landlord That’s Building a Single-Family-Home Empire

Lockheed Martin Announces $142 Million Expansion of Arkansas Plant, More Than 300 New Jobs

Report: Google Profits from ‘Millions’ of Fake Business Listings

Assange Lawyer: Pentagon, Not White House, Trying to Destroy WikiLeaks Founder        6/23


Trump and the People Agree: Fed Needs to Cut Interest Rates

How Far Will Google’s Billion-Dollar Bay Area Housing Plan Go?

Mexico Becomes First To Pass Trump Trade Deal: 'Our Economy Is Open'

Walmart settles corruption probe for $282 million

4 New Reasons to Fear a Universal Basic Income

Anatomy Of A Failed Solar Power Project: A ‘Large Taxpayer-Funded Pile Of Scrap’

A Look Inside the Government’s Latest Quantum Computing Efforts

Alexa, Eavesdrop On My House All Day Under The Guise Of Protecting Me From A Heart Attack

Police deploy crime fighting robot in California

Trump Puts Entire Federal Agency on Notice, Threatens Layoffs

Cuba Ration Lines Grow Tense as Economy Flails

Here Are The Most Debt-Ridden Places In California 

UK: jihadists are ruling prisons, “vulnerable” infidel prisoners paying jizya                        6/21


Libra: Facebook Partners With 27 Companies To Launch Global Cryptocurrency

Biden Tells One Percenters ‘Nothing Would Fundamentally Change’ If He Is President

Forget Draghi, Focus On Fischer - Politically-Motivated Powell Exposed

N.Y. lawmakers agree to historic climate economic plan

Meanwhile In China, Echoes Of Lehman As Interbank Market Freezes

Dishwashers: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Contaminated food from China now entering the U.S. under the 'organic' label

Biden Claims Not ‘One Single Hint Of A Scandal’ During Obama Administration. Here’s Eight Scandals Off The Top Of Our Head.            6/20


Trump Lashes Out at ECB After Euro Drops on Promise of Central Bank Stimulus

Monetary Wars

Mexico’s Border Response Proves Tariffs Are a Potent Tool

United Auto Workers Defeated Again

As Trade War Rages, Apple Plans To Shift Up To 30% Of Production Outside China 

MasterCard to let gender-confused customers pick their names on credit cards

Cops Fired for Refusing Enforced Ticket Quotas

Massive Exabyte Storage System to be Built for Energy’s Frontier Supercomputer

Euro Falls Against Dollar… EU Central Bank Considers Mega Money Printing

CEO Of Germany's 2nd Largest Bank: In A Few Years We Will Notice The ECB's Experiment Was A Historical Mistake

Judicial Watch Releases Testimony From Clinton Aide Who Smashed Hillary’s BlackBerrys with a Hammer – ‘Couldn’t Recall’ if Server Was Wiped

More Health IT Isn’t Always Better, Says HHS Digital Service Director

WATCH: CNN Cuts Away When Trump Crowd Chants 'CNN Sucks'                        6/19


Africans coming across southern border have ‘rolls of $100 bills’

Inflation: The Soviet Tool for Destroying Money

Swamponomics: Exposing This Week’s Economic Fallacies

Doug Casey: The Deep State Is the Source of Our Economic Problems

Currency Devaluation Is No Ticket to National Prosperity

“It’s A Disaster Like I’ve Never Seen Before”: 2019 Could Be The Worst Year EVER For U.S. Corn Farmers

WATCH: Federal agriculture employees protest decision to move their agencies to where agriculture actually happens

Huawei Tech Prepares for 40 to 60 Percent Drop in International Smartphone Shipments

Switzerland: Young jihadis living on welfare benefits

The Palestinian Leaders' War on Preventing Corruption

The Rise of Facial Recognition Should Scare Us All

Agencies Leaning on Citizens to Drive Innovation, Research                                  6/18


Dissident Chinese Prisoners Have Organs Harvested, "Horrified" Insider Blows Whistle

Trump Sets ‘Ambitious Goal’ of Cutting Unemployment Rate for Ex-Cons to Single Digits

Georgetown, other universities accused of covering up jihad millions taken from terror-supporting Qatar

Venezuela’s Perfect Symbol of Socialism: People Are So Poor, There’s Nothing Left to Steal

You think organic living is expensive? Check out the cost of a “conventional” lifestyle that leads to CANCER

Russia Expert’s 2017 Prophecy About The Nuclear Threat Of Russiagate Is Coming True

What If You Held an Impeach Protest and Nobody Came? – LOW ENERGY ‘Impeach Trump’ Protests a COMPLETE BUST           6/17


In Spite of Increasing Tariffs, US Import Costs DOWN in May — US Economic Numbers OUTSTANDING Overall!

Donald Trump Announces Health Care Expansion Without Socialism

Pharma Industry Suing Trump Administration over New Regulations

Internal communications shed new light on the Rockefeller Foundation’s decision to stop funding the global climate nonprofit, and hint at what might come next

Wealthy Millennial Heirs Are Now Being Taught "Impact Investing" At Harvard

Get Out While You Can!… Commie Mayor de Blasio Offers Driver’s Licenses and FREE Healthcare to Illegals

KNOWLES: Keep Jackson On The $20 Bill

nyt Busted for Fake News Story on Harriet Tubman $20 Bill

Geoengineering Could Start WWIII As Nations React

John Pilger: The Global War on Assange, Journalism & Dissent                                6/16


From Dollar Hegemony to Global Warming: Globalization, Glyphosate and Doctrines of Consent

10 Government Legacy Systems Cost Taxpayers $337 Million Every Year

Economic Bill of Rights: Bernie Wants Same Healthcare Promise as Venezuela

The State of the Canadian Debt Slaves, and How They Compare to the American Debt Slaves

Experts: Spy used AI-generated face to connect with targets

Charity Commission Criticises Oxfam over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

AMAZING! President Trump Got Mexico to Approve More Soldiers on Their Border than Congress Has Approved on US Southern Border (VIDEO)

YouTube Bans Creator With Half a Million Subscribers After He Criticized Vox’s Carlos Maza

Valedictorian Thanks 'Alcoholic Teacher' And Negligent Counselor For Teaching To 'Fend For Herself'

Propaganda Prospering Far and Wide         6/14


Import/Export Prices Tumble As China Exported Most Deflation Since 2007

Debate Over Brexit Fee: Would Nonpayment Constitute Default? Who Owes Whom?

Bernie: ‘A Lot Of People In The Country Would Be Delighted To Pay More In Taxes’

AOC Defends $4,500 Pay Hike For Herself: "It's Not Even Like a Raise"

Obama Admin Purged 12 Years Of ICE Speeches On Immigration Crisis Hours Before Trump Inauguration

HAMMER: The Federal Government Has NO More Important Function Than Border Security. Here’s Why.

CNN Loses Third of Primetime Audience

Living In Vehicle 'New Normal'                 6/13


Small Business Optimism Comes Roaring Back

Trump Threatens China with Further Action if No Deal Is Reached

WINNING! Foxconn Plans Increase In US Manufacturing Thanks To Trump Tariffs!

Trump Says "Fed Didn't Listen to Me", Now Seeks "Level Playing Field" With China

Dump It: Toronto’s Smart City Project Is ‘Surveillance Capitalism’

“The Market is Almost Always Wrong About What the Fed Will Do”: Chart

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, "Bible" Terms Censored

The Future Is Here: Watch Robot Cop Pull Over Driver And Issue Ticket 

Just In: Obama’s IRS Found Guilty By Federal Judge

California's "Staggering" Homeless Count    6/12


Hiring Hits Record High in United States

Top Execs at 180 Companies: Abortion Necessary to Be Successful in Business

Robots breaking out of cages on factory floor

The Fed Made a Big Mistake Raising Rates, Trump Says

President Trump RIPS Open Borders Chamber of Commerce – Threatens to Leave Organization

News Industry Generates $4.7 Billion for Google – and Wants a Piece of the Action

California first state to extend health benefits to undocumented

Killer robots who look human 'change appearance to conceal crimes'

All white people are being removed from history as revisionists rewrite science, medicine and technology to eliminate pioneers based on the color of their skin

Google CEO Defends YouTube Censorship

Poll: Americans Think Fake News Bigger Problem than ‘Climate Change’

Globalist Front: Mass Immigration Necessary to Replace Dying Americans

Old Man Charged W/ Felony After Shooting 2 Robbers In His Own Home                             6/11


DOJ Documents Show Bruce Ohr Was Given a $28,000 Bonus During Russiagate Investigation – Plus a Raise AFTER His Demotion

Report: Google, Facebook May Have to Disclose How Much Your Data Is Worth

Bezos Invades the Swamp as DC Catches Antitrust Fever

REPORT: Bayer Bows to Radical Leftists – Stops Advertising on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Ingraham Angle”

New York Sex Offenders Received $63,000 in Erectile Dysfunction, Sex Drugs Thanks to Medicaid

The Next Stage Of The Engineered Global Economic Reset Has Arrived


AMAZON delivering by drones 'in months'

Robotic hands ready in 10 years

The Atlantic: The Green New Deal Has Already Won

Elijah Cummings’s Wife Used Charity to Enrich Her Company, Financial Docs Show

Mexico Freezes Human Traffickers' Bank Accounts, Sends National Guard To Border Amid 'Very Good Discussion' 

Mexico Claims Some Migrant Caravan Funding Came from U.S., England                      6/7


DOJ to Probe Online Ad Dominance of Google – a Far Left Tech Giant That Regularly Discriminates Against Conservatives

Antitrust laws and big tech – this is how we save the 1st amendment

US Cleanest Dirty Shirt Among Manufacturing Giants: Germany at Crisis Level. China, Japan, South Korea Contract

Joe Biden: American Taxpayers Responsible for Healthcare of 22 Million Illegal Immigrants

Companies Hiring Illegals Get Away Clean

More Hypocrites: Disney Partners With China As It Threatens Georgia Boycott

Washington state best economy in America

Seven-Year-Old From Texas Raises $22,000 for Border Wall With Hot Chocolate and Lemonade Stands


Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Has Not Responded in 18 Months to Senate Judiciary Committee’s Request For Documents and Answers About Dossier

On the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, China is upset as Sec. Pompeo remembers                                               6/5


Boeing Tells FAA 737 Wing Components are Subject to Cracking

New U.S. Sanctions Spark Blowback Against Federal Reserve Note Dollar System

Alexa, Can You Help Me With Government IT?

From Gold To Nothing: How 1971 Changed Everything In The Economy

Shocking New Report Exposes How Chinese Companies Are Dodging US Tariffs

US Manufacturing 'Hope' Crashes To Record Low

Agriculture Announces $858M to Upgrade Rural Electric Systems

Europe's Strength Lies In the True Diversity of Its Nations

Woke capitalism gets stranger by the day

Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Comcast, Instagram suffer devastating outages as Trump goes to war with Big Tech’s malicious censorship and fraud

Chicago Sees Most Violent Weekend Of 2019 With 52 Shot, 10 Killed

Muslim Taxi Driver admits to 250 MURDERS of Non-Muslims                                        6/4


Soros, Wallace Help Bankroll Dark Money Fund Aimed at Midwestern Voters

Low Inflation Shows Tariffs Have Not Hurt U.S. Consumers

Communist China Threatens on Export of Rare Earth Metals: ‘Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!’

Parker: This Economy Is a Gift to All Americans

Chicago's Pension Nightmare Is Wreaking Havoc On The City's Housing Market

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Pushes for $2 Billion in New Taxes and Fees

Kenya Asks World Bank for $740 Million Loan amid Growing China Debts

U.S. Government Wastes Billions on “Fragmented, Overlapping or Duplicative” Programs

Deep State Prosecutors Defy Judge’s Order: Refuse to Release Transcript of Flynn-Kislyak Call that Will Confirm Obama Spying on Trump Team

Hillary, Chelsea Clinton Plan to Launch Feminist Movie Production Company

Rep. Cummings’ Wife is Breaking the Law by Refusing to Hand Over Requested Documents on Her Nonprofit, Expert Says                    6/2


THAT WAS QUICK: Mexico’s President Begs Trump For Friday Meeting on Just Announced Tariffs

U.S. Economy Grew 3.1% in First Quarter: GDP Revised Down Slightly

Barry’s Top Officials Now Working For China’s “National Security Threating” Mega-Corp

MEASURING PERFORMANCE: New Data Shows Absolute Economic Destruction During Obama Years

Foreigners Now Own 30 Million Acres Of Prime U.S. Farmland

Rudy Giuliani DROPS BOMB on Biden Crime Family — Accuses Joe Biden and “Drug Addict” Son Hunter of Extortion and Bribery in the Millions! (VIDEO)

Exclusive – Steve Hilton: Joe Biden ‘Has Taken Billions of Dollars in Bribes from the Chinese Government’

Barack Obama Paid $600,000 For Single Speech in Bogotá, Colombia                             5/31


Why Are Top Obama Officials Working Cushy Jobs for Chinese Company We Now Consider a Threat?

New Mexico passes stealth “Green New Deal” law that will implode its economy, just as the state is being overrun with lawless illegals

Robots taking on more warehouse jobs

Robocrop: Raspberry-Picker Robot Set Boot More Workers

CNN Announces More Layoffs as Zucker Reveals Network is Losing $10 Million a Year

Macron government under fire as General Electric cuts 1,000 jobs in France

Study: Antibiotics are destroying the world’s rivers

Office of Inspector General Finds Top FBI Official Illegally Leaked to Media – Including Sensitive Info Sealed by Fed Courts – DOJ DECLINES PROSECUTION                                         5/30



Semiconductors Are The Trade War Epicenter

All in the Family: Elijah Cummings and Big Pharma

US State Department Offers $75 Million Grant To Help Syria Combat ‘Iranian Disinformation’

He Spent 45 Years In Jail For A Murder He Didn’t Commit. Michigan Just Gave Him $1.5 Million In Compensation.

The Welfare State Is Tearing Sweden Apart

The censorship war on health information escalates as Facebook deletes health group for advocating low-carb eating habits and good nutrition                                       5/29


Bilderberg 2019 Location And Official Attendee List! Why Is Jared Kushner Going?

Tariffs: As American As Apple Pie

WATCH: Former Iranian MP Alireza Zakani: Obama Administration Gave Us $1.7 Billion; First $400 Million Was Cash in a Suitcase

"Everything Is Under Scrutiny": 38,000 Layoffs Across Auto Industry May Only Be The Beginning

'American Soil' Increasingly Foreign Owned

"The Most Destructive Breach In History": Hackers Use NSA Code To Grind Baltimore To A Halt

Clerk Loses Job After Pulling Gun on Robbery Suspect

Chinese Robot Censorship Hits Overdrive As Tiananmen Anniversary Approaches

Tide of Public Opinion is Turning in Assange’s Favor

First-ever private border wall built in New Mexico

Mutiny! Loretta Lynch Just Threw James Comey Under The Bus                                             5/28


Huawei "Spent All Their Resources Stealing", Stunning New Exposé Shows

Port Worker Blues: Robots Automating Everything

Judge Blocks Emergency $1 Billion for Border Wall

Vicious Cycle: The Pentagon Creates Tech Giants and Then Buys their Services

Visualizing Internet Suppression Around the World

Hawley Introduces ‘Loot Box’ Bill
Bipartisan proposal part of young senator's salvo against big tech

DHS: ‘100 %’ Border Crossers with Children Being Released into U.S., Given Work Permits

Delivery By Skynet: Ford Testing Headless Robots In Driverless Cars For Home Delivery

President Trump says he will confront Loser Theresa May over Britain’s role in ‘spying’ on his campaign

Illegal Aliens, Protected By Sanctuary City, Kill 14-Yr-Old Girl With Machete

France: Over 250 Convicted Islamic Terrorists Set for Prison Release by 2022

CNN Lays Off Almost Entire Division, Surprises Employees As 'Crazy Rumor' Comes True    5/26


HUGE! US Has Best Economic Numbers in 18 Years- 85% of Americans Give Trump the Credit

Trump Defies Neocons by Reviling the Military-Industrial Complex; "Don’t be fooled, of course there’s a military-industrial complex."

China’s Largest Chipmaker De-Lists From NYSE

It Begins: For The First Time Ever, China Takes Over An Insolvent Bank

Why the Future of Work Is a Challenge for Government

Workplace Overdoses on the Rise, New Study Says

NRA Sues Ad Agency for Second Time, Claims Firm Orchestrated ‘Executive Coup’

The Spycraft Revolution

EU Establishment Set for Popular Rebuke in Elections

Two Mexican Nationals Indicted for Transporting About 14,800 Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills Containing Fentanyl

Ex-Michelle Obama Aide Refuses Subpoena Related to Smollett Scanda

What Bias? Facebook Suspends Conservative Raheem Kassam, Editor of Human Events, Over 11-Year-Old Post                                   5/24


China markets retreat on rising trade tensions with U.S.

US-China trade war turning into tech war

Big Pharma drug company unveils mortgage-like payment plan for its $850,000 treatment for blindness … You’ll keep paying for YEARS

BREAKING: Obama-Appointed Judge Says Deutsche Bank, Capital One Can Give Trump Financial Records to House Democrats

EU Commission Riddled with False Expenses Claims, Harassment Allegations

Young people blame 'climate change' for their small savings!

NEW: John Solomon Files Motion Asking FISA Court to Unseal Evidence of Wrongdoing in Russia Collusion Case

EXCLUSIVE LIST: Four Different Fraudulent Steele Dossiers Were Circulated AT LEAST 20 DIFFERENT TIMES                                      5/23


Trump: 'You Do Have a Military-Industrial Complex. They Do Like War.'


Flying Cars Are Real—And They’re Not Bad for the Climate

Billionaire Announces He Will Pay Off Class of 2019's Student Debt During Commencement Speech

Trump Calls for Biden-China Probe After Schweizer ‘Secret Empires’ Revelations

The Rise Of Hotel Robots In Seattle Worries Workers

This Is What Happens When Retailer Asks Landlord for a Rent Reduction

Agencies Agree to Do More to Identify Contractors With Tax Debts

Major Shocker: Conservatives Win Australia as Labor's Climate Agenda Backfires

THEY WANT HIM DEAD: UK Police Stand and Watch as Leftists and Muslims Hurl Rocks and Eggs at Tommy Robinson Rally (VIDEO)        5/21


Trump Plan Mandates E-Verify, Protecting U.S. Jobs for Americans

Will the Fed Help Trump Fight His Trade War?

China’s ban on scrap imports a boon to U.S. recycling plants

Ohio Suicide Rate Jumps 24% From 2008 To 2017 Amid Deindustrialization Wave

Japanese researchers develop a micro-electromechanical energy harvester that runs on ambient energy

Congressman Ratcliffe: The Whirlwind Is Here, The Rats On Turning On Each Other Thanks To AG Barr

California Dems Oppose HUD Plan to Prioritize Americans over Illegals for Public Housing

Are futuristic flying cars really better for the environment?                                               5/19


Consumer sentiment surges to highest level in 15 years

Single-Payer Healthcare Is the Worst Kind of Universal Healthcare

Trump, Fearing Trade Wars on Multiple Fronts, Delays Auto Tariffs for 180 Days

Does President Trump Know EVERY Pro-Trump Publisher from 2016 Has Been Decimated or Eliminated by Facebook — Including His Own Account?

U.S., international authorities disrupt cybercrime organization responsible for $100M in damages

Regulatory-Industrial Complex

Peter Schweizer: Senate Should Call Hunter Biden to Testify on China and Ukraine Deals

 Pilots Confront Boeing: 737 Max Crashes Were NOT Pilot Error

Trump administration pulls $1 billion in California high-speed rail money

China Has Been Running Global Influence Campaigns for Years

EU On AI Ethics: Must ‘Enhance Positive Social Change’                                       5/18


The media has turned against Monsanto, and Bayer is now facing a “snowball effect” of new lawsuits from victims of Roundup (glyphosate) exposure

Trump Asks the Fed Start a Currency War With China

Manufacturing Outlook Jumps After Tariff Hike

Rep. Steve Scalise: ‘We’ve Always Been in a Trade War with China’

Trump Issues Executive Order Banning Chinese 5G Leader Huawei's Technology

After Executive Order, Trump Administration Puts More Pressure On Huawei

Pot Calling the Kettle: UN Decries Global Corruption

Robots Take Wheel as Autonomous Farm Machines Hit Field

Hollywood Embraces A.I. Personal Trainers

European criminal investigators closing in on Monsanto’s “black ops” unit that targeted journalists, regulators and lawmakers

SPACE FORCE: Ted Cruz Says Department Is Necessary To Protect Against Space Pirates

Delingpole: Tommy Robinson is on Trial Again for the Same Offence

Kelsey Grammer: Trump Has Accomplished What D.C. ‘Clowns’ Couldn’t in Half a Century        5/17


Central Banks’ Crusade Against Risk

Amazon Butts in on Google-Facebook “Duopoly” in the Huge Business of Internet Advertising. Publishers Hung Out to Dry

Coming soon: All those who hold conservative views will be denied Mastercard services, thanks to deranged, authoritarian Leftists who demand total obedience and conformity

The U.S. Doesn’t Need China to Prosper

Small-Business Confidence Rose in April

Pentagon ‘Matchmakers’ Aim to Keep U.S. Tech Firms from Taking Chinese Money

Why Google Sees Dollar Signs in Your DNA

Workers Making Apple iPhones Start at $3.15 Per Hour--in China

When Health Care Is Run By Technocrats, Don’t Get Sick!

Liberal Salon Media Announces $5 Million Sale, ‘Bankruptcy ’ Threatened If Deal Falls Through

Trucking & Rail Shipments Sink as US Goods-Based Sector Slows

Brexit Boom: Bosses Offering Higher Pay, Better Hours as EU Migration Falls                  5/16


Steve Hilton: China Imports Are Less Than 3% of US Economy – We Don’t Need China! (VIDEO)

BUCHANAN: Tariffs -- The Taxes That Made America Great

Monsanto / Bayer faces financial annihilation after third court loss, $2 billion in damages stemming from residential use of Roundup (glyphosate) weed killer

Repatriation: Italy To Create Fund To Incentivise Illegals Returning to Home Nations

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: ‘Fox News Is a Hate-for-Profit Racket That Gives a Megaphone to Racists’

Twice as Many People Involved in Organised Crime Than Serve in British Army

ICE Busts Massive Marriage Fraud Ring, Nearly 100 People Charged                      5/15


Sick: Artificial Intelligence Set To Take Over Healthcare

Not Just Ukraine; Biden May Have A Serious China Problem As Schweizer Exposes Hunter's $1bn Deal

AMAZON rolls out machines that pack orders, replace jobs

US Posts Full Details Of Tariffs On Remanining $300 Billion In Chinese Trade

Bitcoin’s Rally Exposes Central Bank Weakness

China Car Sales Tank 16.6% In April, Falling For A Record 11 Months In A Row

Tech tyrants develop app for Leftist brownshirts to report as “hate speech” anything you say that offends them

Bayer Ordered To Pay $2 Billion In Roundup Damages; Admits Spying On Influential Europeans

Democrats Displace U.S. Kids to Favor Economic Migrants                                    5/14


Trump to American Companies: Make Products at Home

Trump Just Killed Obama’s “Deal” Selling Us Out To China, Giving Control of One of Our Ports for 40 Years

George Soros & The 'Business' Of Illegal Immigration

Rapper Indicted for Funneling $21M of Foreign Cash into Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Forget Facebook, They Want to Revoke Your Access to Banking

Schweizer: Biden Considers China ‘Business Partner’– Not ‘Competitor’

Judy Shelton, Trump's Next Fed Choice, Favors a Gold Standard and Free Trade

Don’t Blame Capitalism for Surging Student Debt and High Tuition

Bitcoin Soars Above $7,000 As Crypto Comeback Continues

Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Builds Compound on Newly Purchased Island

Robots Take On Complex Breach As Army Evaluates Potential                                      5/13


Can a Commodity-Money Economy Co-Exist with a Fiat-Money Economy?

Expert: China Using Belt and Road to Build ‘Imperialism 3.0’

Bitcoin is worth $6,000 for the first time this year

The Postal Service Lost $3.9 Billion Last Year – Bartender Ocasio Cortez Wants to Give Them Banking Duties

Why Google believes machine learning is its future

This public university will spend nearly $3 million on diversity this year alone

U.S. Government Media Network Extols “Press Freedom” After Firing Journalists Over Soros Report

How Lies Become ‘Facts’ in US ‘News’        5/12


Trump Pulls The Trigger: Begins Process Of Raising Tariffs On All Remaining $300 Billion China Imports 

Inside the Ring: Inside Chinese Negotiating Deception

Warren Buffett Would Not Locate a Business in Illinois: Let's Explore Why

China Car Sales Tank 16.6% In April, Falling For A Record 11 Months In A Row

Who Owns You?

Pentagon Moves Forward: Transfers $1.5 Billion For 80 More Miles Of Border Wall

Cotton Warns Europe, Businesses Against Caving Into Iran’s ‘Nuclear Blackmail’

Populist Leader Stuns Elite: “Danes Are En Route to Becoming a Minority in Their Own Country”

U.S. Government Media Network Extols “Press Freedom” After Firing Journalists Over Soros Report                                            5/11


MORE WINNING: GM Announces $700 Million Investment In Ohio, Hiring 450 Workers

The Tariff Scare Narrative Has Collapsed–Latest Price Data Show No Inflation

Wage Slaves? Americans Earning More, Working Less

US Warns UK Over Huawei and 5G Wireless

Report: Flint Gave Pipe-Repair Contract to Incompetent Firm After Rejecting White-Owned Contractor

Now We Know! Trump Tweeted Threats of New Tariffs After China Tried to Scam US – Reneged on All of its Trade Commitments (VIDEO)

Watch: Bernie, AOC Launch Effort to Target Credit Cards, Banks

WTH?… Biden: Americans “Have An Obligation” To Give Illegal Aliens Healthcare (VIDEO)

Trump Scooped NYTimes on Tax ’Bombshell’ — 15 Years Ago — on ’The Apprentice’

STEM High School Students Hold Mass Walk Out as Vile Leftist Blames NRA and the Right after Two anti-Trump Kids Shoot Up School (VIDEO)

Oakland's Fiscal Woes Continue: Noted Sanctuary City Diverts Pothole Money To Keep The Lights On                         5/10


US job openings jump to nearly 7.5 million in March

Behind The Recent Crypto Surge? Chinese Banks Are Quietly Running Out Of Dollars

Epic Fail: Universal Basic Income (UBI) Is A Waste Of Money

At The Frontiers Of Surveillance Capitalism

California's Mandatory Minimum Wage-Hikes Are Starting To Backfire

After pushing Big Pharma’s vaccine propaganda, Fox News attacks homeschoolers using left-wing talking points

Embattled CNN Axes More Than 100 Jobs

Forget Facebook, They Want to Revoke Your Access to Banking

Arizona Democrats Claim No Border Crisis - Then Beg Trump For Help With Flood Of Migrants

NYPOST: Biden Dismisses China Threat as Son Profits from It                                 5/8


China Nowhere Close to Becoming a Global Financial Center for Many Reasons

Eurozone Manufacturing in ‘Steepest Downturn Since 2013’, Economic Woes Harder to Blame on Brexit

DHS Approves 30K H-2B Foreign Workers to Take Blue-Collar U.S. Jobs

White House Unveils Joint Committee to Invigorate U.S. Research Communities

DoD Review Pits Boeing vs. Lockheed for USMC Helos

REPORT: Flint, Michigan Administrators Mismanaged Clean Water Funds, Hired Firm With No Experience Replacing Pipes

The Pentagon’s Software Buying Has Been Outdated Since 1987                                    5/7


Hispanic Unemployment Rate Sets New Record Low in April

Trump Agrees With Dems On $2 Trillion Infrastructure

Why Fed Chair Powell’s a Laughingstock

‘Dystopian approach’: SEC gives blessing to MasterCard’s idea of cutting off customers with right-wing views

Big Pharma Exec Found Guilty of Opioid Crisis Conspiracy

5,824,000: Number of Unemployed Americans Hits 19-Year Low

Silicon Valley-Funded Privacy Think Tanks Fight in D.C. to Unravel State-Level Consumer Privacy Protections

CBS News pushes plan to annihilate free speech online and implement a “disinformation” filter that forces “official narratives” on everyone

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson Goes Off on Tech Giant Authoritarians Who Control Speech and Decide What Is Best for You

Soros-Funded Group Withdraws ‘Blacklist’ of 29 Conservative Outlets as ‘UnNews’ After Massive Criticism

Chelsea Clinton Received $300k As An IAC Board Member - For Attending Just SIX Meetings

Highest CO2 levels recorded in 3 million years still don’t budge global temperatures… official climate change narrative collapses in the face of real science

Greenland ice glacier GROWING as climate alarmists go into mass hysteria that defies real-world measurements                          5/5



WAGE HITS $27.77/HOUR!        APRIL JOBS +263K

Trump Boom: Manufacturing Wages See Biggest Gain in Over a Decade

TRUMP ECONOMIC MIRACLE: $9.1 Trillion in New Market Value – Lowest Unemployment Rate of Any President, 3% GDP, Wages Up

Jobless Claims Hold Steady at 230,000

Alphabet (Google/Youtube) does what it’s told and loses $70 billion

Financial Blacklisting: Activists Pressure Mastercard Stockholders to Censor ‘Far Right’

San Francisco Will Spend More Than $70 Million This Year Just To Clean Up Poop

Research shows at least 41,000,000 of American tax dollars spent on jihadist organizations

Journalism Institute Funded By George Soros Falsely Claims 29 Conservative News Outlets are Fake News

Tech Giant McCarthyism: Facebook and Instagram Now Banning Associates of Alex Jones and Those That Post Too Many Infowars Articles

No CNN Shows in Top 25; MSNBC’s Top Hitters See Double Digit Dive                           5/3


Silicon Valley is awash in Chinese and Saudi cash — and no one is paying attention (except Trump)

US And China Drive Global Arms Spending To New Post-Cold War High

Pentagon’s $8 Billion DEOS Contract Out for Bid

Five Reasons for the Weakness of the Argentine Economy

White House Kicks Off Effort to Develop Artificial Intelligence Standards

Los Angeles: Muslim Terrorist Convicted Of Trying To Blow Up Bus Lied To Obtain US Citizenship

 Democrats Caught Stealing Votes Again – Mayor Arrested In Sanctuary State                          5/2


President Trump is Right – The Fed’s Insane Rate Increases Stalled Trump’s Record Economy and Increased US Debt

Trump Boom: Manufacturing Wages See Biggest Gain in Over a Decade

Regionalism: Smart Region Initiatives Overrule City Councils

Bank of America defends making 170 donations to Planned Parenthood abortion company

Eric Trump: Democrats Are Using Subpoenas to Get My Sister Tiffany’s Debit Card Records from College (VIDEO)

America’s Super-Vaccination Agenda is put on Super Steroids—Why now?

Poll: Increasing Numbers of Dems Now Say There's a 'Crisis' At the Border                     5/1


Trump Renegotiates: $40 Billion Japanese Car Plants Coming to U.S.

Central Banking Is Central Planning

Steve Hilton: China ‘Funding Biden Family Businesses’ with ‘Billions of Dollars’

This is what happens when an entire generation of youth flat-out refuses to work: McDonald’s now hiring SENIORS because they actually show up

IRS Gives Satanic Temple Tax-Exempt Status — But Blocked Conservative and Pro-America Groups for Years

Social Security fund to go into the red in 2020; will be completely bankrupt by 2035… governments will desperately find a way to kill off populations around the world

Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods All Over The West Coast

CAlifornia Restaurants Charging 1% Global Warming Tax                                                4/30


Google Staffers Share Stories of ‘Systemic’ Retaliation

Chinese Families Paid Massive Sums In College Admissions Scandal

Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Facing Criminal Proceedings After House Rules Violations Go Public, Dark Money Allegations Exposed By The Daily Caller

Navy Seals Tried to Report Horrific War Crimes; Were Told to “Let It Go”

Bombshell from a top border agent: Just 6% of illegal aliens in one sector even claim asylum

Globalists condemn populists for putting migration and Islam center-stage in upcoming EU elections

Mohamad Tawhidi Prepares a Useful List of Islamic Terror Groups around the World     4/28


U.S. Economy Grows 3.2% in Q1, Smashing Expectations

Because it works so well, adult stem cell therapy is now being targeted by the FDA for elimination

Durable Goods Orders Soar 2.7% With Aircraft and Cars Leading: Bond Market Yawns

Amazon and Walmart to cash in on the food stamp racket by getting paid to deliver groceries to SNAP recipients

Drug Czar Jim Carroll: ’93 Percent of Heroin’ in U.S. ‘Comes from Mexico’

Thousands of Illegal Aliens from Terrorist Nations Live in U.S. after Being “Deported”

Facebook’s true intentions now obvious as they hire Patriot Act architect to defend the company’s illegal data sharing practices                    4/27


World Trade Falls Most Since Financial Crisis, Hit by China & Other Emerging Asia

New One Dollar Canadian Coin Features Two Men Kissing

Microsoft colluding with communist Chinese military to build AI systems that will execute civilians who resist government rule

Durable Goods Orders Soar 2.7% With Aircraft and Cars Leading: Bond Market Yawns

"The Quiet Panic" - Kyle Bass On Hong Kong's Looming Financial & Political Crisis

Tech giants pushing for “centralized censorship” to activate coordinated, universal blocking of ALL videos and articles questioning official narratives

Airline Pilots Respond to "Boeing 737 Max Unsafe to Fly": It's Not Just Boeing

Ebola Doctors In Congo Are Threatening A Strike At The Worst Possible Time

Illegal alien rapes Seattle-area woman after pretending to be an Uber driver

Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Split in Two       4/26


S&P 500 and Nasdaq Hit New Record Highs – DOW Up 45% Since 2016 Election

Globalists Detail Short- And Long-Term Guidance For Further Centralisation Of Powers

Playing God: Crispr’d GMO Food Will Stock Grocery Shelves Within 5 Years

YouTube and Google Pour Millions into News Publishers, Overwhelming Majority Are Left-Leaning

Big Pharma Exec Perp Walked In Handcuffs After Surrendering On Opioid Trafficking Charges

Financial Blacklisting: YouTube Strips Ad Revenue from Second Amendment Activist

US Charges Two With Stealing Trade Secrets for China

Special Counsel Mueller: Disingenuous and Dishonest

Feminist Vegan Cafe That Charged 18% 'Man Tax' Shuts Down After 24 Months                    4/25


You May Be Interviewed for Your Next Job by a Robot

Big Pharma Distributor Faces Federal Criminal Charges Over Opioid Crisis

Bank of America just shut down all bank accounts belonging to a Baptist Pastor because of his Christian beliefs

78-Year-Old Veteran Sent to Prison, Fined $130K for Digging Ponds on Property Under Obama EPA Ruling

Google employees say the company is punishing them for their activism

The Russian-China Polar Silk Road Challenges Global Geopolitics

The Annihilation Agenda: Why globalists are actively working to exterminate 90% of the human race                                        4/24


Republican RINOs Led by Anti-Trump Globalist Mitt Romney Block Herman Cain from Federal Reserve

Trump Appointees Defy ‘Buy American’ Order, Protect Chinese Manufacturing

Fed’s Interest Rates Nothing But Crude Price Controls

Disney Heir Blasts Bob Iger’s $65 Million Paycheck: 'Insane,' 'Too Much Going Around The Top'

 Whole Foods selling bottled water contaminated with dangerous levels of arsenic

Battleground Florida: Soros-Funded Groups Work to Register 1.4 Million Ex-Felons Ahead of 2020

High Costs Have Forced Half Of Americans To Delay Medical Or Dental Procedures, Survey Finds

More proof of journo-terrorism as Boston Globe pushes story encouraging waiters to “tamper with” food served to Trump officials

HAMMER: The Mueller Report Amounts To A Democratic Oppo Research Document      4/23


America's Forced Financial Flight: Fleeing Unaffordable and Dysfunctional Cities

Big Pharma bust: Largest opioid arrest in U.S. history ensnares dozens of physicians, pharmacists who created addicts

California’s Housing Bubble Counts on Blistering Population Growth, But it’s Fizzling

NYC Joins Calls To Ban Monsanto’s ‘Toxic’ Pesticides From City Parks

The Pentagon is Investing in Space Robots to Repair Satellites

China's Belt And Road Continues To Win Over Europe While Technocrats Scream & Howl

Three Reasons To Question China's Blockbuster Economic Data

Middlebury College Cancels Lecture on Totalitarianism by Conservative Philosopher

A comedian just became Ukraine’s next president

Report: Weaponized PDFs on the Rise

Seattle's Revolt Of The Elites                   4/22


Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Level in Nearly 50 Years

U.S. Chipmaker Qualcomm Terminates Joint Venture with China

Exclusive: Bill Cassidy Designing Republican Federalist Healthcare Plan

Stunning new material invented in Turkey: “Metallic wood” is 5 times stronger than titanium, but lighter

Debanking: The Ultimate Form of Demonetization

Report: U.S. Owes the World $1 Trillion for Carbon Emissions

Facebook Admits To Uploading Contacts of 1.5 Million Users Without Permission

Hackers Take Down British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Website in Protest of Julian Assange’s Arrest                                   4/20


1913: The Year It All Went Wrong

LIST: 60 companies paid no federal income tax on $79,000,000,000

Project Veritas WINS Federal Court Ruling Against Defamation Allegations — Including $350,000 in Legal Fees

CHASE Bank shuts down 'alt-right' accounts

Big Tech Tyranny: PayPal Deletes Conservative Comedian Owen Benjamin’s Account

Feds: 1 in 4 Inmates Are Foreign-Born, Costing U.S. Taxpayers $1.4B Annually

Swedish Towns Facing Economic Crises After Migrant Surge                                  4/18


A pension time bomb is waiting to explode across America… and pensioners will be left penniless when the reckoning comes

DEBANKING: Chase Bank Says “moral character” a Reason Why They Don’t Do Business with “those types of people”

Who Bought the Huge $1.26 Trillion of New US Government Debt over the Past 12 Months?

US retailers already closed 6,000 stores this year

234,414 Migrant ‘Children’ Placed in USA in Five Months

Why do manufacturers and retailers of water-proof clothing keep using fluorochemicals even though they have access to eco-friendly solutions?

Coordinated State Effort to Push Drivers’ Licenses for Illegal Aliens

The Notre Dame Fire                    4/17


Top Trump Economist Kevin Hassett: Disposable Income Went Up $2,300 Per Individual in 2018 – Expect 3% Growth for Next Five Years (VIDEO)

5Ggate: The Greatest Criminal Conspiracy in U.S. History

Despite Record Bull Market, Pension Plans in Miserable Shape: Illinois the Worst

Planned Parenthood Killed 332,000 Babies in Abortions Last Year, But Gets 1/3 of Its Revenue From Tax Dollars

TGP Exclusive: Fusion GPS Admitted in 2010 They Created Reports for President Obama – But They Scrubbed This from Their Website!

China Scores Ideological Coup As It Exports Social Engineering Technologies

Record Crime In Mexico: 8500 Homicides In First Quarter Of 2019                              4/16


Parker: Numbers Prove This Economy Is Not Letting Up

Backlash Grows As Cashless Stores Increase

4th Republican RINO Says He Will Not Support American Success Story Herman Cain for Federal Reserve Board

Goldman “Recalibrates” Fed Forecast: No More Rate Hikes Before 2020 Election

Counterfeiting Money Is a Crime — Whether Done by the Fed or A Private Individual

Record Ship-Breaking Suggests World Economy Slowing 

What went wrong with pensions — and why the whole world should be worried

NY Dems Reject Tuition Aid For Gold Star Kids After Doling Out millions For Illegal Students

Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Aliens with ‘Open Arms’ While 38,000 American Veterans Remain Homeless

China tried to grow cotton on the moon – and failed. Here’s why it’s still important       4/15


As cashless stores grow, so does backlash

Globalists Are Bringing Their One World Currency Plans Out Into The Open

Peter Schweizer’s ‘Secret Empires’ Named Top 5 Best ‘Political Corruption’ Books of All Time

Cannibalism next? Socialism’s collapse of Venezuela now leading to citizens looting human corpses for anything that can be traded for food

Whole Foods’ Existential Threat?

NY Dems Kill Tuition for Gold Star Families Bill— Pass Tuition for Illegals Instead!

Uber Discloses 3-Yr $10-Billion Loss from Operations, Stalling Rideshare Revenue & 50 Pages of “Risk Factors” that Are Not for the Squeamish

Alan Dershowitz: There is No Constitutional Difference Between WikiLeaks and The New York Times                                            4/13



Uber Discloses 3-Yr $10-Billion Loss from Operations, Stalling Rideshare Revenue & 50 Pages of “Risk Factors” that Are Not for the Squeamish

BREAKING: City Of Chicago Files Civil Suit Against Jussie Smollett For Refusing To Reimburse Police Costs


U.S. Extradites Julian Assange for ‘Conspiracy with Chelsea Manning in 2010’

Inflation Data Once Again Crushes Tariffmageddon Fearmongering

Cancer industry not looking for a cure; they’re too busy making money

Pentagon Awards Nearly $1B in Border Wall Construction Contracts

Retail Apocalypse: 75,000 Stores Will Shutter By 2026

WALMART Rolling Out Robots; Scan Shelves, Scrub Floors

Huawei: A Formidable Threat To US Telecom Infrastructure

IMF Cuts Global Growth Outlook to Lowest Since Financial Crisis

How Big or Tiny of an Apartment Can the Median Household Income Afford to Rent in the 100 Largest US Cities?

Investors thrilled as largest newspaper helps govt censor web

18 States Offer In-State Tuition For Illegals… And Legal Residents Are Not Happy About That

De Blasio Declares Health Emergency, Orders Measles Vaccinations In Brooklyn

Texas Bill Would Require Safety Studies for Vaccines                                    4/11


Call For SDR As ‘True Global Currency’ Is A Red Herring

Could Estonia be the first digital country?

Britain ‘Officially Ready’ for No Deal Brexit, Reveals Govt Minister Responsible for Plans

CHART: Who owns everything in Big Media

Bill Clinton Honoree Thrown In Jail Over "Biggest Clean Energy Scam In American History"

Breaking: Rep. Nunes Files $150 Million Lawsuit Against McClatchy News Over Defamation Related to Russia Collusion Hoax

12K Fentanyl Pills Bound for AZ Seized

Exclusive Footage: Drug Cartels Invade American Border

Sheriff Trump Securing China’s Ban on Fentanyl A ‘Win for America’

From Brexiteers to Communists And Everything Between: Protesters Unite For Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy                           4/9


It Begins: Former UN Under-Secretary-General Calls For One World Currency

Trump Calls for Fed to Cut Rates

Victory against Monsanto! Costco drops Roundup and ALL glyphosate-based weedkillers following second court victory proving herbicides cause cancer

China Tech Workers Protest Overtime, Poor Labor Standards in Viral Campaign

U.S. Lost 6,000 Manufacturing Jobs in March

Target Raises Wages as CEOs Compete for Workers in ‘Hire American’ Economy

Used-Car Market Profits from Carmageddon

Government Added 14,000 Jobs in March

More Than 30,000 People to Be Removed From Medicaid Rolls After Eligibility Check

Sinaloa Cartel Money Launderer Arrested in TX

Apple Scammed For Nearly $900,000 By Chinese Nationals Living In Oregon, Washington        4/7



Trade Deficit Fell 15% as China Tariffs Took Hold

Amazon Ditches Seattle As Business Tax Threats And Homeless Epidemic Reach Peak Liberal

Fed’s QE Unwind Reaches $535 Billion, Balance Sheet Drops to $3.94 Trillion, Old Autopilot Still Engaged

Trump Still Planning to Nominate Herman Cain to Fed

IMF: Monopolistic Power Growing Around World

MIT Cuts Ties with Huawei and ZTE after U.S. Launches Investigations

‘Massive Criminal Syndicate’ Operating Lucrative Migrant Pipeline to Europe – Filmmaker

13-Year-Old Sells Xbox, Does Yard Work to Buy His Single Mom a Car                       4/5


Take that, Roundup! Costco confirmed to have pulled all Roundup / glyphosate (toxic herbicide) from its shelves

The Hidden Cost of Losing Local Mom and Pop Businesses

Trump Torches Republicans for Running Away from Health Care

The Real Reasons Why Facebook's Zuckerberg Wants More Government Regulation

Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden ‘Steered $1.8 Billion’ to Ukraine While Son Bagged ‘Sweetheart Deal’ from Their Government

CBS Glorifies Human Traffickers               4/4


Deep State and Democrats Declare War Against Trump Nominee Stephen Moore — They Don’t Want a Pro-Trump Economist on Federal Reserve Board

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to Join Anti-Trump Singer John Legend at House Democrat Retreat

Exclusive: Tom Cotton Pushes IRS to Investigate Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tax-Exempt Status ‘the SPLC’s defining characteristic is to fundraise off of defamation’

Only the Strong Survive: JCPenney, Payless, LifeWay to Close 3,000+ Stores

Homeless Could Soon Be Paid Minimum Wage for Picking Up Litter

CONFIRMED: Bogus Trump-Russia Alfa Bank Connections Were Created By Hillary Supporter, Working with Fusion GPS — And Pushed BY CROOKED HILLARY!

MN Investigating Ilhan Omar for Possibly Using Campaign Funds for Divorce, Travel            4/3


Global IoT Market To Reach $330 Billion By 2025

U.S. Factory Activity Bounced Back in March

Weak retail sales underscore slowing economy

US Dollar Status as Global Reserve Currency Edges Down Further

Prosecutors Investigate Boeing over 737 Max Disclosures to Regulators, Airlines

As Amazon bans vaccine documentaries, child sex dolls openly sold on their website

3 Reasons Why Facebook's Zuckerberg Wants More Government Regulation

Report: Gang Stole BILLIONS from UK Taxpayers, Infiltrated Govt, Funded al-Qaeda and Labour

Amazon looking to build “smart homes” with 5G – should you be concerned?

Climate Change Alarmists Routinely Ignore Chinese Flouting Of Paris Accords

W Europe tallest skyscraper set for home in town of 7,000

Austin, Texas, awards 10-year contract to Synagro to turn toxic sewage sludge into “compost” for city                                       4/2


The emerging 737 MAX scandal, explained

New York Times admits that “withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal has paid dividends”

The Beginning Of The End Of SWIFT: Russian Banks Join Chinese Alternative Global Payments System

IBM, the same company that provided punch card computing systems to the Nazis, lays groundwork for global “Mark of the Beast” cryptocurrency network

Why Russia Is Dumping Dollars And Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In Decades

Brexit Legalities and Plans for No Deal

"America's Forever Wars Will Go On Without Me" - A US Army Major Says "Goodbye To All That"

Sunday Red Alert! UN-Funded Migrant Invasion Brings US Border To Verge Of Collapse, ICE Reports

Ginsburg Sighting! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Seen at Temple Sinai in Washington DC

Jake Tapper: CNN Didn't Get 'Anything' Wrong In Russiagate Reporting                                4/1


It’s Official: US is First Country in World History to Increase GDP by More than $1 Trillion in a Year!

De-Dollarization Accelerates: Central Banks Dump Dollar In Q4, Buy Yuan


Americans Can't Afford To Buy A Home In 70% Of The Country

Retail apocalypse? 92% Spike in Layoffs

DoD Orders $250 Million Of Gas Masks - What Do They Know?

Apple gave millions to SPLC “con” that bilked gullible liberals out of their dollars to fund fraudulent “anti-hate” campaigns

The Dangers of Government-Funded Artificial Intelligence

BOSTON DYNAMICS shows off creepy avian robot for logistics work

Scientists Begin Teaching Machines To Reproduce

'SOUTHERN POVERTY CENTER' has systemic culture of racism, sexism, staffers say      3/31


The Federal Reserve's Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Is Almost Complete

Media Lambast Trump’s Fed Pick

It Lives! Google Devoting Resources to Censored Communist Internet

Greenland Glacier Is Growing Again Due To Cooling Temperatures – But It’s ‘Only Temporary’ Experts Warns

Duke University To Repay Federal Government $112 MILLION For Fraudulent Research Grants

Neocon Obsessions With the Iraq War and Russiagate

U.K. Officials Identify More Security Risks in Huawei Electronics

Big Pharma Panics as Medical Marijuana Users Quit Prescription Drugs                     3/29


Trade Deficit Fell 15% as China Tariffs Took Hold

Doug Casey: Why Modern Monetary Theory Will Destroy Money

50,000 warehouses to deploy robots

The U.S. Military Is Creating the Future of Employee Monitoring

EU Scrambles to Forge Unified Stance on China’s ‘New Silk Road’ After Italy Signs Up

Declassified documents reveal SHOCKING government projects, including research on warp drives and high-energy laser weapons

Slay The Smartphones: ‘Technoference’ Is Making Our Lives More Sluggish, Study Finds

GAO: Feds Spend 1.8 Cents to Produce 1 Penny; But Government Still Makes Money From Making Money

Top U.S. General Slams Google for Benefiting Chinese Military

Arrogant State’s Attorney Kim Foxx: People Are Angry About Smollett Decision Because They “Don’t Understand Intricacies of the Judicial System”

BREAKING: FBI Is 'Reviewing' Circumstances Surrounding Dismissal Of Criminal Charges Against Smollett, Report Says

Without the Electoral College, middle America will be forgotten and ignored as all candidates pander to the liberal masses in coastal cities

REPORT: WIKIPEDIA Editors Paid to Protect Political, Tech, Media Figures                3/28


Blacklisted In China: Lifelong Sentence Is Worse Than Prison

Two Whistleblowers Awarded $50 Million In "Massive Enforcement Action" Against JPMorgan

Wall Street Bonuses Tumbled 17% In 2018, Unchanged In 13 Years

Sweden Expected To Force Banks To Handle Cash Transactions

How ISIS’s Brutal Project in the Middle East was Finally Overthrown

'Journalism Ethics' Instructor At MSU Likens Conservative Students To KKK

College diversity office releases 40-page speech code                               3/27


United Nations Wants a One-World Government Within 10 Years

Boeing Values Profits over Lives – by Design

China has picked off Italy and nobody noticed. In what could…

Russia labels GMOs, while America’s government sells out to the biotech poisoners and propagandists

Dead Receiving Millions in Social Security Payments

How Can a Company with $1.8 Billion in Revenue Lose $1.9 Billion? WeWork Shows How

DHS Invests $5.9 Million into Cyber Training Tool for Energy Sector

Covert chemical warfare: 100,000 deaths a year

China’s Race To 5G Dominance Raises Global Security Concerns

DOJ Concludes Obamacare Unconstitutional And Should Be Struck Down

Acting Pentagon Chief Authorizes $1B for Border Wall                                   3/26


Beijing Investment in Europe: A Story of Cash and Concerns

Another Trade-Deal Obstacle Emerges: China Refuses To Budge On Cloud Computing

The New Green Deal Is Not New. Not Green. Not A Deal

"It Was Go, Go, Go": Boeing Rushed 737 MAX Design In Race With Airbus

Government Warns Of Historic, Widespread Flooding “Through May” – Food Prices To Skyrocket As 1000s Of Farms Are Destroyed

Newsweek says vaccines have “no health risks,” calls for “trust in science” – who are they even kidding?

Thousands March aGAINST E.U. tECH Censorship RegS

SPLC Implodes: President & Legal Director Resign Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Are We Already in the Matrix?                 3/25


Numbers Don't Lie: Trump's Free Speech Executive Order Could Cost Colleges Billions

HUGE: Pentagon Finds $12.8 Billion For Trump’s Border Wall… Scoop Video

The Countries with the Most Monstrous Corporate Debt Pileups. US Wimps out in 25th Place!

As Criminal Probe Advances, Prosecutors Focus On What Boeing Told The FAA

Monsanto / Bayer hit with another jury decision that confirms Roundup (glyphosate) caused man’s cancer… 9,000 more lawsuits are pending, could bankrupt Bayer

Too Big To Sell

Baristas beware: Robot that makes gourmet cups of coffee has arrived

Killer Robots: Russia Races To Build ‘Ground Force’ Of Self-Driving Tanks And ‘Drone Swarms’


Politics Has Failed, Now Central Banks Are Failing

41% say can't afford to live in NYC; Plan to leave

The 'Big Short' In Canada: Eisman Ups Bets Against "Big Six" Canadian Banks

Man with Down Syndrome Honored for 27 Yrs of Work at McDonald’s

Tim Ball: Technocrats On The World Stage With Your Money

Where Defense Spending Dollars Go: Top Ten States

Why Technocrats LOVE The “Green New Deal”

David Brock Launches $50 Million Effort to ‘Weaken’ Trump in 2020

LA Convenience Store Owner Accused of $1.2M Food Stamp Fraud

Washington State’s Plan to Ban Trump from the 2020 Ballot

Fla. May Become 13th State to Give Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses               3/22



HUGE! Pentagon Finds $12.8 Billion for President Trump’s Border Wall Construction

Rep. Nunes Sues Twitter for $250 Million, Alleging Censorship, Defamation

Powell 'Throws In The Towel' On Growth & Inflation, Sees No More Rate-Hikes In 2019

Google Fined $1.7 Billion for Third EU Antitrust Breach in Three Years

Fed’s New Balance Sheet Plan: Get Rid of MBS

Boeing Tumbles After FBI Joins Criminal Probe Into 737 MAX Approval

In first for EU state, Hungary opens diplomatic trade office in Jerusalem

Man Gets 6 Months In Prison After Cashing Dead Mom's Social Security Checks...For 37 Years 

Banks acting as shadow government               3/21


In the Age of AI, Expect ‘Lifelong Learning’ to Stay Employed

The Demise of Physical Money: A Retail Worker’s Perspective

Forget Guaranteed Income — Governments Should Stop Destroying Income First

Visualizing How Americans Make And Spend Their Money

Views of “Current Economic Conditions” in Germany Drop to Euro Debt-Crisis Level

Glyphosate is the next Big Tobacco … Thousands of lawsuits could bankrupt Monsanto / Bayer

Minimum Wage Hikes Increase Crime, National Bureau of Economic Research Study Finds

Judicial Watch Founder Tom Fitton: “I Estimate At Least 900,000 Illegal Aliens Voted in Midterms” (VIDEO)

Scientists develop a soft wall-climbing robot that can mimic the movements of animals

CNN Brags About Winning Award For Much-Maligned Parkland Townhall. Dana Loesch Crushes Them.

Shock: CNN Interviews Pro-Trump Latinos Who Want ‘Longer, Taller’ Wall                                            3/20


Food Stamp Usage Falls to 37 Million for First Time Since October 2009

Art Of The Deal: Foxconn Says It Will Be Up And Running By 2020 After Trump Talks

Decline of Globalization

Banking, Nation States, and International Politics: A Sociological Reconstruction of the Present Economic Order

GOP Rep Devin Nunes Sues Twitter For $250 Million Over 'Shadow-banning Conservatives'

Trump to GM: Close a Plant in China, Not Ohio

Recycling Movement Fails: China Doesn't Want US Garbage, Not Profitable Here

Dallas Company Refuses Pamela Geller’s Billboards Offering Help to At-Risk Muslim Youths in Danger of Honor Killing                                                   3/19


Democrats are waging a financial civil war in America, targeting banks that fund pro-liberty projects that Leftists don’t like

Trump Gives GM Ultimatum: Reopen Closed Lordstown, Ohio, Plant

Swamponomics: Exposing This Week’s Economic Fallacies

As AI Takes Over Jobs, Women Workers May Have the Most to Lose

FDA quietly bans powerful life-saving intravenous Vitamin C

Robocall Debt Collectors Are Already Demonizing Debtors

The World Economy’s Industrial Downswing

World's first remote brain surgery performed

NASA Could Go to the Moon Next Year               3/18


Social Media, Universal Basic Income, and Cashless Society: How China’s Social Credit System Is Coming To America

Job Openings Ripped Higher in January, Outnumbering the Unemployed by 1 Million

The Economies Adding the Most to Global Growth in 2019

In two decades half of all jobs predicted to be lost to automation

Millions of Illegals Are Bleeding Us Dry

Google Refuses To Work With US Military, But Joint Chiefs Chair Says They Provide ‘Direct Benefit’ To China’s

Steinhoff Committed $7.4 Billion in Fraud (at least). Here’s How

Fully automated rail network hailed as the world’s “largest robot” launches in Australia

WHATSAPP co-founder: 'Delete FACEBOOK now'

So corrupt: Clinton lawyers, DoJ, made deal to block the FBI’s access to Clinton Foundation emails, Strzok says

The gripping, numbing Combat Obscura detonates fantasies of military heroism

Robots Developing Prejudice -- On Own?              3/17


Transition to Cashless Society Could Lead to Financial Exclusion and System Vulnerability, Study Warns

CRISPR Scientists Call For Global Moratorium On Heritable Gene Editing

One thing Congress gets right: funding their own pensions

The Chinese Dragon Is a Hydra

Sweden: One-Third of Highly Educated Migrants Not Working

Citadel May Scrap Plan For New York Headquarters After Amazon Fiasco

US Banks Report $251 billion of “Unrealized Losses” on Securities Investments in 2018, the Most Since 2008: FDIC

Amazon warehouse workers attempt to commit suicide on the job due to atrocious “slave-like” work conditions

Lisa Page: Obama’s DOJ Ordered FBI to Keep Hillary out of Prison

Total Surveillance Society                          3/15


The Next Step in Social Security’s Ponzi Scheme

E-Commerce is Wiping Out Mall Retailers One by One. Here’s the Data

Expert: Wage Hikes for Working Class Won’t Continue if Immigration Increased

What Sort of "Democracy" Do We Have If Everyone's Goal Is Maximizing Their Government Swag?

Gold Rush: China Fleeing US Dollar

Study Shows Migrants Use Almost Twice The Welfare Benefits As Native-Born Americans

BREAKING: Trump Grounds All Boeing 737 Max 8 Flights

Your Health Data Are a Gold Mine for Advertisers

Where is Blockchain Really Used? Nowhere! Study Shows 0% Success Rate

STUDY: High-performing robots demoralize human co-workers

UN Discuss Injecting Aerosols into Earth’s Stratosphere to ‘Block the Sun’

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Nukes Media Matters President, MSNBC's Chris Hayes                                3/14


Poll: 61% of Gen Z Have a Favorable View of Socialism

One Year After Metals Tariffs: Still Not Pushing Consumer Prices Up

EU Admits Giving Thousands of Prepaid Debit Cards to Migrants

Is the Federal Bureau of Prisons Scamming Taxpayers With Its Pension System?

AMAZON: The Biggest Joint CIA-Corporate Covert Operation in U.S. History

'SOUTHERN POVERTY' Surpasses Half Billion in Assets

Job interview robot removes unconscious biases in hiring

U.N. Reports North Korea Evading Sanctions on a Massive Scale                                                                  3/13


INSANE VIDEO! Democratic Socialism In AOC’s Own Words: We Don’t Want To Take Over EVERY Form Of Production – We Just Want To Tell Every Workplace How To Operate

Philadelphia Becomes First U.S. City to Ban Cashless Stores

Kids got 11 vaccines in 1986 and 53 in 2017… why? The answer is all about Big Pharma profits

Trump's Budget Will Ask Congress For $8.6 Billion For Border Wall

Experts: NYC Could go Bankrupt for First Time in Decades

Ocasio-Cortez: Be 'Excited' About 'Being Automated Out Of Work,' Tax Corporations At 90%

Ocasio-Cortez: “Capitalism is Irredeemable”

9 Charts Showing Huawei's Global Dominance

PHARMA CON JOB: Doctors are using Big Pharma-created “quiz” to diagnose people with mental illnesses (and put them on high-profit psych drugs)

China’s Social Credit System Blocking Tens of Millions of Plane, Train Tickets                                   3/11


Manufacturing Jobs +479,000 Under Trump--Hit Highest Level Since Before Obama

Don’t Be Duped by the Latest "Universal Basic Income" Scheme

Displaced America: GM Ohio Plant Idles, 4.5K U.S. Workers Laid Off Since 2017

Inside the Pentagon's Big Plans to Develop Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Government Jobs Drop by 5,000

Fake Money's Face Value Deceit

Privacy Breach: Say ‘No’ To Digital Driver’s Licenses

Paul Manafort Sentenced to 47 Months in Prison for Tax, Bank Fraud

New Houses Are Getting Smaller - But They're Still Much Larger Than What Your Grandparents Had                3/9


A Country without Borders: 76,325 Illegal Aliens Apprehended at Border in February- Largest Since 2008 – Most Will Stay and Receive Benefits

Where is the outcry from Dems over the alleged “misuse” of nearly $1 billion in taxpayer funding by NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s wife for a “mental health initiative?”

GLOBAL ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE: Australia Falls Into Recession, Nigeria Goes The Way Of Venezuela

Google Study: Male Employees Are Underpaid More Often Than Females

Workers at Asylum Centers Subject to Violence, Abuse by Migrants

PM Justin Trudeau: A Soros Puppet Hellbent on Destroying Canada

"Ghastly" Vancouver Home Sales Crash By 33%, Lowest Since 1985

GOP/Democrats Lobby to Import Twice As Many Low-Skilled Foreign Workers

Beyond 1984: Insane Elite Promote Global Internet ID

U.S. Government Media Network Fires Journalists Over Report Critical of Soros

CNN, MSNBC Ignore Ocasio-Cortez's Alleged FEC Violation

12 astounding numbers that show the whole invasion of our border                                                     3/7


Wall Street Journal: Wages, Productivity Jump in Donald Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Economy

Ben Bernanke - The Father of Extreme US Socialism

Socialism 101: A Crash Course For Young Democrats

Public pensions risk everything, start piling money into crypto… playing roulette with your retirement

BOMBSHELL: Ocasio-Cortez's Top Aide Funneled $1+ Million In Political Donations To His Own Private Business, Report Says

PayPal Partners With SPLC to Target Conservatives

Will Corruption Payoffs be the Political Death of Justin Trudeau?

WOW! Ocasio-Cortez’s Mom Moves to Florida – Raves About Low Taxes — Bashes Communist New York State’s Outrageous Tax Burden

ALIBABA's steady march into America                  3/5


Inflation Expectations Hit 50 Year Low in February

The Biggest Retailers Are Too Scared to Disclose this Data. But Nordstrom Just Did

What the World’s Central Banks are Planning for Brexit

Cancel the Brexit-pocalypse: Jaguar Signals Massive Investment in British Manufacturing

UH OH: Wife Of NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Can’t Account For $850 MILLION Given To City Mental Health Program

Rashida Tlaib Paid Herself $45,500 From Campaign Funds

Sen. Josh Hawley Slams ‘Sweetheart Deals’ Between Government and Big Tech

Retail Apocalypse: 465 Store Closures In 48 Hours

Robot Deliveries Grew By 40% In 2018

13 Scary Things in Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’

US Army Takes 50 Tons of Gold From Syria in Alleged Deal With ISIS

IRS Wasted $3.4 Million on Software It Never Used, Watchdog Says

AI expert warns that military robots could go off the rails and wipe out the very people they are supposed to protect

RED JOURNALISM: Washington Post Defends Marx – “Five Myths About Socialism”

Virginia Democrats Elect Their First Genocidal Jew-Hating Jihadi

Archaeological discovery finds that ocean levels may have been much higher 2000 years ago, reaching two miles inland for modern day Britain                          3/3


Lunatic Fed Chair Jerome Powell Crashed Trump Record Stock Market, Cost US Billions in New Debt, Trillions in Wealth and Sank the GDP – What a Disaster!

CNBC’s Harwood Boasts: GDP 0.1% Higher in Obama’s 2015 vs. Trump’s 2018 (Also He’s Wrong)

Lane — Trump’s Lesson for Brexit: ‘Sometimes You Just Have to Walk’

Brexit Boom: Aston Sales Clear £1bn, INEOS Opens New Plant, and More

Total Data Domination: 5G, IoT, AI Surveillance And The Smart City

U.S. Companies Installed a Record # of Robots in 2018

Ocasio-Cortez Hit With Complaint Alleging She Laundered Money To Boyfriend

Candid Camera: ‘Breadline Bernie’ Sanders’ decades-long defense of Socialism, Communism                          3/1


PAYPAL Partnering With Leftist 'SOUTHERN POVERTY' to Blacklist Conservatives

Warning Shot? Amazon Pulls Out Of Seattle Office Tower At Center Of Homeless Tax Debate

Report: Internal Facebook Document Leak Shows How Company Planned to Sell User Data

“Shadow Banks” Dominate Mortgage Lending by Piling on Risks. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) on the Hook

A New Low: Florida College Journalism Students Harass GOP Representative’s Donors

Agencies In the Dark About Performance of Their Grants, Survey Shows

Manufacturers' New Orders Significantly Miss Estimates Second Month

The Most Highly Taxed OECD Economy, 2.5 Million French Don’t Declare Income

FDA threatens to demand nationwide vaccine compliance; ending all exemptions and forcing children to be vaccinated against their will

Venmo Suspends Child Who Had Hot Chocolate Stand to Raise Money For Trump’s Wall — Say They Are Keeping the $15,000 Until He Turns 18

Washington Post Makes Sure To Note Only Conservatives Care About A Leftist Punching A Conservative        2/28


Trump Delays March 1 China Tariff Deadline

"Quantitative Tightening Is Not Quantitative Tightening" Says St. Louis Fed

Business Losing Patience with Anti-Brexiteers as EU Pushes Exit Delay

Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" Would Cost $93 Trillion, Former CBO Director Says

23 Cities Have 5-Yr Home Price Gains of 40%, Case-Shiller-20 Up 57% in 6 Yrs

Philadelphia Goes After Banks for Alleged Collusion

Green New STUPID: Liberal U.S. cities now just burning recyclables because no one wants to accept the raw material

Hayward: CBO’s Obamacare Failure Is Devastating Blow to Socialism

Firefly Aerospace aims to fill 'small rocket' niche on Fla. Space Coast                                           2/27


RENEGADE STATE: The Four Families Of California & The Private Company That Controls The Internet

Bernanke Killed The World Economy, New Academic Study Confirms

Virgin Galactic Makes History With Second Commercial Spaceflight

Abandoning science in favor of coercion, FDA pharma mob bosses demand U.S. states eliminate vaccine exemptions… or else

Five Members of Corrupt Congressional Black Caucus Take $60,000 Trip to South Africa for Beyonce Concert

Diamond and Silk: Trump Did More for Blacks than ‘Any Other President’

The Real National Emergency: Opioids' Unrelenting Toll

Anti-American Bernie Sanders praises Communist Cuba’s revolution against “ugly rich people” in resurfaced video

US-Backed Convoy Engulfed in Flames After Venezuela Border Clash                                      2/25


George W. Bush Center Slams Trump’s Plan to Boost Jobs for U.S. Graduates

Cashless Society Not Coming, It’s Here!

China’s Social Credit System Now Bans Millions From Trains, Planes

Brexit: Britain Enjoys Record Budget Surplus as E.U. Faces Black Hole in Coffers

WILFORD: Illinois Looks To Raid Private Retirement Accounts To Solve Its Pension Crisis

UK: Top Police Chief Wants to Discriminate Against White Recruits to ‘Shock the System’

Trump's HUD Official Moves To The Projects In The Bronx

At fast food drive through person taking order -- not person at all

AI expert warns that military robots could go off the rails and wipe out the very people they are supposed to protect

OOPSIE! Ocasio-Cortez Paid Boyfriend $6,000 from Campaign Funds                                                      2/24


US, China Sketch Outlines of Deal to End Trade War – Sources

US Oil Output Hits 12 Million Barrel-A-Day Milestone Way Ahead Of Schedule

Inside the Ring: Chinese Jet Shows Off U.S. Technology

Fed Creates Money Out of Thin Air, Buys Gov Debt

Soros-Backed Priorities USA to Invest $100 Million in Four Swing States Ahead of 2020

PepsiCo Plans Massive Layoffs Sparked By ‘Relentlessly Automating’ Its Factories

The Labor Shortage Is Acute in Many Industries

Report: Newly Released Emails Show Executives Agreeing to Understate OxyContin’s Risks

The Obama Presidential Library That Isn’t – Obama’s Paper Records Will Be Digitized With ZERO Archivists on Site

FBI Plotting To Keep DNA Of Entire US Population

Major Advertisers Jump Ship as YouTube Hit With ‘Softcore Child Porn’ Scandal                                       2/22



CBO: Feds Will Borrow Another $13 Trillion Over Next 11 Years

Trump Demands $2.5Bn Back For California's High-Speed Rail Fail; Pulls $929Mn Grant

Watch the historic first private mission to the MOON launch Thursday night at 8:45 pm

Orlando To Introduce Driverless Busses

'THANKS FOR NOTHING, AOC!': Massive Billboard In NYC Blasts Ocasio-Cortez

With its near-monopoly firmly established, Amazon starts hiking prices at Whole Foods stores

Bernie Sanders Raised $6 Million In One Day After Launching Campaign

Bernie Sanders hires campaign manager who endorsed Hamas flotilla, co-chaired event including Hamas fundraiser

McCabe, Rosenstein & Sessions Shaking In Their Boots After Failed “Coup” Results In Judicial Watch Filing FOIA Request For All “Coup’ Documents

JUST IN: Surveillance Video Shows Brothers Linked to Jussie Smollett Buying Red Hats, Ski Masks For Fake MAGA Attack

Nancy Pelosi Tells Europe She Has Equal Power To POTUS: “Trump NOT In Charge”

Clinton Collusion                                     2/21


Who’s Behind the Green New Deal? Big Money Backs Ocasio-Cortez Socialist Dream Project

Trump’s Pick for World Bank Signals Major Shift

Covington student sues WASH POST for $250,000,000

Two New Green Deals Flushed Down the Toilet After Huge Taxpayer Losses

Big Pharma on display: A drug company now charges almost $300 for a $5 bottle of a simple, low-cost vitamin

REPORT: Chase Bank Suspends Conservative Jewish Activist Laura Loomer From Her Online Banking Account

Four-day week trial: Staff happier, more productive

Food Stamp Participation Declines for 12 Straight Months

30,000 Venezuelans cross into this Colombian town each day

Obsolete Strawberry Farm Workers Being Replaced By Robotic Pickers

Driverless buses to begin operating in Orlando

Dr. Brian Hooker’s bombshell testimony before Congress reveals how MMR vaccines INCREASE deaths from measles                                                           2/20


Visualizing The 7 Major Flaws Of The Global Financial System

The Demise of Physical Money: A Retail Worker’s Perspective

Self-Driving Truck Startup "TuSimple" Confident of Commercial Driverless by 2021

Race to replace farmworkers with robots

Surge In Delinquencies Threatens U.S. Auto Loan Bubble

Global Slowdown Leaves Growth Weakest Since Financial Crisis

DC Mayor Gives Open Borders Group $100,000 to Help Immigrants Become Citizens

Mass Transit Fail: Albuquerque’s $133 Million Bus to ’Nowhere’

Las Vegas Gets Snow For Second Time This February

The Green New Fascist Deal                           2/19


FINANCIAL TYRANNY-> Chase Bank Shuts Down Personal Account of Vocal Trump-Supporting US Army Combat Vet


Google Thinks It Is Entitled To Tax Funds To Build Smart City

Ted Cruz: Take El Chapo's $14 Billion in Seized Drug Profits and Use It to Build the Wall

$166 Billion In Student Debt Is Now Officially Delinquent

Google, Apple APPROVE Saudi app that tracks women as slaves owned by their husbands, but bans independent media apps for being “offensive”

Green New Deal: Some Dems on fence

Bokhari: Free Trade Leads to Globalized Tyranny

Tech Whiz Made Millions in His 20s. He Was Dead by 34

Nancy Pelosi Threatens Nationwide Gun Ban to Teach Trump a Lesson

Cops Find 69 Bodies in Cartel Mass Grave in Mexican Coastal State                                       2/18


Spending Binge Now Worse Than Under Bush, Obama, Says Conservative Outlet

Space Exploration, Radicalization and Other R&D Highlights in the Spending Bill

Italy Guns For Glass-Steagall-Type Law to Break Up Banks, Cut Bailout Costs for Taxpayers

Microchips Coming for Arkansas Workers?

80 cities go to war with feds over 5G expansion

British Economy Defies Anti-Brexiteers to Outpace Europe

“Biggest Drop In More Than Nine Years”: America’s Retail Apocalypse Is Greatly Accelerating In The Early Stages Of 2019

House Democrats propose OPEN BORDERS in 2019 homeland security budget

Pelosi’s Brother-In-Law’s Company Received $737,000,000 From Obama’s Energy Dept As “Loan Guarantee”

Meet Generation Z: The Newest Member to the Workforce

Britain and America Sign Deal on Post-Brexit Trade, Plan Huge Free Trade Agreement

Latest Spending Deal Includes Almost $20 Billion for IT Programs

Worried about Costs & Slowdown? Amazon Scuttles HQ2 Altogether, Plunges NY City Real Estate Industry “Into Despair”

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs outlines tax revenue-based profit plan in Toronto

Twitter Bans User Who Claims Ocasio-Cortez Hired Boyfriend As Congressional Staffer                          2/16


The Real History of the American Income Tax

Americans Continue to Flee to Low-Tax States

$1,665,484,000,000: Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes in Calendar 2018--as Debt Climbed $1,481,349,159,596.80

Congressional Border Deal: $5.3 Billion to Israel, Ukraine, Jordan …But Only $1.37 Billion for Limited Border Fence

Nancy Pelosi Earned Fortune on IPO Stock Through ‘Illegal’ Insider Trading

Rep. Gwen Moore on Low Minority Unemployment: 'Blah, Blah, Blah'

Here Are 5 Big Reasons California's High-Speed Rail Project Became The 'Train To Nowhere'

Amazon Cancels Plans for NY HQ

Panera’s experiment with socialism craters… “can’t cover costs” … restaurants shuttered

Guatemala Minister: Migrant Caravans Are a ‘Well-Planned’ Invasion

South Korea to pay $920 million for U.S. Military Presence in 2019, Up 8.2% from 2018


POLL: Majority of California Residents Want to Leave!

Brrr… Snow Falls for the First Time Ever in Hawaii State Park – Democrats Want to Ban Cow Farts            2/15


Fact Check: Democrats Misleading Americans About Tax Refunds

AMAZON to pay $0 in taxes -- for second year in row

40% Of Canadians Pay Zero Income Tax

Tech Elites, Donor Class Unite with GOP/Dems to Outsource White-Collar American Jobs

National Debt Surpasses $22 Trillion

A Rising Tide of Global Corruption

The House Is Set To Vote On Trillion Dollar Spending Bill Tomorrow. No One Has Read It

EPIC! President Trump Demands California Return $3.5 Billion to US Govt. for Bullet Train They Just Cancelled

1.4 Million Households Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump

Former Apple Attorney In Charge Of Insider Trading Policy Charged With Insider Trading

Tiny 320-Square-Foot NH Cottage Hits Market At $2 Million!

Watch: After Tommy Robinson Undercover Video, Call to Boycott BBC ‘Stealth Tax’                             2/14


Job Openings Hit Highest Level Ever

These Are America's Most Unaffordable Cities For Housing

Braun, Scott Introduce Legislation to End Taxpayer-Funded Congressional Pensions

AI Algorithms Are Writing Stories, Replacing Reporters

French Intellectual Zemmour: Elites Organized Migrant “Invasion” So They Could Import Servant Class

EU’s Socialist Roots Revealed

Sex-For-Vaxx Scheme Uncovered As 2nd-Largest Ebola Outbreak Rages On

A New Study Discovers Two-Thirds Of All Bankruptcies In The United States Are Primarily Caused By Medical Bills

$200 Million Ghost Town Of Castles, Created By Turkey's Recession

I spent a day with a full-time Uber, Lyft and Juno driver in NYC—here's how much he earned in 9 hours          2/13


Hungary's PM Pledges Zero Income Tax to Women with Four Kids

Delingpole: PM May and Her ‘Snake-Like Civil Servants’ Deliberately Sabotaged Free Trade Brexit

Rethinking the US Military Industrial Complex

Ocasio-Cortez Disavows the Green New Deal’s FAQ After It Becomes a Mockery

Capitalism as It Is and as It Is Seen by the Common Man

Frankenswine: Engineered Food For China’s Engineered Society

JW Inside Report: How the Deep State Risked National Security over the Awan Bros. Scandal

Federal Gov’t Funds San Fran Theater Hosting ‘Not My F***ing President’ Event                             2/12


Five Million Migrants from Latin America Plan to Relocate to US in Next 12 Months – One-Fifth of El Salvador Already Lives Here

More Than Half Of Homes In These Zip Codes Are "Seriously Underwater"

5 Hidden Ways That Globalization is Changing

IMF Cuts 2019 Global Growth Forecasts Again: "We Have No Idea," Says Lagarde

California's Two Remaining Utilities Are One Fire Away From Bankruptcy

Washington Post buries story about sexual assault claim against Virginia Democrat one day after spending $5.2 million on ad about “importance” of journalism

Another Big Reason Not To Buy A Chinese Smartphone

App Created For Men To Monitor Female Family Members In Saudi Arabia                                     2/11


Chase Bank Abruptly Bans Proud Boys Leader 

Another Idiotic "Free Money" Proposal, This One From Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

ALERT: Twitter blocks all Natural News / Health Ranger channels after Adams comments on the Jack Dorsey / Joe Rogan Bitcoin fraud

Netflix Paid Zero in Taxes on Record $845M Profits in 2018

Finland's basic income trial boosts happiness but not employment

GOOGLE Strikes Deal With Russia


HUGE! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez CAUGHT IN MAJOR LIE! … Claims Crazy ‘Green New Deal’ Document FROM HER OWN WEBSITE Is a Fake!

Italy Saves Europe’s Dignity over US Bullying of Venezuela

Disarmed Britain: Illegal Gun Factory Arrests, Gun Crime at 10-year High in Four Counties

“Casa De Nancy!” – Street Artist Posts Signs on Pelosi and Gov. Newsom’s Front Gates — Everyone Is Welcome!

UK: Homicides Highest for a Decade, Fatal Stabbings Highest Since Records Began

Why romance with machines is foregone conclusion

Radiation Expert Warns That 5G Rollout Could Become A Global Catastrophe                                         2/10


Starving Venezuelans' Warnings To The US: "Socialism Is A Big Lie!"

EU Slashes Forecasts for Economic Growth

Consumer Credit Hits $4 Trillion As Student, Auto Loans Hit All Time High

TECH TYRANNY: Twitter Bans Natural News Accounts, Laura Loomer Banned by Paypal — Covington Child Abusers Still Have Accounts

Ocasio-Cortez Bungled Green New Deal's Release. Her Staff Took Its Webpage Offline

Apple Gives Mueller Access to Roger Stone’s iCloud, After Protecting Privacy of San Bernardino Terrorists

MORE PROOF: The DNC Was Not Hacked by Russians in 2016 – It Was an Inside Job And the Deep State Knows It!

Visualizing Corruption Around The World

Big Hotel Chains Become Arms Of Surveillance State  

‘We Can’t Hide Behind Walls’: Macron Hails ‘World of Mass Migration’

Emmanuel Macron planning to ship 130 suspected ISIS jihadis from Syria back to France

Ocasio-Cortez Goes Full Open Borders            2/8


Fact Check: Trump Is Right, NAFTA a ‘Catastrophe’ for American Workers

It "Haunts My Life": Americans Over-60 Owe $86 Billion In Student Loan Debt They Can't Discharge In Bankruptcy

Fact Check: Black Unemployment Lowest Ever During Trump Presidency…

Dick Morris: How the Clintons Made Money from Huawei

…Hispanic Unemployment Rate Hit Lowest Level Ever

PayPal Blacklists Jewish Conservative Activist Laura Loomer

The French farmer taking on MONSANTO

Hungary Slams “Soros” Think Tank Over “Partly Free” Rating

'He's Going To Get It Done' — Mick Mulvaney Outlines Strategy To Get Wall Built

…Americans Burdened with Cost of Mass Illegal Immigration

2,000-Person Caravan Arrives at Border South of Texas; DHS Blames Congress                                           2/7


Promises Kept: Trump Economy on Track to Create 25 Million Jobs Over 10 Years

Illinois Democrats’ Astounding Reversal On Pensions

Obama’s propaganda cash to liberal media has just run out… this is why we’re seeing layoffs among left-wing propaganda publishers

De-Dollarization Accelerates: Iran Unveils Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

China's S-Curve of Expansion, Stagnation and Decline

Seoul Emerging As The First Blockchain City

Democrats okay with killing babies born alive after FAILED abortions… would they hesitate to murder Trump supporters if given the opportunity?

Feds: Over 8.5K Anchor Babies Secure U.S. Citizenship Via ‘Birth Tourism’

The ‘Driverless Experience’ Looks Awfully Distracting

LA Goes 'Medieval', Suffers Outbreak Of Flea-Borne Disease Typhus                                             2/6


Brexit-pocalypse? Surge in UK Car Manufacturing, Huge Investment in Research Centres, New Factories

Fake News Washington Post Blows $5.25 Million on Super Bowl Ad Highlighting Important Work of Junk Reporting    

How An Italian Debt Crisis Could Take Down The EU

U.S.-Funded Afghan Security Chiefs ‘Controlling’ Opium Trafficking

NewsGuard censorship plug-in labels confirmed media HOAXES to be “credible” news, while blacklisting all independent media

Tulsi Gabbard Slams "Neocon/Neolib Warmongers" After NBC Propaganda Exposed

The CIA Then and Now: Old Wine in New Bottles        2/5


In Shutdown Month: Federal Government Added 1,000 Jobs

China Urges the World to Undermine U.S. Sanctions…

How The Euro Enabled Europe's Debt Bubbles

Labor Force Participation at Trump-Era High of 63.2% in January

Manufacturing Unexpectedly Surges in January

Obama Funding for Anti-Trump Propaganda Just Ended, Leading to Mass MSM Layoffs

Canadian Company Soars 90% After Winning "POT" Ticker Symbol Lottery

Facebook Not Sorry for App that Spies on Teens       2/3



Another Trump Miracle: January 2019 Stock Market Gains Hit Another Record – Best January in History of DOW!

Germany: No ‘Economic Miracle’ as 65 Percent of Refugees Still Jobless

Food Stamp Fraud on the Rise as Govt. Allows “Retailer Trafficking”

Blue-Collar Wages Rise Faster than White

SPLC feeling the heat, hires top defamation lawyer to defend its tax-exempt status in RICO lawsuit

Financial Blacklisting: NewsGuard Advises Advertisers to Avoid Pro-Trump Media

Walgreens Installing ‘Smart Coolers’ To Spy On Shoppers

Billions in TSA 9/11 Security Fees Diverted by Congress for Other Causes

First wireless insect-size robot takes flight

Fox News now demanding the criminalization and ARREST of “anti-vaxxers” … we warned you this was coming

Twelfth Straight Weekend of Anti-Macron Yellow Vest Protests

University of California System Employees Gave 98% of Political Donations to Democrats                               2/2


Thomas Paine on Paper Money and Morality

Chinese Manufacturing Remains In Contraction To Start 2019

So If Half of Facebook Accounts Are Fake... What Is Facebook Worth?

Rise of 'self-aware' robots

$1 Billion China-Financed LA Skyscraper Complex Mysteriously Halts Construction

Germany Slashes Growth Outlook, Citing Brexit and Trade

Modular robots that can perceive their surroundings make decisions for the first time

Shutdown “Didn’t Really Impact” Borrowing Figures – Treasury Official

'Self-aware' robot operates without instructions

Democrats Pass Bill to Provide Free College to Illegal Immigrants

200 Pounds of Meth, Cocaine Seized in California by Border Patrol

Yahoo News story accidentally admits most children infected with measles outbreak were already vaccinated against the measles                                        1/31


Chicago Fed: Economic Growth, Manufacturing Accelerated in December

Massachusetts AG: Family Behind Oxycontin Is Responsible For Opioid Epidemic


"Surveillance Capitalism": Google Sister Company To Package And Sell Location Data From Millions Of Cellphones

Survey: Half Of Doctors Considering Leaving Medicine — Because Of #Obamacare

Italy Ramps Up Latest Universal Basic Income Experiment

Trump Scores Major Victory As "Delinquent" NATO Members Boost Contributions By $100 Billion

Universal Basic Income: Italy Starts Handing Out FREE MONEY

Documents Detail Nancy Pelosi’s Love of Flying at Our Expense

Obama Officials Are Still Making Deals with World Leaders like They Are Still in Charge

Farmers are being lied to about the “amazing benefits” of toxic biosludge                                                 1/29


Robot serves coffee to Davos elite

Facebook Ripped Off Game-Playing Kids And Their Parents In Multi-Year "Friendly Fraud" Scheme

Government Spending Doesn't Create Economic Growth

Watch Smart Microbots Fold Like Origami To Travel Through Human Body

Report: Bank of England Cuts off Maduro Regime from $1.2bn in Gold Assets

Venezuela's Highest Ranking Military Attaché Flips On Maduro; Urges Armed Forces To Recognize Guaidó

House GOP Leaders: Only 13 Democrats Voted With GOP to Pay Federal Workers During Shutdown

Feds send more agents to get Roger Stone than bin Laden!

Friday Humor: Jamaican Central Bank Promotes Inflation-Targeting In New Ad

Parents denied access to their children's medical records by law                                                     1/27


Jobless Claims Hit Lowest Level in 49 Years

Democrats Block GOP Attempts to Pay Federal Workers During Shutdown (VIDEO)

Congress Research Arm Has An Inventive Idea For How Trump Could Build The Wall Without Congress Or A State Of Emergency

Anti-Conservative Google-Facebook Commands 80% of Advertising Dollars Online – Free Speech Being Wiped Out in America

Iran spends $7,000,000,000 every year on jihad terror activities in the Middle East

Chefs And Truck Drivers: AI Is Coming For Your Jobs

Report: Palestinian Authority Paid Terrorists More than $136M in 2018

Amazon Launches ‘Scout’ Delivery Robots Near Seattle

David Gergen at Davos: Trump Wants to ‘Burn the Jungle’ of International Order                                      1/25


Consumer Warning: Internet Of Things Is Security Nightmare

Asia’s biggest listed restaurant chain now employing robots as chefs and waiters, with plans to expand overseas

The "Green New Deal" Debunked (Part 2 of 2)

Gab Secures Payment Processor Following Financial Blacklisting

The Upside-Down World of MMT

Macron’s Technocrat ‘Revolution’ Repudiated By Fed Up French Citizens                                1/24


Report: Top 26 Richest People Own As Much Wealth as World’s Bottom 50%

Giant Grocery Chain To Rollout Robots To 500 Stores

Hotel Fires Half of ‘Nuisance’ Robot Staff

China Starts "Debt Shaming": New App Warns Users If They Are Walking Near Someone In Debt

REPORT: U.S. Will Seek To Extradite Huawei CFO

Workers' Paradise? Employees In China Crawl Through Streets After Missing Sales Targets

World Elite Meet In Davos To Plot Destruction Of Worldwide Nationalist Uprising

Brexit Boost: Employment, Earnings, Job Openings Up as EU Migration Falls                                        1/23


“Magic Wand!” President Trump DINGS Obama in Monday Morning Manufacturing Tweet

China economic growth sinks to 3-decade low

Ron Paul: Fire the Fed?

World Economic  Forum Claims World Population Supports Globalism

1,500 Private Jets To Descend On Davos

Ben Freeman: Foreign Money Flowing into Washington Keeps U.S. in Prolonged Wars

Experts claim climate change activists altered findings and used “arbitrary adjustments” to exaggerate sea level rise

SHOCKING: Leftists Are Working Overtime to Shut Down Movie “Killing Free Speech” on Media Bias and Border Security — WATCH IT HERE!                               1/22


Shutdown Woes Show How Overgrown the Gov. Has Become

Davos Men Gather Amid Rising Populism

China 2018 GDP Growth Slows To Weakest In 28 Years

Private Donations Continue to Stream in for Trump Border Wall – 350,000 Donors — And 2/3 Opt In on Private Wall Non-Profit

EU Backs Financial Punishment for Nations That Reject Progressive Values

Mortgage Stress Test Blamed For 25% Collapse In British Columbia Home Sales

Mueller Mobster Lisa Page Was Promised Job at Former Mueller Law Firm with Lucrative Contract After She Left Witch Hunt

Illegal Sues After Lawyer Contacts ICE – Wins $1 Million

Smart Glasses, Neural Computers, Self-Driving Cars: What's "The Next Big Thing" After Smartphones      1/21


Manufacturing Production Soars

ANOTHER HUGE WIN FOR AMERICA! China Plans $1 Trillion Buying Spree of US Goods to Reconfigure Trade Imbalances

Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their 'New World Order'?

FACT CHECK: 'Veterans Unemployment Has Reached An 18 Year Low'

China Pledges US Buying Spree to Reduce Trade Surplus With US to Zero By 2024

‘Modern Monetary Theory’ Is a Joke That’s Not Funny

AMAZON makes vest to keep robots from pummeling human workers

Pelosi’s History of Abusing Military Travel – Bringing Family Members Aboard – Serving Top Shelf Liquor on Taxpayer Dime

777X: Gigantic plane that could change flying forever                                            1/20


Expert Blasts Fed’s “Extraordinary Monetary Manipulation”

The Brave New World Of Surveillance Capitalism

DEBT is the Achilles Heel of the globalist establishment… and pulling your money out of the banking system is the way to deal a DEATH BLOW to tyranny

China's economy is hooked on new credit and government stimulus

Remainer Chancellor Tells Big Business MPs Will Stop Clean Brexit in Leaked Call

New Study Dispels Misconceptions About Gender Pay Gap

YES, The IRS has an emergency apocalypse plan to collect taxes

LA Teachers Strike: 73K Is Not Enough

610,577 citizens: World's biggest experiment with guaranteed income

Trump Cancels Delegation to Davos World Economic Forum

Jim Jordan’s Inspiring Speech Electrifies The Internet!

BREAKING: First Media Outlet to Report on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Cancer NOW SAYS She Contracted Pneumonia – Is Fighting for Her Life

Congress Works to Cripple Chinese Companies Spying on U.S.                                 1/18


Fed's Biggest Hawk Folds: George Says "Now May Be A Good Time To Pause Rate Hikes"

Exclusive–American Workers ‘Irate’ with Trump Over ‘Utterly Disappointing’ Pro-Outsourcing Plan

Global Debt Surpasses 244 Trillion Dollars As “Nearly Half The World Lives On Less Than $5.50 A Day”

Student Debt Crisis Worsens: Florida Board Of Health Suspends Licenses Over Defaults

FOR FIRST TIME EVER Opioid Deaths Top Deaths from Car Crashes in US — Democrats STILL Won’t Pay for Border Wall (VIDEO)

Home Tech Is Getting Smarter And Creepier

Extended shutdown exposes the pathetic laziness and entitled attitudes of 80% of federal workers, says administration insider

BREAKING: BREXIT VOTE FAILS BY 230 VOTES — UK’s Theresa May Loses in Landslide     1/16


2018: China-U.S. Trade Gap Grew to Biggest Ever

House bill removes liability protection from tech giants, forcing social media to pay for political discrimination

Google Employees Launch Campaign to Pressure Silicon Valley on Workplace Harassment

Fintech: Threat Of Sharia-Compliant Finance Continues Without Scrutiny

Border Wall GoFundMe Founder's New Nonprofit Raises A 'Huge Red Flag'

Flashback: Never Forget – Democrats BOOED American Victims of Illegal Immigrant Criminals (Video)


FACT CHECK: No, food stamp money won’t be halted if the government shut down continues

Brexit Boom: Wages Up, Skilled Jobs Expanding, Says Top Recruiter

Gov. Newsom commits financial SUICIDE for California
with free health care coverage of illegals

China’s Economy Destabilizes as Huawei Intros Cheap Smartphone

China Trade Surplus With USA Hits Record: $323 Billion

Ted Cruz Explains How He's Going To Make El Chapo Pay For The Border Wall

Bombshell report shows Johnson & Johnson talc baby powder products are contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos – and the company has known for nearly 50 years

Newsom Proposes Drinking Water Tax        1/14


JUST IN: White House Lays Groundwork to Declare National Emergency to Secure Border Wall Funding

Poland Espionage Arrests ‘Another Nail in Coffin of Huawei’s European Ambitions’

JFK vs Trump: The Most Bizarre S&P Analog Is Confounding Traders

Musk's SpaceX To Terminate 10% Of Its Workforce Due To "Extraordinarily Difficult Challenges Ahead"

US firm cuts China supplier over forced labor concerns

Mayor de Blasio Says New York's Wealth Is "In The Wrong Hands" And Should Be Redistributed

NYC announces health care coverage for all illegals, guaranteeing a financial implosion while attracting diseased migrants from across the country

Thousands of Yellow Vests March in Paris and Bourges in Ninth Week of Anti-Macron Protests

UPDATE: AT&T Stops Selling Location Data Amid Calls For Fed Investigation

Macron Govt: Yellow Vests Have Destroyed 60 Percent of France’s Speed Cameras

China Using Twitter History To Arrest, Interrogate Dissidents                              1/13


Bank Of England Boss: China's Renminbi Will Rival The Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

$3.5 trillion a year: America’s health care system has become one of the world’s largest money making scams

Chinese Money Flees Silicon Valley As Trump Clamps Down On Access To US Tech

China Car Sales Collapse: First Annual Drop In Over 20 Years

Democrats Funded a 287 Mile Wall in Jordan – LAST YEAR! But Won’t Fund Border Wall in US!

Fact Check: Real Crisis, Real Victims — Human Costs of an Open Border

Mueller and Bill Barr ‘Best Friends For 20 years’ – Wives Share a Bible Study – Mueller Attended the Weddings of Barr’s Daughters

World’s Worst-Scoring Country For Gender Equality Gets Leadership Post in UN Women’s Agency

Obama, 2005: Illegal Immigrants Are NOT Welcome in USA                                         1/10


HUGE! President Trump’s Policies Have Added $3,100 per Household in Gross Annual Income — In Only 2 Years (VIDEO)

Factory Job Openings Surge to Highest Level Since 2001

The "Green New Deal" Debunked (Part 1 of 2)

WHO ARE THE REAL COMMUNISTS? US Democrat Party Proposes Higher Personal and Business Tax Rates Than Communist China (VIDEO)

Fact Check: Trump Correct, Border Wall Pays for Itself

WATCH: Obama's Border Patrol Chief Advocates For Building Border Wall

GPO Awards $115 Million for Census Questionnaires, Paper Products             1/9


Bank For International Settlements Declared ‘Bastion Of Global Technocracy’

Trump to Pick World Bank Chief

Sears Prepares For Liquidation As Lampert's 11th Hour Bid Fails

E.U. Economy Falters, German Factory Orders Drop

Obama's Border Patrol Chief Backs Trump For The Wall — 'The Wall Works'

Watch The Most Sensitive Material On The Internet – Chinese Dictator Declares War On America

Venezuela: Socialist Supreme Court Judge Flees, Seeks Asylum in the U.S.           1/8


Payrolls Expand by Whopping 312,000 as Unemployment Rate Rises to 3.9%

TRUMP vs. OBAMA: In First Two Years in Office Trump Adds 9 MILLION More Jobs Than Obama

Hispanic Unemployment Rate Hits Record Low in December

Fed Chief Powell Erases $5 Trillion from Markets, Destroys Middle Class 401(k)’s and Keeps His Job – Ain’t America Great!

Cleaning Up "Marxist Trash" is the Best Way for Bolsonaro to Build a Better Brazil

Free Traders’ Prediction of Tariff Doom Fails as U.S. Manufacturing Booms

Chinese Professor Censored After Admitting Real GDP Growth Is Below 2%

How China Colonized An Entire Continent Without Firing A Single Shot

The Eurozone Is in a Danger Zone

Improved technology allows bipedal robots to maintain human-like balance

UK Govt to Perform No Deal Brexit Dress Rehearsal with 150 Trucks                        1/6


Cash No Good: More Retailers Reject Paper Money

Democrat Spending Bill Offers $12 Billion More for Foreign Aid, $0 for Border Wall

Robot Waiters In This Tokyo Cafe Are Controlled By Disabled People 

Congratulations! Apple Loses Record $463 Billion in Market Cap in Three Months

Wealth Inequality, Vacant Homes, And Homicides Plague Baltimore

PERFECT: WaPo Contributor Caught on Video Chanting “Death to America!” While Launching Shoulder-Fired Missile                          1/4


How UN Scientists Are Preparing For The End Of Capitalism

Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda Still Rolling, but Pace Slows Slightly

The Global Financial Reset – Trump’s Economy Vs The Fed

$184T in Global Debt in 2017, $247T Through Q2 2018: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

China Cracks: Manufacturing Contracts for 1st Time Since Trade War Began

Boom-Bust Cycles and Easy Money

Whole Foods pulls off elaborate five-year GMO labeling hoax; lies to customers and hopes nobody remembers

Apple Blames China's Floundering Economy For Recent Dwindling Holiday Revenue

The Boldest Predictions for Federal Technology in 2019                                                    1/3


Trump Hails "Big Progress" on Trade Deal With China

'We are not robots': AMAZON warehouse employees push to unionize

Japanese researchers develop a prototype humanoid robot aimed at eventually replacing human laborers

No, Dollar Stores Don't Create Poverty

France Starts Taxing Tech Giants Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon

44 Numbers From 2018 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Martin Armstrong On The Coming Mini Ice-Age

Global Revolt Against Climate Change Policies

Universities Introduced Hundreds of Free Online Courses in 2018

Top 5 Voter Fraud Cases Along Texas Border in 2018

Der Spiegel fake news scandal proves media “fact checkers” are a complete joke

Child Rapist Released From Prison Because He’s ‘Vulnerable’ Behind Bars                  1/2


The British Crown, Privy Council and ‘City
of London’ Effectively Rule America

Murky 2019 Could Be In Store For U.S. Economy Thanks To Fed’s Monetary Policy


2019: the economic picture isn’t rosy

Lib Lawmaker Jackson Lee Introduces Legislation to Make Mexico Pay for Wall — TRUMP Should Take Her Up on it by Taxing Remittances

NEW MEDICINE: Blood harvested from children
being injected into adults as "treatment"


Russia-mania takes over the world

2018 Saw A Global Revolt Against Climate Change Policies

Over 3700 surgical patients may have been exposed to HIV in New Jersey, proving yet again that hospitals are dangerous to your health

Woman-Beating Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Hires Anti-Law Enforcement Deputy                                    1/1






CBO Projects: GDP Headed To 15-Year High

While DNC Was Busy Suing Russia – Grifter Hillary Clinton Reportedly Stole $84 Million in Donations

Robots Greet Customers At First Personless Bank

Watchdog: U.S. Spending Billions on ‘Dysfunctional Projects,’ ‘Ghost Workers’ in Afghanistan

Teen Jobs Are Most Likely To Be Displaced By Robots

Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. – or anywhere else – most likely gone for good, say researchers

800,000 people are about to flee New York and California because of taxes, say economists

That’s TOO far to the Left: MIT backs away from startup that wants to upload your brain to the cloud after killing you first

Canada Has No Gold But A Mountain Of Debt... Things Will End Badly

Soros-Funded Group Launches App to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Feds

EU’s Fake News Guidelines Based on Bad Report

Trump delays release of some JFK files until 2021, bowing to national security concerns

BOOM! Diamond and Silk Erupt at House Panel on Facebook Censorship (VIDEO)

Thousands of tons of New York’s human sewage is stuck on a train in Alabama… say what?           4/27


This Man Shames Tesla By Inventing Electric Car That Doesn’t Need Charging

Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million

Labor Leaders Furious After World Bank Recommends Ditching Minimum Wage

Trump Hails Lower Number of People 'Forced to Use Food Stamps'

FEC Records Show Clinton Campaign Laundered $84 Million

Jeff Bezos Booed By Amazon Workers

China plans to finance and build thousands of coal-fired power plants worldwide

$46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Alien Exceeds Average American Income

Scientists develop novel robotic arm that can be used in extreme environments

Carter Center Sued for Providing Support to Terrorists, Defrauding Taxpayers

U.S. Funds Scandinavian Humanitarian Group that Helps Islamic Terrorists

Recovering gold, copper, and other metals from e-waste is cheaper than trying to get them through mining, study finds

'Caravan Migrants' Waiting to Cross after Arrival South of U.S. Border                                          4/26


European markets seen opening higher as earnings, yields remain in the spotlight

Finland Abandons Universal Basic Income Experiment After Two Years

Iran, China Seek to Loosen Dollar’s Grip on Global Markets

Boom economy leads to record-high spring break air travel

Robots could outnumber HUMANS in just 15 years and will feel 'genuine emotions'

Germany’s Solar Industry Crashes and Burns

Hop on Board the OPIC – USAID Corporate Gravy Train. Operated by Senior Executive Service. Fueled by U.S. Taxpayers

Members of Congress Who Questioned Zuckerberg Had Received $641,685 From FB

EU to Cut Funds to Patriotic Nations, Allocate Cash on ‘Values’ Basis, Including Accepting Mass Migration


SOUTHERN POVERTY sitting on $477 million!    4/25


China Joins The Global Push For Cashless Society

BET Founder: Trump Is Bringing Black Workers Back into the Economy (VIDEO)

Rise of the robots: 8 professions that will be taken over by AI technology

Netherlands: Almost 90% of migrants still unemployed after 2.5 years in the country

14 states hit record-low unemployment

The Regulated States of America: Occupational Licensing Gone Wild

Connecting The Dots Of Big Data, Soaring Corporate Profits, And Trade Wars

Brexit BOOST: New EU-Mexico Deal ‘Virtually Eliminates Tariffs’, Proves Non-Members CAN Trade Without Free Movement

Amazon building home robot named after goddess

Space mining set to produce first TRILLIONAIRE in galactic gold rush

63% Of The World's Tallest Buildings Are In Asia

Xi Jinping Says Control Over Internet Is Key To Stability                            4/24


WikiLeaks To Countersue Democrats; "Discovery Is Going To Be Amazing Fun"

SPLC Cashes In On Trump Era; Controversial Nonprofit Nears Half BILLION In Assets

Kassam’s ‘Enoch Was Right’ Hits #5 Movers and Shakers on Amazon, British Top 100 – Despite MEDIA BLACKOUT

IMF Blasts New Zealand's "Discriminatory" Ban On Home Sales To Foreigners

St. Louis Was Sprayed With Radiation To Test Chemical Warfare Technology

Exclusive – Dhillon: Silicon Valley ‘Hiring Engines’ Blacklisting Conservatives

Homeland Security accidentally releases records on remote mind control                                4/23


Trump Admin Mulling ‘Emergency’ Powers to Block Chinese Tech Investments                            4/21

EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World

Fed Says Economy Still Expanding

Big Bro: California bill would require ALL businesses to submit employee salary details to state as way to ensure equal pay

McConnell Kills President Trump’s Plan to Cut $60B in Spending

U.S. Funds Entities Promoting Soros’ Radical Globalist Agenda in Guatemala

Kentucky Teachers Want A Taxpayer Bailout

Robots complete task many dread: Assemble IKEA furniture

Trump, Abe Agree On Need For New Trade Deal, Disagree About Everything Else

Trump Vows to Stay Out of TPP Unless ‘They Offer Us a Deal That We Cannot Refuse’

A Good Day For Autocrats as UN Body Hands Out Leadership Posts

‘Don’t Be Evil’? Google Lawsuit: Senior Engineer Wanted to Sabotage Trump’s Android Phone, Ban His Gmail Account

"A Calamitous Collapse": Former Podesta Group Employees Reveal Truth Behind Firm's Downfall



Google Is Pursuing The Pentagon’s Giant Cloud Contract Quietly, Fearing An Employee Revolt

Starbucks to Close 8,000 U.S. Locations for ‘Racial Bias Training’

The Federal Reserve Has Done A Great Job Destroying The Middle Class

Mexico Agrees to Pay For Wall

Lessons learned using robotic arm in space now being applied to the hospital surgery room

The US And Allies Put On A Good Show In Syria, But Did They Launch $100 Million Worth Of Missiles For Nothing?

Paul Ryan, GOP Establishment Look to Fulfill Koch Brothers’ Wage-Crushing Amnesty Dreams Ahead of Midterms

The Road to 2025 (Part 1) – Prepare for a Multi-Polar World

Comprehensive new report shows ‘troubling’ social media censorship of conservative views          4/19


WINNING! Kroger Announces 11,000 New Jobs, Increased Wages, Education Benefits Thanks to TRUMP Tax Cuts

The Death Of Retail Real Estate Continues: 77MM Sq.Ft Of Shopping Space Closed In 2018 Already

Robot to run for mayor promising 'fairness and balance' for all

Study: Almost 90% of Refugees Still Not Working After 2 Years in The Netherlands

Tax cut not for everyone: 1 million Californians will owe $12 billion MORE

Macron: Europe Entering Age of ‘Unprecedented’ Mass Migration, ‘Shares Destiny’ with Africa

Moby blasted by liberals for daring to suggest food stamps should be limited to healthy groceries instead of junk food… the NERVE of that guy

Massive Discovery of Rare Earth Minerals Threatens China’s Monopoly

New “politically incorrect” climate change book sells out everywhere; “point-by-point take down” of global warming nonsense                                  4/18


The Great American Tax Ripoff

Shortly After Publishing Soros Story, The Gateway Pundit Under Fire By Massive DDoS Attacks Originating In… California

More Absolutely Crazy Pension News

Government Missing Over 21 Trillion, Massive Pension Scam

Food Stamp Usage Drops Over Half-Million -- in Month

Trump just massively reduced federal welfare expenditures by reinstating the “work requirement” Obama gutted

Trump Accuses Russia, China Of Currency Devaluation: "Not Acceptable"

HUD Let Nearly $2 Billion Go To People Barred From Getting Federally Protected Loans

The Media’s War on Freedom of the Press

Scientists Say EU's "Robot Bill Of Rights" Would Violate The Rights Of Humans

Agriculture robot watches crops grow, providing data, analyses in real-time

This Is How The US Postal Service Loses So Much Money

745 known jihadis now in Germany, since 2017 regional governments have deported only 10

'Shaking Their Heads:' FBI Veterans Share Concerns On Comey Interview

Independent Swiss Lab "Can't Confirm Or Deny" Nerve-Agent Accusations                             4/17


Oregon state worker's pension: $76,111 per month

Why Trade Wars Will Unleash Central Banks

How Fraud is Legal, Learn the Bankers Game - John Singleton

Economic Warfare

Trump: I’d only rejoin Pacific trade pact if deal was ‘substantially better’

More Than Half of German Welfare Recipients Come from Migrant Backgrounds

Walmart just filed six patents for robot bees – and it sounds like an episode straight out of Black Mirror

8,000 inquire about 201 apartments as Florida officials seek affordable housing options

Tentacles of SERCO Strangle America

China readying Social Credit System where citizens receive scores based on their online obedience to the state

European Commission Suggests Robots Should Have Rights, Too

Machete Attack Every 90 Minutes in ‘Gun-Free’ Britain

Teen Vogue promotes communism in ‘explainer on capitalism’ authored by antifa extremist            4/16


BREAKING: Inspector General Releases FULL SCATHING REPORT on Andrew McCabe [DETAILS]

Nationalism Lifts The Country Back Into Shape

Hello Amazon! Trump Orders Post Office Finance Review

Rise of the Japanese Androids

Dem Senator Badgers Pompeo: ‘Is Gay Sex a Perversion?’

Reasons for Anti-Capitalism: Ignorance, Arrogance, and Envy

Banks, Boeing Batter Stocks Into Red

Crypto Exchange Blames Head of Security for Stealing $3.5 Million

Islamic Researchers: Bitcoin Shariah-Compliant

10% Of US Facebook Users Deleted Their Accounts Over Data-Privacy Scandal, Survey Shows        4/14


U.S. Stock Futures Rise as Xi Cools Trade War Fears

The True Origins Of The US-Chinese Trade War

What happened to $37 million in cash from the Clinton Foundation that was supposed to go towards Haiti relief in 2010?

Amazon Poised to Snag Massive Pentagon Contract; Industry Wants Trump to Intervene

Fight For $15 Crowd Slams Self-Checkout Machines Replacing Workers

Global Debt Hits Record $237 Trillion, Up $21TN In 2017

Emperor Xi Promises to Cut China’s Auto Import Tariff

US Watchdog Seeks Record Fine Against Wells Fargo For Lending Abuses: Sources

Pharma drug side effects add nearly half a TRILLION dollars to U.S. health care costs each year

MyPillow Announces ‘Strong’ Sales After Refusal to Boycott Ingraham Angle    

Smart meters cook us with thousands of microwave pulses every day, while collecting our private information for the utility company                    4/11


Majority of GOP Voters: Free Trade Has Hurt U.S., Cost Americans Their Jobs

Celente: "Murderers & Thieves Sold Out America"

Kudlow: WH ‘Planning’ to Rescind Spending from $1.3T Omnibus

A Handy Guide to Tomorrow’s CBO Report

Amazon patent admits it will listen in real-time for “trigger words” that could get you arrested and imprisoned

Charles Koch: ‘We’re Working Hard Against’ Trump’s Pro-American Tariffs on China

Subprime Auto Implosion In Full Effect As Lenders Start Dropping Like Flies

…Delingpole: Smash Big Tech Robber Baron Cartel Now!                                             4/9


Trump Is Building An Army Of Nations In Trade War Against China

Trump Plans To Talk With Peter Thiel About Regulating Tech Giants Across The Internet

Facebook COO: "A Few Advertisers Have Paused Spending With Us"

US Reports Biggest Trade Deficit Since Financial Crisis

Report: India BANS Bitcoin Wallets, Bank Funding, All Cryptocurrency Services: “Entities Which Already Provide Such Services Shall Exit The Relationship”

Facebook Admits "Most" Of Its 2.2 Billion Users Exposed To Data Scraping, "Malicious Actors"

Facebook Scans the Photos and Links You Send on Messenger

"I Just Discovered I Owe The IRS $50,000 I Don't Have, Because I Traded Cryptos"                       4/6


GREAT: 'Rip-roaring' job market adds another 241K in March

…POTUS: United States Lost Trade War with China Many Years Ago

Playing for All the Marbles

The Central Bank Effect: The Best Friend Of The One Percent

FLASHBACK: Mexico’s Economy Minister Threatened To Allow Illegals To Flood U.S. Unless Given Favorable NAFTA Deal

ISIS Killer Slaughters Christian Family Family on Easter Monday – Praise Allah                  4/5


Swedes Are Rising Up Against Cashless Society


What Reflation? Despite Massive Money Printing, Japan's Industrial Production Still Below 2008 Levels

For every Amazon package it delivers, the Postal Service loses $1.46

Trade War Round 2: US Releases China Tariff List Targeting 1,300 Products

US and Its Press Lie Americans into Invasions Routinely

Analyst: Amazon Could “Take Google to the Cleaners”

Judicial Watch Sues for Soros Documents – Files FOIA Lawsuits Against State Department and USAID for Records about Funding and Po

The Food Industry - What They Don't Tell You!

Gen Z Bored by Internet?                        4/4


Trump Lauds Creation of 3 Million Jobs: ‘Fake News’ Would Have Said ‘He’s Exaggerating’

'The Gig Economy' Is The New Term For Serfdom

Citing Tax Cuts, McDonald’s Serves Up Tuition Benefits for Employees

Students Hold Pro-Second Amendment Walkout

During The 800s-1300s AD, Wine Grapes Were Grown At Latitudes Where Polar Bears Now Roam

Delingpole: ‘Climate Change’ Finally Gets Its Scopes Monkey Trial

John Brennan Entered CIA in 1980 Though Voted Communist in 1976                                                     4/3


An army of illegal aliens is marching on America

Survey: 78 Percent of Europeans Want Tighter Control of Borders

EYE OF SAURON: Soon Facebook will offer a creepy reconnaissance robot that can record and post your every move

Alibaba And Ford Open China's First Car Vending Machine

Biggest Threat to Humanity? Climate Change, UN Chief Says

Brave 6th Grade Girl Records Unhinged Teacher in 15 Minute Anti-Trump Rant (VIDEO)

French Study: Average Jihadist is Young Under-educated, Petty Criminal Born in Migrant-Heavy Suburbs                                        4/2


Economy Grew Very Close to Trump’s Three Percent Goal

Trump Blasts Amazon for Putting Retailers Out of Business

Trump Eyes $1.5T Infrastructure Investment, Hiring Up to 414,000 Additional Workers

Soros-Funded Groups Fueling Laura Ingraham Advertiser Boycott

James Comey Cashing-In With Upcoming Book, McCabe Nears $400,000 On GoFundMe

Researchers develop method of boosting “ultracapacitors” for extra fast charging times on all electronic devices

IRS Auditing Fewest Americans Since 2002

Once Again the Question Must Be Asked: Who Did Deep State Catch AG Jeff Sessions in Bed With?

Palestinians Call U.S. Plan to Cut UN Aid a ‘Declaration of War’                                         3/30


U.S. Energy Exports Hit Record in 2017; Petroleum and Natural Gas Both Hit All-Time Highs


“How Much Is It Worth to Stay in China’s Markets?”

Everything is going wrong simultaneously for the tech juggernauts that have kept the market afloat for years

Trump's Tariffs Apparently Having the Desired Effect

Self-driving vehicles without human drivers now allowed in California

Millionaire Poverty Pimps Fight 'Income Inequality'

Government Data Storage Skyrockets With Internet Of Things

China 'can do many things' to make its society more equal, says Asian Development Bank president

Reusing CO2: Scientists are closer to converting it to clean energy

Assange Loses Internet, Visitor Privileges at Ecuadorian Embassy

Trump-Supporting 'Roseanne' Reboot Crushes Ratings Expectations - And The Competition

John Paul Stevens' Anti-Second Amendment Hysteria                                                          3/29


US Steel Company JSW Announces $1 Billion Expansion and 500 New Jobs (Video)

Omnibus Spending Bill Gives Millions To Other Countries

Bloomberg Conservatives Can’t Force YouTube to Be a Free Speech Zone

Now, even news VIDEOS are often fake, thanks to new digital “counterfeit” technology

"Want To Freak Yourself Out?" Here Is All The Personal Data That Facebook/Google Collect

The US Government Just Destroyed Our Privacy While Nobody Was Paying Attention

New CRISPR Gene-editing: The Extreme Dangers

State of Ohio sues DuPont for dumping toxic chemicals in the Ohio River                              3/28


Facebook Sells YOU to Make Money

Over 100 cities worldwide are now using at least 70% renewable energy

'PetroYuan' Futures Launch With A Bang, Volume Dominates Brent As Big Traders Step In

Iran Currency Hits Record Low, Crashing Through 50,000 Mark

Trump Suggests Using Military Funds to Build His Wall

REMINGTON bankrupt

Mind-reading robot created to read human emotion; Ground-breaking project

Poll: Majority of Facebook Users ‘Likely to Quit’ Over Privacy Concerns

Gay nightclub jihad mass-murderer’s father was FBI informant, this kept FBI from indicting killer 3 years before massacre

UK Thought Police: Detaining Opponents "For The Public Good"

Google’s latest assault on your privacy comes in the form of a tiny “smart” camera designed to autonomously monitor and document your every move                                                 3/27


Forget Trade War – CURRENCY War Coming Against PetroDollar

Nomi Prins Central Bank Money Rules the World

Mnuchin: Tariffs Won’t Have Big Impact on Economy

Boeing is testing prototypes for passenger drone taxis, as flying cars and “urban air mobility” come closer to reality

Thousands of New Jobs Created in Wake of Facebook Scandal

Are Corporations Poised To Overtake Countries?

Dutch Court: Bitcoin A Legitimate Transferable Value

London Homeless DOUBLE After Deportations Blocked by EU Free Movement Rules               3/26


Jeff Bezos And Crony Technocrats Gather To Envision Utopia At MARS

Ann Coulter Congratulates ‘President Schumer’ on Spending Bill, Tells Trump ‘You’ll Be Impeached’

Big Pharma is making billions off psychiatric suffering, but what is it really costing us?

Walmart Fields Robot Army To Inventory And Re-Stock Shelves

I downloaded 14 years of my Facebook data and here's what happened

Google to begin bribing journalists with cash to parrot establishment news narratives that are often fake news                                       3/24



VIDEO=> Pelosi and Schumer Cheer Paul Ryan’s Omnibus: “We Were Able to Accomplish More Than When We Held Majority”

Trump Slaps China With $50 Billion In Tariffs

Unemployed Kenyan Doctors Outraged as Government Imports Cuban Slaves

Citigroup Enforces Gun Control Restrictions On Customers

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Obama Campaign Official Admitted Democrats Sucked the “Entire Social Network in US,” Kept the Data, Still Use It (VIDEO)

Secret Empires’ Author: The Next Frontier in Corruption is China Buying Off Politicians’ Kids

Guiyang, China: Real-Time Facial Recognition From Cameras In 10,000 Public Areas Catch Suspects In 2 Minutes                                                   3/23


Tax Foundation: Top 10% Paid 71% of Federal Income Taxes, Bottom 50% Paid 2.8%

Fed Raises Interest Rates, But Sticks to Cautious Strategy for 2018

Paul Ryan Blocks Trump Border Wall – Will Only Allow $1.8 Billion for Wall in $1.3 Trillion Record Spending Bill!

Study: Trump Tariffs Could Add 19k Steel and Aluminum Jobs

White House will announce tariffs cracking down on Chinese theft of intellectual property


Could Blockchain Change The World?

Peter Schweizer Explains How China Purchased U.S. Congress as a Trade Strategy

Independent Journalist Exposes How Social Media Companies Are Systematically Silencing Conservative Voices

Trump cuts refugee entries 77%               3/22


Report: Zuckerberg ‘Saved Tens of Million$’ by Selling Facebook Stock Before Crash

Why Citi Is Suddenly Freaking Out About The Exploding LIBOR-OIS

It’s as If They Want to Lose in November… Republican Leaders to Fund Billions to Obamacare Markets in Latest Spending Bill

Russia Is Hoarding Gold At The Fastest Pace In 12 Years and dumping T-bills

Hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto are moving forward

World Bank: 140M+ Face Forced Migration Due to Climate Change                                    3/21


TWO MILLION Leave Food Stamp Rolls in Trump’s First Year — Saving Country $3 Billion Annually

Toys R Us Bankrupted by Millennials Waiting Too Long to Have Kids

Surrender to Brussels Agreed: Britain Obeys all EU Laws, no Control of Fisheries, Open Borders to 2020

National debt hits $21 trillion

Demand for superfoods continues to increase; Can production keep up?

Artificial intelligence now smarter than lawyers, better able to analyze legal contracts

Trump’s Right On Trade, Media Is Wrong

Uber CEO Halts All Autonomous Car Tests After Deadly Crash

France: Toward Total Submission to Islam, Destruction of Free Speech

Turkish Army Seizes US Weapons Left By YPG "Terrorists" In Afrin

Wastewater treatment plants may soon generate electricity for cities thanks to improved microbial fuel cells

Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As "Social Media"            3/20


Federal Reserve to raise rates

DC economy slows as federal employment shrinks

Republicans push for 'phase two' of tax cuts

Government WASTE: Grant money intended for cleaning up air pollution in Texas was used for lobbying and “social” expenses instead

Robots break new ground in construction industry

Virgil—What Would Teddy Roosevelt Do: An Anti-Trust Reckoning for the Tech Lords?

More shoppers want customer service from gadgets over humans                                 3/19


Poll: Majority Say More Important to Keep Manufacturing Jobs in U.S. Than Cheap Products

IRS Documented 1.3M Identity Thefts by Illegal Aliens; Can’t Say It Referred Any for Prosecution

Where Do Top-Earning Homeowners Live? Hint: Not in the Priciest Zip Codes

This Is What The CIA's Venture Capital Fund Is Investing In Now

U.S. Army Looking Toward Land Combat Robots in 2019

Ohio Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Classroom During Gun Control Walkout

Electronic Gulags Are Here: Left Continues Censoring Christians, Conservatives, And Common Sense

Judicial Watch Statement on the Firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe                     3/18


U.S. jobless claims fall as labor market strengthens

"They'll Only Get Bigger" - China Sends A Message With Record $900M Market-Manipulation Fine

Who Is Larry Kudlow, Trump’s Top Economic Aide?

It's Just Starting: Moody's Warns A Deluge Of Retail Bankruptcies Is Coming

Corporate Retaliation: Monsanto Is Trying to Take Down Civic Group That Warned About Health Risks of Glyphosate Herbicide

SECRET EMPIRES: Joe Biden’s Son’s Firm Struck Billion-Dollar Deal with the Chinese Government 10 Days After Biden Trip to China

Venezuela's 4,000% Hyperinflation 'Breaks' Cash-Weighing Scales

The ultimate scam: How Al Gore became the world’s first “carbon billionaire” by profiting off irrational climate fears

France Targets Apple and Google for ‘Abusive Commercial Practices’

New Orleans restaurant announces “white privilege tax” to charge white customers more money for the same food                                         3/16


Swedish Bulletproof Glass Manufacturer Receives ‘Record Order’ Amid Rising Gang Violence

WH: Kudlow Has Accepted Job as Top Economic Adviser

New Jersey's Budget Would Raise Taxes on Almost Everything

Rise of the machines: A.I. technology could soon be taking over the jobs of supermarket managers

OBR: £37 Billion Brexit ‘Divorce Bill’ Will Not Be Paid Until 2064

The Mysterious Crypto Billionaires Taking Over Puerto Rico

German Court Rejects ‘Gender-Sensitive’ Bank Forms                                                 

EU: More Censorship to "Protect" You             3/15


Small Business Optimism at Second Highest Level in US History – Best Since Reagan in 1983

Trump to Bring “Phase Two” of Tax Cuts

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin: Cryptocurrency not ideal for long-term investment

In Sweeping $43 Trillion Overhaul, China Merges Banking And Insurance Regulators

Richard Branson: A.I. certain to cause widespread job losses, pushes for “minimum basic earnings”

Bankrupt Baltimore 'Somehow' Finds Money To Fund Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants

ADHD is a FAKE disease invented by Big Pharma to drug children for profit

Google, Apple Reputations Crater in Survey of Corporate Brands

Elderly in USA to Outnumber Children for First Time

Peer review SCIENCE FAIL: Scientific discoveries suppressed due to pride of “experts” and the defense of economic status quo                     3/14


Feds Run $215 Billion Deficit in February

Eliminate State Interference To Compete With China

Trump Administration Blocks Sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to Chinese

Kevin Shipp: ‘Hillary Clinton Was And Is Running A Global Financial Criminal Syndicate’

Home Depot Pledges $50M To Train 20K Workers

Renewable energy has doubled in the U.S. in the last decade; now generating nearly one-fifth of our electricity

Banks Versus Bitcoin: Advantages Of Decentralized Financial Systems

On Watch: U.N. and Soros Corruption in Guatemala

Foreign Government Lobbying is an Abomination and Should Be Eradicated Immediately – Part 2

Report: James Clapper Was Leaking Intelligence Reports to CNN During President-Elect Trump Transition (January 2017)                                  3/13


There Is No "Free Trade" - There Is Only The 'Darwinian Game Of Trade'

Winning: Greatest Manufacturing Boom in Twenty Years

California High-Speed Rail Is A Budgetary Trainwreck As Cost Soars 20% To $77 Billion

Illinois’ regressive pension funding scheme: wealthiest school districts benefit most

Jeff Bezos Is Smiling: Regulators Approve "Limited Drone Deliveries"

Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military

NUNES: Why are 'DRUDGE REPORT' tweets censored?                                                       3/12


155,215,000: Record Number of Americans Employed

February Jobs Report Comes in Yuge: 313,000 Added

Record 1 Million Full And Part Time Jobs Added

-$35,952,800,000: U.S.-China Trade Deficit Set January Record

Republic Steel Restarting Facility, Adding 1,000+ Jobs After Steel Tariffs Signed By Trump

China Expert: Trump Must Stop Tech Co. Takeover Before Xi Gets 5G Tech-Controlling ‘Devices in Your Home, Workplace, and Car’

Cryptocurrency schemes continue to unravel as nearly half of all ICOs from last year have already tanked

Home Depot Pledges $50M To Train 20K Workers

Robots emerging as the perfect tool for dangerous underwater mining missions

Russian Billionaire: Fusion GPS Funded By George Soros & Mystery Silicon Valley Elites

“Stalinist Purge” underway in America as Marxist Left, aided by Democrat-aligned tech giants, censor nearly all opposition

The Long Walk, by An Armenian               3/10


“There’s A Mountain Of Money Waiting To Move In” – Bitcoin Venture Capitalist Says Price Could Soar To $115,000 This Year

Meet The 'Man' Who Crashed Bitcoin In 2018

NOT SO SMART: How Harvard blew a billion dollars on a Brazilian tomato plantation

Reporter "Harassed" By Police After Exposing China's "Dirty" Steel Secret

Project Veritas Action Seeks DOJ Criminal Investigation Into Bernie Sanders Campaign For Colluding With Australian Labor Party

UK: Muslim migrant teen who bombed Tube told border officials he was trained by ISIS, was admitted anyway

FBI Has Been Paying Geek Squad To Spy On Customers For Over A Decade

From Israel: Hang on to Your Hats                 3/9


-$35,952,800,000: U.S.-China Trade Deficit Set January Record

Rand Paul Adds 'Audit The Fed' Amendment To Senate Banking Bill

Report: Job Surge Surpasses Expectations

MAGAnomic Winning – U.S. Steel Announces Restart of Illinois Granite City Steel Works – 500 Immediately Recalled Jobs

European Central Bank expected to tread carefully amid mounting global insecurities

Sweden May Be Forced to Raise Taxes to Pay for Mass Migration

The US will dominate the oil industry for the next 5 years, International Energy Agency forecasts

World's Largest Crypto Exchanges Are Raking In $3M A Day

From Global Poverty to Exclusion and Despair: Reversing the Tide of War and Globalization

Male H.S. Dropouts Earned More in 1973 Than Female College Grads in 2016

FACEBOOK really is spying on you

Facebook Algorithm Change Hits Fox, Breitbart, Conservative Sites – CNN, New York Times Unaffected                                                    3/8


…U.S. Vulnerable to Chinese ‘Blackmail’ Without Domestic Steel

Ryan: Unemployment Claims at Lowest Level in 49 Years Because of Tax Reform Law

Palin: Trump Is ‘Trying to Win’ a Trade War ‘We’ve Been Fighting for Decades’

INVESTIGATION: “Trans” ideology pushed by Big Pharma and surgery companies backed by $400 million P.R. campaign

42% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved; May retire broke

Delta Loses $40M Tax Break by Revoking NRA Discount Only 13 People Used

Self-driving trucks delivering cargo in AZ

No Go Zones: Chaperone-Matching App Helps Protect Travellers from Assaults in Paris

Autonomous – and armed: U.S. Army tests self-driving “Wingman” truck to see if it can identify and shoot targets accurately                             3/7


Illegal immigrant from Mexico pleads guilty to using fake identity to steal $361,000 in government benefits

Brexit Boom: Manufacturing Set to Outpace the Rest of Economy as Exports Surge

Trump: Tariffs will ‘come off’ if Mexico, Canada sign ‘new & fair’ NAFTA deal

Lighthizer: "We Haven't Made Nafta Progress"; Loonie Tumbles

Russia’s New Super Weapons: Its High-Tech Economy Will Be Built in Peace

President Trump’s Debt Increase is Half Obama’s Debt Increase at Same Time in Their Respective Presidencies

It's Not A "Conspiracy Theory": Here's How Central Banks Actively Suppress The Price Of Gold

UK: Jihadi on benefits showed his son ISIS beheading clips and told online followers to 'Take a break, come to jihad'    

Video: CNN Attacks PJW!                                 3/6


Steven Mosher on Trade Deficit: China ‘Might as Well Have Carpet Bombed the American Heartland’

Youth Unemployment: The Middle East's Ticking Time-Bomb

New Czech PM Stands Firm Against Migrant Quotas: No Way Will Brussels Dictate Who Lives Here

A Tiny Island Nation You've Never Heard Of Has Become A Global Battleground

14 states that still haven't fully recovered from the housing crash

Lab-Grown ‘Clean’ Meat Could be on Sale by End of 2018, Says Producer

Smashing The Myth Of America's "Stingy" Welfare State

Possible weapon in a trade war: dumping U.S. debt

China’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Down 10% 

The Silicon Valley elite’s latest status symbol: Chickens  Their pampered birds wear diapers and have personal chefs — but lay the finest eggs tech money can buy                                     3/5


Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities Rise to Record $18 Trillion

Winning: American Manufacturing Fastest Rate Since 2004

Iran Bans Use Of US Dollars In Trade

L.A. Times: How Can L.A. ‘Continue to Function’ with 58,000 Homeless?

U.S. monthly inflation picks up; jobless claims at 48-year low

Drugs as edible bar codes? Big Pharma is set to make billions more off our suffering

State Department Committs $40 Million For "Information Wars"

South Africans Worry New Land Seizure Law Means Another Zimbabwe

Flu season is like Black Friday for Big Pharma: From vaccines to medication, the outbreak has business booming

New self-healing “e-skin” is malleable, recyclable, making it perfect for robotics and biomedical devices                                                       3/2


U.S. Has Record 12th Straight Year Without 3% Growth in GDP

Why Central Banks are Scared of Cryptocurrencies

Chinese manufacturing activity hits 19-month low in February

Report: Trump Admin Could Set Stage For Millions to Shed Student Loan Debt

How North Korea uses bitcoin to get around US sanctions

NSA Chief Asked About U.S. Response to Possible Cyberattack on Financial System                3/1


Consumer Confidence Soars to Highest Level Since 2000

Silicon Valley Joins War On Cash: Tim Cook Seeks "Elimination Of Money"

AMAZON Made $5.6 Billion in Profits Last Year, Paid ZERO in Federal Taxes?

Economic Recovery Reaches Main Street Payrolls

Trump Strikes "Informal" Deal For New Air Force One, Saving Taxpayers $1.4 Billion

China Cut Tax Rate To 0% To Counter American Recovery

Robots cleaning schools

Indian Banks Face Crippling Credit Crunch As PNB Scandal Worsens

Texas city fully commits to 100 percent renewable energy goal by the year 2020

Rino Mega-Donors, Koch Brothers, Prep for Pro-DACA Push: Illegals Are ‘Patriots’

Globalist Generals And MSM Trying To Save ISIS And Destroy Russia                                          2/28


Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears

Peso Pounded After Mexican Retail Sales Crash Most In 5 Years

Clean energy is now the cheapest source of electricity, according to the open market

USDA: 35,891 Retailers Engaged in Food Stamp Fraud

Cash for all: Support mounts for universal basic income

Report: UK Taxpayer Hands £6 Million a Year to Islamic Charities Working to ‘Damage our Society’

"We Don't Belong Here Anymore" - Even Landlords Are Fleeing The Bay Area                        2/27


Gaffney Warns of China Waging Financial, Cyber War on U.S.

Lockheed Martin has begun construction on the Orion crew capsule, intended to take humans to the moon, then Mars

Millions Of Working-Age Men Will Never Return To The Labor Market, Fed Say

U.S., Aus, Japan, India Mull Belt and Road Alternative...

UK: Hijabbed Muslima runs secret taxpayer-funded program to “rehabilitate” jihadi brides returning from ISIS

SILENCE! Twitter, YouTube scrubbing all content and banning all users who question the official (false) narrative on the Florida school shooting

FBI Never Contacted Google After "Professional Shooter" YouTube Threat Reported

Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training To 50 Teachers; Forced To Cap At 300 After Huge Response

Muslim Migrant Convicted of Sexually Attacking 10-Year-Old Received Asylum Status Despite Known Long Criminal History                                    2/26


This Is How Much You Must Make To Join The "Top 0.001 Percent"

DOJ: Mexican National Allegedly Led ‘Significant Drug-Trafficking Organization’ in U.S.

Pelosi Admits: ‘Yes, People Are Getting a Little More in Their Paychecks’

Scientists to Revive Dead in Robots

China's "AIG" Moment Arrives: Beijing Bails Out "Systemically Important" Anbang, Chairman Removed

U.S. Jobless Claims Near 45-Year Low

Beijing To New York In 2 Hours: Chinese Researchers Reveal Hypersonic Plane

AMAZING WISCONSIN TEEN Invents Classroom Door Stop to Prevent Killers from Entering Room – And Save Lives (VIDEO)

Voting Study Will Reveal Massive Election Fraud By Dems

Meddling globalist George Soros named as the puppet master behind student gun control push

Obama Posts Chilling Message to Teens Marching and Organizing For Gun Control ‘We’ve Been Waiting For You’

Trump Admin Considering Student Loan Bankruptcy Options

Institutional Corruption: Regulators, Big Pharma Set The Agenda for Vaccination Policies

Former insiders launch awareness campaign to warn users about the addictive dangers of Facebook and Google                                                      2/23


Spending Cuts, Not Tax Hikes, Boost Economic Growth

Why Are The Taxpayer-Funded Salaries Of A Quarter-Million Federal Employees, A State Secret?

Stock Market Ignoring “One Of The Strongest Earnings Seasons On Record”

This Is Where The Next US Debt Crisis Is Hiding

Venezuela's oil-backed cryptocurrency raised $735 million in one day, president claims

Organic family farm ruined by herbicide drift: A case study (and warning for humanity)

YouTube Apologizes For Promoting Video That Fueled "Florida Shooting Conspiracy"                2/22


Small-business confidence hits record high

Stable energy for America: Natural gas supply in the eastern U.S is growing faster than demand

The Venezuelan Socialist Collapse Explained


Customer service, retail and warehouse jobs to be obsolete: Experts predict 1 in 5 jobs will be lost to robots in the next decade

London's Property Crash Has Begun

Settlement talks have begun in opioid lawsuits against Big Pharma – over 250 cases have been brought against multiple companies

Sony Developing AI-Powered Taxi Hailing System

Trump officials move to expand non-ObamaCare insurance plans

Kim Dotcom: "Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack"                             2/21


Someone Forgot To Tell The Machines The US Markets Are Closed

Organic farming employs more workers than conventional farms and encourages community development, according to survey

Deutsche: "If Trust In Monetary And Political Stability Were Lost, People Would Turn To Cryptocurencies"

Debt Cancer: More Than 80 Percent Of American Adults Owe Somebody Else Money

No self-driving allowed: Uber wants to ban privately-owned self-driving vehicles in your city

Bitcoin Surging After Mystery Trader Buys $344 Million In Cryptocurrency

Kim Dotcom: "Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack" It was an inside job with a memory stick"

Coming to a Home Depot near you: Tesla’s “invisible” solar roof tiles and home energy storage units will become available this year

100 Chicago Professors "Propose To Exclude Viewpoints They Find Objectionable"

Lunatic climate change scientists now pushing “outlandish, scary” geoengineering schemes to “cool the planet”                                    2/20


American Small Business Workers See Historic Wage Increases Thanks to Strict Immigration Enforcement

Bitcoin hacks are funding North Korea’s nuclear missile program; Cryptos now LESS secure than conventional money

Wilbur Ross Urges ‘America First’ Tariffs on Aluminum, Steel Imports

Apartment Developer: ‘There’s An Acute Crisis Coming’ In Housing Market

Retail Apocalypse Accelerates: 200 Winn-Dixie Stores To Close As Parent Goes Bankrupt

Swan Song Of The Central Bankers, Part 4: The Folly Of 2.00% Inflation Targeting

Weekly Update: JW Sues for Unmasking Targeting Trump Team

Understanding the Russian Election Meddling Conspiracy    

When Former Spies Turn into TV 'Experts'

Falsehoods and Lies: Inciting War Is a War Crime

More melted fuel found at Fukushima 7 years later: Underwater robot captures images that prove at least some of the fuel breached the core

Energy Frequency and Vibration Part ONE        2/19


Homebuilding Permits Soar to Highest Level Since 2007

Special Investigation: The Dirty Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Billions America’s favorite investor loves monopoly, not free markets.

Monday’s Tax Receipts Would Pay for Entire Border Wall

Burger-Flipping Robot Set For Big Rollout In California

FBI too busy committing TREASON to stop the Florida shooter who was reported to the FBI months ago

Admiral Warns US Must Prepare For Possible War With China                                  2/17


…Soros Backed NGO Has Funds Frozen Amidst Sex Abuse Claims

SEC Blocks Chinese Takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange

The End Of The Petrodollar? China Unveils Oil-Futures Launch Date

China is creating a huge zone to spread its influence. Here's what it looks like

Newsbud Exclusive- The Out of Control U.S. War Industry!

Your barista is being replaced by a robot, already in use in Japan

It's Not China That Is Dumping US Treasurys, It's Japan

Obama DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife’s Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials

In 2016 Pension Funds Started Selling Market Puts, Then Last Week Everything Went Wrong

Report: Opioid Manufacturers Paid $9 Million to Groups Promoting Opioids

The EPA has a new tool for dealing with and preventing mining disasters: robots             2/16


Video: Second Shooter Reported in Florida Massacre Eyewitness says she heard shots fired down hall while talking to suspect!

Protective Life Raises Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Gives Out $1,000 Bonuses Due to Trump Tax Cut

Russian Deputy PM: Our Banks Are Ready To Turn Off SWIFT

Chinese Steel Dumping Takes Center Stage as President Trump Mulls Tariffs, Quotas

Roger Stone Disappointed With Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Written By Goldman Sachs

Trump Surprises Democrats, Supports 25 Cent Federal Gas Tax Hike

Fracking waste is radioactive and endangers human health – there is NO safe way to dispose of it

European Central Bank: EU Needs Mass-Immigration

Economic war on indie media continues as speech Nazis at Google now targeting Breitbart News’ ad revenue, just as they did with Natural News        2/15


Do Financial Markets Still Exist?

Winning: MetLife Announces $10 Million Investment in Workers Due to Tax Reform

Report: Opioid Crisis Has Cost $1 Trillion Since 2001

What's Behind Global Inflation: China Creates A Record 2.9 Trillion New Loans In One Month

Arizona Senate Passes Bill to Allow Citizens to Pay Taxes in Bitcoin

The “Gig Economy”: Global Unemployment, Low Wages, Migration and the Future Workplace

CNN Firing Dozens Ahead Of AT&T Takeover: Report

REPORT: Facebook Losing Younger Users at Rapid Pace

Bill Gates Warns Big Tech It's Inviting Govt Intervention

Trump Channels Rand Paul During Military Meetings

Free Speech And Social Engineering In The ‘Land Of The Free’                                               2/14


Reps. Jordan, Meadows on Budget Deal: ‘The Swamp Won and the American Taxpayer Lost’

Rand Paul Rips DC for ‘Wasting Money’ on ‘Ridiculous Items’

Inside Trump's $4.4 Trillion Budget: More Defense and Red Ink

BIS Publishes A "Simplified" Map Of China's Shadow Banking System

Trump is announcing a huge $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan — here's what's in it

"There's So Much Stress On Campus": Amazon Cuts 100s Of Jobs At Seattle Headquarters

Honey Bad-George: Soros Doubles Down on Anti-Brexit Cash, Promises Further £100,000

Texas Muslim applies to ISIS: “I am looking to get a position teaching English to students in the Islamic State”

Minimart Owner Convicted of $189k for Food Stamp Fraud Gets Prison Sentence               2/13


President’s $1.5T Infrastructure Plan to Shorten Permitting, Invest in Rural Areas, Train Workforce

World’s soon-to-be largest offshore wind farm just began construction, expected to deliver 4.1TWh of electricity each year

The Economist: It Appears Market Conspiracy Theorists Were Right

Video: CNN Praises Dictator’s Sister At Olympics

Jordan: ‘Big Concerns’ With Paul Ryan Over Spending Increase

Soros ‘Proud’ Of Donating $500,000 To Overturn Brexit Vote                                     2/12


Islamic Republic of Iran has used $1,700,000,000 Obama gave it to finance jihad terrorists

U.S. solar industry explained: 5 important answers about costs, tariffs and green energy

Federal Reserve: "In A Dystopian World, Bitcoin Would Dominate Payment Methods"

News Corp CEO Admits He Wants Internet Censored So News Corp Can Make More Money “The potential returns for our journalism would be far higher”

U.S. budget deal grants $1.5 billion for drug-affected babies, families

Minimum-Wage Massacre: Canadian Part-Time Jobs Crash Most In History

China's central bank releases nearly 2 trillion yuan in temporary liquidity

Following buyout by Trump critic Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, working at Whole Foods has become a REAL nightmare — literally

First robot TV news anchor takes the desk in Japan in April

REAL COLLUSION: Foreign Billionaire Soros Pumps Cash into Brexit Reversal Campaign          2/10


U.S. jobless claims drop to near 45-year low

Food Stamp Enrollment Drops by 4 Million in One Month

The Firesale Begins: China's HNA Starts Liquidating Billions In US Real Estate

COLLAPSE: Large city just days away from running out of water, turning off all water taps to residential households… massive PANIC and UNREST to follow

Tillerson on Trump’s Foreign Aid Stance: ‘This is the American People’s Money …What Are We Supporting?

If you bought Bitcoin, you may have accidentally funneled money to the CIA

US Bloodbath Batters Asia - China Markets Enter Correction, Hit 7-Month Lows

Vast Majority of Under-35 Italians Now Oppose Mass Migration

500,000 Women Forcibly Sterilized In Kenya: BLM, Women Marchers Silent

Top DOJ Official Involved In Clinton And Russia Probes Steps Down                                              2/9


Chipotle Cites Trump Tax Cuts While Announcing New Employee Bonuses

Republican Fiscal Hawks Revolt Against Budget Deal, Suspension Of Debt Ceiling

Monsanto’s Cancer Cover-Up: ‘Decades of Deceptive Tactics to Make Billions of Dollars’

Boeing's Hypersonic Strike-Aircraft Can "Buzz Around The World In 1-3 Hours"

European Central Bank Says Prepare for Hard Brexit and No ‘Transition Period’

The CDC is developing a nationwide “medical police state” program to track vaccine compliance; may lead to “medical kidnapping” of children

The Clinton Dossier Exposing the collusion between the DOJ and the Clintons.

Hungary: We Will Do Anything to Protect Our Borders

China’s Surveillance State: Henan, Xinjiang, and Beyond

UK: May government admits “significant portion” of returned ISIS jihadis free, “no longer of security concern”                                               2/8


50,000 GM Factory Workers to Get $11,750 Profit-Sharing Checks

…Poll: Americans Increasingly Support Tariffs to Protect Against Globalization

Foreign Demand Fizzles For Tailing 3Y Auction Despite Highest Yield Since 2007

+567: Stocks Closes Way Up After Wild Swings

Student-Loan Crisis Worsens; Looming Defaults Strain Govt Bailout Program

Campbell’s Soup now Making America Great Again by moving factory from Canada to the USA

Fed's QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply

“Loot to eat” the new mantra of Venezuela as socialism collapse leads to mass starvation      2/7


Early Facebook and Google employees form coalition to fight what they built

Bill Gates: The A.I. revolution may take away everyone’s job, but it’s okay because we’ll have more free time… huh?

Americans Expect Booming Economy to Continue, Says Conference Board

Google and Uber are at war over self-driving cars — and a big trial that could reshape Silicon Valley starts today

China's currency is still nowhere near overtaking the dollar

UPS, Lowe’s, Cigna, Thermo Fisher Scientific Announce Pay Raises, Bonuses Due to Trump’s Tax Cut Plan

VP Pence on Pelosi Calling $1,000 Bonuses ‘Crumbs’: ‘You Live in a Different World Than I Live in’

EXCLUSIVE Video Interview–CEO of Border Wall Construction Company:                                      2/6


Economy adds 200K jobs in January

Smart Meters could be overbilling you by a whopping 582%

Powell Takes Over as Fed Chairman With Economy Primed to Heat Up

Robot makes coffee at new cafe in Japan’s capital

Market Stumble Or Something More?- 02-02-18

Government set to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year, an 84 percent jump from last year

China Could Steer Self-Driving Cars

The DNC is reportedly 'dead broke.' The RNC has nearly $40 million.

Students Hate Quotes from Trump SOTU — Until Realizing They Are Obama’s                         2/5


Atlanta Fed Sees GDP Rocketing to 5.4% in First Quarter

India vows to eliminate use of cryptocurrencies

10 Amazing Facts About America’s Economic Recovery From Trump’s State Of The Union Address

Winning: Wages Jump to Highest Level Since 2009

VP Pence on Pelosi Calling $1,000 Bonuses ‘Crumbs’: ‘You Live in a Different World Than I Live in’

Alphabet cracks $100 billion in annual revenue as advertising soars

Michigan Awards Puppy $1,500/Month in Unemployment Payments

Chinese Stocks Tumble As Hong Kong Officials Monitor Surge In ATM Withdrawals

Amazon Patents Wristbands to Track Employee Movements

Democrats Pledge To Assassinate Republicans    2/2


…Yes, the Individual Mandate Impacted Mostly Americans Making Less Than $50k Per Year

Private payrolls jump by 234,000, blowing past expectations: ADP

Boeing Blows Away Numbers Amid Billions In Buybacks, Boosts Dow

Chinese Corporation Makes $2 Billion Bid To Beat America To 5G

Economy At Full Speed, But Driverless Trucks Coming Head On

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Britain’s Brexit Economy Going Strong

GE just signaled the next crisis and nobody’s paying attention

United Airlines Denies Passenger’s Request to Bring ‘Emotional Support Peacock’ on Flight      2/1


The Jeff Bezos Empire In One Giant Chart

Decade of Easy Cash Turns Bond Market Upside Down

China's Largest Conglomerate Is On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

NFL Lost $30 Million in Ad revenue Over Cratering TV Ratings

Buffett, Bezos and Dimon Could Mess Up the Fed’s Inflation Goal

Study finds Minority Report-style AI used by courts for the last 20 years to predict criminal repeat offenders is no more accurate than untrained people guessing

You CAN clone yourself – in about 20 years, according to Microsoft; a “robot second-self” will act as a digital extension of your consciousness

Murder Spree: ‘New Swedes’ Shoot Man, Stab Trial Witness and Wife to Death 

FEDS PROBE APPLE                                  1/31


Public Radio Admits: Trump Tax Cut Good for Middle, Low Income

Survey: 64% of Small Business Owners Believe Trump’s Policies Have Helped Their Business

Last Year The SNB Earned 32 Times More Than The 85 Swiss Private Banks

Winning: Campbell Soup Closing Toronto Factory, Shifting Production to U.S.

Illinois Unveils Another Shocker: Sell A Record $107 Billion In Debt To Fund Insolvent Pensions

Leftist Group that Blasted Trump Over DACA Gets Biggest Slice of $37 Mil HUD Grant

California Teacher Under Investigation By School Board For Degrading Military

"Even Orwell And Huxley Couldn't Imagine The Threat Posed By Facebook And Google"          1/29


Donald Trump Announces $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Pittsburgh Steel Workers Back To Work, Economy Booming!

Wall Street Whistleblower: Clinton Foundation is the 'Largest Charitable Fraud in American History'

Steven Mnuchin is trying to fix 'the first serious economic misstep by the Trump administration'

USA Heads for 3% Growth Trifecta

Home Depot Hourly Employees to Receive Up to $1,000 Bonus Due to Tax Reform

The Yuan Dynasty: China’s Bid to Replace the Dollar

Artificial Intelligence Nears the Summit of Hype in Davos

Leftist Group that Blasted Trump Over DACA Gets Biggest Slice of $37 Mil HUD Grant

Pelosi Tries to Extend $137,000 Tax Break for Two of Her Multi-Million-Dollar Homes

People walk less to shop than they did 10 years ago; statistics reveal we are shopping online instead

Globalist Elite Go to War: Regulate Social Networks to Beat New Media

LIST: Media Companies Dominate Most Polarizing Brands in America

Lack of hygiene to blame: New research suggests it was fleas and body lice on humans that caused the “black death” of 50 million Europeans in the 14th century – not rats                                1/26


The Incredible Shrinking Illinois: High Taxes And Low Economic Freedom Have Led To State Crisis

A.I. becoming a job threat to radiologists as research shows improved detection rates in X-rays

Democrat-Led Cities Have Biggest Debt

Brazil Stocks Soar To All Time High After Lula Loses Corruption Sentence Appeal

The Deep State has been built to DESTROY our liberty and CONTROL the population, as we are seeing play out in “Obamagate”

Caterpillar Dealer Sales Soar Most In 6 Years

Davos: Indian Prime Minister Says Attacks on Globalism Must Be Stopped

Mexico's Drug Cartels Steal Billions In Oil, Threaten To Collapse Nation's Refineries

Report: Soros Deploys Antifa at Davos            1/25


U.S. On Track To Unseat Saudi Arabia As No.2 Oil Producer In the World

The 'real story' behind China's growth is all about consumption, private equity chief says

Disney to Give Employees $1K Cash Bonuses and Launch $50M Education Program

The American system is not capitalism

The Fate Of The US Housing Market Is In The Hands Of Indian Real Estate Agents And Satellite Photos

“The Wall is the Wall”: Trump’s Comeback to Kelly’s Naysaying

As FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe, Court Docs Show                         1/24


IMF: Trump Tax Cut to Accelerate Growth in U.S. — and Around World

"We Can't Pretend Interest Payments Aren't Rising Anymore..."

Robot Assistant Fired After Week for Irritating, Confusing Customers

"Something Is Very Wrong With The Global Economy": Richest 1% Made 82% Of Global Wealth In 2017

Self-driving cars will leave 'THIRD of population JOBLESS'

Amazon Opens Automated Grocery Store Without Cashiers

ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!!… Kent Heckenlively, JD, 1-20-18… “President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates”

Pictures: Globalist Davos Summit Buried in Snow as Elites Gather to Discuss Global Warming


Zuckerberg seeks to redefine time

Weather Channel Founder Mocked Climate Change, RIP                                                        1/23


Trucking Companies Race to Add Capacity, Drivers as Market Heats Up

Russian Central Bank Adds a record 223 tons of gold to reserves in 2017

WEF 2018 chaired entirely by women

200 Million Investors May Have Lost Everything In Largest Ponzi Scheme In China's History

Nobel-winning economist has an idea to stop 'extremely disruptive' A.I. from harming society

California Democrats Propose Business Tax Hike To Mitigate Tax Cut's Impact

Calif AG Threatens $10k Fines For Employers Helping Feds Catch Illegals

Bipartisan Sex Harassment Bill Won't Reveal Congressmen Who Benefited from Tax-Funded Payoffs

In Shocking Interview, Macron Admits France Would Vote To Leave EU If Referendum Held

Border Wall Prototypes Thwart Commandos In Tests

Refugee Admissions Down 70 Percent in First Full Year of Trump Administration

BREAKING: Vaccine advocate threatens mass murder "SUICIDE MISSION" shooting at public autism event                                                     1/22


The Dow’s 31% gain during Trump’s first year is the best since FDR

AI robots are already creating “hellish dystopia” by stealing human jobs, professor warns

2018 Is Everything! Communist Chinese Work With Democrats To Kill American Recovery

No, Big Pharma’s drug market is not a free market; it’s a monopoly-enforced RACKET, protected by corrupt government

No Joke: Comey To Teach ‘Ethical Leadership’ College Course

China is stealing solar panel jobs from American workers – Will Trump send a tough trade message?

Now That The Government Has Shut Down, Here's What Actually "Shuts Down"                      1/20


2018 Is Everything! Communist Chinese Work With Democrats To Kill American Recovery

Trump Threatens Big Fine for Chinese Intellectual Property Theft

China's economy expands 6.9 pct in 2017, beats forecasts

Jeremy Daum on China’s Social Credit System

Amazon Unveils 20 City Finalists For HQ2, Expects To Create 50,000 Jobs In Winning City

Fiat Chrysler CEO: Moving Ram Production to Mexico Was a Mistake

Why California Has The Nation's Worst Poverty Rate

Movie Theater Attendance Hits 24-Year Low, Ticket Prices Rise Nearly 4 Percent 

Army Major: "We're Killing These Kids, We're Breaking The Army!"                                      1/19


US And China Brace For Trade War That Could Rattle Global Economy

Global Carmakers Invest at Least $90 Billion in Electric Vehicles

Apple will invest $350B in the US over the next 5 years

Apple is building a new campus and will hire 20,000 new employees

Exceptionally Critical Audit Exposes Costly Failures in DOD’s Afghanistan Reconstruction

Trump Fires Trade War Shots: "If There Is A Trade War With China, There Is"

Chinese businesses are leading, not copying, says PricewaterhouseCoopers

Why California Has the Nation’s Worst Poverty Rate

This Is How Drug Lords Make Billions Smuggling Gold To Miami

‘Son Of Blackbird’: Boeing, Lockheed Martin Racing To Build Hypersonic Plane

Is techno-farming going to replace chemical farming? Some farmers are switching from herbicides to robots for their weed problems       

Study: 90% of Network Coverage of President Trump Negative in 2017

Socialism in action: Starving Venezuelan mobs ransack food banks, slaughter grazing cattle on private farms                                  1/18


Communist Heaven: Starving Venezuelans Beat Cow To Death With Rock

Veritas Video: Twitter Employees Say ‘We Make Most of Our Money’ Selling Data from ‘Everything’ You Post — Even Private Messages

America's Fastest Spy Plane -- Hypersonic

CNN Leaps Into The Toilet: Network Aired 195 Uses of 'S***hole' on Friday

Trump Withholds $65 Million from U.N.’s Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Agency

Government Gives San Diego State Professor $430,000 to Study Latino Grocery Store Purchases

Armed Antifa Prof Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver — Before Deadly Crash!

What’s Up with Sessions?                     1/17


As Petro-Yuan Looms, Bundesbank Adds Renminbi To Currency Reserves

Cryptocurrency is now breaking the power grid of a U.S. county as electrical consumption for Bitcoin mining reaches “insane” territory

Japanese Purchases Of US Treasurys Tumble

Illinois Treasurer Shoots Self In Foot Defending Activist Social Investing

Expert creates new prototype to restore old lithium batteries to 95% of original capacity, drawing interest from major tech companies

These Are The 10 Companies That Dominate the Global Arms Trade

Judicial Watch Statement on Federal Court Order for FBI to Turn Over Comey Memos for Court Review by Next Week                                       1/16


Thanks to Tax Cuts, 90 Percent of Workers Likely to See More $$ in Paychecks by February

Fiat Chrysler to invest $1 billion in Michigan plant, add 2.5K jobs

Drowning In The Money River Why the 99% of us are falling farther behind

Surging Russian-Chinese Trade Pressures Petrodollar

Feds Collect Record Income Taxes Through December; Still Run $225 Billion Deficit

A Walmart executive who sold his first startup for $6 million, 2nd for $550 million, and 3rd for $3 billion, reveals how he became wildly successful

Local Chinese Firm to Take Over Apple’s iCloud in China

Ranked Worst for Economic Freedom: North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Congo, Eritrea, Zimbabwe


Obama IRS Scandal                                        1/14


Will The Dollar Survive The Rise Of The Yuan And The End Of The Petrodollar?

As Economy Surges, Anti-Brexit Economists Predict Disaster in Report Funded by Sadiq Khan

Mexicans Work More Hours Every Year Than Any Other Nation

Unreal: Under 7K Out of One Million Refugees Enrolled in Work Training Programs

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Killed The ‘Five-Dollar Footlong’

Walmart Raises Wages, Gives Bonuses Thanks to Tax Reform

Chinese Workers Abandon Silicon Valley for Riches Back Home

Army Finds $830 Million In "Missing" Helicopters As First Ever Audit Begins

Swedish City Sees 300 Per Cent Increase in Shootings in 2017

ICE Director: We Need a Border Wall NOW      1/12


Minimum Wage Massacre: Jack In The Box CEO Says "Just Makes Sense" To Replace Workers With Robots

More green for green power: Investors are migrating from the fossil fuel industry toward alternative energy


What Bond Boycott: Foreign Demand In 10Y Auction Soars          

China's premier says 2017 GDP growth expected around 6.9 percent

A crypto expert explains the difference between the two largest cryptocurrencies in the world: bitcoin and Ethereum

Researchers have developed “artificial muscles” with superhuman speed and strength, and the ability to self-heal                                              1/11


Utilities Coast-to-Coast Announce Customer Rate Cuts Due to Tax Reform


Toyota, Mazda to Build $1.6 billion Plant in Alabama

The Swiss National Bank Made $55 Billion In Profits Last Year, More Than Apple, JPM And Berkshire

Apple Investigated by French Government over ‘Planned Obsolescence’

Iran Sanctions Will Help China's Petro-Yuan

Optimism in job market up sharply: Gallup

Non-urgent health care services being put on hold across the UK as state-run health care nightmare edges toward collapse

Labour’s Jess Phillips Sides With Lily Allen in Defending Muslim Rape Gangs                        1/10


Unemployment Dropped in 2017 for Workers of All Educational Levels

Global Debt Hits Record $233 Trillion, Up $16Tn In 9 Months

So-called “minimum wage” for federal workers hits $100K as bloated government loots America


Health care costs skyrocket 265% in Virginia this year as Big Pharma plunders America’s “sick care” economy

Study Finds That 22 Percent Of Bitcoin Investors Are Using Debt To Fund Their Investments

Robots Have Replaced Humans In 25% Of China's Ammunition Factories

Crypto Website Changes Data -- $100 Billion in Market Value Vanishes                       1/9


1,788,000 More People Employed Since December 2016; 148,000 Jobs Added Last Month


Food Stamp Enrollment Drops by 2 Million Under Trump

196,000 Manufacturing Jobs Added in 2017

Is Ripple The Next Hot Cryptocurrency? Some Are Calling It ‘The Bitcoin That Banks Like

Americans Are Ditching These Five States In Record Numbers

Solar sector still growing: Solar power output rose 47% in the first three quarters of 2017, highlighting Trump’s support for clean power

Fake News: Blair Claims Brexit Harms Productivity, as Growth Hits Six-Year High

The "Meltdown" Story: How A Researcher Discovered The "Worst" Flaw In Intel History

The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated

Why should taxpayers keep paying the salaries of sex perverts and gropers at PBS and NPR?

How the Mainstream Media Whitewashed Al-Qaeda and the White Helmets in Syria

House Intel Committee Obtains Fusion GPS Bank Records                                               1/7

Private sector adds 250K jobs in December

Job-cut announcements lowest since 1990

Petro-Yuan Looms - How China Will Shake Up The Oil Futures Market

Britain Flirts With Joining The Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘Trade Deal’… MORE Migration, LESS Sovereignty — It’s EU-Plus!

FOMC Minutes: "Most" Back Rate Hikes, "Several" Fear Low Inflation, Financial Stability Risks

Is Ripple The Next Hot Cryptocurrency? Some Are Calling It ‘The Bitcoin That Banks Like’

Antifa Website Posts Directions for Sabotaging ATMs After Anarchists ‘Wreck’ Nearly 20 in Portland

‘Third World Conditions’: UK’s Socialised Health Service Forced to Cancel All Non-Emergency Operations                                                     1/5


China Cut Tax Rate To 0% To Counter American Recovery And Pedophile Movement Comes Out Of The Closet

Big Pharma BOOM: Drug prices SOARED in 2017 and you’ll never guess who’s getting YOUR medicine rebates

Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain But Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

More sales, fewer jobs: In 2017, Amazon laid off thousands of retail workers and replaced them with robots

Drug makeover: When a drug underperforms, Big Pharma renames it, labels it for another use and jacks up the price

The Wage-Gap Debate Is Based on Junk Science

"Everything Is Overvalued": Public Pensions Face Dangerous Dilemma In 2018

Take these steps to help protect yourself and your family from the flu this and every year — NATURALLY                             1/3      


Are The Banksters Creating Their Own Cryptocurrency Called ‘Utility Settlement Coin’?

From WWII to present day – How food and medicine got totally corrupted by Big Government, Big Ag and Big Pharma

Social Security Beneficiaries Hit Record 61,859,250

Inside Hillary Clinton's $84 Million Money-Laundering Operation

Goldman Sachs expects $5 billion hit from tax overhaul

U.S. Takes Credit for $285 Million U.N. Budget Cut

U.S. Sends Al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula Headquarters $768 Mil in Humanitarian Aid


UK NHS Patient Asks for Female Nurse for Cervical Smear, Gets Tattooed Trans Man With Stubble                                     1/2


U.S. department store stocks jump on holiday spending record

Central Bankers About to Lose Control?

Cash Might Be King, but They Don’t Care and do not accept it anymore

1,000s Of "Micro-Homes" Sprout Up All Over Bay Area To House The Growing Homeless Population

STUDY: 143 million will pay less in '18

Seven Reasons 2017 Was the Year of the Food Stamp Turnaround

This is who owns most of the world's gold

China to overtake US economy by 2032: Report

Inspector General: IRS Employees Found ‘Harassing or Abusing Taxpayers’              12/29


Half of Tax Cuts Will Go to Middle Class Americans

41 Million Americans Are Living In Poverty This Christmas

9M American Men Pushed Out of Workforce by Cheap-Labor Policies

Is Rand Paul the only U.S. Senator who opposes Big Pharma’s racketeering and price monopolies?

In Dramatic Reversal, China Gives Up On Deleveraging Pledge

Shafted: Taxpayers Foot $342,225.85 for Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Settlements

French Mayors Panic As Migrants Overwhelm Cities, Beg Macron For Help

A Review Of The Most Disturbing Events Of 2017

Why is Eric Holder so desperate to prevent Mueller from being fired? Because Holder is among those who will go to JAIL if the truth comes out                                                    12/21


Dow rises 5,000 points in a year for the first time ever

Black Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years

Middle Class to Get 23% of Tax Cuts for Individuals Under GOP Bill

Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy

Horror! Children Are Starving to Death in Venezuela and Media Ignores Story Because It's Another Socialist Failed State

Lacking any real job skills, broke millennials are now donating blood plasma as a routine source of income

Dershowitz: "Mueller Playing Into Trump's Hands, No Need To Fire"                         12/19


Jerome Corsi: Why Soros Wants Net Neutrality & Censorship

2018: The Year Central Banks Begin Buying Cryptocurrency

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

Economist: $21 Trillion Missing From Federal Budget

Moody's Considers Municipal Ratings Changes That Could Push Illinois Into Junk Territory

ECB chief Draghi speaks following monetary policy decision

Transparent citizens, negative interest rates and other crazy ideas of economic experts

Time to get CNN out of the airports        12/18


Initial Jobless Claims Crash Back To 44-Year Lows

China about to Knock Out Petrodollar by Trading Oil in Yuan

Here Is What Is In The Republicans' Final Tax Bill

U.S. jobless claims fall in latest week

Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100% of the age-eligible citizenry

Sweden Raises Retirement Age – to Cope With Immigration!

Vampires, Zombies And ‘Hooking Up’: 37 Examples Of Real College Courses That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

FACEBOOK Admits: Bad For You

Weapons Went From The CIA To ISIS In Less Than Two Months

The Deep State's Christmas Present to America: Surveillance That Never Ends               12/15


Winning:Food Stamp Program Costs Hit Seven-Year Low


American Economy at Full Capacity Under Trump

Small Business Owners' Optimism Nears Reagan-Era Record, 'Exuberant About Economy'

Economist: Days Of Dollar Dominance Are Coming To End

America's malls are rotting away

Global Negative Yielding Debt Surges To $9.7 Trillion Despite ECB's QE Taper

The Nuclear Option: NYC’s ‘Chain Migration’ Bomber Vindicates Trump

Alabama Court to Election Officials: Don’t Preserve Electronic Ballot Records            12/14


Amazon's 75,000 New Robots Are Your Answer To No Wage Inflation

Rise and Decline of the Welfare State in America

Global arms sales rise for first time since 2010

Apple, Google attend China internet conference that promotes control and censorship

AI Supercomputers Are Watching You Through Your Smartphone, Alexa and Every Other Smart Device

The CIA, Fetullah Gülen and Turkey’s Failed July 2016 Coup                           12/12


November nonfarm payrolls rise 228,000 vs. 200,000 est.

Pentagon To Undergo First Ever Audit After Decades Of Sloppy Accounting And Missing Trillions

Manufacturing Employment Up 189,000 Since Trump’s Election; Federal Government Employment Down 3,000

Hispanic unemployment rate drops to 4.7% - LOWEST in history of USA... MORE

Where The Jobs Were In November: Who's Hiring... Who Isn't

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

‘Pathetic’ – Appeaser Theresa Makes Heavy Concessions on Money, Regulatory Alignment, and the EU Court as Brexit Deal Struck      12/11


Private-sector employers added 190,000 jobs in November

Silicon Valley's 'Working Homeless' Shows How Hard Life Is In "Democrat's Paradise"

U.S. jobless claims decline for third straight week

IMF Stress Tests Find $280 Billion Black Hole In Chinese Banks' Capital

Bitcoin Juggernaut Hits New High of $15,000

De-Dollarization Continues: China, Iran To Eliminate Greenback From Bilateral Trade

Federal Reserve vice chairman declares Bitcoin a serious risk to financial stability… crypto markets PLUNGE

JFK Researcher Honored in Dallas

Expect Desperate and Insane Behavior From Government in 2018 – Part 3 (War)

Do Americans deserve to hear us, with our 50 yrs intel experience? ‒ McGovern to Binney

Judicial Watch Releases 29 Pages of FBI Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents Previously Withheld by Justice Department

Refugee Sex Attacker Compensated £110k for Staying in Prison ‘Too Long’

Study Reveals 84 Per Cent of ‘Underage’ Migrants Tested in Sweden Are Adults              12/8


Unemployment Among Migrant Crisis Arrivals is 96 Per Cent in German Region

Less Retail Jobs, More Amazon Robots: Get Used To It

Leftist Group that Gets Millions from U.S. Offers to Pay Legal Fees of Arrested Tax Reform Protestors

Second Cockroach: Canadian Mortgage Lender Crashes After Admitting Mortgage Fraud

Germany Offers Repatriation Payments for Migrants to Go Home

Dem Councilwoman Wants Bulletproof Plexiglass Ban, Represents An 'Indignity' to Minorities


Putin and Musk may be right: Industry experts say it is theoretically impossible to make sure AI won’t harm humans                          12/6


Dr. Mark Skidmore – $21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget

BREXIT BOOM: Factory Orders Hit Four-Year High, Hiring Increased to Cope with Surging Demand

Russia, China, India Unveil New Gold Trading Network

Trump’s Tax Cut – FDR Would Be Envious

Walmart Selling ‘Antifa’ Fan Gear

Special Solari Report- Bill Binney & Litigation to Hold the NSA Accountable

Skynet Looms: Breakthrough Artificial Muscle Can Lift 1000x Its Own Weight

America’s Military-Industrial Addiction

Report: FBI Went After Leaker In Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Bureau more concerned with leaking than corrupt meeting itself            12/4


12 Years Since GDP Grew 3% in 3 Straight Quarters

GREAT: GDP Revised Up to 3.3%

Want to know more about economics? Read Hazlitt, Hutt, and Rothbard

Robots could soon replace third of American workforce

Robots Coming for Jobs of 800 Million

Wall Street gains, Dow tops 24000 as tax bill gains steam

Moody's To State & Local Governments - Prepare For Climate Change Or Lose Access To Cheap Credit

Obama Vacations, Campaigning Costs Still Rolling In, More than $114 Million

Leftist Media Covers For Islamic Slave Traders Harvesting Black Africans’ Organs

NET NEUTRALITY is a total scam by liberty-crushing leftists: The real censorship of the internet is already being carried out by Google, Facebook and Twitter                       12/1


Fed nominee Jerome Powell says no more banks are 'too big to fail'

Capitalism and the Misunderstanding of Monopoly

Rothschild TRILLIONS Quantified

"Excessive Pockets Of Gluttony": Meet PA's Public Pensioners Making $500,000 A Year Courtesy Of Taxpayers

Bannon: Economic Nationalist Movement in ‘Top of the First Inning’

We Have Tripled The Number Of Store Closings From Last Year, And 20 Major Retailers Have Closed At Least 50 Stores In 2017

China Hits A Brick Wall: For First Time Ever, Record Chinese Credit Creation Fails To Stimulate Economy

Inside Pakistan’s Biggest Business Conglomerate: The Pakistani Military

Maryland Schools Forced To Cancel Baltimore Field Trips Due To "Escalating Violence"     11/29


Citi's Shocking Admission: "There Is A Growing Fear Among Central Bankers They've Lost Control"

Undercover at Amazon: Exhausted humans are inefficient so robots are taking over

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Now Worth $100 Billion

How The Deep State Squeezed America's Wealth

Can we feed the world organically? With some changes to the system, researchers say yes

Satoshi Secrets & Why Nearly 4 Million Bitcoins Are "Lost" Forever

UK PM To Keep Final Brexit Deal Secret To Avoid Political Fallout

Major climate change study just confirmed the climate was changing dramatically in the 1800s, long before the invention of the combustion engine

World's First Robot Citizen Hopes For "Harmony With Humans" In The Future Or "Civilization Collapses"                   11/27


Tech Boom Creates New Order for World Markets

A Look At Which Students Are Most Likely To Default On Their Student Debt

More older Millennials living with relatives

A Generational Reset That Will Redistribute Wealth to the Bottom 60% Is Near

Report: Migrants Make up Half of Norway Welfare Recipients

Foxconn Interns Worked Illegal 11-Hour Shifts To Meet iPhone X Demand

Vegas Shooting Victims File Lawsuits Against Mandalay Bay, Event Organizer

Documents Confirm Mass Vaccination Is Covert Medical Experimentation And Population Reduction

Deported Gangster in Murder Plot Worked in Colorado City that Wouldn’t Hire Police Chief for Backing Immigration Enforcement

Journalist Sara Carter Slams DOJ Attempt To Discredit FBI Informant And Stonewall Uranium One Investigation                      11/22


Robot doctors closer as droid passes medical exams

The Fed’s Bubblenomics

Moody's Boosts Modi: India Gets First Sovereign Credit Upgrade Since 2004

Clueless: Chancellor Says ‘No Unemployed People In UK’

$142 million dollars has been paid out to families from the secret vaccine injury fund so far in 2017  

A Wave Of Crime Is Engulfing Sweden: Fraud, Sexual Offenses Reach Record Levels

Deported Gangster in Murder Plot Worked in Colorado City that Wouldn’t Hire Police Chief for Backing Immigration Enforcement

Medical POLICE STATE: FDA approves “Big Brother” digital sensor that tracks your compliance with psychiatric medications     11/20


…China Key to Understanding Working-Class Despair, Brexit, Trump, ‘Party of Davos’

Venezuela Signs $3.2 Billion Debt Restructuring Deal With Russia

Rickards On Gold, Interest Rates, & Super-Cycles

Venezuela Goes Bust

UK Study: Migrants Comprise 8 Of 10 New Households In last 15 Years

FACT-CHECK: Shep Smith’s ‘Debunking’ of Uranium One Story Ends in Humiliation…

Mitch McConnell Calls on Roy Moore to Step Down over Allegations – But Calls for Review of Al Franken After Proven Sexual Assault

Leonardo Painting Sells For A Record $450 Million (Or 62,500 Bitcoin)

Al Franken Photographed Groping a Woman. Senator's Response: It 'Was Intended to be Funny'

Twitter Updates Terms of Service as Conservatives Purged                           11/17


Feds Collected Record Taxes in October; Still Ran $63 Billion Deficit

The Fed Issues A Subprime Warning As Household Debt Hits A New All Time High

Goldman: Automated Trucks To Cost 300k Jobs Per Year

Treasury Dept. Blows Off Order to Recoup $8.1 Mil Wasted on Parties, Gifts, Lunches

Science is kept controlled, censored through control of government research money

Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment - Here's How

Dartmouth Prof Donates Half Of Book Proceeds To Antifa                              11/15


PAPER: Turns out Trump DIDN'T ruin America's economy</