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Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it

Former CEO Explains How Chinese And Communists Can Hack Our Elections

Slide Show on 2020 Election and Voter Fraud Exposed        46   min

Absolute Must Watch! Election Fraud In Michigan Proven      13 min.

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

Albert Einstein once said "Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."

Bertrand Russell 1953; "Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."

Pope Benedict XVI Slams Eugenics & the NWO & says it is your DUTY to PROTEST   

Campaign to clean up Seattle & Washington's Water supply   11/6



Bribed: Subverting American Universities

Hayward: COVID Helps China’s Totalitarian Social Credit System Spread Worldwide

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Spent on Dominion Voting Machines in Numerous Swing States Before 2020 Election

San Antonio Food Bank Doubles Amount Of People It Serves 

Disney Cuts 28,000 Staff as Coronavirus Devastates Theme Park Business

Canada: Sanctioned Iranian bank accused of funding Hamas and Hizballah allegedly wires millions into the country

 Tom Cotton: Biden’s Pick For Homeland Security Is ‘Disqualified’ For ‘Selling Citizenship’ To Chinese Nationals

Joe Biden: Return Of The CFR

Video: COVID Cops Try To Break Into Gym As Owner Continues To Use It During Lockdown

Seattle Police Guild Prez: Police Cuts ‘Going to Spread Across the Nation’

Ukrainian-Born Incoming Republican House Rep Warns 'I Grew Up In Socialism' And 'It's Not Pretty"

Lockdowns Destroy What Makes Us Human        11/27


CDC proposes concentration camps in America, plans to invade homes and separate families

Doctor Who Demanded Mandatory Mask Law Pictured Partying Maskless on Boat Surrounded by Bikini-Clad Women

Whatever Happened to the $11 Million Given to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for COVID Relief?

Doctors Urge the CDC to Make the Public Aware of Painful Side Effects of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines

Sanctuary Outrage: Criminal Alien Arrested In Two Murders After California Released Him Repeatedly

Jobless Claims Jump For Second Consecutive Week As Lockdown Measures Increase

Apple lobbying Congress to weaken anti-forced labor bill so they can profit from China’s SLAVE labor industry

“Scientific American” Unintentionally Argues Against Lockdowns

Bars & Restaurants Shuttered By Tyrannical Edicts; Waiters and Bartenders Out of Work for Holidays

Boston Authorities Contemplate Private Property Confiscation Under Guise of COVID Compliance     11/26


CDC Control Freaks Tell Americans to Avoid Alcohol and Singing During Thanksgiving Gatherings

Lone Michigan Canvasser Holdout: ‘Whoever Threatens The Most Wins’

COVER-UP: Whitmer Admin Says 'Records Do Not Exist' Pertaining to $25 Million Dominion Contract Set Up by Democrat Official

President Trump’s Economy Continues to Break Records – DOW Passes 30,000 for First Time in History

JPMorgan Makes $1 Billion From Gold Trading After Paying $1 Billion Fine For Manipulating Gold Trading

Evolution of the Fed

"Enough is Enough": American College Student Unveils the Truth of SARS-Covid-19 – GNEWS

UK Sent £81 Million in Foreign Aid to Communist China: Report

CCP media outlet continues paying US counterparts millions to publish its propaganda

Sharyl Attkisson on Big Tech Censorship: Sheep Are Happy to Live in Artificial Reality

China Trying to Use COVID Fears to Launch Global Tracking System for Humans

YouTube Suspends Pro-Trump News Network OANN, Completely Demonetizes Channel Over COVID-19 'Cure' Video

Leading Economist Steve Moore: Paris Climate Treaty Puts America Last

'First You Blame White People, Now You Blame Us!?' Asian Parents Revolt Over End of Meritocracy in CA

Seattle Cops Leave in Droves amid City Vote to ‘Defund Police’                                                 11/25


Former Pfizer VP: ‘No need for vaccines,’ ‘the pandemic is effectively over’

Sorry, Dr. Fauci. You, too, Joe Biden: Americans refuse to cancel Thanksgiving

Pennsylvania businesses will face Thanksgiving eve alcohol sales restriction amid COVID-19 crisis

The Great Relocation: Americans Are Relocating By The Millions Because They Can Feel What Is Coming

NO VAX, NO FLY: Qantas airline to make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for international travel

Money Is Not Wealth

14 Million People Will Lose Their Unemployment Benefits, 30 Million At Risk Of Eviction On January 1

‘No Masks, All Indoors’: Award-Winning Journalist Claims 22 People Attended Newsom Dinner, Not 12, $15k Bar Bill

In U.S. cities, Election Day voters supported police oversight, but not measures to defund

British Business Facing ‘Hammer Blow’ from Boris’s Lockdown, Warns Former Tory Leader

KFC Introduces Autonomous 5G Food Trucks in China

Why Industrial Scale Fraud Is Just So Hard To Hide

China Wants to Blind the World

"Just Let Me Go" - Shanghai Airport Plunged Into Chaos After Workers Sealed In For COVID Testing 

This Thanksgiving NEVER FORGET: The So-Called Experts Were Wrong — COVID Is Still Less Lethal than the Last Three Major US Pandemics

Watch An F-35 Drop A B61 Nuclear Bomb In This First-Ever Declassified Video

The Controlled Demolition of Society            11/24


Why the Status Quo Wants Trump Out

PUPPET: China's Top Propaganda Paper Issues Orders to 'Incoming Biden Administration'

New Senate docs ‘confirm’ troubling Biden family links to China, Russia

US Urgently Needs to Challenge China's Chokehold on Rare Earth Materials

Beijing-Controlled News Outlet Paid US Newspapers Millions To Publish Propaganda This Year

State Department Says Anti-American Educators Undermine U.S. Efforts to Counter China

Does Science Really Demand that Bars and Restaurants Close?

Report: Apple Is Lobbying Congress to Weaken Bill Against Chinese Slavery

"Pandemic is Over" - Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says "Second Wave" Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests

'We Won't Survive It': Struggling Illinois Restaurant Owner Left with No Choice but To Defy COVID Orders

It begins: The Biden border surge, and too bad about the COVID lockdowns

Elon Musk’s Neuralink May Give AI The Keys To Our Brains

Labor Dept: Foreign Worker Hiring ‘Highly Susceptible to Fraud’ from Before 2003

Tax filings reveal that Biden’s cancer charity spent millions on salaries and zero on research, defrauding the public

This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation Vol. 13

100+ Antifa Rioters Vandalized Portland Buildings — No Arrests

Orwell’s 1984 is prophetic: How the leftists are trying to change and erase President Trump and history

The Election Theft Explained In 4 Minutes             11/23


Traitor John Kerry Says ‘The Great Reset’ is Needed to Stop Rise of Populism

Biden’s Radicals Reveal His Globalist Agenda

NY Times Says “Great Reset” is a “Conspiracy Theory” on Same Day World Economic Forum Celebrates It

John Hopkins Document Calls For Withholding Food and Housing and Other Services To Push COVID Vaccination. Pages vii, 17 and 20

Oregon Business Owners: State Officials Know Lockdowns Do Not Slow the Spread of The Chi-Com Virus, But They’re Doing Them Anyway

U.S. Companies with ‘Made in China’ Products, ‘Optimistic’ About Beijing Biden

Trump Announces New Measures to Lower Price of Prescription Drugs

Hungarian PM Orbán: George Soros is "One of the Most Corrupt People in the World"

Biden Transition Leader Advocated For US & Chinese Communist Party to ‘Work Together On Gene Editing’

Erin Brockovich Slams Biden’s Pick of Former DuPont Official for EPA

Dems Demand More Big Tech Censorship

Soros, Bloomberg-Funded Group Pushes Cash into Georgia Runoff

Trudeau Calls “Great Reset” a “Conspiracy Theory” Despite Previously Advocating It

State Department Says Anti-American Educators Undermine U.S. Efforts to Counter China - Washington Free Beacon

The Economics and Stockholm Syndrome of Student Loans

Portuguese Court Rules: PCR Tests Are Unreliable - It's Unlawful to Quarantine People                   11/21


CEO Dan Price GOES OFF on Pandemic Lockdowns — That Destroy Small Businesses While Profits for Global Corporations Soar

The United Nations and the Origins of "The Great Reset"

Biden’s Defense Transition Team is Bankrolled by the Military Industrial Complex

Argentina Approves "Confiscatory" Wealth Tax On Millionaires

Senate hears experts decry demonization of livesaving 'Trump drug'

New Danish Study: Face Masks Don’t Protect Against Covid

Anti-Lockdown Doctor Arrested By Police During YouTube Live Stream About Covid

Top Canadian Pathologist Tells Alberta Government COVID Is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public”

South Australia Bans Exercise, Dog-Walking During New Lockdown After Just 36 COVID Cases

New Strains Of COVID Could Render Vaccines Completely Useless, And 2 Dangerous New Strains Are Already Spreading

Bay Area Food Bank Now Serves 500k Working-Poor As Demand "Doubles"

The Dystopian "Fourth Industrial Revolution" Will Be Very Different from the First One            

 Mad Scientists Splice Human Genes Into Monkey Brains in Terrifying Planet of the Apes-Style Experiment     11/20


"No One Is Bigger Than The Party": At Crucial Juncture In US/China Relations, Xi Aims To Consolidate Power

Biden Transition Leader Advocated For US & Chinese Communist Party To ‘Work Together On Gene Editing’

Chinese-American Raytheon Engineer Sentenced To Prison For Technology Exports

EcoHealth Alliance orchestrated key scientists’ statement on “natural origin” of SARS-CoV-2

The shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains...because it contains experimental nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines before

Unelected, Self-Appointed Human Health Overlord Bill Gates Smears Alternative Social Media Platform Parler

Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public”

Cambridge virologist: Lockdowns and masks are 'greatest hoax ever'

NBC Blames Trump Backers for COVID Deaths, Tells People to Be 'Angry'

Scamdemic: Maskless Medical Officials Dined With Gruesome Newsom in Violation of the Democrat Governor’s Own Lockdown Dictates

Pennsylvania Tightens Mask Restrictions, Private Homes Included



The Individual Solution To Avoiding The Great Reset And Totalitarianism

Klaus Schwab: ‘Great Reset’ Will Lead to Transhumanism

WATCH: Rebel News Reporter Escorted From Dominion Building After Discovering That They Share Office Floor With Soros-Linked Group

Boris Johnson Should ‘Reconsider’ Huawei Ban Following Trump ‘Defeat’, Threatens Chinese Tech Giant

NASA Wants To Build A Nuclear Plant On The Moon

GOP Senator Josh Hawley Reveals Big Tech Censorship Collusion: ‘It is Time We Took Action Against These Modern Day Robber Barons!’

Business Groups Push Joe Biden to Drop Trump’s H-1B Reforms

President Trump Fires DHS Cybersecurity Chief Chris Krebs

It was all a SHAM! John Durham reportedly afraid of “blowback” from Biden admin so he’s dropping “Russiagate” probe, even when “multiple people” should be indicted for spy op against Trump

Secretive Club For Ultra-Wealthy Environmentalists Revealed

The Technocrats Behind The Great Reset

Bill Gates’s falsehood: ‘I’ve never been involved in any sort of microchip-type thing’

FBI Chief: Agency Opens Probe Tied to China ‘Nearly Every Ten Hours’

Governor Kristi Noem Fires Back at Obama’s ‘Ridiculous’ Message from his New Memoir               

All-powerful CDC calls for concentration camps in America, including the invasion of homes and neighborhoods

‘Wealthy Liberals on Either Coast’ Will Help Dems Outspend GOP in GA Races                          11/18


New conservative investment fund ‘boycotts’ companies with liberal agendas

Former ‘Dominion’ Project Manager Executed $25 Million Contract with State of Michigan While Serving as Democrat Vice Chair

Who’s World Order??

Hillary’s No. 1 Fan, Dr Fauci, Says Masks Will Still Be Necessary After COVID Vaccine

Attorney Lin Wood Lodges Lawsuit Seeking To Block Certification Of Georgia Election Results

PROFITS OVER PEOPLE: California hospitals refused coronavirus patient transfers for financial reasons

Rioter Who Punched Out Trump Supporter In Viral Video Is Registered Child Sex Offender

HERE WE GO: U.N. Announces End To Coal Power In Global Reset World

‘If You Have To Sleep With Her, Do It’: A Hunter Biden-Linked Firm’s Pursuit Of Russian Money

Trump COVID-19 adviser Scott Atlas urges Michigan to ‘rise up’ against Whitmer’s new restrictions

Rival House Candidates Both Attend New Member Orientation After Republican Declares Victory

$18 billion COVID vaccine gold rush threatens horseshoe crabs, ocean ecosystem

Get ready for the "Work From Home" Tax           11/17


MILLION MAGA MARCH: Massive Crowd Of Americans Descend On The DC Swamp To Show Their Support For President Trump and Stand Against Election Fraud

Report: More than 300,000 people have fled NYC amid crime and COVID

Despotic Democrat Dictator Jay Inslee Announces New Dictates to Drive More Businesses Towards Bankruptcy

U.N. Chief Guterres Demands End to Coal-Fired Power in a Reset World

Chinese dragon will use trade deal to tighten grip on Southeast Asia

Biden pledges to increase refugee numbers by 800%

U.N. Agency Warns 2021 Will Be Worse than 2020 (Unless It Gets $15 Billion in Cash)

Minneapolis Council Spending $500K to Recruit "Temporary Officers" Following Exodus of Police

Britain: Two-Stepping Toward Totalitarianism

Justin Trudeau's COVID-19 detention centres: What you need to know

Canadian government publishes bid request for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” needed “in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19”

Confirmed: Biden Cancer Initiative Spent on Salaries — and Little Else

Biden says advocate of federal ‘hate speech’ law would oversee government media transition

NBC: Bill Gates-Funded Group Replaced Veteran Poll Workers with High School Students

CNN: Parler Is A 'Threat To Democracy' And Is 'Bad For The Country' - News Punch

Sunken boats. Stolen gear. Fishermen are prey as China conquers a strategic sea                                            11/16


A Biden Presidency Would Be A Dream Scenario For Our Corporate Overlords

China Squashes a Giant Ant and Nukes Its Financial System

Dominion Voting Systems Shares Floor Space With Soros Group, Partnered With Soros’ Friend

This is the company that makes the Dominion voting machines.

Dominion Voting Systems Suspected of ‘Artificially Inflated’ Biden Votes in Georgia

"Great Reset" Of Capitalism A Threat To Our Way Of Life: Australian Senator

Fox Corporation shares down 12% since Election Day, 6% yesterday alone, since hopping on the 'Biden elected' media bandwagon

Time To Go All-In The "Big Short 3.0"? 80% Of New York Hotels On Verge Of Default

China Lavishes Praise on Americans Who Voted For Biden

Potential Biden Cabinet Pick A Frequent Guest On Chinese Propaganda Outlets

Why the Muslim Brotherhood Came Out of Its Hole

After vowing to defund, dismantle Minneapolis police dept., city low on officers amid crime surge

FLASHBACK: US Postal Service Confirmed Photographing Every Piece of Mail in 2013 – Can This Detect Potential Ballot Fraud?

College may ax science, economics majors — but keep ones focused on sexuality, gender, ethnic studies

Gov. Newsom Caught Partying While Telling California To Restrict Family Thanksgiving Celebrations

Wisconsin Supreme Court Tosses Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order                                     11/14


Trump Attorney Lin Wood: Chinese Communists Used Computer Fraud and Mail Ballot Fraud to Interfere with Our National Election

Democrats LIED About Atlanta Water Main Break to Delay Georgia Ballot Counting

Judge Rules Pennsylvania Ballots Without Proof of Voter ID Can’t be Counted

HUGE! Lin Wood on Howie Carr: “Joe Biden and the People Like Him Who Have Been Trying to Steal This Election – Will All Go to Jail” (VIDEO)

More Than 10,000 Dead People Cast Ballots in Michigan, Analysis Shows

BREAKING: Project Veritas: USPS Whistleblower in Philly Suburb Details Orders to Stop Delivering Trump and Republican Mailings (VIDEO)

President Trump Signs Executive Order Blocking Investment in Businesses Benefiting Chi-Com Military

U.S. Signs Off on $22.4 Billion Weapons Sale to UAE

Biden’s Pentagon Transition Team Members Funded by the Arms Industry

Ilhan Omar Has Paid Her Husband’s Firm $2.8M Since 2019

MD School District to Spend Over $450,000 on ‘Anti-Racist Audit’                                      11/13


Biden 'Science' Advisor Calls For 4-6 Week Nationwide Lockdown To Avoid "COVID Hell"

Gingrich Says Election "A Left-Wing Power Grab Financed by People Like George Soros"

Martin Armstrong Warns Cashless World Signals Global End To Privacy

Biden’s ‘Coronavirus Task Force’ Is a Rockefeller and Gates Foundation Swamp

Trump just learned that cozying up to Big Pharma always leads to betrayal

Big City Exodus: Rents of Single-Family Houses Rise Across the US -

Georgia’s Numbers Are Statistically Impossible. LOOK:

Examining the code, internet geeks conclude 'Trump's win was yuuuge'

Democrat Illinois Governor J.B. Prickster Parties with Biden Election Crowd Despite Calling for State to Lockdown

Marxist Black Lives Matter: We ‘Invested Heavily In This Election’ And ‘We Want Something For Our Vote’

$61 Million Of Meth Seized At Texas Border Crossings Amid Cartel Crime Wave         

Trump's Pennsylvania complaint is brilliant           11/12


UNBELIEVABLE: George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines

GRASSLEY: Biden Family Acted as Chinese Foreign Agents in Corrupt Business Deal

Globalist Klaus Schwab: World Will "Never" Return To Normal After COVID

BREAKING: James O’Keefe releases audio of federal agent “twisting” PA whistleblower over USPS

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Open Records Request Finds NO INVOICES OR WORK ORDERS on Reported Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta — Here’s What We Found

Bill Gates-Funded 'Child Labor Is Good' Article Triggers Internet Outrage

Apple, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, and Dell Sued Over Child Labor Deaths at Cobalt Mines in Congo

Climate change is ‘area for investors to watch’ – CNBC Touts ‘investment opportunities to consider after Biden’s election win’

SCIENCE FRAUD: Covid-19 vaccines were manufactured and stockpiled by the military long before they were tested and “approved”

Dr. Mercola: How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System

Deutsche Bank Returns With Updated Primer On Global Race For COVID-19 Vaccine                                   11/11


China, George Soros and Bill Gates plot to dictate science and worldwide drug distribution, while exploiting U.S. hospitals and taking advantage of Americans

September/October 2020: Injured Kids, Society Costs

EU To Slap Boeing And Other US Goods With $4 Billion In Tariffs

China State Media Chief Celebrates Biden 'Victory', Says It Makes The CCP A Winner

A Trucker Strike In November Could Be Another Nail In The Supply Chain Coffin

Pennsylvania poll watcher: 'We literally had no input and no ability to watch anything'

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden

CNN’s Fake Jake Tapper Warns the Public That They Might Lose Their Jobs Unless They Accept Biden Victory

Investigators Deployed After Fulton County Discovers ‘Issue’ With Ballot Reporting


A Biden Presidency Would Mean Your Tax Dollars Going to the Palestinian Jihad

WHISTLEBLOWER: Vegas Election Bosses Let Voters w/o IDs Use DMV Appointment as Proof                11/10


James O’Keefe Releases Video Exposing Ballot Destruction in Pennsylvania, Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter

Better Than Expected: U.S. Economy Added 638,000 Jobs In October

President Trump fires back after media declare Joe Biden the president-elect: 'Far from over'

Mathematical impossibilities may be what trips up Democrat plans

Man Whose Pro-Gun Speech Went Viral Will Become First Black Lieutenant Governor of NC

Georgia Counties Using Same Software as Michigan Counties Also Encounter ‘Glitch’ That Flipped Trump Ballots for Biden

WATCH: Black Lives Matter Crashes Biden Celebration, Say Democrats Who Won’t Raise Their Fists Are ‘Just as Racist’ as ‘Police Killing Black People’

Largest State-Run Chinese Newspaper Laughs At Trump In First Reaction To Biden ‘Win’

Chinese Propagandists Bolster Biden

McCarthy: ‘Every Democrat That Lost … Lost to a Woman, a Minority or a Veteran Republican’

Man One Ups Tesla By Inventing An Electric System That Charges Itself

You Can Now Pay $125,000 A Ticket For An Underwater Expedition To The Titanic

Trudeau gov’t looking to create military propaganda organization to ‘influence’ how Canadians think

NHS Nurse Publicly Resigns, Blasts COVID Lockdown Policy



Michigan County Flips from Beijing Biden to President Trump After ‘Glitch’ Fixed . . . 12,000 Vote Swing in County With Only 17,000 Voters

The Democrat Communists Have Placed the American People Into a Orchestrated “Color Revolution”

Number of People Working for Government Down 268,000 in October

26-Year-Old Paid Thousands To Bail 500 Activists Out Of Jail. But The Money May Have Actually Come From Third-Richest Man In World

I SEE DEAD PEOPLE: At Least 21,000 Dead People On Pennsylvania Voter Rolls - Lawsuit

WOW! They Want You to Believe This! — Biden Gained Over 1 Million Votes in Pennsylvania SINCE THE MORNING AFTER THE ELECTION!

Pennsylvania House Speaker seeks 'full audit' of election returns before certification

BET's Billionaire Founder Says Black People Get "Minimal Return" By Voting For Democrats

Tony Blair Urges Vaccine Giant To Deploy ‘40% Effective’ Coronavirus Jab

Last Minute Election Rule Changes Raise Big Questions

New ‘Mask Up MN’ Website Exposes Scamdemic

Biological Warfare: China Already Collects DNA Profiles Of Americans

America’s Blue States Are Banana Republics     11/7


‘I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing – This Is A Coup’ – Registered Democrat And Poll Watcher Claims Corruption At Philly Vote Counting Center

US Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Tumbles Below 7% As Private Payrolls Smash Expectations

Jobless Claims Dip To 751,000, Lowest Since March

Bitcoin Surges Past $15,000, Hitting Its Highest Level Since January 2018

Update: The Feds Just Seized Silk Road’s $1 Billion Stash Of Bitcoin

BET Co-Founder: Another Trump Term Good For Black Americans

Facebook Shuts Down “Stop the Steal” Group With 365,000 Members Monitoring Election

President Trump’s Diverse Coalition Buried Obama’s Race-Baiting Politics

Republican women gain 13 seats in Congress

Sen. Tom Cotton Shreds the Establishment Media After Disastrous Election Predictions in Takedown of NYT Writer

SHOCK: Solemn MSNBC Hack Nicolle Wallace Admits: We Were Seriously Out of Touch With Voters on Chi-Com Virus Lockdowns [VIDEO]

Democrat Party devolves into 'dumpster fire'

Voters Crush Progressive Ballot Initiatives Across the Country

Chinese Revelers Party In Wuhan Nightclub While Europe Enters Second Lockdown                                 11/6


Watch 2016 video: World Economic Forum’s utopian Great Reset vision of 2030 – ‘You’ll own, and you’ll be happy’ – ‘Whatever you want you’ll rent & it’ll be delivered by drone’ – Meat ‘will be occasional treat’

BREAKING: Project Veritas – Michigan USPS Whistleblower Details Directive From Superiors to Back-Date Late Mail-in Ballots as Received Nov 3rd So They Are Accepted (VIDEO)

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit to Separate Late-Arriving Ballots in Georgia

Midwestern States Thrive With Fewer Virus Rules As Second Wave Arrives

ADP: More Than 400,000 New Jobs Created in October - The New American

Despite Its Five Felony Counts, the Federal Reserve Has Entrusted $2 Trillion in Bonds to JPMorgan Chase

SciFi or real life? Massive 5G-beaming drones set to take over world’s skies

The Economist failed to disclose lucrative Huawei ties, even as it defended the Chinese tech giant

Companies Join Exodus To Suburbs As Cities Transform Into "Ghost Towns"

We’re watching you: UK traffic flow cameras secretly switched to monitor pedestrians

Conservative, Pro-Life Women Make Big Gains in House Races                                                                11/5


Manufacturing Orders Jump Highest in 17 Years – 3.4 Percent Higher Than Pre-Pandemic Levels

New Data Shows A V-Shaped Pandemic Recovery Underway That Biden’s Plans Would End

Son of Satan: Nazi Collaborator George Soros’ Son is One of Beijing Biden’s Top Fundraisers

Federal Reserve Says China’s Economic Numbers Just As Garbage As Their COVID Data

Carney: September China Trade Deficit Falls To Lowest In 8 Years

Bloomberg Lost $100M In Florida Attacking Trump

U.S. Formally Withdraws From Paris Climate Accord

Cash Bail Set at $2 Million for 17-Year-Old American Hero Kyle Rittenhouse

Hunter E-Mails Request ‘Formal Meetings With Dad’ To Secure Billion-Dollar Deals

Fed Judge Smacks Down Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Made-Up Dictatorial Powers         11/4


BREAKING: Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America

Trump Recovery: U.S. Manufacturing Activity Accelerated Again in October

Flight from the Cities: Single Family Home Construction Spending Soared September

Iran's Mullahs are in Turmoil Thanks to America's Current Policy

Michigan Governor Orders Restaurants To Collect Names And Phone Numbers Of All Patrons

Carney: 7 Winning Policies That Trump Deployed to Revive U.S. Manufacturing

Twitter Designates 7 Corporate Media Outlets to Call Election Results

Businesses Around the Country Board Up Windows in Calm Before Election Storm

“Whosever Got the Guns, Wins” – ELECTION NIGHT COUP D’ETAT: Radical Leftist Groups Plot Siege of White House and Takeover of Major US Cities Beginning Tuesday

Nearly 99% of College Board employees' political donations go to Democrat                                    11/3


The World Bank Throws Full Weight Behind The Great Reset

THE MASK IS OFF: Kamala Harris Endorses Communism Two Days Out From Election Day (VIDEO)

Hunter Biden, In His Own Words, Describes Trading Access To White House For Burisma Funding

Joe Biden Plan Will Let Europe Decide Whether U.S. Puts Tariffs on China

WATCH: Rudy Giuliani explains how Biden family got rich off China

Democrats In Crisis As ‘Joe Biden Corruption’ Begins Trending on Google Days Before Election

Facebook’s Use Of Chinese Censors Borders On Treason

From East Coast to West Coast, Businesses Are Boarding Up for Election Night Chaos

Stevie Wonder Demands Reparations While Performing At Biden Rally in Detroit

Same FBI That Sat on Hunter Biden’s Laptop for a Year is Investigating the ‘Trump Train’ in Texas

Canada: Trudeau government grants exemption to sell drone technology to Turkey

The Autocratic Future of the United States?

Europe Locks Down While the U.S. Opens Up

UN Pushes Universal Health Care To Fight COVID-19

NY Gov. Cuomo's Excuses for COVID Nursing Home Deaths Debunked                     11/2


Economic Bounce-Back Smashes Expectations, GDP Growth Sets All-Time Record with 33.1 percent in the third quarter

The World Bank Throws Full Weight Behind The Great Reset

It's Still the Economy, Stupid

DoubleLine: Digital Currencies Will End The Dollar's Status As The World's Reserve Currency

Leaked Audio of Hunter Biden Confirms He Colluded With ‘Spy Chief of China’

Biden Center Received $22 MILLION in Donations From Unidentified Chinese Donor

NY Post’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Hunter Biden Email 100% Authentic, Forensic Analysis Concludes

TREASON: Joe Biden sold his office to communist China for cash

Chinese Energy Company Indicted for Allegedly Stealing US Trade Secrets

Is China Running Big Tech In America?

Twitter CEO Explains Why Trump's Tweets Are Labeled, While Communists & Dictators Get a Pass

43 Organizations Ask European Commission Officials to Stop 5G Deployment and Offer Safer Tech Instead

Trump Administration Notifies Congress of Planned F-35 Sale to UAE

EXCLUSIVE: Brown University employees donated $215K to Democrats, just $2,000 to GOP

Estimated $14B 2020 Election Cost Sets Record

VOTER FRAUD: U.S. Postal Worker Charged with Illegally Dumping Absentee Ballots in Kentucky

Democrat Senator Attacks Barrett: ‘Originalism is Racist. Originalism is Sexist. Originalism is Homophobic.’

UOregon announces new $11 million anti-racist center

Turkish Lira Plunging Amid Arab World’s Boycott on Erdogan’s Economy

Walter Wallace, Killed in Philadelphia Police Shooting, Was Convicted Repeat Violent Felon Awaiting Trial on Terroristic Threats

Philadelphia Looter Loses Her Sh*t After Finding Her Car Looted By Other Looters                              10/30


Record Recovery: U.S. GDP Grew 33.1% in Third Quarter After Lockdowns Lifted

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Tells Viewers a Package with Biden Documents Sent By Producer from NY to LA Was Tampered with and Contents Went Missing (VIDEO)

Nazi Collaborator George Soros is Desperately Throwing Money at Minority Voters to Get them to Vote Democrat

China Moves Forward With Digital Currency Plans

Hunter’s Former Business Partner Says Joe Biden Is ‘Compromised’ By Communist China

Technocracy Vs. The Republic: The Fight For Our Future

Wall Street Invests Over $74 Million in Beijing Biden, Topping Donations to President Trump

Mercola: How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged

45 Missing Children ‘Rescued From Evil’ in Human Trafficking Bust in Ohio- 179 Arrested

WATCH: Seattle City Council Pushes For Poverty, Drug Addiction To Be A Legal Defense For Criminals (VIDEO)

Communist “Equality” Pusher Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortex Appears in ‘Vanity Fair’ in Outfits Worth $14,000 to Curse President Trump Out

54% of Voters Say Joe Biden Was Likely in on Hunter’s Business Deals, Even Though Nets Have Refused to Report Scandal

Murder Rates Remain Sharply Up In U.S. Cities After Months Of Lockdowns, Unrest                                10/29


Hunter Biden Email Reveals ‘Wiring Instructions’ For ‘Spy Chief of China’ Patrick Ho #LaptopFromHell

BIDEN: 'I'll Collaborate with China If Elected'

"You All Think I'm Kidding, Don't You?": Joe Biden Calls Himself Kamala Harris' RUNNING MATE

A New World Monetary Order Is Coming

Durable Goods Orders Rise Much Higher Than Expected

CCP takes advantage of Hunter Biden firm to take control over major swaths of American real estate

Facebook, Google spent $700 million to “buy off the press”

Chicago On Verge Of Credit Downgrade As Mayor Lightfoot Suggests Novel Idea Of Raising Taxes

Video: 'Ballot chaser' caught bribing and changing votes 'If I go to prison, I do not look cute in stripes'

WATCH: Looters Pillage Philly Walmart — Steal Big-Screen TVs

EXC: Joe Biden’s Texts to Hunter Show Ex-VP Had “No Hesitancy” in Helping Son Get $1M From Chinese Communist-Linked Business Partner

REPORT: Attempted Crossings WAY DOWN Along New Border Wall in Ariz.

PREDICTION: Joe Biden Would Manage COVID-19 in One of Two Ways — Both Should Infuriate You

Guardians of the Swamp: Angry and shockingly dishonest 'journalists' destroying America

Must Be A Sign: Biden Placard Falls During Campaign Event - AGAIN!                                        10/28


Aozora Bank first in Japan to go cashless at all branches

Democrats In Crisis As Trump’s Job Approval Among Black Voters Surges To 46% In Latest Poll

Jobs, Housing Show Recovery Continues

Shanghai spending big to build the new ‘Silicon Valley’

Sen. Ron Johnson: Biden 'Lying' About His Son Not Making Money in China

Nikki Haley: Trump withheld a billion dollars in military aid to Pakistan because it harbors jihad terrorists

Massive meth, fentanyl lab and other facilities raided by Mexican authorities

Brave New Normal: Turning The World Into A Covid-Cult

New York Post Endorses Donald Trump: ‘Make America Great Again, Again’

O’Keefe Strikes Again! Georgia Dem Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff Keeps Progressive Values ‘Low Key’ to Sway Georgia “Rednecks” (VIDEO)

Are Recent Reports of COVID Surges an Attempt to Suppress In-Person Voting?       YES OF COURSE IT IS

‘Horribly Tone Deaf’: Schumer Laments Veteran’s Suicide From Poverty While Dems Accused of Blocking Coronavirus Relief

Stopping 5G rollout will protect the public from harmful radiation that can cause CANCER and DNA DAMAGE

China imposes limits on 6 more US-based news organisations

BLM Invades Affluent Portland Suburb, Demand Allegiance From Shoppers And Diners

Democrats garner 97 percent of North Carolina college faculty political contributions                               10/27


World Economic Forum: By 2030 'You Will Own Nothing' (New World Order Detailed)

Insider Docs: Hunter Biden Associates Helped Chinese Military Contractor Buy Michigan Manufacturer

FBI Agents So Worried About Russia Hoax They Purchased Liability Insurance

Hudson: Trump Presided Over Largest Manufacturing Boom in First Term Since 1970s

$19 Billion Wasted in Failed Afghanistan Nation-Building Efforts, Report Shows

Larry C. Johnson: Joe Biden – The Art of the Steal and China Deal

GoFundMe Removes Fundraiser For Right Wing Activist Who Got His Front Teeth Knocked Out By Antifa

Trump KAG: USA Net Exporter of Natural Gas & Crude Oil for First Time in More than Fifty Years

Luxury retailers in NYC's trendy SoHo district looted by BLM rioters, owners threatened to keep quiet or be accused of “racism”

REMINDER: Joe Biden Backs Surgeries Transgender Children as Young as 8                                             10/26


Experts: US GDP To Show Massive Growth Not Seen in Decades Just in Time for Election

Coming soon, food desert: BLM shakes down Seattle Trader Joe's for a 15% cut

BREAKING: War Room Releases Email on CCP “Loans” To Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin Worth Millions — Hid From IRS and SEC?

HUGE: New Hunter Biden Emails Suggest Obama Was In On ‘Outrageous’ Biden Family Business Deals

Hunter Biden-linked companies took millions in bailout loans, taxpayer funds

Report: Biden Family Business Venture with Chinese Company Listed Kamala Harris as 'Key Contact'

New Jersey Mayor Caught Opening Food Boxes For The Poor, Replacing Trump Letter With His Own

Insider Economist Reveals COVID-19 Cashless Society Takeover Plan

China's Elite-Capture Strategy & The Bidens

“Uh, Why Would You Do That?” – Joe Biden Shocks Liberal Moderator, Says He Will Shut Down Oil Industry (VIDEO)

Sen. Ted Cruz: Big Tech Interfering in the Election by Blocking Story on Hunter Biden

Fauci Floats Masks And Social Distancing Into 2022, Even With Vaccine

How to Steal an Election - Part III               10/25


Beijing Biden Claims During Debate Corrupt Son Hunter Never Profited From Slimy Chi-Com Deals, Records Say Otherwise

Former Hunter Biden Business Associate Details Insider Dealings, Corruption in Press Conference

Insiders Spill the Beans on Dirty Trick the FBI & DOJ Employed to Rig the Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation

Biden Whistleblower Emails: Chinese Energy Company Gave $5M Non-Secured, Forgivable Loan to Biden ‘Family’

Debate: Beijing Biden Blames GOP For Failed COVID Relief Bills As Democrats Keep Stonewalling Over Pet Projects

Ireland To Impose 6-Week National Lockdown, Estimates 150,000 Job Losse

A wave of evictions is set to sweep across the country as COVID-19 reprieve expires

Exclusive–CL Gray, MD. Robert Campbell, MD: President Trump’s Revolutionary Plan for Fixing American Healthcare

Communist Democrat Congressional Candidate Cori Bush Calls to Defund the Pentagon and Make America Defenseless

Facebook, Twitter CEOs Zuckerberg, Dorsey Subpoenaed to Testify by GOP Senators

Democratic Senate Candidate in Iowa Accused of Breaking Campaign Finance Rules — Charged with Breaking FEC Rules (VIDEO)                                      10/23


Behind Hunter’s Crimes: The Chinese & US Mafia Wars

Big Tech Burned by Biden Blunder

DOJ Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

Report: Sex Scandal Rocks L.A. Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti, Laughed After Witnessing Misconduct, Failed To Take Action

California Democrats Declare War On Thanksgiving, Imposes INSANE Orwellian Restrictions On Families

Gretchen Whitmer admits it: No release from lockdown without a vote for Joe Biden

Secretary of Ed. Betsy DeVos: Families, Not Government, Are The Heart Of American Education            10/20


Bombshell: Hunter Biden sought to use family name, connections to cash in big with Chinese firms, emails reveal

Miracle: Flue Has Disappeared from Northern Hemisphere

Grieving New York Families Hold ‘Funeral’ for Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus Book at Nursing Home

Je Suis Samuel’: French rally by THOUSANDS after Islamic immigrant BEHEADS history teacher; NYT

Which Is Worse: King George III's Stamp Act or Bill Gates III's Digital Certificates? -

Story Behind Hunter’s Laptop Debunks Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory

Uncle of Children Sick From Verizon 5G Tower Next to Home Fights Back

Student government impeaches pro-Trump Latina student senator who opposes illegal immigration

Smoothie Robot In Walmart Signals Continued Rise Of Automated Fast Food Workers

What Border Crisis? Largest U.S. meth bust in DEA history worth $18.5M

Dr. Fauci Suggests Americans Might Have To Rethink Thanksgiving Gatherings Due To Coronavirus

They Will Learn to Love Their Servitude             10/19


Kevin Shipp - AG Barr Fired After Trump Landslide Win   

TAMPERING WITH REALITY: Facebook "Fact Check" cites USA Today hit piece on Veritas        5    min.

Banking Insider Exposes Covid-19 Mark of the Beast Rollout                 53    min.               10/18

Latest Cache Of Emails Detail How Hunter Biden Earned Millions In China "For Introductions"

Emails Reveal How Hunter Biden Tried to Cash in Big on Behalf of Biden Crime Family With Chi-Com Firm

Democrat-Run Massachusetts City Uses Taxpayer Money to Fund Sickening Anti-Police “Black Lives Matter” Mural Dripping With Blood and Skulls

New Jersey Gym Owner Says Gov. Murphy ‘Abusing’ Power, Trying To Seize Nearly $260G Worth Of His Assets

Fraudsters Steal $15 Million From American Businesses Through a Coordinated Business Email Compromise Scam

“The Bidens Got Rich While Americans Got Robbed” Says President Trump

Weekly Jobless Claims Remain Under 1M But Slightly Increase To 898,000

Facebook Director Admits They Are Deliberately ‘Reducing Distribution’ of Biden Story

Democrat Ilhan Omar Funnels 70 Percent of Campaign Expenditures to Husband’s Company

Study: Over 40% of 200,000,000 Muslim Arab youths want to migrate to the West

Democratic Operative Threatens Violence            10/16


World Economic Forum Calls For Death of ‘Old’ Capitalism and ‘Great Reset’ of Global Societies

Media vs. the People: The War over Pedophilia

UK Paves Way For Smart Meters To Directly Control Home Appliances

Bill Gates slated to rake in windfall profits from coronavirus vaccines

Wells Fargo Fires Over 100 Employees For Illegally Pocketing Virus Relief Funds

Wisconsin Tavern Assoc. Sue Democrat Governor Tony Evers for Defying Supreme Court Order on Lockdowns

Despotic Democrat WA Governor Jay Inslee ‘EARNS’ Fifth Straight “F” for Financial-Economic Performance

Ice Cube: Trump Implemented Part of My Contract with Black America, Democrats Blew Me Off

‘Clean Energy’ Is Dirtier, More Expensive And Destructive Of The Environment

California U. Spends $800,000 Trying To Shut Down Satirical Student Newspaper, Fails

What Happened to the Riots?                      10/15


IMF: US Economy Recovers Stronger Than Anticipated in 2020

Bill Gates Wants To Destroy US Economy To Bring On Great Reset

Nearly 60% Of Likely Voters — Including 70% Of Undecideds — Believe U.S. Shouldn’t Lock Down Again

Small Business Optimism Soars To Prepandemic Levels

Joe Biden Tells 56% of Americans Who Say They Are Better Off Under Trump: “Maybe You Shouldn’t Vote for Me”

IRS Colluded With Clinton Foundation to Cheat Taxpayers Out of $2.5 Billion

Why Did Leon Black Pay Jeffrey Epstein $50 Million?

Pelosi Loses It During CNN Interview on Coronavirus Relief

McConnell Says Senate Will Vote On “New Funding” For PPP; Democrats Turn On Pelosi For Refusing $1.8 Trillion From Trump

Homeland Security gives millions to groups claiming to fight against "right-wing extremism"

Nolte: Biden Family Corruption Spreads Into Coronavirus Response

Airlines Test 'Proof-of-Immunity' Technology, Privacy Watchdogs Call It 'Troubling'

Federal Judge Orders City Of L.A. To Pay NRA $150,000 After Retaliation Against Contractors With Ties To Gun Group

California Funnels $35 Million In Taxpayer Dollars To 'Team Biden' Voter Turnout Campaign                10/14


EXPLOSIVE: CIA Whistleblower Claims to Have Documented Proof Biden Sent $152 Billion to Iran in Coverup for Deaths of SEAL Team 6

Top Maxine Waters Staffer Lobbied For Chinese Communist Party Military

Joe Quotes Chinese Communist Leader Mao Zedong — Again

Julie Kelly: Is Big Tech Breaking Campaign Finance Laws?

DARPA funded implantable biochip can potentially be used to deploy Moderna’s mRNA vaccine

Will the Trump Administration Finally Seize a Golden Opportunity to Punish Clinton Charity Fraudsters?

Australian Media Finally Calls Out Davos "Great Reset" Agenda

Backflip: W.H.O. Condemns Coronavirus Lockdowns, Just ‘Doubling’ Global Poverty

NASA Advances Plan To Commercialize International Space Station…

New Photographic Evidence Shows BLM Martyr Breonna Taylor was a Drug-Dealing, Gun-Brandishing Thug

Another young Republican has another phenomenal campaign video                             10/13


Blame the Democrats: Why Disney World is Open in Florida But Disneyland is Closed in California

Democrats want you to pay the media’s bills

Someone Tell the Radical Democrats: WHO Backflips on Lockdowns after Global Economy Decimated and World’s Poor are Starving

Working From Home is Taking Its Toll on Employees — 70% Want to Return to the Office

Gordon Chang: Thanks To Trump, China’s Huawei Is Dying

Pelosi & husband invest up to $1 million in CrowdStrike, tech firm that launched Russiagate – report

ChiCom government said to be funneling money to left-wing anarchists burning and looting American cities

Cultural Marxism’s Origins: How the Disciples of an Obscure Italian Linguist Subverted America

175 Doctors Sound Off on the Medical Decision to Cancel the Second Debate and It’s Bad News for Biden

91% Of U.S. Gulf Crude Oil Production Remains Shut

U.S. Box Office Expected To Plunge By 81% In 2020

California Legislature Rejects Radical Climate Bill, Governor Does It Anyway Via Executive Order

That’s Weird… Suspect in Whitmer Plot Was Pardoned by Democrat Governor of Delaware Last Year

DACA May Help Illegal “Dreamers,” But Illegal Immigration Hurts U.S. Workers, Taxpayers, and Wages

Facebook Responsible For 94% Of 69 Million Child Sex Abuse Images Reported By US Tech Firms             10/12


BOMBSHELL: The Chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission is Co-Founder of “Color Revolution” Communist Front Group Linked to Steele Dossier and More

5 Ways Hunter Biden’s Business Deals Empowered Communist China at America’s Expense

Hunter Biden Longtime Biz Partner And Burisma Board-Buddy Going To Prison After Obama Judge Reversed

NYC Cancels $900M Deferred Payout To Teachers, Cites Financial Crisis

Cashier at Business Being Pillaged By Black Lives Matter Rioters Hands Out Plastic Bags to Help Mob Carry Their Looted Goods (VIDEO)

UK: Covid Cops, Lockdown Enforcement to Get £60m in Taxpayers’ Cash

Gallup: Majority Say They Are Better Off Under Trump Than Obama/Biden

Second Presidential Debate Cancelled After Moderator Caught Colluding With Anti-Trump Hack

If Biden Wins, Democrat Eric “Nuke Gun Owners” Swalwell has a Plan for Gun Confiscation

Kamala Harris’s debate performance was shot through with falsehoods

MEDIA LIES: Michigan Kidnap Plotters of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Are Anarchists who Hate Trump and Police

FBI Uses Confidential Informant to Entrap Militia Activists for Phony Siege on Gretchen Whitmer . . . ‘Source Has Been Paid $8,600’ . . .                              10/10


Budget Watchdog: Trump Would Cut Taxes By About $1.7T, Biden Would Hike By $4.3T

Lawyers prepare to sue over damages inflicted by COVID-19 lockdowns

Pelosi Open To Standalone Airline Relief; Direct Payments To Americans Left Hanging

Deal with the devil: Monsanto PAID Google to CENSOR search results, discredit journalists

White House: ‘We’re for Direct Payments’ to Americans Amid Impasse

Joe Biden has offshored US jobs, and his family's racketeering, to China

Communist Venezuela Orders 71 Tons of Paper To Print New Banknotes Worth 23 Cents Each

Terrifying Future of Air Travel: 400 Facial Recognition Gates in a Single Airport

Fed Found Economy Is Recovering Much Faster Than Officials Expected

On The Destruction Of The World Economy By The Central Banks

DeSantis Gives Miami Dolphins Green Light to FULLY Reopen Stadium

Bill Gates' Fortune Grows Through Foundation's Ties to Vaccine Makers

Trump Responds After Pelosi Hints at 25th Amendment Coup Attempt

Trafficking Babies And Prisoners Organs: Kevin Annett

Clinton-Appointed Judge (Again) Blocks Ohio’s Bid to Limit Ballot Dropoffs, Ensure Integrity                10/9


BREAKING: Trump Wants To Immediately Sign Stand-Alone Bill For $1,200 Stimulus Checks

President Trump: Many People Die From the Flu Every Year and We Don’t Shut Down the Country

U.S. Commercial Bankruptcies Up 33% Year To Date

Rudy Giuliani: The Only One Who Got Money from Communists Is Joe Biden

Extradition Court Told Julian Assange Is ‘Hearing Voices’ And at ‘High Risk Of Suicide’

Virus Mania: How Big Pharma, Media Invent Epidemics - California Globe

DHS Highlights How Beijing Exploits Pandemic, Influences US Election for Its Goals

Tides Center Funnels $170 Million in Taxpayer Money to Left-Wing Groups

Sackler Family of Purdue Pharma Keeps Their Billions Amid Opioid Crisis

MORE VOTER FRAUD: USPS Worker in New Jersey Charged for Mail Tampering, Dumping Election Ballots

Latest white professor caught faking being black is hilarious

Democrat-Run City of Seattle Paying Antifa Militants to Write F**k Police on BLM Mural

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Trails “I Am Antifa” Challenger by 11 Points                                       10/8


Layoffs Fell and Hiring Rose in August as Economy Regained Its Footing

The final four weeks of the campaign will be fought over re-opening the economy

Joe Biden defense of his son's overseas business deals conflicts with public evidence

Fed Introduces Cashless Society

Almost 95% of Silicon Valley Donations Have Gone to Joe Biden

Fed Announces It Will Quit Printing Paper Money

HUGE! Top International Epidemiologists Launch Petition for Focused Protections and an End to Lockdowns — Signed by Over 1,700 Medical Professionals

James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems

James O'Keefe goes NUCLEAR in debunking bogus Fox 9 report

Sweden Announces Dramatic U-Turn on Open Borders: ‘No More Migrants’

Latest Information Reveals China Coronavirus Is Fizzling Out – Hospitalizations and Deaths Provide the Proof

Mises: The Absurdity Of Covid ‘Cases’                   10/7


Report: 37K Americans Have their Jobs Outsourced in Middle of Pandemic

Soros Operative Openly Pines for America to Get Overthrown and Conquered by Foreign Powers

Autonomous Indoor Serving Robots Set To Invade Restaurants Near You

Lockdown: The New Totalitarianism

New Technology Refuses Entrance to Shops if You're Not Wearing a Face Mask

More Melbourne Insanity: Mom Arrested At Beach For Traveling 'Outside Her Permitted 5km Radius'

VIDEO: Protesters March to Jeff Bezos’ Mansion to Demand Higher Wages

Guatemala Gets Serious About Detaining Migrants and Halts Caravan Coming from Honduras

DARPA-Funded Biochip To ‘Save’ Us From COVID-19?

Government now BREEDING Blacks: San Francisco will pay pregnant women $1000 per month, but only if they have dark skin

CIA Director Haspel And The Anti-Trump Conspirators

Ratings for Far-Left 'Woke' NBA Finals Plummet to Worst in TV History - News Punch

Chicago: At Least 30 Shot over Weekend         10/6


Conservatives warn that globalist cabal’s “Great Reset” will undo global economies, worsen problems

New WHO Data Reveals Coronavirus Less Lethal than Last Three Major US Pandemics — And they Destroyed the Economy for This

A Few Global Concerns that Affect Us All

OBEY OR ELSE: New England Journal of Medicine says people refusing MANDATORY coronavirus vaccines should be severely punished, locked in their homes and fired from their jobs

Exclusive–Ron DeSantis: E-Verify Critical to Ensure Americans Get Jobs in Pandemic, Not Cheap Foreign Labo

Minneapolis laws barring business owners from protecting property resulted in widespread death and destruction

Update: Pelosi Lambasted for Holding Virus Aid Hostage…Would Rather See Country’s ’Demise’ Than Make Deal with Trump

Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer: ‘Second Wave’ is Faked

NYC businesses won’t survive coronavirus lockdowns, local destruction: IAC’s Barry Diller

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to Close All “Non-Essential” Businesses Including Public, Private Schools and Indoor Dining in 9 Zip Codes (VIDEO)

DHS Gives Millions in Grant Money for Far-Left Organizations to Demonize Trump Supporters as White Supremacists

Seattle Rioters Arrested After Throwing Explosives at Officers, Businesses

What’s Up with Old Joe? Biden Loses His Place, Forgets Name of Great Recession, Gets Confused Over $800 Billion Plan he Reportedly Oversaw                           10/5


Bill Gates Says US and Western Nations Must Pay For Coronavirus Vaccines For The Whole World

Trump ‘totally changed manufacturing’, say US firms in China

Telemundo poll: 66% of U.S. Spanish speakers think Trump won the debate

China Uses Presidential Debate To Attack America, Promote Global Authoritarianism

China's SMIC stockpiles chip equipment to counter US restrictions

Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic oppose ‘new’ EU migration pact to enforce migrant quotas

Carney: The New York Times Is Wrong — Trump Paid Millions in Taxes in 2017

Sara Carter: Those who weaponized the system should be in jail. Instead, they’re writing books.

CIA Director Haspel Personally Blocking Declassification Of Russiagate Documents

Bill Gates: His Three-Part Plan To Eradicate COVID-19

VIDEO: Students can't answer basic questions about the Holocaust

Michelle Malkin: Who's Funding Shady Ballot Harvesting Schemes?

Democrats’ New Stimulus Bill Includes Cash for Illegal Aliens                                           10/2


U.S Companies Add Far More Jobs Than Expected as Manufacturing Hiring Booms

BOMBSHELL: Former Pfizer executive says covid-19 “pandemic is over,” so-called “second wave” based on fraudulent testing

NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge

Nunes: ‘Amazing’ Biden Didn’t Answer Question on Hunter Taking $3.5 Million from Russian Oligarch

Bill Gates: West Must Finance Global Vaccine Distribution Network If It Wants To Defeat COVID-19 Which is himself

U.S. Retail Bankruptcies, Store Closures Hit Record in First Half

Why New York City Is In Trouble: 114,041 Public Employees Earn Over $100,000

Pelosi Misses Deadline For COVID Relief, Over 50,000 Workers To Lose Jobs

Seattle City Council votes to override mayoral veto, effectively defunding their police department

‘The Tech Giants Are Silencing Those Who Hold Different Opinions’: Hungary Govt Twitter Account Suspended

CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Biden Won’t Condemn Antifa Terrorists – Says Antifa “Just an Idea” But URL Takes You to “Biden for President” Donation Page

Group Raises $520,000 for Falsely Accused 17-Year-Old American Hero Kyle Rittenhouse for Kenosha Shooting Defense

Hot Mic Moment: Lawmakers Admit Masks Are All "Political Theatre"                                                  10/1


President Trump’s Economy in 2019 Had the Largest Increase in Median Household Income Ever – More Than Obama’s Increase in 8 Years

US Consumer Confidence Jumps Most Since 2003 As Hope Soars

‘All the Big Banks’ On Wall Street Are Backing Biden Against Trump

Burisma admits in court that it bribed Joe and Hunter Biden

FinCEN Leaks: Who Benefits From the Disclosure?

Federal Reserve discussing ways to implement full blown socialism using digital currency

Second O’Keefe Video Drops: Alleged Cash-For-Ballot Transaction Caught On Tape, Ilhan Omar Accused Of Direct Involvement

Ignoring Clinton Charity Frauds to Attack Trump for Paying Taxes

JPM Pays Record $1 Billion Fine; Admits Spoofing Of Gold And Treasuries

Belgian health experts demand full investigation into WHO for faking COVID-19 pandemic

Trump Observers Are Being Blocked Entry to All Satellite Voting Locations in Philly #StopTheSteal

Huge Swing: Poll Finds Majority of Americans Do Not Approve of Black Lives Matter

'Garbage Piling Up': New York Governor Offers To Send National Guard To Pick Up Trash                     9/30


From Pistol-Dollar To Petro-Dollar To Pharma-Dollar

Research Shows Deliberate Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Lockdown

40 Groups Demand Congress Probe “Gross Misuse” of $1 Billion in Covid-19 Funding by Pentagon

'Permanent Coup' excerpt: How Biden pushed to quash investigation of company paying son $80k/month

FBI arrests Atlanta Black Lives Matter fraudster for stealing $200,000 in donations

Japanese convenience stores using VR-controlled robots to restock shelves

DoD Pours Millions of Dollars into Print-on-Demand Drugs

China's Largest Real Estate Developers Need to Pay Trillions in Maturing Debt

Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn't Want Solved

BlackSky Monitoring Satellites Will Soon Have 50cm Resolution

Trudeau urges largest countries in the world to support UN biodiversity plan

California EV Mandate Could “Lead To Disaster” For State’s Already Fragile Electric Grid

“We Do Not Consent” — Thousands Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown

Students Threatened With Police Action For Displaying Anti-Lockdown Signs in Windows                  9/29


'Permanent Coup': Just as Mueller probe fizzles, anti-Trump cabal hatches new collusion tale

Here We Go… Hacks at Fake News NY Times Focus on Trump’s Tax Returns AGAIN Rather than the Biden Family’s Cash for Russian Hookers and Moscow Millions

Trump Administration, CDC Sued By Landlords Over 'Unconstitutional' Moratorium On Evictions

Airlines Plan Layoffs of 35,000 or More Oct. 1

Major U.K. Supermarkets Impose Coronavirus Rationing

Inferno and the “Fourth Circle”. The American Empire and the 2020 Pandemic

Democrat BLM Terrorists Firebomb Louisville Business After Owner Stood Up To Them by Saying ‘I Don’t See Color’

Every time Joe Biden's positions change, they get worse

BREAKING: New Project Veritas Video Exposes Rep. ‘Ilhan Omar Connected Cash-For-Ballots Scheme’

Voters in 4 Battleground States File Lawsuits Claiming Election Meddling Funded by Mark Zuckerberg

Democrats are moving forward with their insane plan to defund the police they are paying a former pimp to develop this vital strategy

Democrat Atlanta Agitator — Who Looks White –Spent $200,000 In “Black Lives Matter” Donations On Personal Expenses, FBI Says

Portland Police Confiscate Van Load of Shields, Weapons from Antifa Terrorists for Street Fight Action and to Beat Proud Boys                                                 9/28


CORRUPT: Hunter Biden Received $3.5 Million From Moscow Mayor's Wife, Made Payments to Human Trafficking Suspects

Peter Schweizer: ‘Major Holes’ In Joe Biden’s Explanation That He Didn’t Talk To Hunter About Business

Florida AG Requests FBI Probe Into Bloomberg's $16 Million Felon Voter Donation

Soros-Linked ‘The Bail Project’ Which Bails Out the Democrat Domestic Terrorists Burning and Looting American Cities, is Linked to Antifa U-Haul in Louisville — Got Up to $1 Million is Federal COVID Funds

Irrefutable Evidence Nazi Collaborator George Soros is Funding the Violent Democrat Riots

Indiana Moving To ‘Stage 5’ This Week, Allow Full Capacity At Restaurants, Retail, Gyms

New Home Sales Crush Expectations, But the Supply is Running Out

Tesla Sues to Block ‘Unlawful’ Trump Tariffs on Chinese-Imported Goods

FBI Agent: Never Was Evidence Of Russia CollusionBut Mueller Team Had ‘Get Trump’ Goal

EXCLUSIVE: California Man Finds THOUSANDS of What Appear to be Unopened Ballots in Garbage Dumpster — Workers Quickly Try to Cover Them Up — We are Working to Verify

PRIVILEGE: Virginia School Paid Speaker $20K for Lecture on Critical Race Theory, White Privilege                    9/25


Hunter Biden Raised 'Counterintelligence And Extortion' Concerns, May Have Participated In Sex Trafficking: Senate Report

Democrats Block Coronavirus Aid for Small Businesses, Workers

Domino's Commits $100 Million to St. Jude Hospital, Largest Donor Commitment in Hospital's History

Warning: China Retains Algorithm, Loves Oracle's TikTok Deal

In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit "Digital Dollars" Directly To "Each American"

DEVELOPING: Mike Bloomberg Is Likely Breaking Federal Law by Paying off Felon Debts for Democrat Votes (VIDEO)

De Blasio Furloughs Another 9,000 NYC Employees Due To "Massive Budget Shortfall"

Hungary: George Soros Is Dividing Society to Steal Power Away From Citizens

Michael Bloomberg Raises Millions of Dollars to Help Pay Fines for 32,000 Felons in Florida So They Can Vote

92 percent of college faculty members’ political donations in Ohio went to Democrats

Candace Owens Says Leftist Amazon Workers Are Intentionally Damaging Her Books Before Shipping To Buyers

Contrary to appearances, sometimes karma does get leftists

New York Times Quietly Removes Anti-White Propaganda From Anti-American ‘1619 Project’, Angering the Far Left

Germany goes all in on financing the ‘Palestinian’ jihad, gives $62,000,000 to UNRWA

Gucci Ridiculed Over Their $1,200 ‘Eco-Friendly’ Grass-Stained Jeans

One Hundred Years of Medical Fascism            9/24


New Lockdowns Could Lead Europe To Economic Depression

Poll: Most Venezuelans Want ‘Capitalist’ Nation

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Reveals New Law to Punish Rioters & Their Funders, Allow Riot Victims to Sue Govt Officials

Critics say $40B IPO could subsidize China's human rights abuses, risk national security

Laura Loomer Wants Tax-Free Social Security

RISING GOP STAR: Baltimore’s Kim Klacik Releases Another Blockbuster Campaign Ad

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Demands To Depose Joe Biden During Corruption Investigation

'Midnight Rockets': Whistleblower lawsuit reveals toxic releases by Ohio nuclear plant

In Stunning Reversal, CDC Says It Published New Guidance On Risks Of 'Airborne' COVID-19 "In Error"

China Releases Video Showing Simulated Attack on U.S. Air Force Base; Will Biden Finally Condemn the Chi-Coms?

Fact Check: Biden Pretends He Never Promised A SCOTUS List                                                            9/22


John Solomon: A Year After Impeachment, Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Activities Come Home To Roost

Beijing Biden Campaign Gets Thousands From Chinese Communist Party Employees, Including TikTok

BAD NEWS FOR CLIMATE COMMIES: Official US Climate Data Reveals No Cause For Alarm

10 Most Extreme Examples of Anti-American Sentiment at U.S. Indoctrination Centers (U.S. Colleges), and How President Trump’s 1776 Commission Could Reverse It

Portland, Seattle, NYC Permitted Violence, Destruction of Property: DOJ

U-Haul trucks set ablaze by protesters owned by Black man who placed ‘Black owned’ sign outside

Some of the world’s biggest banks ‘let criminals and fraudsters move dirty money around the globe

Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Spying on Instagram Users with Their Cameras

Nebraska Small Business Owner Commits Suicide After Being Railroaded With Manslaughter For Defending His Bar From Criminal Rioters

As Portland Literally Burns, Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Fights Imagined ‘Light Pollution’

Joe Biden Spent Decades Warning Of Voter Fraud — Now Called A Myth By Dems

Dementia Joe’s Latest Gaffe: ‘200 MILLION People Will Die, Probably by the Time I Finish This Talk’          9/21


Is China Funding Democrats and the Biden Campaign? Democrats’ ActBlue Reportedly Cannot Validate If Donations Are from US or Foreign Donors!

Commerce Department to Bar TikTok, WeChat from U.S. App Stores

Iran's Missile Violations: Where is the International Community?

Hungary rejects EU’s new calls for open borders, insisting on right of sovereign states to control their own borders

Manhunt for who shot at New Jersey cops’ home while their newborn baby

Kim Klacik Torches Joy Behar On ‘The View’ Before Show Cuts Her Off

Marxist-planned ‘50-day siege’ at White House, set to begin yesterday, fizzles with empty park

Over 300 Afghan Translators and Family Killed While Serving the U.S.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Threatens Passenger With Arrest Over Patriotic Face Covering: “It is not legal according to the CDC” [VIDEO]

Good Nutrition Can Contribute to Keeping COVID-19 and Other Diseases Away

Levin Slams DC Public Schools' 23% 8th Grade Reading Proficiency, Despite Shelling Out $30k Per Student

Public Health Expert To CNN: Protestors Safe From COVID, But Not Trump Supporters Attending Rallies

Video: Couple Filmed Wearing Dog Cone-Style Corona Visors                                    9/20


Weekly Jobless Claims Fall To 860,000

The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke . . . Is Now Officially Broke

China’s social credit system: Citizens required to scan their faces before they can access the internet or purchase a smartphone

Trump To Announce Final Decision On TikTok Deal Within 36 Hours, Opposes China Majority Ownership

Pressure Mounts on Queen Pelosi Holds Up Coronavirus Relief to Harm Trump Congressman: Americans ‘Victims’ of Her ‘Extortion’

Treasury Flagged Foreign Money Flowing To Hunter Biden-Tied Firms As ‘Suspicious’

David Martin: Fauci Should be Taken Away in Handcuffs — Money laundering, Anti-Trust, Wire Fraud

COVID Cover-Up: Emails From Nashville Mayor’s Office Reveal Discussions On Low Number Of Cases From Bars & Restaurants And How To Keep It From The Public

New Study Comparing COVID to Flu in Kids Completely Ruins Liberal Narrative on Schools

1,500 Businesses Damaged or Destroyed by Leftists in Black Lives Matter Riots in Minneapolis (VIDEO)

Google-Owned YouTube Deletes Biden Collusion Recordings From Ukraine

As Democrat Domestic Terrorists BLM/Antifa Burn and Loot American Cities, FBI Head Christopher Wray Outrageously Claims ‘White Supremacists’ Somehow Make Up the Largest Share of Racially-Motivated Terrorists in the U.S.

Study finds that 95% of riots have links to Black Lives Matter

IN-YOUR-FACE TREASON! “Black Lives Matter” Co-Founder Teams Up With Pro-Chinese Communist Party Front Group “Black Futures Lab”                    9/18


GREATEST RECOVERY EVER: Markets Went from a Bear Market to Record Highs In Shortest Time Frame in History

House Moderates Hammer Out $1.52 Trillion Bipartisan Compromise For Pandemic Relief

Trump Effect: Incomes hit record high and poverty reached record low in 2019

Yelp Data: 60% Of Pandemic Closures Are Now Permanent

Report: Nationwide Riot Damage Has Greatest Insurance Price Tag in History

"THE $2.5 TRILLION THEFT": RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1%

FOX News Panel Melts Down After Newt Gingrich Correctly Calls Out Lawless Soros-Funded District Attorneys (VIDEO)

SEC Doles Out More Than $10 Million To Unnamed "Persistent" Tipster

Meth shipments entering the U.S. from Mexican border in record numbers during coronavirus pandemic

The Possible Limits of China-Russia Cooperation

Facebook Censors Pro-Trump Ad On Biden Raising Taxes After Fact-Check Admits Claim May Be True, Rules ‘Mostly False’ Anyhow

CBS Took Photos from ‘Latinos for Trump’ event in Phoenix and used them to cover for empty Biden event

Building Owner Pulls Out of Contract on Minneapolis Police Precinct Location after Black Lives Matter Thugs Vandalize Building then Threaten His Home

First Of Its Kind US Survey: Young Adults Have ‘Shocking’ Ignorance of Slaughter of Jews In The Holocaust

Sweden’s Prime Minister makes sudden U-turn, admits connection between mass migration and crime       9/17


WHERE’S HUNTER: State Dept. Documents Show Burisma Caught Paying $7 million Bribe Months After Hunter Biden Placed on Its Board

Trump: ‘Stupid’ Corporations Should Fund Families of Fallen Officers, Not ‘Anti-Police’ Leftists

Over 150 business leaders urge NYC mayor to clean up and fight crime in the city

Desperate Restaurant Owners Call on New York Governor to Ease Restrictions

Google is giving Joe Biden a very unusual and valuable in-kind campaign donation

De Blasio Cancels Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — Killing NYC Economy Further

CDC Ignores Presidential Order and Moves Forward with Critical Race Theory Program — Pushing Marxist Garbage that Accuses Police of Racism

JAMA article affirms benefits of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19

YouTube Censors Video of Trump Coronavirus Adviser For Contradicting W.H.O.

How Detroit's Police Chief Saved His City from Black Lives Matter

Busted! NYPD nabs 7 “privileged” rioters          9/15


Fascist Fauci Wants Indefinite Lockdowns Until There’s a Vaccine That He and His Master Bill Gates Profit From

11-Year-Old Buys 22,000 Diapers For Single Mothers Using Profit From Lemonade Stand

His Name Is Joshua Ungersma: White Male, Working Two Jobs to Support His Family, Murdered by Black Female Teenager as He Delivered Pizzas

Oracle Reportedly Wins TikTok Bid, After Microsoft Gets Rejection

Iran To Link Its Power Grid To Russia, Azerbaijan

FRAUD ALERT: Data Shows HALF 2019 [A Year Where Unemployment Was Around 4%] Donations to Democrat Front Group ‘ActBlue’ Came From Untraceable ‘Unemployed’ Donors

'Color Revolutions' And 'Grey Terror' Are More Proof Globalists Are Bull-Rushing America Towards 'The Final Act' As Country Is Forced Down A Path Blazed By Authoritarian Regimes

BLM Riot And Loot in Lancaster After Man Shot While Charging Cop With A Knife; Had Prior Charges For Stabbing 4 Others

“We Hope the B*tch Dies!” – BLM Chants Against 31-Year-Old LA Sheriff Deputy and Mother After She is Ambushed and Shot in the Head — Try to Breach Hospital!(Video)

Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown on Ending Portland Riots: ‘It Will Take Time’ to ‘Eradicate the Racism’ in Systems

Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Bans Police Use of Tear Gas After 100 Days of Rioting                        9/14


The U.S. Economy Is Recovering Much Faster Than Expected

Economic War With China Is The Final Step Before The "Great Reset"

World Economic Forum’s Techno-Totalitarian Roadmap

Crackpot Dr. Fauci Calls for Economic Lockdowns Until “At Least the End of Winter” — How Does This Guy Keep a Job?

Startup announces plans to use bike lanes for delivery robots to move cargo

UK Agrees First Historic Post-Brexit Free Trade Agreement with Japan

Dr. Bronner soap company pledged $1 million to Black Lives Matter that went on to perpetuate riots, murders, and destruction across America

LAUGHABLE: In Complete Reversal, Joe Biden Now Claims He Will Be ‘Tough’ On China

Author of Dystopian Classics Predicted Face Masks to Enforce Conformity 70 Years Ago

Independent Journalist 'Beaten Bloody by Antifa' in Portland, Media Yawns

How to Steal an Election - Part II               9/13


Homeless Woman Who Slept in Kroger Parking Lot Has Life Transformed After Hiring Manager Trusts 'Gut Feeling'

Biden Ignores Offshoring of U.S. Jobs in Pitch to Auto Workers in Michigan

China Threatens Total Economic War by Dumping Treasuries: Be My Guest

Hunter Biden Partnered with China Military Contractor Notorious for Stealing US Military Technology to Acquire Michigan Parts Manufacturer

Beijing Biden, After Spending Decades Sending American Jobs to the Chi-Coms, Pretends to Support American Manufacturing

Biden’s Billionaires

MISERY PARTY: Senate Democrats block GOP COVID-19 bill that included unemployment relief

Nazi Collaborator George Soros Donor Network Steers Six Figures to Three New Democrat Super PACs Ahead of 2020 Election

50 GOP Congressmen Ask DOJ to Investigate Who May Be Funding Riots

Austrian Integration Minister Rejects Any Form of Parallel Migrant Societies

1619 Project Founder: America ‘Not An Exceptional Nation’

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ remake thanks Chinese communist propaganda departments in credits

Dulis: Critical Race Theory’s Endgame Is ‘Thought Police Amendment’ to Constitution                           9/11


Lockdown Advocate Who Predicted 10 Million Dead in U.S. From Coronavirus Raises $80 Million in Fundraising For Online Learning Course

Confidence Among Small Business Owners Unexpectedly Jumps to Better Than Usual

Hunter Biden-tied fund helped Communist China obtain a Michigan auto parts maker

Trump Says Governors Are Keeping States Locked Down for Political Reasons

Why Aren’t Insurers 9/11 Truthers? James Corbett Investigates

How many of the rioting 'protesters' come from super-rich families?

“Ultra-thin” gold is a MILLION times thinner than a fingernail, but has applications in medicine and water purification

Bill Gates Linked Covid-19 Vaccine Trial SUSPENDED Due To ‘Potentially Unexplained Illness’


Fauci Looks To UN To ‘Rebuild The Infrastructure Of Human Existence’

In 2007, Trump showed CNN his heart on vets: ‘Most beautiful people I’ve ever seen’ – opened Mar-A-Lago for them

Veteran Calls out Left for Using His Image for Anti-Trump Meme

The Air Force Just Tested "Robot Dogs" For Use In Base Security

Salon Owner Nancy Pelosi Attacked Raises over $310,000

Curler-Clad Protesters Hang Hair Dryers in Trees Outside Pelosi’s Home in Wake of Salon Scandal

Peter Strzok Claims He Has Not Been Interviewed By John Durham, Says He Expects No More Indictments in Spygate Probe (VIDEO)                                                9/9


Bill Gates Funds Invisible Quantum Tattoo Hidden In Coronavirus Vaccine For Storing Vaccination History

Soros Spends Millions to Win Women Voters in Battleground States

US lost millions of jobs because Biden loves ‘made in China’: Navarro

Shares of Chinese Chipmaker SMIC Plunge As Possibility of US Ban Looms

Over Half Of All Young Adults Are Living With Their Parents – Highest Level In Modern American History

Reason magazine goes pro-Antifa, says investigations of funding sources should be stopped

Beto O’Rourke Staffer Arrested For Rioting in NYC Causing $100,000 Damage to Businesses

San Francisco Gym Owners Livid After Discovering Gyms In Government Buildings Have Been Opened For Months

VIDEO: New York Public School Assistant Principal Caught Chanting “F*** the Police” At Rochester Race Riot

Transition Integrity Project: Is this Soros Linked Group Plotting a “Color Revolution” Against President Trump?

Fauci Looks To UN To ‘Rebuild The Infrastructure Of Human Existence’

Trump daring Dems to defend 'critical race theory' and 1619 project as he moves to suspend indoctrination in schools and govt agencies

Google may be in line for a legal spanking by the Supreme Court

VIDEO: Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Announces Michigan Will Not Have Results on Election Night – May Take a WEEK or More

COVID 19 – The UK Scamdemic – Part 2                 9/8


 August Marks 4th Straight Month of Employment Gains: +3,756,000

World Bank Document Lists COVID-19 Program Ending in March 2025

World Bank Records COVID-19 Test Kits Exported In 2018

The Next Normal: Is Central-Bankism Transitioning To Fascism

U.S. Added 29,000 Manufacturing Jobs in August; Still Down 720,000 Since Start of Pandemic

Smart Grid Control For Energy To Be Extended To Water

Pilot Jobs Could Be At Risk As Robo-Planes Take Flight

WaPo Op-Ed: Americans May Need To Prep For War If Biden Doesn’t Win In A Landslide

University offers ‘How to Overthrow the State’ course focused on Marxist revolutionaries

Privacy Reset: UK Readies Digital ID Cards For British Citizens

Iran: "American Soil is Now Within the Range of Iranian Bombs"

Patriotism Punished? Virginia Shipyard Worker Fired Over Trump 2020 Hat; Air Force Vet Quits Over American Flag Mask Ban

Apocalypse kabuki                            9/7


JOBS JOBS JOBS – The Trump Recovery is the Greatest Recovery Ever – Unemployment Drops Nearly 2% to 8.4% – Happy Labor Day USA!

The war on Hydroxychloroquine can be traced back to Gilead, the drug maker looking to profit big from Remdesivir

Bill Gates’ Influence Exposed: Foundation Donated Over $250 Million to Media Outlet

Thoughts on Covid-19: The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret

Trump Bans Taxpayer Money from Funding Anti-American 'Critical Race Theory' President cracks down on the radical-left ideology being taught in federal agencies

Hunter Biden ‘Served’ Communist China, Chinese Military In Deals, New Documentary Reveals

Survey: More Than 60 Percent of NY Restaurants Likely to Close by End of 2020

Zuckerberg pours $250 million into group funding voting drives in Wisconsin Democratic strongholds

SCIENCE: Fake News WaPo Reports 90-Something Percent of Black Lives Matter Rioters Were Peaceful – The Other 10% Burned Down Half the Country

Thinly-veiled THREAT: WaPo says violence will never end unless Biden wins

. . . Sister of Portland Antifa Terrorist Reacts to His Death: ‘I Wouldn’t Say This Counts as Bad News’

Americans are Being Scammed: Democrats Pushed Mail-In Voting, Ballot Harvesting, and Foreigners Voting Back in January 2019 — More than a Year before China Coronavirus                                                          9/5


U.S. Economy Added 1.37 Million Jobs in August, Unemployment Fell to 8.4%

Long before Trump, bipartisan group of elder statesmen flagged mail ballot fraud risks

Jobless Claims Fall to 881K, Lowest Since Pandemic

Why San Francisco Is In Trouble – 19,000 Highly Compensated City Employees Earned $150,000+ In Pay & Perks

NYC Restaurants Sue Cuomo For $2BN For Refusing To Allow Return Of Indoor Dining

Exclusive – Donald Trump Jr.: Joe Biden ‘Shipped More Jobs to China than Probably Any Human Being Alive’

Former Aussie PM Slams "Health Dictatorship" Prolonging Pain Amid First Recession In 30 Years

Calls for Census After Afghan Govt Minister Found to Be Claiming Welfare in Sweden

U.S. Hegemony Could End In a Swarm of Cheap Chinese Missiles

“Defund the police” movement, BLM, Antifa are very unpopular among likely voters, reveals Epoch Times survey

This is Fraud: 10% of Reported COVID-19 Deaths for Those Under 35 as Reported by the CDC Are Due to Poisoning, Trauma and Unintentional Injuries

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is now gaslighting the nation, claims all the rioting and looting is caused by right-wing Trump supporters

The Sunshine State is Shining Example of School Choice Success

UCLA students demand removal of computer science department chair who chided ‘PC police’

Killer Cuomo’s New York Says It Won’t Respond to Request On COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths Until After November Election

NY Times on Covid-19 Test: “Up to 90% of People Testing Positive Carried Barely Any Virus,” Many Are “Not Likely To Be Contagious”

The Media Have Lost their Minds                  9/4


US Manufacturing Expands at Fastest Rate in Almost 2 Years

Factory Orders Jump 6.4%, Durable Goods Soar 11.4%

Ron DeSantis Puts Foot Down in Favor of Liberty, Vows To 'Never' Lock Down State Again

Apple And Google Now Modifying Phones To Include Full Contact Tracing

Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Welcomed Collaboration With Totalitarian, Communist China But Declined Trump Support For His City

DHS To Follow The Money Supporting Antifa, Black Lives Matter Rioters

Former Central Banker: "The World Is Heading Towards A New Monetary System That Incorporates Gold"

Salon Owner: Pelosi Made the Appointment, if She Can Come in, 'Why Are We Shut Down?'

Hunter Biden Holds Stake in Chinese Company Sanctioned for Human-Rights Abuses

ORWELLIAN: Pregnant Australian Woman Arrested for Promoting Anti-Lockdown Protest on Facebook

Pelosi’s San Francisco: 70% Increase in Drug Overdoses Last Year, More than a Death a Day

As Biden falls in the polls, the media's lies get bigger

Left-wing LUNACY: NPR advocates looting by promoting Antifa author who defends it as a BENEFIT to society

Biden blames Trump for leftist violence, destruction in Dem-run cities

Communist Revolutionaries Planning 50 Day ‘White House Siege,’ say ‘Things Could Turn Very Ugly’            9/3


U.S. manufacturing activity at 19-month high in August

HIGHLIGHTS - Mass Exodus: U-haul Stocks Are About To Go Up

Millions Of Americans Had Their Emergency Savings Wiped Out By Downturn

WATCH: Members of Charitable Lodge Dig thru Kenosha Rubble

Amazon moves to try to put all of its competitors out of business in California

Jeff Bezos wants to eliminate all humans, including his own workers at Whole Foods

Minneapolis Code Bars Business Owners From Installing Security Shutters To Protect Their Business

'A drop in the bucket': UPenn student gov gives $250,000 to Black students

China Says Australia Becoming ‘Poor White Trash of Asia’ by Resisting Beijing

UAE: We Are Not Traitors; Palestinian Leaders Are Corrupt

Germany spends over $6,000,000 guarding with 24/7 police presence a Muslim migrant with ISIS ties

Gunman with Long Criminal History Charged in Slaying of St. Louis Police Officer

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Considering Proposal To Remove Thomas Jefferson, Other American Icons From Public Spaces

Los Angeles leftists (Democrats) incite against Jews – “F the Jew and kill a cop”

ANTIFA “Red Commander” Dropped into Fetal Position, Began Crying Upon Riot Arrest

The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism            9/2


Manufacturer: Trump Economic Agenda ‘Very Successful’ for Working Class

Should the U.S. Still Try to Accommodate China?

THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

China's biggest banks prepare for a wave of bad loans

U.S. Universities Underreport Donations from Hostile Regimes by Over $1.5 Billion

When Democrats Say ‘the People,’ They Mean ‘the Government’

Biden says he'd consider shutting U.S. down again, but growing number of nations won't

Tyler Perry Brings Awareness to Human Trafficking

China’s Dystopian AI Development Incorporates Population Control

Professor who said 'Wuhan virus' faces calls for removal

Americans Sense Something Is Wrong: Gun Sales Up 72%

Foundation With Biden Campaign Ties Funding Leftist Rioters On U.S. Streets

Antifa and Black Lives Matter March Through Oakland Chanting ‘Death to America’

Marxist Leader Admits: BLM Riots Are ‘Rehearsals for USA Revolution’

Video: Black Democrat Congressman accosted on streets of DC, needs police escort to walk on sidewalk

Chinese Villagers Struggling to Make Living After Being Forcibly Relocated by Authorities

CNN Political Analyst Tells Viewers ‘There’s Very Little Rioting, Very Little Violence’ Across US

The Attempt to Overthrow America

Who is Behind the 1619 Project?                   9/1


Resource Grab: The Trilateral Commission Has Always Called For The Destruction Of National Sovereignty

Trump Administration to Invest $1 Billion in Quantum Computing, AI

Welcome to Crazy Town: NPR Promotes Book 'In Defense of Looting' | Newsbusters

Soros Funded District Attorney: Officers Should Decide If Looters ‘Needed’ Stolen Items Before Charging Them

Pay With Your Face In California — Welcome To Dystopia Coming Soon to You

ECONOMIC DESPAIR: US Unemployment Claims Surpass the 1 Million Mark for Second Straight Week

Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash

Audit exposes Postal Service’s overtime racket as Democrats seek bailout

Is Black Lives Matter Putting its Fiscal Sponsors' Tax Exemptions at Risk?

Violators Of New Zealand’s New Mask Law Face Up To $700 Fine

California Gave $35 Million ‘Voter Outreach’ Contract to ‘Team Biden’ Firm

Former UAW President Dennis Williams charged with conspiracy to embezzle union funds

Father of Man Murdered by CHAZ Security Files $3 Billion Lawsuit Against Seattle Authorities

Does the left think blacks are stupid?             8/30


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem at RNC: ‘Our Founding Principles are Under Attack’ — ‘Path Taken By Democrats And Their Radical Supporters’ Will Destroy America

DOJ: 280 Cryptocurrency Accounts Tied To North Korean Government Were Used To Hack Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One Million More in U.S. File Jobless Claims; Unemployment Dips Below 10%

Businesswoman Who Once Lost Half of Business to China Backs Trump’s ‘Made in America’ Policies

CONFIRMED: Dr. Fauci Snubs President Trump – Reinstates Grant with Company Connected to China Coronavirus – After Trump Demanded an End to the Contract in April

TikTok CEO Resigns Amid White House Pressure to Sell

Report: Deep State Delayed Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Because It Prevented John Brennan’s Jihadis From Entering US To Train, Form Antifa

Communist Revolutionary Angela Davis Warns Democrat/Antifa/BLM Riots are ‘Rehearsals for Revolution’

Antifa Thug Marquise Love Has Bail Set at $260,000 for Alleged Role in Mob Beatdown of Driver in Portland

Soros-Backed Los Angeles DA Candidate’s Committee Call LAPD “Barbarians”

You Knew This Was Coming… Nancy Pelosi: “I Don’t Think That There Should Be Any Debates… I Wouldn’t Legitimize a Conversation with Him” (VIDEO)

Rioting Democrat-Marxist Mob Near White House: ‘BURN IT DOWN!’

Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong [VIDEO]          8/28


Bad News for Democrats! Blowout Durable Goods Orders — Triple Expectations!

What Is Gilead's Role In The War On Hydroxychloroquine?

SpaceX's NASA Contracts Called Into Question After Legislators Finally Wake Up To Musk's China Ties

California’s Renewable Energy Policy Backfires Amidst Wildfires And Energy Shortages

Kerry Aide, Key Conduit For Dossier, Once Worked For Russian Oligarch, As Did Steele

South Dakota Gov. who didn't impose COVID-19 lockdowns: 'I don't have the authority to do that'

GoFundMe Nukes Kyle Rittenhouse Fundraiser, Allows BLM Rioters to Receive Over $1.3 Million in Bail Donations

Far Left Democrats Sent Money to BLM But ActBlue Took the Donations and Are Distributing the Funds to Only Elite-Approved Democrat Candidates

LOL: MSNBC Brings on Seattle Mayor to Attack Kristi Noem for Calling Out Urban Unrest

Stop Infantilizing African Americans             8/27


UK Government Scientist Admits Lockdown Was a “Monumental Mistake on a Global Scale”

China Wants to Crash The American Dollar But Can We Stop Them?

CONFIRMED: China Launched a Massive Social Media Campaign in March to Get Countries to Adopt Stringent Coronavirus Lockdowns and Destroy Their Economies

China Economy Bouncing Back -- Gaining Ground on USA

China Campaigning for Biden Former VP represents a 'smoother' ride for communists

54% Of San Francisco Storefronts No Longer In Business

American Airlines Warns Admin: Keep Bailing Us Out Or At Least 19,000 More Jobs Are Gone

Kenosha Riots: Armed citizens defend businesses

Top Portland Property Owner Warns Businesses Fleeing City Amid Months of Terror

WATCH: Heartbroken Citizens Who Had Their Businesses Destroyed By Black Lives Matter Explain How Much Pain They Are in

Two years ago, Mastercard partnered with GAVI to create the Mark of the Beast global vaccine compliance system… now it’s here

Jim Jordan: ‘Democrats Won’t Let You Go to Work, but They’ll Let You Riot’

Van Morrison blasts Covid gig limits as 'pseudoscience'


The Role Of Blockchain Currencies In ‘The Great Reset’

Top Universities Take Millions From China Front Group

Federal Reserve Just Printed More Money In One Month Than In Two Centuries

The Global Jobless Recovery

1 In 3 Cars Worldwide Is Produced In China

Time to Wake Up and Start Decoupling from China

Pentagon's $278 million failure to eradicate ISIS from Philippines exposed

Big Tech, Monopoly and the Pretense of Capitalism

Breaking! UN Announces Plans For Forced COVID-19 Injections Worldwide

Texas A&M prof, NASA researcher arrested for alleged China ties

After Some Praise, ABC, CBS TRASH Tim Scott From the Left on BLM, COVID | Newsbusters

How Government Healthcare Has Reduced Access to Hospital Beds

China Arms Pakistan With 'Advanced Warships' As Threats Of Nuclear War With India Escalate

Meet "Prosthesis" - The 9,000-lb All-Terrain, Exo-Bionic  Mech-Suit You Can Pilot                                   8/25


The rush to patent, control, profit from the coronavirus dates back to 1999, implicates the CDC, Dr. Fauci

Media Deems Cashless Society a ‘Conspiracy Theory’—After Admonishing Cash Use

Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared

UK: Boris Johnson accused of having ‘lost control’ of immigration amid cash payouts to Muslim migrants

‘Shocking Betrayal:’ Former Green Beret Charged With Spying For Russia Over 15 Years

School District Under Fire for Asking Parents To Vow Not To Sit In on Children’s Online Learning

Transhumanism: Super-rich ‘Biohackers’ Are Injecting Teenagers’ Blood To Stay Young

Facebook Introducing a ‘Circuit Breaker’ to Prevent Spread of Viral Content

Illegal Aliens Arrested During Failed Border Crossing Were Caught With $19 Million in Meth

Florida set to release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes over faked “Zika” epidemic            8/24


The Greatest Economic Recovery in US History Continues – S&P 500 Sets Another All-Time New High Today

If Elected Biden Would Shut Down the Country & Bankrupt America if the So Called "Experts" Told Him to?

Trump Administration Classifies Teachers as ‘Critical Infrastructure Workers’

Fact Check: Biden’s Management of Stimulus Was a Disaster

Rolling blackouts in California show how reliance on solar and wind power can backfire

The Cold, Hard Truth about the Post Office

WHOA: Communication chiefs at Big Tech social media giants ALL worked for Democrats

Appeals Court Gives Reprieve to Uber, Lyft in California

Slammed NYC Movers Turning Away Business As Residents Flee City

AWESOME: Con Man Cory’s GOP Senate Challenger, Rik Mehta, Uses Lockdown Defiant New Jersey Gym Owners to Hold Daily Political Rallies: ‘I’m Proud to Stand With Them’

Violent Crime: The Democrats’ Elephant in the Room

Sinking Ship: Joe Biden Begs for Money – Admits GOP Outraised his Campaign by $25 Million Last Month

EMBARRASSING! Fast Kamala Duped By Pranksters’ Call Pretending to Be Brainwashed Teen Climate Commie Greta Thunberg!

Amazon Censors Anti-Kamala Items; Allows ‘F*** Trump’ Apparel

Our Dystopian Future under Biden/Harris           8/23


OUTRAGEOUS: SDNY Ignores Gov. Cuomo Killing Thousands, Clinton Foundation Crimes and ActBlue Bundling BLM Donations – Indicts Triple-Amputee War Vet Brian Kolfage

Big Pharma's Covid-19 Profiteers

Fact Check: Biden Has Consistently Fought to Send U.S. Jobs Overseas

It’s Like Jeffrey Dalmer Vouching for School Principle! Crook Hunter Biden Vouches For Joe Biden’s Honesty During DNC Clown Show

Beijing Leverages Global Network to Lure Top Scientists, Gain Technology, Report Says

China’s Growing Influence on Campus

The Siamese Twins Of Technocracy And Transhumanism

Navarro: ‘Common Cause’ Between Dems and C.C.P. on Blaming Trump for Pandemic China

Discussion of Wikileaks or any "Hacked Information" Banned Under New YouTube Rules

Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared

The Trilateral Commission’s Faux Attempt at Democratising

Jennifer Hudson Sings at DNC, But Trump Took in Her Family Following Mother and Brother’s 2008 Murder

“Biden is Just Lost – He Can’t form Sentences, He Can’t Complete a Thought” – Says Barack Obama’s Former WH Doctor (VIDEO)

Convicted murderer and rapist speaks at DNC         8/21


President Trump Twitter-Crashed Obama’s DNC Hit-Speech: ‘HE SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN, AND GOT CAUGHT!’

A black Republican in Baltimore has an awesome campaign video

How Predatory Democrat Cities Victimize Poor People and Minorities With Excessive Fines and Fees

First Two Nights Of Democratic Convention Down 48% In Broadcast Viewership From 2016

Wuhan Officials Hid Coronavirus Info From World As Virus Rapidly Spread: Report

Goodyear Bans Employees From Wearing ‘All Lives Matter,’ ‘Blue Lives Matter’ or MAGA Slogans, But Says Black Lives Matter is Allowed

Update: Goodyear U-Turns On “Diversity” After Losing Traction With Conservatives

Money for Nothing: Merkel’s Germany to Trial Universal Basic Income

When Half Of NYC’s Tax Base Leaves And Never Comes Back

Devastating Trump campaign video portrays the dramatic mental decline of Joe Biden over the last few years

CEOs Now Make 320 Times More Than Typical Worker

Gang of Teens Accused of Robbery and Murder of North Carolina Girl – Media Silent

Black Teen Given ‘Anger Management’ After Killing 59-Yr-Old White Man By Sucker Punch

National Media Ignores Murder of White Teen By Black Man Who Appears to Have Never Interacted With His Victim Prior to Killing Him

‘Like token blacks’: Diamond and Silk offered $150,000 to ditch Trump                                 8/20


Trump Says He Postponed Trade Talks With China

Unwoke: Slow Joe, Fast Kamala Have Received $155 Million From Wall Street

A mass exodus away from big cities on both coasts

When Your Bank Goes Bust…Run! Or… How Congress Already Stole Your Savings.

MORE ILLEGAL BIG TECH ELECTION MEDDLING: Big Tech Silences Over 260 Biden Critics Before Nomination

BREAKING: Children’s Health Defense sues Facebook and fake “fact checkers” for government collusion and censorship to silence voices of truth

Soros-backed “bioethicist” says people who refuse coronavirus vaccines should lose their jobs or be imprisoned

New Photos Emerge Of Bill Clinton Receiving Massage From Epstein Victim

Laura Loomer Claims Victory in Florida Congressional Primary

Election Interference? Xfinity Comcast Allegedly Blocks GOP Frontrunner Loomer

A Brief History Of The Gold Standard              8/19


Over $760K Raised for Cannon Hinnant’s Funeral Costs

Wall Street Wants More Frauds from China

From Spencer's 1884 to Orwell's 1984

Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money

Chicago BLM Mob Lead Off Weekend March with “Loot It All Back” Banner – An Open Declaration of More Lootings to Come

Schweizer: Kamala Harris Has ‘Deeply Troubling’ Past with Fundraising

Technocracy’s Universal Basic Income Continues To Impress

White House Hammers Huawei With More Restrictions On Using American Chip Technology

Massive Stimulus Does Not Prevent Eurozone Slowdown

Donald Trump Meets Minnesota Business Owners Affected by Riots

Black Female Republican Candidate Exposes Dem Destruction in Baltimore

US Sugar Company Fined For Using Chinese Prison Labor

Trump: Fix Post Office by Raising Shipping Rates for Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Sales of Body Armor Surging in NYC

It’s Almost Like They’re Hiding Him? Joe Biden’s Crack-Addict Son who Made Gazillions Off of His Dad’s Name Will Not Be Speaking at Dem Convention              8/18


The Evolution of Fiat Money, Endless War, and the End of Citizenship

The Evolution Of Fiat Money (Part 2): The Victory Of Fiat Money, Endless Wars, & The Coming Age of Subjugation

The Evolution Of Fiat Money (Part 3): Where Is This All Going? (Spoiler Alert - Nowhere Good!)

‘A proper BOOM’! Justice Kavanaugh drops the MOAB on George Soros with ruling on 1A and his ‘Open Society’ org

President Trump: ‘We Are Currently Witnessing the Fastest Economic Recovery in American History’

Three-Quarters of Britons See Illegal Migration in Channel as Serious Issue

New York Has Rejected $1 Billion In Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Since The Beginning Of The Pandemic

Freshman Democrat Kendra Horn, Who Railed Against Big Money in Politics, Awash in Big Cash From Wall Street Execs

Power Restored In California After Brief Rolling Blackouts

Update: City Removes Tax Demand That Was Blocking Rebuilding Of Riot-Torn Minneapolis

Zimbabwe Govrnment Denies Crisis As Inflation Jumps To 840%      

Matt Taibbi: Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Profiteers       8/17


Sweden Hits COVID-19 "Triple Whammy": No Lockdowns, Low Deaths & Minimal Economic Damage

Big Tech Joins Chamber of Commerce Lawsuit to Import Foreign Workers

Are Technocrats The Quiet Revolutionaries In Government?

Is China In Danger of Being Locked Out of Global Financial System?

Macy’s Looking to Leave Chicago After SECOND ROUND of Mass Lootings — More ‘Protests’ This Weekend (VIDEO)

Hungary Agrees $1 Billion Missile Contract with the U.S.

US Manufacturing Production Rebounds More Than Expected In July

Electronics Spending Sends US Retail Sales Soaring

Gavin Newsom blames Trump for his state’s massive budget shortfall; ignores economic fallout from his own coronavirus lockdowns

Is Former FBI Assistant Director Bill Priestap Next To Be Brought To Justice? Here Is A Review of His Many Corrupt and Criminal Acts

EMTs Are Leaving Their Jobs In Alarming Numbers Due To The Pandemic

BLM Activists Storm Neighborhood in Seattle Demand Residents ‘Get the F*** Out!’ ‘Open Your Purse!’

Seattle Rioters Smash ATM, Break Store Windows During March

Lessons from the Battle of Warsaw, 1920-2020      8/16


The Attempted COVID Coup Of 2020

Republican lawmakers want to know how Planned Parenthood got COVID loans meant to help small businesses

O'Brien: China Is 'Trying to Elect Joe Biden,' and Has 'the Most Sophisticated Global Influence Programs

Democrat Rule: Minneapolis Requires Owners of Businesses Destroyed in Riots to Pay Remaining 2020 Taxes Before They Receive Permit to Remove Burned Down Remains

Chinese Regime Mandates Reduced Food Consumption as Country Faces Food Shortage

Chinese Econ Data Dump Unexpectedly Bombs As Industrial Production, Retail Sales Miss

Uber Plans to Pull Calif. Operations over Contract-Worker Regulations

Restaurant Revolution: Pennsylvania Businesses to Defy COVID-19 Mandate

'On the Brink' of Economic Collapse: COVID-19 Response Is Killing the Restaurant Industry

Liberal Lockdown Lunacy Causing Great Depression-Like Soup Lines: Thousands of Cars Form Mile-Long Line for Dallas Food Bank

The Most Banned by Big Tech Woman in America, Laura Loomer Looks to Win Congressional Seat Held by a Democrat in President Trump’s Backyard

George Soros: Coronavirus Pandemic Providing an Opportunity for a Leftist “Revolution”                     8/14


Retail Chains Abandon Manhattan: 'Unsustainable'

Technocracy Is Already Driving Tens Of Millions Into Extreme Poverty

UK Employment Tumbles by 220,000, Biggest Quarterly Fall Since 2009

A $65-million publishing contract and Obama can't make a deadline?

Bezos ‘Quietly’ Starts Company, Offers Clue To $10B Climate Change Push

SpaceX Plans To Build Luxury Spaceport Resort In A Tiny Texas Town

Universities begin to respond to congressional demands to disclose foreign funding

The Spider At The Center of The NWO Web

Doctors Demand Gov’t ‘Punishment’ For Americans Who Refuse COVID Vaccine

Fox News doctor wants unvaccinated children to wear yellow badges, just like Jews had to wear yellow stars in Nazi Germany

Report: Birth Tourism Adds Up To 26,000 In ‘Citizenship For Sale’ Scam

BLM Chicago Rioter Shouts ‘I Can’t Breathe’ As She Loots Designer Clothing Store

Anti-American Democrat Dictator Jay Inslee Funnels $40 Million in WA Relief Funds to Illegal Foreign Invaders

Seattle Business Owners Who Had Windows Smashed by BLM Say They Still Support BLM                   8/13


Exclusive: Cartels Flooding U.S. with Meth at Record Rate

Towards a US-China War? The Creation of a Global Totalitarian System, A “One World Government”?

Ivanka Trump Unveils Massive Investment For Administration’s Women Empowerment Initiative

Idaho Boy Raises More than $1,200 with Lemonade Stand for Sister with Epilepsy

You'll Never Guess Which Country Has The Most Widespread Adoption Of Crypto In The World

Flashback: Watch Tulsi Gabbard Destroy Party Favorite Kamala Harris – And Expose Her Record as Dirty Prosecutor

Liberal Brooklyn College Professor Says Math Is Racist: ‘2+2=4’ Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’

California Black Lives Matter Leader Charged with Five Felonies, Faces 15 Years in Prison (VIDEO)

Petition demands Dartmouth College punish conservative student newspaper


America is in the Final Stages of Insurrection and Revolution According To U.S. Army Document [VIDEO]

Democrat-Chicago Riots: “Black Lives Matter” Communist Goons Loot Tesla Dealership, Apple Store, Nordstrom, Walgreens, Macy’s, Coach, Gucci and Louis Vuitton Using U-Haul Vans

Tom Cotton calls TikTok a 'Trojan horse on American cellphones'

Communist Revolutionaries in Democrat-Seattle Ransack Amazon Store, Whole Foods, Bank Ahead of Defund the Police Vote

Progressively Insane: By a 7-1 Vote, Democrat Seattle City Council Votes to Defund Police, Cut Salaries; Lone ‘No’ Vote Thought Cuts Didn’t Go Far Enough

Seattle Police Chief Resigning

Former NSA head says CIA fabricated “evidence” to push Russiagate conspiracy theory

Teen Vogue calls for the abolishment of private property, capitalism

ALERT: Marxist group planning a political coup in November in preparation to forcibly remove a victorious President Trump from Office

Professor who may be fired for refusing to undergo diversity training is not backing down

Now 'peaceful protestors' are pulling guns on drivers

"OPERATION COVID CHATDOWN" - Snags Dozens Of Online Pedophiles

Biden Is Shaken After Judicial Watch Exposes What Susan Rice & Hillary Did - DC Dirty Laundry                        8/11


Revealed: EU pays Muslim Brotherhood $43,320,000 to ‘Subjugate Europe’

$450,000 Income Tax Lien Filed Against UNEMPLOYED Hunter Biden Last Month Was “Resolved” in 6 Days with No Explanation From Team Biden

Donald Trump to suspend payroll tax until end of 2020 [VIDEO]

The Pharmaceutical Narrative is Failing

The Founding Fathers' Coup d'État

Socialist Bernie Sanders Proposes 60 Percent Wealth Tax On Billionaires To Fund Healthcare For One Year

Ricky Gervais Slams ‘Cancel Culture’

New York City councilman thanks Trump for raising awareness about hydroxychloroquine after drug ‘saved’ him

Pathetic Portland mayor finally condemns rioters for ‘attempting to commit murder’

Biden Seems To Suggest Michael Brown Was Victim On Anniversary Of Death. Obama-Biden DOJ Said Officer Acted In ‘Self-Defense’

Black Lives Matter Pulls Gun on Truck Driver, Then Mob Hurls Bottles at Vehicles who Want to Get Through Their Roadblock (VIDEO)

Portland cops using Alinsky tactics on rioters        8/10



Unemployment rate 10.2%

President Trump declares war on Big Pharma to save America from the criminal pharmaceutical cartels

Trump Signs Executive Orders On Coronavirus Relief, Payroll Tax

Economics professor barred from teaching class critical of Marxism to student body

Vote by Mail Chaos: Liberal Group Sent Thousands of Illegal, Incorrect Pre-Filled Absentee Ballot Request Forms to Voters

Trucking companies will stay OUT of cities where police have been defunded, leaving starving citizens to fend for themselves

Europe’s Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren’t Helpful in Beating the Chi-Com Virus

WHY? Amazon Suddenly Bans ‘A Child’s Voice’ Which Exposes ‘Satanic’ Hollywood/Globalist Child Sex Trafficking Ring, Movie’s Producer John Paul Rice Reveals

Democrat Group Creates “The White List” of 75 Congressional Democrats Who Will Be Targeted and Harassed Until they Sign on to Reparations

World's Top Epidemiologists - Masks Don't Work!   8/8


1 in 4 Vote-by-Mail Ballots Disqualified in New York City Democrat Primary

FBI, IRS Raid Ukrainian Oligarch With Tied to Hunter Biden in Cleveland, Believed to Have Laundered Millions of Dollars Through Cleveland Real Estate

US Reaches $1B Deal For Doses Of Potential Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Immigrant Student Sues College Over ‘Soviet-Style Interrogation and Punishment,’ Charging Him With ‘Hate Crime’ for Social Media Posts Critical of Tiananmen Square and the Black Lives Matter Communist Front Group

GOP Sen. Tom Cotton: Accepting Money From the Chinese Communist Party Should be a Crime

TICK TOCK: Rosenstein Slams McCabe, Obstruction Theories, and “1000 Former Prosecutors,” Says He Wouldn’t Have Signed Off On FISA Authorization to Spy on Carter Page If He Knew The Truth About the Russian Collusion Hoax — Sally Yates Says Same Thing!

JAIL FAUCI: New Report Compares Turkey COVID Treatment with HCQ vs. USA Without HCQ and the Results Are Crystal Clear

Armed Residents In Seattle Suburb Run Antifa Out of Town – All Of America Needs To See This

Cuban Restaurant Owner Rejects Black Activists’ ‘Mafia Tactics,’ Quotas, Diversity Training                 8/6


COVID-19 Dr. Zelenko: 150,000 Americans and Many More Around the World Are Dead Because HCQ Stood in the Way of Making Trillions (VIDEO)

Dr. Fauci warns against dining out, playing sports, going to school and church but refuses to condemn protestors’ violent mass gatherings

The Pentagon & CDC Will Join Together To Mass Distribute The COVID Vaccine

$765 million: Kodak reportedly under SEC investigation

Democrats Up Stimulus Demand To $3.4 Trillion In Odd Negotiating Tactic

For unemployed, rising grocery prices stretch budgets even more

Exposé Reveals Liberal Establishment Planning Political Coup for November

SHOCK: New York Times Admits Liberal Lockdown Lunacy May Cause Over 1 Million Deaths Due to Tuberculosis, Other Diseases

Republicans to Universities: Show Us Your Foreign Funding

Massive Fire Engulfs Apartment Complex in Minnesota Capital

PULEAZE: Communist Revolutionaries Sue Seattle, Claiming They Need ‘Expensive’ Protective Gear to Conduct Their Anarchy and Mayhem

BLM ‘Protesters’ on Their Way to Harass Seattle Police Chief at Her Home Encounter Armed Locals Who Are Not in the Mood to Host Protests (VIDEO)                  8/5


PANIC at the GATES? Moderna CMO Ditches All His Shares & CEO sell shares as final vaccine trials begin, raising concerns

UNBELIEVABLE: In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent

NEVER FORGET: Swine flu vaccine rushed to market ended up paralyzing 500 Americans – Will the same or worse happen with the extremely rushed covid-19 jabs?

Millions Worth of PPP Loans Went to Chinese-Owned Companies, Report Finds

Unheard Stories Of Economic Despair From America's Worst Economic Downturn Since The Great Depression

As Scamdemic lockdown stretches on, retail bankruptcies approach highest number in a decade

From Lockdowns to "The Great Reset"

 It's Now Virtually Impossible To Get A Bank Loan As Lending Standards Soar

Portland Murders Surge After City Council Disbands Police Unit

Seattle police chief to residents, business owners: You’re on your own

Rape Victims Should Call a Shrink Instead of Police, Says Minnesota Dem AG Keith Ellison

George Soros Steps In, Drops Six-Figure Check to Rescue Corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner in Her Primary Race                  

Globalist George Soros Drops $50 Million Into 2020 Election                                   8/4


New Disclosures Confirm: President Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Regime’s Russia Hoax

The Greatest Economic Recovery in US History is Happening Now – the DOW Up More Than 7,800 Points Since March!

George Soros Funded District Attorneys Who Oppose Police in American Cities

The Consequences Of ‘Worthless Cash’

Major Child Sex Trafficking Ring Discovered on ‘Pedo Island’ in the Dominican Republic

"We're Screwed": The Worst Months For Both Renters And Landlords Still Lie Ahead

Couple Pleads Guilty to Stealing Children’s Hospital Trade Secrets for China

Big Tech is making sure people don't hear about the deadly downsides of vaccines

Fake News Media Silent After CDC Director Admitted Chi-Com Death Count is Inflated

Amazon CEO, Washington Post Owner Jeff Bezos Snaps Up $10 Million L.A. Home Next to the $165 Million Mansion He Bought Six Months Ago

Both Parties Approve a Bill that Includes “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders for Military Personnel

Video Compilation of Democrat Joe Biden’s Incoherent Word Salads Should Concern Every American        8/3


Over 100 Police Departments Back Out Of DNC Security Agreements

Tech hub Obama, Biden and Clinton helped Russia build set off U.S. intelligence alarms

Intolerant Leftist Mob Tries to Bankrupt Long Island’s Patio Pizza Joint for Supporting Trump – But it Backfires Tremendously! (VIDEO)

Market update: GDP loses 9.5%, jobless numbers up 1.4 million,

The UN Arms Embargo against Iran Must Be Extended

Market update: GDP loses 9.5%, jobless numbers up 1.4 million,

Universities Entitled to $29 Billion Under New Virus Relief Bill – Even if They Don’t Reopen

Pro-Science Republican Governor Kristi Noem Announces South Dakota Plans to Reopen Schools in the Fall

CDC Director Says the Chance of School-Age Children Dying From the Common Flue is 5-10 TIMES Greater Than the Chi-Com Virus

Soros-Backed Democrat St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Busted Flying Around the Globe on a Communist Front Group’s Dime Without Reporting It

Lindsey Graham: ‘Somebody’ From Obama’s FBI ‘Needs To Go To Jail’

Is China Sowing the Seeds of Our Destruction, Literally?

Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons Sounds Off On Face Masks

Trump Says Feds Won’t Be Leaving Portland ‘Until There Is Safety’

WATCH: Video Democrats CENSORED at Barr Hearing, Here’s What They Won’t Let You See                       7/31


World Bank/IMF Exposed: COVID Aid Conditional On Imposing Extreme Lockdowns, Curfews

While Joe Biden Decimated American Coal, Son’s Firm Made Millions From Chinese Govt-Owned Coal Company

JPMorgan Chase partners with Marqeta to launch "virtual" credit cards

GDP Suffered Horribly Under Pandemic Lockdowns — But Not as Bad as Headlines Will Suggest

Armed Minneapolis Residents Are Patrolling Their Own Neighborhoods As City Moves To Defund Police

Covid truths BANNED and CENSORED by Big Pharma

Michigan: Government Steals Elderly Man’s Home Over $8.41 Tax Bill – Court Rules It Violates Constitution

REVEALED: Biden-Linked Investment Group Funded Chinese Military Proxy Guilty Of Stealing American Nuclear Technology

In Unprecedented Move, Congress Proposes Taxpayer-Funded Bailout Of $550 Billion CMBS Industry

John Kass Defies Chicago Tribune Cancel Culture: ‘I Will Not Apologize for Writing About Soros’

The swamp spreads: Why is the new virus relief bill funding an expansion of the corrupt FBI?                  7/30


Report: Xi Jinping Refused to Cancel Chinese Portion of Zambia’s $10 Billion Debt

War on the Suburbs: How HUD’s Housing Policies Became a Weapon for Social Change

Bill Gates: From Bioethics To Eugenics

Soros Has Pumped $50 MILLION (So Far) Into 2020 Democrat Election Campaigns

Miami Police Set Up ‘Mask Traps,’ Issue $100 Fines For Wearing Improperly

Major Teachers Union Tells Members to Strike If They Have to Return to Work

How Chinese Diplomatic Missions Covertly Work to Subvert the United States

India Pulls The Plug On Another 47 Chinese Apps Over Data Privacy & Security

Deep state using “deepfakes” to attack people in the media

Disturbing Video Shows Radical BLM Activists Brainwashing Toddlers To Chant ‘F*** the Police’

The 'America is racist' lie and the Catholic Church

Anonymous Arkansas Donor Pays Past Due Water Bills for Entire Town

Man got $4 million in loans. Then bought LAMBORGHINI

CNN bullies Sinclair into axing scheduled interview with Plandemic’s Dr. Judy Mikovits

Lightfoot’s Chicago: Newborn Shot, Critical Condition

Nursing Homes Keeping Residents' Stimulus Checks For Themselves                                          7/29


U.S. Durable Goods Orders Surge as Auto Sector Rebounds From Shutdown


How Obama’s Socialist Bankers Continue to Rob America

Fedcoin: A New Scheme for Tyranny and Poverty

When It Comes To Economic Suffering, Some Parts Of The US Are Feeling It Far More Than Others

Justin Haskins: Biden Is Echoing Davos Agenda of ‘Great Reset’ of Capitalism

No jab, no job? NEJM says everyone needs to be vaccinated for coronavirus in order to go to work

Mystery Donors pour $100+ million into cheat-by-mail Fight

Small Businesses Picking Up the Pieces as Lockdowns Ease

Video of the day: Teen opens his first paycheck, is stunned to see taxes deducted

Vaccine Execs Rake In $1 Billion In Stock Sales As Positive Headlines Boost Shares

Cotton Launches Bill Banning Federal Funds for ‘1619 Project’ Curricula

The Trump-Russia Collusion Scandal Proves the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Care About the Truth, Ignores It, Reports Lies, Then Labels Credible Sources ‘Fake News’

British Universities Advertising Jobs for Chinese Communist Party Puppet Police in Hong Kong

Nadler Calls Antifa Violence A 'Myth' While America's Major Cities Are Being                            7/28


Man Divides $22 Million Jackpot with Friend, Keeping 30-Year Promise

GOP Reach Agreement On COVID-19 Relief; $600 Unemployment Boost Becomes 70% 'Wage Replacement'; Pelosi Pops Fuse

De Blasio Quotes Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto in Discussion on Relationship with NYC Business Community

Entire fashion industry complicit in forced labor of Uyghurs in China, rights groups say

A Look Inside The $52 Trillion Bubble That Has "Hijacked China's Economy"

TIKTOK Really Is Spying On You For China

It’s Time to Take the Mask Off Cuomo: New York Governor’s Reckless Nursing Home Policies Tied to Thousands of New York COVID Deaths (VIDEO)

COVID Karen: Woman Maces Couple for Not Wearing Masks While Eating Lunch

WATCH: C-SPAN Airs “Bloodshed” Threat Aimed at Trump Supporters, Federal Troops

Corrupt Deep State Player and Home Wrecker Lisa Page Scared to Death About Transparency in Russia Collusion Scam                                                     7/27


Why Central Bank Policies Are Fundamentally Destructive

A Record 170 Tons Of Physical Gold Were Just Delivered On The COMEX: Here's Why

Biden's Slate of Plans Could Cost a Total of $10 Trillion in New Spending

Antitrust Hearing Against Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google is Postponed

'Unrigging the system,' Trump signs executive orders to lower prescription drug prices

People react to Winn Dixie supermarkets not requiring masks

WINNING: Betsy Devos Suggests Education Funds Should Be Diverted to Families While Schools are Close

GOP Governor Ron DeSantis Calls for Investigation Into Why People are Testing “Positive” for Chi-Com Virus Who’ve NEVER Been Tested

Palm Beach CBS News Finds Suicide and a Fall Listed as COVID Deaths – Only 169 of 581 COVID Deaths Did Not Have Contributing Illnesses (VIDEO)

Seattle Police Department Tells Small Businesses 'You're on Your Own' After Being Disarmed by Liberal City Officials

Communist Revolutionaries Occupy Exterior of Federal Courthouse, Raise American Flag Upside Down

Big Supermarkets Refuse to Enforce New Mask Rules

Teen Vogue to Teen Girls: Marx Good, Reagan Bad

Defund the Word Police!                       7/26


Jeff Bezos 'Billions From Censorship, Monopoly, and Child Labor Is Not Honest Capitalism'

Yelp: Over 50% Of Restaurants Temporarily Closed Are Now Permanently Closed

British Universities Must Cut Reliance on Chinese Money

Corporate giants Amazon, Apple, Google and Walmart all donating millions to domestic terrorism organization Black Lives Matter

“We have a winner”: Trump administration inks $1.95-billion coronavirus vaccine deal, forcing taxpayers to enrich evil pharma giants

ndictment of Former Democrat Congressman Widens Voter Fraud Case in Philadelphia

Cuomo Lashes Out At Conservative Media When Asked About Nursing Home Deaths

Trump campaign raises $20M during virtual fundraiser

Fauci The Fear-Monger: COVID-19 Is “Worst Nightmare”

RINO Mitch McConnell Stabs President Trump in the Back as Senate Passes NDAA With Democrat Support, Despite Trump Veto Threat                     7/25


Mnuchin Says New Relief Bill Will Extend and Reduce Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Liberal Lockdown Lunacy, Part II, Causes 1.4 Million Jobless Claims Filed — First Rise in 4 Months

Taxpayer Mugging: Federal Employees Can Get One Day Off for Every 1.4 Days Worked

55% of Businesses Closed on Yelp Have Shut Down for Good During the Chi-Com Virus Liberal Lockdown Lunacy

Chilling Censorship: 62% of Americans are Afraid to Express Their Political Views

Fascist Fauci’s Infectious Disease Agency Broke Federal Spending Laws and Rules, Audit Show

Communist Corporate America fuming because Red Bull won’t sell out to domestic terrorist network BLM

Navy Veteran Raises More Than $3 Million In Bid To Take Rep. Maxine Waters’ Seat

13 of 15 Racist Statues Dems Want Out at Capitol Were Democrats

ICYMI: Democrat Minnesota General Keith Ellison Accused of Abusing Girlfriends Doesn’t Want Cops Responding to Rapes

5 things to know about China’s Uighur concentration camps

GOP Sen. Tom Cotton Calls Out the New York Times After They Run Communist ‘Chinese Propaganda’ But Balk at His Op-eds

Black Lives Matter Ridicule, Renounce, And Reject Western Civilization And Plan To Rescind It!

Need More Reasons Not to Trust Fascist Fauci? Here You Go

A New Seattle Police Mass Exodus                7/24


U.N.’s Guterres Warns: ‘New Model for Global Governance’ Is Coming to Redistribute ‘Power and Wealth’

Implantable microchips could soon be “voluntarily” injected into state government employees

No Labor Shortage: Working Class Americans Hardest Hit by Joblessness

The Dark Past Of The Bank For International Settlements

BIS Plans New Central Banking Fintech Research Hubs in Europe, North America

Cisco Systems is “all in” for Black Lives Matter-led TERRORISM and you’re fired if your opinions are any different, according to CEO Chuck Robbins

China agrees to 'intensive' WTO talks on fisheries

WE’RE ALL SLAVES: China’s Uyghur forced labor slaves are making the face masks worn by Americans

FBI: Stanford researcher is an active Chinese Communist, lied on visa application

France Announces De Facto Ban of Huawei 5G Equipment By 2028

The "Maximum Pressure" on Iran's Regime

WATCH: Ice Cube Says Hollywood Owes Black People Reparations

Newsroom Job Cuts Up 170% Through June, Worst On Record 

US Banks Can Now Hold Crypto                 7/23


BARR: US Overly Reliant on Chinese Goods, Incl. COVID Supplies

Hawley Challenges Nike, NBA: ‘Will You Pledge You Are Slave Free?’

United Posts Record $2.6BN Loss As Revenue Plunges 87%; 6,000 Employees Agree To Quit

Sun Belt States Choose "Third Path" To Confront COVID-19 Without Destroying Economy

‘Disregards The Facts’: Rand Paul Rips Fauci For Praise Of NY Coronavirus Response

High School Teacher/Coach Fired For Tweeting, “Donald Trump Is Our President” Stating facts can now get you fired

THEY DON’T CARE if it’s safe: UK govt. just signed deal for 90 million coronavirus vaccine doses even BEFORE safety testing has been completed

Chinese hackers charged by Justice Department with trying to steal US coronavirus research

'One-World Government' Just Nutty Talk Until United Nations Demand It - Jan Markell

Founder of Never-Trump Super PAC Arrested in $60M Bribery Scheme

Hiding the Truth: Nets Skip Strzok Notes Admitting No Russia Connection | Newsbusters

Big Holes in the Covid "Spike" Narrative

Italian Pedo Cult Tried to Recruit Members of the Elite

CHOP Shooting Victim’s Mother Files Wrongful Death Claim Against Seattle                                   7/22


Can Congress Unite on Health Care Price Transparency Act?

Boeing Is Running Out Of Space To Park Its Newly-Built 787 Dreamliners Which Nobody Wants To Buy

EXCLUSIVE: D.C. Mayor Bowser Partners With Chinese Communist Party Group, Grants Access to Federal Building Housing CBP, Commerce Dept, and USAID

Lawmakers Push to Make Telehealth Options Permanent

THE LEFT'S WAR ON SCIENCE: Pretense of 'following the data' masks a scheme to turn U.S. socialist

"New Record Deaths"? Maybe Not.

Hong Kong biotech could thrive in Covid crisis

Robert F. Kennedy: Investigate Bill Gates And His Depopulation Agenda

Man Disguised As Delivery Driver Shoots Husband, Kills Son Of Federal Judge Presiding Over Epstein Financial Case

Beer Countess Who Flew Epstein's 'Lolita Express' 32 Times Quits Child Protection Charity

Chris Wray Hires Jason Jones, a Partner at Rod Rosenstein’s Law Firm and Associate of Sally Yates, as FBI General Counsel

Surprised? The owner’s family of The New York Times were slaveholders

At Least 65 Shot, 10 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago                               7/21


‘Green Economic Growth’, Decoupling Is A Myth

NYC Landlords Slash Prices On Third Of Rentals As Newyorkers Flee

Congressional leaders receive at least $1 million in pension payouts paid for by taxpayers

Technocrat Fallout: For Each Covid-19 Death, 364 Jobs Are Lost

"Europe Is Being Blackmailed": Scandal Erupts As EU Remains Deadlocked Over Critical Recovery Fund

Popular “woke” and “socially conscious” brands benefiting from Uyghur slave labor – report

RINO Mitt Romney Caught Taking Payments From Soros Fund Management

It Was a Massacre: Cuomo on Nursing Home Policy that Killed Thousands: “Older People, Vulnerable People Are Going to Die” (VIDEO)

Visualizing The Spiraling Opioid Epidemic In America

Pandemic’s Collapse Of SDGs Exposes True Goals Of Sustainable Development

Levin: 60 Million Americans Got Swine Flu, Obama and Biden Stopped Testing

Bill Gates Funded Digital Identity Based On Your Vaccination History

BIASED: Mainstream media disproportionately covers cases involving white cops shooting black suspects, study shows                                                 7/20


Vaccine Biometrics and Payment System in One Coming?

Progressive Non-Profits Exploit the CARES Act

George Soros’s Foundation Is Spending $220 Million To ‘Dismantle Systemic Racism’ In U.S.

CBS Fake News Claims White Americans Got Stimulus Checks Quicker Than Blacks or Hispanics

BARR: US Overly Reliant on Chinese Goods, Incl. COVID Supplies

More than $500 Million Stolen From State of Maryland In Unemployment Fraud Scheme

Have Russia And China Already 'Militarized' Space?

China-Controlled ‘TikTok’ is ‘Data Collection Service Thinly-Veiled as a Social Network’… Delete It Now.

Soros-Funded Group Gives $78,000 Donation to St. Louis Prosecutor Targeting McCloskey Family

46-Year-Old Father of Two Dies After ‘Non-Essential’ Heart Surgery Postponed Due to the Chi-Com Virus Scamdemic

Huge Illinois utility paying $200 million to settle bribery case implicating the real boss of Illinois politics, House Speaker Michael Madigan

As Violent Crime in New York Soars, Comrade Bill de Bozo Assigns 27 Cops to Protect ‘Black Lives Matter’ Street Graffiti

Defund the police activist arrested, charged with six counts of child pornography                                      7/19


China Waging ‘Economic Blitzkrieg’ to Replace U.S. as Top Superpower

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, "Vaccine Records," & "Payment Systems"

Bank of England Governor Signals Central Bank Digital Currency is Coming

Rift Over Unemployment Bonus Persists as Critical Deadline Looms

Never Trump Lincoln Project Paid More than $2 Million to Firms Owned by Its Founders

Unemployment Claims Come In At 1.3M, Continuing Claims Down by 737,750

DoJ Busts Texas Man Using Million Dollar PPP Loan To Trade Crypto

DEVELOPING: Ilhan Omar’s Primary Opponent Raises a Staggering $3.2 Million to Omar’s $471,000 — Is Upset Brewing?

Polish PM: Europe Must Stand with U.S. on 5G to Protect World from ‘Authoritarian Regimes’ Like China

South Dakota: Gov. Noem Announces $19 Million 2020 Budget Surplus

The Boycott Liberals Launched Against Goya Just Got Stomped by the ‘Buy-cott,’ Even Hispanic Business Owners Tell off Liberals

Papa John’s Founder Says CEO’s are ‘Scared’ of the Intolerant Left

Apple Successfully Dodges $15 BILLION E.U. Tax Bill

EXCLUSIVE: John Weaver – Co-Founder of the Lincoln Project – Is Paid Russian Agent for Same Corporation that Now Owns Hillary Connected Uranium One          7/17


Small-Business Optimism Jumps Higher Than Expected

Coin Shortage Ramps Up War on Cash

When Your Bank Goes Bust…Run! Or… How Congress Already Stole Your Savings

Soros Foundation Announces It Is ‘Doubling Down’ On Funding “Black-led Justice Organizations”

Ted Cruz: Cities Who Withhold Police Will Be Held Liable to Property Owners

Biden Unveils $2 Trillion Plan to Address 'Climate Justice'

Banks Stand to Make $18 Billion From CARES Act in Fees

The US is turning away the world’s best minds—and this time, they may not come back

Amazon Introduces A.I. Cart That Knows What You Are Buying As You Fill It

As Obama marched toward Iran nuclear deal, FBI worried Russia was aiding Tehran’s program

MSNBC host dumbfounded as his panel of pediatricians unanimously support schools reopening

New York Times says to betray your family members who refuse to donate to Black Lives Matter

UK Bans Huawei 5G Equipment                     7/15


Bank of England Debating Digital Currency

FBI director calls China theft ‘one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history’

Seditionist George Soror pouring hundreds of millions into Left’s cultural revolution

The Left's "Boycott" Of Goya Has Backfired Spectacularly As Conservative Customers Clean Out Store Shelves

83% of LA Teachers Vote to Stay Closed in Fall – Will Not Open Schools Unless Charter Schools are Closed and Police are Defunded

Rasmussen: Swing Voters Oppose 2:1 the Universities’ OPT Jobs Giveaway

Trump policies drive boom recovery

As Palestinian Authority calls for jihad against Israel, US House Subcommittee votes to give it $250,000,000

Rudy Giuliani: Black Lives Matter Is Run By Marxists & Financed By A Convicted Terrorist

WMC Survey: Wisconsin businesses still hurting from coronavirus, government-ordered shutdown

Greyhound’s Value Drops by $156M Due to Less Illegal Immigration to U.S.

Families of Health Workers Killed by Virus Are Denied Benefits

Ocasio-Cortez Says Skyrocketing Crime In NYC Caused By Poor People Shoplifting Bread                       7/14


World Economic Forum: The Institution Behind "The Great Reset"

REPORT: Fusion GPS Got Up to $1M in COVID Small-Business Relief for 15 Employees

L.A. Teachers Union Says Schools Can’t Reopen Unless Charter Schools Get Shut Down, Police Defunded

Minneapolis business owners: “The government has abandoned us!”

Trump Admin Tells Minnesota Governor To Get Bent Over $16 Million Aid Request Following Riots

Nearly 50 Shot So Far In Chicago Weekend Shootings, Including 7 Deaths

San Diego Comedy Club Rebrands As ‘Protest’ To Stay Open During Pandemic

New docs: NIH owns half of Moderna vaccine

RINO Senate Hopeful Bill Hagerty On Board Of Billion Dollar Firm Pumping Out Black Lives Matter Communist Propaganda

Manhattan DA Targets Trump After Giving Epstein and Weinstein a Pass

Young White Mother Executed By Black Lives Matter Mob for Allegedly Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

Steve Bannon: Scientists From Wuhan Virus Lab Have ‘Defected’ To The West

Chi-Coms Buy Up US Land Just a Stone’s Throw from Laughlin Air Base, Sparking Espionage Fears

Democrats Silent About Memorials To KKK-Supporting Colleague Robert Byrd

Liberal Black Lives Matter Activists Swarm and Torment Daughter of Murdered Police Officer

Former ‘slave to communism’ has urgent warning for Americans: ‘Defend your country or it will be destroyed’

Joe Biden Used One Word to Describe the PoliceThat Left Americans Speechless

Weinstein, Epstein, and the Democrats             7/13


Corporations Hyping BLM Fail Us in Every Other Way

Los Angeles votes to DEFUND the police – LAPD budget reduced by $150 million

Joe Biden's Me-Too Economic Plan He's no Trump, and his dismal record speaks for itself. 

Money Supply Growth in May Again Surges to an All-Time High

Chinese Banks Preparing For "Worst Case" Scenario: Being Cut Off From SWIFT, Hong Kong Bank Runs

NYC Mayor de Blasio Trolls Trump Tower But Asks For $7.4 Billion To Bailout His Failing Policies

Official list shows Planned Parenthood got more than $65 million in federal COVID-19 relief loans

Dossier author Christopher Steele must pay damages over 'inaccurate' claims

BREAKING: Unsealed Govt Memo Dated January 30, 2017 Reveals Obama Cabal KNEW Flynn Wasn’t Lying and Wasn’t an “Agent of Russia”

AOC: Defunding The Police Will Require ‘Experimentation’ With Public Safety

Horowitz: The Black Lives Matter agenda is racist and anti-Semitic. Why are politicians embracing it?

Soros-Funded District Attorneys Let Rioters Go and Declare Painting Over BLM Sign a ‘Hate Crime’

Illinois Department of Health Director Admits Anyone with Coronavirus at Time of Death is Counted as a Coronavirus Death (VIDEO)

Islamic Movement and Left Join Forces in Anti-American Revolution (Part 1)

Guilfoyle: What You’re Not Being Told About Joe Biden’s Fundraising

Breaking: YouTube Takes Down Tucker Carlson’s Video Connecting Terrorist Susan Rosenberg to BLM

Video: New Yorkers Sign Petition to Topple ‘Slave Owner’ Washington Statue, But Not  Slave Owner Muhammad

NYPD Places Limits on Retirements After ‘Troubling’ 400 Percent Surge                             7/11


World Economic Forum: The Institution Behind ‘The Great Reset’

Six months before the pandemic, Bill Gates negotiated a $100 million contact tracing deal with a democratic Congressman 

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to 1.314 Million, Slightly Better Than Expected

Operation Warp Speed gives $1.6 billion in taxpayer funding to Novavax for coronavirus vaccines     BAD IDEA

REVEALED: Ford Motors Makes Millions From Police Cruisers While The Ford Foundation Donates Millions To Anti-American, Marxist ‘Defund The Police’

Violent Protests Cost Portland Businesses Millions

United Airlines preparing to furlough 36,000 workers due to coronavirus collapse

Surveillance System Pitched to Detect Next Pandemic

YOU GOT DUPED! Nearly 25 million Americans got hoodwinked by the Black Lives Matter Terrorist Organization that first pretended to be peaceful to reel in all the suckers

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Ilhan Omar Has Paid Her Husband Nearly $900,000 For Consulting Services                    7/10


Hires Surged to All-Time High; Job Openings Unexpectedly Soar

Three Men Who Own Corporate America

Candace Owens: Kaepernick ‘Grew an Afro, Played the Victim and Scammed the Black Community for Millions’

The Economy after COVID-19

California ‘Utterly Failing’ As 2 Million Residents Waiting For Unemployment Checks

House panel advances spending bill with funding boost to IRS

Skipped payments rise as renters face financial cliff ahead

British Court Rules Against Christopher Steele, Orders Damages Paid To Businessmen Named In Dossier

We ain't paying crap': Italian restaurant racks up $10K in fines for opening before governor allows — but owners are defiant

Hong Kong Businessman: Biden Election Means Chinese Communists ‘Won Against Free World’               7/9


Analysts Say Market Rally Foretells a V-shaped Recovery

Mayor de Blasio, Who Slashed NYPD Budget, Blames Surge in Crime on ‘Warmer Weather’

‘Santa Anna’ Abbott Admits Low Death Rate of Covid-19, Wants to Shut Down Texas Economy Anyway

UK funnels $2 billion to pesticide giants in corrupt covid-19 bailout scheme

Roger Stone Forced to Report to Prison in a Week Where a Pedophile and a Wire and Bank Fraud Convict Were Released for China Coronavirus Concerns

Father of 8-Yr-Old Killed By Protesters: ‘You Say Black Lives Matter? You Just Killed Your Own’

David Marcus: Watch CNN’s Don Lemon Whitewash ‘Black Lives Matter’

Hershel Walker: ‘Where’s My Freedom That I Don’t Want to Tear Down Statues,’ Defund Police, Riot or Destroy Stores?

The Obama Years Sowed the Seeds for the Current Societal Chaos

FLASHBACK: See Obama, Bernie, other top Dems paying homage to Mt. Rushmore

Omar Calls For “Dismantling” Of US “Economy And Political Systems”

Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Has Stash of Sickening Epstein Child Sex Tapes’ That Implicates VIPs               7/8


President Trump VINDICATED on Hydroxychloroquine As Swamp Pushes Scamdemic

GREAT NEWS! Number of Coronavirus Deaths Down to Lowest Levels Since Beginning of Pandemic – Media Silent – Update: Sunday’s Results Even Lower

A Disturbing Glimpse Into The Future: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & The 4th Industrial Revolution

Michigan Bill: It’s OK To Microchip Employees, But Not To Make It Mandatory

Media Matters Takes Millions In PPP Aid While Criticizing Trump Coronavirus Response

China & India Agree To 1km Buffer Zone, Troop Pullback After Deadly Border Clash

Report: Stanford Accepted $58 Million from Chinese Government

Creepy Globalist Depopulationist Bill Gates Pressures Social Media to Censor Anyone Who Disagrees With Him, Calls Dissenters’ Ideas ‘Crazy’ and ‘Misinformation’

Robert Kennedy Jr.: “Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Now The 3rd Leading Cause Of Death” In US

California Gov. Newsom Orders Beaches and Wineries To Close – But His Winery Gets To Stay Open

CNN Demonized Trump’s Visit to Rushmore, 4 Years Earlier Celebrated ‘Majesty’ of Bernie’s Trip

The Mockingbird Media                                     7/7


Chinese Firm Updates Records To Remove Hunter Biden From Its Board, But He Still Owns 10% Of The Company

80% Of NYC Restaurants Couldn't Afford June Rent

Soros Set To Double 2016 Spending, Pouring $40 Million Into Super PAC

Facebook and Twitter stocks plunge as advertisers leave

‘Mini-Switzerland’: South Dakota’s Status As Tax Haven Emphasized By High-Profile Divorce Case

Mall and Hotel Loans Are Blowing up Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

China New Car Sales Crash 37% In 4th Week Of June

Federal Student Aid Applications Down Almost 4% Since Last Cycle

OANN Report: New Bill Will Allow Recovery Of COVID Payments Sent To Dead People

University of Massachusetts nursing dean fired after saying “everyone’s life matters”

67 People Shot, 13 Fatally, Over the Weekend in Chicago, and Mayor Lightfoot Continues to Blame Something (A Gun) or Someone Else, the New World Order Enthusiast Is Reprobate                                             7/6


Big Three Networks CENSOR Upward Revision in May Jobs Numbers: 5.825M Higher Than Estimate

Trump Signs 5-Week PPP Extension With Fiscal Cliff Looming

Report: Trump’s Visa Suspension to Drive Up Wages for U.S. Professionals

House Passes $1.5T Infrastructure Bill Packed With Green New Deal’s Wish-List

Corporate Pressure Campaign against Social Media Outlines Chilling Objectives

Trudeau Faces Probe For $664 Million Canada Charity Contract

A Look At Europe’s Ambitious $140 Billion Hydrogen Plan

Minnesota Governor Pleads to Trump for Federal Aid as Sky-High Bill for Riot Damage Revealed the Governor freely allowed

Democrats’ propaganda media all skip story about 15-year Tulsa veteran cop who was shot the head and killed

Harvard Grad Claira Janover Never Had A Job At Deloitte But Is Set to Cash In On GoFundMe For Being 'Fired'

 LA: Caught A Second Time Not Wearing a Mask Will Be A $1,000 Fine, Third a $2K Fine, A Fourth Time Will Be a $5,000 fine.                   7/5


BOMBSHELL: Affordable Hydroxychloroquine Lowers Chi-Com Virus Death Rate, US Study Finds

House Passes $1.5T Climate Infrastructure Bill Packed With Green New Deal Wish-List Items

China Watch: LA Times Publishes Beijing-Funded Propaganda

Stanford accepts $58 million in Chinese cash while pushing global human rights

San Francisco Rent Drops Most On Record As People Flee For Suburbs

‘Forced Labor’: U.S. Seizes $800,000 of Human Hair from China’s Uyghur Region

Ottawa: Canadians March To US Embassy Chanting “We Love Trump” On Canada Day

“Gates We Are Not Your Lab Rats”: Africans Protest COVID-19 Vaccine Testing

Left-Wing CHOP Zone Responsible For 525% Spike In Seattle Crime

Breaking: States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate

World Heath Organization Quietly Backtracks Original Claim That Communist Self-Reported Existence of the Chi-Com Virus — Now Admit This Never Happened         7/3


Art of the Comeback? U.S. Economy Added 4.8 Million Jobs in June, Unemployment Fell to 11.1%

Private Payrolls Estimated To Rise by 2.37M in June, May Revised Up By 5.2M

COVID-19 Accelerates The Great War On Cash

USMCA Trade Deal Goes Into Effect, Replacing NAFTA For Expected Economic Boost

Chinese-owned Reddit Under Criminal Investigation, Sources Say

It’s all about the money: After destroying low-cost hydroxychloroquine, Big Pharma and the complicit left-wing media are promoting Gilead’s new $3,000 drug

Manufacturing Recovery Much Stronger Than Expected

The Best And Worst Performing Assets In June, Q2 And 2020 YTD

The Banking Cartel Cult's MO: How They Rob Us Of Real Wealth

Edmond de Rothschild Achieves 4-year Goals for Sustainable Development

Chinese-Style Social Credit Is Here: Gab Founder Says He’s Blocked From Using Visa Over Vague ‘Hate Speech" Charge

Revolutionary Glove Translates Sign Language to Speech

Facebook Manipulates What News It Shows, Just in Time for Election | Newsbusters

Bombshell as Fauci admits future COVID vaccines won’t work, blames “anti-vaxxers” for failures of Big Pharma

Business Group Complains Trump’s H-1B Reform Is Boosting U.S. Graduates

Former NFL Star, Conservative Stalwart Burgess Owens Easily Wins GOP Primary in Utah — Seat Formerly Held by Trump-Hating RINO Mia Love Who Lost to a Democrat

EU Ban On US Travelers Relies On Misleading COVID Data, Punishes Testing Gains

Select House Members want to push “Climate Crisis” Action Plan                               7/2


Gilead Announces Long-Awaited Price For Covid-19 Drug Remdesivir…$3,120 For A Five-Day Course   FYI the Hydroxy regimen costs less than $100.-- who benefits?

Rand Paul Rand Paul Scorches ‘Fatal Conceit’ of Fascist Fauci, Others for Spreading Unwarranted Chi-Com Virus Hysteria: ‘When are We Going to Tell People the Truth, That It’s Okay to Take Their Kids Back to School?’

Sweden: What Herd Immunity Looks Like [VIDEO]

How We Arrived at the Globalist Calls for a ‘Great Reset’

Communist Black Lives Matter Founder Has DEEP Ties to Terrorists, Including Obama’s Old Domestic Terrorist Friend Bill Ayers

Helping Gab and Parler Grow Their Presence: Twitter Restricts Account of Michael Flynn’s Attorney, Sidney Powell

The FCC Designates China’s Huawei And ZTE A Security Threat

NYC: Murdering Mayor de Blasio Confirms $1 Billion Cut from NYPD Budget Amid Massive Murder Epidemic

Jay Inslee Forced To Move Press Conference Inside Over Hecklers…‘We Will Not Comply, We Are Not Sheep’

83 Tons Of Fake Gold: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal

Conservative Student Pushed Out of Texas College for TikTok Video Exposing Black Lives Matter Hypocrisy

‘Abolish the Present’: Marxist Mob Set up Guillotine in Front of Bezos Home — Demand End of Amazon      7/1


The Elite Technocrats Behind The Global ‘Great Reset’

Are Globalists And Enemy States Plotting To Crash The U.S. Economy Before The Election?

Flynn targeted for destruction because he wanted to investigate Brennan's 'off the books' billions of dollars at CIA?

A New Card Ties Your Credit to Your Social Media Stats

DOJ moves forward in stripping Big Tech of Section 230 protections

Commercial Real Estate Deals Plunge To Lowest Level Since 2010

Cryptocurrency is dying as young speculators shift to Robinhood and zero-cost trading

Italy: Sold to Big Pharma

NYC Mayor De Blasio Plans $1.5 Billion NYPD Budget Cut

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries

BLM “Protesters” Barge Into A Target, Threaten To Boycott If Target Doesn’t Stop Calling The Police On Minority Shoplifters                           6/30


Social Credit Scores Are Already Here

Chesapeake Files For Bankruptcy, Wiping Out $7 Billion In Debt And Any Existing Equity Value

41% Of Businesses On Yelp Have Permanently Closed As V-Shaped Recovery Implodes 

Amazon pays $1.2 billion for self-driving startup Zoox

Huawei inks deal in Shanghai to create its own microchips

Black Lives Matter Militants Storm Target Store in DC, Threaten to Shut Business Down if They Don’t Comply with Demands (VIDEOS)

DEMOCRAT RULE: Minneapolis council members calling to defund police spend $63G on their own private security

Gun Permits Up 500% and Sales Skyrocket Amid Chicago Protests

The national security law could turn Hong Kong into Asia’s Monaco

Excuse Me, FBI Director Wray, Did You Withhold Exculpatory Evidence From Michael Flynn?

US Fed orders major banks to suspend share buybacks

Seattle Autonomous CHOP/CHAZ zone prompts lawsuit from businesses, residents: reports

Charting The $1.7B Transfer Of Military Equipment To Police Departments

HORRIBLE NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: After a Month of Leftist Rioting, Looting and Arson Trump’s Approval with Black Voters Remains at 28%                        6/29


Communist China Is Behind and Beside Leading Liberal Media Efforts to Destroy President Trump and America

Clueless White Liberals Get Schooled by Black Harlem Residents on 'Defund Police'

Coronavirus Just Inflicted This Devastating Blow on Social Security

Treasury Dept. Agrees to Make Full Data Available on COVID Small-Business Loans

Commercial Real Estate Deals Plunge To Lowest Level Since 2010

"Restaurant Of The Future" - KFC Unveils Automated Store With Robots And Food Lockers

Minneapolis City Council Members Receiving $4,500 A Day Private Security From City After Voting to Abolish Police

$1.4 Billion of Covid Stimulus Money Sent to Dead People!

Globalist Depopulationist, Self-Appointed World Health “Expert” Bill Gates Pushes Mandatory Vaccines

Video shows CHAZ warlord handing out AR-15s to youth… the insurgency is arming up (while CNN falsely

‘Schoolgirl Pimp’ of Clinton-Linked Democrat Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Breaks Silence, Reveals ‘Twisted Sexual Pyramid Scheme’                                   6/28


Gun Violence Is Up 358% In NYC Amid Calls To Defund Police

Get Woke, Go Broke: Nike Reports Profit Loss of $790 Million in Q4 and a Year-Over-Year Sales Decline of 38% (46% in U.S.)

Struggling hospitals close due to “financial challenges” from the coronavirus outbreak


Leftists Call Emancipation Memorial 'Degrading,' Freed Slaves Who Paid for It Would Disagree

GAO Chief Says IRS Knew It Was Sending Virus Payments to Deceased People

On MSNBC, NYT Writer Calls for Reparations, Then Says It's Not Enough

Facebook Whistleblower: Interference ‘On A Global Level In Elections’

Soros-Funded Group Vows Turn Out 6M Hispanic Voters to Defeat Trump

Larry C. Johnson: Untangling the Lies About The Obama Biden Coup Meeting of January 5, 2017

Rising Canadian political star slams UN for showing support for 'radical leftist' group Antifa                     6/27


EXCLUSIVE: Donations to BLM Are Funneled Through Democrat Related ActBlue and Handled by Organization Led By Member of Weather Underground Terrorist Group

Marxist BLM Leader Says Movement Prepared to ‘Burn Down the System’

Seattle Residents, Businesses in ‘CHOP’ File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Democrat-Ruled City

How Hospitals are Making a Killing Off the Chi-Com Virus

SCAM: Biden Cancer Nonprofit Paid Its Top Execs Millions — It Spent Little to Eradicate Cancer

IRS Sent Stimulus Checks To Over 1 Million Dead People

90% Of New York’s Criminals Being Set Free Due To Bail Reform

‘Defund The Police’: NYC Shootings EXPLODE Amid Disbanding Of Anti-Crime Units, Reassignment Of Hundreds Of Officers

Facebook Senior HR Business Partner Fired After Video Released

The ‘United Front’ – How China Has Co-opted The U.S. Media

Joni Ernst Proposes to Restrict Taxpayer Funding to ‘Anarchist’ Autonomous Zones                         6/26


Businesses File Class Action Lawsuit Against Seattle Over Handling of Autonomous Zone

Pro-CHAZ Democrat Seattle mayor working closely with terror-tied CAIR

Durable Goods Orders Rebound Keeps Dream Of "V"-Recovery Alive (Barely)

Bayer Settles Bulk Of Roundup Cancer Lawsuits For Up To $10.9 Billion

Hispanic Washington Business Owner Explains Why He’s Suing Democrat Petty Tyrant Jay Inslee: ‘We’re Fighting for Our Constitutional Right to Work for a Living’

Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $2.1 Billion In Baby Powder Lawsuit

New Home Sales Skyrocket 16.6% Blowing Past Expectations

GNC Files For Bankruptcy And Will Close Up To 1,200 Stores

Chuck E. Cheese Parent Files for Bankruptcy, Another Casualty of Pandemic

John Solomon: Fired NY Prosecutor Was Given Biden-Ukraine Allegations In 2018 But Didn’t Follow Up, Emails Show

Useful Idiots: Pew Research: Only 1-in-6 Protesters Are Black, 46 Percent Are White                       6/25


Coronavirus Swings Society to "Touch Free" Digital ID and Digital Currency

USSA Central Bankers Stole $7 Trillion After Government Locked People Down

Media Demonization of Parler Begins After Free Speech Network Attracts Flood of New Users

Mnuchin Says US-China Decoupling Will Occur If Firms Can’t Compete Fairly

Billion-dollar firm leads 'mass exodus' from occupied Seattle

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of CARES Act Funds Are Unaccounted for at US Fed and Treasury

Shutdowns And Riots Are Sending New York City Into A Death Spiral

Bellevue, WA Police Arrest 23 Rioters and Looters, Recovering Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Stolen Merchandise

Europe Resorts to Trade Protectionism to Tackle State Subsidies

Communist Dictator Jay Inslee Issues Unconstitutional Royal Decree: All Washington State Residents MUST Wear a Chi-Com Mask                                   6/24


Trump Halts Foreign Visa Worker Programs to Free Up 600K U.S. Jobs for Americans

Online microfinance available in 10 minutes in Beijing  

China Must Prepare To Be Cut Off From Dollar-Based Financial System, Official Warns

Boston DOJ Arrest Business Owner Fraudulently Taking Millions From PPP Program

30% Of Americans Didn't Make Their Housing Payment In June

Taiwanese firms exporting 'mask micro-factories'

Tech Company Tied to China Cashes in on Small Business Relief

Former FEMA Official Details the Step by Step Plan to Destroy America

Descendants of 'Aunt Jemima' Say PepsiCo.'s Decision to 'Erase' Her the REAL Injustice

'Lockdown Queen' Whitmer now wants Trump to bail out her state

Green New Deal Leads GOP Into Compromise Over Fighting Climate Change

For second straight night, shooting reported in cop-free ‘autonomous’ Seattle protest zone

So much for Seattle's 'summer of love'           6/23


Globalists Reveal That The "Great Economic Reset" Is Coming In 2021

An Insight into How Globalists Think Courtesy of the Trilateral Commission

US-China US$200 billion trade deal leaves EU suppliers feeling left out

UN Tweets Antifa Flag, ‘Express Concern’ Over the Violent Leftist Anarchists Being Branded ‘Terrorists’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Outraged When She Learned Where Her Money Went

UK: Major British firms will pay reparations for slavery

Australia’s largest Islamic school falsely claims to be non-profit, gets $11 million from taxpayers

Seattle Psychiatric Unit to Close After $500 Million Shortfall

Seattle police union chief calls for ‘leadership’ after fatal shooting in CHOP/CHAZ ‘autonomous’ zone

After Riots, Nearly 8 in 10 Want to ‘Restore Order,’ Blacks, Hispanics, and Democrats Agree

Many Atlanta Officers Refuse to Report for Work for 3rd Straight Day After Fellow Cop Charged with Murder

Shootings surge in NYC amid disbanding of NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime unit

'THEY AIN'T NOTHING BUT DEVILS': Muhammad Ali’s Son Says Father Would Have HATED 'Racist' BLM   6/21


How design thinking pushes Hong Kong forward to a cashless future

Why Washington, D.C. Is In Trouble: 7,780 Public Employees With $100,000+ Salaries Cost Taxpayers $1 Billion

Financial experts sound alarm on colleges going bankrupt

People would rather lose their job to a robot than to another person, say researchers – but what happens when ALL the jobs go to robots?

Shares Tank 75% After Wirecard CEO Quits And Company Says It Cannot Find $2.1 billion

German Chancellor Angela Merkel finances Antifa Supporter with 1 Million for Left-Wing Propaganda

Technocrat Fauci: Americans ‘Don’t Believe Science And They Don’t Believe Authority’

Lockdowns, tracing, testing, vaccinating, and Liberty

Atlanta Teen Raises $160,000 for Black-Owned Businesses Hurt During Protests                        6/20


Jobless Claims Boom… Over Million for 13th Straight Week… Much Higher Than Expected… Massive Unemployment Benefits to Blame?

Beijing Sounds Alarm About Dollar's Reserve Status

Seattle Business Owner Warns City Facing ‘Mass Exodus’ as ‘Homeless, Drugs and Gangs’ Take Over Downtown

Watch: Trump Discusses Reopening Small Businesses with Governors

China's Central Bank Vows To Expand Total Credit By 30% Of GDP In 2020

Black Lives Matter is Funded by Nazi Collaborator George Soros — And is Straight-Up Marxist

AOC, Squad Raise $128,000 for BLM Group That Aims to Abolish Police, Prisons

77-Year-Old Barber Wins Again: Whitmer Caves on Attempt to Strip License

Project Veritas: Facebook ‘Fosters Diversity’ by Favoring H-1Bs over U.S. Grads

Minneapolis: Eight Shot During Two-Hour Stretch as Violent Crime Explodes

Court Strikes Down Trump Rule that Drugmakers Disclose Price

Wow! Atlanta Equity Prime Mortgage Fires Stepmother of Officer Garrett Rolfe After Incident with Rayshard Brooks (VIDEO)                                 6/19


Progressives: Central Banks Seen As Key Agents Of Technocracy

Shakedown: After Meeting With Black Lives Matter, Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Pledges $100 Million in Taxpayer Money for Black Community Programs, Establish ‘Seattle Black Commission’

Amazon Doubles Down on Excluding Some Conservative Nonprofits From Customer Donations

Housing Market Outside New York City Booms As City Dwellers Flee

US-Canada Border To Remain Closed For Another Month

Bill Gates’ Climate-Change Investment Firm Bets On Breast Milk Produced In A Lab

Election Meddling? Google Working with Foreign Entities to Shut Down American Conservatives

Antifa Communist Revolutionaries Lock People in Portland Justice Center, Then Light It On Fire

Scientists make 'small edit' to human embryos; Observe a lot of unintended consequences

NYPD Arrest Thug Who Pummelled 92-Year-Old Grandma and Knocked Her to the Ground                     6/18


Retail Sales Jumped Record 18% in May as Economy Begins Recovery From Liberal Lockdown Lunacy

Sam Faddis: Why Do They Oppose Trump? – Follow The Money

Chi-Com Virus Only 4th Worst Flu Pandemic in US History — But First Flu to Destroy the Economy Thanks to Faulty Models, Junk Science and Fascist Fauci Hysteria

Expert Says Lockdowns Cost U.S. Economy $1 Trillion and Were More Negative to Human Life Than the Chi-Com Virus Itself

Manufacturing Rebound Better Than Expected

Google Demonetizes Zero Hedge and blacklists the Federalist

Google’s Conservative Ad Ban Pressure Stems From UK Govt-Backed Far-Left Org

Amazon Employees Beware: World's First Warehouse Picker Robot Debuts 

What Spike? Hospitalization Data Show No Indication of a Second Wave

Is The ‘Second Wave’ Another Coronavirus Hoax?

C-O-L-L-U-S-I-O-N: UN Official Admits Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change Agendas Are ‘Inseparable’

Breakthrough? Research Says Cheap steroid saves COVID-19 lives!                                      6/17


Best Friends Start a Movement in Their Neighborhood: ‘Black or White, Relax and Have a Beer’

Wall Street Journal Study: More Than 40% of All Black-Owned Businesses Vanishing Due to Statewide Lockdown Measures

Dozens of Universities Failed to Disclose Millions in Donations From the Communist Chinese

Chinese Scientist, Escorted Out Of Canadian Biolab, Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan

54 NIH scientists resign or fired over secret foreign ties, 93% connected to China (live updates)

The End Of Hong Kong

Is Everything Going On Right Now Tied To The UN’s Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030?

Jobless claims fraud on the rise as coronavirus boosts unemployment

New Mexico Is Open For Restaurants, Protests — But Not For This Lifelong Army Family To Bury Master Sgt. Velasquez

The Last Person To Receive a Civil War Pension Has Died

Fascistbook Censors, Threatens Conservative Website Disrn for Sharing W.H.O. Official’s EXACT WORDS

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Caused A Global Bicycle Shortage

‘Biggest Rally Signup of All Time by 10X’ – More Than 800,000 People Sign Up For Trump’s MAGA Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Complete list of treasonous U.S. corporations that are actively supporting Black Lives Matter terrorism, bigotry and violence… boycott them all                   6/16


Ted Cruz and Other GOP Senators Fire First Retaliatory Salvo at Communist China, Introduce ‘Beat China Act’

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Funneled Millions of Tax Dollars Into the Clinton Foundation While She Was Obama’s Secretary of State

Robert Kiyosaki: What The Elites Don't Want You To Know

Disney Ditches Tucker Carlson Ads But Openly Collaborates With The CCP

Chris Cuomo Attempted To Criticize Trump Economy Using Obama-Era Data

BREAKING REPORT: Ukrainian Law Enforcement Arrest Individual Allegedly Attempting to End Investigation Into Burisma and Hunter Biden with $6 Million Bribe

America Convulses in Pain, Fed Bails Out the Wealthy

Congress spent $3.06 million on failed impeachment probe

COLLAPSE of Democrat-run cities now imminent as TRUCKERS say they will refuse delivering to cities with de-funded police

What a Shock! George Soros Hack is Behind Abolish the Police Movement                                6/14


Globalist elites to gather in Swiss resort town to plan post-COVID ‘Great Reset’

COVID-19 Lockdowns Spark 41% Collapse In Black-Owned Businesses In America

US Business Bankruptcies Skyrocket By 48% In May

Economist Purged from Chicago Fed for Criticizing ‘Defund the Police’

While Millions of Americans are Unemployed, Republican Members of Congress Want to Flood the Country with Millions of Hong Kong “Refugees”

Billionaire Kochs: Increase Immigration While 30M Americans are Jobless

VIDEO: Police Asking for Help Identifying 200 Looters who Ransacked Walmart Like It’s Christmas

We Don’t Need No Stinking Vaccine for Covid-19

WATCH: Armed Store Owner Stops Robbery, Calls 911, Cops Show Up, Break His Jaw, Arrest HIM

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Stands by Tucker Carlson Amidst Advertiser Exodus, Declares 'All Lives Matter'

Black Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Defunding the Police

Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative                                        6/13


$454 Million: Businesses Flood Social Justice Causes with Cash amid ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests

US Policy Rigged to Favor Foreign Multi-Nationals

The Employment Situation Is Still a Disaster

How New York's Coronavirus Response Made the Pandemic Worse

How Dr. Fauci’s fraudulent pandemic advice put millions of Americans through hell

As Businesses Flee The Violence, Will Major U.S. Cities Be Transformed Into Economic Wastelands?

The Complex Funding and Ideology of BLM

Trump Admin Providing Nearly $3 Billion To Support The Homeless Amid Coronavirus Recovery Efforts

Grand jury indicts Harvard professor for lying about receiving funding from communist China

Police: Looters Stole $100,000 Worth of Goods from Tampa Walmart

EU Privacy Panel Says Clearview AI Is Illegal

Self-Appointed Warlord of So-Called “Seattle Autonomous Zone,” Raz Simone, Outed as Homophobic; Where is the Gaystapo to “Cancel” Him, Hmmm???

Colorado Bill Requires "Re-education" For Parents Who Refuse The Coronavirus Vaccine

The Barbarians are in charge: Scenes from the sacking of America

WHAT A JOKE: After Antifa and Black Lives Matter RIOT AND LOOT Across America — FBI Sends Out Memo Warning White Supremacists Pose Greatest Risk of Violence                                           6/12


Sundance: U.S. Main Street Economic Indicators Remain Strong – Mortgage Demand Up 13% From Prior Year

EU Beats DOJ To The Punch, Brings Antitrust Charges Against Amazon

Federal Deficit Soars to Record $1.9 Trillion Through First Eight Months of Fiscal Year

Federal Reserve expects to keep near zero interest rate through 2022

Mnuchin: More Coronavirus Economic Relief Spending ‘Definitely’ Needed

Total US Debt Increases By $1 Trillion In One Month

Gold Is a Lifeline During India Credit Crunch

GOP Senators Urge FCC to Clarify Section 230 Big Tech Immunity      your late

UK Forecast To Suffer Worst COVID-Driven GDP Hit Of All Nations Worldwide

The Environmentalist’s Dream Came True

Orwellian Quote of the Day: Democrat Atlanta Mayor Announces ‘Recovery Fund’ for Businesses Destroyed by Rioters During ‘Peaceful Protests’

Exclusive — Noem: Media Manipulating Information to Push Lockdowns…Details Success Against Virus…S.D. Gov. Says Left diminishing freedom, centralizing power

Researchers Find At Least 7 Different Strains Of Coronavirus Circulated In California

Bernie Sanders Is A ‘No’ On ‘Defund The Police’       6/11


Killing Capitalism: Technocrats Spark Worst Economic Collapse In 150 Years

Black business owners decimated from Democrat lockdown

Minneapolis Manufacturer Leaving After Plant Burned During Riots: ‘They Didn’t Protect Our People’

China’s Loss of Business from US Companies Has Begun

Former Harvard Chemistry Chair Indicted for False Statements About China Funding

25,000 More Store Closures Expected As Pandemic-Fueled "Retail Apocalypse" Rolls On

Rioters Take Over Minneapolis Hotel, Raise Over $138,000 on GoFundMe to Turn It Into Operations Base

US Customs Seize Counterfeit Money Originating from China

Wealthy Elites Fleeing NYC and Other Big Cities at an ‘Insane’ Pace

Walmart sides with terrorists, pledges $100 million to fund very same groups linked to those demanding the mass murder of whites across America

Back-Door Reparations? Black Lives Matter Rioters Sue SEATTLE for Violent Police Tactics

LAPD: Homicides Up 250% In First Week Of June

George Soros’ Twitter Page Flooded With Millions of People Calling For His Arrest For ‘Treason’

Chicago Mayor Now Pleading With Walmart And Other Companies Not To Leave The City               6/10


Don’t write off the dollar

Shop Owners Reveal Financial and Emotional Struggles of Being Looted

Seattle Motorist Shoots Protester, Police Violate 'Tear Gas Ban' During Another Night Of "Peaceful" Demonstrations

Democrat Insanity: Bill de Blasio RUINS NYC Economy — Allows Rioters to Loot Manhattan — Then Cuts Funding to Police!

EU: Trade with China Trumps Freedom for Hong Kong

Food stamp failures: Feds offering $5 million to stop billions of dollars of fraud

Philly News Editor Ousted After Daring To Question Legitimacy Of Burning The City's Buildings Down

Can’t We Just Say It? This Chi-Com Virus Panic Was a Fraud Driven by Politics and for the Aggrandizement of Power

JPMorgan Chase CEO ‘Takes The Knee’ In Front Of Giant Bank Vault

Operation Occupy White House Enters Final Act

Canadian Journalist Dan Dicks Attacked By Antifa, Then Arrested

Black Lives Matter Plans Armed ‘Peace Officers’ In War On Police

Racism, Inc.                              6/8


Unemployment Rate Falls to 13.3%, US Adds 2.5 Million Jobs

Global Elites Announce ‘Great Reset’ Plan—And It’s Even More Radical Than the Green New Deal

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: NY Governor Cuomo’s Largest Donor Involved in Elderly Care Was Shielded from COVID-19 Lawsuits in April By Cuomo

Michigan Supreme Court Unanimously Sides with 77-Year-Old Barber over Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

50 State AGs Are Pushing To Breakup Google's Ad-Tech Dominance Alongside DOJ

The Full List – Here Are The 269 Companies Who Are Supporting BLM & Antifa Riots

Leftist Co-Founder of Reddit Releases Sappy Video – Announces He Is Stepping Down Asks for Black Replacement – Took $300 Million from Chinese Firm Last Year

2019: 32-Year-Old Tony Timpa Killed by Dallas Cops Using Similar Tactics Used on George Floyd — No Looting, No Rioting, No Race Shakedowns Two instances of police violence that did not cause riots

MUST SEE: Look What Democrats, their Media and the Violent Left Did to Three Great American Cities in JUST ONE WEEK

WHICH IS IT? Democrats demand mail-in voting because they can’t leave their homes due to Covid-19, but now they’re protesting in the streets standing shoulder to shoulder                            6/7


Record 2.5 Million Jobs Added! Unemployment Falls to 13.3% ‘Expectations’ Miss Big Hospitality, Construction, Dentistry,  Healthcare Fields Boom

Stocks Soar After Record Friday Jobs Report

CRAMER: Pandemic led to 'one of greatest wealth transfers in history'

Hidden Figures: Black Employment Expanded in May

Chicago Mayor Begs Walmart, Other Looted Retailers Not To Abandon City

UK in Talks with Japanese Tech Firm to Replace Huawei in 5G as Tensions Increase with China: Report

The Price Of Half The World's Staple Food Is Up 70% In 2020

HOAX! The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine Turned Into Laughing Stocks as Widely-Touted Hydroxychloroquine Study Found to be Based on Fabricated Data Organized by Science Fiction Writer and Adult Content Model

Looters in Manhattan Pulled Up to Store in $300,000 Rolls Royce SUV to Clean Out Store

Chi-Com Puppet LeBron James Lashes Out at Fox News’ Laura Ingraham For Defending Drew Brees After He Said He Wouldn’t Disrespect the American Flag

MSNBC Hires Dirty Deep State Coup Plotter, FBI Lovebird of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page as ‘National Security & Legal Analyst’                                            6/6


Looters in NYC Pull Up in $350,000 Rolls Royce SUV to Ransack Store

MUST SEE EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Stacks of Bricks Are Being Delivered to Numerous US Cities – More Evidence Riots Are Organized!

Biden’s Campaign Awash in Wall Street Cash

Rioters Destroy Black-Owned Business, Non-Profit Restaurant for the Poor

Looters Steal $2.4 Million In Rolex Watches From New York Store

Woke to Broke: Social Justice Minded Retailers Smashed and Looted by Riots

6 Democrat-Ruled Cities Where Looters Are Ransacking Minority-Owned Businesses

Walmart Refuses to Sell Dennis Prager/Adam Carolla Documentary on Big Tech’s Threat to Free Speech in America

Are you ready to live in a medical police state – your body monitored, your movement tracked, and your family forced into home arrest and isolation?

Apple Awards Hacker $100,000 For Discovering ‘Sign In With Apple’ Vulnerability

Beijing Biden Urged More Chinese Infiltration Invited communists into U.S. government, classrooms, boardrooms

Joe Biden Vows Not to Use ‘Racial Wounds’ for ‘Political Gain’…Then Includes George Floyd’s Dying Words in Fundraising Appeal                              6/3


President Trump Retweets Video of Antifa Operative Paying Rioters: ‘Anarchists, We See You!’

Cornel West: 'Looting Is Wrong. But Legalized Looting Is Wrong, Too'

January 2020: George Soros warns Trump of potential economic doom before election

US indicts Koreans, Chinese for $2.5 bn network to dodge sanctions

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Boosting the Big Tech Transformation to Warp Speed

Margot Cleveland: New Flynn Transcripts Confirm Mueller Team Lied To The Court And The Country

With SpaceX’s Astronaut Launch, A New Era Of Human Spaceflight Has Dawned

Epic: Rush Limbaugh Appears on the Leftist ‘Breakfast Club,’ Agree Lockdowns Created ‘Powder Keg’ for Riots to Break Out, Clash on “White Privilege”

The Democrat-Biden Agenda: Killing Jobs, Killing Babies, Praising Rioters

Unprecedented Multi-Front PsyWar Unleashed On Americans

‘Biden Center’ at UPenn Under Fire over Financial Ties to China

Brick Piles Discovered In Cities Across The US      6/2


Brexit Boost: Nissan Backs Britain as It Pulls out of EU

BOEING Details Plans for Mass Job Cuts

Black Lives Matter Criminals Are Looting the Target in Philly Without a Care in the World, Like They’re Sunday Shopping (VIDEO)

Armed Citizens in Dallas Protect Businesses From Rioters: ‘We Want People to Protest; Leave Private Businesses Out of It’

Rioters Attack Dallas Store Owner For Defending His Property

Nearly 70% of voters say laid off workers should be banned from unemployment if refuse rehire offer

Big Bankruptcies Sweep Nation

Ted Cruz wants to cut all federal assistance to Hollywood studios that censor movies to appease China

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Goons Loot High End Stores on Michigan Avenue – Gov. Pritzker Cheered them as “Peaceful” and “Beautiful”

Small Business Owner Reduced to Tears Watching Rioters Destroy His Dream

Black Business Owner Who Invested Life Savings Into Looted Bar: “I Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do”

GOP Rep. Ken Buck Introduces Bill to Keep Tax Dollars from States Who Pay Illegal Aliens

Wasteful Spending: Portland pays $23k to Antifa militant struck by rubber bullet

USA Launches First Space Ship on Home Soil Since Obama Outsourced to Russia

VIDEO: Minneapolis Rioters Beat, Rob Disabled Woman, Spray Her With Fire Extinguisher

TICK TOCK: Obamagate Deep State Coup Plotter John Brennan’s Tweet About President Trump and ‘Divisive Rhetoric’ Reeks of Fear and Desperation

Twitter Censors Trump Minneapolis Tweet, Accuses Him of ‘Glorifying Violence’                                6/1


How the Fed Bailed Out the Investor Class

$150 Billion In PPP Funds Untapped As Small Business Demand "Just Dried Up"

Amazon, Google and Microsoft caught providing services to BLACKLISTED Chinese firms

Google-Owned YouTube Automatically Censoring Criticism Of Online Chinese Communist Propaganda

Unreported $6B+ to U.S. Colleges From Adversarial Nations

House Votes To Send New China Sanctions Bill To Trump's Desk

With Unemployment Rate at 15% – Nine RINO Senators Including Lindsey Graham Push President Trump to Offer More Work Visas to Foreigners (VIDEO)

Coronavirus vaccine czar reluctantly decides to forego windfall stock profits after earlier claiming “no conflict of interest”

Mail Carrier Charged In West Virginia Voter Fraud Case In Connection With Manipulation Of Absentee Ballot Requests

Trump To Sign Social Media Executive Order On Thursday After 'Fact-Check', Political Bias Exposed

Why the Left is Weaponizing Science         5/28


Can Mass Track & Trace Take your Job, Remove You From Your Home & Take Your Kids? – Watch Live

Does This Virus Only Spread in Small Businesses?' Protests Rising Against 'Non-Essential' Label

Trump Slashes Cost Of Insulin For Medicare Enrollees To $35 A Month

China facing increasing number of lawsuits around the globe over coronavirus-related damages

California: 13-Year-Old Graduates From Fullerton College, Earns 4 Associate’s Degrees

EU Reveals $826B Economic Stimulus Plan To Battle Coronavirus Damage

CNBC Reporter: Biden Is Offering Most Expensive Tax Plan Of Any Democratic Candidate In Recent History (VIDEO)

Video Shows Minneapolis Cop With Knee On Neck Of Motionless, Moaning Man Who Later Died

CBS Caught Using Old Photo from Ukraine in Their Fear Inducing Chi-Com Virus in Children Story

Former CBS News President Confesses: Most Media ‘Dedicated to Ousting the President’

Biden VP Contender Amy Klobuchar Admits Trump-Touted Drug Hydroxychloroquine Used To Treat Now-Recovered Husband, Continues To Bash Trump Over Drug Anyway                                         5/27


In Space Exploration, Freedom Wins Again

Trump Economic Advisor: Second Stimulus Check Coming ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’

UK Wind Farms Paid Record £9.3 Million to NOT Run for One Day


There’s blood on your phone: Tech giants linked to “slave labor” in Chinese factories

Audit Reveals Huge Growth of Pro-Migration NGOs with Millions in Revenue

Why Didn't the 1958 and 1918 Pandemics Destroy the Economy? Hint: It's the Lockdowns

Shutdowns Have Brought New York City to the Brink of Economic Catastrophe

BREAKING: Confirmation that President Trump is NOT controlled by Big Pharma and is completely opposed to coercive vaccine mandates

China Praises W.H.O. Director: “He’s Done a Good Job”

Pentagon Bashes NYT Over ‘White Supremacy’ Editorial

University of California refuses to say how much money it will give to undocumented students                5/26


Bankruptcy Tsunami Begins: Thousands Of Default Notices Are "Flying Out The Door"

$21M Brooklyn field hospital shuts down: COVID-19 patients treated – Zero

Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus

Master of Puppets: Bitcoin Cuts the Strings

Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 1: Philanthropic Narrative Shaping

Questions Over Chinese Influence Emerge After Biden Charitable Organizations Refuse To Disclose Funding

China’s Crackdown On Hong Kong Has Accelerated The Exodus Of Capital Out Of The Former British Colony; “China May Be Making The Same Hubristic Mistake As Tojo’s Japan: Overestimating Its Own Rising Strength; And Underestimating The Resolve Of The Dishevelled And Unruly Democracies.” 

Pastor who has lived under 12 presidents, says Trump is most pro-black president

Power Drunk Democrat WA AG Bob Ferguson Threatened to Fine Gym Owner $2,000 Per Customer

Top execs quietly sold $30 million in shares       5/24


Pelosi's Leninist Stimulus Bill

NO PROBLEM: Georgia, Florida and Texas All Perfectly Fine After Re-Opening Economies

New York’s Small Businesses Issue Last ‘Desperate Cry’ To Save Their Livelihoods

COVID-19 unemployment claims approach 39 million since mid-March

U.S. Census Launches Weekly Coronavirus Report: 47% Jobless, 38% Delayed Medical Treatment13

President Dwight Eisenhower, in His 1961 Farewell Speech, Prophetically Warned Us of the Country Being Ruled By an Unelected ‘Scientific-Technological Elite’

Trump’s deregulation order should help Tennessee’s economic recovery, groups say

US Billionaires Got $434 Billion Richer Since Coronavirus Pandemic Began

As SBA works overtime to handle PPP, the agency's disaster loan program has trouble scaling up

From Frontline to Breadline: How Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Policies Have Created Financial Havoc for Nursing Home Workers

DOJ: Democrats Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box

Survey: Just 1 In 4 Remote Workers Wants To Return To Office

Colleges give money to illegal immigrants, despite most Americans' opposition

Gunshot Victims Counted as Chi-Com Virus Deaths in the Democrat-Ruled State of Washington

Bring Grandma-Killing Governors to Justice

Failed Fascist Fauci’s 15 Totally Wrong Predictions and Contradictions

Global Cooling Gives Nightmares To Global Warming Alarmists

The 10 [Bill] Gates of Hell                       5/23


COVID-19 Is Putting Cash In Early Grave All Around The World

Largest Contract Yet For US-Mexico Border Wall Announced, Worth $1.3 Billion

JPMorgan Study Shatters Liberal Lockdown Lunacy: Infection Rates Have Declined in States Where Lockdowns Have Ended

Trump gives pro-China World Health Org. 30 days to reform or permanently lose funding

Planned Parenthood Affiliates Improperly Applied For And Received $80 Million In Coronavirus Stimulus Funds

‘Catastrophic,’ ‘Major Devastation’: New York Small Businesses Plead To Reopen

37MM newly unemployed, and 68% of them are making more now than while working

Study: 92% of Lefting Activists Live With Their Parents in Berlin; One Third Are Unemployed

US Banks On Hook For $150 Billion In "Frozen Loans" As Millions Of Americans Skip Credit Card And Car Payments

Globalization, Financialization Are Dead

‘QUID PRO JOE’ – New Audio Shows Biden and Ukraine’s Poroshenko Discussing Firing Viktor Shokin Who Was Investigating His Son

Democrat-Socialist Seattle City Council Calls for $100 Million “Relief Fund” for Illegal Alien Foreign Invaders

UPDATE: Susan Rice Tells CBS Joe Biden’s Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine was at the Request of Barack Obama (VIDEO)                                   5/21


Trump Warns Govs. that He May ‘Step In’ to Encourage Blue States’ Reopening

DEEP STATE STRIKES: IG Steve Linick Was Investigating Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Before he Was Fired — But Obama’s $2 Billion Pallets of Cash to Iran Was OK?

Italians Urge G20 Nations to Join Trump in Defunding W.H.O.

Dem Victory: 68% Of Unemployed Workers in the U.S. ‘Are Eligible For Payments That Are Greater Than Their Lost Earnings’

U.S. government poised to approve more coronavirus bailout money … Will the money printing madness ever end?

Treasury, Fed Chair: ‘Permanent Damage’ If Lockdowns Persist, Worst Downturn Since WWII

Trump Admin. Signs $354M Contract to End Chinese Drug Dependency

Whistleblower Claims Obama’s Treasury Department Regularly Surveilled Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn’s Financial Records and Transactions But Obama Inspector General Covered It Up

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Gives $4.7 Million to Boost NPR

Md. Restaurant Debuts Bumper Tables for Social-Distancing While Dining

Vaccine czar makes $3.4M windfall as firm reports progress on shot                                                     5/20


NEW WORLD ORDER PROPAGANDA COLLUSION: Major Western Media – CNN, BBC, Reuters, AP – Participated in Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Global Media Summit’

Swiping 'Globalists,' Trump Vows to Bring Medicine and Other Supply Chains Back Home

Bill Gates Co-Funds South Korea’s ICT Based ‘Epidemic Preparedness’ Project

Climate Change, The W.H.O. And an Epidemic of Lies

Profiting From Coronavirus

California Governor Newsom Announces $125 Million in Assistance to Illegal Aliens – Then Wants US Taxpayers to Bail the State Out (VIDEO)

The Sun "Has Gone Into Lockdown", And This Strange Behavior Could Worsen Global Food Shortages

Trudeau Hikes Global-Warming Tax During Height Of Pandemic

George Soros Boasts Pandemic Is ‘Crisis of My Lifetime’ That Will Allow Us To Achieve The ‘Inconceivable’

Facebook caved to George Soros by creating ‘Oversight Board’: Hungarian official

China: Any Investigation Into the Pandemic Should be Led by WHO                                               5/19


Will Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Serve Time in Prison for Destroying US Economy Based on Ridiculous Imperial College Model Now Proven as Complete Trash?

Liberal Lockdown Lunacy: 100,000 Businesses Have Permanently Collapsed Under Pandemic Lockdowns

$9B Global Aid Bill to fight COVID would give away U.S. sovereignty and fund abortion

Zoom Is Now Worth More Than The World’s 7 Biggest Airlines

Texas Fears Losing Oil-Rich Lands In Chinese Takeover Of Weakened Companies

Pelosi Coronavirus Plan Bails Out the Rich with Tax Breaks, Cheap Labor

Pelosi’s Latest $3 Trillion Stimulus Plan Is Unlawful — Supreme Court Decision 10 DAYS AGO Makes it a Felony to Give Free Cash to Illegal Aliens

China Rips New Trump Administration Restrictions On Huawei

WSJ: Justice Department, State AGs Likely To Bring Antitrust Lawsuits Against Google

Facial Recognition AI Predicts Criminals Based On Face?

Newsom’s Budget Closes Veterans Nursing Home, But Gives $80 Million To Illegal Aliens                  5/18


The Killer Pandemic Of 1969

Economic Virus Shock Crushes America's Working Poor, Fed Finds 

DOJ Subpoenas Wall Street Banks For Small Business Loans Info

How the transnational elite empowered China at our expense

Taiwan’s TSMC Announces $12B High Tech Factory in Arizona

Facebook Buys Giphy For $400 Million As Tech Giant Pledges To Banish All “Hateful Memes”

How Did the World Become Beholden to China?

Chinese State Media Warns China will Interfere in US 2020 Election – Threatens Missouri Economy

As China Hoarded Medical Supplies, The CIA Believes It Tried To Stop The WHO From Sounding Alarm On The Pandemic

JCPENNEY Paid Top Execs Huge Bonuses Before Firing Workers, Declaring Bankruptcy

1 Million Students At California Universities To Stay Home Next Fall As Campuses Go 'Online Only'

California Senator to Unemployed Freelancers: You’re Upset Because We Took Away Your “Lollipops”

Low Solar Activity to Cause Temperatures to Plummet, Say Scientists

Where is the Democrat Outrage, Hmmm??? Communist Chinese State Media Warn Country Will Interfere in U.S. Election

118-Year-Old J.C. Penney Files for Bankruptcy      5/16


‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time

US Industrial Production Plunges By Most In Over 100 Years

One Quarter of Restaurants Projected to Close Permanently Due to Liberal Lockdown Lunacy

3 Million More Unemployment Claims In US As Crisis Total Tops 36 Million

Why Sweden’s COVID-19 Strategy Is Quietly Becoming The World’s Strategy

Coronavirus Takes Toll as Delta Grounds Fleet of 777 Jumbo Jets

No Blue State Bailouts: Hold Democrats Accountable for Democrats’ Policies

Iconic Seattle Pike Place Mainstay Bavarian Meats Will Close Its Market Location Permanently After 60 Years Due to Liberal Lockdown Lunacy

Carney: Coronavirus Has Hurt 90% of Small Businesses in the U.S.

Why is Lyft Asking Its Drivers How They Vote?

Poll: 40% of Families More Likely to Homeschool When Pandemic Ends

WATCH: General Flynn’s Attorney Provides Evidence That Then-President Obama Conspired With FBI To Set-Up Flynn

Crooked Hillary Aides, Including John Podesta, Secretly Joined Fusion GPS After Election to Re-Push Phony Anti-Trump Dossier

ABC/NBC Ignore Flynn Unmaskers Getting Exposed, CBS Defends Biden                                              5/15


Rappoport: China’s System Comes To America

BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Governor’s Lockdown Order

Reminder: Brennan and Co. Targeted Flynn In Part Because He Knew About Billions They Were Running Off The Books

Pelosi’s Latest $3 Trillion “Liberal Wish List” Hands Out Amnesty Like Candy – Opens Borders to Endless Migration – Bails Out Bankrupt Liberal States

Shipping Container Industry, the Lifeblood of Global Trade Anticipates 25% Drop in Demand

Dems working on $2,000-a-month payments for high-schoolers

Kansas County Orders Businesses To Track Customers

Trump extends executive order aimed at Huawei to guard US supply chain

"Worse Than 2008" - American Pension Funds Report Record Losses In Q1

Coronavirus “Misinformation” Event Cancelled After Critics Point Out It Was Sponsored By Huawei

The Resistance Lives: Pennsylvania Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce Business Shutdown

A Third Of Americans Will Remain In Quarantine Even If Instructed To Get Back To Normal Life And Work

DOD and HHS award $138 million contract to APIJECT systems to provide pre-filled COVID-19 vaccine syringes with RFID microchip tracking system

Beijing urges France to cancel contract to sell arms to Taiwan

FBI 'Mistakenly' Releases 9/11 Bombshell In Court: Key Saudi Diplomat Who "Tasked" Hijackers Named

Wirepoints analysis reveals 92 percent of Cook County COVID-19 victims had pre-existing conditions       5/14


New Survey Reveals that 52 Percent of Small Business Expect to Go Out of Business Within 6 Months

China Proxy WHO Prescribed LOCKDOWNS that were followed by Fauci and Birx to Destroy US Economy

Brushfires: Little guys revolt all over in blue states with heavy lockdown orders

Bill Gates Can’t Hide a HUGE Smirk as CNN Host Says Economy Will Take ‘Long Time To Recover’

China in deep deflation, need of monetary easing

Musk Confirms Tesla Production Restart In CA, Willing To Be Arrested Defying Order

Top Democrat Operative Busted Funneling Nearly $2.4 Million From Soros-Funded Super PAC to Her Private Firm

Soros Sees Big Opportunities After Coronavirus Pandemic

Paving Way For U.S. Auto Industry, Michigan Factories To End Coronavirus Lockdown

Furlough Extended: UK Coronavirus Job Subsidy Scheme Will Run to October

WHO Says 13 Countries Now Back Proposal for Taiwan’s Participation in World Health Assembly

US spending $100 million on needles for ‘COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign’

University of Michigan law students devise legal challenge to governor’s stay-at-home order

Trudeau: Businesses Who Do Not Fight Climate Change Will Not Get Support Money

Impeachment Boomerang: Contacts exposed between US embassy, Hunter Biden-connected Ukraine firm


Europe’s #1 Newspaper Germany’s Das Bild Says ‘LOCKDOWN WAS A HUGE MISTAKE’                    5/13


‘Enough Is Enough’: Fed-Up Business Owners Defy Governor’s Orders, Open Shop

Yuan, Futures Slide After Trump Orders Retirement Fund Investment In Chinese Stocks Blocked

Scarred and Scared, the Reshaping of American Consumer Begins

Factories Close for Good

Hidden defaults set to soar as recession squeezes companies

Elon Musk Reopens Tesla Production In Defiance Of California Shutdown Order

Latin America's AVIANCA airline driven to bankruptcy

She Who Shall Not Be Named: A Candidate For Political Office Is Out-Raising All Her Opponents Despite A Big Tech Ban

Party of Pedophiles: Former Head of Democrat John Kerry’s Security Arrested For Sexual Assault On 10-Year-Old Girl

Grooming Gang Rapists Remain Free in Rochdale Two Years After Facing Deportation

CrowdStrike Had No Evidence of Russians Stealing Emails From DNC, Declassified Transcript Shows

19 Killed & 40 Missing Or Wounded After Iranian Destroyer Mistakenly Fires On Own Warship       5/12


Italy: China's Trojan Horse into Europe

Global Elites: In The Post-Covid World, Cash Is Trash

A Look at CBDC Developments at the Bank of England – Part Two

SCAM ALERT: Most Field Hospitals in $660 Million Project Treated ZERO Chi-Com Virus Patients

Delta Suspending Service at 10 U.S. Airports Starting Wednesday Due to Economic Fallout Caused by Liberal Lockdown Lunacy

Apples v. Inslee: A Union-Led Shutdown in Washington

China Told WHO to ‘Delay Pandemic Warning’ and Withhold VITAL Data From The World, Says German Intelligence

Faulty coronavirus tests: Goat, quail and papaya in Tanzania test positive for COVID-19, raising concerns about false positives

Kill the Virus, Not the Constitution — And Do We Really Have to Bankrupt the Nation Along the Way?

Students Sue University of Minnesota Over Preferential Treatment of Leftist Groups, ‘Trashing’ First Amendment, Worshiping the ‘God of Political Correctness’      5/11


‘Mutiny’: Pennsylvania Counties Reopen Despite Governor Wolf’s Edicts

Outrageous! Normal, Illinois Mayor Chris Koos Mocks Lock-Down Protesters and Laid Off Workers WHILE HE KEEPS HIS BIKE SHOP OPEN

As Markets Crashed, The Swiss National Bank Went On A FAAMG Buying Spree

BIG FAT LIES: Doctors Challenge CDC’s Rules on Cause of Death, Inflating Chi-Com Virus Numbers

Hawaii Reports No New COVID-19 Cases as Businesses Begin Reopening

NOW WE KNOW: John Podesta Admits in Testimony Both DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the Cost for Bogus Trump-Russia Dossier That Launched the Coup

China made defective coronavirus test kits for Tanzania, reveals Africa CDC

BUY AMERICAN: Another 8 Million Chinese-Made N95 Masks Are Rejected As Crap

What A Sociopath! Crooked Ilhan Omar Just Got Caught Raising Money for a Minnesota Food Store and Pocketing the Cash 

 HR6666 – The Bill Of The Beast                           5/10


3.17 Million More Americans File For Jobless Benefits As Total Tops 33 Million

Federal Debt Tops $25 Trillion for First Time; Jumped $1 Trillion in Just 28 Days

State Dept: Billions Given to Unaccountable W.H.O. Better Spent Using Other Global Health Partners

5 companies making bank during the coronavirus pandemic

Nancy Pelosi: ‘Food Stamps…Stimulate the Economy’

Texas Supreme Court Orders Release of Dallas Salon Owner, Civil Rights Hero Shelley Luther

The vaunted Evelyn Farkas admitted she was lying all along on MSNBC —transcripts

Meet Facebook’s New Globalist Gestapo for Wrong Think

For the Little Guy: Democrat NY Gov. Cuomo Puts Big Tech Billionaires in Charge of Reinventing New York

Pennsylvania reports: average coronavirus death age 79; 67% happened in nursing homes              5/9


U.S. Businesses Shed Record 20.2M Jobs in April

Crooked Obama Blames GOP Investigation of Hunter Biden’s Pay-for-Play Scandals as “Russian Disinformation”

Nearly $500,000 Raised for Jailed Dallas Owner Shelley Luther

China, Australia decoupling labelled ‘zombie economic idea’ amid virus fallout

WEF: Pandemic Can Lead To Sustainable, Low-Carbon Economic System

Violent Criminals Released While Working Moms Trying to Feed Kids Are Jailed

Ex-Employee of Fascist Fauci Tells All; Decades Of Scamming And Crimes [VIDEO]

Globalist Depopulationist Bill Gates-Backed Researchers Dramatically Raise Death Prediction As Lockdowns Ease

Andrew Cuomo Says Out-Of-State Health Workers Helping In NY Will Have To Pay NY State Taxes, Report Says

Rosenstein Scope Memo For Mueller Peddled Steele Dossier, Logan Act Conspiracy Theories in Deep State Coup Attempt to Bring Down President Trump           5/7


'Mind Boggling' 122 Million Jobs Lost in India

Coronavirus: Wages of Over Half of UK Adults Now Paid by British State

The Feds Are Already Investigating Wells Fargo For Botching Small Business Relief Program

Tom Fitton: Did the W.H.O. Cover-Up for Communist China’s Handling of the Chi-Com Virus to Mislead U.S. Officials?

U.S. And U.K. Begin Negotiations On Free Trade Agreement

Futuristic Combat Drone ‘Loyal Wingman’ By Boeing Rolls Out

 South Dakota Gov. Noem: Meat Plants Starting To Resume Operations

Americans Say It’s Time to Get Back to Work — Lazy Ass Democrats Disagree

While Brits Are on Lockdown, 100,000 People From Abroad Arrive at Airports Every Week

Beef Prices Explode To Record High As More Stores Limit Meat Purchases

‘The Price Is Right’ Will Feature Drag Queen Raising Money For Planned Parenthood                                 5/6


Exclusive: Rep. Jim Banks to Introduce Bill to Stop China’s ‘Predatory’ Acquisitions of American Companies

Author of '2.2 million dead' study bankrolled by Big Pharma

Trump Administration "Turbocharging" Efforts To Grapple Global Supply Chains From China 

State Dept: Billions Given to Unaccountable W.H.O. Better Spent Using Other Global Health Partners

Despite China's "Reopening", Global Smartphone Market Suffers Record Crash In Shipments

Africa has a question for Beijing: will you forgive us our debt?

Education Dept. Welcomes GOP Lawmakers’ Probe Into ‘China’s Infiltration of US Colleges’

Horowitz: As murder skyrockets and criminals are released in Chicago, mayor threatens political dissenters with arrest

“We’re Tired of Your Lies!” – Protesters Gather Outside of Massachusetts State House Demanding Governor Reopen State (VIDEOS)                                   5/5


Where Do We Go to Get Our Economy Back After This HOAX?! CDC Now Admits Chi-Com Virus ‘Hospitalization Rates are Much Lower Than Influenza Hospitalization Rates During Recent Influenza Seasons’

Sweden Bucked Conventional Wisdom, and Other Countries Are Following: No Lockdown, No Shutdown of Businesses or Schools, No Stay-at-Home Orders — And No Disaster, Either!

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Reports Nearly $50 Billion Loss

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Sells Entire Stake in U.S. Airlines

Hong Kong economy slumps by a worst-ever 8.9 per cent amid pandemic

There Is Now A Record 375 Million Barrels Of Oil Stored On Tankers

These US entities partnered with the Wuhan Institute of Virology — time for a criminal investigation?

REVEALED: Trump’s top coronavirus task force expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, funneled money to Wuhan lab engaged in coronavirus research

AMERICAN REVOLUTION: From CA To NY, SHUTDOWN UNREST, Thousands Across Nation Turn Out For Lockdown Protests

Democrats Use Power of State in Petty Retaliation Against Maine Restaurant Owner Who Defied Lockdown Tyranny, Suspend His Business Licenses                    5/4


‘Contact Tracing’: A Panopticon Grid Of Total Surveillance

How Communist China Turns Globalist Billionaires and Big Tech into Spokespeople

Coronavirus outbreak: How a secretive organization helped China hoard PPE

Weekly Jobless Claims Hit 3.84 Million, Topping 30 Million Over The Last 6 Weeks

US Consumer Spending Plunges Record 7.5%

Macy’s To Reopen 68 Stores, Targets All Within Six Weeks

Dirty Money Piling Up As Coronavirus Cripples International Money Laundering

Crazed Dr. Fauci Says Sports Will Not Happen This Year – Wants to Isolate Players – Maniac will Bankrupt America If He’s Not Stopped

JUST IN: Northern California County Defies Governor Newsom, Reopens Churches, Hair Salons, Schools and Restaurants

American Stasi: California Building 10,000 Person Army Of Professional Snitches

Inside The Nightmare Voyage Of The Diamond Princess

Another Article About Why “Smart Tech” is Environmentally Toxic (The Ecologist)                5/1


SHOCKER: Dr. Fauci Funded Mad Science at the Wuhan Lab with Coronavirus and Bats Just Last Year! Over $3 Million

Report: Scientists Teaming Up With Billionaires For COVID-19 ‘Manhattan Project’

"It's A Weapon For The US" - China Official Renews Calls To Dethrone The Dollar

The Crisis Won't Stop Until The Globalists Are Removed From Power

Looming Meat Shortages Highlight Over-Regulation of Small Farmers, Processors

US Patent Office Rules That AI Cannot Be A Legal Inventor

In papers, grants and hiring, conservatives face discrimination in philosophy departments, study finds

Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab Grown Meat

Italian Car Sales Plunged 98% In April               4/30


UN Chief Says Pandemic Must Be Used To Deindustrialize West, Transition To Green Energy

Survey Finds 50 Million Americans Have Lost Their Job In Past 6 Weeks

Lawmakers, Scholars Offer Ways to Seize China’s Assets to Pay for COVID

Fascist Fauci, Under the Obama Regime, Gave Wuhan Virus Lab $3.7 Million AFTER Dr. Shi Zhengli Had US Project Shut Down Was Sent Back to Communist China

On Fire: GOP Governor Ron Desantis Crushes Criticism of His Chi-Com Virus Response After Meeting With President Trump, Blasts ‘Draconian’ Orders in Other States

Workers Are Asking to Be Laid Off, Because Chi-Com Virus Unemployment Benefits Pay Better than Work

National Security, the Defense Budget, and You: A Primer (Part 2 of 2)

SCOTUS Rules Insurance Companies Can Collect $12B Under Obamacare

Bakersfield Doctors Are Right About Shutdown, Critics Are Wrong

South Dakotans Throw Parade for Gov. Who Kept Her State OPEN

Iowa Community College Gives Antifa Professor $25,000 over Firing                                4/29


God Bless Texas! GOP Governor Greg Abbott Announces Restaurants, Retail Stores, Movie Theaters to Reopen on May 1st

China Warns Australia: Drop Coronavirus Probe or Pay an Economic Price

Tennessee, Mississippi, Montana Reopen Some Businesses

13 Public Companies Agree To Return $170M In Small Business Coronavirus Stimulus

Rudy Giuliani Goes There: Did Obama Approve Dr. Fauci’s $3.7 Million NIH Grant to Wuhan Lab in 2015?

Northrop Grumman Says It’s On Schedule With Next-Generation OmegA Rocket

Stealing The Election In Plain Sight

Democrat Fail: Passed-Out Homeless, Trash, Urine Fill NYC Subway Cars Amid Chi-Com Virus Crisis

Rape Victim, Real Journalist Lara Logan: Media Must ‘Look at Themselves’ and ‘Show Moral Courage’ by Examining Claims Against Biden

NYC tailor defies state order: “Why is a liquor store essential and I’m not?” “I’m opening my doors come hell or high water.”

Andrew Cuomo Forced Nursing Homes to Accept Coronavirus Patients, Now It’s Killing Elderly Residents

Study: Historic Drop in U.S. Reading and Math Scores Since Common Core ‘Debacle’

US Extradition Case For Julian Assange Delayed Because Of Coronavirus                                            4/28


Treasury Sec. Mnuchin Forecasts Economic Rebound This Summer

Sen. Cotton: U.S. Needs To ‘Take A Very Hard Look’ At Visas To Chinese Nationals To Study Advanced Science And Tech

Newsom Ordered By CA Supreme Court To Defend $75M Giveaway To Illegals

Restaurants Across the US Turn Parking Lots Into Drive-In Movie Theaters and Find Huge Success

Coronavirus And The Gig Economy -- Tensions Grow Between GrubHub And Restaurants

CBO: Unemployment to Average 14% in Q2, Deficit Projected to be $3.7 Trillion in FY2020

Sweden's stay-open approach is creating herd immunity quickly, ambassador says

If 800,000 American Citizens are Out of Work in New Jersey, Why is Democrat Governor Phil Murphy Considering Paying Foreign Invaders $600 Every Week?

China Continues To Flood The World With Defective Medical Supplies

Average Price of Gas in U.S. Falls to $1.93 Per Gallon

British Government Finally Implementing Mandatory Quarantines for Airport Arrivals                     4/27


CV-1984: China Rolls Out Test Of Digital Currency In Four Cities, Western Businesses Testing

Robert F Kennedy Jr: False ‘Savior’ Bill Gates Now Controls The Lives Of 7 Billion Humans

Barnier: UK ‘Cannot’ Refuse to Extend Transition If It Will Not Submit to EU Brexit Demands

Two Dozen Tankers Stranded Off L.A. Coast Due To Oil Glut

Congress Threatens to Reverse Military Opposed FCC 5G Ruling

Coronavirus isn’t the only Chinese infiltration menacing the U.S. College campuses are the target.

Aerial And Satellite Photos Show Airports Absolutely Stuffed With Airliners

REPORT: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Dies After Undergoing Botched Medical Treatment             4/26


THE LIST: Dr. Fauci’s 11 Deadly Mistakes and Contradictions — Including His Worst Mistake of Delaying Herd Immunity While Destroying US Economy

Curious Why US News Networks Are Supportive of Communist Chinese Government? Just Look at the Corporate Ownership

NYT’s White House Reporter: Immigration Raises Americans’ Wages

Horowitz: Lockdown claims a big scalp: Mayo Clinic furloughs or cuts pay of 30,000 employees due to shutdown

President Trump Signs $484 Billion Chi-Com Virus Panic Small Business Bailout Bill

Virus Lockdowns, Reopenings: Here’s The Situation With All 50 States

Rep. Mike Waltz Warns Billions in U.S. Troops’ Retirement Savings Funding the Chinese Military

Bill Gates Continues To Push ‘Immunity Passports’

Watchdogs File Suit Against State of California To Stop Stimulus Payment to Illegal Immigrants

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Still Owns Ten Percent of Chinese Firm BHR

Soros-Linked, Koch-Funded Groups Apply for Small Business Loans

Omar Funnels Another $300,000 Campaign Funds To Her Husband’s Firm (—-> HERSELF)                     4/25


Oklahoma Governor Announces Businesses to Reopen Friday

Rand Paul Returns to Senate After Beating Chi-Com Virus, Gives Fiery Speech Against ‘Draconian’ Lockdowns, Trillions in Deficit Spending

Unemployment is Through the Roof, but One Temp Houston Hospital is Paying Non-Medical Workers Upwards of $56,000 PER MONTH…But That May Soon End

Democrat Communist China Queen Dianne Feinstein Used Her Senate Power to Push Most-Favored-Nation Status for the CCP’s Corrupt Dictatorship; Why?

Former NSC Chief Of Staff: John Brennan Buried Evidence That Putin Actually Favored Hillary In 2016

Detroit Students To Get 50,000 Laptops And Free Internet Service

BUSTED: Media Caught on Camera Staging Fake Photos of Medical Worker Counter Protest (VIDEO)

AOC: Americans Should “Just Say No” To Going Back To Work    ???                                      4/24


Exclusive – South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on Beating Coronavirus Without Lockdown: ‘We’re Much Better on Offense’

Gavin Newsom Gives $1 Billion To CCP-Linked Company In Exchange For Masks

Newsom Has No Specific Date to Reopen California After 1,268 Coronavirus Deaths Out of 40 Million Population

Trump announces $19 billion in aid for beleaguered farmers, as coronavirus poses challenges to food supply chain

USDA To Buy $3 Billion Worth Of Food From Farmers For Those In Need

Of All The Banks That Shafted Small Businesses Out Of Coronavirus Relief, JPMorgan Takes The Cake

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Announces Website Listing Nearly 500,000 Job Openings for Texans

Mitch McConnell Floats Creating Bankruptcy Process for U.S. States No Desire to ‘borrow money from future generations’

Forget PPE, Oregon Chi-Com Virus Nurse Calls for J-O-B After Dozens Got Laid Off; They’re Not Alone

Cashing In: Bill and Melinda Gates Splurge on $43 Million Estate – As Vaccine Promoted as COVID-19 Solution

Communist China Meddles in Our Election, In Favor of Beijing Biden

Nancy Pelosi Gets Lit Up in New Campaign Ad for Showing Off Ice Cream Collection While Americans are Economically Struggling                           4/ 23



President Trump: 20 States Planning to Reopen Their Economies in Near Future

The Blue Angels And Thunderbirds Jet Teams Are Secretly Planning Something Big

Laura Loomer Calls For Congressional Pay Freeze As Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Help Small Businesses and American Workers

Existing Home Sales Tumble In March, Face 40% Collapse, NAR Warns

Lee Smith: China Queen Dianne Feinstein Used Her Senate Power To Push Most-Favored-Nation Status For The CCP’s Corrupt Dictatorship. Why?

SHOCK USA TODAY POLL: 80% of Americans Support Total Immigration Halt

Lockdowns Return to China in Second Wave; China’s Supplies to Drug Cartels Cut off by Virus

Grotesque Grifting: Despotic Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen ‘Half’ Whitmer Awards Chi-Com Virus Massive Contract to Democrat Consulting Firm — Then Rescinds Offer After Being Exposed

With a $41 Billion Endowment Fund, President Trump Says Harvard Must Pay Back the $8.7 Million They Received in Federal Aid

EXCLUSIVE: 2018 DOJ Memo to FISA Court Contained at Least 8 Lies which Ensured Mueller Investigation Would Continue

De Blasio SHOCKED That Inmates Freed Early Are Committing Crimes Again                                       4/22


666 The Mark Of The Beast Has Arrived   

SD Gov. Winning Wuhan Flu Battle w/out Lockdown; Starts Hydroxychloroquine Trials   

Some Manufacturers Reopen Amid Fierce Political Heat

"The Hit Is Huge": Colleges Brace For 'Fatal' Blow Of Next Fall As Face-To-Face Instruction Uncertain

Oil wipe out sees prices plunge -220% to -$37 / barrel… ECONOMIC WARFARE has been unleashed against America

Hollywood Has $9 Billion Reasons to Not Blame China for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dem Rep. AOC Deletes Tweet Calling For a Communist Revolution, Celebrating Destruction of US Economy

Video: Trump Vows To End Obama Admin’s Funding To Wuhan Coronavirus Lab

Cancellation Wave Continues, China Leasing Firm Scraps Boeing 737 MAX Order

Georgia and Tennessee Announce Plans to Lift Economic Lockdown Orders — Georgia Gyms, Salons, Bowling Alleys to Reopen by End of the Week

Flush Ivy League Schools Receive Millions in Bailout Cash

Central Banks Have Pumped An Annualized $23.4 Trillion Into The Financial System

Reuters: Neiman Marcus To File For Bankruptcy As Soon As This Week                                     4/21


White House Petition To Investigate Bill Gates For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Gains a Quarter Million Signatures

The Trickle-Up Bailout

Rallies To Reopen Economy Spread Across Country

Hospitals laying off workers as revenues plummet during pandemic

Motel Used For Chinese Birth Tourism Ordered Shut Down

Germany: Still Too Much Free Speech, Says the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance

The powerful forces of bank credit contraction are at the heart of a rapidly evolving financial crisis in global derivatives, whose gross value is over $600 trillion

The Real Reason Russia Teamed up with China…Here’s What Comes Next for American Preeminence and the Dollar

Oil Stored At Sea Hits A Record 160 Million Barrels, Doubling In Two Weeks

CBC Instructs Kids on How to Shut Down Their Parents’ “Conspiracy Theories

Ted Cruz Confirms National Institute Health Funneled U.S. Tax Dollars to Wuhan Virology Lab in Fiscal Year 2019

CDC lab contamination reportedly delayed coronavirus test rollout                                   4/19


Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Bill Gates Invested $21M in ‘Tag and Track’ System ‘Under the Skin’ To ‘Scan US Citizens’

Pompeo Hopes Virus Causes Global Rethink on Huawei

“Nancy Pelosi’s Away on Vacation… She’s Not Doing Her Job… Nothing Unusual About That” – President Trump Rips Pelosi for Not Passing Extension to Help Small Business (VIDEO)

Democrats hope to tank the economy and take down Trump

FCC Chairman AGAIN Dismisses Military Opposition to 5G. Agency Plans to Approve It.

Trump announces $19 billion for farmers hit by coronavirus to help boost food supply chain

Alabama and Texas Announce Plans to Reopen Businesses in Their States, Some Immediately

Green New Deal Eyes Immediate Startup During Great Panic Of 2020

Left-leaning students once again win vast majority of $30K federal Truman Scholarships in 2020

Here’s why Dems are pushing for mail-in voting: 28 MILLION potential ‘new’ voters will let them steal elections forever                                            4/18


FINALLY: Trump Lays Out Three-Phase Plan To Reopen Economy

Boeing to Restart Production in Washington State With 27,000 Workers

More than 5.2 million Americans file new unemployment claims; four-week total climbs above 20 million

McConnell Hits Pelosi Over Next Virus Aid Bill; ‘Wish She’d Turn Off Those Talking Points’

Democrat Commie Mayor de Bozo Seeks $7.4 BILLION Federal Taxpayer Bailout, Claims New York City Will Not BEGIN to Open Until July or August

Why are we paying communist China to conduct research on biological weapons?

Is Sweden making the right choice by refusing coronavirus lockdowns?

Economist: How Gullible Politicians Promoted The Destruction Of The Global Economy

Las Vegas Mayor Blasts ‘Total Insanity’ of Shutdown: ‘Being Closed Is Killing Us Already’

Why President Trump Stopped Giving US Tax Dollars To WHO

Follow the Money: Speed Limits in School Zones Still Being Enforced in Seattle Despite All Schools Being Shut Down

Liberal Group Running TV Ads Trashing President Trump Got $100,000 From Chinese Firm

BOMBSHELL: Newly-Released IG Report Footnotes Paint Picture of Democrats’ Russia Hoax as a Russian Disinformation Campaign                                      4/17


While Millions are Jobless Amid Chi-Com Virus Panic, Millionaire Nancy Pelosi Shows Off Freezer Full of Ice Cream That Gets her Through ‘These Trying Times’

A Killer Enterprise: How One of Big Pharma’s Most Corrupt Companies Plans to Corner the Covid-19 Cure Market

France, Spain, Italy Tentatively Look to Start Reopening After Lockdowns

Bailouts Secured: Bezos Wealth Soars By $24 Billion As 17 Million Americans Lose Their Jobs

‘This Did Not Have To Happen’: McConnell, McCarthy Blast Democrats For Blocking Funds For Small Businesses

Customs and Border Protection Paid $66 Million for Temporary Detainment Center That Was 99% Empty

Factory Shutdowns Near WWII Demobilization Levels in US

Federal Reserve Notes Are Now ‘Backed’ by Junk Bonds

Whitehead: COVID-19 And The (Final) War On Cash

Chi-Com Virus Gun Grab Turns into Nightmare for Leftists as Gun Stores Open Drive-Thru Windows

Top Medical Lawyer Forcibly Committed To Psychiatric Hospital For Criticizing Coronavirus Lockdown Law

Bloomberg disgraces itself by killing its own story about Chicom corruption and firing its reporter                  4/16


Doctors Threatened with $13,000 Fine for Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus Treatment

Fauci vs. Fauci: He Recommended Cruises, Dismissed Ban on Restaurants as ‘Overkill’ — Now He’s Hellbent on Destroying the American Way of Life

IMF Says Chi-Com Virus Panicdemic Will Make World Economy Worst Since Great Depression

Report: 7.5 Million Small Businesses Are At Risk Of Closing

China’s 2020 GDP Growth Set To Sink To 44-Year Low As CCP Virus Cripples Economy

JUST IN: President Trump Halts US Funding of WHO “While a Review is Conducted” (VIDEO)

Hunter Biden Still Listed As Board Member Of Chinese Company He Pledged To Resign From In October, Retains 10% Equity Stake

WOW! Dr. Fauci Admits He and Dr. Birx Were the Two ‘Experts’ Who Persuaded Trump to Kill the Economy with Their Garbage Predictions of 2.2 Million Deaths!

Trump Blindsides Hostile Media with Video of Times They Scoffed at His Coronavirus Concerns

Mandatory Vaccines: Complete Control Over Your Physical Body                                                          4/15


U.S. National Institute’s Of Healh Gave $3.7M Grant To Wuhan Lab At The Center Of Coronavirus Leak Scrutiny — To Study Bats And Coronavirus

Are you ready for the big pension fund bailout of 2020? Governors who imposed coronavirus lockdowns now want taxpayers to cough up $500 billion

Chinese Factories Shut as Export Orders Dry Up Amid Pandemic

Why Are Markets Rallying in the Wake of Millions Unemployed?

Congress Gridlocked Over Funding For Urgent Small Business Aid Program

UPDATE: Fauci Said Cruises Were OK on March 9 – Fauci Said Malls, Movies, Gyms Were OK on Feb. 29 — Now He Wants to Blame Trump for His Failures!

Globalists Beg for Trump to Not Defund the Corrupt Chi-Com Propagandists at the World Health Organization

COVID-19, Smartphone Surveillance, and the State

EXCLUSIVE: China Coronavirus is Linked to the Former Leader of the Chinese Communist Party, His Family and Soros Investments. Does This Surprise Anyone?

China Begins Mass Deletion Of Online Research On Coronavirus Origins

University changes tone, shutters Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Institute

Almost Secret: China’s Extensive Belt And Road Initiative, Nearly 30 Chinatowns In South Korea                   4/14


REPORT: Trump Tells Advisers He Wants Country Opened by May 1

STUNNING! Sweden and Brazil Kept Their Economies Open During COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Numbers Are Dropping Faster Than US

REPORT: U.S. Companies Fleeing China En Masse Due to Trade War, COVID Risks

Good News: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Eyes Reopening Economy in Texas

Massive fraud alert: Coronavirus “recovery” bill gives Fed control over $450 billion in SECRET — who’s going to get this money?

Rising Unemployment From Virus Fight Threatens China’s Economic Targets

Disney World Furloughing 43,000 More Workers Due to Chi-Com Virus

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Interface Ready In Months?

Here’s Why Obama Wants Mail-in Voting: 16.4 Million Mail-in Ballots Went Missing in 2016, 2018 Elections

Bill Gates, World Bank Helped Build Global Digital ID Structure Before Pandemic                          4/13


Listen to Henry Kissinger: Globalists have big plans for this [COVID19] crisis

MN State Senator & Physician: Hospitals Get Paid MORE to List Patients as COVID-19, 3X More If They Go On Ventilator

Breaking: Another 6.6 Million Jobless Claims Filed This Week Bringing Total to 15 Million

Cloward & Piven Update: Federal Debt Tops $24 Trillion for First Time; GAO: ‘The Current Federal Fiscal Path is Unsustainable’

Apple & Google Launching Joint COVID-19 Tracing Tool

IHME Rep Dodges Questions About Low Coronavirus Cases in Japan Despite No “Across the Country Lockdowns” Like the US (VIDEO)

Gasoline Drops Below A Dollar Per Gallon In Minnesota

House Dems Introduce Legislation That Would Allow Illegals To Get Stimulus Checks

WHO Seeks $1 Billion Funding Boost from International Governments

Dr. Birx Lied – COVID-19 Models Baked in Effects of Social Distancing and STILL Were Off by MILLIONS

French Prostitutes Demand Coronavirus Govt Cash Bailout                                                      4/10


Report says American companies are leaving China en masse — and the coronavirus is speeding up that change

Communist China Uses Medical Equipment As Leverage To Get Other Countries To Use Huawei 5G

Farage: Huawei in UK 5G May Be Price for Accepting China’s Coronavirus Aid

$600 Weekly Unemployment Payments Will Run Through End Of July

Facebook is HAPPY to host communist China ads blaming TRUMP for the coronavirus, but won’t allow US companies to advertise protective equipment like masks

It Begins . . . Washington Mayor Defies Democrat Governor Jay Inslee’s Ban on Private Construction

Zoom Faces Investor Lawsuit Over Privacy And Security Flaws

Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic And Austria Announce Plans To Relax Lockdown

Michigan ER Nurses Ordered To Leave Hospital For Work Stoppage Over 'Unsafe Patient Load'

Delingpole: Coronavirus Is Killing the European Union’s Carbon Trading Market.          

Pandemic Accelerating Robot Takeover, Fueling Unemployment Crisis                                             4/9


"They Missed The Call" - Trump Plans To Withhold Money From WHO Over 'Botched' Crisis Response

Beijing Delayed Virus Alert Partly to Corner PPE Market

McConnell Plans Vote to Boost Biz Payroll Protection by Another $250B

UPDATE: Data Shows US Efforts to Combat China Coronavirus Crushed Economy — But Brazil and Sweden Have Similar Fatality Numbers With Open Economies

Coronavirus has proven once again that the FDA is still the same hotbed of corruption it’s been for decades

Bond investors swarm to China, the safe harbour

China’s move to rob Peter to pay Paul puts pressure on state pension fund

President Trump at Presser Announces He’s Putting a ‘Very Powerful Hold’ on Funding for Corrupt World Trade Organization

South Korea launches digital currency programme

Not Just for the Crisis: Socialist-Led Spain to Implement PERMANENT Communist Universal Basic Income Scheme in Response to Chi-Com Virus Panicdemic

Father of Obamacare Zeke Emanuel: US Must Maintain Lockdown for 18 Months — No Concerts, Sporting Events, Church or Dinner at a Restaurant (VIDEO)    4/8


Dow Soars 1,600 Points As Growth Rate Of New Coronavirus Cases Appears To Slow

China's Disgusting Profiteering From Coronavirus Spread Exposed

Communist China Floods Facebook With Propaganda Ads Blaming President Trump for the Chi-Com Virus

China’s wild and woolly medical equipment heist

All is Not Well in the Paper Gold Markets

Medicaid paid more than $50 million to health providers fired for bad conduct

Nearly half of companies now looking to automate their businesses post Covid-19

Boeing pitches buyouts in desperate bid to cut costs

OUTRAGEOUS!… Top Experts Used by CDC Move Total US Coronavirus Deaths From 2.2 Million to 200,000 to 81,766 in Only 8 Days!

Kissinger's call for a New World Order

Global Digital ID Coming On Heels Of Coronavirus Panic Of 2020

Orwellian: St. Louis Federal Reserve Chief Suggests Mandatory Chi-Com Virus Badges

RNC Chair: Dems Using Coronavirus to Push Mail-In Elections

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: ‘Bill Gates Couldn’t Even Save Windows From Viruses’- He Needs To ‘Sit Down’

HOAX! CBS Fake News Posts Fraudulent Video Of ICU Nurse Crying Over Poor Working Conditions            4/7


Trump: 'We have to get back to work. We have to open our country again.'

LATEST NUMBERS: Govt. Models Overestimated Hospitalizations by 8 Times; ICU Beds by 6.4 Times; Ventilators Needed by 40.5 Times

Dr. Anthony Fauci is continuing Obama’s mission to cripple America and turn it into a vaccine police state

COVID-19 Is Being Used To Scare You Away From Using Cash

Austria Says EU Migrant Redistribution ‘Has Failed’, Refuses Asylum Seekers

Ghoulish: St. Louis Federal Reserve Head Says Americans Should Be Tested for COVID-19 Daily And Forced To Display a Badge on Their Clothing with the Result

NJ Wasted $$ on Hollywood, ‘Green’ Schemes & Corruption Instead of Needed Ventilators

Bill Gates REFUSES to recommend nutrition (zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C) and instead focuses entirely on vaccines and police state tracking

Hungary Taxes Multinational Chains, Banks to Fund Health Worker Bonuses

Tucker Carlson Savages The New York Times For Dishonest Reportage On Coronavirus (VIDEO)          4/6


EXCLUSIVE: Data Shows US Efforts to Combat China Coronavirus Crushed the US Economy — But Brazil and Sweden Have Similar Fatality Numbers With Open Economies

China Purposefully Shipped Covid-19 Contaminated Medical Equipment To The U.S., U.K., Italy and Others

Facing Slave Labor Reports, China Claims 98% of Large Industrial Businesses Are Back at Work

With Its Economy Collapsing, In An ACT OF ECONOMIC WAR, China Dropped the Coronavirus and Destroyed the Entire World Economy

Exclusive — ‘Main Street Rescue’: Trump Admin Loans Hundreds of Millions to Small Businesses on First Day 1,926 Loans for PPP… Most Through Community Banks

South Korea's Successful Pandemic Strategy

Senator Calls for China to Waive U.S. Debt Blackburn: ‘They have caused us a tremendous amount of loss of life, loss of businesses, suffering’

Mind-Reading AI Uses Brain Implant For Thoughts-To-Words

Gun Sales Skyrocket in March — Retailers Record 2.5 MILLION Sales – A New US Record!

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Chemists Help Sinaloa Cartel Cut China Out of Fentanyl Trade

United Nations wants 10% of entire planet’s annual income in fund for coronavirus response                4/3


Brazilian Leader Jair Bolsonaro Refuses Suicidal Lock-Down of Economy to Fight Coronavirus — “If the Remedy Is Too Much the Side Effect will Be Much More Disastrous”

Credit crisis averted; monetary crisis initiated

Banks To Make Billions On Small Business Bailout

GOP Reps. Want Kennedy Center Virus $$ Rescinded After It Refuses to Pay Its Musicians

Businesses May Get Chi-Com Virus Relief Loans as Soon as Friday

At Least One Million Jobs Lost in Europe in Two Weeks

Purchase Mortgage Applications Crash 24 Percent

OUTRAGEOUS! Hidden from the American Public — 74-78% of COVID-19 Patients have At Least One Underlying Health Problem!

Republican Hotel Tycoon Sheldon Adelson: I’m Paying All My Workers for 2 Months, So Should Any Business That Can

Are COVID-19 U.S. Death Toll Predictions Accurate?  4/2


“It’s an Absolute Disaster for Our Industry” – Hotel CEO Monty Bennett Says He had to Cut 95% of Staff Due to Coronavirus Panic (VIDEO)

“There Are Basically No Sales”: U.S. Auto Industry Enters Total Collapse From Nationwide Lockdown

'Relax, Eat Out & Shop': China In Desperate Bid To Jump-Start Paralyzed Consumer Economy

Dow closes down more than 400 points to end worst first quarter in history

Universities Panic As Dorms Sit Empty: Recruiting, Tuition, & Faculty Contracts In Limbo

The ‘My Pillow’ Guy Just Triggered A Herd Of Leftists And It’s Hilarious

Kristin Tate: 10 Insanely Wasteful Spending Items In The Coronabailout

Leftist Billionaire Bill Ackman Rakes in Billions After Stoking Pandemic Fears

15,000 Los Angeles High School Students Absent From Online Learning

OUTRAGEOUS! Dr. Birx Pushes COMPLETE RUBBISH on American Public — Insists without One Iota of Proof that the US Economic Suicide Cut Coronavirus Deaths by Over a Million Deaths! (VIDEO)                         4/1


Good News! President Trump May Finally Have Control Over the Fed and Jerome Powell’s Insane Economic Policies

California and New York sowed the seeds of their destruction

Suspected SARS Virus And Flu Samples Found In Luggage In 2018

DOJ opens probe into Senate stock sell-off in wake of coronavirus briefings

Ron Paul: Will Coronavirus End the Federal Reserve?

Soros and the Coronavirus pandemic

LEAKED AUDIO: Kennedy Center President Deployed Lobbyist To Secure $25 Million In Coronavirus Stimulus, But Not A Cent For Workers

Pandemic of Neglect: How U.S. health care failed to heed repeated warnings of supply shortages

Brooks Brothers To Manufacture Masks, Gowns For U.S. Medical Facilities

Report: Wet Markets In China Still Operating Despite Coronavirus Outbreak                               3/31


Trump Economist Rips Pharmaceutical Lobbyists for Opposing ‘Buy American’ Order

US Chamber of Commerce wants to keep America dependent on China

China Vows to *Expand* Pharma Monopoly

Chinese Companies 'Shipped Out Millions Of Masks, Hand Santiser And Gloves' From Australia, Canada & More

Russia - Saudi Oil Price War: A Silver Lining For U.S. and Allies

Despite Global Pandemic — New Space Force Launches Billion Dollar Communications Satellite

In Hard Times, Hershey Kept Thousands Employed

U.S. Companies Justify Trump’s Rejection to Nationalize & Rally to Fight Virus

FLA Gov. DeSantis: Shipments of drug hydroxychloroquine to help COVID-19 on way to Florida

Illegals demand $1,200 checks from Americans and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez steps up to the plate for them

Police, Military Begin Door to Door Searches to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

The road not traveled: How Big Science skipped clinical trials after past coronavirus outbreaks

STUNNING! Pelosi Blames Trump for Coronavirus: After She Pushed Tourists to Visit Chinatown in Late February Weeks After Trump Bans China Flights


Spain’s EU-Certified Coronavirus Tests from China Don’t Work                                                         3/29


Sen. Cotton Introduces Bill to Abolish USA’s Dependence on Chinese Drugs

Vulture Investors Using Coronavirus Carnage to Wipe Out Small Business

Salvini: Expect Revolt in Italy Without 100 Billion Euro Bailout

President Trump Triggers Defense Production Act, Requiring GM to Make Ventilators – Watch, Democrats Will Now Reverse Position

All The Craziest Things About America Are Being Highlighted By This Virus

Cuomo Admits Shutting Down New York Economy Was a Mistake

13 Reasons to Fear the COVID World Order

‘We Are Entering a War Economy’ – Italy Shuts Down Non-Essential Factories

Furious AOC Lashes Out at GOP Because Stimulus Bill Doesn’t Include Cash Payments To Illegal Immigrants

Stunning Visualization Reveals Where Spring Breakers Traveled After Flooding Florida Beaches

OUTRAGEOUS: American Red Cross accepting coronavirus-infected people as blood donors, claims coronavirus can’t be spread through blood               3/28


Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure

Why Taiwan Hasn't Shut Down Its Economy

Largest Collapse in Eurozone Business Activity Ever

A Word About the Horrid Spike in Unemployment Claims and Why it’s Even More Horrid Than it Appears

Britain Needs to Rethink Its Huawei Decision after China's Conduct over Coronavirus

Coronavirus Rescue Bill Includes $350 Million For "Migration And Refugee Assistance"

Fauci Comes Forward, Crushes Left's Narrative on Trump's Supposedly Dangerous Easter 'Deadline'

America Loses 500,000 Millionaires in Coronavirus Pandemic Market Crash

“Hell Is Coming!” – Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman Goes on TV, Touts Panic, Gets Everyone Scared, Markets Tank and He Walks Away with $2.6 Billion

Former UK PM Accused of Letting Muslim Rape Gangs Roam Free in Exchange for Saudi Money           3/27


Senate Releases Full Text Of $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill: Here's What's In It

Gaetz: Blocking Bailouts to Companies Controlled by China ‘So Obvious I Can’t Even Believe It’s Not the Law Already’

How Did Dems Write a 1,119-Page Coronavirus Bill in 2 Days? They Didn’t – We’ve Been Set Up

Morning Greatness: Media Freaks When Trump Mentions Restarting Economy

Crisis brings robots to medical frontline?

Nevada Democrat Gov. Issues Emergency Order Banning Use of Ant-Malaria Drugs for Coronavirus Patients

Payments panic and the ending of fiat currencies

Brexit, Covid-19 and the Debt Deluge – The perfect storm about to engulf us all

Why Did Hundreds Of CEOs Resign Just Before World Started Going Crazy?

Schools across the country dealing with ‘occupation’-style student activism

Mobile Phone Industry Considers Worldwide Tracking Of Users                                            3/26


Donald Trump: I Will Listen to Doctors but Make My Own Decisions About the Economy

BREAKING: Senate, White House Strike Deal On $2 Trillion Stimulus Spending Bill

Diseases Are Bad. Government-Forced Shutdowns Are Often Worse.

Major banks forced to close amid coronavirus outbreak

Nancy’s Multibillion $ Slush Fund for Liberal Elite

A Progressive Picnic Buried Within Pelosi’s Coronavirus Relief Bill

Here come the soulless billionaires begging for taxpayer-funded bailouts for their greedy selves

LA Mayor To Cut Off Water & Power Of "Irresponsible, Selfish" Stores That Remain Open

Like Freedom? Then You Won’t Like the FREEDOM Act

Power Grab: The National Plan To Vaccinate Every American

George Soros, Democrat PAC Rolls out Anti-Trump Coronavirus Ads                                                      3/25


Democrats Block Coronavirus Rescue to Push Pelosi’s 1,400-Page Pork-Stuffed Bill  Read the List: Bails Out Post Office, Extends Visas, Protects Big Labor, And More

Sen. Tom Cotton Files Bill to Move Drug Manufacturing Out of China

Iran Stole More Than $1 Billion in Coronavirus Funds Meant to Help The Country’s People

Federal Stockpile Of N95 Masks Were Depleted Under Obama — Never Restocked: Reports

“Widespread Panic” Hits Commercial Property Markets: Deals Implode, Renters Disappear, Businesses Shut

Coronavirus Pandemic Seen To Accelerate 5G Rollout In US

FCC Approves SpaceX to Launch Up to 1 Million Small Antennas to Blast 5G at Earth Despite Dire Warnings

‘Union Guy’ Jerry Wayne discusses politics after Joe Biden confrontation

Goldman Sachs Gives CEO MASSIVE Pay Raise As Wall Street Demands Government Bailouts

Democrat Dark Money Groups To Spend Millions Politicizing Wuhan Flu

Bloomberg Exploits Campaign Finance Loophole to Funnel $18 Million to DNC                                        3/24


BREAKING: Democrats Block Coronavirus Bill That Provides Lifeline To Economy, Families

Morgantown, West Virginia Mylan Plant to Restart Production of Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus Treatment

Asia markets plunge on growing fears of global recession

Coronavirus Pandemic Seen To Accelerate 5G Rollout In US

Liberty and the Coronavirus: Not An Either/Or Proposition Governments have always exploited crises to expand their powers

WHO KNEW China Helped WHO Chief Get His Job. Now He's Running Interference For China's Coronavirus Propaganda

Navy Working to Keep Subs and Destroyers From Becoming COVID-19 Hotspots

DOJ Has Quietly Asked Congress to Suspend Our Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Crisis

REPORT: Michael Bloomberg Spent Almost A Billion Dollars On His Failed Three Month Long Campaign

Greeks Find Tunnel Full of Weapons Under Athens, Arrest Turkish Terrorists                              3/23


BREAKING: Anti-Trump GOP Senator Richard Burr Accused of Insider Trading – Dumped Hotel Stocks After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Crisis

Ingraham blasts Beijing over coronavirus: ‘We need a new industrial policy, made in the USA all the way’

Dems Slipping Failed Green New Deal Policies into Economic Stimulus Package

Four senators offloaded stock after classified briefings about coronavirus

URGENT alert: Financial system collapsing, food supply collapsing, hyperinflation coming, guns and ammo wiped out, military martial law plans leaked… details

Bartiromo sketches China’s future: Thanks to YOUR virus, U.S. manufacturing will ‘shift’ out of country

Graham For EB5 Visa Giveaway Scheme Amidst Coronavirus Epidemic

Governments Using Coronavirus To Break Down Privacy

Is the Panic Worse than the Virus?                 3/20


Exclusive — Gohmert: Democrats Taking Advantage of Crisis

HELLO WORLD! Before Economy Totally Disintegrates – Will Anyone Else Notice WHO Director Made BASIC MATH ERROR in Causing Global Coronavirus Panic?

President Trump Signs Sweeping $100 Billion Coronavirus Relief Package

France and Italy Consider Nationalisation of Airlines Crippled By Coronavirus

Mnuchin Pitches Direct Deposits: $1000 Per Person, $500 Per Child

China Expert Gordan Chang: China Is Attacking US Dollar and Already Blaming US for Global Depression (VIDEO)

Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler Shut U.S. Factories

If the CDC hadn’t focused for years on “gun control” and “social justice,” it would have been better prepared for coronavirus PANDEMIC

Sen. Cotton Introduces Bill to End US Dependence on Chinese-Manufactured Pharmaceuticals After China Threatens to Cut America’s Access to Vital Drugs

Musk’s SpaceX Launches 60 More Starlink Satellites

Seattle Taxpayers Ask Supreme Court to Overturn Public Campaign Finance System                            3/19


The Next Jobs Report Will Be Bloody

Airbnb Looks to Benefit from Hotel Bailout, Despite Flouting Industry Regulations

Researchers develop “non-invasive” prosthetic robot arm

Ohio Unemployment Skyrockets By 600% After All Bars & Restaurants Shuttered

France Ready to Nationalize Big Firms in Radical Response

Big Tech Has Created An Unelected, Unaccountable Technocracy

The Trilateral Commission: Using Crisis as an Opportunity to Reform

Scientist with 4 Degrees from MIT Warns 'Deep State' Using Coronavirus Fear-Mongering To Suppress Dissent

2,060 Chinese Nationals Apprehended At U.S.-Mexico Border in Fiscal Year 2019

German State TV Celebrates Coronavirus For Killing Off Humans  3/18


Event 201 Unfolds: Covid-19 Action Platform = Global Government

Politicians Are Calling for Lots of "Bold" Plans. Watch Out.

Hunter Biden’s Overseas Protection Cost Taxpayers Four Times More Than Secret Service Details for All of Trump’s Children Combined

Panicked Fed Slashes Rates to Near 0%, Throws $700 Billion QE on Top, after $1.5 Trillion Shock-and-Awe Repos Fizzled. Stock Futures Plunge 5%, Hit Limit Down

Bill 'Che' de Blasio uses coronavirus to push for communist-style takeover of private companies and industries

Standing at the Precipice of a Financial Collapse: Time for a 21st Century Pecora Commission

Elon Musk dismisses college, says it’s ‘for fun’ and people can learn ‘anything they want for free’          3/17


Cotton: Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Moment of Reckoning’ Between U.S. and China Dems Want Pork in Emergency Bill Biden on Beijing’s side for 40 years

Global GDP Growth Estimates Are Plummeting

Fed Slashes Rates to Near Zero, Announces Crisis Management Measures

BREAKING: Federal government to control and oversee grocery distribution with govt / private sector partnerships: Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Kroger, top grocery chains to be deemed “critical infrastructure” … National Guard to protect key distribution points

President Trump Waives Interest on All Student Loans Held by Fed Govt Agencies Until Further Notice (VIDEO)

The Peace Corps Breaks Ties with China

Pelosi and Schumer want to BANKRUPT America’s businesses by forcing company owners to pay for employees to sit at home during the coming quarantines

Senate Democrats Obstruct Bipartisan Legislation to Address Shortage of Respirators and Face Masks During Coronavirus Outbreak

Illinois Gov. Closes Bars and Restaurants; Says No More ‘Time for Persuasion’

Purdue has frozen its tuition at less than $10,000 for seven straight years. Here’s how.

Expert: U.S. Rejected Foreign Testing Kits Due to 48% False Negative Rate                              3/16


Survey: More than 70 Percent of Small Business Owners Would Re-Elect Trump

MIT Biologist and Inventor of Email – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – Says Deep State Fear Mongering on Coronavirus Will Go Down as Biggest Fraud to Manipulate Economies

Fed throws $1 trillion into money markets as financial volcano erupts

Less than one percent of donations made by Yale trustees have gone to Republicans

Another professor caught shilling for China

Stocks Plunge in Worst Day Since Financial Crisis

Colleges tell students to work remotely, a dream come true for most

Gas-fired power plant burns fossil fuels to generate bitcoins in stunning example of total energy waste

T-Mobile: IoT And ‘The Transformative Promise Of 5G’

The US Navy is Developing Autonomous Submarines That Can Kill on Their Own

New York Times makes ‘clarification’ to 1619 Project after its own fact-checker calls it out

LOCKDOWN: Cuomo shuts down New Rochelle in New York, sets up one-mile containment zone to be patrolled by the National Guard                                  3/13


MAGA: US Added Robust 273K Jobs in February

Dow Dives 2,000 Points After Oil Shock, NYSE Trading Curbs Triggered Temporarily

Tucker Carlson: US leaders have sold out America to China

"The Lights Are On But No One's Working": How China Is Faking A Coronavirus Recovery

Minimum-Wage Blowback - Fast Food Burger-Flipping Robot Works For $3 An Hour

Demanding More Cash, Erdogan Walks Out of EU Meeting Over Migrant Crisis

Apple Suffers "Doomsday" Plunge In iPhone Shipments Across China

Barnes & Noble’s New Plan Is to Act Like an Indie Bookseller

Two Years Ago Today: Trump Campaign Manager Parscale Warned Facebook on Censorship — Since Then Facebook Has Wiped Out Conservative Content

‘Birth Tourism’ Hotel for Chinese May Be Shut Down by California Officials

Tech Giants May Be Profiting From Forced Labor Of Uighur Muslims In China: Report                    3/11


WHO Urges People To Go ‘Cashless’ Because ‘Dirty Banknotes Can Spread The Virus’

Christine Lagarde’s New Vision for the ECB

7 ways coronavirus is hitting corporate bottom lines

General Motors announces new battery platform, claims $100/kWh soon

Could China become new investment safe haven as coronavirus goes global?

China Car Sales Crash 80% As Virus Paralyzes Auto Industry

NASA-funded professor charged with hiding Chinese university ties

Bootleggers, Baptists, and Banking

Did African startups raise $496M, $1B or $2B in 2019?

After wasting over $1 billion developing a Zika vaccine, now the government wants another $2.5 billion for novel Coronavirus

Microsoft asks Silicon Valley, Seattle workers to telecommute

The Medical Industrial Complex: Trump’s Blind Spot?

Who Or What Started The Wuhan Coronavirus Epidemic?

'Unprecedented:' Release of New James Bond Film Delayed Significantly by Coronavirus Concerns        3/5


What Is an SDR and Will It Be the Next World Reserve Currency?

There Are Now Over 7,000 Cryptocurrency ATMs Worldwide

US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates to shield economy from coronavirus impact

Dow Plunges 786 Points After Fed Slashes Rates

Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell

China's Rare Earth Monopoly Is Diminishing

Mike Lee Rewrites S.386 Giveaway Bill, Helps India’s Outsourcing Companies

Explainer: The US-Taliban Deal in Afghanistan

44 in PA Charged with Welfare Fraud in January

Bernie-Supporting Denver Councilwoman Encourages Coronavirus Patients To Attend MAGA Rallies

Unbelievable: After serial abuses of the FISA court in “Spygate,” Congress set to renew authorization with NO major reforms                                  3/4


Dow Soars 5.1%, Best Day in More Than a Decade

China’s Non-Manufacturing & Manufacturing PMIs Show to What Unfathomable Extent the Economy Has Collapsed

Government Issued $175 Billion in Improper Payments, Watchdog Says

Pence: Trump Has Taken a 'Strong Stand' to Bring Companies Back From China

Documents show Huawei role in shipping prohibited US gear to Iran

“Wall Street Biggest Banks Shamelessly Try to Use Coronavirus to Get Federal Reserve to Weaken Rules”: Better Markets

Banking the Unbanked: Lessons from the Developing World

Will Flying Cars Help the US Beat China? The Air Force Hopes So.

Chinese duo charged in US$100 million North Korean hacking scheme

Federal Judge Orders Hillary Clinton To Appear for Deposition

Diamond & Silk Rock CPAC: ‘Blacks Don’t Need Reparations’, They Need Liberation from Dems      3/3


Trump Signs Historic Peace Deal to Draw Down the War in Afghanistan

The Trilateral Commission: Using Crisis As An Opportunity To Reform

A 'vulture' circles over Twitter

It begins: FDA announces first drug shortage with more sure to come since most pharmaceuticals are made in China

Soros-Funded HIV Charity Under Criminal Probe for Embezzlement

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Steele’s Firm Orbis Business Intelligence Used Three Deep State Actors to Claim Its Junk Dossier was Legit – One Was Reportedly Paid $4 Million To Do So

'Losing A Billion Dollars A Month' - No Rebound In Sight Amid Global Shipping Slump 

Communism 101: Democrats in Ohio, California and Oregon Push Laws Demanding That Private Property Owners Allow Homeless to Camp on Their Land

Virus fears send US stocks tumbling in worst week since financial crisis

If Coronavirus cripples the pharmaceutical complex, making medications unavailable, will millions of Americans get HEALTHIER when they stop taking them?

Flashback: Barack Obama Waited Until “Millions” Infected and 1,000 Americans Dead Before Declaring H1N1 a National Emergency

After 32 Years of Trying, Joe Biden Finally Wins a Presidential Primary                               3/2


BAD ACTORS ARE CRASHING THE MARKETS: To Stop the Current Short Sale Attack on the Stock Market President Trump Must Reinstate the Uptick Rule

A Digital ‘Fedcoin’ May Be Coming…And It Would Be Terrifying

5 Top-selling companies of highly hazardous pesticides rake in profit by the BILLIONS

"They're Really, Really Suffering": Chinatowns Worldwide Experience Devastation As Business Grinds To A Halt

Will America Experience a Capital Flight Under Bernie?

Bernie Sanders Is Funded By The Wealthiest Zip Codes In America

Bloomberg Admits He ‘Bought’ Majority Of House Democrats

Erdogan 'Opens The Gates' And Begins Flooding EU With Migrants After Syrian Army Airstrike Kills 33 Turks

Exclusive – Dissident Leader: Obama Cuba Policy a ‘Disaster’ that ‘Increased Repression’                      2/28


Coronavirus Paralyzes Global Credit Market As New Issuance Crashes To Zero

Central Banking since the 2008 Financial Crisis

After Massive Welcome in India, Trump Clinches $3 Billion Equipment Sale

Wells Fargo paid more in criminal penalties than it paid in interest to its depositors

In a historic first, one private satellite docks to another in orbit

Still think the global supply chain is fine? Proctor & Gamble warns of 17,600 products using 9,000 materials from 387 factories in China… ALL impacted by the coronavirus pandemic

Hong Kong Embraces Helicopter Money - Govt Gives Every Adult Citizen HK$10,000

U.S. Flu Season 2017-18: 45 Million Flu Cases, 61,000 Deaths

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Blocks FBI Investigation of Clinton’s SWINDLE of BILL GATES Charity Cash; Fuming Microsoft Mogul Duped Out of Untold Millions by Clinton Foundation Schemes

"You Had To Be Fairly Wealthy": $1,750 To $3,200 ​​​​​​​Ticket Prices For Dem Debate Spark Disgust

Sanders Wouldn't Just Legalize Marijuana, He'd Help Minorities 'Start Businesses' to Sell It

Building a More Global Space Force                 2/27


Mapping out the Banking Elite’s Goal for a Cashless Monetary System – Part Two

It Begins: Chinese Business Conditions Crash Most On Record

Stock Markets Sink Deeper on Coronavirus Fallout

Top Tory: Huawei Deal Worst Govt Decision Since MI6 Hired Soviet Spy

Leftists Celebrated $15/Hr Minimum Wage, Now They Can’t Figure Out Why They’re Being Fired

NIH spent more than $700 million in taxpayer money to develop coronavirus pharmaceuticals, vaccines and bioweapons

Report Warns of Tech Threats From ‘Other’ Chinese Companies

Ohio Market Owners Accused of $10 Million Food Stamp Fraud

WEF: Satisfaction With ‘Democracy At 25-Year Low’

Sihanoukville, Cambodian magnet for Chinese casinos, loses its pull, leaving thousands owed money and unable to move on

Debate Coverage Explodes When Bloomberg Admits He Literally Bought House Seats for Dems               2/26


Is Trump throwing free speech down the toilet to protect Big Tech monopolies (and the stock market)?

DHS to Waive Contracting Regulations to Speed Up Border Wall Construction

MARDI GRAS IS WOKE: “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Float Makes Mardi Gras Parade — With Trove of Epstein Actors in Orange Jump Suits and Nooses (VIDEO)

Chinese Military Turns to U.S. University to Conduct Covert Research

Bloomberg "Tried To Ruin Me For Speaking Out" On China

Lithuanian Immigrant Who Fled Communism: Bernie Fans ‘Do Not Understand What They Are Doing’

HE DIDN’T OWN THAT: Appeals Court Rules Graffiti Artists To Get $6.7 Million After Building Owner Tore Down Buildings

Woman Goes Public over Traumatic Mueller Interrogation That Forced Her to Flee US

Europe's New Academic Fascism

Bosnian Minister Warns 100,000 Migrants Heading For European Union in Coming Weeks

WOW! What a Clown Show! Democrats Now Drawing Cards to Decide Winners at Nevada Caucuses (VIDEO)

Chinese Workers Refuse To Go Back To Work Despite Beijing's Demands                               2/24


China floods economy with cash in bid to offset coronavirus impact

Why are 712 people in Washington State being “monitored” for coronavirus infections, but NOT TESTED?

White House Tech Chief Calls Europe’s AI Principles Clumsy Compared to U.S. Approach

With Half Of China Locked Up, Car Sales Plunge 92%

China’s answer to Davos the latest high-profile event derailed by virus

 Ukraine Reconsiders Aircraft Engine-Maker Deal With Beijing-Linked Company, Which the US Opposes

Where Would Rep. Omar Get $250,000 for an Adultery Payoff to Ex?

Why Is Maduro Pushing the Petro?

Bloomberg Misleadingly Claims Chinese Pollution Has Slowed, India ‘Even Bigger Problem’ for Climate

Historical Reminder: Communism ONLY Helps Those on the Very Top – Here’s a Look at Bernie’s Three Lavish Homes

Bernie Sanders in 1972: 'I Don't Mind People ... Calling Me a Communist'

Nearly two-thirds of Ivy League donations go to Warren, Sanders                                           2/21


Could micro-credentials compete with traditional degrees?

Calif. Freelancers Revolt Against ‘Gig Economy’ Bill by Turning Conservative

Still No Signs of Tariffs Raising Prices for Consumers

SMOKING GUN: China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From US

Terrifying Charts Show China's Economy Remains Completely Paralyzed

Technocracy Is Coming For Your Steak, Burgers, Ribs, Milk And Cheese

The looming collision between electric vehicles and green energy

Bayer and BASF ordered to pay $265 million to Missouri peach farmer in dicamba weedkiller lawsuit

CBS News: 'How Jewish American Pedophiles Hide From Justice in Israel'

Bizarre 'Road Rage Among Superpowers' Incident In Syria Caught On Film

‘You Are Fake News’: President Trump Berates Disgraced Media In Epic Painting                              2/20


VIDEO: Kevin Hasset DESTROYS Liar Barack Obama on President Trump’s Historic Economy

Coronavirus Forces China Into Ponzi-Scheme Banking

Financial Feudalism

Boy Scouts File for Bankruptcy Due to Sex-Abuse & Social Experimentation

UK Employment Rate Reaches Record High as It Leaves the EU

LIVE FROM HONG KONG: 10 Reasons China’s Economy Is Crashing and Won’t Recover Anytime Soon

BERNIE: Workers in Energy Sector Must Be Ready to ‘Change Jobs’

FLASHBACK: Obama Admitted $787 Billion Stimulus was Utter Failure, “There Were No Shovel Ready Jobs” – Now Takes Credits for Trump’s Record Economy          2/19


Tech Tyranny: Protection or Censorship?

All Our Drugs to Treat the Coronavirus Depend on Chinese Suppliers

Mastercard Wants to Identify You by Your Heartbeat, Veins

Cashless Agenda? China Is Scrubbing Cash Notes To Stop Virus Spreading So Its Paper Money Won’t Kill You

US & China Lead Biggest Jump In World Defense Spending In 10 Years

Afghanistan has its first robotic waiter – but is that a good thing?

India's economic frustration and social tensions boil under Modi

Britain and Europe Will ‘Rip Each Other Apart’ in Brexit Trade Negotiations, Predicts Macron Ally

Coronavirus gives China’s teleworking apps a shot in the arm

Amazon’s Bezos to donate $10 billion to fight climate change

UPDATE on the “60 Minutes” Sham Report on Crowdstrike: Impeachment Was Cover for CrowdStrike and Democrats Got What They Wanted  

WHO Holds Secret Talks With Tech Giants To Stop Spread of Coronavirus “Misinformation”

Half the Population of China, 760 Million, Now Locked Down                                                2/18


E.U. Mired In Squabble Over Who Should Pay to Cover Lost British Money

 US taps mafia law to charge Huawei over trade secret theft

"I Have No Idea What To Do Now": South Korean & Japanese Firms Screwed By Shortage Of Chinese Migrant Workers

The Multi-Billion-Dollar Mystery Of The Great British Gold Sale

Global defence spending sees biggest rise in a decade, report says

Multinationals reroute supply chains from China -- for good?

The Koch-Soros Quincy Project: A Train Wreck of Neocon and 'Humanitarian' Interventionists

Klobuchar Hides Her Support for Exporting Jobs to India

Anti-Exploitation Group Calls on Visa, Mastercard to Stop Processing Pornhub Payments                       2/17


Swamp Report: Schweizer Reveals How Bernie Enriches Family with Campaign $$$

China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero

China’s Iron Fist is Turning the Coronavirus Into an Economic Disaster

Huawei Has ‘Back Door’ Access in Its Networks, Warns United States

America’s Hopelessly Anemic Response to One of the Largest Personal-Data Breaches Ever

Mexico’s Fight for National Banking Revives a Forgotten History

The vast majority of our pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements are made in China – is coronavirus the black swan event that will collapse it all?

Neuralink: Elon Musk Ready To Connect Human Brain to Computer

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus Points Out Major Flaw In Democrats’ Plan To Tax The Rich (VIDEO)

Jury Foreperson in Roger Stone Case Could Be Heading to Prison According To Judge Napolitano

5 Times Obama Protected His Allies from Justice and Democrats Turned a Blind Eye

YouTube Bans Popular Conservative Commentator Nick Fuentes For 'Hate Speech'

Manchester bomber used welfare payments to buy bomb-making equipment                             2/15


Small Business Optimism Jumps Higher in January

China’s tragic choice: Run the factories and sacrifice the workers, or halt the factories and lose the nation

Poll: 69% of Small Business Owners Say Benefited from the 2017 Tax Cuts

Report: After Purging Popular Right-Wingers, YouTube Starts Funding The Young Turks

Josh Hawley Proposes FTC Overhaul to Rein In Big Tech

HUGE! US Attorney in Pittsburgh Is Vetting Giuliani Docs on Biden Crime Family

Canada: Sharia financing rapidly expanding with increasing Sharia-adherent population

Pete Buttigieg Vows To Flood Small American Towns with Migrants

Insanity: Cash-strapped New York State now charges people to look at the stars with a telescope so it can pay for giveaways to illegal aliens

Dirty Cops: Democrats leap to defense of prosecutors who lied to DOJ about Roger Stone sentence

Global warming was blamed for evaporating the Great Lakes, now blamed for high water levels in Chicago's 'climate emergency'

Remembering Climate Alarmists’ False Prophecies    2/13


Is AIDS U.S. $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 2: The Global Fund

Professor: Surveillance Capitalism Is ‘An Assault on Human Autonomy’

Trump’s Budget Pushes Bonuses and Reskilling to Build Up IT Workforce

Pompeo issues dire warning to U.S. governors that China is attempting to manipulate state and local governments

Robot Analysts Outwit Humans on Investment Picks

Next-gen warfare: DARPA tests “drone swarms” that will be operated by artificial intelligence, not human beings

US Defense R&D Funding Falls As China’s Keeps Growing

U.S. consumers got hooked on cheap Chinese imports but the coronavirus is about to expose what a HUGE mistake this was

Charging Your Phone Using a Public USB Port? Beware of 'Juice Jacking.'

'Green Energy': Wind Turbines Are 'Piling Up In Landfills,' Can't Be Recycled

BREAKING: Jussie Smollett Indicted By Special Prosecutor In Chicago                                         2/12


Consumer Spending Update: 2020 Kicks Off With Record-Breaking Confidence in the Economy

Trump’s Iran Sanctions Will Enhance America’s Long-Term Economic Dominance.

Attorney General Barr Indicts 8 For Illegally Funneling Foreign Money To Adam Schiff And Multiple Dem Senators

China Suddenly Has Another Major "Virus" Problem, As Soaring Food Prices Put A Lid On Central Bank Intervention

BOMBSHELL: Newly discovered document points to missing $1.8 billion

Trump Administration Secures Funding for 1,000 Miles of Border Wall

Number of professors allegedly in cahoots with communist China quickly mounts

US charges 4 members of Chinese military with hacking Equifax credit agency

Rudy Giuliani Has Damning Memo on Shady January 2016 White House Meeting with Ukrainian Officials (VIDEO)

The Great Academic Purge Of Skeptical Climate Scientists

Ford's Lending Arm Does The Dirty Work For Parent Company, Generating More Profit Now Than Ever

 Social Security COLA (Cost of living adjustment) : Here’s how it’s calculated

HMM: Former Mitt Romney Adviser Sits on Board of Ukrainian Gas Company That Employed Hunter Biden

Sweden: Explosive material discovered in children’s sandbox                                                           2/11


63.4%: Labor Force Participation at Trump-Era High As Labor Force Grows by 574,000

Uber Loses $8.5 Billion in 2019 — But Claims They’ll Be Profitable Next Year!

Why the Government Needs To Create A $10B Venture Fund for Artificial Intelligence

Rob Smith's Comments as the Son of Single Mom Devastate AOC's 'Bootstrap' Claim

FACEBOOK and IRS Prepare for $9 Billion Tax Court Fight

National Academies Chief: The U.S. Must End Reliance on Foreign Scientists

Boris Johnson Unleashes Green Hell On Post-Brexit Britain

Trump: Employers Are Hiring Ex-Cons Like Never Before

Airlines Worry Greta’s Flight Shame Campaign Could Hurt Industry

CBP Is Upgrading to a New Facial Recognition Algorithm in March

Massive child sacrifice gravesite shows that “indigenous” Native Americans were mass murderers

N.Y. Criminal Justice Reforms Questioned After Witness In Brutal MS-13 Attack Found Dead                   2/8


Private payrolls soar; Best gain in 5 years

China’s world leadership dreams fade as belt and road projects sour

Markets Reach New Highs: S-P 500 and Nasdaq Closed at All-Time Highs – DOW Up Nearly 2%

Just A Little Sloppy Record-Keeping? The Pentagon's $35 Trillion 'Accounting Black Hole'

Huge Tax Hikes in Financial Crisis Swedish Municipality That Took Too Many Migrants

Robot could call last orders on human bartenders

PC gone berserk: Asian ‘rape gang’ allowed to freely roam streets of London as cops told “find other ethnicities” to investigate

BREAKING: Senators Grassley and Johnson Officially Request Hunter Biden’s Official Travel Documents from US Secret Service

Senate Impeachment Trial Ends w/ a Whimper and an Acquittal

States That Tax The Most Are Getting The Worst Results Per Dollar

W.H.O. demands all nations drop travel restrictions and allow (infected) Chinese to enter every country… are they actively rooting for the virus?                        2/6



Central Bankers Pull Out Monetary Bazookas to Avert a Coronavirus Crash

China’s global supply chains collapsing due to coronavirus

Millions of Chinese Working from Home Crash Business Networks

Leftists Blame Russian Bots For Fallout From Iowa Caucus Shambles

Wall Street may actually favor a Trump-Sanders match-up for 2020: Here’s why

Sweden: Just 1 in 16 Migrants Have Non-Subsidized Jobs

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Scheme for Wealthy Spurs Massive Fraud on IRS

NO FLUKE: Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer Outraises Incumbent Democrat for 2nd Straight Quarter

NYTimes: Failed State Venezuela Experiencing ‘Economic Boom’ in Caracas

INDOCTRINATION: George Soros To Pump A Billion Dollars Into Higher Education To Focus On Climate Change

‘I Don’t Believe in Charities’: Book Exposes Bernie Sanders’ Beef Against Charities                               2/5


‘Profiles in Corruption’ to Debut at #2 on New York Times Bestseller List

China Seeking "Flexibility" On Phase 1 Trade Pledges As Its Economy Grinds To A Halt

China plans on injecting $174 billion into markets to calm coronavirus jitters, suggesting outbreak is much worse than reported

Watch: Brits Celebrate Trump-BoJo Alliance After Brexit

Ads warning about dangers of 5G BANNED by Great Britain’s advertising “authority”

Claim: It’s Tech Giants Who Turned San Francisco Into ‘Dystopian Nightmare Of Addiction, Homelessness And Criminality’

Boeing 767 Makes Emergency Landing After Part Of Landing Gear Falls Off; Stock Slides

45 Charged with Committing More than $240,000 in Welfare Fraud in Pennsylvania

Report: $90 Billion in US Taxpayer Money Donated to Global Slush Fund to Fight AIDS But a Portion of the Funds Made It to Clintons, Soros and Others Instead

White, Leftist Women Are Paying $2500 To Confront Their Own Racism At ‘Privilege Dinner Parties’

…Delta, American Halt All Flights Between China and U.S

Oh My! 40% of Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Spending Went to Loverboy’s Firm                                   2/4


USMCA: The Concluding Crushing Blow

Report: China’s Currency Manipulation, Unfair Subsidies Killed 3.7 Million US Jobs

Harvard professor arrested for conspiring with Chinese spies to smuggle “biological material” into communist China

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Scheme for Wealthy Spurs Massive Fraud on IRS

House Sneaks Green New Deal Spending Into Infrastructure Framework

U.S. Army Funds 'Fully Automated Microaggression Detector' to 'Catch Implicit Bias' In The Workplace

Boeing quality manager says the Dreamliner is also unsafe, “fly something else”

The Collapse of a Society: Venezuelan State-Owned Oil Company Shuts Down Last Two Operating Refineries for Repairs — Socialism in Action



House Democrats Approve Social Credit Score For Americans

The Super Bowl’s Biggest Losers: The Boys and Girls Being Sold for Sex 20 Times a Day

Did the US just concede defeat in China tech war?

TECH TAKEDOWN: World’s Technology Supply Chain Facing “Broken Chain” Crisis as Wuhan Quarantine Threatens Critical Component Manufacturers in China

Democrats Push National Climate Bank To Further ‘Green New Deal’

PATEL: Our Coming Debt Crisis

Harvard Chemistry Chair Charles Lieber Charged For Hiding China Ties; 2 Chinese Nationals Accused Of Economic Espionage

Warehouse Robot Learns to Sort Out the Tricky Stuff...Major Advance in AI

Global Governance Structure Is "Too Centralized & Too Authoritarian"

Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Here's How Twitter Helped Smear The Covington Catholic Kids

A NEW LOW for #FakeNews — Media Spins 100% Negative on Trump Defense Team — 95% Positive Spin on Schiff and his Dopes

Your Smart Vehicle is Recording Your Every Move

Anti-Virus Software Harvests ‘Every Search, Every Click, Every Buy, On Every Site’                  1/31


Trump Holds Raucous New Jersey Rally ’We’re Creating Jobs and Killing Terrorists’ Dems Concerned with ’Demented Hoaxes’ POTUS: Bringing Back Factories in ’Blue Collar Boom’ Income Tax Cut Coming

Shocker: San Fran Official Tasked with Keeping Streets Poop-Free Arrested for Corruptio

Consumer Confidence Jumps on Labor Market Strength

Google spent a record sum rewarding researchers for hacking its products

Beijing Economist: Virus Could Sink Chinese GDP Growth Below 5%

African Billionaire Pressured Into Apologizing for Telling Trump ‘Africa Loves You’

After November Surge, Money Supply Growth Slows in December

Joe Biden’s Sister Valerie Sent Millions of Joe’s Campaign Dollars to Her Own Consulting Firm

CBO Projects Federal Debt To Rise to $31.4 Trillion

DOJ is trying to stop US VoIP carriers from hosting foreign robocalls

WATCH: Wuhan Citizen Risks His Life To Tell The Truth About The Coronavirus Situation In Wuhan China

Trump Touts Having Appointed 191 Federal Judges

CNN Segment Ridicules Trump Supporters as Illiterate ‘Rubes’ Lemon, Wilson Laugh Themselves to Tears Redneck Hate Riff: ‘You elitists with your geography & your maps & your spelling!’

Secretive Market For Web History...Every Search. Every Click. On Every Site                                1/29


General Motors will invest $2.2 billion to build EVs in Detroit

WEF Debuts Framework For Central Bank Digital Currency

Global Stocks Crash As Coronavirus Pandemic Infects 3,000; China, Yuan Plummet

Containing the Huawei Virus

After November Surge, Money Supply Growth Slows in December

TRUMP WINNING! Supreme Court Rules for Trump, Allows Denial of Green Cards To Those Seeking Welfare

Gallup: 41% of Americans Satisfied With Way Things Are Going; Highest Level in 15 Years

The Medicaid Expansion Cheat

Swedish Bank Predicts More Unemployment Increases in Sweden

New study: Drugs caused DOUBLE the official death count in 2016

Elizabeth Holmes, Too Broke To Pay Her Lawyers, Phones In Her Defense In Fraud Lawsuit

HUGE REVELATION: Democrats on House Impeachment Team VOTED AGAINST the Aid Package for Ukraine They Want to Impeach Trump Over (VIDEO)               1/28


U.S. Business Activity Accelerated in January

Digital Currency: What Do the Global Banking Elite Want?

Another Obama Solar Company Burns Out – DC Solar Owners Plead Guilty to Largest Ponzi Scheme in Eastern California History

How the Golden State Embraced Corporate Socialism

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Banks Head Into Darkest Phase of the Nordic Negative-Rates

U.S. Warns Britain Accepting Huawei 5G Will Imperil Post-Brexit Trade Deal

Students nationwide fight to 'Ban Facial Recognition' technology on campus

 US government hands out tens of millions to Muslim orgs linked to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

Pentagon Wants to Build One Satellite Per Week

A New 'Greenwashed' Road To Serfdom               1/27


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation & Others Predicted Up To 65 Million Deaths Via Coronavirus – In Simulation Ran 3 Months Ago!

NASA opens the ISS for space tourism and commercial business

“Will I Get My Money Back?” – Furious Father Confronts Elizabeth Warren Over Her Student Loan Forgiveness Plan (VIDEO)

Delingpole: Soros Donates $1B to Combat ‘Authoritarianism.’ Seriously?

Authorities advise Swedish citizens to save banknotes in case of a cyber attack or war

Robot employment agency taking over human jobs

MURDOCK: Global Elites Raging over Income Disparity Seek to Punish Prosperity

Mazie Hirono: Saying Dems wanted to impeach Trump since day one a ‘conspiracy theory’ – except there’s footage

BOOM! Marsha Blackburn Doubles Down: Vindman Has a Problem with Judgement… Political Activist in Uniform… Goes Out of Chain of Command

FEDS: Warden Who Ran Epstein’s Jail Granted Return to Supervisory Role                                     1/25


Trump Cuts Down Globalism, Celebrates Economic Nationalism at Davos

Fed Nominee Judy Shelton Wants Sound Money—and Lots of It


Schweizer: Warren, Klobuchar Have ‘Cashed in’ from Corruption

After Blowing $43 Bn on Share-Buybacks in 6 Years, Boeing Scrambles to Borrow $10 Bn, on Top of a $9.5 Bn Credit Line in Oct, to Fund its 737 MAX Fiasco

WOW! Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Claims Police Harassed Her and Held Her for 15 Minutes During Traffic Stop — VIDEO SHOWS SHE LIED!

Book Bombshell: James Biden’s Firm Got $1.5 Billion in Government Contracts Despite Zero Experience

U.S.-China Trade Deal Should Not Obscure Beijing's Hegemonic Objectives

Hungarian PM Slams George Soros as ‘World’s Number-One Oligarch’

What to Do with Malls? Teetering UK Mall Giant Intu Asks Investors for £1 Billion. Shares Drop to Near-Nothing

Hunter Biden’s Firms Scored Reportedly Hundreds of Millions from Russians, Chinese, and Kazakhs

Teenage Cashier Suspended After Buying Cop $2.75 Dessert with Own Money                                          1/23


The EU, main loser of the China-US agreement

AMERICA FIRST: Kanye West Bringing Adidas Headquarters, Manufacturing Jobs to Wyoming

$6.4 Trillion And Counting - How The Military-Industrial Complex Hijacked The War On Terror

China GDP grows 6.1% in 2019, slowest rate in 29 years

Senators Unveil $1.2 Billion Plan to Develop Alternatives to Huawei’s 5G Equipment 

IMF Slashes Global GDP Forecast For 6th Consecutive Time, Warns "Climate Change" Will Hit Economy

Huge Pay-For-Play Scandal Embroils Oregon Democrats, As Big Donor Law Firms Are Awarded State Contracts

Hong Kong's economy splits into pro- and anti-government camps

Are Housing Markets Still Clearing out the Trash of the Last Bust?

More than 120 members of Congress issue letters of support to Hamas-linked CAIR

Trump Was Right! Warehouse in Puerto Rico Discovered this week FILLED with US Survival Aid for Hurricane Maria (VIDEO)


Winning: 2.4 Million Households Off Food Stamps Under Trump

The Genius of Trump: China Economy is Growing at Its Slowest Rate in 30 Years – Prognosis For Future Doesn’t Look Good

Boris Backs Plans to Pursue Rapid Trade Deal with U.S., Use as Leverage over EU: Report

Middle Class Increasingly Hollowed Out As Robots Take Millions Of Jobs

Gov’t Agencies Sued for Seizing Retiree’s Life Savings Because He Carried It in Cash

Fed Admits What We Knew All Along: It Drives Up Asset Prices

Tesla now committing financial FRAUD by charging its car customers thousands of dollars for “upgrades” without permission or consent

Bolsonaro’s Brazil Announces Chinese-Built $100 Million Base in Antarctica

Documents reveal how 'Africa's richest woman' stole fortune from her country

Sanders Condemns Super PACs As His 2016 PAC Accused of Illegal Activity

UK Wind Farms Paid Millions *NOT* to Run Turbines

WikiHow propaganda article claims vaccine injuries are a “conspiracy theory” peddled by violent, abusive parents

Just In: Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Goes Public, Exposes How The FBI Had The Audacity To Raid His Home

NY Post: ‘Profiles in Corruption’ Reveals How the ‘Biden Five’ Made Millions Off Ex-VP’s Connections        1/20


Opening Blind Eyes to the Truth about Sex-Trafficking in America

Senators Unveil $1.2 Billion Plan to Develop Alternatives to Huawei’s 5G Equipment 

Kudlow: Impeachment Could Be An Effort To Obstruct The Economic Progress Made By The Trump Administration (VIDEO)

Uncle Sam just used its financial nuclear weapon again

European ‘Green Deal’ Is As Bad As It Gets

The Prospects For A Sound-Money Revolt Against The Dollar And Euro

China’s Growing Economic Miracle…(Collapse). Or… Everyone Pays the Piper!

UK Company Creates Knives Without Tips as Crime Wave Soars to Decade High

Bernie’s Iowa State Director Flees the Scene as Project Veritas Confronts Her on Employment Status of “Anarcho-Communist” Field Organizer Kyle Jurek (VIDEO)

New Studies Indicate Exposure to Fluoride Affects IQ of Infants, Sleep Patterns                      1/19


Surveys: Manufacturing Surging in USA

“USMCA and US-China Trade Deal is Over $2 Trillion in Bi-Lateral Trade – 10 Percent of Our Economy!” – Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Cheers Trump’s Historic Trade Deals (Video)

U.S. and China tiptoe around holes in new trade agreement

Nolte: The China Trade Deal and 22 Other Times Trump Made Fools of the ‘Experts’

Trumponomics Turning the US Into a Full-Time-Jobs Nation?

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Drop 10,000 to 204,000

Robots Takeover Domino's New Supply Chain Center

Authorities advise Swedish citizens to save banknotes in case of a cyber attack or war

Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Gets More Jobs for Americans

Seven Times the GAO Found the Obama Administration Violated Federal Law

Dental Assistant Fired For Expressing Support For Trump on Facebook                          1/17


Surprise Winning: Jobs Booming, Prices Falling

Bernie Sanders: ‘Of Course’ Cheap Illegal Workers Drive Down U.S. Wages

EU Plans One Trillion Euro ‘Green Deal’ For Net-Zero CO2 Emissions

Germany To Cut 400,000 Auto Jobs In Next Decade As Car Production Crashes

The "Last Hurrah" For Central Bankers

Chicago Pastor Charged with Stealing Nearly $1M from Federal Food Program for Luxury Car

Bernie Staffer: Free Education is About Indoctrination, If Trump Wins ‘Cities Will BURN’

COINCIDENCE? Founding Member of Crowdstrike Securities Is Founder of Area 1 Security that is Pushing the ‘Russia hacked Burisma’ BS!

UK University Says Complaining About Everything Becoming a Race Issue is a Racist Microaggression



Massive Exodus from Blue States as Citizens Escape High Taxes, Poor Gov’t Management

‘Profiles in Corruption’ Hits #1 on Amazon 10 Days Before Book Release

Washington Post: Donald Trump Will Transfer $7.2 Billion for Border Wall

James Taylor: Record Farm Yields Contradict Climate Doomsayers’ Claims

San Francisco, solid blue city of -- empty storefronts and missing young people

The History and Structure of the Federal Reserve System

Wikihow Website Teaches Children How to Get Vaccinated in Secret by Scheming Against Their Parents

BOO-HOO: ‘Underfunded’ IRS Struggles to Carry Out Audits

Networks’ Trump Coverage: Three-Fourths On Impeachment And (Shockingly) 93% Was Negative

HUD Report: New Mexico Had Biggest Increase in Homelessness 2018-2019                                       1/14


Swedes Vote Climate Policy Biggest Waste of Tax Payer Money in 2019

Meet the two Venezuelan exiles warning college students against socialism

‘Are These Dirty Cops Going to Pay the Price?’ – Trump Calls Out FBI Director Wray For Weak Response to FISA Abuse and Illegal Spying

Iranian Ambassador Admits Trump Is Crushing Them With Sanctions: ‘Knife On The Throat’

Energy Invests Millions to Launch Strategic Quantum Research Centers

Former Insurance Directors Warn Migrants Can Abuse Welfare System Easily

Trump Allies Propose New Network to Compete With Fox

Seattle: At least 750 students will not be permitted to attend school due to incomplete vaccination records

Shocking number of young Americans say other countries are better

California Water Infected With Increasing Fecal Bacteria As Democrats Allow Homeless Crisis to Worsen

Nearly 100% of Up-&-Coming Dems Disagree America Is the Greatest Country in the World                 1/12


Record 158,803,000 Americans Employed; 1.85M Year-to-Year Increase

BOMBSHELL: Book to Reveal How Biden Family Siphoned ‘Millions in Taxpayer Cash’ Hunter Biden ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

IT WAS ALL A HEAD FAKE: Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers Say HUBER Lost Their Evidence — Had to Send It 3 Times — Huber Never Even Looked at it – And Now the Probe Is Over

Ban Soros From The USA

Police State, Total Surveillance Society

Robots out of work as automated businesses close in Bay Area

Ted Cruz blasts fake news AP for it’s phony ‘fact check’ of Trump claim Obama gave Iran $150 billion

Shadowy Big Tech Group Raising $100 Million Warchest to Beat Trump

Gallup: Americans' Ideology, 37% Conservative, 24% Liberal, 35% Moderate

College Professor Says Iran Should Target 52 Sites In America — PROMPTLY GETS FIRED            1/11


Private Payrolls Soar: 202,000 Jobs Added In December