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Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution'

We Have Been Lied To About Every Part of the COVID Pandemic, says Dr. Michael Yeadon

Contract for Covid Jab "Bioweapon" VERY Strange, Says Expert Karen Kingston     30  min.

No, this angry AI isn't fake (see comment), w Elon Musk    13   min.

Stew Peters Presents: COVENOM-19 Series Vol. 1    70  min.

The Big Banks and the IMF Plan on Stealing Your Money

Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Episode 5: BIG “PHARMA-CIDE”
Government Coercion & CDC Fraud
Pfizer Prevarications & Natural Immunity
- See more at:

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

Albert Einstein once said "Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."

Bertrand Russell 1953; "Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."

What is the Best and Safest Investment? FOOD

Pope Benedict XVI Slams Eugenics & the NWO & says it is your DUTY to PROTEST

Campaign to clean up Seattle & Washington's Water supply   10/1

The First Global Revolution : Club Of Rome : Free Download            read page 75   



Grandma Arrested for Feeding Homeless Fights Back, Won’t Back Down: ‘They Are Wrong’

Biden fights 9/11 victims in court to protect Taliban cash

Russian Oligarch Keeps Showing Up In The Most Inconvenient Places For FBI, Washington Elites

Your living standards have declined dramatically

Rents Spike for Americans as Biden’s Migrants Fill Apartments

Biden Makes First Move Toward A Radical National Rent Control Law

WEF announces in new report that a catastrophic mutating cyber event will strike the world in 2 years

ChatGPT Can Pass Medical Licensing Exam And Bar

IMF Mulling Fresh $16 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

Scientists pressuring FDA to approve use of bioengineered animal organs in human transplants

IRS Alerts Taxpayers They Must Answer a New Question On Tax Forms Or Face Consequences

Google staff who earned viral fame by showing off their lavish offices online post clips of themselves SOBBING after being suddenly FIRED as company lays off 12,000 people

Netherlands to shut down Europe’s largest gas field even as energy crisis worsens

1619 Project Founder Receives over $100k from Indiana Taxpayers for Two Days of Work

Exclusive: Epstein-tied Influence Group Brokers Relationships Between GOP Congressmen, CCP

US Marines Open New Base on Guam to Prepare for Future War With China

Global Military Buyers Flooded Vegas Arms Expo, Spurred By World War III Threats

Trump warns of potential “World War III” in response to Biden’s latest Ukraine escalation

NATO the greatest threat to civilization           1/27


Censorship, Mass Surveillance and Bugs: World Economic Forum vs. The Free World

WEF globalists brag about "hackable humans"

Martin Armstrong: NATO is the greatest threat to civilization

Norway pushes ahead with digital currency, ignoring privacy concerns

Brandon Smith: A dollar collapse is now in motion as Saudi Arabia signals the end of the petro dollar

SUICIDE MISSION: Netherlands SHUTS DOWN Europe's largest natural gas field, even as Europe faces energy crisis (are these people insane?)

The Cost Of Living Has Become Extremely Oppressive And 57 Percent Of Americans Cannot Afford A $1,000 Emergency Expense

Justice Department sues to break up Google's monopolistic ad business

Joe Biden Stole Billions from the Families of 9/11 Victims to Send to the Taliban

In Confidential Memo, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Celebrated Unemployment as a "Worker-Discipline Device"

Bill Gates wants to stop cows from burping & farting in latest investment – Funds Australian-based company to reduce Livestock emissions.

MIT scientist warns that glyphosate is our environment's most destructive chemical 

Mexico Becomes First Nation to Admit Harms of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments  

Treason in America - Again     1/26


Cashless Society: Big Banks Prepare To Launch Digital Wallet To Compete With Apple Pay And PayPal

Universal Digital Payment Network Unveiled at DAVOS

The Job Cuts That Are Coming Are Going to Be Super Brutal

It’s Official: Trump’s Tax Cuts Paid for Themselves

Dollar, crypto both failing as governments make way for new world reserve currency  

Government Report: Unemployment Fraud May Top $60 Billion During Pandemic

Zelensky Just Gave Away the Globalist Playbook of the Military Industrial Complex Big Business

Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal: Sports Cars, Mansions & Luxury Vacations As People Suffered

For only $100,000 an hour you can be lectured by the mother of Critical Race Theory

CBP Air and Marine Agents Confiscate a Record of Nearly 20 Tons of Narcotics in Two Months

HUGE: Arizona Senate Presentation Reveals That Hundreds Of Failed Tabulators In Maricopa County Likely Misread A QUARTER MILLION Ballots During 2022 Election – Lake’s Team Says “MORE EVIDENCE TO COME” (VIDEO)

Over Half Of 2022 Mail-In Ballots Are Still Unaccounted For In California

New Trend Shows More Children Are Living With Their Married Parents

Deepfakes: Faces Created by AI Now Look More Real Than Genuine Photos  

Fewer Than 3% of Hispanic Voters Support Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Is the Grand Theft Auto Video Game Come to Life

Winning the all-out war against Our children         1/25


UAE De-Dollarization Accelerates: “Crypto Will Play a Major Role in Trade Going Forward”

Going Cashless: Norway’s Digital Currency Project Raises Privacy Questions

‘The Biggest Fraud in a Generation’: Hundreds of BILLIONS in ‘Covid Relief Funds’ Have Gone Missing

Open Society President Malloch-Brown and Alexander Soros Meet with Brazil’s Fernando Haddad in Davos – The New Finance Minister of Communist Lula Regime

Kristi Leigh: Big Media Bows Down to the WEF Global Royalty

The WEF Davos Shebang Wants America Reduced to Compliance

Fat severance packages at Big Tech

REVEALED: China Sent Hunter Biden a 3-Carat Diamond at About the Same Time Joe Biden Was Stealing and Relocating Classified Documents (VIDEO)

Watch: Boston Dynamics’ Creepy Humanoid Robot Learns More Tricks

‘There will be no Cars’ – Saudi Arabian Diplomat Celebrates Utopian Development that Eliminates Ownership Of Private Vehicles (VIDEO)

Scotland proposing nationwide “20-minute neighborhoods” where citizens are limited how far they can travel from home in order to save Earth from global warming

Black Fox News Analyst Booted From North Miami Restaurant Because Of His Conservative Beliefs By White Liberal Owner (VIDEO)

Here’s How Long It Will Take to Replenish US Weapons Stocks Sent to the Ukraine War

Trader Joe’s founder tells all                1/23


WEF’s Economic Transformation: Crisis After Crisis and ‘Coincidences’ Resulting in Centralized Power

The World Economic Forum: Making the World Safe for Autocracy

Top 5 World Economic Forum Moments That Prove Elites View 1984 as a ‘How To’ Guide

MEP Warns: World Economic Forum Is One of the Biggest Threats to the Free World

WEF Polycrisis, Saving Freedom and Holding Benedict Biden Accountable

Newsweek Claims Critics of WEF — Who Cite Direct Quotes — Are ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

Trouble in Globalist Paradise: Mutiny Erupts Within the World Economic Forum 

Leslyn Lewis reveals Trudeau signed Canada onto World Economic Forum Charter in 2020

Canadian Feds ‘Committed’ to Complete WEF-Initiated Digital ID Project

Global DE-DOLLARIZATION is on the way as world’s central banks buy gold at fastest pace in 55 years

General Motors Wakes From the Green Delusion: $854M Invested Into New V8 While Only $64M Allotted for Electric Vehicles

Trump Promises To Ban Chinese Investments In Critical US Infrastructure If Elected

Surveillance babies: The generation of kids facing biometric privacy invasions from birth

Democrat Hellhole: Houston Small Business Owners Sleep Armed Inside Their Businesses as Break-Ins Skyrocket

‘Zuck Bucks 2.0’: Zuckerberg-Funded Group Pushing Millions to Influence Local Election Offices

Where Did All the Workers Go?               1/21


Davos Attendee Says 'Quiet Part Out Loud': Agenda Is To Create A "New World Order"

World Economic Forum posts shocking statement: “I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better”

Davos: Fabaian Society Member Tony Blair Demands 'National Digital Infrastructure' To Monitor Your Vax Status

Woke Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Cutting 12,000 from Workforce

Banking Institutions Quietly Admit to Inevitable Recession Implosion in 2023

These major companies are laying off workers at a huge rate

Dems ignored debt ceiling and spent trillions, now demand GOP fix problem

Biden Regime Announces Massive $2.5 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine

Watchdog: Pentagon Can’t Account For $220 Billion In Equipment

George Soros funding tied to dozens of mainstream media figures, journalists 

Davos: Electric Cars for Commoners, Fuel Cars for World Economic Forum Globalist Elites

Siemens Chairman Calls For ‘Billion People To Stop Eating Meat’ At World Economic Forum

How Climate Huckster Al Gore Amassed a $330 Million Climate Fortune by Terrifying Everyone With Outrageous Lies

Davos: Gates, Schwab, global elites face growing criticism of their ‘master the future’ agenda

Why Did the “Daughter of Davos” Resign?            1/20


We Are Witnessing An Enormous Wave Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs During The Early Stages Of 2023

Project Cedar: Inside the Plot to Destroy the U.S. Dollar

Operation Sandman: Saudi Arabia Announces End of Dollar Dominance in Global Oil Trade

Davos: Gates, Schwab, Global Elites Face Growing Criticism of Their ‘Master the Future’ Agenda

Blue Screen of Unemployment: Microsoft to Lay Off 10,000 Employees

China Outpacing US In AI Research Production

Central Banks Will Begin Using Digital Currencies Soon and It Won’t Matter Whether People Are Ready for It

Feds Borrowed $4 Billion per Day in 2022, Totaling $10K per Household

IT BEGINS: Pay Per Mile: Democrat States Move Toward User-Based Road Tax . . . And Hybrid Drivers Pay Twice

Defense Contractors Rake in Millions as U.S. Seeks to Supply More Weapons to Ukraine Big Money to Weapons Makers as Biden Uses ‘Presidential Drawdown Authority’ to Give Away U.S. Armory

Local Race in New Jersey Flips After Investigation Finds Voting Machine Irregularities

BOUGHT OFF: 54 mainstream media figures tied to George Soros funding

Disappeared Protester: China Forcing Dissidents to Sign ‘Blank Arrest Warrants’ with No Crime

The DISNEY Exec Who Made $119,505 a Day   1/19


Video: Klaus Schwab Shows Up 8 Hours Late to Davos, Says He Will ‘Master the Future’


Exclusive—Treasurer Riley Moore Says ‘BlackRock is Starting to Hedge’ After WV Divested State Funds Last Year

Bitcoin Has Risen Nearly 30% Since Start Of New Year

Elon Musk Calls ESG ‘Satanic’, Rips Into WEF Summit

Glenn Beck warns: The East dumping of the petrodollar brings US economy closer to COLLAPSE

Chinese Communists Endorse the ‘Davos Spirit’

Money Laundering: Bombshell Connection Made Between Hunter Biden’s $50K Monthly “Rent” Payments to “The Big Guy” and Communist Chinese Energy Firm

China’s economy grew last year at one of its slowest rates since the 1970s

China’s first population decline in 60 years sounds demographic alarm

Russians Become Biggest Buyers Of Booming Dubai Real Estate

Prices Have Not Peaked yet, Says CEO of One of the World’s Largest Consumer Goods Firms

CNN Admits Ukraine War Is A 'Weapons Lab' For Western Arms

DOJ Decided Against Having FBI Agents Monitor Search By Biden’s Personal Lawyers For Classified Documents

Deep state using alliances with big tech companies to push more people to believe in false narratives

Overview of WEF collaborators at Davos 2023       1/18


The Elite’s Obsession with Achieving Total Financial Control

How the Davos Elite Took Back Control

2023 World Economic Forum Underway in Davos

Biden Signs On to “Declaration of North America” (DNA) with Canada and Mexico – Is the Planned North America Union Making a Comeback?

The World Economic Forum Has Invented a New Word to Describe the Extreme Chaos That Is Gripping Our Planet

Klaus Schwab, George Soros Suddenly Pull Out of WEF Summit at Davos

The World Economic Forum Embraces The Metaverse to Create Global Collaboration Village

China expresses its admiration for WEF and 'the Davos spirit'

‘Cooperation in a Fragmented World’ – Klaus Schwab Opens WEF 2023 with Call to “Master the Future” (VIDEO)

Morgan Stanley: Technocrats In Charge Of Investment Policies?

Silicon Valley Slump: 1,600 Tech Workers Laid Off Per Day in 2023

BIDEN ECONOMY: Real Estate Experts Are Sounding the Alarm that US Markets Are in Big Trouble

500 ATMs blown up by migrant gangs in Germany in 2022, setting a new record   

Campaign funded by Pfizer and Moderna lobbyists sent Twitter weekly lists of tweets to censor

NY Mayor Eric Adams Wants $2 Billion to Care for Economic Migrants

Instant Millionaires: San Fransicko’s Slavery Reparations Committee Proposes $5 Million to Each Black Longtime Resident, Total Debt Forgiveness

California now allows ILLEGALS to become police officers who arrest Americans

Did The Deep State Turn on Biden?                1/17


New World Order Rolling Out Now: India to Let Banks Use Biometrics to Confirm Transactions

Morgan Stanley: “We Are Focusing on These Three Key Global Transitions” 

WEF’s ‘Living Laboratory’: Japan Building Futuristic ‘Smart City’ Filled With Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, 24hr Surveillance

WEF Elites Rate ‘Cost-of-Living Crisis’ as World’s Top Risk in 2 Years

Elites First! Hypocrisy as Private Jets Descend on Davos

Destroying American Democracy — An Inside Job

Democrats Receive Billions in Dark Money and GOP and Government Don’t Seem to Care

90% of All Online Content Could Be ‘Generated by AI by 2025

JPMorgan Chase burned! Buys college financial aid platform for a fortune then learns most users were fake

Home Depot Soon Changing How It Pays Hourly Employees

‘Tastes Just Like Real Meat’ – Beetleburgers to Hit Mass Production to Help Feed the World

Free state of Florida moves to ban tracking of firearms, ammo purchases because it’s no one’s business

Children Under 14 Die From Fentanyl More Than Other Age Groups

16-Year-Old Charged With Carjacking 12 People In 7 Hours In Chicago

‘Gun-Free’ UK: Seven-Year-Old Girl Critical After Drive-By Shooting in Khan’s London

Why Was Hunter Paying the Big Guy $50k per Month to Rent House Where Stolen Classified Documents Were Stored?

Biden Blocks Mount Rushmore 4th of July Fireworks For Third Straight Year

The plan to carve up Russia               1/16


While the Corrupt DOJ Special Counsel to Look into Biden’s Crimes Starts Up, FBI Director Chris Wray Will Be Dining in Davos at the World Economic Forum

Yes, Virginia, There IS a Deep State — And It Is Worse Than You Think  

Big US Banks Brace for Recession, Yellen Warns of U.S. Default Risk by Early June

Real Wages Fall for the Twenty-First Month as Rent and Food Prices Keep Rising

China Still Dominates The Rare-Earth Market

U.S. Crackdown on Chinese Slave Labor Is Devastating the Solar Industry

Communist Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley: ‘We Don’t Need This Select Committee’ on Chinese Communist Party

ARPA-H: The Nosy Love Child of DARPA and the NIH  

Democrats Are Looting Taxpayers With Their New “Reparations” Bill… Will the GOP Grow a Spine and Stop Them?

Republicans Defend Participation in WEF’s Annual Davos Meeting

Guess who’s really behind the anti-gas stove crusade? The World Economic Forum (and their Democrat lackeys)

How a Once-Struggling Indiana Farm Found Success, and Hope, When They Embraced Farming Practices That Nurture the Soil

The Scariest Developments to Watch Out For in 2023

Legislators Request Suspension of Offshore Wind Development After Recent Whale Deaths

Major ISIS Prisoner No Longer Listed In Federal Custody

‘Queering the Schoolhouse:’ Teacher Training Seeks to Mobilize Student Activists

A Revolution in the Minds of the People          1/14


Feds Borrowed $4 Billion Per Day In 2022, Totaling $10K Per Household

FDIC Banksters Discuss ‘Bail-Ins’ To Deal With Impending Market Collapse

The US Continues Lurching Towards An Epic Financial Catastrophe

UN's "sustainable" goal for renewable energy is sheer fantasy, if not utter madness

We Won’t Be Fooled Again – Inflation Is Most Definitely Not “Under Control”

Biden’s DOE Funnels $50 Million To Green Energy Company That Sources Materials From China

Reining in Government Spending? Let's Get Real

BRAZIL: Regime Planning to Deny Conservative Senators and Representatives Their Seats – 1000 “Lulag” Concentration Camp Inmates Forced to Get the Vax

Without Consciousness, AIs Will Be Sociopaths

Man Tries Towing 10,000-Pound Trailer with EV Truck in Winter, Goes Only 100 Miles - But It Gets Worse

'No scientific basis': MIT-trained physicist slams climate alarmism in new paper   

BREAKING: Merrick Garland Appoints Robert   (Swamp rat) Hur as Special Counsel to Investigate Joe Biden’s Handling of Classified Documents

Publish Paper, Developed by Corrupt Big-Tech Coalition, in Effort to Justify Global Censorship

Living in a Fascist Country                        1/13


Visualizing $65 Trillion In Hidden Dollar Debt

Controlled demolition of global finance system sees failing cryptos, bank runs and soon, the unveiling of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

Core Services Inflation Rises to Worst in Over 40 Years

QUID PRO JOE: Penn Raked in $54 Million in Anonymously Earmarked Chinese Money When It Launched Biden Center – Old Joe’s Cut a $1 Million

Penn Biden Center Where Classified Documents Were Found Is A ‘Dark Money Nightmare’ 

Egg Prices Rise More Than 64% in Some States

Farmer reveals the REAL reason for the egg shortage

China continues to snatch up U.S. farmland, American companies at alarming rates

House passes bill banning sale of oil to China from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

65 House Democrats Voted Against Creating Committee to Investigate China

Trudeau wants 60% of cars to be electric by 2026. That's both stupid and dangerous

Ukraine Fertilizer Inflation Crisis Could Result in a Million More Hunger Deaths

The Shameful Silence of American Liberal Institutions

Greece Fights Back: 24 NGO Workers Face 25 Years in Prison for Human Trafficking

Palestinians Recruit Minors as Terrorists, Then Condemn Israel for Shooting 'Innocent Children'

British Protest 15-Minute Cities Where They Will Become Prisoners of the State

LEO HOHMANN: Why is Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp Heading to Davos?

Yuval Noah “scariest man in the world” Harari says humans might need to “relearn how to see and walk" in VR

Carbon Capture Is a Woke Fantasy                    1/12


Davos Set for ‘Record Participation’… 52 Heads of State to Attend Globalist Summit

Innocence Doesn’t Matter When the Government Wants to Steal Your Money

United Nations to Hand Out Hundreds of Millions in Cash to U.S.-Bound Immigrants in 2023

Biden’s ‘think tank’ received $54.6 million from anonymous Chinese donors

Ron DeSantis Puts the Kibosh on Chinese Investors Purchasing Property in Florida

MORE METAL: China’s public gold holdings now over 2000 tons after another huge purchase in December

Small Business Optimism Slump Signals Profit Margins Poised To Plunge

Wells Fargo, Once the No. 1 Player in Mortgages, Is Stepping Back From the Housing Market

Swiss National Bank posts stunning $143 billion loss

Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher Blasts NBA, Disney for ‘Bending the Knee’ to Communist China

When 6G is released, humans will function as walking power source antennas

Communist Takeover Update: Biden-Harris Regime Unveils New Deadbeat College Loan Bailout Scheme That Slashes Student Loan Monthly Payments

5,000 Swiss troops will provide security at the WEF Davos Forum

Corrupt and failing cryptos birth bank runs and contagion in advance of US central bank digital currency

Chaos As U.S. Commercial Flights Grounded By FAA ‘System Failure’

Brazilian Senator: Lula’s Justice Minister Knew about Attack Beforehand – Stood by and Did Nothing

Ailing City in Arkansas Elected 18-Year-Old Mayor to Turn Things Around

Carbon Capture Is a Bad Investment          1/11


A Short Essay On Sound Monetary Policy

China Owns A Shocking List Of "American" Created Companies

NEVER FORGET: Pfizer sued for $7B over illegal drug trials on kids

Investigative Reporter Jordan Schachtel Acquires Confidential List of the Globalist Scum Attending Davos

A Cashless Society Is Here — Next Comes the CBDC and Totalitarian Control 

10 Major Layoff Announcements That Have Already Happened So Far In 2023

House Passes First Bill Under Kevin McCarthy, Defunding the IRS’s New 87,000 Agents

The World Economic Forum’s War on Rurality

Big American farm sounds the alarm: Livestock numbering in millions could soon 'starve to death'

Google unveils new AI medicine robots: Are HUMAN doctors about to become obsolete?

Colorado Secretary Of State Admits Mailing Over 31,000 Voter Registration Instruction Cards To Non-Citizens

Founder of the BLM Communist Front Group and $6 Million Home Owner Patrisse Cullors Blames LAPD For Death of Cousin . . . Here’s What Cops Say REALLY Happened

More Proof That Nancy Pelosi Was More Responsible for Jan. 6 Riot Than Trump

The Invasion Equation                1/10


Great Reset Redux: WEF Prepares Robust Globalist Agenda for Davos 2023

World Leaders Partner With China, Having Lost Trust in Biden-Harris Regime

Harbinger: China Buying Up MASSIVE Gold Reserves, Reducing US Treasury Bond Holdings 

Global ESG Bond Issuance Records First-Ever Annual Decline

The Elitists' Communications Counterrevolution

Samsung Q4 2022 Profits DROP 69% Due to Slowing Global Economy and Plummeting Demand for Semiconductors

The Pentagon Creates Road Map For ‘Zero Trust’ Internet Access By 2027

Home Sellers Get Desperate, Shower Buyers With Concessions

FBI Agent Robert Cessario Who Destroyed Computer Evidence Against Trump-Supporting Lawmaker Gets 3 Years Probation – While GOP Lawmaker Rots in Prison for 18 Years

Big Media Getting Paid off by Climate Change Advocates

Proof That Ideological Capture of Our Scientific Institutions Kills Innovation

Buried News: Obama muscled Zuckerberg to censor Trump -- and made an example of him

Christless Conservatism Will Fail                 1/9


CBDCs: Digital Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

World Bank to Warn of Global Recession Risk in Economic Outlook

Majority of Large Banks Are Now Warning That 2023 Spells “BIG TROUBLE” for the US Economy

Los Angeles-Orange County Homebuying Plummets 44% to Record Low

GET WOKE GO BROKE: Home-goods giant Bed Bath & Beyond considers filing for bankruptcy

In 2022, IRS Audits Went After Poorest Taxpayers

BlackRock: The Company That Owns The World

IMF trying to bribe Egypt away from BRICS with new loans

Biden’s Bloated IRS Will Skewer Taxpayers

Volodymyr Zelensky Is Pumped That Kevin McCarthy Gets Gavel to Keep Money Laundering Scheme Going Strong

Mother Of Ashli Babbitt Arrested For "Jaywalking" Near Capitol While Protesting

Movie Attendance Collapses 48% over Four Very Woke Year

Microplastics are everywhere, including in New Zealand’s rainfall

US Big Three Auto Companies Commit to Making Cars That People Don’t Want

See How Globalist Karens Are Made        1/7


What’s Inside the Budget for the Secretive DARPA?

2023 Spells Big Trouble for US Economy, Majority of Large Banks Warn: Reports 

Amazon To Layoff More Than 17,000 Employees

Is There A Way To Stop Inflation Without Crushing The Economy And Killing The Dollar?  

CORRUPTION? Members Of Congress Beat the S&P 500 Again – “Unusual Trades Resulting In Huge Gains”

Pfizer's History of Fraud, Corruption, and Using Nigerian Children as 'Human Guinea Pigs'

Biden’s economy has produced the worst home market since World War II as values continue to decline

30% Of All Realtors Could Quit During Housing Crash

Tech Giant Salesforce Lays Off 10% of Workers

Los Angeles Cancels Rent and Will Create Foreclosures. Govt Will Buy Up the Houses.

2023: You Wanted Endless Stimulus, You Got Stagflation.

150,000 Votes In The 2020 Election Not Tied To A Valid Address In Wisconsin: Election Watchdog

'Why not Trump?' for House speaker

Democrats Refuse to Cheer Martin Luther King Jr. On House Floor

Seattle PD Lost 153 Police Officers In 2022, Over 500 Since Defunding

Police Failures in Philadelphia Have Made Private Policing More Attractive

The United Nations for Empowering Terrorists        1/6


Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency: USD Exchange Rates Hit Foreign Exchange Reserves

World Economic Forum Declares Pedophiles 'Will Save Humanity

'Davos Man' Cometh And He Is A Technocrat

Manufacturing Contracts at Steepest Pace Since Covid Lockdown Crash: Survey

Coca-Cola Accused of Paying NAACP to Paint Soda Tax Advocates as 'Racist'

These Are The Longest-Lasting Cars (In Miles)

Comer: 'Massive Fraud' in COVID Spending Will Be First Topic for Oversight

University Uses Grant $ for Training Future School Teachers and Faculty with Controversial VR Headsets

Seattle: Muslim accused of planting pipe bomb in public garage has long felony history, judges always released him

US Border Crisis Is A National Security Crisis: Former ICE Chief Tom Homan

Females Are Not Safe in Sweden: 4 Eritrean Migrants Receive Short Prison Sentences for Violent Gang Rape, None will be Expelled

French Writer Sued by Paris Mosque for Expressing an Opinion

Western Governments Keep Assigning Themselves the Authority to Regulate Online Speech

‘Is CBS really this stupid???’ Features failed doomsday preacher Paul Ehrlich making more dire predictions

What The United Nations Will Focus On In 2023       1/4


The Globalists' Secret Tool to Undermine National Sovereignty: The Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

Globalists to own Ukraine after Zelenskyy announces plans to join World Economic Forum and sign loan agreements to rebuild country

Constitutional Attorney: “The Deep State is Real and We Must Fight It”

US government funds research on correcting "false beliefs" online

US Inflation: How Much Have Prices Increased In 2022?

Luxury Home Sales Crash 38 Percent in Record Decline amid Economic Woes

America’s $1.7 trillion omnibus bill contains millions in wasteful spending for LGBT perversion, border security for OTHER COUNTRIES 

Today's Cheaper Gas Is The Calm Before 2023's Storm

An Unholy Government-Corporate Alliance Implemented a Psy-Op on Americans

Kari Lake Files Petition to Transfer Election Lawsuit to Arizona Supreme Court

After Blowout Gubernatorial Victory, DeSantis Continues to Press Heavily Into U.S. Culture Wars

BIG: New Book By Ex-Capitol Police Chief Confirms GOP’s Report On Pelosi’s Culpability for Jan. 6, Reveals FBI, DHS, And His Own Agency KNEW FOR WEEKS About Planned Attack

Fedsurrection Bombshell: Attorney Representing Ray Epps Was FBI Agent for 9 Years

Portland Bum Boasts About How She Is Fed Three Meals a Day by the Woke Democrat Hellhole and Can Stay in Her Tent All Day and Do Drugs

Chicago continues its collapse into 2023 under Dem Mayor Lightfoot as murders, carjackings skyrocket

Attorney: Biden’s DOJ Is Hiding Hundreds of Hunter Biden and James Biden’s Records on China Gifts

Stealth Jihad Is Alive and Well                         1/3


FDIC Bankers Discuss ‘Bail-Ins’ To Deal With Impending Market Collapse

You Don’t Have to be a Conspiracy Theorist to be Worried About the World Economic Forum

Recession Threat: What’s in Store for Inflation and Unemployment for 2023

Here’s what big investment banks are telling their clients about 2023

YEAR IN REVIEW: 2022 Top Ten (Real) Conspiracies

Bidenflation Nation: NY Lawmakers Give Themselves 30% Pay Raise Democrat Super-Majority Can’t Live on 6-Figure Salaries?

The High Cost Of Blowing Up The World: Ukraine & The 2023 NDAA

20 Million American Households Are Behind an Average $788 on Their Utility Bills, Tsunami of Shutoffs Coming

Obama-era commissioner returns for $80 billion IRS expansion

Top Heavy: Visualizing Every Country's Share Of The Global Economy

HUGE! Republican States Costed Woke Investment Giant Blackrock Billions In 2022

ROBBERY: Local governments loot home equity from homeowners to cover property tax debts

Illinois Supreme Court Pauses Cash Bail System on Felonies Including Second-Degree Murder and Kidnapping from Taking Effect Today, Jan. 1

After 100,000 Migrants Arrive In 2022, Italy Set To Take Action Against NGO Ferry Boats

Sweden: Immigrant kids outnumber Swedes in Malmö, Swedish now minority language in schools

Brazilian End Game                                         1/2


Unholy Trinity: Facebook As Fact, Government As Truth, Big Pharma As God

JUST IN: Joe Biden Signs $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill in St. Croix – Gives Ukraine Another $45 Billion

Zelensky Prepares for WEF and BlackRock Private-Public Takeover of Ukraine

AMAZON lost half its value in year

Epic Dollar Rally Goes Into Reverse

CCP-style Social Credit Controls Now Showing at Radio City Music Hall

The Race Is on to Be Solyndra on Wheels

Crypto Billionaires Are Dying In Mysterious Circumstances Around The World

Canada spends $113M on COVID vaccine campaigns, but only $1.5M on opioid awareness ads 

Illinois Has Ceded Control of Its Fiscal Future to Public Unions

Bahamas Seized $3.5 Billion FTX Assets Over Risk Of 'Imminent Dissipation'

Flashback: The Global Digital ID Prison

China’s Migrants Join Global Rush to U.S. Borders

San Francisco Bakery Owners Call Out Privileged Plutocrat Pelosi and Greasy Gruesome Newsom After Being Burglarized for the Sixth Time

Age of surveillance: Authorities now have even more control over ordinary people

Joe’s 25 Worst Moments of 2022               12/30


Privacy Advocate Throws Red Flag Over Payment Processors’ Growing Control Over Businesses, and Your Life

Small Businesses Pay Ultimate Price as Democrat Crime Wave Continues Battering Communities Across the Nation

Continuing Jobless Claims Near 11-Month Highs

Corrupt Globalist Grifter Zelensky Will Lead Us Into the Hell Known as The Great Reset

Corrupt Volodymyr Zelensky Brings in Globalist BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to Coordinate Ukraine’s Money Laundering

In 2019, 40 Democrats Called Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion a Terrorist Org. Now They Send It Billions

EPA Finalizes Rules to Decimate US Trucking Industry and Send Consumer Goods Prices Soaring

US Home Sales Fall Again, Posts Second-Lowest Monthly Reading in 20 Years

Electric Garbage Trucks Fail in New York

2022: The Year Food And Energy Security Fears Hit Europe

Phoenix, America’s inflation capital, seeing record lines at food banks as desperate locals struggle to eat

Biden Economy Sent Retirement Funds Spiraling, Prompting Mass Bailouts for Union Pensions

Read All the Whoppers! Lyin’ Biden’s Top 15 Most Outlandish Lies

Internal Source Says ‘Significant Miscount’ In Abe Hamadeh’s Arizona Attorney General’s Recount Nets Hamadeh With Hundreds of New Votes In Race Called by 511 Votes

CDC blamed for allowing liberal groups – instead of real science – to guide funding

Kari Lake and the Invalid Ballot Department       12/29


Big Spending Bill Is A Big Problem For The Fed's Inflation Fight

A List of the Scum in the World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum to Accelerate Push for Global ‘Metaverse’ Surveillance Network at Davos 2023

WEF Proposes Surveillance Tech To Track Individuals’ Climate Impact

The Globalists' Secret Tool to Undermine National Sovereignty: The Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

Startup Has Begun Releasing Particles Into The Atmosphere, In An Effort To Tweak The Climate

Bill Gates Gets Huge Subsidy In The Inflation Reduction Act

BUST: Tech moguls lost combined $433 billion this year

QR Code Required to Enter DC Whole Foods and May Be Used to Implement Social Credit System

Exclusive: Watchdog Finds over $1 Billion in Gov’t Telework Waste

Smash-and-Grab Crooks Learn Quickly That Targeting Jewelry Shop Next to Marine Recruiting Office Was a Really Bad Idea

For Sale on eBAY: Military Database of Fingerprints and Iris Scans

Data of 400 Million TWITTER users up for sale

Unvetted Afghan Evacuees Cause NEARLY $260 MILLION in Damages at US Military Bases in Their Expression of Gratitude for Saving Them from Taliban Horde

WATCH: Maricopa County Election Director Scott Jarrett Testifies He Had No Idea How 19 Inch Ballot Image Could Be Printed On 20 Inch Paper THEN Admits The Next Day That He Learned What Caused It “a Few Days After Election Day”

In Response to the Twitter Files, Establishment Media Rushes to Defend the FBI

Keeping up with the WEF                 12/28


Omnibus Shows Congress's Priorities: Authoritarianism & War

WEF Proposes Surveillance Tech To Track Individuals’ Climate Impact

Financial expert Andy Schectman says 2023 will be the year of the BRICS

Rand Paul’s Annual ‘Festivus’ Report $482,276,543,907 in Govt Waste!  The Most Idiotic Items …$3M to Watch Hamsters Fight on Steroids … $2.1M to Tell Ethiopians to Wear Shoes

Housing collapse: Home sales drop for a record 10th straight month

1-In-6 Illinoisans Rely On Food Stamps For Christmas Dinner

Massive Number Of People Moved Out Of Failed-State California In 2022 – More Than Any Other State

U.S. Aid to Ukraine Eclipses Most World Military Budgets

World Economic Forum Cancels Twitter, Directs Followers to Communist Chinese Social Media Apps

Zelensky's Diaspora Delegation Led by Economic Hit-Woman Who Led Plunder of Ukraine

China Plans to Strengthen Ties with Russia as Western Powers Pour Hundreds of Billions Into Ukraine

Trudeau’s Liberals inching closer to banning all sales of gas-powered vehicles by 2035

Rogan Guest Goes Viral After Exposing "Subhuman" And "Appalling" Cobalt Mining Conditions In Congo

Border City El Paso Nearing $10 Million Spent in City Funds Housing, Feeding, Busing Illegals

CBP Had 233,740 SW Border Encounters in November; Up 33% From 2021; 224% From 2020

Victims of Palestinian Terrorism Sue Biden Admin for Sending Taxpayer Aid to Palestinian Authority

Climate Change Scam: Help Protect Endangered Whales From Corrupted Environmentalists

2022: Biden’s Biggest Lies                  12/27


The Story of Washington Crossing the Delaware on Christmas Morning Per Historian Patrick K. O’Donnell on the War Room (VIDEOS)

15 Facts Which Prove That a Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already Happening Right Now

Dem Sen. Coons: ‘I Don’t Know Exactly What’ Was in Omnibus, But I’m ‘Proud to Support’ It

Connected: Benedict Biden and Disgraced Former-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

800 Families of Fallen Heroes Get Game-Changing Christmas Present – This Is How We Should Treat Veterans

The Welfare State Is out of Control, New Study Shows

European Finance Minister Warns Recession Could Last to 2025

Congress Poised To Raise Overall Federal Spending By 9% As National Debt Climbs To $32 Trillion

Former Google CEO and Current Globalist Puppet Master Eric Schmidt Is Helping to Fund the Salaries of Dozens of Biden Officials

Please Remember the January 6 Political Prisoners and their Families This Christmas

BREAKING: Indigenous Brazilians Storm Supreme Court In Attempt To Free Leader

Socialist Christmas: Venezuela Gives Users of Its Social Credit System Card $2.67

Project Veritas Has a Little Christmas Fun With the New York Times

TikTok parent firm admits to spying on journalists as part of “covert surveillance campaign”

The War Against We the People                   12/26


CASHLESS TYRANNY: EU launches testing of biometric payments from digital wallets

Rand Paul Finds $482B in What He Calls ‘Wasted Taxpayer’ Money

Natalie Winters Exposes Ukraine’s ‘Money Laundering’ Through Censoring Americans on Social Media With Steve Bannon

Fiscal Insanity: 4,155-Page, $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

While New Yorkers Suffer, Democrats In Albany Vote for 29% Pay Raise Making Them Highest Paid State Legislators In US

GOP Rep. Exposes 'Sinister' Population Control Measures In Omnibus Bill 

$1.7T Omnibus Has $750K Earmarked for Group Pushing LGBT Indoctrination in Elementary Schools

Newly Passed Omnibus Bill Brings US Taxpayer Dollars to Ukraine to Over $110 Billion in Just One Year

Voting with feet: New York losing people at fastest rate of any state, Census finds

California announces closure of 2 prisons due to budget constraints (but there’s plenty of money for illegal immigrants

300,000 People Moved Out Of California From 2021 To 2022, Most Of Any State

Europe's Energy Crisis Is Just Getting Started    12/23


Suddenly Everyone Hunting for Alternatives to US Dollar

15 Facts Which Prove That A Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already Happening Right Now  

Congress Gives Zelensky Standing Ovation After He Demands More Taxpayer Money in Angry Speech (VIDEO)

Bureau of Labor Statistics Lied about Jobs to Help Dems Get Elected

McDonald’s New Fully-Automated Restaurant Which Is Completely Run by MACHINES Leaves Internet Divided

State AGs issue warning: Investment giants Blackrock, Vanguard buying huge stakes in local utility companies in aggressive ‘green energy’ push

1 in 5 young adults have debt in collections

Benefit Cuts of 23%—And 4 Other Things to Know About the Government’s New Social Security Projections

Americans in need being turned away from homeless shelters as they fill up with Biden’s illegal migrants

Digital Surveillance, Privacy, Censorship and Cybersecurity– 2022 Year in Review

Taxpayers to Erect Monument to Journos in DC, Give over $1B Subsidy to Media

U.S. Spends on Trans Activism in India        12/22


GOP Rep. Dan Bishop Releases the Most Audacious Items Included in the $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill – This Is the Raping of America

RIGGED: Bureau of Labor Statistics LIED to Help the Democrats in November, Overstated Jobs “Created” by an Unprecedented 99%  

EU climate extremists reach agreement to completely shut down Europe’s economy by 2050 through “carbon zero” scheme

JUST IN: Senate Votes 70-25 to Advance $1.7 Trillion Schumer-Pelosi Omnibus Spending Bill – Here Are the 21 Republicans Who Voted for This Monstrosity

History Shows High Inflation Can Last Over Ten Years

Disney free fall: Worse stock year since 1974

home sales dip for 10th straight month in ‘frozen’ market

Here’s What’s In The ‘Ugliest’ Omnibus Bill Ever

Hundreds Of Millions For J6 Prosecutions, FBI

Investors are leaving the cryptocurrency industry en masse as collapse continues 

NGOs Are Helping Transport Illegals to Nearly Every US Congressional District

REPORT: George Soros Non-Profits Gave Millions To Anti-Police Groups In 2021

NO MORE AIR TRAVEL: Globalists want to close (nearly) all airports by 2050 to achieve “climate change” targets

The Democrats’ Omnibus Spending Bill Secures Border . . . of Islamic Terror State  

Is America Falling Like Rome?                     12/21


More Than 80 Cities, Counties Using Federal Pandemic Aid To Fund Guaranteed Income Pilot Programs

BREAKING: European Union Reaches Agreement to Force Everyone in EU Countries to Pay for CO2 Emissions – First Step of Personal Carbon Credit System 

GOP Senators Oppose Extra Funding to Move Economic Migrants into U.S. Jobs

Homebuilder Sentiment Slumps To Decade Lows, Longest Losing Streak On Record

Report: Majority of Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Many Blame Rising Inflation

4 of 6 Richest U.S. Counties Are D.C. Suburbs

Deep State Uses & Creates Crises to Enslave You

Davos 2023 Will Feature BlackRock & TikTok CEOs, With WEF Demanding More Censorship and Tyranny

China Is A Technocracy

Germany is bleeding cash to keep lights on as ‘green experiment’ becomes a disaster

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Invest in Brain Chip Company Rivaling Musk’s Neuralink

A direct challenge to Obama, DOJ, FBI and the rest of the Deep State with Patrick Byrne

The FBI Paid Twitter Millions of Dollars to Help Steal the 2020 Election

Ron Paul: “Twitter Files” Make It Clear, We Must Abolish The FBI

Guess which color revolution operative’s dark fingerprints are all over the J6 criminal referral

Joe Biden Moves To Give CCP More Access To American Technology

Deep state exposed as running a ‘protection racket’ for the Biden Crime Family

The Coming War Over Hunter Biden             12/20


Biden-Harris Regime Overestimated Job Growth by 10,600%, Fed Report Reveals 

How They Plan to Take Your House: The Agenda 2030 Wealth Transfer

Elon Musk: Auto Loans Could Be Source Of ‘Biggest Financial Crisis Ever’

With Recession Looming, Major Bank That Contributed to 2008 Crisis Announces Mass Layoffs

‘They’re Going to Exploit Every Loophole’: Ross Kennedy on China Buying Up US Farmland

Alleged $100M stock manipulation scheme leads to charges against social media influencers

Where Real Wages Are Falling Most Sharply

Green Fail: Global Coal Consumption Hits Record High Amid Energy Crisis

A Businessman, Buffaloes and a Sofa Full of Cash: South Africa’s “Farmgate” scandal explained

More British Cities to Ban Privately-Owned Vehicles into Certain Areas without Permit to Reduce Traffic and “Help Tackle Climate Change”

Tens of Thousands of Illegal Aliens in Mexico Heading to U.S. Border in Preparation for Benedict Biden’s National Suicide

How Many Former FBI Officials Are Working at Twitter? It’s Astonishing

Biden’s Migrants Are Displacing Americans From Homeless Shelters

Wrap it up: infamous ”Let’s Go Brandon” wrapping paper is selling like hot cakes

Two Global Empires Enslaving the World         12/19


BREAKING: Global Banks Support Biden’s Move to “Defund the Dollar”

Now 63% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck!

Retail Sales Fall Sharply

Gen. Flynn: Digital vax card and digital currency are coming soon

Conservatives Blast McConnell’s Upcoming Sellout to Democrats on Omnibus Bill—$ 1.65 TRILLION IN NEW SPENDING

Congress To Sneak $37 Billion Ukraine Aid Into Must-Pass Omnibus Bill

Electric vehicle push blamed for 1,350 layoffs at Illinois Jeep plant as production moves to Mexico

BIDEN ECONOMY: Markets Down, Retail Sales Down in November, Rates Increasing, Inflation Still at 40-Year-Highs

Demand for electric cars in the UK plummets due to surging price of electricity

Despite Initial Hungarian Opposition to Sanctions, the EU Approves 9th Round of Sanctions Against Russia

Here's The Latest Sign Americans Are Going To Eat Bugs And Be Happy

Belgium's Energy Suicide?

Senator Hawley: Biden Officials “Don’t Want A Border”

Someone must stop this border insanity

Are Climate Lockdowns Beginning? An English County Will Require Permits to Drive Through Other Neighborhoods

Democrat-Run Cities Use Covid “Emergency” Funds for ‘Guaranteed Income’ Scams, Taxpayers Be Damned

SHOCK POLL: Bipartisan Support for Investigating Hunter, Will Networks Ignore?

Biden Pledges $350 Billion to Africa But God Only Knows Where It Will End Up

Woman Kills Carjacker With His Own Gun          12/16


UK prepares to introduce central bank-backed digital pound

Swampy: Proposed Omnibus Funding Bill Has Over 7,500 Earmarks Totaling $16 Billion

US Consumers Falling Behind on Loans, With Credit Card Payments to Reach 13-Year High in 2023

‘Republicans Are Emasculated’: Rand Paul Furious Over Bipartisan Spending Deal, Says GOP Isn’t Fiscally Conservative

German economy suffers another devastating blow as BASF announces “downsizing” will be PERMANENT and IMMEDIATE

‘Greatest Regulatory Overreach in American Maritime Law’

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Proposes Legislation to Restrict Communist Chinese Purchase of US Farmland

Nineteen U.S. states launch investigations into BlackRock and Vanguard for embracing climate tyranny

Conservative, Christian charities excluded from Amazon donation program

Ukraine Plea For Aid Secures Extra $1.1 Billion As U.S. Readies Patriot Missiles

EXCLUSIVE: Hot fusion breakthrough only “allowed” because of COLD FUSION (LENR) revolution now under way

ABC, CBS, And Other Corporate Media Black Out Coverage Of ‘Twitter Files’ Story

Social Media Is Making You a Worse Person       12/15


Central banks race to implement new digital currencies as cities activate “smart” infrastructure

‘The Great Unraveling’ Has Begun

U.S. Vegetable Prices Increased By A Whopping 38 Percent In November, But They Say Inflation Is “Under Control”

Inflation Rate Up 7.1% In November from One Year Ago – Still the Highest Rates Since 1982 – Joe Biden Calls This “Progress”

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Democrat Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Another country decides to purchase oil with gold, further weakening U.S.-dominated petrodollar amid global shift

DOJ’s SDNY Released Their List of Charges Against Sam Bankman-Fried – Could Face Up to 115 Years – No Mention of Ukraine

Biden Finalizes Plan to Import 65K More Foreign Workers for Blue-Collar Jobs

SEC Chairman Gensler Scrubbed Evidence Of Clinton, Soros And Pelosi Meetings: FOIA Lawsuit

Blackstone limiting withdrawals amid Wall Street panic and escalating bank runs

‘Gutless’: Lou Dobbs Slams McCarthy, House Republicans for Voting Against Banning Earmarks

What's Causing The Illegal Migrant Crisis? Welfare Handouts And The End Of Title 42

According to the Plan the next round of lockdowns is coming, and it will be for “climate change”

The Obamas Despise Free Speech, and Show It          12/14


Country Star John Rich, Ben Carson, and Larry Elder Team Up to Launch Anti-Woke Bank


The Great Reset: Smart Cities are coming and will enable the roll-out of a Social Credit System

We Are About To Witness A MAJOR Move Toward A Cashless Society

Benedict Biden Drives Saudis Into China’s Arms Fueling More ‘De-dollarization’ of World Economy

Hunter Biden’s Strategy to Go on the Offensive Further Indicts the Feds

Florida Court Finds Jeremy Brown Innocent on 4 of 10 Charges – Including Possession of CD that FBI Likely Planted in the Case – Brian Lupo Reporting from Tampa Trial (Audio)

In Commiefornia, Following the Rules Just Gets You More Rules

BREAKING: Democrat Money Launderer Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested in the Bahamas 

Democrat Money Launderer Sam Bankman-Fried Reveals Next Scam

FTX head Sam Bankman-Fried funneled $1 billion in stolen funds to Democrats – “Where did it go?” asks Elon Musk

Biden Under Mounting Pressure To Drop Charges Against Julian Assange

Rudy Giuliani Reveals He Shared Bombshell Hunter Biden Laptop Info in 2019 to Hannity, John Solomon and Mike Pompeo, ‘Who Also Buried It’

Global Poll Finds 4 in 10 People Believe Climate Change is Natural

Dorsey and Musk Spar Over Claim Twitter Ignored Child Exploitation for Years

Greedy Teachers Union Wants $5 Billion from Minnesota’s Budget Surplus 

Kenya’s Drought Could Become a Humanitarian Catastrophe

Governments are about to introduce Climate Change Lockdowns disguised as “15 Minute Cities” under the UN Agenda 2030 directive & WEF Great Reset plan

The De-Population Bomb                 12/13


Household wealth down by $13.5 trillion, second-worst destruction on record

The Blowback from Stripmining Labor for 45 Years Is Just Beginning

Huge number of homebuyers now underwater in Biden’s economy, with ‘early’ delinquencies hitting 2009 levels

Citi Economists Are Warning Us to Brace for Over 2 Million Job Losses in 2023

UK Prepares to Introduce Central Bank Digital Currency

Mapped: Which Countries Have The Highest Inflation Rate?

Big Business, Big Government, Big Brother

No More Sympathy For The Devil (Part One):

Clock Is Ticking For Congress To Avert Government Shutdown

European Union to Ban Cash Transactions Over €10,000

Egypt joins BRICS-owned New Development Bank, expresses interest in becoming full-fledged member of BRICS

NYC Gallery Selling New $225,000 Hunter Biden Painting

Biden Allies Move To Intimidate Witnesses Ahead Of GOP’s Coming Hunter Probe

‘Give up Your Car’: The WEF Calls for the Reduction in Ownership of Private Vehicles

Judging Jefferson                                        12/12


Restricted Republic: WEF uses “public health safety” to impose “mark of the beast” technology and control the world

EU chooses digital ID contractor associated with the UK's Covid trace system

When Central Bankers Say They Want Absolute Control, You Should Believe Them

WEF Activists Caught Destroying America's Power Plants - Media Blackout

Nigeria Bans ATM Cash Withdrawals to $45 per Day to Push Digital Payments

Mystery gold buyer turns out to be CHINA; world power shifting from West to East as nations shed US dollar dependence

Breitbart Business Digest: Inflation Is Becoming Entrenched

US ‘Strongly’ Rejects WTO Ruling on Trump-Era Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Orders Her State to Pull Investments in Chinese Companies

Biden regime issues $200 million grant to battery manufacturer based in China

DoD: $275 Million in ‘Additional Assistance’ for Ukraine in Biden’s 27th Drawdown

FTX and the Curious History of Farmington State Bank

Report: Organic farming yields 40% more crops than conventional farming during drought

The Redesign of Our Food System Is a Plot for Control

Monsanto’s poison playbook: How the chemical giant sold the world on a toxic pesticide

9 Million Millennials Moved Back In With Their Parents This Year

Whistleblower Fired After Alleging Voter Security Breach by Florida Elections Office

Secrets of Social Security                     12/10


China buying up the world’s GOLD supply in preparation for new world reserve currency designed to END the DOLLAR

BIDEN ECONOMY: BlackRock Warns of a Recession Like No Other Impacting the Whole World

Shock: Producer Inflation Accelerates Again Core Producer Prices 2x Expectations

Housing recession has arrived: 270,000 mortgages obtained in 2022 already underwater

Buying the Presidency: Unrepentant Nazi Collaborator George Soros Dumps Another $50,000,000 Ahead of 2024 Election

21st Century Robber Barons: The World Economic Forum

Average rent in Manhattan jumps to $5,200 as America descends into hyperinflation hell

EU Central Banker Pushes Bitcoin Ban Under Guise of Climate Change

Hypocritical Climate Commie John Kerry Says It Would Be ‘Great’ if Americans Paid Carbon Reparations

Benedict Biden to Spend Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Bailing Out Union

Biden Regime Denies Gov. DeSantis’ Request for Emergency Funds for Hurricane Ian Victims

Volkswagen reconsidering plans to build new EV battery plants in Europe due to soaring energy costs

Take Action: Virginia Families Forced to Choose Between Smart Meters or No Power At All

Fallen Idols: 7 Darlings of Fake News Media Who Fell From Grace

Twitter Files: The Real News Is That the Left/Democrats/Media Do Not Care

First, They Came for Stewart Rhodes                12/9


Dutch farmers block roads with tractors in protest of government plan to seize thousands of farms over “climate change”

Project Cedar: Inside the Plot to Destroy the U.S. Dollar

The Parallel Universe of the CCP and the World Economic Forum

Pentagon Awards Billion-Dollar Cloud Deals To Big Tech Firms

Amazon to fire 20,000 employees – the largest staff reduction in company’s history

Energy Department Touts $200M Grant to Battery Company Primarily Operating in China

No, America Does Not Owe the World Climate ‘Reparations’

The Evolution of Economics

Pentagon: China seeking to build military that will ‘dominate’ American systems, even as U.S. introduces 6th-generation bomber

Trump Organization Convicted of Tax Fraud; Hunter Biden Still Walks Free

PHARMACEUTICAL CRISIS: In Biden’s America, there are now 124 medications in short supply

James Lindsay Reveals Marxist Indoctrination in American Schools [VIDEO]

Top FBI Official Steps Down as Republicans Prepare to Probe Into Bureau

January 6 Trials Remind Us Why We Must Abolish Seditious Conspiracy Laws

Soros District Attorneys Forge Initiative: Helping Criminal Illegal Aliens While Prosecuting Americans

The 'China Model' and the WEF 

Documentary: “Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor”            12/8


G20 set to roll out WHO digital vaccine passport as part of its global pandemic response

Global Wages Take A Hit As Inflation Eats Into Paychecks

The Globalists’ War on Farmers Has Reached Germany [VIDEO]

Could 65 Trillion Dollars in “Hidden” Derivatives Cause the Entire Global Financial System to Crash?

Bank of America Warns of 20% S&P 500 Plunge

The Biden-Harris Regime Quietly Changes Rules to Incentivize Financial Advisors to Put Your Money Into Woke Investments EVEN IF IT LOSES MONEY 

Democrats Want to Use Banks to Squelch Gun Purchases Like They Used Social Media to Silence Political Opponents

Planned Famine: Germany Orders Farms To 'Cease Operating' As WEF Demands 'END of Farming' 

Netherlands Land Grab: State now threatens to seize 3,000 farms

Hungary Plans on Blocking an Additional $19 Billion in European Union Aid to the Corrupt Government of Ukraine

Propaganda Czar: Soros Bankrolls 253 Groups To Influence Global Media

America’s Ballot-Harvesting Capital Is in Suburban Philly

FLASHBACK: NBC Investigation Described Mail-Voting As ‘Real Vote-Fraud Opportunity’ In 2012 Article

Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History

Feds prepare for energy and diesel shortages      12/7


Will Your State Reject The Fed’s Digital Dollar?

CBDC Digital Currencies: A Recipe for Global Slavery

Inflation Bites: Christmas Day Staples Turkey, Pork, Up 20%

Gloomy December: Manufacturing Orders From China Are Down 40 Percent as Companies Brace for a Brutal Christmas Season

Saying No to a Cashless Society to Teach Children Proper Spending Habits

Pentagon fails to track $2.1 trillion in assets - 61% of all military assets

Warning From UK: Technocracy And The Global Technate Are Imminent

Profits of War: Global Arms Sales Reached $590+ Billion Ahead of Ukraine Conflict

‘This Is How We Wash Our Money’: Hunter Biden’s Firm Took $10M in Forgiven COVID Loans, Donated $1M Back to Dems

State Department unveils $10B enterprise IT services solicitation

Engineered FAMINE: German farmers ordered to SLASH nitrogen fertilizer usage to comply with EU green tyrants

FBI Covertly Surveiled Rudy Giuliani for Years While Ignoring Hunter’s Laptop – Now Ignores $24 Million in Donations to Sen. Warnock in GA from Unemployed “Campaign Finance Mules”

“War against humanity” Netherlands to shut down 300 farms

He Faced More Than 20 Years in Jail for Shooting Up a Bar. A Soros Prosecutor Wants To Let Him Walk.

Only 4 percent of faculty donations went to Republicans in 2022: College Fix analysis

The War on Farmers                    12/6


BRICS nations moving rapidly to circumvent the US dollar as the World Reserve Currency

The WEF Reveals The Agenda For Davos 2023

The Central Bank of Nigeria wants to link its central bank digital currency to a digital ID system

Von Greyerz: In The End The Dollar Goes To Zero & The US Defaults

America's Insolvency Is Mandatory

ABC’s Christoforous: Labor Force Participation Decline the Opposite of What You See ‘in A Healthy Economy’

Something Is Rigged: Unexplained, Record 2.7 Million Jobs Gap Emerges In Broken Payrolls Report

Follow the Money: Watch Where $1 Million Went After Biden-Linked Law Firm Received 10x That in Forgiven Covid Loans

Only 6 People Showed Up To The EU’s $400,000 Party In The Metaverse

Company That Made Viral ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Wrapping Paper on Target for $2 Million in Wrapping Paper Sales

Commerce Department: China’s Solar Manufacturers Are Evading U.S. Tariffs

Soros-Backed Labor Organization Gets $12 Million in Taxpayer Funding to Back Latin American Workers

WOAH: Postal Workers Stole $20,000 In Donation Checks From GOP Congresswoman

Landmark deal: Fracking company admits criminal responsibility, will pay $16.29 million to build Pennsylvania water system

Retired Maine State Trooper Awarded $300,000 in Whistleblower Lawsuit Over Law Enforcement Targeting Gun Owners

Hunter Biden’s Former Law Firm Received $10M in Forgiven Covid Loans While Donating $1M to Dems

TWITTERGATE: Elon releases Twitter’s private comms revealing the dark truth behind censorship of Hunter laptop story

Musk Vows ‘More Smoking Guns’ To Come In Twitter Exposé

Ex-Intel Officials Who Said Hunter Biden Laptop Story
Was A Russian Op Silent After Twitter Files Released

NPR Loses $20 Million In Corporate Sponsorships, Implements Hiring Freeze

What Are the WEF Young Global Leaders?       12/5


Banking on a Shot in the Dark: How Big Pharma and Big Government Are Gambling With Our Lives

IMF chief wants the Federal Reserve to keep raising interest rates

Credit Suisse Stock Ends Record Losing Streak As Chairman Promises 'Bank Run' Is Over

Supreme Court Leaves Biden Deadbeat Student-Loan Bailout on Hold, Agrees to Hear Case

Queen of Thin-Air Money Printing Janet Yellen Blames YOU for Out of Control Inflation

Banks Developing Technology To Track Gun Purchases
Under Guise Of Flagging Potential Mass Shooters

Biden’s BLS Claims Economy Added 263,000 Jobs Last Month While ADP Reported a Gain of Only 127,000 – Another Big Discrepancy

Tech layoffs nearing levels not seen since the Great Recession

Minneapolis To Award $600,000 To Rioters Who Sustained Injuries During 2020 Riots 

Unindicted Democrat Money Launderer Sam Bankman-Fried Continues Sympathy Tour: ‘I’ve Had a Bad Month’

Apple helps communists abuse and kill people for profits

Why China Sucks: It’s a Beta Test for the New World Order

China Mandates Social Credit System for Social Media, Will Track “Likes” on “Harmful” Content

US arms sales to Europe have SKYROCKETED since Ukraine invasion

Why Is Booz Allen Renting Us Back Our Own National Parks?

House “Republicans” Vote Against Banning Earmarks: ‘Shameful Display of Swamp Politics’ 

Carbon-Capture Execs Try to Dodge Safety Reports in Iowa Farmland Grab

New Federal Data Shows 73,000 Illegal Alien “Gotaways” In ONE MONTH

Our “Republican” Leaders Have Failed Us           12/2


Businesses Add Fewest Jobs in Two Years as Manufacturing Craters

Paycheck to Paycheck: Americans Struggle in Democrats’ Broken Economy

Queen of Thin-Air Money Printing Janet Yellen Blames YOU for Out of Control Inflation

WaPo tells poor Americans to EAT BUGS this Christmas

Marauding Bands Of Looters Are Stealing Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Merchandise As America Descends Into Lawlessness

UN: Over 300 Million Will Require Humanitarian Assistance in 2023

Banking Elites Are Using Crypto Bloodbath And FTX Fraud To Justify CBDCs

Morning Greatness: Fed. Appeals Court Smacks Down Biden Student Loan Debt Relief

UN & WEF Declare "We own the Science" & Admit to Censoring Info

No longer a secret: WEF founder Klaus Schwab, globalist billionaire George Soros declare West must govern like 'Role Model' China

Big Brother Google Pours Millions Into Global “Fact Check” Fund

Cha-Ching! EPA Quietly Quadruples Regulatory Cost of Carbon Emissions in New War on Fossil Fuels

Virgin Islands Reaches $105 Million Settlement With Clinton-Tied Democrat Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate

SHOCK: Transgender Activist Running International Drug Smuggling Operation IN PLAIN SIGHT Targeting Minors

Swamp Launches Last Ditch Effort To Pass Media Bailout Bill JCPA

Watch: Ed Snowden shares 1980s video of CIA agent admitting to using US media to control Americans

NYPD Workers Among 17 NYC Employees Busted in $1.5M Covid Relief Scam

If Big Brother and Big Tech Can Team up to Violate Political Opponents’ Privacy Over the Jan. 6 Fedsurrection Hoax, They Can Do the Same to You

Project Veritas Bombshell: Traffickers Exploiting Illegal Child Labor With Social Security Fraud; Underage Illegal: ‘I Started Working’ to Pay Cartel Debt

Learn the History of Authorities Covering Up Pedophile Predators in Top Government Positions

Thread: Why Neuralink is scary                   12/1


Federal Reserve set to introduce privacy-crushing digital currency that can be ‘controlled’ and ‘programmed’ by government bureaucrats

ICYMI: 41 Percent of All Small Business Owners Could Not Pay Rent in November

Swamp Launches Last Ditch Effort To Pass Media Bailout Bill JCPA

Two Minerals Never Before Been Seen On Earth Found Inside 17-Ton Meteorite 

Get Woke, Go Broke: Demonic Disney’s Perverted LGBT Kid’s Film ‘Strange World’ Projected to Lose $147 Million

As Ross Ulbricht Rots in a Cage for a Website, FTX Founder Celebrated by Elite for Stealing Billions

Report: China’s Electric Vehicle Industry Destroying the Environment in Indonesia

Stacey Abrams’s Nonprofit Worked To Purchase Multimillion-Dollar Properties Shortly Before It Sacked Employees

The Democrat Playbook: New York Man Rapes 2 Women After Being Released for Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old

Former Israeli surveillance agents hold hundreds of positions with big tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft

California Releases Thousands of Convicted Pedophiles Within a Year of Conviction  Fmr Prosecutor: ’Statistics Clearly Show Pedophiles Don’t get Reformed’

UPDATE: San Fran will allow police to deploy robots that kill

Worldwide Record Cold Challenges Climate Rhetoric and Risks Lives by Complacency

Layoffs Begin At CNN               11/30


The Central Bank vs the Constitution  

We Will Be Sacrificed for Global Standardization of Systems

Life-Insurance Payouts Hit Record $100 Billion in 2021

The Great Reset: Netherlands to Forcefully Shut Down 3,000 Farms

Black Friday Was Dark Indeed for Retailers

Democrat-Ruined San Fransicko: Smash-and-Grab Robbers Steal Nearly $200,000 Worth of Camera Equipment

How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 3: Aladdin’s Genie and the Future of the World

Looming Rail Strike Could Ripple Throughout US Economy

Zelensky demands $55 billion more from American public to fund his bureaucrats

Pressure Builds On Biden For Ukraine Weapons Tracking & Oversight

WaPo Tells Americans To Eat Bugs As They Can No Longer Afford Traditional Seasonal Dinners

One Big Satanic Cult: Newsom, Soros DAs Oversaw Early Release of Thousands of Child Rapists, Pedos from Commiefornia Prisons

Silicon Valley Whistleblower: More Security Cameras Per Capita in the U.S. Than in Communist China

Kroger ordered to pay $180,000 to a pair of employees who were fired for refusing to wear pro-LGBT symbols at work

Nets Bury Cross-Dressing Biden Admin Official Charged With Felony Theft

Globalizing Fake Protests               11/29


Klaus Schwab and George Soros Declare China Must Lead the New World Order

Dutch Conservative Leader Describes How the Great Reset Works in 7 Minutes, Addresses Recent Controversy (Video)

The Great Gold Robbery Of 1933

It's a disaster! Mega Drought dramatically shrinking California farmland, costing $1.7 billion

Darren Beattie blows the lid… SBF’s FTX extremely dark money laundering operation “bigger than Soros”… fueling “Clinton-Underworld Democrat Machine”

Build Back Broke: 41 Percent of Small Businesses Can’t Pay Rent This Month

PLUMMET: Maritime, rail and trucking demand DROPS sharply from pandemic era peak

War on Working Class: Biden’s IRS Forces Gig Workers to Report Venmo, PayPal Payments over $600

Bidenomics: United Furniture Industries Laid off All 2,700 Workers While They Were Sleeping

Cash for Commies: U.K. Gov’t Sent Over £50 Million in Foreign Aid to China in 2021

Professor Demoted After Criticizing University For Lax Standards Wins Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TGP Caught Corrupt FBI Inserting Docs during Mar-a-Lago Raid to Make Trump Look Bad – But Now They’re Gone!

DOJ Once Again Changes Trump Seizure Evidence List Dropping “Empty Classified Folders”

SHE NAILS IT.                                             11/28


Little Hero: Maryland Boy, 11, Runs Into Burning Apartment to Save 2-Year-Old Sister

Here's what you need to know about Central Bank Digital Currencies

BIDEN ECONOMY: Business Activity Slumps as Manufacturing and Services Contract More Than Expected

WEF’s Klaus Schwab: China Will Be ‘Role Model’ in ‘Systemic Transformation’ of World

Techno-authoritarianism is here to stay: China and the Deep State have joined forces

Outrageous! NYC Housing Authority to Spend $596 Million on Illegals While New York’s Citizens Suffer

Chamber of Commerce Lobbying to Keep U.S. Dependent on Chinese Chipmakers

Hungary: Soros NGO Spent $4 Million to Oust Orbán with Opposition Including Neo-Nazis

Jack Posobiec: The ‘Great Reset’ Should Be Called What It Is — Communism

SURPRISE! Global Luxury Group that Owns Balenciaga, Gucci, and Saint Laurent Has Ties with World Economic Forum

Hunter Biden laptop repairman reveals ‘chilling’ warning from FBI agent

Man Who Helped Pass DC’s Soft-on-Crime Bill Fatally Shot and Killed on the Same Day it Passes

WHO To Rename Monkeypox As ‘MPOX’        11/25


Sorry kids, 81% of parents cutting Christmas spending

After Years Of "Stimulus" Come Surging Debt & Falling Wages

Trillions Upon Trillions Of Dollars Of Wealth Is Being Wiped Out As The “Everything Collapse” Accelerates

Hunter Biden Owned Financial Stake in Digital Banking Platform for Illegal Aliens, Introduced Founder to Joe Biden While Company Received Mexican Government’s Endorsement

How BlackRock's Larry Fink Created the Global Energy Crisis

Australian Senator: 'Why Hasn't WEF Penetration of Cabinets Triggered National Security Alerts?

Cashless Society Talk Goes Mainstream in a Hurry and Should Be Trusted Like the NSA  

China, the Biggest Polluter in the World, Does Not Pay Climate Reparations

China Restricts Movement Across City as Unrest Rocks World’s Largest iPhone Factory

National Railway Strike Seen as Increasingly Inevitable

Judge tosses lawsuit against FBI after bureau ‘stole’ millions in jewelry, cash from 1,400 safe deposit boxes   

Trump has 50 million more followers than Biden on Twitter just 24 hours after being reinstated 

Sell out: Elon Musk says independent media will stay banned on Twitter; only “trusted” media outlets allowed

Here’s how JFK totally tricked the Khazarian Mafia and why they really killed him.

Germany: Muslims financed jihad terror with coronavirus aid money

Pedophilia, Cannibalism & The Occult: Balenciaga Saga Gets Even More Twisted

Wicked Beyond Belief                  111/24


US Announces $4.5 Billion in Direct Budgetary Aid for Ukraine

Brazilian government under Leftist Lula freezes bank accounts of anti-election fraud protesters

Massachusetts Taxpayers Asked to Pay $139M to House More Illegal Aliens

Cashless Society Talk Goes Mainstream in a Hurry and Should Be Trusted Like the NSA

New Zealand and Scotland's Progression into a Life Controlled by Digital IDs

'Passion of the Christ' Star Claims Hollywood Execs Are Trafficking Children For Adrenochrome

Globalist operative: Sam Bankman-Fried and his FTX cryptocurrency exchange SCAM heavily promoted by World Economic Forum as example of “effective altruism” and “stakeholder capitalism”

Nat’l Black Farmers Assn. Pres.: Biden Admin. Hasn’t ‘Done Anything’ on China Buying up U.S. Farms

State and Federal Legislation Being Introduced to Restrict Foreign Ownership of Farmland

 Illinois Has Created No Net New Jobs In 20 Years

Target lost $600 million in profits this year due to shoplifting and looting

Like TikTok and Huawei, U.S. Lawmakers Consider Chinese-made “Smart” and Autonomous Vehicles to be National Security Threats

Freedom Convoy lawyer says infamous protester holding Nazi flag was a former mainstream media publicist

“I will always remember this Trump ad, which for some reason is incredibly difficult to find online anymore”

NFIB report: Small business owners struggling to find workers amid highest inflation rate since 1980s

Thank you, China, you're wonderful                11/23


Goodbye G20, Hello BRICS+

Thanksgiving Sticker Shock: Prices Up 20%

2022 Federal Trade Report Exposes Globalization Damage Jobs Move Overseas, Cripples American Towns Wages Crushed

Shocking Charts Are Clear Signs The Worse Is Yet To Come - Ready To See Eggs Rationed By Stores? Winter Blackouts For Tens Of Millions? It Is All On The Way

Layoffs mount, and Main Street can't find workers for open jobs

3 Major Factors Which Will Make 2023 A Historically Painful Year For The Housing Market

Freight Demand Has Not Found The Floor


FTX Lost $3.7 Billion in 2021 – In Bankruptcy Filing It Hides the Names of Its Unsecured Creditors Who Are Owed $3.1 Billion

Belgian Authorities Seize so Much Cocaine It’s Overloading Incinerators

CBS “News” FINALLY Admits Hunter’s Laptop From Hell Is REAL After Two Years of Lollygagging

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Reveals ‘Chilling’ Warning From FBI Agent

France Is Facing A High Risk Of A Power Supply Squeeze In January

CIA Caught Covering Up Rampant Child Sex Crimes Inside Agency and NO ONE Has Gone to Jail

Project Veritas REINSTATED to Twitter         11/22


Lockdown Wasn't Imposed to Protect the World from a New Virus but Because the Real Economy Had to Be Shut Down

Steve Bannon and Dave Walsh: EU Agrees for Reparations for Third World Dictators AND CHINA (VIDEO)

FTX was HEAVY into funding vaccine research, biotech engineering and other globalist depopulation agendas through...

Carbon Counter on Visa Card Purchases Starting in Canada Next Year

Mike Rowe: Millions of Young Men Not Looking for Work in U.S.

"Luongo maintains that FTX was a money laundering vehicle that was a creature of Davos to maintain Globalist political control of the US"

China's Xi Jinping Knows He Screwed Up

Mike Rowe: Millions of Young Men Not Looking for Work in U.S.

SBF And FTX Cronies Gave $300k To House Committee Members Investigating Him

BREAKING: Armed Antifa guard 'drag queen story time' for kids in Texas

Mayor and Police Do Antifa's Bidding, Shut Down Event Showcasing Opposing Speech

Immigration vs. Colonization             11/20


The “Great Reset” Must Fail — The Sooner, The Better  

Hypocrite Elites and Globalists Dine on Wagyu Beef During G20 Summit While They Push Bugs and Fake Meat on Peasants

Feds introducing ‘digital’ currency that government can ‘program’ to control individual behavior 

Florida Reports 30 Consecutive Months of Job Growth

World Oil Demand Topped Pre-COVID Levels In September

Biden demands U.S. taxpayers hand over billions more for Ukraine after staging ‘Russian’ missile attack that killed two in Poland

House Republicans Introduce Resolution To Audit Ukraine Aid

The Implosion of FTX Is the Excuse to Usher in Central Bank Digital Currency as NY Fed and Banks Test CBDC

Breitbart Business Digest: A Bad Day to Be a Billionaire Oligarch Savior of Humanity

Canada throwing away MILLIONS of COVID-19 vaccines after spending BILLIONS with Big Pharma

Louisiana Republican Lawmaker Blocks Passage of Legislation to Hold Big Tech Leftist Tyrants Accountable

The Former FBI Agent and the Truth About MK Ultra

Pregnant and “devastated” Elizabeth Holmes gets 11 years in the slammer

One Way or Another, the Population of the Globe Will Soon Be Much Smaller Than It Is Right Now

Biden’s climate agenda benefits communist China, not the Americans he supposedly represents

Is ‘Organic’ Produce  Really Organic?       11/19


Klaus Schwab: The “Multicrisis” ushers in the “Great Reset”

US Existing Home Sales Are Crashing At Their Fastest Pace 'Since Lehman'

Fed data: Household debt just increased at fastest pace in 15 years

US Consumers Are Doing Exactly What They Did Just Prior To The Crash Of 2008

Massie: No More Money for Ukraine ‘Until We Get Audit, Inspector General’

“Organized crime” loot crews steal astounding $400 million in goods from Target stores thanks to Soros DAs

New York Paid $11 Billion in Fraudulent Unemployment Claims in a Single Year of Covid

LA Port’s October imports drop 28% year-over-year as labor negotiations drag on

Russia Is Winning The Economic War with the West

Canadian Bank Launches Credit Card Linked to Carbon Emissions

FedEx’s freight unit to begin furloughing employees next month due to reduced demand for delivery services

San Francisco Launches Guaranteed Income Program for People Who Are Transgender — Using Taxpayer Money

UK Citizens Pay The Highest Electricity Bills In The World

Germany prepares for “emergency cash deliveries” ahead of anticipated dark winter energy blackout

British Supermarkets Start To Ration Eggs     11/18


US Has Sent a Net $309 Billion to Communist China This Year

Vancouver Credit Union to Offer Carbon Footprint Tracker for its Visa Credit Cards  

Shock: California Projects $25 Billion Deficit — After $98 Billion Surplus

Commiefornia Projected to Have Massive Budget Shortfall as Businesses Flee the State

Engineered Demolition of Digital Currency Paves Way for Centralization, Heavy Regulation

No Thank You, Globalist Scum! FDA Approves Lab-Manufactured “Meat” for the First Time

Benedict Biden’s Deadbeat Student Loan Bailout Scheme Is an Even Bigger Scam Than We Thought

Housing Affordability Worsens As Homeownership Out Of Reach For Anyone Making Under $100K

Heinz Tomato Ketchup sees 53% PRICE INCREASE in the UK

PURE EVIL: DHS Secretary Mayorkas Says Border Is “Secure” After 5 Million Illegals Cross Into US in 2 Years – and Flood of Illegals Expected to Surge in Following Latest Ruling

Tech Layoffs Skyrocket In The Month Of November

Forget the Zombie Apocalypse – Can YOU Survive the Coming Layoff Wave?

Germany Preparing For Emergency Cash Deliveries, Bank Runs And "Aggressive Discontent" Ahead Of Winter Power Cuts withdrawals SURGE after CEO admits “mishandling” $400M transaction 

McConnell Ended 2022 Midterms with $40 Million in the Coffers – Refused Funding to Blake Masters Who Was Outspent by $70 Million

Reuters wants DEPOPULATION to achieve “climate justice” – says there are just too many people alive

Portland’s Antifa ‘Justice’ Strikes Again           11/17


World Economic Forum Real-Life Dr. Evil Character, Klaus Schwab, Gives Speech to G20 on What He Claims Is the “Need to Restructure the World”

Build Back Better: WEF Will Forcibly 'Transition' the World in to Klaus Schwab's Image

U.S. Consumers Are Doing EXACTLY What They Did Just Prior To The Crash Of 2008  

Poorer countries in free-fall COLLAPSE as global food import costs reach “alarming level”

European Central Bank executive considers spending, saving limits for future digital currency

Here Come “Programmable Dollars”: New York Fed And 12 Banking Giants Launch Digital Dollar Test  

The EU ignores pushback, plots digital ID for 2024

BOMBSHELL REPORT: FTX Balance Sheet Contained Investment Called “TRUMPLOSE”

Bankrupt Cryptocurrency FTX Funded Fake Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Studies

After Borrowing £655 Million from Locals, Solar Energy Company “has gone bust”  

No more! European countries call for end to Ukraine funding

Biden’s Handlers Have Spent $1.1 Billion in Afghanistan Since Taliban Takeover, but Won’t Say How

Relationship Among FTX, Ukraine, And Democrats Sparks Speculation

Wyoming & South Dakota Top 2023’s Sound Money Index

In Chicago, another felon out of jail with ankle monitor shoots, kills girlfriend

2-Year-Old Dies of Suspected Fentanyl Exposure

Another BLM activist arrested for misappropriating funds this time in Britain

The new climate skeptics?! US & EU refuse to commit to climate reparations at Egypt summit

Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Left?         11/16


Household Debt Soars At Fastest Pace In 15 Years As Credit Card Use Surges

Economic Confidence Tumbles To Lowest Level Since July

BIDEN ECONOMY CRASHING: Amazon to Lay Off 10,000 Employees

What’s Fueling the Rise of ESG Investing?

World Economic Forum Scrubs Page about FTX Crypto Exchange From Its Website

Yes, Your Taxpayer Dollars Were Filtered Through Ukraine, Into FTX, and Then Used to Fund Democrat Campaigns

Uniparty Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Busted Taking Zelensky’s FTX Money

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Lists Bahamas Penthouse For $40 Million

Miranda Devine: Cryptocurrency Billionaire Broke The Bank For Dems

Google Agrees To Nearly $400M Settlement With 40 States Over Location-Tracking Probe

Frontier, 5 Other Airlines to Refund More Than $600 Million

Buttigieg Regularly Consults Dark Money-Funded Green Groups, Calendar Entries Show

Senator Tom Cotton: TikTok Possibly Employing Hundreds of Foreign Workers With Ties to the Chinese Communist Party

‘We Do Worry’: Senior Guatemalan Official Raises Concerns Over Terrorists Potentially Heading To US Border

Mexico uses videos of crime-infested Philadelphia in anti-drug campaign

Crypto pioneer found dead in Puerto Rico just days after warning pedo elite would kill him

Economic Calculation and the Great Reset         11/15


WEF and WHO Swapping Covid Template for Climate at the UN Great Reset Summit

REPORT: Glenn Youngkin Tied To World Economic Forum, Attended Davos Meetings With Chinese Communist Party

State Department stonewalls investigation into how it spent $1,100,000,000 in Afghanistan since Taliban took over

Yellen Says Some Sanctions Will Stay on Russia Even After War in Ukraine

Beijing Pivots: China Issues Sweeping Property “Rescue Package” to Kickstart Economy

"Hints Of Many Crises - Lehman, Enron, MF Global - But No Lender Of Last Resort... Like Banking In The Late-1800s"

Washington’s 32 billion dollar crypto scam

The People of Brazil and the Military Continue to Work Together to Overcome the Stolen Election

Former State Department official says new Iran deal would be disaster for the U.S. and for the Iranian people

ESG: The Merger of State and Corporate Power

How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 1: A Brief History of BlackRock  

Some Europeans Are Waking Up To Lunacy Of “Ideology-Driven” Energy Crisis

DOJ lied on Paul Pelosi indictment… bodycam shows Paul opened door and let in cops… “feeds into conspiracy theories” worries local news

Democrat Hellhole NYC: Man Busted With 20,000 Fentanyl Pills Set Free

There’s a New Book the Climate Industrial Complex Doesn’t Want You to Read

It Isn't Cognitive Dissonance; It's Doublethink

FBI Raids Area 51 Researcher’s Homes             11/14


The Social Credit System is already here

The WEF's Stakeholder Capitalism Is Just Global Fascism By Another Name

Fed-Up US Farmers Tell Why Government Will Put Them Out Of Business

Get Woke, Go Broke: Disney to Begin Mass Layoffs and Freeze Hiring as Part of a Massive Cost-Cutting Initiative

Biden’s IRS ‘Enforcement’ Budget Jumps 919%

Discretionary income evaporates as UK food inflation hits record high ahead of dark winter

Bed, Bath & Beyond Facing Supplier Issues – Meanwhile, “Canceled” MyPillow Has An Overstock Sale

Department Of Education Removes Student Debt Relief Application From Website

Global Food Import Bill Soars To “Alarming Level” as Poor Countries on Brink of Crisis

Ports clogged with containers as world trade stumbles

Amazon Unveils Warehouse Robot To Replace Human Pickers Amid Unionization Threats

HERE WE GO: Janet Yellen Calls for Crypto to Be Regulated After Biden Mega-Donor Collapses Multi-Billion Dollar Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Now-Collapsed FTX Crypto Slush Fund Laundered Ukraine Donation Money to Democrat Candidates to Help Rig Midterms

Billionaire Was Hobnobbing At White House Just 6 Months Ago

American Conversations Human Trafficking

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg fires more than 11K employees, takes blame for overestimating company’s growth prospects

Homemade Energy Crisis? Another Refinery, Owned by Chevron, Goes up in Flames – Sabotage of Oil Infrastructure?

Four hundred plus private jets arrive at “climate” event

Al-Gore Unveils “Radical Climate Transparency” Project at Annual Conference of Climate Alarmists

BLM Activist Charged With Fraud                11/13


Great Reset Happening Now

Bank of England Warns UK Is Heading For The Longest Recession In History

John Kerry Spills the Beans at U.N.’s COP27 Meeting: They Want to Replace Capitalism with a New Economic System

Fifth Circuit Shuts Down Benedict Biden’s Unconsitutional Deadbeat Student Loan Bailout 

Biden Nominates New IRS Chief as Dept. Due to Double in Size

Loan Demand For Mortgage Loans Crashes To Depression Levels

Mortgage Payments Surge 50 Percent Since Last Year as Homebuyers Get Priced Out

Following Election, Benedict Biden Launders MORE Aid Through Ukraine

SHOCKING: Corporations to start running GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITS and “blackness checks” to qualify for lower loan rates from “woke” finance giants

World’s Worst Polluter China Promotes Climate ‘Compensation’ – But Won’t Pay

The Government Is Still Waging War on America’s Military Veterans

West Point Signals Lying, Cheating, and Stealing Okay, Religious Freedom Not Ok

Commiefornia Sheriff’s Office Will No Longer Patrol During the Day Due to ‘Catastrophic’ Staffing

Whistleblower: Joe Biden involved in family gambling business venture in Latin America while he was VP

Judge Orders Alex Jones to Pay $473 Million More in Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit

'Climate' used to justify illegal immigration         11/11


The WEF’s Stakeholder Capitalism Is Just Global Fascism By Another Name

Globalists Rebrand Illegals as 'Climate Migrants' to Further Their Population Replacement Scheme (Video)

Is the Federal Reserve merely incompetent or is there a dark agenda?

The End Of World Dollar Hegemony Is Coming

Shipping Companies Warn Global Trade Is Collapsing

Tools of Technocracy: Technologies That Are Being Weaponised Against People

French glassmaker Duralex halts production amid energy crisis in Europe

World's Top Chipmaker To Build Another US Plant In Arizona

'I'm Selling My Blood': Millions In US Can't Make Ends Meet With Two Jobs

Nebraska and South Dakota both declare fuel supply emergencies amid escalating energy crisis

The “Recession-Proof” Trading Demo You Need to See

World’s Worst Polluter China Demands Leadership at Climate Summit

U.S. patent describes “toxic mosquito aerial” chemtrails program to spread chemical and biological weapons for killing people

Unelected Climate Huckster Al Gore Announces New Emissions Tyranny at United Nations Summit of Globalist Control Freaks

Climate Fanatics Are Weaponizing Mental Illness

General Mills, purveyor of genetically modified processed junk food cereals, pulls ads from Twitter following Musk takeover

5.5 Million Illegal Aliens Broke Penetrated the US Border Since the Biden Regime Was Installed in Office

We must restore Our faith in its elections          11/10



The End Of World Dollar Hegemony Is Coming

Europe is in a DEINDUSTRIALIZATION SPIRAL due to ongoing energy crisis

Ukraine Invokes “Wartime” Laws And Seizes Major Companies

UN Demands $2 Trillion A Year From Rich Countries For 'Climate Justice'

Credit Card Balances Reach Record $866B As Consumers Battle Economic Headwinds

U.S. Consumers Will Be Spending Much Less This Holiday Season Because Many Of Them Are Already Tapped Out

Cato Institute sues to stop Biden $400 billion student loan bailout

BOOM: Demonic Disney’s Profit Tanks After Woke Agenda, Share Price Tumbles

Migrants Are Given ‘Literal Roadmaps’ To Reach The US Border. And Big Tech Is Funding It

China and Russia Plot a 'Space Pearl Harbor'

Federal Court Rules “Disinformation” Can Be a Crime  

Zuckerberg Axes Unprecedented Number of Meta Employees in One Fell Swoop: 'I Want to Take Accountability'

Enriched Spain: Blood-Soaked North African Migrants Fight with Scissors and other Weapons in Broad Daylight

Hypocritical Globalists Eat Gourmet Meat While Pushing A Diet Of Bugs On The Rest Of Us

Covering For Election-Rigging                11/9


American dollar dominance FADES amid Saudi Arabian shift to China as its most “reliable partner”

Mega-Banks Join UN to Unleash "Climate" Tyranny

UN: $2 Trillion Per Year Required for Climate Development

Chinese Exports And Imports Unexpectedly Contract For The First Time Since May 2020

Shipping giant Maersk forecasts ‘dark clouds on the horizon’ for global trade as supply chain crisis worsens and consumer demand plummets

It Begins: Dutch Conservative Party Demands the Flemish Government Cancel its World Economic Forum [WEF] Membership

Wall Street Agrees: A Red Wave in the Midterms Will Push Stocks Higher

Biden’s economic policies and inflation are tanking tech IPOs like Rivian, Robinhood

Whistleblower: Joe Biden was involved in son's business deals, acting like a 'chairman of the board'

Feds Announce Seizure of $3.36 Billion in Stolen Bitcoin

Foreign-owned Farms in the Southwest Taking Precious Water to Feed Overseas Livestock

Forza Meloni! Italy Closes Ports to Migrant Ships in Defiance of the Globalist European Union

Democrats Do Not — and Cannot — Run on the Policies They Have Implemented Over the Past 20 Months

California legislator proposes more Narcan kits in schools amid fentanyl surge

New York Times Still Burying the Truth on ‘Russian Hack’

L.A. County to close largest jail, releasing 900 mentally ill criminals onto the streets

If the Left Wins                                  11/8


Holiday Hardship: 1 in 4 Americans Can Only Afford to Spend $100 on Thanksgiving

UK spending $8,000,000 a day, including $1,300,000 for Afghans alone, to house migrants in luxury hotels

Corporate Donors Favor Dems in Midterms Despite Party’s Stance Against ‘Dark Money’ in Politics

More Lawmakers Go After “Clean Energy” Lenders that Put Borrowers at Risk of Losing Homes

U.S. to Send $400 Million More to Ukraine

Arizona Water Supply Dries up Due to Foreign-Owned Farms Hogging Supply

Facebook To Conduct Massive Layoffs Following Meta's Poor Forecasting And Plummeting Shares

Soros, Rockefeller Org, Biden Admin Fund ‘Opposition Media’ Org Launch in Hungary: Reports

Since we only hear about the bad things police do, how about the good?

Who Authorized the Department of Homeland Security to Police Online Speech? Not Congress

Nearly 600 Killed in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Thus Far in 2022

UN Passes Resolution Pushing Israel To Dispose Of Its Nuclear Weapons For Sake Of ‘Peace And Security’

Climate Cultists: UN Chief Tells Climate Summit, Cooperate or Perish

New Poll Shows 44 Percent of U.S. Voters Believe Federal Government Is Run by a Secret Cabal

Democratic Senator’s Wife Counsels ‘Strategic Ways’ To ‘Quietly’ Defund Police Without Backlash

SE U.S. Begins Running Out Of Diesel Fuel        11/7


Bank records show Hunter, James Biden earned 7-FIGURE salaries from joint venture with Chinese businessmen

Elon Musk Explains Why Laying Off Employees Was Necessary: “There is No Choice When the Company is Losing Over $4M/day”

Not Just Twitter: This Tsunami of Tech Layoffs Could Soon Be the Largest We Have Ever Seen

The Big Short: Democrat Senator Tom Carper, Who Said Economy Headed in ‘Right Direction,’ Bets Up to $110K That the Stock Market Is Going to Tank

Freight companies expect “muted peak season” due to waning retailer demand

Now the BLS Is Corrupted – Agency Claims 261,000 New Jobs But Data Shows This Is Fake News

Gas Prices Increase Just Days Before U.S. Elections

In Extraordinary Move, Federal Judge Moves to Fast Track Ruling on Biden’s Deadbeat Student Loan Bailout

Political Prisoner Catherine Engelbrecht Delivers Update From Gulag After Spending Two Days In Solitary Confinement

America is witnessing the DEMISE of the middle class

THE KING OF WOKE: New York Times Finally Crowns Nazi Collaborator ‘George Soros’ ‘Largest Donor’ in 2022

Democrats Transforming America: Grocery Store Shoplifter Pulls Gun on Security Guard, Now Both Are Dead

On The Verge Of The Worst Homelessness Crisis In The Entire History Of The United States

Portland Man Charged With Collecting Almost $100,000 in PPP Loans for FAKE Businesses

UK Now Housing Illegal Aliens in 5 Star Hotels       11/5


Fed Approves 0.75-Point Hike To Take Rates To Highest Since 2008

2 major pharmacies to pay nearly $10 billion for role in opioid epidemic

Schweizer: ‘The IRS Ought to Be All Over’ the NEA

Walmart, Walgreens and CVS to Pay out $13.8 Billion Over Opioid Suits

Elon Musk To Fire Half Of Twitter On Friday

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? Who Is John Galt? Michael Saylor Articulates Bitcoin As The Way Out Of A Corrupt Economy

One-Third of UK Hospitality Businesses Risk Going Bust by Next Year

WATCH: How US Government Agencies Secretly Aided Communist China’s Rise

Obama Fires Off Rhetorical Shot at Trump, Hits Biden Instead

Fetterman: ‘I’m Actually Very Proud’ To Have Helped Free Convicted Killers From Prison

Failure at the Border: 5.5 Million Illegal Aliens Have Crossed Into the U.S. on Biden’s Watch

Steve Jobs’ Widow Laurene Powell Sailed the Riviera as Her ‘Atlantic’ Magazine Demanded Lockdown and Social Isolation

Disgraced CNN’s Monthly Primetime Hits Yearly Low (Weeks Before Election)

Lenin is Educating Your Children              11/3


Globalists have engineered a financial collapse to pave the way for a new economic world order

Endangered freedom: Communist China is buying up American infrastructure, land and assets: check out these examples

Pfizer Reports More Than $22B In Revenue For Q3, Driven By Government COVID Purchases

Yikes. The Federal Reserve Lost $4.1 Billion Last Month.

A Surprising Threat To The US Power Grid Could Plunge The Country Into Darkness

U.S. Government Database Redacts Names of Non-Profits Receiving Over $250 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Ukraine ‘Aid’

Chris Jacobs: Biden Is Lying To Americans About Medicare And Social Security’s Insolvency

YouTube BANNED Us After We Posted This Video About the WEF

Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leader puppet Trudeau is about to take control of Canada’s Internet and censor everything opposing the Establishment’s sinister narrative

NELLES: Biden's Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis Will Wreck Christmas for Most Americans.

Uber Loses a Billion Dollars – Again 

Dutch Finance Minister Proposes Increased Financial Surveillance

Union That Opposed Vaccine Mandates Outlawed by Queensland Government

MYSTERY CONTINUES: The FBI, San Fran Police, and San Fran DA Won’t Confirm Whether Third Person Opened Door at Pelosi Home 

Hochul’s Bail Reform Claims Another Victim: Mother Killed in Front of Three Children Hours after Husband Freed on No Bail

Controlling the weather has been possible since at least 1916, evidence shows

The Sun May Be Laughing At Us            11/2


Central Bank Digital Currencies are the Next Frontier in the Battle for Freedom

Bank for International Settlements Tests mBridge: Successful Pilot Of Cross-Border CBDC Platform

Poll: 71% Of Voters Say Economy Is Bad, Up 49 Points Under Democrat Rule

Economic collapse: Swiss National Bank loses nearly $143 billion in first nine months - Largest loss in the SNB's 115 Year History

Hobby Lobby Started With a $600 Loan in the Founder’s Basement — Here’s the Incredible Story

Consumers Stand to Lose From Swipe Card Regulations  

A Crippling Shortage of Diesel Fuel Threatens to Devastate Western Economies in 2023

Barges “dead in the water” in drought-stricken Mississippi River; supply chains collapsing

Beware Parents: Globalists Feeding Children Mealworms and Insects At Schools (Video)

U.S. Pledges Additional $270+ Million In Battlefield Weaponry For Ukraine

50% to Be Fired? Elon’s Twitter Purge Plans Are YUGE: ‘It’s Going to Be a Bloodbath’

Revealed: documents show how the DHS plots to police online "misinformation"

States Start to Realize the Dangers of Woke ‘ESG’ Investing

Biden's student debt relief to fund vacations, new clothes, and more: poll

150+ Researchers Funded By US Government Now Work for Chinese Communist Party

Alex Jones: $2.75 Trillion Sandy Hook Payout Backfires on Kangaroo Court Ruling

Cheney's Attack on Kari Lake Backfires           11/1


Tyrmand: Brazilian Election Riddled With Fraud, Bolsenaro's Party Won Everywhere Except Presidency

‘You’re in World War III Today’: Casey Fleming on Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare

Exclusive—Louisiana AG Jeff Landry: Divest from BlackRock Before It Divests You ‘Great Reset’ Bankrolled by U.S. Pension Funds

UN Agenda 2030-Inspired Carbon Pipeline Scam in the Heart of America

Record High: 75% Of US Winter Wheat Suffers From Drought

A Crippling Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Threatens To Devastate Western Economies In 2023

Why Illinois Is in Trouble – 132,188 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $17 Billion

IRS Employees Rip off Covid Relief Programs, Splurge on Trips, Shopping Sprees, DOJ Alleges

Democrat John Fetterman: 'I Certainly Would Have Voted' for Biden's New IRS Audits on Working, Middle Class

Ireland: Young Man Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison for Fatally Stabbing Home Intruder 

Cell Phone Bans in Public Schools Are Trending Nationwide

Afghan Criminals Will Be Released Into U.S., Former ICE Director Says

BREAKING: Forensic Experts Suggest Mathematical "Red Flags" In First Round of Brazilian Presidential

America’s Marxist Revolution Began in Kindergarten

Author of the 1619 Project Charged Public Library $40k for a Speech, Causing It to Go Over-Budget

Eurocrat pensions go through the roof           10/31


The Deep State’s Crumbling Fantasies

Top US Banks Under Investigation Over Globalists’ ESG Scam and “Climate” Fraud

Clueless Yellen Claims She Sees NO Signs of Recession Despite Two Periods of Negative Growth and Soaring Inflation

2 Catastrophic Things Are About to Happen to Our Supply Chain in November

Americans’ Savings Rate Plunges Near Record Lows

How Big Pharma Monetized Depression

Reporters Cover the C40 World Mayors Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rising U.S. nitrogen exports to Europe create domestic scarcity for American farmers

Digital IDs Are Coming to America and Nobody’s Paying Much Attention

Cops Whine About Possibly Getting Shot Outside Uvalde During School Massacre, New Video Shows

JP Sears: Censorship Is the Least Funny Thing Going on in the World

Bush, Guantanamo and the Rule of Law

Soros gave $17.6M to lefty group pushing Facebook, TikTok to censor so-called election disinfo

The Drug Cartels and the New World Order        10/29


Oops: The Federal Government (Illegally) Gave Communist China This $15 Million Technology . . . for Free

Records Reveal Judge Lina Hidalgo’s $11 Million No-Bid Contract Was Aimed at Political Data Mining Operation to Help Democrat Campaigns – Masquerading as Covid Outreach

Canada's Central Bank moving to create Central Bank Digital Currency

Austria Launches Digital ID in the Form of Driver’s Licenses

Americans’ Savings Rate Plunges Near Record Lows

Signal says it will leave India if the government bans encrypted messaging

YouTube Announces It Will ‘Certify’ Medical Information With Help Of The World Health Organisation

Autonomous Vehicle Developer to Shut Down as Investors Stop Funding It

Juvenile robes more than two dozen people while on GPS ankle monitor

While the University of Oklahoma Implements a Robust Woke Agenda, Communist China Dominates its Research Programs

Wind Farm In Germany Is Being Taken Down For Expansion Of Coal Mine

Meta Fined $24.7M For Campaign Finance Disclosure Violations

Corporate Media Don’t Care How Much Money They Lose So Long As They Control The Narrative

Fox News 'Accidently' Calls Arizona Gubernatorial Election For Dems DAYS Before Polls Open

Dementia Joe Can’t Find His Seat [VIDEO]        10/28


How Businesses are softening up the Public for a Chinese-Style Social Credit System

Treasury and DOJ Seek Greater Financial Surveillance Around Cryptocurrency

Boom: Single Chip Can Transmit Twice The Throughput Of Entire Internet

WHO says covid lockdowns resulted in two years of “physical inactivity,” generating BILLIONS in needless healthcare costs

Ex-CIA Insider: ‘Biden Just Signed the U.S. Dollar’s Death Warrant’

Miranda Devine: The 634-Page Report On Hunter’s Laptop — And 459 Alleged Crimes

White House Spokesman Won't Say if Hunter Biden Still Shares Ownership of Firm with Beijing

Government report reveals criminals stole BILLIONS from unemployment benefits during pandemic

Facebook shares crash 70% off high as Zucc plows ahead into empty Metaverse

Meta’s $677 Billion Rout Boots It Out Of World’s Top 20 Stocks

30-Year Mortgage Rate Rises Above 7%, Highest Since 2001

Investment banks, CEOs predict recession happening soon as economic index declines further

Chinese Exports to U.S. from Uyghur Slave Region Nearly Triple Year-on-Year

World’s largest steel manufacturer says continued plant shutdowns point to major energy crisis

Exclusive – RNC Recruits More Than 70K Poll Watchers, Workers Ahead of Midterms

Large companies lobbying to hide import data that could link them to SLAVERY and CHILD LABOR

Vicious African War Criminals Are Settling in Your Backyard Thanks to Biden’s Failed Southern Border

The bounce thesis gets tested.but still holds       10/27


New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is World Economic Forum Globalist, Pushing Banker-Controlled Digital Currency

They KNEW: Federal officials who worked on COVID outbreak dumped stocks ahead of market-collapsing pandemic

Mastercard just outlined its digital ID push  

Report: Majority Of Americans Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Struggling With Inflation 

Grassley exposes Biden crime family’s “interest-free” loan from Chinese firm

$3.8 Trillion of Investment in Renewables Moved Fossil Fuels From 82% to 81% of Overall Energy Consumption’ in 10 Years

Big Banks and Credit Card Giants Just Greenlit a Plan to Track Your Gun-Store Purchases

'WEF Puppet': New British PM Heckled and Booed By British Public During First Speech

"It's The 70s, 2010s, 1920s, And 1930s All In One Toxic Cocktail"

Democrats Moving for Open Pedophilia for Children in Public

Google CAUGHT Manipulating Search, Buries GOP Campaign Sites in 83% of Top Senate Races

Marjorie Taylor Greene Swatted for 6th Time Last Night

CBP Fentanyl Seizures at U.S.-Mexico Border Set Record

Neom: Sci-Fi City Of The Future Breaks Ground In Saudi Arabia

Pakistan is Making Disbursement of Aid to Flood Victims Contingent on Biometric Verification

Socialism: A Venezuelan Family Needs 28 Minimum Wages to Buy Food for a Month

Australia considers centralizing digital ID           10/26


Christians who recite scripture or pray in abortion “safe zones” face prison time in the UK

British Man Becomes First to Get Microchipped with Bank Card

China's Coming Clash With Economic Reality

FBI pays out tens of millions per year to operatives who push Democratic Party narratives: Report

BREAKING: Audit Results of Primary Election in Torrance County, New Mexico Show Differences Between Hand Counts and SOS Records of Up to 25%

America’s Farm Economy Shrinks for 5th Straight Month

Biden’s Open Door to Jihad Terrorists More known terrorists than ever are being caught at the border. How many aren’t caught?

Record 2.4 million Migrants Illegally Crossed Border in FY2022, Almost 4 Million total Under Biden

Biden Embraces America's Fiercest Enemies: Whose Side Is He On?

Dictatorship in Disguise: Authoritarian Monsters Wreak Havoc on Our Freedoms

Erdogan trailblazes for US: Turkey’s parliament adopts his proposal for jailing those who spread ‘disinformation’

WATCH: Project Veritas Action Releases MORE Undercover Footage Of Katie Hobbs’ Twin Sister, Becky – Reveals Dishonest Democrat Strategy To Choose Republican Primary Winners

Convicted Murderer Freed By Philly DA Larry Krasner In Custody After Deadly Shooting

Good Guys With Guns End School Attack        10/25


19 States Are Investigating Financial Institutions’ Commitment to the Globalists’ Environmental and Socialist Agenda

Mastercard Just Outlined Its Digital ID Push

Former Goldman (globalist)  Banker Rishi Sunak To Be Next UK Prime Minister

Missouri Treasurer Removes $500 Million in State Pension Funds from BlackRock

EU officials' pension burden soars to 122 billion

BIDEN ECONOMY: US Has Only 25 Days of Diesel Supply – Shortage Could Cripple Economy

Former Obama Prosecutor: Biden's DOJ Is 'Out For Blood' And 'Weaponizing' Law Enforcement

Sen. Mitch McConnell Pledges to Keep Giving Billions to Ukraine Regardless of Midterm Election Results

EU To Give Ukraine 1.5 Billion Euros Per Month Next Year

Mike Lindell Warns UOCAVA Military Ballots Are Being Stolen by Democrats in America Today – Exactly What We Have Reported at Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)

Dallas Police Chief Blames “Abhorrent Failure of Our Criminal Justice System” After Convicted Thug With Ankle Monitor Murders Two

Media Fact-Checks Claim Up to 90% of Deportations in France Fail

Kari Lake Describes the Ongoing and Escalating Arizona Border Crisis, 227,547 Illegal Aliens in September Alone

US Still Denies Entry to Unvaccinated Legal Travelers but Not Illegal Aliens Walking Across the Open Border

Deaths at the border: For every dead body found, 5 to 10 MORE are never recovered

Record 2.2 Million Migrants Apprehended Along Southwest Border During Last Year

The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset       10/24


Pfizer Plans 400% Price Increase for mRNA COVID Jab After CDC Panels Recommend to Include COVID Shots for Children and Adolescents Annual Immunization Schedule

Funding our own demise? China’s hypersonic missile program being funded by U.S. taxpayers as Beijing uses specialized tech made by firms Pentagon payrolls

Schwab’s WEF pushing for Social Credit System involving Universal Basic Income & Digital Identity

Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks Biden’s Deadbeat Student Loan Bailout Scheme 

Biden’s FDA Blocks American Company’s Goat Milk-Based Baby Formula, while Assisting Foreign Competitors

Home Sales Plummet in Ominous Sign for Economy

$4,896,119,000,000: Federal Tax Collections Set Record in Fiscal 2022

18 Days Out: Fascistbook Tamps Down Midterm Election News

Canadians Just LOST Their Right to Self-Defense — Here’s Why American Patriots Should Care 

MSNBC Rips Democrats Apart On Crime        10/22


End of Petrodollar Edges Closer as Saudi Arabia Looks Set to Join New China-Dominated ‘BRICS’ Economic Alliance

Global Finance Elites Meet to Discuss Digital Currencies Used to Control People with the Use of Digital Scores

Here We Go! Australian Bank Begins Linking Customer Transactions to Carbon Footprint

Germany could witness a cash renaissance as its economy continues to deteriorate

The SHUTDOWNS continue in 2022: Aluminum, copper, iron, steel production being shuttered at alarming rate

“Bidenflation” Rises to 12.8% as Americans Are Watching Their Paychecks and Savings Disappear

New Zealand Farmers Take to the Streets to Protest Proposed “Cow Flatulence” Tax

The Green Energy Profiteering Scam

America Last: Democrats Trying to Lock in $50 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine Before GOP Takes Control of Congress

Bird flu and food inflation push turkey prices 73% higher than last year

World's Largest iPhone Factory In China Imposes Health Restrictions After Covid Flare-Up

After disastrous inflation numbers are released, Biden’s economic advisor declares things are “moving in the right direction”

ABC News Producer Missing Since FBI Raid, Was Writing Book About Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Was President Trump Set Up by His Own Attorneys When They Told Him to Choose Judge Dearie as Special Master?

Hero officer: Kids stuck in a stolen truck shouted thats not my dad

Soros-Backed Maricopa County DA Candidate Praised Groups that Hope to ‘Abolish Prison’

Back to Energy's Future? - Part 5                    10/21


Biden's Plot to Steal Your Cash?

Recession or DEPRESSION? Check out how many American companies are laying off employees this year  

The Green Energy Profiteering Scam"Green" Profits Can Only Rise if Citizens' Freedoms Fall

Manifesting Financial Sovereignty in an Age of PayPal Fines, Banking Bans, and CBDCs

19-State Coalition Launching an Investigation Into Six Major Banks Over Ties to UN Net-Zero Banking Alliance

RoboCop: Oakland Police Consider Arming Robots With Shotguns

Steadfast Noon: There’s a NATO Nuke Response Drill This Week

Biden's Iranian Nuclear Obsession

UK Commons passes bill to electronically tag protesters that haven't been convicted of a crime

UK Supermarkets Begin Selling BUGS To Low Income Families

100 Dutch schools forced to serve insects

Liz Truss Resigns, At Just 45 Days The Shortest-Lived UK Prime Minister Ever

Inside A 95-Square-Foot NYC Home: ‘I Feel Like I’m Paying A Pretty Fair Price’

Paul Pelosi’s History Of Timely Stock Trades Resurfaces After Latest Buy Makes Headlines

More Evidence Against the ‘Big Guy’         10/20


IMF Chief says Central Bank Digital Currency should be used alongside Social Credit System to control what people can and can not buy

Mercola: Technocracy’s Digital Dictatorship Is Ever So Close

IMF ponders ways to end people's hesitancy to move away to cash

Saudi Arabia Seeks to Join Russia/China-Led BRICS Coalition After Biden Admin Insults

Biden’s Family Got ‘Interest-Free,’ ‘Forgivable’ Loan From China

Home Builder Confidence Falls for Record 10th Straight Month

Global food, commodities supply chain crisis set to explode as falling river levels crush barge traffic in US

Surging Energy Costs Force Manufacturers To Shed Jobs, Abandon Europe

USDA Announces It Will Begin Paying Off $800 Million in Farm Loans – How Are Funds Distributed and How Does This Reduce Inflation?

Cadillac’s $300,000 Electric ‘Celestiq’ Gets Just 300 Miles per Charge

Project Veritas: Mayor Eric Adams’ Top Aide Admits Abbott Busing Illegals to NYC Has “Proven Effective” (VIDEO)

Video: Bill Gates Says European Energy Crisis Is “Good”

The dam is about to burst: Whistleblower documents link Joe Biden directly to Hunter’s crooked business dealings

Hunter Biden Back in the Spotlight for $5 Million Loan from Communist China

It’s Beginning: Arizona Ballot Stuffer Caught Covering Up License Plate at the Drop Box

Why the left hates conservatism                 10/19


Biden Crime Family Got $40 Million From Russian Oligarch

Global Finance Elites Are Planning CBDC Social Credit Scores

U.S. Military Bases Sell Chinese Govt-Made Smart Devices With Privacy Policies Stating Data Can Be Sent to China.

AMERICA LAST MI Gov Gretchen Whitmer Behind $715 Million Taxpayer-Funded Grant To Lure Battery Manufacturer With Strong Ties To Communist China

Shipping rates drop 75% amid plummeting US retail demand

Polls show gas prices are top concern for midterm voters with increase looming

Kanye West Announces Plan to Buy Parler

Netherlands’ Land Grab: Government's Proposal to Seize Up To 600 Farms Within a Year, by Force if Necessary

You Will Eat The Bugs: Children Force-Fed Insects As World Economic Forum Agenda in Full Force in the Netherlands

1,000 Australian schools now offering experimental insect-laced food

FBI director uses federal jet to the point of ’embezzlement’

'Stop Whining' About High Energy Costs: Former President of Parliament Lectures Germans to Wear Layers and Burn Candles

Hunter Biden-Linked Real Estate Firm Took $100M from Russian Oligarch

Whistleblowers: FBI Has ‘Voluminous Evidence’ Of Hunter Biden’s ‘Potential Criminal Conduct’

Greta Thunberg - 'Save The Banks                  10/18


Globalists Are America’s #1 Enemy, and They Exist in Both Political Parties

Horrific CPI report shows worst inflation EVER (using old methodology) ahead of midterms

Biden’s America: 1 In 4 Americans To Skip Thanksgiving To Save Money

Public Relations Company For Big Pharma Now “Embedding” Employees At CDC

See the Video That Breaks Down the Criminal Banking Industry’s Plan to Fine Free Speech

Taipei to comply with US chip export rules directed at Beijing

Boeing Outsourcing More U.S. Jobs to India While Making Billions From Taxpayer-Funded Defense Contracts

Bio-hacking humans: People implanting chips in hands and heads

Multiple Athleticwear Companies Caught With Hormone-Disrupting Chemical BPA in Their Clothing, Including Socks Made for INFANTS

IT WAS ALL STAGED! Pelosi Brought in Daughter, Camera Crew to US Capitol Before the Protest, Son-in-Law Was Set Up Outside to Film

Red Pope Francis Calls for “New Economic System” that Guarantees “Food, Health, Economic and Social Rights”

Eat The Bugs: Netherlands Schools Offer Mealworms & Insects to Children as 'Sustainable' Meat Substitute

Rise of 3D-Printed Frankenmeat Is a Gateway to The Great Reset and Ubiquitous Bug Burgers

PayPal’s plan to fine users for ‘misinformation’ was a totalitarian trial balloon

Hiding Hunter’s Laptop 

Lights! Camera! Zelenskyy!              10/17


Food Inflation Hits 40% as CPI Explodes; Inflation Reaches Catastrophic 40-Year High as Biden Puts America on the Path of Sri Lanka

Real US Retail Sales Tumble (Again) In September

U.S. Receives Lowest Economic Freedom Ranking Since 1975

Zelensky Shakedown: $62 Billion Before Next Year

Largest Refinery In Europe Malfunctions Amid Strikes As Energy Crisis Looms

More Sanctions, More Sacrifices: But Not for the EU Chaos Politicians Big Raises  

German government set to burn nearly €6 billion worth of expired face masks during energy crisis

BREAKING: Soros Gave $30M to Groups Urging Censorship of So-Called Disinfo Before Midterms

IT WAS ALL STAGED! Pelosi Brought in Daughter, Camera Crew to US Capitol Before the Riot, Son-in-Law Was Set Up Outside to Film

$1.2 Billion Metaverse Project Has Only 38 Active Users

Arizona AG Candidate Vows to Find Ways to Sue Chinese Companies for Fentanyl

Over 300,000 Rainbow Fentanyl Pills Seized in New York, Could Have Killed 850,000 People

Illegal Migration Into EU Soaring                 10/14


Global Debt Markets Are BREAKING – Pension Collapse in England, Govt. Debt FAIL in Japan, While Some Bonds See 75% Losses so Far in 2022

Markets Crash After Inflation Rate Comes in Hot – Core CPI Surges to 6.6% the Highest Rate Since 1982 – Real Wages Declined for Record 18 Months!

Bank of England issues collapse warning: ‘You have three days to sell’

Cashless society apocalypse: One of the largest Swiss retailer, COOP, loses 100 million $ in 24 hours after digital card payment fails to work

The WEF’s Programs for Infiltration: The Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers & New Champions

Is the U.S. Real Estate Industry Infiltrated and Being Used to Facilitate Chinese Espionage?

Communist China's Belt and Road Initiative Trashing the Environment

As BIDEN Battles UAE, Saudi Arabia, Questions Arise, Who Will Buy Biden’s US $31 TRILLION Debt?

The Fed Is Now Paying $500 Million To A Handful Of Banks Every Day, And Suddenly Has A Very Big Problem

BIDEN ECONOMY: Mortgage Rates Rise to 16 Year Highs – Annual Home Sales Slump by 39%

Trans-Pacific Shipping Rates Plunge 75% As US Retail Demand Falters

European energy crisis making it impossible to produce renewable energy equipment like solar panels

'Financial Rebellion' Episode 42: One Nation Under Blackmail With Whitney Webb

Globalists colluding with Big Tech to manipulate the internet under the guise of “fighting disinfo”

FBI STATS: More than 60% of known murder offenders in 2021 were BLACK

Best mama bear rant we’ve ever seen            10/13


Wholesale Inflation Rises More Than Expected In September, With Prices Jumping 8.5%

Food Inflation Up a Stunning 11.90%

IMF to Slash Global Growth Forecast for 2023, Warns of Global Recession

The New Global Virus: Runaway Government Spending and Debt

Federal Budget Deficit Shrinks to Still Eye-Popping $1.4 Trillion: CBO

Benedict Biden’s Economic Destruction Continues, as the US Dept. Of Labor Screws Over Independent Contractors 

Biden’s railroad union deal COLLAPSES; freight rail workers ready to strike

Thanks to Biden’s Border Crisis, the Million-Dollar Migrant Smuggling Industry Is Now Worth Billions

30 Migrant Children Found with Two Adults in Arizona Desert near Border

Obamaphones Return: Here’s Here’s How Many Illegal Border Crossers Received “Free” Cell Phones From the Biden-Harris Regime

Lesson Learned: NYC Schools Struggle to Cope With Influx of 5,500 Migrant Kids

New Zealand Proposes Taxing Cow Burps To Reduce Emissions

Here Are the Lavish “Doomsday Bunkers” Where the Democrat Elites Will Hide When They Start WW3 (Photos)

Michiganders Fight Soros-Linked Sec. Of State’s Attempt to Block Poll-Watchers

Soros-backed NGO says it wants to 'save democracy' by influencing national elections

World’s Best Business School Adds Diversity And Woke Investing Majors

Turkish annual inflation jumps to 83.45% due to excessive government spending on welfare and the military

The FBI’s Tac Vest Fascism                                 10/12


Let’s Put America’s Humane Family Farmers Above Foreign Conglomerates

Federal Reserve Announcement: 6 Large Banks Will Participate In Pilot Climate Scenario Or Social Credit System

BIDEN ECONOMY: Americans See Most Severe Pay Cut in 25 Years Under Biden

Even the Banksters Are Being Forced to Admit That the U.S. Economy Is Really Starting to Come Apart at the Seams

US Congressman Introduces Gold Standard Bill As Inflation Spirals Out Of Control

France will have spent 100 bln euros in 2021-2023 on inflation fight-minister

Energy Analyst Says EV Charging MORE EXPENSIVE Than Gas

PayPal Did NOT Back Down, STILL Threatens $2,500 Fines for Promoting ‘Hate’ and ‘Intolerance’

Michael Burry from “The Big Short” says stock market will keep on FALLING

Americans Continue To Pay For Inflation With Credit Cards

Fighting Back! Republican Treasurers Pull $1 BILLION From BlackRock Over Anti-Fossil Fuel Policies

Rich, Young Professionals Fleeing in Droves From Democrat Hellholes New York and Commiefornia

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed by MI Residents Demands Michigan’s Dirty SOS Jocelyn Benson Rescind Newly Created, Unconstitutional Rules To Make Poll Challengers Job In Upcoming Election Nearly Impossible

How the Democrats Built a “Non-Profit” Local Fake News Machine — The IRS Is Letting Them Get Away With It

PayPal stock takes a beating after caught red-handed in Orwellian “misinformation” power grab

The Trial That Will Destroy Your Free Speech      10/11


Globalist Banker Says 'Ban on Cash' Will Give Central Banks 'Absolute Control' Over Your Money -

Globalist Blunder: WEF-Controlled PayPal Unleashes Chinese Social Credit Ambitions Prematurely

Biden's digital currency would spell the death of freedom in America

Energy Inflation Isn’t an Accident, It’s a Planned Demolition

A Chief Economic Adviser Says the Recession the US Is About to Enter Was ‘Totally Avoidable’

Young Parents Skipping Meals, Turning to Ramen Noodles as Inflation, Gas Prices Soar 

Cook County’s Guaranteed Income Plan Is Guaranteed to Fail

Louisiana pulls $800 million out of BlackRock over ‘crippling’ green energy, ‘anti-fossil fuel’ agenda

Gaslighting: Ben Bernanke, Former Federal Reserve Chairman Largely Responsible for the Economic Crash of 2008, Given Nobel Economics Prize 

Klaus Schwab Understood 25 Years Ago Globalism’s Impact on Individuals’ Autonomy and Dignity

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Forced to Recall Nearly All of Its Vehicles - Stock Price Plummets

World Leaders "Speak Out" against the "Reckless" Biden & his "Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ Comments So Egregious"

Report: BLM Cofounder Renovates Backyard of Her $1.4M L.A. Mansion

Babysitters Charged After TODDLER Dies From Fentanyl Overdose in North Carolina

San Diego CA starts new program to give free money away in experimental new plan

They Will Keep Coming                     10/10


Food, Energy, Housing: True German Inflation Is 56 Percent

The Great Reset: Canadian Government Has Allocated $105.3 Million to World Economic Forum Digital ID Partnership

World Careening Toward ‘Dangerous New Normal,’ IMF Chief Warns

Central banks continue adding gold to their net holdings as fears rise of a global currency collapse

Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers: Everyone Maxed Out Their Credit Card As Economy Slid Into Recession

The Velocity of Money Circulation Is Another Economic Myth

ROBOCROPPERS: John Deere Planning to Replace Farmers With Fully Automated Farming Vehicles by 2030

As Biden Welcomes Venezuela Oil, He Prepares To Block All US Offshore Drilling

Louisiana pulls $800 million out of BlackRock over 'crippling' green energy, 'anti-fossil fuel' Agenda

September Jobs Report Shows Cooling Labor Market Amid Recession Fears

Benedict Biden Boasts His ‘Economy Has Created 668 Manufacturing Jobs’ 

Miranda Devine: Ex-Hunter Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Takes On The Biden Machine

Billionaire Moved to Florida Because of Crime in Chicago — Now He’s Giving $100 Million to Elect Conservatives

NY Mother Killed in Front of Her 3 Kids by Husband After He Was Released Without Bail for Assault

Get Out of Big Cities                            10/8


China Pre-Positioned To Take Over America From Within - From Secret Chinese Police Stations To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Acres Of American Farmland China Has Stealthily Invaded America

Why Is Are the ChiComs Buying up so Much Land in Florida?

Video: Financial Oligarch Says Central Banks Will Have 'Absolute Control' of Money in Coming Cashless Society

It Begins: “Project Icebreaker” Is the One-World Currency Test-Run of CBDCs in Three Western Nations

The Fed set up this trap and now we all will suffer

EXPOSED: $105 Million Liberal Partnership with WEF Laid Bare

SHELL GAME: Biden “Discreetly” Cuts Off Millions Of Borrowers From Student Loan Cancellation

US Buying $290M Worth Of Anti-Radiation Drugs for Use In “Nuclear Emergency”

Training AI: Fake Data Is Cheaper Than Real Data

Supply chain crunch still affecting automobile industry as Ford’s trademark blue oval badges, nameplates run out

The Dark Side of Electric and Self-Driving Vehicles

The Mysterious Sealed-Unsealed-Resealed List Of Items Stolen By The FBI At Mar-a-Lago

How Val Demings Helped A Campaign Donor Fund A Major Real Estate Purchase With Taxpayer Dollars

Super typhoon Noru that hit the Philippines intensified in less than 6 hours: Weather manipulation at play?

IL Guv Pritzker on Defense After Bail Abolishment Law Set to Free Murder Suspects  

The Collectivist War on the Middle Class             10/7


Gas prices in Los Angeles County hit new record high of $6.466 – nearly double the national average

Factory Orders Flat in August as Manufacturing Sector Slows

Biden Announces $625M More Ukraine Defense Aid In Zelensky Phone Call

Deal back on: Elon Musk ready to buy Twitter for original $44 billion price tag

China says massive dollar DUMP on the way, prepare for yuan buying spree 

Bipartisan Senators Propose ‘China Grand Strategy Commission’

Needed: A New Monroe Doctrine to Confront China's Aggression

Human Genome Mapping: $200, 2 Days, Twice As Fast

USDA Now Asking People to Register Their Vegetable Gardens for National Database

Where Artificial Intelligence Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud

HUGE! Election Company Konnech CEO Eugene Yu Arrested in Los Angeles for Theft of Personal Data of Election Workers – Data Sent to China!

Bombshell Dominion ‘Error Code’ Uncovered in 97% of Georgia Counties

Outrageous! Tarrant County Texas Sheriff Won’t Investigate Police Body Cam Footage of Ballot Harvesting “Confession”

Bombshell Texts Show Milwaukee Mayor Colluding With Democrats To Rig 2022 Election

The speech Americans need to hear              10/5


How the Federal Reserve Is Using the ‘Green Transition’ as a Pretext to Build an American Social Credit System

Federal Reserve goes authoritarian, set to force banks to adopt ‘social score’ system for customers similar to Communist China

The Federal Reserve Is Looking Very Closely at Issuing Central Bank Digital Currency

China re-routes US gas to Europe at a big profit

Biden throws another $60 million into a blackhole

Farmers to Be Replaced? John Deere Aiming for Fully Automated Row Farming by 2030 

The Benefits of Benedict Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Will Overwhelmingly Go to Wealthier Americans, Analysis Finds

European energy crisis is going to last a lot longer than just one winter, crucial analysis finds

Netherlands: Migrants Celebrate Living on ‘5-Star’ Cruise Ship While Citizens ‘Cannot Afford Groceries and Energy’

DOJ Confesses FBI Seized ‘Boxes’ of Possibly Privileged Records From Mar-a-Lago

Search Warrant FBI Used To Get Mike Lindell’s Cell Phone Is Under Dispute — DOJ Won’t Concede Filed Copy Is “True And Correct”

The Democrats Have Lost Their Minds on Criminal Justice Reform

Revolving Door: Chicago Convict Arrested for 15th Time This Year

After 5 years, dark and disturbing questions remain about the Las Vegas shooting

Anti-ESG Movement Gains Momentum        10/4


Brazil Election Fraud What is Coming Here

Biden And Harris Flopping Worldwide

Some Thriving in Biden Economy: Migrant Smuggling Cartels Make Billions

Dutch Citizens Throw Eggs at Canvas of Their WEF Shill of a Prime Minister, Mark Rutte

Biden Admin Showered Millions On Government's 'Misinformation' Czars After 2020 Election

Billionaire Investor Says U.S. Is Spiraling Toward a Debt Crisis

Report: Historical Levels of Fraud - How $600B Was Snatched from American Pockets in Almost 3 Years

'We Own the Science': WEF Member Brags About Partnership With Google to Censor Critics

KASH PATEL Fires Warning Shot: “Wait Til You See the Acts of Sexual Complicity that the 7th Floor of the FBI was Engaging In” (VIDEO)

A Warning From the Past? This Speech From a 1981 Movie Gives Chilling Description of Our World and the Davos Gang

Sandy Hook Lawyer Admits Lawsuit Against Alex Jones Is Designed To Silence Independent Media

NYC Nearing Deal For Norwegian Cruise Ship To House Migrants

George Soros’s Open Society Foundation Puts Millions Behind Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups

Leftists Buying Up Newsrooms in Florida            10/3


New digital currencies being pushed by global elite will destroy privacy, allow total surveillance of purchases

'Obscene': Richest 1% Now Owns Third of U.S. Wealth

Stocks Tumble on the Heels of Another Disastrous Inflation Report

Biden Administration's Gift to Russia: Iran Nuke Deal

‘Just Kidding’: Biden Yanks Student Loan Forgiveness From 770,000 Borrowers

Costly war: American aid to Ukraine about to hit $65 billion

Smart Thermostats Sold on “incomplete, if not entirely false promises” by Data Aggregators, Manufacturers, Utilities and Municipalities

China props up Islamic Republic of Iran with major oil purchases

China Opens Police Stations in 30 Countries to Monitor and Control Chinese Citizens

Emergency Report: Global Food Supply Has Collapsed, Experts Warn Civilization Threatened

100,000 Cattle Dead, 2M More Sickened: Highly Contagious, Deadly Virus Sweeps Through India Farms

“You Will Rent Nothing And You Will Be Happy”: Rent-A-Center Crashes After Pulling Guidance Due To Collapsing “Economic Conditions”

Young Iranians Fight for Freedom While the World Looks Away

ENEMIES LIST: Geller Report Among Top 20 Conservative Websites The Federal Government Ordered Censored On Social Media

The End of Debate: Censorship is the one thing world leaders can agree on

Black Lives Matter: An Empty Slogan          10/1


Federal Reserve Announces Major ‘Pilot Exercise’ for ESG Chi-Com-Style Social Credit Score System

The International Monetary Fund Is Just Another Cog in the Leftist Globalist Cabal

“Historic Levels Of Fraud”: US Watchdog Estimates $45.6 Billion Bilked From Pandemic Unemployment Program

Stop-Gap Spending Bill Passed to Keep Gov’t Open…$12B More for Ukraine…

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue: 'New World Order' Using 'Evil' Inflation To 'Enslave Humanity

Biden Drained Strategic Reserve — and Now We Might Need It

Good Luck Getting “Affordable” Care With Democrats’ Latest Medicare Maneuver

Globalist collusion: Gates Foundation funding Clinton initiative to force developing world to depend on China

Worse Than Katrina? It Appears That We Just Witnessed The Most Costly Natural Disaster In U.S. History By A Wide Margin

Biden’s America: Criminals Disable Entire Fleet Of School Buses By Stealing All The Catalytic Converters (VIDEO)

FBI Purging Conservative Employees and Retaliating Against Whistleblowers

Climate Commie John Kerry AGAIN Praises Communist China; Why Is That?

Major corporations cut ties with Twitter after discovering their ads were placed alongside child porn tweets

A Revolution of Truth                                     9/30


Unsound Money Is to Blame

GDP Fell 0.6% In Updated Second Quarter Report

IRS Sent Out Over $1 Billion In Child Tax Credit Payments To The Wrong People

Largest produce market in Paris erupts in flames, as arson attacks on food supply continue

Forget the Blame Game — Nord Stream Sabotage Is About The Great Reset and NOTHING Else

Anti-Globalism Is Going Mainstream – Which Means Engineered Disaster Is About To Strike

Kremlin Declares Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Was 'Terrorist Act' By a 'State Power

Another $1.1BN In Arms Ukraine: "We Will Not Be Deterred," White House Says

Almost 80 Percent of Americans Dissatisfied With Direction of the Nation

Biden Admin Gives $41 Million in Contracts to Soros-Linked Group to Help Illegal Aliens Fight Deportations

The Taliban Work To Put Bagram Back Into Action

Steven Crowder Takes a Sledgehammer to the Left’s January 6 Narrative [VIDEO]

No House Arrest Or Curfew For North Dakota Man Who Admitted To Running Over Teenager Over Politics

North Korea Fires 2 Missiles After Chlamydia Harris Leaves South Korea, DMZ 

5 Big Threats to Rivers

The Thinnest Veneer Of Civilization              9/29


FLASHBACK: Benedict Biden ‘Promised’ There ‘Will Be No Longer a Nord Stream 2’ if Russia Invades Ukraine

CONFIRMED: Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines SABOTAGED as third world war looms

“If you wanted to sabotage a new undersea pipeline and make it look like an accident”

The Great Reset: Big Tech Ally with Globalist Banksters to Contol Every Aspect of Your Life

Senate Advances Stop-Gap Spending Bill with $12 Billion in Ukraine Aid, $3 Billion for Biden’s Afghans

In January Biden Said the Stock Market Hit “Record After Record After Record on My Watch” – Today Stocks Have Lost $7.6 Trillion in Value Since Biden Took Office

Poll: 71% of Workers Are Poorer Under Bidenflation

Biggest financial crime in America’s history: Billions of taxpayer dollars STOLEN from COVID-19 relief programs

House Republicans Ask DOD About Chinese Farmland Purchase Near North Dakota Air Force Base

Why is Belgium shutting down nuclear power plants in the middle of an energy crisis and an approaching winter without gas?

BIDEN ECONOMY: And Now the Housing Market Tanks

Liberal Media Still Burying Political Murder of Republican Teen Cayler Ellingson

Hurricane Ian Tracker                        9/28


MUST SEE… New Italian Leader Giorgia Meloni’s Speech Against New World Order: “They attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity”

Zelensky reveals how much US taxpayers give Ukraine each month… “but it’s not even nearly enough”

Recession Signals Intensify As Key Economic Gauge Drops For 6th Straight Month

FBI Misled Judge, Then Seized $86 Million In Cash From Beverly Hills Safe-Deposit Boxes

German energy apocalypse

Report: Americans Have Lost $4,200 In Annual Income Under Biden Administration

Report: U.S. Executives Flee TikTok Because Communist China Calls All the Shots

Full video thread: Globalists plotting ESG horrors in plain sight

Bill Clinton praises BlackRock CEO Larry Fink for being one of the main drivers of the ESG agenda

‘Democracy’ by and for the Elites

Report: China Paid U.S. Lab Scientists Up to $1 Million for Research, Including Military Tech

New Zealand Prime Minister calls for a global censorship system 

Federal judge: Krasner’s office misled court to try to free a man from death row

Krasnered: The Philly carnage is way, way worse than you’ve been led to believe

CBO Estimates Biden Deadbeat Student Loan Bailout Will Cost Taxpayers $400 Billion (Regime Told Us $240 Billion)

CO2 Has Almost No Effect on Global Temperature, Says Leading Climate Scientist

Economic Marxism – An Ideology Built on Lies     9/27


How the US Squandered Its Strategic Minerals

Report: China Paid U.S. Lab Scientists Up to $1 Million for Research, Including Military Tech

Chinese state-run media urges “de-dollarization,” says Federal Reserve engaging in “financial looting” of the world

WEF Twists the Meaning of Words to Make Austerity Sound Desirable

‘My Son Hunter’ Star Laurence Fox on Bannon’s ‘War Room’: ’It’s Absolutely Appalling That This Drug Addict Is on a Plane with His Father Selling America’s Future to the Chinese’

WEF Twists the Meaning of Words to Make Austerity Sound Desirable

London Banks Prepare For Possible Blackouts

They Know That They Are Killing The Economy, But They Are Doing It Anyway

Walmart, major US retailers are canceling orders as consumer demand plunges

Massive Fire Erupts at World’s Largest Produce Market But the Food Crisis Is Totally Not Manufactured, Y’All

Worse to Come: Bank of America Expects Unemployment to Soar to 5.6% Next Year

BUSTED: Top medical fraud and illegal health care schemes of 2022

‘Financial Catastrophe’: Americans Lost over $4K in Annual Income Thanks to Biden

Texas Has Raised Over $55 Million in Private Donations for Border Wall

The rise and fall of Beyond Meat

Iran Acquires 2.5 Million Acres of Venezuela       9/26


Biden regime pushing ‘digital dollar’ so government can seize assets at will, control population

Japan Makes Big Steps Towards a Cashless Society

Beijing Bidens: Whistleblower Documents Show Joe and Hunter Working to Sell US Natural Gas and Drilling Assets to Communist China

Furious Climate Activists Seek to Oust Trump Appointee from World Bank

IT’S OFFICIAL – Right Now 2022 Stands as the Worst Year in US Stock Market History

To avoid margin calls, European energy companies need another $1.5 trillion in bailout money

Market Now Lower Than When Biden Stole Presidency

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Could Hold Answers to GOP Questions About Chinese “Business” Deals

Technocrat Dictate: PayPal Outrageously Shuts Down Britain’s Free Speech Union

More People Leaving San Francisco Than Any Other Metro Area: Redfin

Criminal charges filed against 47 defendants who allegedly committed covid FRAUD, stealing $250 million intended to feed children during plandemic 

Democrats Continue To Lie About Police Deaths On January 6

Soros Prosecutor Twice Sprung Criminal Who Went On To Kill A Man

Report: Rape Suspect Gets Plea Deal from Manhattan DA, Then Allegedly Victimizes Five Others

The rise and fall of Beyond Meat                  9/24


WEF claims that “billions” who obeyed lockdowns and mask mandates will also comply with new globalist “social credit scheme”

World Economic Forum cites compliance with COVID mandates to promote 'climate change' lockdowns

Debt—and Why the Fed Is Trapped

How the Government is Causing a Credit Card Debt Crisis  

Federal Reserve Predicts Economy Will Slow to a Crawl, Hikes Interest Rate Again

Inflation in Argentina up almost 79% in August, virtually guaranteeing another interest rate hike

Sen. Ron Johnson: $1 at Start of Biden’s Term Now Worth 88 Cents as Inflation ‘Crushing’ Americans — ‘This Is the Democrats’ Tax on the Middle Class’

Report: BLM Activist Got Rich on Fat Salary While Ignoring Project for Which He Raised Money

Lara Logan: Biden’s open borders policies part of plan to empower global government

Giant Homeless Encampments Set to Explode Across US

New Study Says Smart Thermostats “actually slightly increased electricity and gas consumption”

Plum Island resurfaces: Secret research programs run by the USDA, DoD and DHS are engineering agricultural bioweapons to starve nations into collapse

Warning: Gene-Edited Meat Products Coming to Supermarkets Near You

Mike Wallace’s Aldous Huxley interview hits hard after 64 years

WHO Chief, TPLF Leader Tedros Silent About His Party's Theft of World Food Program Fuel

41 year old driver admits to intentionally running over and killing republican teenager over political dispute

Martha’s Vineyard illegals were shipped off to a Superfund contamination site

Emergency Powers are Forever

High energy prices are coming to America, too      9/22


GOP Border Rep. Brian Babin: Communist China, Mexican Drug Cartels Have ‘Declared War’ on America With Fentanyl Trafficking

Sam Faddis: Biden Is Giving $3.5B To The Taliban And You’re Not Supposed To Notice

Pain in the pocketbook: Inflation worsened in August as grocery prices continue to skyrocket in Biden’s economy

Shell's $6 Billion 'Cracker' Plant Part of 'Ponzi Scheme for Natural Gas,' Critic Says

US Housing Market In ‘Deep Recession’ As Homebuilder Confidence Tanks: Economist

Why Are Walmart And Other Major U.S. Retailers Canceling BILLIONS Of Dollars In Orders As Summer Comes To An End?

Giant homeless encampments set to explode across US; Organized Retail Criminals (ORCs) unleash coordinated mass Thefts and Violence

Operators say green energy transition rendered US power grid unreliable, prone to blackouts

Family Sells Texas Barbecue Joint Because of Illegal Alien Crime Wave

The Islamic State Is Back — But Its Focus Has Shifted

More Treason: Biden-Harris Regime to Continue Draining Oil From Strategic Reserves Through Election Day

Florida Sheriff’s Office Seizes Enough Fentanyl to Kill 1.5 Million Adults

Cities: 50% increase in homicides, 36% increase in aggravated assaults

Democrat-Run New Orleans Becomes Murder Capital of America

EXCLUSIVE: Venezuela Empties Prisons, Sends Violent Criminals to U.S. Border, Says DHS Report

Meet The Great Reset King – Charles III         9/20


Why the World Economic Forum's Plutocracy Should Be Dissolved

Despite Illegal Aliens Relocated, GoFundMe Campaign Raised $42,000, but Money Will Go to Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation That Has $14 Million in Assets

‘My Son Hunter’ True Fact: He Received $3.5M from Moscow for Unknown Reason…

August food inflation jumped by 11.4%, but experts warn the worst is yet to come

Never Mind Threats to Power Grids, Fires, Recalls, Other Issues, It’s Rising Lithium Prices that “could derail the EV revolution”

IP addresses in China, Russia, Iran, Cuba among recipients of US COVID-19 small business loan funds

Switzerland Is Entertaining the Idea of Jailing Individuals Who Heat Their Rooms Above 66℉ in the Case Country Has to Ration Gas

Biden Climate Appointee Studied at CCP-Controlled University Linked to Chinese Military

National debt nears $31 trillion as Congress considers new spending bill

100 of 102 Illinois State’s Attorneys Oppose Cashless Bail Letting 2nd-Degree Murderers out of Jail

Busted! Fla Democrats Voted to Fund DeSantis Martha’s Vineyard Flight

Influencer Says He Was Offered Money To Spread Anti-Trump Jan 6 Lies On TikTok, Brings Receipts

Bill Gates Wants “conspiracy theories” About Him To Go Away and we want YOU to go AWAY

Orwell Inspired                                               9/19


Compromised Biden admin refuses to address massive Chinese purchases of farmland, other property near U.S. military bases

Why the Fake Food Race Is Worth $3 Trillion

Red lights flashing: mortgage rates hit 6 percent for first time since 2008

SANCTIONS BACKFIRING: European manufacturers closing up shop due to skyrocketing energy costs

El Paso to Spend $2 Million Sending Illegal Immigrants Away From City

Report: Not Seen Since 2008 - Major Real Estate Company Releases Biden Economy Forecast

BREAKING! Alan Dershowitz Will Represent Mike Lindell: "We are suing the United States government and the FBI " for Confiscating His Phone

Martha’s Vineyard Homeless Shelter Coordinator Melts Down Over Illegals Flown to Island: “They Have to Move From Here to Somewhere Else” (VIDEO)

Liberal Logic: Martha’s Vineyard Calls 50 Illegal Immigrants a “Humanitarian Crisis” – But 4.2 Million Illegal Immigrants Crossing a “Secure Border”

5G health danger and misinformation: Canada is lying to us again!

Woman Puts $73K Solar Panels on Roof; Knows Something Went Horribly Wrong When Power Bill

Beijing influencing media outlets in a bid to create a more positive reputation for China

United States Based Donors are Bankrolling the Hungarian Opposition

The EU is running a digital ID pilot

The New World Order is Already Here              9/16


Economist: 1.3 Million Jobs Were The Result Of Double-Counting This Year

Wholesale Prices Jump Another 8.7% as Bidenflation Continues Its Stranglehold

Idiocracy: Germany finally admits that “without energy, no economy can run”

The Nilar: A Pan-African Gold Currency 

Highway Robbery: Americans Spent More on Taxes Last Year Than Food, Healthcare, Education, and Clothing . . . COMBINED

Gavin Newsom to Send ‘Inflation Relief Checks’ to Californians Right Before Election

Small Business Administration may have given away $1.3 billion in COVID-19 relief to FOREIGNERS and criminal organizations

‘My Son Hunter’ True Fact: Hunter Biden Secured $1.5 Billion from CCP Following China Trip with VP Joe Biden

Bad Tax News for Those With “Forgiven” Student Loans

Hunter Took $5 Million in Deal with ‘Spy Chief of China’ Patrick Ho

Here’s How Big Tech Plans to Rig the 2022 Midterms for Democrats

CHILLING: Biden signs new order to develop genetic engineering technologies to "write circuitry for cells" and...Proposed Democrat D.C. Bill Would Automatically Send Mail-in Ballots to Residents That Are Unregistered to Vote

FBI agents, is THIS what you signed up for?                 9/15


40 Percent of Americans Believe Chinese Communist Party Considers Itself at War With US

Regime Apparatchik John Kirby Refuses to Explain Why Biden-Harris Regime Is Allowing Communist China to Buy Up US Land Near Military Bases

Biden Quietly Loosens Tech Export Rules To Chinese Communist Firms Just Days After Huawei Lobbyist’s Brother Joins White House

Gas prices set to soar after midterms as Biden’s raid on oil reserve expires

Biden’s Depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is Reaching Crisis Levels

Big Banks Making a Killing Off Global Hunger, Energy Crises

Europe’s Collapse Will Be the Launch of The Great Reset

Globalist/Depopulationist “King” Charles Helped Organize Original Great Reset Meeting With World Economic Forum During Scamdemic

Locals in North Dakota Oppose Massive Corn Mill Project by Chinese Company

Bill Gates-funded Colombian mosquito factory breeds 30 million bacteria-infected mosquitoes weekly

Durham shocker: Danchenko was a paid FBI informant – Who Lied About the Utterly False Pee-Pee Tape

Pro-Trump Arizona SecState Nominee Rips Deal to Delay Cleaning Voter Rolls Until After Election

Study: More than three-fourths of PLASTIC in Pacific Garbage Patch came from Chinese, Japanese fishermen

Paper Ballots: The Key to Secure Elections         9/14


WEF’s Harari: ‘Climate Change’ May Lead to ‘Technological Noah’s Ark’ for ‘Elites’

IRS Unmasked: Away From Politics, America’s Tax Agency Has Lots of Warts, and Ammunition 

Right on Cue, World’s Second Largest Appliance Manufacturer Announces Earnings Collapse and Inventory Buildup as Consumer Sales Plummet

Price Controls Have Failed for 4,000 Years—and Humans Still Haven’t Learned

How the Arms Industry Scams the Taxpayer — Contractors Cash in as Congress Adds Billions to the Pentagon Budget

GOP lawmakers sound alarm on ‘media cartel’ bill that will allow big tech, big media to collude on more censorship

Ron DeSantis Blasts Corporatism, Elitism, and GOP’s Soft Approach to Big Business Cronyism

Lawyer hero Leslie McAdoo Gordon has a major announcement with a stunning indictment of the DOJ

The DOJ won’t prosecute a prosecutor who sexually assaulted someone

Security Solutions for U.S. Schools Includes A.I. Gun-Detection Tech, Full-Body Scanners, Online Monitoring; Est. $3B/Year Industry

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based On False Narratives

The Guardian Downgrades the 1.5C Global Warming Panic

Two Migrants Reveal Truth About Biden's Border Policies Criminals Can Easily Enter US: "They don't have any Documents to tell if they are Criminals or not'

Border Patrol Agents Seizing Record Amounts of Fentanyl, Meth in Arizona, Texas

China Is Creating 'Digital Twin' Of Americans        9/13


Pfizer to Make $54 Billion Off Treating Covid Over and Over

Household wealth suffers record drop

Cash Handouts To Canadians Could Spark “Inflationary Fire,” Economists Warn

How the Modern Monetary Theory Experiment Lost (Badly) to Basic Economics 

BRAVE NEW WORLD? Credit Card Companies To Use Special Code To Track Gun Purchases

Biden’s debt forgiveness plan is an open invitation for educational institutions to commit FRAUD

Wayfair's Stock Is Down Over 80% Since They Canceled MyPillow - Now They're Issuing More Debt

Swiss Social Media Abuzz Over “Rat Out Your Neighbor” Energy Use Posters

Globalist Grifter Volodymyr Zelensky Lands Unearned Epic Gig Headlining a U.S. Defense Contractor Conference

DoD Watchdog To Investigate Potentially Dangerous Afghans Allowed Into US Despite Being On Watchlist

INSANITY: Illinois Democrats Eliminate Cash Bail System on Felonies Including Second-Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery, Arson, Kidnapping, Drug-induced Homicide, and Looting — Lets Criminals Walk!

Jan. 6 Political Prisoners and Families Expose Brutal Truth About Jail Lockdown

UN Gen Sec uses flooding to push more power for WEF & UN to ‘solve’ the weather – Reality.

Somalia: Muslims destroy trucks filled with relief food, murder at least 18 civilians

The Stage Is Being Set For A Massive Global Rice Shortage

Bikers Descend on Berlin to Protest Energy Policies  

Patrick Moore criticizes Greenpeace, says it’s been taken over by leftist climate alarmists

The Immorality of Identity Politics            9/12


Biden is still spending TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that were set aside for COVID-19 stimulus

Biden Administration Announces Over $2 Billion In New Aid To Ukraine, Allies

Kevin McCarthy, GOP Elites and Super PACs Spend $5 Million to Destroy MAGA Candidate Karoline Leavitt in NH Primary – Leavitt Joins Tucker (VIDEO)

Chipmakers receiving taxpayer subsidies under new law can resume business in China after 10 years

Tech billionaires are buying up large-scale bunkers and survival gear in preparation for what’s coming

Janet Yellen Says Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Will Rid Us of Oil and Gas (VIDEO)

UN Food Official Warns Fertilizer Affordability Crisis Could Slash Global Grain Production By 40%

FedEx ground delivery on verge of ‘collapse’ as rising costs threaten to bankrupt contractors

The World Economic Forum King Ascends to the British Throne

Vimeo CEO exposed as World Economic Forum (WEF) “Young Global Leaders” graduate

WHO Chief, TPLF Leader Tedros Silent About His Party's Theft of World Food Program Fuel

Switzerland Threatens to Jail People Who Heat Their Homes Too Much in the Winter

Now the climate “greenies” are going after natural gas, want it eliminated from homes nationwide

San Diego: Fentanyl Seizures Up 323%, Overdose Deaths Up 2,375%

SEC chairman's role in Steele dossier payments adds to questions about Trump probe conflicts

Schweizer: Movie Makes My Investigation of Biden Family ‘Three-Dimensional’

The new WAR against independent media            9/9


Explanation of the ‘Great Reset’ and Strategies to How to Survive It

European Union Wants Mandatory Energy Rationing to “flatten the curve”

British pound sterling’s value against the dollar falls to lowest level since 1985

Globalists Must Be Ecstatic: Half of US Workers Say They Are ‘Quiet Quitting’

WEF Orders Journalists To 'Cease and Desist' Exposing Secret Globalist Agenda

Energy Transition a ‘Dangerous Delusion’: Report

Aussie federal government cries poor on fuel taxes – but still has billions to spend on climate action

New World Order in Action: Dutch Farmers Dragged Off the Streets by Government Goons

Europe’s top steel plants CLOSE due to “exorbitant rise in energy prices”

California: You need a gas generator to charge your $120k electric super car

BOMBSHELL! Name of Elected Official Who is One of The Primary "Architects" Behind $419 MILLION Zuckerberg

“Disinformation Dozen” say collusion between Biden regime and Big Tech is undeniable

How Immigrant Chinese Scientists and American Useful Idiots Facilitate Chinese Communist Propaganda in the U.S.

Black Lives Matter Is Being Sued by 26 Black Lives Matter Grassroots Groups

ENERGY CRISIS IN EUROPE                 9/8


Pfizer to Make Record $54 Billion From COVID Shots and Treatment

Edward Dowd: A Global Financial Collapse Is a Mathematical Certainty

TOO BIG TO FAIL? European governments start bailing out energy companies to prevent total collapse

Hunter Biden-Backed Chinese Energy Firm Posts Record Profit.

The US Economy Is Still Being Artificially Supported By Trillions In COVID Stimulus

Think engineered famine could never happen? Learn the story of the HOLODOMOR as history repeats itself

Zombie Media Cartel Bill Back — and Worse Than Ever! Would Strengthen Legacy Media, Punish Anti-Establishment Outlets

BUSTED: Federal Judge Reveals President Biden Ordered 'Unconstitutional' FBI Raid on Trump

Biden and the Democrats Are Skipping Straight to the Final Stage of Socialism

Charles Ortel: Our Corrupt Elites Reveal That What Jefferson Feared Has Come To Pass

Navy SEALs are fighting for religious exemptions to vaxx mandates… the battle is far from over

Electric Cars Are Not ‘Zero-Emission Vehicles’

In Biden’s America, 1 in 6 U.S. Households Can’t Afford Their Energy Bills

55 Shot During Labor Day Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Are the Globalists Winning?            9/7


Senator Ron Johnson: FBI Ignored ‘Eyewitness Testimony’ of Joe Biden’s Involvement in Hunter’s Deal With Communist China

Black Hole: as billions in American arms and aid enter Ukraine, US officials receive hand written receipts

The Student Loan Giveaway Is Much Bigger Than You Think

Biden Fights 9/11 Victims in Court to Protect Taliban Cash

Labor Day: Feds Annually Outsource over Half a Million American Jobs to Foreign Visa Workers

“20 Quid For A Pint!?” UK Pubs Forced To Hike Prices Or Die

2 Jobs Open for Every Unemployed American

Sundance: Biden Brings In Professional Bagman John Podesta To Divvy Up The $316 Billion In Climate Change Money

Entire German economy being plunged into Dark Ages due to insane electricity prices; manufacturers HALT production

Paul Pelosi Sold Computer Chip Stock In Time To Avoid Heavy Losses

BRICS member nations are creating new reserve currency to challenge the dollar, Andy Schectman tells Mike Adams

Power Company Seizes Control Of Thermostats In Colorado During Heatwave

Fascistbook Forced to Pay $38 Million to Users Over Location Tracking

Amazon Abandons Dozens Of Warehouses Before They Even Open

Civil war erupts inside FBI as nearly two dozen agents demand corrupt Director Chris Wray, top officials resign

Arabs to Biden: Do Not Sign the Iran Deal, It Will Start a War

Hate Hoax In Germany: Green Politician Resigns After Inventing Nazi Death-Threats Against Himself

Who Benefits From US Government Claims That The UFO Threat Is Increasing “Exponentially”?

A Strange Time in the UK                              9/6


Benito Biden Begs Congress for Over Another $47 Billion for Various “Emergencies” Like Ukraine and Monkeypox

More Americans rely on food banks amid record-high inflation

BlackRock Alum Edward Dowd Reveals Financial Collapse and Covid Jab Data

World Economic Forum Official Lashes Out: Critics ‘Shouldn’t Really Be Talking About’ Globalist Organization

Announced plans to lay off 20% of staff, close 150 stores

Here are nearly a dozen NEW Hunter Biden scandals the corrupt media refuses to cover

BLM Grassroots Accuses BLM Leader Shalomyah Bowers of Stealing $10 Million – Bowers Accuses BLM Grassroots of Racism

‘Drinking Recycled Sewage Is The Future, Don’t Be Squeamish’ Says WEF-Linked Expert

Google to ban all smartphone apps that tell the truth about health in latest bid to protect LIES of Big Pharma and the vaccine industry

Biden’s Labor Chief Promotes Worker Replacement, Says Immigrants Are ‘Only Way’ to Fill Jobs

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Pentagon Speeds Arms Sales to Allies, as US Stockpiles Dwindle

World again on brink of war: Taiwan shoots down Chinese drone for first time amid rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific

EXCLUSIVE: 52,000 Migrants Crossed One Texas Border Sector in August

Sheriff Warns Against “Epic Slaughter of Americans,” Says the Murder Weapon is Fentanyl

Americans are brainwashed into ignorance          9/5


Goldman Sachs warns UK inflation could peak above 22% if energy prices remain high

Bed, Bath & Beyond To Close 150 Stores 18 Months After Canceling MyPillow

The Radical Mob Is Rewarded, While Innocent Americans Will Be Crushed by Biden’s Student Loan Stunt

“The Straw That Breaks The Market’s Back”: The Fed Must Do $3.9 Trillion In QT To Control Inflation… Which It Can’t Possibly Do

Breitbart Biz Digest: Powell Adopts an Irresponsible Monetary Policy

Millions of Brits Would Struggle in Cashless Society Favoured by Wealthy

Mapped: The Wealthiest Billionaire in Each U.S. State in 2022

As America Self-Destructs With Green Energy, China Preps for War With Coal

New Electric Mustang Only Lasted 6 Months Without Dangerous Complications – Ford Announces Major EV Recall

More Illegal Boat Migrants Landed in August than Entirety of 2020 

Biggest Cruise Ship Ever Built Could Be Scuttled Before It Ever Sails

Spectrum Management Association Issues More Warnings on Now 1 Billion Portable Wi-Fi 6E Devices Affecting First Responders, Railroads, Utilities, etc.

Buenos Aires: Footage shows gunman almost wasted Kristina Kirchner

Ten Ways to Change a Liberal's Mind               9/2


Watch: IRS coaching college students on how to take down small business owners

Joe Biden Quietly Signed an Executive Order Seizing Control of Cryptocurrencies to Create a Cashless Society

“Worse Than Couple Years Ago:” Food Bank Demand Spikes As Inflation Wrecks Households

Study Warns Blue Light from LED Lighting, TVs, and Other Screens “can accelerate the aging process”

UK government now paying covid “vaccine” victims up to $141,000 for injuries: MEDIA SILENT

Was FBI's Mar-A-Lago Raid Rooted In Taking "Russia-gate" Evidence?

FREEZE ‘TIL YOU’RE BROKE: Millions of Brits face energy poverty this winter due to UK government’s price cap increase

Regime Spoxidiot Karine Jean-Pierre Gaslights, Says ‘We Are Securing the Border’ as Fentanyl Pours in From Mexico

HERE WE GO: NSA Deploys ‘Election Security Group’ to Combat Foreign Cyberhackers and ‘Protect’ Midterm Elections

FISHY: Sarah Palin Loses to a DEMOCRAT in Deep-Republican Alaska?

BIDEN WARNS MAGA: If Want to Fight Against Country, You Need F-15s 

Pro-Antifa Portland Freedom Fund Bailed Out Stalker, Now He’s Charged With Murdering A Woman

11 DAYS: Google is strangling us!                  9/1


US oil reserves fall to 37-year low as Biden continues to export America’s oil to China

Inflation Reduction & "Green" Banking with Catherine Austin Fitts

There's A Hot Mess Over Patents for Covid Injections and They're All Suing Each Other 

America has imported over $6 billion worth of goods from Russia since the start of Ukraine invasion

Feds Seize Enough Fentanyl to Kill 42 Million near Border in Arizona


Federal government raids Amish farm for raising livestock and growing crops the natural way

Another One: Poultry Processing Plant Catches Fire in Montebello, California (VIDEO) 

Ukraine and the Politics of Permanent War         8/31


The American Kleptocracy: A Government of Liars, Thieves and Lawbreakers

The Build Back Better Western Energy Policy is Making Russia Very Rich

Biden Loan Cancellation Could Cost More Than $1 TRILLION…

DAY SIX: White House Refuses To Say Who Will Pay For $500B Student Loan Handout

Panic Mode: Beijing Deploys ‘Task Forces’ as Youth Unemployment Hits Record High

Google Joins Big Tech Companies In 'Pre-Bunking' Misinformation

Revealed: Senator Mark Kelly’s Concerning Business Ties to China

Greedy Teachers in Washington State Teachers Strike for ‘Fair Contract’ Despite 4 Out of 10 Making Over $100,000 Yearly

BOOM! Kash Patel: This Entire Raid on Mar-a-Lago Was to Prevent Disclosure of Declassified Russiagate Documents that Implicate FBI! (VIDEO)

OAN’s Chanel Rion Lays Out How Donald Trump Can Take Down EVERYONE in the FBI Involved in the Mar-a-Lago Raid

BUG OFF: New York Post Publishes Puff Piece For Worm 'Burgers'

Manhattan judge releases another Violent repeat offender without any bail

Bannon Confirms Epstein Film Still a Go        8/30


Visualizing The State Of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Joe Biden Quietly Signed an Executive Order Seizing Control of Cryptocurrencies to Create a Cashless Society  

Brits' Energy Bills to Soar by Record 80% This Winter

“This Is Beyond Imagination”: Polish Homeowners Line Up For Days To Buy Coal Ahead Of Winter

European Central Bank Chief Blames Climate Change for Red-Hot Inflation

Majority of new federal climate funds in Pennsylvania going to repave parking lots

The Rise of ESG — Replacing Profits with Paternalism, and Strategy with Standards

WEF Proposes Sound Waves For Mind Control In 2018, Then Deletes Their Page

California electric company admits it will NEVER be able to charge everybody’s electric vehicles

How Raphael Warnock Doubled His Income Since Joining the Senate

Buyer’s Remorse: Top 8 ways people are WASTING MONEY during the pandemic

The Man Who Invented Climate Change - Maurice Strong

WEF-UN Push Compulsory "Climate Education" to Transform Kids Into Enviro-activists

We’re facing the enslavement of humanity: Surveillance reveals which side intelligence agencies are on

The plague of Green Elephants                         8/29


Failed Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Sinks Markets – Promises Pain Ahead for American Households and Businesses (VIDEO)

Biden’s Deadbeat College Loan Bailout: Costs Up to $980B, 70% Goes to Top 60% of Earners

Penn-Wharton Pegs Benedict Biden’s Deadbeat Student Loan Bailout Potential Cost at $1 Trillion

Breadline Bernie Lashes Out at Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for Not Unionizing Nationwide [So the Democrat Party Can Get a Cut of Every Sale]

Hayward: China, World’s Worst Polluter, Condemns U.S. and Europe for Coal Plants

Globalists Are Terrorizing Humanity With Artificial SCARCITY of Everything — Defeating Them Means Abundance for All

BREAKING… Feds ARREST Gavin McGinnes During Live Broadcast Over Jan. 6 — Despite the Fact HE DID NOT GO to DC on Jan. 6

The FBI Affidavit Is So Redacted, They Even Redacted Their Reasons For Redacting What They Redacted 

RINOs Don’t Get It                                          8/27


Technocratic World Economic Forum wants to microchip your Children in order to track them

Citi says apocalyptic hyperinflation is coming, Germany’s central bank agrees 

As Subjects of the Oppressive Biden-Harris Regime, You’re 4 Times More Likely to Face an IRS Audit

Executive Order 14067: Will Paper Currency REALLY End in the U.S. On December 13, 2022, and Be Replaced by Government-Controlled Cryptocurrency?

Biden Invokes Post-9/11 'National Emergency' Law to Ram Through $300B Student Loan Bailout

Economic plot interrupted? Anti-energy corporations Credit Suisse and BlackRock BANNED from doing business with Texas

SEC Takes Another Look At Twitter's Claims About Bot Accounts

Upcoming American “Economic” Association Meeting to Focus on Pushing Woke Ideology

Food supply at risk: Quality of corn, soybean crops in South Dakota and Ohio deteriorating due to worsening drought

'Freedom of Expression': Foggy Bottom Stands by $10K Grant to Queer Film Fest

Bayer’s Future Includes More Roundup Cancer Trials

Suspect Who Pushed Man onto Chicago Rail Tracks Was Arrested Twice Later that Day

EU: Controlled Demolition                  8/26


Terrorist Tehran’s $1 Trillion Deal: An Updated Forecast of Iran’s Financial Windfall From a New Nuclear Agreement

Iran Prepares to Take Out Israel – Right after Iran Deal Is Signed

20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills

Ford To Cut ‘Significant’ Amount Of Jobs In Michigan And Canada

500-year drought expected to destroy Europe’s corn yields, risk of global famine now looking worse than ever

Energy Crisis: Thousands Of UK Firms Could Collapse And Disappear

Energy Crisis: Europe Faces Total Chaos As Forced Energy Rationing Begins

Mass layoffs incoming: 50% of employers plan to cut jobs in the next 12 months

Election Integrity: Alabama ES&S Voting Machines Accepted *XEROXED* Ballots During Machine Testing

BREAKING: Evidence Of Massive Vote-By-Mail Fraud In Florida Primaries Changing Outcome Of Elections

AZ Congressional Candidate Jeff Zink: Antifa Thug Let Off After He Was Filmed Breaking Windows on Jan. 6 While His Son Landed in DC Gitmo for Weeks for Filming It (VIDEO)

Detailed analysis shows clearly just how corrupt the FBI became in the age of Trump

"Get Trump!" Damn the Constitution                  8/25


FAUCI RESIGNS: In Retirement, He'll Collect $350,000 a Year... From You.

Pelosi’s Husband Had MILLION$ in Covid “Relief” Loans Forgiven

Democrat DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Introduces Bill Giving Illegals $50 Million in Goodies

Raphael Warnock Voted for Covid Bill that Sent $75K to Social Justice Group He Founded

Digital Militarization of Klaus Schwab’s WEF and the United Nations

France Launches Climate Change Police Force

Flailing LA County GOP Sends Over 75% of Its Money to Out-of-County Cronies

American cities run by Democrats see 50% decline in activity people are fleeing

Then The Technocrats Came For The Children

Test Shows Electric Truck Costs Over $100 to Charge – More Than It Costs to Fill Most Gas Cars

WEF Wants To Microchip Your Kids               8/24


Biden’s Executive Order a Direct Threat to the Dollar

Joe Biden’s America: 50% of Employers Expect Job Cuts in the Next 6 to 12 Months

ESG: Fascist Tool of the Deep State to Reset Global Economy

UK insurers see INCREASE in COVID-related death payouts for 2021

Trump: Mitch McConnell Helping ‘Crazy’ Wife Elaine Chao ‘Get Rich On China’

In Pictures: South America’s ‘Lithium Fields’ Reveal The Dark Side Of Our Electric Future

Report: Biden Admin to Discuss Gifting Taliban Afghan’s Billions

Tucker Carlson Exposes the Bullying Biden-Harris Regime’s Tyrannical Raid of an Amish Farmer [VIDEO]

World Economic Forum Recommends Humans Become Cyborgs, Implant Brain Chips: There Are ‘Solid, Rational’ Reasons For Children To Be Microchipped

Billionaires Spend $3 Million Against Trump-Endorsed Kelly Tshibaka, Lisa Murkowski’s Opponent

Scientists Resurrect Deadly Spanish Flu Using Gain-of-Function

Think the FBI deserves the benefit of the doubt? This laundry list of corruption should make you think again

The FBI Isn’t Even Trying to Hide Their Corruption

The Race Is On: Every Republican State Must Now Copy This Latest Bill From MTG

America Has Fallen                          8/23


South America’s Second-Most Populous Country Is Now Ready for a Digital Currency

INFLATION BOMB: American Household Spending Over $700 MORE per Month Due to Inflation

Digital Militarization of Klaus Schwab’s WEF and the United Nations

WEF Pushes Augmented Tech, Brain Chips and Internet of Bodies

Paul Pelosi-Linked Business Has Millions in PPP Loans Forgiven

RINO Liz Cheney Lost the Primary. How Did She Make $36 Million in 6 Years While in Congress?

BLM Radical Requests Unemployment Benefits Amid Federal Fraud Case Involving Boston Charity

The New World Energy Order: A Battle of Attrition

Reshoring and De-Globalization Are in Vogue, But Will the Jobs Come Back?

To All You Democrats Craving Gun Control: Why Don’t You Start With This Group?

Nearly 5 Million Illegal Immigrants Crossed Border During Biden Administration

Illegal Alien Girls Used for Sex, Forced Labor by Sponsors

Exposé: The Quiet Epidemic of ‘Judicial Child Trafficking’ in America

British Columbian Government Forces Unvaccinated Mothers to Repay $50,000 Maternity Leave Benefits

Democrat Cities Overwhelmed With Illegal Aliens Bussed From Texas

Man Beaten to Death in Democrat Hellhole Seattle by Criminal Freed 8 Days Earlier — Judge Made Him Promise ‘Not to Commit Any More Crimes’

Fascism in action: FBI now ARRESTING conservatives over social media posts

Living in the Disinformation Age               8/22


DeSantis Beats Out Biden: FL Unemployment Hits Historic Lows, Private Employment Skyrockets in Red State

Enjoy This Resurfaced 1989 Clip of Nazi Collaborator George Soros and Joe Biden Talking About the “De-Nationalization” And “Radical Reorganization” of Economies

WEF Proposes Globalized Plan to Police Online Content Using Artificial Intelligence

We Must See EVERY Major Event as an Attack From the Globalist Elites 

Yuval Noah Harari Confirms What We’ve Long Suspected, That The Global Elites Are Actively Working To Reduce The World Of “Useless” People

Disbarred Judges In Kids-For-Cash Scandal Ordered To Pay Victims Over $200M

Second-Largest US Movie Theatre Chain Faces Bankruptcy Amid Slumping Sales

Tent Cities Are Taking Over Vast Stretches Of Our Major Cities (And It's Only Going To Get Worse)

Amish Farmer Targeted by Govt for Operating Outside Reach of USDA Regulations

Mike Davis: Trump Had Authority to Declassify Documents; Judge Reinhart Violated US Code

FBI Raid of President Trump Residence ‘Unprecedented’, Says Former SWAT Officer

Report: FBI Raid Targeted Docs Trump Collected To “Exonerate” Himself From Russiagate Hoax

"My Son Hunter" Film Coming in September

The Cost of Corruption                                     8/20


World Economic Forum Promotes Smart City Governance

Zero-COVID policy having severe effects on Chinese economy

America Last: Joe Biden to Give Ukraine $800 Million in Additional Military Aid

South Dakota congressman wants to keep American farmland from Chinese companies

Missouri attorney general blasts Democrats, questions need for massive ‘army’ of new IRS agents, employees  

New Russian Space Station Will Help Monitor Earth's 'Health,' Design Team Member Says

Mansa Musa: The Richest Man Who Ever Lived?

U.N. recruited 110,000 'information warriors' to police internet

It Begins: TMZ Promotes Cricket Protein Powder to Please Anti-Humanity Globalists Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the New World Order  

ABC & CBS Rediscover Biden Border Crisis, NBC Ignores

Alex Jones Jumps Off The Trump Bandwagon And Endorses Ron DeSantis For President In 2024 - 'He’s

Morning Greatness: McConnell Not Interested in Taking Back the Senate

German Official Trashes Cost Of Living Protesters As “Enemies Of The State”

White House announces devastating water cuts for Arizona and Nevada while making sure California keeps its current allotment

Saudi woman is jailed for 34 years over freedom-supporting Tweets

Canadian Government Offers Veteran Struggling With PTSD Assisted Suicide Instead of Help

Will 2024 be 1984?

Confessions of a former communist                  8/19


Experts warn: Centralized digital currencies could be used to control how people behave

BIDEN ECONOMY: More Bad News for the Biden Economy as Manufacturing and Home Building Take Big Hits

China Shuts Down Factories Due to Power Shortages

Suffer in silence: World Economic Forum shuns inflation concerns, war on cheap energy to focus on censoring online content

Justin Trudeau Celebrates After Democrats Sign $700 Billion Spending Bill that Will Benefit Automobile Manufacturers in Canada

NYC to Give 6K Luxury Hotel Rooms to Border Crossers…Meanwhile, Rents Skyrocket

Revealed: Nancy Pelosi’s son, who joined her on recent trip to Taiwan, is MAJOR investor in Chinese telecom firm

Texas Ranchers Who Experienced Brutal IRS Audit Issue Dire Warning to Middle-Class Americans

IRS Whistleblower: ‘Billionaires Laughing’ as Biden Plan Targets Working, Middle Class with Audits

Not Just the IRS: Another Agency Is Supersized in Biden’s Spending Bill . . .

Corn collapse: Just 57% of US corn crop is in good or excellent condition

Report: U.N. Staff Impregnated Girls as Young as 10 in Democratic Republic of Congo

Texas school district orders removal of Anne Frank's diary

Love Him or Hate Him, the War Against Alex Jones Is a War Against Us All

50% for the Big Guy?                             8/18


WEF: The Future Of Work Is In The Metaverse

Was the 2008 Financial Crisis Part of The Great Reset?

WEF Advisor: ‘Common People’ Should Live In Fear, ‘We Don’t Need The Vast Majority of the Population’

Rents for One-Bedroom Apartments in Manhattan Hit a Record High of $5,100 in July. Here’s Why

Over 700 migrants cross into Texas in one day, Guatemalan president offered to help, but Biden ‘won’t even call’

New York To Pay To House Illegal Migrants In Luxury Times Square Hotel

Vote Buying Scheme: Regime Cancels Another $3.9 Billion in Student Loans

What’s that smell? Big Food corporations are quietly adding crickets and other insects into meal bars, cookies and snacks

While Leftist “Fact-Checkers” Play Defense for Obama . . . Here’s the Truth About 30 Million Pages of His Regime’s Records That Were “Trucked to Chicago”

Project Veritas: DHS Whistleblower Leaks New Joint Intelligence Bulletin on ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’ Following FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago

Deep state plan revealed: Frame a civil war to justify UN troops to OCCUPY and DISARM America

One Nation Under Blackmail                    8/17


Cops Shut Down 8-Year-old Girl’s Lemonade Stand to Protect Society from Unlicensed Lemonade

New York Fed’s Manufacturing Survey Shows Second Worst Crash Ever

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Warns of ‘Something Worse’ Than Hard Recession

Rep. Jason Smith: The Democrats’ So-Called “Inflation Reduction Act” Includes ‘$27 Billion for a Climate Slush Fund for the EPA’ – 3 Times Its Annual Funding

Commodities traders are helping to fund Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine: Here’s how

Starbucks Wants No Vote-by-Mail for Unions, While Pushing it in U.S. Elections

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: Get It Through Your “Thick Skulls,” We Need Natural Gas 

WEF's "Global Intelligence Collecting AI" To Erase Ideas From The Internet

CIA Director Burns Was Surrounded by Communists in His Prior Job, Joins Prior CIA Directors and Obama Lackeys with Ties to Communists

The most dangerous drug in the world is NOT cocaine, heroin, or crystal meth, but rather a drug commonly prescribed by doctors who get lavish bonuses for slinging it

Report: Hunter Biden Made Millions After Meeting with VP Dad About Romanian Real Estate Deal

IRS Training Report: Heavily Armed Agents Simulate Assault on Suburban Home

JUST IN: Gascón Dodges Recall After Los Angeles County Bans Observers From Monitoring Recall Vote Count

1970s-era Senate report details dark history of corrupt FBI, CIA propaganda and political interference

A Deeper Dive on CDC's Exit Strategy           8/16


“Cash Free” Central Bank Digital Currency Roll Out Coming in December?

ACTION ALERT: American Sovereignty Threatened by NATO Incursion – YOUR ATTENTION IS URGENTLY NEEDED

They Are Accelerating The Total Implementation Of The Globalists Agendas

Ohio Girl’s Lemonade Stand Near Food Festival Shut Down After Complaint

Rent Is Becoming A Crisis In The U.S.

Update on Controversial State-Supported “Clean Energy” Lenders that Put Borrowers at Risk of Losing Their Homes

CBS censors its own revealing report noting that only a fraction of U.S. military funding to Ukraine makes it to frontline troops

Saudi Aramco Reports Record $48.4 Billion Quarterly Profits

Judge Reinstates Obama-Era Ban on Coal Sales From Federal Land, HALF the Nation’s Annual Coal Production  

Government investigators successfully bought dangerous radioactive materials using forged license and fake shell company

San Francisco Test Running Trash Cans That Cost Taxpayers Over $20,000 Each

Former Acting DHS Secretary: DHS Flew Migrants to NYC for Months; Mayor Adams Didn’t Care Until He Saw Them Getting Off Buses

D.C. Mayor Bowser Asks Again For National Guard To Help With Migrants

France: Muslim migrant screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ beheads his father, walks around with severed head  

Panic at the Top

Walgreens Loses Another Opioid Lawsuit         8/15


REPORT: Baylor Medicine dean Peter Hotez funded gain-of-function bat coronavirus research in Wuhan

WEF Advisor Says Global Elite ‘Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population’ to Live

Biden Recession: Gas Demand Crashing

World Bank Secretly Creates $1 Billion Fund for Vaccine Passports

U.S. developed breakthrough battery technology but inexplicably gave it away to China

South American Leftists Revive Call for Regional Currency to Challenge the U.S. Dollar

To Avoid Sanctions, Countries Are Ditching The US Dollar

11,200 farms in The Netherlands to be SHUTTERED in order to meet the government’s climate goals

Demflation: Back-to-School Supplies Cost Average Family $168 More; Price of Scotch Tape Up 70%, Sharpies Up 55%, Elmer’s Glue Up 30%

Democrat Scoops Up Chip Company Stock, Then Votes to Pass CHIPS Act

‘Never Been Higher’: Biden’s White House Payroll Turns Heads in Latest Oversight Report

Hillary Clinton Monetizes Her Email Scandal, Open Corruption After FBI Raid on President Trump

Trump Warrant Suggests Espionage Act; Same Law Hillary Clinton Dodged

$190,000 payout for Antifa-supporting teacher to resign has critics fuming over union clout

When We Need More Border Patrol, the Swamp Hires More IRS Agents

Nutball Nancy Pelosi claims Communist China “one of the freest societies in the world”

Zelensky: Send More $$$

The TWA 800 Whistleblower Is Legit              8/13


Wholesale Prices Surge Another 9.8%

UN Warns Against Conspiracy Theories, Says ‘The World Is NOT Secretly Manipulated By Global Elite’

World Economic Forum Calls For Merging of Human and AI Intel to Censor 'Hate Speech' & 'Misinformation'

World Economic Forum brags that China is controlling weather with "cloud seeding" chemtrail operations

To Avoid Sanctions, Countries Are Ditching The US Dollar

Trudeau is Implementing a Federal “Digital Identity Program”

Grocery Inflation Hits Highest Level In 43 Years Despite Biden’s ‘Zero’ Inflation Messaging

The Price Of Eggs Is Up 47 Percent As Food Costs In The U.S. Spiral Out Of Control

Red-Pilled Former Democrat Megadonor Steve Kirsch Tells Fox ‘Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Have Been Killed by’ the Covid “Vaccine”

Real Wages Continue To Tumble

Op-Ed: Here Are 3 Big Reasons Why We Should Abolish the IRS

Second-Largest U.S. Aluminum Mill Idles Due To ‘Untenable’ Energy Prices, Laying Off 600 American Workers

With 1 in 5 Kids Now Obese, Pharma Sets Sights on $50B Market for Weight-Loss Drugs

Business Owner Leaves Crime-Ridden Commiefornia for Alabama Where There Are Actual ‘Hard-Working People’

Chinese enrolment at US universities drops 50 percent

Teachers Unions Politicized US Schools, Not Parents

Biden Crime Family Living Large — Staying for FREE at $20 MILLION South Carolina Mansion

Energy Weapon and Geopolitical Blackmail       8/12


WEF's Yuval Harari: 'Don't Need the Vast Majority of the Population'

Europe's Energy Crisis Spills Over Into Food

NYT: Europe facing the ‘physical absence of energy’ – EU ‘staring down a ‘wartime’ winter…government rationing, closure of energy markets, & industrial shutdowns’

"Anything But A Cashless Society": Physical Money Makes Comeback As UK Households Battle Inflation

Australia’s Central Bank Working With BIS To Launch Digital Currency System

Consumer Prices Rose 8.5% in July

Here’s The List of Tax Hikes in Democrat Inflationary Tax and Spend Bill

Insane: US taxpayers are now picking up the salary tab for Ukraine’s corrupt government

Tom Cotton Op-Ed: Ban Chinese Communist Land Purchases In US Now

Federal government can't seem to get out of bed with China

Navy offering up to $65,000 to pay off student loans of recruits as enlistment figures continue to decline

'Factory Farms of the Sea Are Not the Answer': Groups Urge End to Industrial Fish Farm Expansions

Woke Leftist Descendants of Billionaire Oil Barons Are PAYING Hundreds of Activists $25,000-a-Year to Protest Around the World

JUST IN: President Trump SHATTERS Fundraising Records The Day After Mar-a-Lago Raid 

Leslie Wexner's Young Global Leaders                8/11


Number Of Homes For Sale Across US Soars

U.S. Labor Productivity Suffers Biggest Crash Ever Recorded, Labor Costs Soar Most Since 1982

Something Just Doesn't Add Up In Chinese Trade Data

Amid ‘green energy’ collapse, Germany now reconsidering decision to shut down zero-emission nuclear power plants

Bank failures coming: Raft of federally insured banks compromised by unwise over-investment in failing cryptocurrencies and exchanges

Americans fear expanded IRS will use Inflation Reduction Act to audit taxpayers of modest means

Biden Greenlights More Blue States Giving Health Insurance to Illegal Aliens

Antifa-linked EU Minister Threatens Public with Consequences for ‘Liking’ Online Posts She Disagrees With

Disgraced Pro-Antifa Teacher Given Massive Payday to Go Away

Compromised: Pelosi Claims Communist ‘China Is One of the Freest Societies in the World’ . . . a ‘Strong Democracy’

Recently Released Emails Provide More Evidence of Big Tech-Government Collusion  

Australia Finds 139 New Species              8/10


UN’s Digital World Brain Seeks To Track Everything And Everyone

Flush With Cash From Covid “Vaccine” Mandates, Pfizer Buys Global Blood Therapeutics in $5.4 Billion Deal

TREASON: Biden Department of Education Gives Revolutionary Battery Technology to Communist China

Social Credit: This time next year you’ll be living in “China”

Here Are The Winners And Losers In The “Inflation Reduction Act”

Democrats to give the IRS $80 billion to harass hardworking Americans with more audits and increased scrutiny

Biden increases IRS agents to almost 170,000 — 70,000 will be armed — to target middle class America

Lauren Boebert: Why Do IRS Agents Need $700K in Ammunition?

Report: Salary Needed To Buy A Home In 50 US Cities

Bank failures coming: Raft of federally insured banks compromised by unwise over-investment in failing cryptocurrencies and exchanges

UK Government Says Fuel Prices to Increase by 60% in October. Brits May Stop Paying Bills.

CBS News Censors Its Own Documentary Exposing How 70% of US Funding of Ukraine is Wasted 

Amnesty International Apologizes After Releasing Report Criticizing Ukraine's Use of Human Shields

Americans divvying up the United States as the mass exodus from liberal states continues – time to stop trying to ‘unite’ with baby-killing, soft on crime liberals

Senate RINOs Help Codify Benedict Biden’s Mandates by Supporting His Budget

Viral video: SNL roasted George Soros back in 2008 before “woke” happened  1  min.

American Kleptocracy                       8/9


Real Life Bond Villain Bill Gates Calls Social Credit Scores an ‘Asset’ — Are They Coming to the US?

Ireland Embraces the Great Reset, Using ‘Sneaky Tactics’ to Push Cashless Society

62.1%: Labor Force Participation Falls in July, As 239,000 More Americans Drop Out of Labor Force

WATCH: Democrats CHEER AND CLAP LIKE SEALS After They Pass Bill to Raise Taxes on Middle Class, Raise Inflation, Crush Small Businesses During Biden’s Economic Recession

Tax Freedom in Puerto Rico

Greenfield Foreign Investment in US Continues to Collapse

The Power Of Where: The UN’s Rapidly Expanding GEOINT Infrastructure

IRS: Gestapo in the Making

Globalization in the Shadow of the Crescent

CBS News Censors Own Film Exposing How Only 30% of U.S. Weapons Aid for Ukraine Makes it to Front Lines

Amnesty International Claims that Ukrainian Armed Forces are Using Human Shields

Dominion Machines Fail Accuracy Test Prior to Colorado Recount: Report

As Democrats in US Senate Unilaterally Pass $369 Billion Climate Blowout – Study Finds 96% of the Data Used to Support Democrat Bill Is Flawed

“Revolution Has Begun”: 75,000 Brits to Stop Paying Power Bills Amid Inflation Storm

MASSIVE: Elon is trying to warn us..               8/8


The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 11 – The Banking Cartel & The Future of Money

Democrats Merge With Globalist Elites in War Against Free Enterprise

Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $49.3M in Sandy Hook 'Show Trial'

America Last: Democrat Deal Subsidizes Electric Cars Made in Mexico, Canada

CLASSIC: Neocons Send $30 Billion To Ukraine With No Return On Investment... Zelensky Sucks Up To China To Rebuild

Study finds that forced business closures during covid did NOTHING to stop spread

Supply Chain Problems Will Persist Because the System is Being Sabotaged

Breaking: Joe Biden to Send Another Billion Dollars to Ukrainian Regime and Oligarchs to Prop Up War Machine

Anger From Ukraine’s Backers After Damning Amnesty Report Spotlights ‘Human Shields’

LOBOTOMIZING CHILDREN: Another pharma shill paid big bucks to push experimental “anti-psychotics” drugs on children as young as two years old

George Soros: Singlehandedly Destroying American Criminal Justice

Nazi Collaborator George Soros Is Aiding Illegals Sneaking Into the US

Ron DeSantis Goes to War With Billionaire Globalist Nazi Collaborator George Soros

Alex Jones drops epic courtroom reply          8/6


Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers

Ireland embraces the Great Reset, using ‘sneaky tactics’ to push cashless society 

Manchin/Schumer Spending Bill CCP Kick Back Revealed Democrats Push to Allow EV Tax Credits for China-Sourced Batteries Michigan Senator Betrays Auto Workers

‘Fleecing Taxpayers’: Here’s How Americans Will Pay For Biden’s Draining Of Emergency Oil Reserves

Congress Passes "CHIPS Act" to Rebuild America's Semiconductor Industry

Walmart Laying Off Corporate Employees in Sign of Slowing Job Market

Western economists TRICKED themselves into believing that sanctions against Russia would work following Ukraine invasion

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Responds to $4.2 Million Sandy Hook Verdict

People Smugglers Using China’s TikTok to Advertise £5,500 Channel Crossings

Chinese Company Buys 300 Acres Near American Air Force Base

EXC: Biden's Food Security Expert Has Starred In Chinese Communist Party Propaganda.

EV market depends almost entirely on communist China – “going green” actually means going COMMIE

Smoking Gun: Newly Discovered Emails Confirm Joe Biden Obstructed Justice for His Son’s Foreign Business Deal

VICTORY for MORALITY: Southwest Airlines union “assassinated” conservative members on social media; now FORCED TO PAY out millions

Graham Phillips: British Reporter Is Exiled and Has His Banking Accounts Frozen for Telling the Truth

Surprise, surprise: British pedophiles travelling to Poland ‘to target Ukrainian child refugees’

Spain Bans Setting AC Below 27°C (81°F)        8/5


Tesla's Greatest Inventions Promised 'Bright Future' For Humanity Until the Global Elite Destroyed Them

US Pension Savings Are Funding Globalist Ambitions: Andy Puzder

Russia’s Gazprom CUTS OFF gas supply to Latvia after it refused to pay in rubles

Peter Schiff: This Recession Is Just Getting Started

To Stop Inflation Protests, Panama Fixes Prices Of Groceries, Medicine

The Dollar Emergency Is Worse Than You Think: WSJ

It’s Happening: Here Is A List Of 11 Big Companies That Have Announced Layoffs Within The Last 2 Weeks

Report: Inflation Causes Increased Demand at Nearly Half of U.S. Food Banks

Home prices dropped at a record pace in June amid rising inflation and mortgage rates

JPMorgan’s “Manipulative” Metals Desk Consistently Made Hundreds Of Millions In Profits Every Year From 2008 To 2018

Winner of $1.337 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot — May Only Earn $453! After Taxes!

Report: Rudy Giuliani Not Expected to Face Charges in Junk FARA Investigation by NY Prosecutors That Was Launched Because He Exposed Biden Crime Family

ULEZ: The UK is Charging People for the Sin of Driving

96% of NOAA heat measurement stations are corruptly placed to support climate change hoax 

Was Jeffrey Epstein CIA?                   8/4


Elites Plan “Smart Cities” – Plantations for All, Peasants

Globalist Left Pushes World to the Brink of War as the Great Reset Starves Out the Population

Lara Logan: They’re Giving Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens at the US Border

The Three I’s of a Police State Education: Indoctrination, Intimidation & Intolerance

Federal Bank Secretly Tracked Clients Who Were Freedom Convoy Supporters, Emails Show

Chinese Economy Nosedive Continues, Sinking Oil Prices

Biden paid Taliban more than $1 billion over last year

Analysis: Inflation Reduction Act Would Raise Taxes On Almost Everyone in 2023

Americans relying more and more on DOLLAR STORES as inflation worsens

Food Now Being Kept Behind Lock and Key After Soaring Prices Make It More Expensive Than Ever

Baby formula crisis deepens as nationwide out-of-stock rate hits 30%

Even Biden's Favorite Economist Says Inflation Reduction Act Won't Reduce Inflation 

GM Robotaxi Loses $5 Million per Day            8/3


REVEALED: Pelosi-Linked Lobbyists Are Pushing Communist China’s Social Credit System for American Citizens 

EU Could Close Stores to Conserve Energy Amid Shortage

Frank Gaffney On CCP Escalation With Taiwan: The Situation Has 'Possibility To Turn Sideways'

Los Angeles Ends Citizenship Requirement For Government Jobs

Cash Bonanza: Iran Makes $44.7 Billion in Illegal Oil Sales Since Biden Took Office

Zelensky Thanks Biden For Fresh $550M In Military Aid, Claiming Ukraine “Closer To Victory”

FLASHBACK: Ukrainian Law Enforcement Arrest Suspect, Seize $6 Million Cash Allegedly Used To Force End To Investigations Into Burisma And Hunter Biden

Manchin’s ‘Inflation Increase Act’ Raises Taxes on Most Americans to Fund Teslas for the Rich

War on Farmers, Food, Humanity: Manchin-Schumer Insane Democrat “Climate” Bill Takes Aim at Cow Burps and Farts

Bill Gates and Other Evil Radicals Pressed Joe Manchin to Vote for Benedict Biden’s Behemoth “Climate Change” Bill

Technocracy And Empire: The Influence Of Zbigniew Brzezinski

How The Roman Government Destroyed Their Economy

Austria: Afghan Muslim migrant rapist freed early, not deported, victim says ‘I’m afraid for my life’

Fearless Woman Confronts Gang of Armed Carjackers, Thief Ends Up Riding Off in Ambulance Instead

Israel begins its war on cash                           8/2


The Globalists Efforts To Starve Americans To Death Are Accelerating As The Manufactured Food Shortages, Along With The Anti-Meat And Farming Destruction Insure Massive Human Die-Off

France Defies EU Open Borders Agreement, Renews Border Controls

Lara Logan: They’re Giving Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens at the US Border (VIDEO)

Food Banks Across America Report Record Demand And Record Shortages

Zelensky Says Americans Must Sacrifice for Ukraine

UK Refuses to Give Venezuela $1 Billion of Its Own Gold

They Can't Let Him Back In

Crime Has Become A Key Political Issue That's Stifling New York City's Post-Pandemic Growth

The Third Straw: Inside the 3-mile-long tunnel below Lake Mead that will provide water to the over two million residents of the Las Vegas Valley when Lake Mead has almost dried out

The WEF Wants to Sew Digital IDs Into Your Clothing

First bugs, now CANNIBALISM: scientist says humans need to eat other humans to “fight climate change”

LA County bans observers from viewing vote-counting in Gascon recall

What the Hell Has Happened to Minneapolis?

Police Commissioner Chastises Cops for Arresting People for Memes Instead of Solving Burglaries

The New Age Of Orwellianism                     8/1


Fascist Drug Cartel: Pfizer Shatters Profit Records, Continues Raising Prices on Taxpayer-Funded, Liability-Free Products

500 Fired Health Care Workers Win Historic Multi-Million Dollar Settlement in Covid “Vaccine” Mandate ‘Wake-up Call’

US to Bolster Cooperation With Japan in Semiconductors, Economic Security

Here We Go Again: Record Container Ship Traffic Jam As Backlog Continues To Build

Massive Chinese Debt Bomb Set to Explode as Mortgage Holders, Suppliers Refuse to Make Payments on Loans

From Bill Gates to the Great Refusal – Farmers on the Frontline

Local food banks beset by higher demand and food shortages due to record-high INFLATION  

Israel Bans Large Cash Transactions, Requires Digital Payments

Democrat Dystopia Update: Portland Residents Desperately Try to Sell Off Homes Taken Over by Squatters as Democrats Squash All Property Rights

House Gives Themselves $10K + Paid Fees for Home Security with Tax $$$

WHAT?! Benedict Biden Seems To Think He Sent Americans Checks For $8,000

Benedict Biden Met With at Least 14 of Hunter’s “Business” Associates While Vice President

The War Against the Working Class               7/30


Inflation To Get Much Worse — Courtesy of The “Inflation Reduction Act”

Fed Rate Hike to Unleash AVALANCHE of Home Foreclosures and Market Drops While Still Doing Little to Halt Skyrocketing Inflation 

Walmart Profit Margin Signal Is Warning For Markets

JetBlue Agrees to Buy Spirit for $3.8 Billion After Deal With Frontier Falls Apart, Creating Nation’s 5th Largest Airline

UN & WEF Are Behind Global War On Farmers

‘I’ve Never Seen Anything More Dystopian’: Saudi Arabia Unveils 100-Mile Long MegaCity, and the Internet Is Terrified

Domestic Political Surveillance: How Deep Is DOD Involvement?

Ex-Sheriff Who Beat the Federal Government Years Ago Jumps Back in the Fight After Seeing '2000 Mules'

Stacey Abrams Can’t Find A Georgia Cop Who Supports Her

Dem's Chicago Crime Wave: Armed Gang of 7 Attempts Robbery But It Goes Very Bad When Victim Pulls Out His Own Gun


Manchin-Schumer Bill Cuts Emissions in Half In 8 Years – It’s the UN-WEF Anti-American Agenda

Biowarfare and the Brave New World             7/29


10-Year-Old Girl Payton’s Lemonade Stand Returns July 30, Hoping to Raise $100K for Kids Facing Hardship

Food Wars — Starvation Driven by Globalist Elites Creates Cheaper Labor

Letting Communist China Purchase US Land Poses an Even Bigger National Security Risk Than You Think

Chinese Equipment with Chilling Capabilities Installed Next to Nuclear Bases Across America

China Lapdog Schumer Strips Anti-China Security Provision From Major Semiconductor Bill

Canadian Federal Bank Tracked Customers Supporting Freedom Convoy

A Storm Of Indicators Show The US Consumer Is Tapped Out

One in Five Households Have ‘Negative Disposable Income’ in Britain

Want Lower Meat Prices? 'We Need to Break Up Big Ag'

We Are Going To See Energy Prices Go Absolutely Nuts This Winter Just As We Plunge Into A Horrifying Global Economic Crisis

Bokhari: Big Tech’s Blueprint to Stop Red Wave in 2022

ID Cards for Illegal Aliens Is an Idea as Bad as It Sounds

Foreign Company With Troubled Past Buys Into Massive Midwest Carbon Capture (scam) Project

Ted Cruz releases graphic video detailing ‘narco slave trade’ at southern border: ‘This is barbaric’

Outrage in Austria: No Murder Charge for Migrants Accused of Overdosing, Raping Child

Pet Cloning Is Booming In China               7/28


How Global Communists, Via the World Economic Forum, Are Using “Climate Change” to Take Over the World

WEF Calls for an End to Private Car Ownership

Inflation Hammering Rural America, 91% Of Income Used Just To Live, Study Finds

China Tried To Build Spy Network Inside The Fed,
Threatened To Kidnap Fed Economist

As the Biden-Harris Regime Struggles to Redefine the Word “Recession”: IMF Downgrades Global Economic Outlook Due to ‘Gloomy,’ ‘Uncertain’ Climate

London Power Prices Spike 5,000%, Relies On Belgium To Thwart Rolling Blackout

Georgia Is Offering Hyundai $1.8 Billion for Electric Vehicle Plant

Report: Flight of Wealthy from SF Hurting Economy, 6.3% Population Drop Largest in U.S

The Treasonous Biden-Harris Regime Sold Nearly 6 Million Barrels of Oil From Reserves to Communist China, Records Show

White House Announces Sale Of Additional 20 Million Barrels Of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve 

Globalist takeover: New Sri Lankan president, UK PM candidates are World Economic Forum members

Video: How George Soros Spent $18B to Control the Media, Defund the Police, and Elect Leftist Prosecutors

Ministry of Truth 2.0? Woke Google “Disinformation” Expert Given Top Cyber Security Role

Democrat-Appointed Judges Empty Jails, Freeing Convicted Illegal Alien Killer

Elitists’ Goal: Wipe Out Good Food            7/27


How China sunk teeth into American farmland

China Caught Buying Up US Farmland Near US Military Bases To Spy On America

Confucius Institutes 2.0: Chinese Government Money Speaks Loudly

FBI Cancels $100 Million Plans for CCP-Funded Garden in DC

With Strategic Petroleum Reserve At Lowest Level Since 1985, US Sells Stockpiled Oil To China

China deploys TANKS in the streets to prevent citizens from withdrawing their money from banks amid collapsing financial system

Smuggling Migrants at Border Now Billion-Dollar Business

Putin Turns The Screws: Gazprom Unexpectedly Halts Another Nord Stream Turbine Cutting Flows In Half; European Gas Prices Soar

Amazon quietly funds group fighting antitrust laws in U.S. while offering concessions to EU antitrust regulators

America Last: Regime Moves to Give Foreign Invaders Federal ID, Government Benefits

Millions of Americans Shafted After Wall Street Vultures Target Trailer Parks

Where did the money go? Ukraine set to default on loans after American taxpayers provided tens of billions in aid

What’s Going On? Ireland Joins Canada and Netherlands and Targets Farmers with Carbon Emissions Cuts — Further Endangering Global Food Shortages

Don’t Let Them Reset Society to Make You Into a Bug-Eating Serf

Dems’ Green Energy Just Went Up in Flames 

DNA, The Perfect Weapon                  7/26


Where Central Banks Have Issued Digital Currencies

British government offering farmers “lump sum” payments to stop growing food, sell their land

Chinese Investors Shouldn't Be Allowed to Buy US Properties: DeSantis

BRICS In the New World Energy Order: Hedging in Oil Geopolitics

Beijing deploys TANKS to quell angry depositors wanting to withdraw their savings

Total Control, Surveillance State, and Human Enslavement: The Unspoken Themes of the ‘Great Reset’

See Klaus Schwab Announce the Great Reset Power Grid Collapse Ahead of Lockdown 2.0

Data Sharing Part of a Big Globalist Plan to Control and Disarm?

Great Reset: Govt to Target Farmers with Carbon Cuts of Around 28%

Trudeau Moves Ahead With WEF's Plan To Abolish Farms by 2030

The meaning of parity between the dollar and the euro

Russia, Ukraine Sign Grain Deal

Souring on Soros: Backlash Against Radical DAs Continues as Violent Crime Soars in Democrat Hellholes

Fauci’s Pension Will Be Bigger Than Biden’s Annual Salary, Largest In Federal History

Commiefornia Announces Plan to Charge Landowners for Their Own Water

Benedict Biden Approves 16th Weapons Transfer to Ukraine – Total Security Aid Now Over $8BN

Surprise! How solar projects RAISE your electricity bill

…Dems Slip Capitol Hill Jobs Plan for Illegal Aliens into Funding Package

NPR does report on “genderqueer dinosaur enthusiasts” paid for with your tax dollars

France to turn lights off at night             7/25


Russia and China Officially Announce a “New Global Reserve Currency”

New Study Sledgehammers Universal Basic Income Arguments

Blackstone Amasses $50 Billion To Buy Homes During Coming Housing Crash

Trump Plans to Gut the Deep State in 2025, Cutting 50K Counterproductive Government Jobs

DeSantis: Florida June Jobless Rate Drops to 2.8% Despite 'Bidenflation'

As Americans Continue To Suffer, One Industry Is Raking In Massive Profits: DC Lobbyists

BIDEN ECONOMICS: Ford May Lay Off 8,000 Workers : Report

CON-CERN Erupts Over Portals, Particles & The Large Hadron Collider

Alex Newman: How UN’s 2030 Agenda Is Driving Farming Restrictions

More Than 100 Trump-Affiliated Lawyers Targeted by Dark Money Group 

The Rapid Rise of the Uniparty Swamp and How to Stop It

World Economic Forum Admits Population Control Is Top Issue

Unelected WEF Elites Want the Peasants Out of Their Cars

The Semiconductor Industry Is Coming for Your Wallet — As Usual, Congress Is Complicit

Jobless Claims Rise To Highest Level In Eight Months In Recession Warning

Democracy and Hierarchy                7/23


Cold fusion (LENR) commercial breakthrough could END food and energy scarcity around the world

The Plan Was Always to Screw up the Country as Much as Possible and Blame It on Biden — but Don’t Worry, the Globalist “Savior” Is Coming

The Death Of America Was Predicted Decades Ago By Writers who published their plans

The Great Reset: Farmers and Humanity Join Together to Protest the Globalist Elite

Sri Lanka’s New President is a Member of the World Economic Forum

Federal Plan to Save Local Government Jobs Cost $800,000 Per Job Annually, Economic Paper Finds

Sen. Rick Scott Rips ‘Pro-China’ Chips Bill: This Is Why We Have Massive Debt, Inflation

China Is Top Foreign Buyer Of US Housing At $6.1 Billion Last Year

Putin's Private Army, "The Wagner Group," Guilty of War Crimes on Three Continents

AP Highlights ‘Ukraine’s History Of Rampant Corruption’ After US Lawmaker Slams Zelensky

US Would Face 'Deep and Immediate Recession' If Chips from Taiwan Stop Flowing, Warns Commerce Secretary

Microplastics Are Literally Everywhere, And They Are An Existential Threat To The Future Of The Human Race

Digital ID Closer to Becoming Reality in US as House and Senate Advance Bill

House-Passed Defense Bill Mentions ‘Gender’ 29 Times, Establishes a ‘Gender Advisor Workforce’

Smirking Pelosi Flees Podium After Denying She Gave DUI-Charged Husband Stock Tips

Backpedaling Biden Now Wants to Spend $37B to Prevent Violent Crime - Too Little, Too Late?

AOC And Ilhan Omar Coordinated Arrest Stunt With Soros-Funded Dark Money Group

WHAT IS GOOD FOR AMERICA              7/22


Wholesale Commodity Prices Rise Astronomical 23.4% Year-Over-Year — Biggest Increase in 75 YEARS!

75% of Middle Class Americans Say Their Income Is Falling Behind Cost of Living

DANGER: US Treasury Just Published a Working Paper Pushing for Central Bank Digital Currency to Counter ‘Bank Runs’

Chi-Coms Spent $6.1 Billion on U.S. Real Estate Last Year

Tucker: We’re Handing Power Over Our Energy Grid to Communist China [VIDEO]

Gazprom signs $40 billion deal to develop Iranian oil and natural gas production capabilities

House Democrats Block Motion to Prohibit Biden from Selling U.S. Oil to China

Putin: Humanity Entering 'A New Era And A New Stage In World History'

Americans lining up outside food banks as record inflation continues

'A New World Order Is Coming' - Putin Blasts "Globalist" Ideology As "Totalitarian"

‘The Great Globalist’ vs. ‘Theresa May 2.0’ Finalists For Next U.K. PM Will See WEF Win Either Way

'Woke' Netflix on Verge of Bankruptcy As MILLIONS Flee Platform

FAKE SCIENCE: Top-level government scientists say they aren’t allowed to give truthful advice to public

Democrat Mayors Complain as Border Crossers are Bused to Their Cities  

BLM Slammed for Protesting Cops for Shooting Armed Man who Opened Fire on Neighbor

Widow of David Dorn Says Riots ‘Funded and Organized by BLM and All These Woke Corporations’

Texas Court Declares First Amendment Illegal       7/21


Murder of a Rebel Nation: The Real Coup D’Etat in America Was Financial, Not Military

Beijing Dumps $100 Billion Worth Of Treasuries

Real Wages Fall at Fastest Rate on Record Amid Inflation Crisis in Britain

Panama Rises Up: Massive Protests Against Fuel and Food Crisis Underway

Truckers protest California’s “gig worker” law, which bans 70,000 independent trucking businesses   

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan Speaks at Event Linked to Marxists

Scamdemic: Democrat NY Governor Kathy Hochul Awards Megadonor With $637 Million in No-Bid Covid Contracts

Democrats Plan to Snatch Medicare Dollars From Seniors to Subsidize Their Rich Friends

Nancy Pelosi’s Drunk Husband Paul Pelosi’s $1 Million Tech Stock Buy Just the Latest in Long History of “Timely” Buys

This Is What Happened to US Workers – Socialist Democrats Are Paying People to Stay Home While Destroying the Economy

Data Shows Commiefornia Exodus Isn’t Subsiding, It’s Accelerating

Nazi Collaborator George Soros Donates $1 Million to Robert Francis “Beta” O’Rourke’s Campaign to Destroy Texas

SICK: Stacey Abrams Is Taking Millions From Gates And Soros While Georgians Refuse To Donate To Her Campaign

Bidenomics: 3 Out of 4 Middle Class Families Are Falling Behind as Prices Rise 

Three Very Bad Signs for the Economy        7/20


America’s Widespread Baby Formula Shortage Gets WORSE

Biden’s Economic Approval Rating Falls to New Low on Fear About Inflation, CNBC Survey Finds

Gazprom Declares Force Majeure, Will Halt Gas Flows To Germany Indefinitely

As fuel prices poised to TRIPLE, EU mulls rationing gas across bloc

How the Sausage Is Made: Soros Front Group Given $172 MILLION by the Biden-Harris Regime to Keep Illegals From Being Deported

Sri Lanka Is Just the First to Topple in Globalists’ “Green” Energy House of Cards

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban says anti-Russia sanctions will kill EU economy

Semiconductor Shortage Forcing Automakers to Remove Car Safety Features

Congress Grants Pentagon $58 Billion More Than Requested: DOD Report 

Neom: Saudi Arabia To Build The World’s Largest Smart City In History

Peter Schiff: A Tale of Two Dollars

Food Lines Get Depressingly Long in the U.S. Again as Crops Fail All Over the Globe

Giant swarms of locusts ravage over 80% of crops and livestock feed in region of Russia

Video: Incredible Moment Firefighter Cheats Death, Survives Because He Was Saving Others

BLM Accidentally Makes Fortune for Woman Who Called Them Out After America Watches Video, Starts Donating Money

Democrat Rashida Tlaib Campaign Events in 2018 Were Organized by Terror Financiers 

How Pfizer Profited From the Pandemic              7/19


Would-Be British PM Rishi Sunak’s Family Runs a China-Linked, World Economic Forum Partner Company Pushing Digital ID and Social Credit Scores

Pete Buttplug: High Gas Prices Are Part of a Plan to Push Us Into EVs

BRICS expansion on the cards

Report That the Global Financial System Is Dying by Design

Two US Ports Are Devastating the Global Supply Chain — Is It Incompetence or Done by Design?

Canadian government spends $8.5 million on insect production facility to force people to eat BUGS  

Dutch Dairy Farmer Faces Having To Cull 95% Of His Cows

Food Lines Get Depressingly Long in the U.S. Again as Crops Fail All Over the Globe

Pelosi’s Husband Buys Computer Chip Stocks Before Vote That Would Give Billions In Subsidies To Chip Companies

Europe Prepares for Energy Crisis: Macron Switches off Streetlights, Germans to Heat Homes With Wood

'We Are Not Your Slaves': Farmers in Italy, Spain, & Poland Rise Up against New World Order

Stacey Abrams Under Investigation for $3 Mil in Unreported Spending

Bad Move: Antifa Begin Feud With Oregon Biker Gangs

Will the Senate Allow China to Pillage American Data?

Fiscal Year Through June: More Than 2 Million Encounters at Southern Border

Migrant Encounters At Border Hit Another Historic High

Disinformation-Spreading NPR Launches ‘Disinformation Reporting Team’

A RINO and a Sad Little Man: Lauren Boebert Reveals the Two Biggest Cowards in Congress

The Crab Mentality of Anti-Capitalism            7/18


Russia, China making moves to replace U.S. dollar as world’s reserve currency

BRICS just got real as these three major countries just signed up for the waiting list

What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s The New World Order

Latest Excuse For Technocratic Control: It’s Hot in Summer

They’re Lying to Us! The Real Inflation Rate is at Least 17%

The U.S. Misery Index Worsens as Unchecked Bidenflation Grows

The Greatest Trick the Globalists Ever Pulled Was Making Us Think the Biden-Harris Regime Is Failing

LoanDepot to sack 2,000 more workers as mortgage market collapses

More Nations Adopt Bitcoin As Euro and Dollar Die

US Farmland Sold To Chinese Firm Sparks Espionage Concerns

Manchin Won’t Support Spending On Climate Change In Economic Legislation

US Food Banks Overwhelmed as Americans Seek Charitable Handouts Amid Surging Gas & Grocery Costs

Meta admits its smart glasses have a privacy problem - but has no solutions

'Without Wild Species, Our Whole Planet Unravels,' Says Author of Biodiversity Report

Climate Policy Protests Go Global             7/16


Bidenflation Pushes Wholesale Prices Up a Staggering 11.3%

“Take the tragedy in Sri Lanka and multiply by ten”: The Fed just lobbed a financial nuke that will obliterate the global economy

IMF Warns of ‘Darkening Economic Outlook’ in Call for Tighter Controls 

China Urges World To Disregard Protesters Storming Banks For Cash

Surging Inflation Demonstrates Need for Congress to Reduce Deficit Now: Budget Watchdog

House Passes $839 Billion Defense Spending Bill Surpassing Biden’s Request

Pay Cut President: Real Wages Down Considerably Under Biden

Rents Rise at Fastest Pace in 40 Years

How Angela Merkel's Green Agenda Caused the Economic Collapse of Germany

DEA Seizes 1 MILLION Fentanyl-Laced Pills Linked to Mexican Drug Cartel in Record-Breaking Commiefornia Drug Bust

Los Angeles Homicides Jump 39% Since 2019

Ex-CIA Engineer Convicted Of Biggest Theft Of Secret Information In Agency’s History

Psst… Looking for a Javelin Missle?      7/15


The Impending ‘Polycrisis of Doom’

The Federal Reserve Needs to Destroy U.S. Dollar to Usher in Cashless System: “Jekyll Island” Author G. Edward Griffin

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming - What Will The Consequences Be? 

Globalists planned the impending “food armageddon” YEARS ago

Globalists Celebrate Their Perfectly Executed Destruction of Sri Lanka - Is Your Country Next (Video)

Ship of Fools: 62% of Biden-Harris Regime Apparatchiks Who Supposedly Handle “Economic” Policy Have Zero Years Business Experience

World Economic Forum: Climate Change Is Racist 

Democrats Demand $650 BILLION in IMF Aid for Ukraine

‘This Is Catastrophic’: Here’s How Much Poorer Americans Have Gotten Since Biden Took Office

California once again experiencing massive port congestion, number of ships waiting to dock approaching record highs

Frm MS. Gov. Directed $1.1M Welfare Payment to Brett Favre

Amazon Ring Video Handed To Police Without Users Consent Sparks "Surveillance Crisis Of Accountability"

Lake Taup Supervolcano in New Zealand is rumbling so much it's shifting the ground above it

Who is behind a series of “mysterious explosions” at natural gas facilities in the United States?

The latest news foretells American collapse       7/14


America's Retreat by 1,000 Small Steps

Victor Davis Hanson digs into the Great Reset

Small Business Expectations Hit All-Time Low

China bank collapse under way; Saudi Arabia distances from the petro dollar to join BRICS monetary order

FAIL: World Economic Forum Deletes Sri Lankan PM Article Boasting of Plan to Make Country ‘Rich by 2025’

Homebuyers canceling deals at highest rate since pandemic start

Farmers across EU rise up against tyrannical “green” mandates that threaten food supply

How lotteries transfer wealth from poor

FL Rail Company Laying Off U.S. Workers, Sending Jobs to Outsourcing Firm

Globalist Climate Commies Push for End of Private Car Ownership: You’ll Drive Nothing and You’ll Be Happy

Report: Biden’s Nuclear Tranny Gets Top Secret ‘Q Clearance’ Alongside Six-Figure Government Salary

Hopelessness is all the Democrats have left

Starbucks Closing 16 Stores in 4 Blue States and D.C. for Worker Safety

US Is Paying $1.7 Billion To Health Care Workers… In Ukraine

California returning to FOSSIL FUELS to avoid blackouts

Car Thefts ‘Effectively Decriminalized’ in London

REVEALED: Migrants who mow lawns for Hamptons super-rich living in woods

10 NEW Hunter Biden Scandals the Fake News Media Networks Are CENSORING

How Close Are We To A War On Iran?        7/13


Global War on Farmers by Deep State Threatens EVERYTHING

The World Economic Forum Vows to Buy Up Dutch Farmers' Lands

World Economic Forum: Gas Prices Must Go Even Higher — to Save Democracy!

Why Is Sri Lanka On The Brink Of Collapse?

Hunter Biden Phone Hack Proves Biden Working For China

'90% Bots': Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Is a Military Grade Psy-Op To Brainwash the Masses 

There Has Been A Series Of “Mysterious Explosions” At Natural Gas Facilities In The United States

HSBC Banker Quits After Blasting ‘Nut Job’ Climate Panic

Google Wants its 'Democratic' AI to Control America (Really)

Big Tech Isn't Woke. It's Totalitarian.

Idaho Woman, 69, Battling Cancer Reports to Prison This Week for Trespassing at Capitol During Jan. 6 Mostly Peaceful Protest

New Gateway Pundit Bombshell Exposes More FBI Involvement in Jan. 6 Insurrection Hoax

William Barr Subpoenaed In Dominion Election Lawsuit

The DOJ Wants Illegal Immigrants to Vote

Biden Family Sought To Make Money By Giving China ‘Preferential Access’ To US Energy 

Biden’s Incompetent Woke Military: Wind Blows Fighter Jet Off Carrier Into Mediterranean Sea

Video of Hunter Biden Buying Enough Crack to Put Him in Jail for Years – Proves Democrat Elites Are Acting Above the Law

Bombshell Leaked Messages Reveal Hunter Biden’s Code Name for Joe Biden Is ‘Pedo Peter’

The Koch-Soros Crackup                       7/12


Globalist Agenda: Wars, Famine and Digitization to Pave Way for Great Reset

Globalists issue public threats

US (Obiden) Retaliates Against Hungary For Obstructing 15% Global Minimum Tax

11 of the World Economic Forum’s creepiest displays

The World Economic Forum Wants the Dutch Farmers’ Lands

Red States Chart Faster Economic Recovery Than Blue States

Even “woke” companies can no longer survive the insane wokeness of their own employees, and they are beginning to close

Used Car Repossession Rates Double for Both Sub-Prime and Prime Borrowers, Indicates Trouble on Main Street

US Spending To Counter Russian War Effort Exceeds First 5 Years Of War Costs In Afghanistan

It took the Russian war in Ukraine to expose the scam of “green” energy

Livestock Producers Now Just DAYS Away From Running Out of Animal Feed Due to Supply Chain Disruptions 

Uganda Says It Discovered $12 Trillion in Massive Gold Deposits  

Elon's $400 Million Tax Break For Walking Away from Twitter Deal

13 Times Joe Biden Was Involved in Family Business Corruption

“Ladies & gentlemen, we are in!”… Hackers dump content from Hunter’s phone

Biden Corruption Explodes

Monticello trashes Jefferson’s legacy           7/11


UN Deletes Article Praising 'Global Hunger' As a 'Positive Asset' For Elites

Evil Depopulationist Bill Gates Tells Governments to Invest in Technologies for “Payment and ID Systems” 

European Farmers Fight Back Aginst the Globalist Scheme to Destroy the World's Food Supply (Video)

CONFLICTED MUCH? - World Economic Forum 'Anti-Corruption' Champion Is Pfizer Director AND Reuters CEO.

Millions Of Canadians Can’t Use Debit Cards Due To “Nationwide Internet Outage”

Death Claims up $6 BILLION: Fifth-Largest Life Insurance Company Paid Out for 163% More Working-Age Deaths in 2021 After Covid “Vaccines” Were Unleashed

States Owe Nearly A Trillion Dollars In Liabilities On Top Of Unfunded Pensions, Report Shows

California Law Might Kill 70,000 Trucker Businesses, Severely Damage Supply Chain

8 Reasons Chick-fil-A Is America’s Favorite Restaurant 8 Years in a Row – And 7 Have Nothing to Do With Food

Elon Musk Terminates Deal To Buy Twitter; Board To Pursue Legal Action

Electric police cars are ‘running out of puff’ and causing ‘lots of problems’

Critics: Taxpayers On Hook For Biden’s Bailout Of Union Pensions

Education Freedom on the Rise in America

The Woke Sickness in Our Military is Destroying America

'Too much red flag for bank:' The tale of Hunter Biden's payments to alleged Russian prostitutes

This One Map Is Terrifying                          7/9


Shocker: Fed Report Finds 75% of $800 Billion “Paycheck Protection Program” Didn’t Reach Employees

This State Lost HALF Its Pandemic “Stimulus” Benefits to Fraud and Scammers

As Boris Johnson Resigns, U.K. Searches for Next WEF-Approved, ESG-Compliant Globalist Puppet

As Orchestrated Violence By Agent Provocateurs Escalate, Globalists Have Our Destruction Planned With Official US Govt Documents Showing Round Ups And Assassinations Ahead 

Globalists in the Netherlands are targeting farms to deliberately achieve GLOBAL FAMINE

U.S. Ran $1,049,100,000 Trade Deficit With Russia in May

Report: Biden Sold Near 1 Million Barrels of U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve to CCP-Owned Company Linked to Hunter

Grand Theft Labor: Feds Paid $78 Billion in Errant, Fraudulent Jobless Benefits in 2021 Alone

German banks prepare for companies to default on loans due to energy crunch

Republican congressman pressures top universities to disclose unethical foreign investments

China Dominates The Antibiotics Market

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Admits Trump-Era Policies Hurt Profits

China Brags About Giving Taliban $37 Million – They’ve Got Nothing on the $84 Billion Joe Biden Surrendered to the Terrorist Regime

Lockdown Fatigue: Chinese Companies Moving Supply Chains out of China

Soros Prosecutor Charges Store Owner With Murder; Video Shows Clear Case of Self-defense

Stop The Border Invasion Now              7/8


WEF Launching 'Very Sinister' Digital Passport - Yes, Your Blood Will Be Required

The 5 Ways Globalist Elites Are Herding Americans Into Forced Dependency

From Today, All New Vehicles In The EU Will Have Surveillance Black Boxes

Boris Johnson Resigns as Prime Minister

Senate Democrats Pushing  $500 Billion Climate, Obamacare Package

U.S. Ships Oil From Reserves Overseas As Prices At The Pump Remain High

Russia takes control of Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project, increasing stakes of its economic war with the West 

More Companies Join The ‘Great Migration’ To Red States

GOP’s John Thune Asks Biden for More Foreign Workers as Millions of Americans Jobless

Every third Dutch farm to be closed down or expropriated!

Ex-FBI Crooks Comey & McCabe Face IRS Audits

The lights are about to go out in America, warn grid experts

Woke Coffee Shop Shuts Down After Even-More-Woke Employees Issue List of Insane Demands

Biden “Justice” Department Paying $1.5 Million in Tax Dollars to Spread Twisted Tranny Ideology in Federal Prisons

Update: United Nations Touted ‘Benefits of World Hunger’ — Now Contrived Food Shortages Threaten Civilization

Spanish Government Ordered Military to Spray Lethal Chemtrails on Its Citizens as Part of Secret UN Program

Holland On The Brink Of Civil War – The Dutch Have Had Enough

Watch– Climate Protesters Block Traffic, Police Arrest Parolee Pleading to Get to Work

It just got even worse for CNN             7/7


Strike Three for the Federal Reserve

Many in North America barely able to afford one meal a day, thanks to FOOD INFLATION

China’s Economic Slowdown Hits Two-Year Low from Lockdowns

China forwards global agenda, gifts Zimbabwe luxury parliament

Biden Slammed by Jeff Bezos, Celebrated by China

“Truckpocalypse” Begins in Commiefornia This Week as 70,000 Truckers Forced off the Roads Due to Democrat Idiocracy

Australian bank tells customers to withdraw funds immediately before it closes this week

Circumventing sanctions: Oil shippers are hiding Russian crude by ‘going dark’ to avoid backlash

Traitor Joe Sent 5 Million Barrels of Emergency Oil Reserves to Europe and Asia Amid Skyrocking U.S. Prices

Attorneys: Feds Manufacturing Evidence to Charge, Incarcerate Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

The Biased J6 Committee Ignores Man with Gun and Woman who Broke Windows at the Capitol

Capitol Police Internal Memo Shows They Were Warned BLM from Baltimore Bused in Rioters

Agent Provocateurs Caught on Camera

BOMBSHELL: Highland Park Killer Tied to Democrat Socialists, Progressives, Antifa and the Occult

Highland Park Mass Murderer Known to Authorities, Previously Threatened to “KILL EVERYONE”

'Spartacus': The Weaponization of Biotech part 3

Nazi Albert Speer’s Final Nuremberg Statement On Technocracy

San Francisco Couple Gets $1,500 Fine For Parking In Their Own Driveway

NATO's Fertilizer Wars                           7/6


BIG PHARMA PAYDAY: US govt. mulls purchase of COVID vaccines that claim to target omicron

The Massive Wealth Transfer That No One’s Talking About

America’s Small Businesses Pained by Sting of Inflation

No More Room for Farmers With ‘WEF Food Hubs’

Bank of Japan is buying up it’s own government’s debt: Bond holdings top 50% for first time

U.S. Corporate Elites Drive Private Jet Spending to 10-Year High

Credit Card Interest Rates Surge To Record Levels For New Cards

Manufacturing Plants Aren’t Just Mysteriously Getting Burned Down In The United States, It’s Happening Around The World

Flooring the Fakery: Biden Now Blames Gas Stations for High Prices as China Cheers

U.S. Postal Service Price Hike on Stamps Set to Kick In

Akron Erupts in Violent Democrat Riots Over the Death of a Man Who Shot at Cops

Dutch Farmers Spray Manure on Town Hall in Protest of Climate Plans

“Climate Activists” Slash SUV Tires In NYC, Say Other U.S. Cities Will Be Hit Next

God Has Been Good to America                 7/5


Happy Birthday America! Biden’s Independence Day Gift: Shattered Economy Worst First Half for Stocks Since 1872 worst year for government bonds since 1865 *No Plan To Fix It*

Biden admin preventing America’s second-largest LNG plant from restarting operations

Worst stock selloff in half century may not be done

Atlanta Fed GDP Tracker Shows The U.S. Economy Is Likely In A Recession

Bank of America Issues Chilling Forecast: No GDP Growth

70,000 truck owner-operators in California may be forced to stop driving in one week due to new state law

Communist Takeover Update: FOIAs Reveal Progressive Money Fueling FBI, DOJ, Leftist Activist and Election Official Coordination

U.S. Blacklists Chinese Firms, Downplays China-Russia Connections

Used car market implodes on bad loans

Revolution In The Netherlands? Farmers Plan July 4th Protests, Supported By Huge Crowds (VIDEO)

Biden promises to make drivers shoulder expensive gas for “as long as it takes” to defeat Russia 

US, UK Unveil A Combined $2BN More In Ukraine Security Aid, Including "Offensive" Weapons

Biden Admin to Give $820 Million More in Military Aid to Ukraine

Antifa Terrorist Who was Carrying Loaded Gun at Violent Protest Has Charges Dropped on Day of Sentencing — While Jan. 6 Protesters Rot in Prison for Standing Outside US Capitol

Fascist Google to Pay $90 Million to Settle Legal Fight With App Developers

The psychology of totalitarianism              7/4


BREAKING: BIDEN ECONOMY Officially in Recession – Key Fed GDP Tracker Turns Negative

WH: Put Up with High Gas Prices for ‘the Future of the Liberal World Order’

Stocks Tumble Under Biden into the Worst First Half In Over 50 years Don’t Expect a Rebound: ‘don’t know when the clouds of uncertainty’ Will Clear

EU Imports More US LNG Than Russian Pipeline Gas For The First Time Ever

Rockefeller Foundation 'Reset the Table' Report Predicted COVID-Related Food Crisis - 2 Years Before It Happened

Grocery Cart Inflation Jumps to Highest in 42 Years

BOMBSHELL: Google Intercepted 100% of RNC Donation Emails on Biggest Donation Days of Month

SCOTUS Will Hear Case w/ Huge Impact on Influencing Election Rules

US Supreme Court deals huge blow to Biden’s climate change collapse agenda, rules EPA cannot force move from fossil fuels to “green” energy

FCC Commissioner Asks Google, Apple to Remove TikTok App; Its Data Harvesting “poses an unacceptable national security risk”

California Court Relases 2 Suspects Arrested with 150,000 Fentanyl Pills Without Bail

Norway Is Tracking What Everyone Buys, and Biden Wants to Follow Suit in the United States

The Coincidence of Crises                    

BIDEN EFFECT: Granite City Steel Mill that Reopened Thanks to Trump Economic Policies Will Lose Up to 1,000 Jobs Under Joe Biden

67% of Americans Afflicted with Hardship By Gas Crisis

Big Business Is Funding Americans' Killing of Their Kids - and Then Replacing Them With Aliens

Missouri Governor Parsons Signs House Bill (HB) 1878 – Requires Voter ID – Eliminates Drop Boxes

Google Search Is Dying                                   7/1


US Economy Contracted More Than Initially Reported In Q1

White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil "Shock"

Get Woke, Go Broke: Bed Bath & Beyond Turns off AC in Stores to Save Money More Than a Year After Dropping MyPillow

Google Trends Data: Only Place in America Where Hearing Attracted More Interest than Gas was D.C.

CRYPTO CONTAGION: Three Arrows Capital defaults after failing to make required payment on loan of 15,250 bitcoins

Nurse "kidnapped" by the state after receiving large sum of money from deceased father

Aussie Climate Minister Promises to Legislate Away that Evil CO2

Amazon buying up massive industrial land holdings across the U.S., even as it reduces warehouse square footage… what are they planning?

Biden Train Wreck: AP Poll: 85 Percent of Americans Say Nation Is on the Wrong Track, Including 78 Percent of Democrats

Prince Charles Will No Longer Take Bags Of Cash From Gulf Sheikhs

Mexico Gives Travel Permits to 3000 Caravan Migrants Headed to U.S.

Woke West Hollywood Votes To Defund Police Despite 137% Surge In Crime

STUDY: Democrat Hellholes Seattle, Tacoma Rank Among Worst-Run Largest Cities in U.S. 

The Real Purpose of “Multiculturalism”             6/30


Putin says BRICS countries are establishing new global reserve currency to replace U.S. dollar

Escobar: Behind The Tin Curtain - BRICS+ Vs NATO/G7

Iran and Argentina apply to join China and Russia in BRICS club

Bidenomics: 83% of Americans Cutting Back on Personal Spending Due to Inflation, Poll Finds

Consumer Confidence, Manufacturing Crash Again, But You Knew That Was Coming, Didn't You

How Bad Were Recessions Before the Fed? Not as Bad as They Are Now

Chevron Selling California Property – Moving Company And Jobs To Texas

Money grabbers: US hospitals are not complying with cost transparency rules; patients getting ripped off

They lied: HHS uses backdoor process to provide Obamacare to illegals

Almost 30 Percent of Adult New Zealanders Were Victims of Crime in 2021

Great Reset food goal: Feed the world with artificial lab-grown meat

The Biden Admin Just Made It Easier for Terrorists To Enter the United States

Iran and Argentina apply to join China and Russia in BRICS club

Two Hispanic Men Possessing 150,000 Deadly Fentanyl PIlls RELEASED by Democrat Commiefornia Judge

Migrant 'Enriched' Germany: Women and Children Are No Longer Physically or Sexually Safe at Pools

California Attorney General Leaks Names and Addresses of State’s Legal Gun Owners

Fighting to the last Ukrainian                        6/29


One Year After Biden Touted Saving Americans 16 Cents, July 4th Cookouts Cost $10 More 

G7 Unveils $600 Billion Global Infrastructure Plan To Counter China’s “Belt And Road”

Global Planned Financial Tsunami has Just Begun

Revolving door riches: Obama-Biden officials cashed in during the Trump years

China’s TikTok Floods America with Ads for Predatory Payday Loan Companies

G-7 Sanctions on Russian Gold Could Backfire

Terror Regime Iran’s $$$ Reserves Increased From $4bil to $31bil in One Year Thanks to Biden

$2 Trillion Free-Fall Rattles Crypto to Core

Vast majority of cryptocurrencies dropped more than 90% in recent crash

Lab-Grown Meat: Investors Love It, But Scientists Question Safety

Credit Suisse Fined over Drugs Gang Money Laundering

Politician Demands Bilderberg Conference Transparency: CIA Plot? New World Order?

Biden Admin Signs Five Year Lease to House Illegal Alien Children at Luxury $42K Per Year Private School Campus in North Carolina

Energy Crisis: Poor Could be Paid to not Use Electricity as Blackout Fears Grow

Canadians Anxiously Await the Arrival of Hero James Topp in Ottawa (Video)

FISHY: Senate Sergeant-at-Arms in Charge of Security During Jan 6 Mostly Peaceful Protest Dead at 71

January 6 Committee Suspends “Insurrection” Show Trial ….. to Call for Insurrection

Thomas Derangement Syndrome               6/28


Globalists Want Order out of CHAOS for the Great Reset

Banks Rush to Fund Abortion Travel

G7 Commits to ‘Indefinite’ Military and Financial Support to Ukraine

Retailers Preparing for Recessionary Drop in Spending, Many Outlets Will Not Survive

Germany Green Energy Crisis: Warning of “Lehman Like” Contagion

Government Intervention Is Fueling Food Shortages

Freight Broker Can't Believe His Eyes, Now Knows a 'Great Purge' Is Imminent

Home Showings Across US Plunge 24%, Mortgage Rates Remain Elevated

Murdered Uvalde Teacher Called Cop Husband During Massacre, He Tried to Help But Was Detained

School Board That Voted to Cover Historic George Washington Mural Decimated by Recall, New Members Have Good News for America

Dear Leader Biden’s Betrayal of Our Military: The Threat to Military Readiness

Camo-Wearing Migrants Arrested in Remote West Texas Border Sector

Over 90 Per Cent of Failed Asylum Seekers Were Not Deported in 2020

Financing: China's Long March                 6/27


NATO engaged in direct aggression against Russia

Brzezinski's Proxy War Playbook

HOW AMERICA ENDS: Putin Announces New BRICS Global Reserve Currency Project to REPLACE the Petrodollar

Nestle CEO: Humans Do Not Have a Right to Water, Should Be Privatized and Controlled

Energy Crisis: EU Headed For Dark Ages, “Poverty For Generations”

Consumer Sentiment Sinks to New Record Low

ICYMI: Chicago’s Richest Man Moves $22 Billion Company to Florida, Citing Crime

Shhh! Soros’s $18 Billion Control Over Mainstream Media

Pfizer CEO says yearly COVID vaccines for Americans “almost certain”

Miami Housing Rents Jump A Stunning 41% In April 

The Working Class Is Turning on Marx and the Party That Promotes Him

Justin Trudeau's Mass Migration Scheme to Replace the Canadian Population (Exclusive Interview)

Antifa marches in London screaming praise for violent dictators Stalin, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh

Invasion: Army of 'Organized and Very Violent' African Migrants Storm Spain (Videos)

Did Durham Play Us For A Fool?              6/25


Mark Cuban’s New Online Pharmacy Is Saving People Huge Amounts of Money and Is Absolutely Humiliating the Federal Government in the Process

4 Million Americans Priced out as Home Rents Rise Significantly, Home Loan Qualifications ‘Skyrocket’

World Economic Forum To "Freeze Bank Accounts" of Meat Eaters To "Educate Them"

FAKE medicine: Over 90% of all medical interventions lack evidence to support their use, as the medical system implodes with error

Fauci's $478,188 Experiment to Turn Monkeys Transgender - and Other Ways the Government Wastes Your Money

Billions in Fraudulent Commiefornia Unemployment Benefits Could Be Gone for Good

State Dept Appoints Blackrock Investment Chairman Tom Donilon, A Deep China Biden Insider, To U.S. Foreign Policy Board

Netflix Massacre: 300 Employees Axed In Largest Layoff Since Subscriber Downturn

What Changes a Culture? Free Money Is Dangerous

Report: Working In The Metaverse Lowers Productivity, Causes Anxiety

Paul McGuire: Marxist and communist revolutionaries are bankrolled by international banking families

US To provide Another $450M In Military Aid For Ukraine, Including Medium-Range Rocket Systems

Ford Sees ‘Significant’ Job Cuts as It Picks Spain for EV Production

Only 23% Of New Yorkers Can Afford Median Rent Amid "Incredibly Tight Market"

Elon Musk Officially Builds the Two ‘Most American-Made’ Cars

Senate Passes Gun Control Bill 65-33, 15 Republicans Voted with Democrats

Under Biden's DHS, all dissenters are now 'domestic extremists'

Federal Jury: City Must Pay $59,657 After SWAT Team Wrecks Innocent Woman’s House


AOC Sez $174k Congressional Salary Difficult for Lawmakers!

Tom Cruise’s Pro-America Movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Set to Cross $1B Mark Over July 4th Weekend

The little boy who cried 'Trump guilty'               6/24


New Orleans Grill Becomes First Business Allowed By Court To Recover Damages For COVID-19 Lockdown Losses

Canada: Justice minister says ‘there’s no absolute right to own private property in the country’

US Investors Continue To Fund The Chinese Military

UPDATED full list of food facility fires in the USA from 2020 – 2022

Ukraine War Blows Up EU's Superpower Delusion

Dear Leader Biden’s Travel Crisis: Over 1,000 Airline Pilots Protested in Impressive Display of Coordination and Solidarity

China Brands America a ‘Menace’ for Banning Slave-Made Products from Uyghur Region

Attorney General Intervenes After Evil Depopulationist Bill Gates Buys a Massive Amount of Farmland in North Dakota

Mapping The Migration Of The World's Millionaires

RE-Fund the Police: Minnesota Supreme Court Orders Minneapolis to Hire More Police

Soros-Backed Los Angeles DA Gascon Attempts to Defend Record and Denies Double Cop Killer Had Violent Past

Gallup: 58% of Americans Say They Use Smartphone ‘Too Much’

Utah GOP Rep. Curtis’s Field Director Submits Resignation Following Project Veritas Investigation

Parents With School-Age Kids Could Be the New ‘Swing Voters’

The Globalists’ Dream: Virtual Children to Help Combat Overpopulation

Disney Willing to Lose Money on ‘Lightyear’ as ‘Investment into Shifting the Culture’

The lies behind lab-cultured fake meat                6/23


The State Of Global War (And Peace)

Will the NIH Stop Funding Chinese Research?

BIDEN ECONOMY: Average American 4th of July Cookout Up 17% This Year Over 2021

Demonic Disney Stock Has Tumbled Nearly 50 Percent as Audiences Turn Away

Morano: Biden Shuts Down U.S. energy, which has the ‘highest environmental standards’ & exchanges it for reliance on China & their ‘lax environmental regs’

OOPS: Texas A&M Fails to Report $100 Million in Research Funds From Russia and Qatar

Here’s more evidence that the COVID pandemic was a massive vacation for hundreds of thousands of federal workers

72 Of The Top 100 Coins Have Fallen 90% Or More: Here Are The Holdouts

First 3D-printed house made of raw earth built in Italy

Car Dealers Reveal an Alarming Problem with Getting Your Electric Vehicle Serviced

Republican Mayra Flores Sworn In as First Mexican-Born Congresswoman

Five Major Cities On Pace To Pass Steep 2021 Homicide Totals Halfway Through 2022

Illegal Aliens Flood Through Gap in Southern Border Wall


ICYMI: Canada Completes Construction of Manufacturing Facility to Make Food From Bugs

The Impact Of Soros-Funded District Attorneys       6/22


In Defense of Defaulting on the National Debt

Food Shortages Have Been Manufactured to Usher in Centralized Public-Private Partnerships for Controlling the Masses

The controlled DEMOLITION of FOOD and ENERGY infrastructure is now under way

A Permanent Shortage Of Everything

COVID Exposed The Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex

Hungary Vetoes Global Minimum Corporate Tax

Russia's Escalating Influence in Africa

A Look At The Last Five US Recessions

Rolling Blackouts To Leave Tens Of Millions Without Lights

Commiefornia Decides the Perfect Time to Raise Gas Taxes Is Now

YIKES: This Federal ‘Stimulus’ Program Cost Taxpayers $850k Per Job Saved, Study Finds

The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 10 – The Foundations and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Green Fail: Dependent on Russian Gas, Now Germany Fires Up Coal Power Stations

Dr. Colin Wright is now banned from PayPal and Etsy for affirming that there are only two genders

Nazi Collaborator George Soros to Fight Prosecutor Recalls, Elect More Liberal DAs

ICYMI: George Soros Is Trying to SUPPRESS Radio Freedom

Outrage As Holocaust-Mocking Police Chief Gets $1.5 Million 'Bonus' For Displaying Nazi Insignia

CNN is in Big Trouble                                      6/21


Fauci Refuses To ‘Stop Funding Chinese’ Research With US Tax Dollars

BREAKING: Run on the Banks in China – Long Lines in Henan, Shanghai, and Dandong

China using bogus covid tests as excuse to freeze billions in deposits, lock residents out of bank accounts

China’s Zero-Covid Policy Driving Foreign Investors to Other Countries: Attorney

China Orders Foreign Funds Management Companies to Create Units to Be Managed by the CCP

We Haven’t Seen Carnage Like This Since 2008 

Senator Rand Paul Calls for Spending On Ukraine To Stop, Saying ‘We Borrow Money From China So We Can Send It To Ukraine?’

Tracking Tool on American Hospitals’ Websites Collecting Patients’ Health Information, Sending it to Facebook

Why do military aircraft keep falling out of the sky? New analysis provides answers

HUGE FINDING: Higher CO2 makes food crops and herbs more nutritious and medicinal

Bidenomics: East Coast Truckers Are Stalled Out on the Highway Waiting for Gas – The Gas Stations Are Out of Diesel

Citizens of the European Union Support Peace Over Saber-Rattling Against Russia

France enacts lockdowns due to 'climate change'

Populism Rising: Le Pen’s National Rally Makes Historic Gains as Macron Loses Parliamentary Majority

Beautiful Dutch philosopher discusses “the illusion of a free country” on Tucker

MEP Warns: ‘European Union Is off the Rails, Usurping More and More Power’

The IRS Is Buying Up Ammo, While The Government Intends To Make It Harder For Citizens To Acquire

DISARMING THE PEOPLE: Biden admin moving to severely limit popular ammo used in AR-15s

New Reuters Survey Finds That Trust In Mainstream News Is Rapidly Declining

Dems in disarray as latinos bolt to the GOP       6/20


The World Economic Forum and World Trade Organization push "Global Digital Identity of Persons and Objects"

“The Economy Is Going To Collapse” – Here Are 18 Signs That The Economic Meltdown We Have Been Waiting For Has Already Begun

What is this? Controlled demolition of America?

Middle Class Struggling to Afford Housing Amid Surging Prices and Inflation

Military Spending Robs Workers and the Poor

DailySA: Western weapons from Ukraine on black market

‘$10 Million Hit’: Walmart Pulls MyPillow Products From Stores

Financial disclosure shows DeSantis has student debt, modest net worth, and doesn't own any property

The Need to Rethink U.S.-China Business Relations

German Official Warns of Gas Shortages, Bankruptcies, Massive Price Hikes That Will Send “Shockwaves Throughout the Country”

Protesters in China See Their Phones Flashing Red, Instantly Know They're Trapped Like Rats

Trucker Warning: "You Will See Chaos As People Fight For The Basic Necessities Of Everyday Life"

'Peace Circles' Instead of Prisons Lead to Shootouts in Chicago

Antifa Members Given No Jail Time Over Violent ‘Hate Crime’ Attack On 2 Hispanic US Marines

America’s Incarceration Problem           6/18


Housing Starts Collapse in May As Inflation and Soaring Interest Rates Hit Hard

The next Great Depression begins: Bank run in China being ignored by Western media could be precursor to massive economic collapse

Global Economic Collapse May Now Be Underway, Wall Street Sounds Alarm, $3 Trillion in Retirement Wiped out, Consumer Spending Running out of Steam, Housing Market Teetering

Chinese Banks Freeze Billions In Deposits: Officials Use Health QR Code To Bar Protesters

US Mortgage Rates Rise to 5.78 Percent After Fed Rate Hike, in Biggest Jump Since 1987

U.N. Demands ‘Climate Reparations’

Russia’s Gazprom has cut natural gas flows to Germany by 60% – Western Europe is about to get the “green energy” nightmare it always wanted

36% earning $100,000 or more living paycheck to paycheck

Escobar: The "New G8" Meets China's "Three Rings"

China Fully Automates Cloning Of Pigs

First baby food, now TAMPONS are running out everywhere in Biden’s America

Watch: Women Struggling to Find Tampons, But Men's Restrooms Are Stocked Full of Them

Consumer groups increase pressure on Home Depot, Lowe’s to stop selling cancer-causing glyphosate weedkillers 

Biden’s handlers loosen terrorism designation to allow Afghans ‘forced’ to aid Taliban to get asylum

Cause and Effect: Poland Completes 87 Miles of Border Wall, Announces End of State of Emergency

Bill Gates & The Cognitive “Frame” Game       6/17


Another Cataclysmic Error Fed Raises Rate 3/4 Point  Largest in 28 years Threatens To Plunge The U.S. Economy Into A Bottomless Abyss Of Pain And Suffering

Another One! Iconic American Company Caterpillar Announces It’s Leaving Democrat-Destroyed Illinois for TEXAS!

Two dozen AGs challenge SEC climate rule

Food Banks Crowded With Workers, Retirees Squeezed by Unyielding Inflation

The Great Reset: Turning Back the Clock on Civilization

Beijing Biden’s New Policy Funds China’s Military, Supports Slavery, Achieves Nothing

INSANELY VULNERABLE: If Russia cuts off supply of enriched uranium to US power companies, America’s nuclear energy reactors will close within a year

Democrats focus on Jan. 6 while Americans focus on inflation

Ford Pulls Plug on Pete Buttplug’s $44K Electric SUV (Made in Mexico)

ABC, NBC Ignore HISTORIC GOP Win in Blue Texas District; Hispanic Nets Barely Cover

Massive Pedophile Ring Busted in Florida - 56 Child Rapists Arrested

Poll: 37% of Canadians Agree With Idea Behind 'The Great Replacement'

American Pharisees Rail Against Christian Revival Pushed by General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone

Republican Presses to Find out How Much Food Stamp Aid Going to Illegal Aliens Crossing Border

Deplatforming ANP And Independent Media        6/16


Small Business Owners’ Expectations for the Future Fall to New 48-year Low 

Wholesale Prices Surge by Almost 11%, Hover Near 40-Year High

Senator Malcolm Roberts: 'Globalist Predators and Major Bankers Control Governments Around the World'...

COVID Was Technocracy’s Coup D’Etat

Top Biden Advisor Demands That Social Media Companies Silence Anyone Who Criticizes 'Green Energy Transition

As He Shuts Down American Energy Production, Biden to Visit “Pariah” Saudi Arabia to Beg for More Oil

Another US Food Processing Plant Erupts In Flames 

Want to Starve Babies? Let the Government Get Involved

The Economic Meltdown Has Roots In Lockdown

China Uses COVID-19 Surveillance Technology to Stop Bank Protests

Solar Panels: Biden's 'Buy China' Plan

Former Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos: ‘I don’t think the Department of Education should exist’

New Data Absolutely Destroys Media Claims of 'Climate Change is Causing More Wildfire'

$863 Million in Biden Stimulus Payments Went to 597,000 Prison Inmates

$1.6 million paid to athletic director 'for one month's work'

Five of the World’s Tiniest Robots

Lawsuits Accuse Meta Of Ruining Young People's Lives With Addictive Programs

#BidenDestroysAmerica trends on Twitter as inflation pummels American families

HUGE: Republican Maya Flores Beats Democrat For Congressional Seat Held By Democrats For A Century

Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock Blames Brother’s Drug Conviction on Systemic Racism; Court Records Tell a Different Story

Conservatives Angered by George Soros Group Acquiring Miami’s Radio Mambi

No, Google AI Is Not Sentient                6/15


Biden(obama) To World: Russia, Oil Sheiks, And China Control The U.S. Economy

Inflation Goes from Bad to Worse … to Even Worse Than Reported

Foreign Investments In U.S. Farmlands Skyrocket, Raising National Security Concerns

All Stock Market Gains Erased Since Obiden Took Office

We Are Trading Like It's A Race Which Central Bank Can Crash Their Economy The Fastest

BIDEN Sends $1 Billion To Convicted Felons While Working Americans Turn To Food Banks For First Time To Feed Their Families

Housing bubble about to burst? Mortgage applications crash to 22-year low as monthly payments skyrocket

Twenty-FIVE percent inflation for the necessities of life

Arizona Election Worker Details Voter Fraud Investigation

Ukraine Suspends All Gas, Coal & Fuel Oil Exports To Meet Internal Demand

Ukrainians Hit the Beaches of Kiev Just After Biden Sends Another $40 Billion to ‘Fight Russia’ – Meanwhile American Babies are Starving as Families Can’t Find Formula

POST-KAVANAUGH POLL: Almost Half of Young, Male Democrats Say “It’s Acceptable To ASSASSINATE a Politician”

Commemorating 6/14 – The Democrats’ Congressional Baseball Massacre by a Bernie Sanders-Inspired Terrorist

Commanders’ Jack Del Rio Deletes His Social Media After Being Fined $100K for His Political Opinion

Biden’s Approval Hits Record Low As He Becomes Most Unpopular Modern President

The Reality Behind Conspiracy Theories         6/14


20% Of Pandemic Unemployment Payments Were Improper: GAO

Unfunded pension bubble the latest economic catastrophe waiting to burst

America Witnesses the Dismantling of the Food Industry One Tragedy at a Time

Small businesses struggle due to bidenflation

Average monthly apartment rent surges to all-time high $2,000, real estate firm reveals

European Auto Industry Decries EU Ban On Petrol Cars

Great Reset: Globalist Controlled New Zealand to Introduce 'Climate Tax' on Cattle and Sheep

Five numbers that tell the story of Biden's presidency

Watch: Lilium Achieves World's First Main Wing Transition For Full-Size Flying Taxi

Former CIA Agent Admits Agency Created Gangster Rap to 'Fill Private Prisons' By 'Glamorizing Criminality

CCP Uses Disinformation to Fuel Human Rights Abuses: Documentary Filmmaker

Here’s What Mitch McConnell’s Ten Gun Control RINOs Have in Common

WATCH: Expert tells Dan Bongino that George Soros is backing soft-on-crime district attorneys as crime doubles

George Soros Exposed: 20% Of America Is Living Under One Of His Soft On Crime District Attorneys

Google Engineer Placed On Leave After Insisting Company's AI Is Sentient

This Is Kiev Today     

Ukraine’s War of Attrition                 6/13


The dystopian reality of a social credit system

The Five Stages of Totalitarianism

Bilderberg 2022 has finished and here is the list of everything that happened there despite the high security fences.

Socialist Italy: Citizens Stand in Endless Lines For Food (Video)

Foreign investment in U.S. farmland may be a national security issue, according to expert

68th Bilderberg Meeting centers on geopolitical alignments and possibility of global financial meltdown

Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration

Biden's 'Inflation Tax' Is Costing US Households $433 Per Month

They Want Us Poor — Post Pandemic Inflation, The Great Reset and Globalism

Dutch Political Party: 'Reject the WEF, Great Reset and Their Transhumanist Agenda'

Taxpayer funding for NFL, other pro sports stadiums grows exponentially

Oh, Canada… Fresh Off Handgun Ban, Tyrant Justin Trudeau Says Using a Gun For Self Defense Is “Not a Right That You Have” In Canada (VIDEO)

The Federal Government’s Own Study Concluded Its Ban on “Assault Weapons” Didn’t Reduce Gun Violence

Exclusive! Retired Marine Reveals Shocking Details About the Afghan Withdrawal

The suppression of the truth               6/12


National Average Gas Price Surpasses $5 Per-Gallon for First Time Ever

Bank for International Settlements Lowers The Boom On Cryptocurrencies

Biden Colludes With Depopulationist Villain Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party to Take Jobs From Deserving American College Graduates

Canadian Attorney General Announces Citizens Do Not Have “The Absolute Right to Own Private Property” (VIDEO)

DISMANTLING AMERICA: Massive Texas oil refinery to shut down amid record-high gas prices

Biden Reboots Failed Obama-Era “Green” Energy Loan Program That Funded Solyndra and Cost Taxpayers Billions

Cow Farts and Burps to Be Taxed for Climate Change in Backdoor Meat Tax

Dr. Robert Malone: World Economic Forum ‘agents’ must not be allowed to penetrate American politics

Meta Slapped With 8 Lawsuits Over Algorithms That Hook Youth And Ruin Their Lives

Yes, the Products You’re Buying Are Getting Smaller — Even Though Prices Are Not

Ex-FinTwit Poster Gets 4 Years For Scamming PPP Program Out Of More Than $4 Million

REPORT: The 75 Soros-Linked Radical US Prosecutors Who Are Wreaking Havoc in American Cities

Seven NEW Hunter Biden Scandals The Networks Refuse To Report On

Resident Biden claims GUNS are the #1 killer of children, but actually it’s VACCINES and ABORTIONS

Former House Rep Pleads Guilty To Ballot-Stuffing For Dems In Five Elections

What are Red Flag Laws?               6/10


Derrick Broze Interview – WEF’s 2022 Davos Meeting Reveals Your Future, Whether You Like It Or Not  

The World Economic Forum seeks absolute control over world populations, demands consolidation of power

Top 10 Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the World Economic Forum: No.2 Controlling Minds Using Sound Waves

World Bank Signals A Global Recession, Saying ‘Essentially No Rebound’ Is Expected With Several Years Of ‘Above-Average Inflation’ Ahead

Inflation Will Price Many Americans Out Of Housing and Into Homelessness

Mortgage demand hits 22-year low

CREEPY FOOD SURVEILLANCE: Norway launches new monitoring scheme to track all food purchases of private citizens

Dems Spend $32M To Defeat Black Veteran in Republican Primary

16 States Have Average Price of Gas over $5.00

Biden regime mandates more corn ethanol in gasoline to damage the engines of cars and trucks across America

Visualizing The World’s 50 Biggest Data Breaches From 2004–2021

Washington state sees 10,024% jump in catalytic converter thefts

Soros spent $40 million to elect 75 ‘social justice’ prosecutors: Report

You Will Eat Bugs and Be Happy: Wales Now Feeding Schoolchildren Mealworms and Crickets for Lunch as Part of The Great Reset Rollout

Hunter Biden’s Favorite Las Vegas Hooker Got $20,000 Federal PPP Loan for ‘Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship’ After Joe Biden Took Office

Bill Clinton advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into WH found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast to the chest

Mark Zuckerberg-funded group already trying to rig and steal 2022 midterms

Massive Antifa crime bust               6/9


It’s Not Just Gas Prices… Electricity Rates Are Up 77% to 233% in Last Year as Democrats Declare War on US Middle Class

Abbott Restarts Baby Formula Plant Linked To Contamination

The “Devastating Consequences” to the Economy Presented by Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Ex-Obama Advisor Calling For An End To Trump’s China Tariffs Headlined A CCP Event

Globalism, central bank money printing are the real root causes behind inflation and shortages

Pakistan’s commercial capital could lose 40,000 factories due to worsening energy crisis

UN Report: Al-Qaida Flourishing in Taliban-Run Afghanistan, May Regain Capabilities to Launch “Long-Distance” Terror Attacks Soon

There Was a Huge ‘Mistake’ in the 2020 Census . . . Guess Which Party It Favored?

Sundance: Biden Admin Quietly Raised Amount Of Ethanol Required In Gasoline From 10% To 15%, Three Predictable Problems Will Surface Soon

Digital Privacy Bill Would Ban Data-Driven Advertising to Kids Under 17

Google veterans to launch drones with “most advanced AI” ever

Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 to Drop Armed Robber Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

Progressive DA George Gascon lies gives out light sentencing

Black Lives Matter Marxists, Leftist Fake News Media Claim Police Tasered Black Man and He Died Falling off Bridge — but Here’s the Video Proof They Are WRONG

It’s the Culture, Stupid

The Sovietization of American Life                   6/7


10 Times Empire Managers Showed Us That They Want To Control Our Thoughts

Biden Baby Formula Shortage: Out-of-Stock Rate Continues to Worsen, Jumping to 73.5%

Gun Sales Top 1 Million for Record 34th Straight Month, Prompted by Mass Shooting, Threat of Increased Gun Control

For First Time In History, Gas Prices Above $4 In All 50 States

OPEC+ Announces Oil Production Boost Following International Pressure

Update On Food Plants Blowing Up: More Explosions, More Stress On Domestic Food Supply

How The World Economic Forum Will Govern The Metaverse

U.S. Taxpayers Spent $2 Billion on Failed Plan to Save Wild Salmon

Federal Testimony: Limits on Diesel Additive Distribution May Lead to Serious Food, Product Shortages This Fall, ‘Absolute Catastrophe’

Another nuclear plant closed down in Michigan as America’s energy grid gets systematically dismantled

Depopulationist Bill Gates, Fake Meat, Fake Breast Milk, and Food Shortages 

Docs Show AMAZON Dystopian System for Tracking Workers EVERY MINUTE

Musk: ‘Remote Work Is No Longer’ Acceptable At Tesla

Only When We Know What Propaganda Is, And How It Works, Will We Be Free to Live Our Lives and Rule Ourselves

“Mass grave” consisting of hundreds of indigenous children in Canada turns out to be a complete hoax

Sussmann Juror: “There Are Bigger Things … Than A Possible Lie To The FBI”

New BLM Chair Appointed To Tackle Financial Scandal Filed For Bankruptcy 3 Times

Project Destroying America From Within          6/3


Fundraiser For The Four Orphaned Garcia Children in Uvalde Raises More The $2.6 Million

Major Canadian Bank Apologizes to Trucker Convoy for Freezing Accounts

Biden’s Pitch to Voters: You’re Wrong About the Economy, Stupid

Florida residents sentenced to 18 years in prison for $200 million baby formula scheme

Biden’s Energy Inflation Is No Accident 

U.S. Gas Prices Reach New Record High Of $4.67 Per Gallon

After Nixing 50-Million-Gallon-A-Day Desalination Plant, California Demands Residents Use Less Water

Britain using Ukraine conflict as excuse to push for legalizing gene-edited Frankenfood

Green Berets Launch PAC to Put ‘Warrior-Diplomats’ in Congress

Davos Man Is at It Again: The 2022 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum

US Providing New $700 Million in Military Aid for Ukraine

Three-Minute Video Depicts Clear Evidence Joe Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Shady Business Deals

TRANS PRIVILEGE: Coles supermarket in Australia offering all employees who identify as “trans” 10 extra days of paid leave for some reason

Swamp Justice: Jury Forewoman Admits Crooked Hillary Attorney Sussman Lied to FBI in Russia Collusion Hoax Trial . . . As He Was Declared “Innocent”

Wild video: While reporting on violent crime, reporter, cameraman become victims themselves

"Control Food And You Control People"         6/2


9-Year-Old Ohio Girl Raises $100k to Fight Brain Cancer in Memory of Twin Brother: ‘I Wanted to Honor Him’

Davos Reveals Building-Blocks For "Green" Social-Credit System

Davos Elites Warn 'Painful Global Transition' Should Not Be Resisted

Watch: Klaus Schwab Cosies Up With Head Of Pfizer As They Condemn 'Conspiracy People' And ‘Anti-vaxxers’

Ten Times Empire Managers Showed Us That They Want to Control Our Thoughts

The long tradition of London-Wall Street sponsorship of Nazis

China Is “Now Moving Out Apparently to Begin the Process of Taking Control of the World” – Frank Gaffney on China’s Recent Actions

Russia Sends Record Volumes Of Oil To India, China

Nokia CEO in Davos: By 2030, Smartphones Will Not Exist, Technology ‘Built Directly Into Our Bodies’

Spiking Fertilizer Costs Squeeze Midwest Farmers

DuckDuckGo Sells Private Search Information of Users to Microsoft

Army Replenishing Stinger Missiles In $687M Deal As Raytheon's Ukraine Cash Bonanza Continues

New York Loses $19.5 Billion In Population Exodus, IRS Confirms 

Even More Working Poor in Rich Europe

FOOD APOCALYPSE: The world has just 10 weeks’ worth of wheat left

The EU Needs More Than $1 Trillion For Plan To Ditch Russian Oil And Gas

Daily Beast Corrects Articles, Apologizes To Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman After Being Sued

Britain using Ukraine conflict as excuse to push for legalizing gene-edited Frankenfood

Biden Plans To Cancel $10,000 In Student Debt Per Borrower Ahead Of Midterms

Hope for the Vaccine Injured                5/30


This Week Elites in Switzerland Set the Stage for a Cashless Society and 1 World Government

WATCH: Klaus Schwab Warns Nations Tempted To Preserve Their Own Sovereignty Over The Global Agenda

Globalists want to track your “individual carbon footprint” for total control over your travel, food and consumption of goods

World Economic Forum (WEF) Elitists Formulate Next Hunger Games Strategy – Enter Monkeypox

As Davos Hypes Climate Alarmism, Arctic Sea Ice on the Rise

Senator Rand Paul Sounds Alarm: WEF Is Building "Everybody's Worst Nightmare"

Hohmann: Globalists Have Entered The Kill Phase Of The Great Reset

The global “wheat war” is now underway: prepare accordingly

College Enrollment Drops, Even as Pandemic Effects Ebb

Corn, soybean, wheat, oat planting in the US now far behind their five-year averages

"We Haven't Gotten Any Of It Yet": Where Did Elon Musk's $6 Billion To Fight World Hunger Go?

Glencore Pleads Guilty To Decade Of Bribery And Market Manipulation, Will Pay $1.5 BIllion Penalty  

Robotic Crab Tinier Than Flea Is Smallest-Ever Remote-Controlled Droid

FRANKENSCIENCE: Gene-editing experiment caused GMO hamsters to transform into “hyper-aggressive bullies”

DeSantis Campaign Blasts Disney’ over Its LGBTQ+ ‘Pride Collection’ Clothes Made in China

NEW: Long Withheld Records Reveal More than 20,000 Mail Ballots Received After the Legal Deadline in Maricopa County

Armed Woman Thwarts Potential Mass Shooting at Charleston Apartment Complex

The True Evil of the World Economic Forum     5/27


Videos: Davos Elites Warn ‘Painful Global Transition’ Should Not Be Resisted By Nation States

The World Economic Forum Deleted a Document Revealing That Wuhan's Mayor Attended WEF Events.

The WEF Wants to “recalibrate” Human Rights

The Great Reset Klaus Schwab Lauds Davos Elites: ‘The Future Is Built by Us’

Majority of U.S. Voters Say Their Financial Situation is Worsening

The Truth About the $40 Billion in US Aid Ostensibly Being spent to arm Ukraine

Congress Passes $40 Billion Aid Bill to Ukraine, Total Spending to Reach $3 TRILLION

Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ Says 2022 Is Like ‘Watching a Plane Crash’

Exodus To Florida Accelerating Despite NY Reopening After COVID Restrictions

Why Are Nearly 300 Life-Saving Drugs in Short Supply? Big Pharma Will Make Too Little Profit.

New Homes Sales Cratered in April

As Food Protectionism Spreads, India Limits Sugar Exports, Malaysia Halts Chicken Sales

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Poured Millions into Dark Money Fund Attacking Elon Musk

NYC Subway Killer Had 19 Prior Arrests, Was Free due to ‘Bail Reform’

Bombshell: FBI Agent Testifies ‘Fired up’ Leadership Pushed Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Knowing Story Was Unsubstantiated

‘Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker’ Pushed by China’s Alibaba At World Economic Forum

Nancy Pelosi Finally Loses Some Money        5/25


Globalists Convene to Plan Central Bank Digital Currencies

World Economic Forum: Armed Security and Exclusion Zones for Privacy-Conscious Elites in Davos

Davos Elites Warn ‘Painful Global Transition’ Should Not Be Resisted By Nation States

Who is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Marxist Head of the Corrupt World Health Organization (WHO)?  

Tesla building 100-megawatt battery facility to help Texas’ power grid

Report: Deadly Summer Blackouts Inevitable as Renewables Struggle to Replace Reliable Energy

RIGGED: Government spends $119 million for monkeypox vaccines following ONE confirmed case in US

Providence to Use Federal COVID Relief Funds for Reparations

Why did the government buy 13 million monkeypox vaccines from a biotech company backed by Fauci?

Not Taking Back Control: Brexit Betrayal as UK Allows Record Migrant Numbers

Government Greed Caused Inflation, For the Record

Alibaba is Creating a Digital ID Carbon Footprint Tracker

Ernst Says US Taxpayers Shelling Out $3 Million Daily for Border Wall That Biden Won’t Build

Dozens of Illegal Aliens Wearing Military Style Camo Caught Entering Texas (Video) 

Shhh! Democrats Don’t Want You to Know What’s Really Happening With Arctic Sea Ice

 Dr. Rashid Buttar Drops Bombs         5/24


Florida Outpaces Nation in Job Growth

Biden economy: Increasing number of subprime borrowers are missing loan payments as 2008-style collapse builds

SWIFT Begins Preparing for Centrally-Controlled Digital Currencies

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving ANOTHER $40 Billion for Ukraine – 34 RINOs Voted Yes for Ukraine and No for Americans

Audit Reveals IRS Secretly Destroyed 30 Million Paper-Filed Taxpayer Documents to Clear Backlog

Stocks shock: bear market…Dow Longest Losing Streak — in 90 Years!

Severe pilot shortage sends ticket prices soaring 

Over Two Thirds of the Country Agrees That the Economy is ‘Bad’

Shanghai district shuts down all shops, residents ordered to stay in

China’s Advances in Biotech and A.I. include “trying to develop brain interfaces for weapons” Says Policy Expert

Microsoft’s Bing search engine CENSORING searches for politically sensitive Chinese personalities

More horrors await after $550 billion retail earnings meltdown

GREAT QUESTION: After Spending Three Years and Millions of Dollars How Did Mueller and Weissmann Not Figure Out Hillary Created the Russia Hoax?

Legal Scholar Jonathan Turley: Jury Pool In Sussman Russia Hoax Case ‘Is a Nightmare for the Prosecutors’ With ‘Three Clinton Donors’ — ‘Only Thing Missing on Jury is Chelsea Clinton!’

“Have You Ever Wondered Who’s Pulling the Strings?” – US Army Unveils Dystopian PSYWAR Recruiting Video Titled “GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE” (VIDEO)

Claim: Half of European Buyers of Russian Energy Have Opened Ruble Accounts

Global temperature stalls for two decades         5/23


12 Nightmarish Economic Trends That We Should Expect To See During The 2nd Half Of 2022  

The Globalists: Here Is the Full Roster of Davos 2022 Attendees [Notice All the “Republicans”]

Biden's Big Lie: 'Green' Energy Doesn't Save Money, It's 4-6 Times More-Expensive

After sending America’s baby formula supply to the southern border and creating a shortage, Biden invokes communist takeover of food supply

10 Straight Days Of New All-Time Highs In Gas Prices Under Joe Biden

Calls Emerge For China To Deploy Digital "Helicopter Money"

Biden Unveils $100 Million More In Weapons To Ukraine Literally Moments After $40BN Approved

Democrats’ So-Called “Domestic Terrorism” Bill Targets “White Supremacists” [i.e. Political Opponents of the Regime] — No Mention of Violent Communist Front Groups Antifa, Black Lives Matter

"Build Blackouts Better": Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer, Regulator Warns 

WELFARE NATION: More than half of US-born babies are eligible for WELFARE benefits, including food assistance

AT LEAST 135 Teachers, Aides Have Been Arrested and Charged With Child Sex Crimes IN 2022 ALONE

Biden Releases 954K Border Crossers Into U.S. Since Taking Office

Border Patrol Union Leader Warns Of "Complete Control" By Cartels Once 'Title 42' Ends

The Migrant Jungle Cruise Of Death                   5/20


Monetary Reset Needed Where the Rich Don't Own Everything

The EU is continuing to push the idea of a Digital Euro

Months After Infant Formula Shortages Started, Slow Joe Biden Invokes Defense Production Act

PHOTOS: Mexico’s Shelves are Stocked with Baby Formula amid U.S. Shortage

How Europe Was Pushed Towards Economic Suicide

Brandonflation Gas Prices Set to Hit $6 a Gallon, Analysts Forecast

Biden to Import Venezuelan Oil to Meet US Demand – President Trump’s Energy Independence Policies Will Continue to be Ignored

Ted Cruz Explains in Just 3 Minutes PRECISELY Why Biden Is RESPONSIBLE for INTENTIONALLY Raising Gas Prices

Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka Defaults On Debt As It Runs Out Of Fuel

One Overlooked Detail in Government's Electric Vehicle Scheme Could Have Seismic Effect on Our Environment

“She’ll Have me Indicted” – Far-Left Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Panics After DA Turns the Screws on Her Indicted Staffers in Probe Into $11 Million ‘Vaccine Outreach’ Contract

Sen. Rand Paul: Congress Has to Borrow from China to Send $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

US Marshals Providing ‘Around-the-Clock Security’ at Supreme Court Justices’ Homes Thanks to Democrat Harassment, Threats of Violence

The “Black Lives Matter” Communist Front Group Paid Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors’ “Graffiti Artist” Brother $800,000 for “Security”

A tale of two terror attacks- Buffalo vs Waukesha exposes media bias

Get Ready to Be Muzzled: The Coming War on So-Called Hate Speech

European Union Demands Big Brother Control Over Private Chat Rooms

New York Times Baffled by ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public School Enrollment

LAPTOP From HELL: Former Trump WH Staffer Just Created a ‘Wikileaks’ of Hunter Biden’s Emails

The left's 'agents provocateur'                        5/19


David Stockman On The Monetary Madness Among The Central Bankers

Iran: Digital Food Rationing Rolls Out Using Biometric IDs Amid Food Riots

‘Green New Deal’ Plan Will Cost New Yorkers “Hundreds of Billions” in Energy Bills

Biden’s Globalists Quietly Fight to Slash U.S. Tariffs on China

Dr. Peter Breggin: Biden ceding U.S. sovereignty to China

Commerce Cronyism: Inside Deals, Conflicts Of Interest And Chinese Connections

TWITTER FACES FINANCIAL NIGHTMARE – Must Prove It Didn’t Lie in SEC Filings About Only 5% Bots – Elon Musk Is Waiting – Newsweek Reports Biden Account May Be 50% Bots

Amazon’s Mega-Yacht Owner Jeff Bezos Funds $10 Billion “Great Reset” to “Save the Planet”

REVEALED: BLM founder Patrisse Cullors paid her baby father $970,000 for ‘creative services’, her brother $840,000 for security

Dems Reject Measure to Protect Concerned Parents from Being Federal Domestic Terrorism Targets

Audit Finds Half Of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

Buffalo shooter exposed: Not a “right-wing white nationalist” but rather a left-wing activist seeking “justice for Ukraine”

CRIME WAVE: Chicago Police Attacked By Gang Members As Chicago Continues To Shatter Homicide Records

Biden Will Ease Sanctions On Venezuela's Maduro Amid Scramble For Alternative Oil 

The Battle For Control Of Your Mind          5/18


Are Russia and China Moving To The Gold Standard?

AMERICA IN CRISIS: Gas Prices Hit Another All-Time Record High for 8TH STRAIGHT DAY! — Average Gas Price Now OVER $4.52 a Gallon

Washington Gas Stations Run Out of Gas, Add Extra Digit in Anticipation of $10 Dollar Prices

New York Fed Manufacturing Index Unexpectedly Crashes

Here come the Biden power outages: Grid operators warn of rolling blackouts as more power plants close

TGP Warned for Years that China’s Economy Was Failing – This Is Now Evident to the World and It Will Greatly Impact the US

Weaponizing the Pursuit of Profit: Rubio Warns of China’s ‘Extraordinary’ Leverage Over America

World's Second-Largest Wheat Producer Bans Exports -- Prices Expected To Rise 

Foreign Invasion: Biden-Harris Regime Encountered 234,000 Illegal Aliens at US-Mexico Border in April — Highest Total in DHS History 

Senate Advances Bill to Give Ukraine $40 Billion in Aid During 40-Year High Inflation Sen Hawley: ‘Neglects’ Southern Border, ‘Allows Europe to Freeload’ Shock! Aid Package Breakdown

Eleven GOP Senators Break with Mitch McConnell and Vote Against Latest $40 Billion in US Aid to Ukraine

Orwell’s ‘1984’ Seems to Be the New Biden Plan, or Is It the Hunger Games?

Tax Filings: Black Lives Matter Has Over $42 Million In Assets

Demonic Disney’s Favorability Collapses — From 77% to 33% in One Year

The Case Against the CDC              5/17


Russian ruble is year’s best-performing currency

Darren Beattie: Ukraine $40 billion blood money is not going to establish peace, it’s going straight into the maw of the Prince of Death

It’s Official! Zelenzkyy Signs Law This Weekend Banning Opposition Parties and Seizing Their Property

Eight Years Ago: US-NATO Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine

Wall Street makes its move to defund insufficiently woke states

Here it comes: All signs point to Housing Bubble 2.0 amid widening price, income gap

Bill Gates, Davos Elites Pushing Global Food Control Under Guise of "Food Security"