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Catherine Austin Fitts: Coup d’Etat Is A Takedown, Not A Turndown

Dr. Rima Laibow - DEVASTATING! 90% of the Global Population Will Die - Globalist Agenda   62   min.

Vatican Expert: We Are Facing an End Times Scenario   30  min.

U.S. Laws All Secretly Changed To Enable Mass Genocide 

Leaked Audio Exposes China's War Plans Against the USA

Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Episode 5: BIG “PHARMA-CIDE”
Government Coercion & CDC Fraud
Pfizer Prevarications & Natural Immunity
- See more at:

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

Albert Einstein once said "Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."

Bertrand Russell 1953; "Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."

What is the Best and Safest Investment? FOOD

Pope Benedict XVI Slams Eugenics & the NWO & says it is your DUTY to PROTEST

Campaign to clean up Seattle & Washington's Water supply   2/16

The First Global Revolution : Club Of Rome : Free Download            read page 75   



Globalists Want Order out of CHAOS for the Great Reset

Banks Rush to Fund Abortion Travel

G7 Commits to ‘Indefinite’ Military and Financial Support to Ukraine

Retailers Preparing for Recessionary Drop in Spending, Many Outlets Will Not Survive

Germany Green Energy Crisis: Warning of “Lehman Like” Contagion

Government Intervention Is Fueling Food Shortages

Freight Broker Can't Believe His Eyes, Now Knows a 'Great Purge' Is Imminent

Home Showings Across US Plunge 24%, Mortgage Rates Remain Elevated

Murdered Uvalde Teacher Called Cop Husband During Massacre, He Tried to Help But Was Detained

School Board That Voted to Cover Historic George Washington Mural Decimated by Recall, New Members Have Good News for America

Dear Leader Biden’s Betrayal of Our Military: The Threat to Military Readiness

Camo-Wearing Migrants Arrested in Remote West Texas Border Sector

Over 90 Per Cent of Failed Asylum Seekers Were Not Deported in 2020

Financing: China's Long March                 6/27


NATO engaged in direct aggression against Russia

Brzezinski's Proxy War Playbook

HOW AMERICA ENDS: Putin Announces New BRICS Global Reserve Currency Project to REPLACE the Petrodollar

Nestle CEO: Humans Do Not Have a Right to Water, Should Be Privatized and Controlled

Energy Crisis: EU Headed For Dark Ages, “Poverty For Generations”

Consumer Sentiment Sinks to New Record Low

ICYMI: Chicago’s Richest Man Moves $22 Billion Company to Florida, Citing Crime

Shhh! Soros’s $18 Billion Control Over Mainstream Media

Pfizer CEO says yearly COVID vaccines for Americans “almost certain”

Miami Housing Rents Jump A Stunning 41% In April 

The Working Class Is Turning on Marx and the Party That Promotes Him

Justin Trudeau's Mass Migration Scheme to Replace the Canadian Population (Exclusive Interview)

Antifa marches in London screaming praise for violent dictators Stalin, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh

Invasion: Army of 'Organized and Very Violent' African Migrants Storm Spain (Videos)

Did Durham Play Us For A Fool?              6/25


Mark Cuban’s New Online Pharmacy Is Saving People Huge Amounts of Money and Is Absolutely Humiliating the Federal Government in the Process

4 Million Americans Priced out as Home Rents Rise Significantly, Home Loan Qualifications ‘Skyrocket’

World Economic Forum To "Freeze Bank Accounts" of Meat Eaters To "Educate Them"

FAKE medicine: Over 90% of all medical interventions lack evidence to support their use, as the medical system implodes with error

Fauci's $478,188 Experiment to Turn Monkeys Transgender - and Other Ways the Government Wastes Your Money

Billions in Fraudulent Commiefornia Unemployment Benefits Could Be Gone for Good

State Dept Appoints Blackrock Investment Chairman Tom Donilon, A Deep China Biden Insider, To U.S. Foreign Policy Board

Netflix Massacre: 300 Employees Axed In Largest Layoff Since Subscriber Downturn

What Changes a Culture? Free Money Is Dangerous

Report: Working In The Metaverse Lowers Productivity, Causes Anxiety

Paul McGuire: Marxist and communist revolutionaries are bankrolled by international banking families

US To provide Another $450M In Military Aid For Ukraine, Including Medium-Range Rocket Systems

Ford Sees ‘Significant’ Job Cuts as It Picks Spain for EV Production

Only 23% Of New Yorkers Can Afford Median Rent Amid "Incredibly Tight Market"

Elon Musk Officially Builds the Two ‘Most American-Made’ Cars

Senate Passes Gun Control Bill 65-33, 15 Republicans Voted with Democrats

Under Biden's DHS, all dissenters are now 'domestic extremists'

Federal Jury: City Must Pay $59,657 After SWAT Team Wrecks Innocent Woman’s House


AOC Sez $174k Congressional Salary Difficult for Lawmakers!

Tom Cruise’s Pro-America Movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Set to Cross $1B Mark Over July 4th Weekend

The little boy who cried 'Trump guilty'               6/24


New Orleans Grill Becomes First Business Allowed By Court To Recover Damages For COVID-19 Lockdown Losses

Canada: Justice minister says ‘there’s no absolute right to own private property in the country’

US Investors Continue To Fund The Chinese Military

UPDATED full list of food facility fires in the USA from 2020 – 2022

Ukraine War Blows Up EU's Superpower Delusion

Dear Leader Biden’s Travel Crisis: Over 1,000 Airline Pilots Protested in Impressive Display of Coordination and Solidarity

China Brands America a ‘Menace’ for Banning Slave-Made Products from Uyghur Region

Attorney General Intervenes After Evil Depopulationist Bill Gates Buys a Massive Amount of Farmland in North Dakota

Mapping The Migration Of The World's Millionaires

RE-Fund the Police: Minnesota Supreme Court Orders Minneapolis to Hire More Police

Soros-Backed Los Angeles DA Gascon Attempts to Defend Record and Denies Double Cop Killer Had Violent Past

Gallup: 58% of Americans Say They Use Smartphone ‘Too Much’

Utah GOP Rep. Curtis’s Field Director Submits Resignation Following Project Veritas Investigation

Parents With School-Age Kids Could Be the New ‘Swing Voters’

The Globalists’ Dream: Virtual Children to Help Combat Overpopulation

Disney Willing to Lose Money on ‘Lightyear’ as ‘Investment into Shifting the Culture’

The lies behind lab-cultured fake meat                6/23


The State Of Global War (And Peace)

Will the NIH Stop Funding Chinese Research?

BIDEN ECONOMY: Average American 4th of July Cookout Up 17% This Year Over 2021

Demonic Disney Stock Has Tumbled Nearly 50 Percent as Audiences Turn Away

Morano: Biden Shuts Down U.S. energy, which has the ‘highest environmental standards’ & exchanges it for reliance on China & their ‘lax environmental regs’

OOPS: Texas A&M Fails to Report $100 Million in Research Funds From Russia and Qatar

Here’s more evidence that the COVID pandemic was a massive vacation for hundreds of thousands of federal workers

72 Of The Top 100 Coins Have Fallen 90% Or More: Here Are The Holdouts

First 3D-printed house made of raw earth built in Italy

Car Dealers Reveal an Alarming Problem with Getting Your Electric Vehicle Serviced

Republican Mayra Flores Sworn In as First Mexican-Born Congresswoman

Five Major Cities On Pace To Pass Steep 2021 Homicide Totals Halfway Through 2022

Illegal Aliens Flood Through Gap in Southern Border Wall


ICYMI: Canada Completes Construction of Manufacturing Facility to Make Food From Bugs

The Impact Of Soros-Funded District Attorneys       6/22


In Defense of Defaulting on the National Debt

Food Shortages Have Been Manufactured to Usher in Centralized Public-Private Partnerships for Controlling the Masses

The controlled DEMOLITION of FOOD and ENERGY infrastructure is now under way

A Permanent Shortage Of Everything

COVID Exposed The Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex

Hungary Vetoes Global Minimum Corporate Tax

Russia's Escalating Influence in Africa

A Look At The Last Five US Recessions

Rolling Blackouts To Leave Tens Of Millions Without Lights

Commiefornia Decides the Perfect Time to Raise Gas Taxes Is Now

YIKES: This Federal ‘Stimulus’ Program Cost Taxpayers $850k Per Job Saved, Study Finds

The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 10 – The Foundations and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Green Fail: Dependent on Russian Gas, Now Germany Fires Up Coal Power Stations

Dr. Colin Wright is now banned from PayPal and Etsy for affirming that there are only two genders

Nazi Collaborator George Soros to Fight Prosecutor Recalls, Elect More Liberal DAs

ICYMI: George Soros Is Trying to SUPPRESS Radio Freedom

Outrage As Holocaust-Mocking Police Chief Gets $1.5 Million 'Bonus' For Displaying Nazi Insignia

CNN is in Big Trouble                                      6/21


Fauci Refuses To ‘Stop Funding Chinese’ Research With US Tax Dollars

BREAKING: Run on the Banks in China – Long Lines in Henan, Shanghai, and Dandong

China using bogus covid tests as excuse to freeze billions in deposits, lock residents out of bank accounts

China’s Zero-Covid Policy Driving Foreign Investors to Other Countries: Attorney

China Orders Foreign Funds Management Companies to Create Units to Be Managed by the CCP

We Haven’t Seen Carnage Like This Since 2008 

Senator Rand Paul Calls for Spending On Ukraine To Stop, Saying ‘We Borrow Money From China So We Can Send It To Ukraine?’

Tracking Tool on American Hospitals’ Websites Collecting Patients’ Health Information, Sending it to Facebook

Why do military aircraft keep falling out of the sky? New analysis provides answers

HUGE FINDING: Higher CO2 makes food crops and herbs more nutritious and medicinal

Bidenomics: East Coast Truckers Are Stalled Out on the Highway Waiting for Gas – The Gas Stations Are Out of Diesel

Citizens of the European Union Support Peace Over Saber-Rattling Against Russia

France enacts lockdowns due to 'climate change'

Populism Rising: Le Pen’s National Rally Makes Historic Gains as Macron Loses Parliamentary Majority

Beautiful Dutch philosopher discusses “the illusion of a free country” on Tucker

MEP Warns: ‘European Union Is off the Rails, Usurping More and More Power’

The IRS Is Buying Up Ammo, While The Government Intends To Make It Harder For Citizens To Acquire

DISARMING THE PEOPLE: Biden admin moving to severely limit popular ammo used in AR-15s

New Reuters Survey Finds That Trust In Mainstream News Is Rapidly Declining

Dems in disarray as latinos bolt to the GOP       6/20


The World Economic Forum and World Trade Organization push "Global Digital Identity of Persons and Objects"

“The Economy Is Going To Collapse” – Here Are 18 Signs That The Economic Meltdown We Have Been Waiting For Has Already Begun

What is this? Controlled demolition of America?

Middle Class Struggling to Afford Housing Amid Surging Prices and Inflation

Military Spending Robs Workers and the Poor

DailySA: Western weapons from Ukraine on black market

‘$10 Million Hit’: Walmart Pulls MyPillow Products From Stores

Financial disclosure shows DeSantis has student debt, modest net worth, and doesn't own any property

The Need to Rethink U.S.-China Business Relations

German Official Warns of Gas Shortages, Bankruptcies, Massive Price Hikes That Will Send “Shockwaves Throughout the Country”

Protesters in China See Their Phones Flashing Red, Instantly Know They're Trapped Like Rats

Trucker Warning: "You Will See Chaos As People Fight For The Basic Necessities Of Everyday Life"

'Peace Circles' Instead of Prisons Lead to Shootouts in Chicago

Antifa Members Given No Jail Time Over Violent ‘Hate Crime’ Attack On 2 Hispanic US Marines

America’s Incarceration Problem           6/18


Housing Starts Collapse in May As Inflation and Soaring Interest Rates Hit Hard

The next Great Depression begins: Bank run in China being ignored by Western media could be precursor to massive economic collapse

Global Economic Collapse May Now Be Underway, Wall Street Sounds Alarm, $3 Trillion in Retirement Wiped out, Consumer Spending Running out of Steam, Housing Market Teetering

Chinese Banks Freeze Billions In Deposits: Officials Use Health QR Code To Bar Protesters

US Mortgage Rates Rise to 5.78 Percent After Fed Rate Hike, in Biggest Jump Since 1987

U.N. Demands ‘Climate Reparations’

Russia’s Gazprom has cut natural gas flows to Germany by 60% – Western Europe is about to get the “green energy” nightmare it always wanted

36% earning $100,000 or more living paycheck to paycheck

Escobar: The "New G8" Meets China's "Three Rings"

China Fully Automates Cloning Of Pigs

First baby food, now TAMPONS are running out everywhere in Biden’s America

Watch: Women Struggling to Find Tampons, But Men's Restrooms Are Stocked Full of Them

Consumer groups increase pressure on Home Depot, Lowe’s to stop selling cancer-causing glyphosate weedkillers 

Biden’s handlers loosen terrorism designation to allow Afghans ‘forced’ to aid Taliban to get asylum

Cause and Effect: Poland Completes 87 Miles of Border Wall, Announces End of State of Emergency

Bill Gates & The Cognitive “Frame” Game       6/17


Another Cataclysmic Error Fed Raises Rate 3/4 Point  Largest in 28 years Threatens To Plunge The U.S. Economy Into A Bottomless Abyss Of Pain And Suffering

Another One! Iconic American Company Caterpillar Announces It’s Leaving Democrat-Destroyed Illinois for TEXAS!

Two dozen AGs challenge SEC climate rule

Food Banks Crowded With Workers, Retirees Squeezed by Unyielding Inflation

The Great Reset: Turning Back the Clock on Civilization

Beijing Biden’s New Policy Funds China’s Military, Supports Slavery, Achieves Nothing

INSANELY VULNERABLE: If Russia cuts off supply of enriched uranium to US power companies, America’s nuclear energy reactors will close within a year

Democrats focus on Jan. 6 while Americans focus on inflation

Ford Pulls Plug on Pete Buttplug’s $44K Electric SUV (Made in Mexico)

ABC, NBC Ignore HISTORIC GOP Win in Blue Texas District; Hispanic Nets Barely Cover

Massive Pedophile Ring Busted in Florida - 56 Child Rapists Arrested

Poll: 37% of Canadians Agree With Idea Behind 'The Great Replacement'

American Pharisees Rail Against Christian Revival Pushed by General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone

Republican Presses to Find out How Much Food Stamp Aid Going to Illegal Aliens Crossing Border

Deplatforming ANP And Independent Media        6/16


Small Business Owners’ Expectations for the Future Fall to New 48-year Low 

Wholesale Prices Surge by Almost 11%, Hover Near 40-Year High

Senator Malcolm Roberts: 'Globalist Predators and Major Bankers Control Governments Around the World'...

COVID Was Technocracy’s Coup D’Etat

Top Biden Advisor Demands That Social Media Companies Silence Anyone Who Criticizes 'Green Energy Transition

As He Shuts Down American Energy Production, Biden to Visit “Pariah” Saudi Arabia to Beg for More Oil

Another US Food Processing Plant Erupts In Flames 

Want to Starve Babies? Let the Government Get Involved

The Economic Meltdown Has Roots In Lockdown

China Uses COVID-19 Surveillance Technology to Stop Bank Protests

Solar Panels: Biden's 'Buy China' Plan

Former Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos: ‘I don’t think the Department of Education should exist’

New Data Absolutely Destroys Media Claims of 'Climate Change is Causing More Wildfire'

$863 Million in Biden Stimulus Payments Went to 597,000 Prison Inmates

$1.6 million paid to athletic director 'for one month's work'

Five of the World’s Tiniest Robots

Lawsuits Accuse Meta Of Ruining Young People's Lives With Addictive Programs

#BidenDestroysAmerica trends on Twitter as inflation pummels American families

HUGE: Republican Maya Flores Beats Democrat For Congressional Seat Held By Democrats For A Century

Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock Blames Brother’s Drug Conviction on Systemic Racism; Court Records Tell a Different Story

Conservatives Angered by George Soros Group Acquiring Miami’s Radio Mambi

No, Google AI Is Not Sentient                6/15


Biden(obama) To World: Russia, Oil Sheiks, And China Control The U.S. Economy

Inflation Goes from Bad to Worse … to Even Worse Than Reported

Foreign Investments In U.S. Farmlands Skyrocket, Raising National Security Concerns

All Stock Market Gains Erased Since Obiden Took Office

We Are Trading Like It's A Race Which Central Bank Can Crash Their Economy The Fastest

BIDEN Sends $1 Billion To Convicted Felons While Working Americans Turn To Food Banks For First Time To Feed Their Families

Housing bubble about to burst? Mortgage applications crash to 22-year low as monthly payments skyrocket

Twenty-FIVE percent inflation for the necessities of life

Arizona Election Worker Details Voter Fraud Investigation

Ukraine Suspends All Gas, Coal & Fuel Oil Exports To Meet Internal Demand

Ukrainians Hit the Beaches of Kiev Just After Biden Sends Another $40 Billion to ‘Fight Russia’ – Meanwhile American Babies are Starving as Families Can’t Find Formula

POST-KAVANAUGH POLL: Almost Half of Young, Male Democrats Say “It’s Acceptable To ASSASSINATE a Politician”

Commemorating 6/14 – The Democrats’ Congressional Baseball Massacre by a Bernie Sanders-Inspired Terrorist

Commanders’ Jack Del Rio Deletes His Social Media After Being Fined $100K for His Political Opinion

Biden’s Approval Hits Record Low As He Becomes Most Unpopular Modern President

The Reality Behind Conspiracy Theories         6/14


20% Of Pandemic Unemployment Payments Were Improper: GAO

Unfunded pension bubble the latest economic catastrophe waiting to burst

America Witnesses the Dismantling of the Food Industry One Tragedy at a Time

Small businesses struggle due to bidenflation

Average monthly apartment rent surges to all-time high $2,000, real estate firm reveals

European Auto Industry Decries EU Ban On Petrol Cars

Great Reset: Globalist Controlled New Zealand to Introduce 'Climate Tax' on Cattle and Sheep

Five numbers that tell the story of Biden's presidency

Watch: Lilium Achieves World's First Main Wing Transition For Full-Size Flying Taxi

Former CIA Agent Admits Agency Created Gangster Rap to 'Fill Private Prisons' By 'Glamorizing Criminality

CCP Uses Disinformation to Fuel Human Rights Abuses: Documentary Filmmaker

Here’s What Mitch McConnell’s Ten Gun Control RINOs Have in Common

WATCH: Expert tells Dan Bongino that George Soros is backing soft-on-crime district attorneys as crime doubles

George Soros Exposed: 20% Of America Is Living Under One Of His Soft On Crime District Attorneys

Google Engineer Placed On Leave After Insisting Company's AI Is Sentient

This Is Kiev Today     

Ukraine’s War of Attrition                 6/13


The dystopian reality of a social credit system

The Five Stages of Totalitarianism

Bilderberg 2022 has finished and here is the list of everything that happened there despite the high security fences.

Socialist Italy: Citizens Stand in Endless Lines For Food (Video)

Foreign investment in U.S. farmland may be a national security issue, according to expert

68th Bilderberg Meeting centers on geopolitical alignments and possibility of global financial meltdown

Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration

Biden's 'Inflation Tax' Is Costing US Households $433 Per Month

They Want Us Poor — Post Pandemic Inflation, The Great Reset and Globalism

Dutch Political Party: 'Reject the WEF, Great Reset and Their Transhumanist Agenda'

Taxpayer funding for NFL, other pro sports stadiums grows exponentially

Oh, Canada… Fresh Off Handgun Ban, Tyrant Justin Trudeau Says Using a Gun For Self Defense Is “Not a Right That You Have” In Canada (VIDEO)

The Federal Government’s Own Study Concluded Its Ban on “Assault Weapons” Didn’t Reduce Gun Violence

Exclusive! Retired Marine Reveals Shocking Details About the Afghan Withdrawal

The suppression of the truth               6/12


National Average Gas Price Surpasses $5 Per-Gallon for First Time Ever

Bank for International Settlements Lowers The Boom On Cryptocurrencies

Biden Colludes With Depopulationist Villain Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party to Take Jobs From Deserving American College Graduates

Canadian Attorney General Announces Citizens Do Not Have “The Absolute Right to Own Private Property” (VIDEO)

DISMANTLING AMERICA: Massive Texas oil refinery to shut down amid record-high gas prices

Biden Reboots Failed Obama-Era “Green” Energy Loan Program That Funded Solyndra and Cost Taxpayers Billions

Cow Farts and Burps to Be Taxed for Climate Change in Backdoor Meat Tax

Dr. Robert Malone: World Economic Forum ‘agents’ must not be allowed to penetrate American politics

Meta Slapped With 8 Lawsuits Over Algorithms That Hook Youth And Ruin Their Lives

Yes, the Products You’re Buying Are Getting Smaller — Even Though Prices Are Not

Ex-FinTwit Poster Gets 4 Years For Scamming PPP Program Out Of More Than $4 Million

REPORT: The 75 Soros-Linked Radical US Prosecutors Who Are Wreaking Havoc in American Cities

Seven NEW Hunter Biden Scandals The Networks Refuse To Report On

Resident Biden claims GUNS are the #1 killer of children, but actually it’s VACCINES and ABORTIONS

Former House Rep Pleads Guilty To Ballot-Stuffing For Dems In Five Elections

What are Red Flag Laws?               6/10


Derrick Broze Interview – WEF’s 2022 Davos Meeting Reveals Your Future, Whether You Like It Or Not  

The World Economic Forum seeks absolute control over world populations, demands consolidation of power

Top 10 Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the World Economic Forum: No.2 Controlling Minds Using Sound Waves

World Bank Signals A Global Recession, Saying ‘Essentially No Rebound’ Is Expected With Several Years Of ‘Above-Average Inflation’ Ahead

Inflation Will Price Many Americans Out Of Housing and Into Homelessness

Mortgage demand hits 22-year low

CREEPY FOOD SURVEILLANCE: Norway launches new monitoring scheme to track all food purchases of private citizens

Dems Spend $32M To Defeat Black Veteran in Republican Primary

16 States Have Average Price of Gas over $5.00

Biden regime mandates more corn ethanol in gasoline to damage the engines of cars and trucks across America

Visualizing The World’s 50 Biggest Data Breaches From 2004–2021

Washington state sees 10,024% jump in catalytic converter thefts

Soros spent $40 million to elect 75 ‘social justice’ prosecutors: Report

You Will Eat Bugs and Be Happy: Wales Now Feeding Schoolchildren Mealworms and Crickets for Lunch as Part of The Great Reset Rollout

Hunter Biden’s Favorite Las Vegas Hooker Got $20,000 Federal PPP Loan for ‘Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship’ After Joe Biden Took Office

Bill Clinton advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into WH found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast to the chest

Mark Zuckerberg-funded group already trying to rig and steal 2022 midterms

Massive Antifa crime bust               6/9


It’s Not Just Gas Prices… Electricity Rates Are Up 77% to 233% in Last Year as Democrats Declare War on US Middle Class

Abbott Restarts Baby Formula Plant Linked To Contamination

The “Devastating Consequences” to the Economy Presented by Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Ex-Obama Advisor Calling For An End To Trump’s China Tariffs Headlined A CCP Event

Globalism, central bank money printing are the real root causes behind inflation and shortages

Pakistan’s commercial capital could lose 40,000 factories due to worsening energy crisis

UN Report: Al-Qaida Flourishing in Taliban-Run Afghanistan, May Regain Capabilities to Launch “Long-Distance” Terror Attacks Soon

There Was a Huge ‘Mistake’ in the 2020 Census . . . Guess Which Party It Favored?

Sundance: Biden Admin Quietly Raised Amount Of Ethanol Required In Gasoline From 10% To 15%, Three Predictable Problems Will Surface Soon

Digital Privacy Bill Would Ban Data-Driven Advertising to Kids Under 17

Google veterans to launch drones with “most advanced AI” ever

Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 to Drop Armed Robber Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

Progressive DA George Gascon lies gives out light sentencing

Black Lives Matter Marxists, Leftist Fake News Media Claim Police Tasered Black Man and He Died Falling off Bridge — but Here’s the Video Proof They Are WRONG

It’s the Culture, Stupid

The Sovietization of American Life                   6/7


10 Times Empire Managers Showed Us That They Want To Control Our Thoughts

Biden Baby Formula Shortage: Out-of-Stock Rate Continues to Worsen, Jumping to 73.5%

Gun Sales Top 1 Million for Record 34th Straight Month, Prompted by Mass Shooting, Threat of Increased Gun Control

For First Time In History, Gas Prices Above $4 In All 50 States

OPEC+ Announces Oil Production Boost Following International Pressure

Update On Food Plants Blowing Up: More Explosions, More Stress On Domestic Food Supply

How The World Economic Forum Will Govern The Metaverse

U.S. Taxpayers Spent $2 Billion on Failed Plan to Save Wild Salmon

Federal Testimony: Limits on Diesel Additive Distribution May Lead to Serious Food, Product Shortages This Fall, ‘Absolute Catastrophe’

Another nuclear plant closed down in Michigan as America’s energy grid gets systematically dismantled

Depopulationist Bill Gates, Fake Meat, Fake Breast Milk, and Food Shortages 

Docs Show AMAZON Dystopian System for Tracking Workers EVERY MINUTE

Musk: ‘Remote Work Is No Longer’ Acceptable At Tesla

Only When We Know What Propaganda Is, And How It Works, Will We Be Free to Live Our Lives and Rule Ourselves

“Mass grave” consisting of hundreds of indigenous children in Canada turns out to be a complete hoax

Sussmann Juror: “There Are Bigger Things … Than A Possible Lie To The FBI”

New BLM Chair Appointed To Tackle Financial Scandal Filed For Bankruptcy 3 Times

Project Destroying America From Within          6/3


Fundraiser For The Four Orphaned Garcia Children in Uvalde Raises More The $2.6 Million

Major Canadian Bank Apologizes to Trucker Convoy for Freezing Accounts

Biden’s Pitch to Voters: You’re Wrong About the Economy, Stupid

Florida residents sentenced to 18 years in prison for $200 million baby formula scheme

Biden’s Energy Inflation Is No Accident 

U.S. Gas Prices Reach New Record High Of $4.67 Per Gallon

After Nixing 50-Million-Gallon-A-Day Desalination Plant, California Demands Residents Use Less Water

Britain using Ukraine conflict as excuse to push for legalizing gene-edited Frankenfood

Green Berets Launch PAC to Put ‘Warrior-Diplomats’ in Congress

Davos Man Is at It Again: The 2022 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum

US Providing New $700 Million in Military Aid for Ukraine

Three-Minute Video Depicts Clear Evidence Joe Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Shady Business Deals

TRANS PRIVILEGE: Coles supermarket in Australia offering all employees who identify as “trans” 10 extra days of paid leave for some reason

Swamp Justice: Jury Forewoman Admits Crooked Hillary Attorney Sussman Lied to FBI in Russia Collusion Hoax Trial . . . As He Was Declared “Innocent”

Wild video: While reporting on violent crime, reporter, cameraman become victims themselves

"Control Food And You Control People"         6/2


9-Year-Old Ohio Girl Raises $100k to Fight Brain Cancer in Memory of Twin Brother: ‘I Wanted to Honor Him’

Davos Reveals Building-Blocks For "Green" Social-Credit System

Davos Elites Warn 'Painful Global Transition' Should Not Be Resisted

Watch: Klaus Schwab Cosies Up With Head Of Pfizer As They Condemn 'Conspiracy People' And ‘Anti-vaxxers’

Ten Times Empire Managers Showed Us That They Want to Control Our Thoughts

The long tradition of London-Wall Street sponsorship of Nazis

China Is “Now Moving Out Apparently to Begin the Process of Taking Control of the World” – Frank Gaffney on China’s Recent Actions

Russia Sends Record Volumes Of Oil To India, China

Nokia CEO in Davos: By 2030, Smartphones Will Not Exist, Technology ‘Built Directly Into Our Bodies’

Spiking Fertilizer Costs Squeeze Midwest Farmers

DuckDuckGo Sells Private Search Information of Users to Microsoft

Army Replenishing Stinger Missiles In $687M Deal As Raytheon's Ukraine Cash Bonanza Continues

New York Loses $19.5 Billion In Population Exodus, IRS Confirms 

Even More Working Poor in Rich Europe

FOOD APOCALYPSE: The world has just 10 weeks’ worth of wheat left

The EU Needs More Than $1 Trillion For Plan To Ditch Russian Oil And Gas

Daily Beast Corrects Articles, Apologizes To Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman After Being Sued

Britain using Ukraine conflict as excuse to push for legalizing gene-edited Frankenfood

Biden Plans To Cancel $10,000 In Student Debt Per Borrower Ahead Of Midterms

Hope for the Vaccine Injured                5/30


This Week Elites in Switzerland Set the Stage for a Cashless Society and 1 World Government

WATCH: Klaus Schwab Warns Nations Tempted To Preserve Their Own Sovereignty Over The Global Agenda

Globalists want to track your “individual carbon footprint” for total control over your travel, food and consumption of goods

World Economic Forum (WEF) Elitists Formulate Next Hunger Games Strategy – Enter Monkeypox

As Davos Hypes Climate Alarmism, Arctic Sea Ice on the Rise

Senator Rand Paul Sounds Alarm: WEF Is Building "Everybody's Worst Nightmare"

Hohmann: Globalists Have Entered The Kill Phase Of The Great Reset

The global “wheat war” is now underway: prepare accordingly

College Enrollment Drops, Even as Pandemic Effects Ebb

Corn, soybean, wheat, oat planting in the US now far behind their five-year averages

"We Haven't Gotten Any Of It Yet": Where Did Elon Musk's $6 Billion To Fight World Hunger Go?

Glencore Pleads Guilty To Decade Of Bribery And Market Manipulation, Will Pay $1.5 BIllion Penalty  

Robotic Crab Tinier Than Flea Is Smallest-Ever Remote-Controlled Droid

FRANKENSCIENCE: Gene-editing experiment caused GMO hamsters to transform into “hyper-aggressive bullies”

DeSantis Campaign Blasts Disney’ over Its LGBTQ+ ‘Pride Collection’ Clothes Made in China

NEW: Long Withheld Records Reveal More than 20,000 Mail Ballots Received After the Legal Deadline in Maricopa County

Armed Woman Thwarts Potential Mass Shooting at Charleston Apartment Complex

The True Evil of the World Economic Forum     5/27


Videos: Davos Elites Warn ‘Painful Global Transition’ Should Not Be Resisted By Nation States

The World Economic Forum Deleted a Document Revealing That Wuhan's Mayor Attended WEF Events.

The WEF Wants to “recalibrate” Human Rights

The Great Reset Klaus Schwab Lauds Davos Elites: ‘The Future Is Built by Us’

Majority of U.S. Voters Say Their Financial Situation is Worsening

The Truth About the $40 Billion in US Aid Ostensibly Being spent to arm Ukraine

Congress Passes $40 Billion Aid Bill to Ukraine, Total Spending to Reach $3 TRILLION

Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ Says 2022 Is Like ‘Watching a Plane Crash’

Exodus To Florida Accelerating Despite NY Reopening After COVID Restrictions

Why Are Nearly 300 Life-Saving Drugs in Short Supply? Big Pharma Will Make Too Little Profit.

New Homes Sales Cratered in April

As Food Protectionism Spreads, India Limits Sugar Exports, Malaysia Halts Chicken Sales

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Poured Millions into Dark Money Fund Attacking Elon Musk

NYC Subway Killer Had 19 Prior Arrests, Was Free due to ‘Bail Reform’

Bombshell: FBI Agent Testifies ‘Fired up’ Leadership Pushed Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Knowing Story Was Unsubstantiated

‘Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker’ Pushed by China’s Alibaba At World Economic Forum

Nancy Pelosi Finally Loses Some Money        5/25


Globalists Convene to Plan Central Bank Digital Currencies

World Economic Forum: Armed Security and Exclusion Zones for Privacy-Conscious Elites in Davos

Davos Elites Warn ‘Painful Global Transition’ Should Not Be Resisted By Nation States

Who is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Marxist Head of the Corrupt World Health Organization (WHO)?  

Tesla building 100-megawatt battery facility to help Texas’ power grid

Report: Deadly Summer Blackouts Inevitable as Renewables Struggle to Replace Reliable Energy

RIGGED: Government spends $119 million for monkeypox vaccines following ONE confirmed case in US

Providence to Use Federal COVID Relief Funds for Reparations

Why did the government buy 13 million monkeypox vaccines from a biotech company backed by Fauci?

Not Taking Back Control: Brexit Betrayal as UK Allows Record Migrant Numbers

Government Greed Caused Inflation, For the Record

Alibaba is Creating a Digital ID Carbon Footprint Tracker

Ernst Says US Taxpayers Shelling Out $3 Million Daily for Border Wall That Biden Won’t Build

Dozens of Illegal Aliens Wearing Military Style Camo Caught Entering Texas (Video) 

Shhh! Democrats Don’t Want You to Know What’s Really Happening With Arctic Sea Ice

 Dr. Rashid Buttar Drops Bombs         5/24


Florida Outpaces Nation in Job Growth

Biden economy: Increasing number of subprime borrowers are missing loan payments as 2008-style collapse builds

SWIFT Begins Preparing for Centrally-Controlled Digital Currencies

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving ANOTHER $40 Billion for Ukraine – 34 RINOs Voted Yes for Ukraine and No for Americans

Audit Reveals IRS Secretly Destroyed 30 Million Paper-Filed Taxpayer Documents to Clear Backlog

Stocks shock: bear market…Dow Longest Losing Streak — in 90 Years!

Severe pilot shortage sends ticket prices soaring 

Over Two Thirds of the Country Agrees That the Economy is ‘Bad’

Shanghai district shuts down all shops, residents ordered to stay in

China’s Advances in Biotech and A.I. include “trying to develop brain interfaces for weapons” Says Policy Expert

Microsoft’s Bing search engine CENSORING searches for politically sensitive Chinese personalities

More horrors await after $550 billion retail earnings meltdown

GREAT QUESTION: After Spending Three Years and Millions of Dollars How Did Mueller and Weissmann Not Figure Out Hillary Created the Russia Hoax?

Legal Scholar Jonathan Turley: Jury Pool In Sussman Russia Hoax Case ‘Is a Nightmare for the Prosecutors’ With ‘Three Clinton Donors’ — ‘Only Thing Missing on Jury is Chelsea Clinton!’

“Have You Ever Wondered Who’s Pulling the Strings?” – US Army Unveils Dystopian PSYWAR Recruiting Video Titled “GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE” (VIDEO)

Claim: Half of European Buyers of Russian Energy Have Opened Ruble Accounts

Global temperature stalls for two decades         5/23


12 Nightmarish Economic Trends That We Should Expect To See During The 2nd Half Of 2022  

The Globalists: Here Is the Full Roster of Davos 2022 Attendees [Notice All the “Republicans”]

Biden's Big Lie: 'Green' Energy Doesn't Save Money, It's 4-6 Times More-Expensive

After sending America’s baby formula supply to the southern border and creating a shortage, Biden invokes communist takeover of food supply

10 Straight Days Of New All-Time Highs In Gas Prices Under Joe Biden

Calls Emerge For China To Deploy Digital "Helicopter Money"

Biden Unveils $100 Million More In Weapons To Ukraine Literally Moments After $40BN Approved

Democrats’ So-Called “Domestic Terrorism” Bill Targets “White Supremacists” [i.e. Political Opponents of the Regime] — No Mention of Violent Communist Front Groups Antifa, Black Lives Matter

"Build Blackouts Better": Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer, Regulator Warns 

WELFARE NATION: More than half of US-born babies are eligible for WELFARE benefits, including food assistance

AT LEAST 135 Teachers, Aides Have Been Arrested and Charged With Child Sex Crimes IN 2022 ALONE

Biden Releases 954K Border Crossers Into U.S. Since Taking Office

Border Patrol Union Leader Warns Of "Complete Control" By Cartels Once 'Title 42' Ends

The Migrant Jungle Cruise Of Death                   5/20


Monetary Reset Needed Where the Rich Don't Own Everything

The EU is continuing to push the idea of a Digital Euro

Months After Infant Formula Shortages Started, Slow Joe Biden Invokes Defense Production Act

PHOTOS: Mexico’s Shelves are Stocked with Baby Formula amid U.S. Shortage

How Europe Was Pushed Towards Economic Suicide

Brandonflation Gas Prices Set to Hit $6 a Gallon, Analysts Forecast

Biden to Import Venezuelan Oil to Meet US Demand – President Trump’s Energy Independence Policies Will Continue to be Ignored

Ted Cruz Explains in Just 3 Minutes PRECISELY Why Biden Is RESPONSIBLE for INTENTIONALLY Raising Gas Prices

Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka Defaults On Debt As It Runs Out Of Fuel

One Overlooked Detail in Government's Electric Vehicle Scheme Could Have Seismic Effect on Our Environment

“She’ll Have me Indicted” – Far-Left Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Panics After DA Turns the Screws on Her Indicted Staffers in Probe Into $11 Million ‘Vaccine Outreach’ Contract

Sen. Rand Paul: Congress Has to Borrow from China to Send $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

US Marshals Providing ‘Around-the-Clock Security’ at Supreme Court Justices’ Homes Thanks to Democrat Harassment, Threats of Violence

The “Black Lives Matter” Communist Front Group Paid Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors’ “Graffiti Artist” Brother $800,000 for “Security”

A tale of two terror attacks- Buffalo vs Waukesha exposes media bias

Get Ready to Be Muzzled: The Coming War on So-Called Hate Speech

European Union Demands Big Brother Control Over Private Chat Rooms

New York Times Baffled by ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public School Enrollment

LAPTOP From HELL: Former Trump WH Staffer Just Created a ‘Wikileaks’ of Hunter Biden’s Emails

The left's 'agents provocateur'                        5/19


David Stockman On The Monetary Madness Among The Central Bankers

Iran: Digital Food Rationing Rolls Out Using Biometric IDs Amid Food Riots

‘Green New Deal’ Plan Will Cost New Yorkers “Hundreds of Billions” in Energy Bills

Biden’s Globalists Quietly Fight to Slash U.S. Tariffs on China

Dr. Peter Breggin: Biden ceding U.S. sovereignty to China

Commerce Cronyism: Inside Deals, Conflicts Of Interest And Chinese Connections

TWITTER FACES FINANCIAL NIGHTMARE – Must Prove It Didn’t Lie in SEC Filings About Only 5% Bots – Elon Musk Is Waiting – Newsweek Reports Biden Account May Be 50% Bots

Amazon’s Mega-Yacht Owner Jeff Bezos Funds $10 Billion “Great Reset” to “Save the Planet”

REVEALED: BLM founder Patrisse Cullors paid her baby father $970,000 for ‘creative services’, her brother $840,000 for security

Dems Reject Measure to Protect Concerned Parents from Being Federal Domestic Terrorism Targets

Audit Finds Half Of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

Buffalo shooter exposed: Not a “right-wing white nationalist” but rather a left-wing activist seeking “justice for Ukraine”

CRIME WAVE: Chicago Police Attacked By Gang Members As Chicago Continues To Shatter Homicide Records

Biden Will Ease Sanctions On Venezuela's Maduro Amid Scramble For Alternative Oil 

The Battle For Control Of Your Mind          5/18


Are Russia and China Moving To The Gold Standard?

AMERICA IN CRISIS: Gas Prices Hit Another All-Time Record High for 8TH STRAIGHT DAY! — Average Gas Price Now OVER $4.52 a Gallon

Washington Gas Stations Run Out of Gas, Add Extra Digit in Anticipation of $10 Dollar Prices

New York Fed Manufacturing Index Unexpectedly Crashes

Here come the Biden power outages: Grid operators warn of rolling blackouts as more power plants close

TGP Warned for Years that China’s Economy Was Failing – This Is Now Evident to the World and It Will Greatly Impact the US

Weaponizing the Pursuit of Profit: Rubio Warns of China’s ‘Extraordinary’ Leverage Over America

World's Second-Largest Wheat Producer Bans Exports -- Prices Expected To Rise 

Foreign Invasion: Biden-Harris Regime Encountered 234,000 Illegal Aliens at US-Mexico Border in April — Highest Total in DHS History 

Senate Advances Bill to Give Ukraine $40 Billion in Aid During 40-Year High Inflation Sen Hawley: ‘Neglects’ Southern Border, ‘Allows Europe to Freeload’ Shock! Aid Package Breakdown

Eleven GOP Senators Break with Mitch McConnell and Vote Against Latest $40 Billion in US Aid to Ukraine

Orwell’s ‘1984’ Seems to Be the New Biden Plan, or Is It the Hunger Games?

Tax Filings: Black Lives Matter Has Over $42 Million In Assets

Demonic Disney’s Favorability Collapses — From 77% to 33% in One Year

The Case Against the CDC              5/17


Russian ruble is year’s best-performing currency

Darren Beattie: Ukraine $40 billion blood money is not going to establish peace, it’s going straight into the maw of the Prince of Death

It’s Official! Zelenzkyy Signs Law This Weekend Banning Opposition Parties and Seizing Their Property

Eight Years Ago: US-NATO Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine

Wall Street makes its move to defund insufficiently woke states

Here it comes: All signs point to Housing Bubble 2.0 amid widening price, income gap

Bill Gates, Davos Elites Pushing Global Food Control Under Guise of "Food Security"

Now We Are Being Told to Expect Food and Diesel Shortages for the Foreseeable Future

Over $160 BILLION in COVID Unemployment Benefits Likely Lost to Fraud

Michael Flynn Files $50 Million Claim Against Feds in Prelude to Lawsuit Over Russia Probe

If You Thought the Coinbase Bankruptcy Disclosures Were Bad

California Rejects Plans To Alleviate Ongoing Drought With Desalination Plant

‘Squad’ Members and Progressive Democrats All Vote for $40 Billion War Package for Ukraine Despite Condemning Military Spending in the Past

Biden sends baby formula to illegals at border while grocery stores run dry

Putting America Last and Biden’s War on Babies

Overdoses Deaths Topped 100,000 in 2021

128K Emails Leaked From Hunter’s Laptop         5/16


Food inflation in the U.S. breaks 42-year record… and there’s no end in sight

. . . Grains Jump 41%, Eggs Soar 161%

BREAKING: Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America

Shocking report reveals US workers are producing less but costing MORE, as Biden’s economy implodes

BREAKING: Senator Rand Paul Stalls Uniparty Bill Giving $40 Billion in More Funding to Ukraine

Why Funding Ukraine Is Just Dead Wrong

Goldman Sachs-Backed Rental Funds Buy Entire Florida Community The firm paid over $45 million for the entire 87-home neighborhood

Biden Kills Alaska, Gulf Drilling Leases as gas prices soar

Food Crisis Worsens as Small Recall Grows to Half a Million Pounds of Chicken Being Pulled from Shelves

US Casinos Have Best Month In History With $5.3 Billion Take

Cotton: ‘We Need to Decouple Our Economy in Strategic and Vital Sectors from the Chinese Economy’

Vacation Canceled For Chicago PD After Nearly 1,000 Cops Quit Last Year

Birds of a feather- French media covers for Islamic terrorists just like in US

European gas importers quietly surrender to Russia and begin buying gas in RUBLES… while the West’s economic warfare scheme disastrously BACKFIRES

Net Zero? India Plans to DOUBLE Coal Use by 2040

Chamber of Commerce Hypes Job-Killing Free Trade Deals as ‘Answer’ to China

The Gospel Of Nancy Pelosi                   5/13


Report: “90% of Nations Are Planning Central Bank Digital Currency“  

Grocery Store Prices Up 10.8%, Most in Nearly 42 Years…

Wholesale Inflation Skyrockets 11% in April

U.S. Economy Shrinks 1.4% in First Quarter

The Growing List Of US Companies Laying People Off

Biden Agriculture Secretary: 61,670 Farm Families in America Today . . . Are on the Brink’

What Bidenflation? 368 Democrats and Republicans Vote to Give Ukraine $40 Billion in Aid

Greenwald: Biden Wanted $33B More For Ukraine. Congress Quickly Hiked To $40B. Who Benefits?

As Gas Prices Soar, Biden-Harris Regime Cancels Oil & Gas Leases in Alaska & Gulf of Mexico

Coinbase Loses Half Its Value In A Week As Crypto Slumps

Fauci, Collins and others at NIH accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in secret payments prior to the plandemic

The Manchurian Millionaire: China-Backed LeBron James Tops Athlete Salary List with $127 Million in 2021

Dovetails With the Depopulation Agenda: Tyrannical Government of Canada Will Pay to Euthanize Those Who Are “Too Poor to Continue Living With Dignity”

FLASHBACK: Former Ukrainian MP alleges Biden family received $12M kickback from transaction with Burisma owner to kill London criminal cases, provides details to DOJ

Biden Disinformation Czar Demands Power to Edit Other People’s Tweets

Biden ’No Plan’ on Baby Formula Crisis        5/12


Gas Prices Reach a NEW ALL-TIME HIGH Under Joe Biden at $4.37 per Gallon — Second All-Time High in Two Months!

This one scary inflation Red Alert is usually only seen in countries like Venezuela

Silicon Valley Underwater: Tech Giants Lose $1 Trillion in Value in 3 Days

AMAZON has lost all of its gains from pandemic

As Americans Suffer, House Passes $40 Billion Foreign Aid Package for Ukraine in 368-57 Vote

DOJ IG: Decision Was Made with COVID Funding to ‘Chase’ Fraud Later, We Paid Loans to People on ‘Do Not Pay List’

New Zealand is reaching new levels of Covid 1984 insanity

China Accelerates Nuclear Buildup, Military Modernization; Biden Speeding U.S. to Defeat

So Who Did Democrat Non-Profits Use as Their Ballot Traffickers to Steal the Election? In Georgia and Wisconsin Many Traffickers Were Also BLM-Antifa Rioters

Dangers of the incoming Digital ID system

You’ve Been Flagged as a Threat: Predictive AI Technology Puts a Target on Your Back

Communist Revolutionary Convicted of ‘Horrific’ Murder of State Trooper to Be Freed on Parole

NYC Mayor Defends Kidnapping, Strip Searching Mother for Selling Fruit Without Paying the City First

Woke NBA to Hold Preseason Games in UAE Where Homosexuality is Punishable by Death – Canceled Game in Charlotte in 2016 Over Transgender Bathroom Law

EPA Senior Adviser Wants ‘Environmental Reparations’ to Heal Relationship with Nature

Now Elon Musk REALLY has them sweating        5/11


Report: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware Gas Prices Hit ‘All Time Highs’

A (Brief) History Of Big Banks' Propaganda War On Bitcoin

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admits Biden’s spending spree is affecting inflation

. . . “2000 Mules” Grosses Over $1 Million in 12 Hours on Locals and Rumble, a Big Win for Alt-Tech

‘Out of Touch With America’: Biden’s Small Business Budget Makes No Mention of Inflation

Warning Signs of America’s Destruction – Jonathan Cahn

Fertilizer costs driving up food prices, threatening food security worldwide

Pre-Election Vote-Buying Scheme: Biden-Harris Regime Announce Scheme to Give 48 Million Households “Free” Internet

The INTENDED Consequences of climate policy: ‘Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow Across U.S.’

RINO Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Lined the Pockets of Anti-American Globalist Ringleader George Soros

Over 1,000 Pounds of Cocaine Found at Nestle Factory

BLM Co-Founder Admits She Used Group’s $6 Million Property to Host Personal Parties

Latest polls show Biden failing on economy, inflation, immigration, crime

Law Enforcement Preps for Violent Protests, Pushing Narrative to Blame MAGA

Watch: Thousands Of Illegal Migrants Gathering At Border Waiting For Title 42 To Expire

India: Police Officer Allegedly Raped 13-Year-Old Girl While She Reported Gang Rape

Why Demonrats Cheat                       5/10


The Globalists IN PLAIN SIGHT – Biden administration is circumventing medical national sovereignty

These Cities And States Are Leading America's Manufacturing Comeback

Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers: Everyone Is Maxing Out Their Credit Card Ahead Of The Recession

PayPal now SEIZING accounts owned by independent media outlets

SURPRISE! Leadership At Joe Biden’s ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Has Ties To George Soros

The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in Their Own Words

Despite Objections, Cities Spending COVID Stimulus $ on Police Surveillance Cameras, License Plate Readers

Russia is considering bringing back the GOLD STANDARD to maintain financial sovereignty amid economic sanctions economic sanctions

EXCLUSIVE: New Mexico Election Audit Team Identifies Chain of Custody Issues and Will Reveal More Shocking News on Monday Night

1 in 4 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in San Francisco Out of Order

Illinois Professor Convicted of Failing to Report Chinese Bank Account

Iran Mullahs Escalate Threats Against Jews, Biden Administration Appeases Mullahs Even More

California Admits that 65,000 Students in its Community Colleges Are Fake – Costing the State Millions

'Criminal, Inhumane And Unethical': EU Passes Resolution Condemning Chinese Regime’s Forced Organ Harvesting

Another Chicken Little Summer: Leftists Have A New Excuse For Mostly Peaceful Riots

George Soros Dumps $1M Into Stacey Abrams Campaign For Georgia Governor Race

Soros Floods $ Into AR Prosecutor Race        5/9


Chinese Style Social Credit System to Launch in Italy and Germany this Year (Video)

India Boasts World’s Fastest-Growing Economy for Second Straight Year

US Productivity Just Crashed By The Most Since 1947 As Labor Costs Explode

UN whistleblower says World Health Organization is “tip of the spear” for global tyranny

Trade Deficit Soars Over $100 Billion For First Time Ever

34% Of Retailers Couldn't Make Rent In April, New Survey Shows

Boeing to Move Headquarters from Chicago to Virginia After Working on a Deal with Gov. Youngkin

Iowa factory culls over 5 million chickens after ONE bird flu case, lays off 250 workers after burying dead birds

WOW! Florida Secures $683 Million Settlement From Walgreens For Their Role In The Opioid Crisis

From Bankruptcy To $50 Million: Confessions Of A Stock Operator

Poll: 65% of U.S. Hispanic Voters *Support* Closing Southern Border

Republican Clerk in Colorado Hands Over Copies of Hard Drives After Attempting to Protect Evidence Soros-Backed Secretary of State Tried to Delete

Undeniable Proof The 2020 Election Was Stolen And An Organized Crime Upon America

Sleepy Joe's $33 Billion Abomination           5/6


How Technocrats Turned Your Face Into A Weapon Of War

Moderna Blows Past Expectations With $6.1 Billion in Revenue, Mostly From Covid “Spikevax” “Vaccine”

Biden Includes $8.8 Billion in the $33 Billion Ukraine Package on Items like Countering Disinformation

First Brain Computer Interface Enters Human Trials

10 Ways Communists Have Infiltrated Our Institutions

Food Bank Demand Soars As Inflation Crushes Working-Poor

And the Hits Against the American Food Supply System Keep On Coming

Update on Food Plants: More Fires, FBI Alert, One Off-the-Wall Explanation

US sending billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine that could end up in Russia’s hands 

Ukraine: NATO and US's aim is to destroy the Russian military

ICYMI: Amazon to Pay U.S. Employees Up to $4,000 to Kill Their Babies

Durham Alerts Judge to Federal Ruling Against Crooked Hillary Clinton, DNC

Pedophile Hunters Catch NBC News Anchor 'Trying To Meet Underage Boy For Sex

"2000 Mules" Full of Must-See Surprises

Matt Taibbi: PayPal’s IndyMedia Wipeout        5/4


The Fed is destroying the home mortgage industry as rate hikes due to ‘Bidenflation’ lead to 70 percent reduction in lending

Why Energy Prices Are Projected to Increase 50% in 2022—After Doubling Last Year


The World Is 'Bankrolling Its Own Destruction'

How to Reclaim Our Power From Corrupt Global Corporatists

Think Driving an Electric Car Is Cheaper Than Gas? Think Again

“Woke” investors are putting American national security at risk with their anti-fossil fuel gambits

Minerals for “Clean Energy” Tech “involves harmful sourcing, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and limits on the mineral supply”

Foreign Investment in China Fell 60 Percent

'We Are Living in Pervasive Toxic Soup of Chemical Exposure,' Carey Gillam Tells RFK, Jr.

Informant in D'Souza's film '2,000 Mules' details how alleged ballot harvesting operation worked

Pro-Abortion Groups To Spend $150 Million Ahead Of 2022 Midterms

‘Just One Pill’: Parents Tell the Stories of the Children They Lost to Fentanyl

Mayorkas Prepares to Welcome 500,000 Illegals PER MONTH at Southern Border Once Biden Nixes Title 42

Is Zelensky corrupt? He amassed an $850 million personal fortune in the years before the war with Russia

Total Surveillance Society                                  5/3


Shocking Video Reveals How Organized Cartels Are Smuggling Humans With Biden’s Open Border Policies

NEW Controlled Food System Is Now In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing To Accelerate Their Control

BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near-total control over the future food supply in America

Pelosi Secretly Flies to Ukraine to Meet with Zelensky — Was She Grifting for a New Multi-Million Dollar Energy Deal for her Son?

94 Percent of Americans Concerned About Inflation, Overwhelmingly Trust Republicans to Handle It

Today’s Banker-Lawyer-Politician-Media World War

Author sounds alarm, says ALL Americans should be concerned about Hunter Biden’s nefarious business deals

Netflix Nightmare: More Shows Shutting Down

Eco-terrorism: Climate cult sabotaged oil pipelines

Animal feed halt is a Biden Regime attempt to wipe out ALL LIVESTOCK and usher in new era of disgusting test-tube meat

Poll: Most Americans Say High Prices Forced Them To Change Eating Habits

Elon Musk Has Bad News for 'Chief Censor' Who Makes $17 Million Per Year at Twitter

No signs of slowing down: Diesel price jumps 42.8% from beginning of the year, way ahead of gasoline’s 25% increase

Maybe One Less New Yacht This Year: Jeff Bezos Loses $20 Billion in One Day, Drops to Third Richest Person

Here’s Everything the Media Won’t Tell You About Nina Jankowicz, Biden’s New Minister of Truth

Black crime: Why our rulers hide it                 5/2


Not just another tracking device: Hand-implanted MICROCHIP includes ANTENNA used for tracking payments, people and possibly nanoparticles from COVID-19 injections

Scooping private data doesn't violate Fourth Amendment if the owner can still access it, court rules

On the Digital Wall, Pt II

A Cop's Eye View of the Federal Takeover of the Police

Get Woke, Go Broke: As Stock Market Tumbles, Woke Companies Hit Especially Hard

These Are The World's Biggest Shipping Hubs

GOP Demands Answers How Obama Student Loans Cost Nearly $500 Billion

Taking An In Depth Look At The Great Reset And The Antichrist

First Shipment of Russian Coal Paid in Yuan on Its Way to China

Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Police On Money Laundering Concerns

European Commission VP Tells People to ‘Support Ukraine’ by Taking Fewer Showers & Not Washing Their Clothes

What’s Really Going On? Georgia Governor Candidates Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams Both Increased Their Net Worth in the Millions While 2020 Election Was Stolen

Sen. Warnock ran on "defund the police", paid $137k for armed security

Chicago’s left-wing judges keep letting murder suspects out on electronic monitoring – and people are dying

China's Blood Batteries                                  4/30


World Bank calls for global ban on vehicles with combustion engines, oblivious to the reality that electric vehicles aren’t a viable alternative

How the World Economic Forum Uses Newspeak to Wage War

Central Bank Digital Currencies: What They Are, and What's at Stake

A New Gold Standard? Kremlin Confirms Intention To Back Ruble With Gold And Commodities

Why Would Anyone Ever Trust the Bidens with $50 Billion in Ukraine?

IMF director ADMITS world’s central banks “printed too much money”

Klaus Schwab’s Mentors Who Helped Create the World Economic Forum Are Revealed

Ridiculous: Psaki Makes Her Craziest Claim Yet about Bidenflation [WATCH]

Peter Schweizer: How American Elites Are Being Captured By the Chinese Communist Party [VIDEO]

Inflation Expectations Hit 41-Year-Highs As UMich Survey ‘Hope’ Fades During The Month

Is the Irish Government Using Refugees to Take Over Private Homes and Businesses?

Veteran and Triple Amputee Brian Kolfage Built 4 Miles of Border Wall with $25 Million in Donations – Mayorkas Spent $72 Million in Tax Payer Dollars to Shut Down Wall Construction

Here come the CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS: World agency demands locking down cities to achieve “climate goals”

Food Shortages In Six Months – The Globalists Are Telling Us What Happens Next

Shocker: Powerful Russian Oligarch with Hunter Biden Connection Avoids Sanctions by Biden-Harris Regime

POWERFUL: Watch Heroic Mama Bears Thrash a Leftist School Board, Blow Up on Creepy Teacher

AMAZON REPORTS $3.8 BILLION LOSS              4/29


U.S. Economy Shrinks 1.4% in First Quarter

Who Will Eventually Own Everything, Including You?

Yen's Historic Fall Signals Rewrite of Currency Playbook

Digital Currency Threatens Liberty; Bills in Congress Would Prevent It

FDA Director: “The FDA does not regulate cell towers or cell tower radiation” and “has no studies or information on cell towers…”

‘Load of Bullshit’: Career Immigration Officials Rip Mayorkas’s Plan

Mayorkas Gaslights: ‘We Have Effectively Managed the Border Crisis’ — Tries to Defend Spending $72 MILLION to STOP President Trump’s Border Security Wall

Global Supremacy of WHO Depends on Convergence of Climate Change Hysteria and Pandemic Panic Theater

US Local Governments Helped China With $1.7 Billion in Subsidies: Expert

Trade Shock: U.S. Trade Deficit In Goods Jumps 17.8% To Record $125.3 Billion

The Number of Times Hunter Biden’s “Business” Partner Visited the White House Is Now at 27

Global Megabanks Are Tanking - The Same Ones the Fed Bailed Out in 2019

Italian City to Initiate "Pilot" Social Credit System for "Virtuous" Environmental Behavior

Harvard Sets Up $100M Endowment For Slavery Reparations

Arctic Sea Ice Stabilizes, No Trend Reduction In More Than 10 Years As Solar Cycle Starts Off Weakly

From COVID, to Globalism, To Russiagate: The Left's War On America's Psyche

Judge Won’t Let Crooked Hillary Russia Collusion Hoax Tweet Be Admitted in Sussmann Trial 

BUSTED: UnAmerican Express Goes Woke        4/28


BOMBSHELL: Joe ‘Big Guy’ Biden Paid Legal Bills for Hunter’s Slimy Deals With Communist China . . . $5.2 Million in “Unexplained” Income

“Meltdown”: Bank Of America Sounding The Alarm On Collapsing Freight Demand

EXPOSED: Full List of Klaus Schwab's Next Generation of WEF Young Global Leaders

Mainstream Media Black Out on Bail Out of Wall Street Titans

FLASHBACK: Ukrainian Privat Bank Nationalization Was About Keeping Corruption Going, Not Ending It...What are the Dems Hiding

IMF Director: Maybe We Printed Too Much Money Without Thinking of the Unintended Consequences LIAR YOU KNEW

Reports: Netflix Employee Morale Plummets As Stock Sinks And Subscribers Flee

“Operation Thermostat” — Energy-Rationing & The Pivot From Ukraine To Climate?

Breaking: Popular Rep. Madison Cawthorn Accused of ‘Potential’ Insider Trading — But Pelosi Walks Free?

Joe Biden Just Promoted the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Who Attacked the Investigation into the Hunter Biden-Linked Burisma.

Democrat Handlers Pulled off the Greatest Heist in American History

BREAKING: Project Veritas Releases Leaked Audio of Twitter Meeting Following Elon Musk’s Purchase


Jack Dorsey’s Revenge?                  4/27


Chief Advisor of Klaus Schwab and the WEF Boasts: Dreams of Dictators Are Now Possible

Chinese Stocks, Yuan, Commodities Crash As Covid Plunges Country Into "Darkest Moment In Decades"

Another Biden link to Beijing found: Tens of millions in anonymous Chinese donations to UPenn “Biden Center” revealed

More Revealed on Chinese Officials and Chinese Businessmen Visiting Obama’s White House 

Global Shipping Update: China Is About To Wreck Your Summer

Satellite Maps: Shanghai’s Supply Chain Standstill

the Era of a Financialised Fiat Dollar Standard is Ending

Democratic Socialist Congressional Candidate Says $15 Minimum Wage Is ‘Antiquated’: ‘$30 Is the Floor’

Lagarde Demands ECB Dissenters Keep Quiet As Central Bank Prepares For Liftoff

Governments on Road to Collapse as Global Supply Chain Crisis, Inflation Worsen

Move Over, Nimrod: Amazon Gets Green Light for Its ‘Tower of Babel’ HQ

As Speculation Grows That Rash of Food Facility Fires Are Intentional, Here’s a List to See for Yourself

HISTORIC HUMILIATION: Trump-Endorsed Candidates Sweep Establishment GOP Picks as Grassroots Rise Up…Win Against All Odds

Iceland shut their last McDonald's on 31 Oct '09 but you can still take a selfie with their last cheeseburger

Watch: Democrat Hellhole L.A.’s Transit System Is a Criminal Cesspool

Florida Sheriff: “We Prefer” Homeowners Shoot Burglars To “Save Taxpayer Money”

Macron Re-Elected French President         4/25


Communist China Has Thrown Out The Old Rules of War

BBC Lauds Implantable Microchip "Wallet"

Implanted microchips are helping push the transhumanist agenda of the World Economic Forum

USDA: 69% of total U.S. winter wheat production currently in drought zones… sharp decline in yields right around the corner

A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities In The U.S. Since The Start Of 2022

Economically-Free States Are Recovering Rapidly — High-Control States, Not so Much

Here we go… Wells Fargo lays off mortgage staff

Investors Just Pulled a Massive $17.5 Billion out of Global Equities and They’re Just Getting Started

Satellite Maps Expose Shanghai’s Supply Chain Standstill

DeSantis Signs Bill That Will Strip Disney of its Self-Rule Status

New Poll Shows 68% of Americans Are “Less Likely” to Do Business with Disney Following its Pro-Groomer Crusade Against Florida’s Parental Rights Bill – Stock Craters By Nearly $50 Billion

Netflix is spending $17B per year on crappy, degenerate content

President Trump Shares Tweet He Released on Jan 6 that Twitter Took Down in 5 Minutes

Joe Met With Hunter Business Partner At The White House

FBI gets away with robbing family of nearly $1 million, never charges them with a crime

Trump-Backed Candidates Win in Michigan        4/24


The World Health Tyranny: Towards the WEF “Great Reset of Misery”

Plan to Replace World Constitutions WHO Pandemic Treaty for Force Vaccination

Microchip Implanted in Your Hand? Why Worry?

At World Bank Climate Talk, Speaker Floats End of Conventional Vehicle Sales

Ukraine Is the Third Most Corrupt Country in the World and Zelenskiy Demands $12 Billion a Month

Triple Amputee and Veteran Brian Kolfage Built More Border Wall than Biden and Obama Combined — So Democrats Dragged Him Through His Yard in the Rain and Charged Him with Fraud and Tried to Destroy Him

America's Fatal Dependency

Major US Airlines To Allow Passengers Barred Over Mask Violations To Fly Again

South Florida Is Experiencing An Industrial Boom Unlike Any Other

REVEALED: Fauci’s Texas Lab Signed a ‘Confidential’ Deal With Wuhan Colleagues Enabling ‘Destroying Secret Files, Materials’

Company Says 1st Stage of U.S. GMO Mosquito Project a “Success” despite Results NOT Being Independently Confirmed or Peer-reviewed

Top Prosecutor Drops Out Of Whitmer Kidnapping Case

Florida Takes On College Leftists

13 Nassar Victims Seeking $130M from FBI over Bungled Probe of USA Gymnastics Doctor

Here come student loan reparations            4/22


Globalists push for centralization of power amid worldwide economic decline

MEP Warns: 'Pandemic Treaty Will Give WHO Governmental Power' (Video)

The Great Reset VII: Capitalism for the Rich and Socialism for the Poor

Tech Firm Pushes Microchip Implants

Internet Of Bodies Means Total Control Over Your Body, Behavior, Actions

Breaking: Top UK Court approves extradition of Julian Assange

As grain prices reach historic highs, China is stockpiling food supplies from around the world

Multiple Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants in US Have Recently Exploded or Burned Down

Argentina’s annual inflation rate just hit 55.1%, and experts are predicting 60% for the entire year

'Black Hole' - White House Doesn't Know Where US Weapons Go After Entering Ukraine

Microplastics Pick Up Pollution, Making Them Even More Toxic to Humans

Johnson & Johnson pays out opioid crisis settlement of ALMOST $100 MILLION to West Virginia 

Gonzalo Lira Missing in Ukraine and Feared Captured by SBU Thugs

Free Energy: The ‘Searl Effect’ Generator Flying Saucer Flew At 2175 Mph & Went Around the World.

Researchers Broke Law Spending Estimated $246M in Taxpayer Dollars to Get Animals Stoned, Report Finds

More Than 300,000 Votes Unverified in Georgia’s Fulton County in 2020

Applying For A Job In The New America           4/21


The Christian nationalism behind Putin's war

Top Former NATO Analyst: Government-Backed Genocide in Donbas Sparked War In Ukraine

China Is Destroying Us All Without Firing A Shot While The Media Keeps All The Attention On Russia And Ukraine

A Brief History of Inflation

On Tax Day, Biden Pushes For A More Powerful IRS

Blackstone Buys Largest Student Housing Operator

Hand-implanted microchip for contactless payments

"Zuck Bucks 2.0" Launching as Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Continues Election Meddling

Erroneous Payments Cost New York Medicaid Program Nearly $1 Billion

Secret Service Seizes More Than $102 Million In Crypto Assets 

Feds hand back $1 million seized from armored car company

Biden to Send Yet Another 'Large' Military Aid Package Into 'Black Hole' in Ukraine

Investigative Reporter John Solomon: ‘History Has Evolved,’ Now We Know Hunter’s Laptop ‘Worse’ Than We Thought

Charitable With Other People’s Money: Bidens Gave 0.55% of Last Year’s Income to Charity

Biden Crime Family Scandal: Never Underestimate the Power of Blackmail

Stunning number of terrorists tried to enter U.S. illegally under Biden

March Border Encounters Surpass 221K. Biden Frees 80K-Plus to Establish Illegal-alien Colonies

Judicial Watch: Emails Reveal Secret Service Agents Furious Over Biden White House Lies

Uber Goes Mask-Free                            4/20


Beijing's "Elite Capture" Strategy Was A Success: Peter Schweizer

Hunter Biden’s China Business Deals Should Raise ‘Alarm Bells,’ We’re very clear that the Bidens got some $31 million, based on the laptop, from a series of deals that happened beginning when Joe Biden was vice president of the United States. ..,”

With Around $20 Billion in Aid to Ukraine – How Much Was Provided to Ukraine and How Much Went to “The Big Guy”?

Inside The Ukraine-Induced Defense Contractor 'Gold Rush' At The Pentagon

'Stain on Democracy': 25 Richest People in U.S. Paid True Tax Rate of Just 3.4%

US inflation hits four-decade high, consumer prices increase by 8.5%

Biden’s Economic Policies Push the U.S. Misery Index Ever Higher

Exclusive—Ortiz: Protect Taxpayers and the Economy by Making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Permanent

During America’s Greatest Gas Crisis, SCOTUS Rejects St. Louis-based Pipeline’s Appeal to Fully Operate

Oil From Biden's Emergency SPR Release Is Heading For Europe

Blood Money: How America’s Sports Owners Are in Bed with Communist China

Pedophilia-Plagued Anti-Trump Group “Lincoln Project” Shells Out $100K in Mystery Legal Settlement With Cofounder

Documents prove Canada wants to use COVID-19 pandemic to bring country in line with World Economic Forum agenda

Depleted America… hollowed-out and offshored American industrial base can no longer produce munitions

World’s Largest Carbon Removal Facility Designed to Fight Global Warming Suffers Major Setback After Arctic Blast Freezes Machinery

MSNBC Blast From The Past: It’s Our Job To Control How People Think 

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Airman Removed from Command Over Refusing to Get Vaccinated – Amy Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh Side with Liberal Justices

Stacey Abrams Increased Her Net Worth 3,000% in Less than 4 Years – What Is the Real Source of Her Income?

BLM SCAM-PAC Burned Through Almost All Its Cash Reserves in the First Quarter

‘Invisible Art’ Auctioned For $1.2 Million       4/19


Citizens Rally Around 94-Year-Old New Jersey Veteran Who Lost Home in Fire: ‘God Bless You All’

Author of US Biowarfare Act Admits Biolabs in Ukraine Are 'Criminal Enterprises

While January 6 Political Prisoners Rot in Jail, a Man Suspected of Shooting 14 Yesterday Is out on Bail Already

Swamp Steps In? DOJ, SEC Launch “Joint Investigation” Targeting Elon Musk as He Attempts His ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Twitter: Reports

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Doomed to Fail – and Here’s Why 

GOP States Continue to Lead in Economic Recovery

Truck Drivers Are Facing Another Bloodbath

Build Back Bankrupt Biden May Transfer All College Debt to Taxpayers by Fiat

China's Digital Yuan, Biggest Threat To The West, Is Overshadowed By Russian War, Kyle Bass Warns

New IG Report Reveals Biden Regime Wasted $17 Million on UNUSED Hotel Rooms Meant for Illegals and ICE Contractors

Susie Wiles, Who Oversees Trump’s Endorsements, Is Co-Chair of Firm Managed By Recent Pfizer Vice President

UH-OH for Slow Joe: Biden Caught Red-Handed in Hunter Texts

Hunter Biden Worked On Chinese Business Ventures With Nephew Of Boston Mobster

Court Brief: Biden Releases 756K Border Crossers into America Since Taking Office Population Larger than Boston

41-Years Ago, “Barney Miller” Warned About What’s Happening Today

Durham Says Clinton Lawyer Also Lied to CIA     4/18


The plan to destroy America: Cloward-Piven and Obama

Alarming New Proof America Is On The Slippery Slope To Oblivion As Globalists Pull A Fast One And Double Down In Their Reckless Pursuit To Bring In Tyranny With The 'WHO Pandemic Treaty'

U.S.-dominated global financial system facing collapse as China begins buying Russian coal and oil in yuan, not petrodollars

Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak Demands Nearly $1 TRILLION To Fund 'Pandemic Prevention' Efforts. 

6 Companies Control 90% of What You Read, Watch and Hear. Here's Why You Should Care.

Smoking Guns: Joe Biden Referred Business and Mingled Finances With Son Hunter, Messages Show

Alabama Passes Sound Money Law, Expands Sales Tax Exemption Involving Gold and Silver

California's Vanished Dream, By The Numbers

China's Lockdown of Nearly 400 Million Set to Strike a Blow to Economy

Johnstone: more escalations in online censorship

EXCLUSIVE: Man Who Discovered Ballot Trafficking Operation In Yuma County Handed Evidence To Attorney General Brnovich BEFORE 2020 General Election: “They Could Have Stopped This.” (AUDIO)

Soros-linked Voting Tech Company's Security Breach

18-month, data-driven probe concludes 2020 election was stolen

Fairfax County Virgina Received Over $1.2 Million in Zuckerbucks in 2020 Election – Does This Explain the Three 300,000 Biden Ballot Drops on Election Night?

Backlash against Democrat lunacy ahead of 2022 midterms has begun: GOP candidates retake school boards across battleground Wisconsin

BLM Co-Founder: Charitable Financial Disclosures ‘Triggering’

Calif. city launches “universal basic income” program but only for LGBTQ citizens

The History of Population Control Is Important    4/16


Exclusive—Peter Schweizer: How U.S. Commerce Department Officials Cashed In on China

Why the New World Order Wants Programmable Currency

Mercola: Programmable Digital Currency Is Cornerstone Of Total Control

Poll: 68 Percent of Americans, Even Half of All Democrats, Turn on Disney After Grooming Exposé

DeSantis Warns: Price of Goods Going Up ‘Significantly More’ than 8.5%

Out Of Control Inflation Is Absolutely Eviscerating America’s Rapidly Shrinking Middle Class

US Cryptocurrency Expert Jailed for Teaching North Korea to Evade Sanctions

Made in America or Not Made at All: Henry Repeating Arms Celebrates 25 Years of Gun Making, Giving, and Gratitude

Oberlin College STILL has not paid $33 million owed to family-run bakery for defamation lawsuit

French Journalist Releases Stunning Report After Returning From Ukraine — Says ‘The AMERICANS Are in Charge of the War . . . NOT Ukraine’

WATCH: Obama Admitted On Camera That He Is Serving His 'Third Term' In Shadow Govt.

Robert Epstein: Big Tech Manipulation Still In Control Of Election Outcomes

BLM Vows 'Transparency' But Defends Lavish $6M Mansion

Whistleblower who turned over Hunter Biden laptop contents to media, lawmakers hiding out in Switzerland, vows to release MORE incriminating information

Bird poops on Biden during speech               4/13


The World Government Summit and What It Means For You

Secret plan to flood America with millions of “economic migrants” exposed as Biden regime declares war on American Citizens

Once A Retail Giant, Kmart Down To 3 U.S. Stores After N.J. Closing

European Companies Plead China To Revise "COVID Zero" As Beijing Vows Stronger Policies To Reverse Economic Collapse

'It Can Get Very Creepy Very Fast:' John Oliver Exposes Multimillion-Dollar Data Brokering Industry

Democrat Corruption: Three Harris County Staffers Indicted for Awarding $11M Covid Contract to Fellow Dem

On Iran, Biden Should Take 'No' for an Answer

Prominent BLM Activist Convicted Of First-Degree Robbery

“We the People” Are the New, Permanent Underclass in America  

MATRIXXX GROOOVE: Kash Patel calls out 51 intel officials who manipulated the political narrative surrounding Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop

Ray McGovern: Corporate Media Deploys the Big Guns on Ukraine

Missouri's Sunshine Law Is About to Shine a Light on George Soros

Durham Continues His Focus On The Clinton Campaign

'Farm-Free' Lab Food Is Catastrophic for Human Health and the Environment, Report Says

Proposed solar-powered “lunar ark” to hold frozen samples of 6.7 million plants and animals

Driverless Car Appears To Flee The Scene After Being Pulled Over By Cops

Biden family scheme 'unraveling'                  4/12


The ultimate goal of the WEF is to Control & Change life on Earth by hacking into Humans & removing Free Will

The Role Of Henry Kissinger In Spawning The World Economic Forum 

Democrats lead $9 billion pork barrel spree through revived earmarking process

Report: Biden has sent $1 billion to Afghanistan since Taliban terrorists took over

Bidenflation Will Cost Each Family an Extra $5,000 Per Year

Walmart Will Now Offer Up To $110,000 Salary For New Truck Drivers

Exposed: The Russian Companies That Will Get Billions From New Iran Nuclear Deal

Former Goldman Sachs Banker Roger Ng Convicted in $4.5 Billion Embezzlement Scheme

SpaceX Launches 3 Visitors to Space Station for $55 Million Each

Court Revokes License to Launch Satellites; Starlink “should have carried out public hearings” (France)

Climate Laws Threaten Family Farms as Land Bought for Carbon Credits

New Bombshell Report Details How The FBI's Case Against Whitmer's Would-Be Kidnappers Is Falling Apart..  Reportedly Led And Organized The Entire Scheme

ANOTHER DEEP STATE HOAX FOILED: The FBI’s Setup of the Gretchen Witchmer “Kidnap” Plot Just Blew Up in Their Faces

Facebook is accused of censoring criticism of Black Lives Matter spending

Biotech company to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in California

Has the FBI ever before looked this pitiful?        4/11


Global Populist UPRISING Is Accelerating as People of the World Reject Tyranny, Lockdowns, Corruption and Perversion

Bergquam at the Border: Cartel Crisis Border Takeover

Enemy of the People: Left-Wing Rag Washington Post Wants to Use Foreigners to Cut Americans’ Wages

War On Cash Losing Ground As Circulating Currency Doubles In 10 Years

Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers: Credit Card Debt Soars With Savings Long Gone

NJ Gym Owners Who Defied COVID Lockdowns Have Their Business License Restored 

Mega-Rich Got So Much Richer During Pandemic the English Language Didn't Have a Word to Describe Them

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge Reports on US Banks Flagging 150 Transactions in Biden Crime Family’s Foreign “Business” Dealings

Now Is Biden's Only Time to Come Clean: Huge Cache of Deleted Documents Reportedly Being Recovered from Laptop

Watch: Left-wing columnist from ‘The Atlantic’ dismisses Hunter Biden laptop story when challenged by student

So Predictable: Co-Founder of the “Black Lives Matter” Communist Front Group Smears Those Critical of $6 Million Mansion Purchase as Racist

Professor Karen? Woke Stanford Education Prof Calls the Cops on Berkeley Prof Who Exposed Her $5000/Hour Consulting Fee

Ukraine Attacks Russia With Cyber Army       4/8


The Coming Global Financial Revolution: Russia Is Following the American Playbook

The Ruble rebounds to a higher level than before the invasion and that's very dangerous for the $

When Do Governments Steal – Ahem – NATIONALIZE – Retirement Accounts?

Big Pharma Advertising Dollars Are at an All-Time High

How Opioid Crisis Spurred Bill to Ensure Federal Contractors Are Working in Best Interest of American People

Obamacare's legacy: More spending, lower life expectancy

Youngkin Donates First Quarter Salary to Law Enforcement, First Responders

NIH stalling on release of Fauci documents, keeping taxpayers in darkness

Meta looking to enter digital finance realm with 'Zuck Bucks'

Inside The $6M Mansion BLM Reportedly Bought With Donated Funds

REVEALED: BLM leaders squandered millions on a California mansion they tried to keep secret 

Black Lives Matter Donors Have Only Themselves to Blame

Biden Administration Is Handing Out Smartphones to Illegal Immigrants Entering the Country

The Red Wave Has Already Started': Riot-Ravaged Kenosha Elects Republican Leader for First Time in Decades

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE? Russia is Funding Green Energy Propaganda in America

Europe’s spring crops hit by record-setting arctic blast 

Wind Developer Admits Killing 136 Bald And Golden Eagles In $35M Settlement

Half of LA Students ‘Chronically Absent’          4/7


Forget Russians, The Elites Are Coming

Transhumanism, Biofascism Are Tools of the 'Technological Elite

The World Government Forum Says They Will Abandon The Dollar!

U.S., Western sanctions on Russia BACKFIRE: Ruble now backed by gold and gaining strength while the dollar’s purchasing power evaporates

Sale of Microchip Factory to China Was Not Investigated as Promised, Claim UK Lawmakers

Op-Ed: Democrats' PRO Act Will Force Millions of Americans Into Unions, Even if They Don't Want to Join

Cops to Biden: Keep your $30 billion in "please vote for Democrats" money

Boston Police Use Asset Forfeiture Funds to Secretly Purchase Stingray Spy Device

Hunter Depicted Family Payout Mechanism in Ron Klain’s 2012 Email

CONFIRMED: Investigations in Both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Show 7% of Ballots Dropped in Drop Boxes in 2020 Election Were Illegally Harvested

10 Decadent Details of the Black Lives Matter Mansion That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job and Start Making

Rare Michelangelo Drawing Could Fetch 30 Million Euros in Paris Sale                               4/6


20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core

Americans Sleep As Global Monetary System Being Reset

BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Economist at World Government Summit says new financial world order about to shift in dramatic new direction and Just Like That, All The Fiat Currencies Simply Vanished

BlackRock CEO and Globalist Larry Fink says corporations must work harder to ‘force’ people to change behaviors

Factory Orders Fall For First Time in 10 Months

Secret Service paying $30K per month for Malibu mansion to protect Hunter

Here’s How the Obama White House Just Got Dragged into the Hunter Biden Story

Dems Flip-Flop on Gas Taxes Fearing Mid-Term Thrashing

They’re jacking up the Social Security retirement age

Exxon Says Q1 2022 Profits Could Be $2 Billion More Than Q4 2021

The Rhodes Scholars Guiding Biden’s Presidency 

Dems to Spend $10 Billion on ‘Emergency’ Pandemic Funds While Admitting Immigrants Who Pose Health Risks

"Feels Like The New Retail": Some Owners Giving Up On Older Offices In High-Cost Cities

Beware: Anti-Big Tech Legislation Has a Free-Speech Poison Pill

Whopping $90,000 Awarded to 'Nonreligious' Student After She Refused to Do Patriotic Assignment

A 1978 Saturday Night Live skit has become Biden’s fiscal policy

Report: Rents Across U.S. Skyrocket — 98% Increase for 1 Bedroom, 100% for 2 Bedroom

Fauci's United Front Is Collapsing         4/5


Time’s Up! Orbán Wins in Hungary! Despite Massive Soros Assault

BlackRock CEO Demands Accelerated Introduction of Digital Currency

“Paradigm shift”… Russian ruble relaunched, linked to Gold and commodities

German Retailers To Increase Food Prices By 20-50% On Monday

American People Need to Actively Push Back Against CCP Threats: Gordon Chang

Biden: Buy an Electric Car, Save $80 Per Month - It'll Take 63 Years for the Savings to Pay for the Car

Poll: Nearly 1/2 Voters Say They Are Financially Worse Off than a Year Ago

Biden Pays Farms to STOP – EU Out of Feed – Meat Taxes & Chicken Permits – Up to You to GROW FOOD!

Tech Rout Leads to Record 34% Loss at Tiger Global’s Hedge Fund 

Schwab’s WEF to ‘Deeply Affect Our Energy and Supply Chains’ This Year

Billionaires Taking $1.01 Billion from Taxpayers to Finance a Football Stadium — Distracting You is Expensive

Game over! Bill Gates, Black Cube used for total control via Starlink-Neuralink-Neural Lace-5G AI hive mind

101 Police Officers Shot in Line of Duty, a 43% Increase From 2021: National Fraternal Order of Police

Convicted Child Rapist Nabbed for Assault After Lax Sentence From “Kiddie Porn Ketanji” Brown Jackson

Long Called "Conspiracy Theory", These Charts Prove Our Population Is In Steep Decline

The Party’s Over for the Dollar            4/4


World Government Summit: ‘Digital Currency’ Will ‘Underpin’ The New World Order

Australian Senator Drops Klaus Schwab / World Economic Forum Truth Bombs In Parliament: ‘There’s a Word for This — It’s Called Communism’ [VIDEO]

Joe Biden’s America: March Jobs Report is “Weaker Than Expected” (VIDEO)

Home Sales Drop 4.1% In February, Fourth Straight Month Of Declines

Yet Another Key Inflation Gauge Reaches 40-Year High as Fuel, Food Prices Skyrocket

PLANNED FAMINE: US government has been paying farmers to destroy crops and livestock for YEARS

Ethereum Founder Defends Bitcoin Maximalism In A World Of 'Honest' Vs 'Grifter' Cryptos

China Demands World Recognize and Fund the Taliban

‘Genocide’ and ‘Eugenics’: Bipartisan Commission Releases Stunning Human Rights Report on Communist China

How Soros Puppet, Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock Used Millions in Fed Cash to Dismantle an Atlanta Jail

Zoltan Pozsar: The Death Of The Petrodollar And The Rise Of Bretton Woods III

Of course Biden backs Ukraine: it’s ground zero for his family’s dirty business, including the biolabs

‘George Soros Company’: Electric Vehicle Plant Deal Emerges as Flashpoint in Georgia Governor’s Race

Tone-Deaf Fed President Jokes About "Whopping" Golf Membership Fees 

Democrat-Run Washington State: He Was Released From Prison Wednesday and Charged With Murder on Friday

Oberlin Must Pay Record $31M Award to Beloved Family Bakery It Defamed as Racist, Says Appeals Court

Zuckerberg Attempts to Dismiss Doc Exposing $400M Effort to Elect Biden

Who Is REALLY Running the Country?        4/2


Will Russia’s Invasion in Ukraine Destroy the US Dollar or Will Biden Do It All by Himself?

The Ruble, The Dollar And The Price Of Gold – Who Is Really Winning The Economic Chess Game?

Biden Blasted for Restricting U.S. Oil: ‘Costing Thousands of Jobs’

American Households Face $5,200 Biden Inflation Tax This Year – San Fran Fed Blames Historic Inflation Rate on Government Spending

USDA Says Food Prices Will Go Up 5% In 2022 – But Shoppers Say They’re Up 20%, 25%, And 100% In Some Places

Almost alone amongst world leaders, Trudeau says inflation is good, and you should expect more of it - Rebel News

White House Budget Earmarks Billions To Defeat ‘Climate Crisis’ Abroad As Gas Prices Soar

Biden Pushing More “Covid Relief” But Is Silent on BILLIONS Lost in Fraud 

France fines Google for anti-competitive practices

Former Yale Administrator Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $40 Million In Massive Fraud

Joe and Jill Biden’s wealth grew by millions as Hunter’s lucrative business deals increased

Joe Biden Will Drop Trump-Era Title 42 Border Restrictions May 23 – 170,000 Illegals Amass at Southern Border Ready to Storm into US

Why Now? Suddenly the Media DESPERATELY Wants You to Know the Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is Real

Bombshell Report: Biden got 255,000 ‘excess’ votes in fraud-tainted swing states in 2020

Biden's "New World Order"          3/31


Russia’s Putin declares an end to Western currencies, says world moving towards “real reserves” including “land, food, gold”

Russia-Ukraine crisis could accelerate the arrival of cashless societies: BlackRock CEO

The Ruble, The Dollar And The Price Of Gold - Who Is Really Winning The Economic Chess Game?

Biden Budgets Billions For Climate, "Environmental Justice", & Global Gender Equity

Amid Economic Chaos, Biden Budget Spends Nearly $40B for Global Climate Change

Republican Senators Provide Receipt of $100,000 Payment to Hunter Biden from Communist Chinese Oligarchs

Klaus Schwab: His Nazi Roots Explain the “Great Reset” Globalist Agenda

Winnebago Has Whopping $4.4 Billion Backlog

WATCH: PART 2: Chuck Grassley Reveals Hunter and James Biden Received Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars From Companies Linked to ChiComs (VIDEO)

As political instability increases, so do food prices      

“Project 65” Seeks to Kill All the Trump Lawyers — By Canceling Them: The Progressive Left’s Latest Move to Destroy America

Google's 'Don't Be Evil' Eric Schmidt Infiltrated WH Science & Tech Office, Paid Salaries

FBI Cyber Chief Says He Doesn’t Know Where Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell Is

CIA Officer Who Signed Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Claims Credit For Trump Loss

“A madman rules America”                   3/30


Australia is rapidly becoming “cashless society” shunning all physical currency

Pfizer Offers Doctor $1 Million Hush Money: 'That is How They Silence You, Put You On Pay Role'

White House seeks more funding for COVID vaccine boosters – but Republicans say NO

Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci’s Covid Origins Allies, the EcoHealth Alliance, Boosted Investment Income by 350% Since Pre-Scamdemic

Biden’s New $5.8 TRILLION Budget Plan Includes Much More Spending, More Taxes

Schweizer: Joe and Hunter Biden ‘Had Intermingled Finances’

Instead of cracking down on actual Wall Street corruption, the SEC is instead demanding that corporations assess how climate change is impacting them

Central Banks Have Broken the True Savings-Lending Relationship

Biden Eliminates U.S. Tariffs on More than 350 China-Made Products

Big Brother: EU Plans Largest 'Chinese-Style Surveillance State', Call To Action (Video)

Biden approves billions for defending Ukraine’s borders but refuses to finish building border wall for America

Ukraine Is the First Country to Implement the WEF’s Great Reset by Combining Universal Basic Income, Digital I.D., and a Vaccine Passport in One App 

Denver BLM Protesters Awarded $14 Million By Jury for Injuries During Violent Riots

Hunter Biden’s Laptops Are Now an Active National Security Threat

Exclusive: Hunter Biden Laptop Whistleblower John Paul Mac Isaac Interview Burisma Data Showed ’Sinister, Blatant Pay-for-Play Scheme’ My One ’What If?’ is ’What if the FBI Had Done Its Job?’

Outlets that stifled true Hunter Biden story ranked high by fact-checkers, but New York Post gets low score

Sam Faddis: Afghanistan’s New Dark Age         3/29


The War on the Dollar

Over a Million Face Poverty as Britain to See Worst Living Standards Decline Ever Recorded

Canadian authorities find they are unable to seize Bitcoin donations made to Freedom Convoy protesters

‘Black Lives Matter’ Accused of ‘Clear Violation of IRS Rules,’ Charity Status Reportedly at Risk

Despair: Nearly One-Third of Americans Expect Poorer in Year

Shutting Down Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs: Report

Here it comes: New “commodity-based” global monetary order soon on the way 

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says Nothing Will Deter Biden Regime from Eliminating Fossil Fuels

Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Multiple Department of Defense ‘Encryption Keys’ With Twenty Plus Year Expiration Dates to Allow Holder Access to DoD Databases

Investigation proves Hunter Biden FUNDED the illegal biolabs in Ukraine

Bidenflation Strains Food Banks as Food Insecurity Rises

Beau Biden Foundation Rakes in Millions, Spends Fraction on Kid Programs

The Globalists’ Insidious Strategy for Russia and Ukraine

Attorney Brent Wisner Tells RFK, Jr.: Drugmakers Knew Zantac Caused Cancer But Sold It Anyway for 40 Years

After Being Paid off by Big Tech for Years for Their Silence Heritage Foundation Finds Itself Victim of Big Tech Censorship

Top Dem & Biden Mega-Donor Arrested on Child Rape Charges   

…Media Fail! Polling: Majority of Florida *Democrats* Support GOP ‘Parental Rights’ Bill

Energy comeback: from worst to first          3/28


The Skyrocketing Price Of Fertilizer Has Caused A Worldwide Nightmare That Global Leaders Can No Longer Deny

Check out Corrupt Joe Biden’s Stunning Jump in Income While His Crack-Smoking Son Was on the Board of Ukraine’s Top Energy Company

Uranium, Oil And Technology: How Russia Got Stronger As Bidens And Clintons Got Richer

CLIMATE LOCKDOWN: Globalists are exploiting oil price spikes to push for greater population control with “10-point plan” that includes bans on travel

Moderna Raises Full-Year Covid “Vaccine” Sales Forecast to $21 Billion

Report: Hydropower Untapped Domestic Energy; Only 2,500 of 90,000 U.S. Dams Generating Electricity

Maryland and Georgia suspend gas taxes, other states to follow in effort to hide Biden’s inflation

President Trump Sues Hillary Clinton and Host of Others in RICO Suit Over Russia Collusion Hoax

Over a Million Face Poverty as Britain to See Worst Living Standards Decline Ever Recorded

Hunter Biden’s Laptop and the Ukraine War Show How the Ruling Class Plans to Silence Every Single One of Us

Beware of Those Indiscriminately Cheering for Volodymyr Zelensky

All Ukrainian media are now controlled by Zelensky and his oligarch benefactor

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to trigger NATO intervention? 

Democrats, NGOs Demand Joe Open U.S. Borders to Ukrainians

CCP Hoarding: China’s Pursuit of Food Security Comes as Crop Conditions Set to Be “Worst in History”

Business Owner in Democrat Hellhole Seattle Says Rampant Crime, Drug Use Forced Her to Close Store

Simply EVIL: States are taking away children from parents to collect money

Visualizing The EU's Energy Dependency          3/25


Great Reset: Globalists Capitalize on Ukraine Crisis, Establish New Surveillance Society

Central Bank Digital Currencies make authoritarianism, censorship, and surveillance easy

Global Economy Could Split Between US Dollar, Other Currencies: IMF Deputy Chief

UK Inflation 30-Year High–But Bojo raising Taxes anyways

China's Belt-And-Road Comes To America's Heartland, Part 1: The Peculiar Story of Fufeng Group And Grand Forks

Shocking Numbers Show That The Middle Class In The U.S. Is Being Systematically Destroyed

BOOM! Russia Now Demands Europe to Pay for Their Gas in Rubles

Skyrocketing fuel costs spark mass protests in France, Spain and Albania 

Farmers Paying Triple for Fertilizer: We’re Not the Ones Raising Food Costs

If We Call Russia’s Invasion a War Crime, What Do We Call What the US is Doing to Iraq & Afghanistan?

“Cleansing” The Internet Of Free Speech – Twitter Goes Full CCP

"Dark Money" Affecting Elections in Revolutionary Ways

Gutless FL RINOS Allow Tranny Cult Child Abuse to Continue: Pass FAKE Bill to Trick Parents

Obama's Third Term and the Destruction of the American Polity                         3/24


What Is a Social Credit Score System and How Scary Is It? We Can Look to China for Some Answers

The global UPRISING begins: Fiat currencies melt down while food and fuel inflation unleashes SUDDEN POVERTY for billions (who will soon face worldwide FAMINE)

What 'Vibrancy': NYC Hit By Surprisingly High Jobless Rate As Workers Fail To Return

World Economic Forum Elitists Demand You Suffer While They Thrive

China Makes a New Big Push to Digitize Everything

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos pushing for a new lab-grown meat industry that harvests the blood of unborn cow fetuses 

Banks Seize $2 Billion From Evergrande

"Gas Stations Will Run Dry": Catastrophic Scenario For Diesel Emerging According To World's Biggest Energy Traders

Billionaire-owned Bloomberg says Americans should eat lentils and let their pets die to cope with inflation

An ‘Unprecedented Evil Atrocity’: Countries Urged to Criminalize Forced Organ Harvesting

Ketanji Brown Jackson Sits on Board of School That Brainwashes Kids With Cultural Marxism, Critical Race Theory: ‘Whiteness,’ ‘Microaggressions,’ ‘Code Switching’ — ‘The End of Policing’

Wild Video: Suspected Shoplifter, Accomplice Body-Slammed by Fed Up Man

What Is on Hunter's ‘Laptop From Hell’?        3/23


Global Food Prices Have Increased by 20% Since Last Year

Only 20% Say They’re Better Off Now Than a Year Ago

How Much Waste Is In The $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Warning: Ukraine Is the Great Reset Laboratory of the Global Tech Elite

Ukraine crisis accelerating rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Biden Confirms He’s a Puppet of His Globalist Masters: ‘There’s Going to Be a New World Order’

SEC Goes Full-On Totalitarian Climate Commie — Schemes to Force Publicly Traded Companies to Comply With Global Warming Cult

The Progressive Globalists are Bleeding America by 1000 Cuts

Think the Price of Oil Is Bad? Lithium Needed to Make Electric Cars Up 472% Since Last March

China Uses Ukraine War to Promote Belt and Road in Africa

Aviation Experts Baffled By Crash Of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735

Elite Flock to Doomsday Bunkers as World Bank Tells Peasant Class NOT to Store Food

BACKLASH As Media Says Let Pets Die And Don’t Eat Meat, While Globalist Energy Agency Calls For Climate Lockdowns

Ancient ice from Antarctica and Greenland reveals scores of gigantic volcanic eruptions

“Take The Bus!”                                      3/22


Ethereum’s Founder Is Worried About Its Future, Says He Wants Blockchain to Serve as a ‘Counterweight to Authoritarian Governments’

Robot Truckers Could Replace 500,000 Jobs

The $1.5 Trillion 2,500 Pages in the Spending Bill Are Full of Pork and Waste

Pharmaceutical Giant Gilead Spent $259 Million Bribing Doctors and Hospitals to Push Deadly Drugs on Patients

Gates Foundation Spends Millions to Transform Agriculture, Push "Equity"

Pandora’s Box? FDA Unleashes Gene-Edited Cattle In U.S.

Globalist Energy Agency Introduces 10-Point Dystopian Travel Restriction Plan to 'Solve' Gas Crisis

SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!

American Elites Have Deep Ties To A New Chinese Spy Chief

The Largest Global Land Grab In Human History

‘Bless Their HEARTS’: Scott Presler Laughs About Pissing Democrats off by Registering Voters at Gas Stations (Cue Lefty Meltdown on Twitter) 

Black Lives Don't Matter, Dayton, Ohio Edition: Black President of Dayton NAACP Begs Blacks to Stop Killing other Black People

It’s Been 80 Days Since Maxwell’s Conviction and Not a Single Child Rapist Client Has Been Arrested

SpaceX Launches 53 Starlink Satellites        3/21


Secret Service: $100,000,000,000 in Pandemic Relief Cash Stolen

Biden’s Iran “nuclear deal” will be a massive boon to Russia, with Moscow set to cash in on $10 billion contract 

Al Gore’s 2009 Warning on Vanishing Polar Ice and the Perils of Censoring ‘Misinformation’

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Reports 35 Percent Increase in Child Pornography From 2020 to 2021

2030: The Year China Runs the World?               4/19


IMF: Russia-Ukraine war may FUNDAMENTALLY ALTER economic, political order worldwide

Ukraine: Money-Laundering Hub of the New World Order

Billions of Dollars in Ukraine Have Gone Missing Yet US Politicians Send Off Billions More

White House Wants $22.5 Billion For More COVID Funding

Pelosi Wants $45 Billion In New COVID Money, Double White House Ask

Biden Shifts Taxpayer Funds from Red States to High-Immigration Democrat Districts

Feckless Feds Have Recovered Less Than 1% of $163 Billion in Bogus Unemployment Benefits

Digital Tyranny: Beware of the Government’s Push for a Digital Currency

Full Tank, Empty Wallet?

As Americans Go Broke Paying for Gas, Congress Quietly Increased Pay by a Whopping 21 Percent

The Stagflation Trap Will Lead To Universal Basic Income And Food Rationing

Congress Considers Bill to Expose Russian, Chinese Funding of American Groups

What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda

Future Of Work Includes Holograms, Smart Glasses, AI And Robots

Our own American oligarchy vs. the rest of us

ABC, CBS and NBC Ignore Report Confirming Andrew Cuomo Covered Up Thousands of Nursing Home Deaths

Democrat Hellhole Los Angeles: Apocalyptic Wasteland

Ultimate Fake News Humiliation ‘Fact-Checking’ NewsGuard’s Co-Founder Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop a ‘Hoax’ Company Admits ‘there was no evidence the story was false’

YouTube won’t allow anyone to criticize the military-industrial complex

POLL: 83% of Voters Believe Violent Crime Will Be an Important Election Issue

Here Are the Worst ‘Hate Crime’ Hoaxes Yet       3/18


Digital tyranny: Beware of the Government’s push for a digital currency

Philly Fed Survey Shows Cost Inflation Worst Since 1979

Families of Parkland Victims Awarded $127.5 Million for School Massacre Due to FBI Dishonesty and Negligence

The Green Agenda: How St. Patrick’s Day is Used to Push the Great Reset

And so it begins… Boston BLM activist and husband slapped with federal fraud charges

China stocks on a DOWNHILL trend as COVID cases rise

Biden Sending Billions to Protect Ukraine’s Borders After Opposing Trump’s $15B for U.S. Border Wall America Last: ‘There will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration’

A Petroyuan Would Be A Kick In The Gut For The Dollar

Top 25 Big Oil Companies Pulled in 'Eye-Popping' $205 Billion in Profits Last Year

Five People Charged with Acting as Chinese Secret Police to Stalk, Harass, Spy on US Residents Critical of China

IMF Reports the Ukraine Crisis Will ‘Fundamentally Alter’ Global Economic Trade, Finance and Political Order

This Is CNN: Fredo Cuomo’s $125M Lawsuit Contains Stunning Corruption Allegations

Brazil plans to reduce dependence on Russian fertilizer by 2050, but what are people supposed to eat for the next 30 years?

A Year-and-a-Half Out – NY Times Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop is Real

The ‘Great Reset’ Is a ‘Great Setback’             3/17


‘Let Me See Your Hands!’  Video Shows Unconstitutional FBI Raid On Project Veritas Journalist’s Home

14 AGs Sue Biden Admin Over DOJ’s Call To Investigate Protesting Parents

Technocracy Aims To Control Health Systems Worldwide, Forever

The Fed's Feckless Inflation Fight

Wholesale Prices Soar 10% In February, Highest Level On Record

D.C.’s Economic Policy Sidelines Almost 20 Million American Men

10 Absurd Examples of Corrupt Pet Projects and Handouts Congress Slipped Into Its Latest Massive Spending Bill

Canadian Parliament launches investigation into Trudeau gov't actions against Freedom Convoy

IRS targets poorest households in U.S., study finds

Russia to Spend $9 Billion to Rebuild Supply Chains, Prime Minister Says 

Boston BLM Leader Charged With Fraud In Federal Indictment

Amazon Relocating Employees From Seattle Office After Violent Crime Surge

Secret Service Says It Doesn’t Have Hunter Biden Emails From Some Years, His Laptop Says Otherwise

A Key Biden Defense Nominee Is Adam Schiff’s Aide Who Trained at Hunter Biden’s Think Tank, and Fell For A Russian Prank Offering Nudes of Trump

Report: Almost $650k In Fines Given To Unmasked People In Airports, Public Transit

Democrat Hellholes: Blue Cities Are Literal Toilets and Leftists Are OK With That

Sea Ice Story Breaking Up?                  3/16


China to introduce digital ID cards nationwide  

The Coming Social Credit System and War Propaganda

Red Alert: With New EO, Biden Is Probing How To Terminate Fiat Currency, Implement Digital Money

Everything You Need to Know About a Possible Financial WAR With China

WEF young global leader Vows To Put You In To China-Style 'Reeducation Camps' If You Oppose The 'Great Reset'

U.S. Average Gas Prices Soar 22% in Two Week to Hit $4.43 Per Gallon

Pfizer Accused Of Pandemic Profiteering

The plot thickens: Hunter Biden investment firm funded Ukraine biolabs

Greedy Government Takes an Increasing Share of Americans’ Incomes

More Than 8,000 Single Black Mothers Fill Out Online Application for 110 Slots to Get Guaranteed Monthly Income in 70% Black Birmingham AL

DISCOVERY CEO'S Pay Soars to $246 MILLION Ahead of Merger

Who's Responsible if TELSA on Autopilot Kills Someone?

Stanford researchers create photon diode for all-optical computer that runs on light instead of electricity

'Fentanyl in everything': New hospitalizations days after Spring Breakers overdosed

Orwell Was Right                                             3/15


The plot thickens: Hunter Biden investment firm funded Ukraine biolabs

MUST WATCH: Laid-Off Keystone Pipeline Workers SHRED Biden for His Lies About American Oil Production – “I’m Sick of Hearing: ‘This is Putin’s Price Hike'”

Meanwhile In China, All Hell Is Breaking Loose

Grifters: Another Black Lives Matter Scandal Emerges

Corpse Found In BLM Leader’s Home … But That’s Not All Cops Found

Are Universities Nonprofit Public Goods or Self-Interested Businesses?

World Economic Forum wants everyone who resists Great Reset to be forced into China-style “reeducation camps”

"Media Isn't Warning You" That US Careening Towards Food Crisis 

Australian Fuel Prices Skyrocket to 8-year High in February and Showing No Sign of Slowing

Another GMO Salmon Related Lawsuit Filed Against FDA

Russia-Ukraine conflict hits global fertilizer supply, threatens food security for billions of people

India Says It ‘Accidentally’ Fired ‘Supersonic’ Missile Into Pakistan

“F**king Disgraceful” – Donald Trump Jr. Responds to America’s Two-Tiered Judicial System after Rapists Are Sentenced to Probation While Peaceful Trump-Supporters Rot in Jail

Study: Excessive litigation costs Louisiana $3.2 billion, 46,000 lost jobs

City Of Fresno Duped Out Of $400,000 In African Email Scam

Phoenix’s Tent City Expands To Nearly 1,000 As Housing Affordability Crisis Worsens

The Global Digital ID Prison

The Great Reset is The Great Con            3/14


Canadian banks say Freedom Convoy backers’ frozen accounts will be flagged for life

House Passes MASSIVE $1.5 TRILLION Omnibus Spending Package – Nearly 3,000 Page Bill Released Just Hours Before Vote After 1:30AM Meeting

By Enforcing Sanctions On Russia, SWIFT May Commit Suicide

Russia Allows Chinese Banks to Buy Oil Without Letters of Credit to Bypass Western Sanctions

Here’s How ICE Illegally Obtained Bulk Financial Records from Western Union

WH Claims Drillers Have ‘Tools’ for ‘More’ Oil Production, While Banks Cut Drilling Funds

Majority Of Americans Make "Lifestyle Changes" As Gas Prices Hit Record Highs 

Biden orders study to look into gov’t-backed digital currency

How Much Did the Bidens Make in the Ukraine Biolabs?

‘Red-Handed’: How Microsoft Promised to Outsource American Jobs to China

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Far-Left ‘Security Guard’ Matthew Dolloff in Shooting Death of Trump Supporter in Denver

Suspicious Death of DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney Ruled a Suicide

Technocrats behind the Great Reset are pushing ahead with digital IDs

5G Radiation Causes 'Microwave Syndrome' Symptoms, Study Finds

“Crazier leftist s***” and “bad faith” reporting getting “worse” within the Times… “a real internal tug of war”

Globalists Are Using the “George Floyd” Playbook to Cancel Russia and You’re Next

James O’Keefe drops brutal follow-up            3/11


Bidenflation New High Prices Jump 7.9%, Highest in 4 Decades oil Explosion Not Factored In Yet!

Joe Biden Pushes Electric Cars that Cost $60,000 After Inflation Hits Record 7.9% – Up from 1.4% When Trump Left Office

Why Did the World Economic Forum Just Remove the Cyber Polygon Page From Their Website?

GLOBAL SHOCKWAVE: Russia announces plans to ban commodity exports following Western sanctions

House Passes $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill over $100 billion for Green New Deal initiatives

Even as Gas Prices Surge, Charging an Electric Vehicle Can Still Be Way More Expensive Than Gassing Up a Car

Electric Vehicles: Not a Panacea for the Gas Crunch

Contractors Say Work on Keystone Pipeline Done; Treasonous Biden-Harris Regime Has No Plans to Revive It

Russian banks turn to Chinese card system as American Express, Visa, Mastercard suspend Russian operations

Rick Santelli Nails Regime’s Politicized Inflation Excuses: ‘First It Was Transitory, Then Inflation Is Good, Then We Went to Corporate Greed; Now We’re at Putin’

Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ Hits #1 on New York Times Bestseller List for 5th Week

Biden regime seeks to enrich tyrannical regimes with oil money rather than allow U.S. companies to produce a domestic natural resource

Biden Quietly Forgives Student Loans for Government Workers But Millions of Others Remain Crushed by Student Debt

The Great Reset: Beef Is Now a “Luxury Meat” and Goldman Sachs Says to Brace for ‘One of the Largest Energy Supply Shocks Ever’

The Gas Crisis Plays an Essential Role in the Great Reset Agenda

United Airlines to Allow Unvaccinated Employees Back to Work on March 28

The Veil Between the “Computer-Generated Dream World” and Reality Is Disappearing

Melinda Gates drops MULTIPLE BOMBSHELLS about former husband Bill Gates

An Earnings Reversion Is Coming              3/10


Australia is eliminating physical currency, expects to become a ‘cashless society’ by 2031

Average Gas Price on January 6, 2021 Was $2.25 per Gallon; Now over $4.10

RISE OF THE DIGITAL DOLLAR: Biden takes big step toward government-backed crypto

Food prices in February were 20.7% higher than a year prior, UN agency warns

Job Openings At Record High, 4.8 Million More Than Unemployed Workers "If you can steal $900 without prosecution, this encourages crime and reduces incentive to take a job" - Jeff Gundlach.

McConnell Ups Pelosi’s $10 Billion for Ukraine to $14 Billion – Where’s It All Going?

Granholm: If Nuke Deal Increases Iran Oil Supply, ‘So Be It’

Food crisis incoming: War in Ukraine threatening global food supplies, half a billion people at risk of hunger 

Ukraine Energy Crisis: U.K. Households Face Worst Real Income Decline in Decades

Iran Nuclear Deal Awaits Final Decision As Negotiators Return To Their Capitals

DC Destroys the Economy – Then Bans Loans for Poor People

‘Red-Handed’: 3 Former U.S. Ambassadors to China or Their Children Are Cashing in with Chinese State-Backed Companies

**BREAKING VIDEO** Russia Tells the US “We Have Found Your Biological Weapons” (VIDEO)

‘Ton of FBI Informants’ Involved in Jan. 6, Admits NYT Reporter

Exclusive Footage — Private School Teachers Nation-Wide Implementing Race-Essentialist Curricula, Trained by Black Panther ’Kindergartners are natural social justice warriors’

Steve Bannon Issues Warning: (Bill)‘Barr, It’s All Going to Come out, You Better Lawyer Up’

One or the Other: Who the Dems Really Are       3/9


BREAKING: Gas Prices Hit New All-Time US Record at $4.11 per Gallon — THANK YOU JOE BIDEN!

Joe nuts: Boosting Oil Production won’t Lower Gas Prices; Electric Cars Will

BREAKING: Biden puts gun to America’s head, pulls trigger

Russia makes shocking new claims on US-financed biolabs in Ukraine

Canadian banks champion WEF-proposed Digital IDs

The END of ATMs in Australia? Thousands of cash machines removed as banks go digital

U.S. Crude Oil Imports up 40.6% Under Biden Compared to Trump

To “Punish” Putin, U.S. Firms Develop Social Credit System That Would Make Him Proud

Raheem Kassam: Matt Schlapp’s CPAC Took Six-Figure ‘Social Action’ Donation From Soros-Linked ‘Dark Money’ Network

BREAKING: Dr. Shiva Provides Additional Compelling Analysis that 200,000 Ballots in 2020 Election in Maricopa Needed Signatures to be “Cured” But They Were Ignored

Trudeau launches program to 'help' small businesses join the 'digital economy'

Schweizer: Clintons Set to Profit Off War in Ukraine — ‘Taking Money from Whoever Will Provide It’

Reminder: Venezuela Is an Ally of . . . Wait for It . . . Russia

Meet Jack Maxey, the man singlehandedly exposing Hunter Biden’s laptop

The Man Who Sold Ukraine                       3/8


Food Price Index Hits All-Time High in February — Up 24% From One Year Ago — And It’s Going Higher

U.S. Crude Oil Tops $130 A Barrel

You’re Watching the End of the Global Financial System

Western Companies Are Happy to Cut Ties With Russia, but Stay Silent on Uyghur Genocide

Russia banks turn to China's UnionPay after Visa, Mastercard suspension

Biden Brings the Pain: National Average for Gallon of Regular Gas Breaks $4 Per Gallon

Previously Banned U.S. Congressional “Earmarks” Reintroduced Under a New Name

Big Tech eagerly blocks virtually all content from Russia while completely refusing to address Chinese propaganda

Google Tech Can Read Your Body Language – Without Cameras

No, Canada Did NOT Seize Any Crypto Wallets Connected With The #FreedomConvoy, Here's Why

Australia PM Warns of ‘Arc of Autocracy’ as Government Pledges $10 Billion for New Submarine Base

Federal Government Spent $2.1M To ‘Root’ Out Oppression In Plant Sciences

‘She’s Running. Buy Your Influence Here’: A Certain Somebody Is Getting the Clinton Global Initiative Band Back Together

How Zuckerbucks Infiltrated Missouri’s 2020 Election

FOLLOW THE MONEY! A Look at Who Is Behind the Push for Ranked Choice Voting in the State of Missouri to Swing Elections to Democrats

Biden-Backing Democrat Mayor Charged With Child Porn Possession

The New World Order is Here             3/7


End of CASH? Thousands of cash machines removed as banks go digital

Biden-Harris Regime Wants $22.5 Billion to Give to His Cronies in Pfizer and Moderna

Biden's 'Test to Treat' Plan a Windfall for Pfizer, Merck - But Bad for Patients, Doctors Say

BIDENFLATION: Aluminium Hits Record Top; Oil, Wheat at Multi-Year Highs

Price Of Gas Surges And May Continue As National Average Hits $3.72

Two Oil Price Scenarios: One Bad, And One Catastrophic

The Great Reset Is No “Conspiracy Theory”

Globalists Shut Down Foreign News Services to Control Information on the Road to World War 3

White House Asks Congress For $10B In Ukraine Aid

George Soros Helped Zelensky Become President of Ukraine Through Massive Propaganda Campaign — Now He Backs Puppet Regime He Installed

Pete Buttplug on Keeping Keystone Pipeline Closed Amid Ukraine Invasion, Skyrocketing Energy Prices: We Don’t Want ‘Permanent Solutions’ to Short Term Problems

REPORT: Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine on Fire After Shelling

RT America To Shut Down Production & Fire Most Staff

Democrats’ New York Push for Commie Universal Health Care Would Impose ‘Historic’ Tax Increase

‘$800 Million Worth’ of Rare Cars Sink Aboard Cargo Ship

Canadian MP decries Trudeau's internet censorship bill as an attempt to stifle opposing political views

A Few Comments About That Big 'SWIFT' Threat     3/4


What the Hell Is Going On? Globalist Cabal Is Now “Cheerleading” For Nuclear War

Has The Great Global Food War Just Begun?

Warning: Bill Gates has taken control of the global production and warehousing of seeds

Covid injection injury payouts in U.K. set to outpace 40 years of combined vax damage disbursements

West Virginia Leads States Defunding BlackRock & “Woke” Banks

The Black Lives Matter Communist Front Group’s Cash Hoard May Be Significantly Larger Than Previously Disclosed, New Records Suggest

Red states pushing for social credit and technocracy as vaccine pass is quietly rolled out

Stagflation Warning: Atlanta Fed Cuts Q1 GDP Projection to Zero

Peter Schweizer's 'Red-Handed' Hits #1 on New York Times Bestseller List for 4th Week

Shippers Cut Off Russia – Wheat Price Explodes – Cyberattacks on Shipping

Belarus President Lukashenko Appears To Stand In Front Of Map Of Planned Moldova Invasion

Wisconsin Lawmakers, Lawyer Promise More Investigations After Bombshell Report on Democrat Voter Fraud

ICYMI: Wisconsin Probe Finds 2020 Election Riddled With Nursing Home Voting Fraud

HERE THEY ARE! The Top 5 Most BIZARRE Moments At Joe Biden's SOTU Speech [VIDEO]

The New Canadian Despotism                       3/3


How the Globalist Powers-That-Be Are Gaming the System and Screwing the Rest of Us

PRESS RELEASE: United States' financial condition worsened by more than $10 trillion in 2021

Ukraine Receives More IMF/World Bank Cash, After Getting Bailed Out by Globalists and Hiring Rothschild Following 2014 Cooup

World Economic Forum and Soros Rally Behind Ukraine: Delete Connection to Putin (Video)

Escobar: Follow The Money - How Russia Will Bypass Western Economic Warfare

Putin-Linked Lobbyist Donated Over $500K to Democrats, Earned Cash from Russian State Investment Fund.

World’s biggest container shippers suspend cargo deliveries to and from Russia

Putin Bans Cash Exports From Russia Exceeding $10,000 in Stabilization Effort

Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Money Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws

BREAKING: Wisconsin Republican Leaders Call for Emergency Meeting with All County GOP Leaders Following Explosive Report by Justice Gableman Calling for Decertification of 2020 Election Results

Wisconsin Special Counsel Bombshell: 91 Nursing Homes Had 95-100% Voter Turnout in 2020

Afghans Selling Kidneys to Feed Their Families Thanks to Biden’s Buddies in the Taliban

17 Absurd Lies Told During Dear Leader Biden’s State of the Union Speech

‘A Pound of Ukrainian People‘? 9 Brain Freezes in Joe Biden‘s SOTU Delivery

Gaslighting Biden Calls on Congress to Secure Border After First Year of Biden Border Crisis

CIA Funds WePlot Start-up for Journalists           3/2


Global Financial System on the Brink

Inflation nation: Target adopting minimum wages as high as $24 an hour

Crypto Jumps, Stocks Dump'n'Pump As Cracks Appear In Global Financial System 'Plumbing'

Russia’s Only Financial Partner Is China

Trade Deficit in Goods Jump to All-Time High

Crack Pipe Distributors Received More Than $5 Million in Federal Covid Loans

All Toyota Plants In Japan Halt Production Due To Apparent Cyberattack

The Devastating Consequences of Cyberwarfare

‘Too Dangerous’: Famous Seattle Bakery Closes Due to Rise in ‘Shootings,’ Criminal Activity in Democrat Hellhole

DHS seeks biometric investments for border security; addresses privacy concerns  

More Experts Warn U.S. Electric Grid is Extremely Vulnerable to Cyberattacks That Could “knock out the entire grid”

BREAKING: Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman Calls for Decertification of Wisconsin 2020 Election Results

Proposed Canadian Law Would Penalize INTENT to Commit Online ‘Hate Speech’ 

2+2=5? Bill Gates Funnels $1 MILLION To Push ‘Math Is Racist’ Narrative

Out of this world Tonga eruption reached mesophere; 1.5 times the height of Pinatubo; Tonga's sunsets continue

BLM co-founder who went on mansion-buying spree complains she's the 'fall guy' over financial scandals

BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Business Partner, Devon Archer, Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Defrauding an Indian Tribe

Cringe: Jill Biden Introduces Kamala Harris as ‘President’ Right in Front of Joe Biden

Technocracy and Transhumanism        3/1


Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order

WEF: Why does this influential, unelected globalist entity really exist?

Covid ‘Stimulus’ Screwed Americans While Boosting The Rich

Trudeau’s tyrannical govt. now cutting off loans to farmers, ensuring food shortages throughout country for foreseeable future 

US Bans Transactions With Russian Central Bank, Freezing Nearly Half Of Russia's $630BN In Reserves

Stocks Tied To China's SWIFT Alternative Are Soaring

American Solar Factory to Close After Joe Biden Guts U.S. Tariffs on China

How Biden’s Fed Nominee Could Transform Central Banking To Fit The Left’s Climate Agenda

Canada Freezing Bank Accounts is Child’s Play Compared to the Coming “Central Bank Digital Currency”

BP Quits Russia In Up to $25 Billion Hit After Ukraine Invasion 

J&J, Distributors Finalize $26B Landmark Opioid Settlement

‘All About Money’: GOP Lawmaker Slams US Corporations For Aligning with ChiCom Values

Stew Peters Demolishes Weak “Conservatism” During AFPAC Speech

Chart of the Day: Illegal Immigration Soars Under The Biden Administration

Of Course: Biden Weakens Protection of the Border yet Again

NYC Firms Hire Off-Duty Police Amid Soaring Violent Crime

“Russian Propaganda” Is The Latest Excuse To Expand Censorship

Watch the Most INSANE One Minute of Cable “News” You Might EVER See

US Gas Price Spikes 10 Cents in 2 Weeks        2/28


Canada’s Freezing of Protesters’ Finances Shows How the “War on Cash” Ends

How Corporate Monopolies Steal Our Freedom and Corrupt Democracy

Global Technocrats Likely Behind Trudeau’s Sudden Reversal Of Emergency Orders

What Do They Know? High-End Investors Head for the Hills as Big Pharma Stocks Crater

World Economic Forum Board: Former VP Al Gore, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, BlackRock CEO & More

With The Cloward-Piven Strategy Of The Radical Left Now Fully In Play, The Pressure Will Be Ratcheted Up To The Breaking Point As The Left Push A Bloody Civil War As The Next 'Orchestrated Crisis' 

Key to absolute Power: Brand EVERYONE that you disagree with as a 'Terrorist".

Numerous Ottawa Freedom Convoy Organizers Denied Bail

DailySA: Wheat prices soar amid conflict

Biodiversity: The Genetic Takeover Of All Living Things

TBW: Signs And Wonders—Another near miss! Massive and very powerful solar flare filmed by NOAA showing Coronal Mass Ejection being thrown millions of kilometres into space missing planet Earth—An impact like this would propel mankind back to the Stone Age and is a matter of when not if!

Democrats destroyed our criminal justice system - here's how

Men accused of illegal donations to Clinton in 2016, decide to blame Trump

Trust the Silenced                  2/26


The Ruling Class Is a Far Greater Threat to Americans Than Russia Is

Confiscation: The War On Cash Enters Bold New Phase

Bidenflation Still Burning: Prices Rising At Fastest Pace Since 1982

Democrat Dystopia Update: Los Angeles Is Spending up to $837,000 to House a Single “Homeless” Person

Dear American taxpayers: The CDC is now spending $5,000 of YOUR money on every “minority” who gets “vaccinated” for COVID

House Republicans: Why Did US Not Review Communist China Acquisition of Canadian Critical Minerals Firm?

Communist China seizing control of American food supply with massive corn processing plant in North Dakota

$22 Million Spent Daily on Russian Oil, Keystone Would Have Ended It

Trudeau Revokes The Emergencies Act, Financial Institutions Can Unlock Accounts

EPIC: Twenty-Five Year CNN Operations Manager Joins Project Veritas As Full-Time Executive Producer

Retired Marine Colonel Urges Military to Drop Wussified ‘Social Experimentation’

BLM Blew $12.7M Of The $60M Donations It Received In 2020 On Consultants And Lawyers

Canadian Taxpayer Watchdog Launches Petition to Defund CBC and End Media Fundings

A New Age of Barbarism                     2/25


BREAKING: Nervous Justin Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act

The War on Cash Entering Bold New Phase

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Pushes Mark of the Beast-Like Digital ID System That Will Determine Access to Services

Our Financial System Is Optimized For Sociopaths And Exploitation

Pay-to-Play SCANDAL: Pete Buttplug Accepted $250,000 and Gifts From Mayoral Campaign Donors Who Were Later Awarded $33 Million in City Contracts

How Non-Custodial Crypto Wallets and P2P Exchanges Can Overcome Trudeau’s Currency Controls  

Moderna Stock Crash: Losses Top $140 Billion As Insiders Sell Millions of Dollars In Shares

A "Tragedy Of Capitalism"? BLM Faces Growing Questions Over Millions In Donations

Chilling Visuals Of How Biden Has Destroyed America In Just 13 Months - The Weeks Ahead Will Be 'Rather Ugly' As Gas And Food Prices Continue To Spike Exponentially

BIDEN'S BORDER BETRAYAL Secret night flights, rampant criminality & 100,000 dead Americans

Now That COVID is Ending, Klaus Schwab Launched the ‘Great Narrative’ and It’s About Global Warming

Sun erupting non-stop this month, giant explosions seen from its far side

Kyle Rittenhouse Launches Group to Hold Media Accountable for Lies

The Treason of the Ruling Class             2/24


Trudeau CAVES andRevokes Emergency Powers Act

Justin Trudeau Crosses The Rubicon And Reveals The End Stage Of Fake “Liberal Democracy”

Paris Police JOIN Protesters Against “Vaccine” Mandates, Covid Restrictions

Arrested Freedom Convoy Trucker: Police Acted ‘Like Keystone Cops’; ‘They Were as Dumb as a Bag of Hammers’

The American Truckers Freedom Convoy Just Added Two Powerful Conservatives to Their Ranks

38,000 Strong Trucker Convoy Heading Friday To D.C. From L.A.

It begins… Biden announces ‘first tranche’ of Russia sanctions


Hmmm . . . U.S. Trade Deficit With Russia Up 93.9% in 2021

Investors Are Paying Millions For Virtual Land In The Metaverse

In Our Cashless Society, We Need to Take Digital Jail Seriously

Skynet 2.0: Unstoppable Secret Network Bypasses Internet

Networks, CNN Bury Blockbuster Claims Against Clinton

Almost 98% of Los Angeles Prosecutors Vote to Recall Woke, Soros-Funded Democrat District Attorney George Gascón!

Driving license biometrics could form pan European ‘perpetual police line-up’: Statewatch

Baltimore City Student Graduates Without Learning to Read – ‘I Know I’m Not the Only One’

Fox Libtard Juan Williams Attempts to Blame REPUBLICANS for Democrat Crime Wave in Democrat-Run Cities

A Google-Funded ‘Fact Check’ Team Appears To Be A Handful Of Potentially Non-Existent Indians In An Impoverished Town Near Bangladesh

U.S. Soccer Caves, Agrees to $24 Million Equal Pay Settlement for Women’s Team

"Silent" Majority No More: Waking Up             2/23


Globalist Madman Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum Are Plotting Their Next Big Move

Canadian Parliament Votes to Continue Justin T. and Schwad puppet's Tyrannical Dictatorship Against the Canadian People

On the Two Year Anniversary of DHS Whistleblower Phil Haney’s Violent Death, Still No Answers

Bidenflation Causes Rent Prices to Soar 20%

Financial Meltdown 2.0: Covid VAXX Kills Life Insurers

More Government Data: Almost 70% Of COVID Deaths Were Among The "Vaccinated"

Funeral Home Stocks Surge, Death and Disability Payouts Soar

Blackrock Whistleblower Who Predicted The Crash of Moderna Breaks New Bombshell Information [VIDEO]

Moderna and Pfizer Stock Down as Big Pharma Is Exposed by Dead Bodies Piling Up [VIDEO]

Canadian Lawmaker Claims Single Mom Had Bank Account Frozen After Giving $50 to Freedom Convoy

The Truckers have started our deliverance from the Globalists

Warning from Canada: Financial Freedom Under Attack

Pfizer Partnered With Wuhan-Linked Chinese Company Supplying ‘Military Combat’ Efforts

Is China Buying Up American DNA? 

Spain’s Solar Energy Crisis: 62,000 People Bankrupt After Investing in Solar Panels

Rittenhouse reveals lawsuits

Nearly 500 Arrested In California Human Trafficking Operation

Sex Offender Convicted as Juvenile Laughs at Weak Sentence from Soros-backed George Gascón

Klaus Schwab's WEF Alumni - A List             2/22


It’s All About ‘the Control of Money’: The Lockdown Globalist Cartel Is No Longer a Conspiracy Theory

Canadian Speaker Blames “Poor Audio,” Cuts Member’s Feed When He Asks Why Klaus Schwab Is “Bragging” About the WEF Successfully “Infiltrating Half of Canada’s Cabinet” – (VIDEO)

Trudeau Invoked Emergency Act To Charge Leaders Of Protest Group With “Mischief”

Yikes: Gas Prices in California Just Got so Bad That Even CNN Is Reporting on Them

Green-Energy Subsidies Spur Cow Manure Gold Rush

China Wants to Buy 100 Million Metric Tons of Coal from Russia

FBI seizes nearly $1 million from couple yet never charged them criminally

Nearly 500 People Arrested in California in Human Trafficking Sting Operation

The sun has erupted non-stop ALL MONTH and there are more giant flares coming

Battle involving America, the cartels and avocados could spell "the end"

Small town shaken to its core as woman is brought in on 18 child-rape charges

Man Arrested 3 Times in 16 Hours Due to ‘Zero-Dollar’ Bail Order

First San Francisco, Next Up: Los Angeles?       2/21


The Nazis Weren’t Defeated . . . They Went Underground and Now Run CANADA and the WORLD, Pushing Eugenics and Depopulation Agendas

VIDEO: Tiananmen Square Redux…Elderly Handicapped Woman Shouting ‘Peace And Love’ Trampled By Police On Horses In Ottawa

EMERGENCY: Doctor Exposes WHO Blueprint For Global Healthcare Control

Great Reset in Action: World Economic Forum's Communist 'Digital Identity' Scheme (Video)

CHD TV Video: Financial Rebellion With Catherine Austin Fitts On Canadian Financial Tyranny

Trudeau’s Deputy, Chrystia Freeland, Whose Grandfather Was a Prominent Nazi and Who is Director at the World Economic Forum, Says She Plans to Make Her Emergency Powers Permanent

‘Remember This Image. Remember What Trudeau Did to Canada.’ Police Treatment of Freedom Convoy Shocks the World.

Nearly unlimited clean energy could be a reality thanks to nuclear fusion

After Being Energy Independent for First Time in Decades in 2020, US Became Energy Importer in 2021 and Projections Are 2022 Will Be Worse

Lumber Prices Have Never Been This High Ahead Of Spring Building Season

Clarence Thomas Got Called One Name That Crossed an Unforgivable Line

Germany’s Corona grifters to go after bank accounts of ‘right-wing extremists’

Top Medical Expert: ‘Science And Public Health Are Broken’

Biden’s handlers to give Iran $7,000,000,000 in pursuit of new nuke deal

Illegal Alien Apprehensions in January Nearly Doubles Prior Year

Pope funnels money to illegal Muslim migrants

BLM and Democrats quickly bail out alleged wannabe-assassin of Jewish mayoral candidate

. . . “Enemies List”                  2/20


And Now, It’s Economic Warfare

Democrats Demanding Declaration of War on ‘Racism’ and $70 Billion to Spend on It

Investigative reporter gets AXED by Forbes for publishing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s yearly earnings, revealing he’s the HIGHEST paid employee of the entire US Federal government

Canada is destroying its banking system

AOC Says She Helped “Huge Amounts” Of Illegal Aliens Get Taxpayer Stimulus Checks

American agriculture threatened by skyrocketing fertilizer prices stemming from fiat currency inflation

State Lawmakers Are Waking up to Blackrock’s Dangers to Americans, and Taking Action

Author of 'Sickening' Explains How Big Pharma Broke American Healthcare

Tom Fitton: Judicial Watch Settles North Carolina Voter Roll Lawsuit After State Removes Over 430,000 Inactive Names From Rolls

Teens Struggle To Score First Car As Used Car Prices Remain Absurd

Speaking Their Language: Biden State Department Tweet Quotes Kamala Harris in Farsi to Denigrate the US for Iran  

Meta Employee Caught In Amateur Pedophile Sting Video

Democrat Heavyweights Back BLM Bail Fund That Freed Would-Be Assassin

Los Angeles County Sheriff: VAXX Mandate Is ‘Definitely a Backdoor Way for Defunding’ Police

False Flag: Biden’s Only Option               2/18


Electronic Cash Designed By The Boston Fed, MIT

America’s Largest Landlord Just Got Even Bigger: Blackstone Buys 12,000 Sunbelt Apartments For $5.8 Billion


BLM Accounting Gimmick Further Delays Disclosure Of Its $60M Bankroll

Infrastructure Bill Provides Billions To Roll Out Smart City Tech

Bidenflation: Business Inventories Spike, Consumer Spending Declines

Biden Energy Policies Added $1,000 To Typical Household's Costs In 2021: Report

Biden’s America: Mass shoplifting now so bad that retail chains are having to close locations because they’re losing so much money

Shoe Store Owner Was Forced To Shut Down Her Decades-Old Family Business Because Of Theft

Americans credit card debt fastest in 22 years

DOJ: Tech Execs Fraudulently Outsourced U.S. Jobs to H-1B Workers

5 New Numbers That Prove That America’s Horrifying Inflation Crisis Is Getting Even Worse

New South Carolina estimates show $4.6B surplus over 2 fiscal years

Talk turns to leveraging digital identity infrastructure as COVID credentials retire  

Devin Nunes: “They Spied on – the President of the United States – When They Didn’t Find Anything They Made It Up and Framed a Sitting President” (VIDEO)

Ireland, Sweden Show No January Warming Since 1988. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Now More Than 40 Years Stable!

China’s TikTok Can Bypass Big tech Privacy Protections, Access User Data

Canadian Martial Law: Trudeau Redux                 2/17


Op-Ed: My Dad and I Bought an Old Hospital to Help Drug Addicts - What Happened Next Is a Miracle

Breaking Exclusive: Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes Pfizer Fraud

Bill Gates’ ‘deeply troubling’ ties to China: excerpt from ‘Red-Handed’ by Peter Schweizer

Walmart Has Started Putting Steaks Inside “Locked Metal Cages”

Kellogg Foundation now paying illegal aliens $500 per month for being non-white, non-American

Freedom Convoy Spokesman Warns of Possible False Flag Involving Stolen Firearms

‘Trudeau is Alone’: Fifth Canadian Province Abandons Vaccine Passports Amid Crackdown on Freedom Convoy

Ottawa Police Chief Quits After Truedope Declares Martial Law and Commandeers Police Force

Did Ottawa Police Chief Resign so Federal and Provincial Forces Could Be Moved in Against Freedom Convoy?

Soy Boy Tyrant Justin Truedope Celebrated Antifa Burning Churches Last Year While They Now Invoke Emergency Powers to Stop Truckers From Honking

BREAKING LIVE VIDEO: My Pillow Truck Attempts To Cross Border Into Canada To Deliver 10K Pillows To Truckers and Their Kids one day after Trudeau's threats against them.

Brian Gerrish: A British System of Psychological Manipulation Which Has Been Sold Worldwide

Toxic Fentanyl, Meth Smoke Make Seattle’s Transit System Unusable, Authorities Say 

Swamp Thing: Who is Colin Kahl?             2/16


Trudeau Announces Unprecedented Action, Freezing Bank Accounts Of ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters

BREAKING: Klaus Schwab’s Canadian female tyrant declares massive banking crackdown

Price Inflation Rates Shoot Above the 1980 Peak

Price of Unleaded Gas Up 40.8% Under Biden; Used Cars Up 40.5%; Beef Up 16.0%

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Gets Unsigned Letter From MN Bank & Trust “Cowards” To Inform Him His Accounts Have Been Closed

The Top Investor of Spotify Is Also Top Investor of Moderna  

The Top 1% Own 32.1% Of Total Wealth, Bottom 50% Own 2.5%

Biden Gang Reportedly Working on Billion Dollar Deal in Ukraine – Eerily Reminiscent of Last Biden Billion Dollar Deal in Ukraine

Port of Long Beach still not operating 24/7, despite Biden’s promise

Joe Biden and Democrats Manage to Nearly Double Oil Prices in ONE YEAR – Oil Prices Threaten to Pass $100 per Barrel

Israeli engineers develop implants to help paralyzed people walk again

Volkswagen to purchase $14 billion worth of battery cells in push to expand production of electric vehicles

Matthew Ehret: Canada, United States, British Empire and a New World Order

Caligula’s Horse in the Senate, Biden’s Dog in the Department of Energy

Woman in Vienna Charged With ‘Bodily Harm’ After Fighting Off Migrant Rapist

Megadrought Alarm                  2/15


Pfizer CEO: We Created COVID-19 in a Lab - Stunning Admission

Mapping Corruption Around The World In 2021

The Abrupt End Of The Western Financial System Is Near - Former Finance Insider Warns 'We Are At End Days Here' As The Lies And Desperation From Biden And Western Leaders Grow Deeper 

Gasoline Prices Rise Across US Again, Experts Warn More Pain At Pump Coming

Truckers' fundraiser hacked, donors threatened with release of names

Poll: Economy The Top Issue In Determining How Americans Will Vote In Midterms

GOP lawmakers sound alarm bell, note that “more and more Democrats” are connected to ChiComs

Super Bowl Ads Show Big Corporate Doesn’t Care About You or Our Country

The European Union Marches Toward Communism

‘Brainy Bunch’: Parents Homeschool Their 10 Kids With All of Them Graduating High School at 12 

Members of Scottsdale Unified School District served surety bonds of $1 million EACH over child abuse, segregation, inappropriate materials 

Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears: Lawlessness in America 'coming from the highest levels'

15 Police Officers Shot In Last 24 Hours Including 9 In Phoenix

Sanctuary State: Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Guilty of Triple Murder

Republican Candidate Airs ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Ad During Super Bowl

Democrats Ignoring Crime                     2/14


Biden unfreezes $29 billion for Iran, handing huge gift to nation that promises to build nuclear weapons and bomb Israel

Another Banner Year For The Military-Industrial Complex

Fentanyl Dealer Says He Moved To San Francisco Because He Gets $620-A-Month From City

The Cost Of Financialization-Globalization: You Lost $500,000 & Gained $137.13

U.S. Army’s Augmented Reality Headset Program Now “a potentially multibillion-dollar production deal with Microsoft”

Trapped In IMF Debt, Argentina Turns To Russia And Joins China's Belt & Road

After New Texas Law Requiring ID Information on Absentee Ballots – 28% of Mail-In Ballots in Primary Rejected

Auditor Bryan Geels Identified Nearly 100,000 Ballots in Georgia that Were Invalid – Raffensperger Blew It Off, Misrepresented the Data, and Certified the 2020 Election Anyways

Lawless Soft-on-Crime, Hard-on-Cop Policies Are Destroying America’s Cities

DHS Stops Deporting Many Illegal Immigrant Convicted Felons, Says They’re Not ‘Priority’

Sanctuary City: Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed Legal Immigrant Mother of Two

New York Times Reveals that if Immigration is not Reduced U.S. Will Have Record Levels of Foreigners in the Country

Senator who took donations from Big Pharma blocks vote on bill to lower drug prices

Co-Founder Lashes Out At Critics As BLM Faces Legal Threats From Blue States

Tucker: Our Leaders Are Impotent                2/12


Dissident Chinese freedom activist Chen Guangcheng warns West about social credit system ‘at our doorstep’

Sen. Hawley: ‘The Trade We Have With China Isn’t Free In Any Real Sense’ 

GiveSendGo Defies Govt. Order to Freeze Trucker Funds

Canadian Court Freezes $8M of Freedom Convoy Funds; Biden Calls on DHS to Monitor Truckers' Movements

Ottawa Police Make Chilling Move: Call Up Child Services, Could Take Away Truckers' Children

Pfizer quietly warns investors about tidal wave of potential fraud revelations soon to come (op-ed)

Annual Inflation Reaches 7.5% Highest Rate Since February 1982

Inflation Is Costing Households $250/Month, Moody’s Analysis Finds

Federal Unemployment Benefits Kept Millions From Returning to Work, Study Finds

The "New World Order" You Have Never Heard Of Does Not Include The United States, With Joe Biden And Democrats Showing Weakness and Incompetency Not Seen For Many Ages

Technocrat Propaganda: UN Chief Calls For Action On ‘5-Alarm Global Fire’

Google Secretly Tracked People, Lawsuits Allege

Unbelievable Sabotage of Key Patriot Event at U.S.-Mexico Border

Currently Over 5 Million Questionable, Unlawful or Spurious Ballots Identified in 2020 Election in PA, GA and AZ — Will Republican Party Do Anything or Will They Allow this to Continue?

Single Mom Facing Prison for Letting 14yo Daughter Babysit Kids After Gov’t Closed School for Covid

Rogan Declines Rumble's $100M Offer, Says He's Sticking w/Spotify

12 Major American Cities Broke Records for Homicide Rates — What Do Those 12 Cities Have in Common?

Palestinians develop new methods to hide pay-for-slay payments and deceive international community

EXC: New Biden Nuclear Hire Is Drag Queen Who Wears Stilettos to Work, Discusses Sex With Animals, And Calls NIH Chief 'Daddy Fauci"

Kevin Brady: Dem China Bill Stuffed with ‘Laundry List’ of Socialist, Welfare Carveouts

America Gambles with Its Future                    2/11



Pfizer Forecasts $54 Billion In Sales This Year  

Amazon Dodged $5.2 Billion in Taxes in 2021 While Profits Skyrocketed

Corruption, Treason, or Both? Mitch McConnell Profitted Big Off this Chinese Military-Affiliated Company

Propaganda rag The Atlantic tries to blame inflation on “climate change” rather than all the money printing and disastrous economic policies

Bitcoin: The Inevitable Path Toward Global Adoption Of The Next World Reserve Currency

Biden Gives Soros $200M To Help Criminal Migrants Escape Prison - Media Blackout

White House Says Pipes Won't Be Included in Taxpayer-Funded Crack 'Smoking Kits'

AssangeDAO collects over $20 million (6766 ETH) in three days

Bitcoin Fundraising For Freedom Truckers Heats Up As Another Fiat Fundraiser Falls Flat

Novel Approach to Build Back Better: Belgian Socialists Would Ban Online Shopping, Want ‘Real Shops’ Instead

Musk loses 40 satellites after geomagnetic storm rattles Earth

Schweizer: Joe Biden Was a ‘Beneficiary’ of Hunter’s Deals with China

Revolver Investigates Disturbing Link Between DHS and The Domestic War On MAGA

SpaceX Satellites Launched Last Week Fall from Orbit and Burn

If You Want A Vision Of The Future              2/10


The Great 'Transhumanism' Reset: 'Smart Dust' Spying on Your Brain, Human Microchipping (Video)

Small Businesses Report Declining Optimism And Rising Prices, Inflation Gauge Highest Since 1974   

Taxpayers Fund Huge Profits for Pfizer in Latest Reports

The Truckers, GoFundMe, and the CIA; Connecting Dots

18 Fundraisers Aiding Riots, Crime, Abortion, and Genital Mutilation That GoFundMe Didn’t Shut Down

GoFundMe and How the Left Came to Despise the Working Class

Giant Sucking Sound: U.S. Trade Deficit With Communist China Tops $300 Billion for 10th Straight Year

Biden’s First Year Sees Biggest Ever Trade Deficit 

Joe Rogan vs. the Globalists: Will He Fight?

Switzerland to experience weeks or even months of power grid failures, warns president as nation continues to dismantle its own electrical infrastructure

Has the GOP Been Infiltrated? Ohio GOP Is Latest Republican-Led State to Kick the Can on Redistricting

Diesel Is The U.S. Economy's Inflation Canary  

Study: Comet Airburst 1,500 Years Ago Had Devastating Effects On Native American Culture

BOOM: Lauren Boebert Asks if Hunter Biden Came Up With Biden HHS Scheme to ‘Fund the Distribution of Crack Pipes’

Must See Video: Justin Trudeau Gets Outed by His Own Brother Kyle as Pawn of New World Order Taking Orders from Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations

Traitorous RINO Mitch McConnell Echoes Democrat Talking Points, Calls Jan. 6 a 'Violent Insurrection'

China Falls Woefully Short Of Commitments To Purchase US Goods Amid Biden Lack Of Enforcement

How Empires Die                                           2/9


Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocketed Last Year as Deaths Surged in 2021 Following Vaccine Rollout

Global food prices climb to record highs thanks to “fallout from energy prices” amid skyrocketing oil

Gallup: 41% of Americans Say They're Financially Worse Off Than One Year Ago

World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed

Small business owners keep America running

Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million Deal with ‘No Censorship’

Flights for Illegal Immigrants Cost Taxpayers $340 Million

Iran Says US Removing Sanctions Move ‘Good but Not Enough’

Biden HHS to Fund Crack Pipe Distribution, Part of $30 Million 'Harm Reduction' Grant

Innovation and the State

Credit Suisse faces money laundering charges in Bulgarian cocaine traffickers trial

LA County Sheriff’s Department Set to Lose 4,000 Employees for Defying Order to Take the Unsafe and Ineffective “Vaccine” Mandate

Senior VP of the ADL Communist Front Group: ‘Kudos to My Former Boss, George Soros’

Technocracy’s ‘Science Of Social Engineering’: MindSpace, Trance Warfare And Neuro Linguistic Programming

EPIC FAIL: Facebook Stock Tumbles Again, Crumbles After Facing Decline For The First Time

Biden Turning ‘Beautiful Rural’ Pennsylvania Into Afghan Refugee ‘Dumping Ground’

Innovation and the State

Do Not Open Nord Stream 2                   2/8


BREAKING: Ottawa Police Seize All Fuel and Propane Tanks From Freedom Convoy Trucks, Cut Off Supply Route For Protesters (VIDEO)

“This Is A Nationwide Insurrection” — Ottawa Mayor Declares “State Of Emergency” Amid Trucker Convoy “Occupation”

Freedom Convoy 2022 Raises $3,000,000 in Two Days on GiveSendGo . . . And It Could Have Been Much More

It’s scared: GoFundMe caves on stealing $10 million in trucker money after legal threats mount

Ron DeSantis confirms investigation of GoFundMe under way, other states joining the fight

Sales of Biden's Murderous Covid Treatment Remdesivir Soar to $5.6 Billion

US factory orders PLUMMETED in December due to inflation, shortages   

Ford Shutters 8 Factories Due To "Persistent Supply Chain Disruptions"

Business Down 40% at Restaurants in Minneapolis “Over Night” After Democrat Mayor Imposes Vaccine Passport System (VIDEO)

Utahns experiment with real gold currency 

“This is a professional political attack”… a theory about the coordinated hit against Joe Rogan

U.S. “Intelligence analysts” take war propaganda into overdrive… talk of 50k dead in Putin invasion scenario

Biden and his war hawks clamor for war with Russia; Ukraine tells him to STOP WARMONGERING and calm down

Cuba slaps new tax on food sales as economic woes hit hard

Germany to raze a 1,000-year-old forest in the name of 'going green'

"A Disaster In Plain Sight" - Why San Francisco Is Doing Nothing To Curb Brutal Fentanyl Crisis

Biden Caves To The Ayatollahs

Biden Lifts Sanctions On Iran’s Nuke Program     2/7


Sales of Biden’s Murderous Covid Treatment Remdesivir Soar to $5.6 Billion

Fascists Strike Back: GiveSendGo Hit With DDOS Attack to Stop Trucker Convoy Fundraiser

GoFundMe Says Won’t Give $10M to Truck Protest Organizers, Will Give to Charity Instead

GoFundMe Panics, Switches to Automatic Refunds After Calls for Disputed Charges

Elon Musk Slams GoFundMe as ‘Professional Thieves’ After They Steal $10 Million From Freedom Truckers

Russia & China Hatch Sanctions Busting Plan to Limit Use of USD

Mark Zuckerberg's Net Worth Decimated, Drops Out of 10 Wealthiest List as Facebook Stock Tanks Again

GOP’s Don Bacon on Killing Keystone: Biden Approves a Russian Pipeline and Cancels Ours — ‘It’s Outrageous’

Monster Who Admitted He Desired to Rape Children Bailed Out by Democrats’ “Minnesota Freedom Fund”

Making Sense Of The Insane Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (S.673)

Congress Probes NIH For Spending $2.5 Million Injecting Puppies With Cocaine

Hunter Biden's 'Disgusting' Laptop: Repairman Reveals What Had Him Calling the FBI

Austin Thinks Again

Why Leftists Use Mass Censorship                   2/5


Klaus Schwab Salivating Over Power Grid Collapse to Trigger the Great Reset Martial Law Takeover

Are Global Central Banks (Ex-China) Suddenly Panicking?

Labor Dept. Jobless Numbers Leave Experts Gobsmacked – 150K Expected, ADP Showed Loss of 300K, Then Biden Labor Dept. Reports 467K Gain

Bidenflation: Factory Orders Plunge Twice as Much as Expected

Inside Biden’s $53 billion dollar COVID testing scam

Tech Wreck Meta-stasizes To Broader Market; Credit Starts To Crack as Fakebook drops 250 billion

Left-Wing Activists Tied To ‘Disinformation’ Group Are Working To Demonetize Conservative News Sites

Lincoln Project Pays 6-Figure Settlement To Co-Founder Who Quit Over Sex Pest Weaver

Social Media Star, Father of 8, Inner-City Youth Advocate, Trump Supporter Detained for Jan. 6 Protest Speaks Out from DC Jail

Black Author Explains How Democrats Use Terror to Keep Blacks in Line

ABC Reporter Tries Gotcha Question on Kari Lake, So She Flips the Script in Brutal Take Down of MSM

Marc Elias Cashes In on Leftist Gerrymandering Schemes

Labor Unions Took $37 Million Of Ineligible COVID Relief From Government

Biden Left Up to 9,000 Americans Behind in Taliban-Run Afghanistan

Starlink’s Premium Satellite Broadband “goes faster for lots more money”

China: A century of carnage

Who Really Died on Jan. 6 and Why?                 2/4


What Soy Boy Tyrant Trudeau Calls a ‘Fringe’: 50,000 Truckers Vow to Stay in Ottawa Until Government Lifts “Vaccine” Mandates

Peter Schweizer's 'Red-Handed' Hits #1 on New York Times Bestseller List

BIDEN ECONOMY: Jobs Off By Half a Million! Expectations Were for 200,000 New Jobs in January, But Instead ADP Reports a Loss of 301,000 Jobs

The Unstable World Of The Geopolitics Of Energy

Migration from blue states spikes cost of living in certain cities

Anger over BLM’s purchase of $8.1 million mansion grows as group’s finances scrutinized

Will the Money Raised for Black Lives Matter Communist Front Group Actually Go to Black Lives?

US companies relying on American-made products and raw materials are THRIVING during supply chain crisis

PayPal Crashes Most On Record After Shutting Millions Of "Bad Actor" Accounts, Abandons Long-Term User Goal

Baltimore, How Democrats See America

Robots march on with record orders

Fascistbook [Meta] Shares Crash Over 20% Wednesday in After-Hours Trading

Texas Congressman Chip Roy Believes Cartels are in Control of the Southern Border

Bay Area Jeweler With Rare Concealed Carry License Stops Armed Robbery Of Store

Obesity and Cancer Linked to Phosphate Additives in Ultraprocessed Food

"World Class Sleazebag": Trump Gloats After Jeff Zucker Leaves CNN In Shame

Quebec Dumps Plans To Tax Unvaccinated         2/3


BOOM: Alberta tow truck companies refuse to assist police in removing border blockade

From Hiding, Soy Boy Tyrant Trudeau Smears Truckers With No Evidence of “Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Anti-Black Racism, Homophobia, and Transphobia”

Biden’s Flights of Illegal Aliens into U.S. Cost Taxpayers $340M in 9 Months

The Government Has to Get Money from Somewhere So They’re Coming for YOURS

Technocrats Demand Meat Tax to Fight Climate Change

BREAKING: Key Evidence Uncovered Shows State Dept Thought Ukrainian Prosecutor Shokin Was a Good Guy and Yet Biden Bragged About Firing Him Because He Was Investigating Hunter, Biden’s Son

Daily Mail: Smoking Gun Documents Tie Nancy Pelosi’s Son To Fraud And Bribery Scheme

The Black Lives Matter Communist Front Group Fundraises in Washington State Despite State Order to ‘Immediately Cease’ Over Lack of Financial Transparency

100+ Anti-War Groups Demand Biden End Brinkmanship With Russia

WTH? Wisconsin Election Commission Enacts Rule that Enables Local Officials to Fill in Missing Info on Ballot Envelopes

Ballot integrity org True the Vote releases first stunning video of alleged ballot trafficking in Georgia during 2020 election

Bad News for Soros-Backed Secretary of State Jena Griswold — Second County Clerk Steps Forward with Devastating Evidence in Colorado Lawsuit

What $16,000 Per Student Gets You in Democrat Dystopia Baltimore

Democrat Dystopia Update: Baltimore Sees Deadliest January With Latest Homicide

A pandemic of censorship                   2/2


‘Fringe Minority’? Crowd-Funding for ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers Outraises Canada’s Top Political Parties

Financial Elites Plotting a ‘Great Reset’ to Destroy Personal Wealth

Spotify Adds Billions In Market-Cap Since Neil Young 'Nothingburger'

Fake News: Spotify Hasn’t Lost $2 Billion Because Of Neil Young 

BREAKING: Stew Peters Responds After iHeartRadio, Spotify Ban 'The Stew Peters Show'

US Athletes 'Scared' to Speak Up on Beijing's Abuses Over Money: NBA Player

Where did the money go? Tens of millions unaccounted for after Black Lives Matter leaders skip town

US Treasury considers alternatives to biometrics for IRS online access  

Buttigieg To Usher In Speed Camera Nightmare Across US  

Man arrested, released one week before shooting of two police officers

‘Red-Handed’: 23 Former U.S. Senators and Congressmen Who Lobby for Chinese Military or Chinese Intelligence-Linked Companies

Armed Jewelry Store Owner Snaps Into Action When Smash-And Grab Robbers Target His California Store

105 More Non-Global Warming/Non-Hockey Stick Temperature Records Added To The Database In 2021

Where a push to become world's first 100% organic farming nation has led to catastrophe



Fauci finally admits to Washington Post his $10.4 million portfolio "hidden"

Great Reset: Globalist Klaus Schwab Explains Govt Takeover of Industry in Unearthed Video (Must See)

US Attorney Doc: IRS Issued Grand Jury Subpoena to JPMorgan for Hunter, James Biden Bank Records In Probe into Biden Crime Family’s Communist China Ties

China PMIs Show Economy On Verge Of Contraction Amid Continued Growth Slowdown

Zelensky Says Ukraine Lost Almost $500M To Biden War Hype: ‘We Don’t Need This Panic’

Biden's ICE Releases Shock Decision on Illegal Immigrant Accused of Killing Teen Girl in Drunken Hit-and-Run

ORWELLIAN: Google Ads Blacklists Dan Bongino

Greenwald: Campaign to remove Rogan reveals censorship is the new lib religion

“Free speech” platform GETTR already censoring content despite claiming to be an “alternative”  to left-wing platforms

Democrat-Ruined Seattle Considering Transfer of Police Building to the Black Lives Matter Communist Front Group

Superman Comic Book Sales Tank After Embracing 'Woke' LGBT Ideology   

REVIEW: 'The Lords of Easy Money'             1/31


The Big Lie 2024: A Peek Inside the Ruling Elite’s Playbook to Kneecap Trump, Purge Military, and Neutralize MAGA

Democrats’ Most Notable Donor – George Soros – Pours Another $125 Million Into Midterms

Here’s the Latest Update After GoFundMe Froze Millions Raised for Canadian Truckers’ Anti-Mandate ‘Freedom Convoy’

This Is Just the Beginning of the Peaceful Trucker Protest in Ottawa

Biden’s engineered collapse proceeding as regime ban on unvaccinated foreign truckers set to worsen supply chain crisis

PERFECT: Black Lives Matter $8.1 Million Mansion Formerly Headquarters of the Communist Party of Canada

Who’s in Charge of Running the Black Lives Matter Communist Front Group’s $60 Million Financial Empire?

EU Launches W.T.O. Case Against Communist China over Lithuania Blockade

Enes Kanter Freedom Posts List of NBA Players Sponsored by Chinese Companies with Ties to Slave Labor

Jesse Watters Truth Bomb: Biden Is ‘Running a Human Smuggling Operation’

Tesla Share Price Drop Wipes Out $100 Billion of Market Value in One Day

Patriot Grandma Living in a RV Wrongfully Prosecuted After Antifa Communist Revolutionaries Attacked Her

Voting-Machine Company Refuses to Cooperate With Wisconsin Election Audit

Meet the Capitol Police’s New Spy Chief          1/29


One Day After 50,000+ #Truckers4Freedom Stick It to Authoritarian Justin Trudeau, “Fully-VAXXED” Despotic Soy Boy Isolates Himself

BLM's millions unaccounted for after leaders quietly jump ship

In one small MN prairie town, two warring visions of America

Bombshell: Scientists who pushed “natural origins” narrative regarding COVID-19 were given tens of millions in funding from Fauci’s agency

More Than $6.4 Billion In US Pandemic Aid Sent Abroad, Including China

Pfizer has effectively dominated the COVID-19 vaccine market in Europe, raking in billions of dollars in the process

Commie Cash: Apple Hits Record iPhone Market Share in China After Secret Deal with Govt.

Subsidiaries of China? New Book Outlines Scary Big Tech Ties

Joey to Import 20K Foreign Workers for Blue-Collar U.S. Jobs

Report: Ukraine’s President Tells Biden To “Calm Down” In Phone Call

Biden Crime Family Made 5 Deals with Communist Chinese Elites Worth $31 Million to Hunter and the Biden Family

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, Who Harbored a Chi-Com Spy as Her Chauffeur for 25 Years: Husband Partly Owned a Chinese Company That Sold Spyware to U.S. Military

US Navy Races To Recover Crashed F-35 Stealth Jet In South China Sea Before Beijing Does

IMF Demands El Salvador Give Up on Bitcoin

Chiefs Fans Donate $178,000 to Buffalo Children’s Hospital After Playoff Victory over Bills

Biden’s Gestapo Raids Amish Dairy Farmer         1/28


Biden Family Planned to Share Office Space with Company Employing ‘F**king Spy Chief of China’

Peter Schweizer: 'Biden family' received $6 million in China deal

FLASHBACK: Great Reset Architect Klaus Schwab Brags WEF “Penetrates” Cabinets of World Leaders

50,000 truckers storm Ottawa to demand end to covid “vaccine” mandates

GoFundMe Withholding Over $5M Raised By Truckers Protesting Vaccine Mandate

Two Shortages That Threaten To Absolutely Eviscerate The Global Economy In 2022

Pure treachery: Bipartisan governors beg Biden for more foreign scabs to take US jobs

Are Hospitals Killing People For Money and Following Evil Guidelines?

Flying Car Certified To Fly, Paving Way For Mass Production Of "Very Efficient Flying Cars"

In Wake of Belarus Migrant Crisis, Poland Commences Building €350 million Permanent Border Fence

Paris Agreement signatories China, India and US lead the way as world’s coal consumption reaches all-time high

French Philosopher Says Massive Demographic Changes in Europe Are “Obvious”

Report: Law Firms Donated $15M to Democrat Groups After Receiving Govt Contracts

Retired Border Agent: Record Amount Of Fentanyl Confiscated In 2021 ‘Only Tip Of Iceberg’

US Diplomatic Officials Forced to Undergo ANAL Covid Tests in Communist China

The Abject Failure of Global Elites          1/27


Massive Canadian Trucker Convoy Challenges Trudeau’s “VAXX or the Axe” Diktats

Canadian Multinational Business Groups Ask Government To Quickly Reverse Trucker Vaccine Mandate

Survey: Three-Quarters Of Small Businesses Hurt By High Inflation

DOJ Doled Out Millions To Charities Linked To Soros District Attorneys

UK Court Lets Julian Assange Appeal Extradition To US

Biden-Harris Regime Withdraws OSHA VAXX Diktat on Private Businesses After Losing in Court

“Anti-Vax” Olympic Gold Medallist Dies of COVID (But He Was Vaccinated) 

Canada has Fallen – Unvaccinated must be accompanied at all times by a staff member whn visting a retail store.

Klaus Schwab welcomes European chip law to advance ‘physical brain for digitization’

Xi Jinping Seeking ‘Global Domination’: Mike Pompeo

Why Is The Government Using Black Tarps To Hide Illegal Immigrant Men At The Airport?

Fox News Footage Shows Mass Release Of Single Adult Migrants Into US

The New Yorker Lies Again In Hit On Clarence Thomas

Biden Abandoned by 3 Critical International Advisers After Cowering to Enemy Abroad

WATCH - Michael Rapaport Films Brazen Theft at NYC Rite Aid: 'I Can't Believe I'm Seeing This S**t'

The Dangers of Mass Man                              1/26


The Communists’ Plot — Take Out the Independent Businesses: Inflation Is Eating Away at the Heart of America’s Small Businesses

China Builds 27 Empty New York Cities

Market Has Never Plunged 10% This Fast to Start a Year

The Davos Agenda Reveals Governance 4.0 —…

Canadians Cheer on Trucker Protesters en Route as the Left Cancels Them

Meta Has Built An AI Supercomputer It Says Will Be World’s Fastest By End Of 2022

Australian law that makes people liable for linking to defamatory content will have a "devastating" impact

Biden State Department Claims ‘Collapse of Western Civilizazation’ is Russian Disinfo

Biden Withholds December Border Crossing Numbers

Elderly, Masked White Women Yell ‘Black Lives Matter!’ While Assaulting Black Man For Not Wearing A Mask

Denver indoctrinating five, six-year-olds in Black LIves Matter ideology

Conservative news station OAN dropped by AT&T-owned DirectTV, liberal activists take credit

Super Easy Choice: Washed-Up Commie Singer Neil Young Demands Spotify Choose Between His Music or Joe Rogan’s Most Popular Podcast on the Planet Earth

Washington Compost Fake News Acknowledges Massive Murder Wave — Pretends to Have No Clue What’s Causing It

‘Unfathomable’: Washington DC Murder Victims Often Killed Over Petty Insults, Experts Say

Germany Has 'De Facto' Exited NATO              1/25


Biden Family Scored $31M From Deals With Individuals

With Direct Ties To The Highest Levels Of Chinese Intelligence

After Assisting China’s Military in COVID R&D the Biden Administration Gives Ecohealth Alliance a $4.7 Million Grant

‘Red-Handed’ Excerpt Schweizer Exposes How Silicon Valley Has Sold Itself to Communist China

RINOs and Democrats Push for Biden to Cut Tariffs on Chinese Goods

China’s Huawei Pays Tony Podesta $1 Million For White House Lobbying

Fed Releases Long-Awaited Study On A Digital Dollar

$130B Wiped Off Crypto Markets In Last 24 Hours

Biden Invites More Foreign Workers to Take Americans’ White-Collar Careers

“Take Only What You Need:” DC Asks People To Limit Supermarket Purchases As Empty Shelves Persist

Why Shoplifting Is Soaring Across The US — And Will Only Get Worse

Intel Building $20 Billion Ohio Chip Facility Amid Global Shortage

The Inside Story of How Bill Gates and Microsoft Earned a 400 Percent Return on Comcast

Neo-Con RINO Dan Crenshaw Defends Congress Insider Trading In Order To Better Themselves

Wisconsin Speaker Vos Is Secretly Pushing Legislation to Increase Number of Drop Boxes After Judge Ruled Them Illegal in State

Homicides up 94 Percent in Democrat Hellhole Los Angeles County

Over 100 Carjackings in Philadelphia During First 3 Weeks of 2022

The First Is Last . . . Again                  1/24


Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Jump as Omicron Surge Takes Toll

After Amassing a Net Worth of $120 Million Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Open to Stock Trading Ban for Congress

Jamie Dimon Gets Pay-Rise To $34.5 Million In 2021, Goldman Banker Bonuses Surge 40-50%

Here it comes: Food prices set to skyrocket throughout 2022 as rising costs hit small-to-medium-sized farms

Misery Index: Biden’s Economic Policies Are Clearly Failing Average and Poor Americans

Driverless trucks set to take over roads in TX

Joe Biden: The Only Good Pipeline Is a Putin Pipeline Acknowledges Hackers Stole $34 million from Customer Accounts

Novak Djokovic prepares to sue Australia for $6 million 

Regulatory Costs Soar As Biden Adds Rules Faster Than Predecessors

Taxes in California are projected to DOUBLE as the failed state forces residents to pay $1,000 a month for Universal Sick Care



Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? Soros Founded and Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States

Cops Using Civil Forfeiture to Organize Armored Car Heists, Robbing Innocent People of Over $1 Million

PROPHESY FULFILLED! The Simpsons Joked About Government Using Tom Hanks for Propaganda and the Biden-Harris Regime Is Making It a Reality!

Nanotechnology: A Double-Edged Sword         1/21


European Legal Expert Says Vaccine Mandates Are the Beginning of a ‘Social Credit System’ – The Reason Europeans Are Standing Up

A plan to take down and reconstitute the world economy?

Russia Set for Complete Ban on Cryptocurrencies

The system is set up for hospitals to profit from COVID

China shuts down more ports due to “covid,” global supply chain collapse imminent

Border Patrol crews flying aircraft from Texas, Florida seized 4.7 tons of cocaine in two months

Australian Consumer Confidence for January Hits 30-year Low

Trucking companies sound alarm, say Canada’s draconian vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers will devastate economy

Money for Indoctrination

Fairfax Schools Tell Kids They're 'Privileged' If They're 'White,' 'Male,' 'Christian,' Or A 'Military Kid'

Christianity being OUTLAWED in Canada: Pastors will be imprisoned while the government promotes LGBT pedophilia and exploitation of children

25,000 US-Bound Migrants Gathered in Colombia

United Nations Debit Cards Being Given to US-Bound Migrants

Leftists now freaking out about “privilege” and “inequality” … among SQUIRRELS

End Congress' stock-picking gravy train           1/20


Founding Fathers Quotes: Our Favorite Quotes from America’s Courageous Revolutionaries

TX, AZ Recover All Jobs Lost During Pandemic

SURE IT DID… China Claims Its GDP Grew 8.1% in 2021 Yet a Quarter of Its Economy Tanked Last Year

Flip-Flopping Fear Fuhrer Fauci Invested in Chi-Com Companies With Ties to Beijing Through Fund, According to Financial Disclosures

It’s Now Cheaper to Rent a Robot than Pay a Human; “It might eventually become normal to pay robots to do all sorts of jobs”

Grocery shortages getting worse across U.S. thanks to pandemic, storms

Democrats' quest to destroy work

While Americans Were Forced To Stay Home, Fauci Made $1.7M

Renter Nation Strikes As Multifamily Units Spark Surge In US Housing Starts, Permits In December

Watch: Navy Seals Running for Congress Unite to Defeat Nancy Pelosi

STUDY: How The Networks Buried One Year Of Biden’s Disasters, Failures And Controversies

Gretchen Whitmer's Dark Money Hypocrisy

Media Blackout: Mueller’s Star Witness Pleads Guilty in Illegal Scheme to Funnel Foreign Money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign

Prince Andrew’s Ex Reveals Progressive Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton ‘Were Like Brothers, Clinton Was Definitely Very Close to Jeffrey’

Democrat-Ruled Chicago Fining Businesses for Not Checking “Vaccination” Status

UN Funds Migrant Wave Flooding To The U.S.    1/19


Global Governance versus Freedom and Free Enterprise

Glenn Beck warns: The Fed WILL force banks to comply with ESG — here's what that means for YOU  

$800 Billion Stimulus Program Failed Terribly and Mostly Benefited the Wealthy, MIT Economist Finds

Slow Rolling Trucker Vaccine Protest Begins at Manitoba U.S. Border Crossing

What America’s Mayors Could Learn from Ben Franklin  

China: Buying Up Europe

China's GDP grows 8.1% in 2021, fastest in 10 years, spurring confidence  

Corrupt Globalist Puppet Poroshenko Returns To Ukraine To Further Soros Agenda

Walmart may offer a cryptocurrency and NFTs

Apple Tells Employees They Have "Four Weeks To Comply" After Becoming Eligible For Booster Shots

Corporate Media Calls for “Abolishing Parenthood”, Forcing Parents to Turn Children Over to the State  

Far-Left Manhattan DA Hands Criminals a Stay-Out-of-Jail-Free-Card

Convicted Pedophile Funneled Millions In Foreign Cash Into Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign

Funny how similar Paul Pelosi, Jr.'s and Hunter Biden's biographies are

Tesla Delays Cybertruck To 2023               1/18


Top 0.00001% getting richer and richer

WAKE UP: Citizens Must Actively Fight Klaus Schwab's 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' (Video)

Not a Conspiracy: The World Governments Plan to Microchip the World

Tech giants weave a fiber-optic web of power

Minnesota Bank Moving to Cancel Mike Lindell's Bussiness and Charity Accounts Over His Political Associations

Communist Takeover: Without Firing a Shot, China Seizes Control of America’s Farmlands 

Rising Prices Put American Families in Deeper Debt

Visualizing The $94 Trillion World Economy In One Chart

Girlboss: How a 19-Year-Old in a Steve Jobs Turtleneck Snookered America’s Failed Ruling Class

Fauci’s $10M 2020 Investment Portfolio Includes Chinese Companies

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon declares NO PAY for unvaccinated workers: Not allowed to come to work and not allowed to stay home, either

James Corbett on the Year Behind and the Year Ahead  

Netherlands PM Exposed for Lying About Praising Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset Takeover Plan

‘Unprecedentedly few’: ‘2021 had the fewest global hurricanes in the satellite era’ & 2nd fewest strong hurricanes since 1980

Crime-Swamped Philly Issues Pamphlet On How To Survive Carjackings

Congress Abets Global Tyranny                 1/17


GOP Senator to Introduce FAUCI Act, Force Full Financial Disclosure

US Retail Sales Plunge 1.9 Percent In December

Mike Lindell: Bank dumping my businesses, charities

North Korea hacked record $400 million in cryptocurrency in 2021 - And they have just launched 3 hypersonic Missiles in 2 weeks  

Bidenflation Stole Christmas: December Retail Sales Crash as High Prices and Shortages Weigh on Consumers

India’s new biometric passport now ready for rollout, $1B service deal concluded

Why Democrats Make Energy Expensive (And Dirty)

Monsanto Scientist Pleads Guilty To Stealing Secrets For China.

STUNNING: Even CNN Is Calling Out Biden’s “Voting Rights” Lies

Universities Received Millions in COVID Relief; Some are Still Imposing Delays, Remote Instruction

Biden Ends First Year In Office With His Worst Week Yet

Democrats Moving Away From Lockdown Restrictions Over Fears of Being Crushed Politically

Is Someone About To Light The Match Which Will Spark A War With Russia?

Where Cities Fail, Good Samaritan Citizens Clean Up Graffiti in Seattle

Satanism Invading Public Schools                 1/15


Bidenflation: Prices Surge Record 9.7%

Implantable chips for humans to be implemented globally

Global Economy Heading For "Mother Of All" Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports

Baltimore’s BLM-loving prosecutor Marily Mosby indicted for lying about Covid hardship to score mortgages on Florida properties 

Fed Nominee Brainard Promises Not To Push Green New Deal Central Banking

Kazakhstan Under Control? “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

99% of People in France Contaminated With Glyphosate, Study Finds

US Sanctions North Korea Over Missiles

COVID con, part 1: How the pandemic became a gold mine for fraudsters

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP! CA Hospitals Allow COVID Positive Staff To Work While Firing Unvaccinated Workers

"We Failed": Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them

Facebook is the latest employer to require vaccine boosters for all in-person workers

Fascistbook Sued for Profiting Off of Kids’ Biometric Data

IRS Targets Your Side Hustle in Crackdown on Transactions Over $600

NYC feds, local investigators bust car insurance fraud schemes that netted gangs $100 million, could land leaders decades in prison

Turkey’s domestically-developed biometric data system becomes operational

Biden All But Concedes Defeat on Bills Legalizing Democrat Voter Fraud

The strange case of the casino, the Senate leader and the defense bill

Biden Shows His Inner Stalin               1/14


NY Post: Pelosi Makes Up to $30 Million on Insider Stock Trades

The Dollar Has Entered A Death Spiral, And A Lot More Inflation Is On The Way

Financial analysts SUSPENDED for criticizing totalitarian lockdowns and vaccine mandates

New Car Prices Up 12%, New Trucks Up 11.6%, Used Cars Up 37.3%

WEF Global Risks Report 2022 Imagines All The Critical Threats To The World

China COVID-19 Lockdowns Hit Factories

Intel Bows To CCP, Deletes All References To Xinjiang Human Rights Abuses

FCC Provides $361M More in Broadband Funding; $4.2B Provided So Far Even Though Americans Already Paid For Broadband

Are Taxes About To Double In The State Of California In Order To Pay For Single Payer Healthcare?

Army Boosts Enlistment Bonuses to $50k

Mainstream Media Talking Heads Pushing America Closer To Another Devastating Civil War: All-Out Political Warfare And Weaponized Thought Control Already Underway 

Smash-and-Grab Robbers Steal $1 Million in Classic Watches from Chicago Business Owner — After He Complains on TV Mayor Lightfoot Sends in City Inspectors to Fine Him

Poll: Just 4 Percent Say Economy Has Recovered Under Biden’s Leadership

CNN Sheds 90% Of 2021 Audience      1/13


Tech founder born in Soviet Union compares metaverse to communist propaganda

US Consumer Prices Soar At Fastest In 39 Years, Real Wages Tumble For 9th Straight Month

Food shortages of meat, eggs, poultry, other commodities worsening in U.S. supermarkets amid new supply chain disruptions

Democrats: $625B Tax Cut for Wealthy Elite ‘Essential’ Ahead of Midterms

It Is Now Infinitely Easier To Control A Billion People Than It Is To Kill A Billion People

Even Mark Zuckerberg Is Leaving Commiefornia for Texas

Citigroup condemns 100% of its employees to COVID vaccine clot shots, says taking all booster shots is “a condition of employment”

Biden to Gift $308 Million in Aid to Taliban-Run Afghanistan

Binance's Mysterious CEO Has Quietly Amassed A $96 Billion Fortune

How Easy Money Inflated Corporate Profits

The lessons of I-95 are quite ugly for electric car owners

ABC, CBS, NBC Main Cheerleaders for Election Power Grab By Democrats

Open borders = election sabotage  

America's U-Haul Revolution           1/12


BEYOND THE GREAT RESET – 10 Official Documents On Human-Machine Hybrids (Part 1)

BEYOND THE GREAT RESET – 10 Official Documents On Human-Machine Hybrids (Part 2)

Real Wages Plummet As Inflation Hits The US Recovery

Americans Unleash on Biden After Chilling Encounters at Grocery Stores

Solar Jobs Market Explodes as Companies Seek Workers to Meet Renewables Demand 

New GMO Tomato May Not Even Be Safe, Much Less 'Healthy,' Scientists Say

Gruesome Newsom Wants Commiefornia to Be First State to Provide Health Coverage to All Foreign Invaders

EXC: Wuhan Lab Job Applications Open Only To Candidates ‘Supporting’ Communist Party, ‘Willing To Serve Socialist’ Goals.

Top Chinese Tutoring Company Fires 60,000 Workers Amid Brutal Regulatory Crackdown

Big Brother Back-Seat Driver: New Law Mandates KILL SWITCHES in All New Cars

Lawsuit: Yale, Georgetown, Other Top Schools Illegally Collude to Limit Financial Aid

Nancy Pelosi Makes Millions Off Tech Stocks – And Scoffs At Push To Ban Congressional Trades

California Law Enforcement Continues To Fight Against Early Release For Violent Criminals

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter’s Pimp Has Privilege – After Violating Probation Multiple Times She Stays on Probation

Fauci’s NIH Division Paid $205K For Researchers To Study Transgender Monkeys

AUDIO: The CIA's War on Democracy            1/11


Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

The Economic Winners And Losers Of The Pandemic

“Massive meltdown”: 40% of Nasdaq companies are down more than half from their highs

Parler Obtains $20 Million in Funding

Trump Fundraiser Caroline Wren: Donors Want a Forensic Audit of GOP Campaign Spending

You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy: 1 in 4 Americans Plan to Quit Their Jobs in 2022

High-Ranking Kazakhstan Official Who Allegedly Sparked Bloody Attempted “Revolution” and Was Arrested For Treason, Is Another One of Biden’s Corrupt “Business Partners”

NYC Democrats Grant Voting Rights to Non-citizens

Tenured professor fired after ‘questioning wokeism,’ she says

What 1973 Sci-Fi thriller “Soylent Green” got right

Disgraced FBI No. 2 Andrew McCabe Calls For Feds To Treat ‘Mainstream’ Conservatives Like Domestic Terrorists

Career Burglar, Arrested 11 Times, Calls Criminal Justice Bail Reform Laws ‘Great’

Portland Men Who Shot and Killed Pregnant Woman During Burglary Sentenced to Only 7.5 and 10 Years in Prison, Respectively

DOJ Refuses To Withdraw Memo Activating FBI Counterterrorism Division Against School Parents

‘Authoritarianism’ may be necessary to fight climate change, Cambridge study argues

World Order: Back to the Future                 1/10


A Year After Dropping MyPillow, Company Closes 37 Stores — “Lack Of Inventory” Cost Them $100 Million

One Year Ago, Big Tech Declared Open War On America 

Despotism Is The New Normal: Looming Threats To Freedom In 2022

Move Over Farmers, The Fully Autonomous, Self-Driving Tractor Has Officially Arrived

Details Come out From the Fed on Largest Bank Bailout in History in 2019 but Media Is Ignoring It

Open Letter to President Biden: Nuclear Deal with Iran Will Be a Disaster

Americans Fled High-Tax States in 2021, New Analysis Shows

Cali Gas vs Texas Gas on the Same Day

USA: “Patriot Front”, the new CIA right-wing Operation

Why The Kazakhstan Crisis Is A Much Bigger Deal Than Western Media Is Letting On

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Vows to Defy Emperor Biden With Her New “Interstate Border Patrol” Idea That’ll Circumvent Fed Regulations

Why are Caucasians Vanishing in TV Commercials?

Police Caught Stealing Money from Innocent People To Secretly Buy Tech to Spy on Citizens’ Cellphones  

Chinese State Media Uses Times Square Screen To Play Xinjiang Propaganda

A Tale of Two Authoritarians                 1/9


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Investment Portfolio

Australia now ADMITS covid vaccines are harming people, offers up to $600,000 in compensation for the seriously injured

Controversial Chinese Tech Billionaire Gives Millions To Elite American Universities

Biden’s 3.9% Unemployment Is a Farce – Workers Needed All Over Because Government Paying Them More to Stay Home

Operation Tulip: Inside FACEBOOK's Secretive Push To Build Holland's Biggest Data Center

French Watcdog Fines Facebook & Google For Spying On Users 

EXPOSED: How Phony 'America First' Grifters Sold MAGA Down the River on Jan. 6 and Beyond

Senate Dems Cleared Way For Boston Bomber, Other Convicted Murderers To Receive Stimulus Checks

2021 brought the highest death toll ever for law enforcement

Queen Refuses To Pay For Prince Andrew's Pedo Defense, Forcing Him To Unload Chalet In Fire Sale

Baffling illness spreading among young adults in Canada, causing rapid cognitive destruction

Surging Opioid Overdose Deaths Are Forcing Dems To Rethink The “War On Drugs”

Globalism’s Achilles’ Heel                 1/8


International Finance Leaders Hold 'War Game' Exercise Simulating Global Financial Collapse. Should We Be Worried

Life insurance policies can refuse payouts for the jabbed because covid vaccines are “medical experiments”

Black-White Unemployment Gap Soars as Black Unemployment Rate Jumps

Jaw-Dropping: Almost $25 Billion In Donations For “Racial Justice” And Related Causes Since George Floyd Death

Illinois is a great example of why people are running from blue states

Chinese regulators vying to be the hub of control over AI

BOOM: Cook Receives $100 Million in Compensation

Exclusive — Stuart Scheller: Congress Doesn’t Have ‘the Courage to Challenge the DOD Budget’

There Was No Insurrection But There Was A Coup

Here’s A List Of Times Left-Wing Rioters Broke Into Government Buildings And Assaulted Democracy

Demon Spawn: Jan. 6 Protests an Attack on Democracy – Therefore We Need Ballot Harvesting, Midnight Drop Boxes, No Election Observers and No Voter ID Laws

Huh? Glenn Youngkin, (RINO) Who Won With Anti-CRT Support, Just Tapped an Education Secretary With CRT and Common Core Ties

Meghan Markle Humiliated: Royal's Woke Charity Raised Pathetic Amount of Cash in 2020

The Day Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma       1/7


CHILLING: Irish Government Video Previews Dystopian Coronavirus Digitized Social Credit System

Big Left-Wing 'Dark Money' Groups Fund Schumer's Secretive Anti-Filibuster Ally

Iran's "Nuclear Blackmail": Iran Has No Interest in Negotiating a New Nuclear Deal

GOP Slams Biden Decision To Ignore Mandate To Disclose How Iran Sanctions Relief Funds Terrorism

The US Copyright Office is floating the idea of mandating a content upload filter on the internet

Nano-Technology In Covid Injections – It’s For Communications, It’s Technological Parasitism

Easier queues with biometrics, touchless check-ins set to reach more airports

Annual Moving Survey: Top 5 Outbound States Run By Dems

Journalist quits tax-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, scorches its ‘woke’ culture on her way out

Concerned about Your Privacy? 6 Ways to Reduce the Amount of Internet Data that Has Been Collected on You  

Defense: Whitmer 'kidnapping plot' disintegrating as FBI loses credibility

DC Antifa rioter who pleaded guilty recommended only brief community services and no prison time

Chicagoland: Man marks 78th arrest with shoplifting at the Mag Mile.

Living in a Post-Truth World            1/6


Despotism Is The New Normal: Looming Threats to Freedom in 2022

Fauci to get largest retirement package in federal government history

Manufacturing Activity Slumped to 11-month Low in December

Joe Manchin Kills Biden Agenda Again: Build Back Better Is Deader Than Ever

Biden Tries to Blame Farmers for Rising Food Costs Due to Gov’t Inflation

A Record 4.5M Americans Quit Their Jobs In November As ‘Great Resignation’ Persists

Hundreds of Salvadorians say Bitcoin has vanished from their government-issued centralized “Chivo” wallets

EU Plan Declares Nuclear Power and Natural Gas ‘Green Energy’

One more awkward hypocrisy emerges about incident where a police-defunding and 'bail reform' advocate Illinois state senator was carjacked

Commie Chicago Teachers Prepare to Strike Over Return to Classroom

Alex Marlow: TikTok Is a Chinese Weapon Pointed at American Kids to Distract Them

Nearly Half of America Believes FBI Acts as ‘Joe Biden’s Personal Gestapo’

Schumer shows the left's desperation to build fraud into elections

REPORT: Mexican Army Loses 30% of Weapons Purchased from U.S.

Sunspot Update: The Sun Blasts Off!            1/5


Experts warn that UN failure to ban slaughterbots could spell the end of humanity

China threatens Walmart, Sam's Club against banning products in response to Uyghur labor camps, genocide

Tesla sets record quarter with 308K deliveries

Witch Hunt Continues as Trump and Family Members Subpoenaed by New York Attorney General

"Year Of The Super Billionaire" - World's Richest Earned More Than $1 Trillion In 2021

EU Parliament Member Wants Founders of Vaccine Corp on Euro Banknotes 

FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA's Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking

BREAKING: Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests

UK Government Greases Skids For Fleets of Surveillance Drones Over Cities

The Government Intel Agencies Behind Digital Vaccine Passport IDs

Manhattan DA: No charges against Cuomo in COVID nursing home death scandal

Georgetown law students demand refund after university moves to remote learning  

Fear porn, testing hysteria, and tyranny           1/4


BIDEN’S TROJAN HORSE: From Afghanistan and Across the Southern Border, Biden is Bringing Unvetted Military Age Men from Around the Globe Into the US

George Soros teams up with billionaire who bankrolled fake Russian bots in Alabama to launch anti-disinformation media venture

Beware 2022: Technocracy’s War Against Humanity Set To Continue

Indiana Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Are Up 40% Among People Ages 18-64

2021 Greatest Hits: The Most Popular Articles Of The Past Year And A Look Ahead

“Just In Case Fiat Money Goes To Hell”: Billionaires Are Finally Flooding Into Cryptos

Swamponomics: Economy Still Short Millions of Pre-Pandemic Jobs

Nancy Pelosi Doubles Down Despite Criticism, Makes Big-Money Stock Moves

US Dollar's Status As Dominant "Global Reserve Currency" At 25-Year Low

Is Biden's Legacy Really Going to Be the Dismantling of Democracies and the Free World?

Thousands of prisoners released because of COVID – another way the Biden regime is flooding society with violent criminals

Biometrics could make attending large event venues a whole new ballgame

Serial Killer Who Targeted Women Now Being Housed in Women’s Prison Because They Are ‘Transgender’

More Fentanyl Seized At U.S. Borders Than Heroin For First Time In U.S. History

Leaving Illinois: Another Wealthy Chicago Entrepreneur Votes With His Feet

Flashback: Justin Trudeau’s best friend found guilty of child porn charges, directing worldwide child porn ring

Exclusive — Schweizer: How Harry Reid ‘Enriched Himself and His Family’…Used ‘Fear’ to ‘Control and Persuade’

In-car biometrics recognize drivers, monitor vitals, detect left-behind children

Biden Nominee Works For SPLC, Claimed Requiring Proof of Citizenship is ‘Voter Suppression’

The Canadian Pedocracy?                             1/3


35,000 Migrants Landed on One Italian Island in 2021: Five Times the Size of its Normal Population

Big Tech's $10 Trillion Bet on Politics as Usual

Citing multimillion-dollar big pharma ties, Sanders to vote ‘no’ on Biden’s pick for FDA chief

BOMBS AWAY: Biden Sent Billions In Covid Testing Funds to House Illegals At Border

The Price Increases Of 2022 Will Be More Painful Than Anything We Have Experienced Before

Report: State Of Michigan Spent $8.5 Billion On False Unemployment Claims

Documentary Drops Inconvenient Truths on the Jan. 6 Narrative

DOJ’s Two-Tiered Justice System at Work: Violent Trans Antifa Activist Has Federal Charges Dropped for Assaulting Portland Police and Trying to Blind Them

Portland Has Been Transformed Into A War Zone

SpaceX Fires Up Starship SN20 Prototype Again Ahead Of Landmark Test Flight

Russia slaps Google with record-setting $98 million fine for CORRUPTING minors

Climate Commies: ‘Doomsday Glacier Is Coming for Us All’

The Fall of the Mainstream Media and the Biggest Lies They Told in 2021

CNN’s Pedophile Problem Escalates              12/31


Stunning plan devised by Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum, to hand globalists control of the world using COVID pandemic

Privilege: Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci’s Retirement Pay Will Exceed $350,000 Per Year: The Largest in U.S. Federal Government History

Globalist Corporations Begin Seizing Farmland in America Under Eminent Domain to Halt Food Production in the Name of Fighting Climate Change

Red States Extending Unemployment Benefits For Fired Unvaccinated Workers

Pfizer Proudly Admits to Being in Bed With the Chi-Coms

China’s Economy is Not in Good Shape – Evergrande’s Inability to Make Payments Is a Symptom

Biden’s Mass Release of Illegal Aliens into U.S. to Cost Americans $6.6B Annually

First-Ever Fully-Autonomous Semi-Truck With No-Human On Board Traverses Arizona Highway

Bidenflation Is Destroying the Middle Class; Is It Being Done on Purpose? 

Facebook’s Zuckerberg literally bought the 2020 election for Biden, Democrats, IRS docs show 

Organizations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden Request Protection from Wireless Technology

Coming to America if the Globalist Democrats Have Their Way: UK Inches Closer to Eliminating Private Car Ownership

IRS: Stolen Property Is Income — Unless You Return It The Same Year

The Wounded Knee Massacre: The Forgotten History of the Native American Gun Confiscation

How Education International Is Pushing Teachers’ Unions Into the 4th Industrial Revolution

Two Versions of Truth                           12/30


EU Drafting Law Allowing Seizure of Private Property During Pandemic Emergencies: Report

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Here’s the List of Major Retail Chains that Closed Their Doors in 2021

UK Government to Roll Out Digital ID for Pre-employment Checks Starting Early 2022

Florida Plans To Investigate State Holdings in Chinese Companies and ‘Woke’ Companies

Chinese city confiscates land from defunct Evergrande as scandal over property developer grows

China Panic-Hoards Half Of World’s Grain Supply Amid Threats Of Collapse

Dystopian: China Introduces 'AI Prosecutor' That Can Automatically Charge Citizens of a Crime

Seek and Destroy: CAIR Brags They Are Targeting and Destroying America (Video)

Dem Jailbreak Experiment Fails: Suspects on Bond Kill 150+ in TX County ‘113 Charged with Capital Murder Inexplicably Released Back onto Our Streets’

NYU law professors’ proposal would ‘weaken’ human trafficking prosecution, 37 attorneys general warn

Biden Regime Forces Border Patrol Agent to Delete Tweet about 'Potential Terrorist' Apprehended at U.S. Border

Cutting Room Floor: CBS Edits Out 911 Call Warning Cops of Gun

Victoria Orders 34 Million Rapid Antigen Tests

Paralyzed Man Composes First-Ever Tweet With His Thoughts Using Brain Implant - GreatGameIndia

Asia's Going Nuclear                            12/29


Day 8: Technocracy And Central Banks

NIAID-Funded Experiments on Foster Children Recounted in RFK Jr. Best Seller

Farmers, Truckers STOPPED as Mainstream Food Supply Collapses

Did the Taliban Put People on Biden’s Evacuation Flights to Cash In On Remittances?

FCC Approves $603M More in Emergency Connectivity Funds Despite Americans Already Having Paid for High-Speed Internet

Corrupt Establishment Media Is Now Irrelevant

Day 7: China Is A Technocracy

China Develops AI Prosecutor That Can Press Criminal Charges

Did the Taliban Put People on Biden’s Evacuation Flights to Cash In On Remittances?

Mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg, Is Following the Marxist Playbook to Transform Alamo City

NJ Police Chief fuming mad over having to release suspected cop-killer

Gallup Poll Shows Dismal Approval Ratings for McConnell, Pelosi, Biden

The Wisconsin Election Purchase            12/28


Merry Christmas, Fauci! Amazon's #1 Nonfiction Book Is Brutal Exposé of Most Dangerous Doctor in America

New Jersey Is First State to Pay Out 53 MILLION Over Nursing Home COVID Deaths — Will NY, MI, PA and CA Follow?

Irish Senator Exposes Big Pharma Corruption: Omi-Con Is Making Them Billions

People can go to the pub, but not to work? Wales dishes out senseless COVID rules

The George Soros Plan to Destroy America

EXPOSED: Meet Klaus Schwab’s 2021 Class of ‘Great Reset’ Soldiers

World Economy Now Set to Surpass $100 Trillion

Members Of Congress Distance Themselves From Epstein Nonprofit After National File Revealed China Ties

“Alexa, You’re Fired” — A Quarter Of Users Abandon Spying Devices Within 2 Weeks

The ECB Has Launched The Japanization Of Europe... And Now It Cannot Back Down

Top 10 Ways the Biden Regime HOODWINKED Americans’ Safety, Health, Livelihood in 2021

Bizarre World Economic Forum Video Orders Citizens to Stop Washing Their Clothes to Fight Climate Change

McCarthy: All But One House Dem Voted for More IRS Agents to Spy on Americans, Opening Border with Spending Bill

Wildly Racist MN School Board Just Approved an Unthinkable Plan for White Teachers

Socialist Son of Weather Underground Terrorists, San Fran DA Chesa Boudin Admits “We Are at the Tipping Point in San Francisco”

At Least 18 Shot Christmas Eve into Sunday Morning in Lightfoot’s Chicago

BLM Activists: ‘Crime Is Made up’          12/27


The Fed’s Catch-22 Taper Is A Weapon, Not A Policy Error

Key Inflation Gauge Pops Again, This Time Hitting Highest Level In Nearly 40 Years 

Inflation Is a Policy That Cannot Last 

A Global Financial Nightmare Is On The Horizon — A Worldwide Meltdown Beyond Your Wildest Dreams  

Pfizer buys pharmaceutical company that makes heart medication to solve the problem caused by mRNA vaccines 

Follow the Fascism: Biden Pick for FDA Chief Holds Millions in Big Pharma Investments

COVID Crooks: The Most Outrageous Relief Fund Scammers Busted So Far

Lori Gregory: Big Pharma making money by targeting huge patient populations with often unneeded medical interventions

Democratic Lawmakers Want To Give The Taliban $9.4 Billion

Woke Tech Company Intel Apologizes in China After Saying It Will Not Source Products From Uyghur Regions

CBS: Cartels Succeed in Record Delivery of Youth, Child Migrants in 2021

Video: Police Successfully Deploy High-Tech Device to Catch Package Thief

Tesla owner blows up car instead of paying over $22,000 for repairs

“Activism”: Los Angeles Black Lives Matter Conducts “Smash and Grab” Event as Crime Overtakes City

Democrat-Run Hellhole: Pickaxe-Wielding Woman Caught on Video Stealing Products at LA Rite Aid

Alderman: ‘We Still Talk More about COVID’ than Gun Violence, Even Though More Kids Shot Dead in Chicago

Report: Police Seize Devices From Jake Tapper Producer Amid CNN Pedophilia Scandal

NYC chain saws down 1,000 trees to raise park 8-10 feet to address panic over 3mm sea level rise

Watch: The 1970s Cooling Scare Was Real     12/24


Absurd New COVID Rules Fine People For Going to Work, But They Can Go to the Pub

Illegal aliens exempt from covid “vaccine” mandates because they can sue drug companies (but you can’t)


‘Enormous’ Scale of Pandemic Relief Fraud Hits $100b on Biden’s Watch

Sen. Paul Details $52 Billion Federal ‘Waste’ in Annual ‘Festivus Report’

Commerce Secretary Raimondo has financial ties to Chinese communists

Harvard professor found guilty of lying about his involvement with the Chinese government

Princeton Took Millions From Chinese Communist Party-Linked School, Think Tank Head

Rockefeller Foundation planning to communize (and weaponize) the global food supply

The Curious Case of ‘Videographer’ Baked Alaska: Marched and Filmed at the Charlottesville Tiki Torch March – Conversed with Ray Epps on Jan. 5 – Broke into Pelosi’s Office on Jan. 6 to Film Faces – But Somehow Spared from Jail?

Left-Wing Media Sees H-1B Wage Abuses, Ignores National Impact

Biden's Legacy: A Nuclear Iran                 12/23


Biden & Globalists Building Global Taxation Regime

World Economic Forum Using New Zealand As 'Guinea Pig' for 'New World Order' State

IMF, World Bank & 10 Countries Held Alarming "Simulation" Of Global Financial System Collapse

Top Harvard Professor Found Guilty of Lying About Payments From Communist China

Beijing Biden Bans Investment in Chi-Com Tech Firms Hunter Profited From

Peter Schweizer: Joe Manchin ‘Resisted’ Many Offers for ‘Cronyism,’ ‘Corruption,’ ‘Self-Enrichment’ to Be Bought or Rented

Texas Gov. Adds $38.4 Million To Operation Lone Star To ‘Secure The Border’

Episode 3 - The Fight Against Human Trafficking - Interview With Homayra Sellier Of Innocence In Danger

European Gas Prices Hit Record After Russia Cuts Supply

Samantha Power Underreported Investments By Nearly $1 Million Ahead Of Senate Confirmation, Complaint Alleges

How Did Big Tech Censor Conservative Outlets in 2021? Let Us Count the Ways

Apple's Siri Interrupted Ted Cruz During Big Tech Talk

AP's Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Symbolizes Intellectual, Moral Collapse of Mainstream News Industry

Clown World Update: Doctor Diagnoses Diabetic, Asthmatic Woman With ‘Climate Change’

The Conspiracy Theory of History Revisited   12/22


ICYMI: Pfizer Has Power to ‘Silence’ Governments and ‘Maximize Profits’, Consumer Group Alleges

Top Pfizer, Moderna shareholders get richer quickly, make $10 billion the week after Omicron hits

Pfizer Is Buying A Cardiovascular Biopharma Company For $6.7B

Klaus Schwab’s Great Narrative: Locking the Plebs Into Plato’s Cave for the 21st Century

The Activation #12: Fighting Economic Terrorism & Spiritual Warfare with Catherine Austin Fitts

New Tax Returns Further Reveal How Zuckbucks Swayed 2020 Election

ICYMI: Former Harvard Chemistry Chair Admits to Taking Tens of Thousands of Dollars From Communist China

D.C. Radio Station Is Paid Millions By The CCP To Broadcast Chinese Propaganda


Another Progressive City Sorely Regrets Its ‘Defund the Police’ Efforts

Cowardly NY Times Evades Awkward Fact of Black-on-Asian Hate Crimes

New York Schools Preparing for Cardiac Arrest from Students as “Vaccine” Mandates Loom

Three Retired Leftist Generals Loudly Demand A Military Coup In 2024

Dems Pivot Back To Radical Election Bill That Would Ban Voter ID

6,000+ Swedish citizens are already chipped    12/21


China's US Enablers

DeSantis for the Win: Florida Job Growth Rate 6 Times Faster than the Nation‘s

As Mandates Rolled Out, Dozens of Politicians Invested Vax Companies, Directly Profiting from Their Own Policies

Nancy Pelosi’s husband may have benefitted from insider knowledge in Microsoft stock purchase

Boeing suspends vaccine mandate for employees

Boeing Sells Its Commercial Airplanes Headquarters For $100M

REVIEW: 'Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide'

Billionaires are Stealing Millions of Acres of Land Using 'Climate Change' as Their Justification

Federal Judge Allows Flynns’ Suit Against CNN To Proceed

Florida Gov. DeSantis pushes back big-time on society-destroying critical race theory by introducing ‘Stop W.O.K.E. Act’

Schools Closing And Increasing Security After TikTok Shooting Threats

Part 2: The Belly of The Daily Beast and Its Perceptible Ties to the CIA

Michigan's $25 million catastrophic victim crash fund hasn't spent a cent

Washington Post, Leftist Generals Stoke Hysteria About a 2024 ‘Insurrection’  

Seattle Police Crisis: ‘One Emergency Event Away From a Serious Catastrophe’

Over 800 Homicides Year-to-Date in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

How to read RFK Jr's book in 5 minutes         12/20


Members of Congress and Their Families Traded Over $630 Million in Stocks This Year

Covington Teen Nicholas Sandmann Settles $275 Million Lawsuit with NBC

Biden, Democrat spending primarily to blame for runaway inflation that’s only going to get worse

Raiding the World Bank: Exposing a Fondness for Dictators

Texts Reveal Amazon Managers Told Workers to Keep Going As Fatal Tornado Hit Illinois Warehouse

China Manufacturing Hub Locks Down Over Coronavirus, Threatening Economy

Lindell: Dominion Did Not Preserve Evidence

15 Insane things in democrats’ H.R. 1 bill to corrupt elections forever

Construction of Texas-Funded Border Wall Underway

Russia Formally Quits 'Open Skies' Treaty, Saying There's No Point Without US

Alexa Delivers a Shocking Revelation About Kamala Harris’ Relationship With Willie Brown

What Happened to Waukesha?                   12/18


It Begins: Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci, UK Officials Accused of Crimes Against Humanity in Complaint to International Court

“Skynet” Microchip Breakthrough Announced That Will Enslave Humanity With AI Cyberlords

Global Transhumanism Markets Report 2021 - Transformational Growth in Biological, Health, and Wellness Augmentation will Enable the Rise of Human 2.0

China and a Failed WTO Accession

Global financial ‘war game’ simulates potential disruptive impact of cyber attack

Will Fed Crash Global Financial Markets for Their Great Reset?

Analysis: How 'Build Back Better' Would Make the Rich Even Richer

Land Of Confusion

Seventeen Gun Firms Flee To Friendlier States

Uber to Introduce Driverless Food Delivery with All Electric RoboTaxis Next Year; Lyft to Introduce Driverless Vehicles in 2023

Bank Of America Sues Portland City Commissioner Over Credit Card Debt

Project Veritas Reveals ANOTHER Pedophilia Scandal Involving A CNN Producer

Outed as Chi-Com Puppets: Nike Executives Funneled Money to Democrat Who Blocked Uyghur Forced Labor Bill

IRS Filings Confirm Left-Wing Zuck Bucks Recipient Funneled Millions Into Manipulating 2020 Election For Biden

J6 Committee Member Has Business Ties to China and the Chinese Communists

Regime Open Borders Chief Alejandro Mayorkas Admits Feds Leaning on Silicon Valley Private Companies to Restrict Free Speech

14 House Republicans Demand D.C. Mayor Fire Prison Warden Overseeing Jan. 6 Detainees

J6 Committee Fabricates More Evidence         12/17


EU FreedomMIT Doctor in UK House of Commons: “Not Safe for People Who Know the Origin of the Pandemic to Come Forward”

Kroger to Charge COVID Vaccine Resistant Employees $50/Month; Cut Paid COVID-19 Sick Leave  

Pfizer Set to Oust AstraZeneca as Top Supplier of COVID-19 Shots to Poor Nations

Thanks To Inflation, The Typical American Family Took A $3,500 Hit This Year 

“If We Were Using the same CPI We Used in 1982, the Rate Would Be Closer to 15%…the Worst Year in Inflation in US History” – Economist Peter Schiff

Twitter Account Documents Squalid "Third World City" of Los Angeles

Pelosi Defends Lawmakers Trading Stocks as Report Shows 49 Members of Congress Violated Law Designed to Stop Insider Trading (VIDEO)

New Venture in Nebraska May Help US Compete w/ China in Rare-Earth Mining

Schumer, who accused Trump of Russian collusion, is getting paid by Putin

The US Post Office Worked on Project to Build and Test Secret Voting System Before the 2020 Election

FBI Agents Lied Under Oath About Sleeping With Prostitutes, Distributing Drugs While On The Job

2021 Year in Review — “Solutions Watch” with James Corbett

Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward: Mass Human Extinction

Amnesty Uncovers "Repeated War Crimes" By Both Taliban & US Forces During Afghan Collapse

Chicago Neighborhood Hires Private Security Firm to Combat Rising Crime

SF Mayor Comes Clean: ‘It Is Time For The Reign Of Criminals To End’

Does the CCP Control Extinction Rebellion?     12/16


National Debt Essay Contest challenges youngsters who will pay the bill

GT Investigates: Western-style 'democracy' losing luster, with China's political system performing better than US’ in the eyes of the nation’s youth Notice the Propaganda in the ?s

WHO, IATA, CommonCheck, EU jostle for digital health passes, guidance to get world moving

Producer Prices Jump 9.6% in Biggest Gain on Record

Expert: Calling Inflation ‘Transitory’ Is The ‘Worst Inflation Call’ In History Of The Fed

Bill Gates Made $35 Billion Off the Plandemic

In First Two Weeks of December, Border Patrol Agents Seize Enough Fentanyl to Kill More Than 23 Million People

Democrat Dystopia Update: Chicago Neighborhood Hires Private Security to ‘Help Deter the Rash of Crime’

Republicans Debunk 'Democrat Myths' About Child Tax Credit: It's 'Welfare Without Work'

Mastercard launches biometric credit card in Jordan with Thales, FPC technology

Poverty, Economic Turmoil Shaking Erdoğan's Throne

Boy Scouts Of America’s Insurer Agrees To $800 Million Settlement With Victims Of Alleged Sexual Abuse

Gymnasts, Larry Nassar Abuse Survivors Reach $380 Million Settlement

The Real Climate and Health Crisis            12/15


Manufactured Economic Carnage Is Crashing Down Upon America As The Biden Regime Pushes Us Towards Another World War And The Dutiful Paid Actor's Parrot Their Assigned Deceitful Lines

We Invited An AI To Debate Its Own Ethics In The Oxford Union – What It Said Was Startling

Targeting Children With Propaganda & Tech: Transhumanism Part Three

Monsanto to Plead Guilty to 30 Environmental Crimes, Pay $12 Million Fine

Pfizer Buys Pharma Rival Arena In All-Cash Deal Worth $6.7 Billion

US Futuristic Guided Missile Destroyer that Cost $4 Billion and Was Commissioned in 2016 Is Already Covered in Rust

Lies, Damn Lies, and Government Inflation Statistics

DeSantis Seeks $8M to Bus Illegal Aliens Out of Florida to Biden’s Delaware, Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard

Enemies of the People? ACB and Brett Kavanaugh side with liberals, betray America yet again

Woman Charged in Alleged Theft of over $300K in Merchandise from California Stores…These Are Not Victimless Crimes’

It’s Like “The Purge”: Murder Records Are Being Shattered All Over America, And Next Year Could Be Even Worse

As Homicide Rates Break Records, Black Lives Clearly Don’t Matter to BLM or to Soros-Backed Rogue Prosecutors

San Francisco Drug Overdose Deaths Nearly Triple COVID

Iowa Dem Promoted Radical Groups That Bail Out Violent Criminals, Work to Abolish Police

L.A. is so crime-ridden and dangerous, head of police union is warning tourists to stay away

The Medical Profession Implodes               12/14


Take-Home Pay for Americans Sees MAJOR Decline as Biden-Era Inflation Soars

Durable Goods Inflation Breaks All-Time 1970s High As Prices Jump 14.9%

Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Biden’s Plan to Hire 86K IRS Agents to Audit Americans

BLM Activists Demand Abolition Of Chicago Police’s ‘Racist’ Gang Database

President of El Salvador Warns U.S. Taxpayers ‘That Their Government Is Using Their Money to Fund Communist Movements’

California Is Hiding $300 Billion a Year in Spending From the Public, Claims It’s for the People’s Own Good

NY Used Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds to Advance CRT Indoctrination

Minneapolis police spending RISES as defund movement fades

Lightfoot’s Chicago: Smash And Grab Thieves Steal $1 Million In Merchandise From Auto Gallery

Oakland City Council Approves Two New Police Academies as Homicides Surge

John Solomon: From Inflation To Crime, Reality Painfully Crashes The Illusions Of Biden Democrats

‘Banned For Life’: Billionaire Surrenders 180 Stolen Antiquities

Sundance: Panic Hits Meet The Press As They Contemplate Collective Media’s Inability To Destroy Donald Trump And Manipulate Public Opinion

Nevada cops steal Marine vet’s life savings in civil forfeiture scam

Report: Ibram X. Kendi Made U. of Wisconsin Delete Its Video of His $30,000/Hour Lecture

Trump: ‘Get Rid Of Mitch’                     12/13


Global food corporations say weaponization of food system already well underway, "transition" to New World Order Almost Complete

Family safety app found to be selling precise location data on millions of individuals, including children

EXPOSED: Apple CEO Tim Cook signed secret $275 billion deal with the CCP, betraying America

The Proof Is in the Pudding: IRS Data Show Trump’s Tax Cuts Benefited Middle- and Lower-Income Earners More Than the Wealthy

Largest Chi-Com Property Developer, Evergrande, Defaults

Amazon Hit with Massive $1.3 Billion Fine for Anti-Competitive Practices

Company that Hiked Price of Life-Saving Medication Settles for $40M

Toyota battery manufacturing plant being constructed in North Carolina will produce lithium-ion batteries for up to 200,000 electric automobiles each year

4.2 million quit jobs in October

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall To 184,000, The Lowest Level In More Than 52 Years

Democrat Dark Money Giant Tides Poured Millions Into Bail Funds in 2020 That Helped Violent Communist Revolutionaries Back Onto the Streets

China’s Evergrande shares plummet as full-blown DEFAULT becomes inevitable

Big Pharma ATM: The Original Jab Worked So Well We’re Now Up to 6 Jabs?

New Bill to Strip the Unvaccinated of Health Insurance if They Get Sick, Force Them to Pay Out of Pocket

Cultural Marxism Update: Professional Racial Grievance Industry Profiteer Ibram X. Kendi Raked in $45K From University of Wisconsin, Made School Delete Lecture

In Court Filing, Fascistbook Admits ‘Fact Checks’ Are Nothing More Than Opinion

Hunter Met With Chinese State Oil Exec To Talk ‘Highly Strategic’ African Land Grab

Company Working 24/7 as This Novelty 'Let's Go Brandon' Wrapping Paper Flies off Shelves

NPR Poll: Just 16% Of Americans Strongly Approve Of Joe Biden’s Job Performance

Big Tech's Diabolical 2FA Scam                12/10


Elon Musk Calls For Congress To Throw Out Biden’s Entire Build Back Better Bill: ‘Don’t Pass It’

5 Foundational Principles of Early Entrepreneurial Success

House Passes Defense Bill, Moves To Lift Debt Ceiling After Bipartisan Agreement

Sweeping vaccine mandates could cost Western Australia billions of dollars in economic losses

Big Oil Raked in $174 Billion in Profits This Year, as Gas Prices Hit 7-Year High

NYT Coaches Biden On How To Give $450K Payouts To Border Crossers

Controversial Biden Banking Nominee Drops Out Of Contention After Bruising Hearing

REVEALED: New Pfizer Board Member Is Ex-Facebook Director.

Jovan Pulitzer Explains 50,000 Ballots Identified in Maricopa County Related to Election Fraud - A Small Portion of the Ballots with Issues Identified in Audit and Canvas Work

New York City Poised to Let 800K Noncitizens Vote in Local Elections

Kremlin Releases Comical Photo of Biden From Meeting With Putin 

Lawlessness in America: The 'progressive' culture of death

GOSAR: New Report Shows Treatment of Jan. 6 Inmates Is 'Nothing Short Of Human Rights Violations'

Report: White House Working With Reporters ‘To Reshape Coverage’ Of Economic Woes Under Biden As Approval Sinks

Censoring History: YouTube Age-Restricts YAF Video About Socialism's Victims 

Inside the vaccine passport racket                12/8


Billionaires' share of global wealth soars and soars during pandemic

Big Food says the 'transition' to the new world order food system is already well underway

So Much For Fixing Supply Chains: A Record 96 Containerships Are Waiting To Dock At SoCal Ports

Biden Economy: November Jobs Report Falls Significantly Short Of Expectations In ‘A Huge Miss’ For U.S. Economy

Gov. Abbott: A New HQ Opens in Texas Every Five Days Because We Have ‘No Mandates Infringing Upon Individual Liberty’

REPORT: APPLE Cook signed $275 billion deal to placate China

Hackers Take $150 Million From Crypto Exchange BitMart During ‘Large-Scale Security Breach’

COLLUSION: Biden-Harris Regime Secretly Working With Fake News Reporters ‘to Reshape Coverage’ of Economic Woes

9 Shocking Signs Of The Staggering Decline Of The Traditional American Family


Wow! FOX News Sidelines Lara Logan After Dr. Fauci Complains About Her Nazi Doctor Comparison

Soros-Funded Democrat L.A. District Attorney George Gascon Refuses to Talk as City Reels From Smash-and-Grab Robbery Epidemic

Gatestone Institute to Announce a $100,000 National Essay Contest This Week

Your Face Is Boarding Pass      12/7


Pinkerton: Biden’s Green New Deal = China First

Mainstream Economists Are Struggling to Hide the Incoming Economic Collapse

Goldman Sachs CEO Says Declining New York City May Lose Status As Global Financial Hub

Parents of 9/11 Victims Put Up Billboard Next to NY Times, Accusing Them of ‘Lying About 9/11’

Americans Twice As Likely To Experience IRS Audits Thanks To Biden Spending Plan

World’s Largest Shipping Company Hits Record Profits, Pays $80M in Bonuses

Technocracy And The Politics Of Big Data Dominance

Obama judge orders Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, other attorneys to pay enormous fine

New Black Panthers threatens to unleash “squad of undercover hit men” to target Whites

SWAT Team Blows Up Innocent Woman’s Home, Tell Her that She Has to Pay the $50,000 Bill

How the American Political Elite Rules the Country – Do Not Submit!

Sweden: Professor faces prosecution for research paper that shows that most rapes were committed by migrants

Dr. Oz Is a ‘Republican’ Manchurian Candidate for the Architects of The Great Reset

Tale of Two Stories                     12/6


Exclusive — Nunes: Big Tech Could Shut Off All Republicans’ Credit Cards and Banking

REPORT: Three Billionaires with Foreign Roots Financed the 2020 Democrats Dark Money Machine

California officials justify renewing $1.7 billion contract with criticized COVID-19 testing lab

Exposing The Great Narrative and Metaverse Agenda

Gov. DeSantis: ‘Big Tech Has Become The Censorship Arm Of The Democratic Party’

The List: 19 Senate Republicans Give Biden $13B to Resettle Unlimited Flow of Afghans

Weird Economic Data Underpins Fragile Economy

Georgia Power nuclear plant facing more delays

U.N. Taking Down Private Websites — Domain Level Censorship

Ex-Obama Lawyer Tied to Hunter Biden Is Behind Ruby Freeman’s Lawsuit Against The Gateway Pundit

Historic and frightening jump in violent crime last year

LA cops arrest 14 suspects in connection with 11 smash-and-grabs -- but release ALL

Minnesota school bills $901,000 for critical race theory records

Maximum Censorship: School Board Critics Arrested By School Board Cops  

Fedsurrection: Jan 6 defendant fingers four possible undercover agents

Biden was always a fabricator                  12/4


Victor Davis Hanson: Third Worldizing America

Figures: US Oil Reserves Released by Joe Biden to Go China and India — Will Not Put a Dent in US Gas Prices Here at Home

CEOs, insiders sell record $69 billion of shares, highest pace on record

Pfizer Druglord Sees Your Body as a Cash Machine, Latest Statement Reveals

Inflation Causing Hardship For 45% Of U.S. Households; Lower-Income Americans Most Affected: Gallup

Video Platform Rumble To Go Public Via $2.1 Billion SPAC Deal

Hunter Biden, Foreign Agent Plotted Investment Meeting With Serbian President And Oligarchs, Emails Show

GOP Senators Seek To Block Biden’s Payouts To Illegal Immigrants

In Midst of Fentanyl Crisis, Vulnerable Democrats Voted Down Opioid Detection Funding

Ships In California Logjam Now Stuck Off Mexico, Taiwan And Japan

Meet the 19 Senate Republicans Who Betrayed Voters, Sided With Dems and Kept the Government Open

World Tennis Association Shows Everyone, Especially the NBA, How They Should Deal With Communist China

Cultural Marxism Update: Washington State University Amplifies Ridiculous Claim That Farmers Markets, Food Charity are Somehow ‘White Supremacy’ in Action

Far-left Antifa thug gets probation and fine on federal charge of using an axe to break into GOP senator’s office; ‘QAnon Shaman’ got 41 months in prison for walking into the U.S. Capitol

Clearview AI Is Facing A $23 Million Fine Over Facial Recognition In The UK

Germany Has Fallen                         12/3


World Economic Forum's Predictions for 2030 Include No Property Ownership, Diminished USA, and Syrian CEO's

A ‘radical’ UN climate style ‘pandemic treaty’ for viruses!? World Health Organization agrees to negotiate a ‘pandemic treaty’ to prevent next outbreak

Schumer and Pelosi scramble to pass spending bill to prevent government shutdown on Friday

Manufacturing Drops Due To Supply Chain Bottlenecks, Crude Builds, But The Real Story Is...

Town Fights Solar Industry; “It seems illogical to me to destroy the environment to protect the environment”

The sinister nature of electric cars

Deep freeze in Arctic Europe sends power prices soaring

The Moral Imperative to End China's Regime

Emails: Hunter Biden Is ‘True Sheikh of Washington’ Report: Showered with 💰Millions💰, 3 Carat Diamond to Make ‘Introductions’ for Chinese Energy Company Chairman

Hunter Biden 'Joked' About Joe Biden's Dementia in 2019, Leaked Texts Reveal - News Punch

Newsom Vacations in Cabo San Lucas at a $29,000 Per Night Villa After Extending Covid State of Emergency in California (PHOTOS)

NYC Prisons Face Crippling Staff Shortages As Thousands Defy Mayor’s Vaccination Mandate  

Record of Accused Waukesha Attacker's $1,000 Bail Hearing Gone Forever: 'It's Crucial, And Now There is NO Record of It

Aussie Police Arrest Teen “Fugitives” Who Escaped From COVID Internment Camp

At Least 67 Arrested, Dozens Injured in Iran as Thousands Protest Water Shortages

Germany Falls Completely To Davos               12/2


The Maniacal Mission of the Global Elite

Central Banks Launch Digital Currencies – Perfect Technocratic Control

EU Launches $340 Billion ‘Global Gateway’ Program to Counter China’s Belt and Road

15 States Threaten To Pull $600 Billion From Banks That Won’t Give Equal Service To Energy Industry

Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan Claims He’s a Champion of the Working Class — Now, He’s Backing a Tax Break for Coastal Millionaires

Soros-Funded ‘Disinformation’ Group Paid Nearly $1 Million More To Creators Of Steele Dossier Disinformation Operation

Walmart Shopper Whose Leg Was Amputated After Stepping on Nail Awarded $10 Million

Startup Raises $1.8 Billion in Bid to Generate Fusion Nuclear Energy

Biden FCC Nominee is Far-Left, Soros-Linked Activist

Rashida Tlaib wants to release ALL federal prisoners across the entire nation, as Democrats devolve into pure insanity

SHOCKING: RFK Jr. Claims Fauci Killed, Tortured, Poor Minority Orphans in 1980s

Heart-Breaking Photos Reveal Forgotten Monument to Dead Orphans from Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci’s Torturous and Deadly AIDS Testing Is Located in New York State

Transcript of Democrat Domestic Terrorist Darrell Brooks’ Bail Hearing From Prior Incident Conveniently ‘Lost Forever’

Texas school district uses armed agents to arrest parents in their own homes

A Brief History of Mob Violence                12/1


United Auto Workers union successfully negotiates reversal of covid jab mandate for its members

Bill Gates directly funded covid plandemic by funneling grant money to China

Big Pharma Is Not the Only One Who Will Profit off the New Covid Scariant

Mobs of Thieves Loot Multiple Best Buy Stores in Twin Cities on Black Friday

10% For The Big Guy Joe Involved In Deal With A Chinese Giant

Why aren’t major media outlets asking how Hunter Biden and Papa Joe helped facilitate China’s takeover of the battery market for electric vehicles?

Nissan Announces $18 Billion Electrification Plan

Autonomous Truck Yard Has More Robots Than Human Workers

NYC Man Arrested 3 Times in 36 Hours — Brags of Release Due to Cash Bail Reform

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Follows Soros-Funded Anti-Free Speech Group, Supported Bail Fund for Violent BLM Communist Revolutionaries

Biden Bill Would Give Amnesty to 6.5 Million Foreign Invaders, CBO Says

Biden Helps ‘Paper Tiger’ China In Nearly Every Action He Makes, While China Takes Control of Only International Airport in Uganda for Not Paying Its Debt to China

Whitmer's Michigan paid $3.9B in pandemic unemployment relief to ineligible claimants: audit 

A brief guide to leftist destruction              11/30


These three firms own corporate America

It Pays to Pollute – Greatest Polluters China and India Set to Receive $2 Billion in Climate Aid

ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION: Beijing Biden was involved in a deal with a Chinese giant — and was expecting a 10 percent cut

The rich snap up private jets for pleasure, not business

Biden to Increase U.S. Oil Lease Fees 50%…While Accusing ‘Big Oil’ of Anticompetitive Activities

Mike Flynn sounds the alarm, says Dems are going to try and disrupt 2022 midterms with a financial collapse

Who is Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto?


Black Friday Shopping Down 28% Over 2019 Levels

The Federal Government Spends Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on ‘Informants’ – The Dirty FBI Spends $42 Million a Year on Informants

‘More Money Than God:’ Chinese Titan Lavished Hunter Biden With 3-Carat Gem, Offer Of $30 Million

Bill Gates Is Pumping All of His Cash into China and Nobody's Asking Why

DOJ: ‘Modern-Day Slavery’ Scheme Run by Illegal Aliens Trafficked Foreign Visa Workers to Georgia Farms

Alarming signs of volcanic activity and imminent eruption of the LONG VALLEY CALDERA SUPERVOLCANO in California

Facebook's 'Race Blind' Algorithm Found 90% Of Hate Speech Directed Toward White People And Men

Smash-And-Grab Thieves Attack Stores Around The Country, California Security Guard Shot Dead As Crime Rages

Report: World Economic Forum Sees Synthetic Biology As Force To Reset Living Systems

Disney censors The Simpsons episode with Tiananmen Square reference in Hong Kong

Are We Already Living In A Brave New World? – Huxley’s Warning To The World

Roadmap for Prosecuting Covid Crimes         11/29


Our elites will let China erase our way of life

CCP Influence in Congress 

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: National Institutes of Health Funding Connected to Chinese Military and Organ Harvesting

Biden’s Build Back Better: IRS Audits for Working Class, Tax Cuts for the Rich

We Don't Talk About Collapse To Revel In It, We Talk About Collapse To Prevent It

Flash mob robberies set to explode across America as mass money printing drives the poor into desperation

After Releasing Oil From the SPR to Lower Energy Prices, the Biden Administration Moves to Increase Energy Prices

Defund Fail: 88% of Black Marylanders Want Police Budget Increased

Liberal Dark Money Juggernaut Raises $1.6 Billion To Flood Left-Wing Groups With Cash, Tax Forms Reveal

Us and Them: Global Elites Drive Demand for Private Jets to New Highs

United Nations Is Handing out $800 Debit Cards to Illegal Migrant Families in Mexico Heading to US

Bloomberg: Canadian Wages Shrink amid Mass Immigration

Cinema Forced to Close by Welsh Government for Defying Vaccine Passport Rules

52 Dead In Russian Coal Mine Fire And 38 Missing

Getting Real About Taxes   

Omicron and The Great Reset                 11/27


While the Left Is Now Openly Calling for Communist Revolution, the Stage Was Set for ‘No Church, No Family, No Private Property, US Cities Looted and Burned and All-out Anarchy’ Long Ago

Samsung To Build $17 Billion Chip Factory In Texas, Marking Largest Ever Foreign Investment Into The State

Shipping Prices Up 500%, 1000% For Some Firms

Belarus Leader Alexander Lukashenko Defends Shutting Down, Liquidating “Scum” Globalist Ngo’s s

ICYMI: Sticking It to Gruesome Newsome: Oroville, CA, Declares Itself a ‘Constitutional Republic’ Stops Enforcing State’s Mandates

STUDY: Injecting sulfur into the atmosphere (as Bill Gates is doing) is a recipe for climate disaster

Biden Is Giving 1/3 of Oil Reserves He's Releasing to China and India

Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak?

Democrats Know the Globalists’ Build Back Broke Scheme Represents a Crowning Achievement Worth 2022 Sacrifice

Privilege! Pelosi Buys $25 Million, 11,000-Square Foot Beachside Mansion . . . in DeSantis’ State of Florida! 

BLM Stars GoFundMe for Christmas Parade Massacre Culprit

30 Thugs Wielding Hammers Loot Mall, Jewelry Store as Wave of Mass Thefts Pummels Democrat Dystopia Commiefornia 

MSNBC Calls Waukesha Massacre An ‘Accident’  

White House Stands By Push To End Cash Bail In Wake Of Waukesha Parade Attack

The true story of the 1st Thanksgiving            11/26


Soros-Funded Wisconsin DA Bragged About Bail Reform Before Releasing Waukesha Christmas Parade Terrorist Who Plowed Into Children

Biden to Hire 87,000 New IRS Agents  

Meet Proterra… the New Solyndra! Jennifer Granholm Under Fire for Hyping Electric Vehicle Company She Served on Board of and Held Stock in

Nothing to see here: General Mills to raise prices by 20 percent on hundred of items 

Joe Biden’s Plan for $450K Payouts to Border Crossers Stalls Amidst Backlash

EXC: Gates Foundation Sent Over $54 Million To China Since COVID, Including To Wuhan Collaborators.

BLM Rapper Who Allegedly Attacked Christmas Parade Was Released On $1,000 Bail For Running Over A Woman Last Week

BREAKING: Sixth Victim Dies — An 8-Yr-Old Boy — after Black Lives Matter Supporter Barrels His SUV through Waukesha Christmas Parade

Soros DA just release Waukasha terrorist last week near end of Rittenhouse trial

Thousands of Marines will miss deadline to be ‘fully vaxed’

New 1/6 footage shows Capitol Police kicking young woman to death

NYC May Soon Let 800,000 Non-US Citizens Vote

EPIC! Alex Jones to the Liz Cheney Jan. 6 Committee: I Will Only Testify If It Is Aired on CSPAN Where They Can’t Twist my Words (VIDEO)

Clown World: They’re Testing the Deer          11/24


EXCLUSIVE: How Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Facilitated China’s Colonization of U.S. Research Programs

CRIMINAL DRUG CARTEL: FDA refuses to release Pfizer covid jab data until the year 2076

The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 8 – Food as a Weapon

With huge infusion of cash, SIERRA hopes to get spaceplane, space station off ground

NY Times Breaks This News One Year After Election: Hunter Biden Helped Facilitate Sale of World’s Richest Cobalt Mines from US Company to Chinese Communists

Senate Democrats Trying To Sneak $10 Billion Payoff To Bezos’s Blue Origin In Military Budget

$2 Billion Lawsuit Filed Against Travis Scott, Astroworld Organizers

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Is Hoarding Billions? Families Testify It’s Not Really Free As Advertised

Navy Shipbuilder Backpedals On Vaccine Mandate After Flood Of Employees Threaten To Quit

100 looters ransack Bay Area NORDSTROM

Fill 25 cars with goods in raid lasting less than minute

LOUIS VUITTON store emptied after massive smash-and-grab robbery

Shoplifters Are Looting In Broad Daylight In Blue Cities, Police Hands Are Tied Under Democrat Leadership

A ‘Deep Red’ County Demonstrates How No Kids in Public Schools Are Safe from Radical Leftist Indoctrination

Disaster for Democrats: 63% of Americans Think Parents Should Have ‘Final Say’ in Public Education

Waukesha Attack Suspect ID’d; Was Released on Cash Bail Two Days Ago  

A Registered Sex Offender — Released on $1,000 Bond

Woke Democrat Colorado Officials Ditch ‘Sex Offender’ Term Due to ‘Negative Impacts’ on Sex Offenders

Good Cop Predicts His Video Exposing Crimes in Dept Will Get Him Attacked—He Was Just Fired

Covid and the Smoke of Satan                      11/22


At Least Half of Panel Advising Congress on Drug Policy Had Undisclosed Ties to Drugmakers

Dr. Fauci: Builder of Pharmaceutical Empires

Biden Regime Ignores Courts Again and Tells Businesses to Move Forward with Vaccine Mandate

Philanthropist offers California governor 'unlimited' money to prove COVID booster didn't harm him

“It’s For the People” – Pelosi Defends Tax Cuts for Mega-Rich in Blue States – 2nd Largest Ticket Item in Democrat Spending Bill

House Passes Behemoth Build Back Better $4.91 Trillion Price Tag List: Most Radical Far-left Policies

As Fed Contemplates a Move, Democratic States Lag Furthest in Jobs Recovery

IBM Announces Huge Advances In Quantum Computing

PIRATES masquerading as logistics workers now stealing idle products stuck in broken supply chains

The Number Of Americans On The Dole Mysteriously Jumps Back Above 3 Million

With Oil Prices Up More than 60% in a Year Biden Decides to Sell US Oil Reserves Overseas to Asia

Technocracy Ahead: Digital ID Is Set To Control Your Life

4.4 Million Americans quit their jobs in September, largely due to pandemic stress, childcare challenges

FBI Whistleblower Provided Internal Letter Claims DOJ Used Counterterrorism Tools Against Parents

Iran's Mullahs to Obtain Major Concessions from Biden Admin and EU?

STARBUCKS, AMAZON open cashier-less store in Manhattan

Serial arson: Ex-college professor indicted for starting four Northern California wildfires

Filthy Rich German Shepherd Selling Singer’s Former Mansion

Chukchi Sea ice that didn't melt this summer is now 2+m thick between Wrangel Island and the shore

Make Latin America Great               11/20


Pfizer Secures $5 Billion From US Government For 10 Million Courses Of COVID-19 Pill

Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna each make $65,000 PER MINUTE on covid “vaccine” scam while people suffer from food shortages, collapsing supply chains

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets

New Bill Gives Special Tax Handout to Big Media

China And Russia Make Huge Technological Gains On America Militarily

WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Announces 'Great Narrative' Project

CEO Of American Trucking Association Reveals 37% Of Truckers Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate

FBI Declares War on Anti-Woke American Parents: If You Speak Out, You're a Domestic Terrorist

Food shortage around the world may have been engineered to control populations

CVS Announces It Will Close 900 Stores Over Three Years

Democrats including Adam Schiff, chief “Russiagate” hoaxer, have met with Chinese group that seeks to influence policies favorable to Beijing

An Army of Journalists: How the Tentacles of Bill Gates Are Reaching Deeper Into Mainstream Media

Biden Approval Drops To 36%     

The Russiagate Whitewash Era Begins          11/19


EXC: Jan 6 Commission Member Rep. Elaine Luria Has Six Figure Investments In Chinese Communist Party 'Tool.'

The Road to Fascism: Paved with Vaccine Mandates and Corporate Collusion

NIH claims co-ownership of Moderna COVID vaccine patent, demonstrating how taxpayer money is used to develop therapeutics that make drug companies wealthy

Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna Making Combined Profits of $93.5 Million a Day: Analysis

Build Back Bigger Taxes

Biden Admin's Promise That $1.85T Spending Bill Would Cost 'Zero Dollars' Just Hit Wall of Reality

GOP Sen. Braun: Dems Appropriating Money to Tear Down Trump‘s Border Wall

Illegal Immigrants Would Get $10.5 Billion From Reconciliation Bill

Scientists now developing mRNA vegetables so that grocery stores can sell “vaccines” hidden in food

Average New Car Price Surges To $46,036

Enter Nicholas Sandmann: Offers Support to Kyle Rittenhouse, Encourages Him to Sue the Pants Off of the Media

IBM Says It’s Achieved A Huge Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Food as a Weapon: Starving Us Into Submission

Hidden on Page 1,647 of Biden's Huge Spending Bill Is a Plan Allowing Illegals to Get Billions of Dollars

53 DAYS LATER – AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: “Why Haven’t We Heard Anything From Brnovich Yet?” – Arizona Wants Answers NOW!

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Wisconsin Election Officials Admitted to Telling Election Officials to Break the Law Before 2020 Presidential Election

Mexico's World Bank-Funded Mandatory Biometric Database Raises Serious Ethical and Legal Questions

National School Boards Association CONSPIRED with Biden’s White House to craft “domestic terrorism” letter that resulted in FBI, DOJ targeting parents

Build Back Better - wasting trillions               11/17


Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets

‘Complicit’: A Field Guide to the Lack of Infrastructure Funding in Signed Bill Green, Woke, Equity Carveouts in $1.2 Trillion Hoax No Conservative Victories

Biden Infrastructure Czar Advises Pro-China Group

Report: RINO Liz Cheney’s Husband Works for Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm 

Study: Build Back Better Act Costs $4.91 Trillion

Build Back Bankrupt Biden’s Spending Bill Drops Key Child Tax Credit Requirement That Could Pay out Billions to Illegal Immigrants

Apple Making Taxpayers Pay for Rollout of Digital ID Card in Some States

Gretchen Witchmer Vetoes Bill to Forgive, Refund COVID-19 Fines

CLAIM: Farmers ordered by government to destroy crops, more food shortages coming

San Francisco Walgreens Temporarily Shuts Due To ‘Severe Rat Infestation’

Woke Seattle Pizza Shops Shame Unvaxxed, Require Vaccination for to-Go Orders

GUNSTER: Foreign-Funded Ballot Measure Decision Demands States' Attention.

When They Gaslight Everything             11/16


This Is How They Intend to Get Us to Accept ‘You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy’

How US Big Business Is Helping China Dominate the Important Battle for Silicon Chip Dominance

CCP Accuses US Of "Building Trade Barricades" By Not Allowing Intel To Produce Semi Components In China so THEY can STEAL Everything EASIER

Biden Effect: Gas Prices in California Reach All-Time Record High at $4.68 per Gallon

Robert Kennedy Jr Describes the Global Covid-19 Censorship Designed by Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech

The Federal Government and Big Business: An Unholy Alliance 

ICYMI: Record 4.4 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs as Great Resignation Shows No Signs of Stopping

St. Jude Hoards Billions While Many of Its Families Drain Their Savings

Globalist Puppet Biden’s FCC Nominee Is Heavily Connected to George Soros

China’s Coal Production Hits Highest Level in Years to Shore up Supplies This Winter Amid UN Global Climate Conference (and US Coal Shortages)

Famed Chinese Dissident: U.S. ‘Already in Authoritarian State,’ ‘Dangerous’ Wokeism Like Mao Revolution

How Cultural Marxism Is Grinding Down Our Public Schools

Whistleblower Teacher Warns: CRT ‘Absolutely Everywhere’ In Schools

China Overtakes US as Richest Nation in ‘National Balance Sheet’ Study

Why The Left Always Projects             11/15


The Great Reset Is Real, and It Is Taking No Prisoners

Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School for Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’ 

Vaccine mandates Cloward-Piven plan to destroy USA, end capitalism

Elitists at MSNBC claim that Biden’s rampant inflation is actually a good thing, though it is hitting America’s poor the hardest

Great Reset Watch: A Cashless Society Is Coming

America Is Short A Whopping 80,000 Truck Drivers

John Kerry Lobbying Against Legislation To Ban Import Of Chinese Goods Produced By Slave Labor

Report: Record 164 Ships Wait Off California Coast to Unload Goods

American household debt reaches record high of $15 trillion

Record Number Robot Workers Added

Joe Biden Sides with Chinese Solar Manufacturers Evading U.S. Tariffs

‘Planned-Opolis’: Take a Virtual Tour of Your Dystopian Future Techno-Prison

New IRS reporting rules send chills throughout crypto world

Net Zero' Will Make Wall Street Richer at Main Street's Expense – Follow the money…on who benefits from...

Amazon Pushes for Indirect Taxpayer Subsidy Through USPS Handout

Did Regime AG Merrick Garland Lie Under Oath? Memo Confirms National School Board Group ‘Actively Engaged’ With Biden-Harris Regime While Drafting ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Letter

BLM Leader Threatens ‘Riots, Fire, Bloodshed’ in New York City if Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Gets Tough on Crime

YouTube Hides the 'Dislike' Counter in Obvious Attempt to Shield Biden Regime.

The CCP Committed An Act Of War             11/12


Impoverished Indians drop dead of starvation after Bill Gates-backed biometric “Mark of the Beast” system DENIES rice rations

10 States Sue to Block Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

11 Supply Chain Trade Groups Sue Biden-Harris Regime Over VAXX Mandate

Bitcoin Adoption Is The Start Of A Digital Revolution

BREAKING: Inflation Hits Three Decade High Under Joe Biden — October Inflation at 6.2% #SenileBiden

Evergrande Makes Another Last Minute Interest Payment After Selling Private Jets, Pledging Chairman's Mansions

Biden’s Marxist Treasury Nominee Saule Omarova Wants to Bankrupt, ‘Starve’ Fossil Fuel Industry to Tackle “Climate Change”

Decarbonization TERRAFORMING of planet Earth is now under way… giant machines to be installed in Iowa to suck “life molecules” out of the atmosphere and cause global crops to FAIL

KA-BOOM! President Trump Announces Launch of Program to Boycott Woke Leftist Businesses: ‘There Are More of Us Than There Are of Them’

LAPD Advises City Residents to 'Cooperate and Comply' with Robbers

Pelosi, Clinton Finance Director Becomes Lobbyist For Chinese Chamber Of Commerce.

“Free” Interactive Kiosks Surveil Everyone While Scooping Up Their Personal Information

Backlog of Container Ships at California Port Reaches Record High

General Electric To Split Into Three Public Companies

South Africa plunged into darkness by rampant theft at power utility

Hunter Makes Flashy NYC Art Scene Debut At Gallery Show For His Pricey Paintings

San Francisco Elections Department Certifies Recall Election of Soros-Funded Lawless DA for June

Woman who livestreamed her looting spree in Chicago released from prison the same day she arrived to serve her 17-month sentence

The Left’s Next Move: Double The IRS          11/11


Dear Leader Biden’s Build Back Bankrupt Plan Includes Amnesty for 8 Million Illegal Aliens

Ron DeSantis: ‘Nobody, No Cop, No Firefighter, No Nurse, Nobody Should Be Losing Their Jobs Because of These Jabs’

Dr. Marco Metzler: Evergrande missed second past due interest payment in a week-is bankrupt-could drag down real estate sector/HSBC & world financial system

Xi Prepares To Rule For Life With Rare 'Historical Resolution'

US Gasoline Prices Vault To New 7-Year High

Audits reveal U.S. school boards abusing COVID relief funds

Radical Left Loses Their Minds Over Small Business Expansion in Florida

Remington Firearms Will Invest $100M To Move Headquarters From NY To GA

Walmart, Trucking Company Begin 1st Fully Driverless Delivery Route

In 2022, “Things aren’t gonna get done” on an absolutely massive scale

Biden Targets Another US Pipeline For Shutdown After 'Begging' Saudis For More Oil

Two New Jersey “Republicans” in Pro-Trump Districts Vote for Biden’s ‘Communist Takeover’ Infrastructure Bill

Deleted Webpages Reveal Bill Gates Praising Chinese Communist Party Group’s ‘Friendship’

Scott Presler: “I’d Like to Inject America First Policies into the Feckless Republican Party – a Party in a Bubble” (VIDEO)

Possible Recount Looms in New Jersey Governor's Race as Votes Still Being Tallied

Biden's Border                                11/9


UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System

Here’s Why Vaccine Mandates Are a Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy USA and End Capitalism

Here's Everything America Gets For $1.2 Trillion In Infrastructure Spending - Including The Crazy Stuff

Democrat Scheme to Offshore American Jobs Rubber-Stamped by 32 Republicans

Booming Businesses in the Covid Economy

Dystopia Down Under: Thousands of Australians With Unpaid Fines for Breaking Covid Rules Have Bank Accounts Raided and Property Seized As Tyrannical Government Chases Millions in Fees

COVID-1984: Vax Mandate for Small Business Next?

Global Food Prices Spiral out of Control as Supply Problems Continue

4% Of Americans Say They Have Quit Their Jobs Thanks To Their Crypto Gains

After Earlier Calling Reports ‘Garbage’, Biden Confirms Obscene Plan to Pay Illegal Aliens as Much as $450K Each

Biden Considers Killing Another US Pipeline As Oil Crisis Continues

Bill Gates Urges US And UK To Spend Billions Of Dollars Practicing ‘Germ Games’ ARREST BILL GATES

100% Discrimination: One of World’s Largest Investment Firms Will Need Permission to Hire White Men

Hong Kong's Most Prominent Global Newspaper Could Soon Come Under CCP State Control

Maté: Russiagate Has No Rock-Bottom             11/8


RINOs: Here Are the 13 Republicans Who Helped Pelosi Pass Dangerous Infrastructure Bill

Must Watch: Rep. Steve Scalise SHREDS Biden’s Disaster ‘Build Back Better’ Package In Firey Late Night Hearing – Millions of Illegals Will Be Granted Amnesty, Trillions in Additional Taxes and Debt

Trucking Groups Could Lose 37% Of Drivers Over Biden Vaccine Mandate, Worsening Supply Chain Crisis

Epic Fail: L.A. Ports Are More Clogged Now Than Before Biden’s Supply Chain ‘Fix’

If Americans don’t fight back, OSHA’s medical tyranny will expand to all businesses, regardless of employee count

100,450,000 People Not in Labor Force – No Job and Not Even Looking

4 Things to Know About Politically Connected, Activist BlackRock and Its China Investments

Money v. Truth: The Bad News/Good News About George Soros’ Good News Inc.

“Ha Ha Ha! That is Hilarious!” – Biden Energy Secretary Laughs When Asked About Biden’s Plans to Bring Gas Prices Down (VIDEO)

Report: Myanmar Military Disappeared ‘Hundreds of Millions’ in COVID Aid

(VIDEO) AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: “I Want To See PERP WALKS. I Want To See ARRESTS And I’m Going To Bear Down On The Issue Until We Do.”

Parents united! Anti-critical race theory candidates for school board win big around the country in rejection of Marxist curriculum

STEM Administrator: ‘When We Tell You CRT Isn’t Taught in Our Schools, We’re Lying’

Social Engineering in TV Commercials               11/6


Follow The Money! 'Big Pharma Mafia' Is 'Making A Killing' Off Americans Dying - Americans Forced To Get Vaxxes That Don’t Work But Produce Billions For Them And Their US Govt Enablers

UNREAL: Federal Elections Commission Votes to Allow Foreigners to Fund Local US Ballot Initiatives and Congressional Redistricting Efforts

Wharton Study blows up lie that BBB is Free …Net Cost $2.42 Trillion

Plans Of A Technocratic Elite: 'The Great Reset' Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Iowa governor signs new law allowing workers fired over vaccine noncompliance to apply for unemployment benefits

Sold Out: The Coal Shortage Is Intensifying

U.S. Labor Productivity Crashes 5%, Worst Decline in 40 Years

San Francisco Mandating Covid Vax For All 5- to 11-Year-Olds to Access Businesses

Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is Worse Than We Thought: Look How He's Punishing Unvaxxed Employees

Federal Reserve expected to raise interest rates earlier than expected due to rapid inflation

Amnesty to Cost Taxpayers More Than $500 Billion

Learjet liberals against gasoline and goshawks in Glasgow

Jan 6th Political Prisoner Chris Worrell to be IMMEDIATELY Transferred OUT of DC Gitmo After Surprise Inspection Found “Deplorable” Conditions and Denial of Medical Treatment

More Americans Now Oppose Than Support 'Black Lives Matter', New Poll Finds

CNN’s October Ratings Collapse To 661,000 Primetime Viewers

Drug Addicts Complain Heroin Was Replaced With Chinese Fentanyl Around Time Of Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

The Sovietization Of America

POLL: Cancel Culture is Cancelled.            11/5


Grocer: "Out Of 145 Orders, Only 41 Were Delivered" - Thanksgiving Shortages And Prices Spikes "Should" Awaken Americans that Trusted MSM Lies

Fitts: Toward Global Technocracy And Slavery

Bombshell: How The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act & Supply Chain Crisis Are All Tied To This (Video start at 14 min.)

Biden Administration’s Grand Plan – Give Up Big Dreams, Settle For “Basic Necessities”

Charlie Robinson Interview — The SPARS Pandemic Exercise & The Next Steps Of The Illusion

Explosive: How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries for COVID Shots

Not A Joke: Taliban Asks for International Aid to Help It Fight…Climate Change

Chinese Govt Tells Citizens to Stockpile Food Before Winter As U.S. Govt Mocks Americans Concerned About Shortages

Ron DeSantis Announces Full-Time Police Unit to Catch Election Cheats, Democrats Reduced to Histrionics 

Greta Crashes COP26 To Call Bull$hit On Carbon 'Offsets', Still Hasn't Heard Of China

Republicans Slam Biden Admin Efforts To Nationalize Education

“Shocker”: Pentagon Review Finds “No Misconduct” Or Legal Violations In Kabul Drone Strike That Killed Children

One Year After 'CHAZ', Republican Ann Davison Wins Seattle City Attorney

‘We Need The Police’: Minneapolis Voters Reject Measure To Abolish Police

The Manufacture of Decline                11/4


The Great Reset, Part VI: Plans of a Technocratic Elite

Underlying Inflation Jumps to Fastest Pace in 31 Years

From Boeing to Mercedes, a U.S. Worker Rebellion Swells Over Vaccine Mandates

Tens of billions of dollars worth of cargo lay anchored outside American ports as Biden-induced supply chain collapse worsens

China Junk Bond Yields Hit All Time High As Property Default Contagion Spreads, Home Sales Plunge 32%

"Joe Biden And His Puppet Show" Spuriously Bankroll The Invasion And Overthrow Of America

Dems Propose Massive Tax Cut for Rich in Budget Deal

Outrageous! San Diego County to Implement 4-Cent-Per-Mile Car Tax

Gas Prices Up $1.25 A Gallon Over Past Year, Home Heating Fuel Costs Expected To Skyrocket This Winter

Pedophilia-Linked, One-World Government Globalist Prince Charles Calls for ‘Vast Military-Style Campaign’ by Elites to Achieve Global ‘Fundamental Economic Transition’ [to One-World Government Communism]

Chi-Com Agent Eric Swalwell Living the High Life Using Campaign Cash

Ambush-Style Attacks on Police Up 139 Percent From Last Year: Union

Minneapolis Voters Reject Measure to Replace Police Department

US Army Announces It Now Identifies As Winner Of Afghan War

The Real Life PURGE of America               11/3


Member of CDC’s Advisory Board Who Approves “Vaccines” Was Quietly Paid $437,250 Last Year by VAXX Makers

New economic data provides definitive proof: Joe Biden and Democrats are intentionally crashing U.S. economy so they can remake it in the image of communism

The Federal Reserve’s Assault on Savers Continues

Next: 1,000 Private Jets Will Assemble In Davos To Execute The Great Reset

Justice Department Has Charged 750+ People (So Far) for Swindling $614 Million in U.S. COVID Relief Funds

Xi Jinping Scolds World on Climate Change While China Keeps Polluting

China Using Stolen U.S. Tech To ‘Build A Military That Can Defeat Ours,’ Says Ex-CIA Officer

Report: China Built 2, First-Ever Supercomputers That Can Do Quintillion Calculations A Second

China's 'Satellite Crusher': 'Space Pearl Harbor' Is Coming

Top U.S. General Warns About China’s Military Progress, U.S. Problems: ‘We Have To Do Something’

Internet Of Bodies: Using CRISPR To Electrically Connect And Control The Genome

Elon Musk Challenges UN Over Child Abuse Sex Scandal

Mother of Manchester Arena jihad mass murderer pocketed more than $23,000 in UK benefits after leaving the country

Limo Lib: Biden Betrays Mother Earth, Rides in 85-Vehicle Motorcade Before Attending UN Climate Summit

‘Whatever the left accuses you of is exactly what they are doing.’

Billionaire Mega-Donor at Center of Hunter Biden “Art” Sales Raises Ethics Concerns

Is stealing wrong? Not on the left             11/2


Globalists bow to biggest polluter China on Coal

FASCISM IN ACTION: Multiple FDA committee members who green-lighted Pfizer “vaccines” for children have financial ties to Pfizer

Rothschild Puppet Emmanuel Macron Vows to 'PUNISH' Britain for Brexit

Two Major Cities Launch Universal Basic Income Pilot Programs to Solidify Welfare State’s Hold Over the Poor

Why is Meta (Facebook) scooping up virtual reality companies?  

China’s Property Woes Put Prestige Global Projects in Play

China’s electronic money may bring surveillance state to private wallets worldwide

US Coal Miners "All Sold Out" For 2022

Europe's Energy Crisis Better Wake America Up

Big Government Crushes Small Business Dreams

Caravan of “Migrants” REFUSES Offer of Work Visas From Mexican Government

VIDEO: Documentary Exposing Terry McAuliffe's Failed Electric Car Company, Ties To China Resurfaces

Blue State Blues: Record Number of Students Flee Nation’s Largest Public School Districts

Mask Theatrics At G20: Global Leaders Remove Masks After Posing For Cameras

RINO Lindsey Graham Continues to Push Through Biden’s Judges

Minneapolis Residents Set to Vote on Dismantling Police Department

Something Big is Coming                 11/1


Communist ‘Social Credit’ Pioneer Brags System Can Shut Down Grassroots Movements

Montana Memo Revealed: DOJ Blueprint to Persecute and Intimidate Parents

Again? U.S. Government Just Poured $125 Million Into Gain-of-Function Lab Leak Research this Month

Crazy Al Gore Said the Entire Polor Ice Cap Would be Melted in 5 Years – That Was 13 Years Ago… Now He Says We Need to Get Rid of 80% of US Energy Sources

Officers Seize More Than $48 Million in Meth at Southern Border    

Biden’s Doo-Doo Economics                       10/30


REPARATIONS FOR FOREIGN CRIMINALS: Biden-Harris Regime Reportedly Considering Giving $450,000 — $1,000,000 PER FAMILY to Foreign Invaders Who Claim Their Families Were Separated Under the Trump Administration

Framework Costs $1.75T, Includes $1.995 Trillion In Tax Hikes

‘Unconscionable’: Pfizer, Moderna to rake in combined $93 billion in 2022 COVID vaccine sales

Poll: 5% Of Unvaccinated Adults Have Quit Their Jobs Due To Vaccine Mandates

Victoria, Australia, to become a “vaccinated economy” with endless boosters – no unvaccinated allowed to function in society

EXPOSED: U.S. Navy’s Plans to Issue Blanket Rejection for ALL Religious Exemptions to the Covid Vaccine Mandate Despite Directly Violating Several Naval Procedures

In blatant act of executive overreach, Gov. Inslee to mandate covid jabs for all private businesses in Washington

‘Gun to Our Head’ – E.U. Tries to Force Poland Into Submission with €1 Million Per Day Fines

The Single Best Investment Of All Time? From $8000 To $5.7 Billion In 14 Months

Report: McDonald’s Raises Prices, Closes Stores

Trump Labels Zuckerberg A ‘Criminal’ Over 2020 Donations

Biden prioritizes gender-based issues over supply shortages and inflation

Consumers’ Research Slams BlackRock’s Close Ties to the Chinese Communist Party

The New Brownshirts: GOP Warns Climate ‘Youth Patrols’ Buried in Biden Agenda, Shows What That Might Look Like

WINNING! ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Songs Have 4 Spots on iTunes Top 10

McCarthy Claims $200 Million for Pelosi’s Park Remains in Reconciliation Bill

Facebook Changes Its Corporate Name To ‘Meta’

We’re Saved! Bill Gates latest big climate investment is . . . milk – ‘This milk fights climate change'

DOJ: Seven Companies Hired Illegal Aliens in Million-Dollar Fraud Scheme

Victor Davis Hanson: The Ignoble Lie           10/29


WATCH: Project Veritas Part II: Sr. Advisor Reveals NJ Governor Murphy Secretly Funneled $40 Million In Taxpayer Funds To Illegals and Plans to Give Millions More – Says Truth Would Be Like “Political Suicide” For His Re-Election

Propaganda: World Economic Forum Launches ‘Great Narrative’ Initiative

Report: Build Back Better Act to Have $500 Billion in Climate Carveouts

FCC Votes to Terminate China Telecom’s Operations in US Over National Security Concerns

Why Democrats’ Scheme to Tax UNREALIZED Capital Gains Should Terrify You

Through History, Dictators Disguised Tyranny With Fancy Bows: Whether Biden's Re-Education Camps, Orwell's Joycamps Or 'Hillary's Fun Camps', Their Goals Are Indoctrination And Genocide

Spending Just $28 a Day Could Make the IRS Spy on You Under Democrats’ Bank Surveillance Scheme

Europe’s Digital Services Act: on a Collision Course With Human Rights

Trucking Alliance warns of impending doom if vaxx passports are mandated

Report: Democrats Scramble to Invent Fresh Methods of Leveraging the IRS Against Americans

The CEO Of Blackstone Is Warning That "A Real Shortage Of Energy" (planned) Will Cause Social Unrest All Over The Planet

DeSantis Blasts Republican 'Boneless Wonders,' Totally Destroys 'Fake News' Media  

Warrant Issued for Former Clinton Global Initiative Co-Chair Steve Bachar on Charges of Securities Fraud and Felony Theft

Chicago To Launch Huge Universal Basic Income Program

Illinois Supreme Court Rules Tax on Guns and Ammo is Unconstitutional

A Global Oil Shortage Is Inevitable         10/28


Big Pharma Cash Cow: Moderna CEO States Likelihood for “Booster” Shots EVERY YEAR

Florida Jobs Grow At Three Times US Rate, Report Shows

America becomes North Korea: Re-education camps announced by the CDC, grocery stores display cardboard food printouts to hide bare shelves while Biden babbles

China Tells Evergrande Billionaire to Pay off His Insolvent Company’s $300 Billion in Debt with His $8 Billion in Worth

San Francisco Prosecutors Quit, Align Against Soros-Bankrolled Democrat District Attorney

Covid Economics: How Central Planning Tyrants Ruined The World

SUPPLY CHAIN PAIN: Shoppers See Record Number of Out-of-Stock Messages as They Scan Retail Websites

Biden Pledges $102 Million to Southeast Asian Nations for Pandemic Relief and Climate Action

Bezos to launch luxury space station

Daily SA: Dark money groups shipping caravans to U.S. border

Communist Political Commissars Installed At U.S. Air Force Academy

New Billionaire Venture Focused on ‘Disinformation’ Exposes the Left’s Fight for Monopoly on Truth

‘World’s Worst Offenders’ Putin & Xi Skip Climate Summit Dubbed “Humanity’s Last Chance”

Three studies reveal natural phenomena, not humans, behind global warming

Our Woke Fed                                  10/27


Why Is America Financing the Chinese War Machine?

Biden’s Treasury Nominee to Regulate US Banking Is Open Marxist Who Joined Facebook Marxist Analysis Page in 2019

Microsoft Patent Application Publication WO/2020/060606: Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data

The Shadowy Big-Money Group Behind NewsGuard, the Internet’s ‘Thought Police’ to Enforce COVID Narratives That Benefit Big Pharma

8 Ridiculous ‘Green New Deal’ Programs in Democrats’ Bloated Spending Bill

Tesla’s Market Value Tops $1 Trillion After Hertz Orders 100,000 Cars

Magnificent Mile No More: Chicago Is Blighted by Shoplifting as Left-Wing AG Stops Prosecuting Shoplifters Who Steal Less Than $1000 of Goods

BREAKING: Fulton County Georgia Ordered More Than One Million Absentee Ballots from Printer Days Before the 2020 Election Knowing There Was No Time to Mail Them Out – Why?

BOMBSHELL! Democrats Suppressed Republican Voters Using Illegal Pentagon Psyop Technology

How Virginia Democrats Are Working To Make Elections Sloppy Again

Demand for Forensic Audits of 2020 Election in All 50 States Rapidly Gaining Support

Democratic Fundraising Powerhouse ActBlue Amassed Nearly $150 Million From Small Donors With Misleading Sales Pitch, Documents Show

Democrats' massive $3.5T "budget reconciliation" bill includes mass amnesty for illegals, which is why they are they are allowing border to remain wide open

Sam Faddis: America’s Bolsheviks – Changing History And Changing The Game

The collapsing American military               10/26



Ron DeSantis Announces Florida’s Job Growth Rate Is 3X the National Rate

Depopulationist Bill Gates and the Uncertain Future of Food Security

Pfizer bullied, blackmailed government officials to push covid vaccines and maximize corporate profits

ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION: The Three Big Pharma Companies with COVID Vaccines Authorized for Emergency Use All Employ Former FDA Commissioners

Peter Schweizer: ‘Ban Buying And Selling Of Individual Shares Of Stock’ By Lawmakers

Bill Gates Raises $1 Billion From Corporate America To Fight Climate Change

"RV Capital Of The World" Sees Influx Of New Residents As Americans Abandon Big-City Living

‘Hard to Know Where Pandemic Relief Money Went,’ Admits Federal Spending Watchdog

Australia Blocks China With $1.6 Billion Takeover of South Pacific Telco

Biden Can’t Figure Out How to Unload Container Ships in LA – Now Price of Shipping a Container Is 4.5 Times What It Was Last Year

Shadow Inflation: Shipping Costs Are Up Way More Than You Think

In Major Move, First Major US City Bans Cops from Enforcing Victimless Traffic Laws

Mexico: Fentanyl trade creates “totally overwhelming” combination of gangs and corrupt officials

Fox News Censors Final Epic Words of Marine Veteran Who Took Down Convenience Store Armed Robber

American trapped in Afghanistan pens heart-wrenching letter to Biden

State Plans for Government-Sanctioned 'Injection Sites,' Would Evaluate Quality of Hard Drugs and Allow Users to shoot up

His 11-Yr-Old Daughter Inspired Him to Speak Out Against Vaccine Mandates . . . and When He Did, His Powerful Story About Being Fired From His Highly Specialized Job Went Viral

DeSantis Offers Police $5,000 Bonus To Relocate To Florida Amid Vaccine Mandates

Here Come the Re-Education Camps!             10/25


Supermarket chain owner predicts 10% food price hike in the next 60 days

'Build Back... You Know, The Thing': Americans Have No Idea What's In Biden's Economic Plan

California Democrats Drove Truckers Out of Business; Now Store Shelves Are Empty

Cargo ship backlogs in California hit record high as supply chain crisis worsens

GE Workers Walk Out To Protest The Vaccine Mandate

Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Gets $200 Million Bounty For Tip On Libor Misconduct

Biden Ditches Alaska Oil Drilling Project Which KILLS Thousands Of Jobs

Trudeau: Pan-Canadian vaccine passport coming

Acclaimed Chinese war propaganda film bodes ill for US relations

China-India Military Talks FAIL! What It Means

Clown Show: US Intelligence Agencies Release New Report on Dangers of Global Warming Just Weeks After Losing Afghanistan to Taliban

Biden exposes himself on national TV

The VPN empire built by intelligence agents         10/23



Southwest pays a huge price for trying to force-vaxx employees… 75 million big ones and now they’re having to scale back flights

Blacklisted Huawei Paid Tony Podesta $500K To Lobby Biden Admin During Same Quarter CFO Released

Billions Worth of American Tech Licenses Approved for Blacklisted Chinese Companies  

AG Garland Says He’s “Not Aware” Zuckerberg Poured Over $400 Million To Interfere In The 2020 Presidential Election And Takeover Polling Places

Runaway Bidenflation Transport Costs Explode: $17,000 to Ship Container to CA from Asia…Up from $3,800 in 2020!

Why Congress Should Say No To An IRS Power Grab

72% Believe IRS Already Collects Too Much Information; Think More Privacy Protections Are Required

“We Don’t Need Congress” Biden Regime Plans to Ram Through Radical Climate Change Agenda By Circumventing Democratic Process If Plans Are Not Included in $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill (VIDEO)

Merrick Garland Stonewalls on Blatant Conflict of Interest Over His Anti-Parent Order Financially Benefiting His Leftist Son-in-Law

Fauci Received Big Pay Increase To Prevent Pandemics

Video Of Mystery Man Goading Trump Supporters To 'Enter Capitol' Surfaces

EXCLUSIVE: International Journalist Shares on Italian Government’s Actions Setting Up Rome Protesters Using Same Tactics as US Capitol Police on Jan 6

Report: Dave Chappelle Doubles Down, Planning U.S. Tour If Netflix Cancels ‘The Closer’

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland’s Wife Connected to Voting Machine Vendor ES&S

Free College cut from infrastructure bill              10/22


ECONOMIC TERRORISM: U.S. Treasury says store shelves will remain empty until everyone gets vaccinated for covid

Report: ABC, CBS, NBC Report ‘0 Seconds’ on Joe and Hunter Shared Bank Account

Lancet COVID Origins Investigator Wins $1 Million Chinese Prize For Claiming Virus Developed Naturally.

Pharmacy Hands Out ‘Blue Pill’ Jellybeans to Reward People For Getting Vaccinated

There is a $102 Million Nationwide Initiative to Build ‘Pipeline’ of Equity-Focused SJW K-12 School Principals

Joe Goes Radical: Joins Far-Left Push for $1.9T Spending Bill

Small Business Owners Testify That Worker Shortages Greatest Issue Impacting Their Companies

Newsom’s Priorities: Homelessness, Crime, Or Runaway Debt? Nope… Gender Neutral Toy Aisles

"It's Like A Zombie Apocalypse Walking Into Parts Of San Francisco": Addict's Mother Decries

Biden Caves to Unions Again, Sabotaging Consumers

Unopposed SCOTUS Decision Delivers Devastating News to BLM - Police Will Rejoice

Laurene Powell Jobs – The Money Behind The Border Debacle

Poll: Majority of Working Class Americans Want Less Immigration

It Takes A Lot Of Education To Keep Us This Stupid

The ‘News,’ Brought to You by Pfizer 

Newman: "Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening"

China-Owned TikTok BANS Anti-Biden 'Let's Go Brandon' Song

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile dying from an all too predictable cause

White Rage for Dummies                      10/21


FEAST and FAMINE: Banking industry puts COVID-19 pandemic in rearview mirror while millions continue to suffer from food scarcity

Procter & Gamble Executive Announces Prices of Household Staples Will Be Increased 'Week After Week'

Reconciling Medical Tyranny: Massive Fines Tucked Into Spending Bill Are Worse Than Biden’s Upcoming Vaccine Mandate

Leaked Contracts Reveal Pfizer Used its Power to “Shift Risk and Maximize Profits” in Negotiations with Governments

DELUSIONAL: Pfizer CEO thinks his company has done more “good to humanity” than any other company in history

Tesla’s Latest Debacle Shatters Conservative Myth of “Get Woke, Go Broke”

Record-breaking 100 Ships Anchored, Waiting at Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports

Emerging World Hands Dems A "$750 Billion Bill" For Climate Change Ahead Of Glasgow Summit

Obama’s multibillion-dollar coal plant that never worked implodes

Your Tax Dollars Working for You: Local Gov’t Employees Took Hundreds of Hours of Paid Time Off To Elect Democrat Raphael Warnock, Docs Show

Housing Starts Unexpectedly Plunged in September

“Overall We Can Contain the Evergrande Risk” Says China’s Central Bank But What About Other Companies, Banks and Government Risks?

Biden Flying Border Crossers to New York, Florida in Middle of Night

On this day in History: Magellan sets out to circumnavigate the seas

Moms to School Boards, DOJ: ‘Parents’ Rights Are Fundamental and Supreme’

Pennsylvania joins 10 other states in withdrawing from National School Boards Association over covid fascism

It Takes A Lot Of Education To Keep Us This Stupid

Seattle Police Fired Over the Vaccine Mandate Are Out Feeding the Homeless and Poor

Killer of Detroit Firefighter Out on Bail           10/20


WTF!? Biden's USAID Launches $125 Million Project To Find 12,000 New Viruses.

Are You Prepared For The Mass Repricing Of Goods And Services?

4 Scary Charts Show How Fast the Federal Government is Heading Toward Fiscal Disaster

Andrew McCabe Wins Full Pension In Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Settlement

Leader of California’s Largest Labor Union Quits After Tax, Embezzlement Charges

Legalized Plunder Has Been Supercharged in America

Hundreds of Kids as Young as 7, Jailed in Tennessee — Some for Crimes That Don’t Exist

College works to fire tenured professor fighting to maintain rigorous math standards

El Salvador Explores Bitcoin Mining Powered By Volcanoes

Iran successfully hacked over 250 Microsoft accounts linked to US and Israeli defense technology companies

Amazon just launched a new robot that roams around your home, SPYING on you and uploading audio and video to company servers

Loudoun County Superintendent Appears To Admit District Violated State Law By Not Reporting Sexual Assault

Abandoned by Biden and With Winter Fast Approaching, Afghans Forced to Sell off Their Own Children

Joe Is Getting Ready To Hand The Taliban Billions

Joe Biden: “I Make Big Money Now That I’m President” (VIDEO)  

Violence up 42% over 2019                10/18


EXCLUSIVE: COVID relief funds distributed to cities and states require full compliance with Biden vax mandates; counties can use money to bankrupt and REPLACE local businesses

MERRICK GARLAND Threat Against Parent’s 1st Amendment Right Backfires…Dad Serves Stunned School Board With $200 Million Lawsuit In Middle of Meeting [VIDEO]

It’s Happening: Global Elites Plotting to Destroy Americans’ Personal Wealth

Planed-demic Wiped Out Entire Savings Of 20% Of US Households

88% of Small Business Owners Hurt by Supply Chain Disruptions

Corruption in the midst of pandemic: Government to pay $1.2B for $30M-worth of treatment courses of new covid drug

WH Begs Oil Companies for Cheaper Fuel–Days After Biden Boasts About Suspending Drilling

China Mocks Climate Targets With Plans To Build More Coal Power Plants

REVEALED: Democrats to Create Climate Change Police Force in Senate Reconciliation Deal

Crazy: Massive $3.5 trillion spending bill Pelosi, Biden trying to ram down America’s throat contains a billion taxpayer dollars for pathetic media that lies about everything

Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Relationship With Shadowy Chinese Tycoon

Biden Administration Announces Plans For 7 Offshore Wind Farms By 2025

As Predicted by President Trump: Communist NYC Mayor Bill de Bozo Calls for Removal of Statue of Thomas Jefferson, the Author of the Declaration of Independence

Colleges pay out millions in legal fees to defend ‘woke’ policies

ANALYSIS: Woke teaching programs create K-12 'Social Justice Educators'

New Hunter laptop emails reveal Obama-Biden White House gave ‘special favors’ to his consulting firm: report

134,000 Illegal Migrants Entered the EU in 2021; Up 61 Percent Year Over Year

Gas Prices Hit Seven-Year High              10/15


Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The "Crusade" Against Climate Change

Confronting a Financial Assault on America's Future

Serious financial problems afflict 40% households

DEVELOPING: China’s Property Sector Bonds Are ‘Getting Smoked’ – Will China’s Economic Woes Impact the Rest of the World?

China Launches Anti-Graft Campaign in Finance Sector Amid Economic Woes

Southwest Airlines “sickout” protest spreads to Amtrak, which is canceling trains due to employees refusing covid “vaccination”

Pelosi: ‘Yes, Yes, Yes,’ IRS $600 Snooping Scheme Will Be Part of “Reconciliation” Bill

Yellen: IRS Plan to Monitor $600+ Bank Transactions ‘Absolutely Not’ Spying

Goldman Picks Winners And Losers In Battle For $20 Billion COVID Antiviral Market

Poland To Improve Border By Spending Over $400 Million On New Wall 

Seriously? Biden to send millions in reparations to the Taliban?

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig Calls For Forensic Audit of 2020 Election

Commission Registers European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Request for Legislation to Better Protect All Lifeforms from 5G, other EMFs

NYTimes: Suburban De-Zoning Doubles Housing Prices

Wisconsin’s Election Probe Zeroes In On Democrat Machine Tactics, Rule Changes

Robot Dogs Now Have Assault Rifles Mounted On Their Backs

New Revelations of The Laptop From Hell       10/14


A Record 4.3 Million Workers Quit Their Jobs In August

EXPLOSIVE: Joe Biden Could Become Embroiled in the FBI’s Probe Into Hunter’s Finances, Experts Say: Emails Reveal They SHARED Bank Accounts, Paid Each Other’s Bills and the President May Have Even Have Funded His Son’s 2018 Drug and Prostitution Binge

US government pays Merck $712 for 5-day molnupiravir course that only costs $17.74 to manufacture

Rigged: Biden Has Already Bought 1.7 Million of Merck’s $700 “Covid” Pill That Has Yet to Be Approved by the FDA

Yellen On $600 IRS Reporting Requirement: ‘There’s A Lot Of Tax Fraud And Cheating That’s Going On’

Walgreens Closes 5 More San Francisco Locations Amid Ongoing Retail Theft

China’s bond market implosion now a financial CONTAGION as debt defaults spread

China orders more coal & energy funding to ease power crisis

Fresno DA: After Cops Killed Son, Mother Used $5 Million Settlement To Supply Guns For Teen Gang

Husband & Wife Charged With Selling Nuclear Secrets to Foreign Power Are Anti-Trump Leftists

The Great Reset                                       10/13


New Zealand to Impose ‘No Jab, No Job’ Regime on Teachers, Health Workers

FAUCI’S EVIL: Heartless Doctor’s Policies Replicated Globally Cause 10,000 Children Deaths per Month – Drove 97 Million into Extreme Poverty

Trudeau bans unvaccinated from travel, leaving the country, and earning a living

Hundreds More Flights Cancelled as Southwest Continues to Deny ‘Sickout’ Rebellion

Live Free Or Die: Why Medical Autonomy Matters

Hospital Uses Photo Of Nurse Fired Over Vaccine Refusal In Ad Seeking New Hires

Big Pharma now OCCUPIES Washington D.C., committing larceny against the public and forcing its deadly products on Americans

Visualizing The World's 100 Most Valuable Brands In 2021

End Banking as We Know It?

Biden Climate Pact Hobbles US Manufacturing And Agriculture But Gives China, India, Russia A Pass

CHINA FIRST: Biden-Linked CCP Oil Firm Hits Record Production Amidst Keystone Pipeline Cancellation.

"It's A Disastrous Day" - All Hell Breaks Loose In China's Bond Markets

Newsom Bans Small Gas Engines: Now 50,000 Businesses Need 'Green' Equipment that Costs Twice as Much

Report: Many Cities that Defunded Police Quietly Restored Funding

Beware of the Progressive Redefinition of Moderates

Former Director Of National Intelligence Issues Warning Over Biden Buying Chinese Drones For Feds

Living The American Dream: Son Of Afghanistan’s Former Defense Minister Purchases $20.9 Million Mansion In Beverly Hills

More Than $100 Million In Unused Border Wall Panels Rusting Away In Texas (VIDEO)

Rotten Tomatoes Reveals ‘Fauci’ Audience Score of Just 2 Percent After Breitbart News Report

UPDATE: US Traitors Who Gave Away Secrets on US Submarines to a Foreign Power Had a BLM Sign in Their Front Yard

Food prices reach highest level in a decade    10/12


"This Is Not A Negotiation!": School Board Served $200 Million Lawsuit Over Mask Mandate By Fed-Up Parents  

Bill Gates Urged The US To Reject Govt Regulators Over Covid In Favor Of Big Pharma Vaccine Developers

The Technocrats’ Virus

Bringing the Workforce Back: Manufacturers Look to Make Safer On-site Conditions

Lumber Prices Rose 50% Since August And May Climb Higher

Destruction of Small Business a Communist Plot?

Southwest Cancels 1,000 More Flights As Disruptions Increase

Who Is Really Running the Destroy-America Biden Regime?

The Science Of Propaganda Is Still Being Developed And Advanced

U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and wife arrested in counter-espionage raid, secrets found at 'dead drop'

What Does Joe Biden's Health Have to Do with the Future of Taiwan?

Federal Foreknowledge or Federal Incitement? Arrest of Green Beret Oath Keeper Threatens to Expose FBI’s Darkest 1/6 Secrets

Scotland Yard Closes Sex Abuse Probe Against Prince Andrew Without Charges Despite Ties to Clinton-Tied Democrat Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Gallery Selling Hunter Biden’s Paintings Saw Federal COVID-19 Loan Increased From $150k To $500k

Rep. Steve Scalise Refuses to Say 2020 Election Wasn't Stolen

Down With White Coat Supremacy!         10/11



"Catastrophic" Property Sales Mean China's Worst Case Scenario Is Now In Play

Forbes Removes Trump from 400 Richest Americans List, Adds Moderna Execs Who Made Billions Off Vaccine

Is The Small Business Sector Being Deliberately Targeted for Destruction?

Fairfax County, Virginia Public Schools Have Also Signed on to a Million Dollar CRT ‘Education’ Package with AG Garland’s Son-In-Law’s Company Panorama

The Global Energy Crisis Is Going To Take “The Everything Shortage” To An Entirely New Level

U.S. Crude Oil Price Tops $80 A Barrel, The Highest Since 2014

SHOCK: Video Shows Commiefornia Gas Hitting $8.49 Per Gallon

Don't Be Fooled: Lab-Grown Meat Is a Disaster in the Making

Major storable food supplier Augason Farms ceases operations for 90 days, citing collapsing supply chain

Reconciliation Bill Includes Free Community College For Illegal Immigrants

Biden Adminstration Formally Cancels Border Wall Contract Amid Migrant Siege

Amazon Developing “Smart Fridge” To Monitor What You Eat

Here are the 11 Treasonous RINOs Who Joined Arms With Democrats to Raise the Debt Ceiling

Lawsuit: Facebook overpaid FTC by $5 billion to shield Zuckerberg

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Charged With 6 “Crimes” for Criticizing Biden-Harris Regime’s Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan

A Message To Fauci: You Are In No Position To Dictate The "Greater Good"

MUST SEE: Veteran and Congressional Candidate Torches Racist Vaccine Mandates in Viral Video

SpaceX Reportedly Hits $100B Valuation       10/9


Bank of England hides American operations in England, Arkansas

Archbishop Vigano Warns of Jesuit, Marxist, Freemasonry Plan for New World Order (aka The Great Reset)

European Energy Crisis — And is That Gas You Think You’re Burning?

Former Fed President: Government Snooping on Bank Transactions Over $600 a “Massive Search Without a Search Warrant”

Increase Meat and Dairy Prices to Tackle Climate Change, Cambridge Report Demands

COVID THEATER: Turns out Biden’s vaccine mandate for employers was a bluff; no idea when or if OSHA will ever issue rule