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EXCLUSIVE: Max Keiser Warns Globalists Executing Maoist Playbook To Take Down America

America Is Following In China’s Footsteps: Tucker Carlson Interviews Xi Van Fleet

Dr. David Martin's Speech at International Crisis Summit 5 (Washington DC, 2/23/24)

Goliath Has Big Plans for Social Media and World Domination    47  min.



Nayib Bukele | Full Powerful Speech at CPAC in DC 2024   24  min.


5 more Free Online Videos updated  2/28

Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People
- See more at:
Episode 5: BIG “PHARMA-CIDE”
Government Coercion & CDC Fraud
Pfizer Prevarications & Natural Immunity
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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

Albert Einstein once said "Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."

Bertrand Russell 1953; "Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."

What is the Best and Safest Investment? FOOD

Pope Benedict XVI Slams Eugenics & the NWO & says it is your DUTY to PROTEST

The Club of Rome The First Global Revolution page 115    "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. ... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."



WWIII Watch: Macron Floats Troops in Ukraine

The Uniparty Is Only a Few Steps Away From Gutting the US Dollar

Trouble in Monetary Paradise? Fed, Central Banks Losing Billions Every Year

Visa Says Palm Biometric Payments Have Promising Future

Biometric Facial Recognition Scanning to Roll Out Across 30 NFL Stadiums in 2024

IRS Official Allegedly Confesses Targeting “Small People,” Flees From Journalist

Dublin Has Been Fundamentally Changed as Ireland Loses Its Identity  

Peter Schweizer’s ‘Blood Money’: The Secret Chinese Military ‘Disintegration Warfare’ Manifesto To Rip America Apart Using Drugs, Social Chaos, And More

Venezuela Is Getting Safer as Criminals, Single Men, and Gangs Flee to Other Countries

Macy’s to Shutter 150 Stores Across U.S. in Massive Reorganization

 Religious Liberty Advocates Warn Tennessee Lawmakers About Dangers of Politically Motivated ‘De-Banking’

Google’s Racist AI Debacle Cost Its Parent Company $90 Billion in Stock Value

"I'm Done With Google": Wholesale Loss Of Trust After "Unbelievably Irresponsible" Racist AI Goes Mask-Off

Majority Of Americans Now Back Trump-Style Border Wall: Poll

City of Denver Cut Employee Hours to Zero in Order to Keep Paying for Services for Illegal Border Crossers

Exclusive: RNC Chronicles ‘Evolution of Biden’s Border Lies’ in Video 

Security Guards at Illegal Alien Camps in NYC Making $90 Per Hour

How Crazy Will Migrant Crisis Become?      2/28


They Are Creating Incredibly Bizarre New Technologies For The Dystopian World Of The Future

Tyson Foods Scales Up Investment In Insect Protein Maker For Global Food Chain

Digital IDs Are Coming [VIDEO]

Edward Dowd Reveals the Truth About Central Bank Digital Currencies [VIDEO]

The Great Taking: How Deep State Will Ensure You Own Nothing

“Like A Warzone”: Farmers Surround EU Headquarters Building

Large-scale geoengineering projects to alter Earth’s climate, once dubbed a “conspiracy theory,” are now expanding globally right out in the open

Aussie Energy Execs Urge a Coal Backup “Safety Net” to Ease the Net Zero Transition

4 Absolutely Massive Bombshells About The War In Ukraine That Every American Needs To See

NY Times: CIA Built 12 Secret Spy Bases in Ukraine Waging Shadow War Against Russia Since 2014 – John Brennan Caught in the Middle of It

Cheap Subsidized Chinese EVs From Mexico Could Destroy America’s Auto Sector

Elon Musk Warns “Google’s Woke Bureaucratic Blob” Won’t Allow Its AI to Be Fixed

Nigerian scammers have cracked the German welfare code with one migrant raking in €264,000 per year as a ‘fake father’

John Solomon: A Nation Enriched By Legal Immigrants Now Buckles From Weight Of Illegal Crossers And Their Crimes

Coming attractions: border violator immunity from prosecution?

Illinois Judge Removed from the Bench Following Controversial Reversal of Man’s Rape Conviction of a 16-Year-Old Girl

Sound of Freedom film producer provides update on his Mexico presidential campaign

The True State Of The Nation That Is Being Hidden By The MSM To Protect Dementia Joe Biden In The Run Up To The 2024 Presidential Election

Big Tech’s AI systems are ERASING entire record of white people from human history

Who Hijacked Our Free Will?

Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens

Disney  Blames $ Woes On Racist, Sexist Fans        2/27


WHO “pandemic treaty” normalizes bioweapon development and vaccine experiments, incentivizes nations to share data on “gain-of-function” research

Rothschilds Fighting Over More Banking Dominance

The Globalists’ Economic Plan Depends on Illegal Aliens, Forgetting Real Americans

Recession finally upon us? Global credit impulse collapses

Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Unnecessary And Dangerous

German banks preparing for wave of loan defaults in the face of major real estate crisis

NY Post Previews ‘Blood Money’: Peter Schweizer Exposes China’s ‘Control from Start to Finish’ of U.S. Fentanyl Trade

BRAZIL AWAKENS: Hundreds of Thousands Congregate in São Paulo’s Streets To Join Bolsonaro in Largest Protest Since Elections (VIDEOS)

The New Satoshi Emails: 120 Pages Detailing Work On Bitcoin

This Is What the Early Stages of a Severe Recession Look Like

Job ‘Gains’ Are for Illegal Aliens as U.S. Men Kept out of Workforce

Google faces backlash over MASS LAYOFFS in January despite company’s financial success

EPA Finalizes Air Pollution Standards That Critics Say Will Cost Jobs and Hurt the Economy

Rolling Disaster: Ford Halts 2024 F-150 Lightning Shipments

900 Workers at West VA Plant Laid Off After Feds Refuse Tariffs on China

Study Finds Almost Half of College Graduates are Working High School Level Jobs

Commiefornia Ignores Toxic Waste Dumped Offshore, Spends Billions on Clean Energy

In Almost Any Other Place And Any Other Time Period, 'Mass Murderers' In High Places Would Have Been Hunted Down And Hung For Carrying Out Crimes Of Genocide Upon 'The People'

Shock: CBS News Allegedly Seized Files of Journalist Investigating Hunter Biden After Firing Her SAG-AFTRA Union Condemns Actions ‘Threatens the Very Foundation of the First Amendment’

Traitor Joe’s FCC to Force Broadcasters to Report Employees’ Race and Gender

Five Minutes To Sum Up A Century...                2/26


The Globalist Plan to Digitize Society and Trap You in the Grid

The Insidious Cult Of World Order Is Clearly Seen

U.S. Government’s Remote and Wireless Mind-Reading and Mind-Controlling Technologies

World War III Watch: US and NATO Give Ukraine permission to Use F-16 Jets to Launch Attacks Inside Russia

Dubai Admits It: Chemtrails and “Cloud-Seeding” Are Real, Here’s How We Do It!

Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit . . . In Nine Weeks

El Salvador President Bukele warns Americans at CPAC: You must 'unapologetically fight' against globalist elites

Here's Why I Think An "EMP" Is The Biggest Threat To America Right Now

With a Yearly Deficit in the Trillions, Government Looks to Go After 401(k) Accounts for New Revenue

Get Woke, Go Broke — Far-Left Vice Media to Stop Publishing on, Announces Massive Layoffs, Confirms CEO

Mercedes-Benz Joins Other Automakers in Cancelling “EV Only By 2030” Plans

Justin Trudeau Reminisces Over the Days When the Corporate Media Controlled What Canadians Believe

Meta let parents sell pics of their kids to pedophiles on Instagram: report

FCC to Force Broadcasters to Publish Race and Sex “Scorecards” of Employees

You Won't Believe What It's(AI) Saying Now

New Cell Phone Records Prove DA Willis Affair          2/24


Technocracy's Coup d'Etat Is Fully Underway

A Digital Coup d’Etat 

Using Psychological Warfare Against The Population With Daniel Estulin  

El Salvador President Bukele Drops Defiant Speech At CPAC Against Globalism, Receives Rock Star Welcome From Spanish-Speaking Attendees

The Fed’s Big Problem, There Are Two Economies But Only One Interest Rate

The Average U.S. Household Is Spending $1,019 More A Month Just To Buy The Same Goods And Services It Did 3 Years Ago

Within 10 Years, Interest and Medicare Will Each Cost $1.6 Trillion a Year

Interest on the Debt Will Exceed Defense Budget This Year

The Fed Prepares For A Bank Crisis While Telling Americans The Economy Is Strong

"Absolutely Crazy": Vacant LA Office Tower To Be Torn Down For Just 30 New EV Charging Stations

Canada's carbon tax: Stop trying to rebrand it and just get rid of the whole scam

Amazon-Backed EV Maker Sees Stock Price Plummet Amid Rough Quarterly Report, Mass Layoffs

Joe Biden's EV Mandate "Vision" For America Is In Full Collapse

Energy Suppliers Allowed to Re-start Forced Installation of Prepayment “Smart” Meters

TIPP: Bidenflation Peaks At 17.3%, Hurting Americans

Another UK Ship On Fire Near Yemen As Sea Becomes Littered With Disabled Tankers

Wave To The Satellite That Is Taking Your Picture From Space

Eric Adams Spending $53M on Debit Cards for Migrants as 56% of New Yorkers Live Near the Poverty Line

Supporters of All Major Parties Want UK Government to Cut Immigration: Poll

NewScientist Claims Disgust Of Cannibalism Stems From Racism - Not Bad Enough Trying To Get Us To Eat Bugs And Insects, But Now We See Attempts To Normalize Cannibalism

Plan to Accommodate Illegal Immigrants in Small Down 'Paused' After Locals Daubed Housing With 'Not Welcome Scum'

Number Of Chinese Illegally Crossing US-Mexico Border Surges 500 Percent In San Diego Sector

 What About J6 Political Prisoners?                    2/23


The 2030 Agenda: The Totalitarian Trojan Horse

To Understand The Globalists We Must Understand Their Psychopathic Religion

The 7 Other Planets in Our Solar System Will Form a Line as the Path of the Great American Eclipse of 2024 Crosses America

Mass Censorship Led By 'National Security State' And US Military Proves Americans Are Already Living Under A Dictatorship As Governments March In 'Lockstep' Towards Global Tyranny

Operation Warp Speed was a global military operation that seized control over entire medical and court systems

The Federal Reserve Enables and Grows Big Government

Tyranny 101: How the Federal Reserve Powers the Monster State  

The Death of Easy Money Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Worsenining commercial real estate market woes could spark a new banking crisis

Report: Jobless Migrants, Foreign Students Cost UK Taxpayers £36 Billion Since 2020

The Government Is Using High Prescription Medication Prices as an Excuse to Seize Patents and Private Property

TV drug ads are not about selling more pharmaceuticals; they’re about Big Pharma BUYING OFF the media

Waste of the Day: Expanded Obamacare Coverage Could Cost $128 Billion More Than Expected

The Average U.S. Household Is Spending $1,019 More A Month Just To Buy The Same Goods And Services It Did 3 Years Ago

Biden’s post-pandemic “job recovery” driven almost entirely by MIGRANT LABOR, study finds

"No One's Got To Me... I Ain't Scared Of Sh!t" - NYC Trucker Boycott Leader 'Chicago Ray' Steps Down

This May Be the Most Accurate Hunter Biden and FBI Meme Ever

NYC hands illegals up to $10k in prepaid debit cards with no ID or fraud control

The Meaning of Malcolm X’s Death

The Pitfalls Of Central Planning                         2/22


European Farmers Escalate Protests with Tractor Rallies in Multiple Countries

American Totalitarian “Crypto Dollar” May Come Before the Election

"How Can We Fix NATO Spending If Nobody Understands What Drives Global Economics?"

World's Top 50 Science And Technology Hubs

World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders helping advance its quest for global governance

Voters Want China out of American Farmland

China Suspends Quant Fund For Dumping $350 Million Shares In 1 Minute

Biden's Signature Climate Bill Has Been A Boon To China's Battery Market  

Bidenomics Is an American Nightmare

Private Equity Fund Manager Announces He “Will NOT Waste Time” Researching New Business Opportunities in New York After Engoron Ruling

Massive Money Printing Will Accelerate as Debt Soars

Canadian government attributes nationwide poverty to high food costs, not failed government policies and money printing

Javier Milei Delivers Argentina’s First Budget Surplus In Over A Decade

Ford Slashing Prices And Increasing Incentives On Electric Mach-E, F-150 Lightning

Downturn in Electric Vehicle Demand Leads to Mine Closures

It's time we all demand answers to the real-world costs of "renewables"

Watch: Red meat's impact on climate change branded as 'unscientific nonsense'  

World Rallies Around Julian Assange: Mass Protests and Calls From American Congress to Drop the Prosecution

Stella Assange: “What’s at Stake Is the Ability to Publish the Truth and Expose Crimes”

FASCISM: Leftist Tyrant Letitia James Threatens to Seize President Trump’s Assets if He Can’t Pay Outrageous Court Fine Ordered by Judge Engoron In New York Civil Fraud Trial

The unbelievable saga of Pennsylvania Judge Sonya McKnight

Biblical Morality Is a Necessity for Freedom . . . and Americans Have Known It for Centuries 

Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Lash Out at Special Counsel, Claim Photos on iPhone Are Sawdust, Not Crack Cocaine

Marlow: ‘The Bidens Were Clearly Given Millions of Dollars from Entities All Over the World’

The Year of Cascading Crises                             2/21


UN's Next Goals: End National Militaries, Establish Global Military, Disarm You

This Is A Tale Of Two Americas, And Those At The Bottom Of The Economic Food Chain Are Being Hit Extremely Hard

70% of America’s Largest (mainly dem run) Cities Don’t Have Enough Money to Cover Costs

Poverty in Argentina hits 20-year high at 57.4%, study says

China’s Top Diplomat Threatens Companies Spooked by Uyghur Slavery: Divesting a ‘Historical Mistake’

Top German official promotes law that would target bank accounts of “right-wing extremist” donors

How US Intel Agencies Manipulate Media & the Public

Car Company Cuts 10,000 Jobs to Smooth EV Transition

“It’s Scary Right Now”: Autoworkers Worried Dementia Joe’s Electric Vehicle Push Could Kill “Thousands of Jobs”

Politico Mag — Jim Biden and Americore accused of $100 million in Medicare fraud. 4 members of Biden family heavily involved.

Families Furious as Boston Kicks Black Children Out of Community Center for Biden's Migrants

New York: Migrants Receiving Cash Welfare Payments After Quiet Rule Change

While The Media Focuses On Everything BUT Americans, Food News That Affects Every Single American Citizen Is Buried Under An Avalanche Of MSM Liberal Activism

Shocking Secrets of the Food Industry

The “Energy Trilemma” and the $ of Electricity

Biden’s War on Domestic Energy Intensifies        2/20


If the Big Banks Succeed in Enforcing Us to Use Digital Currency

Government Floats Plan to Freeze Bank Accounts of ‘Right Wing Extremists’ in Germany

Americans Are Getting De-Banked, but Some Companies Are Fighting Back

Insider Claims Wells Fargo Is About To Collapse?

"F**k Around & Find Out": Truckers Warn Loads To NYC Will Be Rejected Starting Monday

Polish Farmers to Block Entire Border with Ukraine as well as Transport Hubs, Railway Depots and Seaports (Update)

The Great Reset Didn't Work: The Case Of EVs 

J&J Enters $9 BILLION Baby Cancer Settlement


Understanding solar flares...and what they can do to us

A Panoramic Extravaganza Of Everything That's Gone Wrong: Driving Us To An Apocalyptic Climax Because Our Political Leaders Can't Stop Lying As They Burn The Whole Country Down

How The CIA Destabilizes The World

Venezuela Gangs in the Chicago Suburbs?

Kevin O’Leary slams Trump’s civil ruling as ‘un-American’ and a shock to the entire real estate industry

Illinois Mayor Accused Of Shutting Down Local Businesses For Not Donating To Campaign And Misusing Public Funds 

American Nazis March On Tennessee Capitol In Nashville Wearing Masks While Waving Swastika Flags And Looking Like A Federal Psyop

Biden Regime Uses Taxpayers’ Money to Fund Research into Trash-Fed Crickets for Human Consumption

LAWRENCE SELLIN EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Department of Agriculture Is Conducting Bird Flu Research with a Chinese Scientist Linked to People’s Liberation Army

Bidenomics Fail: White House Plans Downshift in Electric Vehicle Transition as Demand Tanks

Feds in Disguise in Nashville?                2/19


The New World Order Crisis: “The Reproduction of Real Life”. Food, Water and Fuel –Three Fundamental Necessities of Life in Jeopardy.

BRICS and EAEU trade blocs are accelerating the demise of the dollar

Cracks Form In Another Corner Of The CRE Market

Grifter’s Worst Nightmare: Time for Transparency Over “National Emergency” Spending

The Federal Mega-Debt is Here to Stay

Wholesale Inflation Accelerates More Than Expected In January

Rasmussen Poll: 66 Percent Say Income Not Keeping Up With Inflation

Housing Starts Collapsed In January - Biggest MoM Decline Since COVID Lockdowns

Crime Shutting Down Mexico’s Economy Should Serve as a Warning to U.S.

Congressional Budget Office: Mass Migration Lowers Productivity, Reduces Standard Of Living.

Report: Desperate Car Dealers Slashing EV Prices to Try and Boost Sales

U.S. granted the UN $1.3 billion in 2023 to aid illegals invading America

How Progressive Policies Are Designed for Civilizational Suicide

EU Committee Passes Migration Pact Dubbed the “Soros Plan” – Will Result in Massive Wave of Migrants Storming the EU Borders

Border Patrol Has Nabbed More Watchlisted Terrorists In Last Four Months Than In Previous Years Combined

U.S. and UN are funding the illegal migrant invasion of America using CASH IN ENVELOPES

Secret Negotiations                                           2/17


EU parliament committee approves migration pact labeled 'the suicide of Europe' by France's Le Pen

Sheriff’s Source: 2 Million Terrorists Have Entered U.S.

Climate Agenda Set To Push Food Prices Even Higher, Analysts Say

5 insane charts on deficit spending.

All Of The Elements Are In Place For An Economic Crisis Of Staggering Proportions

China Expands Mark of the Beast to Include CBDCs! Coming Fast to the West

Crisis in American banking sends jitters across Europe’s banking sector, increasing risk of BANK DEFAULTS

Catherine Austin Fitts - Trump Put $10 Billion Dollars Into a Programme to Depopulate The US.

Financial dominoes tumble as commercial real estate sector IMPLODES

Tapped Out Consumers? Retail Sales Unexpectedly Take a Big Dive

Britain is Now in Recession.

Credit card and auto debt DELINQUENCIES are SOARING, especially among younger Americans

SMOKING GUN: Obama’s CIA recruited foreign allies to spy on Trump and concoct Russian collusion hoax

“It’s GAME OVER for Her” – Even Far-Left MSNBC Admits “Fani Willis Lied to The Court” in Trump Election Interference Case — Trump Responds, “ANOTHER SCAM COORDINATED WITH THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE”

Big Fani’s lover gets SPANKED at hearing… recap… this was ugly

Why Did Fani Willis Threaten the Wife of Her Lover With Prosecution?

Miss Pittsburgh Creates Survivor PAC To Stop Soros Funded Pro-Crime Politicians

The Arrogance of the Elites                   2/16


Klaus Schwab Rebrands Great Reset: Claims Globalists Want 'Humanocracy' Instead of 'Technocracy'

The U.N.'s Agenda 2030 Is One Of The Most Repulsive Documents Of All Time With Their Global Takeover Plan Stealing From The U.S. Constitution As Joe Biden Aims To Fast Track It Into Law

Klaus Schwab proclaims technology-driven ‘new dawn of human civilization’ at World Governments Summit

Control freak “controligarchs,” many of them billionaires, are leading the world off a cliff 

The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

The CBDC Indoctrination Has Begun

American Households Are Entering A Debt Trap

Federal Reserve records massive losses, makes up fictitious value called ‘deferred assets’ to compensate

Protesting farmers win big concessions, but EU leaders dig in their heels on net zero climate target

Scientists Try Risky Air and Water Experiments Hoping to Stop Climate Change

Sandi Adams: Farming is being destroyed and it’s being destroyed by design

This Commiefornia Democrat Wants to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $50 per Hour

IRS sues FDIC over Silicon Valley Bank's $1.4 billion tax debt

Asset Forfeiture is Theft: Another Supreme Court Fail

Israel faces cascading DEBT COLLAPSE as Jewish state hit with credit rating downgrade

Is Dementia Joe’s Plan for High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas About to Go up in Flames? 

Religious NGOs Use Faith to Justify Lucrative Illegal Immigration

Mayorkas Personally Denied RFK Jr.’s Secret Service Protection

After border bill failure, ICE considers mass releases to close budget gap...  

‘TOTALLY OUT OF WHACK’: Senate Prioritizes Ukraine Over Americans’ Interests

Will Islam take over Europe?

Gears of the Refugee Machine                       2/15


The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

Global Economic War Is Coming And The Threat To The US Dollar Is Real

The Deindustrialization of Europe in Five Charts 

Your Carbon Footprint Will Set Your Carbon Passport

China Prepares for War . . . From Inside America

CPI Prints Hotter Than Expected In January As SuperCore Soared

Commercial real estate COLLAPSE threatens to trigger a wave of bank failures

These 5 Charts Show Why Congress Must Stop Its Reckless Deficit Spending

US Companies Talk Layoffs Like Never Before

Corporations Are Shying Away From Leftist Pandering After Learning “Go Woke, Go Broke” Is More Than Just a Funny Phrase

Next Attack Against Food Will Be Your Back Yard Home Gardens As Climate Hysteria Crowd Claims That Growing Your Own Food Increases Carbon Footprint

BIDENOMICS: ALL Jobs Recovered Post-Covid Under Joe Biden Went to Foreign-Born Workers – Including Illegals

House Votes to Impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas . . . First Cabinet Secretary to Be Impeached Since 1876!

Let’s Talk About the Gender-Poisoned Mass Shooter Trend the Media Are Trying to Hide

Islamization of France: Muslim Hospital Staffer Denies Hungry New Mother Pork After Childbirth,...

World Leaders Like to Fly on Posh Private Jets, but Watch How the President of Argentina Flies

Still Not Learning From History                        2/14


5 Global powers fighting to take over the world – WHO WILL WIN?

You Will Live in Tiny Homes and Electric Vehicles and Be Happy . . . This Is the Future They Have Planned for Us 

Tokenized, Inc: Blackrock’s Plan to Own the Fractionalized World

Bank Crises and the Interventionist Spiral

Jobs vs. Machines: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

CRE Crash Unfolding: "Yes That's Not A Typo - It Literally Sold For $9 Per SQFT"

Boeing's Lost Bolts Reveals an Even Larger Leadership Crisis for America

Bitcoin Price Hits $50,000 For The First Time In Two Years

BMW i3 Owner Quoted Over $70,000 for New Battery

Biden’s Super Bowl Video On ‘Shrinkflation’ Was A Catastrophe

US Senate BETRAYS America – BILLIONS for Ukraine and Israel but not a single dollar to secure the U.S. border

JD Vance Says Ukraine Funding Includes Hidden Impeachment Clause Against President Trump

Conservatives Now Have a Credit Card That Aligns With Their Values

LAYOFF season continues: PayPal cuts off 9% of its global workforce – roughly 2,500 jobs

Bomb Sniffing Dog Performed Vehicle Search Outside DNC Hours Before “Pipe Bomb” Was Discovered

For Some Reason, Dementia Joe Will Be Skipping the Cognitive Test in His Upcoming Physical

Biden Targeting Military Veterans, Older Americans, Rural Communities And Those That Hold The Bible And Constitution Sacred, With Federally Funded AI Censorship Tool

Poll Shows More Latinos Than Whites Oppose Illegal Immigration

Highest Number Of Apprehensions In US History At Southwest Border In 1st Quarter Of Fiscal 2024

I never thought I’d see

Crime Caused By Illegal Migrants Skyrockets       2/13


Organisations that make up the UN World Government System

Financial Enslavement: WEF's Globalist Scheme to Control the World Through PPPs

Global Economic War Is Coming And The Threat To The US Dollar Is Real

Interest On National Debt To Become Second Largest Government Expenditure In ’24

Fears of more regional bank failures grow as Moody’s cuts New York Community Bancorp’s credit rating to junk status

Farm, Food Prices Rise Under Net-Zero Climate Rules   

One Major Manufacturer Resisted EV Mania — Now, It’s Raking in the Cash While Competitors Take Losses

Ukraine foreign aid bill advances in rare vote on Super Bowl Sunday.

Biden defies Supreme Court on student debt cancellation, absurdly claims there’s no cost to taxpayers

Report: Whistleblowers Lining up to Testify in Fani Willis Case

Gaslight Supreme: Mayorkas Says "We Don't Bear Responsibility" For Border Crisis

Chaos Reigns In The Streets Of America As An Epic Crime Wave Terrorizes The Nation

Rape in Seattle: just another defund-the-police consequence

Bring violence to tranquil Puget Sound city

Respect for Authorities ‘Died Suddenly’

In South Africa, a Great Evil Is Growing Fast           2/12


The FED the source of all economic misery

Edmonton planning to roll out WEF-style ’15-minute city’ policy this fall

CBO: Deficit To Grow From $1.6 Trillion To $2.6 Trillion By 2034

China’s Real Estate Collapse Is Infecting Troubled American Sectors

HERE WE GO: Moody’s Downgrades New York Community Bank to Junk After Stock Plummets Amid Losses on Commercial Mortgages

Credit Card and Auto Delinquencies Soar, Especially Age Group 18 to 39

Household Belt-Tightening: Will the Trickle Become a Flood?

Massive Discovery of Rare Earths in Wyoming Could Break America’s Crippling Dependence on China

Top US Firms That Invested $3B In Chinese Military, Tech Revealed By House Panel

Microsoft patents a method to “computerize the human body” and use it as a conduit for power transmission, data surveillance and control

Illegal Migration’s Effects on Wages, Prices, and Taxes

EU seeks to ban cash payments greater than $11,000.

Disney Invests $1.5 Billion In ‘Fortnite’ Developer Epic Games To Build ‘Gaming Universe’

Mass immigration to Germany will cost taxpayers up to €19.2 trillion, warns top academic expert

And so it begins… two JetBlue airplanes collide in Boston

Matt Walsh exposes FAA plans to reduce the number of white males in the airline industry

U.S. Marshalls hand deliver congressional subpoena to Fani Willis, after she ignores order from Jim Jordan.

Canada Euthanized 16,000 People in 2023           2/10


The Great Reset Agenda: Australia Sets A Date For Digital ID

The Great Reset Is Dead, Long Live the Great Reset

Astonishing Predictions from Dr. Richard Day, 1969 – Part 3 – They Planned to Announce – ‘The New World Order Was Now the System For The World’

$2.7 Trillion Buys “Spectacular” GDP

The Most Ridiculous Jobs Report In History by Peter St Onge, Ph.D.    3  min.

Consumer Borrowing Screeches To A Halt

Bank Runs Are Back on the Menu, Boys!

Divest From Blackrock — Reject Leftist Ideology

Squatters Are Taking Over Homes All Over The Nation On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime

Actual cost of green agenda is destroying Europe.

Ford Announces Billions of Dollars in Losses on Electric Vehicle Range—Worse Than Expected

Stop Allowing Noncitizens to Determine Congressional and Presidential Representation

Again! Biden Boasts of Meeting E.U. Leaders After They Died

Here Are the Photos of Joe Biden’s Classified Documents Scattered All Over the Place – Still No Charge

Volcano Spews Lava And Smoke In New Iceland Eruption

Retreat from Net Zero is underway: Around the world, unpopular decarbonization policies are being shelved

Confessions of a Former Environmentalist: Five Reasons Why I Gave Up on ‘Green’ Policies

A Visit to Julian Assange in Prison          2/9


2024 Is the New 1984: Big Brother and the Rise of the Security Industrial Complex

CBDCs will be used to control and enslave people – but they’re also destined to fail

CCP Policies Have Made Staying in China Untenable for Western Businesses

"That's Only Happened Once Before: August 8, 1929": Why Wall Street Is Suddenly Freaking Out About The Market's Collapsing Internals

The Commercial Real Estate Crisis Of 2024 Is Going To Be A Doozy…

New Report Shows Ford’s Electric Vehicle Efforts Are Costing the Company an Unthinkable Amount of Profit

Moody’s Downgrades New York Community Bancorp To Junk Status

The Real Estate Crisis Looming Over Banks

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Fast-Tracking Proposal That Would Allow Illegal Immigrants to Take American Jobs

Bribery Biden’s Climate Agenda Has Done Little More Than Drive up the Deficit and Make Our Lives Harder

Thomas Jefferson Warned Us Having More Machinery Of Government Than Is Necessary Would Create Too Many Parasites, Living Off The Labor Of The Industrious  

REPORT: Squatters Have Taken Over 1,200 Homes in Atlanta, Georgia – Transformed One Into an Illegal Strip Club

James O’Keefe disguised as homeless drunk vagrant in new sting video.

If Conservatives give Bud Light Another Chance, Their Money Would Go to Bill Gates: Here's How

Justin Truedope Claims Making Canada Great Again Is “Not What Canadians Want”

Report: Biden DOJ Won't Charge Biden for Mishandling Classified Documents

It’s Not Civics Class, It’s Progressive Activist Indoctrination

Confessions of a Former Environmentalist: Five Reasons Why I Gave up on “Green” Policies

It’s treason pure and simple                      2/8


The 5 Global Powers That Vie To Crush Each Other And Their Subjects

From Democracy to Dystopia: The World Economic Forum’s Stealth Takeover

From Digital Domination to Global Governance: The Dystopian Shift of Bill Gates

Cryptocurrencies are playing key roles in the development of CBDCs

What's Really Happening With the Economy?

All Eyes On China, Where The Plunge Protection Team Bought $10 Billion In The Past Month

Investors Turn to India as China’s Economy Flounders

Gallagher, Comer Sound Alarm on China’s Spying on Military Bases

Chinese Migrants Have Become Fastest-Growing Group Trying To Cross U.S. Southern Border

Heartless globalists CELEBRATE demise of poor people who can no longer afford basics like electricity, food: “It gives us some hope and optimism, actually”

U.N. ‘Secretly Working With Banks’ to Destroy American Food Industry

EU FOLDS, FARMERS WIN: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Will Scrap Green ‘Sustainable Use Regulation’ Aiming To Halve Fertilizer Usage

Bidenomics: Record-High Credit Card Debt Brutalizes Middle Class

Biden Admin Classifies Martha's Vineyard And Other Elite Enclaves 'Low-Income' To Push EV Charger Subsidies

Delinquency Rates Are Spiking! Has The Final Meltdown Of The U.S. Consumer Now Begun?

Chinese Solar Companies Are Gearing up to Cash in on Bribery Biden’s Signature Climate Bill

GOP Rep. Massie: Secret Service Deleted Texts From J6 and Destroyed Their Phones AFTER Being Told by Congress to Preserve Them

Biometric Scanning Is Increasing Making Its Way Into American Schools

Mass immigration to Germany will cost taxpayers up to 19.2 trillion, warns top academic expert

California plans to give unemployment benefits to ILLEGALS, while their own citizens foot the bill

Uncontrolled migration of infectious diseases           2/7


The United Nations Is Stealing Your Future

Genetic Harvesting — The Globalists Push for Collecting Your DNA to Target and Control Your Behaviour

Chile Burned To The Ground: "It's Maui All Over Again!"

UN & U.S. Funding Border Invasion From Central America

The Pro-Censorship Activist Group Pressuring Big Tech To Censor "Climate Conspiracies"

Angry leftists threaten to go after conservatives in their homes, churches if GOP wins in 2024 

We Cannot Compromise With Those That Want Us Dead - There Is No Middle Ground Anymore Between Those That Love America And The Cult Of The Woke

Florida Law Banning Chinese Citizens From Purchasing Property Blocked By Federal Appeals Court

China's First AI Commercial Satellite In The World: What Do We Know About It?

China Markets Slump to 5-Year Lows the Day After Trump Suggests 60% Tariffs on Chinese Imports

. . . Xi Cannot Permit a Trump Victory: Expect CCP Election Interference on a Massive Scale

China’s Trojan Horses in Our Ground Links, Power Grid, and Water System

The Fed Has a Dirty Little Secret: It's Been Allowing the Wall Street Mega Banks to Calculate their Own Capital requirements

Iraq bans several commercial banks from US dollar dealings

Stocks Slump as Fed's Powell Dismisses Swift Rate Cuts

Great Reset Tax: London’s Khan Pouring £150 Million into Tech Capable of Pay-Per-Mile Road User Tax

The White House LNG Export Approval Freeze: Unspoken Consequences and Global Implications

Senate Agrees to Spend Three Times More Money on Ukraine as on U.S. Border Security

US Cattle Herd At 73-Year Lows As Retail Beef Prices At Record Highs

Paris Slaps Mega Tolls on SUVs in Bid to Drive Cars From City, $245 for Six Hours Parking 

Government-Funded Entities Are Building a Network to Flag “Misinformation” in Private Messages

The “Crisis” in Mainstream Media Is Due to the Rise of Independent Journalism and the Reporting of Truth

Spain pledges to increase UNRWA funding           2/6


Agenda 2030: A Power-Mad Document

How The Satanic WEF Propaganda Network Uses A.I. To Carry Out Brainwashing To Control The People Through Dystopian Dark Psychology, Trying To Turn Demonic Deceptions Into 'Truth'

New Pandemic Treaty Talks Spark Debate on WHO’s Impact on National Sovereignty and International Law Enforcement

Explosive Investigation Uncovers a Global Shadow Government’s Secret Control Over “Elected” Governments & Public Health Bodies, Forging a Global Vaccine Regime

Warning to the “Unbanked”: More Establishments Are No Longer Taking Cash in America

41 Bank Closings During One Week Of January

Senate’s Long-Awaited Border Bill Released: Allocates $60 Billion to Ukraine But Only $20 Billion for U.S. Border Security

Russell Brand: Liberals Secretly HATE the Working Class

Deepfake Scammers Stage Bogus Conference Videocall and Steal $25 Million From Multinational Company in Hong Kong

Migrants to Be Given Tens of Millions in Free Money Structured Like Food Stamps: Report

POISONING THE BLOOD: Mexicans Caught Smuggling 500 Pounds of Fentanyl to U.S. Hidden in Bus Wheel.

DOE To Push Forward $1.2 Billion Biden Plan To Expand Federal College-Prep Aid To Illegal Immigrants

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

Biden Team Concerned Robert Hur’s Report Will Include ‘Embarrassing’ Photos of Stolen Classified Documents Stored in Biden Delaware Garage – NO CHARGES EXPECTED

The US Govt's Desperation To Keep 'The Truth' Hidden Reveals How Treacherous Our Own 'Government' Has Become And Why 2024 Will Be The Most Dangerous Election In Our Lifetimes - Biden's Terrorists Will Burn Down US Cities To Distract America From Their Crimes

'There Are Terror Threats Coming Across The Border': Reporter Discusses Terrorist Caught In Minnesota

Denver Police Officer Tells Whistleblower About Sleeper Cells From Open Borders [VIDEO]

The Sexual Predators of the WHO             2/5


Bizarre Satanic Tapestry Displayed at WEF Davos Summit

The Globalists Want CBDCs In 2024… What Really Comes Next Will Surprise Them

Russian central bank governor claims BRICS group has now surpassed G7 in aggregate GDP

China Poised To Take Further Control Of Iraq’s Key Southern Oil Assets

The US has a $6 Trillion Problem Over The Next Twelve Months

Farmers in Europe are protesting because they are being destroyed, Dutch MP says

Dave Brat: “This Should Not Be Called a Tax Package, This Is a Patronage Package”

The IRS Plans to Boost Its Army of Armed Goons by 40% by the End of the Year

COVID-Era Back-Rent Now Due In Los Angeles

US strikes more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria in initial barrage of retaliatory attacks

Left’s Global Networks Take Aim at Argentina’s New President  

America Last: NYC to Provide Illegal Aliens With Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Sharia Britain: Conservative MP Mike Freer Resigns Amidst Islamic Intimidation and Threats to his life

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil: What in the World Is Happening on College Campuses?

Rikers Rape Case Shows Female Prisoners Are Voiceless Victims of Gender Ideology

EU-funded extremism researcher admits she wants tradwives, 'far-right' female influencers censored

Homeschooling: Increasingly in the Crosshairs         2/3


The CDC just accidentally proved “The Great Replacement Theory” is 100% real

Alderman Blasts Chicago for Giving Illegals $9,000 in Free Stuff Every Month: ‘You Know What? I’d Come to Chicago too!’ (VIDEO)

Thousands of Farmers Blockade Brussels During EU Summit, Orbán Joins Farmers, ‘New Leaders’ Needed

Massive fire engulfs Texas chicken plant as global elites ramp up calls for world to stop eating meat

Saudi TV Confirms Kingdom Has Joined BRICS Group – South African Minister Says Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and UAE Also Confirmed Members – Argentina Will Not Join

The Globalists Want CBDCs in 2024… What Really Comes Next Will Surprise Them

Whitney Webb Warns of Threats to Bitcoin and an Impending Catastrophic Cyber Event

Blackstone CEO Says ‘U.S. Isn’t Prepared For 4 More Years Of Joe Biden.’

What Do You Call It When The Number Of Layoffs In The U.S. Goes Up By 136 Percent In Just One Month?

64 Million Americans Risk Losing Work Thanks to the Biden-Harris Regime’s New Rule

Largest Refinery In US Midwest Shuts Down After Power Outage

Commiefornia, New York, and More May Be the First in a Coming Wave of States Going Bankrupt

Oregon spends $260 Million on legalizing drugs.

The U.S. is a lawless society where the criminals get to go free but underwear and socks are locked up

The Only Denny’s in Oakland, California is Closing After More Than 50 Years Due to Crime

The Convoluted Politics of the Senate Border ‘Bill’

Mainstream media’s demise continues as CNN shuts down all operations in the Philippines

Leftist Media Wants Taxpayers to Save Their Propaganda Platforms From an “Extinction Level Event”

“The Messenger” Launched With $50 Million Last Year But Just Shut Down Because Corporate Media Is Awful

OFF THE BALLOT: Oregon Supreme Court Bars 10 Republican Lawmakers From Running for Reelection

Natalia Mittelstadt highlights top recommendations from election integrity watchdog's 2024 report

Global Population Maps Show There'll Be Wide Open Spaces For 'The Few' Once They've 'Eradicated' The Rest Of Us - Globalists Using A Provable Lie To Push Diabolical 'Genocide' Agenda - Evidence Shows Excess Deaths Will Continue To Skyrocket In 2024

Canada Delays Killing Mentally Ill People amid Widespread Public Disgust

Today's Censorship Is Personal

Russia Begins Building 15-Minute Cities                2/2


American businesses, big-box stores increasingly rejecting CASH as forced shift to cashless society accelerates

The Real Victors In All The Bloodshed: US Arms Exports Hit Record High In 2023

The Economy May Already Be In Recession

UPS Slashes Around 12,000 Jobs To Reduce Costs

IMF accused of domestic meddling after telling UK to reach net zero targets by raising taxes

Chinese economy is set to implode.

New run on regional banks. NYCB tanks 40 percent.

Chicago 9th Ward Alderman Says Venezuelan Illegal Immigrants Are Getting $9,000 Housing Vouchers, Food, Free Childcare & More

New York May Screw 4,000 Legal Residents Out Of A Job – So Migrants Can Have Them

Philadelphia court orders Bayer to pay $2.25B to man who developed cancer after exposure to Roundup weed killer

An Egg McMuffin Was Once Just 99 Cents. Can You Guess How Much One Costs Today?

Can Federalising Central Governments Fix…Federalism?

Nancy Pelosi’s son just dodged charges for the SEVENTH time

Shocking Revelations Expose George Soros’ Attempts to Topple Governments and Push Political Interests

Globalist billionaire George Soros is financing efforts to elect more open borders Democrats in Texas

The Era Of Easy-Money Ruined Us               2/1


David Webb: Central banks and the people controlling them are the REAL POWER behind everything

The 'Off-The-Rails Psychologically,' Power-Crazed Globalist Cabal Will Do Anything To Avert Losing Control Of The US Govt As They Haul America Into The Graveyard Of Empires

When Will the January FIFTH Insurrectionists Go to Prison?

Controligarchs: Control freaks and billionaires who think the world is overpopulated

Orban Hits Back After Secret EU Plan 'To Sabotage Hungarian Economy' Revealed

Twelve states sound the alarm: Globalist banks are conspiring with the UN to WIPE OUT U.S. farms and food production

Russia Says BRICS Now Surpasses G7

Hong Kong court tells China’s Evergrande property developer to LIQUIDATE with debts of $330 billion

Dems’ Energy Permitting Reform Bill Includes Billions for Eco-Activist Groups  

The War on American Energy Independence Continues

Top American Automaker Just Reported a $1.7 Billion Loss on Electric Vehicles

Major Cuts at UPS: Company Announces Layoff of 12,000 Workers Nationwide

European Farmers Unleash Wave of Protests . . . Are You Prepared for the Food Revolution?

San Fransicko Is Being Sued by Residents for Giving Cash Handouts to Black and Latino Trannies as the City Crumbles

Poll: 31% of British youths think “climate change” is DELIBERATELY EXAGGERATED

AP: ‘Pandemic of snow’ in Anchorage sets record for earliest arrival of 100 inches – ‘Even by Alaska Standards

So Many Problems Continue to Plague the EV Industry

Taxpayer-Funded Electric Busses Are Sitting Broken Down And Idled Across The Country

The Power Of Love                          1/31


Technocratic globalists plotted our subjection at the 2024 WEF meetings in Davos

Klaus Schwab On AI: "We Don't Even Need Democratic Elections"

The world is no longer afraid of the US empire; the DEATH of mainstream media accelerates

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop - Reminder Of Unconstitutional State Laws Implemented In 2020 As World Is Being Programmed For 'Disease X' Ahead Of The 2024 Presidential Election

Homelessness In The U.S. Is Up 48 Percent Since 2015, And Americans Are Being Laid Off In Droves…

Chinese Property Giant Evergrande Ordered To Liquidate After Failing To Reach Deal With Creditors

Climate Experts Reveal How Trillions of Dollars Were Spent on “Climate Change” Based on Faulty Temperature Data

EU Plans to 'Sabotage' Hungary's Economy If They Block Ukraine Funding

Check out the TOP 10 job roles that AI is slated to replace

Godfreys Collapses After 93 Years of Operation  

Shifting Gears: Dealers Urge GM To Prioritize Hybrids Over EVs 

New Report Shows Electric Vehicles Are Unreliable, Suffer 79% More Maintenance Issues Than Gas Cars

Canadians will pay nearly $500 million in sales taxes to fund Trudeau's carbon tax in 2024

Biden Administration Provided Over One Billion Dollars to UN Organization Before Severing Connections Due to Staff with Terror Links

Bidenomics in shambles: Microsoft cuts 1,900 jobs in gaming market

Shoplifting Wave Drives Walmart, Target To Take Unprecedented Step - 40 Minute Wait Times For Underwear!

Border Agents Released More Than 440,000 Illegal Aliens in Just Three Months

US Caught Known Terrorist At The Border, Then Let Him Go Due To Clerical Error

A Radically Different World Since Assange’s Indictment

How Movies Are Used to Precondition the Masses to Accept Dystopian Slavery

INSIDE The OPEN BORDERS           1/30


WEF Totalitarians Seek to Euthanize the West

The Globalists 'Diabolical Master Plan' To Create World Govt Seen In The UN's Agenda 2030 Ensures An Explosion Of Widespread Violence And Economic Disintegration In The Coming Days

UN Funds US Invasion, Participates in Hamas Terrorism

Denationizing the United States

What we learned at Davos 2024: global aristocracy intends on 'Rebuilding Trust' through censorship and surveillance

The Fed to Force Healthy Banks Into a Sinking Lifeboat

What does the decimation of North American buffalo herds have in common with 15-minute cities?

Rand Paul: It's Time The US Stopped Being "The Sugar Daddy Of The Entire World"

Really, Commissar? 89% of "Educated Elites" Want Strict Rationing of Gas, Meat, and Electricity

UK to Become Only G20 Country Incapable of Raw Steel Production

Famed Analyst's Final Forecast Is Fall of U.S. Economy

Media And Tech 'Bloodbath' Continues As More Than 24,500 Employees Laid Off Or Fired In January 2024, While What Is Left Of The Media Lies About 'Thriving' Economy

Joe Biden cuts off LNG exports in latest act of economic sabotage against Texas and Western European countries

A.I. Platform Blatantly Lies About 'The Fall of Minneapolis' Documentary

Biden To Announce Billions In New Chip Subsidies

Delusional Biden-Harris Regime Plows Forward With Electric Buses Even as Cities Stuck With Inoperable Vehicles

Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer Ordered To Pay Over $2 Billion

Adjusted for inflation, retail sales have almost flat-lined over the past two years... as consumer-debt hits record highs, and savings dwindle.

Biden Blackmail Intensifies: Won't Shut Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Funds

Ukrainian Defence Officials Charged With Stealing $40 Million From Weapons Budget

Veterans Affairs Sued to Provide ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery to 163,000 Transgender Vets

E. Jean Carroll EXPOSED                   1/29


FBI Luminaries Starkly Warn Congress That U.S. Being Invaded At Border: ‘Alarming And Perilous’

Border Betrayal: China’s Covert Infiltration Through America’s Southern Border

Leadership Of Major US Landowner Chock-Full Of Chinese Communist Party Members

Disease-X and Davos: This is Not the Way to Evaluate and Formulate Public Health Policy

Nearly Two-Thirds Favor Ending ‘Corporate Welfare’

Biometrics needed to protect Africa’s digital economy ambitions from growing fraud  

Just 34% See Better Economy in 2024

Yes, the tech layoff surge you are feeling is real

Left-Wing Media Collapse Marches On Bankruptcies, Layoffs, Viewership Crashes Bidenomics Bust: 2,681 Journos Lost Jobs!

Business Insider Laying Off 8% Of Staff

Retiring lawmaker Ruppersberger was one of first to sound alarm on Huawei, ZTE in US networks

NSA is buying Americans’ internet browsing records without a warrant

The U.S. Is A Lawless Society Where The Criminals Get To Go Free But Underwear And Socks Are Locked Up

Video shows illegal aliens lining up to receive FREE housing in New York City

Joe Biden Met Chairman Of Chinese Company That Paid Family Millions: Former Hunter Associate

ANOTHER Biden Corrupt Scandal          1/27


Financial analyst David Webb warns of impending FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in latest interview 

The Delusions of Davos and Dubai – Part One Achieving Universal Energy Security

GOP Rep. Perry Proposes Bill to Stop American Subsidies to WEF, Davos Globalists

Destroying America: United Nations Budgets Millions For U.S.-Bound Migrants In 2024

Trusted Pastor Warns Biden’s Border Battle With Texas Could Be Deliberately Provoking Civil War

Banker claims COFFEE is bad for the climate at WEF annual meeting

The Fed Prepares for a Bank Crisis While Telling Americans the Economy Is Strong

Why The Whole Banking System Is A Scam by Godfrey Bloom MEP

War Is Always Inflationary  

Is The U.S. Economy Actually Growing?

Sharp Increase in Federal Debt Surpasses Economic Growth in Late 2023

Republicans Gear Up For New Civil War While Gov. Greg Abbott is in India Working On Outsourcing Their Jobs

EU Looks To Accelerate Development Of Small Nuclear Reactors

Lawsuit Claims Unequal Treatment in Minnesota’s Farmland Program

Bidenomics In Shambles: Microsoft Cuts 1,900 Jobs In Gaming Market

Feds Blow Through $20 BILLION For ‘Refugee Assistance’ In Just 2 Years

Republicans question Biden admin over $3 billion loan to Sunnova, which has been accused of scamming elderly dementia patients into signing expensive solar panel leases 

Kari Lake's Bribery Audio a Reminder That Elites Control Both Parties

Is NASA's 'Temperatures Are Rising' graph evidence of global warming or evidence of widespread fraud?

Beware A Coming Black Ops Black Flag Event Created By Our Own Intel Agencies via The Invasion At Our Southern Border - Biden Allowing Evil Monsters To Drive The Final Nail In America's Coffin

Survey: Nearly Half of Potential DC Jurors Say Death Penalty or Life in Prison is 'Fair Punishment' for J6ers

Seattle to Pay Black Lives Matter Rioters $10 Million in Lawsuit Related to George Floyd Riots

It is a bloodbath for the mainstream media               1/26


If Devious Davos Elites Get Their Way, Your Lifestyle Could Be Tracked, Taxed, and Criminalized

Depopulate 6 Billion People 'Peacefully' - as in, 'Without Violence'

We The People Are The 'Carbon' The Narcissistic WEF Hypocrites Want To Eliminate

Dutch Queen Máxima's popularity dwindles as she markets Digital IDs and CBDCs

Coming Soon: Lockdowns to Save the Environment?

Why Does Manufacturing at Home Really Matter?

Gaslighting Media Insists Economy ‘Fantastic’, Voters Just Too Dumb to Realize It

Dem State Bag Ban Backfires: Makes Bag-plastic Use INCREASE 300%

Experts: Biden’s push for China-made EVs poses NATIONAL SECURITY risk 

Most Americans Are Literally Living On The Edge Of Disaster

The Democratic Socialists of America are Broke, In Debt, and Beginning Mass Layoffs.

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

‘Europeans Will Succumb to Islam,’ Says Former Intelligence Chief

Pakistan Proves Mass Deportation is Possible as 500,000 Afghans Ejected in Just 4 Months.

PAYOLA PROPAGANDA: DHS paid leftist academics to create “counter-propaganda” under the guise of improving media literacy on hot issues like immigration

Arizona GOP Chairman Resigns After Leaked Audio Relaying Alleged ‘Bribe’ from ‘Powerful People’ to Stop Kari Lake

AG Ken Paxton reveals exactly how Dems stole 2020 election, and it’s so much simpler than you realize

Cracking Down On Looters And Thieves In PA         1/25


May the WEF Plot Suffer the People’s Resistance  

VIDEO: WEF Prophet Says Humans Have No Rights They're A Fairy Tale

As The Pentagon And US Govt Sacrifice Excellence, Integrity And Honor For Diversity, Equity And Inclusion, Beware Of The Unexpected As The American Empire Death Spiral Accelerates- A War Against Russia Is Beyond Insane In This 'Most Dangerous World' Globalists Created

Growing 'No Cash Accepted' Signs Bad News For Millions

Pro-humanity advocate Laura Aboli: Globalists are carrying out their TRANSHUMANISM agenda to achieve a DYSTOPIAN future

Major U-turn! OpenAI drops ban on military tools to partner with the Pentagon

Toyota Chairman Says Electric Cars Will Never Dominate Global Market

Election systems expert demonstrates how easy it is to HACK voting machine USING ONLY A PEN

2024: The Super Election Year

Germany’s electricity prices DOUBLE as “green” nightmare kicks in

Conspiracy Theorists Were Right About Climate Lockdowns

Federal Court of Canada Rules It Was Illegal for Trudeau to Declare National Emergency to Freeze Bank Accounts and Stop the Trucker Convoy

Mass Layoffs Rock LA Times: Over 100 Staff Cut, Affecting a Quarter of the News Guild Due to Heavy Losses

Paramount Set to Lay Off ‘Hundreds’ in Latest Hollywood Bloodbath

Psychopathic behavior on the rise as society descends into freefall collapse

January 6: the bombs that weren't?              1/24


WEF's Looming Economic Shift is Global Serfdom - What Are NAC, BIS, CBDC, PPP?

Dutch Queen Promotes Global Digital ID At Davos

The Never-Ending War On Cash

Sweden is now going AGAINST cashless agenda..right-wing Swedish government is looking at strengthening the use of physical cash for the future and FORCE shops to accept cash...

Foreign entities now own 40 MILLION ACRES of U.S. agricultural land

Real Life Bond Villain Bill Gates and Rockefeller Brothers Are Funneling Millions to the CCP  

World Economic Forum claims misinformation is top risk to society… while spewing misinformation everywhere 

Watch: WEF Members Claim Coffee Bad for Environment

"We Owned the NewsWe Were the Gatekeepers" - WSJ Editor-in-Chief Laments Mainstream Media Power Loss

Jeffrey Epstein's links to the development of Bitcoin and CBDCs

U.S. Ranchers Banding Together To Save Our Food Supply! $300 Million Raised!

French Farmers Also Revolt Against Taxes, Price Pressure and Green Regulations – New Macron Government Quickly Caves to Demands

Germany Went All in on the Green Transition — Now, Its Economy Is Crumbling

Is EU dropping Net Zero?! Biggest political party in EU now wants to drop the ban on gas & diesel cars –...

BREAKING: Citigroup To Slash 20,000 Jobs!

5G wireless technology is a DISASTER waiting to happen 

America’s Once Great Cities Are Being Turned Into Open Sewers

Get woke, go broke? Sports illustrated lays off almost ENTIRE staff

Meet Five Accused Pedophiles Who Bought Kids Through Surrogacy

Alex Soros Tweets Out Bullet Hole and 47 — A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump

A culture in collapse                        1/23


Klaus Schwab Got up and Walked Out of Room During Argentina President Milei’s Speech at Davos Attacking Globalist Power-Hungry Elites

Best 18 seconds you will see; New WEF Participant Crashes 2024 Davos Meeting

Davos, Trust, and the End of “Comfortable Wolves”

Shocking Poll Exposes How Much the Elite Hate Us

Globalist junta boasts about “damaging plans” being set up to block Trump from retaking his White House seat

House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Prohibit Funding For World Economic Forum

German truckers, factory workers join farmers’ protest against incumbent left-cult government that’s trying to DESTROY FARMS and the food supply

Pentagon Insider Issues Chilling Warning Of World War III As Middle East Explodes In Violence By Iran-Supported Proxies Hezbollah, Hamas And Houthis

A Plea to End the War in Ukraine

The Country You Didn’t Think Would De-Dollarize as the De-Dollarization Era Begins

Osage Nation’s Victorious War Cry After Judge Rules Wind Farm on Tribal Land Must Be Dismantled: ‘This Is Our Homeland’

Man Convicted of Starting 14 Canadian Forest Fires Media Blamed on ‘Climate Change’

Green Globalist Disaster: E-Bikes Caused Record Fires, Injuries, and Deaths Last Year In NYC

$5 Million Down the Drain: Asheville Grapples with Idle Electric Buses Due to Technical Flaws

Global Historical Hurricane & Cyclone Statistics Establish that 2023 Experienced a Very “Normal Year.”

An Amish Farmer’s Food Rights Battle             1/22


What We Learned at Davos 2024: Global Aristocracy Intends on ‘Rebuilding Trust’ Through Censorship and Surveillance

WEF Panelist Suggests Creating “Exclusion Lists” to Demonetize Sources Sharing “Disinformation”

Watch: "You Are The Problem" - Conservative Speaker Slams Davos Globalists To Their Faces

With COVID Just The 'Overture' Of 'The Next Big Thing,' Globalists Are Going All-In On Killing Free Speech, New 'Vaxxes' Delivered In A Patch And Overthrowing The West In 2024 - Military aged men from every failed state in the world rush to get into America

Carbon Passports: The Looming Surveillance Dystopia

Digital Kill Switches: How Tyrannical Governments Stifle Political Dissent 

How Can Anyone Possibly Claim That The U.S. Economy Is Doing Well With All Of This Going On?

China Stocks Hit Rock Bottom: After $6.3 Trillion Market Loss, Brokers Suspend Short-Selling

FAIL: Cuba's economy is collapsing, so communists hike taxes 20%

This is a Blueprint for How the Dollar Goes Kaput 

“Food Deserts” Rise In Democrat Run Cities As Grocers Leave In Droves

“We Have To Make Tough Choices”: After Already Laying Off Thousands, Google Prepping For More Layoffs

Betrayed AGAIN: Here Are the Republicans Who Voted to Fund Bribery Biden’s Corrupt Runaway Spending

Evidence Bidens funneled money into insurance policies, 'offshore bank accounts' to avoid taxes, Key Oversight  

Biden Ignores Supreme Court, Cancels Another 74,000 Student Loans

Majority of Voters Believe Bathhouse Barry Obama is the One Who REALLY Runs the White House

Fani’s Boy Toy Paid for Her Trips                   1/21


Trump Pledges to Block Government Push for Central Bank Digital Currency

WEF Declares a New Era of Order is Evolving

Internet Censorship Seems to Be the Biggest Topic at the WEF

Rently to Use SingPass for ID Verification of Renters and Tenants

"Food Deserts" Rise In Democrat Run Cities As Grocers Leave In Droves

Surveillance State: Feds Asked Banks for Private Transactions for Terms With ‘MAGA,’ ‘Trump’

The World’s Coal-Fired Power Generation Hit a Record High in 2023

Major Video Game Company Says It’s Time to Get “Comfortable” Not Owning the Things You Buy

Digital Kill Switches: How Tyrannical Governments Stifle Political Dissent

More evidence that blacks are maddest of all about Biden's open borders

Drug overdose deaths skyrocket to all-time high in major blue city

Kevin Morris confirms $5 million in loans to Hunter Biden, art purchases: Comer

Donald Tusk Sends Riot Police to Purge Media of Critical Journalists – and Suddenly the EU Has Nothing to Say About the ‘Rule of Law’

Hamas reveals hidden reason for Oct. 7 attacks on Israel

Elon Pokes Fun at Our WEF “Overlords” as Klaus Schwab Worries About Need to “Rebuild Trust”

Killing the Messenger  

True cost of Chinese solar panels.                   1/19


UN’s Vision of the Future: One Digital ID to Rule Us All

Ursula von der Leyen hopes EU Digital Services Act will tackle WEF's top concern: The truth getting out

Globalist Bond Villain Ursula von der Leyen Spreads “Misinformation” and “Disinformation” at Davos

WEF creeps descend on Davos to ‘rebuild trust’... and subsequently book all the local prostitutes

Globalist President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen Vows €50 Billion Aid for Ukraine, With or Without Hungary’s Orbán Agreement

CEO of World’s Largest Bank Hints at Historic Crash

Fractional Reserve Banking (Part II)

Firesale: Blackstone's Defaulted Manhattan Office Tower Loan Marketed At 50% Discount

China’s Stock Market “Appears to Be in Free Fall Now” – Will the U.S. Stock Market Be Next?

New York Fed: Manufacturing Activity Is Plummeting

New Labor Edict From Biden Regime Declares War On Independent Workers

Jim Jordan Demands Answers After Biden Admin Caught Flagging "MAGA" And "Trump" To Track Political Opponents' Financial Transactions

Energy Department Caught Massively Cheating to Boost Electric Vehicle Efficiency Data and Corporate Media Is Ignoring It

A Conservative Executive Has Bought the Baltimore Sun Newspaper and the Left is Freaking Out

DHS pays democrat groups $700,000 to create ‘propaganda attacking conservatives.’

Woke cross-dressing United Airlines CEO under fire for diverse hiring comments, sponsoring drag shows

Increasing Psychopathic Behavior Is A Sign That Society Is On The Verge Of Breaking Down

Davos: From Proto-Fascism to Post-Fascism              1/18


WEF President Declares That “We Are on the Way to a New Order”

Klaus Schwab On Using AI to Predict Votes: “Why Do We Need Elections?”

Globalist Losing Streak Continues: Davos Panic Over MAGA Monday Marlow to Kudlow: Democracy Thrived in Iowa

Klaus Schwab Admits That Communism Is the Cornerstone of the WEF [VIDEO]

Here We Go: WEF Hosts Panel Today for ‘Disease X’

If The Deep State Cannot Stop Trump With Lawfare, Or Dire 'End Of Democracy' Warnings, Watch For A New 'Plandemic' To Delay Or Stop The 2024 Election

Davos Elites Complain About Lack of X Censorship  

Central Bank Digital Currencies are Spycoins

The TSA Plans Big Digital ID Push in 2024 

Recession Signal: Private-Sector Job Growth Is Being Replaced By Gov't-Sector Job Growth

German Economy, Europe’s Largest, Shrinks

Month-over-month U.S. budget deficit rose by 50% in December as financial collapse looms

Goldman Was Dumping Billions in Stocks and Other Assets as It Told Clients to Buy

Trump Called It: New York State Sees Manufacturing Numbers Plunge Worse than 2008 Recession 

John Deere Partners With Elon Musk's Starlink To Unlock "Vast Opportunities"

U.K. cash cow: PM Sunak announces $3.2B in military aid for Ukraine

“This is Crazy, It’s a Disaster” – Public Charging Stations Turn into Electric ‘Car Graveyards’ in Bitter Chicago Cold (VIDEO)

Go Woke Go Broke: Disney’s Pixar to Undergo Significant Layoffs in 2024

Underwear, socks latest items to be locked up in shoplifting crackdown

Muslim Hordes Display Warlike Dominance Across Europe Under the Pretense of “Prayer”

DEI, Airplane Crashes, and Bad Medicine           1/17


WEF Declares All-Out War On Free Speech As World's Greatest Threat

Death, 'Disease X', & "Rebuilding Trust" With The Denizens Of Davos

WHY is the US Congress involved with creating a bill called "Disease X Act" back in June of 2023?

WHO was created to CONTROL and RULE over the global population, warns German physician

With 'Disease X' The 'Cover Story' For The Coming Mass Deaths From The Release Of The Globalists New Bioweapons, Their 'Blood Lust' Won't End Until They Are Permanently Stopped

Great Danger Ahead: 2024 Will Be an Epochal Year for Xi and the U.S.

World's richest five men double fortune since 2020!

"It's All Over": Powell's WSJ Mouthpiece And JPMorgan Confirm Imminent End Of QT

IMF Chief: AI Will Impact 60% of Jobs in Advanced Economies Like United States

YAHOO: Inflation 'Cooling' Thanks to Cheap Migrant Labor Depressing Your Wages.

IMF: Artificial Intelligence Will Affect 60% of Jobs

Robots Looking Better to Detroit as Labor Costs Rise

Appeals Court Rules The Homeless Have A Right To Camp On Sidewalks

San Francisco Hilton Defaults on Mortgage  

The hits keep coming: meet the DEI tranny pilot hijacking United with no survivors

United Airlines Takes Flak Over RACIST DEI Hiring Practices

United Airlines CEO Criticized For DEI Hiring Initiatives, Drag Queen Photos Surface

United Airlines CEO is a cross-dressing freak           1/16


CBDCs and Digital IDs Will Ensure There’s No Coming Back From the EU’s Totalitarian Dystopia

The 2024 Digital ID and Online Age Verification Agenda

The new Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal is a WEF Global Young Leader and a Bilderberger.

Biometrics Implementations Around the World Undermined by Lack of Consent

SEC In ‘Active And Ongoing’ Investigation Into Rumble

World Economic Forum Declares “Disinformation” To Be The World’s Greatest Threat

CCP Billionaire Secretly Bought 200,000 Acres Of U.S. Farmland

Questions Arise on How Chinese Billionaire Secretly Became Second-Largest Foreign Owner of U.S. Land

7 Ridiculous Examples of Government Waste in 2023

Congressional Leaders Reach Agreement To Fund Government Until March 

Something Strange Happening In Corporate America As Tens Of Thousands Laid Off In December 2023 Alone,

Hertz to sell 20k EVs from rental fleet, says electric cars too expensive to repair

Egypt’s Suez Canal Revenue Stream Dries Up, Decreasing By 40% Due To Houthi Attacks

People with ‘Complete Paralysis, Epilepsy, Severe Intellectual Disability, Psychiatric Disability’ to Lead Air Travel Operations in Pursuit of Woke DEI Quotas

“Witnessing Final Chapter Of This Town”: Icelandic Volcano Erupts Outside Grindavík

Illegal Alien Involved In Police Officer’s Death Claims He’s a Victim of Racism

Illegal Immigrant Killed A Child In 2019 – The Serial Drunk Driver Was Already Released From Prison

Maine Builds Rent-Free Apartments For Illegal Migrants Paid For By American Taxpayers

Democrat Illinois Governor Pritzker Says It’s Not Fair to Send Illegal Aliens to His Sanctuary City (VIDEO)

Commercial Flights Becoming Insanely Dangerous as Virtue-Signaling Airlines Hire Based on Diversity Rather Than Merit

“It’s a New World” — Ray Kurzweil circa 2009      1/15


We Are Witnessing A Tsunami Of Economic Suffering All Over America

CNBC’s Santelli: It Takes $1.19 in 2023 Dollars to Buy What a Dollar Bought Pre-COVID

7 Ridiculous Examples of Government Waste in 2023

Expert Predicts Banking Crisis For 2024

Dinesh D'Souza Partners With Alternative Small Business Network to Support Conservative Values

Small-business Owners Say Bidenomics Is Bad for Business

Global Trade Falls As Traffic Through The Red Sea Plummets After Attacks

Disney’s Woke Pixar Unit to Slash Hundreds of Jobs

State AGs Blast Biden, Wall Street Plan To Sell Rights To America's Public Lands

New York Governor Mocked for Declaring “War Against Shoplifting” Instead of Just Enforcing Existing Laws

Liberal Foundations Poured Tens of Millions of Dollars Into Influential Environmental Organization Tied to Chinese Government

Top Republicans Want to Investigate the Chinese-Backed Marijuana Farms That Are Spreading Like Weeds in the US

RINO TRAITOR: Rand Paul unleashes on Mitch McConnell for aligning with Biden to allow 5,000 illegals per day into US, $735M in funding for “path to citizenship”

Criminality in the White House: The Rise of the Political Psychopath

Nathan Wade Allegedly Billed Willis's Office for 24 Hours of Work in 1 Day

EU parliament launches 'historic' push to sanction Hungary

JACK POSOBIEC: Poland is a test run for globalist totalitarianism

WEF Targeting Independent Media Despite The MSM And Biden Regime Pushing The Most Disinformation Since 2021 - The WEF Annual 'Global Risk' Report Lists Mis & Disinformation AKA 'The Truth', As Number One Societal Risk

Who's Ready for Slavery Reparations?

Green “Boom”: Hertz Will Sell a Third of Its EV Fleet to Buy Gasoline Cars Instead

Half-Million Left Without Power In New York, Pennsylvania Following Massive Winter Storm

Got GMO Synthetic Milk?

The Orwellian Assault On The Past Continues         1/13


As WEF Prepares for 54th Annual Meeting, International Activist Movements Offer Alternative Vision of 2030

US Budget Deficit Soars By 50% In December As Fiscal Collapse Under Biden Accelerates

US Government Runs 1st-Quarter Budget Deficit of $510 Billion

Despite Western Sanctions, Russia’s Economy Not Only Survived in 2023 – IT GREW

Chinese Billionaire Lands on List of Top 100 U.S. Landowners

Bank of Canada files trademark claim for ‘digital dollar’ despite 86% of public objecting to the idea

Fed Balance Sheet Expands By Most Since SVB Crisis As Banks Arbitrage Bailout Fund

Argentina Poised to Surpass Venezuela With 200% Inflation Crisis

‘Wall St banks are not prepared for the next crisis.’

Conwoman accused of bilking US Army out of $100 MILLION

Millions in Canadian tax dollars still going to Communist China despite rising tensions

Pete Buttigieg gave $75 Million taxpayer gift to company who made ‘shoddy bolts’ for Boeing.

The Electric Car Con Explained

The Stage Is Set For Unprecedented Chaos & The Total Breakdown Of Society As The Cabal's Blitzkrieg Bloodbath Upon America Planned Out For Many Decades Plays Out Before Our Eyes - Americans Are Being Killed & Starving While Our 'Replacements' Get A Free Pass

The fate of the nation rests in the hands of unserious and conflicted judges setting gotcha traps for Team Trump rather than conducting a serious debate on matters of dire consequence for the future

Man Seeking to Disqualify Trump From 2024 Ballot in at Least 27 States Arrested for Filing 17 False Tax Documents to IRS

Yikes! Instagram Censors Video Showing All the Times Hunter Biden Broke Laws for Which His Dad Advocated

Democracy dies in adulterated voter rolls          1/12


. . . Food, Energy, and Money: How They Plan on Moving EVERYONE Into “Smart Cities” Before 2030

World Bank: Global Economy On Track For Worst Half-Decade Of Growth In 30 Years

The Final Countdown To CBDC

"Fake News" Is What Worries WEF The Most

"We No Longer Need As Many People": Duolingo Fires 10% Of Contractors, Will Replace Them With AI

Fast-Food’s Future: Will Rising Prices Drive Surge in Automation or Business Model Revamp?

20,000 Chinese Nationals Cross in Four Months - a Fifth Column?

China Dominates The Supply Of US Critical Minerals List

EV Sales Suffer Massive Drop-Off in 2023

Your Vehicle Is Already Spying on You, and Now They Are Going to Start Installing ChatGPT in New Volkswagen Models

Office Vacancies Hit Record High Across US Cities As CRE Downturn Worsens

Soaring Crime Rate Hurting Small Businesses in Democrat Hellhole Washington

When Lawyers Defending Their Clients Become the Accused

Hunter’s Art Dealer Reveals More White House Lies

Red Alert: The Total, Final Obliteration Of Free Speech In 2024

Mattress, High Chair Discovered in Illegal NYC Synagogue Tunnel

UMich Now Has Over 500 Jobs Dedicated To DEI, Payroll Exceeds $30 Million

'This is insane': Elon Musk goes on tear to expose ease of election fraud in the United States of America.

‘Science’ in Service of the Agenda                      1/11


The Brain Is the Battlefield of the Future. The WEF's Stated Objective is "Altering the Human Being"

As America Blows Up With A Ton Of Evidence Joe Biden Sold Us Out, He And His Traitorous Sidekicks Are Set To Widen WW3 To Finish Off Our Destruction And Bring In Tyranny & Chaos

The Great Taking: The Largest Criminal Heist In The History Of The World

Buckle Up For A Bumpy 2024, Economists Warn

Government Employment Reports Overestimated Jobs By 443,000 in 2023

More Golden (and Black-Gold) Proof: The Dollar is Totally Screwed

NEW RECORD: U.S. national debt tops $34 trillion as nation accelerates toward financial collapse

U.S. Consumers Are Engaging In A Historic Debt Binge, And Delinquencies Are Ominously Rising…

The Silent Death by a Thousand Cuts in Manufacturing 

Key BIOTERROR And Biodefense Official Lodges Serious Accusation Against Anthony Fauci!

REVEALED: Chinese Billionaire Is Second-Biggest Foreign Owner of US Land

Biden's 'climate czar' John Kerry spends $4.3 MILLION in taxpayer funds on staff annually

German farmers' protests paralyze cities, and they're not finished yet

Alaska Airlines And United Airlines Find Loose Bolts On Boeing 737-9 MAXs  

Cockpit audio from Alaska Air jet erased after mid-air panel blow out

Appeals Court Hits ‘Off’ Switch on Biden’s Dishwasher, Washing Machine Regulations

Top University’s Spending On ‘Diversity’ Grew 66% In Just One Year

Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Contradicts The White House

The Biden campaign tells major media outlets how to cover Trump news

LISTEN: Hot Mic Catches Journos Joking About Trump Being Assassinated - 'Like JFK! Take a Convertible!'

America’s Biggest Problem                                1/10


The Great Taking Exposes the Financial End Game

2/3rds of Americans Say ‘Invasion’ Is Accurate Term to Describe Bribery Biden’s Border Crisis 

UN Planning New Pandemic to Establish Planetary Dictatorship

Behind The Deep State

America’s Fiat Money Gestapo: The Untold History of the Secret Service

Bidenomics Bust: Twice As Many Americans Worse Off Economically Than Last Year

Consumer Credit Shocker: November Debt Soars After Second Biggest Surge In Credit Card Debt On Record

What does $31 million get the Chinese from Biden? Easy access into the United States, apparently

Bidenites begin to refill the strategic oil reserves for election season, call the buys a ‘good deal’ for taxpayers UPDATED

Black Rock Announces Plans To Lay Off Over 600 Employees

What Is Going To Happen To Our Society As AI And Robots Take Most Of Our Jobs?

Tractors — and Truckers — Bring Germany to Standstill over Government’s Globalist Agenda

German "Elites" Aim to Ban New Most Popular Party - in "Democracy's" Name

350,000 foreigners applied for asylum in Germany in 2023 as welfare payments soared

To Grow Biometric Datasets, Google and Telus Will Pay $50 for Short Videos of Children

Washington Post Doomed Amid Failing Business Plan, Massive Losses

Jack Smith Prosecutor Discouraged FBI from Investigating Clinton Foundation in 2016

A Culture in Collapse                    1/9


Watch: Conservative Teacher Warned Exactly Where America Was Headed in Decades-Old 4 min. Video

Conservatives in Congress “Pissed” Over Johnson-Schumer Government Funding Deal

Catherine Austin Fitts: 2023 was the year the people pushed back

Buckle Up for a Bumpy 2024, Say Economists

BRICS Expands Footprint In The Global South

Morgan Stanley DOWNGRADES U.S. Dollar Rating -- Bad Times Ahead?

Comparing Ukraine “Aide” to Ways the Money Should Have Been Used in America [VIDEO]

"Largest Selling Since Mid-October": Hedge Funds, Long-Onlies Resume Dumping Tech Stocks At Furious Pace

Two Companies Forfeit $6.3M Contract Security and Bail on U.S Offshore Wind Farm Project

“Melting Antarctic” scare narrative exposed as FRAUDULENT: Antarctic ice MORE stable than previously thought

For Third Straight Year, Texas Is Top Destination for U-Haul Renters

WHAT A SHAME: The Liberal Washington Post is Losing $100 Million a Year and Online Engagement is Way Down

'Existential Crisis' as Woke Hollywood Loses 20% of Moviegoers

The Bill Comes Due, Disney Loses Top Spot To Rival Film Studio!

The Ruling Class is Calling for Censorship Throughout the 2024 Presidential Election

Slow Collapse Of The MSM Shows The Majority Of Americans Waking Up To The Reality That Biased National Media Is Indeed The Enemy Of The American People

BREAKING: Spain bans Human Events Special on Franco on X, declares it illegal / harmful speech

Another City Passes Resolution to Stop 5G Deployment until There is Proof of Safety

Another US air disaster caught on video: window bursts open at 16,000 feet on brand new Boeing  

The Moon Economic Wars                           1/8


Profits Of The Military Industrial Complex Are Booming As US Govt Wages War Upon Americans And Our Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Railroads, Hospitals And School Systems Are Crumbling

A brief recap of America's 2023 fiscal train wreck

Waste of the Day: U.S. DOT Spends $3 Billion On Private High-Speed Rail

JOBS REPORT: IRS is the #2 Hirer in the Country, Government and Nationalized Healthcare Added the Most Jobs

These Members of Congress Made a Killing From the 2023 Stock Market

DC and Wall Street Cheat Nancy Pelosi Saw 65% Return on Stock Investments in 2023

‘Global Elites’ or ‘Global Parasites’? A Personal Quest for the Appropriate Descriptive

Flashback 2016: Technocracy Will Rise Out Of The Ashes Of Western Civilization

Maersk suspends Red Sea journeys as US-led coalition flounders

COP29 Petrostate Climate Conference will be Held in Azerbaijan

Driverless Truck Companies Plan to Ditch Human Copilots in 2024

Spaceplane Race: Space Force Launches Secretive X-37B Aboard Spacex’s Falcon Heavy Rocket – Mission Occurs as China’s ‘Divine Dragon’ Is Also Orbiting Earth

EXCLUSIVE: Why did the US State Department lease a NYC apartment to Jeffrey Epstein?

PEDO BLACKMAIL: Biden regime HIDING EVIDENCE implicating Jeffrey Epstein, intelligence agencies in Child Abuse Activities

BLM Branch co-founder: Democrats have 'manipulation' of the black community 'down to a science'

Green Energy Waste Overlooked In Climate Agenda

America’s judiciary is quietly receiving ‘training’ from leftwing climate group

A new American subculture 

A Short Guide to ESG: Political Problems     1/6


Predictions For 2024 From Patrick Wood vs. AI Chatbots

The Final Countdown to CBDC

Myron Fagan: The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations (1967)

Artificial Intelligence Is Allowing Them To Construct A Global Surveillance Prison From Which No Escape Is Possible

One Year Away From The Deagel Reports 2025 Forecast Date, Death By Government Is Still The Number 1 Cause Of Death In The World And Ready To Explode As Global Govt Rushes To Impose Itself  

Obama’s New Movie, Same Message: Blame White People

America’s Empire Of Money Has Reached The Endgame

We Have to Budget, But the US Government Doesn’t. They “Misplaced” $21 Trillion.

Worst is yet to come: Banking crisis is far from over

DEBT REVOLUTION? Tens of millions of student loan borrowers stage “massive student debt strike”

Shock Number: 38 Percent Of U.S. Companies Anticipate That They Will Conduct Layoffs In 2024

Government, Social Assistance, and Health Is Over 100% of Job Creation in These 3 ‘Progressive’ States

Canadian government plans to accept more refugees from Gaza amid record-high immigration and food bank dependency

DEBT TRAP: 4,500 Walmart self-checkout kiosks offer “buy now, pay later” loans for basic items 

Epstein Bombshell: Forget the Client List, the FBI is Hiding Thousands of Video Tapes Used to Blackmail Epstein’s Twisted Clients

California’s electric semi mandate takes effect, leaving an expensive mess for the truckers and taxpayers

Collapse of Used EV Market Spells Doom for Bribery Biden’s Electric Car Dreams

What happens if… ?                            1/5


WEF: Davos 2024 Meeting All About ‘Trust’ ???

Apocalypse Now: The Government’s Use of Controlled Chaos to Maintain Power

G7 Versus 'BRI-Plus'

The Juggling Act: Is 2024 A Pivotal Year For The Globalists

America's Demolition Is An 'All Government Operation' And Full Blown Communism, Aiding & Abetting Our Terrorist Invaders, Killing Americans And Carrying Out Global Terror - The US military and national security apparatus have thrown their lots in with the communists

U.S. Manufacturing Contracts For 14th Straight Month

Average US Household Can Afford Only Cheapest 16% Of Listed Homes

American Dream Gone: Gen Z Dumps Owning Homes for Luxury Rentals

Hackers Attack America's Water Supply, Hits Multiple Utilities In Several States - Cyber Attacks Can Do More Damage To The U.S. Than Bullets, Bombs Or Ballistic Missiles Can

When You Sit In A EV "Digital Car" You Consent To Being Recorded And Personal Data Sold

Exclusive – Venture Capitalist: DOJ Scandal ’Nakedly Political’ for Not Charging SBF

High-End Brothel Frequented by Military Officers, Politicians Believed to be ‘Honeypot’ Scheme by China, Russia, South Korea

Stunning new report shows how crooked Congress really is, and even lists the names of our worst offenders

NGOs “carefully planned” mass migration INVASION of America, report reveals

James O’Keefe Uncovers SECRET Illegal Immigrant Facility in Phoenix That Buses Illegals to Airport Every Hour

Dutch study: immigration costs state €17 billion per year

Clown World Gaslighting: DHS Chief Mayorkas Blames Climate Change for Record Border Numbers

We Want Disruption, Not Chaos                   1/4


‘Sound of Freedom’ Edges Taylor Swift at Box Office to Finish in Top 10 for 2023

MIRACLE IN JAPAN: 379 passengers SURVIVE after plane smashes into jet

The Conquest And Enslavement Of 'The Masses,' Absolute Control Of Everyone And Everything On The Planet That The Great Reset Envisages, Will Begin With 'The Great Taking'- The Globalists Diabolical Plans To Steal Everything We Own Are Real

Worldcoin is Now in Singapore as its Iris Biometrics Project Grows Globally

Central Banks On A Gold Buying Spree - What Do They Know That You Don't?

Small slivers of hope in the Global War on Cash.

2024: The Year Global Government Takes Shape

Tucker: Is the Fed Lowering Rates to Get Bribery Biden Reelected?

Argentina Pulls Out of BRICS While Iran, Russia Abandon U.S. Dollar

Economic Revolution in Argentina: A Wake-Up Call for America’s Fiscal Future

Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency and USD Exchange Rates: Long, Slow, Uneven Decline Continues

U.S. Federal Debt Surpasses $34 Trillion Mark Amid Upcoming Congressional Budget Debates

Debanking: A Corporate War on the Unwoke 

World On Fire Sends Global Defense Orders Soaring

War, What is it Good For? – The Profits of the Military Industrial Complex.

Red Alert: Tap-To-Pay Terminals Can Reach Into Your Wallet Or Purse And Charge You For Things You Haven’t Even Purchased

Bribery Biden Spends Taxpayer Dollars on Ballroom Dance Programs for Transvestite Youth in Peru

Britain's 'Conservative' Party Lets Another 51,000 'Asylum' Claimants In, Highest Since Records Began

Report: Majority of illegals benefit from welfare programs in the U.S. many of them have “anchor babies”

The Real Minimum Wage Is Always Zero          1/3


. . . Food, Energy, and Money: How They Plan on Moving EVERYONE Into “Smart Cities” Before 2030

India Scoffs at Coal ‘Transition’: ‘Not Happening in Foreseeable Future’

China’s New Rare Earth Policy Shakes Global Tech Industry

The Chinese spy balloon: what's a little national security breach between enemies?

Central Banks Brought Inflation — Now They Bring Stagnation

The Banks Are Not OK 

'Everyone is tired of the dollar' – Lavrov

How Russia Makes a Mockery of US Sanctions in One Picture

AI influencers stealing business from humans

The Great Reset: Biden Administration Introduces New Environmental Regulations for Appliances

Victory Lap: Venezuela Money Man Freed by Biden Goes on Maduro Podcast to Trash America

Blue collar workers defy bleak predictions

Navy Office Funds Research on Best Way to Set New Year’s Resolutions

Biden’s regulation of AI usage raises concerns about NARRATIVE CONTROL

RIGGED: Bribery Biden’s DOJ Drops Charges of Political Campaign Violations Against Democrat Mega-Donor Sam Bankman-Fried

Reporter Murdered After Exposing Zelensky Family’s $4.85M Villa

78 times campus cancel culture succeeded in censorship in 2023

Couple Ditches Amazon Alexa — After ‘Creepy’ Chats With Husband

The Definitive List of States That Want to Determine What Residents Can Say

The Christmas Swattings: List Of Conservatives And Lawmakers Who Were Swatted During Christmas 2023 

Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Turley Swatted      12/31


The Electronic Takeover of Every Asset on Earth, “the Great Taking,” and the Control of Humanity

A Free and Open Internet Is a Threat to the Establishment

World on Fire Sends Global Defense Orders Soaring

Russia, Iran Officially Ditch U.S. Dollar for Trade

How Russia Makes A Mockery Of US Sanctions In One Picture

Moscow wins again as Houthi rebels attack Western vessels, while Russian oil tankers freely navigate

Socialist Protests Erupt In Argentina as Milei Implements "Austerity" Cuts

The IRS Took a Jaw-Dropping, Record Amount of Our Money in 2023 Thanks to Processes Like “Aggressive Audits”  

2024’s Deficit Is Already On Track To Be The Worst Since COVID

Banks Are Closing Thousands Of Branches And Retailers Are Shutting Down Thousands Of Stores

Is The US Ready For China's Mass-Produced Humanoid Robots?

Crime-fighting AI cop keeping eye on New York subway riders

Robots patrolling downtown Denver parking garages

Green cult destroying farmland to reduce population - that’s what going “carbon zero” actually means

Leftist Politician In Germany Says Migrants Are “Entitled” To Mass Loot Grocery Stores

Footage From San Diego Airport Shows Flood of Illegals Being Deployed Across the Nation [VIDEO]

Yet Another Blue City Becomes Overwhelmed by Illegal Aliens Needing Shelter

Democratic Mayors Of New York, Chicago, Denver Plead For Help As Migrant Storm Worsens

Wealthiest Californians fleeing state        12/29


DE-DOLLARIZATION: Russia officially calls on BRICS nations to ditch U.S. dollar

There Were Zero Takers for Offers to Pay for Oil in Indian Rupees

Banks Terminate 60,000 Workers In One Of The Bleakest Years For The Industry Since 2008

Visualizing The Global Distribution Of Wealth, By Region

Poll: 4 in 10 Americans’ Financial Situations Worsened in Past Six Months

California’s free Medi-Cal to cover illegal immigrants amid healthcare shortage

Get Ready For Gas Shortages & Price Hikes Again: Weak Biden 'Fears' Retaliating Against Iran-backed Houthis Attacks In The Red Sea Due To Probability Of Full Scale War With Iran

The Cost Of Grain That Feeds The World Hits New 15-Year High

EV Graveyards: Hardly Anyone Wants to Buy a Used One

Audit: Michigan unemployment agency paid $245M in possibly improper payments

CIA’s secret plot against Julian Assange could be fully exposed thanks to a bombshell court ruling

Rudy Giuliani petitions for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after a jury ordered him to pay $146M in damages to 2 Georgia election workers

Top 5 Biden Corruption Stories the Media Ignored in 2023

WATCH: ‘KILL YOURSELF!’ Rabbi Harassed by 11-Year-Old Muslim Girl in Times Square, Muslim Family Attacks Him, Has Their 4-Year-Old Kick Him, Humiliate Him

As Spain Faces Demographic Jihad, It Must Remember That Islamic Spain was Not a Paradise of ‘Convivencia’

Inside Citizen Militias at U.S. Border.                       12/28


Argentina’s Trump-esque President Purges Thousands of Deep State Bureaucrats

2024’s Deficit Is Already on Track to Be the Worst Since Covid

Britain's Net Zero Disaster & The Wind Power Scam

Utilities Continue Skyrocketing in Commiefornia, Hawaii, and Other Blue States

Bank Bailout Program Balance Surges Again in December

IRS Rakes In Record $4.9 Trillion In Taxes From Americans Amid Enforcement Crackdown

"This Is Our Town" - Inside A Small-Town Battle Against A Giant Chinese Battery Plant

WHO’s Tedros Declares War on Meat, Traditional Farming (VIDEO)

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America

America Becoming A Great Big Racketeering Operation Run By A Mafia-Like Cabal With Marxist Characteristics Is Why Americans Must Choose: Between Civilization, Or Its Destroyers

The AI Axe Will Fall First on Bureaucrats and Journalists

Muckraker Releases Several “Mass Migration Blueprints” Used by Leftwing NGOs and the UN in the Planned and Organized Invasion into America

Unprecedented Increase in Illegal Border Crossings by Chinese Nationals into the US

WaPo Claims Borders Are Bad for National Security.

LARGEST MIGRANT CARAVAN In Over a Year Heading to Open US Border – 15,000 Illegal Migrants in Christmas Caravan and It’s Growing Every Day

Huge 'Exodus from Poverty' migrant caravan makes its way up from southern Mexico

New York City Caught Flat-Footed as Biden’s Border Crisis Brings 150,000 Illegal Aliens to Its Streets

71 Things Higher Ed Declared Racist in 2023         12/27


Key Club of Rome Member Dennis Meadows Wants to Calmly, Gently Kill Over Six Billion People [VIDEO]

FOBO? The WEF Predicts 44% of Human Skills Will Be Replaced by AI in Five Years

Gates Cozies Up to Kenya for Birth-to-Death Digital ID Program Rollout Already Drawing Public Concern

Island Tries to Rely 100% on Renewable Power Grid but It Doesn’t Work More Than 15% of the Year

Rand Paul Releases Annual Report Detailing $900 Billion In Government Waste

Container Ships In Red Sea All But Disappear As Key Trade Route Freezes

Russia Dominating the Seas as American Influence Over Vital Routes Wanes

A Staggering 80% of US Households Are Worse off Since 2020

The Evil of the Residential Property Tax

Retailers Are Rethinking Self-Checkouts Due to Rampant Theft

NY Democrat Governor Establishes Slavery Reparations Commission Amid $4.3 Billion Budget Shortfall

Joe Biden’s America: “Got-Away” Illegal Aliens Crossing Open US Border Are Caught on Camera CARRYING RIFLES

Border Patrol Struggles as Nearly 250,000 Illegals Flood Southern Border in One Month

Migrant to France Boasts: ‘Do No Work, Have Lots of Children, and Live on State Aid’

Yes, Illegal Aliens Are Able to Use Arrest Warrants as ID for Travel: TSA 

Illegal Alien from Colombia Released Into US Given 2031 ICE Check-in Date

Reporter Tayler Hansen: “90% Passengers Flying Out of Laredo, Texas are Illegal Aliens” Border Patrol Not Testing Migrants for Dangerous Infectious Diseases

Curious Old SNL Clips Emerge of the Rock Joking About Child Molestation and “Pizza”

60 percent of Illegals are on Welfare.             12/26


China's Plan To Build Global Technocracy Using Artificial Intelligence

De-Dollarization Advances: Russia and China Ditch US Currency in Their Trade Settlements

This Is Why a War Between the United States and China Is Inevitable

Ukraine Losing 800 Troops A Day Ex-NATO Officer

Argentina: Milei Exec Order Weakens/Ends Hundreds of Socialist Policies

Three Of The Four Biggest Bank Failures In US History Happened In 2023 - How Bankers Are Lining Their Pocket At Your Expense And The Digital Age Will Push Bank Failures Into Hyperdrive  

US New Home Sales Crash In November, Despite Plunging Rates

Global supply chains DETERIORATE as Malaysia blocks all Israeli vessels and cargo from using its ports

Car Ownership Costs In America Are Skyrocketing

Only Half of All Ford Dealers Agree To Sell EVs Next Year

Fetterman Demands Joe Biden Save U.S. Steel from Foreign Acquisition

“Fake Pandemic Triggers Worldwide Economic and Social Collapse” According to a Professor.

Has A "Silent Depression" Already Started In The United States?

Report: California Sees Surge in Number of Homeless Women

Visualizing 60 Years Of Stock Market Cycles

No Institution is Safe: DEI Thought Control in the Military

Leave the World Behind: Just a Movie or a Dark Hint About the Future from President Obama?

Billionaire Joins Donor Revolt Against Harvard          12/22


“This Is Off the Charts”: Economist Claims 2024 Will Bring ‘Biggest Crash of Our Lifetime’ in US

World Economic Forum tells governments and corporations: Spend $3.5 TRILLION ANNUALLY to “decarbonize” the planet

WEF and UN join forces to initiate the next global crisis – water

We’re in the Middle of a Global Coup - Here’s How We Stop It

Instant Poverty for All: Supreme Court Decision Could Impose Taxes on Paper Gains for All Assets

Top “Business” Schools Push Critical Race Theory Brainwashing and Other Communist Ideas

The world is sitting on a powder keg of debt

Bidenomics: Self-Checkout Kiosks at 4,500 Walmarts Now Offer ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Loans for Basic Items

America's Debt Crisis: People Are Maxed Out  

Scottish battery factory goes bust in fresh blow to UK's net zero industry

Democrats and Media Deceptively Change Trump’s Word 'Retribution' to 'Revenge'

America's Fake Govt Tries To Rescue Itself From Its Web Of Lies And Subterfuge, Desperate To Avoid Prosecution For Seditious Conspiracy To Defraud The Electorate, Bribery And Treason  

Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari says globalists have created a “useless class” of humans: “Keep them happy with drugs and computer games”

What Happens When You Add Millions Of Desperate Immigrants To A Nation That Has Already Become A Powder Keg?

The Last Time Democrats Took a GOP Candidate Off the Ballot Was 1860 – They Would Not Allow Abraham Lincoln’s Name on Ballot in Their Slave States

Leftists’ Civil War Fantasies

The tree of freedom and responsibility            12/21


The Fed's Empire of Speculation and the Echoes of 1929

Schwab's warnings to Globalists about Black Swan events

Kathy Hochul Signs Bill Authorizing Slavery Reparations Task Force In New York

US Existing Home Sales Unexpectedly Limp Higher In Nov, Off Record Lows

Google To Pay $700M And Make Tiny App Store Changes To Settle With 50 States

Multi-millionaire baby boomers with dementia seeing fortunes disappear as financial predators like JPMorgan Chase destroy their portfolios

COMING CRASH: Vacant Office Space in Crime-Ridden San Francisco Hits Record High

Peter Schweizer: Bill Gates’ ‘Genius’ Food Takeover Scheme About Making Money Not Saving Planet

100 Container Ships Diverted, Insurance Surges As Red Sea Chaos Worsens

Study: Nearly 3-in-5 Illegal Alien Households Are on Taxpayer-Funded Welfare

Southern border hits highest number of illegal immigrant encounters, thanks to Biden’s CBP that gives illegals $5,000 Visa gift cards

Biden Regime Nears 10 MILLION Illegal Entry Mark, But It’s Trump’s WORDS The Media Calls ‘Extreme’

ACLU sues Texas to stop border enforcement

How Black Americans Were Tamed to Vote Democrat for 200 Years

James O’Keefe drops a bomb. We have 150 new whistleblowers within IBM.

It Looks Like “The Gates Of Hell” Have Opened In Iceland As Our Planet Continues To Tremble In Wild And Unpredictable Ways

THE DESTRUCTION OF POLAND: Donald Tusk sworn In As New PM, Shuts Down Opposition Public Media

FBI agent who pushed hoax Trump-Russia investigation sentenced to 4 years for supplying info to Russian oligarch

Where is the Butt-gate story?                                    12/20


2023: The Biggest Spike In Homelessness Ever Recorded

Bankruptcies soar as high rates and end of Covid aid hit businesses hard

Bidenomics Study: 62% of Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck

UN 'Youth' Leader Promotes 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals

World Economic Forum demands $3.5 trillion per year to 'decarbonize' the planet, 'reach net-zero and restore  

2023’s Institutionalization Of Crypto Markets Set To Accelerate In 2024 As ETFs “Unlock $30 Trillion In Advised Wealth”

Biden’s “AI Bill of Rights” May Just Be Another Censorship Plan

BLACKROCK SCANDAL: Tennessee Sues Company, Demands Transparency on Alleged Environmental Activism

Lawsuit Filed Against Insurance Provider Using AI Tool with Alleged 90% Error Rate Being Used to Deny Medical Care to Elderly Patients

DC-Area Office Default Risk Surpasses San Fran

New Information About James Biden’s $200,000 Check to Joe Biden Emerges

Now German Farmers Are Fighting Back Against Globalist Scum

Born in a Police State: The Deep State’s Persecution of Its Most Vulnerable Citizens

Moguls get golden passports from UAE

Mary McCord: Deep-State She-Devil? 

Why the Radicals Need to Hide Their Real Agenda        12/19


THE GREAT TAKING – How "they" plan to STEAL everything from everyone

Budget Watchdog: U.S. Lawmakers Considering $2.3 Trillion in New Borrowing

Report: Staggering Number of Missed Payments on Student Loans

SUPPLY CHAIN CHAOS: Key global electrical products supplier announces 20-week DELAY for many components

We Don't Need To Fix FDIC, We Need A Genuinely Safe Bank

Nippon Steel Corporation Announces Acquisition of United States Steel Corporation in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

OpenAI’s ChatGPT often answers questions like a WOKE moron, defaulting to illogical left-wing narratives

Report: Anti-Life Groups ‘Siphoned’ Billions From Taxpayers Over Three Years

The Rollout Begins: New York County to Enforce Travel Bans for Weather and Other “Catastrophes,” Announcing Portal for “Essential Worker” Movement Passes

Fentanyl Trafficker Arrested in Democrat Hellhole Portland for the Second Time in One Week

Homelessness Soars To Record High In America

Illegal Aliens Tossing $1 Million Per Month in 'Free Food' While Citizens Contend with Drastic Budget Cuts

‘Sanctuary City’ Chicago to Impound Buses, Redirect Illegal Aliens Elsewhere

WOKE: Racist IBM Subsidiary Red Hat Honors the DIE “Ten Commandments” for Whitey Only

ICYMI: Virtue Un-Signaled: San Fransicko Halts Reparations Office Due to Budget Cuts

Minnesota to get a new state flag… that looks nearly identical to one out of Somalia

Texas Border Sector Overwhelmed by Migrant Surge, Leading to Checkpoint Closures

Visualizing $97 Trillion Of Global Debt In 2023          12/18


Intentional Destruction: First Covid, Now Comes “The Great Taking”

UN, Gates Foundation team up to implement 'digital infrastructure' into 50 countries by 2028

UN agencies have been working for decades to achieve GLOBAL DEPOPULATION

Maligned by the MSM, Argentina’s Javier Milei Is Not Joking Around: Gets Rid of ‘Ministry of Culture’ Along With 8 Others, to the Dismay of Libs Worldwide

Argentinian President Javier Milei Announces Crack Down on Leftism, Clears Out Homeless Encampment in Buenos Aires 

The Richest are Leaving the Country

The Truth About The Economy That The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You

Florida Might Be the Latest State to Stand Up to the Federal Reserve

Why 'Money For Nothing And Nothing For Money' Is A Fast Train To A Full-Scale Dictatorship: America's Border Jumpers Under Biden Get 'Free Money', Every Month, Paid For By YOU!

Migrant groups launch lawsuits against Border Patrol over camping conditions near San Diego

Bidenomics: Number of Americans Upside-Down on Auto Loans Continues to Climb

10 Key Measures In The Mammoth Defense Policy Bill

What’s inside the $900 Billion NDAA bill

Intelligence Round Table on Ukraine and U.S. Intelligence

It Begins: Here The Come The Deepfake News AI Anchors

O’Keefe Media Group Obtains Internal Document From IBM That Trashes White People, ‘Only White People Can Be Racist’

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Bloody Truth About Lab-Grown Meat

Sen. Rick Scott Urges FDA to Probe If Lead-Tainted Cinnamon Was Sourced From China

9-Year-Old Raped Repeatedly on School Bus in Democrat Hellhole Boston

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Homelessness in the United States Hits Historic High

What Will Become of Cities?                     12/17


You Cannot Make This Up! Former FBI Charles McGonigal, Who Framed Trump for the Russia Collusion Hoax, Gets Sentenced for, Wait for It! . . . COLLUDING WITH RUSSIA!

SMASHING the AI threat matrix – How human resistance defeats Skynet

Fed Holds Rates Steady At Final Meeting Of A Very Unexpected Year

Now The Fed Games All Makes Sense

Pencil In Three Election Rate Cuts For 2024

Interest rate hikes caused 5.8 increase in Canada’s UNEMPLOYMENT rate, survey reveals

Tesla Unveils Its Latest Humanoid Robot, Optimus Gen 2, In Demo Video

California Freezes Spending As State Faces $68B Deficit

Report: China already hacking into U.S. utilities, pipeline, port companies

China’s Amazing Global Role For 2,000 Years

Former Facebook Diversity Manager Admits to Stealing Millions

Watchdog Warns Against Lab Grown Meat In Six-Figure Ad Campaign

Bill Gates Calls for Cows to Be Modified to Fight 'Climate Change'.

Newman: “Climate change” scam will enable globalist United Nations to enforce its will on humanity

UN “Climate” Summit: End Energy (In US), Global Taxes, War on Humanity

Have child traffickers taken over the Etsy online marketplace?

Shocking Footage of the Collapse of the US Border & the End of the American Republic

400,000 Ukrainians Killed In Action Explains A Whole Lot

Her Work Is Complete: Crooked Assistant US Attorney Lesley Wolf Who Blocked Search Warrants and Felony Charges for the Bidens Resigns at DOJ

IRS Whistleblowers Unable to Verify “Loans” Regime Claims Bribery Biden Sent to Fellow Crime Family Members

California grand jury indicts Hunter Biden with multiple felony tax charges

26 People injured after man sets off grenades in Ukrainian council meeting

Nineteen Years Ago, Journalist Gary Webb Was Murdered After Exposing CIA Drug Trafficking

A State-by-State Look at Noncitizen Voting           12/15


Globalist Sales Pitch: Biometric Digital IDs Make Flying Easier

Delta’s Biometric Digital ID Program Expands to 3 Major US Airports

The Anti-Humans Are at it Again: The World Economic Forum [Globalist Nazis] Demand $3.5 TRILLION Per Year to “Decarbonize”, i.e. DEPOPULATE the Planet 

ECONOMIC WARFARE: UAE Ditches The "Petro-Dollar" For Oil Trades, Crisis Incoming?

$900 Billion NDAA approved overwhelmingly by House.

BlackRock's woke capitalist vision is failing: here's why

A Short Guide to ESG: Finance

After squandering $111B on military aid for Ukraine, Biden administration is asking for yet more funds

French farmers dump manure on government buildings to protest climate hysteria

COP28: Were Small Nation Delegates Lured Away so a Deal could be Struck?

Biden "Gave Federal Agencies Greenlight To Go After [Musk]", FCC Commissioner Warns

Could This Supreme Court Case End Government Overreach By Three-Letter Agencies?

Democrat-Ruined Minneapolis Teams Up With NYU Law School to “Reimagine” Policing

Toymaker Hasbro Laying Off More Than 1,000 Workers Just Before Christmas – Is Disney to Blame?

Obamas' Netflix movie preps nation for massive, incapacitating cyberattack, societal breakdown

How Did the U.S. Government Become So Big?       12/14


WEF Likens "Misinformation" To A Cybersecurity Issue In Calls For More Action

"Debt-Trap Diplomacy" - Which Developed Countries Are The Most Indebted To China?

Argentina's Milei Devalues Peso by 54% in First Batch of Shock Measures

"Silent Recession" Impacting Americans

Ron Paul: Bribery Biden, Media Gaslight People About Inflation

Biden Approves $200M Additional Military Aid for Ukraine During Zelenskyy’s White House Visit

What Would Happen If The US Stopped Supporting Ukraine?

Zelensky Meets with Defense Contractors in D.C. During Bid for U.S. Taxpayer Money

Former Federal German Minister Under Merkel Warns: Germany Heading to A Climate Tyranny

5G/EMF/RF Solstice; Baby Get Back to Where You Once Belonged – Safeguarding Earth, Skies, and All of Nature

True cost of charging an EV is equivalent to paying $17.33 a gallon of gas, per new report

GOP Rep. Andy Biggs: “Utter Capitulation on His Part” – House Speaker Mike Johnson Pulls Judiciary Committee’s FISA 702 Overhaul and Intel Committee’s 702 Reauthorization Bills, Will Not Consider Either Until After The New Year

We’ve Already Got a Dictator-in-Chief: How Absolute Power Corrupted the President

How Did The US Government Become So Big?

The Totalitarian Three-Step

Ready To Rumble: Lawsuits Against Censorship-Industrial Complex Heat Up After Musk Kicks Open The Floodgates

X MESS: Feds cut $1 billion subsidy for Musk STARLINK

The Fate of West's Water Rests on 27-Year-Old's Shoulders

Living Everywhere in a Carceral Surveillance State

"Leave the World Behind" movie foreshadows massive cyber attack false flag event to come

Cop who shot Ashli Babbitt owes IRS big time

Florida School Board urges MOMS FOR LIBERTY co-founder to resign in MAGA sex scandal

What Is Project 2025? [VIDEO]                      12/13


Shocking Book/Film(free PDF): The Great Taking!

Globalist Death Cult Tells Us What's Next: 'NO Internet, NO Phone, NO Power, NO Food, NO Going Back To Normal' - Barack & Michelle Obama Produced New Movie Predicting TEOTWAWKI - 'The most blatant examples of predictive programming and cabal symbolism I’ve ever seen'

Amid Mushrooming Wars and Other Global Crises, the WEF's Corporate Takeover of the UN Continues Apace

IMF wants governments to punish people for using “too much” energy by imposing harsh carbon taxes

 Bidenomics: Lefty Billionaire Warren Buffet Selling $28.7 Billion in Stock Rings Alarm Bells Over Economy

America's Luck Running Out As Rising Rates Start To Bite

SLASH AND BURN: Javier Milei Cuts Almost a Dozen Government Ministries on His First Day in Office

INSTANT POVERTY FOR ALL: Supreme Court decision could impose taxes on PAPER GAINS for all assets

SuperCore CPI Jumps Back Above 4.00%; Used-Cars & Shelter Dominate Price-Rises

What Is Project 2025? [VIDEO]  

That U.S. taxpayer money Congress is sending to Ukraine? It’s being laundered back to the military-industrial complex

Report: U.S. Government Gave $1.89 Billion to Baby Body Part Chop Shops Like Planned Butcherhood

Google Loses On Every Count In Play Store Antitrust Case With Epic Games

Journalist Files “Cease and Desist” Letter with the CIA

Globalism 101: Chosen by Polish Parliament as the New PM, Donald Tusk Vows Loyalty to the EU and the US, Calls for ‘World Mobilization’ To Help Ukraine

What Strong Consumer: Hasbro Lays Off 20% Of Company On Plunging Toy Sales

Ukraine Struggling to Find Fresh Conscripts

Illegals receiving $5,000 Visa GIFT CARDS courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, Pinal County sheriff confirms

Illegal Migration Into Europe Hits 7-Year High          12/12


With The Total Collapse Of Society Now Underway, The Fire That's Raging Will Consume All - The Globalists Burned Down The Bridges Responsible For Keeping America A Law Abiding Nation

CFR Waging War on Anti-Globalism: Everyone Who Opposes Enslavement Must Be Subdued

Technocracy: Critics Slam UN "Climate" Scientists' Bid for Dictatorial Power

A Shameful Ruling Class that Shamelessly Shames Good Americans

Argentina: Milei Implements ‘Chainsaw Plan’ Slashes Government on Day 1

The Demise Of The Dollar Isn't Destiny: Policy Can Respond, But That Requires Admitting There Is A Problem

Grinding Down Into Deflation: The National Debt Disaster No One Is Talking About

Nation’s Largest Pension System Faces Uncertain Future With Multibillion-Dollar Deficit [VIDEO]

Hong Kong Slump Sparks Wave Of Brokerage Closures

Decisive Moment Arrives With $4 Trillion Stocks Rally at Stake

At least 5,600 federal-only ballots cast in Arizona 2020 election without US citizenship proof

"Sticker Shock": Washington Governor Inslee's $100 Million Gamble To Address Homelessness Crisis

The Pentagon’s Rush To Deploy AI-Enabled Weapons Is Going To Kill Us All

China’s humanoid robot factories to go online in 2025, HALF of human labor force to be eliminated 

School Goes Ballistic When Teachers Take Stand for REAL Women

IRS Expansion Led To 53% Increase In Prosecutions: Report

EVs have 79% more reliability problems than gas vehicles, according to Consumer Reports

Free Lawyers for Palestinians Are Among Recipients Of $50 Million From Soros Foundation

Hungarian truckers join blockades against Ukraine    12/11


The Growing Revolution Against Globalists

Council on Foreign Relations tries to combat rise of anti-globalisation

UN Climate Summit Serves Gourmet Burgers to Elites Demanding Public Banned from Eating Meat

The 'Global Elite' Are Stocking Up For Armageddon As Joe Biden And His Clan Of War Criminals At The Department Of Defense Openly Maneuver To Get The US Into World War 3 - People In The UK Warned To 'Prepare For Power Cuts And Digital Communications Going Down'

The Deep State Agenda Is "Controlled Demolition Of America": Alex Newman

This Hasn't Happened Since 1933

Smackdown: Fox's Charles Payne rips a new one into swamp gaslighters claiming the economy is hunky dory

The Road to National Digital IDs and CBDCs by 2030

Grinding Down Into Deflation: The National Debt Disaster No One Is Talking About

Bidenomics: Big Mac extra value meal now costs $10 more than it did during Trump’s era

The Poplar Report: Are US Ports Empty? What Does This Mean For Shortages?

MPs Call for Review of Chinese Firm's Acquisition of Shares in Canadian Rare Earth Mining Company

In Two Years, China Plans to Unleash Mass-Produced Humanoid Robots to Replace Human Workers

Tips To Avoid YouTube's Anti-Ad Block Detection and Reclaim Your Privacy

Just Like 9/11? Suspicious Israeli Stock Market Activity Hints At Foreknowledge Of October Seven Attack

When Public Distrust of the FBI Comes Home to Roost

America First Stalwarts Get Behind J6 Patriot Jake Lang, Whose Landmark Case Could Flip DOJ Persecution on its Head

France: 4 in 10 Muslim students refuse to unequivocally condemn stabbing of teacher in Islamist terror attack

Kids Developed Headaches, Stomach Pain, Sleeping Issues While at Vacation Home Near Multiple 5G Antennas

The Crippling Economic Costs Of Green Energy Subsidies  

Green Dictatorship: Climate Scientists Urge Acceptance of Their Total Control

The wicked witch of D.C.                        12/9


Why Ordinary People Enable Totalitarians, Part 1

IMF Director Says CBDCs Could Replace Cash, Increase "Financial Inclusion"

U.S. Treasury running out of new buyers of debt, enters debt spiral thanks to reckless government spending

Marc Morano Says the UN COP28 Climate Conference Is ‘The Great Reset’ Summit

The Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) League And Its Impending False Flag – w/ Whitney Webb

ADP Employment Report Disappoints As Leisure And Hospitality Jobs Contract

Americans need to make $11,400 more today to maintain the same standard of living they had in 2021

End Of Fed Liquidity Pump Spells Trouble For Markets

Smart Dust: What Is It And How It Used?

The Big Fleece: Elite Universities Grew Endowments by $65 Billion While Raking in Taxpayer Cash

Biden’s Favorite Super PAC Quietly Alters Incriminating Financial Disclosures

No EV Charging Stations Built Yet Despite Billions Allocated by Biden Administration Already Spent

Peter Koenig: West’s ENERGY SUICIDE is part of globalists’ agenda

Google Launches Its Largest And ‘Most Capable’ AI Model, Gemini

Trump embraces ‘dictator’ moniker by promising to enforce border laws and promote energy independence… and the left loses it

Musk’s statement against Disney sparks massive BOYCOTT of entertainment giant

Upping The Fear Factor To Regain Control And Compliance Of The Populace - From Pandemic To Tripledemic And Now 'Syndemic', The Powers That Be Want Your Obedience

With only Joe Biden to fear, Venezuela steps up its aggression against Guyana

Fears Of Venezuela Invading Guyana Grow

A New Dark Age Is Upon Us                                          12/7


The Money Supply Continues its Biggest Collapse Since the Great Depression

"Spiraling Out Of Control": The U.S. Debt Crisis Goes Parabolic

U.S. Govt. Docket No. OP-1670 Gives The FED Power to Seize Control of U.S. Bank Accounts! Do THIS Now 

Argentina’s Rampant Inflation, Explained (in One Chart)

They Are Calling This “Layoff Season”

Bribery Biden Gives Commiefornia $6 BILLION for High-Speed Rail Boondoggle

Cybersecurity Expert Who Warned about 5G and IoT Now Warns about A.I.’s Potential for “mass spying”

Judge Voids Rigged Election After Democrat Wins by 1 Vote

European Parliament Rejects Landmark Legislation in the EU’s Agriculture Reforms – Climate Alarmism Is Losing Ground as Economic Situation Deteriorates

IMF boss says governments need to impose global carbon tax on citizens to punish them for using energy

Zero Public EV Chargers Built Since Congress Approved $7.5 Billion To Expand Network

Finally! Republicans Move to ‘Defund’ & ‘Expel’ the United Nations

Nearly 4,000 car dealers urge Biden to abandon “unrealistic” electric vehicle agenda amid plummeting sales 

Saskatchewan set to defy Trudeau gov't, stop collecting carbon tax on electric home heat

Global Emissions Are Set For Another Record This Year, Thanks To China And India

UN Climate Summit Includes Session On 'Responsible Yachting'

Bill Gates says Africans need GMO seeds, chickens to survive climate change

Microsoft’s Past Agreements with Chinese State Media Outlets Spark Propaganda Concerns

IRS Whistleblower Confirms Hunter Biden Received Nearly $5 Million From Donor for Personal Expenses

Bloodbaths Change The World - 9/11                     12/6


US Factory Orders Plunged Most Since COVID Lockdowns In October

Bitcoin Rally To $42K Fueled By ‘Panic Buying,’ Pushes Crypto Market Cap Over $1.5T

Quayle: Systematic takedown and takeover of U.S. banking system is ALREADY HAPPENING

Behind November's Rally: $350 Billion In Brand New Central Bank Liquidity

A Critic Asked Why We Rail On WEF Globalists All The Time

Mass bank branch closures and troubled real estate sector point to impending U.S. financial crisis

Is This Why Chase Debanked Dr. Mercola?

US Signs New Climate Pact To Shut Down All Coal Plants

Bidenomics In Action

Spotify to Lay Off 17 Percent of Its Workforce, at Least 1,500 People

Remington Closes Up Shop in NY After 200 Years, Heads for More Welcoming Red State

Amid empty polling stations, Venezuela claims 10 million Venezuelans voted to invade Guyana

Smart Dust: What Is It And How It Used?

Black Market: Hotel Migrants Earning Thousands in Untaxed Income Under Food Delivery Firm Loophole

Globalists at COP28 Are Pushing Bugs and Frankenmeat Because of Henry Kissinger’s Rule #1

Democrat-Run Houston in Hot Water: Fraud in $8 Million Water Repair Contracts

Hunter Biden’s Direct Payments to Daddy [AKA: “The Big Guy” Coincided With Transfers From Communist China

BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Business Entity Owasco Made DIRECT Monthly Payments to Joe Biden – WITH RECEIPTS!

Faced With Looming Election Defeat, Tories Suddenly Rediscover They Can Control UK Borders

'Finding the Truth' About Government Censorship Not Easy, Journalists Tell Congress

A Short Guide to ESG: Goals                     12/5


Hero!    1  min.

EU Chief Demands ‘Trillions’ for Green Agenda at U.N. Climate Summit

Bill Gates teamed up with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to create global drug and vaccine investment fund

Why the U.S. is broke…your tax dollars at ‘work’

X influencers make Walmart instantly regret its decision to pull advertisements off of the platform.

Globalism Will Be Crushed Under The Weight Of Its Own Lies & Endlessly Spreading Destruction - With Over 500 Million Guns In America, There Should NEVER Be A 'Safe Space' For Tyranny - Globalism Is A Disease That Destroys The Human Soul And Deprives Life of Meaning

Venezuela territorial claim on Guyana backed by 95% of voters

US Warship and Multiple Commercial Ships Under Attack in the Red Sea: Pentagon

Hundreds Of Illegal Chinese-Owned Marijuana Operations Taking Over Maine

In two years, China plans to unleash mass-produced humanoid robots to replace human workers

Rise of the Machines: The Threat of AI and ‘Killer Robots’

AI Cameras Can Now Predict and Stop Crimes Before They Happen

OPENAI Chatbots Leaking Their Secrets

Seattle Can’t Recruit Enough Cops to Stop Crime So They’re Giving Away Steering Wheel Locks

Migrants who gang raped 15 year old German girl get off free… psychologist blames “trauma of migration” for brutal attack

“If You Think You’re Going to Have a Peaceful Democratic Convention While Our People Are Starving… Stay Tuned!” – Black Chicago Residents Issue Warning to Democrats and Biden (VIDEO)

Five million new foreigners since Biden elected… 15% of total population… RIP America

San Francisco 'Poop Map' Has Been Updated, And Things Are Sh**tier Than Ever

Hunger Games: DC Elites Gather at Kennedy Center and Cheer Joe Biden as Americans Suffer Under His Oppressive Rule

Yes, Israel Knew About The Hamas Attack Plans Long Before They Took Place

EV Owners Waking up to the Nightmare of Massive Repair Bills

Auto dealers urge Biden to step on the brakes for ELECTRIC CAR mandates, citing decline in demand

How The American Republic Was Lost      12/4


Malaysia Rolls out National Digital ID, Clarifies Biometric Enrollment Details

Warning: When the “Petro-Dollar” Collapses, Your Life Will Completely Change

Investors Pull out Record Funds From China as Economy Falters

Here’s Where Americans Are Feeling the Greatest Pain Under Bidenomics

Retailers across state of New York losing $12M daily to RETAIL THEFT

Biden’s DOJ Fines Tennessee Christian Trucking Company $700,000 for Requiring Workers to Disclose Legal Status

US Opens Probe Into 73,000 Chevrolet Volt Cars Over Loss of Power

Electric Vehicles: The Existential Threat Hits Home 

Like A Horror Movie Come To Life, Bludgeoned Americans Are 'Doom Spending,' A Dire Warning America Is On The Edge Of The Abyss And The Decay In Washington DC Will Soon Bury Us All

Zombie public schools now haunt America

De-Growth Climate Czar John Kerry Says US Will Phase Out Coal Plants Nationwide To Go Wind/Solar - Result Will Be Unstable Electricity Supplies

King Charles Demands $5 Trillion per Year to Advance WEF’s ‘Net Zero’ Agenda

EU Chief Demands ‘Trillions‘ for Green Agenda at U.N. Climate Summit

Another Canadian Province to Challenge Ottawa's Rush to Net Zero Emissions

Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference "Literally Frozen On Runway" 

Time for a climate exit

A Crime Against Humanity        12/3


UN Launches Gates-Funded Global Digital ID Program As Experts Warn Of ‘Totalitarian Nightmare’

Brussels rolls out electronic leash for Europeans with introduction of Digital Identity Wallet

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei says central bank shutdown NON-NEGOTIABLE

Bank of Canada survey reveals 86% of Canadians opposed to creating digital 'dollar'

Belgians Happy to Use Smartphones for Many Things, Just Not Digital ID

Online banking services are being disrupted across the U.S.

Businesses in ‘George Floyd Square’ in Minneapolis Sue Over Rampant Crime

BREAKING: Argentina will NOT be joining BRICS under new Milei administration

Ford resumes Michigan EV battery plant but reduces production capacity by 40%, drops about 800 jobs

EVs Have 80% More Problems Than Traditional Gas Vehicles, Consumer Reports Finds

Eric Schmidt: AI Guardrails "Aren't Enough" To Prevent Harm To Humanity

The SINGULARITY is already here, and humankind may soon be rendered obsolete

The Government Red List Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger As The 'Red Pilled' Have Been Added To The List Of Govt Targeted Citizens- Any Doubts Whatsoever That America Has Become A Police State Have Been Put To Rest

Google Bends the Knee to Canada: Will Pay News Publishers $74 Million for Content

Hungary Rejects "Completely Premature" Proposal To Admit Ukraine Into EU

Report: Zelensky using proxies to buy LUXURY YACHTS worth $75M with U.S. money

Hunter Biden Throws Past Friend Under the Bus, Demotes Him from Family Member to 'Inmate'

Can Tyranny Be Forgiven?                              12/1


Rothschild Wants Merger Between Corporations, Governments and A.I. to “Save Capitalism”

US Pending Home Sales Index Slumps To Record Low

Businesses in Democrat Hellhole Minneapolis Sue City Over Lack of Policing

Americans Need An Extra $11,400 Today To Afford What They Had In 2021

JPMorgan Chase to shut down nearly 160 bank branches across the U.S.

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s How Much Regulations Cost Average American Family—and How Biden Is Making It Worse

Rice Nears 15-Year High As Global Food Crisis “Much Worse Than 2008”

Bank Raised Red Flags About $5 Million Loan From Chinese Firm To Hunter Biden

Catherine Herridge Posts Fascinating Bank Record Exposing Biden Biz Dealings, Troubling Threat From Communist China

Communist China Is Running an Operation to Get Americans Hooked on Illegal Drugs, Former DEA Boss Warns 

U.S. Suicide Rate Hits 80-Year High Under Biden Govt.

CHICKEN SANDWICH AIR DROP: Chick-fil-A launches drone deliveries in Florida

Disney’s Latest Box Office Flop Signals More Of The Mouse’s Self-Inflicted Demise

‘Irish Lives Matter’ Slogan Now Deemed Racist — Northern Ireland Police Investigate as Hate Crime: “We are Treating the Matter as a Hate Incident”

Is Your Money Safe? Within A Year, Millions May Lose Their Savings Due To AI Threat, Warns Cybercrime Expert

Meet the wealthy former Democrat who’s funding Tucker Carlson

The Government Red List Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger As The 'Red Pilled' Have Been Added To The List Of Govt Targeted Citizens- Any Doubts Whatsoever That America Has Become A Police State Have Been Put To Rest

94-Year-Old Veteran Says He Was Kicked Out Of New York City Nursing Home To Make Room For Illegal Migrants

Reuters: Ukrainian women now work in mines because so many men were sent to the battle front

Sweden’s failed liberal project             11/30


James Rickards: When Next Financial Crisis Hits, Elites Plan To Freeze The Financial System Worldwide

The Government Debt Crisis That We Have Been Warned About For Decades Is Happening Right Now

Another central banker admits the truth about the US dollar

Liberal MSM Outlet Jumps Off The 'Bidenomics Is Working' Train And Admits The True State Of The Nation Under The Biden Regime - Without Deflation The High Prices We See Now Are Here To Stay

Bidenomics: Granite City Steel Shuts Down Plant in Illinois After it Was Reopened Under Donald Trump

A Short Guide to ESG: Advocates

Wireless Body area Network Projects using Ns3 simulation

The Humanoid Robot Invasion Is Coming, Like It Or Not!

NGOs Rake in Billions Providing Illegal Aliens with ‘Safari-Style Guide Maps’ to Get to U.S.

‘I Am Hopeful – that Congress Will Do It” – DHS Secretary Mayorkas Lays Out Amnesty Plan for 12-30 Million Illegal Aliens Here in the US

The new Europe: Turkish terrorist wanted for murder arrested in Hungary while smuggling migrants

Basic Border Checks in Germany Have Cut Illegal Migration By 40%.

SHOCK REPORT: Biden Admin Is Spending $451 BILLION a Year to Pay for Illegal Alien and Asylum Seeker Benefits (VIDEO)

Soros Pumps $15 Million of ‘Dark Money’ Into Biden’s 2024 Re-Election Effort

Diabolical Depopulationist Bill Gates-Backed Startup Seeks Taxpayer Subsidies to Solve “Climate Change” With Sawdust

'Hateful Hillary' Is Doing The Devil's Work & With A Lengthy 'Body Count' Decades Long As Rumors Swirl Of Her Running In 2024, The 'Reprogramming' Of Half Of America Is In The Works

DC Spends Over $270,000 On BLM Paint Job As Violent Crime Skyrockets

Waste of the Day: New York City Service Cuts Due To $7 Billion Budget Gap, Migrants

Democrats’ dirty dancing in Colorado            11/29


The Entire Banking System Is Shaking

It ($ demise) will happen suddenly

Von Greyerz: The Financial System Has Reached The End

64 US Bank Branches File To Shut Down In A Single Week; Are You Affected?

Moody's DOWNGRADES U.S. Banking Giants-Is YOUR Bank On The List? by Noah

Automakers cut programs and reassess future plans for EV production as consumer demand plummets

Mega-Jolt: The Costs and Logistics of Plugging in EVs Are About to Become Supercharged

What Happens When Millions of Renters Can No Longer Afford High Rents and Move Back Home?

BREAKING: Moody's Cuts USA Outlook To "Negative"

Pirate Money: A Surprising Constitutional Bulwark Against the Tyranny of the Great Reset

The Humanoid Invasion Is Coming, Like It Or Not!

China Leads The Growth Of Global Industrial Robots

Say Goodbye To The Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $40,847.18 Last Year

The Biggest Threats To Globalism Are Speaking The Truth To Everyone, Questioning Everything That We Are Told And Always Standing Up For Individual Liberty Over Govt Tyranny

“Soulless GOP demons” use whistleblower’s FBI weaponization testimonies for political advantage, betray informant by approving budget for new FBI HQ

Newsom Adds Highway Patrol to ‘Operation Smash and Grab’ as Mass Looting Continues in California

Thanks, Hochul: NY Retailers Lost $4.4 Billion to Theft Last Year

"Mail is safe and secure": Three arrested in mail theft scheme involving $24 million in stolen checks

Customers Report Overbilling after Utility Installs “Smart” Water Meters  

Hunter Biden Agrees To Testify Before House Oversight Committee

Demands To Testify Publicly Vs. Closed-Door Deposition

Sen. Hawley calls out Meta’s DOUBLE STANDARD – censoring conservatives while ignoring child predators

Disney on Track to Lose Nearly $750 Million Across 13 Films…Historic Year of Flops

Biden & Co. Bow to ChiCom's New World Order      11/28


Switzerland Presents National Digital ID, Adoption Expected in 2026

SOUTHCOM Head: Losing Critical Infrastructure Contracts in Latin America to China Is a Security Issue

National Debt doomsday chart. 9 Trillion in 4 years.

Small Retailers Support Millions Of Jobs In The US

Americans Face Mounting Food Insecurity Amid Rising Inflation and Soaring Prices

Retailers Lost Over $4.4 Billion in Democrat-Run New York Due to Organized Shoplifting

Thanks, Joe: $16.00 McDonald's Combo Meal Goes Viral  

Teamsters Pension Collected $127 Million for People Who Are DEAD

Study: ‘World's richest 1% created more CO2 emissions than 66%’ of the rest of the world’s population'

Coming Soon: Your Travel Will Be Restricted By Personal Carbon Allowances

Maidan 10 Years On… The Western-Backed Coup Unleashed Nazism, War and Destruction That Ultimately Exposes Western Fascism

Motorcycle Gunmen Kidnap 150+ Villagers in Nigeria over Unpaid ‘Tax’

Hidden History | Aristotle on Immigration, Diversity, and Democracy.

Teddy Roosevelt on Immigration             

Food Stamp Costs Jump 5% in August              11/27


RFK Jr. Launches Petition Demanding Biden Release JFK Assassination Documents

The Progressive Globalist Suicide Cult Has Been Fully Exposed - Joe Biden And His Clan Continue Allowing America To Be Overrun And Defeated Despite The Murder And Mayhem To Come

U.S. Federal Debt Soars by $2.45 Trillion in a Year, Averaging $7,304 Per Person

The Atlantic: You Americans are too dumb to know a good economy when you see it

How Office Buildings Will Be Converted to Smart Cities for the Cartels

San Francisco Business Owner in ’Financial Ruin’ over Crime

Near 1,000 Carjackings in DC This Year, Up 108% on 2022.

Have You Heard Of An "EMP"? Here's Why I Think It's Our Biggest Threat

Did He Lie? Lawmakers Request Investigation on Elon Musk’s Statements about Neuralink Brain Implant Monkey Testing Deaths

Kamala Harris reignites criticism with Thanksgiving gas stove photo as feds target appliances

Yes, there was violence inside the Capitol on J6, but the police committed it

Documentary exposing 'Russiagate' plot against Trump now hosted on Rumble after Amazon removed it

FEDS! Latest Brigade of Suspicious Nazis Appears in Madison

The Right Thing: 12 Headlines Showing How Europe Is Turning Conservative

EXPOSED: Bill Gates's Relationship with Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Revolved Around a Global Health Investment Fund

Prostitution Ring Servicing Politicians, Military Officers, and Govt Contractors Kept 'Impeccable' Records.

The fourth annual Hoax-of-the-Year awards!         11/25


How the ‘Club of Rome’ Concocted the Global Warming/Climate Scam for Ultimate Globalist Control [VIDEO]

MUST WATCH: Dr. Robert Malone on How We’re Under Tyrannical ‘5th Generational Warfare’

Evidence 'Transhumanists,' Who Claimed 'Humans Are Hackable' & 'No Longer Have Free Will,' Are Causing Bizarre Deaths, Rage, Crime And Widely Spreading Insanity via Injected Nanotechnology -Voice To Skull Technologies Help To Usher In Tyranny 

EU Digital Identity: Eurocrats want to create a regime in which citizens are increasingly controlled by Brussels

IMF Intensifies Call for Cashless Society, Replacing the Dollar with Central Bank Digital Currencies

The $ crash will be spectacular

Federal Spending up by 16% Compared to This Time Last Year as Interest Payments on Debt Climbs

Small Business Saturday to Offer Deals at Mom-and-Pop Shops

Biden Admin Gave $3 Billion Loan To Solar Company Accused Of Scamming Elderly

Study: About 2M low-income British households resort to unplugging refrigerators due to soaring electricity bills

Food Bank Demand Surges After Americans Hit With Inflation

French Politicians Vow Legal Action on Alleged Illegal Facial Recognition Use by Police

Pentagon Asks For $114M To Spend On Diversity, Equity, Inclusion And Accessibility In 2024

LA Gangster Who Shot and Paralyzed a 16-Year-Old Girl Now Works for California’s Department of Public Safety After Gruesome Newsom Slashed His 162 Year Sentence to Just Eight Years

With The US Govt Seeing Americans As 'Expendable,' Keep Your Head On A Swivel Because Any Jihadi Terrorism Spree In America Only Aids Those Rushing To Lock Down The Country - Too many official U.S. govt policies are intentionally geared to harm Americans

Near 1,000 Carjackings in DC This Year, Up 108% on 2022.

How Lovely: ‘Modernizing’ King Charles Profiting From Dead People’s Assets by Using Old Feudal Custom

9 Problems With Generative AI, In One Chart     11/24


IMF Releases Digital Currency Handbook For World’s Central Banks

Argentina Rejects Sovereignty And Falls Into IMF's Debt Trap

EU’s Digital Identity Wallet Is An Electronic Leash With Which Brussels Wants To Control Its Citizens

War in the Middle East will become OBSOLETE once Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are allowed to flourish, providing low-cost energy to the world

OPENAI future in chaos as most workers threaten to leave for MICROSOFT

MTG blasts Biden's Pentagon for demanding $114 MILLION for diversity initiatives

Biden extends SANCTIONS WAIVER for Iran, giving Tehran access to $10 billion in frozen funds

Soldier Blasts Biden for Charging Him $4,000 for Equipment He was Ordered to Leave Behind in Afghanistan 

Ford 'right-sizing' Michigan EV plant, slashing 800 jobs

106.4 Million U.S. Adults Do Not Have A Job Right Now

Icelanders Work Less, For More; Mexicans The Opposite

US Backing New Plan To Cripple Coal Industry At UN Climate Conference

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Suggests Funding Schools in Ukraine is a Matter of National Security (VIDEO)

NBC News Poll Records Highest American Gun Ownership in Poll History

America Is Run Like An Orwellian Death Cult With Universities 'Ground Zero' For The Demolition Of Western Civilization: They Became Brainwashing Factories Growing The Marxist Hive Mind - 'Systematic Cheating' Has Led Us To Destruction And Ruin

Connecticut City Rejects 5G Citing Evidence of Health Risks

House Investigators Subpoena DOJ Official Accused of Thwarting Biden Probes.

The Enormity of the J6 Lies Perpetrated by Our Government Is Just Beginning to Sink In

The left is getting desperate                  11/22


1991 Document To Create UN Powered 'Global Government' With 'All Nations Given Quotas For Population Reduction On A Yearly Basis' Called A 'Conspiracy Theory' - This Is Why - Globalists Warned Decades Ago Of 'Depopulation By Military Force If Necessary'

The WEF “Cyber Attack” Scenario: Another Crisis “Much Worse Than COVID”, Paralysis of Power Supply, Communications, Transportation  

The Emptiness Of The Transhumanist Ideal

IMF Director Says CBDCs Could Replace Cash, Increase "Financial Inclusion"

The Interest Rate Shock Will Blow up the Government’s Ponzi Game

How Inflation of 18% Under Bribery Biden Is Decimating Americans

Leading Economic Indicators Signal Recession

WEF ‘Great Reset’ Forecast Looks Gloomy as ‘Demand for Vegan Food Plunges’

Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared for a New Gold Standard

Cryptocurrency Firm Tether Freezes $225 Million Linked to Human Trafficking

Companies That Went Woke in 2020, Are Now Feeling the Heat

Biden’s Pentagon Slated To Spend Nearly $270 Million On Diversity Agenda

Yellen: We Still ‘See Increases’ in Important Prices, But People Will See We’ve Improved Economy

Sustainable energy? Individual EV charging stations use equivalent power of 280 homes every single hour

Ranked-Choice Voting Advocates Are Forced to Lie About ‘Fairness’ to Get Voters on Board



11 Signs That U.S. Consumers Are in Very Serious Trouble as We Head Into the Final Stretch of 2023

What Rally? Goldman Prime Finds Hedge Funds Shorted Stocks For A Record 15th Consecutive Week

Farmers, Ranchers Face Existential Threats as Oligarch Bill Gates and China Buy up U.S. Farmland [VIDEO]

Coward Xi Jinping Ducks U.S. Journalists for Swanky Dinner with Fawning CEOs

China’s Building a 15-Minute City for 4M With Cameras, Social Credits, CBDCs

Hidden Camera Shows Chase Bank REFUSING Cash Deposits?

Dallas, Los Angeles see largest increases in shoplifting as U.S. economy falters

NY Times: Yeah, OK, Wages Do Rise When Migration Falls

Apple Is America's Worst Major Company For Employee Retention

Google Antitrust Trial 2.0: Internet Giant Pays Samsung $8 Billion to Secure Default App Status

German economy collapsing after nation abandoned nuclear energy – prices soar, industries implode

Family Businesses Can’t Afford To Lose Access To Reliable Electricity

US Post Office Loses $6.5 Billion, Postmaster Blames Inflation And Junk Mail

Dem-run Cities Pay for Migrants’ Tickets to Other Places Resources Dwindle

REPORT: 10,000,000 Illegals Crossed Border Under Bribery Biden [VIDEO]

Babylon Bee: San Fransicko Mayor Reminds Everyone to Get Their Christmas Shoplifting Done Early

Chicago Crime Rate Hits Post-Covid Record-Up Almost 60 Percent in 2023

Mexican Photo-Journalist gunned Down in Ciudad Juarez; 9th in 2023

Hamas leaders collecting BILLIONS while sentencing Gazans to a life of poverty, misery and constant chaos 

Dictator Xi's American Cleanup Tour                11/20


WEF Uses “Water Crisis” Narrative to Push Global Governance, Masking Socialist Agendas [VIDEO]

Depopulationist Bill Gates Destroying Farming Industry to Advance Globalist Agenda

The Globalist Vision: "15 Minute" Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property

The Technocratic Global Death Cult Will Cull The Human Population

Endgame Martial Law: Order Out Of Chaos Agenda In Play As Violence Hits America Streets And Campuses Leading To A Hot Civil War Which Will Allow The Biden Regime To Lock Down America

US banks gain unprecedented power by ramping up ‘suspicious activity’ reports

Bank to Phase Out Cash, Check and Phone Payments in 2024 and Move to Digital-Only Transactions

REPORT: The Pentagon Just Failed its Sixth Straight Audit – Trillions of Dollars ‘Missing’

The Bottom 80% Has Gotten Significantly Poorer Since the Scandemic Began, Creating a “Robin Hood Mentality” All Over America

Massive Layoffs Will Soon Begin for Top American Bank

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hosts Luxurious Dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Top CEOs

Americans Watching Biden’s Meeting with Xi ‘Disgusted’ When They Notice Big ‘Red Flag’

Owner Of Chinese Biolab Busted In California Linked To CCP Military Program: House Report

UPDATE: Secret China-Linked Bio-Lab in California Was Holding Deadly Viruses, Including Refrigerators Full of Ebola, COVID, Herpes, HIV and E. Coli and Hundreds of Mice Engineered to Carry COVID Virus (VIDEO)

Rep. Luna Speaks After ‘Unhinged’ Liberal Mob Caused Capitol Lockdown [VIDEO]

UPDATE: House Speaker Mike Johnson OFFICIALLY Releases First Batch of January 6 Surveillance Camera Footage – And Guess What?… No Insurrection! No Riot!

Watch: New Footage Absolutely Destroys Democrat Jan. 6 'Insurrection' Narrative

How often do Insurrectionists shake hands with Capitol Police.

The BLM 'Journalist' Who Incited Jan 6 & Recorded Ashli Babbitt's Killing Has Been Convicted.

REVEALED: Corrupt FBI Abandoned Sting Against a Child Predator to Persecute Pro-Trump J6 Protesters – Then He Went On to Allegedly Molest a Little Boy

LeVar Burton ‘Threatens Violence Against Women’ While Smearing Moms for Liberty in National Book Awards Speech

'Child soldiers' and blood feuds: Sweden's out-of-control gang wars

Censorship Industry Booming’

Between the Lies of the Anthrax Narrative          11/18


UN & Bill Gates Team Up To Create “50-In-5” Digital Panopticon

'Controligarchs': Bill Gates Buying Up Land, Threatening Small Farms Under Guise of Saving Planet, Author Claims

Moody’s downgrades U.S. credit outlook from “stable” to “negative” amid political drama

Speaker Johnson’s CR Passes With Mostly Democrat Support, Doesn’t Cut Spending or Secure Border

Biden Admin Removes Restrictions on China Purchasing American Technology That Could Be Used Against US

Joe Biden Gifts Another $10 Billion to Iran – His Total Funding to Iran Now Comes to $80 Billion Since He Entered Office- And This is One Month After Iran-Backed Hamas Slaughtered 1,400 Jews in Israel

Scenes Of Red Dawn 2023 In San Francisco As Biden & Xi Enter 4 Hours Of Talks

FAA Gives Green Light For Second SpaceX Starship Test

26 Labor Organizations Tell U.S. DOT and NHTSA to Immediately End the Operation of Autonomous Vehicles on American Roads

Electric Vehicle-Owning Journalist Dismayed to Find Huge Number of Chargers Unusable

Rand Paul Unloads on Neocon RINO Squish Glitch McConnell: ‘It’s Not a Conservative Notion to Borrow Money From China to Send It to Ukraine’

How Dark-Money Megadonor George Soros Hides Behind ‘Democracy’ PACs to Sabotage It

Dysfunctional Sweden: Gang-Related Crime Epidemic Now Targeting Crypto Owners for Brutal Robberies

CHRIS WRAY GETS CAUGHT! Rep. Higgins Releases PHOTO of the Secret J6 Ghost Buses – ANOTHER SET of Ghost Buses Also Filmed in DC That Day – And Guess Who Was Escorting Them? (Video)

Clay Higgins Triggers Dem Rep After Asking Wray About ‘Ghost Buses’ Filled w/ FBI Informants on J6 [VIDEO]

Pro-Palestinian Radicals Clash with Metro Police Outside DNC Headquarters in Washington DC – So Will These Violent Protesters Be Sent to the DC Gulag for 3 Years without Trial?

Alex Soros Will Take Over His Father George Soros’ $25-Billion Leftist Empire, And He’s Even Worse

Globalists use geoengineering “weather weapons” to destroy cities so they can rebuild with a police state infrastructure, warns analyst

Conditions Are “Drier Than The Dust Bowl Years” In The Heartland Of America

Putting the ‘climate change’ propaganda into perspective

How The United States And Its NATO Allies Sabotaged Peace Between Russia And Ukraine

The Fed Can't, And Won't, Nail The Dismount        11/16


Picture Of The Future If World Economic Forum Billionaires Aren't Stopped: Drinking Urine, Eating 'Biosolids' AKA Feces And Insects, With A Boot Stomping On Your Face Forever

10 Examples From 10 Different Cities Of The "Mad Max" Environment That Now Reigns In America's Streets

Another U.S. Credit Downgrade

Sovereign Debt is Eating the World

Cash Beats Electronic Money, but Real Money Beats Cash

EU "Carbon Tax" on Chinese and Indian Imports could spark a Global Economic “Cold War”

The Middle Class Is Working Harder Than Ever, But It Is Being Absolutely Eviscerated By “Bidenomics”

As Friday Shutdown Approaches, House Freedom Caucus Balks At Johnson's 'No Reductions' Stopgap

Electric Air Taxi Demonstrated in NYC Ahead of 2025 Launch

 Boeing Expands Missile Factory to Support America's Endless Wars

School Choice Dies In Illinois, Congratulations Teachers As 35% Read At Grade Level

These Spanish crowds against Socialist Coup are absolutely massive.

Truth Social reports $73 million loss.

New faces of cartel smuggling are (stupid) white American teens.

As Unemployment In The Black Community Climbs, Chicago Democrats Hold A Job Fair For Illegals 

Illegals In US Could Cost Taxpayers $451 Billion Per Year

Newsom Admits San Fran Clean-up Was Only Because ‘Fancy Leaders Are Coming To Town' the Chinese

ICELAND UPDATE: Large Crack Emerges Splitting Town In Half, Steam Emerges by Noah

Tony Blair And The Rothschilds.                    11/15


The globalist vision: “15 Minute” prison cities and the end of private property

Aussie Sen. Malcolm Roberts: ‘Klaus Schwab’s “Life by Subscription” Is Really Serfdom; It’s Slavery’ [VIDEO]

Biometric digital ID numbers and personal identifiable information of approximately 815 million Indians HACKED

There’s a Big Warning Sign That Commercial Real Estate Is in Trouble

WeWork files for BANKRUPTCY, prepares to dump 40 NYC office tower leases

Report: Traitor Joe Biden Considers Releasing Another $10 BILLION to the Terrorist State of Iran 

Hamas Savages Take Over the Streets of the State Capital of Texas [VIDEO]

Grid Down Alert: North America at Risk of Blackouts During Cold Weather Events

Learn How Electric Cars Are Crashing the Energy Grid Ahead of Total Collapse

"We Might Need To Let It Burn": Firefighting In The EV Era Is A Whole New Game

Apple Agrees to Record $25 Million Settlement Over Discriminatory Hiring Practices Against US Citizens

Family shares incredible behind-the-scenes update on draconian FBI raid of J6 attendee

Face-Pierced Snowflake Is Butthurt That She Has to Work for a Living [VIDEO]

The General Education Act Renews Liberal Education in America

School Union Boss Randi Weingarten Thinks She Knows Why People Are Homeschooling, Gets Brutally Ratioed

Chicago: A City in Freefall                                        11/14


Janet Yellen Confirms U.S. Dollar to Lose World Reserve Currency Status?

‘Terrorist’ economy: Washington is prepared to create a new financial disaster for the whole world 

Leo Hohmann: Beware the Digital Marking: E.U. Moving Aggressively to Digitize Its Citizens and U.S. Will Also Fall in Line

Is the FedNow Broke?

The Fed Has No Plan, and Is Just Hoping for the Best

Bank of America “Near Insolvent”? Bank Run Possible?

EV Maker Loses $227,000 on Each Car It Makes

APPLE Suffers Setback in EU Clash Over $14 Billion Tax Bill

BIDENOMICS: Moody’s Cuts Outlook on US Government to Negative… Developing

The Globalist Vision: “15-Minute” Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property

Fueling Electric Vehicles Costs Roughly $17 Per Gallon: Study

82-80: SpaceX Leads The Entire World Combined In The 2023 Launch Race

ChatGPT Leaves Trail of Destruction in Its Wake for Freelancers, Office Workers

EXPOSED: Klaus Schwab and WEF’s Secret Blueprint to Control Every Aspect of Your Life

Biden lavishes astronomical dollars on LGBT promotions in 3 years

Illinois Democrats Kill Program Helping 10,000 Students-Chicago Teachers Union Cheers

The Islamic Takeover of London Is Going Well [VIDEO]

First Illegal Aliens Arrive at NYC’s Floyd Bennett Field — Only to Scoff and Leave Isolated Site After Just One Look-Around: ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’

Former Army Ranger and Border Control Agent Vincent Vargas on the Illegal Alien Catastrophe [VIDEO]

Follow the (Hamas) Money Trail                11/13


Legendary G. Edward Griffin: The Future of Money in Digital World

Your DNA: The Ultimate Global ID

The UN, Bill Gates And The Rockefeller Foundation Launch The '50-In-5' Agenda To Make Digital ID's, Vaccine Passports And CBDC's Mandatory To Participate In Society By 2030  

MEP Breaks 'Very Bad News' About Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

We Must Prevent the ‘Pact Of The Future’ and Planetary Emergency Declaration

Report: China, India, Others Will Miss Paris Agreement ‘Green’ Goals by 110 Percent

Bank of America: U.S. Debt Will Top $50 Trillion

America's Growing Economy Brought to You By Visa and Mastercard

First Planned Small Nuclear Reactor Plant In The US Has Been Canceled

Man Crushed To Death By Industrial Robot That Confused Him For A Box

Here Is a List of 70 RINOs Who Just Voted to Reward the Weaponized FBI With a Lavish New $300 Million Building

Leftist cities: Be careful what you wish for because you’re going to get it

2.9 Million Borrowers Pay Nothing In Biden's 'Most Generous Ever' Student Loan Repayment Plan

Bodycam footage from the DUI arrest of a leftist is sublime schadenfreude

President Trump Reveals ‘Exonerating Document’ He Showed NY Judge in Court

BLM Branch Co-Founder: Trump “Best Candidate” For President

Deep State is coming after Steven Crowder for releasing “trans manifesto,” but he’s fearlessly doubling down

7 days after Joe Biden won, FBI agents showed up at Ricky Vaughn’s door to arrest him for posting a meme 4 years earlier. Watch at 6:25 mark.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer Subpoenas Hunter Biden’s “Art” Buyer, Key Biden Family Business Associates

How The Billionaire Elite Manipulate The World          11/10


Warning! EU Central Bank Moves Forward with CBDC Prep Phase

Americans Are Absolutely Drowning In Debt, and This Really Is the Worst Debt Crisis in All of U.S. History

The Imminent Bankruptcy of the US Government

Endgame: Interest On US Debt Skyrockets Above $1 Trillion For The First Time Ever

Small Michigan Town Ousts Entire Township Board That Supported Building Plant for China-Based Company

Who Controls the Climate Corps at the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute?

China Reports First-Ever Quarterly Decline in Foreign Investment

China Unveils Plan to Mass Produce Human-like Robots, Calling It 'New Engine' for Growth

Big Banks LAYING OFF tens of thousands of workers, including over 20,000 employees in the U.S. alone

U.S. Banks Are Sitting on $650 Billion in Unrealized Losses, and That Means Disaster Is Just a Bank Run Away

ALERT: Globalists at the World Economic Forum Openly Admit They’re Coming for Our Water Supply

EVs on the verge of becoming UNINSURABLE due to HIGH COST of battery repairs

Harvard study: deforestation for solar panels major cause of ‘emissions’

TRUE cost of owning an EV equates to $17.33/gal of gas, study reveals

The BIGGEST story in the world just broke and our legacy media is silent

Biden admin removes 4 African nations from AGOA trade program for refusing to embrace leftist values like transgenderism

Report: Democrats Circulate Plan to ‘Open the Floodgates for Palestinians’

Regime DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Lies Under Oath, Falsely Claims That There Is ‘No Disaster’ at the Southern Border

Democrat Fascism Update: Google Continues Election Interference: Still Buries Trump, Other Biden Opponents

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer Subpoenas Hunter Biden, James Biden and Rob Walker to Appear for Depositions

President Trump shocks judge with game-changing document pulled from his pocket

Unfairly Targeting Trump                       11/9


Interest on National Debt soars past $1 Trillion. Now the largest item in U.S. budget.

Bill Gates 'Digital IDS' Will Be Mandatory To Participate in Society

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Forced to Slash Prices as Consumers Send a Clear Message

FreedomWorks economist predicts EVs will be the auto industry’s “NEXT BIG FLOP”

Chinese Company Gotion High-Tech, Getting $715 Million Michigan Taxpayer Dollars, Seeks Business With Iran

Behind Mike Bloomberg’s $500 Million Donation To ‘Finish The Job On Coal’

Your Privacy Is Almost Gone – Five Ways You Can Fight Back!

Don’t Worry, It’s Not Foreign Aid … It’s Corporate Welfare!

World’s biggest biometric ID system experiences massive breach, impacting 10% of global population

Nearly 1M Chickens Will Be Killed On A Minnesota Farm Because Of Bird Flu

Hamas Leaders Worth Staggering $11B Revel In Luxury In Qatar

Oakland Restaurants Dissolving Due To Car Thefts, People Feeling Unsafe Walking Downtown

Baltimore Gave A Violent Street Gang The Job Of Ending Violence – How Do You Think That Turned Out?

U.C. Davis Professor Makes Death Threats to Jewish Journalists and Their Children, Remains On Faculty

Canada’s Provincial Premiers Form a Rare United Front Against Justin Trudeau’s ‘Carbon Tax’

New Study Finds Most Of Antarctica Has Cooled By Over 1°C Since 1999W. Antarctica Cooled 1.8°C  

We are ‘The Resistance’                              11/8


Mounting Government Debt Marks America's Road to Ruin

The Interest Rate Shock Will Blow Up the Government’s Ponzi Game

Russia announces updates on new BRICS currency to counter U.S. dollar - it could be ready for launch by next t

WeWork, valued at $47 Billion, files for bankruptcy.

New credit data suggests wave of bankruptcies is coming

Why Are Online Banking Services Suddenly Being Disrupted On A Massive Scale All Over The United States?

The White House Is Controlled by the Medical-Industrial Complex

Is All This Military Spending Really Good for the Economy?

Watchdog: Afghanistan Has Received $11 Billion In Aid From US Since Withdrawal

Waste of the Day: U.S. Sent Palestinians $1 Billion During Biden Administration

Don’t Worry, It’s Not Foreign Aid . . . It’s Corporate Welfare!

100 Most Expensive Zip Codes for Real Estate; Another Record Year, Despite Market Slowdown

Gruesome Newsom’s Commiefornia Pilots Universal Basic Income as Democrat-Destroyed State Ranks No. 1 in Poverty

San Francisco spiral Death continues

“I Was Willing to Die for My Family” – Armed LA Father Flips the Tables on Masked Intruders Threatening Him and Trying to Break into Home with his Wife and Baby Inside (VIDEO)

Monsters Have Arrived As Globalists Speed Up Their Mad Rush To A Transhuman World That Blurs The Lines Between Technology And The Human Condition And Is Pushing Us To Extinction - The Transhumanist Declaration Shows Demons And Fallen Angels

Three Steps to Solving the US Housing Crisis – Kick Out Illegal Aliens First

People smuggling is rapidly becoming a more lucrative business and traffickers are being financed by terror groups

Sustainable Development Is Technocracy          11/7


CBDC Preview

ANOTHER Bank Just Failed, 6th One This Year

It Appears That We Have a Major Problem With the Banks

‘A Disconcerting Picture’: Reagan Economist Says Latest Jobs Numbers Spell Trouble for Economy

Under What Conditions Would China Dump US Treasuries or Dollar Holdings?

Record Number of Multiple Jobholders: A Closer Looks Inside the Horrific October Jobs Report

Why Banks Suddenly Closing Down Customer Accounts

From $3.8 billion to bankruptcy in 18 months. Paragraph 5

Nikki Haley’s Troubling Land Giveaway to CCP-Connected Company

Biden’s wind energy plans in peril as Orsted abandons 2 major U.S. projects

Liberal Billionaire Commits $500 Million to Destroying America’s Coal Industry

Chicago Secretly Renews Contract with Covid Staffing Firm to Staff Migrant Shelters-Some Staff on Track to Make $800K Per Year

Desperate Butt Light Parent Company Offers Disgruntled Shareholders $1 Billion Apology for Dylan Mulvaney Disaster

The EPA’s War Against Cars

Check Out the Line of Cars Waiting to Charge Their EVs Just Before Midnight in Commiefornia [VIDEO]

10% for the Big Guy: Bombshell Memo Shows More Foreign Money Funneled to Bribery Biden [VIDEO]

Oklahoma City’s Ordinance Will Fine People for Feeding Meals to the Homeless Without a Permit

‘Australia is neo-Nazi breeding ground.’          11/6


Ed Dowd: The Great Federal Centralization

Peter St. Onge: Turns out Last Week’s “Blockbuster” GDP Numbers Are Driven by Government Spending  

US Job Growth Cools In October To 150K While Unemployment Unexpectedly Rises

WWIII IS INEVITABLE: Every time economies falter, the globalists plunge the world into catastrophic war

JACK POSOBIEC: 'We outsourced our jobs and we imported Hamas rallies'

Shipping giant laying off 10,000 as pandemic boom turns to bust

Prominent car rental company reneges on promises of an EV fleet citing ‘twice’ the cost

Millions of Utility “Smart” Meters Will Have to Be Replaced When 2G and 3G Networks Are Shut Off

REPORT: Obama Ran Biden’s AI Policy – As Well As Everything Else – in Secret.

Comer: Biden Crime Family Subpoenas to Come ‘in a Matter of Days’

Snowflakes: Sanctuary City Suburb Declares Emergency After Arrival of a Mere ONE HUNDRED Illegal Aliens

Venezuelan gangsters blending in with MIGRANTS, causing CHAOS in America under Maduro’s orders 

Boy, 12, Turned in to DC Cops by His Own Mother After Alleged Carjacking of Off-Duty Cop Leaves Friend, 13, Dead

Leftist Jeff Bezos Announces He is Moving from Crime-Ridden Democrat-Controlled Seattle to Miami

Trying to figure out what the hell is going on with crime in America? Here's the truth about the numbers.

Criminals Keep Leaving Jails Under Soros-Backed DA Despite Skyrocketing Crime

Shadow Armies Are Waging an Invisible War on Us All

Our ideological civil war

The Great Social Media News Collapse       11/4


Douglas Macgregor: "We lost in Ukraine and then Israel"

March 9, 2022 – the day Biden signed the death warrant on American freedom

Credit Crisis Is About to Trigger a Flood of Bankruptcies as Banks Warn About Serious Risks

"LARGEST BANK CUTS": Big Banks Just Cut 20,000 Jobs!

Prices of Some Basic European Foodstuffs Keep Skyrocketing

House Approves $14.3 Billion Israel Aid Package, Slashes IRS Budget – Biden Regime Threatens to Veto the Bill

Smuggling ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into the U.S. is now a $13B a year business

Ben Berquam Reports From Tucson Airport: Every Flight Is Full of Illegals!

DAVID KRAYDEN: FBI director and Homeland Security secretary both worked hard to make America safe for Terrorists

Foreigners convicted of nearly half of all rapes and murders in Switzerland last year

Pending U.S. Bills Would Allow Launching of Hundreds of Thousands of Satellites with No Environmental Review

The BorderLine: New York’s ‘Right to Shelter’—Why Are Taxpayers Forced to House Unlimited Illegal Aliens?

Sam Bankman-Fried CONVICTED… faces 110 years in prison

GREEN PANIC: Siemens Energy shares crash 37% after admitting wind turbine troubles

Report: Congress Sneaks Through $34,000 Pay Raise for Itself

Bud Light Encounters Major New Sales Blow

Soros-Funded Democrat District Attorney Larry Krasner Is Busy Letting Convicted Murderers Walk

Hunter Biden Op-Ed A Pathetic Attempt At Shifting Focus From His Family's Corruption To His Drug Addiction

House Oversight Chair James Comer Lays Out the Money Trail From the Chi-Coms to the Biden Crime Family

Hunter Biden, Secret Agent?                                11/3


Government handouts beget financial ruin

Anheuser-Busch to Hand Shareholders $1Bn To Restore Confidence.

Biden Regime and International Donors Send $80 Million Every 2 Weeks to Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan Amidst Reports of Funds Being Misappropriated, Says Government Watchdog

CEO Tim Cook, Tsinghua University and Rotten Apple’s ‘Symbiotic’ Bond With Communist China

AI Cameras Took Over One Small American Town — Now They’re Everywhere

Government's EV Push Designed to Destroy Personal Transportation

The US is now engaged on two global fronts, and soon it may be three

How Many Foreign Students Are In American Universities And What Does This Mean For America?

Ivy League Among Top Recipients of $8.5 Billion Islamic Funding

Miss Israel goes viral after video exposing atrocities by Hamas

Hamas Leader — ‘We will repeat October 7th attacks until Israel is annihilated.’

Kamala Harris mocked for unveiling ‘national Islamophobia strategy’ as Jews are attacked.

CNN features Minnesota family claiming 42 relatives killed in Gaza, admits it can confirm no detail of their story

How Blinken and Company Laid the Groundwork for the Hamas Attack

Biden DHS Admits 600,000+ Illegal Invaders Have Flooded the U.S. Southern Border in 2023

WATCH: Massive Caravan of 5,000 Illegals Heading to U.S. From Southern Mexico

This freak is teaching public school.

Butt Light Encounters Major New Sales Blow            11/2


DATA: Americans Struggling to Pay for Food Approaches 2008 Financial Crisis Level

Americans Panic Search “Give Car Back” As Subprime Auto Loan Delinquency Erupts

Central Banks on Course for “Colossal” Year of Gold Buying

Nordangard: UN, WEF And The Coming Technocracy

Banks Closing Across San Fransicko Area, Often Without Warning

Living Paycheck To Paycheck Has Become “The Main Financial Lifestyle” For U.S. Consumers

Breaking: James Comer Exposes How Joe Biden Received $40,000 from the $5 Million Hunter Biden’s Laundered China Money

House Oversight Chair James Comer: Just 14 of 82,000 Pages of Biden Crime Family Private Pseudonym Emails Have Been Turned Over

Carmakers start to pump the brakes on ambitious EV goals

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm-Developer Abandons Two Major US Projects as Renewable Bust Erupts

The Great ‘Green Energy Transition’ That Wasn’t

Treasonous RINO Turncoat Glitch McConnell Working to Add $61.4 BILLION to American Taxpayers’ Bill in Aid to Ukraine

Zelensky Advisor Admits Gov’t Officials ‘Stealing Like No Tomorrow’ as Bribery Biden Pushes for Billions More to Ukraine

The Billionaires Of Gaza

Illegals Create Huge New Red-Light District on Roosevelt Avenue in NYC

Bribery Biden Signs Executive Order Forcing Tech Companies to Program Marxist Ideology into AI

Home schooling's rise from fringe to fastest-growing form of education

Ghostly Bones Of 'Cosmic Hand'  By NASA       11/1


U.S. to borrow $350 million per hour, every hour.

De-Dollarization Accelerating: BRICS Nations Launch Payment Network — USD Crash Incoming?

New BRICS Currency Value: $55 Per One BRIC? by Noah

The Specter of Hyperinflation Looms Over the Economy

The Secretive Industry Devouring U.S. Economy

Amazon prepares army of 750,000 ROBOTS to eliminate HUMAN workers

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $175 Million to Cancer Patient

Biden Throws $45 Billion In Federal Funds To Convert Offices Into Homes

MAKES SENSE: House Republicans Announce Plan to Pay For Israel Emergency Fund with Money Previously Allocated to IRS

Soft-On-Crime, Soros-Backed DA Robbed in Car Raid

Salesforce CEO Demands Return Of 'Law And Order' Across Crime-Ridden San Fran

"This Is The Third World": CVS Displays Framed Pictures Of TOILET PAPER; Customers Must Ask Staff For It

Convicted Pedophile ‘Knocked out’ in Courtroom by Now-Adult Alleged Victim

Congrats American Taxpayer, You Just Paid for This Male Soldier to Get His “Facial Feminization” Procedure 

Israeli Tanks Roll Deep Into Gaza As The Entire World Braces For More Escalation

Leaked Israeli Govt Plan: Expel All Palestinians From Gaza And Send Them to Europe and Canada

Ron Johnson backs 'damage assessment' of Biden family business deals on national security

National Archives has 82,000 pages of Joe Biden emails under ‘different names.’ 


The Real Message From Famed Financial Prognosticator to Americans: Get Your Retirement Out of the Stock Market

Mounting Deficits Mark the US's Road to Ruin

CBDC: Searching for Purpose

The hunt for Crypto’s most famous fugitive.

No Monetary or Political Bailouts for Belt-and-Road Initiative Debtors

Politicians Are Responsible For The Parabolic Trend Of US Debt

80,000 Taxmen Cometh for All of Us So Spending Can Continue

IRS Agent Intimidates Taxpayer, Says He Can Enter ‘Anyone’s Home at Any Time’

‘Overcharged’: Major Study Reveals Alarming True Cost of Owning an EV, ‘Fueling’ Equal to $17.33 Per Gallon

"War Is A Racket" For These 25 'Defense' Companies

G7 Countries Establish AI Code of Conduct for Tech Companies

Collapse? Bond Bloodbath Commences as Fed’s Desperate Fight Against Inflation Fails

World’s Biggest Carbon Capture Plant Quietly Sold off for a Fraction of What It Cost to Build It

Elon Musk has popped a few extra red pills

'Global Shakedown': Environmentalists Demand International 'Climate Reparations' Fund

17 Questions to Challenge the Climate Change Crisis

Soros Has Funneled Over $15M to Pro-Hamas Organizations Through Open Society Foundations

The Rise of Jacobin Justice                           10/30


Buckle Up: Australia Becomes “Ground Zero” of the WEF “Cash-Free” Society Plan

The Worst Is Yet To Come With 'Fiat Money' Financing 'Forever Wars' And Western Totalitarianism - Marxist Globalism Must Be Destroyed - End Their Fake Money And End Their Rush To Tyranny

The Real Message From Famed Financial Prognosticator to Americans: Get Your Retirement Out of the Stock Market

US Food Insecurity Crisis Erupts: 17 Million Households Starving, Highest In 11 Years

Climate Change, Cricket Burgers, and Corruption Summed Up in Two Minutes [VIDEO]

COLLAPSE? Bond bloodbath commences as Fed’s desperate fight against inflation fails

Time to Think ‘Quadrillions’, as There’s ‘Zero Fiscal Restraint’ in D.C.

Democrat Activist and Successful Writer Thanks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for $200,000 Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

America Next? Irish Farmers Face Killing 41,000 Healthy Cows Over Regulations to Fight ‘Climate Change’

Tyson Foods pivoting from meat to BUGS with large investment in bug and INSECT “proteins”

Groups Advocating Anti-Israel Protests and Supporting Hamas Attacks Receive Over $15 Million from George Soros

Bank Records Contradict Bribery Biden’s Claim of $200k ‘Loan’ Repayment

Jihad Is Coming to a Town Near You                10/29


European Central Bank Laying Groundwork For Digital Euro

True costs of EVs revealed by bombshell report out of a Texas think tank


Profit At China's Top Wind Firm Slumps 98%

Most Americans Say They’re Falling Behind on Emergency Savings

Bidenomics Boomerang: Hunger Explodes On Joe’s Watch As 10 Million More Fall Into Food Insecurity

Tyson Foods invests in Dutch firm Protix BV to make Americans EAT ZE BUGS

Former US Attorney Says Biden Ukraine Bribery Allegation Credible Enough to Merit Further Investigation, But FBI Stonewalled His Probe

New York City Goes Pedal to the Metal on Electric Vehicles.

U.S. Prosecutor Says $10 Million Biden Bribe Was Credible, Contradicting Democrat Jamie Raskin

Comer Officially Demands Raskin Apologize for ‘Lies’

Hunter Biden Associate Patrick Ho Schemed to Evade Iran Sanctions, Secure Arms Deal

Muslim Pentagon Chief of Staff w/Terror Ties Attacks Israel, Cheers Hamas Supporters

Whoops! Biden Adviser Jake Sullivan Scrubs Gaza Brag From 'Foreign Affairs' Essay

Seattle Jewelry Store Broken Into for 7th Time in 2 Years

Louisiana: Why Are Mosquitoes Still Swarming Despite the Drought? [Ask Bill Gates???]

Euthanasia Accounted For 4% Of All Canadian Deaths In 2022, Government Admits

Oregon School Declares Core Skills No Longer Necessary Because Minorities Aren’t Testing Well

URGENT: Media Blackout, Dire Situation in Acapulco, Mexico Due to Category 5 Hurricane Otis

Deep Partisan Divide Over Trust In Media             10/27


Michael Yon: Chinese Communist Party an ULTRA-RACIST cult seeking to RULE THE WORLD

Are the Chinese Selling Dollars to Buy Gold?

China completes first ever digital YUAN purchase for cross-border oil transaction as global DE-DOLLARIZATION accelerates

WW3 at Our Door and US State Department Wants Americans to Focus on Being “Intersex”

World Economic Forum globalists want to leverage water crisis to form world government

World’s Oldest Central Bank Seeking $7 Billion Bailout After Massive Bond Losses

Retail Credit Card APR Hits Record 28.93% Average

IBM Hosts Internships That Bar Whites, Asians, and Men — With Exception for Men Pretending to Be Women

DEVELOPING: United Auto Workers Union Reaches Tentative Agreement with Ford: Report

GM Is Slowing EV Production Amid Labor Strikes and “Evolving” [Slowing] Demand

‘Green Panic’: Siemens Energy Stock Collapses As Industry Melts Down  

How United States Government 'Gangsters' Completely Inhabit The 'Deep State' And Totally Imperil America's National Security

FBI And Its Foreign Influence Task Force Purged Sources Who Were Onto Biden Corruption

Grassley: FBI Had 40 Confidential Sources with ‘Criminal Information’ on Biden Family

Democrat Dystopia Update: ‘This Used to Be the Most Beautiful Park in King County (WA)’ — Is Now a Bum-Infested Hellhole

Oklahoma Teen Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Shooting Five Year Old Girl as Part of Gang Initiation

22 Years of Patriot Act Blowback                 10/26


What Do We Expect From New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson?

Treasury Reports 2023 Deficit at $1.7 Trillion

The Dangers of a "Cashless" Economy

We Haven’t Seen a Subprime Borrower Meltdown of This Magnitude Since the Last Financial Crisis

'Bidenomics' Fueling Economic Pessimism Among Minorities As Incomes Fall, New Fed Data Show

Cut through the Media Noise, and Remember the Economic Priorities

70% Of Criminals Released Early By Kentucky Governor Committed More Crimes

BREAKING: Rep. Mike Johnson Wins Latest Secret Ballot – Is the New GOP Speaker-Designate

Biden’s Orwellian Ministry Of Truth Heads To The US Supreme Court

Bloomberg Pushes Climate Doom As Reason Why You Must Eat Bugs

At Harvard, there are 2,600 more administrators than undergrads

How Being an Illegal Immigrant Gets You Free Rent in Chicago

Terrorism’s Local Supporters Take Over Downtown Chicago

UCLA study: Convince white people racism exists by showing them old photos

To Understand Obama, You MUST Understand South Africa’s Communist Revolution

Arrested Alaskan Air Pilot Who Stopped Engines Was Far-Leftist Tripping on Shrooms

Hamas and the Politics of Hell                   10/25


America's top national security threat is our runaway debt

Forensic accounting expert drops a bomb: HALF of pandemic relief ended up in the hands of Russia and China

Largest banks in America have collectively cut 20K JOBS so far this year

Mainland China led overnight gains, key US earnings due - Newsquawk Europe Market Open

On the Take? Gruesome Newsom Pimps Chinese Electric Car Company BYD, the Same Company He Awarded a $1 BILLION Slave Mask Contract

Los Angeles Overrun With Prostitutes, Sex Trafficking Less Than A Year After Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Policy Passes

Huge San Fran Apartment Building Reportedly Loses 50% Of Value As CRE Market Tanks

Nearly 1 Million Residents Left Commiefornia in 2022 Fueled by Cost of Living

Global "Holodomor" Ahead: The Intentional Destruction Of Agriculture

Tyson Foods partners with Netherlands-based Protix BV to push BUGS and INSECTS as protein replacement for meat

Social Security Overpaid $26.3 Billion, Asks Retirees For Money Back

U.S. Reports Rise in China’s Harassment of Military Following Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Breadline Bernie Sanders Funneled an Eye-Popping Amount of Money From His Campaign to Wife's “Nonprofit”

‘Sedition Hunters’ Brag To POLITICO About ‘Building Entire Cases’ For FBI Against January 6 ‘Perpetrators’

138 Luminaries sign international declaration demanding the end of censorship

House Members Circulate Bipartisan Letter to Urge Biden to Drop Assange Case

Infowars Host Owen Shroyer: “I’m About to Turn Myself in to Be a Speech Prisoner in Biden’s America’ [VIDEO]

Trust In Mass Media Craters To Record Low As Americans 'Wake-Up' From Matrix

Drone Warfare in the Nuclear Age         10/24


Teach Your Children Well

A Financial Crisis Is Here: U.S. Banks Are Closing Down Hundreds of Branches and Laying Off Thousands of Workers

Saving money? Dollar goes HALF as far as it did in '20

The EVERYTHING BUBBLE, led by bonds, is about to BURST – just in time for WWIII

China Property Woes Hinder Market Support Measures

Bidenomics: Americans Falling Behind on Auto Payments at Record Rate, Mass Repossessions Looming

We’re Saved! Meat Giant Tyson Foods Joins Bug Craze & Invests in Insect Company for ‘More Sustainable Protein"

Amazon to begin testing Digit – a six-foot-tall humanoid robot that might end up REPLACING human warehouse workers

With Its Power To Plunge An Entire Country Into An 'Information Black Hole,' An 'Internet Kill Switch' Is A Tyrants Best Friend And A Canary In The Coal Mine Of A Nation's Descent Into Tyranny - Rand Paul Recently Warned America Could Be Plunged Into Digital Darkness

'Not Ready For Primetime': EV Proponents Keep Going On Road Trips And Proving A Point, Just Not The One They Expected

Losing money, Amtrak execs STILL get $500,000+ each

Blowblack: Coca-Cola Quietly Removes Black Lives Matter Support On Its Website

Are we starting to find out how Joe Biden got himself that $2.7 million mansion?

Marlow – Meet Jim Biden: Nightclub Owner, International Business Mogul, Joe’s Bagman Wife: They ’told each other everything’ Massive Contract to Build Homes — in Iraq! How U.S. Funds Built Biden Donor a Car Dealership – in Ukraine!

Record Number Of Illegal Immigrants Pour Into US, Many On FBI Terror Watchlist

Free Derek Chauvin NOW                     10/23


China Creates 'Global A.I. Governance Initiative' to Control World's Tech

De-Dollarization? China Completes First Digital Yuan Purchase for Cross-Border Oil Transaction

Globalists Are Pushing the 'United States of Europe' Again, and Want Brexit Britain to Join.

Peter St Onge: How Do Central Banks Get Away With Inflation? [VIDEO]

Tyson Foods teams up with the World Economic Forum to open an “insect” processing plant

Amazon Already Has 750,0000 Robots In Quest To Eliminate Humans Altogether

Money-Market Fund Assets Crash 'Most Since Lehman' As Bank Deposits Rose Last Week

San Fransicko Apartment Building Loses $250 Million in Value Amid Crime Crisis – Now Facing Foreclosure

The Dark Money Behind The Attack on Your Privacy

Poll: More Americans Than Ever Have Zero Trust In Media

New York Times Humiliated, Stripped of Prestigious Mark After Taking False Stories Too Far

Bathhouse Barry Obama on the Scene at Personal Chef’s Drowning Death

Kash Patel: Three Senior Biden Intel Officials And Their Associations With Hamas And Iran

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden paid nearly $2.75million CASH for Rehoboth Beach house within weeks of Hunter sending 'threatening' text to Chinese business partner demanding to close $10million deal

House Investigators Reveal $200,000 "Direct Payment To Joe Biden"

What is wrong with Joe’s chin?            10/21


1958: Robert Welch Reveals Communists’ 10-Part Plot to Bring in a One-World Government

Economist Michael Hudson: ‘The Most Evil Organizations in the World Today Are the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund’

Why are globalist elites trying to eliminate their fellow man?

Most Of The Free World Is Asleep At The Switch As The Globalists Bent Upon Tearing Down Freedom And America Are Poised To Go Over The Cliff And Take Everyone Else With Them

JACK POSOBIEC: Globalist foreign policy has brought the West to the brink of WWIII

Xi, Putin Cement Economic Ties For Decades To Come

A Financial Crisis Is Here! U.S. Banks Are Closing Down Hundreds Of Branches And Laying Off Thousands Of Workers

Study reveals that 71% of Americans DON’T TRUST the U.S. government to save them in DOOMSDAY scenarios

Agro-food collapse: USDA gives US corn, soybean yields a major downward revision

Video: Amazon Tests Six Foot Tall Warehouse Robots

Biden's call for more war cash includes $14 billion to faciliate the entry of illegals

Bribery Biden Delivers Oval Office Speech, Wants $100 BILLION for Israel and Ukraine Wars

WATCH: Josh Hawley Leaves Joe Biden’s “$400 Billion Man” Speechless and Looking Like a Deer in Headlights After Exposing Potential Pay-to-Play Scheme During Senate Hearing

DHS Hired a Pro-Hamas Former PLO Spokeswoman to Handle Asylum Claims; Heritage Demands Answers

Why Is Iranian Operative Ariane Tabatabai Still Working in the Pentagon?

Foreign Invasion at Southern Border Hits New September Record

Internet Goes Wild Over Biden’s New Chin Balls – Many Think He’s Wearing A Mask!

UK Shoplifting Jumps 25% Over Past Year          10/20


The Globalists Are At War With God As They Transform 'People' Into A Pool Of 'Nobody-Nothingness,' Where Death, Destruction And The Collapse Of Humanity Are Their Biggest Goals

Breaking: WEF Whistleblower Warns of Globalist Plan to Microchip Population

The Economy Is Trapped In A Vicious Cycle Of More Debt & Bigger Deficits

BREAKING: BIDENOMICS: 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Hit 8% For First Time Since 2000

Biden’s Cost Of Wars Continues To Soar At Taxpayers' Expense

The New Hoovervilles? RV Villages And Make-Shift Tribes On The Rise As Inflation Bites

Leaker Of Trump Taxes Worked For Biden Beltway Donor That Just Won A Big New IRS Contract

FTX Skirted Campaign Finance Laws To Funnel Stolen Customer Funds To Democrats

The New York Times Tries To Rebrand Hunter Biden

150k square-foot ammunition plant in Nebraska mysteriously EXPLODES – is this another planned assault on vital U.S. infrastructure? 

France Evacuates Six Regional Airports After ‘Threats Of Attack’

A coup for November 3, 2020, was planned. Why does no one care?

Steve Bannon: I Have Spies – Lobbyists Were Walking Around the Capital Grille Last Night Cutting Deals with GOP Reps to Vote Against Jim Jordan (Video)

LED Light Bulbs “are not more efficient in a meaningful economic sense”

Our Public Schools Are A National Disaster         10/19


The 'Deep State' Warning About A Huge Chance Of A Terror Attack In America, Carried Out By Those Who They've Paid To Enter The Country, Is The Ultimate Proof Our Govt Has Gone Mad - Biden Has Aided And Abetted The Next Terror Attack On America

Global Debt at Record Levels and the Free Lunch Is Over

The Focus Of China's Belt And Road Initiative

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sends American Enemy Packing with Eviction Notice to the Chinese

Bank of America's Deposits Fall, But at Slower Pace than JPMorgan Chase

Rite Aid forced to file for bankruptcy amid slumping sales, high debt and ongoing opioid lawsuits

End Of Free Money Plunges German Construction Industry Into Crisis

Tucker Carlson's New Media Company Secures $15M Investment

Israel Aks US for Additional $10 Billion in Military Aid

Biden’s $6 billion ransom payment to Iran motivates Hamas to take more American hostages

They Bought A Ranch To Help Veterans, Then Came An Unexpected 'Green Tax' Bill

With Non-Stop World-Wide Chaos, It Won't Be Long Before America Is Completely 'Occupied,' By Foreign Military Forces Who Are Already Here, And We'll Be Living A Real Life 'Red Dawn'

ORWELLIAN IRONY: The Left is Now Trying to Cancel George Orwell

Did Israeli Government Issue A Stand-Down Order During Hamas Attack? by Danielle

Egypt Warned Israelis on October 4 That ‘Something Big’ Was About to Happen in Gaza

Pro-Hamas Groups Push Critical Race Theory, Socialism In US

Buying Votes, Rewarding Lawlessness: Democrat-Ruled Chicago to Give Illegals Up to $9,000 Each for Housing Costs

Murder Rates 60% Higher in Democrat-Run Counties, Study Finds

NYC struggles with spike in tuberculosis cases as illegal immigrants spread previously contained disease

Simulacrum: Are We Heading Into The Matrix?          10/18


The Rise of the Global Police State

Postcards from a Police State: 22 Years of Blowback from the USA Patriot Act

The 'Deep State' Warning About A Huge Chance Of A Terror Attack In America, Carried Out By Those Who They've Paid To Enter The Country, Is The Ultimate Proof Our Govt Has Gone Mad - Biden Has Aided And Abetted The Next Terror Attack On America

HYPOCRISY: U.S. to INCREASE IMPORTS from Russia amid economic sanctions on Moscow

Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says U.S. Can ‘Certainly’ Afford Funding New Wars in Ukraine and Israel (VIDEO)

Breitbart Business Digest: The Philly Fed’s Patrick Harker Thinks Interest Rates Are High Enough

Goldman Warns About Shipping Recession As Consumer Sputters 

Ticking Time-Bomb: Food Inflation Is Crushing Millions Of Low-income Americans

Home Sales Plunge to 2008 Levels as Record Mortgage Rates Take Their Toll

Canadian government THREATENS Costco and Walmart to artificially lower food prices to combat inflation

A.I. Agents: ChatGPT Can Write Its Own Code And Execute It

Meet the Biden Crime Family! Frank Biden: -Int’l Businessman-Education Maverick-Hit-and-Run Coward-Tax Delinquent-Nude Selfie Senior

‘Squad’ Democrat Cori Bush Funnels Thousands in Campaign Cash to Husband for Shady ‘Wage Expenses’

Biden’s Deputies Pressure Banks to OK Loans to Illegal Migrants

7 Precautions to Protect Yourself from The Great Reset

All those migrants the globalists let into Europe are protesting FOR PALESTINE, prompting Henry Kissinger to declare: “Too many foreigners!”

Danger Is Lurking Around The Corner: While All Eyes Are Focused On The Middle East, Sleeper Cells Are Right In Our Own Back Yard Prepared To Kill Americans

Cornell University Professor Says News of Hamas Terrorist Attack ‘Exhilarating’ and ‘Exciting’

It’s the Border, Stupid!                                      10/17


Austrians Prepare for Full Switch to New Digital ID System Dec. 5

The Final Stages Have Begun As The Nail Is Driven Into The Financial Coffin Of The Consumer While 'America' Reaches The 'Breaking Point' - 'The End' Will Come Suddenly And Violently- 'Economic Reality' Will Soon Bring Many People A Rude Awakening  

United Auto Workers president expands strike to lucrative Ford Kentucky plant following company’s refusal to negotiate

Clown World: Banking Terrorist Janet Yellen Says U.S. Can Afford Another War, the Economy Is Strong [VIDEO]

America Under Attack: Cargo Train Derails, Trapping Semi-Truck and Closing Interstate

World Is Tired of Financing Ukraine, Alerts Finance Minister Marchenko – Kiev Will Need 42 Billion to Keep Budget Afloat Until 2024

The Cult That Rules Over America And The World, Operating In The Shadows, Is Tightening The Nooses Around Our Necks - Their Fantasy Has Become Reality All Across Europe And We're Next

President of the National Black Farmers Association Rings the Alarm on the Terror of the Federal Bureaucracy

A Top Advisor To Rep. Mike Rogers – Who’s Blocking Jim Jordan’s Speakership – Is A Lobbyist For The Ukraine Government

IRONIC? Tesla is building the world’s largest supercharger station, but it’s powered by a diesel power plant

Era Of ‘Unquestioned And Unchallenged’ Climate Change Claims Is Over  

And Now This: US Must Be Ready For Simultaneous Wars With China, Russia, Bipartisan Report Warns

Hunter Biden’s Chinese Firm Brokered Illicit Weapons Deals For Qatar And Libya, Which Fund & Arm Hamas

Former CIA Boss Has No Regrets About Rigging 2020 With Hunter Biden Laptop Lies

Texas DPS Drone Captures Footage Of Heavily Armed Cartel Near Rio Grande (VIDEO)

As Statues Topple, So Do Our Freedoms                10/16


UNDP Releases Digital ID Governance Framework

“Hotter Than Expected” – Consumer Prices Rose 0.4% in September – Food, Energy, Gas Prices Rise (VIDEO)

DRUG CARTEL: The Big Pharma equivalent of the MOB runs America’s health care, which is why drug prices continue to skyrocket

Flashback 2020: Technocracy And The Great Reset

Europe Split on Terror: Brussels Backtracks, Won’t Suspend Aid Payments to Palestine

Biden considering asking Congress for $100 BILLION in additional funds for Ukraine

U.N. Warns Israel: Retaliatory Siege of Gaza ‘Prohibited’ Under International Law

Over $400 Million in Taxpayer Funds Have Been Sent to Gaza Since Hamas Takeover

Bloomberg’s 4,000 Word Article On Disney’s Collapse Hides Real Reason For Its Failure

Ad firm linked to Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney campaign lays off 20% of staff: report

Scalise Drops Out Of Speaker's Race After Failing To Win Over GOP Holdouts

Julie Kelly: The Next Speaker Must Deliver On Jan 6 Promises

People Receiving Draconian Prison Terms For Online Speech More Proof The Internet Has Never Been Less Free As Globalist Despots Use A.I. To Censor, Control & Carry Out Atrocities

Government Agencies Exploit Data Brokers as End-Around to Legal Restrictions

Amazon’s Alexa says 2020 elections were STOLEN   10/13


3 Ways To Survive “The Great Taking”

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars: How Private Bankers Have Imposed Their System of Slavery on the World

Zimbabwe Turns Gold-Backed Digital Token Into Payment Method

Lobbyists Call For Increased Digital ID Funding

Bidenomics: National Debt Increases By Another Half-Trillion in Just 20 Days

With The USA Like A Trapped Wild Animal Having To Chew Its Own Leg Off To Escape Death, Events Are Galloping Faster Than Most Can Imagine With Only The Last Red Line Left To Cross

Russia and China dominate nuclear electricity generation industry ahead of the U.S.

Man who Survived Mao Says Hillary Clinton’s Call for ‘Deprogramming’ of Trump Supporters Is Alarming

Bill Gates' New Plan: Cut Down 70 Million Acres of Trees to "Combat Global Warming"

America’s Farmers Are Getting Older, And Young People Aren’t Rushing To Join Them

Mann Tweets Study Claiming Climate Deniers Are Misogynist Authoritarians

Waste Of The Day: U.S. Gave Ukraine $25 Billion In Aid For Farmers, Small Businesses

Waste Of The Day: Nevada Sitting On $91 Million Meant To Help Homeowners

Media Freaks Out After Amazon ‘Alexa’ Says 2020 Election Was Stolen

Washington Post To Cut 240 Positions As Americans Turn Away From Corporate Media

The World Order Already Changed in 2022         10/11


Bidenomics: US Paying More Interest on $33 Trillion Debt Than It Spends on Defense

Perfect Storm Hit Banks and the Collapse Nobody Thinks Possible Is Already Upon Us

Washington’s Fiscal Sleight-of-Hand

Oil Prices Surge, Predicted To Hit $150 Per Barrel Following Hamas Attack

Country Charges £88,000 For Permission to Own a Vehicle

If the Bilderbergers are a powerful think tank, where do they come from and what is the power behind them?  

Communism is the Root Cause of CCP's Behavior

How God Complex of 4 Billionaires Could Destroy Society

Biden Is Aiding & Abetting Terrorism And War Crimes By Funding Modern-Day 'Kill Squads' via Billions Of Dollars More In American Taxpayer Money, Ensuring More Death & Destruction

HYPOCRITES: Florida Dem running for senator who wants her student loans forgiven OWNS A $3M MANSION

Money Scandal Involving Race-Hustler Ibram Kendi Just Took a Wild “BLM” Turn

The secret collaboration of CIA, MI6 and Nazis and how Ukrainian Nazis have infiltrated Europe and North America

Citizens Group Files Lawsuit for Alleged Constitutional and Regulatory Violations in re Offshore Wind Project Approval

Flipping Kansas blue? Gov struck deal with left-wing groups likely to drive up Dem vote

Over 95% of public-school students in Maryland are NOT proficient in basic MATH 

BERNSTEIN: Compel Teachers to Live in Failing School Districts That Employ Them

Teachers’ union in California threatens to strike if homeless people can’t camp in parking lots

Madame Hillary lays down the law               10/9


And so It Begins . . . the Great Unravelling

The Margin Call Moment: World Now Facing Up To $70 Trillion In Global Losses

Another Bank on the Verge of Collapse?

EU Digital Identity Wallet Pilots Roll Out Under the Radar

Demonic Disney’s Financial Disasters Are Even Worse Than Previously Reported

Biden slammed for releasing $6 billion to Iran ahead of Hamas attack

Corruption Is Driving the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Why 'Go Woke, Go Broke' Is More Than A Catchphrase

Survey: Nearly Half of CEOs Believe AI Could *and Should* Replace Them

NZ Retailers Turn to Facial Recognition to Stem Surge in Crime

Canada Plots to Increase Online Regulation, Target Search and Social Media Algorithms

Hillary Clinton Calls for 'Formal Deprogramming' of MAGA 'Cult

Elon Musk Says There’s a Battle of ‘Humanists’ vs. ‘Extinctionists’

Prepare To Defend The Freedom To Have Your Own Thoughts As 'The Enemies Of Liberty' Wage War Upon 'We The American People,' Targeting Half The Country For 'Formal Deprogramming'

San Francisco Prioritizing Taxpayer-Funded ‘Guaranteed Income’ for Black and Latino Transgender People — Including Illegals

AMAZON Alexa has been claiming 2020 election was stolen

Hungary’s Orban Decries Orwellian Brussels Which is ‘Raping’ Europe With Migration

Hungary and Poland Block Statement on Migration by EU Countries After Summit in Spain – Budapest and Warsaw Won’t Support Globalist Mass Migration Policies

‘Everyone Feels at Risk’ — Legacy Media Catches on to Sweden’s Failed Multicultural Project

Thieves Make Off with $20K in Merchandise, But One Overlooked Detail Means Their Haul Is Virtually Useless

Smart Streetlights Still Under Scrutiny  

Time To Tell America's Climate Cult "Stop!"          10/8


Why a Global Government Is the Ultimate Goal of Billionaires

The Great Taking: Have the global elite devised an elaborate plan to take everything we own?

Unelected Globalists at the UN and WEF Are Utterly Determined to Abolish Farming [VIDEO]

We Have Reached the Terminal Phase of the Greatest Debt Spiral in the History of the Human Race

We Are Witnessing One Of The Greatest Financial Market Crashes In History Right Now

DOLLAR DOOMSDAY: Global shift AWAY from euros and dollars is accelerating

The Uniparty Threat: America Is the Only Anglosphere Country Left Without a Fully Captured One-Party System

The Secret Meeting That Created United Nations - Dumbarton Oaks Conference

Bidenomics: Mortgage Rates Surge to Highest in 23 Years.

Inside Today's Jobs Report: 885,000 Full-Time Jobs Lost, 1.127 Million Part-Time Jobs Added, Record Multiple Jobholders

Chapter 11 Filings By Businesses Soar 61% So Far This Year

After Getting the Largest Bailout in U.S. History in 2008, 85.5 Percent of the $1.34 Trillion in Deposits at  Citigroup’s Citibank Lack FDIC Insurance Today

Alberta power grid operator warns Trudeau gov’t ‘net zero’ goals are ‘not feasible’

The Uniparty Threat: America Is the Only Anglosphere Country Left Without a Fully Captured One-Party System

Here We Go: Hillary Clinton Calls for “Formal Deprogramming” of Strong Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

JACK POSOBIEC: Claudia Morales shows how far gone liberal women are

German woman gets PRISON TIME for criticizing invading migrants who commit violence

UK Climate Policy Faces Growing Opposition          10/6


CBDC Lays Foundation for New Global Monetary System: French Central Bank Admits

We Have Reached The Terminal Phase Of The Greatest Debt Spiral In The History Of The Human Race

This Man Took Before and After Photos of Costco Prices and They’ll Break Your Heart

It’s All Coming Down! All 3 Biggest Bubbles in History Collapsing Together

84% Of CEOs Expect A Recession In 2024 (& 0% Of Fed Staff)

Housing Gone Berserk — ‘Least Affordable’ Market We Ever Had

Ruling Class Plans To “Fix” The Wealth Gap By Enslaving Everyone With CBDC  

15-Minute City: This Statement Should Be Read At Every City Council Meeting In America

Ukraine Is The Straw Breaking The Uniparty's Back - America Is In Trouble, And We Do Not Need To Be Handing Ukraine Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From American Taxpayers For A War That Is Not Ours

Revenues Evaporating As Globalists Wake Up To The Myth Of US Green Science

White House cancels $9 billion in student debt for 125,000 Americans

THANKS, TRUDEAU: Canadians Forced to Sacrifice Food Quality Due to Ever-Increasing Costs

DOJ fines Georgia Tech $500,000 for advertising jobs only to U.S. citizens 

Border community residents testify to horrors they’ve experienced

Biden-Harris Regime Comes up With Brilliant Idea to Help Solve the Disastrous Border Crisis . . . Build a Wall

Trump Hauls Whopping $45.5M in Q3, With $36M Primary Cash On Hand. » The National Pulse+ 

Biden Admin To Pour Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Into ‘Gender Studies’ In The Middle East

Trump trial: The camera never lies                 10/5


No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the WEF

WEF Globalist Claims Implementing Policies Would Be Much Easier With A World Population Of Only 500 Million While Mass Murderers Win The 'Nobel Peace Prize' For Creating 'The Vax'

This Is Not Freedom, America: The Profit Incentives Driving the American Police State

Recession Warning! Four Key Triggers Are All In-Play Right Now

Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki distrusts printed dollar currency because soon “it will be worth less than toilet paper”

How Much US Farmland Does China Own?

Missing Evergrande Chairman Declared ‘Enemy of the Chinese People’

US Factory Orders Jumped More Than Expected In August... Thanks To War

NATO chief admits NATO expansion was key to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Natalie Winters Reveals How US Taxpayers Are Funding Democrat Ukraine Lobbyists [VIDEO]

GET READY: The U.S. military-industrial complex is planning a military draft so Americans can fight the bankers’ third world war

The State of Chihuahua Is Building a 20-Story Tower in Ciudad Juarez to Surveil 13 Cities–and Texas Will Also Be Watching

The Great AI Invasion: Given Enough Time, Artificial Intelligence Would Take Over Every Area of Our Lives 

EV Mania Spreads Across The Nation's Bluest States

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Puts Illegals Ahead of Citizens AGAIN-Announces 18,000 Jobs Available to Asylum Seekers

New bombshell documents prove Biden crime family SOLD OUT America to China for MONEY

Nazi World Order                                        10/4


Kevin McCarthy OUT as Speaker of the House

SDG16: Part 2 — Enforcing Digital Identity

Philippines adds digital ID to govt super app as World Bank okays $600M support

How Great Is Our Economy If The Bottom 50%'s Share Of The Nation's Wealth Has Plummeted Since 2009?

Big Government Created This Economic Mess — Why Would We Think It Could Fix It?

Unelected Bureaucrats Want to Make it a CRIME to Ignore Their Green Ideology!

Liberals Paid WEF for Report Justifying Climate Change Policies

The Dangerous Delusion of a Global Transition To "Just Electricity"

WEF Globalist Claims Implementing Policies Would Be Much Easier With A World Population Of Only 500 Million While Mass Murderers Win The 'Nobel Peace Prize' For Creating 'The Vax'

Small Business Bankruptcies Surge In 2023, Five Reasons Why

Almost Half Of All Young Adults In The US Are Living With Their Parents

Kyiv’s ex-defense minister stole $1 billion then fled the country; but Western media conceals the story to protect Biden

Ukraine will unconditionally surrender and then Russia will void any arrangements BlackRock made with the Zelensky...

Russia Halts Further Troop Mobilization as West Pays for 70% of Ukraine's Expenses

Relatives used Joe Biden’s name to achieve deals worth millions of dollars, says the Wall Street Journal

The Real Message From Famed Financial Prognosticator to Americans: Get Your Retirement Out of the Stock Market

Terror threat: Why are all those military-aged Chinese men illegally entering into the US in record numbers?

The Left's evisceration of our justice system

It Turns Out, Your Tax Dollars Are Going to 'LGBTIQ+' Activists Overseas

Sam Altman Wants To Replace Normal People With AI  

List of Appliances the Energy Department Plans to Target Within the Next 12 Months

Letitia James Leaves Courtroom without Granting Interview After Judge Tosses Out 80% of Her Case Against Trump

Two Million Migrants Apprehended at Southwest Border for 2nd Straight Year

The Real Motive for Jan. 6                 10/3


We’re in the Middle of a Global Coup – Here’s How We Stop It

Is the Money in Your Checking Account Yours or the Bank’s?

De-dollarization efforts continue: BRICS member nations reduce U.S. treasury holdings to boost local currency value

End of Dollar’s Hegemony: Russian Oil Giant Now Using Yuan and Rubles for Export Settlements

How Great Is Our Economy If the Bottom 50%’s Share of the Nation’s Wealth Has Plummeted Since 2009?

Top 6 Government-Run and Taxpayer-Funded Industrial Complexes Robbing Americans of Their Health and Wealth

Germany went from envy of the world to the worst-performing major developed economy. What happened?

Once Banned Congressional Earmarks Were Reintroduced in 2022; How Billions Are Being Spent

It Never Stops: Mike Lindell’s MyPillow Under IRS Audit for Alleged Unlawful Employment Practices (VIDEO)

British BLM activist pleads GUILTY to fraud over MISSING DONATIONS

Over 40% Of French Back Lifetime Limit Of Four Flights Per Person

Student Loan Payments Officially Resume After Three-Year Pause

Shocking US Navy report shows China's shipbuilding capacity is 232x that of the U.S.

Soros Groups Demand NO ELECTIONS Be Held in Ukraine... to Preserve Democracy?

Hunter Biden received $260,000 from Chinese nationals in 2019 while his dad was running for president

Just 3% of San Francisco Restaurants Say They Were Not Victims of Vandalism or Property Crime in the LAST MONTH

Illegal Alien Invasion: All the big U.S. land grabs by China and globalists may be for housing illegal immigrants

Jury Finds Former Loudoun County Superintendent Guilty Of Crime Stemming From Trans Rape Coverup

Nickel-and-diming your trash                            10/2


How A CBDC Created Chaos & Poverty In Nigeria

German MEP, Christine Anderson, Delivers Epic Warning About CBDCs and Digital IDs

Brazil and Argentina Turn to Blockchain for Citizen ID Rollouts

Leo Hohmann: Globalists Have Another Shock Event Planned in Pursuit of the ‘Four Ds’: Digitization, Dehumanization, Destruction and Depopulation

You Will Never Guess What Happened To "The Strong US Consumer" After Today's Huge GDP Revisions

Federal Reserve Sounds Alarm, 2020-Style Disaster Coming Soon?

Bidenflation: Prices Rises Twice As Fast On Soaring Gas, Highest Inflation In 7 Months

Homes Are “Unaffordable” In 99 Percent Of U.S. Counties

America heading toward a housing market crash worse than the Great Recession

The Military Industrial Complex Is Making Hundreds of Billions of Dollars, and They Need a Military Draft in the U.S. To Take Things to the Next Level

Here Is What Stops, And What Doesn’t, When The Government Shuts Down This Weekend 

Publishing Stories Like These Have Put ANP On A 'Government Hit List' For Pointing Out Their Venomous 'End Game' - '1984' Made Real, They're Killing Off Everything Standing In Their Way

L. Fletcher Prouty: Oil is not a fossil fuel; it is the second most prevalent liquid on Earth

Outrageous! Georgia GOP RINO Caucus Ousts Brave State Senator for Trying to Impeach Corrupt Fulton County DA Fani Willis

‘Chicago! Denver!’ Invading Illegals Declare Sanctuary Cities They Plan to Inhabit

Too Little Too Late? Europe Finally Realizes Mass Immigration Is Destroying Them

Globalism Must Be Destroyed   

11 Assumptions About the Future                9/29


The next phase of the globalist takeover requires surrender to a new CASHLESS society, complete with digital passes and IDs to engage in commerce

BRICS Continues Plans to Ditch the U.S. Dollar [VIDEO]

"Fossil Fuel Treaty" activism is funded by a small group of global foundations

Credit Card Losses Are Surging At The Fastest Pace Since The Global Financial Crisis

Why Walmart and Target Want the Fed to Control Your Credit Cards

10 Numbers Which Prove That the U.S. Economy Has Hit a Major Pivot Point

Report: 94% of 323,094 New Jobs Among S&P 100 Went to Non-Whites in Year After BLM Protests

Impeachment Memo: Biden Crime Family Collected $15 Million in Foreign Money, DOJ ‘Obstructed’ Probe

“The Keys to My Family’s Only Asset” – House Ways and Means Committee Releases Explosive Documents Confirming Hunter Sold Access to Joe Biden in 23 Countries

100s Of Pages Of Newly Released Memos Spark Fresh Corruption Charges Ahead Of 1st Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Democrat Dystopia Update: Looting Continues in Democrat Hellhole Philadelphia

Dutch pensioner stabbed to death by gang while walking his dog, local residents bemoan 'temporary residents'

Homeless camp pops up on a Beverly Hills sidewalk as homelessness spills into the wealthier areas of California

Stick a fork in West Point, they’re done… wait until you see the new degree they’re offering

The cartels who run the world

The USDA’s War on Small Farms                 9/28


Control Of Buying and Selling: IMF Seeks To Develop Global Platform For Central Bank-Controlled Digital Currencies

Life in America Has NEVER Been More Unaffordable Than It Is Right Now

‘Unprecedented Levels of Theft Coupled With Rampant Crime’ Caused $112 Billion in Loss For Retailers Last Year

How Government Spending Causes Inflation

Fraud, Errors Cost Food Stamp Program Nearly $1 BILLION a Month

Biden Appoints Billionaire From CIA-Mafia Linked Family to Oversee Exploitation of Ukraine's Economy by Multi-National Corporations

Military Can't Repair Own $1.7 Trillion Jet

CVS Pharmacy to Close 900 Stores by the End of 2024, Citing Shoplifting as Major Problem

‘China’s Economy Is the Foundation of Much of Its Power Projection Around the World,’ Author Says

Ford Pauses Construction on Michigan Battery Plant Linked to Chinese Communist Party

The Biden Admin’s Clear Vulnerability to Chinese Espionage

China’s Tencent Profited Off Fraudulent PPP Loans

BREAKING: Hunter Received Two Bank Wires Originating from Beijing in 2019 with Beneficiary Address Listed as Joe Biden’s Delaware Home

Bribery Biden Forest Service Hands out Over $100 Million to Advance ‘Tree Equity’

Trump Responds After Democrat New York Judge Orders His Business Licenses to be Rescinded as Punishment in Letitia James’ Lawsuit

Bezos Faces the Music: FTC and 17 States Sue Amazon Alleging Monopolistic Practices

Target announces closure of nine stores in major cities because those cities don't stop crime

African Migrant in France Threatens: ‘In the Name of Allah, We’re Going to Slit Their Mother’s Throats 

NY’s Hochul Calls in More National Guard Troops as Illegal Immigrant Crisis Worsens

Where Was Antifa on January 6, 2021?        9/27


Elon Humanoid Does Yoga

BRICS Continues Plans To Ditch The U.S. Dollar

Ten Years of Russia Sanctions: How the World Economy Has Changed

Nearly 93% of Global Central Banks Are Now Exploring Digital Currencies

Rite Aid to close up to 500 stores in BANKRUPTCY proposal

As Bankruptcies Soar, Debt Market Titans Warn "Default Cycle Has Started"

Total Population Control' - How 'Artificial Intelligence' And 'Transhumanism' Are Being Used To Rush In 'The Mark' For 'World Government' And The System Of 'The Beast' - A.I. Already Controls The Minds And Behaviors Of People Through Information Warfare

Organized retail crime, not just shoplifting, is surging across the U.S. with dangerous and costly consequences

US Announces $2 Billion Loan for Poland to Spend on Military

China's Shipbuilding Capacity More Than 200 Times Greater Than US: Leaked Navy Slide

US To Keep Paying Salaries For Tens Of Thousands Of Ukrainians During Government Shutdown  

Zelensky Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic to Be Ambassador to Ukraine to Help Children

THE REPLACEMENTS: Biden regime to offer nearly half a million jobs to Venezuelan migrants flooding through America’s southern border

Uni-Party Dream: Newsom, DeSantis to Debate on Fox News

Michigan Dems Pass Bill Making “Intimidating” Election Officials a Felony, Want to Imprison Ballot Challengers

Menendez, facing bribery charges involving halal company, got $2 million in public cash for Ground Zero Mosque imam

Public Anger at The Hidden Costs of Net Zero Energy Policies

13 Baltimore high schools found to have ZERO students proficient in math

The Slavery Contract                  9/26


WEF: AI Will ‘End Human Dominance’ in ‘Five Years’

Like 'Flying' Off The Eiffel Tower With Homemade Wings, In The Financial World, The Ultimate Consequences Of Failing To Learn From And Repeating Past Mistakes Can Be Catastrophic

The Dangerous Myth Of Soft Landing

Investors pulled $19 billion from stocks in the last week, the highest outflow all year amid surging bond yields and Fed jitters

Credit card losses rising at fastest pace since financial crisis

Banks Fearing Liquidity Crunch Pay More For Cash

Leo Hohmann: Beware of Nations, States, Corporations, or Groups Offering Benefits That Require Digital ID: You are Entering a ‘Covenant with Death’

Biometrics and Digital Credentials Gain Ground in Airports and National ID

Tech moguls, lawmakers hold Senate hearing on AI amid its rapid rise

The Global War on Farming: ‘Net Zero and the American Beef Industry Cannot Coexist’

Zelensky Says He Met BlackRock CEO and Other Finance Leaders in US Trip

Technocracy: Digital Public Infrastructure For “One Earth, One Family, One Future”

GOVERNMENT WASTE: Workers at illegal migrant shelters in Chicago are earning up to $200 AN HOUR

France ravaged by migrant rapes as spate of sexual assaults sweeps the nation

Biden Administration Knew Border Surge Was Coming, Internal Documents Show-And Did Nothing

UK Government Contract States That Illegal Immigrants Must Have 3 Star Hotel Rooms or Better

It’s official: Project Veritas is kaput       9/25


While Barely Anyone Was Watching, Leaders At The UN Made A 7 Year Agreement To Implement A Single Global Agenda

FedNow Goes Live, Paving The Way To A Central Bank Digital Currency

Governments Start Calling for Price Controls – Rationing and CBDCs Come Next 

U.S. National Debt Tops $33 Trillion

Communism, Fascism And Globalism Are All A 'Boot Stomping Upon A Human Face, Forever' That ALL Hate Freedom Of Speech, Guns And The Freedom Of Religion In The Hands Of The People

US Treasury Tells Wall Street to Unite Behind UN Net Zero Agenda

Potential Pension ‘Meltdown’ Poses Serious Threat to States

Flawed Federal Government Accounting Miscalculates $66 Billion In Costs

Pentagon’s $1.7T F-35 Jets Have ‘Maintenance Issues,’ Finish Missions Barely Half The Time

Bloomberg Launches $500M War To Close All Coal Plants And Block New Gas Plants

RAW EGG NATIONALIST: Europe shows that mass immigration is the first step to totalitarianism

Astonishing Percentage of Young Adults in the United States Are Living With Their Parents  

Data Shows Cheating on Homework Is A Primary Use Of AI Powerhouse ChatGPT

Project Veritas Shuts Down, Fires All Journalists And Employees After Ousting James O’Keefe: Report

Signatories Of Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Get Plum Jobs After Pumping Disinformation Into Election

Your WiFi Can See You                          9/22


UN President Approves Pandemic Declaration - Privacy Experts Warn of 'Digital Gulag'

G20 endorses “digital public infrastructure” that pushes DIGITAL CURRENCIES – something most Americans oppose

Sunak Scales Back UK’s Green ‘Net Zero’ Agenda

The BRICS Commodity Powerhouse: Can It Force a New Economic ‘Order’?

BRICS is part of the plan to reshape the world economy; it was launched decades ago by Goldman Sachs

United Nations Claims “Humanity Has Opened The Gates To Hell”

Fed Pauses Rate Hikes… For Now – But 8%+ Mortgage Rates Are Here to Stay 

Gallup poll: More U.S. workers fear that TECHNOLOGY will make their jobs OBSOLETE

A Ticking Time Bomb: A Huge National Debt Plus Rising Interest Rates

Philly Fed Business Survey Crashes Back Into Contraction In September

Is the US economy in a silent depression?

Major Bank Warns Of Germany’s Failing Economy Amid Inflation and Recession

Air taxi manufacturer Joby Aviation announces plan to build $500M factory in Dayton, Ohio – the birthplace of modern aviation

Revealed: Billionaire GOP Donor Fighting TikTok Ban…Has $21B Stake in ByteDance!…Suggests Communist China Home of Free Speech

Rebooted Clinton Global Initiative Licks Chops Over Ukraine 'Humanitarian' Aid

Peter Schweizer: The Clintons Are Masters of 'Disaster Capitalism'

The New Opium Wars

Black Women More Likely Than Any Other Demographic to See Crime as ‘Very Serious Problem’

New “no-cash bail” provision now implemented in Illinois will make Chicago even more dangerous 

State Test Finds ZERO Students Proficient in Math at 40 Percent of Baltimore High Schools

Presumed Rigged Until Further Notice           9/21


UN Chief Demands $100 Billion to Fight ‘Climate Chaos’

Climate Cult High Priests Increasingly Rule the World

Bribery Biden Signs Executive Order to Establish “American Climate Corps” to Fight “Global Warming”

Peter Schweizer Just Posted a Legal Game-Changer About Biden’s Bribery Scandal That Could Upend Everything

Yuan Dominates US Dollar In China Cross-Border Payments

A Ticking Time Bomb: A Huge National Debt Plus Rising Interest Rates

What Could Go Wrong When Governments Take Control of Food? We’re About to Find Out.

VIP Elite Panic After NEW Epstein List Exposes Powerful Pedophiles

California passes new law establishing fast-food minimum wage of $20/hour, McDonald’s to spend $250,000 more per restaurant per year

Singapore, Dubai, Aruba Airports Embrace Biometrics for Passport-free Traveler Clearance

Neocon RINO Glitch McConnell Claims Giving More Money to Zelensky Somehow ‘Rebuilds Our Industrial Base’ [VIDEO]

FBI lost count of how many undercover informants it had at the Capitol on Jan 6

The “fastest growing development” in America right now is Colony Ridge, an illegal alien housing compound in Texas that spans 60 square miles, say critics

STUNNING! 35,000 Illegals Cross U.S. Border in Just 4 Days

Charlie Kirk Visits Northern Arizona University, Gets SWARMED by Angry Mob of Leftists, Transvestite Freaks

Eric Clapton Show Raises $2.2 Million for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaign

Lyrics From the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Almost 25-Years-Old ‘Californication’ Sound Eerily Prophetic

The Rise of the Pig People                              9/20


Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Fabian Society and the World Economic Forum

The Exact Plan to Kill the U.S. Dollar REVEALED

US Debt Rises Above $33 Trillion For The First Time, Soars By $1 Trillion In 3 Months

How BlackRock Conquered the World 

UAW Boss Warns "Strikes Will Expand" Friday If Automakers Fail To Make "Substantial Progress" In Labor Talks

“This Week Will Be Bumpy”: S&P Futures Slide, Europe and Asia Slump With Brent At $95 Ahead Of Central Bank Barrage

Biden Administration Puts Uranium Between 'Hard Rock' And No Place On 'Critical Mineral List'

Apple announces new climate change initiative to PERMANENTLY remove all carbon from Earth’s atmosphere through planetary terraforming and GENOCIDE

MGM Losing Up To $8.4M Per Day As Cyberattack Paralyzes Slot Machines, Hotels For 8th Straight Day: Analyst

Milley & Stoltenberg Agree: 'We Must Prepare Ourselves For A Long War In Ukraine'   NO NO NO

Clinton Foundation To Launch ‘Ukraine Action Network’

20 common functions of American life the government wants to regulate, restrict or outright ban

Biden Regime Shells Out Over $5 Million to Give Journalists ‘Trauma-Informed’ Support if They’re Getting Trolled

Days After Biden Approves $6 Billion Ransom Deal, Iran Takes Another Westerner Hostage

WH: Haven’t Figured out Details of Freed Iranians Staying in U.S. — But It’s Not a Concern!

The 2020 Election Plot Thickens

Ray Epps Hit With Single Charge For Jan 6 Role    9/19


Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Fabian Society and the World Economic Forum

EU Plans to Expand to 30 Members, Centralize Decision-Making Process

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Praises EU Censorship Bill

Col. Douglas Macgregor: “I Think The Banks Are Going Down For 2-3 Weeks”

United Nations Marks Halfway Point to Agenda 2030 with Sustainable Development Goals Summit

Biden Is Trying to Make Globalist Government Employees Unfireable.

Military Industrial Complex: Glenn Greenwald Follows the Money Driving the War in Ukraine

UAW Union Rejects 21% Pay Hike, Demands 4 Day Work Week

Democratic Colorado Governor Signs Executive Order Requiring Mass Replacement of Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment

The Globalists Have a Plan for Our Future: Total Control of the Masses

Thanks Joe... Gas Prices Have Never Been This High This Time Of Year

Report: Biden’s $42B Internet Investment Meant to Expand Access for Underserved Areas Primarily Favors Left-Wing Regions

Mississippi River Barge Prices Highest In Decade For This Time Of Year As Drought Crisis Worsens

Shocking new revelations about CCP connections to the White House: DOJ’s probe of Biden family associate found to have “irregularities”

BREAKING: Senators Acquit Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on All 16 Articles of Impeachment – PAXTON CLEARED ON ALL CHARGES

Zelensky Sacks Six Ministers as Corruption Scandals Mount

Iran Thanks U.S. For $6 Billion Gift by Blocking U.N. Inspectors From Nuclear Sites

New JFK Assassination Magic Bullet Revelation       9/18


EU head Ursula von der Leyen calls for global implementation of Mark of the Beast – “future is digital”

G20 nations endorse 'digital public infrastructure' that could include digital IDs, currency

Global Takeover Advances to Final Stages

 Bill Gates pledges $10 million to support creation of universal DIGITAL ID SYSTEM that will enslave the world

Small Business Owners Give Biden A Failing Grade

Minnesota congressman introduces bill to ban central bank digital currency

UAW To Strike At Three Detroit Factories — Including GM, Ford — As Sides Still Far Apart

Annual inflation surged 3.7% in August thanks to the jump in gas prices

CCP-Linked Company Building Battery 'Gigafactory' Near Key Military Sites In Illinois

The Child Poverty Rate In The United States Has More Than Doubled

Big Tech's 'Sinister Agenda' Behind Getting Kids Hooked on Technology

8 House Democrats Join With GOP to Fight California's Electric Vehicle Mandate

Socialist Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Wants to Open Taxpayer-Funded City-Owned Grocery Stores

Another one bites the dust: Major car dealership files for bankruptcy, fires all employees

Starship/Superheavy 2nd Test Launch Likely Delayed Until Next Year By Federal Bureaucracy And White House

Democrat Street Bum Program in Washington State Has Burned Through $143 Million to House Less Than 1,000 People

From Trump On Down, Democrats Are Silencing The Opposition

Hunter Biden Sues Former Trump WH Aide Who Published Laptop Contents

Really? DoD Awards Disinfo Researcher Who Praised Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

American Library Association Chief Says 'Public Education Needs To Be A Site Of Socialist Organizing'

The corporate capture of public health                   9/15


Rothschild Admits ESG Failure As Globalists Shift To "Inclusive Capitalism" Agenda

How Deep Is the Deep State? 

The Unselfconscious Hypocrisy Of The Tech Mavens Who Want To Control You And EVERYTHING Has Led To The Creation Of A New Cult Of 'Big Tech Tyrants' Who All Know Better Than We Do

GOP Rep. Tom Emmer Introduces Legislation to Block Federal Reserve from Issuing CBDCs in Any Form, Citing Surveillance Risks and Monetary Policy Concerns

The Federal Reserve Is Losing Money and You’re Going to Foot the Bill

Small Business Owners Give Biden A Failing Grade

Hunter Biden Meeting With Associates At VP Mansion Underscores Role Father Played Wooing Clients

More Than 60 Australian Lawmakers Urge US to Drop Charges Against Assange

Workers in warehouses could soon lose their jobs to HUMANOID ROBOTS

Bidenomics Bust For Blue Collar Workers

The IRS Is Coming For You

Pete Buttigieg Admits He’s Had Issues with His Electric Vehicle, So He’s Spending 100 Million Taxpayer Dollars on the Problem

And Now They’re Working on Lab-Grown FRUIT  

France Demands Apple Take iPhone 12 Off Market Immediately As It Emits Too Much Radiation

'A declaration of war on Europe' - Salvini says 6,000 migrants landing on Lampedusa in 1 day threatens to collapse Italian society

WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Massive Group Of Illegal Aliens Marching Into Arizona

9/11, a lesson not learned                   9/14


‘Sound of Freedom’ Hero Promotes Bill to Force the Biden-Harris Regime to Find 85,000 Missing Migrant Kids

The Middle Class Is Increasingly Becoming “The Impoverished Class”, and the Poor Are Increasingly Being Pushed Into the Streets

Bidenomics Bust: Worst Economy Since Obama! Child Poverty in US Jumped in 2022 Household Income Declines, Midwest Crushed

OBEY OR SUFFER: EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen calls for creation of GLOBAL DIGITAL ID SYSTEM

Small Business Optimism Falls As Inflation Persists & Companies Struggle To Find New Workers

Organized Shoplifting Is $100 BILLION Problem; It Hurts Businesses Big and Small, Costing Jobs and Even Lives

72,000 Ukrainian Casualties in $110 Billion Meat Grinder - UN: "The World Cannot Afford for this Senseless War to Continue"

Toxic Chemicals In Dried Spices & Herbs, Lab Grown Meats Approved For Sale In The U.S., Bioengineered Canned Veggies And More, Show How Dangerous Store-Bought Food Can Be

Why Maps Matter to Communist China 

REPORT: Chinese operatives use AI-generated images to spread disinformation and provoke discussion on divisive political issues targeting America

The Climate Change Agenda Is Key to the Implementation of The Great Reset

FLASHBACK: The Late Barry Jennings Exposes Explosions in Tower 7 While Twin Towers Were Still Standing on 9/11 [VIDEO]

Living In These Last Days Deceptions, The Scale Of The Slaughter Carried Out By The US Govt & NWO Upon Humanity Is Unprecedented: Get Out Of Your Seats And Into The Streets - Expect Draconian New 'Disinformation' Laws To Silence All Dissent  

BLM gunman who shot a driver in the head has charges dropped, sentence reduced, eligible for parole in 2026

"This Is Philadelphia" Shocking Video of Yet Another Democrat City Imploding

American despotism   

Teens are out of control              9/13


‘Sound of Freedom’ Soars to No. 1 Spot in Latin America

Median Household Income Fell in 2022, Adjusted for Inflation, Census Bureau Reveals

EU destroying its industries by shunning Russian energy, official tells RT

Biden Bows to Iran on 9/11 Pays $6B for 5 Americans in Exchange for 5 Iranian Prisoners

IRS Launches 'Sweeping, Historic' Tax Enforcement Crackdown Using AI

Disgusting: House GOP Adopts Breadline Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Extend Obamacare’s Mandatory Spending

City of Birmingham declares bankruptcy, shuts down nonessential spending after being hit with $950 million equal pay claims

Viral Video Shows Person Attacking SF Robotaxi with Hammer

Unmasking Biden’s secret catastrophe unfolding in Alaska — it’ll cripple the entire US

“Green” Is Red: Chinese Communist Party Officials Set up Talent Recruitment Program at US Firm Behind Taxpayer-Backed EV Battery Plants

Germany Passes Controversial 'Green' Heating Law Estimated To Cost Economy €1 Trillion

Nolte: Granholm’s Electric Car Road Trip Implodes

Former Zelensky backer charged over EMBEZZLEMENT of $250M from Ukrainian bank

Losing the World’s Support, Zelensky Urges Ukrainians to Focus on the War, as He Mobilizes the Old, the Infirm, the Crippled and Even WOMEN for Combat, Warns of a Long Conflict Ahead

Zelensky Issues Veiled Threat To Destabilize Europe If Weapons Flow Curtailed

Ukrainian Nazi “BoneFace” threatens Laura Loomer for outing him as U.S. intel asset on social media

A brief history of attacks on the US Capitol        9/12


Sweden: New Dystopian DIGITAL ID

G20 Globalists Take Huge Step Towards Controlling Crypto and Replacing Them With CBDCs

ALERT: G20 Announces Plan for Digital Currencies and Digital IDs [VIDEO]

WEF “Wants to Create Feudalism 2.0 in Which We Are Serfs and They Are the Lords Ruling Over Us”  

Will “Climate Stakeholders” Engineer an Economic Depression to Save the Planet From Global Warming?

Electricity prices in Italy surge 30% IN A WEEK as another winter without cheap Russian gas approaches

What is Going On? Three Separate Coin Shop Owners Shocked as Their Bank Accounts Suddenly Shut Down with No Reason Given (VIDEO)

How deep runs the corruption?

Igniting the Way To The SMART™ City

'Blatant targeting': European law 'threatens Americans' free speech online'

$6 Billion to the Terrorists: Iran, US on Verge of “Prisoner Swap” Under Qatar-Mediated Deal

Depopulation Fanatics Should Never Be Trusted With Government Power 

The Very Essentials Needed To Sustain Life Upon Earth Are Being Recklessly Destroyed By Globalists Who Talk Out Of Both Sides Of Their Mouths - 'It's All A Devious Plot To Depopulate The Planet'

Germany passes controversial green heating law estimated to cost economy 1 trillion

Democrat County Supervisor Now Regrets Stupidly Backing a Radical Crime Bill That Legalized Shoplifting in Commiefornia

Democrats Are Out of Touch: California Voters Strongly Oppose Cash Payments as Reparations for Slavery: Poll

Why CO2 is Not a Pollutant                                    9/11


Here’s a Scene From the 1981 Movie “Early Warning” . . . Sound Familiar? [VIDEO] 2 min.

With Globalists Intent On Destroying The Bulk Of Humanity, Leaving Them Feudal Overlords To The Remaining Slaves, We're Witnessing The End Times Destruction Of Our Planet - Cutting Down Millions Of Acres Of Trees To 'Save The Planet' Is The Very Definition Of 'Absurdity'

How BlackRock ESG Agenda Triggered the Global Energy Crisis

Trending Toward A Cashless Society: One Hundred Nations Now Exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Why Digital ID and CBDCs Must Be Rejected at All Costs

Failure of popular payment system exposes vulnerability of cashless society 

The WEF and the Climate Cult: Colluding for a World-wide Welfare State

What If America's Economic Growth Is Fake?

Walmart Pay Cuts For New Hires Indicates Economic Downturn Has Arrived

Governments Are Increasingly Serving Interests of Globalization Rather Than the People

You Should Be Very Worried About the Digital Services Act

Oprah Receiving Massive Blowback Over Lahaina Fundraiser Racket

A JPMorgan Court Filing Shows Another Bank Exec Visited Jeffrey Epstein's Residences 13 Times - Two More Times than Jes Staley

NeverTrumpers ‘Fight Like Hell’ to Rig Free and Fair Elections Using Lawfare

Shortly Before Being Ousted at Project Veritas, James O’Keefe Complained to Board About Management Stamping His Signature on Large Checks

Ignoring History, Means Choosing Windmills Over Whales

The Climate ‘Emergency’ Is Coming for You – ‘The Urge to Curtail Individual Freedom Is Visible in Countless Blueprints for a Controlled Future’

AI art now dominating state fair competition         9/10


IBM Makes Proposals For a Digital Euro Implementation

US Federal Budget Deficit Projected To Double This Year

US showdown over Ukraine aid looms as counteroffensive grinds on

New Ukrainian defense minister 'even more corrupt,' US intel tells Seymour Hersh

Welcome To The Real Estate Industry Apocalypse

US Crude Stock Hits 1985 Lows

RFK Jr. to push for government-guaranteed 3% mortgage if elected president

How BlackRock ESG Agenda Triggered the Global Energy Crisis

Mayor Eric Adams Has Meltdown Over Biden’s Migrant Crisis: “This Issue Will Destroy New York City”

Britain’s second-largest city effectively declares itself bankrupt amid $950 million equal pay claims

Smart Cities: They’re NOT “Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theory”

Your Car is a Good Listener. Maybe Too Good.

The collapse of policing? Small town police forces begin disbanding amid nationwide officer recruitment difficulties

Georgia’s Largest Hospital System Drops Christmas Eve As Paid Holiday, Adds Juneteenth

Why Would Biden Extend Trump Executive Order 13848 - Re: National Emergency Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections - For The Third Time?

Trump Plans $1 Million ‘Family Style’ Mar-a-Lago Dinner To Raise Money For His Co-Defendants

Protecting the Rule of Law

Is the CIA in your underwear?                             9/8


Klaus Schwab’s Global Enslavement Program in One Short Post

China and Russia are making major changes that will shift the world economy

Smart Cities: They’re NOT “Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theory”

‘Trump. Was. RIGHT!’ Biden Dragged for Bragging About Steps He’s Taking to Make Our Economy Even SUCKIER

New energy bill could see Brits jailed for failing to comply with Net Zero regulations

The Debankings Will Continue Until Sovereignty Improves

Brave New World Order: BBC Confirms Humanoid Entities Created

EU Targets Apple, Amazon, Meta and Other Big Tech in Next Phase of Digital Crackdown

Behind Their Green Mask - The Government Proposes Legislation to Criminalise Disagreeing With Net Zero

Ruling Class Is Using AI To Censor Posts On Social Media That Buck The Official Narrative

David Kurten: Net Zero Zealots will use the Energy Bill to take your home away from you

Why Are the Proud Boys Getting Longer Sentences Than Murderers?

Clinton-Appointed Judge Lewis Kaplan Rules for Nutjob E. Jean Carroll in Bogus Trump Defamation Case

Early Warning: Feds Alerted to Whistleblower Concern Over Hunter Biden “Business” Deals in 2015

America Has Fully Passed The 'Event Horizon' Towards Self-Destruction, Arriving At The Place Where A 'Boot Stomping Upon A Human Face, Forever' Is Fully Embraced By Braindead Masses - Only Those Lacking Confidence In Their Own Beliefs Require Others Be Punished For Their Own

NYC Approves 'Mega Migrant Housing' Project in Abandoned Building

Trudeau censorship law to take effect by end of 2023 according to new ‘aggressive’ timeline

DC Judge Hands Trump Rare Win                      9/7


Food Shortages And Price Hikes Are Back As The Media/Biden Regime Continues To Try To Gaslight Americans On "Bidenomics" - It Is A Failure  

Poverty Indicators Worsen Across Post-Pandemic Asia

Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken Arrives in Ukraine on Secret Trip to Announce New $1 Billion Aid Package to the Pro-Nazi Government

As Totalitarian Tyranny Creeps Through America w/o Opposition & Democrats Bent On Breaking Everything Are Unopposed By Do-Nothing Republicans, It's Up To 'We The American People'- Biden, Democrats And Neocons Turn America Into The Laughing Stock Of The Planet

Humanoid Robots Are Coming For Warehouse Jobs  

Experts warn that a worldwide lithium shortage could come as early as 2025

Beverly Hills retail stores shuttered amid LA crime wave

Corrupt Billionaire Behind Zelensky’s Rise To Fame & Power Arrested

3 Reasons There’s Something Sinister With the Big Push for Electric Vehicles

Bill Gates Is Funding A Scheme To Cut Down 70 Million Acres Of Forests In North America


The UK Government Tracks Journalists That Make Freedom of Information Requests

U.S. Spy Agencies To Launch ‘Smart Clothing’ Under Guise Of ‘Better Health Monitoring’

Spain: Leaked Police Report Reveals 75 Out of 79 Arrested for Violent Robbery at Spanish Festival are Arab Men.

JUSTICE IS DEAD: Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Who Was Not Even in Washington DC on January 6 is Sentenced to 22 Years on “Seditious Conspiracy” – from a Neighboring Town Somewhere

Explosive revelation: Fani Willis linked to massive election fraud and money laundering RICO enterprise!

The Biden dilemma                                             9/6


Some U.S. states likely to launch their own CURRENCY as financial COLLAPSE looms: WATCH as Ed Dowd describes the approaching scenario

Proof That Bidenomics Has Been A Catastrophic Failure

Food Shortages And Price Hikes Are Back As The Media/Biden Regime Continues To Try To Gaslight Americans On "Bidenomics" - It Is A Failure  

As Biden Scandal Marches Toward Impeachment, What Obama Knew And When Looms Large

Disease-X Is A High-Return Business Strategy

Americans are fleeing blue states in droves over taxes and crime. Illinois leads the pack

Bill Gates Pushes National ID System  

Davos billionaires like George Soros are pulling the strings of globalist ‘green’ policies

First they decriminalized drugs. Now one state's drug treatment center costs taxpayers $7,000 per call.

Electric car bricks up in middle of busy road, becomes 9-hour headache

Playing Role of Citizen Scientists, Tourists Find Alarming Number of Microplastics on Arctic Beaches

Wikipedia is a powerful and manipulative information warfare tool

As The Pentagon Unveils A Website With 'Declassified' Info And Photos On UFO's & UAP's, We're Being Set Up For The Final Great Deception - False Gods, Secret Space Programs And 'Alien Civilizations'

Green Energy Firm Promoted by Biden Has Deep Ties to Chinese Communist Party

Government and Those Who Control Government, Are the Most Monstrous Terrorists of All Time

Elite Pedophilia And The Propaganda Machine, Part 4: The Final Chapter - Towards Ascension

REVEALED: Chinese spies tried to infiltrate US bases more than 100 times

Warmer weather sees record number of migrants reach Britain in a single day this year

U.S. government illegally SURVEILLING targeted citizens to SILENCE their free speech

The Global War on Thought Crime              9/5


The Real Shocker In Friday's Jobs Report: 1.2 Million Native-Born Workers Lost Their Jobs, And Were Replaced With 668K Foreign-Born Workers

How a CBDC Created Chaos and Poverty in Nigeria

RFK Jr Exposes BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard for Taking Over the Housing Market [VIDEO]

China's Ghost Cities, Maui, 15-Minute Cities & The Globalists Dystopian Plans For The Future - Signs 'Open Air Prison Cells' Masquerading As 'Cities' Are Being Constructed Before Our Eyes

National Australia Bank now debanking customers for “mean” speech

Bidenomics: 1.2 Native-Born Americans Lose Job in August – 711,000 Foreign-Born Workers Replace Them

Americans Are Getting Crushed by Debt — And It May Just Get Worse

Woke entertainment is a JOKE! Disney LOST at least $1B this year alone due to a string of box office bombs

Genetically Modified Soil Microbes May Have 'Irreversible Consequences' - New Report 

Identity Crisis: Shifting Government Policies

These Are The Largest UN Peacekeeping Operations In 2023

'ALL CARS ARE BAD': Pete Buttigieg's Equity Advisers Want You To Stop Driving

More Than $600 Million Spent on Environmental Reviews for High-Speed Train That Isn’t Built Yet 

Hunter Biden Firm & VP Office Exchanged a Thousand Emails.

75,000 Illegals Flagged as National Security Risks

Oops! Marching Nazi Forgets His Lines – Tell Reporters He’s a Biden Supporter (VIDEO)

The Global War on Thought Crime

The Pre-Crime Surveillance Nightmare               9/4


As The Dog Days Of Summer Grind To An End, Something Terrible Is Happening To America's Banking Sector - Banking Collapses And Global De-Dollarization Show They're Burning It All Down

CBS News, With Nothing Better to Do, Bashes “The Sound of Freedom” – Fixates on QAnon (VIDEO)

How a CBDC Created Chaos and Poverty in Nigeria

“Bidenomics is Working!” – Joe Biden Brags About Unemployment Being “Below 14%” After Disastrous August Jobs Report (VIDEO)

Fed Reaches Inflation Target, Cheese Sandwich Costs $120

Shell Quietly Ditches Failed Carbon Credit Scheme

Islamic 'Sharia-Compliant' Banking Takes Root in Russia

Severe DROUGHT Affecting Panama Canal Threatens at Least 40% of the World’s Cargo Ship Traffic

‘The Boom is Over’: China’s Economy Grapples With Structural Problems, Debt Mountain   

The US and China Are Ratcheting up a Tug- of- War for Influence Over Little-Known Islands in the Pacific

Chinese influence on higher ed remains concern of Congress

India Embraces Facial Recognition for Smart City, Railways

GOP Rep. Wenstrup: ‘We Did Rush’ Big COVID Relief Bills and That Led to Theft, Fraud

Iranian Regime's Mullahs Pocketing Billions Thanks to the Biden Administration

Georgia Sec. of State blows up Fani Willis’ case against Trump

Fmr Chris Christie Aide Charged with Paying for Sex with 6-Year-Old Girl

NYC Left-Wing Mayor Allows Muslims to Blast Call to Prayer Without a Permit; Claims Islam is an Important Element of the City's Culture

Flash Mob Steal$$$ Power Tools from CA Home Depot

Now it's record illegals, pouring across the border

Welcome to America: In First Two Months in NYC, Illegal Arrested at Least 6 Times for 14 Crimes

The Depopulation Death Cult                                9/3


Truck driver hailed as a hero for rescuing more than a dozen children from human trafficking 

In Argentina, Organized Groups Are Looting Stores for Food as Inflation Exceeds 100%

As The Tell-Tale Signs Of Despotism Become All Too Clear Here In America, The Wanna-Be Tyrants Who Stole The 2020 Election Are Trying To Make 'De-Tyrannification' A Criminal Act

Is the US Banking System a House of Cards Waiting to Topple?

More Banks to Fail? Not in North Dakota

Why is the IRS Buying .40-Caliber Submachine Guns?

US Economy Adds 187,000 New Jobs, Unemployment Rate Climbs

Poor Americans Skip Meals, Can’t Afford Power Bills, Miss Rent Payments, In Era Of “Bidenomics”

Disney Slapped with Lawsuit After Allegedly Misleading Investors About Billion Dollar Losses

Indeed Out-Wokes Corporate America With $10,000 Relocation Checks For Trans Employees

USSA: Ex-Proud Boys Organizer Joe Biggs Sentenced to 17 Years in DC Gulag by Trump-Appointed Judge for Protesting Stolen 2020 Election During Jan. 6 FEDsurrection

Why Have They Put Miles And Miles Of Creepy Black Fencing Around Lahaina?

Biden to Send Maui Less than One-Tenth of One Percent of What He Wants to Send Ukraine

Bill Gates Wants to Fight Global Warming by Cutting Down Trees?

Docs Offer Glimpse Inside Censorship Industrial Complex

Elon Musk Blames Elite LA School for Brainwashing Communist Transvestite Son Into Hating Him for Being Rich

Classical school backtracks after pulling 12-year-old from class over patriotic ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ patch

Man pulled over for driving with giant bull with massive horns riding shotgun (Pictures)

The Maui “Build Back Better” Script            9/1


WEF-supported “Wellbeing Economy” is a Reincarnation of Marxist Totalitarianism

Morning Greatness: Soaring Global Debt Unlikely to Reverse

BRICS Nations Jolt Global Economy, Start Trading Oil in Rupees Rather Than Dollars

Slavery: The Ostentatious Hypocrisy of BRICS towards Black Africans

Unlocking a Dystopian Future: How Amazon's New Palm Payment Plot Could Reshape Digital Identity and Surveillance

61% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck

Bidenomics: US Pending Home Sales Decline -14% Year-Over-Year as M2 Money Growth Worst Since 1933 and the Great Depression

Speculation Grows That Warren Buffett Is “Bracing for a Recession” as Consumer Confidence Plummets and Retailers Fall on Hard Times

Bidenflation Keeps Going: Inflation Edged Higher in July

As The 'Biden Curtain' Goes Up Around Lahaina, What's Going On With All Of The 'Wildfires' Across America, Canada And Europe? The Deagel Report Warned Us As Our Infrastructure Is Destroyed

Chinese Parent Company Behind Company Building Michigan Battery Plants Employs 923 Communist Party Members

Sweden: Police Again Admit Inability to Protect Citizens from Migrants, This Time Urging Residents to Alter Clothing (Video)

Government Seizes and Dumps Amish Farmers’ Fresh-Raised Food

Developer Warns “The situation in US offshore wind is severe.”

Buying Votes: Bribery Biden Cancels $72 Million in Loans for 2,300 Student Borrowers

Mayor Of Chicago Sues Automakers For Making Cars Too Easy To Steal

A lesson from Chinese 'capitalism'

Communist China Helps Itself to Ecuador               8/31


Expanded BRICS Set to De-Dollarize the World, Control Global Energy Supply

Western Powers and Emerging Nations Ready Themselves for the Upcoming G20 Summit – But Can There Be Cooperation Between G7 and BRICS Countries?

Lahaina Went From A Historic Resort Town To A War Zone In Just Days - To 'Build Back Better,' The Globalists First Had To 'Destroy' And Countless Innocent People Died In The Process - The Top Priority Of The Biden Admin Has Been Non Stop Destruction - This Is By Design

FedEx, UPS both see PLUMMETING shipping volume as economy nears COLLAPSE 

Home Affordability Is the Worst It Has Been in Nearly 40 Years

Another $250M for Ukraine, Just $95M for Hawaii.

RFK Jr. blasts U.S. government for its “addiction to war” following $24B aid request for Ukraine

French President Criticizes BRICS Expansion: “World fragmentation and confrontation against the U.S.”

RFK Jr. torches BlackRock, Vanguard for destroying America's middle class, 'corrupt collusion' with gov't

It Begins . . . Farmers Insurance Lays Off 2,400

10 Signs That U.S. Culture Is Being Turned Completely Upside Down

FEMA officials staying at $1,000-per-night luxury hotels in Maui while surviving Lahaina residents suffer without housing, supplies

The American Public Is Ready To Go Off On 'The Biden Crime Family' And All This Ongoing Nonsense, What Is Hands Down The Worst Political Scandal In US History, Dwarfing Watergate

We the Targeted: How the Government Weaponizes Surveillance to Silence Its Critics  

Univision News Crew Robbed in Chicago at Gunpoint While Reporting on Armed Robberies 

A lesson from Chinese 'capitalism'                8/30


BRICS Is About Much More Than New Currency

Will The BRICS Dethrone The US Dollar?

BRICS and loans may break our bones

Deep Dive | Fascinating look inside BRICS oil markets

Bankrupt Evergrande Crashes As Much As 87% After Resuming Trading Following 17 Month Halt

Rare moment of truth from Biden trade official to China

Watch: Robo-Forklifts That Can't Get Sick Nor Unionize Hit Warehouse Floors

Weaponized Obama-Appointed Judge Sets Trump’s Trial Date One Day Before SUPER TUESDAY

EU's Draconian Social Media Censorship Laws Are Now Officially Enforceable

Colorado Dems Go Full Commie, Choose Open Marxist Who Calls for Cultural Revolution for State House Seat

Former US Cap Police Officer to Fedsurrection Cover-Up Artists: ‘You Are Winning Now, But I Promise You the Tide Will Turn’

Victor Davis Hanson: “We’re living through a nation-destroying cultural revolution”

UK: Mosque where preacher says women are intellectually ‘deficient’ gets $2,750,000 in taxpayer funds

Young, Rich Workers Are Fleeing Democrat Hellholes New Yuck and Commiefornia — Here’s Where They’re Going

Nearly 1.6 Million ‘Gotaways’ In U.S. Since January 2021: Border Report

Open Borders France Opts for Swim Therapy Over Deportation (Video)

Globalist Scam Alert: FEMA Announces $3 BILLION for Something They’re Calling “Climate Resiliency”

Modest Texas town repurposed into a dumping ground for expired wind turbine blades

Two Presidents, Two Disasters, Two Narratives        8/29


The Real Message From Famed Financial Prognosticator to Americans: Get Your Retirement Out of the Stock Market

A “Prolonged Freeze” Has Descended Upon the U.S. Economy

That’s Bidenomics: American Auto-Giant Blindsides Over 900 Workers with Sudden Layoffs

Bidenomics Has Huge Chunk of America Wondering How to Pay Bills

Something Economically Is Terribly Off In America With Poverty Spreading As Quickly As Stores All Across The Nation Are Experiencing Record Shoplifting And It's About To Get Worse

BAD NEWS for home buyers: U.S. house mortgage rates SKYROCKET to HIGHEST level in two decades

Mortgage Company Whose Bumbling CEO Laid Off 900 Before Christmas Loses 93% in First Day of Trading

Canadian government forcing dairy farmers to DUMP MILK because regulatory quotas only allow so much to be produced, sold

79 Arsonists Arrested in Greece for Starting 'Climate Change' Fires

Black Poverty Skyrockets Under Bribery Biden 

‘Black Voices for Trump’ Leader Harrison Floyd Only Trump Co-defendant Denied Bail in Georgia

BACKFIRE: President Trump SHATTERS Personal Fundraising Record After Fulton County Mugshot

Zelensky buys LUXURY MANSION in Egypt via his mother-in-law using Western aid money

High-Ranking Ukraine Officials Found to Have Misappropriated $$$

“Yes they were being bribed”… fired Ukraine prosecutor corroborates Biden corruption

More People Are Realizing The UN's Cybercrime Treaty is an Excuse For Global Surveillance

The Hidden Tax Of This And That           8/28


IMPLOSION: Latest data shows Europe’s economy has contracted to its lowest activity level since first year of pandemic

As Globalists March In Lockstep Carrying Out More Psyops On The Masses, Remember A Rockefeller Foundation 2010 'Scenarios For The Future' Report 'Predicted' A March To Medical Tyranny

BIDENOMICS: 30-Year Fixed Mortgate Rate Soars to Nearly 8%

Xi, Putin Hail First BRICS Expansion In Over A Decade As Gulf Oil Powers Join

World Economic Forum Psychopath Calls for Elections to Be Scrapped, Claiming They Are Somehow “Bad for Democracy”

Ron Paul: Growing National Debt Menaces Our Prosperity & Our Liberty

The Dr. Zhivago Treatment: Welcome migrants, bye-bye property rights

“Yet Another Case Of Weaponization”: Musk Responds After DOJ Sues SpaceX For Not Hiring Refugees

Four Billionaire Technocrats Are Creating An Alternate, Autocratic Reality

Mystery buyer of over 52,000 acres in the Bay Area may be planning to build a new city

A Swiss Billionaire Is Meddling In U.S. Elections

No Coincidence - Indonesian VP Endorses Sharia Gold Launch During BRICS Summit

Flash mob strikes again! CA NORDSTROM, MACY'S ransacked

Videos: The Southern Border Is Literally Wide Open

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Takes The Most Iconic Political Photo Of All-Time

This is the Most Disturbing Video You Will Watch Today and it Was Produced by the US Army

Executive Orders and the End of Liberty                8/25


DOLLAR DEMISE: India and UAE complete first dollar-free oil sale in RUPEES

BRICS Begins Major Expansion to Undermine U.S.

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran among six countries invited to join BRICS group

From Poverty to Moon Landing: How Coal Propelled Indian Economy

The Problem Isn't A Housing Shortage, It's The Concentration Of Ownership By The Wealthy

Bidenomics Crazy Train! US Corporate Bankruptcies Are on the Rise as US Federal Annualized Debt Payments Near $1 TRILLION

Dr. Mercola files LAWSUIT against JPMorgan Chase for de-banking Mercola Market employees

Bank of America TERMINATES Account of Christian Charity that Supports Orphaned Ugandans

Worsening DROUGHT creates “big mess” at Panama Canal; 200 ships stuck in major BOTTLENECK at one of world’s most important trading routes

Despite Weak Global Data, We Have Stagflation... We Also Have Leninist Policy Shocks

US Approves $500M Arms Sale to Taiwan as Aggression From Communist Intensifies

Will Soaring Insurance Costs Derail the EV Revolution?

The USDA’s War on Small Farms

DONATE: US government raids Amish cattle farmer, seizing his property in a shocking display of overreach

U.S. to wage economic WAR on Mexico for refusing to grow, import any more GMO corn

Will New EPA Regulations Starve Millions Of People?

Dollar Tree tumble: Mounting ‘shrink’ erodes margins, forecasts fall short of estimates

LAWFARE: Attorney Sidney Powell Gets $100,000 Bond in Georgia RICO Case – Bail Conditions Included

With Biden's DOJ Dropping A Nuclear Bomb On Their Credibility By Interfering In The 2024 Election And Waging War Upon The American People, How Far Will Democrats Go To Stay In Power? Evidence Shows Democrats Are Willing To Do ANYTHING To Stay In Power  

MSNBC Fake News Soy Boy Chris Hayes’ Smug Attempt at Fact-Checking Repubs on Fentanyl at the Southern Border Goes So Wrong

Charles III Reportedly Fears New Epstein-Related ‘Bombs’ May Still Be About To Hit Prince Andrew – King May Be Trying To Distract From Recent Corruption Allegations at His Charity

Texas seeks more than $1 BILLION from Planned Parenthood for fraudulent Medicaid claims  

How America Becomes Zimbabwe           8/24


‘Sound of Freedom’ Humiliates Blockbusters, Passes $175 Million

COMMUNISM THREATENS AMERICA: Brazilian President Lula da Silva Pushes to Weaken the Dollar and Create Single Currency with China and BRICS Countries

Efforts To Protect US Intensify Amid Global Shift From Dollar

BRICS summit Begins: focus on expansion, de-dollarization…S. Africa Welcomes Xi with Highest Honors

The Rulers Are Pushing For CBDC, Will We Push Back Hard Enough To Stop It?

The Brazilian Central Bank Goes LIVE with a CBDC

How Inflation Destroys Civilization... And What You Can Do About It

America on Brink of $1 TRILLION a Year in Interest Payments

IBM Study: 40% of Workers Will Need to Be ‘Reskilled’ Due to AI

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Blames Increase in Theft For 23% Drop in Profit Despite Sales Increasing 3.6% in Q2

Japan To Release Fukushima Water Into Ocean

The Entire 'System' Is Going To Come Crashing Down On The Heads Of The Endlessly Lying 'Ruling Class' Which Sits On Top Of A Boiling Pot Of Exploding Anger And Rage All Across America

WATCH: New Oliver Anthony 'Brink of War' Song Follows 'Rich Men' Viral Hit.

Schweizer: The ‘Product’ Was Joe Biden in Family Business Dealings

San Francisco on Pace to Break Previous Record on Fentanyl Overdoses

FEAR is why People Obey Democrats so More Fear is on the Way

Big problem with the “new” John Fetterman — he looks nothing like the old one

Bernie Sanders: Confronting Chinese Tyranny is Undermining Climate Cooperation

14 US Cities Initiate New Globalist Climate Plan In Partnership With Soros & The Clintons

America’s wealthiest create 40% of emissions        8/23


UN goal confirmed: by 2030 you will own nothing, be “chipped” like cattle, and eating bugs

The Global Uprising Against CBDCs Has Begun

China Used Their 'Elite Capture' Program To Buy 'China Joe' Away From America: Never Has A President So Harmed America While Helping Another Country As O-Biden

Survey Shows ‘Bidenomics’ Means Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills

The Economy is about to Crash (50% Declines Coming)

Germany Funneled Billions to Fiend Bill Gates for ‘Population Control’ Programs

AMERICA UNDER ATTACK! Massive Fire at American Plant Food Fertilizer Plant in Bartlett, Texas

Brace Yourselves: What They Have Planned Is Going To Absolutely Devastate The U.S. Economy

Major Supply Chain Issues Are Starting To Develop All Over The Country

Judge Rules Against Antifa Communist Revolutionaries in Default, Awards Andy Ngo $300,000 in Damages Over Portland Attack

U.S. Ramps Up Battle to Force GMO Corn on Mexico

I Rented a Tesla EV for a Week and Am Totally Sold on Gas-Powered Cars

US "Rent-a-Womb" Industry Thrives Due to Demand From Parents in China: Researcher

International Elites Rush To Embrace Clinton Global Initiative

Hawaii State Government Attempts Information Blackout On Maui Fire - Refuses Media Access

WEF Vultures Descend on Maui!               8/22


Confirmed: Digital currency will be used to “control” the masses

Thai Political Party Wants to Issue a Digital Currency That Expires After Six Months and Can Only Be Spent Close to Citizens’ Homes

'Rich Men North of Richmond' Artist Turns Down $8 Million From Stunned Music Execs, Says "Nothing Special About Me" 

Brace Yourselves, Because What They Have Planned Is Going to Absolutely Devastate the U.S. Economy

China is Currently Selling Fewer Products to the United States Than Mexico or Canada

China’s Evergrande Files for Bankruptcy – World Economy in Dangerous Shape

China's Housing Slump Far Worse Than Reported; Half Of State-Owned Builders Warn Of "Widespread" Losses

China‘s Solar Industry Bribery Biden Protected Is Found Again Evading U.S. Tariffs

Bartiromo: Biden Regime Sold $300 Million Worth of Border Wall Parts for $2 Million (Video)

The 50 Most Valuable Companies in the World in 2023

Rep. Jim Banks Calls for ‘Not Another Dollar’ to Ukraine Until America’s Southern Border Secure

Planned Parenthood Facing $1.8 Billion Tab for Allegedly Fraudulent Claims

Check Has Cleared: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Formally Surrenders to Bill Gates and Globalism

Miranda Devine Shares DAMNING Evidence Hunter Biden Was Involved in Trump’s Ukraine Impeachment

Biden Family Attorneys Lobbied Justice Department to Prosecute IRS Whistleblowers Instead of Hunter

The Maui fires are highly suspicious: Here are NINE questions we should all be asking

Swedish Rape Crisis – INSANE Court Ruling!       8/21


As millions of American citizens struggle to make ends meet, Biden decides to spend BILLIONS of their tax dollars to house illegal aliens in brand new CITIES built exclusively for “migrants”

Report: Nearly Half of Parents Struggle to Afford Diapers

Bidenomics! Mortgage Rates Hit 21-Year High, Causing Monthly Payments to Skyrocket [VIDEO]

Resistance Isn’t Futile: The Global Rejection Of CBDCs

We are moving toward a Global Empire and enslavement of humanity in a Digital Gulag

Google forges deal with UN, WHO to unleash new global CENSORSHIP tool

Due To Their Endless Lies And Wars Upon The American People, The Globalists Trapped Themselves Inside A Prison Of Their Own Making: Now The 'Red Death Of Reality' Is Coming For Them  

Put-Call Ratio Roars To Record High Ahead Of $2 Trillion 'Negative Gamma' OpEx

Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping Demands ‘Patience’ As Economy Crumbles

Heads of vaccine makers Moderna, BioNTech included in list of COVID-19 billionaires

5 charts we are watching: Cash is not Trash

Bitcoin, Ethereum Flash Crash Triggers $800 Million In Liquidations

Trucking firm granted $700 million U.S. bailout declares BANKRUPTCY

WHAT? Biden Wants to Give $500 Million of US Taxpayer Money to the Socialist Lula da Silva to “Save” the Amazon in Brazil

Bribery Biden’s Air Force Nominee Claimed ‘White Colonels’ Are the ‘Biggest Barriers’ to Change in the Military

REVEALED: Mega-rich musicians bagged $10M in Covid grants they didn't have to pay back

German Kids Passports All Go Biometric Next Year  

Nolte: Woke Disney Has 1 Win, 5 Losses at 2023 Box Office

Another Day, Another Fire at a Homeless Camp in Seattle (VIDEO)

The police state has embarked on a ruthless, all-out assault on freedoms

The Great China-American Abyss          8/18


END OF THE DOLLAR: South Africa says over 40 countries want to join BRICS

Does A BRICS Gold Currency Really Matter?

Joe Biden’s America: 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Headed to 8%

Mega Banks Take Down Stock Prices after a Fitch Warning About a Possible Downgrade to JPMorgan Chase and Its Peers

A Deep Look Into Intentional Annihilation Of America By The Two-Party Crime Syndicate Ruling Over Us, Beholden To Global Govt And Secret Societies But Surely Not The American People

Ukraine War Update: Russia Got Richer While West Shed Trillions of Dollars – US Lost $5.9 Trillion

Zelensky’s military chiefs buy luxury cars, opulent properties in Spain while soldiers die in war with Russia

The Writing Is on the Wall: Top NATO Official Says Ukraine Must Cede Territory in Peace Negotiations, Backtracks After Huge Backlash – But the Idea Is Here To Stay

Putin Bans 5G across Russia, Destroys All Towers

One Man’s Electric Truck Fiasco Is a Warning to All: Stay the Hell Away From These Vehicles

BOMBSHELL: Bribery Biden Used Pseudonym for Ukraine Dirty Dealings: “Robert L. Peters”  

“Doom Loop Walking Tour” Of San Francisco Sells Out

RFK Jr: ‘Death Scientists’ Are Developing Killer Bioweapons in America

RFK Jr. slams the corrupt system that produces and sells POISON FOOD

Liberals Turning on Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón Due to Rampant Crime

The 2024 Michelle Obama Factor            8/17


‘Sound of Freedom’ Surpasses Latest Indiana Jones Film at US Box Office

Financial Icon Michael “Big Short” Burry Has Bet a Billion Dollars That the Stock Market Is Going to Crash

One Answer For Why Central Banks Are Buying So Much Gold: “Insurance and Control”

Bank of Israel Issues Guidelines on Promoting Digital Currency Acceptance

Millions of U.S. tax dollars STILL being sent to 27 different Chinese labs to build bioweapons

China Halts Release of Youth Unemployment Numbers After Figures Soar to Record Highs

While China's Economy Falters, the CCP Plans War Against America

FirstBank Nigeria Launches Humanoid Robots Amid Digital Customer Interaction Push

Report: Soros Foundation Looks to Grow Broader Global Influence

Soros To End ‘Most EU Operations’ In ‘Radical Shift’

Banks increasingly discriminating against customers based on their political views

Western Arms Manufacturers Are Making A Killing From The Ukraine War

Globalist World Bank DEFUNDS Uganda after the country passes anti-LGBT law

Maui Resident Says We Were Winning Against Fires “Until Water Shut Off” (Video)

It's Way Past Time To Stop Playing By The One-Sided Rules Of Totalitarians - History Is Repeating Itself And Making The Genocidal Dictatorships Of The Past Look Tame By Comparison

Court rules that DC discriminated against pro-lifers, favored BLM in enforcing vandalism law

ABSURD: Biden administration asks for $3.3B to fund more housing for illegal migrants

Monopoly Over The Minds Of Children: Is The Left Afraid That Florida Students Will Be Exposed To Truthful Content?

Democrat Dystopia Update: Overdose Deaths Increase 65% in Seattle’s King County in 2023

Something Is Terribly Wrong in Maui                8/16


China Is Destroying America Without A Shot Fired - The Chinese Takeover Of America, One Land Purchase, One Business, And One President At A Time

Families Are Spending Over $700 MORE Per Month Due To Inflation

US Budget Deficit Tops $1.6 Trillion Amid Lower Tax Revenue, Higher Spending

America is on a collision course for a debt disaster, warns author Robert Kiyosaki

Will Congress Save Itself by Stopping the Iran Deal and Biden's Imperial Presidency?

Mike Lindell Unveils His Election-Saving Plan THIS WEEK - Here's How To See It * * by Noah

Global Elites' Secret Plot Against Food 

Western defense industry expected to make over $400 BILLION IN SALES by end of the year amid ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict

House Chairman: $6 Billion Biden Is Unfreezing for Iran Going to ‘Terror’, ‘Nuclear Bomb Aspirations’  

Europe's Self-Imposed Energy Crisis: Paying Homage to Gaia

Save the whales? In Massachusetts, today's greenies kill the whales

Chinese Doctor Expose Billion Dollar Organ Harvesting Industry

How Smart Cities Will Lock Up Humanity Inside Open Air Concentration Camps

Disney+ streaming service LOSES 300K domestic subscribers as decent people reject Disney’s demonic FILTH

Globalist Pentagon Sells off Trump’s Border Wall

Cameras Go Up to Punish Drivers in the Name of Climate Change – Then Vigilantes Strike

The US Military Suicide Crisis

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations           8/14


Leftist Critics of ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie Confronted by Contrarian Evidence From FBI, Texas Cops

One Bank Calls Out Biden's BS: Finds BLS Has "Greatly Exaggerated" July Jobs, Real Print Is Negative 30,000

Debt Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

Kenyan government SUSPENDS rollout of Worldcoin over potential risks to public safety

Visualizing The $105 Trillion World Economy In One Chart

WeWork's Stock Imploded to 13 Cents Yesterday; Its Cult-Master, Adam Neumann, Cashed Out Years Ago and Is a Billionare 

Joe Biden is Asking Congress for Another $40 Billion in Emergency Spending, Including Ukraine Funding

Demonic Disney Loses $512 MILLION in Q3 Streaming Disaster Following Subscriber Exodus

CREEPY: Insurance Companies are Spying on Commiefornia Residents Via Satellite to Cancel Their Homeowners Insurance

The Global Depopulation Agenda Is More Organized and Well-Funded Than Ever Before in World History

Tucker Carlson Interviews Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund on What Really Happened on January 6th – Since His FOX News Interview Never Aired (VIDEO)

‘It’s a Disgrace!’ Retiring Seattle Cop Berates Leadership for the City’s Decay

ICYMI: Elderly Man ‘Struggling With Mobility Issues Who Was Caring For His Blind Adult Son’ Shot and Killed During Jackbooted FBI Raid on Home 

Maui fire death toll hits 53, expected to rise

Inspector General: IRS Can’t Find Millions of Tax Records After Botched Transfer

Obama Portrait Artist’s Old Paintings Come Back to Bite Him: ‘Evil’

Foreign Invaders Destroy Another Spanish City, Threaten to Slit a Terrified Cafe Owner’s Throat

Chicago Spends More Than $100M on Illegals- But Won’t Say Where it Went

A NATO Without Limits?           8/11


The Private Federal Reserve and Theft of Fractional Reserve Banking

This chart shows why Moody’s is worried about banks

Downgrades and Warnings: Moody’s Outlook on 27 American Banks

US credit card debt rises to historic high of $1.03 trillion

Just When You Thought It Wouldn't Get Any Worse, Biden's Getting Ready To Do The Dumbest Thing He Could Do - Globalists Preparing To Put Everyone But Themselves On 'Starvation Diets'

As Anti-Farming Climate Activism Builds, 27% Of Global Workforce Employed In Ag 

New Global Internet Censorship Tool Kit – By GOOGLE

Energy secretary sold $1.6 million holdings in electric bus maker after Biden visited firm

Texas A&M Rewards Diversity Booster With $1 Million Check After Failing to Hire Her

European NatGas Prices Explode 40% Higher

Breaking. Disney reports $460 Million loss in q2

Disinformation Specialists, Conspiracies, And Attempts To Discredit Independent Media As A Whole To Drive The Newly Awakened Back To The MSM Propaganda Networks, Or To Go Out And Repeat Disinformation

Nets Ignore Jan 6 Committee Destroying Evidence Related to Capitol Riots

REPORT: Bernie Sanders Quietly Funneled $200K in Campaign Cash Into Wife and Son’s Non-Profit Organization

Bots Have Taken Over Nearly Half The Internet, But One-Third Of Users Can't Tell Difference

Open debate protects against totalitarianism

The war on truth                                                 8/10


CBDCs: The Ultimate Tool of Financial Intrusion

Australian Banks Restricting Cash Raises CBDC Fears

BIDEN ECONOMY: Moody’s Downgrades 10 Banks – Big Banks Put on Watch List

Central Bank Gold Demand Soars To New All-Time High

China Buys 23 Tons Of Gold In 9th Straight Month Of Purchases, Total Rises To Record 2,137 Tons

Credit Crunch: The Money Supply Has Shrunk For Eight Months In a Row

China’s Imports and Exports Plunge Beneath Expectations in July

Huge decline in cardboard box sales indicates RECESSION

The Coming Death Throes Of Capitalism And Free Market Economics

Biden Admin Has Sent $2.35 Billion to Taliban Since Disastrous Afghanistan Withdraw

America Last: Biden’s Billions for Ukraine Could Have Built a Wall Two Times Across U.S.-Mexico Border

World Bank cuts funding for Uganda in response to new anti-sodomy law

Another Solyndra? Electric Bus Company Hyped by Biden Admin Files for Bankruptcy

Social Engineering Is Now the Primary Objective of Woke Corporations

Here’s the Trump secret memo on Alternate Electors

OpenAI Launches Web-Crawler “GPTBot” Amid Plans For “GPT-5”

Just When You Thought It Wouldn't Get Any Worse, Biden's Getting Ready To Do The Dumbest Thing He Could Do - Globalists Preparing To Put Everyone But Themselves On 'Starvation Diets'  

TREASON: House Oversight Committee Releases Bank Records on Hunter Biden Payments from Russia and Kazakh Officials – $20 MILLION IN PAYMENTS

The global depopulation agenda is more organized and well-funded than ever before in world history

Julian Assange: Get Ready To Protest!            8/9


Sound Of Freedom Blasts Past $150 Million; Star Jim Caviezel Responds

Super-popular doctor canceled by Chase Bank warns 'social credit system' is already here

Moody's Downgrades Credit Ratings of Regional US Banks, Could Cut Others

DEBANKING SPREE: UK banks are closing more than 1,000 accounts a day with little explanation

Major Australian Banks Are Going Cashless - Forced Acceptance Of CBDCs Next?  

Cash Loses Another Battle

42% of People That Voted for Biden in 2020 Say the Economy Has Gotten Worse

Report: Biden Has Handed Taliban Over $2 BILLION In 2 Years

The end must be near: CNN pivots on Ukraine

Ukraine's Grifter Wars Through Gonzalo Lira's Eyes

Organ Harvesting Bonanza in Ukraine: "One black market dealer reportedly claimed that a heart could be procured quickly for €25,000 while kidneys may be obtained for €12,000"

Report: Biden Seeks Another Ukraine Aid Package 'North of $10 Billion'

Silk Road Paved With Cash: Court Records Confirm Millions Flowed to Biden Crime Family From Communist China

'Civilizational Suicide' Is The End Game Of Western Civilization - As Govts Poisoned Us & MSM Psychopaths Lied To The Masses To Cover Up Genocide, Biden Sold Out America To The Highest Bidders

Nothing Is Over: Inflation Is About To Come Back With A Vengeance

SCALP! Transheuser-Busch Now Being Forced to Sell Off Several Beer Brands

Schweizer: Hunter Quit Chinese Board Because I Caught Him in My Book, Not Because of 'Integrity' as Joe Claimed.

MIT Took Chinese Money To Research AI. The University May Also Have Helped The CCP Surveil Uyghurs.

Aussie Intel Agency Funds Research To Merge Human Brain Cells With AI

Continued Major Errors and Misinformation in Seattle Times Climate Stories: Damaging and Unnecessary

Police Investigating Shop Owner Who Took Down Armed Thief With A Stick

The Radical Remaking Of America        8/8


U.K. Banks Have Closed a Million Accounts in Just Four Years, With the Rate of Closures Accelerating

Russia's Economy Projected To Grow Despite Western Sanctions

'Bidenomics' Is A Complete Failure - The Media Can No Longer Protect Biden From Americans Looking At High Grocery Bills, Rising Gas Costs, And Empty Wallets

Major Shipper Maersk Warns Of Prolonged And Deeper Downturn In Global Trade

Central Bank Gold Demand in First Half of 2023 Was the Highest on Record

Oregon Masami Foods Workers Vote to Kick Out Union Goons from the Workplace

55% of Americans OPPOSE more funding for war in Ukraine: CNN poll

Iowa Governor Deploys Troops To Mexico Border Using COVID-19 Funds

Financial Titans Now Leaving Green Investing Ideology Behind

EV Industry Freefall: Lucid Silently Cuts Air Prices (Again), Introduces Massive Discounts

One solar company poised to rake in $11 BILLION under Dem rule

As A Majority Of American Voters Now Believe Joe Biden Committed Impeachable Crimes And A Criminal Cover-Up, This Is What A Country Looks Like When It Descends Into Madness  

Hunter Attempted to Sell US Energy Assets to China

White House Funds Foreign Oil & Gas Projects, Alienating Climate Ideologues

Scottish government axes 16 million trees to clear the way for ‘greener’ solutions

7-Eleven workers who stopped would be thief in Stockton, CA are under investigation for assault

The war on truth                                   8/7


U.S. Economy Adds Fewer Jobs Than Expected

U.S. Debt Downgrade Points to More Currency Debasement

Hartnett: US Debt To Rise By $5.2 BIllion Every Day For The Next 10 Years

ONSLAUGHT: White House Dumps Another Truckload of New Regulations That Will Cost Americans Hundreds of Billions

CNN's Quest: We're 'Paying a Lot More' and 'Prices Are Still Going Up' and Won't Drop

Why the Federal Reserve Controls So Much of the Economy

World Food Prices Jump Most In 18 Months

Social Security loses billions yearly by failing to implement years-old fix, lawmakers say

Hollywood studios go on hiring sprees for AI specialists amid ongoing actors’ and writers’ strike

Google DeepMind's Revolutionary AI Model Ushers New Era Of Intelligent Robots

Cigna Healthcare used AI to deny hundreds of thousands of valid health insurance claims, lawsuit alleges

Top 4 Federal Monstrosities That Need to Go

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Responds to Biden’s Corruption Accusations and Reveals Shocking Details about His Dismissal and Burisma Investigation

New York Times Defends Marxists Calling for Genocide Against Whites.

From Worst to Worster: Adding Xylazine to Fentanyl

Biden is keeping Illegals in cages in 113* heat. Where is crying AOC.

A Single Demographic Group Is Keeping The Democrats Competitive

Biographer: Obama pulls Biden’s strings from his DC mansion

The Latest State to Test Digital ID             8/5


Globalists To Push Extended Lockdowns To Fight Climate Change THEY Created

Worldcoin says will allow companies, governments to use its ID system

WEF Authoritarian Wants Bosses to be Able to Spy on Employees’ Brain Waves

DEBT BLOWOUT: US debt has soared $1.2T since debt ceiling suspension – and the Treasury expects to add another $1.5T by year’s end

Money Flees China: Foreign Investment Drops 80 Percent

Amazon Is Destroying Thousands of Big Box Stores as Mass Store Closings Intensify 

CVS to slash 5,000 jobs, close 900 stores as vaccines kill off repeat customers

Caretaker PM Warns Lebanon's Total Economic Collapse Imminent

Century-old trucking giant Yellow Corp ceases operations, leaving 30,000 employees jobless and America’s supply chain reeling

Apple Slides on Weak iPhone Sales, 3rd Straight Quarter of Declining Revenues

FCC “formally admitted that it intends to continue disobeying the D.C. Circuit’s August 2021 order requiring it to reassess its RF exposure guidelines.”

SCALP! Transheuser-Busch Loses Whopping $390 Million Amid Conservatives’ Boycott of Butt Light

Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco Such a Disaster It’s Going to Be Taught in College Business Classes

‘Burisma Would Have Gone Out of Business’ Without Biden Brand

John Solomon On The 5 Big Lies Of The Biden Presidency

Hunter Biden Raked in Millions Amid ‘Nonstop Debauchery’

Washington Post Gives Joe Biden ‘Four Pinocchios’ for Saying Hunter Never Made Money in China

A tale of two legal systems                                8/4


Sound of Freedom: FBI Finds 200 Sex Trafficking Victims, Including Children

The Next Generation Is Being Groomed for Destruction – Here’s Why They Are Vulnerable

America’s globalist leaders are psychologically programming the public for World War III, nuclear Armageddon and climate LOCKDOWNS 

Puppet Masters of the Pandemic: How the CIA and Global Oligarchy Are Building the New Normal

US credit rating sinks as national debt increases 

Freight Volume And Spending Declined Markedly In Second Quarter

Less Work for More Pay? Auto Union Calls for 32-Hour Work Week and Double-Digit Raises

Ukraine received $1.25 billion grant from US taxpayers to pay the wages of government employees

“Go Woke, Go Broke” Is a Reality, and Here Are the Receipts

The War on Fossil Fuels Empowers Communist China

Popular China-made shopping app Temu likely being used by the CCP for DATA COLLECTION

Mysterious Firm Bought 55,000 Acres Near Travis Air Force Base in California

Tucker’s Hidden FOX News Interview – Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Calls Jan 6 “a Cover-Up” – They Were Hiding Intelligence

TREASON: Blacklisted Chinese Military Manufacturer Acquired U.S. Stealth Technology, CFIUS Approval Through Relationship With Hunter and Joe Biden

Stew Peters Show: Ukrainian Diplomat Blows the Whistle on Joe and Hunter Biden

House Oversight Releases FULL TRANSCRIPT of Devon Archer’s Testimony Against the Biden Crime Family

Watch: Bill Maher Says Democrats Are 'Full Of Shit' When It Comes To Illegal Immigrants

48 Consecutive Months of 1 Million+ Gun Sales      8/3


Trump-endorsed ‘Sound of Freedom’ outgrosses ‘Mission: Impossible’

A World De-Dollarized Is Gold Remonetized

BRICS Rising: The China-Russia Threat Is Real and Could Decimate Americans’ Finances

America’s Fall from Supremacy: The Global South’s Campaign to Dethrone the Dollar

Dr. John Clauser CANCELLED from IMF talk after declaring climate change narrative to be “pseudoscience”

Fitch Downgrades US Credit Rating Over Rising Debt, Repeated Standoffs

"Bidenomics" Is A Fraud Based On Deliberately Misrepresented Stats

THE BIDEN EFFECT: Ford to Lose $4.5 Billion on Electric Vehicles This Year

Musk allegedly created secret team to SUPPRESS consumer complaints about poor EV driving range

Bank Bends the Knee to Farage! Cancels Account Closure in Desperate Bid to End Growing Scandal

Silver Supply Inadequate Amid Monstrous Industrial & Investment Demand

JetBlue Joins Chorus Of Airlines Warning About Slipping Demand

Gov’t Admits Millions of Unemployed People Were Not Counted in Latest Job Stats

Poll: Nearly 7-in-10 GOP Voters Say Free Trade Costs U.S. Jobs

EYEWITNESS: “Zelensky’s Ukraine is No Democracy—It’s a Thieving, Corrupt, Murderous Gangster Regime PRETENDING to Be a Polite ‘Western Democracy'”

Ray Epps remains uncharged…

Larry Kudlow Goes There: Releases Timeline of Biden’s DOJ Charging Trump Immediately After Joe Biden Is Caught in Nefarious, Criminal Acts (VIDEO)

Democrats Desperate: Hunter Sold Business Partners ‘Illusion of Access’ to Joe…

The Simple Explanation for the Democrat and Media Blackout on the Biden Scandals

Biden is a boon to Mexican cartels             8/2


WEF-Supported “Wellbeing Economy” Is a Reincarnation of Marxist Totalitarianism

Pilot CBDC Shows Central Bank Has Total Control

CBDC takeover: U.K. banks becoming obsolete as high street financial institutions shift to ONLINE transactions

Banks Take The Lead In Establishing Personal Social Credit System, Critics Charge

WATCH: Man refuses to accept store's cashless agenda, is told 'Police are on their way'

The Beat Goes On: Another Bank Has Collapsed, Another Trucking Company Has Collapsed, And U.S. Consumers Are Tapped Out

'Their Terrifying Plan': Unmasking the Globalists

Former European Politician And Diplomat Blasts Technocracy And Transhumanism

‘Gravy Train’: One US Solar Company Poised To Rake In $11 Billion In Subsidies Thanks To Dem Climate Law

‘Green’ energy isn’t: New analysis tears down lies about renewables, reveals solar panels to be carbon-intensive

10 Signs That The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You The Truth About The Economy

Tax Data Shows California and New York Have Lost the Most Income Tax From People Moving Away

NEW: Yellow Trucking Shuts Down Operations, Files For Bankruptcy

Google’s New AI Technology Paves Way for Humanoid Sci-Fi Robots

General Flynn on ‘Document FD-1023 Exposes Biden Taking Bribe for Millions’

Democrats Ask Biden to Declare Emergency as Illegal Immigrants Flood NYC

When Did Breadline Bernie Become the Military-Industrial-Complex’s Best Friend?

Beware the ‘Long Count’                      8/1


The Great De-Banking: Global, Draconian And Devastating

Biometrics Integrations Look to the Future of Account Access, Money, and Digital ID  

The New Crypto Digital ID Data Steal

We Are Witnessing The Unveiling Of The Mark Of The Beast In Our Lifetimes

10 Signs That The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You The Truth About The Economy

CBS News Poll on Economy Is So Bad, Even “Face the Nation” Couldn’t Ignore It [VIDEO]

Senate Democrats quash bid to create audit office for Ukraine aid

Germans Should Prepare For “Tough Years Ahead” Due To Energy Transition, Green Economy Minister Warns

As Writers Strike Against A.I., Studios Go On A.I. Hiring Spree

Writers, Actors Rage at Netflix for Advertising $900k Artificial Intelligence Job

New York City Hires COVID Company in $432 Million No-Bid Contract to Ship Illegal Aliens Out of the City

US Oil And Gas Rig Count Down By More Than 10% In Past Year

Children’s Book Pushes 6-12 Year-Old Kids to Believe Euthanizing People Is OK 

The Struggle to Save Portland     7/31


The Great De-Banking: Global, Draconian And Devastating

Klaus Schwab, WEF nailed for 'importing' China's 'Cultural Revolution' into West

Another Bank Bites the Dust

The Globalists’ Next Big Move: Poison the Meat

BREAKING: Federal Charges DROPPED by DOJ for MEGA Democrat Donor | Elijah Schaffer’s Top Picks (VIDEO)

Digital Services Act: A Framework to Gain Control of the Internet

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Full Of Secret Agreements And Contracts With Foreign Business Partners

Kamala Harris Defines Bidenomics for American Public: “Most Americans Are $400 Unexpected Expense Away from Bankruptcy”

Standing with Ukraine...or with Biden's Militarism?

NYC Mayor Selects Mental Hospital Parking Lot As New Shelter Site For 1,000 Illegal Immigrants

In Bahamas, smuggler's paradise thrives on today's cargo: People

NYC avenue overrun by brazen brothels operating in broad daylight

Massive Firebombing in Seattle Possibly Linked to Drug War Between Competing Homeless Camps (VIDEO)

Mysterious 'pyramid' discovered in Antarctica beneath ice

Analyzing The Mythology And Lies Of Today While Examining How They Attempt To Enforce Such Myths Upon The American People: Believe The Myth Or Lose It All

United Nations Secretary-General Drops Newest Fearmongering Climate Change Term (WATCH) *  

John Kerry in 2009: “In 5 Years We Will Have the First Ice Free Arctic Summer” [VIDEO]

So what happened to Obama’s chef?          7/29


‘Sound of Freedom’ to Get Major Boost at Box Office After Studio Reveals Huge Plan for Film

Exclusive—Lynne Patton: Trump Did More to End Human Trafficking Than Any Modern President

The CBDCs Are Coming, and the Elite Plan to Use These “Digital Currencies” to Enslave Humanity

Powell insists 2% target inflation is still distant so Fed raises interest rates again to highest level in 22 years 

"Bidenomics" Is A Fraud Based On Deliberately Misrepresented Stats

Gas Prices Hit 8-Month High As Oil Prices Soar  

Deficits, Debt, And Why $32 Trillion Matters

Farage: Banks Making Huge Profits While Mistreating Public

RICE RATIONING begins in America after India bans exports; 20-pound bags soar from $16 to almost $50

"Prepare Generators": Largest US Power Grid Declares Emergency Alert For Second Day 

Report: China Looks to Flood U.S. Market with Cheap Electric Vehicles

Ford Keeps Losing More Money Making Electric Cars No One Wants

Children now being denied bank accounts because of their parents’ political involvement

Biden Crime Family Wanted BILLIONS, Not Millions From Corrupt Ukrainian Gas Company Burisma

Details of Hunter Biden’s Collapsed Plea Deal Released: Blanket Immunity Hidden in Paragraph 15 of Pre-Trial Diversion Agreement

Putin Offers "Free" Grain To 6 Impoverished African Nations

Charges of Illegal Campaign Finance Activities Drop by Biden Department of Injustice in Case of Democrat Money Launderer Sam Bankman-Fried

Do They WANT Him Assassinated? Biden-Harris Regime DENY Secret Service Protection for RFK Jr

Say goodbye to your privacy: Use of digital IDs in American states is spreading rapidly

The American Military Paradox                7/28


Betrayer-in-Chief Forces Family to Pay $60,000 to Ship Body of Marine Killed During Regime’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

JUST IN: Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates to Highest Level in 22 Years

Europe’s Digital Services Act: A Framework to Gain Global Control of the Internet That Could Spread to America

Project Veritas Dumps 8gigs of Documents Showing Chinese Govt State-Owned Business Plans

As “Climate Change” Rabble-Rousing Grows, Global Livestock Industry Supports Livelihoods of 1.3 Billion People

IRS Destroyed 30 Million Taxpayer Docs; Republicans Demand Explanation

Amazon rolling out PAY-BY-PALM services as new payment tech at all Whole Foods Market stores

Indian District Rolls Out Live Facial Recognition to Fight Crime Wave  

It Begins . . . 200 School Districts Sue Social Media Giants for Causing Mental Health Problems in Students

Woke Eventbrite Nukes Events Promoting Protection of Kids as ‘Hateful’ and ‘Dangerous’

Bud Light To Lay Off Hundreds Of Employees In Wake Of Disastrous Pro-Trans Marketing

Electric Vehicle Sales Beginning To Run Out Of Fuel

'When will politicians listen?': Another green energy project 'bites the dust'

Human trafficking investigation results in arrest of 62 smugglers exploiting 'vulnerable Cubans'

Tafari Campbell’s Death Has Eerie Parallels With Clinton Chef Walter Scheib 

Turley: Hunter Biden’s Judge Raised The Question the W.H. Most Fears, Was He A Foreign Agent And For What Purpose?

Zelensky allegedly has knowledge of Biden’s wrongdoings and is using it as “leverage”

Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Implodes         7/27


VOX Declares ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Movie To Be “As Dark And Dangerous” As Child Sex Trafficking Itself 

Will a New BRICS Currency Backed by Gold Mean the End of Global Dominance for the U.S. Dollar?

Technocrat says quiet part out loud: A Digital ‘World ID’ will soon be mandatory for anyone who wishes to partake in day-to-day functions of society

Albert Speer’s Warning to the West About The Rise of Technocracy

Chase Bank Shuts Accounts of Natural Health Advocate Dr. Joesph Mercola, Refuses To Say Why

RIGGED: Brazil’s CBDC pilot program allows government to freeze funds, adjust balances at will

India Women Use Digital IDs to Apply for Basic Income Program

This Is Why so Many People Are Suddenly “Panic Buying” Rice All Over the United States

Disney Shredded by Cartoon That Humiliates CEO as Woke Company Suffers Recent $800M Loss

UPS Reaches Tentative Deal With 340,000 Unionized Workers, Averting Potentially Disruptive Strike

Lowe’s Issues Weak Statement, Rehires Elderly Employee Who Got Punched in the Face Trying to Stop Thieves After Major Backlash

The New Nazis: Democrats Are the Party of Censorship

Gavin Newsom Fines School $1.5 Million for Not Teaching About a Prominent Pedophile

Biden Not Only Welcomes Suspected Terrorists. He's Now Letting Them Fly Commercial

A century of 'Climate Change'                7/26


Exclusive — Tim Ballard: Biden Administration Is ‘Facilitating the Trafficking of Children’

“Worldcoin” Is Here: Just Get Your Eyes Scanned By “The Orb” And Your New “World ID” Will Be Issued To You

Technocrat Says Digital ‘World ID’ Will Soon Be Mandatory to Take Part in Society

“This is a Digital Prison… It’s a Global Government” – Dean Michele Bachmann on the Global Effort to Eliminate Our Freedom

Turn the Tables on Financial Repression

How Washington Ruined America’s Future

Mexico Replaces China as Top U.S. Trading Partner

Most of the $190 Billion in Covid “Aid” to Schools Was Wasted at Kids’ Expense

Will the FedNow Payment System Pave the Way for Digital Social Engineering?

$800 million charge for Chevy Volt recall

Sweden Axes ‘Unprofitable’ UK Wind Farm Plans in Defiance of Globalists’ “Green” Energy Agenda

"Another Pay-To-Play?" Hunter Art Buyer Revealed As "Friend" Who Received Favor From Biden White House

WOW – Story Changes: Barack and Michelle Obama WERE on Martha’s Vineyard When Their Private Chef Mysteriously Drowned

Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Promptly Slammed for Allocating $1 Million to Free Health Care for Prostitutes

‘The Perfect Crime’: Has Google Taken Over Election Results?

The Achilles Heel of Mail-In Ballot Fraud

Google Tests Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool That Is Able to Write News Articles

CAIRing for Child Terrorists                   7/25


Fed Launches Payment System That Lays the Groundwork for Global Digital Control Over Everything

How Your Future Is Being Decided for You

Bank Rejects Parents Group Who Protests Child ‘Transitions’

De-Dollarization Intensifies: IMF Hints That Countries Will Soon Be Able to Repay Debt Using Chinese YUAN Currency

Everyone's Talking about Currencies: 21 Points

Russian State Duma officially approves country’s very own CBDC, the DIGITAL RUBLE

IMF Issues Warning on Global Food Prices After Ukraine Grain Deal Scrapped

Nearly 100 Banks Are Set to Close in Coming Weeks

Wheat prices spike as Ukraine, Russia vie for control of Black Sea ports

Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post Is on Pace to Lose $100 Million in Just a Year

Amazon Also Plans to Build and Launch Thousands of Controversial FCC-Approved Broadband Satellites

Elderly Lowe’s Worker Fired After Getting Repeatedly Punched in the Face Trying to Stop Thievess

Biden Rushing Out $400B For Green Energy

Biden Regime Escalates War on American Consumers in the Name of ‘Climate Change’ — Announces New Scheme to Eliminate ‘Outdated’ Water Heaters

Hunter Biden Put Then-VP Dad on the Phone With Business Associates at Least 2 Dozen Times, Ex-Partner Devon Archer to Testify

Media Can’t Understand Why Biden Is so Unpopular (After Everything They’ve Done for Him)

Climate Maps MANIPULATED to Deceive People and Keep the “Global Warming” Scam Going

IMF Cancels Nobel Prize Winner's Seminar on Climate Models

Are We Seeing BLM 2.0 in Israel? 

What's Next In The Julian Assange Case            7/24


Worldcoin CEO: Global Digital Currency Tied To Global Digital ID Will Soon Be Required ‘Whether You Like It Or Not’

One Big World Government’s Coming for You and Your Money

WHO’s Power Grab Through Surveillance And “Triple Billion” Targets

FedNow, the Precursor to the Digital Dollar CBDC, Has Launched

Lesson of the Day: If You Weaponize the Dollar and Confiscate Assets, Expect Retaliation

China’s digital yuan nears $250B transaction volume — Central bank governor

Ahead Of Today's $2.4 Trillion "Record" OpEx, VIX Is The Most Underpriced Since Q3 2008

SHOCKING: IRS Agents in “TACTICAL GEAR” Conduct MILITARY Style RAID on Private Business | Elijah Schaffer’s Top Picks (VIDEO)

US Corporate Debt Defaults In 2023 Surpass Last Year's Total: Moody's

Existing Home Sales Resume Slide, Down 15 of the Last 17 Months

The Sequel Is Here: Housing Crash 2 Accelerates as Home Sales Drop to the Lowest Level Since 2009

British Bank Apologizes to Nigel Farage After Closing His Account for Holding “Thatcherite Beliefs” After UK Treasury Gets Involved – While US Financial Companies Continue to Shut Down Conservative Accounts

It’s Not Just Farage Being ‘Debanked’ In Britain

Amazon One is Coming to All Whole Foods Stores

Bidenomics Explained: When Joe Biden Pressures Ukrainian President to Fire Chief Prosecutor Investigating His Son in Exchange for $5 Million from Burisma Owner

Video Of Deserted Mall And Streets In Downtown San Fran Reveals Democrats Destroyed City

NYC To Pay $13M To 2020 George Floyd Protesters

Nearly half of ‘foreign policy experts’ who signed letter seeking more weapons for Ukraine are tied to Defense Industry.

Disney’s Biggest Nightmare: Red State Building $2 Billion Theme Park That Rivals Magic Kingdom

On the educational plantation                          7/21


Crowdfunded Christian Movie 'SOUND OF FREEDOM' Hits $100 Million

‘Sound of Freedom’ Miraculously Tops ‘Dead Reckoning’ Per Screen Average

YouTube Is Pulling 'Sound Of Freedom' Interviews, Reviews

Adrenochrome “Conspiracy Theory” Gets Fresh Round of Fake News “Debunkings” With “Sound of Freedom” in the News

Fifty-two countries on verge of debt default, UN warns

CRE Panic Hits Baltimore As Second Office Tower Dumped At 69% Discount

Chicago’s Richest Man Moving $22 Billion Company to Florida, Citing Soaring Crime Rate

Wheat prices soar after Russia allows UN-brokered Black Sea grain deal to expire 

Complete Paralysis: Just 1% Of US Homes Have Changed Hands In 2023, The Lowest On Record

Rand Paul Warns ‘We’re Out of Ammo, We’re Out of Money’ . . . ‘It Makes No Sense to Borrow Money From China to Send It to Ukraine’

Move over USD: Argentina uses Chinese yuan to settle IMF debt

Lessons from The Great Depression

World's Largest Chipmaker Slashes Guidance As AI Boom Fails To Deliver

ANOTHER LEAK: Jack Smith to Charge Trump with Civil War Era Civil Rights Violation – Bastardizing the Law to Jail Biden Regime’s Political Opponents

CMT Goes Full Bud Light! Pulls Jason Aldean Song Railing Against Rising Crime…

Fargo Cop Killer Mohamad Barakat Was in Possession of Explosives and Planning More Attacks, But Police Still Won’t Admit Act of Terrorism

Police: Suspected Portland Serial Killer Released From Prison Early by Former Guv

America’s Degradation Is No Accident            7/20


The Brew: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Star Mira Sorvino Reveals Only 0.4 Percent of Trafficking Victims Get Rescued

President Trump Will Host Screening of “Sound of Freedom” Wednesday Night at Trump National Club in Bedminster

Tim Ballard: ‘Godless Leftist Media’ Is Running ‘Interference for Human Traffickers’ [VIDEO]

Central banks planning to introduce CBDC microchip implants, warns top economist 

The Global Economy Is Being Reorganized Before Our Eyes And The US Is The 'Big Loser' - We've Stirred The Flames Of Hatred Towards The US And Our Status As The Global Reserve Currency - On August 22, BRICS Is Allowing 36 To 41 More Countries Into This Growing Trade Alliance  

Farage Was Right

Tom Renz: Digital Currencies Will Lead to the End of Freedom

ChatGPT's Evil Twin 'WormGPT' Is Silently Entering Emails And Raiding Banks

U.S. Funds Invest in Nuclear & Cluster Bombs

$500 Billion Corporate-Debt Storm Builds Over Global Economy

Model: Biden Student Loan Scheme Will Cost Taxpayers $475 Billion Over Decade

US Expected to Announce New $1.3 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine

Mining Cobalt Sacrifices African Children On The Green Altar Of Technocracy

Disney+ Expected to Lose $800 Million This Quarter

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